Involution (2018) Movie Script

I am
the son of Earth.
A child from
the tiny planet,
lost in outer space
a long time ago.
I dwell beneath
the burden of time,
where dreams are fruitless
and all belongings
ultimately lost.
I am the son of earth,
where days and years pass,
where the green and sweet
spring always beckons,
where madness will never let go.
But the moon soothes
your beloved nightmare.
We've been prisoners
of this modest planet,
circling the sun,
always wondering what
miserable eye is watching us.
you've reached the Mayas.
We're not at home right
now but that doesn't mean
we don't have an alarm system.
After the beep, you
can tell us everything
you think about us.
Can you hear me?
You can hear me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Pick up.
Pick up the fucking thing.
You sycophant!
It's all your fault,
do you hear me?
Everything I did, I did for us!
And you wanted to bail out?
Why did you just quit?!
Did I get you down to me?
We could have saved our family.
You could have
just talked to me.
You decided everything yourself.
What else could I have done?!
How could I have
reached out to you?
I just wanted you
to be the same.
The one...
The one I...
I just wanted you
to get my wife back!
Where are you going?
What does that mean?
She wants me to come.
Wait, you're packing
up and leaving?
I left you a note.
What note?
Liv, wait, what's going on?
Talk to me, Liv.
What's going on?
You know this whole time,
What time?
That we've been
together, I didn't work.
You've been working
nonstop until now.
This was supposed to
be our little vacation.
I know.
This has been the
best time of my life.
Liv, before I met you,
I didn't want anything
other than work.
I didn't have anything
other than this place
and my work, and that was it.
Then you show up out of nowhere.
And I was so happy.
No, I didn't mean it like,
yesterday I found out one of
my clients killed himself.
I thought that happened a lot.
It does.
He and I have been in
touch the whole time
I'd have been with Companion.
And he was calling me
more than anyone else.
I thought we talked
more than anyone else.
He was even beginning
to call more often, god.
I thought that I got
him out of that place.
He was this guy, he
wears a suit to work,
he comes home, he
beats his wife!
God, I thought we could change!
And now you're
beating yourself up.
Liv, this guy was
living a normal life.
I fucking disappear and he
jumps off a fucking building!
He was fucking nuts!
Yeah and he's
not the only one!
I'm so, Liv?
Welcome to
the Companion System.
Hamming Tyree, yesterday
you got three new clients
from Dr. Berndhart
to take care of.
You also have 28
unanswered calls.
Pick up.
Goddamn you, pick up!
Please, pick up.
Meyer was my very first
client with Companion.
Now he's the first
client that I've killed.
Hey listen, Aaron, how long
have we been working together?
Three years?
Yes, something
like that, I think.
Yes, you're right.
And, we have made
clear progress.
You know, we found us a job,
we managed to stick to it.
Doesn't that mean something?
Yes it does,
but we're talking.
Do you really
want your illusions to make...
It's not about
my illusions, you fucking...
Excuse me?
She looks
right through me
as if I don't exist.
She's always silent and acts
like I'm fucking bitch, you see?
And then makes me look
like a fucking tyrant,
like I'm the psycho here.
Aaron, you know that
swearing's not allowed.
You taking everything
I prescribed?
does it have to do
with the fucking sedatives?
It's about her.
It's her, you understand?
Her indifference is killing me.
Aaron, you do realize
that it's not just
a momentary calming effect.
These drugs accumulate
in the body for months,
so we really need to
complete the course, okay?
It will get easier every week.
Did you take your
medicine this morning?
Damn, man, you're
not listening to me at all.
Aaron, did you take your
medicine this morning?
Please take it.
And then press your
hand to the screen
and we can continue.
Patient ID8931,
drug injection is confirmed.
Thank you, Aaron.
You have to go
through identification
for every session, okay?
Otherwise we can't
achieve anything.
If you feel better now,
all right so we'll discuss
everything again tomorrow
and for now,
talk to your wife.
Preferably in the
next couple of hours
while the effect of the
medicine is strongest.
And our appointment
tomorrow is scheduled.
Okay, take care.
ID8931, session is over.
Your rating has moved
up by 320 points.
Your rating position
is 16, congratulations.
