Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2019) Movie Script

Taking advantage of my Axes Gang...
Who's behind you?
Before this cigarette burns out.
Can I live?
For a man,
it's not important when to die,
but how to live.
You did it poorly.
Sir! Sir!
Why do we practice it?
My master said,
it's a Kungfu master's duty to save
those in danger and help those in need.
I, Ip Man,
bear my masters' words in mind.
Taking the post
as Captain of the Foshan Police,
I hope to uphold the rule of law
and guard the safety of local people.
Ip Man, can't you read?
Don't you know the law?
In Foshan, we Axes are the law.
Well, I know only one set of rules.
It's the law of the country.
San Ye killed Mr. Mai.
I must follow the legal procedures.
San Ye has said
if you defeat us and get upstairs,
he will go with you.
Sir, it's your turn.
Your Vehicle is watching in the central.
I'll use two linked Horses to attack.
Sir, perhaps you're not able
to block my Vehicle.
Perhaps you'll lose your Vehicle.
I'm vigorous as a tiger.
Very good.
A Soldier is as capable as the Vehicle
after crossing the River.
I'll take this.
I don't think you can win this game.
No rush. It's not decided yet.
Checkmate, sir.
You're using my Vehicle
to take my General.
That's not in the rule.
Sir! You...
You talk about the rules?
It's... your assistant.
In Foshan,
anyone who trades opium must die.
You and Mr. Mai used my ports
to smuggle opium
and help the Japanese.
You're blatantly challenging
the rule of the Axes.
Captain Ip, am I right?
Every family has its rules.
And so does a country.
Violators should be punished by law.
That's very true.
Sir! Forgive me, sir!
This is my law.
Captain Ip,
I'll go with you...
to see your law.
Take care of the family and business
till I come back.
Hello, Sir.
Hello, Sir.
Hello, Sir.
Chief, how's our welcoming ceremony
for San Ye?
But I still feel something's missing.
Sir, the Axes are extraordinary.
Captain Ip,
you trust in law, I trust in the Axes.
Could you ask your chief for me:
What does he trust?
Yes, sir.
My surname is Yuan.
But I can change that.
This way, sir.
You can change your surname,
but don't forget your origin
and ancestors.
Thanks for your instruction, sir.
This way, to my office, sir.
according to law,
San Ye should go to jail.
- He should go this way.
- You...
Captain Ip.
Do you know
why I go with you this time?
Because you killed Mr. Mai.
Mr. Mai worked for the Japanese.
They won't let you get away with it.
You think I'm safer staying here
than at my place?
Don't you think so?
You come to my place, alone,
and defeat dozens of my people.
Your Kungfu is excellent.
I admire you.
I want to help you
to gain fame in Foshan.
Besides, the Japanese used Mr. Mai
to smuggle opium via my ports.
I want to see how your law
can handle the Japanese.
I can assure you, sir,
as long as I'm a policeman in Foshan,
I'll deal with every case
according to the law.
Get together!
Search the Japanese commerce chamber!
Turn left or turn right!
Get straight.
Turn right!
Be careful.
Work harder.
Work harder.
Hurry up, you guys.
Come and help me.
Vice-captain, look!
Open that, too!
Come on.
it's all... money.
You won't find opium here.
I'm the new chairman
of the commerce chamber.
I haven't had the time to visit you all.
Foshan's safety and peace
rests on your shoulders
These banknotes,
take as many as you can carry.
Sir, what is this for?
If you're in time, you might be able
to see San Ye one last time.
Bye. Take care.
- San Ye! Sir!
- Release that, San Ye!
- Let go of it, sir!
- Release that!
- San Ye, release that!
- Stop!
Captain. The chief said San Ye
killed himself to escape punishment.
Be quick! Take it down!
Next time we shall hang a Japanese flag.
Chief Yuan,
if we police abuse the law,
how can we uphold justice?
Don't look! Take it down!
