Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) Movie Script

San Francisco International
Karate Tournament 1964.
Let's welcome Mr. Bruce Lee
from Jan Fan Jung Fu Studio.
Hong Kong, one month ago.
Mr. Ip,
your tumor is malignant.
You have head and neck cancer.
Even though it is still at early stage,
the cancer cells are spreading too fast
to be controlled by standard medication.
Nowadays, hospitals offer chemotherapy.
It can control cancer cells.
You should think about it.
First thing first, quit smoking.
Don't smoke anymore.
Turn your stance more.
Rotate your torso. Go.
Fifty times.
No. C'mon, man, that's not right.
- What are you doing?
- Chill. Chill. Relax.
I'm just trying to share my thoughts.
Anybody knows what he's saying?
- No more shows for you.
- Relax. We're Kung Fu Brothers.
- Just listen to me. Calm down, man. Easy.
- I don't understand what you're saying.
- Just listen to me!
- Are you nuts?
Want me to beat you up instead?
- Get lost! I am asking you to leave.
- Don't push me! I said don't push me!
Here to challenge us?
Grandmaster. Yes!
I'm so happy to see you!
I'm a student of Bruce Lee.
My name is Billy.
I have something for you.
Sifu wants you to come
to the Karate Tournament in the US
which takes place next month.
Here, this is a plane ticket
for you he prepared.
And this book, he wrote it.
He wants you to have it.
- He is good?
- He's doing fine.
He has a Kung Fu school in Seattle.
And I'm from his newly opened one
in San Francisco.
tell Bruce
maybe I have no time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Give this to Sifu.
Give me back my comic book!
Please go stop him!
Mr. Ip,
we have to expel Ip Jin.
We can't keep Jin in our school anymore.
please give Jin one more chance.
I promise, he will behave.
Please give him another chance.
Let him stay.
It's not his first time
getting into a fight.
Last time was already his last chance.
Since he is so sportive,
studying abroad may be
a better option for him.
It's not serious. Just some minor cuts.
Be careful next time though.
Thank you, doctor.
The nurse will patch you up.
- Where is your family?
- Doctor.
Master Ip!
It's been a while.
I am Ming, the son of Auntie Liu.
Your Kung Fu Studio
used to be on our rooftop.
Mum sent me to study in America,
as I was an enfant terrible.
I just got back.
Now working in this hospital.
It's really something
to be on your own abroad.
Not really.
Master Ip, Jin is fine. Don't worry.
- See you later.
- Thank you.
Answer the door, Jin.
- Master Ip.
- Bob! Please come in.
What's the matter?
America is so far away.
What's the rush?
I am going to San Francisco
to find a school for Jin.
Good idea.
Uncle Ba also sent his son there recently.
Getting an overseas qualification
helps making a better living.
- Please take a seat.
- Okay.
- Have some tea.
- Oh, don't bother.
- Greet your uncle.
- He did, he nodded.
- Have some tea.
- Thank you.
Can you please come check on Jin
while I'm away?
Not a problem.
When I'm in America. I will phone home
at exactly 10 p.m. HK time everyday.
You don't need to call.
I won't take it.
Don't worry.
I will be here on time to make him answer.
Right, don't be too soft on your son.
You're spoiling him.
Nah, I have to.
I want to send him abroad,
so that he'd have a chance to experience
- to be independent.
- Right.
I won't go.
If you want to go,
go by yourself.
If you've got something to say,
just come out and say it.
There's no way I'm going to America.
You can't make me.
I have told you so many times
I really don't like studying.
I'm not cut out for it anyway.
What can you do if you don't study?
I can teach martial arts. I like Kung Fu.
Who will let you teach martial arts?
Why can't I?
Aren't you doing it yourself?
Why don't you tell your students
it's useless to learn martial arts? - Enough.
If nobody learned martial arts,
you'd be starving already.
You don't practice what you preach.
You always blame me for everything.
Someone took my comic book,
it's my fault.
He failed, it's also my fault.
I want to teach martial arts
like you do, again, it's my fault.
- Enough already.
- You are always right. I am always wrong.
You are never supportive of me.
If mum was still alive, she would have--
Don't! Get out! Get out, now!
He's still a kid, be patient.
Don't be so upset.
so, I'll leave it to you, thank you.
