Inverted (2024) Movie Script

- You so know what I mean.
- What is a strawberry field?
- They got the camera again.
- You know, we're like dirt.
They tread on us.
They tread on us!
You know, yeah!
- You can make an
analogy about anything.
- I think so.
- How'd you get to be so smart?
- I educate myself.
You've gotta educate yourself.
- With an education?
- With life.
- Hail, Satan.
- We recruit the best
to serve our father,
to ensure his victory
in the final war.
Our kind is among
thousands across the globe.
You are now cordially invited
to become our newest members.
- It's amazing to be part of
something bigger than yourself.
- We are here to ensure
that the oppressor God and
his cunty deceivers perish
so the anti-Christ
may do as he pleases.
The second coming
of Jesus is upon us,
and he will not reign.
- Hail, Satan.
- Here you will be reborn.
- We are the devil
and we are here
to do the devil's business.
- Your part is
to help us rid of him,
for all of eternity.
- It's the best
decision I've ever made.
Join us.
Join the cult.
- Congratulations.
You've been chosen to serve
the greatest of all powers.
Listen closely.
Each of you will endure
a series of initiations
to profess your
love to our father.
The end result is
a life of meaning,
strength, and true love.
- What the fuck!
What the fucking fuck is this?
- Now, Constance.
You must behave, my child.
- How the fuck do you know
my name, you crazy bitch?
Let us the fuck outta here!
- No need to scream, darling.
Although, he does enjoy
your cries of pain.
- He? He who?
This Satan bullshit?
What do you do,
get your rocks off
by brain washing kids
and kidnapping them?
- As potential
soldiers of our father,
we must make sure you
have what it takes
to execute the filth and
grime that walk among us.
Caroline Sutherland,
32, mother of two
and the wife of a pastor
of a god-sucking hell hole.
- I wish her daughters
were here to see this.
That cunt is ruining their
lives with this Christ shit.
- Soon, dear.
Listen up.
You have 60 seconds
to end her life
with any means possible.
Failure to do so, will result
in the death of one of you.
If you do not have
what it takes to rid
the world of such smut
as this revolting woman,
than you are not fit to
fight for our father.
- Your time begins now.
- What do you
think you're doing!
- This is not gonna be--
- Dip shit, they
need us to fight
for their bad acid
trippy bullshit.
Just play along.
- Play along?
- I just saw somebody's
brains get splattered
all over the place out there.
This isn't a game.
- Oh, what a priest!
- You can't do this, they
will kill us and find others.
- She's right, there's four
of us and three of them.
- And what about the army
of ax-wielding maniacs?
Are you fucking dumb?
- I guess it's time for all
three of you to cowboy up.
- And who's he? John
fucking Wayne now.
- There has to be a better way.
We can't.
- Just untie her and
we'll fight back.
- 35 seconds remain.
- Please, you can't do this.
You can't do this,
I know a way out.
I know a way out.
I have two daughters,
you can't do this.
- It's either us
or her, just do it!
- Please, Bethany.
Bethany and Amber, they need me.
You can't do this.
- Look at what you're doing.
- 30 seconds remain.
- There's no time to look.
- This is basic instinct.
- No!
- Stop it!
- Just fucking make it stop!
- Seven.
- Nancy, no!
- Nancy!
- God, I'm sorry.
- Congratulations.
You're one step closer to
becoming a warrior for Satan.
- But the fun isn't over yet.
What do you think
of these girls, Ron?
Are they fuckable
enough for you?
- Oh, well it hardly matters
what Ronald thinks, anyway.
They're for our
little dumplings.
- Bethany.
- Mommy!
- Don't let them see it.
- Inject it.
- Unfortunately, their
lives have been tainted
by their bible-thumping mother.
Each of her children
must be rid of,
so they do not spread
the false prophecy.
- I won't do it.
- A night without
a moon would make
for a very dark night,
wouldn't it, my dear?
- No.
No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- Amber.
You know what you have to do.
- No, please.
- Do it.
- Just leave her
alone, I'll do it!
- This does not concern
the likes of you.
Sit down and shut up!
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it.
- Do it!
- That was superb.
- Yes, I do agree.
- Your name is Velvet, right?