Chief, you do forget your ancestors.
If San Ye lived,
I shall die.
This is the fate
for a police officer in Foshan.
You're still too young.
Come on!
Take it down!
Be quick!
But I don't believe in fate.
Not everyone fears to die like you do.
San Ye's death...
I shall get him justice.
- Hang it well! It's tilted.
- Captain.
Your family has called.
Your wife has difficulty in labor.
If I can't serve justice in this costume,
why should I wear it?
- Uncle!
- Here!
Gather the people! Count our money!
We shall capture Ip Man alive!
I'll make him a living sacrifice
to my father!
Capture Ip Man!
Sacrifice him to San Ye!
Come on! Harder! Harder!
Hold your breath and push!
- Wing-sing, I'm back!
- Harder! Push!
One, two, push!
Almost there! Come on!
Again! Push!
Harder! Come on!
A police captain's home...
I can't even find any decent wine.
It's you!
What're you doing at my house?
Hot water!
Brother Man.
Are you deaf?
They're asking for hot water!
Hurry up!
May I know
why you keep coming to me?
Simple. I want you to pay
for my daily spends.
I want to live at your place
and spend your money.
Could I have your name, please?
You silly boy! It's too difficult for you
to know who I am.
You old cad!
Do you know whose place this is?
It's Captain Ip's!
Do you know that?
Hot water! Hot water!
To whoever captures Ip Man,
I'll offer three gold chips.
Go! Go!
Why hasn't the hot water come?
Hot water!
Anyone alive? Where's the water?
Fights again. They never end!
What's going on?
No big deal.
Someone's come to celebrate for you.
I don't want to be
an enemy of the Axes.
Tell that to my father!
Kill him!
Push! Harder!
Don't be bothered by those outside.
The baby is the most important.
One, two, three!
Old guy, help!
A woman is delivering.
How can an old man like me help her?
Help us fight!
He's pulling his punches.
He deserves to be hit hard.
- Why would I bother to help him?
- Your wine for two years!
I'll pay for your wine for two years!
Young man, remember your words.
One, two, three, push!
Young girl, don't be so aggressive.
I'll give you an explanation
in three days.
I will kill you! I swear!
Miss, let's go.
- Hands off!
- Let's go!
Go! Go!
Thank you for helping me.
Hush, hush. Don't cry.
He's unhappy.
Be careful with the wraps.
Take him.
- Ribby.
- Brother Man, the soup.
What're you looking at?
We searched the commerce chamber today.
It's all clear.
Keep a close watch on them.
And the ports of the Axes, too.
- Report to me if you find anything.
- OK.
What're you looking at?
I cooked some chicken soup for you.
It's a little bit hot.
The midwife said
you need nutrition after labor.
Is it good?
it's a little bit busy
at the police station these days.
I'm thinking...
I won't persuade you to leave.
And please don't ask me
to leave you, too.
OK. All right, then.
I only feel safe when you're around.
don't be so stubborn
like your mother when you grow up.
Be like your father, then.
In that case you'll be stubborner.
Hush... Don't cry.
He stopped.
You should listen to your parents
when you grow up.
To be a good boy, OK?
When'll you grow up?
Are you Uncle Leung?
My master told me
his fellow brother, Leung Bik,
lives a free life and likes to tour.
It's a pity
that my master never saw
his fellow brother again
before passing away.
I'm just an old drunkard...
that likes to tour around.
Now, I'm Qiao Wu, living a free life.
I don't deserve to be remembered
by your master.
Why do you help me again and again,
but are reluctant
to reveal your identity?
I just wonder why the Wing Chun school
has an apprentice like you
who's so obsessed with being a cop.
A man with Kungfu
should serve his country and his people.
In a chaotic time like nowadays,
Ip Man, an apprentice of Wing Chun,
should definitely seek
that responsibility.
You think
you're a qualified Wing Chun apprentice?
Well, then. Let's battle.
