Investigation 13 (2019) Movie Script

Ernie, say something!
God damn it, it's low.
Keep filming.
Keep rolling till
it fucking dies.
The police need to
see everything.
Oh, my God.
What the fuck happened to you?
We need to help Ernie.
Jerod, let's go.
He's not moving.
Fuck, guys.
Can you do this?
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Oh, shit.
Oh shit, oh shit!
I don't know anything.
I don't wanna talk to you.
Good morning, ladies and
The footage you're about to see
was found somewhere in the
It appears to be the Black
Grove Psychiatric Asylum.
If after the screening
you have any questions,
I'll be in my office.
Your assignment's
on the wall outside.
Mel, can I see you?
- Look Professor I'm...
- I think this
is what you were waiting for.
Thank you, Professor.
What the fuck?
What is that?
Oh, you've got to be fucking
kidding me.
This footage was taken six
years ago
by viral video blogger
Brian Resner.
It instantly catapulted
him to phenom status.
Sadly, this was the last
video he'd ever make.
What authorities searched
for possible clues they found
nothing on...
Guys, we got it.
We fucking got it.
- No way, dude.
- Fuck yeah!
We got one night.
All right, guys.
Let's get movin'.
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
- Good.
All right everybody.
This here is our golden ticket.
This is the date in which
we're gonna be presenting our
findings to the committee
at the university.
And, cement our
names in history.
We're gonna change
science forever.
Now, just for the
sake of record keeping,
let's backtrack a bit
and fill everyone in
on what we've been
trying to do here.
There are so many bloggers
and wannabes that are trying
to prove that ghosts exist,
but they have no legitimate
scientific evidence to
backup any of their claims.
I mean, have you ever looked
at the footage and asked
yourself, is this real?
And if it is, is it even
My uncle used to always
say to me,
the proof is in the
pudding, Mel.
Well you know what?
This group knows their shit
when it comes to science.
So we have done previous
but for now let's just
call it Investigation 13.
We can in fact scientifically
prove that spirits actually
exist and we can even
explain how this happens.
But I'm not gonna go into detail
until we present everything
to the school board.
Which is to start the very first
parapsychology course ever.
I mean, this could literally
the way we view ourselves
and those on the other side.
Now, this is all with the
basic intention of answering
the few questions like why are
they here?
Where do they go?
And even, what do they want?
I mean, our bodies can literally
be nothing but vessels.
Do you have any idea
what that means?
Yeah, we might be able to
figure out how to transfer
our souls or spirits or what
have you,
and experience the entire
universe at the speed of light.
It's literally life after death.
Now, it goes without saying
that this is the very first
I mean, we have a lot of
research to do.
But this can very much
inspire the youth of today
and tomorrow to do
something big.
This can change
our entire world.
And we are pioneers
of that change.
So anyway, let's not
be camera hogs here.
This isn't about Jerod and I,
even if Jerod would like
it to be all about him.
Over on the west side
of the room,
compiling our footage is Terry.
And behind the camera is...
What are you doing?
Good ole' Nate.
Come on, Mel, you know I'm
camera shy.
Oh, relax.
Ba ba booey.
Yes, sounds great.
We'll see you on Saturday.
Thank you so much.
Guys, we're in.
Stay away from me.
I mean it.
Time for lunch.
I know what you did.
Leave me be, mister.
You're the kid
who mommy and daddy.
And I thought I was nuts.
I'm not crazy.
Nah, of course not.
None of us are.
Stop it.
Stop laughing.
Take him to the infirmary.
As for you, you're coming
with me.
Let go of me.
Let go!
What is that?
What are you gonna do to me?
Settle down now, Mr. Craven.
I'm just going to perform a
to help you calm down a bit.
Three, two, one.
Three, two, one.
Third time's a charm,
Mr. Craven.
Three, two, one.
Why are the lights off in here?
He likes the dark.
He's like a mole.
I want the bulbs
replaced in here at once.
Yes, ma'am.
You poor thing.
I'm not going to hurt you.
That's not a good idea, ma'am.
He's not some animal.
Get him washed up.
How are you feeling, Mr. Craven?