Come. Please sit down.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are approaching San Francisco Airport
where the local time is 11:15 a.m.
- Man. It's been many years.
- Yes.
You must be exhausted
from your long flight. - I'm all right.
My car is outside. Let's go.
Let me carry this.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
It's been years since we last met.
That's about right.
Hey, Gun.
Why did you move to America?
It wasn't my plan.
My newspaper sent me
to work on the NA edition.
There are more Chinese residents here now.
Many folks send their kids here to school.
It's the right time for Jin to come.
Regarding the recommendation letter
for school admission.
Has the Chinese Benevolent Association
prepared it? - I contacted them.
Chairman Wan said he would like
to meet you in person first.
Once we arrive to Chinatown,
we'll head to the CBA.
Has Chairman Wan been here for long?
His family has been here for generations.
His grandfather came to the States
during the Gold Rush.
He really cares for the compatriots.
Let's go.
Uncle Gwai.
- Hello, Uncle Gwai.
- Hello, Mr. Leung.
Let me to introduce, this is Master Ip.
- Hello, Uncle Gwai.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Has Chairman Wan arrived?
- Master Ip.
- He's here.
- Master Law.
- It's been ages. It's really me.
When did you come here?
I've moved here with family
for a few years already.
So, are you visiting to prepare
for moving home too?
Master Law, Man is not going
to move here. Shall we sit and talk?
Great. After you.
Masters, please allow me introduce,
this is Master Ip Man.
Hello, fellow masters.
- Sit down first.
- Take a seat.
Let me introduce everyone.
They are all Kung Fu masters
from Chinatown.
Master Lau of Choy Li Fut.
Master Chen of Eagle Claw.
Master Han of White Crane.
Master Chiu of Seven-Star Mantis.
Master Chiang of Xing Yi.
Master Lui of Eight Trigrams Palm.
Master Tam of Tam's Kickfight.
As for me, let's spare the introduction.
We are old friends.
Last, but not least, Chairman
of the Chinese Benevolent Association
Master Wan of Tai Chi.
Chairman Wan, thank you
so much for your help--
Master Ip, don't thank me just yet.
I've heard so much about you.
You are here at just the right time.
I'd like to ask Master Ip a favor.
How can I help?
Here in San Francisco's Chinatown
there's a long established rule,
Kung Fu studios should only accept
Chinese students.
Your apprentice, Bruce Lee,
not only does he break the rule,
he even published a book
to explain Chinese martial arts
in English.
Since Master Ip is here, why don't you
give us a hand to resolve this issue first.
Does he think he can be the spokesperson
of Chinese martial arts?
Your apprentice is too arrogant.
Not only that.
He is going to attend
the Karate tournament.
He is provoking us.
- He is clearly provoking us.
- Exactly.
I have read this book.
It's well-written.
What's wrong with teaching non-Chinese?
Master Ip.
Have you heard of the story
of Mr. Dong Guo?
A wolf was sieged by a hunter.
Mr. Dong Guo saw this.
He saved the wolf
and put the wolf into his bag.
When the hunter was gone,
the first thing the wolf did
was to eat Mr. Dong Guo alive.
Animals are animals.
They won't be grateful.
I will use one of your Cantonese slangs:
"You offer them rice, they toss it out."
That's a bit dramatic.
Master Ip.
Stranger in the strange land.
You don't live here.
You won't understand.
How about that?
Take a sip of this tea,
and you are one of us.
The letter. I'll write it.
Fellow masters,
Chairman Wan,
you misunderstood Bruce.
In fact, Bruce just wants Chinese
martial arts to have a wider following.
I think it's a wonderful thing.
Marching to a different beat
to make a name for himself.
Like student, like master.
To be an exemplar of martial arts,
have you two got what it takes?
It's going to break.
Man, let's forget it, shall we?
Sorry to bother.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, everyone.
Chairman Wan, excuse me.
- Thank you.
- Man,
I am sorry about what happened.
I didn't expect this.
It's not your fault.
to meet the school principal,
is the recommendation letter essential?
After all we are immigrants.
Schools here,
they only acknowledge reputable people.
Recommendation is a must.
Don't worry, I have some American friends.
They should be willing
to help with the letter.
- Okay.
- I won't keep you, take a rest.