- Yeah.
- I'm Frank.
My friends call me
Frankee with two Es.
So what's your story?
If you don't mind me asking.
- Well, I'm not
usually one to spill
my personal life freely.
But I guess you could
say I'm a runaway.
I left home when I was 17.
My parents were
the church-going,
white picket fence
type of people.
They were in no way accepting
of who I was deep down.
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
Because of them, I
was able to break away
and I met Moon and this
traveling group of free spirits.
They all just lived life
and lived by the day.
I was never happier.
- Is Moon your girlfriend?
- Yeah.
She's absolutely
everything to me.
I would do anything
to see her again.
- You're just
trying to figure out
the rest of all these
so-called sins that we possess.
Don't feed into that shit.
- You know what? Eat me.
- No one in this room is
interested in doing that.
Fuck, has anyone got like a
cig or anything in this room?
- Yeah, nobody has any
meth for you to shoot up.
- Fuck you, asshole!
I don't do that shit
anymore, all right?
- Ha, yeah, sure.
- Listen, we should
try to figure this out.
So, what's your story?
- Well, I can definitely
relate to you.
I mean, we're all full
of judgemental pricks.
No acceptance for
what makes you happy.
I mean, what is so wrong about
living the one life you've
been given, you know?
- Yeah.
- My family rejects me.
I have no contact.
I spend most of my
nights on the streets
with a bottle of booze.
- I'm sorry.
- I deal.
I just keep telling myself,
it's worth it to be the
person I know I am deep down.
Besides, I'm not all alone.
I have a son.
- You do?
- No, it's not what
you're thinking.
His name is Munchie.
I've had him since I was a kid.
He's the brightest
thing in my life.
- Moon has a puppy too.
His name is Otis.
And it really can
make you smile.
- Well, maybe we
can get together
and have a dog date
once we get out of here.
Just the girls.
- When we get out.
I'd love that.
- You know, not to
interrupt your little chat,
but we need to
formulate a plan, okay?
Someone needs to get
the hell outta here
and we need to find help.
- You sure like to
tell people what to do.
Why don't you just
do it yourself?
- Come with us!
- Yes, come.
- We mustn't let
our guests of honor
sit in crusty blood and filth.
Am I speaking English, sister?
- I believe you are, sister.
- Ha.
I said, come!
Get up! Move it!
Get in line.
- Get your hands off me.
- As you wash away the
filth from your bodies,
reflect on all the things
you'll never have to revisit.
Leave the past and rejoice
in the new opportunities and
treasures that await you.
Welcome your new bodies.
This is your second
chance at life.
- Learn to love, thy
brothers and sisters.
Sister, I think I know
what Brother Ron's calling
is going to be.
- What the fuck?
- Unhand me, woman!
- Are we in a fucking orgy now?
- Frankee, don't.
- They're truly demented.
- Why?
Because they chose him instead
of your faggot, drag-ass!
- You know what, bitch?
I'm tired of your shit!
- Oh suck it up, darling.
You should be used to that.
- Frankee, don't.
Stop it.
- Stupid bitch!
- Mother wants you.
- Are you okay?
- Blessed are the
destroyers of false hope.
For they are the true messiahs.
Cursed are the God adorers,
for they shall be shorn sheep.
- Frankee!
Oh my god, wake up.
I'm so glad I found you.
Wake up, come on.
- What's that sound?
- Don't worry about it,
come on, just come with me.
Frankee, come on!
- I can't do this anymore, Vel.
- I'm not leaving your
sass ass, come on.
- As you know, the Inverts
are made up of mostly women
in comparison to men.
And while we're always
eternally working to recruit,
we always need to be producing
new prophets into this world
to be raised in the
way of the beast.
- Hail, Satan.
- We just gave you
the best damn gift you
could ask for, Ron.
- You're welcome, dear.
And if you fail to fulfill
the gift we have given,
you will be put to sacrifice.
- Get... get away!
Get away!
- Ah.
- Oh god.
- Oh my gosh.
I thought you guys were dead.
Come on, there's a
clearing up ahead.
Follow me.
- If there's a clearing,
why did you come back?
- I heard you guys
and I turned around.
These woods echo, you know.