Give us some privacy.
Ma'am, I strongly
advise against it.
I'll be fine.
You can stay right outside the
Seems like it's just you and me.
You like it?
It's a dream catcher; Filters
out all the bad dreams.
I love the Native American
How about you?
No worries, after what the
previous administration
put you through, I wouldn't
blame you for not trusting me.
Now that I'm in charge,
we're going to do things
differently around here.
I don't know, after
reviewing his past behavior,
I don't think it's wise to let
him have this much exposure.
He can't be rehabilitated
if he's kept in that
dark cage 24/7.
That cage is a reminder
of who the crazy ones are.
Don't forget it.
And it doesn't take much
for us to be in there with them.
I haven't seen
it happen just after sunset.
My friend got scalped.
Scalped, scalped, he didn't
have a single pound left,
scalped, scalped,
he didn't know stop,
scalped, scalped,
scalped, scalped,
scalped, scalped,
scalped, scalped,
scalped, scalped,
scalped, scalped.
We're finally awake, Mr. Craven.
Please, please no shock.
I'm not going
to shock you, sweetie.
That treatment is barbaric.
It's ineffective.
What are you
going to do to me, then?
Are you familiar
with the ways of the shaman?
They're known as healers,
able to communicate with
the spirit realm and other
I've traveled the world
and learned of their ways,
and I'm here to free you.
From what?
The evil that
is deep inside you.
I know you're not evil, Leonard.
You want me to help you,
Very well, let's begin.
Start shooting as
soon as we get out.
Film everything.
Investigation 13
takes place here,
at the legendary Black
Grove Psychiatric Asylum.
We're about to meet the
building's owner,
Miss Layla Parrish.
Hi, Jerod.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What's with the camera.
Oh, we just use it to document
every single step to prove
we're not manipulating the
environment in any way.
I mentioned it in the email,
along with doing a brief
Oh, yeah.
Cool, well again,
I'd like to thank you
for providing us
with this opportunity.
Now, no one's been given
access to the inside
in over five years, correct?
That's right, mm hm, mm hm.
Except for the occasional
ones who sneak in here.
And no bodies have been found?
Or no sounds of foul play?
So, how many people have
disappeared from the premises?
Do you mind if we just, talk
off the record a little bit?
- Okay.
- No cameras.
Sure, shut it off.
It's off.
What's wrong?
Now, before we go any
further with this interview,
I just wanted to let y'all know,
I'm not the kinda girl
to believes in ghosts.
And I sure as hell don't
get scared
when things go bump
in the night.
This place has been combed
over by the authorities
and aside from a few rodents,
which have a made a home,
and a whole lot of dust,
it's empty.
So, we have nothing
to worry about?
Look, I just need the money.
Did you bring the 750?
Of course.
Well, all righty then.
Isn't this the entrance?
Those doors are sealed
permanently, from the inside.
There's only one way in.
This way.
Well, as you can see
due to old wiring
some parts of this
building have no power.
Oh, this facility has
definitely seen better days.
I understand you're pretty
about the building's history?
Well, my great
grandfather, Leon Parrish,
he was one of the
main original investors.
And eventually, that's how I
came to be
the proud owner of this
nightmare building.
The Black Grove Psychiatric
Asylum began operation
in the late 1800s and
was originally called
the Black Grove Lunatic Asylum,
but some time around oh
1915 the word lunatic
was deemed politically
so the name was changed to
the Black Grove
Psychiatric Asylum.
But, most people still refer
to it as a lunatic asylum.
Still to this day.
So, what could you tell us about
those early years at the asylum?
Well as I understand
when it opened it measured
just over 200,000 square feet
and was originally built
to house 300 patients.
By 1945 there were well
over 1,600 patients
residing in the wards.
That's nuts.
So, who were the people
that were treated here?
And what kind of methods did
they use?
Well, from its early stages
the asylum housed males
and females who were considered
mentally ill or insane.
Just pleasuring yourself would
get you put behind these walls.
Hell, it was the number one
listed cause of insanity.
In its hay day, it was a
common place for doctors here
to perform lobotomies and
to use electro shock therapy
to treat their patients.
