Iqbal (2005) Movie Script

Please God, one more wicket,
I will instantly go to the mosque...
sorry, not instantly, after my son is
born... just one more wicket.
Okay, son,
let's see if Kapil can create magic
Wake up... wake up Iqbal
Wake up...
It's 9 o' clock
Who sleeps till 9 o' clock? Wake up.
It's all your mother's fault.
Spoilt you bloody rotten.
We have rules in this house
and we will follow them.
Good for nothing.
Today's the last day of his freedom.
He is a 20-year old dunce
Is the bike in good condition?
-Of course...
I wouldn't sell
it if I wasn't desperate.
Cycling to and from work
will give me more exercise.
I have no idea where you put
it, but I love to watch you eat.
Your father needs the money
but he's too proud... beg the government
for free electricity.
You better hurry up and get famous
before we go completely broke.
Water... to drink, not pour on face.
You did it again.
Never take your eyes off the ball.
It is not a stupid excuse!
Just wait till I show you
what I brought,
...then you're going to fall on
your knees and beg my forgiveness.
I can't understand if you go so fast.
I'm sure you understand this
Move, Kapil...
He always finds a spot
and sets up house.
Don't forget what I told you
about the "in-swinger".
And finally, don't forget the three
things necessary to bowl an
Okay, see you tomorrow.
...and that's all for today.
How was the crop this time?
but electricity is always a problem.
Hello aunty.
-God bless you.
Aunty, lbi didn't come?
No. He's got exams.
Kapil... Kumble...
Harbhajan... Balaji...
...and who is this?
-This is our latest addition -
These buffaloes must be very confused
females with male names.
Let's go.
I'll take it when I can give you
something in return.
Like father, like son.
Please allow me to help.
We are doing really well and...
...actually Abdul insisted that
I loan you some money.
You can pay me back.
You know I have no ego
when it comes to you...
...but Anwar, never.
Tonight we are in for a long
lecture on lbi from dad.
Ibi is so smart, lbi studies so well,
Why can't you be more like lbi?
Lbi is so well-read,
lbi this... Ibi that...
Ibi is absolutely brilliant.
Top marks in everything.
I'm going to make him
into an engineer.
You know I'm not competing with you.
I know...
My Iqbal's a dreamer.
He'll make me proud one day.
I don't think he is old enough
to work in the fields.
But old enough to eat like
a man and sleep like one.
I'm sure he understands every word,
don't you, Iqbal?
Please, son, it is not too late... can't tend buffaloes
and dream all your life.
Look at lbi. Look how smart he is.
He's doing something with his life.
I know you can't do the same
but I raised you to never think of
yourself as handicapped.
Learning farming will help
you earn a living...
and you also serve
the nation that way.
everyone listen up
he has asked for more time
...and I've given him one more year.
One year.
And after that
he'll work with me in the fields.
I, a disgraced poet... farewell farewell.
This is what I was trying to give
you since the afternoon.
Now leave me alone
I have my homework to finish.
It is my fault.
I should have continued his
If you had the money you would have
At least he would have
friends in school.
All his childhood friends have moved
My son is still a happy boy.
Don't worry, Anwar,
he will make something of himself.
Are you the best?
What did he ask?
-He asked me why I did this...
I said that I didn't want to
become... old nanny before I see
him play for the national team.
Also my back is killing me
crouching here day after day.
How long have you been doing this?
-Me about 6 months.
He's being doing it for the
last 2 years, every day.
You speak a lot and
he doesn't utter a word.
He's deaf and dumb, sir.
But he can read lips
if you speak slowly.
You're sister says you're
the best in the whole world
and there is no one in my academy who
match up to even a hair on your head.
He bowls better than he talks...
not that he can talk but...
As if they're going to go anywhere.
Let's see if you're wasting my time.
One moment, sir.
What did you tell him?
To do exactly what he does
The thing is when he plays every day,
his only spectators are buffaloes.
So I said to him to think of
all of you as buffaloes.
Tomorrow 5 PM.
Now we follow your dream.
There is absolutely no way
your father would agree.
We have no choice.
You're right, kids.
We can't lie to your father...
we don't tell him anything.
Brother is milking the buffaloes.
Father will become suspicious.
Smart ass, you don't need
to worry about it.
It's not a good idea.
What's going on?
-Why? What happened?
I'm absent-minded but
I'm not an idiot.
That lazy boy is milking the
He does it every day.