Incoming call from
System Administrator.
good thing I caught you,
are you home?
you seen the news?
As usual, what happened now?
Some guy
claims the world is fucked
but don't worry, sure,
nothing happened.
Don't tell me you started
watching that zombie box.
one billion views.
I'll send it to your desktop.
Danger, danger.
Hey Hamming, are
you too lazy to hit the road?
Hi, Margaret, no, I'm working.
already been four weeks
since I last saw you around.
Incoming call
from client ID9314, Cain Sardo.
Isn't our appointment
in 40 minutes
or do I have it wrong?
Screw this.
This is bullshit, my friend.
This is all bullshit.
I'm sorry, what are
you talking about?
I threw away what's
rest of your fucking pills!
Maybe someone will
find them, huh,
and start fooling around
like me after this, huh?
After what?
After I took
out that Spotty guy.
Took out?
Took out, killed!
Killed, is it clear now?
Cain, let's start over.
So you threw away the
medicine and then you...
I'm sick, you can't
be that retarded.
Walking down the sneaky street,
the one with the goddamn
shop, you know, right there.
This motherfucker is
walking straight at me
and fucking blocking me!
So only after this,
I threw them away
because it's bullshit.
What you're doing is bullshit.
What happened next?
I went home.
I called you.
Why are you so fucking silent?
I'm here.
I'm sorry, I thought
you weren't finished.
You shitting
yourself already?
Cain, I just told you that
I'm waiting for you to finish.
The end?
What end do you want, hmm?
That I gave the moron
the kiss of life
and he just woke up?
I don't know.
He must still be lying in there,
they don't pick up
the bodies nowadays.
They're just lying
around for days!
Why did you throw
away your medicine?
What's that to you?
How long am I supposed
to gobble them up, hmm?
I'm acting like a
shithead hooked on them
talking to you for
days, and for nothing!
Spotty is the fucker and
I should take the pills?!
You dried out?
You better watch yourself.
Cain, let's talk
about your state, what...
Fucking asshole!
Session is over.
Hey, where are you?
Just by the
railway station.
You okay?
Do you want me to come?
No need.
Save your crazies.
You're kind of one
of my psychos too.
I am not gonna
jump off the roof.
What the hell is
going on around here?
I don't know.
I really don't care right now.
I'm okay, isn't that
what you wanted to know?
I'm worried about you.
Well I can't talk right now.
We've become
what you're afraid of, Liv.
Just like everyone else.
Always fighting, hurting
the ones we love the most.
Why do we do that?
Why did we change?
Incoming call from
client ID 10017, Liv Uster.
Hello, Liv.
Hello, how are you?
I think that's my question.
Mine too.
Things are good.
Today was productive.
Right before you
called I was talking
to a pretty difficult client
but that happens.
You know,
I tasted an apple.
A real one.
It's more sour than applesauce
but there's something about it.
Have you tried one?
No, never.
I will
show you the place.
We definitely have to go there.
By the way I had a dream
about you last night.
Tell me.
That girl, I
thought I knew her.
In my dream you were so lonely.
You know I had a feeling...
Hey Liv?
Liv, can you hear me?
Liv, are you there?
Welcome to
Companion Operating System.
You have a new message
from ID10017, Liv Uster.
Due to technical
malfunctions your rating
couldn't be counted.
How did you get here?
Don't look at me!
I just came in.
How the hell did
you get in here?!
I used a key.
Can I?
Why are you shouting?
I'm not shouting.
All right.
What have we got here?
Oh hello you, okay.
Damn, that's good shit!
Holy moly, where'd you
get this from, Johnny?
Yo, how's Johnny doing?
Doing good?
I haven't seen him since,
what was that, the
building out there.
Ooh, hey, here comes my bike.
This is the
police, open the door.
Fuck that, fuck, shit!
What, you think I
brought them here?
You, that
psycho douche bag.
He turned me in, the bastard.
Open the fucking door.
I'm gonna find him
and I'm gonna skin
him like a squirrel!
Police, open the door.
Open the door.
Welcome to
Paradise Gardens Mansion.
For identification,
please place your
finger on the panel.
An error occurred.
Please try again.
An error occurred.
You have one last try.
Or enter a digital signature
right on the panel.
