Inversion (2016) Movie Script

That looks nice.
Let's go. You can drop me off.
I don't have the car.
Farhad took it.
It's in the garage for repairs.
Farhad picked it up.
Why him?
He needed a ride.
Where are you heading now?
Mrs Azizi invited me for lunch.
Mom, you're always out.
Ask your friends to come.
Why should they?
We are reading the Koran after.
You're supposed to stay indoors.
I'm not walking.
I'm taking a taxi.
I'll be indoors soon.
Being outside isn't good for you.
I know what's good for me.
Staying alone at home a lot
makes me feel worse.
All these sicknesses are psychological.
I haven't seen your medical degree.
I didn't show you?
I did. You don't remember.
I don't need a degree.
We all know what we need
better than anyone.
Madam Physician!
An urgent kiss, Dr Pirasteh!
I must go.
Yes, darling.
I might be late.
Should Saba come over?
No. I'll go visit Homa and the kids
after seeing Mrs Azizi.
Come by your sister's after.
- Don't forget your oxygen and medicine.
- OK.
- See you tonight.
- Bye.
Love you. Bye.
The pollution continues...
All schools have been shutdown
in Tehran and other major cities...
a film by Behnam Behzadi
I put it in that one.
Relax. It's just your brother.
What's wrong with you today?
Hi, Farhad.
Tell you later.
How are you?
Farhad, come inside.
I'm busy, have to go.
I'll keep your car for a few days,
I sold mine.
Do you need it?
Well, I run my errands with it.
Good, you're not a courier.
Run your errands by taxi. I'll pay.
How's Yasaman?
She took the kid and went
to see her brother in Shiraz.
Here, your favorite chocolates.
- Are my orders ready?
- By tomorrow.
You're alone. Come over.
I'm busy. I'll see
- What's Mom up to?
- She's fine. Always out.
Not in this weather.
I can't do much. She's stubborn.
- See you.
- Bye.
I was closing up on Thursday,
and I heard him call my name.
A coincidence?
No, he actually searched for me.
I was completely flustered.
He was too, I think.
We took a little walk together...
Which looks better?
The one you're wearing.
So what did he say?
He said if I agreed,
he would like to see me again.
I hope you said
you dreamed about it for many years!
You're crazy!
What do I wear to your wedding?
Stop it!
Here comes the bride...
I kept you waiting.
I had things to finish up.
You did tailoring back then, right?
I used to help my father.
Now it's my work.
How is it?
Financially, so-so.
But I like it.
Where should we go?
I don't know.
Tell me.
I really have no idea.
First, let's get out of here.
There must be 300 times more cars
than before I left.
And even more bad drivers.
Look at this one.
- Seems somethings going on.
- Yes.
You know...
You hardly ever went out
anywhere fun with us,
and even less if I was there.
It wasn't because of you.
I didn't go anywhere for a while.
- My father was sick.
- I know.
I invited you here one evening.
I planned out everything
and you never showed up.
You didn't even call.
What a memory!
You always remember everything?
My memory is selective.
But I remember
waiting two hours for you.
I remember that time
my father's illness was the worst.
The hospital and all...
I never knew that my presence
was so expected that evening.
Yes, since it wasn't a group.
Only us.
I had no idea.
I did call you later.
You didn't answer.
Let's blame it on youthful pride.
My feelings were hurt.
I guess mine, too.
You didn't answer my calls.
And you left
without even saying goodbye.
You have selective memory, too!
I remember everything very well.
I'm sure.
- Anything else? I'll clear this.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. We're curious...
What happened over there?
Just a broken pipe.
Is that why your music is off?
Sorry, I'll turn it on.
What happened?
Wait a second...
Oh dear love, where were you last night?
Oh dear love, where were you last night?
I'm not mistaken:
you were in my heart last night!
I have 20 missed calls.
- Something wrong?
- I hope not.
Hello, Homa?
What happened?
Oh, no.
Oh, God!
Please tell me what's wrong.
Over here.
She had respiratory failure.
Don't cry.
It's OK. She'll be fine.
What do the doctors say?
She's doing better.
They say her condition is stable.
You're still here?
Please wait in the lobby. Please!
Let's go. We're disturbing them.
When she arrived, her face was blue.
She didn't have her oxygen.
I called an ambulance
when I saw her becoming worse.
