Invisible (2017) Movie Script

Argentina adhered
to an international convention which,
as you know, are agreements
between every country in the world
that must be complied with.
This particular convention
was about time zones.
In 1923,
the naval observatory,
which is the institution
that would determine the official
time in Argentina, was created.
On what grounds?
It was done on the basis
of the prime meridian.
The English were in on this, too.
The earth was divided into sections,
like an orange,
Hi, Antonio...
Yeah, it's Ely...
I can't make it today...
No, everything's fine...
I have a stomach ache, that's all...
All right.
End of the line.
Soy beans...
Which of those beans...
The expert says if between two...
Which of those beans are soy beans?
Maybe even fifty thousand pesos...
Go downstairs
and change into your uniform this instant.
The thing is I'm not...
Helena no longer works here.
Since when?
Since now...
You have to make a word,
but there's something
we have to do first...
I want you to take away all the letters
that the word does not contain...
What's up?
You OK?
Have you guys put in the money
for the graduation sweatshirts?
- No.
- No.
This is an allergic
reaction to the food.
We're going to change it,
she needs an antibiotic.
Could you give her
an injection yourself?
If I have no choice...
You could try in syrup form.
What's her weight?
About 28 kilos...
Some five centimeters...
Ely, could you get me
a cefalexin, please?
You should give it to her
three times a day. Every eight hours.
Midnight, then eight in the morning,
something like that.
So you put in the syringe
straight out of the jar.
It's easier to give it to her
if she's sitting up.
Dad, I'm out of here.
You're opening up in the morning, right?
Yeah, no problem.
- Bye.
- Bye. Get some rest.
- Bye, Antonio.
- Bye, see you tomorrow.
- Should I turn off the lights?
- Please.
- Should we get going?
- Drop me off at the gas station.
A large number of Bolivian citizens
have decided to block traffic
since Peruvians squatters have moved
into the building
where they rent apartments.
The police have raided to get them out.
Could you tell us what's going on?
The landlord is here at the moment,
I want everyone to see
what they've done.
What security force is protecting us,
the workers?
"Edge" is an excellent idea,
and so is "challenge"...
But neither is right...
All that should be left
are the letters in the word...
Can I take the "U" away?
OK, gone.
What about the "E"? Any other?
Date of your last period...?
How late are you?
About three weeks.
Do you get routine
pelvic examinations?
You need to get an ultrasound
in about fifteen days
to find out how far along you are
and make sure everything's OK.
I'm also going to order
some blood tests, HIV included,
and to confirm that you are,
in fact, pregnant.
Make an appointment with an obstetrician
to get regular checkups.
I'm not going to have it.
What does the father say?
Does he know?
Do your parents know?
I'm not going to have it.
You really should talk this over
with them.
Think it over, talk to your family,
and then we'll see.
I've already thought it over.
I'm not having it.
You know that abortion is illegal
in Argentina,
except in a few specific cases
and yours is not one of them.
We can't support you in that decision.
At this point, your only option
it is to put it up for adoption.
What I can do is refer you
to a team of psychologists.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Here's the doctor's note.
- Good.
- Did you mark me absent?
- I was about to.
I read, you read,
he/she reads,
we read,
you read,
they read.
Lorena, read please.
Very good, Lorena. Now you, Agustin.
"In countries
where abortion is not legal or safe,
you can get the
medication at pharmacies,
sometimes even over the counter
without a prescription.
It is often easier to get the medication
at smaller pharmacies
than at large chains.
To get them to give you the medication,
you can say
that your grandmother
has severe arthritis,
and she can't come herself.
A male friend or your boyfriend
can go for you,
since they may be more willing
to give a man the medication".
Get a guy to do it.
They'll never sell it to you.
it's possible to buy the medication
on the black market,
where you can get marijuana.
Make sure it is
really the medication
and not a counterfeit medication".
I don't know... beer, wine...
OK. How's Cata?
Give her a kiss for me.
- Hello.
- Hi...
Sergio, can you help them, please?
- Good afternoon.
- Hi... we want this.
- Do you have a prescription?
- No.
I can't sell you this medication
without a prescription.
How much does it cost?
No one is going to sell it to you
without a prescription.
- Anything else, girls?
- No, thank you.
See you later.
Hi, we wanted to ask
about these pills...
How much do they cost?
Do you have a prescription?
Not on me...
These are expensive....
I can't sell them
without a prescription.
Nobody will, actually.
- Are they for you?
- For my mom.
If you give me a few days,
I can get other pills.
Different brand, same medication,
cheaper and without prescription.
Can your mom hold off?
Good. Give me your number...
Give him yours.
- 15...