This early in the morning?
He's happy that you gave him a year
and wants to show you his
I'm not buying it.
There's something going on.
I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.
Hurry up.
You're getting late for school.
I'll make sure he sleeps late
Is that okay with you?
This is Iqbal and his sister Khadija.
Iqbal is a special case
he is deaf and dumb.
I want you boys to be considerate.
Since he is a bowler he will
join your group, Ajit.
There is a huge difference...
...when there is a batsman between
you and the wickets isn't there?
Your pace is great...
...but if you can't wield
it like a weapon,
you might as well be tossing
Sorry, I translated
face instead of pace.
I said he must use his face as
a weapon and toss lollypops.
Sir, could you speak a little slowly?
Just tell him that it's not enough
to have natural talent,
it must be developed
and finely honed.
I guess I should be happy
that things have returned to normal.
What a lazy boy!
God make him more responsible.
Close your eyes.
Not this time for you, sweetie.
You a keep watch on dad.
-I don't need to...
...his snores can be heard
in the next village.
How you grip the ball is the starting
point from which everything else
For the next week we will
concentrate on your grip.
Kamal, if you're more interested
in his shoeless feet,
then I suggest two laps...
without shoes.
Iqbal come here.
Take this.
Come fast, come.
Khadija! What are you waiting for?
Go take your father's bag.
Yes, mother.
Deaf ass...
...dumb and deaf ass.
Why don't you take you and your
sister's sorry asses out of here?
For your information, I can hear...
...and if you speak facing him
he can understand too.
You're so stupid.
What did he say?
Ass. Why the hell were you
not wearing a helmet?
I bet you were showing off.
Khadija, you and Iqbal
wait in my office.
I know it wasn't an accident.
I also know Kamal made fun of you...
...and Khadija.
But I've told you repeatedly
that you have to control your temper.
Only Kamal has a problem with me.
Well, he was the star here
until you showed up.
It just won't work.
No sir, you cannot do that.
This has been my dream, sir.
I've waited all my life for this
My hands are tied, son.
There are other forces at work here.
Kamal's father is far too valuable
to the academy.
I've done all I can.
Please don't beg, son.
Please, just leave.
What happened?
No, no. It's not me.
No, no. It's not me.
Yes... it's me.
That was a long time ago... my previous life.
Okay... me... and you...
...what are you doing...
I don't understand anything.
I don't understand what you are
You must be out of your mind.
I am going to teach you to bowl?
It's just not possible kid.
What good is it?
You want to become like me? no it's not possible... no
Now get out of here!
Don't stop dreaming son.
Till when are you
going to do this? Huh?
I have the rest of my life to
...but you are wasting
the best years of your life.
What kind of ridiculous test is
...please tell him not to waste
his time here.
You'll keep doing this
everyday till I give in?
Okay, from tomorrow...
I will teach you bowling.
From tomorrow.
Now you go.
Mother, come quick.
What happened?
Mother, I think brother has
finally gone mad.
Don't talk nonsense.
-He says he found another coach.
Is that true?
Damn! First my dad, then this kid.
Why can't you just leave me alone?
What have I done to deserve this
Stick that damn thing in
and give me those pills too.
Also, give me something
for this headache.
One stubborn son of a bitch.
I... lied to you.
...lied to you.
I had no intention of coming
back to coach you.
Okay I'm done confessing
whether he heard it or not.
You'll are such terrible actors
go and watch your match.
Brother! Brother!
What took you so long, boy?
If you had taken any more time,
I would have hit the bottle.
We are a little short on
willpower these days.
Okay... okay...
Let's not get too excited.
I am not entirely sure about this.
This is on a trial basis.
If I suck too badly,
then you're on your own.
It's ok...
How are you going to get
what I am saying?
Come on... plant the stumps.
Ooh, bad omen.
Even after twenty years... I guess
if you have it, you never lose it
Shit, shit!
Just one quick swig and my nerves
will be steady as a rock.
One swig, kid.
Just a teeny little one, please.
Who's training who?
Why do I need to bowl
in the first place?
All I need to do is give you a few
pointers and you can do the rest,
I'm the bloody coach here.
Oh, that feels good.
That's all for today...
I figured you might say that.
First thing... we need a translator.
If father finds out that
I bunked school, he'll kill me.
Okay tell me.
I'll teach him what little I know,
It has been a long time and with
the amount of alcohol I've drunk
Can we dispense with the speeches
and get straight to the point?