Doesn't she bring her oxygen along?
She usually does.
- Maybe it was empty.
- No, it was full.
She just didn't take it.
- This is your fault.
- But I told her.
You need to pay closer attention.
Stop it. This won't help.
Let's go. Amin is alone.
Let's see if someone can stay the night.
We can't do anything. It's useless.
I'll go ask.
Let's sit.
come sit.
I'll make a call and be right back.
Sorry, I made you worry.
Yeah, really.
How do you know?
You're here?
Why didn't you leave?
Thank you, really.
What happened?
I wanted to see her again.
You can't now.
I should stay, just in case.
No, they said there's no need.
She's sleeping.
The doctor comes by tomorrow.
Be here tomorrow.
- Come to my place.
- No, she'll stay with us.
I'll go home. I need my things.
Auntie, shall I go with you?
May I go?
Yes, go.
Yeah, this is better.
I'll take you.
There's this wall, and that one.
We want to tear them down
to merge the two rooms.
Take out that wall,
that wall and the door?
- Yes.
- OK.
There will be dust everywhere.
We'll close the door
and find a solution.
You should cover the sewing machines.
Of course.
Put the girls on the other side.
I'll tell them not to come.
- Sir...
- Go, you're late.
- Do you need me?
- No, I'm fine.
- Call me if you need anything.
- OK.
Why are you all here?
Hoping I'll say she can go home?
I've said repeatedly
she has chronic pulmonary disease.
Even your kids know.
She won't listen.
She still goes outside.
- Niloofar, come sit.
- I'm fine.
How many times must I repeat it?
Two years ago. Last year, too.
To you, to Farhad, to her!
Your mother must leave Tehran.
This climate is poisonous for her.
But we can't convince her.
- Last time...
- She never listens.
Listen! You, too, Farhad.
You prepare her departure.
I'll explain to her how serious this is.
We can keep her
in the Tehran area, right?
The nearby suburbs are just as polluted
as Tehran.
So she should go away on polluted days?
Tehran's pollution happens constantly.
It's dangerous all year for her.
She must leave Tehran.
- You mean...
- Leave for good?
I discussed it with my colleagues.
Her lungs have several problems.
They are damaged.
She must move
somewhere with fresh air.
Milder and more humid.
- You mean North?
- For example.
We will release her in a few days.
Pick her up by car,
head directly north.
Goodbye, Tehran.
She'll die if she stays.
This is a matter of life and death.
You didn't bring me your results.
What happened?
Another time.
Are you comfortable?
I'll call again.
Are you in pain?
You don't listen.
The doctor agrees.
Well, I have to go.
Need me, Mom?
- Homa, are you staying?
- No, I'm coming too.
OK then, good bye.
May I go?
Come to our house tonight.
I'll see how things go.
Try and come.
You should go, too.
I will.
You're feeling better today?
Mr. Yaghoub?
After you tear down the walls,
you'll repair the damage?
- Not our job, ma'am.
- You can't?
A mason knows.
I can only tear down things.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, no problem.
Hello, Saba?
Are you coming over tonight?
No honey, I can't.
The workers are still here.
I'll come another night.
Then can I come over?
Sure. See you later.
She says hi, but she's busy.
Then she's going home.
I'll stay with her.
Our villa in Sirardeh is fine for them.
Why look elsewhere?
If they don't like that idea,
then we look elsewhere.
But it's available.
It's an easy and comfortable place.
Even better than before.
It has all the amenities.
Very convenient for Niloofar.
No move to an unknown place.
She really liked it there
on her last visit.
She loves flowers and nature.
She'll be happy in 2 weeks.
She won't want to come back.
I'm sure. Thanks for the offer.
But it's your villa and you use it.
There's plenty of space.
Our visits are very short.
When they live there,
we'll go more often. You, too.
We'll all escape the pollution.
Yes, we all need some fresh air.
Hi, how are you?
Write smaller.
Stan at the line. That's it.
Make sure that he understands
you won't be going.
He can't either.
He'll put everything
on Niloofar and you.
- But Niloofar...
- Must start over.
The house is on us.
Farhad will pay the monthly expenses.
You can help, too.
Niloofar goes with her.
We really can't go.
That's all.
I tried everything.
It's blocked by Customs.
The cargo has not been released.
What does he want to do?
Let that idiot do it.
Tell him to go and see himself.