Come on.
- Isn't this just
the way we came?
- It's these woods.
Everything looks the same.
I swear there was a clearing
up here when I was running,
but I stopped and turned
around for you guys.
- What?
- You didn't think you'd
get rid of us that easy.
- Oh god!
How dare you, traitor!
You wrecked us!
- Let go!
- What are you doing?
You said I could leave
if I did this, let me go.
- And miss an opportunity
to have a great asset
join our family?
Not a chance.
- Ah!
Let me go!
- Your mind, body, and
soul must be purified
of all earthly ties.
Your solitary existence
must live for our father.
- Every thought that burns
through your mind is for him.
- Every morsel that
touches your lips
should be to fuel
your love for him.
- You are not able to give your
full self over to our father
when you have earthly
ties to individuals
who have not the same goals
and motivations as us.
- Julia?
My baby.
- Dad, what's going on?
I'm scared, Dad.
- If you hurt her,
I swear to God.
- God won't save
you, can't you see?
He's nothing outside
your book of fairytales.
- Nana?
What the fuck!
You sick bastards, let her go!
You mother fuckers!
I'll fucking kill you!
- Shh, my darling.
This is all to help you.
- She's all I have, please.
- Father, you are my strength.
In the darkest hour
stay with me, my Lord,
and show me your way.
In your love and
Holy Spirit, I pray.
- You ignorant swine,
there is no God.
Would God let you
rape little girls?
Would God make you to
suffer with a thieving,
whorish, drug addicted
grand daughter?
Would God let
Velvet suck the clam
of some whore in peace,
when homosexuality
is a so-called sin?
- Our father does not judge.
He only wishes to enhances
your so-called sins
into thriving,
suffices for Satan.
- Hail Satan.
- Moon! Oh my God, Moon!
Why do you guys have her?
Please, let her go! Please.
- Shh, my child.
It only hurts because
you've been blinded
by relationships
that mean nothing.
This is a only just a blip,
compared to the big picture.
You will be reborn.
- You sick fuck!
Moon, no!
- Hey, what's wrong?
- It's just so crazy.
- What is?
- I remember dreaming
about what we're doing now.
- No!
- No, no, no.
- No.
- I hope you don't think we
left our little Frankee out.
Do you?
- Munchie.
- Frankee doesn't give a
horse's ass about his family,
nor do they he,
as we've learned.
- But it's not fair to
leave him out, is it?
- Man's best friend
will have to do then.
- Thoughts, Frankee?
- I'll make it my last
mission, you mother fuckers,
now let him go!
- No!
Oh, Munchie!
- We're back!
- My darlings, I'm
sure you're famished
after the excitement of
tonight's events thus far.
Am I correct?
We'd like to offer you a
cult classic, if you will.
Goat soup is a recipe
that's been passed down
by many generations.
So we've made it the common
meal among you accepted members.
Don't try to escape now.
This is our hospitality.
- Figured the last
thing they'd care about
is if we starved.
- Are you actually eating
what they've prepared?
- If we plan to escape, we're
gonna need our strength.
- Vel, he's right.
We need our strength.
- I don't care.
- Listen, I can't have your
starving ass passing out on me.
We're in this together.
- It was all a dream.
All a fucked up dream.
- You fucking faggot.
- Dad?
- I've had enough of your shit!
- What the hell is this?
- Shut the fuck up, queer eye.
- Dad, please don't.
- You think I'm gonna
go and raise a faggot!
You think you can embarrass
me you fucking piece of shit?
- Please, stop.
- Is this what you want, boy!
- Damn it, Vel!
Keep it down in here!
Your mother and I are
trying to get ready
for Bible study tomorrow!
- Hey, Vel.
- Chip?
What the hell are
you doing here?
- I just wanted to
come see my girl.
- Stop.
- Come on.
- Get off of me. Stop!
- Oh, good, good!
Oh praise him, hallelujah.
Jesus is good.
- Yes, just like
the Lord intended.
Man and woman.
Man and woman!
- Romans 1:26, "When a woman
lies with another woman"
"as she should with
a man, they're both"
"an abomination in
the eyes of the Lord"
"and they shall
be put to death."
"Blood will be upon them."