Over the years...
A number of deaths
occurred within the asylum.
Documented to be
in the hundreds.
Have you ever
noticed any of those
tragic souls roaming this
building, Miss Parrish?
No, now I'd like to show you all
where you'll be setting
up your equipment.
This is perfect.
Yeah, I thought it would
work well for you all.
Terry, why don't you stay
here and start setting up
while Layla gives us
the rest of the tour.
- All right.
- I got my walkie on
if you need anything.
Well, Miss Parrish?
We saved the best for last.
This is where they kept all
the most
violent and unstable patients.
Some of the most horrific
incidents occurred on this floor.
Whoa, this place is incredible.
You want Melanie to
hold you hand, Nate?
Shut up, Jerod.
Would this place still be
open if it wasn't for Craven?
Within 15 years of its closing,
things grew more violent.
Financial problems,
lack of staffing,
gave way to abuse
of the patients.
There were physical attacks,
even murder between
patients and staff.
But indeed...
Leonard Craven was
the last straw.
Can you tell us about
the legend of the Mole Man?
Why don't I show you instead?
This here cell, number 363
was Leonard Craven's home.
After you.
Grow a pair, boys.
The atmosphere in this
room feels different.
We need to setup and
IR camera in here
and I think we should put
one out in the hallway.
Why was Craven
sent to this place?
His parents were drug
addicts and physically
and sexually molested
him as a child.
He's also thought to be mute.
It was just a matter of
time before he'd sneak
into his parents bedroom
that night, kill 'em both.
Oh, my God.
But, he didn't stop there.
Leonard went on to scalp both
of his parents with
the same knife.
Kept the skins.
Devil incarnate is what he was.
5:08 p.m., interview with Layla.
- You got it?
- Yeah, go for it.
We've made our way
from the male ward
and into the boiler room.
It was here where Leonard Craven
made his escape, or so we
Layla Parrish is about to
show us the point of escape.
Miss Parrish, can you please
tell us about the night
that Leonard Craven
disappeared from Black Grove?
Yeah, from what I'm aware of,
sometime in February of
1976, Leonard managed
to escape from his cell in
the middle of the night.
When Leonard was actually
discovered missing,
the whole building was
searched from top to bottom
and no trace of him could be
found until
a nurse went missing
during her night shift.
Clearly, it was Craven.
Oh, she was always
complaining about her job,
and staff members thought that
she found
the perfect opportunity
to just skip off and quit.
Outsiders speculated that she
was in cahoots with Craven.
Days later, maintenance
workers started complaining
about an awful stench that
filled the whole damn place,
and one of 'em got to looking
around and he traced it,
that smell, to the
ventilation shaft,
where he discovered the nurse.
Craven attacked the worker,
and it's believed Craven
decided to escape through here.
Was Craven's body every found?
Girl, have you ever taken
a look around this place, hm?
No, well, it's filled with
nothing but gators and panthers,
not to mention the land
that's more like grass growing
out of water, making
it damn near impossible
for anyone to travel by foot on.
But this, this was the
same ventilation shaft
where Brian Resner
entered, is that correct?
I'm still involved with
legal matters concerning
the incident with Mr. Resner.
So, I will not comment on any
questions asked about him.
So, the Mole Man, escaped
through here?
When they found the body of the
and the unconscious worker,
they also found that
the grate was removed,
the shaft was open.
Leonard Craven never
even left the grounds.
Well, he might have been crazy,
but he sure wasn't stupid.
But that certainly wasn't the
end of the Mole Man, was it?
No, hun, it wasn't.
It was the end of Leonard Craven
and the birth of this
Mole Man nonsense.
I've done everything that I
can to secure this building.
But until these little
bastards stop breaking in,
this legend will never die.
It's like moths to a flame.
That's right.
Like moths to a flame.
Same thing with legal
They go missing, the lawyers
come after my wrinkly old ass.
Until, Brian Resner.
He has created quagmire
for you, hasn't he?
Enough, Melanie.
She said she can't
talk about him.
So, Miss Parrish,
just for the record,
what is your honest opinion
on the whole Mole Man
I don't know.