I don't care.
Let's see what he does now.
OK, bye.
Didn't he say this week?
For the past 2 months!
Lower your voice.
I don't want Majid to hear.
He's asking about the loan.
Not you, too.
Don't be offended. It's not me.
I'll get money and pay you back.
How are you, honey?
What's that?
Mom sent it.
How kind.
Auntie, I have to talk to you.
Oh, you're so serious.
They're not exactly wrong.
There's no other choice.
The practical thing is
the villa's ready for moving in.
You must move up north.
The doctor explained why.
And Niloofar?
She'll go with you.
You'll both move for a better life.
You two will not be alone.
I'll bring the children to visit.
Farhad, too.
On weekends, holidays, when possible.
But all her life and work is here.
Her life and work is you, Mom.
That goes for all of us, right?
If not for the children,
Farhad or I would happily go
and live with you.
Of course.
The situation is critical.
And someone must go with you.
You can't go live in a new place alone,
can you?
Thank god,
you don't need a full-time nurse
to look after you.
- I'm just saying...
- Don't bury me yet.
He's just happy
you're not in that condition.
You're lucky to have Niloofar.
She's available.
She has no husband, no kids.
She's free to go.
Won't that be hard on you, dear?
Sweet little sister...
She says no, but it will be difficult.
Of course it's hard,
but we have no choice.
She's a very special girl.
You're lucky to have her.
She's my darling.
Stan packing while she's in here.
Don't waste any time.
You know the place has everything.
Pack yours and Mom's personal things.
You can leave
as soon as she's dismissed.
Sweet sister.
Auntie, what will you do?
About what?
Will you move up north?
Grandma didn't seem very pleased.
They already decided.
And you?
Not much I can do.
All OK?
Yes... Got it from Seyfi?
From Seyfi and a neighbor.
Please put them over there.
- Are you returning these inside?
- Yes.
Miss Niloofar,
where does this go?
Where should she put it?
There, for now.
Now I can't add new sewing machines
nor hire more seamstresses.
What will you do?
I'll have everything repaired,
so we can work.
Then we'll move some machines over.
Did you tell the girls?
About what?
They have to know
if they will keep their jobs or not.
It's obvious.
You'll still be here after I go.
The place stays open, they work.
But you're leaving?
Yes, I must go.
How will you run the shop from afar?
You will run it.
I'm just the owner.
Is it still yours?
Why not?
We'll be in touch.
I'll come now and then.
And if the shop does close down...
Sudabeh, it won't be shut down.
This shop has been my life for 10 years.
It's the only thing I really have.
It's everything that I am.
Shut it down and stay home?
Absolutely not.
Then I'll pray it won't close.
But I'm concerned for them.
Let's talk to them.
Come on.
Up here!
You're in the right place.
I won't renovate anymore.
You tore down walls and stuff.
Now you'll leave it like that?
Yes, sort of.
That's no good.
I'll send my guys to help out.
No thanks.
Why not? I'd like to help.
That's very kind.
It's not kindness.
We can use it for our portfolio.
What a view!
You can see the whole city.
And also the smog!
Yes, our hazy Tehran.
Soheyl, have you considered
leaving Tehran to live elsewhere?
Leave Tehran?
No, that's all behind me.
Now I'm staying here.
I meant elsewhere in Iran.
No, not even in Iran.
Not really.
This is the only city I really love.
And you?
I love this city, too.
My whole life is here.
It always has been.
I'm wondering what I would do
if I was forced to leave.
What would you do?
I don't know.
I might go.
Not me, not even if forced.
Then you weren't really forced.
I prefer not to be.
To that extent?
Believe it or not,
I would miss even the pollution.
You must be happy these days.
My lungs are!
As you just said, like you,
my whole life is here.
My work, everything...
I couldn't move now because
some things have come up recently.
What things?
What things?
One is here now.
Well, Mr Abbas...
- Thank you so much.
- Please.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I'll be going.
- Take care.
- Niloofar, just a minute.
- Sure.
- Forgive me.
- Of course.
You don't know how hard I tried
to get the merchandise cleared
or find the money.
All in vain.
I couldn't come here empty-handed.
I didn't ask that.
I do expect you to explain things
out of respect.
That's better than disappearing.
Disappear? I'm not a fugitive swindler.
Please, sir...
You pass my shop all day long!