- Blood!
- Blood will be upon them!
"Vengeance is mine,"
sayeth the Lord.
- Oh, hallelujah!
- Stop!
- Julia, honey?
- Oh, Daddy, please help me.
- You're doing fine,
sweetie, you're doing fine.
Just breathe,
okay? Just breathe.
What's wrong?
- Nothing, nothing,
just push, okay?
Just push, baby.
- Daddy?
- Oh god.
- Daddy?
- Oh god.
- How are we doing
tonight, baby?
You got the green
for Mr. Hal, honey?
- It's been a slow
night, sweets.
- That ain't gonna cut it, baby.
- Ah!
- Stop it!
Stop it, stop it!
- Vel.
- Moon, is that you?
- I've been waiting for you.
- No, no! You're not her!
- Join us, Vel.
- No, you're not her!
- Join us.
- No, you're not her!
- Hi, I'm Raee with two Es.
- Hi, I'm Frankee.
- Two Es on that too?
- Yeah, how did you know?
- Oh, I was just guessing.
It's cute.
Kind of like you.
- I'm sorry.
- I was just saying it's cute
like you, if that's all right.
I've had my eye
on you all night.
- No.
What the fuck!
- Fuck!
Oh my fucking god!
- Nancy.
- None of you fucking touch me!
- We're gonna get out
of here, I promise.
- Out!
Are you fucking kidding me?
You can't escape hell,
and this place is hell.
- What's so funny?
- You really think
that you're immune
from the evils of this world?
- Excuse me?
- You're gonna die, Frankee.
Like a slaughtered lamb.
Just like the rest of us.
- Aw, I see you're
finally back, my dears.
While you had a little rest,
we threw something together
for our dear Ronald.
- Rest?
You fucking drugged us!
- On your feet.
- Now strip.
- You heard her.
Now strip.
- You may have control
over my physical presence,
but my soul will rise above us,
with Christ by my side.
- Now Sister, what shall
we do with our new friends?
- Girls, Ronald will
no longer be partaking
in our exciting
initiation ceremonies.
He's been designated to
fulfill other duties.
- How can you expect me to
produce something for you
under such circumstances?
I can't.
Nor would I ever.
- You didn't have a
problem last time.
- I just...
- He liked it.
You know you did.
Mother Alma was so sweet
to bestow this
pleasurable gift upon you.
- I won't do it, I can't.
Let me out of here, you demons!
- Oh, you do know pain and
pleasure go hand in hand.
Don't you, my dear child?
Once you dismiss pain,
once you can no
longer feel pain,
you can embrace pleasure
in any situation.
- You're a psychopath.
And I'd rather die
than help you prosper.
- Well, dying would
be a gift compared
to the tortures we
can bless you with.
Just remember that, Ron.
- You'd wish for death.
- Let me teach you a lesson.
A lesson you will
carry with you for
the remainder of your life.
Sister, please place the
ladies on the stools.
- Velvet!
Leave her alone!
- Ah!
- No.
No, please, I don't
want to die, please!
- Vel, find a happy place, Vel!
- Shut your mouth, cock sucker,
or I will cut your
fucking throat.
- Do you see the
pain they endure?
Do you think through
their suffering
they'll be able to
partake in pleasure?
Sister, remove their
undergarments from
the waist down.
Then I want you to pleasure
them until they peak.
Let go of your pain, girls!
Consume the pleasure.
- Sister, why have you stopped?
- They're pleasured, sister?
- Regardless of
this whore's lies,
this example worked fairly well.
- Learn from this example, Ron.
Never let yourself
feel pain again.
- Velvet.
Velvet, hey.
I'm gonna try and get help.
- That's not a good idea.
We need to play
their sadistic games
and then we can make our move.
- No, I can run.
I used to cross country
at secondary school.
- Nancy, wait.
- I'll be back, I promise.
Father, please help me.
- You must repent.
- After her!
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was just a bad dream.
- Worse than this nightmare?
Do you want to talk about it?
- I have done some
shitty things in my life,
but I don't wanna die here.
Maybe there is a God.
And I'm getting punished
for all the things I did.
- No.
What's happening
here isn't right.
Even if there is
a God or whatever.
