Io sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet) (2011) Movie Script

That the poet Qu Yuan help us
to face a new year.
And protect us
in this distant land.
"Although I am tied to virtue,
at dawn tease me,
and with twilight laugh,
intertwining offended orchids
with divine angelic flower ...
Again with Qu Yuan!
Are you crazy?
We are in Italy!
- Come on, hurry.
- I'm here.
- As the poet helps me win.
- Again!
Your turn.
West wind.
- Eight lines.
- Ten thousand.
- Go to hell!
- Wind!
White Panel.
Come, come.
- Out.
- Again!
- A toast to the ass!
- You've won everything!
- A toast to the poet?
- No way.
Well I drink alone.
Come in, Shun Li.
Within two weeks,
you'll go to Chioggia,
near Venice,
to work in a bar.
How long?
- So the news.
We'll pay the trip
and the residence permit
and you'll have to pay back everything.
And how much do I have left?
I do not know, we'll tell you
when the time comes.
You can go.
My son, how are you?
I miss you so much.
Did you miss me?
How is Grandpa?
How's school?
want to know everything.
When the boss tells us
30 day sewing shirts,
I do ten
and those ten are for you.
All the work I do for you,
to get you here sooner.
Be patient.
Soon we will be together,
you'll see.
Good afternoon.
- Already Shun Li?
- Yes
We were waiting.
How was your trip?
Your room is upstairs.
For the aquarium are the stairs,
after storage,
the back door to the right.
Thank you.
Your room is there.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I've cleared the table,
the closet is out.
Thank you.
- I'm Shun Li.
- I know.
I am Lian.
Is the journey has been long?
Yes, it took me all day
from Rome.
Are you tired?
Will I work here?
I do not think.
They have bought a new bar
in Italian is called "osteria".
"Spritz" is yellow wine?
Yellow not white
Campari with a little water.
So what we do here at Chioggia.
I can't say "Spritz".
You don't have to say it,
you have to understand it.
The book of debts.
The "Ciodi".
The debts are called "Ciodi".
These are debts
Maria left.
She was the owner of the bar.
- Is this your first time in a bar?
- Yes, before sewing.
I hear you're good,
so it will be easy.
It's not hard.
A "The Laurel and Hardy".
Do you understand?
Half red and half orange.
Half and half.
And "skinny".
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Coffee with plum.
- Hello, Angelo.
- Hello, Bepi.
- How is everything, alright?
- Great, how about you?
- And the plum?
- Yes
Well put it.
He does not understand.
Excuse me.
I can??
Do you see the picture?
That's a plum.
Mixed with ...
- Plum.
- Yes
Thank you.
And now I drink.
- It's cold.
- Sorry.
No matter, no problem.
- Do you like?
- A marvel.
Poet, instead of looking at my hand,
recite a poem to the Chinese.
- I'm inspired.
- Try it.
Excuse me.
- Who's Moustache?
- Why?
Because he has to pay 45 euros.
He's gone, if I see him, I say.
- Thank you.
- If you see him, tell him!
What Bode? Who is Bode?
- He is not here.
- Bode 60 euros.
It is with Moustache!
- Are you here?
- No.
- Devis not.
- Is not it?
Thank you.
"He came from the east
to serve my people,
speaks little Italian,
but the money you have on hand. "
Hello, Devis.
Are you Devis?
- 'I'lenes "ciodo "of 18 euros.
- What?
'Nenes "ciodo" of 18 euros.
She's mad as a hatter.
make some coffee.
Do you like?
- If you want I'll give you one.
- Thank you.
Hey, son, how are you?
I miss you so much.
Mom wants to tell
a story.
The sea is very beautiful.
I do not know why,
but it looks smaller
than ours.
Maybe because
it has two names.
one sea, the other lagoon.
sea or lake is called
according to it's size.
Italian lagoon is female,
and mysteriously quiet.
however sea
is male,
never rests, always
to the wind and waves.
I like the wind
because you closer,
- Hey, Chinese!
- How much?
- Eight euros the kilo.
- A discount.
- I'll take seven.
- Four kilos by 25.
I always cheat!
You always come back.
Hey, Chinese!
See more fish?
- Are you going to cook it?
- The Chinese cook very well.
I was in a Chinese restaurant
not eat anything bad.
- He taught Marco Polo.
- Marco Polo?
Yes, discovered China.
Do they discovered him or taught
to cook shrimp?
After having discovered,
teach cooking was easy.
Hi, guys.
Hello, Bepi, boat are you coming?
I went to the cabin,
to take care of the nets.