If you can make me leave the chair
in five moves,
I'll admit that you win.
Then, forgive my rudeness.
Nice move, young man!
Uncle, let me be your apprentice.
You've had Chan Wah-shun as your master,
you can't call me "master".
But I can still teach you some moves.
Thank you, uncle.
Brother Man.
We've found opium at ports.
Uncle, please help me
take care of Wing-sing.
I'll be back soon.
Just go.
Let's go.
Brother Chan, you have a good apprentice.
It's opium.
It belongs to the commerce chamber.
You go to my home.
I'll go to the Axes Gang.
Here we go.
It's you. Why come back?
Brother Man went to the Axes Gang.
He asked me to take care of the family.
Why? He doesn't trust me?
He trusts you.
Listen, everybody!
at the mourning hall of my father,
I'll make a new rule for the Axes.
Whoever kills Ip Man...
will be the next leader of the Axes!
Is it that easy?
I'm Sasaki.
With the support of people
and businessmen in Foshan,
I'm now the chairman
of Foshan Chamber of Commerce.
Japanese are not welcome here.
As the Chinese saying goes:
"The dead should be respected,
and those who mourn the dead
are all guests."
Everyone here to mourn your father
is your guest.
Miss Qingchuan,
why do you close the door to me?
I never thought our first meeting
would be at your funeral,
San Ye.
I've something to discuss with you today.
My father has said
that in Foshan
the Axes can do any business
except opium.
If you don't leave, Mr. Sasaki,
we will have to force you to.
Like father, like daughter.
What a pity!
Your father refused our kindness,
so did you.
Lao Si,
time to clean the Axes!
You killed my father!
Ask them to stop!
Leave here!
Save your life and we can plan in future!
The law I trusted didn't save San Ye.
Today, I'll use San Ye's methods
to seek justice for him!
Can you sacrifice the lives
of your wife and son?
My little baby, close your eyes.
Mom is just by your side.
The crescent moon is bright,
the breeze is cool,
the leaves dangle on the window lattice.
The crickets sound,
like the strings being played
gently, with a beautiful tune.
The cradle gently swings.
My little baby, close your eyes,
Mom is just by your side.
My little baby, close your eyes,
Mom is just by your side.
What about your life?
What do you think?
Freeze! Don't move!
Mr. Sasaki!
Mr. Sasaki!
Sorry, Mr. Sasaki!
Sorry, I'm late.
Chief Yuan,
you point the gun at your own man.
This isn't acceptable.
If all Chinese were like you,
we'd only be trampled upon by others.
Then how should a police chief act?
You teach me.
Or, you shoot me instead?
You don't dare?
Take him away!
You can't leave.
Mr. Sasaki.
I'm... I'm trying to save your life.
Please be cooperative.
Take him. Let's go.
Yes, sir!
You two! What're you doing here?
Ip Man, leave.
I can only help you to this extent.
Where's Wing-sing?
Madam is OK.
I'm back to pick up some stuff.
My house is a little bit shabby.
But at least it's a shelter
from winds and rains.
We have to compromise.
We troubled you, uncle.
Wing-sing, the baby is crying.
Brother Man.
Brother Man,
Chief Yuan told you to leave.
You're not leaving?
Keep on watching the commerce chamber.
Are you worrying for Qingchuan?
The bottle's empty.
- Are you worrying...
- Ribby...
let's go get some wine.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm sorry...
to make you live here.
All you care about is your work!
It's been days since our son was born.
Have you ever thought about his name?
I know a fortune-teller.
What about we ask him
to choose a name for our baby tomorrow?
I've found someone to offer names.
The fortune-teller
suggested the character Chun.
I hope, when he grows up,
he could be a man of principle
and follow the rules.
Nice. A Chun.
It's a very good name.
I've prepared a gift for him.
I don't know
whether he'll like it or not.
I'm not sure whether he likes
to practice with the wooden dummy.
