Irada (2017) Movie Script

Those who watch while others burn...
Your straw houses will soon be graves...
When winds stoke the flames of death, . ..
How long will you be saved?
Come on, come on!
Yeah, that's it... smooth strokes,
smooth strokes...
Okay, five more, five more...
Rhythmic breathing,
rhythmic breathing...
...Stronger, stronger, stronger!
Any letters?
Papa, looks like there's good news!
You need to follow the commander's
orders before you take flight...
...Miss Fighter Pilot!
Shut the box.
I've shut it... Papa please
let me check it once!
And close the gate!
Papa please!
Miss Fighter Pilot!
You can't disobey orders like that.
Okay, read it out.
What happened?
Don't tell me...
Rejected on basis of endurance
and physical fitness.
200 meters in 2 minutes...
500 meters in two minutes...
lam not numbers!
lam not numbers!
Come on faster,
faster, ls that fastest you can go?
Come on!
Bloody hell! Rhythmic
breathing... Rhythmic breathing!
Shit! Back, back, five more!
Smooth strokes, smooth strokes,
how many times I have to tell you...
You're supposed to swim,
not wade!
Go. Come on stronger!
Come on... one more time back...
Riya, Riyal
She swims for a good
45 minutes everyday, Doctor.
Non-stop. Every single day.
Today we did an hour,
but I know her strength!
Relax, I think this is something else.
I need to examine her further.
...where were we?
You save your queen.
You see, it starts in the lungs, and
then starts spreading all over the body.
It's a galloping Cancer.
What stage?
It's a pretty advanced stage.
L-low long will she...
I can't be sure.
Maybe a month.
You can try your luck,
but it's like killing a fly with a sword.
...what have you done, my love!
What have you done?
I read the report.
So what? Listen to me.
There are no targets in life.
The real battle is here... can't lose it.
You can't give up.
From tomorrow, no targets or agendas.
Tomorrow is another day.
From now on, there's no agenda.
No training.
None of this.
Q Kay-
Okay. . ...
Then let's kill the
fly with the sword tomorrow.
Hey, stop!
Wanna hear a story?
In high school, I had a classmate
who didn't like the way I talked.
During our farewell party...
... | took him to the pool
and dunked him into the water...
...till he was scared shitless.
That's how I've achieved everything.
If you come in my way,
you go down under.
I know everything.
Blood group scam, reverse boring.
I know all about it.
What are you trying to
prove by being James Bond, eh?
That the blood reports
show traces of Uranium?
No one knows jackshit about
Reverse boring in this town.
Ammonium Nitrate
and Chromium are toxic... one cares about all this.
Everyone's on their own trip here.
Taking their wives
out on romantic dinners...
...or taking their girlfriends
out for disco Bollywood nights...
...that is life for them.
The truth is that people here are
now used to drinking this poison...
...and that's good for my business.
And now you know it.
You think you can bury the truth?
Someone's going to expose you soon!
It doesn't end here!
You can't stop this!
You can't stop this!
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!
The funds have already arrived.
You're never late, I must say!
Well, I aim to please!
Keep this.
And give this to that
gentleman there, will you?
Tell him it's from me.
It's a dirty joke.
Sir, that gentlemen sent this for you.
On the path to conquer the throne,
Some of your pawns must die...
If your eyes aim the big kill,
you must learn to eat humble pie.
Ah, what poetry!
Who is this, Gha | ib's Uncle?
He's a motivational speaker.
Looking for funds for his new book.
Don't look back or
he'll latch on to you.
And bug you with his letters.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would
now like to call upon the Honorable...
Chief Minister of state Ms Braitch
to felicitate Mr Paddy. FSharma,
...the managing director
of PPFPL for his decade...
...long commitment to
sustainable business practices.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Global
Ten Award goes to Mr Paddy I: Sharma.
Are your legs glued? Get the trophy!
Wonderful, isn't it- Getting
this from your lucky charm, eh!
Thank you.
Thank you everyone.
Bloody criminal!
Sustainable award, huh?
Receiving fancy awards while
you get Anirudh Dutt abducted?