How cold it is?
You're older, be careful.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Good.
- Do you like?
More or less good.
- A red, Shun Li.
- Yes
- They are disgusting.
- To me they are good.
Do you like?
You Slavic fish do not know.
30 years here?
and do not know of shrimp?
In Pola also
We shrimp.
He taught Marco Polo.
Pola is passed
to go to China. Why where else?
compliments to the chef.
Thank you.
"The morning fish
made by a Chinese ".
- Are you still smoking?
- Three day.
Are you sure?
- Insurance.
Dad, why do not
you change the pans?
What's wrong?
They are wearing your mother.
So have 40 years,
it's time to change them.
Okay, I think.
Does the microwave
where we give you?
- I do not know, be there.
- It is very comfortable, use it.
Is that ... I do not understand.
Do you?
Serena told me that if you want
come stay with us,
ever, he does not care.
- What Mestre?
- Yes
Then if you want, you want a floor.
We help you.
I have one, I've been a single year.
Yes, but you're away
and if something happens ...
Also do not have a car,
or lift.
For what I use.
I served.
- Now, does the crank?
- Yes, well.
Let's climb the nets, guys,
Prepare the stern!
If you ever miss me
a sailor, are you coming back?
- Okay, you called ...
- I'll call you at home.
- On retirement.
- On retirement.
And for those arriving!
Tomorrow at 3: Ooh,
see out the boats.
- Chinese, come drink with us.
- I have work.
Always working.
Coppe's retirement!
What is retirement?
I quit working tomorrow.
Retirement in Chinese ...
How many years have you worked?
When I
This bar does not exist.
Yes there was,
but you did not come.
- You went camping at Chioggia.
- Centuries ago.
We have a gift for you.
Happy Jubilation!
- Hope it's not a watch.
- A machine for wiggling it.
- You'll want to keep fishing.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Another round.
- Shun Li, provides us.
- Me?
- Yes
Thank you.
- Have you paid, Coppe?
- Yes, of course, everything.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Take a cigarette.
What would you do tomorrow
if you have nothing to do?
I two years ago
I have nothing to do.
What do we do?
Tomorrow ...
there will be fireworks.
What does that mean?
Congratulations, Coppe.
They left, are out.
Are you from China, China?
What's Republic of China?
- Yes
- Mao Tse-tung?
Yes, Mao Tse-tung,
but now he is not.
I know that.
We also also
were Communists.
In Yugoslavia, where he lived before.
But no more,
died 'Fto and changed things.
- How's your Chinese city?
- Fezhuo.
Where is?
Near the sea.
Yes, we also
are fishermen.
My father, my grandfather,
the grandfather of my grandfather.
The grandfather of the grandfather
your grandfather ...
How is fishing in China?
My father was a fisherman,
I do not, I factory.
- Is your father alive?
- Yeah, it's like you ...
It is ...
- Retired, right?
- Yes
- As Coppe.
- As Coppe.
Shun Li ...
Good night.
Goodbye, Bepi.
I can ask you a question??
It's late,
I'm eating ice cream.
I know that.
Only one thing.
I can take me half a day?
free tomorrow?
I have to buy a gift
Birthday to my son
and send it to China.
How old is?
- Eight.
Sorry, you can not.
'll talk.
Here is our new
retired reading the newspaper.
I worked 35 years
and No I knew what it was to work.
Do you know why?
Because you're stupid.
On a night make enough
to buy from you and your family.
Money, money, money.
That's all I have
in the head yen mouth.
- You would like in your pocket!
- Baslal
Idiot, I pay this
and the wine all week.
- Do not want your fucking money.
- You can have it.
- Devis, go ...
- Let it be, is drunk.
Play, play.
Look at the dead page.
Shun Li,
How much is my "ciodo"?
My "ciodo", much?
35 euros.
50 euros, the rest is tip.
The lawyer has money.
How boasts!
You just need Devis,
18 euros and 50 cents.
Here is,
unfortunate bar.
- Good morning.
- What do you mean good morning?
because your son had a fever.
- Where were you?
- Working.
Doing the fool with the boat
is working? I'm sick.
I get the little doctor,
you stay with the major.
How long?
- Until he returns.
What number.
You want a soda?
- No.
Do you ...
learn to play pool?
Want to play
to the arcades with Bode?
Again with that?
I am alone, not dead.
We talked about it on Sunday.
Yes, goodbye.
Mestre Ira ...
Is crazy!
- Are you on?
- Are you ready?
I'm coming.
- You all right?
- Yes
Coppe, your father, what was he?