- Yeah?
- 38...
- Thirty-eight?
- 87...
- Eight seven?
- 34...
- Three, four.
- 96...
- Ninety-six. What's your name?
- Ely.
- Ely.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you up to?
- Nothing, just watching TV.
Have you eaten?
There's rice in the fridge.
I ate. I brought
you a few slices of pizza.
I already ate.
I'm going to make myself a cup of tea.
- Want me to make it for you?
- No, I'll do it.
Did you get out?
How did it go?
Did you call work?
I'm going to take a shower.
Did you do the homework?
- Why not?
- I couldn't...
Why not? You had several days...
I just couldn't, I had stuff to do...
I see... did you read it?
Read it here, and tell us what you think.
I don't have the photocopy.
Can someone lend her
the photocopy? Sofi...?
I don't like reading out loud.
Come on, Ely... read it.
"In 1976, the foreign debt
stood at eight billion dollars.
By the end of the dictatorship,
it had climbed to over 43 billion.
In a regime of over indebtedness,
more and more public resources
were assigned to servicing the debt.
That became the State's sole function.
The country was unable
to make the payments on time,
and forced to submit
to austerity programs
imposed by lending organizations
to obtain further loans.
The austerity programs
seeked to obtain more credit
in order to pay off debt, and so on".
Tell me in your own words
how the over indebtedness regime worked.
I don't know.
What were
the international lending organizations?
- Hello.
- Hello. I'm here to see Adriana.
Come on in.
- Go on in...
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?
- How's it going?
How's your mom? Any better?
- Yeah, better.
- Good. I'm glad.
Well, this is an advance in the hopes
that we reach an agreement.
It's not much, but it's a show
of good faith from the agency;
we want to work this out
once and for all.
Please tell your mom to send
formal written notice
and then we can give you the rest.
If your mom wants to take us to court,
okay, that's her decision,
but tell her the lawyer
ends up keeping half the money.
And we can pay her
the rest in installments.
I think that the best thing for her,
not for us,
is to comply with the agreement...
Did you bring me
the signed authorization?
The receipt and her ID...
Please sign this receipt
and count the money...
Are you looking for work?
Have you turned eighteen?
Are you still in high school?
I graduated.
- What happened?
- She ran out in front of the car.
We're gonna have to operate...
You're ready
to stitch up her bladder, right?
- All set.
- Good, dry her off there.
Good... how much are we giving her?
About sixty.
Bring it down a little.
- Forty?
- Yes. Dry her off.
Raul, have you changed dollars yet?
- I told you I haven't yet, Dad.
- OK.
- Ely, are you taking off?
- Yup...
The dog has to get her medication.
Could you stay a little longer,
a few hours, until Gladys gets here...
- I guess so.
- Great, I'll show you what to do.
Until the 12th week you can provoke
an abortion with pills
with 97% of success.
This is she, who's calling?
Right. How's it going?
All right.
Yeah. So what's next?
Yes, yes.
How much are they?
All twelve?
Yes, sure.
In half an hour.
- Hello.
- How's it going?
Here's what you need...
- All set.
- All right.
- OK, bye.
- Bye.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
It looks natural,
it doesn't look like... fake buttocks...
It has to be applied
by a plastic surgeon...
Good morning.
The car behind the motorcycle,
the motorcycle, due to the speed
and the circumstances, swerved.
The suspect heads back and fires
the six shots on the street,
plus the two near
the butcher's shop...
he gets off his motorcycle
to take one last shot...
The car and the motorcycle collide...
- Is it good?
- Great.
I'm going to start washing the dishes.
More mashed potatoes?
According to government statistics,
32% of Argentines live in poverty.
The regions hardest
hit are the northeast,
and the city of Buenos Aires
and surrounding areas.
Strikes at the banks
for the second straight day.
Do you want to take a walk?
No, not today.
I'm kind of tired.
I'm going to lie down for a while.
Just a short walk...
over to Parque Lezama
and to get a cup of coffee...
No, not now...
I've got to take a shower
and it's cold outside...
You have to get out, Mom.
I wanted to call the office today...
- Hello?
- It's me.
"After the first dose,
the woman will start bleeding
and cramping.
The bleeding usually starts
within four hours of inserting the pills,
though it may be longer.
The bleeding is the first sign
that the abortion is underway.
If it continues, the bleeding
will get heavier and cramping stronger.
The bleeding is heavier
than a normal period
and there might be blood clots.
The more advanced the pregnancy,
the stronger the cramps
and the heavier the bleeding.
Once the abortion is complete,
the bleeding and cramping diminish.
Bleeding and cramping may reach
a peak when the abortion
actually takes place.