He had all the evidence against you,
that's why you kidnapped him right?
Everyone knows what dirty games...'ve been playing
behind this glitzy fagade.
I will expose you!
I will expose all of you!
Leave me. Leave me!
Fools rush in where
angels fear to tread.
Shakespeare said it eons ago,
but the curtains are rising now.
Being the poster boy of Forbes,
or dabbling in number games...
... | don't understand this.
I understand only golf and jazz.
So let the jazz begin!
And enjoy the evening.
Move it! Move back please!
We will answer all your
queries but for now move back
l-low did you do it'?
At the Doon School Farewell party,
you pushed Dukki into
the pool, around 7 pm.
Did you save him or did he drown?
There's muck on your collar.
Start the car.
Open the door!
You slung mud at him, right?
Anirudh's bitch!
Your pretty face
will burn in acid now.
You have been playing
sting journalist for too long.
Tonight, you'll be on breaking news!
This isn't a city of big movie heroes.
It's a city buried in ashes.
Anyone can go missing here, anytime.
Everyone wants to fight
their battles with us.
Totally. File a missing complaint.
After all, the law reigns supreme.
Right. But you guys run a
parallel system at PPFPL, don't you?
You get Anirudh out of this!
You know I won't stop at this.
Oh madam,
don't try and act smart, okay?
People literally shit
bricks in front of us.
They shiver, stutter
and break into a cold sweat.
So spare your shenanigans for your
fancy tea parties! Not here, got it!
In a moment you became a stranger
Didn't even stop to look back...
Consumed in your love
I wait in hope...
Oh my love...
My sweet beloved
Oh my love...
My sweet beloved
There's no one like you...
Soaked in a stream of your memories...
Soaked in a stream of your memories...
I cried the whole night...
Oh my beloved...
My sweet beloved. ....
There is no one like you
Bereft of your love
I am swirling in the delirium of oneness
They say Pm so consumed by you
That I've lost sense of day and night
It's this distance
of Jove that I can't bear
I pine for you as you have
Stolen my nights away
Smile... Smile...
Smile... Smile...
Smile... Smile!
I have a surprise for you!
Let me show you.
and here it is kept...
Oh my beloved...
Come back to me...
MY love!
Come back to me...
As the world ceases to exist
Let's rejoice in our togetherness
Come my beloved
Come my beloved
Come back, my sweet love...
Check, has the motor started?
It's started!
The waste line is on.
Pump the chemical
waste into the ground.
Dispose off the waste into the canal.
And the remaining chemical waste,
dump it into the fields.
Security, what's that machine flying up there?
26 years.
Arrudh Du.
Any wounds?
5 wounds on the Body
and on the head as well.
Those are just scratches, not wounds.
Count the fingers.
All intact.
Intact, sire.
Here, put a stamp on
this and a sheet on him.
Hey, come here fast with the sheets!
Come on, quick!
Cover the body properly.
Wow, buddy- what a player you are!
The girl slings mud on your face...
...and you send her boyfriend
straight to heaven! Clean bowled!
I'll call you after my meeting.
Close your mouth!
Stop eating noisily.
You were born with a set of ten teeth.
Everyone would tell me,
you've given birth to a witch!
And I would say, how can it be'?
She's my flesh and blood!
Bu you actually turned
out to be a monster!
Ate your father whole!
And it still didn't satiate your hunger?
Why did you do it,
why did you kill him!
And now you want to kill me too?
That's the body.
Happy Birthday, Riya.
Excuse me, can I have a light?
Thank you!
It's no coincidence
that you're here, is it?
Absolutely not.
It's a well thought out plan.
L-low do you know about
the Doon school incident'?
Dukki- your childhood buddy
is now a farmer in Bihar.
Your daughter Ivlitali. ..
...EDM is her national anthem.
Who the hell are you?
I'm a writer.
I believe in one shot.
Would you like a cigar?
No thanks.
This is my book, check it out.
If you approve,
you could fund the launch.
Those who live on ocean shores,
should beware of tidal waves.
Have a look.
You fund so many causes.
You spent 5000 crores
on the Life fountain Lab!