- I don't spy on you.
- Sorry, sir...
This is silly.
Let's not make things worse.
We go back a long way.
Our father was your friend.
Our mother knows your wife.
- We grew up with your children.
- But he's...
You accused me of disappearing.
I told you I don't have the money.
Please allow me, sir.
You're both respectable men.
You're close neighbors.
Since we're here together,
let's reach an agreement.
His debt to you is set.
We all know his finances.
Rented shop, he has no cash...
The only thing left
is his late father's building.
Sell it to pay the debt!
Selling inherited property takes time.
You could wait a while longer
to get your money back.
It could be rented.
And your sister?
Maybe you know what's happening.
Our sister is moving.
And the shop?
It could be yours to use.
Stay until the debt has been repaid.
When he can,
he'll pay up, you'll leave.
What can I do with a rental?
Think of it as if it was yours.
Move your own workshop there.
It has sewing machines.
A commercial property in a good area...
Turn it into an office.
What can I say?
Farhad, bring me a pen and paper.
Farhad has our power of attorney.
I'll give you my signature if needed.
Let's write a contract
and end this story tonight.
- Maybe we could...
- Too late. Drop it.
Done deal.
You could still give cash?
I'll see.
We can rent the apartment
after they move out.
Take your share, the rest is hers.
I'll give her something each month, too.
Check her shop income.
We can pay her more.
Maybe pay her double.
She could never make that much.
This is best for her.
She'll put some money aside,
or ask you to invest it.
I'm joking.
Tell Yasaman it's resolved.
I will.
Hello, dear. Where's your father?
He and Amir went swimming.
You're not home?
I was at Uncle Farhad's shop.
I'm going home now.
Oh, OK.
Say hello to your Auntie.
Auntie says hello as well.
You don't know?
He seemed nervous, not well.
Don't tell...
Uncle's wife Yasaman isn't in Shiraz.
He said she was?
She's in Tehran, at her father's.
They had a fight?
Uncle Farhad owes money.
Someone came and made a scene.
They had a fight after.
He threw a glass or a plate at her.
Who? Farhad at Yasaman?
- Yeah.
- Did he hit her?
No, only threw something.
She took Goli to her father's.
- Hello, Saba.
- Mom.
I don't want Dad to know.
- About what?
- That I was at your Uncle Farhad's.
Oh, OK.
Lately, Dad is so nice to Mom.
Dear this and dear that.
Shall we eat?
Let's eat.
Is it OK?
No, it must be broken.
I'll tell them.
Hi, Sudabeh.
Almost, why?
What problem?
There were four, five people.
Farhad was with them.
They handed over the shop to Mohseni,
the clothing dealer.
Handed over?
It seems Farhad rented the shop.
- Farhad to Mohseni?
- So they say.
- Where's Soheyl?
- He's there.
They inspected the place.
They spoke with the workers.
Was there a fight?
- That poor man.
- Farhad hit him?
He was throwing them out.
This guy walked in,
Farhad shouted.
He thought he refused to leave.
Your sleeve...
He hit him by mistake.
No big deal.
Sir, what happened?
- Nothing.
- I told you.
I told the girls
we can pay them off tomorrow.
they need to find new jobs quickly.
Don't keep them hanging.
Let me find out what's going on.
As you want,
but they have rented out this place.
You're moving with you mother.
Go home and pack.
Call me if you need me.
OK, dear?
See you.
Still here?
Leaving soon.
Need a ride?
I'll go on my own.
There's room for you. Sure?
- Soheyl, I'm really sorry.
- Don't bother.
- Forgive me.
- Forget it.
I'll call you. Bye.
I was at the hospital.
Mom is out of intensive care.
I came to inform you.
Only inform me?
I'm supposed to ask your permission?
My opinion, at least.
What opinion? You're moving.
You didn't ask my opinion
about that either.
There wasn't time for discussion.
We had no choice.
Why not?
You don't seem to see.
I see you making choices about me.
It was in your best interests,
if we did that.
Only you know what's best for me?
You should ask me.
I'm a fully capable adult woman.
You all decide for me.
About my life, my work.
I hear about it by chance!
Quiet. I have a reputation.
And me, what about mine?
- Do you have this in other colors?
- Sorry, no.
This one?
No. We're closing now.
Rasul, lock the door.
I'm not here to cause scandal.