Welcome, Liv.
Is anybody at home?
Welcome, my girl.
Hurry up.
It's dinner time.
Okey dokey girls,
everything's ready.
Kerry and I want to leave.
Far away from here.
I'll help you with packing.
We knew that you'd
love this idea.
That's why we decided
to say goodbye
in a close family
circle without fighting.
That doesn't sound like you.
And he never would
have thought of this.
What's the catch?
For god's sake, just relax.
Let's just drink,
really, Kerry.
Honey, call the Doctor Hughes.
Pick up, Liv.
Liv, please pick up.
I remember the first day we met.
The day that my shell cracked
and I was reborn for you.
Welcome to the
Unified City Taxi Service.
We are sorry to inform
you that your points
have expired as you
haven't used our service
for two years, three months,
22 days and 16 hours.
Please choose the
preferred service option
and say order to order
a taxi to your location.
Good evening.
That's good.
Fuck you!
They throw themselves under
the wheels like rats, you know.
I tell you what, we're
all like rats here.
It's filled to the brim.
People are packed like
sardines in a can.
10 billion people!
Hah, I mean it just blows
your fucking mind, doesn't it?
When I was your
age, this blue ball
had enough problems
taking seven billion
under the sun.
And now?
There are people on this planet
as far as the eye can see.
I mean enough is enough,
don't you think so?
- Huh?
- Yeah.
Just look at them.
30 years ago they all
dreamt of a new life
of European security.
They wanted a free ride
on a brand new Noah's Ark.
Now there's no difference.
East or west.
Same shit everywhere.
This is as far as I can go.
Are you sleeping?
Judging by the compass,
it's not far at all.
But you're on your own now.
Emergency Service.
Please state your
full name and ID.
Hamming Tyree, ID, ah
shit I don't remember.
Please state your ID
or we won't be able to help you.
Give me a second.
Okay, ID 91W8055A
and 256 at the end.
State the reason
for your call, Mr. Tyree.
My girlfriend, she's
not picking up her phone.
Tell us
the approximate time
since your last
communication with her.
No, 4:30.
Mr. Tyree, do you
understand what's going on?
There are no available
groups currently.
In any case, missing
persons reports
can only be filed
after five days.
There are no available groups.
No, you don't understand.
She might need help.
needs help right now.
Mr. Tyree, is there anything
else I can do for you?
Yeah, yeah you
could fucking help me
is what you could do.
Mr. Tyree,
I have provided you
with all the information I can
with regard to your claim.
Please contact us
after five days
from the moment the
person went missing.
If there's an
available response team
we'll contact you.
Don't you fucking
hang up on me!
Don't fucking hang up on me!
Where are you?
It's not enough knowing
that you're out there.
I have to see you again.
To know that you are real.
You said you had a
wolf howl in your dream.
The howling means loneliness.
But I can't understand
if it refers
to you or to me, since
I have run away to him.
But we have us.
That means the dream was wrong.
No, you don't understand.
I think you've forgotten
who it is you're talking to.
Please, let me go.
Come on.
You're so innocent.
Stop it, it's not funny.
Please stop it.
Don't play so sweet.
I know you like it.
Enough, stop!
I'm so sorry.
Don't treat me like a child.
I thought you liked it.
If I say stop, please stop it.
You just thought so.
Hey, hey, did you get it?
Thank you so much.
Yeah, one second.
Okay, I'm ready.
18th White Road, house 132.
Man, thank you so much.
Yeah, you're not
gonna get in trouble?
Okay, I owe you one.
is the best route
to your destination.
Next train to the 18th
White Road will departure
at 11:10 a.m.
Hello, sir, excuse me.
Do you have room for one more?
Can you give me a ride please?
I just need to
get to the subway.
I could pay you.
I can smell junkies
like you a mile away.
Get the fuck off the car.
Sir, I need your help.
My girlfriend, I've been trying
to reach her all morning.
Are you dumb?
I said fuck off, get off
me and my family now,
you drugged up bastard!
Hey man, help me.
You there, help me
get up, won't you?
Where's your phone?
In the car.
Okay I'm gonna call
you an ambulance.
Just don't move too much, okay?
No please, don't go away.
There's no signal.