Haven't you had enough
of all this fighting?
I don't want our boy to be like you
when he grows up,
to fight every day.
It's my fault.
I made you worry.
I understand your duties.
I used to support you...
whenever and whatever.
But now, I'm a mother.
I hope you remember that...
you are a father now.
I'm sorry, Wing-sing.
I'm sorry.
Let's leave here.
Being cool?
You dare to fight back?
Let him go!
Who are you?
You dare to meddle in my affairs?
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
You're cool.
Extra! Extra!
Commerce chamber's storehouses
caught on fire!
Extra! Extra!
The commerce chamber smuggled opium
and harms our countrymen.
An anonymous Black Knight appears
in Foshan!
Commerce chamber's storehouses
were on fire!
Extra! Extra!
"Black Knight" appears in Foshan!
Commerce chamber's storehouses
were on fire!
They're coming!
Here comes the car!
Mr. Tokugawa!
Mr. Tokugawa!
Quick! Follow him!
Hurry up!
Mr. Tokugawa! Sir!
Mr. Tokugawa!
Hello, my Chinese friends.
I'm Tokugawa,
a Major in the Japanese army.
I've heard that Foshan
is a town of martial arts
I'm here to organize an exchange event
for Chinese and Japanese martial arts
to make friends with local Kungfu masters
through contests.
I hope Kungfu masters in Foshan
can participate in it.
Thank you.
I know there are
Hong, Liu, Cai, Li, Mo...
and dozens of other schools of Kungfu.
Foshan has many local schools of Kungfu,
but only a few masters can battle.
They're no equal to our Karate.
Mr. Tokugawa, you don't need to spend
much effort preparing for the contest.
Our Empire shall rule the Chinese.
We'll have them learn
from our extraordinary culture
and martial arts.
This is the purpose
of the exchange event.
You're right, Mr. Tokugawa.
But how can we rule
if we fail to control them?
The empire should send the military soon
to occupy Foshan.
Mr. Sasaki, you've long been in China.
Don't you understand why
we're still holding out
on the military option?
You make sense, Mr. Tokugawa.
I believe you will ascend to fame
after the victory in Foshan.
And you'll also raise the prestige
of our empire.
Your Kungfu is excellent.
I'm Japanese army Major Tokugawa.
We'll have a Kungfu exchange
in a few days.
Hope to see you there.
Let's go.
Boy, get the medicine on this list.
Don't worry. You're safe here.
You never know...
Take a rest.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- I need these medicines.
- Here.
You've taken the money.
You can't do anything in return.
My bad, Mr. Sasaki!
I know the whereabouts
of Qingchuan and Ip Man.
And I also know who the Black Knight is.
You're much smarter than Ip Man.
Come here. I'll give you a present.
This is my present for you.
You or him, only one can survive.
Now, choose.
You'll be the next police chief.
Miss Qingchuan doesn't need this.
You know I'm not coming for her.
Captain Ip, you really aren't
afraid of death, are you?
Not every Chinese fears to die.
Well, then, if you're right,
the day when San Ye would be buried,
I'll kill him all over again.
Will the Black Knight...
save a dead man?
Perhaps he will.
I forgot to tell you.
Chief Yuan died mysteriously.
The case is being investigated.
Take your medicine.
if the Black Knight does come,
he'll definitely be beaten to death.
There will be no more Black Knight
in Foshan or ever again.
I promise.
In one month,
you come to pick us up in person.
I promise.
Cheers, uncle.
I'm a lonely and old man...
It's rare to have someone
drink together with me.
Let's enjoy it tonight.
Come on.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Uncle, have another bowl.
Nice wine.
like catching the fog in the clouds.
use it to catch your rival's neck.
The first move of Wing Chun:
swift inchpunch.
Good. Next:
Multiple powerful punches
take the form of a dragon.
Lingering like water, covering
a wide range like the wind blows.
My wine...
Stick to your rival to attack.