This is a pittance in comparison.
You opened 2 proy accounts
for the Life fountain lab, didn't you?
Used Jeetu for it...
Another request.
You must launch the
book with your own hands.
The media is hungry for a scoop.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I call upon Parabjeet Walia to
introduce his book, One Shot!
Thank you, thank you very much.
They say there can
be only one Lion in a forest...
...and only one leader among men.
The rest merely exist...
That's why it's important to grab
the first opportunity and get ahead.
Life doesn't give you many chances.
It's all about one shot.
Mere rabbis-rousing is not my aim...
The who/e effort is
to make the wheels turn...
Yes, the walls have begun
to tremble like curtains...
But the point is that the foundations
must shake and churn...
If not in my heart,
your heart shall behold...
Wherever the re be,
but for sure it must burn.
2 blasts took place
at the PPFPL factory.
The first explosion was minor,
which set off the alarms.
The factory was then evacuated.
The second explosion was humongous,
Considering the intensity of the blast.
The fact that there were
zero casualties draws suspicion.
ls the state witnessing
terrorism again?
So far, no RDX has been found.
But why was the factory evacuated?
We are surrounded
by so many questions...
...and the nation
wants to know the answer!
Ma'am, do you think this was a terrorist
attack? ls there a foreign hand?
No need for all this commotion.
Whatever happened is terrible,
we strongly condemn it.
Investigations are on...
...but at this point we
have no verified information...
...on the involvement
of any terrorist groups.
But I'll make you a promise...
...whoever the culprits are,
we'll nab them before Diwali.
Wait outside.
3O missed calls!
I have other stuff to attend to...
Whoever did this,
had it all planned well in advance.
I'll chase him down right
to where he lives and murder him!
I'm not gonna leave him!
Relax, mister.
I want all my insurance
money in one week flat.
My company is worth 6000 crores.
I want more than that! Got it'?
Look, it's all gonna get sorted.
Since it's a blast, it will
be assumed to be a terrorist attack.
The case is bound to
go to the central government.
I'm not interested in any
of your bureaucratic nonsense.
I want my money. When and hovv will
you get it back, is what I wanna know!
All these platitudes of yours,
keep them for the press.
Okay, calm down.
Come, sit- let's talk.
Tell me.
Have you heard you
the story about the horses?
Just hear me out.
Not all horses are the same,
there are race-horses...
...and there are those
used at marriage processions.
And then there is the
horse of the government...
...which we will now
ride like the groom's horse...
...the louder the wind pipes
will blow, the faster it will trot.
We have this officer, Arjun Ivlishra.
All we need to do is close the files.
It's an open the shut case.
You'll get your money,
no need to stress.
Ride any horse you please...
...but if this isn't fixed,
the next election...
...poster will show a different face
...and the money will
go to someone e | se's account.
Got it?
Don't get so hyper, sir.
Chill out... Trust me,
we'll sort everything.
Why you all are wearing dirty uniforms?
All the donations I give- are they useless?
Go, tell your principal, okay?
Send me a cup of tea.
Update all of them, okay?
Come on in! l-low can I serve you'?
Tea or coffee?
No, thank you.
Ivlanipur, Kargil, Anantnag, eh?
Been through pretty rough waters.
Now you want to relax in
air-conditioned offices, don't you'?
The Prime Minister's office.
Just doing my bit for the family...
Of the family,
for the family, by the family.
That's what democracy is really about.
Surely you know how it is'?
You're absolutely correct, ma'am.
Shut the case, chill and have
a blast this Diwali with your family.
Yes. The case will be shut in a week.
There's just some
problem with evidence...
...but I'm gathering
all the information...
You have information;
give it to the broadcasting ministry.
Let's cut to the chase.
It's an open and shut case.
Just wrap it up and get rid of it,
without a sound.
Yes ma'am.
Good bye.
Good bye.
They have hoarded tons of
money and filled their coffers.
And they can't even
keep a chair inside?
So, what's the price
IPS officers are commanding in
the marriage market nowadays?
2 Groves.
Nice, then you've hit the jackpot!