I don't, I don't know
what to make of it all.
I just want to get rid
of this place, for good.
Miss Parrish, that
wraps up the interview.
It may take an hour or two
for us to unload and setup
the rest of our equipment, and
we'll be ready for lockdown.
Oh, fair enough.
You okay?
Yeah, whatever.
Why, why'd you call
me out like that?
What do you mean?
I mean, you've never
treated me like this before.
I'm just keeping things
isn't that what you wanted?
And calling me out like
that is professional?
I don't have time for
this right now, Melanie.
I'm not surprised.
You never had time before,
Well, Miss Parrish, if
you'll kindly do us the honor.
You're sure about this?
We're good, Miss Parrish,
Fine then, I'll see you at
7:00 a.m..
Thank you, Miss Parrish.
You're welcome, hun.
I already told you.
You never told me.
I'm taking
you to school, move it.
All right, settle down.
Send your homework to the front.
Leonard, did you do your
That's enough.
Stay after class.
Turn to page 82 of your
We will be covering percentages.
Leonard, I don't know what
to do with you anymore.
You don't turn in your
you don't participate,
I'm worried about you.
Should I call your parents in?
Please, don't call my parents.
Is everything fine at home?
I can only help you if
you tell me what is wrong.
I'm okay.
Fine, I need to
see some improvement then.
You're dismissed.
Hey Leonard, is the
teach gonna call your mommy?
Hey, we're talking to you.
Leonard, teach
gonna call your mommy.
Teach gonna call your mommy.
I know this sounds cliche guys,
but if you check your
phone, there's no service.
Damn, I wanted to live Tweet
during the entire investigation.
We can post whatever we need
to on our way back home
All right.
Does everybody have walkie
Everybody got glasses?
Put 'em on.
All right, now on the first
I want you and Nate to
cover the second floor.
I'm taking the vibe cam.
Ernie and I are gonna
cover the third floor
with the mini DV and
the FLIR and as usual,
Terry's gonna stay behind
and watch the monitors
and let us know of any unusual
Now, we all have walkie
talkies, so stay in contact.
Terry, if for any reason you
decide to get up and start
wandering around, make
sure your glasses are on.
And no video games.
Yes, Dad.
It's gonna be long night guys,
so make sure you fill up on
that OPREME and get to work.
Guys, I'm thirsty, too.
Everything is pretty steady
down there.
So, when we finish up here,
there's a great sushi bar
I'd like to take you to.
You're gonna like this place.
That's perfect, and we can
even do a wrap up party there.
Good idea.
We should do that.
So, let's go to the library
and do an EVP session.
- Lead the way.
- Okay.
It's more hot in here
than it is out there.
We should've filmed at
my dead aunt's place.
Well, unless your aunt was
for going on killing sprees,
she's of no use to us.
Craven however, is
gonna be the mother load
when it comes to evidence.
Okay, and?
There's not one we've been
able to investigate like him.
I mean, the negative
energy is just 10 times
more powerful than the positive
Well, you never met my aunt.
Look, as long as we walk outta
here with some proof in the
afterlife and maybe in that
afterlife all we are is balls
of energy, I mean, no Heaven
or Hell, can you imagine that?
The world's gonna be
rocked by that information.
Oh, man.
This is frickin' awesome.
Everything's as cold as ice.
Shit, a frickin' mouse.
Two hours in and all we
got is a fuckin' mouse.
11:33 p.m., library EVP session.
If there's anyone in here,
would you like to talk to us?
Tap once for no, twice for yes.
Play the file.
This way, we're back here.
I'm gonna step in and do a
thorough sweep
with the thermal and Ernie,
you may wanna have your
camera on for this.
Whoa, wait a minute.
What you got?
I'm not sure.
- Are you kidding me?
- What?
Ernie, we were just up here
with Layla,
do you remember seeing this at
'cause I sure as hell don't.
Is that a dead rat?
Not just a dead rat.
That's a dead rate that
was dinner for something.
That couldn't
have been here earlier,
we definitely would have seen
I know, right, and the FLIR is
that it's still warm, so
whatever attacked this,
did this recently.
