Invisible Agent (1942) Movie Script

Extra! Oregon State
invites Duke to Rose Bowl!
Late edition!
Oregon State invites Duke
to Rose Bowl.
What is he saying?
Oh, Oregon State face
Duke University football in a Rose Bowl.
An incident of great
national importance.
Late edition!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
We should like to see some
leather paper.
For business use or personal?
Here's a handmade paper.
I have it in several
different colors.
Now, let's see.
Hey, here we are.
- Got white, buff...
- White will do.
Very good, sir.
- Do you want your name on it?
- Yes, of course.
- Name?
- Frank Griffin.
- Griffin?
- Yes, Frank Griffin.
It should be familiar to you.
Should it?
It's your name.
Your real name.
Well, this ought to be cozy.
I'd just like to talk to you,
Mr. Griffin. Please be seated.
Now, I tried to find you
for many years.
Would you mind informing Mr. Griffin
that it was I who found him?
Well, I'm flattered,
But what can I do for you?
We want to pay you.
Pay me?
Yes, Mr. Griffin,
we want to pay you.
Yes, a fortune.
I'm sure you don't
owe me anything,
and nothing I have to offer
is worth a fortune.
Oh, now, come, Mr. Griffin,
there's no need for you to be modest,
especially with us.
All we want to buy
is your father's formula,
or was it your uncle
who discovered it?
No, no, no.
It was his grandfather, Frank Griffin.
Yes, yes, of course.
Frank Griffin Sr.,
shot by the police.
How fantastically romantic.
You know you could
make a million
with your
grandfather's formula.
Now, look, gentlemen,
I'm not good at riddles and...
Your grandfather
discovered a drug.
Injected into a man's bloodstream,
it rendered him transparent.
People treated with this drug
are sometimes dangerous.
They have to be liquidated.
But, if they are controlled,
they can become
very useful to any country
at war.
You do have the drug in your possession,
Mr. Griffin, don't you?
I'm prepared to offer you any sum
that you like to name.
But why come to me?
Oh, why make things difficult,
Mr. Griffin?
We came with the best
of intentions.
But you're going to put us through
great deal of unnecessary trouble.
Search the place.
Now, wait a minute.
What right have you to...
This right.
Very obstinate young man, huh?
What makes you think
I have this drug?
This shop, your false name.
Granted such a drug exists,
do you think the world is ripe
for such a discovery?
That is the common
chatter of a man
poisoned by the ideology
of a decadent democracy.
Weapons are created
to be used.
There's no place
for the weak on this Earth.
- Typical German philosophy.
- Precisely.
German thinking is the clearest
in the world.
As a graduate of Oxford,
I can testify to that.
It was German logic
that led us to you.
Now, will you be kind enough
to tell us where it is?
Or why don't we
make him tell us?
Well, are we going
to have to resort to force?
Oh, I see.
German logic.
If I did have such a drug,
surely you don't think I'd keep it here.
You're not a very convincing liar,
Mr. Griffin.
Perhaps we can loosen
your tongue.
Why, you...
This is really a very
useful machine.
You know, if a person
weren't careful,
it could cut off his fingers
or his whole hand.
Very handy machine, huh?
Handy, isn't it?
Take him over there!
Put his fingers in here.
Why, you...
Come, come, Mr. Griffin,
while there's still time.
This won't help you much.
The choice is yours.
Stop. I'll tell.
You were right.
Let me have it now.
Let him go.
I told you it was a very useful
little machine.
Men who attacked you were foreign agents,
Mr. Raymond.
Or should I call you,
Mr. Griffin?
- I'd like to forget that name.
- I understand.
Since you're unwilling to let the Axis powers
use your formula,
will you consider submitting it
to the American government?
Naturally, we've known
about you for some time
but respected your incognito.
since that's been exposed,
we deem it a highly
patriotic service
if you would permit us
to use the drug.
There's no use
asking me.
I should have destroyed it
years ago.
But if your country
had great need for it,
a critical emergency?
There will never be an emergency critical
enough to justify its use.
May I present Mr. Raymond.
- How do you do?
- Mr. Raymond.
- Glad to know you. Glad to know you.
- Thanks.
Gentlemen, Mr. Raymond has decided
to turn it over to us.
there is one condition.
The drug is to be used
by no one but myself.