Let me walk you out.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, Man.
Thank you for your help.
Operator, where would you like to call?
Hong Kong.
Okay, one moment.
Master Ip! It's me, Bob.
I can hear you, Bob. Loud and clear.
How are things over there?
I heard the air is fresher there.
Right. Is Jin there?
Can you put him on the phone?
Jin! Come take the call.
Hurry up. Long distance call costs a lot.
He won't answer.
That's how they are.
Defiance is the trademark of youth.
Listen, it's important.
My wife heard that there are some meds
that are only sold in America
but not in Hong Kong.
- Can you help me get some just in case?
- No problem.
Please write them down. It's in English.
I will spell it out slowly.
The first one is...
Why are you late again?
I am exhausted today.
Just finished all the assignments.
Took a nap before I came.
You are not exhausted
when you are cheerleading.
Only when you are practicing martial arts.
You don't get tired of what you like.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
"Brush knees and twist steps."
"Part the horse's mane."
Sink the shoulders.
Drop the elbows.
Round form.
See how terrible your moves are.
Look at yourself.
How can you join the Mid-Autumn Carnival?
How can you go on stage?
God, this is so tedious.
How many times have I told you?
Here at home speak Chinese.
Hi, Mr. Wright. How are you?
I thought I was gonna be speaking
with your boss.
Actually, it's not my boss who sent me.
I have something
perhaps you can help me with.
Okay. What can I do for you?
This is my friend Ip Man.
How do you do?
He is looking for a school
for his son to attend in America.
So, maybe you can help him
by writing a recommendation letter?
Can I have a minute with you please?
Mr. Leung,
nowadays many people
fancy coming over here
to try to find a better life.
Your luck is your ability,
and you achieved because your choose
to work with a great boss.
But your friend here...
He's a Chinese Kung Fu Master.
I don't really know you that well.
I certainly don't know him.
How do I know that he isn't
some kind of fugitive?
Just like all of the other
illegal aliens
that get deported
every day from Chinatown.
I think you're being biased.
Not all Chinese are criminals, Mr. Wright.
Listen, Sonny,
the only reason that you're standing here
on my property
wasting my valuable time
is because of your boss.
I'm only doing this for the sake
of my friend, not you. You understand?
Man, I am sorry.
Don't worry.
We'll find a way.
Great stuff, man. Really good.
I loved that swing kick. That's crazy.
This match is fixed.
Just a Gook dance.
Congratulations, Bruce.
Your performance tonight was fantastic.
Thank you, Sifu.
Thanks for inviting me to America.
You are welcome.
Actually, I am here in America
to find a school for Jin.
You know,
recommendation letter is required
for school application.
do you mean those folks from the CBA
refused to write you a letter?
I have a student. He is a lawyer.
He should be able to help.
- Don't worry.
- Thank you.
Over here.
They're my students.
- Grandmaster Sifu.
- Hartman, come and sit.
- Hello.
- It's amazing.
This is Hartman. He's one of a kind.
A Marine Staff Sergeant,
very into Chinese martial arts.
And he wishes to introduce
Chinese martial arts to the Marines.
In America, most people don't know
about Chinese martial arts.
I have practiced Wing Chun for a while.
Its centerline theory for both attack
and defense is useful for combat.
I'd recommend it to my officer.
What do you think, grandmaster?
Great idea.
Kung Fu man,
I saw you at the tournament tonight.
I think your staff is bullshit.
I don't buy it.
- What's up, man?
- You wanna try it?
Hartman, let's take it outside.
I'll kick your ass, man.
I'll kick your ass, too.
I'll take you outside.
Sifu, it happens all the time.
I'll be right back.
The door won't fight back. But I will.
Sifu, here's the recommendation
prepared by my student,
it should be okay.
How do you do?
- Hi, how are you today?
- I am very good.
I have an appointment with the Principal.
- Mr. Ip Man, right?
- Yes.
Do you have all of the required documents?
- Yes.
- Okay, follow me please.
Is everybody okay?
If anybody needs any help
just let me know.
- Mr. Spencer.
- You sir, fire away.
The principal is very busy today.
She's in a meeting.
So, would you mind waiting?
- Yes, no problem.
- Okay.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight...
Good job, girls.
Okay. The contest is over.