It's got to be a cat or
something roaming around.
Yeah, that would explain
all the dead rodents.
What in the world made that
It was like a metallic sound.
Not even sure which
direction that came from.
Maybe it was Jerod and Ernie?
Melanie to Jerod, come in.
Go ahead.
We just heard a loud,
metallic noise down here.
Was that you guys, over?
Negative, we heard it too,
and we thought it might've been
I was just about to check-in and
but you beat me to it, over.
Okay, we're gonna try to
locate the source, over.
All right, be aware there's
rodents roaming around.
Keep your eyes open for
a possible stray animal in the
Ernie and I just found
a chewed up mouse, over.
Okay, be careful.
Over and out.
Please confirm no one's
over in the guest area, over.
Nope, Ernie
and I are still upstairs
in the male ward, over.
Negative, Terry,
Nate and I are in the
lower female ward, over.
That's very strange because
I just saw something in
the guest corridor
camera freeze,
then it started shaking
and now it seems
like the camera's fallen
over on its side.
Well, Terry, seeing
as how you're the closest
and most available to
that side of the building,
why don't you go
check it out, over.
All right, I'll go
take a look at it.
What I'm wondering is,
maybe that noise from the file
room, and maybe it was the
file cabinet falling over.
It's possible.
That was weird as hell.
You know what, that
musta been one
of the guys messing with you.
Probably Jerod.
Guys, stop playing
over the radios.
Damn it, Melanie, calm down,
no one's playing
over the radios.
Guys, I think I'm lost.
Terry, where exactly are you?
Terry, just find the
kitchen and you're back
in the entrance of the building.
Guys, I'm
hearing shit like a growl.
A growl like an animal?
I don't know
what the fuck it was.
Do you fuckin' hear it man?
Terry, we don't know
what kind of animal
may be roaming around here.
Look man, I ain't fucking around
with any wild animals and shit.
Terry, I hope to
God you're getting
all of this on your glasses.
Fuckin' kitchen, man.
Terry, be careful.
Let us know when
you're back, over.
I'm pretty sure that the
file cabinet room was here.
I don't remember
ever seeing one.
We're not gonna make it.
Battery's low.
Shouldn't be.
I know I took a full charge.
Okay, let's go back.
It's weird, because it's not
like a sensed a presence,
but something is seriously
bugging me the hell out.
Maybe there was
a loose vent cover in
one of the rooms that was
swinging around.
No, I don't think so.
I mean that noise
was really loud.
Hey guys.
Any findings?
Damn it, Jerod.
And no.
No, nothing interesting, just
that noise that we heard.
Yeah, Ernie and I found
some half-eaten rat parts.
Might be nothing,
but it does reiterate
the most popular
claim about this place.
And the thing is where we found
them were places we all
toured earlier today.
We definitely would have noticed
if they were there before.
Yeah, these were left
there by something.
Can I see the footage?
There has to be
a pack of animals
or somewhere nesting inside the
We need to debunk this
particular claim so when we do...
Where is Terry?
Jerod to Terry, what's
your status, over.
What the fuck, Terry?
Terry, you better not
be fuckin' around.
I'm gonna kick your fuckin'
ass if you fuckin' scare me.
Jerod, no signs of
Terry over the feed, over.
You got to be freakin' kidding
Damn battery's 1/3.
But the camera just
showed me full bars.
Oh, my God.
Looks like blood.
Shit, Nate.
Be careful, it might...
- Shit.
- Jesus Christ.
These rats are gonna
be the death of me.
I am halfway through the first
floor and no sign of Terry.
No sign of anything
for that matter.
Holy fuck.
Oh, my God, Nate.
What is that?
I don't know,
but I'm not touching it.
Shit Mel, don't even
think of asking me.
One of us has to
pull that thing outa
there so we can see what it is.
All right, I'll do it for you.
But I'm not touching
it with my hands.
What is this?
That looks like Terry's skin.
God damn, Melanie.
Why would a piece of
meat by lying here.
It can't be Terry's.
Who the hell would.
Wait, wait.