No sir. I don't think like that.
I will marry the girl I like, not
the one who brings the heftiest dowry.
Actually we need that
change in the country...
And we will bring that change.
Speaking of change...
Do you have change of 500 rupees?
Yes Sir.
Do me a favour, take these 500
rupees and get me a cigarette pack.
Lets blow away your 'change' in smoke!
As long as the entire system
doesn't change, no one will change.
They are all Scoundrels.
Here, sir.
See, there's your change.
I-Ii. I am Maya. I am a journalist
and I have some classified info...
Hi. I am Maya.
I am a journalist and I have some...
...classified information
that I would like to...
No, no, no...
Hi. I'm Maya. lam ajournalist
and I have some classified...
...information that
I would like to share with you.
I'm sorry I've arrived
at your home unannounced...
...but this will be useful to you.
Maya! Such a nice name, Maya.
Sorry, I shouldn't have
come here unannounced but..
Hmm... Even I wasn't supposed
to be here, but here I am.
Q Kay-
I have this research and
lam sure it will be helpful to you.
Not here...please keep it there
There, right there.
Thank you.
These white collar companies...
While you're at it,
just keep this bottle there as well?
On the right corner. Thank you.
All the muck lurking
behind the facade of these...
...white collar companies,
it's all here for you to see.
And that is PPFPL.
L-low long have you been here Maya'?
Long enough to know that all
the high-rises in this city
Have their foundations
deep below in hell.
Oh. No, I just wanted
to know where do you get...
...the yummiest Chickpea
gravy and bread in town?
You know the kind that...
Please go through that research.
Yeah I will. I will.
Thank you.
Excuse me! Dolphin Chowk has the best
Chickpea gravy and bread in town...
...Just let Sir know.
Yes ma'am.
L-low are you, buddy'?
I'm okay, you tell me?
Same here, life's chugging along.
Are you surely coming
home this Diwali?
Or do I have to cajole
mom to buy me crackers?
I will be there for sure.
Rocket, Anar, Chakri, Deepika bomb,
Katrina bomb, Priyanka bomb...
Ask your mom to sanction
the budget for all of them.
We will burst them together. Okay?
Do call mom once in a while.
She is a nuclear bomb!
Sir, our industry has a fool-proof
trip system for safety.
A safety team came
from Germany to check.
The reactor has been under surveillance
What's your role here, sir?
Sir I am the Main wire here.
You mean chief?
No sir, main wire. lam the only
source and link to the head command!
L-laha. So how old is the plant'?
1 O years
And how long have you been here'?
1 O years
Any major accidents in the past?
Fire outbreak etc?
Nothing sir.
Fire safety?
Sir the whole plant has a definite,
fixed fire...
...installation system,
with fire water pumps.
but when the alarm went off, I don't
know why the safety system failed.
Who was on duty at the time,
near the reactor?
Bhagat Singh. Here sir,
this is the full employee list.
Please call Bhagat Singh.
Sir he is on leave for the last 5 days
due for his wife's cancer treatment.
What are the chemicals
used in the reactor?
It's highly confidential.
Only boss knows.
Just like Grand Ma's recipe, right?
They will take the
secret to their graves.
All American restaurants are just
like that! 'Secret recipe', they say.
Awful food but secret recipe!
Good. Nice meeting you.
Secret recipe...
Keep her under keen observation, okay?
Yes sir.
She's in my circle of suspicion.
This is a daily affair for them sir.
Ivlartys day was observed yesterday,
and they're still at it.
Who is the new Martyr in town?
Sir on 17th Nov 1928, when Lala Lajpat
Rai was murdered for protesting...
...against Simon Commission,
Bhagat Singh took his revenge.
Sir whenever I read about
Bhagat Singh, I get goosebumps.
For the deaf to hear,
blasts are needed... He was so right!
For the deaf to hear,
blasts are needed.
Of course.
Sir, but weren't we going
straight to the scene of crime?
Where are you going?
Sir, you came back?
Did you forget something?
I didn't forget.
Just got reminded of something.
As I keep remembering,
I will keep visiting you.