I have made my decision.
Yonah, you will be the new cheerleader
for away games starting this mid-semester.
She doesn't deserve it.
She changed the routine all on her own.
She cheated.
She should be disqualified.
Okay, I don't remember saying
that improvisation wasn't allowed.
Since I haven't finalized the routine,
anyone's input is welcomed.
Yonah, her move was amazing.
And so is she.
We all have the same goals.
Why don't we try to work together.
Well done. Class dismissed.
- Mr. Ip, I am so sorry to keep you waiting.
- No problem.
I was stuck in a very important meeting.
Come, please.
This lawyer who wrote the letter,
is he your lawyer?
Actually, he is my student's student.
So, you're a teacher, too?
I am a teacher.
I teach Chinese Kung Fu.
Chinese martial arts.
Like a gymnast?
Yes, something like that.
Well, as you already know,
this is an exclusive private school.
I can accept this letter as a referral,
but you still need to get a recommendation
from the Chinese Benevolent Association.
As they act as guarantors
for late school payment.
- However...
- I understand.
If you can donate ten thousand dollars
to our school
to be one of our sponsoring
board of directors.
We can waive the recommendation letter
and accept your son right away.
Speak of the devil.
You think you looked so great out there?
You looked like a little yellow monkey.
We're not gonna follow your lead.
In America, people like you follow,
they don't lead.
What do you want?
Just leave me alone!
If you're not happy,
then go back to Asia.
This has been our land for generations.
What do you people want from us?
Now I know why they call you
stupid blonde.
America has always had immigrants.
The Indians are the only real Americans.
Your ancestors stole their land. Paleface.
What did you just say to me?
She's the one.
Grab her.
I dare you to stay at the cheerleading!
You've got a long hair.
You think you can be me?
You can never be me!
Come back here!
Come back here! Where are you going?
Get here, man.
I'm gonna cut all of your hair,
since you've got lice anyway.
Get her!
Close the door.
Stay out of this, old man.
You want some, too?
Stop. No.
No! No more. I'm sorry.
Let's get out of here.
I am Yonah, what's your name, uncle?
Call me Uncle Ip.
Uncle Ip, can you hold this for me?
Uncle Ip, please take a look from behind.
Please help me cut it even
if it's not neat.
- Done.
- Thank you.
Uncle Ip, are you okay?
You got slammed by the gate.
- I am okay.
- Let me take a look.
I am really fine.
I've got herbal tonic at home.
Works like magic.
So, what went on at school today?
Does it happen often?
It's not the first time.
I'm not afraid of them.
- Does your family know?
- Yes.
My dad always asks me to put up with it.
He is very strict.
Uncle Ip, why were you in our school?
I was there to apply for my son.
Then, you must have met my dad.
He is the Chairman of CBA.
I've met your dad.
He must have given you the letter then.
Uncle Ip, when will your son come?
He will have a hard time getting used
to life here. I can help out.
Your father didn't actually help
with the letter.
How come? You are not a foreigner.
Your father has an opinion against them?
Yes. Dad always says
that they are very bad to Chinese.
They only discriminate and bully us.
It's always been like that
since he came here with grandpa as a kid.
The way Chinese are treated here
has always been unfair.
That's why he founded the CBA,
to protect us Chinese.
What happened?
Oh my God! What happened?
This Chinese girl.
I need you to come home right now!
Becky's been attacked.
I wish you weren't away
on this business trip.
We need you here.
Come home now, okay?
This is my friend, Uncle Ip.
You always say Chinese
should help each other out.
So, please write him
a recommendation letter.
Come over here.
Did you get into a fight again?
- No.
- Yonah.
You know dad hates liars.
I am asking you one more time.
Did you get into a fight?
They were jealous of me!
Just because I was made the cheerleader.
They cut my hair
and had people beat me up.
Tolerate it? How?
What's the point of practicing martial arts
if you want me to put up with this?
- Shut your mouth!
- Chairman Wan.
Your daughter was bullied.
It's not wrong to defend herself.
Master Ip, as I've told you before,
you have no clue
as you don't live here.
Let me tell you.
We live here.
This is our home.
Those whities keep trying
to get rid of us.
They even want to get rid of Chinatown.
Don't you understand?
Have you tried to get out of Chinatown
to communicate with them directly?