But, Mr. Raymond,
we have men of experience
who have been chosen
for just such a task.
Does Mr. Raymond realize
the danger of this mission?
And are you, gentlemen,
fully aware of the danger in using this drug?
I'm the only one
who knows its potency.
It may cost the life
of the man who uses it.
It's true I may not
have the experience,
but I won't come back
without the information you want.
Sometime ago,
I refused you the use this drug.
Well, now I offer not only the drug
but myself.
we will bring back what you want.
- But Mr. Raymond, you...
- A man of conviction
is often more to be desired
than a man of experience.
I should like to think it over.
There's no time for that.
We must make
a decision immediately.
I'm inclined to think
Mr. Raymond is equal to the task.
You have my confidence, sir.
Gentlemen, I move to assign
the job to Mr. Raymond.
Well, gentlemen?
- I agree.
- Go ahead.
Thank you.
Now, tell me
what I have to do.
We know the enemy is planning
a nationwide sabotage effort,
an all-out attempt to wreck
this country's war productions.
It is imperative
to all of us to know
the exact date
when Germany will strike.
- By what means.
- And through what agents.
And who would have
this necessary information?
Hitler and the Gestapo,
the Secret Police.
Well, we've no time to lose.
Speed is essential.
- I'm ready to go now.
- Excellent.
Well, we shall carry you
to London and then to Berlin.
We'll be over Berlin
in a minute, old boy.
Now, all I have to do is get in touch
with our agents there.
Arnold Schmidt, carpenter.
Grtner Strasse 22, right?
Tell him you want to buy
a coffin, empire style.
Altitude 4,005.
- Where is he?
- In the barn, you fool.
Come out, or I'll shoot!
No use hiding!
Come out of there!
Come out!
You can't get away!
Surround the barn.
- He lost his shoe, sir.
- I find this shoe, sir.
- He can't go far without his shoes.
- I find this, sir.
He can't get far without his...
He can't get far!
We couldn't find him, sir.
- He's gone, sir.
- He disappeared.
Are you crazy?
- We saw him...
- And then we didn't.
He dissolved in the air.
You are crazy!
Go back and report
there is a British parachutist at large.
Ask them to send
a company of men.
We must search
the countryside.
I want to order
a coffin, empire style.
Where are you?
Over here,
but I'm practically frozen.
This is...
This is amazing.
Well, they told me to expect
an invisible man,
but this is like a...
Like a miracle.
How about some
hot coffee, huh?
Oh, if I can be...
May I have another?
Sure, sure, sure.
It's... It's amazing.
Oh, you will be
of great help to us.
Maybe. We'll see.
Now, where do we start?
There is a young lady
at Wannsee, Park Strasse 9.
She knows the right people.
Make all your reports to me,
- and I'll see that they get to England.
- Mmm-hmm.
- More coffee?
- No, thanks.
Just the girl's name.
Remember to give her
the password.
You have the address?
Park Strasse 9.
How far is it?
Uh, about 70 kilometers.
Hmm. That calls
for transportation.
Have you got any
around here?
Usually there is a cab in front of
the restaurant across the street.
Will you please send a taxi
to Wannsee, Park Strasse 9?
Park Strasse 9 in Wannsee.
Yeah, yeah.
For you, Emil.
Park Strasse 9 in Wannsee.
Uh, here. Take over.
Play like you were losing
your own money.
The taxi you ordered.
Taxi? We didn't order a taxi.
I got a call to come out here.
I'll ask Ms. Sorenson.
Just a minute.
Come in, Gretl.
There's a taxi cab driver
out here, ma'am.
He said somebody
telephoned him to come here.
I certainly didn't.
It must have been a mistake.
That's what I told him.
Who is that?
Don't be alarmed.
You can't see me, so I thought it only fair
to switch off the light.
It puts us on equal terms.
Where are you?
Right here
in the room with you.
- Oh.
- Don't go.
Then show yourself.
If I could, you'd be surprised.
Mind if I smoke?
My first cigarette in days.
Oh, forgive me. I didn't realize
the winters in Germany were so severe.
They told me
I'd find help here.
This is ridiculous.
Now, if this is
a practical joke,
I don't consider it
at all funny.
Well, now,
wait a minute.
I was sent here
in empire style.
Empire style?
Oh, really?
This is fantastic.
but the explanation is simple.