A fisherman,
like my grandfather
and the grandfather of my grandfather,
just my brother
was the bus driver.
And you? What did your father do?
I do not know.
I've never seen him,
even in photos.
But I suppose
it didn't seem that way to me.
I suppose not.
- Samurai!
- Samurai!
Are you tired?
afternoon, go home.
Have you eaten anything?
Do you have a good time at least?
- What do we say to mom?
- We've been to see the boats.
Come on!
It's closed.
- May I?
- I'm almost done.
I wanted to show you some pictures.
To me?
You asked.
This is my father
and these are his nets.
They are huge.
- Your boat.
- Strange ...
The Chinese ...
And that's my son
is in China.
It is small.
- You left him alone?
- She's with my father.
- With his grandfather.
- Grandpa.
I have a son and two grandchildren.
But they are in Mestre.
I hope that ...
they come to Italy soon.
So they will come.
I hope so.
What are these candles?
The Festival of the Poet.
The poet,
like me.
Are you real poet?
No, they call me that
because I make rhymes.
Are the candles to save
Qu Yuan,
I like the poet.
Your poet?
- What are your poems?
- Ancient Poetry.
There are still people here at this time.
Forgive me, I did not bother.
What do you bother?
I was just leaving.
- Goodbye, Shun Li.
- Goodbye.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good night, Shun Li.
It's raining.
Can I have an ice cream cherry
A spoon, please.
- Ice cream with cold weather?
- I like.
A grappa-
How long does the water?
Low in two or three hours.
- Three hours.
- Three hours.
Did you understand anything?
A white.
Tell me what about the Chinese.
We talked a little.
He told me of China,
I taught ...
Is there something wrong?
Well stop it.
You talked with Maria, right?
Now I talk to the Chinese.
Maria was older and was not Chinese.
What's the problem?
I am also abroad.
You've been here 30 years,
alien nothing!
What is the difference?
Now you
as if you did not understand.
If you want to tell someone,
I am a tomb.
Like I said everything, okay?
- Yes, but ...
- You're a grave.
Shut up.
- There are a lot of fog, can not see anything.
- It is when the sun rises.
Low in the next.
Take a bus to the Lido,
there you take a boat to Venice.
It's beautiful.
an Italian friend
how you fish in China
and showed him your picture.
is my first day off
since I came to work here.
I've gone to the sea.
to walk on the water,
my skin feels more smooth
and I feel lighter.
St. John told us
he saw and believed.
We also want
of the resurrection of Jesus
in our lives,
always looking up,
is as we witness
of what we believe.
Rise Up
and proclaim our faith,
faith in the risen Christ.
I believe in one God
Creator of Heaven and the '? misses ...
- What if a customer comes?
- Let him wait.
Come in.
Thank you.
Come in.
- Come, flame.
Are you sure?
Dad, it's me.
How are you?
You all right?
How is the little one?
Yes, all right, Will you send it to me?
Hi, It's mom.
Thank you.
You all right?
Yes, it was a surprise
I want to give you
a surprise.
If it's a surprise ...
'I can not say.
Do as I do.
And now expected.
Slowly, slowly.
You see that?
it is my only home.
Is it a house?
A cabin,
a house for fishermen,
to work, for the nets.
Are you cold?
No, I like it.
Grappa of Yugoslavia.
It'll make you warm.
How long will you be
I do not know.
I have to wait for the news.
The news?
That's how it is,
its difficult to explain.
Work and well paid.
And one day, the news.
And the boss
I sent my son.
I do not know when.
I choose them.
I went into one of those houses.
An Italian, friend of mine.
They are very nice houses.
They are very pretty,
but beware,
we are not allowed to
have Italian friends.
The Italians are just customers.
Unsuitable friendships
may delay the news.
I'll be careful, do not worry.
I do not understand.
I'll explain.
All the money that the government
U.S. should give their own people,
is actually going to China.
- Do you know how many Chinese are there?
- One billion.
And a half.
- And Americans?
- I do not know.
Three hundred million.
You know what that means?
That Obama
instead of paying an American,
- Pays five Chinese.
- I understand.
And soon Chioggia will be the same.
They have already come here to Chioggia.
It is an invasion
the New Empire.
- Have you seen them?
- Yes
It was in the lagoon, I have seen
them touching and hugging.
- What did I say?
- Is the strip?
I'd say yes.
Only they were together on the boat.
- Of course they are just good friends.
- Very good friends.
What about you?
Like it or not,
the situation becomes dangerous.
- Why?
- You'll want to marry him.