You already did.
Everyone knows my problems.
You helped!
I can't speak to you.
Sure, you can. Tell me.
- Let go!
- Speak!
You're crazy!
Am I?
And Homa too.
Because we gave up our shares
so you could sit around
in a nice apartment.
- Sit around?
- Whatever!
Didn't I do everything to take care
of your mother?
"Your mother"?
- "Your mother"?
- Our mother.
You said "your mother."
She's our mother.
You know I love her.
You're not moving for her!
Shut up!
What's your problem?
Admit you're selfish
and you want your own life.
- Say it!
- No.
You don't care if she dies.
God forbid!
You know very well how devoted
I've always been to her.
You mentioned shares.
So take your share of duties.
We can all three stay with her,
10 days each.
Look at you...
Trying to abuse the situation,
stupid girl.
Don't speak like that.
You're pressuring us for your share.
I don't want anything.
I'll sign whatever.
Take my shares, if you want.
If we wanted them,
we would not be in this position
of losing the shop.
You know we can't go with her.
- Why can't you go?
- Because!
- Why not?
- You know!
And me?
No husband, no children,
so I don't count.
You move me like a pawn!
Move yourself!
You go with her!
I'm not so desperate to take orders
from somebody like you.
I feel the same.
Get out.
Get out now!
- Farhad...
- I said go!
Is something wrong?
Mom didn't want me to come.
She's mad at you.
Why did you come?
She decided to let me.
Don't tell.
They want me
to check if you're serious.
She called and I told her
you're sticking to your decision.
She yelled,
saying I should convince you to leave.
Why doesn't she do it?
That's what I said.
I should go to her, right?
She says she did all for you.
She gave the house up north.
She'll give you money
since you won't be working anymore.
They rented out the shop
to pay off Uncle Farhad's debt.
Hearing all that should convince me?
I don't agree.
I think you're right.
Why are you standing here?
Where should I go?
He did this?
Yes. He took my keys, too.
What's all that?
The bag broke.
Put it in here.
What did Farhad say?
He came and calmly told us to go.
Then he waited until everyone left.
I called for you to speak to him.
I missed it.
We have unfinished orders inside.
- I'll go speak to him.
- Not now.
My stuff is inside.
You'll only argue if you go now.
He returned your car keys.
Hello, ma'am.
- How are you?
- Very well.
Is Mr Ziayi around?
He's upstairs.
Wait inside there.
I'll let him know you're here.
I can wait here.
Go inside.
His son is in there.
What are you doing?
I'm killing zombies.
Do you know this game?
It's very easy.
Those are zombies.
You must destroy them.
But you'll die if you hit humans.
Watch. Like this, like that.
Aw, I lost. I hit a human.
What grade are you in?
You didn't go to school today?
It's closed today due to pollution.
You stay with your dad on days off?
I'm always with Dad.
You live with your dad?
You have always lived with him?
Why don't you live with your mother?
Mom got married.
Then Dad took me in.
So living with him is recent?
I messed up your concentration.
It's just the game.
So when did you move in with him?
Since I changed schools.
Three weeks.
No, four weeks ago.
Are you here to see my Dad?
What's taking them so long?
I don't know. Nothing.
There is something.
Either you don't know.
Or you won't tell me.
Auntie always calls you Miss Marple.
A good granddaughter would tell me.
That's me and I will.
Come here.
Be right back.
I swear it's for your sake.
What will people say about you?
The same they will about you.
Your situation is different. See?
Our friends and our enemies
will lose respect for us.
It's already done.
- How?
- You know.
Mom, she's watching.
- Why disrespected?
- I'm the stupid girl.
I took from my family to give to you.
You don't respect your older sister.
- She'll see you.
- We're almost done.
We are done. She can't see.
Done? What's done?
- She'll ask...
- Let her ask!
- She should know.
- Know what?
We're here for her.
- Not you.
- Of course, I am.
I'm there for her more than you.
I'll stay two weeks.
You two, one week each.
Don't do us favors.
It's for me.
Then don't go.
That's my business.
Not anymore.
Farhad and I will take her.
We'll solve this.
- Interested?
- Yes, tell me.
- Saba, let's go.
- I promised Grandma.
You should have reacted earlier.
You think only when you're forced.
Listen, if you're so wise
about sharing the blame,
know that Farhad and I
own most of the shares of the house.