Wait just one god damn minute.
I think I know what's
going on here.
It's Jerod.
What do you mean it's Jerod.
He staged all this.
What the hell are you doing?
Relax, it's just a prop.
- We can't blame.
- A prop?
- Investigation 12 entirely.
- No that looks real.
But why, why, why would
Jerod do this?
Don't know.
Maybe he's desperate.
Taking extra precautions
to make sure
we walk outa here with
some type of evidence.
Maybe he thought this would
guarantee putting it over
the top since Investigation
12 was a total failure.
We can't blame Investigation
12 entirely on Jerod.
I mean, you know him.
He wouldn't do this.
Come on, Mel.
He has to make sure
things are perfect.
Bloggers covering our
has pressured him even more.
He's desperate for things
to come out right, but this?
This is too perfect.
I will say whoever he got to
do this did a fantastic job.
It seriously looks and
feels real.
I guess the positive
comments from
the committee did
boost his ego a little.
Look, I think we need to
confront him about this as soon
as possible, before it jeopardizes
the entire investigation.
What the heck?
This is Ernie, confirm that
no one's messing around
in the Mole Man's cell, over.
Nate and I are
still on the first floor, over.
Terry, is that you
in the Mole Man's cell, over.
You're closer,
go get him and tell him
to stop playing games.
I just saw him on the screen,
why isn't he answering
his walkie?
He must've
lost his walkie talkie.
He might not even know
that we're looking for him.
All right, over.
So, what do you
think we should do
if Jerod actually cops
up to this?
I don't know.
I mean, what can we do?
His ego's the problem here.
We shouldn't put our names on
any of these investigations
if there's going to be god
damn stunts and secret agendas.
What my concern is, is that
he's going to present these
tainted facts with our
names attached.
All most there.
All most there.
Please be you.
Ugh, great.
I can't believe we seriously
though Terry was dead.
What the hell happened to you
and why haven't you
been checking in.
I'm sorry, I lost
my walkie talkie
somewhere along the way.
Well, isn't that convenient.
Is that supposed to
mean something?
I'm sorry, okay.
I'll find it later.
I was in a rush to
get back here.
Something seriously
fucked up happened.
What do you mean something
seriously fucked up happened?
I was looking for Terry at
the back end of the hallway
in the guest corridor, I
saw someone hunched over.
I called out to him
and he stood up.
It was like a homeless guy ready
to attack me and lights
went out and...
Come on, really?
What makes you so sure it wasn't
just Terry punkin' your ass.
No way, this guy was much taller
and completely malnourished.
Okay, look.
Just let me connect.
All right, I'm just
gonna come out and ask.
Jerod, did you purposely
stage any props
in the building for
us to find tonight?
Are you for real right now?
- No.
- Come on, man.
We found the fake blood
you had all over
the floor in the kitchen.
But you just flat out
went way overboard
with that whole bloody
piece of meat.
What the fuck are
you even talking about?
Of course I didn't
stage any god damn props
and how dare you even accuse
me of some shit like that.
I would never resort to any
scare tactics or gimmicks or any
special effects to enhance
any of our investigations.
Do you really think
I'd be that dumb?
Bro, because you wanna make sure
this investigation doesn't
turn into another 12.
I've seen this movie before
and I know how it ends.
It's 12 all over again.
So why the fuck do I
want the same for 13?
So, if it wasn't you then
that leaves Terry or Ernie.
I told you, neither of those
guys are organized enough
to try and pull off something
like that.
Okay, then who else could it
be, Nate?
Look, I don't know who
the fuck it was, okay?
Could be a homeless
guy that's been
squatting here for all I know.
Guys, what are the possibilities
Parrish is doing this?
No way.
This was a man.
Let me just show you the footage
so you can see for yourself.
Holy shit, I'm so
glad to see you guys.
Ernie what happened?
I heard a noise in the hallway
and I thought it was Terry
so I went to the
Mole Man's cell,
and I found the camera
completely destroyed.
I mean, someone smashed
the shit out of it.
What the fuck, Ernie.
It was already like
this when I found it.