Yes. Yes.
L-low long have you known Bhagat Singh'?
For the past 3 years.
Earlier he was employed in the packaging
unit, got promoted 5 days ago.
Who promoted him?
I did.
I savv his qualifications. He was a
gold medalist from Punjab University.
One minute.
Please send Bhagat Singh's file.
And he knew all about chemicals.
He'd been after me for a while...
One minute.
Sir, here, this is his certificate.
He was an expert in his field,
so I promoted him.
Please check his bag.
Bag? Why bag? Sir,
you are unnecessarily suspecting me.
Sir, I'm a man of clean character.
Of course,
your character shines in your eyes.
Been flying high, eh?
What is it, Meow-Meow?
Looks like hash, from your fingers.
Shoulcfve at least washed your hands!
Where you were you that day?
This book, Sir. One Shot.
I was at the launch
event with Paddy Sir.
And I recorded a video as well.
Here, listen to the author's speech.
He fumed you, Mr Mukhytaar.
The certificate is fake.
Keep this as evidence.
Sir... Sir this is my phone.
Where did the nail cutter go?
Check inside.
Yes Sir!
Check all the rooms!
Check that bedroom, anything there?
Open it, check properly!
Did you find anything there
Sir what did you just do?
It's for protection from
bad cosmic events.
Here, keep this.
ls it evidence?
No I like the fragrance.
I'm taking it home.
Bow down to God.
Keep this as well.
You want to take this home as well?
This is evidence.
Yes sir
have marked some local phone numbers,
I want to trace their locations.
Let me know when and where
these SIM Cards were used.
Okay Sir!
Didn't I ask you to give
me Bhagat Singh's bio-data?
Yes sir.
Thank you.
Sir, we have traced the SIM,
Location says Nepal Patan.
Inform Nepal authorities, this
man needs to be arrested on sight.
Okay Sir!
Papa when are you coming back?
I defeated Som in a kabaddi match!
Saw the Spiderman movie too.
Are you listening, Papa!
Mummy is getting thinner...
She doesn't eat properly,
I think she's dieting.
And do you know,
her hair is falling too.
Are you there, Papa?
Can you hear me?
ivlaa'm. The prime accused of the case
Bhagat Singh has committed suicide
So bring him back to life.
Dig him out of his grave,
do whatever you must...
But I want his
confession statement.
lvlaa'm I feel...
Shove your feelings
up your backside, okay?
This isn't a bloody
charity organisation!
Gurnaam, who will wash the glass?
Your Dad?
You think the government gives
free meals? I'm gonna spank your ass!
Do as I say, don't make me repeat myself!
Yes, what was I saying...
I need the statement
before the press conference.
Got it?
Why are you dragging PPFPL into this?
Because they do ground water contamination
the region that we are in today...
ls now the cancer belt of our country.
Reverse boring is a dangerous
way to dispose chemical waste.
Factories like PPFPL don't
have waste treatment plants... they use this illegal but
convenient method of Reverse Boring.
Thousands of gallons of poison is injected
deep underground through a pipe.
lmagine- the water, the soil,
even the crops...
Everything gets infested with toxins.
And that is chemical contamination.
You can check for yourself,
the infected pumps
have been marked red,
they are banned.
If I get posted there, I'm done for.
When I was shooting my documentary,
I saw for myself.
Every home has a cancer patient.
Where were you that day?
Sir. One Shot. I was at
the launch event with Paddy Sir.
And I recorded a video as well.
Mere rabbis-rousing is not my aim...
The who/e effort is
to make the wheels turn...
Yes, the walls have begun
to tremble like curtains...
But the point is that the foundations
must shake and churn...
If not in my heart,
your heart shall behold...
Wherever the re be,
but for sure it must burn.
The foundations must shake...
What's the deal here?
This the emblem of NSG
Show me Parabjeefs bank details.
This bugger has a clean record, ya!
He sleeps on a pretty hard bed.
Who has been sending these
couplets to Bhagat Singh and why?
The game of death is
clenched in your st...
The north star looks down at you,
through the skies and mist.
There is definitely a cryptic
code message in this couplet.