Look for a new place to live.
Fine. Don't lock me out without warning.
Saba, come home early.
Please. Please. Please.
Let's talk.
What for?
I want to go back to work.
All my things are there. I need them.
Rasul will give you 10 minutes inside.
Put these two upfront.
Don't worry, I don't want to stay there.
That's good.
You have 2 days to move everything
to your own workshop.
I give the keys to Mohseni on Friday.
How can I by Friday?
You should know.
You're a wise grown woman now.
You know best.
Homa and I will pack Mom's stuff.
I wanted to inform you
so you could express your opinion.
No need for sarcasm.
I'll pack for her.
Take care of your own things.
Homa told you about the apartment?
You're pressuring me
about inheritance shares.
It's not about that.
It's about our mother.
She's my mother, too.
- She's not.
- Yes, she is!
Then you would move for her.
You would do your duty.
These duties? You two define them
and order me to obey.
- Not at all.
- Yes, you do!
We had no choice.
You know our situation.
Yes, I do.
We would not ask, if we could go.
- Why can't you go?
- You know!
Well, I can't either.
This is a critical time.
I'll go 2 weeks per month.
That's silly.
- Silly?
- Yeah.
You constantly travel to Shiraz, Kish...
This will be another trip.
Stop blabbering!
- Be polite.
- But you babble!
Go to hell.
Wait right there!
I didn't come here to fight.
- What do you know about our lives?
- Nothing.
So why lecture us on what to do?
Hard being told what to do, right?
Stop doing that to me.
Whatever is left goes to Mohseni.
Many thanks!
Come in.
Thank you.
Have a look.
We'll remove that.
Take a look first.
- Was this your workshop?
- Yes.
Now it's vacant after a 2-year rental.
The renters gave us a hard time.
I agreed to meet you
based on Hosseini's recommendation.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I'll take it.
- It's yours!
It will take a whole day to clean.
I wish we could move in earlier.
Then we would have to go
to his house for dinner tonight,
for the contract and keys.
But Farhad said you must move
everything out by Friday.
Forget Farhad!
He won't dare touch my stuff.
You're acting very boldly.
Cool down.
Are they cooling down?
Any change in your Soheyl story?
You really believe they can't go?
Not one week per month?
Maybe not.
No, honey.
She said they will find a solution.
They keep pressuring me,
pulling me down,
to make me see their way.
Why didn't they propose
for us to all talk together
like equals?
I guess I'm not one of them.
Yes, dear.
I'm on my way.
Auntie, I don't think you should come.
Mom is here with Farhad and his wife.
I'm afraid that you'll all argue
in front of Grandma.
So maybe you simply stay away.
I'll say you're busy.
But tell me if they leave early.
I will. Thanks, Auntie.
It doesn't matter why.
Don't worry about it.
Niloofar can't come. That's all.
She said she would.
Something happened.
No. She just changed her mind.
We tried to convince her.
We're not surprised.
She won't give up her life here.
She doesn't want to.
Mother, dear,
you'll be released on Friday.
We'll pick you up here
and drive directly up north.
Saba will stay with you a while.
Then we'll find a solution.
It's critical for you to leave.
I'm not happy about this.
She'll fall behind in school.
Not at all. She'll bring her books.
It's better.
She'll study quietly and calmly.
Make a list with Saba.
Tell us what you need from home.
- Yes?
- My car is still noisy.
Check with Behzad.
My car wasn't repaired.
A pan needed to be replaced.
Farhad told me just to mend it.
I brought the car. Why him?
Pass me screw #10.
Leave it and I'll change it.
When can I pick it up?
I'm busy now. But soon.
Is this payback for that time
when I didn't answer your calls?
I couldn't decide on seeing you or not.
I was hoping you two would get along.
But he upset you.
I lost hope.
In me?
You, me...
I know a child is a big responsibility.
It's not about that.
Even for me, the responsibility
of custody of my son was scary.
It's not fear, Soheyl.
I was raised to be responsible.
That doesn't scare me.
I've had to be responsible my whole life
for someone or something.
Now I've had enough.
No one ever asked me
if I wanted all this or not.
I was always available.
Now finally someone asks me
and I feel trapped.
- You're not.
- But I am.
You don't see that.
I don't want to be.
I'm sorry, Soheyl.
I can't continue.