You see, I have a certain
chemical in my veins.
Well, it takes the color
out of my whole body.
Are you insane?
No, just transparent.
You wouldn't call a window
insane, would you?
Just believe me.
I'm simply invisible.
Otherwise, I'm like
any other normal human being.
How can I help you?
Well, by putting me in contact
with a source of certain information.
Who are you?
My name is Raymond,
Frank Raymond.
Oh, yes.
I've been 36 hours getting here,
and I'm tired and dirty.
Do you mind
if I use your tub?
Really I wish you'd choose
another time.
- Why?
- It's dangerous.
I'm expecting a guest
for dinner.
Someone interesting?
Oberst Heiser
of the Secret Police.
You work fast, don't you?
I'm sure you'll find the gentleman
extremely interesting.
A bath
and a tenderloin steak.
Those are the high points
of a man's life.
Quite charming.
Three people
having dinner for two.
Yes, three on a steak.
Here he comes.
Be there in a minute.
Good evening, Karl.
You are looking
Thank you.
I couldn't wait to be with you...
No, Karl.
I feel much safer with him
to chaperone us.
You ought to forget
about him, Maria.
Oh, Karl.
Missions like his
take time.
Sometimes, a lifetime.
He never told me
why he left.
Oh, he never told anyone.
He has his own ideas.
And that's dangerous.
The Fhrer doesn't like people
who think their own thoughts.
I hope you will be satisfied
with what my cook has to offer.
Think nothing of it.
I brought a little snack
from my meager rations.
- Cheese.
- From Holland.
- Champagne.
- From Occupied France.
Mot & Chandon, 1929.
Fowl from Denmark...
and lobster from Norway.
Every country
we conquer feeds us.
And these are just a few
of the good things we'll have
when this war is over.
- Caviar.
- From Russia.
Very difficult to get.
Slaves working
for us everywhere
while we sit back
with a fork in our hands
and a whip on our knees.
That's strange.
Very strange.
Sorry, Karl,
I couldn't wait.
- More champagne, please.
- Of course.
Now, let's drink
to the golden age of the German Reich.
To the people
who are bound to win the war.
Not chilled enough.
Excuse me.
- Bring a wine bucket.
- Heil Hitler.
Frank. Shh.
- How do you like him?
- Who?
Your new bodyguard.
I'd feel better
if you'd accept his protection.
Why, Karl, I...
I never realized
I was in danger.
Beautiful women
are always in danger.
- Oh.
- Always.
Yes, always.
Shall we...
- Yes?
Of course.
Oh. I forgot the jam.
Now, let's see.
Where did I put that?
Plum, apple,
- strawberry.
- Ah, here it is.
Specially prepared for me.
Oh. Place it over there.
And I don't want to be disturbed
under any circumstances.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil.
I was...
That's strange.
I was sure you had put
some chicken on my plate.
Maybe you'd eaten it already.
Oh, have I?
I really mustn't eat so fast.
I'll give you some more.
That wing.
It really looks delicious.
Yes, and some potatoes.
That's fine.
That will be enough for a while.
You know, I'm overworked.
A three-hour conference
with the Fhrer nearly killed me.
Now, Karl, don't tell me
the Fhrer conferred with you personally.
Of course, he did.
If you had said
he had conference with Gring or Ribbentrop,
I might believe you,
but not...
But I tell you
the Fhrer called me in himself
just before he left
for the eastern front.
He gave me secret orders.
Nobody there.
Just him and me.
Oh, let's forget
about politics.
But I tell you it's true.
He's ordered an attack
upon the United States.
How can we attack
the United States 4,000 miles away?
To the Fhrer, no place is too far away,
not even the United States.
He's even fixed the date.
- The date?
- Mmm-hmm.
Really? When?
Let's forget politics.
Some day, you'll be the most
important man in the party.
You have the strengths of Gring,
the vitality of Goebbels,
and the shrewdness of Hess.
I wouldn't be surprised if you became
the Fhrer's successor.
if you're so sure of my future,
why don't you...
Why don't you
have some lobster?
You've hardly
eaten anything.
I cannot understand
why Stauffer ever let the Gestapo train you
for such risky work as spying,
flying planes, shooting guns,
intelligence work.
No, that's not work
for a beautiful girl.
I'd never send you
on such dangerous missions.
I'd keep you with me always.