None of us deserve this.
- What did you do?
- I had a brother.
He was three years
older than me.
And I watched my dad beat him
black and blue until he died.
I was hiding under the
bed from that monster.
He was protecting me.
He stared into my eyes, as
he took his last breath.
Then my parents
they just sat down.
And they shot up.
You wanna know why he died?
Because we didn't turn
off the hallway light.
We were wasting
fucking electricity.
But after that, I got
shipped over here.
To my grandmother's.
Her and my brother are the
only people I have ever loved.
Now they're dead.
I was constantly
told all my life
that you're worthless.
That you're fat, you're stupid,
you're lazy, ridiculous.
You'll amount to nothing.
And all you do is use people.
What did it amount to, huh?
Well, let me tell you.
That's not even the
best fucking part.
Now my mom.
My mom.
She was a very mixed up wife.
And every single night
had a different guy.
Yeah, she sold herself
for drugs and money.
My dad, well, that's
the funny thing.
He couldn't care less.
He couldn't care
less what she fucked,
or who she fucked, as long...
As long as he got all that
cash for his next high.
- I'm so sorry, Nancy.
- That last night, I
found their needles.
And instead of
taking my own life,
I shot every single
ounce into their veins.
Why should I lose my life
for those worthless
pieces of shit?
- I'm so sorry, Nancy.
- This is what it was all for.
This is exactly where
I'm meant to be.
I am a worthless piece of shit.
I mean, how is this
worth fighting for?
Maybe this is how
I want it to end.
- Listen to me.
You are not worthless and
you are worth fighting for.
- Aw, what a sweet
little story, Nance.
Mother Alma has
requested to see you.
- That means she
really likes you.
Alma never requests to see
anyone before Inversion.
- Get off!
- Nancy!
Where are you taking her?
- Nancy!
- Nancy?
Oh my god, they're killing her!
We have to get outta here!
We have to go get her, we
have to get out of here.
- They need her
like they need us.
- Nancy?
Nancy, are you okay?
Look at us, look at us.
Nancy, get up.
Are you hurt anywhere?
Did they hurt you?
- Nancy, what did
they do to you?
- Are you hurt?
- No, no.
- Shh.
- There's no way
out of this place.
We're gonna die here.
- Nancy, what did you see?
- Fuck.
I'm done playing the obey game.
We're getting out of here now.
Come on.
Can you get up?
Nancy get up, come on.
- I see the light.
- Stand up.
We're gonna go,
we're gonna home.
Come on.
- Shh.
- All hail Satan, the
Prince of Darkness.
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Ah, no.
Please don't tell Mother Alma.
I beg of you.
- We won't say anything
if you tell us a way out.
- Out? There is no out.
There is only one.
The year is one, hail Satan.
Hail Satan!
- No, shh, please.
Please stop. Shh, please.
How the hell is
any of this real?
- I stopped asking myself
that a long time ago, honey.
- On your knees!
- Leave us alone.
- Satan sees through
your false pretenses.
- Mother fucker!
- Nancy, are you okay?
Are you back?
- I'm okay as I can be, Vel.
- Very good.
I'm quite impressed.
- Yes, quite the show.
- Being rid of a human
that does not stand
for what you agree with
is something that we
look quite highly.
Your transformation is
coming along quite nicely.
- Regardless, sister,
they did try to escape.
- Well, I do have something
far worse than a whip.
It is time to enter the next
phase of our initiations.
The white room.
- No.
- Good evening.
I was wondering when the
time would come for you.
And what interesting
choices you are.
- This just gets better.
- Welcome to the white room.
You are very close
to the finalization
of your initiation
regarding your pledge to us.
We thank you for
fighting through.
- Thank us? It's a
fucking kidnapping.
- I'm done, I can't
do this anymore.
- Velvet, we just have to.
Once they accept us,
they can trust us enough
to run around freely
and then we can escape.
We have to survive.
We can't let this
happen to anyone else.
I promise I'll take care of you.
- As you know, the
great war is among us.
Generations of our
kind have prepared us
for what is to come.
We are the elite.
We are the stronger.
The white room is a
platform to showcase
the blood of thine enemies.