To fight for a change?
You are preaching me now?
you can change.
Ip Man.
If you want your letter
don't use my daughter.
Show me who you are.
Let's have a match.
What happened? Old wound?
- Are you all right?
- Dad, I am fine.
I am here.
I am fine.
Ip Man.
Looks like we'll have to wait
till the Mid-Autumn Carnival
to decide who's the winner.
Winning or losing,
does it really matter?
Shouldn't we use Chinese martial arts
to change the biases against us?
I brought Yonah back
because I wanted to protect her.
I'm not here for the letter.
You always blame me for everything.
You are always right. I am always wrong.
You are never supportive of me.
If mum was still alive, she would have--
- US Trunk Line.
- Yes, collect call please.
- Master Ip.
- Bob.
- Where's Jin?
- He went out to buy late night snack.
Right, how're you getting on
with your thing? Going well?
A bit of hiccups.
It might take a few more days
before I can return.
Back in a few days, that's very good.
Good luck. Be safe.
Thanks a lot.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Left, Right.
Left, Right.
Pick up the pace, Devil Dogs!
You are warriors!
You are killing machines!
Earn it like you got a pair!
Hit that bag, boy!
Wear the E.G.A. with pride!
Get the Banana out of the tailpipe!
Move it!
You gotta earn it, Devil Dog! Move it!
- I surrender, Sensei!
- What did you just say?
Did I just hear you say
that you surrender? Did I?
You know what our motto is, recruit?
Trained to kill, ready to die.
Do you understand the meaning
of those words?
It's hurting me, Sir.
It's hurting you, is it?
Hurting you. You know this is the problem.
You know there is a rumor
going around this base.
People saying that I'm a racist.
I'm not racist.
See I don't hate you
because you are colored,
I hate you because you are
a cowardly colored.
- Get off the mat!
- You, Jackson. You're next.
Staff Sergeant Hartman,
do you mind explaining to me
what exactly this contraption is?
It's a Wing Chun dummy.
A Kung Fu training aid.
Like a punching bag if you will,
but for Chinese martial arts.
Let me ask you something.
Did you fall out of your crib this morning
and banged your little head?
Where the hell do you think
you are?
Does this look like a museum for preserving
your ancient Chinese heritage?
Wing Chun is improvising and adapting
just like Marines.
I've been practicing for months now,
and I find it practical for real combat.
I'm certain that practicing it
will be beneficial
- for marines on the battleground.
- Oh, you are certain, are you?
So, this Kung Fu bullshit can allow us
to kill our enemies?
Is that what you're trying to say?
Outstanding, Staff Sergeant!
You're a goddamn genius.
Get this thing off my base now!
You know nothing of Chinese Kung Fu.
All right, Staff Sergeant Hartman.
I'm gonna allow you to prove those words.
If you can defeat Colin
in a fair fight, then, I'll consider
maybe allowing your wooden girlfriend
to stay on the base.
Is that understood?
C'mon Colin, smack him up.
Outstanding work. Very nice.
You see this, men?
Now this is Karate.
Your Chinese Kung Fu
is only good for folding laundry.
It stays where it belongs
and that is the hell off my base!
Now, because of the
Staff Sergeant's stupidity
all you Chinese will run
an extra 30 laps today.
And the Staff Sergeant himself
will run an extra 30 after that.
Are we clear?
Carry on.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Left and right and lei ho.
- Uncle Ip, I have great news for you.
- What's up, Yonah?
Did you forge the signature?
Don't worry, it looks the same as papa's.
I am sure no one would notice.
I don't understand what you kids
are thinking nowadays.
You guys act without thinking consequence.
What are you doing?
It took me a lot of effort!
Did it cross your mind
that your dad will be very upset.
I don't care, he doesn't care
if I'm happy anyway.
Why did you say that?
I think he cares about you.
He only cares about himself.
He always pushes me to practice Tai Chi
for performing at the Carnival.
Just because he likes it. But I don't.
If you don't like Tai Chi,
just tell him.
I did. He wouldn't listen.
In his eyes, everything I do is wrong.
I fought back
when I was bullied - my fault.
I like cheerleading
and dancing - my fault.
I am always wrong. He never supports me.
I don't believe that's how
other dads are like.