Maria, you set my blood afire...
I must have pushed it with my foot.
Too bad.
- It will dry.
- Huh?
Come on. Sit down,
and eat your lobster.
Oh, well.
Maria, why...
Why don't you forget about Stauffer?
After all, there's such
a thing as carrying loyalty too far.
You hurt yourself.
Something pushed my hand.
Poor Karl,
trying to eat with his nose.
Poor darling.
- Oh, that's terrible.
- Oh.
Maria, I...
You don't have to laugh.
I really don't understand.
If you had a brain in your head,
you'd stop that silly giggling!
Did you hurt yourself?
This is an insult
to the entire Nazi party.
But, Karl, I was only
laughing at your tricks.
Laughing, eh?
I've had people shot for less.
- Guard!
- Oh, but...
Ms. Sorenson,
consider yourself under house arrest.
This woman is not
to leave the house.
So be on the watch.
For what, sir?
I don't know, but watch her.
But, Karl...
You messed up everything.
I'm sorry.
Too much champagne on an empty stomach.
He was just going to give us
the information we wanted when you started...
Well, he was getting
far too familiar with you.
But we can't let our
personal feelings interfere.
A whole year's work
destroyed in a few minutes.
What are we
going to do now?
You'll just have to turn on
the charm again, darling.
And if I'm any judge of men,
he'll be calling on you soon.
What makes you think that?
Well, you're an irresistible woman.
- Who is it?
- Open up!
Open the door,
or we bring it down!
Don't you dare
come into my bedroom.
You better let them in.
What do you want?
- Who were you talking to?
- Myself.
Now, get out of here,
or I'll report you to Oberst Heiser.
That was a man's voice we heard.
- How dare you?
- Oh.
- Why, you...
- Fritz!
Let her alone.
- She kicked me in the stomach.
- Come on.
she's Stauffer's friend and Heiser's.
Oh, don't
let them get you down.
They treat women like dogs.
I hate them.
Forgive me.
Oh, I wish I could see you.
Very well,
then you shall see me.
I'll have to use some of the things
on your dressing table.
- Do you mind?
- Please do.
Ah, this ought to help.
you are rather tall,
aren't you?
Six, one-and-a-half,
when I get my head on.
I could sure use a towel.
In the right-hand drawer.
I could use these, too.
Is it all right?
- Surely. Go ahead.
- Thanks.
I've seen women
do this somewhere.
Remember now,
I look better invisible.
Oh, you're in for a shock.
I warned you.
Well, how do you like your invisible man
with a cold cream face?
Have you always been invisible,
or will the drug wear off?
It might in time.
Oh, but it's such
a powerful drug.
Isn't there danger
in using it?
Under the present circumstances,
there's danger in not using it.
I'm tired.
This drug puts you to sleep
at the most unpredictable times.
Oh, if I could only
close my eyes for a few minutes.
Frank. Frank, you mustn't fall asleep here.
It's dangerous.
Yes, I know, but it feels
so nice, just like drifting.
- Frank, please don't.
- Shh.
I won't make a sound.
Just a little nap.
Frank. Frank!
Come in, Heiser.
Come in,
and close the door.
I... I'm delighted
to see you back, sir.
I can imagine.
"Countryside search
for parachutist is not yet found.
"Clothes discovered,
but his description not available.
"Questioning of searchers
revealed nothing.
"Eyewitnesses claim
they saw the parachutist dissolve in mid-air."
What do you make of that?
I've had the officers
in charge arrested.
They'll be tried in military court,
of course.
It's clearly nothing,
but incompetence.
Baron Ikito, may I present
to you Lieutenant Heiser.
- Heil Hitler!
- Huh? Oh. Heil Hitler.
Baron, we have
a long trip behind us.
Yes, it was a long trip.
I'm sure you must want to rest.
As the rising sun never sets,
so we servants never sleep.
Forgive me,
but I have a call to pay,
uh, a private call.
I quite understand, sir.
Having looked at nothing but the skies,
the waters, and me,
your appetite for privacy
no doubt is on edge.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
What have you done
to your uniform?
Oh, I...
I was with Ms. Sorenson, having dinner.
Did you eat it, or bathe in it?
I really don't know
what happened, sir.
The food seemed
to creep up on me.
Really? The first time
you interest me.
What interfered with your
gastronomic pleasure?