I failed to stop my father
when he decided to leave with you.
And now he's dead.
He used to say
that it's not important when we die,
but how we live.
I didn't understand it before.
Now I do.
The Black Knight has to die to get
people united and arouse their morale.
Uncle Leung's death
would be very meaningful.
He asked me to pass his words to you:
"To live is harder than to die."
I just want to say goodbye to him
for the last time.
My kid!
I am the new police chief in Foshan.
San Ye, the leader of the Axes Gang,
tried to sabotage the friendship
between China and Japan,
and stand in the way
of building a harmonious East Asia.
To avoid being punished by law,
San Ye killed himself in jail.
But law is law.
He can't shake off his liability
with his death.
Today, he will be executed.
Start execution!
- Mom!
- My Boy!
San Ye died standing.
Such humiliation is unacceptable!
Hold on.
Mr. Sasaki, I will handle this.
You Chinese
only dare to hide behind a mask?
Better than those who dig up
and desecrate others' ancestral graves.
San Ye, I'll help you to stand!
San Ye, don't worry. I'm here.
We Chinese would rather die
than surrender.
Uncle, thank you for teaching me.
Please accept me as your apprentice.
I don't have the honor.
I'd rather continue to be your uncle.
Living in such a chaotic time,
one has few options.
Mr. Tokugawa came to Foshan to have
this martial arts exchange meeting.
After all these days,
no one even dares to enter the contest.
The Foshan Kungfu world
might be overrated.
I think we can cancel the event.
It's Mr. Ip.
Mr. Ip! Mr. Ip!
I'm entering the contest.
Mr. Ip wants to challenge the Japanese?
Extra! Extra!
China and Japan
hold martial arts contest!
Ip Man will participate in it
as the Black Knight.
He'll rival
the Japanese Karate master, Tokugawa!
Extra! Extra!
China and Japan
hold martial arts contest!
Ip Man will join in
as the Black Knight...
Brother Man. Tea.
Mr. Ip, look here, please.
One, two, three.
Be careful. It's hot.
You Chinese are so interesting.
A Black Knight fell down,
and here comes another one.
I thought you Chinese...
were all spineless.
It's not only me.
Many others also have strength.
This contest is for boosting exchanges
and the friendship
between China and Japan.
It's for both to learn from each other
and make friends.
How strange!
The poison on Ip
should have taken effect.
Why is he still that active?
You're more cunning than Yuan.
Mr. Sasaki, the poison...
I now give you some more.
Since you're reluctant to poison Ip,
this will be for you.
Mr. Sasaki...
Mr. Sasaki, do you believe
that Ip Man will definitely win?
Ip Man.
A true martial artist
should not be disturbed during a fight.
A martial artist?
Do Japanese fighters
only know these nasty tricks?
Fine. I'll play with you.
Get the others ready.
Yes, sir.
Bravo! Well done!
Well done, Mr. Ip!
Mr. Ip lifts up our spirit.
Protect Mr. Ip!
Mr. Ip!
Don't harm Mr. Ip!
Mr. Ip, we shall protect you.
You or him, only one can survive.
Now, choose.
You're still alive?
Brother Man, your tea.
Chief Yuan, let's do it.
Sasaki, I've been putting up with you
for a long time.
Be clear.
You're in China!
China! China!
"In honor of His Majesty,
we hold this competition."
Mr. Tokugawa said
that he'd make the Chinese learn
from our culture and martial arts.
But you lost.
Yes. I lost.
I'll kill myself as penance.
Sasaki, you don't hold the spirit
of Japanese Bushido.
You don't deserve to be Japanese.
There's an old saying in China that goes:
"Though death befalls all men alike,
it may be weightier than a mountain,
or lighter than a feather."
It's all because of those Chinese.
I promise.
I'll make your death heavier...
than a mountain.
Miss Qingchuan.
Even if I died,
will be part of Japan one day.
Why do we practice it?