Yeah, once I found out
whose responsible for this,
I'm gonna beat the
living shit out of 'em.
And that's when I came
straight back here...
This has to be Terry, right?
I mean, unless someone here
isn't telling the truth.
What are you talking about?
- We found a prop.
- Damn straight
- we're doing this in groups.
- And some fake blood planted
- in this building.
- Ernie and I will go find.
- And Jerod claims that.
- Damn straight.
- We're doing this in groups.
- He saw somebody else
- here inside with us.
- Ernie and I will
go find Terry, you guys stay
behind and watch the monitors.
Look, fuck all you guys.
This whole investigation
is turning
into a flaming pile of dog shit.
Terry's MIA and we
got some homeless guy
running around destroying our
and you guys are accusing
me of this shit?
Well, fuck that.
We're finding Terry,
we're getting out of here
and we're aborting this
This is the most
important investigation yet.
We don't have enough
to show the board.
Okay, then I suggest that we go
find Terry and we get some
Damn straight, we're
doing this in groups.
Ernie and I will go find Terry.
You guys stay behind
and watch the monitors.
Okay, but why don't
we go with you,
because it'll speed things up.
No, I want a team staying
here reporting any sightings
of Terry or anybody or anything
walking around this place.
Ernie and I are gonna start
on the top floor and work
our way down and sweep every
god damn inch of this place.
And if Terry comes back,
notify me immediately.
Ernie, grab another camera.
Whatever's happening here,
I want it documented.
If this turns into some
potential legal matter,
I want evidence to sue
that old hag Parrish.
Ernie, let's go.
Hey kid, things are slowing up.
Good time to take five.
Got a light?
So, what's your story?
I don't have one.
I see how you look
at me from that kitchen.
You think you're in
some secret place
watching from afar,
but I see you.
Tell you what, there's that
new Tarzan movie playing
at the Palladium tomorrow,
let's see if we can get
that shyness out of
you in the dark.
I said five minutes, damn it.
Get back to work.
I can't wait.
Are you all right?
Leonard, what's wrong?
These kids are messing with me.
Hey, sit down.
Don't mind them,
just watch the movie.
Leonard, Leonard, no.
What the hell happened to you?
Don't you slam the
door in my house.
Open the god damn door.
Father please, not now.
Boy, don't make
me come in and belt you.
Now open up.
Please, please father.
Oh, that's
right, teach him good.
Teach that no good mistake
of a child how to be rotten.
Next time you
close the door real quiet.
Rotten, that's all you are.
Young man do not move.
Stay right where you are.
What the hell?
Are you sure that homeless guy
wasn't the Mole Man?
Nah dude, he
was real, not ghostlike.
I thought you said spirits
can manifest in
different forms though.
Ernie, if he was the Mole Man,
wouldn't he have killed
me right on the spot?
I think we went
down this way already.
Nah, we haven't
gone this way yet.
Okay, wait up.
You think Jerod
was being honest?
I don't know.
I mean, if he's lying then
he's pretty damn convincing.
I'm just having a hard
time buying his story.
Yeah, but Nate,
I mean he makes a point.
This whole building has
been vacant for years.
It's completely plausible
that maybe a homeless person
broke in and is
living inside here.
And if that's the case,
maybe he just thinks we're
trespassing and he's pissed off.
Trashing all our shit.
How the hell's a
homeless dude gonna
have access to any
props or makeup effects.
I swear to God if he doesn't
have a good damn reason
for being gone I'm
gonna fire his ass
on the spot and he
can walk home.
No way, dude.
What the fuck?
What are they looking at?
Another dead rat?
Oh, oh shit.
That is a real finger man,
I am not fucking kidding.
No fuckin' way, are you serious?
Yeah, I swear to God.
I see the bone and veins
sticking out of it, man.
There's fuckin' bite
marks all over it.
Jerod, what exactly
are you guys looking at?
Um, we just found a
severed finger on the floor.
Jerod's 100% it's real,
not a prop.
Ernie, swear on your mother's
that you're not trying to fuck
with us.
Yes I fuckin' swear, Melanie.
It looks like something
bit it off.
We're both like spazzing
the fuck out
right now just looking at it.