I... I couldn't say, sir.
There I was,
behind the table,
and suddenly it began to...
Frank. Frank, please wake up.
Conrad, you're back.
The warmth
of your welcome overwhelms me.
What's been going on
between you and Heiser?
I resent you storming into my bedroom,
and I resent your question.
Will you both leave at once?
This modest indignation
does not suit you, Maria.
You dined with him, didn't you?
You told me to take care of her, and I have.
Like a father.
You appear to take liberal views
as to the duties of a father.
I'm a loyal party member,
and I won't be treated in this fashion.
The Fhrer himself
gave me his orders.
So you already wormed
your way up there?
Fast work.
A little too fast.
I only did my duty.
I read the reports on you.
I know every move
that you made while I was away.
You tried to get my job.
You even tried
to squeeze me out here.
- You misunderstand, sir.
- I understand you only too well.
At least you didn't get my job.
- But really, sir, I...
- Your hopes were premature.
You are an enemy
of the party, Heiser!
This man is under arrest.
Take him to the Stasi prison.
Why did you have
to arrest him here?
Did you need me as a witness?
It's good for you to see
your friends arrested.
Hardens you.
There's no place
in our new order for sentimentalists.
Do you really think
I could be sentimental about Heiser?
He hasn't been loyal to anyone.
He's ripe for an accident.
Perhaps a sudden attack
of appendicitis,
and he might not recover
from the operation.
people aren't going to be taken
in forever by these operations
where the patient always dies.
Darling, you don't know
how ill my patients really are.
As a matter of fact,
you're looking rather pale yourself.
Don't expose yourself.
You might catch something fatal.
Is that all?
I'm sorry to have
inconvenienced you.
I must get back
to my office.
Ribbentrop is sending me
a file of secret orders
in connection with our work
in the United States,
in which you play
an important part.
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
I'm sure you will.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Where are you, Frank?
No jokes, please, Frank.
Good morning.
Don't hide, Mr. Griffin.
Won't you do any good.
I saw you
holding that book.
You don't waste your time.
Shall I call
the guards in now,
or can we talk this over
like gentlemen?
Why, Mr. Stauffer.
Four stories high,
no fire escape.
I wouldn't jump
if I were you.
You might break every
invisible bone in that poor invisible body.
You are a very
clever man, Mr. Stauffer.
Now, I think we can come
to an understanding,
or shall I turn on the heat
as you say in your country?
That's a very good idea.
It is rather cool.
Will you do me a favor?
Sit down and rock.
I shall feel safer if I know
you're not standing behind me.
Oh, by the way, that book that you
were reading just now
is a list of the German-Japanese
agents in the United States.
You walked right into our trap.
"Our trap"?
When I told Maria
about the secret papers in my office,
I knew that you were there.
I felt sure
that you'd snap at the bait.
Keep rocking.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks.
- Or a drink perhaps?
- No, thank you.
Now, Mr. Griffin,
since you are in no position
to bargain,
I suggest
that you hand over that formula.
We'll make it well worth
your while.
Money doesn't interest me.
My living expenses
have dropped to nothing lately.
No, I wasn't thinking
about money.
I'll let you keep
what you already have.
Your life.
Keep rocking.
I can't oblige you about the drug.
I don't know the formula myself.
Very well then.
You force me to use methods
that I had hoped to avoid.
Is this where we
stop being gentlemen?
Oh! You...
Hurry. Hurry!
Guards! Guards!
Guards, stop him!
Don't let him get away.
Help! Help!
Send the fire department.
Guard that door.
Now, steady, men.
Watch him.
Steady, now.
Don't let him get away.
Look out!
Get up, you stupid fools.
Now, don't let him get away.
Mind that corner.
Look out!
Is this the coffin
I ordered empire style?
Oh, I didn't hear you come in.
You've got
to radio this to England at once.
What's that?
The German-Japanese agents
in America?
Right, and now I know
where to get the information we're really after.
Every second counts.
I had better send this at once.
Mmm-mmm! Boy,
this is spooky. Wow.
This is the man
with the cold cream.
I just wanted to know
if you were still interested.
Of course,
I'm still interested.
More than ever,
but you needn't bring it.
I'll come take it myself.
We deliver free of charge,
you know.
Who is it?
The Fhrer.
- Heil, Hitler.
- Heil.