You don't like me, do you?
I don't want to see him
disappointed again.
Besides this is only temporary...
and you will go back to your
That's what I keep telling him.
But he won't listen.
Since we're both stuck,
why don't you pretend...
...that you like me and
we can get on with this charade?
God says drinking is bad.
God continually says a lot of things.
I drink so I don't have to listen to
If we're done discussing the merits
of my character, can I begin?
Just one small sip, I bet the
Any chance?
I know where we can start.
Let's go kids.
Do you trust him?
Can we come in?
Good job.
Found it!
But this is the same as
Guruji's training schedule.
Yes... I know.
This is your great plan?
-You already know all this...
What did he say?
He says if he has to get into
shape then so do you.
Don't push your luck, kid.
What did he say?
See you in the morning.
-Yeah, fat chance.
He's joking, right?
What time is it?
Why are you after my life?
Did the God of Death send
you or my dead father?
Do you still hate me after
all this years, Papa?
Damn! That's less than a month away.
No, goddammit, no!!!
Come here.
See... anger...
bowling does not mean...
If I do all this I'll forget
what I have to say.
One moment.
This is not about uprooting
the damn stumps on every ball...
because you will find someone
who's better than you.
This is all about mind games
that you play with your gut.
Mind games with your gut?
Just translate.
Why does a batsman hit you?
It's because he's read you.
He's gotten inside your head and read
what ball you're going to bowl to
But what if he can never know until
the very last second...
because you yourself don't know?
How do you do this?
By going with your gut.
No one can teach you this.
Don't pre-determine what you're
going to bowl to him.
Get inside his head, watch him,
read every sign,
...absorb every movement...
and let your instinct tell you what
...just before you let the ball
slip from your fingers,
...when it'll be too late for him.
Basically, you have to make
the batsmen do what YOU want.
That is difficult.
-It is difficult but not impossible.
All I can teach you are little tricks
the real magic has to come from you.
Mohitji, I'm confused with
this mind and gut thing.
When the mind and gut work together
it doesn't matter which is which.
And your brother has to learn this.
Let's see, Kapil Dev... Kumble...
Harbhajan... Balaji?
And this?
-This is our favorite, Irfan.
Why only bowlers?
Brother thinks the batsmen
hog all the glory...
...while bowlers get very little of
the credit they actually deserve.
Now you have to force
me to hit the ball...
to the exact fielder or
in this case, buffalo.
Khadija, will you hold up
the numbers please.
Khadija will hold up a different
number each time...
...and you'll have to bowl
I won't be able to see the number.
Only after I hit the ball
I will check the number, okay?
How long have you had this?
We can't risk this.
What's this?
I used to call it the Mohit
..."The Trap."
It's not about making the batsman
hit where a fielder is...
...but about making him hit where
the fielder isn't at that time...
...and bringing in a fielder
in time to take the catch.
The past always keeps coming back.
My name is Mohit...
...l... Iqbal... cricket training.
I'm sorry I can't invite you...
...because his father hates
the very word cricket.
I know. I'll be only a minute.
Since it's Iqbal's birthday...
Please give this to him.
Please don't tell him it's from me...
I know he's got too much self
I can't
Without this they won't
allow him on any field.
I thank you on his behalf.
Please, don't disappoint him.
I'm going to try.
-Because if you do I will kill you.
The women of this house
are damn scary.
Don't worry ma'am your daughter's
already threatened me.
I'm going to try.
Good night.
Now nothing can stop me.
I got that. I'm beginning
to understand him.
Great, when you can actually
learn to sign it'll be time to leave.
I'm not going anywhere.
But for how long?
How have I wronged you?
Can I ever win with you?
Only when he makes the national team.
In the meantime?
Till then I'll be like this... always
watching, always suspicious.
I got this for you.
Iqbal told me you're crazy about
Buttering me up will only
get you that far...
...but I'm a little
less suspicious now.
I'm taking the children to
a religious meet tomorrow.
Make sure he's not taught
useless things.
He spends his time doing useless
I'll make sure he doesn't
You wait here, I'll be right back.
So the rumors about
you training Iqbal are true.
I'm sure you don't need luck.
Well, I've brought a few promising
I'm sure you have.
Good to see you back.
I know this is an unusual request but
I've brought a boy...
...who I believe deserves
to be in the team.
Which district?
He's not played for any district.
Which league team?
He's not played for any team.
You mean...