At the very least you are not, Uncle Ip.
Is cheerleading...
your passion?
Not really.
I do it because I like it.
Uncle Ip, you are so good at fighting.
That's because you like martial arts,
At the Mid-Autumn Carnival,
why don't you do
your cheerleading dance?
Right, why haven't I thought about that?
That's a great idea.
Uncle Ip, you will come, right?
Now go to school.
Off you go.
You finally decided to come back then,
Andrew. Thank you.
I was in Washington, D.C., Gabriela.
I came back as soon as I could.
How's Becky?
She was almost disfigured
by a Chinese girl at school.
And I don't understand the grounds
they let a Chinese student in anyway.
What do you intend to do about it?
What are the INS going to do
about these Chinese savages?
Get rid of them. Send them home.
- Becky, honey, who did this to you?
- Yonah Wan.
She's the daughter of the Chairman
of the Chinese Benevolent Association.
- Or so she claims.
- Chinatown.
I'll handle this.
Really impressive.
- So, this is Chinese Kung Fu?
- Yes, Sir.
It's really amazing.
I mean really amazing.
Thank you, Sir.
This brochure has a brief introduction,
and here's a transcript that I've prepared.
Actually, Sir, there's a Martial Arts Event
taking place in Chinatown
during the Full Moon Festival.
With your permission,
I'd like to go film it
and do some more research,
so that we may further investigate
this matter.
- Chinatown?
- Yes, Sir.
Granted. Just don't make this
a waste of my time.
- Definitely not, Sir.
- All right.
Come in.
Please excuse
the Staff Sergeant's intrusion.
- What the hell you're doing here?
- My job, as a Marine.
So that's all right.
So, let's start to explore the idea
of incorporating Chinese Kung Fu
into our hand-to-hand combat training.
Now, Staff Sergeant Hartman
is gonna go to Chinatown for research.
I'd like you to start learning something
from this handbook. Here, take it.
- Gentlemen, that's all.
- Sir.
Fix your base, recruit.
You have no power, Mr. Kreese.
A word.
You know there's not a doubt
in my mind
that Karate is the best form
of hand-to-hand combat. Bar none.
But do you know what that backstabbing
son of a bitch Hartman's gone and done?
Tell me.
He convinced out commanding officer
that his bullshit Kung Fu is more effective
than our Karate training.
I'm gonna need you
to write that wrong, Colin.
You just let me show those people
the meaning of real combat Karate,
and I'll shut those Kung Fu
charlatans up for good.
Good man.
Uncle Ip, you are late. I save you a seat
next to the masters over there.
No worries. I'll stay where I am.
But the view's better there.
How about you go prepare.
Get ready for stage, okay?
Go back there.
All right. I'll go then.
Uncle Gwai.
- That's how you're dressed for stage?
- Yeah.
Where's your father?
Didn't you come with your father?
No, I came first, didn't see him.
Maybe, he will show up later.
Mr. Wan Zong Hua.
We are the United States Department
of Immigration and Customs.
We're here to take you into custody
for questioning
regarding the presence of illegal aliens
residing in Chinatown.
That's my students.
When did we invite
these whities to perform?
I don't know.
Who is he?
Who invited him?
Get down!
Hey, Chinaman.
You wanna try to break these bricks
with your Kung Fu, huh?
Get down!
I'll go look for your father.
My name is Colin Frater.
4th Dan Black Belt in Kyokuten Karate.
And I'm here to show you, yellow bitches
the taste of real combat.
Fight me with your Hokey Pokey Kung Fu.
I dare you.
What're you talking about? Get down!
How dare you! I will fight you now!
Uncle Gwai, what happened to Chairman Wan?
What do you mean?
I just saw Chairman Wan.
He was taken by the Immigration officers.
He was taken into a car.
Let's make it quick!
- You understand I will go all out.
- You are begging to be killed.
- Come on then.
- I won't hold back either.
Master Law.
Bullshit, why is the stage so small?
Help me.
Who's next?
Freaking whitey. I am in.
Keep it up.
Master Chiu, you okay?
Lady, I'll show you no mercy.
Don't hold back.
Mind yourself first.
Master Chiang.
Master Ip, bravo!
Master Ip!
Uncle Ip, you nailed it!
Uncle Ip, that's fantastic.