The white room will
display your capabilities
of ridding this world
of the filth that line
the streets of this world.
Regardless of who they are.
Man, women, child, the elderly.
A friend.
Will you do what it
takes to survive?
Will you do what it takes
to please Father Lucifer?
Or will you suffer like
the crying sheep of God?
And you.
Fight to the death.
- What?
- We can only allow the
best to ride with us.
- Are you fucking crazy?
I am not going to kill her.
- You must learn to
shed the emotions
that leave you paralyzed or
else you are worthless to us.
- You can't do that.
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm not doing that.
- She's right.
This is fucking insane.
You can't expect us to do that!
- Friend or foe,
relationship or not.
You must complete
what is needed.
Father has ordered it.
- How do you expect us
to go through all this
just to kill each other?
- Were you not listening?
Once the inversion
has been completed,
you will act without hesitation.
But for now, get up and kill!
If attempts are not
made within 10 seconds,
the man will perish at the
hands of your ignorance.
- You can't do this, please.
- Nine!
- Please, stop!
- Eight.
- No, don't do it.
- Six.
Five, four, three...
- What are you doing?
Nancy, what are you doing?
Stop, stop, what are you doing?
No, Nancy.
- I'm sorry.
- No, Velvet!
- Excellent.
That was divinely superb.
- We're so proud of you.
Such rage and passion
behind what you believe.
I know you may not
understand it yet,
but we have grand reasons
why we choose to do
what we do to family members.
Mother Alma would like to have
dinner with you this evening.
Following will be
your final devotions.
- Help yourself.
- This is our gift to you.
- Are you seriously eating that?
- They're not gonna
poison us, they want us.
- Okay, what about last time?
I'd rather not have
another funky trip.
- You need your strength, Vel.
- I couldn't eat if
I wanted to, anyways.
- Why?
- Nancy.
Are you serious?
She just cut her own
throat over my body.
- Don't worry about
her, okay, she was weak.
- Frankee.
- What?
- She saved us.
She saved you.
- What happened was needed.
- Oh god.
I just wanna go home.
I want Moon back, I
want everything back
the way it's supposed to be.
- Listen, Vel, I want
to get out of here
just as much as you,
but these little fits
aren't going to get us anywhere.
- Sure you do.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nancy, you obviously don't
care what happened to her.
How can I believe
anything from you?
- She was a junkie.
She was nothing.
- You're horrible.
They have brainwashed
you so much.
- We don't have anything.
No friendships, no
relationships, nothing.
Haven't you wanted to
be apart of something?
- What? All of this?
These people?
You can't be serious!
- Darlings, the time has come.
I hope our offerings
were sufficient.
- Sister.
Maybe they're not done yet.
- Well, then maybe they
shouldn't have fucked around.
- Mm.
- Well, get up! Let's go!
Out, come on.
Tonight, my sisters,
we shall swear in two
exceptionally grand folks
into our family.
When I was a young girl,
I knew my life
would be dedicated
to a higher power, our
lord and liberator, Satan.
- Hail, Satan.
- The Inverts have fought
for him for centuries.
We've passed down the
wisdom from our ancestors
to keep his spirit alive and
well for decades to come.
I know, as well as you,
that when that tormentor
Christ returns, well,
he'll get what's coming to him.
Please say your
devotions with me.
- I, before
almighty Lucifer
and in the presence of
all here assembled...
- Darling, you must
complete your devotions.
Sister, that's not necessary.
Young Velvet will oblige,
won't you, my dear?
- I solemnly swear
that I shall keep secret
all things entrusted
to myself by this cult.
I promise to work to
advance our Lord in everyway
that is available to me.
I understand I am
a warrior for Satan
and an earthly member
of Hell's army.
This family being my unit.
I promise to apply all
of my powers and energies
to destroy all enemies of Satan.
All of this I swear upon
my life, now and hereafter.
Lord Satan and all the
demons and powers of hell,
may you please deem me worthy.
- They renounce the false god
and his worthless
son, Jesus Christ.
They renounce his
foul, revolting, and
inferior Holy Spirit.
Young Velvet.
Welcome to the Inverts!
Hail, Mother Fines.
Hail, Mother Fines.