We're stuck here.
Don't you get it, Nate?
What was that?
Sounds like
it came from over there.
Ernie, what is that?
There's blood on the floor here
leading all down the stairwell.
All right, I'll tell you
all right fucking now when we
find out whose responsible for
conspiring this whole prank
I am personally gonna
beat their sorry ass
like there's no god
damn tomorrow.
Believe that.
Don't you get it, Nate?
Nobody's fucking around here.
This isn't a prank anymore.
This is real and Terry can be in
some serious trouble
and we need to find him.
Didn't you hear Jerod?
He wouldn't sabotage
Investigation 13.
Because, Mel,
there's no more time.
He has to get this right or
it's his reputation on the line.
That doesn't make any sense.
The Jerod that I
know wouldn't even...
Listen, Mel, I think you're
blinded by the fact that you
still got a thing for him, but
you need to open your eyes.
Look, I admit that I
was skeptical at first,
but the reality is is that
Terry's in serious trouble
and I don't know if it's a wild
animal or even the Mole Man.
Terry's losing blood
by the second,
and he needs our help.
Look, I'm trying really
hard to see both sides
of the coin here and
it's tough, believe me.
But I could really
use your help.
I don't know about this, Jerod.
I hate this place.
Dude, are you okay.
Jerod man, this is
seriously fucked!
We need to get out of
here right now.
Screw Terry, I'm shitting
my pants right now.
Ernie, we need to find Terry
before he freakin'
bleeds to death.
I don't like that idea.
We need to get out of here
and get help to find Terry.
Ernie, if it was you
that was missing,
I would do the exact same thing.
Now, keep it together.
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
Jerod, what the fuck was that?
Nate to Melanie, respond please.
Jerod and Ernie are...
We're aborting the
Electro convulsive number one.
Patient is being prescribed
this regime to modify
his behavior.
Treatment of 150 volts.
Attempt number 27, 250 volts.
Attempt number 78, 325.
500 volts, the only
regime to subdue patient.
Continue treatment
at maximum levels.
Dear God.
Layla Parrish performing
electric shock
therapy on Leonard Craven.
Oh, my God.
It's her.
Melanie, Melanie,
Melanie, it's me.
It's me, it's me.
Nate, we're never
getting out of here.
No, no, no, listen to me.
We're gonna get out of here.
- You promise?
- Yes, come on.
Wait, I have info about...
Later, we need to
get to the boiler room.
But it's about Parrish!
Not now, Ernie's in trouble.
The blood trail runs all the
way through here right up
to the coal storage room
where they saw that thing.
Here, hold this.
This doesn't look like it's
Play, play the next file.
Play file.
Ernie, Ernie?
Come on.
Ernie say something.
God damn it, it's low.
Keep filming, keep rolling
till it fucking dies,
the police need to see
What the fuck happened to you?
I know you're petrified, but
we have to do this together.
Can you do this?
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Nate, say something.
Oh shit.
Oh, shit, oh shit,
oh shit, oh shit.
This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry for the
way I treated you, Mel.
Jerod, he's here.
Okay, hurry.
Hurry, hurry, shit.
It's not opening.
Something's blocking the door.
The ventilation shaft that
Brian Resner used to sneak in.
It's too high,
we can't get to it.
Yeah, come on.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Shit, grab my hand.
There he is, Jerod.
Jerod, oh my, oh, Jerod,
Jerod, Jerod.
Oh shit.
We're finally awake, Mr. Craven.
Please, please no shock.
I'm not going
to shock you sweetie.
That treatment is barbaric.
It's ineffective.
What are you
going to do to me then?
Are you familiar
with the ways of the shaman?
They're known as healers,
able to communicate with
the spirit realm and other
I've traveled the world
and learned of their ways,
and I'm here to free you.
From what?
The evil that
is deep inside you.
I know you're not evil, Leonard.
You want me to
help you, Leonard?
Very well, let's begin.
Looks like he's got away.
Inform the others.
I know you're
still here, Leonard.
If I can't keep the evil
out of you, Leonard,
then I have no choice but to
keep you in here for good.