Why do you feel trapped?
Why not tell me
about the son who lives with you?
At first, I didn't really want to.
Then I couldn't.
I didn't know how.
I thought seeing him was best.
For me or you?
For you, for him, for all of us.
But first lock me
in the relationship, right?
Not at all.
I was attached sooner than you know.
Then I panicked.
Maybe if I told you...
Maybe you would leave.
You waited long enough
for me to care for you,
with no choice but to say yes.
- It wasn't like that.
- Yes.
Believe me.
And I guess he keeps calling.
Yes, a lot. But I don't answer.
Niloo, can I ask you something?
Go on.
- Don't you really want to answer?
- Of course!
So what's your problem?
I'm an idiot.
You really are!
Next: Naghibi is really bugging me
for his unfinished order.
He keeps calling me a lot, too.
Come over and let's finish up today.
First I must sign the contract. Hold on.
Saba is that you? Come up.
I'll go and sign.
I promise to come after.
OK, waiting for you!
- Great, honey.
- See you later.
Well, hello!
Hello, my darling daughter.
- They released you early?
- She made them.
It's nothing.
I figured that releasing me one day early
wouldn't make much difference.
Hold on.
Saba, open up and let some light in.
Need help?
First, a glass of water.
Nice and cold.
She called me to go this morning.
She was ready to leave when I arrived.
They released her so easily?
Apparently she convinced the doctor
to release her.
She had to sign an agreement.
Why didn't you tell me?
She forbid it and watched over me.
- Should I tell Mom and them?
- Tell them.
Would you like to lie down?
No beds.
I'm better here.
- And how are you?
- I'm good.
- Are you feeling better?
- Much, thank god.
Dear mother, wasn't the plan to drive
directly up north from the hospital?
Why did you come home?
I'm here. Let it go.
- Mom.
- Saba, sweetie...
Hand me my purse.
Before I left,
the doctor wrote me a prescription.
We saw 10 pharmacies on the drive home.
I begged her to stop.
She wouldn't listen.
I didn't want to keep you out
in this weather.
I'll go get it.
What do you need now?
That's all for now.
Little Saba is here,
if I need something.
Be back soon.
- Don't forget the oxygen.
- OK.
Call me if anything happens.
You're still here.
I'm going.
Did you say anything?
She would never come home like that.
Tell me the truth.
She guessed some things.
She was asking about you all morning.
And I told her some things.
But not everything.
Go to her.
Thank you.
Mrs Pirasteh?
Thank you.
Mr Salehi?
After a period of strong
air contamination and heavy pollution,
heavy rains are expected
tn the western and northern parts
of the country...
Pass me my purse.
Amin, hush.
Be quiet.
I say this for your sake.
I know and I'm thankful.
But not this way.
Why can't you?
I can't, dear mother.
If anything ever happened to you...
I won't set one foot outside.
It doesn't matter.
You heard the doctor.
But your job,
your life, everything is here.
Not at all.
I couldn't go to work everyday
worrying, wondering, about you...
What's the use?
That's no life for me.
- What are they saying?
- Nothing.
Are you eavesdropping or not?
Go listen yourself.
Leave it.
She agreed to move.
Sell all our shared belongings.
Give me my share.
You feel obligated?
No, I actually want to go.
Where up north?
I haven't decided yet.
Wherever I can continue my business.
What would you like to do?
How about some music?
Music? Yes.
Anything more cheerful?
Writer and Director
Behnam Behzadi
Sahar Dowlatshahi
as Niloofar
Ali Mosaffa
as Farhad
Setareh Pesyani
Alireza Aghakhani
Roya Javidnia
Shirin Yazdanbakhsh
Setareh Hosseini
Toufan Mehrdadian
Mojtaba Nam Nabat
Payam Yazdani
Ebad Karimi
Yazdan Akhoondi
Script Advisor
Hassan Shahsavari
Director of Photography
Bahram Badakhshani
Meysam Molaei
Sound Recordist
Rashid Daneshmand
Sound Designer and Mix
Amirhossein Ghassemi
Sahar Sakhaei
Soudabeh Khosravi
Set and Costume Designer
Babak Karimi Tari
1st Assistant Director
Afshin Rezaei
Production Manager
Ebrahim Zahedifar
Behnam Behzadi
Adaptation: Richard Lormand
Massoumeh Lahidji