If we looked at every boy
who plays street cricket...
...we would be here for months.
-All I'm asking is for a few
Sir, it's not possible.
At least during the lunch break,
just ten minutes.
Hello dumb-ass.
Just concentrate on
making the team.
You get five minutes...
...during the lunch break.
-Is that enough time?
Does your God listen to you?
-Every time.
Time to call on him...
I don't think my God is going to
to me. I've pissed him off enough.
I know why you went to the bathroom.
It's okay, I understand.
I'm very nervous too.
Please take a few steps back.
Well done!
Good speed.
Is he consistent?
-He can do it all day.
The speed is impressive
but is he accurate?
One minute.
How was Iqbal's performance?
Your boy is very good...
But he can't make the team.
I'm sorry all the slots are full.
I can't explain the reasons
You don't have to.
-Sir, just a minute.
I know Andhra has a vacancy.
I can get him on that team.
I know they're almost ranked
last in the league...
...but it's still a state team.
I used to be a great fan of your's.
I guess there is no
need to kill me now.
You still have to get my son
to the national team.
I can't win with the women
in this house.
I struck a great deal at the market.
I think we'll have a good year.
With whom?
A new company,
they will buy maize directly from
us... middlemen anymore.
How is your sister?
-Very well. Her family
At least have the decency
not to lie to my face.
Bipin told me he saw
you board the bus to Mahipur.
We went for the state
cricket selections.
I should have guessed.
Come here.
Come here...
Come here.
From tomorrow you will work
in the fields with me.
Did you say, no?
I can't even afford
a laborer to tend my fields.
I've had to sell most of our
lands just to feed you.
And you're obsessed
about a bloody game!
Have both of you gone mad?
He got selected for the state team.
No one has ever done that without
playing a single game.
That's enough.
Give that to me.
I won't hit you because
I promised not to,
but don't push me, boy.
Iqbal... wake up.
Iqbal's not shown up for 2 days.
Is he sick?
Please don't come here, Mohitji.
If my husband sees you he'll kill
Now it's the men too?
Thought just the women hated me.
His father found out that he's
secretly playing cricket.
Iqbal is now working
in the fields with him.
Maybe it was unacceptable to Him.
This is unacceptable to me.
Sir, I came to see you.
My name is Mohit.
Oh, so you're the cricket genius.
And the official town drunk.
I was.
The truth is the truth.
We've just finished our prayers,
do not defile us.
I would never come here drunk.
I just need two minutes of your
time... talk about Iqbal...
it's very important.
I apologize for my rudeness.
It's just that the very mention
of cricket makes my blood boil.
It's just a sport.
A sport doesn't make the
whole country shut down.
Do you have any idea how much
loss of productivity happens...
each time the national team plays?
-I know but it unites a nation.
Doesn't help anyone other than
the few players who get rich.
And as if that money is not enough,
...they cheat the very public
that pays to see them.
Is there anything in this world where
a few haven't sold their souls?
I'd rather see our scientists,
farmers and other workers rewarded.
A cricketer works no less than a
Your son made the state team
without playing a single match.
No one has ever done that.
Do you not see his greatness?
I see a better future where he can
earn his livelihood and respect.
He'll be a farmer.
I believe each of us are sent to this
world to do one thing exceptionally
Most of us wander through life
not knowing what that is.
Some us are lucky enough to find out.
Some of us are ungrateful
enough to throw it away.
Your son was meant to play cricket.
Cricket is not just a game for him.
It completes him,
...makes him live,
allows him to breathe.
Please don't take this away from
...from me.
I can't sacrifice my son's life
for your salvation.
Good bye.
You know you're committing a crime.
Killing your son.
That's what you're doing.
You ready to play some cricket?
Come on you can't give
up that easily. That's my job.
Don't worry,
I have the perfect plan.
Alright, tell me where he's gone.
Feels amazing doesn't it?
Your practice this past
week has been excellent.
So boys, let's go out there
and do our best.
Yes, come on.
I need that fire.
A special thanks to our newest member
who's been instrumental in this
Andhra's success so far has
come as a big surprise.
New bowler Iqbal has
averaged 8 wickets a match.
That's all? Bloody Fools!
Sorry, but they wrote
only 3 lines about brother.
Mother, its Mohitji!
How's Iqbal?
-Very well.
He wants you to see him play.
I will.
He's having a great time.
He misses you and Khadija...
and his father too.
I miss him every second.