If the abortion did not take
place after the third dose,
you should try again in a few days,
or go to a country where abortion is legal
or find a qualified doctor.
The doctor will probably request
a sonogram".
What's a sonogram?
I don't know...
When can we do it?
My folks are going away next weekend...
which gives us almost two full days.
They come back on Sunday night.
We have to buy a lot of cotton
and a few towels
that we can throw out after.
It'd be great to have an old mattress
that we can get rid of afterwards.
We're out of here.
- You good?
- Yeah.
- You sure? You're not mad?
- No.
Do you have money? Keys? Your phone?
- I've got everything.
- Love you, buddy.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Ely, can you take the
dog out for a walk?
She has to start moving...
You're gonna take her out?
Great, she has to walk a little.
- What's the matter, Mom?
- Nothing.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
Why are you crying?
No reason... I just felt like crying.
You have to get out, Mom...
You can't spend the whole day
cooped up in here.
Go downstairs to the entrance,
go for a walk or something...
I don't want to go out.
You don't do anything.
You have to get out, go outside.
Where would I go?
Call up a friend, go get a cup of coffee.
We don't see your sister,
we don't go to family birthday parties...
- Your aunt is busy.
- Just pick up the phone.
I'm tired of talking on the phone.
She doesn't call me either.
You have excuse for everything!
- You're gonna get sick, Mom.
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
- I'm fine.
You have to work,
you have to do something.
How are we going to get by?
I'm exhausted.
I'm gonna get over this soon.
You know what? I'm sick of you.
You're gonna die like that.
Sorry, I'm sort of out of it today.
Is something wrong?
Are you OK?
I gotta get back.
Is something the matter?
I'm pregnant.
What do you mean "I'm pregnant"?
I'm pregnant.
Are you sure? Did you see a doctor?
Is it mine?
- But we always used protection.
- Not always.
Have you told anyone?
- You know there's no way.
- I'm not going to have it.
That's for the best. You're too young...
Do you have a plan?
Let me think about it.
We'll figure out what to do tomorrow.
It's gonna be all right, don't worry.
I have to get back.
A respectful round of applause
for our flag.
We will now sing the
National Flag Anthem.
Ely, come on!
It's reliable, like a health center
where everything is monitored,
one hundred percent safe.
The sooner, the better, and less risky...
I'll go with you.
Call now.
Ask for Gloria. She'll give you
an appointment and instructions.
Don't worry about the money,
I'll take care of it...
They do this all the time
so there's nothing to worry about.
I gotta get back,
I'll drop you at the corner.
Call her.
Did you call?
That woman, did you call her?
She didn't pick up.
- Call her again.
- I will.
I told her we'd see her today.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Are you Eloisa?
- Yeah.
I'm Gloria. Have a seat...
- Do you want something to drink?
- No, thanks.
- Do you get here all right?
- Yes.
You managed to find the place?
Like I explained on the phone...
we do the procedure ourselves.
It's carefully monitored
and very professional,
with all the same precautions as at,
shall we say,
a conventional health center...
What do you mean "we"?
I'll be there the whole time.
There's a specialist in anaesthesia,
and the procedure itself
will be performed by the doctor,
a certified gynecologist.
How long does it take?
About a half hour...
You stay a little longer
to make sure everything's all right.
All in all, it's a two-hour process.
Ideally, someone would come with you,
just for your sake,
so someone can keep you company.
You can come by yourself if you prefer.
Do they give you anesthesia?
Yes, a mild one. You won't feel a thing.
When you wake up, it's all over.
You can walk right out.
Payment is done in cash
on the day of the procedure.
Do you want to do it?
We can schedule you for tomorrow
or the day after.
Can you make room for me?
Over there.
I'll wait around the corner.
Come on in.
Shall we settle the payment?
You can change in here.
Take off everything
from the waist down and put on the gown.
Lie down on the cot.
The doctor will be with you shortly.
- What's the matter?
- I'm not going to do it.
- I can't give you back the money.
- OK.
- Can I wait in here a while?
- No problem.
You have to leave
the last three numbers of your ID,
and your name
for the story-of-the-day contest...
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, it's done.
- How do you feel?
- Fine.
What did they say?
Do you need medication?
I have to stay in bed.
What do you want to do?
Do you want to stay here a while?
Take me home.
What you did was for the best.
Today was a rough day,
but in time, you'll see...
You did the right thing.
OK, I'm out.
Call me if you need anything.
Rest for the next few days, stay in bed.
Take as long as you need.
I'm out.
Hi, Antonio.
Yes, Ely.
I wanted to let you know that
I won't be able to go back to work.
Something came up.
I'm sorry.