Uncle Ip, you are the best! The best!
Too awesome.
The most amazing Uncle Ip.
Bad news. Auntie San told me
your father was detained
by the Immigration officers.
I'll drive you there. Go.
We've reopened the cases
involving the CBA.
We suspect that these Chinamen
have identities that are fraudulent,
and that you've helped them
by writing falsified letters
of referral from the U.S.A.
making you an accomplice
of these illegal aliens.
This is a setup!
Would you know?
I am going to arrest every single person
in the CBA tonight.
You, and the CBA
will be gone for good.
He has a broken rib
but he will be okay.
Chinese Kung Fu my ass.
I'll shut them down in my own way.
The full moon event has concluded.
Those chinamen must be back
at the Chinese Benevolent Association.
Thirty minutes to CBA. Bring them all in.
Call the wives, boys.
We're staying late.
We're going to Chinatown,
arresting every Chinamen in the CBA.
- This operation makes no sense, Sir.
- Shut up, Do-good Marshal!
You do as you're told.
Excuse me. Anybody here?
I need some help.
What now?
Let me check it out.
It's way past office hours,
you can't be here.
My father, Wan Zhong Hua
has been taken by mistake.
I need to see him right now!
- Billy.
- I can't let you in.
- Grandmaster.
- Billy.
- Can you help us?
- I wish I could.
Her father, Mr. Wan Zhong Hua.
What happened?
I have no idea, Sir.
But please, take my advice,
stay away from the
Chinese Benevolent Association tonight.
Tonight don't go there, all right?
We're gonna raid that place tonight.
I gotta go. But remember, don't go there.
Masters, who got those Karate guys here?
Made a scene for nothing.
It must be Bruce Lee I reckon.
He dragged us into this.
Don't make false assumptions.
His Sifu helped us.
Mater Law, leave the CBA right now.
Immigration officers are coming
to make arrest.
Who are you?
Is that you?
What did you say?
What are you doing?
Things went wrong.
Is that it? Is this
your Chinese Kung Fu, huh?
What about this guy?
Your Chairman. Where is he?
I don't know.
You tell me or I'm gonna break your arm.
INS, immigration.
Good boy.
What happened?
Master Law.
Master Ip, a whitey just showed up
and attacked everyone.
Like he was coming for a revenge.
Man, the immigration officers
will be here in a second.
They're gone.
Check 'em back.
All right guys, let's do a sweep.
Look for any clues that might tell us
where they went.
I'm looking for a Chinaman by the name
of Wan Zhong Hua. Where is he?
What do you want with him?
I'm Gunnery Sergeant Barton Geddes.
2nd Battalion 5th Marines.
One of my men was assaulted
in Chinatown tonight.
Wan Zhong Hua is the Chairman
of the Chinese Benevolent Association.
I need him back on my base tonight.
This man made me look bad. It's personal.
So, why don't you cooperate,
or things are gonna get pretty bad
for you, too. Do you understand?
So, go and get him. No worry
about repercussions.
Follow me.
You're now officially in the custody
of the US Marine's.
Just don't let him stay in the country
when you're done with him, all right?
My Karate coach was defeated
in the fight tonight by Chinese Kung Fu.
Since you're the representative
of Chinese Kung Fu,
I'm holding you personally accountable.
This Chinamen right here.
I just crushed all of 'em.
You're the only one left.
I need to fight you.
What are you doing here?
Get out of here.
You're Becky's father, right?
Listen, it's all my fault.
It's nothing to do with my father.
I'm sorry. I beg you.
Please let my papa go. Please.
Get up!
Get up.
Don't kneel to these people.
You are right.
If you can't take it anymore,
then, just don't.
I will fight you.
Let's go.
Papa, don't.
I want all the recruits
in the PT Gautlet straight away.
Aye, Gunny.
Especially Staff Sergeant Hartman.
Reveille! Reveille!
Get your asses on the line!
Move it! Move it!
Out! Out! Out!
Move your asses, Marines. Move it!
Move that ass, double time! Triple time!
Left hand, left knee,
right hand, right knee!
Sit down! Sit down! Move it!
I try to be a fair man.
So, since Staff Sergeant Hartman
so desperately wants
his Chinese Kung Fu
to be part of our curriculum.