...V\/hat's in my fist?
The fist is formed
by clenching the 5 fingers.
Five fingers.
My fist denotes the numerical 5...
A game has players.
Boxing has 2 players.
Volleyball has 5 players.
Basketball has 6
Cricket and hockey have 11 players...
The North star sees you from the sky...
North star means the brightest star..
The North Star is the brightest star.
November is the 11th month...
...Which means... 5.
5th November!
He's quite a cunning rascal!
This is smart guy.
Smart gUY-
So I was just doing
some research on you.
We | | - 1971 Bangladesh War,
Param Vir Chakra...
...Operation Blue Star in 1984,
NSG Phantom Kargil...
It's an honour to meet you Sir.
Thank you. Not that you're
any less accomplished.
Naa | operations in Anantnag,
Ivlanipur, Kupwara...
...Candidate for a gallantry award.
Where were you on the 5th of November?
By the way, the Kupvvara
operation- was it real or fake?
5th November. Where where you?
At my book launch.
Prior to that?
If I keep an account of every second,
of every day then..
then I will end up losing my mind.
That's why I don't keep so
many tabs on myself.
Where were you after retirement?
Surely you remember that!
I was seeking divine knowledge
in the company of great poets.
Uh huh.
Those who Watch While others burn,
Your straw houses will soon be graves,
When Winds stoke the flames of death,
How long will you be saved?
I kept quiet when they came for him,
And thus the next turn was mine,
As you stay mum while they murder me,
You're going to be the next in line.
Your poetry is rather...revealing.
That blast too,
wasn't it in one of your poems?
There was some code in that couplet...
The re in my veins, must run through
yours too... Something like that?
If not in my heart,
your heart shall behold,
The res must bum...
It's a verse by the great poet
Dushyant, actually.
In between facing and shooting guns,
I've developed quite a fondness for poetry.
L-low do you know Bhagat Singh'?
No, I'll have water.
This whole operation
must have cost a bomb.
L-low did you get the money'?
It's safe, bottled.
You have a wife?
Heh, no.
Ah, that's why you're asking all these
questions without a trace of evidence.
Got kids?
I have a son.
Speak to him often?
Yeah, we spoke just the day before.
He's in Patna, I'm here...
So we speak on the phone.
The next time you speak, ask him
Does he see corpses in his dreams?
Do deathly voices ring in his ears?
Have you got his blood tested?
Your daughter's name is Ria, right?
Where is she?
Have you checked your son's nails?
If they're turning yellow?
Where is she?
Are his lips turning blue?
Why did you choose Bhagat Singh?
Does he wake up at night,
screaming and panting?
Does he see dead bodies,
getting sucked into a poisonous swamp?
What bloody swamp
are you talking about?
And stick to answering
what I'm asking you!
This toxic swamp
filled with toxic water.
This... I guess you forgot
this the last time?
What can I say.
It's a professional hazard.
The next time I visit,
get some Single Malt.
I like Single Malts...
And I know you can afford it.
Sir I'm coming from scene of crime
I smell a huge conspiracy here.
Sir, reverse boring,Chemicals
the factory blasts...
This is the wheat bowl of India, Sir...
Which has fallen into
the jaws of a cancer epidemic.
These 3O days of being posted here
has changed my entire thought process!
3O days have changed
your thought process?
You're getting lots of big thoughts?
Stay here for 3 months, all your big
thoughts will get fused like light-bulbs!
Got it?
Sorry Sir!
Don't tell me about your
nonsensical thoughts! Idiot.
I'm so sorry.
Get out
Hello Little Master, what's up?
I'm good Papa.
You're having your medicines, right?
Papa, the hero of Singham gives
the bad guys such a royal thrashing!
Have you ever bashed
up any criminals like that?
Policemen like that only exist in movies,
those who go around giving flying Kicks.
And you stop watching all these films,
just takes you away from reality!
Okay, listen?
Do you dream often?
Yeah, of course!
I dream that you've turned into Singham
and are bashing up all the goons!
Good night papa.
Sir, this room is like
a shrine to Paddy Sir.