No, no, that's not it.
The brown leather binding. You must find it.
I happened to hear
about your friend
I came to express my regrets.
Thank you, Baron.
Allow me to congratulate you on
the speed of your news service, Baron.
One minute sooner,
and you'd beaten the fire engines.
And perhaps caught Griffin.
Tell me, sir, that book
listing our agents in the United States
- is still in your possession, of course?
- Of course.
You see, when you asked me
to let you have that book,
you promised to guard it
with your life.
And you know,
of course,
that should the names
of so many of our loyal agents
fall into the wrong hands,
it would cost me my life.
Really? How interesting.
Your life?
Certainly. In my country,
when a man makes a mistake...
Uh, would you
mind showing me that book?
As only one copy exists,
its safekeeping would comfort me.
Unfortunately, other people's comfort
is not my strong suit, Baron.
May I remind you that though
we are Axis partners,
you are still
on German soil.
Our code demands
that we do
only what we consider best
for our own welfare.
I see. And at the moment,
my welfare is not related to yours.
You are very discerning, Baron.
I cannot allow my judgment
to be influenced
by consideration of your welfare.
That is your decision?
I'm sure that you won't mind my informing
the Japanese government
about your unique
handling of our affairs.
Do what you like, Ikito.
But you are still in Germany.
I've never been more aware of it.
A number on Grtner Strasse
just called Ms. Sorenson's house.
Grtner Strasse?
- A man selling cold cream.
- Cold cream?
Give me Gestapo headquarters.
Pig's fat.
Just the dish for this pig.
He's been stuffing himself
with caviar long enough.
Get up!
Get up when you're spoken to, swine!
Here's your food.
I'm not hungry.
Because it isn't lobster?
Eat it!
Eat it!
How do you like it?
That's what we get
on our ration cards.
You're only getting
what you deserve, Heiser.
Who's that?
What? Where are you?
You've sent thousands
of innocent people into these rat holes.
Now you're in one yourself.
In a few hours, you'll be shot.
You know how it'll happen.
Exactly how.
You've given the order
yourself too often.
What do you want?
There's somebody in my cell.
But... But I heard a voice.
They all do in this place.
You won't be hearing it long.
Did you think
those murders would help you?
You're as good as dead, Heiser.
I'm losing my mind.
Most of your victims were
driven insane before they died.
- The way you'll die tonight.
- Stop. Stop it!
You're going to die, Heiser.
You're going to pay for just one
of the crimes you've committed
in the name of your party
to cover up your own greed
and brutality.
Your kind just doesn't kill men.
You murder their spirit.
You strangle their last breath
of hope and freedom
so that you, the chosen few,
can rule your slaves in ease and luxury.
You're a sadist just like others, Heiser,
with no resource but violence
and no feeling but fear,
the kind you're feeling now.
You're drowning, Heiser,
drowning in the ocean
of blood around this barren little island
you call a new order.
One of your own gang
pushed you off.
Someone else will push him off.
And that's how you'll all go,
killing your own.
Dog eating dog until only the biggest
and the hungriest are left.
You were a little dog, Heiser,
and they're pretending
you're mad
so they can shoot you tonight.
Who are you?
I can't see you.
I'm right beside you.
Where? Where?
Right here, in your cell.
In my cell?
That's impossible.
I can't see you.
But I can see you quite clearly.
You're touching your forehead.
Now, you're loosening your collar.
Yes, I can see and hear
everything you do.
I can go wherever I please
without restriction.
And if I want to,
I can even free you.
Free me?
Please, please.
I don't want to die.
Get me out of here.
Get me out of here, and I'll do anything.
All you have to do
is answer one question.
Just ask me. Please,
ask me anything.
What are the plans
for attack on America?
Well, I'll tell you.
We're sending
bombing planes over New York,
all suicide squad,
while our agents will sabotage
American industry.
At the same time, they will
destroy public utilities.
Well, that's a pretty big job.
Oh, we've been
preparing for years.
Yes. They only await the word.
now I've told you,
now get me out of here.
You promised, you know,
to take me out of here.
What is the date
of the attack on New York?
I'll tell you that
as soon as I'm free.
You'd better speak up now.
I'll tell you, I'll swear,
but not before...
You'd leave me here,
I know.
You, Nazis.
I pity the devil when you boys
start arriving in bunches.