I'm happy to give up my rack time,
and give a Chinese representative
the chance to prove
the Kung Fu is actually useful
in a real combat situation.
Master Wan, you don't have to
accept his challenge.
I have to.
If I back down I'm no Chinese.
No rules. Fight till you drop.
- Make sure you get all these on film.
- Sir! Yes, Sir!
Master Wan, stop!
I just realized
you and your daughter
look the hell of a lot alike
when you beg.
Master Wan.
Don't you think I deserve
a round of applause?
Those white people
always pick on us.
Made a scene tonight at the CBA.
They are getting way out of line.
That's right.
It's not the first time
the immigration officers came.
They harassed us for no reason.
My grandfather came here as a hard labor.
Helped them build the railway.
Helped the Americans connect
the East coast with the West.
It's all thanks to Chinese labor.
Yet the American government never
willing to acknowledge our contribution.
Keep trying to kick us out
with all sorts of excuses.
The white guys are too arrogant.
There's no equality here.
Bruce, we were, too.
No big deal. I didn't take it to heart.
Don't worry.
Master Ip, thank you very much.
Not at all. We are all Chinese.
We should help each other out.
That has always been my belief.
Chinese must help each other out. Right?
Spot on.
Master Law is right.
Master, at the Mid-Autumn Carnival
tonight, the masters in Chinatown
had a conflict with people from the army.
Master Wan, he is severely injured.
Now at the hospital.
Little prick, not answering
the phone again!
where is Jin?
He is practicing with the wooden dummy.
Master Ip, long distance calls cost a lot.
I have cancer.
Are you serious?
Actually, the reason I hurried to America
is to have a look here.
See if it's right for Jin.
Please let me talk to him.
Hold on.
Your dad is asking for you.
Pick up the phone.
I won't take his call. No way.
Listen to me.
I will only say it once.
Your dad has cancer.
He went to America
just to find you a school.
It was my fault
that I hit you last time.
I am sorry.
I know you like martial arts.
I will teach you when I'm back.
when will you be home?
I still have something
to take care of.
Once it's done I will be right back.
Take me to the boot camp.
Uncle Ip, don't go. I don't want
anything bad happen to you.
Uncle Ip is a martial artist.
In a face of injustice
I must stand up and fight.
That was why we took up martial arts.
This is something I very much want to do.
Just as you want to do cheerleading.
If you're lucky enough to come
to America. Set foot on our soil.
Then, you ought to learn
everything about my culture.
Consider yourselves
incredibly honored to be here.
Incredibly honored.
Because America is the greatest
and the most powerful country on Earth.
A land of supremacy.
And that is an indisputable fact.
- Is that understood?
- Sir! Yes, Sir!
But last night
I had the unfortunate
but necessary task
of demonstrating how an inferior race
can and should be defeated.
I'm sure you all agree
the results were...
quite definitive.
So, don't even think about bringing
you filthy culture to my Marines corp. again.
Is that understood?
Sir! Yes, Sir!
Racist asshole!
Look around you.
We are the culture.
Your supremacy is pure hatred
and bigotry.
This-- This is Master Ip Man.
He defeated Colin last night.
And he's here to kick your ass!
No rules. You fight till you drop.
Is that it, huh?
Is that all you've got?
You see this?
You're nothing but another
little yellow chink. Come on!
Let's go!
That's it.
Take the Gunnery Sergeant to Sick Bay.
Johnson! Harris!
Move! Move! Move!
Master Ip,
this letter is a bit late.
I am sorry to keep you waiting.
I appreciate it.
When will you and your son come here?
Actually, grass is not really greener
on the other side of the fence.
Uncle Ip,
those meds you asked for,
I got them all.
I even got you candies and chocolate.
This is my favorite chocolate.
Your son will love it, too.
- Thank you.
- You're so sweet.
I have thought it through.
I don't want to go to America.
I really like martial arts.
Teach me.
is the most important thing.
Wherever you are.
I will demonstrate once.
Film it.
On 2nd December, 1972,
the Grandmaster, Ip Man, died
of head and neck cancer
at the age of 79.
Since the 1970s,
the US Army has regularly invited
Chinese Kung-Fu masters
as guest instructors.
The US Marine Corps officially created
its martial arts core
training program in 2001.