It's a shining testament
to his honesty and integrity.
It seems you watch a lot of movies!
Yes, first day, first show,
I'm always there at Gazala!
Blood reports?
Yes, all in order! Life Fountain Lab.
They've been tested
at the Chandigarh Lab.
In fact, Paddy Sir organizes
a blood donation camp every 6 months.
When I see his love for the city,
I get really emotional
Do you get emotional or are you terrified?
So, what was the last film
you saw that you really enjoyed?
Gosh, this Singham
follows me everywhere!
I came to you with all the facts.
I'm the one who lost Anirudh.
And you got me followed? Come on!
You know,
I'm glad that blast happened.
If it were up to me,
I'd blow up Paddy's bedroom.
Watch him ep | ode to shreds.
You should be scared.
These are some strong
statements you are making.
Looks like you didn't
read any of the research.
If you would've,
you'd be the one getting scared.
Everyone would be clear- who
made this plan, who is the victim.
Everything would be cleared!
L-low brave are you'?
This is Anirudh's post-modem report.
The real one.
What classified report
did Anirudh find?
Anirudh had caught hold
of the real blood samples...
...which proved that there
were traces of cancer to be found.
This entire Mother Teresa act that PPFPL
puts up with their blood donation drives?
It's a big scam!
Welcome to Radio FM.
Do you know,
today is Safe Water Day?
But drinking the water of
our city is an invitation to death.
You'd probably be safer
consuming rat poison!
So be safe,
be alert and think before you drink.
Yes Sir.
What water did you use to make tea?
Tap water, Sir.
Get all your stuff here.
From now on, you're going to
make tea right in front of me, got it?
With this water, here catch!
If you use tap water next time,
I'm gonna throw you in jail!
Get that? - Sorry sir!
What filth these guys have been up to!
Talisker. 1O years Single Malt.
As per you request!
Talisker is great, but I haven't
got the answer to my question.
Her death certificate.
What were you thinking?
That if you destroy PPFPL,
Riya's soul would rest in peace?
ls that what it is?
Not just the water,
even the blood here is owned by PPFPL.
This city is alive only on paper.
In reality, everyone's
epiry date has already passed.
Fountain Lab.
Mr Paddy is its biggest funder.
Even their DNA samples
are made to order.
And that's why you
got Riya's hair sampled?
You want PIVIO? Huh?
Tulsi Ram Hospital Bikaner,
you'll get a confessional statement
from Bhagat Singh's widowed wife.
Thank you
Why do you want to
needlessly become a martyr?
Bhagat Singh committed suicide.
I'm sorry.
Why sorry?
About PPFPL...
Bhagat did it.
He did it for my treatment.
For him.
I'm ready to give a statement.
I got a letter.
The stranger who wrote it
knew everything about Bhagat.
His problems, his helplessness.
That he was buried in debt.
I don't know how that
stranger knew about all this.
All I knew is that. was to come into our account.
It was a small price to
pay to secure our child's future.
He paid it, my Bhagat.
Can I ask for something
in exchange for this?
Kindly take the return journey via train.
Train number 54701.
Q Kay-
Give me the file?
Get the car.
Yes Sir.
Uncle, don't smoke.
I have cancer. You'll get it too!
Tikoo, how many times have
I told you not to go alone'?
Wait, slowly...
He has bone cancer,
so his grip is weak...
Which side do you belong to?
As in?
I mean, are you a patient
or an insurance agent?
It's the cancer train, so I asked.
Your hair looks fine!
So I guess there's no chemo involved.
Are you done, son?
Go back to Bhatinda by train.
Train number 54701.
Blood, blood, blood!
A positive, B positive...
blood, blood!
Today's rate is 150 per packet!
Yes! Buy two and get one free!
Blood, blood, blood, blood!
Yes, anyone? Blood, blood!
A Positive, B Positive, O Positive,
A Negative, B Negative!
Chemo! First stage, Second stage!
Buy two and get one free!
- Chemo, Chemo Chemo, Chemo!
Chemo package insurance,
Chemo insurance, Chemo insurance!