Guard, the key
to open Heiser's cell.
Stay here.
- They're coming.
- The date, Heiser.
- They're coming to kill me.
- The date, Heiser.
It starts tonight.
A hundred bombers leave
from Tempelhof for New York.
Save me.
Save me. I'll tell you
everything about our whole spy network.
Do you hear me?
Save my life.
You can't let me die.
You need me.
What's he yelling about?
What are you doing, Heiser?
- Broadcasting to England?
- No. No, don't shoot. I...
I have something to tell you.
Save your breath, Heiser.
We know enough already.
Hurry up.
Put on his overcoat.
Come on.
We've got to move.
I thought you wanted
to get out of here.
Turn up your collar.
Come on.
I'll take the gun.
We'll be at the airport
in 20 minutes.
I've got to make a stop first.
22 Grtner Strasse.
We can't. I've got
to get out of this country
before Stauffer catches up with me.
And be shot down
by the British? Oh, no.
We'll radio them first
that we're coming over in a German plane.
Escaping from the Gestapo
so that I can get killed by the RAF.
What a joke.
Well, I've got to get out
of these clothes.
And you still don't remember
who talked in your telephone?
Answer me!
I didn't see anyone
come into my shop.
That's precisely
what I've been waiting for.
I believe you.
And the short-wave radio
set in your chimney,
of course, you'd know
nothing about that.
Dozens of people
live in that place.
I'm... I am a carpenter.
I don't know anything
about the radios.
Of course.
The car back there.
Secret police.
They're watching
that Schmidt place.
Wait right here.
Schmidt. Schmidt.
- Frank.
- Maria.
- Where is Schmidt?
- I don't know.
What are you doing here?
The Gestapo was listening
when you telephoned.
The wires were tapped.
Oh, I get it.
You double-crossed him,
and now you'd like to get me.
You're playing both sides.
Spying for the Nazis
and pretending to be our friend.
No. I came to warn you.
To lay another trap,
as you did with the help of Stauffer.
Your role is quite obvious.
Oh, Frank, how can you
talk like this?
Well, they won't get me.
- But, Frank...
- Stay where you are.
I've got to get out of here.
Don't leave me.
Take me with you to England.
How did you know
I was going to England?
- I didn't, but...
- So the trap was all set, eh?
Oh, Frank, how can you
talk like that?
If I weren't on your side,
would I be here?
I'm not so sure.
Frank, please try to understand.
Oh! What's this?
It's full of hooks.
Oh, they're tearing into me.
- Why?
- Frank.
Oh, can't move.
No, don't touch me.
- You'll make the hooks go deeper.
- Oh.
- Oh, I knew you told them.
- No! I didn't!
Did you see those Japs
go into the shop?
No, why do you suppose?
Let's find out.
You follow the hearse.
She's gone. She must have been
in one of those coffins.
What about the second coffin?
Who would they have in that?
There's no telling.
Where are you?
Come out.
There's nobody here.
I... I can't leave
without you.
You've got to notify
the British we're coming,
or they'll shoot
our plane down.
Where are you?
Sign this.
What is it?
Our common form of release.
It merely states
that you've been well treated,
and no one has harmed you.
- I can't sign it.
- You won't?
I can't.
You've broken my fingers.
- For you, sir.
- Take him away.
Listen, Stauffer, this is Heiser.
I've got to talk to you.
It's a matter of life or death.
It's Heiser. Trace this call.
I'll keep him talking.
Wait. Track him down
and shoot him on sight.
My dear fellow,
it's good to know that you're safe.
There's been a frightful mistake.
Stop fencing, Stauffer.
I'm leaving right now,
so there's no use sending your killers here.
Heiser, pull yourself together.
I'm not sending anybody
after you. I give you my word.
Oh, stop lying.
There's more at stake
than our personal grudge
the Fatherland is in danger.
Now listen.
There's an enemy spy at large,
an invisible man.
An invisible man?
Where is he?
Will you give me your word
as a national socialist
that you'll reinstate me
if I tell you?
Of course. You proved your value.
The Fatherland needs you.
Where is this invisible man?
Meet me at the corner
of Wilhelm Strasse and Koch Strasse.
It's important, Doctor,
that our prized fish here doesn't die.
Not yet.
He will not die, Baron.
Not from fishhooks.
Cut the rest away.