He wants to come home...
but not without his dad's permission.
Like father like son.
He wants to be in touch with you.
We've won today's game too.
I've taken six wickets...
Your father is fine.
I need you for good luck.
Tomorrow is the finals.
-I'll try, my son.
No try, nonsense,
I need you here.
I know you didn't say that
but I thought...
Was it a bit too melodramatic?
Please come.
Should I even bother asking
where you're going?
Not today Saida.
Please not today.
The bank has taken all our lands.
We're finished.
I still have to go to be with my son
on his most important day.
You're going to choose him over me?
Why did it have to come
to this Anwar, why?
What has he done that is so wrong
I must choose between you and him?
I was hoping you'd see what
our son was meant to be...
He lives for his dream, Anwar.
Stop that nonsense,
I've been hearing it ever
since Iqbal was born.
Dreams don't put food on the table.
They don't help us buy our land back.
He inherited your madness,
your absolute lunacy
for that stupid game.
And your singular passion.
Why can't you see that?
Never thought a simple
game could ruin our lives.
It's not the game, Anwar.
It never was.
I did what I did for his sake.
You know it's not the truth.
-For his future...
You're a wonderful father
but somehow you hold him
responsible for all your problems.
That's not true.
He's not the reason for
three years of drought,
he's not the reason you
had to sell your lands.
He's not the reason for all your
bad business decisions...
but he is definitely the reason
we have so much joy in our lives.
He was supposed to
bring me luck, Saida.
He was supposed to lift me out
of this pathetic ordinary life.
And he will.
You have no idea what
your son is capable of.
God, what have I done?
I'm so sorry.
I'm not the one you should
be apologizing to.
Thank you for coming.
Your boy is amazing, Mohit.
Talent like that comes along
once in a century.
We're going to win the Ranji trophy.
You might. So why did you call me
There is a rumor that some
member of the...
national selection committee
will be there for the finals.
What's the deal you're offering?
-No deal.
That's why I called you.
I just want you to let the
boys play their game...
and may the best man win.
Don't be so naive, Mohit.
You know that deal-making has
become an integral part of this game.
Some of the greatest players this
has ever seen have come out of deals.
It's people like me and now you...
who make deals and ensure that the
possible team represents the country.
Is that why you bartered my place?
You were my best student,
but sometimes just that is not
If you had stayed with me
I would have eventually got you
into the national team.
Unless another wealthy kid happened
to stop by your academy.
What killed me was not the fact that
I didn't make the team...
but that when I was hurting
and disappointed,
you never once checked on me.
One moment you were my friend,
my teacher, my God even,
the next I was a statistic
from your academy.
I just want to make great players.
You listen to me
Iqbal is not a statistic.
At this time the Indian team
needs a batsman,
not a bowler. And Kamal is best
suited for the job.
You do what you have to Guruji.
Unlike me, this boy's a fighter,
he's not going to curl up and die.
He will keep coming back till
he wears the blue uniform.
And you or your "deals" can't stop
Then I wish him all the best.
I've always wanted to say this to
to you...
my father and every other
well-wisher of mine...
One more match,
I'm sorry, we can't take
you to a good hotel...
because Iqbal can't leave the ground.
-Its ok.
We have to go back.
We wanted to see you play but
sorry son we have to go back.
Money problems?
I don't need that.
Now I'm completely recharged
to fight again.
Don't worry we'll be watching
it on the news.
Every day.
I'm learning to bat as well...
I will do my best.
Your first autograph, kiddo!
There'll be plenty of time
later for this, stud.
We represent the best talent
in the nation,
every big player you can think of.
As a matter of fact,
we actually believe,
a belief from right here
in nurturing talent like you
because if you believe in your dream
then the whole universe conspires
to make it come true.
Our research is extensive
we have been following you right from
We will give you the best
deals on everything...
...T. V, public appearance,
...who knows even feature films,
plus a handsome signing bonus.
You will be absolutely happy with us.
What do you say?
By the way he's deaf and dumb.
Come on, sir, don't joke.
I see your research
is really extensive.
Should I leave now?
-That's a great idea
And don't come back.
This is just the beginning kid.
These vultures will come
for you from every angle.
I'll be there to protect you
but not permanently.
I said, yes,
...but not permanently.
Damn, you're one stubborn
son of a bitch.
That's the rumor but no one knows...
who the selector is.
See you at the hotel after
your practice, kiddo.
They have the first innings
lead of 114 runs,
Two more days to go...