Please don't leave me here,
you're all heartless beasts!
Thanks for the jacket, buddy.
Hey Ian!
Oh Ian!
Hey, pull this thing,
fucking irritating.
What do we got here?
Any money?
In the phone.
Why didn't you
steal his finger?
Ah, we...
We can go back.
What the fuck,
are you retarded?
You think we're
gonna go back there?
Hey, Cain.
We have loads of
his fingerprints.
We can just print his finger
on a 3D bioprinter.
Yet you are a genius.
I keep you around for something.
Here he is, motherfucker!
Who yes, that
psycho douche bag!
I always believed in karma!
We fucking got him.
What else is in the bag?
What's in the fucking bag?
We have his location.
Fucking a right!
Next train
to the 18th White Road
departure at 11:10 a.m.
Come on!
Fucking a right!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
That son of a bitch, right?
No big deal.
I mean we know where
he's going, right?
Yes we know where he's going
but what then, what after
he gets off the train?
This is all your fault.
You're so fat, dumb and slow!
- He's just far.
- Fuck!
He can't go far, right?
Yes he can go far,
he's on a train!
We'll get on the
train right after it.
25 minutes later, he
could be anywhere by then!
Fuck you!
This isn't a dream.
I'm not asleep.
We got lost somewhere
between the borders.
We have to find our way back
and cross over.
We're now
arriving at New Corby
which will be our
final destination.
All change please.
Come on, in the car!
Hold the wheel.
Hold the wheel.
What the hell do you
want from that guy?
Maybe it wasn't even him
who called the police.
You don't believe me?
I'm on a hunt for
blood right now, buddy,
so it's either you or him!
You're right here
so it makes my job
a lot easier doesn't it?
Yeah, yeah.
Got it?
Hey, can you?
Can you stop?
Hey, stop!
I can barely remember
what love is.
Was it love?
Did love bring you to me?
Or something else?
It was the same.
- Its okay.
- The same.
It's okay, I'm here.
I'm here, I've got you.
It's okay.
Let me go!
Let me go!
What are you, retarded?
What, you piss yourself, really?
No, it wasn't me.
So it must be you.
For fuck's sake, it wasn't me!
Help me!
It's a kid, Cain!
What's your name?
Leave her alone!
Shut up, what's your name?
I'm Ian.
What, shut up!
Just shut up!
Shut up!
Miss, do you know where
the Uster family lives?
Thank you.
Oh shit!
Come on!
Stumbling, come on.
Jesus, before it fucking blows!
I was looking for this.
Jesus Christ!
My fucking car!
My fucking car, look at it!
Just look at this!
Do you see what we did?
See what you did?
We're in the
middle of nowhere.
Okay, what do you wanna do?
What do you wanna do?!
We're gonna walk.
That's what the
fuck we're gonna do.
Then let's walk.
Welcome to
Paradise Gardens Mansion.
An error occurred,
please try again.
An error occurred,
please try again.
An error
occurred, please try again.
Welcome to
Paradise Gardens Mansion.
An error occurred,
please try again.
An error occurred.
An error occurred.
Please try again.
An error occurred.
Please try again.
An error occurred.
Please try again.
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Please try again.
An error occurred.
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An error occurred.
What was I like?
In my dream?
I was swimming in a river
and there was a
harp at the bottom.
I kept trying and
trying to get to it
but I couldn't.
You know how it is in dreams.
And then somehow I
finally got to it
and I pull it up to the surface
and I swam to shore
and there you were.
And I knew from the
moment I saw you
that you could play it for me.
But right then, I
heard this wolf howl.
Actually it was the sound
of a wounded animal.
And when I looked
back, you were gone.
You think
it's a miracle?
Which part exactly?
And being
the son of earth,
one among the countless,
I too throw my verse
to the infinite.
I send it to the creatures
with flesh or without
that live in other worlds.
I don't know if this
cry will reach its mark,
nor what star will carry it,
but if they have ever
felt love and sorrow,
if they have ever dreamed,
if they have starved
for understanding,
following that light
burning far away,
they will recognize the
passion of my breath,
and the earthly
yearning in my voice.
Rulers of the universe,
spirits of light and darkness,
surely you too
must guard the hope
that one day we'll be together.