- Naturally, he has lost some blood.
- Oh, naturally.
But we can remedy that.
What on earth could it be
that makes him invisible?
Our chemist will know
the answer soon.
- What have you done to that girl?
- Look, look, look.
So happy to hear you
speak again, Mr. Griffin.
I can't tell you Japs apart,
but that voice
of yours haunts me.
Where is that girl?
Well, she's quite well,
I assure you.
I don't want assurances.
I want proof.
Now, let me see her.
It so happens, Mr. Griffin,
that I'm in a mood to bargain.
Now, you let me
have the drug and...
Listen, I'm not
giving up anything.
- Unless...
- There's nothing you and your chemist
can do anything about it.
Where's the girl?
Occidental decay
is nowhere more apparent
than in that childish
White men for their women.
I assume you demand the safety
of this woman in return for
your collaboration.
Well, I anticipated your wish.
The lady will be set free
the very moment
I learn the secret
of your transparency.
I believe you implicitly.
As a member
of the German Secret Police,
I protest you
holding me by force.
You do understand,
madam, that extraordinary circumstances
justify unusual measures.
I have orders
from the Gestapo to detain this man.
- Oh.
- You'll turn him over to me at once.
Very sorry, madam,
that's impossible.
Duty compels me to take this rare specimen
to my own country.
You double-cross your own ally.
Our alliance is desirable only
as long as it serves Japan.
Tell them to guard the doors.
Hurry up.
Oh, he's fainted.
Take him out of this room.
Take that woman out, too!
Get them both out of here.
Let me go. Help!
- Frank!
- Here, right here.
Now, keep out of sight.
May I remind you, sir,
that this embassy is Japanese's territory.
Only so long as it suits
our purpose, Baron.
They're getting away!
After them!
Move! Hurry!
Get up!
Don't waste any time.
Wait a minute, sir.
Griffin escaped.
You won't.
You failed, Stauffer.
We both failed.
I'm going to make
an honorable man even out of you.
Now, I am his successor.
I am the power.
The airport quickly.
- There he is.
- Heiser.
Back up. Back up.
We're going to England.
- England?
- Yes.
I've got some vital information
that must get there before midnight.
And thanks to your
Nazi friends for training you so well.
You're going to fly us.
Faster! Faster!
Look out!
Come on.
Get going.
- Go on.
- Yes, sir.
Call in the aircraft!
They should shoot that plane down!
Well, what are you waiting for?
Get after it!
There's a British spy in that plane!
Circle around a minute.
These planes are going
to bomb New York.
I can't stop them, but I bet
I can slow them down.
That ought to hold them
for a few hours.
Thank goodness for the clouds.
- You better put on a parachute.
- Good idea.
I'm going to set
the automatic pilot and put these on.
Head straight for England.
Boy, I feel kind of high.
We're going higher
so that their pursuit planes can't get us.
Wish I knew
how to work this radio
so I could let the British
know we're coming.
I'll send them a message.
Oh, no, you won't.
What do you think I am? Stupid?
- But, Frank, if...
- We're still over the continent,
and I don't trust you.
let the Nazis know our position.
Enemy plane bearing
west, northwest.
Let me use the radio now.
- Enemy aircraft! On the go!
- Commence firing!
Do you want the British
to shoot us down?
Take the control.
Wake up, Frank!
Frank, please wake up.
Look at the blightly.
He has no head.
So he has.
Good morning, Raymond.
How are you feeling?
Oh, hello, Sir Alfred.
Hmm, not bad.
I brought a young lady
who is eager to meet you properly.
Ms. Maria Goodrich,
one of our most trusted agents.
- Hello, Frank.
- One of your most what?
Hmm, she told me
you'd never believe her,
but it's true.
I'll see you later.
Poor darling.
You might have
told me before.
I tried,
but you wouldn't believe me.
Yes, I know.
Maybe I still don't.
People who live in transparent bodies
shouldn't be so suspicious.
will you ever be able
to get rid of your plate-glass effect?
I can't spend the rest
of my life greased up like this.
Besides, it itches.
Hmm. Right here.
Will you please get some tissue
out of that drawer and wipe it off? Huh?
Right here.
Frank, you're all there.
How did it happen?
Can't tell you.
It's a military secret.
You mean, you still
don't trust me?
- Won't I ever find out?
- No.
I'll find out.