I want to aim for a score of
400 runs by tomorrow.
That will give us about 300 to
defend on the last day.
So let's go out there
and kick some ass.
In a NPN-TV exclusive we're standing
with Iqbal's parents and little
Mr. Khan, how does it feel to be
the father of such talent.
He's the best player
in the whole world.
We've been blessed by God.
I believe that each of us are sent
to do one thing exceptionally well... son was meant to play cricket.
Hey those are my dialogues.
He stole my damn dialogues.
Can we talk a minute?
You still read lips, right?
Can we not sit?
Okay, have it your way.
I am sorry that you had to
leave the academy.
But you know that I had
no choice at the time.
Actually the problem is that the
national team needs a batsman...
...not a bowler. And Kamal
is the perfect choice.
When your team takes the field
...I want you to bowl badly,
...especially when you bowl to Kamal.
I want all the attention to shift to
Kamal as he leads his team to
Now what do you get in return?
Just as I'm dealing for Kamal,
I will deal for you.
You will play for the national team
but not this year.
And to show you that
I'm absolutely fair...
Here's a check for Rs. 25 lakhs... get your father's lands back.
With my offer,
you can now be a good player... well as a good son.
If you refuse...
But if you walk away from this
...I will ensure that
you never make the team.
Forget this year,
I'm talking about the rest of your
If you have doubts about my clout,
it's your stupidity.
I'll take your silence as yes.
Money, happy father,
national team next year...
Only an idiot will walk away
from this deal.
Why does he keep bowling
full length balls?
You're not sticking to your game
You're letting the batsman read you.
That's very mature.
Remember, mind games with your gut.
Yes I know what is going on.
Yes, I do.
You believe in your dream right?
Then the whole universe will conspire
to make your dream come true.
I don't know what it means...
but I thought it might cheer you up.
Isn't that what coaches
are supposed to do?
Come up with useless inspirational
sayings at the right time?
Who said what?
Oh, the whole universe will conspire
to make your dream come true?
That annoying agent.
I'm Satish Bhatawadekar.
Where the hell?
After a lackluster morning,
Iqbal has suddenly come alive...
taking 5 wickets in a fiery
post lunch session...
and single handedly bringing
Andhra back into the game.
As the players take their last drink
break, the match's poised as a nail
...18 runs and one wicket.
One wicket and Andhra will win the
Looking for someone?
I don't know what trick
you're trying to pull...
...but be warned.
Your father and your future...
are dangling by a very thin thread.
Don't do something foolish
and risk both.
Let Kamal score his century
and win the match.
Everybody back... back.
You've done your bit,
I'm going with the spinners.
This is not street cricket, Iqbal.
There is a certain procedure,
a certain logic.
Kamal has been hitting
you in this match...
...and he doesn't play spin well.
Sorry, the ball is worn
and I'm going with Doshi.
What are these two doing?
What are you doing?
It's both our necks on the line.
The boy's a bloody genius.
"The Trap!"
Mind games with your gut...
not with your teacher!
It's a shame that the
selectors didn't show up.
If taking 12 wickets and winning the
finals doesn't warrant a place on
...national them tham then
I'm not sure what does.
Stay out of this Mohit,
this is between him and I.
We had a deal.
Very touching, the student
standing up for his teacher.
You've made a big mistake
going against me.
I will make it my purpose in life to
ensure that you don't make the team
Now you and this drunk can
play cricket in your fields...
And speaking of fields, I'll make
sure your father loses everything.
Hey Iqbal, why aren't you out there
Hey, Guruji, long time since
I signed any of your boys.
It was tough but I got
all the paperwork done.
Sign right there.
And as I said we put our
money where our mouth is,
although I must say we have
a pretty big mouth. Ha, ha...
...okay bad joke.
Fifty lakhs!
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
I just wanted to meet the
Koilpad Express face to face.
It takes a bowler to truly
fathom what you did today.
Pleasure to meet you, sir.
Are you the boy's father?
-Only on the field, sir.
Is it true that you have a
buffalo named after me?
My favorite buffalo.
I'm honored.
Kapil, we had no idea you were
You missed a great match.
Actually, I watched the entire match.
Iqbal was terrific.
Let's go and have dinner.
Kamal was in terrific form,
brilliant innings.
I think he's peaked at the right
Sir shall I leave?
Well there goes your place
on the team.
No problem
I think the Indian team
needs such a bowler.