- Yes, it is the Chinese mafia.
They marry the girls
with old and take out the inheritance.
Are you sure?
- The Mayor said Council.
Bepi only has a boat,
a motorcycle and a cottage.
- A hut's not enough?
- It is old, falling apart
- What about the house?
- Is leased.
But the Chinese are smart.
Chioggia the well.
Good afternoon.
I emigrated to Germany.
I should have gone to China!
All people
is talking about us.
There are people, are ignorant.
- What?
- Ignorant, stupid.
Not true ...
I want to marry you.
I know very well.
Do not worry.
- Give me a drink.
- 'I'Into?
Yes, thank you.
Take that's settled.
Thanks how good you are!
- What is?
- A poem.
For you.
"All the rivers
go to sea,
but not filled.
There is a cold wind,
that warms the heart.
Li smiles,
as the flower laughs ...
Do you understand?
I think so.
It's very pretty.
You keep it.
Thank you.
For you.
Within a few days ...
is the Festival of the Poet,
the photo.
Do you want ...
to come to my house to see it?
So you know
a real poet.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Good night.
Are you still here?
Yes, but I'm going now.
What is it?
Nothing, a gift.
Come on.
Shun Li,
we need to talk to you.
They are rumored bad things
about you in Chioggia.
Because of you
Italians speak ill
of the Chinese.
Mr. Zhao does not want you to spend
time with Bepi, the poet.
You can not.
Do you understand?
Or you'll have to send away
and you'll have to start over again.
Yes, again,
You'd have to re-pay all
debts from the beginning.
You can only talk to him
to take his commands.
You can go.
A coffee, Li, please.
When is the Festival of the Poet?
You can not come.
I can not be your friend.
It is not permitted,
or they will not let my son come.
Your child?
Yes, I'm your friend ...
he can not come.
"Can a square
become a circle?
Can distant roads
be found?
remorse for the road
not taken is sharp
faltering steps
of my return.
My car turns reluctant.
The road was confused
between errors".
- Blowjob, massage and then fuck.
- Is it expensive?
Quality costs money.
After he was starving,
I went for a pizza.
- Single?
- A "Bella Napoli".
- I took two calzoni Great.
- With buffalo mozzarella?
- Are you crazy? It is poisoned.
- What?
Do not you know? They are fed
with toxic waste, gross.
Those rednecks!
- Bepi, do not you have said?
- What?
Be careful
with the Chinese mafia.
Use your head.
- Let me pass.
- Idiot!
Rob you and then kill you.
Would you have thrown the least?
- Shut up.
- No, you listen.
'For old!
You piece of shit!
- Are you crazy?
- Shit, go and take the ass!
ESLAS? Crazy?
I am calm.
I'll kill you, you bastard!
Leave me alone.
Have you ever seen
what the water?
Will the sea to the lagoon return.
But not all returns to the sea,
of the water
can not leave will return
and become trapped in the lagoon.
not my call.
I have that unnecessary.
Goodbye, poet.
- Thank you.
- What are you doing here?
- I brought you something.
- Repeat.
- Mom.
Do not left me yet
much to pay?
Someone paid for or
I think not,
Italians can not afford.
- Who was it?
- Do not know.
Mom, I have grown hair.
Do you have any idea who
may have paid?
Who can it be?
I do not know.
Yes, it's true. The important
is that we are together.
We love you.
Goodbye, Dad.
- Goodbye, Grandpa.
- We love you.
What do you think, Mom?
In a friend.
Mom, how do you learn Italian?
- With a teacher.
- Where there are teachers?
In all cities,
you'll find one if you want.
- Tomorrow I'll get home late.
- Okay.
Mom has to do something.
- Lian Not?
- No, not there.
Where is?
Nobody knows.
One night he went and No again.
They say he left money
and escaped.
You did not know?
Thank you.
Hello, Coppe!
Shun Li!
- How are you?
- Okay, and you?
Great, thanks.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for Bepi.
- Do not you know?
- What?
Of course I do not know,
you seek,
but could not find you.
Became very ill bepi
and died.
Bepi is dead.
He had gone to Mestre
to live with his son,
but not well.
I wrote a cane,
but did not know
Where I sent it.
Dear Li. '
hope your child has reached
and both are well.
not fish.
I decided one thing. '
I leave my cabin
of the lagoon.
I would like a smelt
I want a funeral
like your poet,
the real
Stay well. Bepi.
"I ask guarcun
I open Sky,
leaning against the door
I inspected.
a whirlwind tour
with a greeting
clouds and rainbows."