- Hail, Mother Fines.
- Your inversion is complete.
- Hail, Satan!
Hail, Mother Fines.
- Hail, Satan!
Hail, Mother Fines!
- Rejoice, my
brothers and sisters
as we welcome new
warriors into Hell's army.
- Frankee!
God, I thought I lost you.
Hey, I know you're in there
so just try to hear me, okay?
We're in now.
They trust us.
We have to at least
try to escape.
- We were just
accepted last night.
- And?
- You're not even trying.
- Trying to what?
- Listen, meet me out back
of the cottage at dusk, okay?
Now get out of here.
- Frankee!
Oh my god, I can't
believe it's you.
Come on, nobody's following us.
I think we can get out.
- Thank you, Brother Frankee,
for letting us in on this
little mischief maker.
- You did this on purpose?
Are you serious?
- Now go clean that mess up.
- She's ready.
She's the one we've
been waiting for.
A fighter.
- Thank you, my dear.
- Thank you, Mother.
- No!
- Sisters, I welcome you
to a very special
event this evening.
Before you is a newly
inducted Invert named Velvet.
She will be the mother
of the child born
from each and every one of our
brothers, sons, and fathers.
In my hand I have the
gift they all have given.
Our precious child will be
the new heiress of our cult.
It will grow
alongside Mother Alma
and will reign long
after her departure.
You may ask why.
Why this girl?
Well, Mother Alma
and I have chosen her
because she is a healthy
vessel to carry our child.
All of our child.
She is a woman of strength, wit,
and a whole lot of fight.
You should feel honored, dear.
All of these qualities
are of a cult leader
for our lord and savior, Satan.
- Hail, Satan!
- Father, hear us as we bring
this precious child
into the world.
Watch over it, teach it.
We ask for your blessing.
Hail, Satan.
- Hail,
Satan! Hail, Satan!
Hail, Satan!
- Hello, dear.
- Sweet child,
what a gift was bestowed
upon thee last night.
How do you feel?
- Go to hell.
- Darling, look around,
this isn't heaven you see.
Is it?
The reason I summoned
thee was to accommodate
anything you might need
at this crucial time.
We're moving you
to more comfortable
living quarters as we speak.
- I'll kill it.
- My apologies, Mother.
She's hysterical.
She does not know
what she's saying.
- No need to apologize, dear.
You were certainly correct.
What fight she still has in her
after all that
she's been through.
She's a lovely choice.
- But Mother, she said
she would kill our child.
- No worries, dear.
I'm sure little
Velvet will begin
to see things our
way in no time.
Boy, table, please.
In the presence of my family,
I call upon Father Lucifer
to grant this girl the
strength and wisdom she needs
to break through
into your kingdom.
She pleads to live
and work for you,
but the unholy thing,
Christ, has ruined her.
Father, set her free.
- Father, set her free.
- Father, set her free.
- Father,
set her free.
- The ritual will
take a few hours
for it to take full effect.
Take her back to her room,
where she'll remain the
rest of the evening.
- As you wish.
- I now believe you
should have been the one.
Say hi to Nancy for me.
- Go to hell!
- Thank you, Father,
for all your wisdom,
for your gifts,
and for your love.
Thank you, Father,
for all your wisdom,
for your gifts,
and for your love.
Thank you, Father,
for all your wisdom,
for all your gifts,
and for all your love.
Thank you, Father,
for all your wisdom,
for your gifts,
and for your love.
Thank you father
for all your gifts!
- Ah!
- It is
currently 9:45 A.M.
And this is KVNA news break.
This is the latest
disclosure and announcement
from local authorities.
Reports of what
sounds like trumpets
roaring from the sky
have been popping up
across the nation.
Authorities advise
citizens to stay inside
and lock their doors
and windows until
it is discovered what and where
these ear-piercing noises
are originating from.
In a separate story,
multiple reports
of crazed groups terrorizing
an abducting persons
of all ages are on the rise.
Widespread investigations
have concluded
the kidnappings and
slayings are apparently
in the name of Satan.
Eye witnesses
report the assassins
are ordinary looking people
dressed in either black
robes, or animal fur
depending on their gender.
We will continue
to keep you updated
as these stories develop.