Yes Uncle! Chemotherapy,
Chemo, chemo, chemo...
Look you know you are at the third
stage, there is no chance of survival.
So might as well secure
your family's future?
As soon as the last rites are done,
the money gets credited into the account.
My cut is 25 percent.
Come on, get it signed.
What stage are you at?
Chemo, Chemo Chemo!
First stage, Second stage!
The region that we are in today
is now the cancer belt of our country!
Every home has a cancer patient now.
AH the high-rises in this city have
their foundations deep below in heH.
Ahirudh had caught hold
of the real blood samples.
There were traces
of cancer to be found.
This city is alive only on paper.
In reality,
everyone's expiry date has passed.
The planning was the easiest bit.
Because the combat was with one's own.
A year of planning
and 3O seconds of combat.
Only the right pest
can destroy the Paddy.
I saw him on the cancer
train the first time.
That resourceful panther,
Sunday Singh.
Used to fake blood reports at PPFPL.
The most noble sacrifice in the world!
Blood donation!
Blood donation!
Blood donation!
Your very own blood donation drive!
Expert at forging
fake certificates- Ricky.
The insider- Bhagat Singh.
I was aware of every
vein that ran through PPFPL.
The money would reach them, and
the messages would reach Bhagat Singh.
I had expertise in coding hence
all the messages were coded.
Each of them had their
own circumstances and dreams.
Bhagat Singh's wife had cancer.
Sunday, the middleman.
He had only one goal,
to make money at any cost.
And Ricky's dream was to go to Canada.
He also had cancer.
After the blast, I sent all three of them away
In all this ,even today Bhagat
Singh was the one who got martyred.
Terrorists only kill
a few thousands of people.
These people are destroying the lives
of generations with their poison.
The problem is of chemical contamination.
That is the potential cause of cancer.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh had said,
"For the deaf to hear,
blasts are needed".
That's what I did,..
..did such an explosion that their
eardrums were shattered.
That day with my daughter, I died too.
I just...
wanted to destroy them
before I got reduced to ashes.
Do you think being good is a scam?
Whether you call it the system,
a scam or life itself...
That's what it is.
The fingers that pull my
trigger run strictly on orders.
I'm no superman,
who can override the system.
But I'm not so weak either
to get crushed under it.
Had studied it in Physics
Balance defines equilibrium.
That's exactly what I'm doing Sir.
You're thinking the right thing.
What beckons me?
Asylum or custody?
Sleep my Child,
Sleep my Child,
I tuck you into a blanket
Like the clouds cradle the moon
I tuck you into a blanket
Like the clouds cradle the moon
The winds caress your cheeks
As the universe fades
into tranquillity
Like the clouds cradle the moon...
Let the night sweep you away
Into the land of dreams
Let your eyes soak in sweet bliss
As you rest in serenity
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
A little lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
A little lullaby
The fireflies play with you
A game of hide and seek
Heavenly rainbows await you
In the skies above
As the dainty dewdrops
Tickle your little feet
May the night stand still
And nudge the dawn away
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
A little lullaby
From behind the trees of heaven
Angels call out to you
As they shield you from the evil eye
And all the pain in the world
The breeze ies in
And geny opens the window
As the fragrance of calm
Wraps you in its embrace
l sing you a lullaby
A little lullaby
l sing you a lullaby
A little lullaby
My days are numbered, Papa.
This wasn't in your
target plan, right?
No, I forgot your target was for
me to run 200 meters in 2.5 mins.
300 meters in 5 mins.
Daily showers in cold water.
Air-force. Pilot.
I knew it...
That's why..
I tried to be a son
rather than a daughter.
As good as I could...
But you know this
being good is a scam.
It's all a scam.
It's all a scam. Bloody scam.
The sound of this running brook
that we are hearing right now...
I'll never be able to hear it again.
I won't be able to feel the wind.
I won't ever be...
able to see the mountains.
I want to live.
I want to live.
l-low does it feel to breathe'?
L-low does it feel to
have a man around you'?
I failed you, sweetheart.
I failed as a father.
Goodnight Ria.
Today the report of an fire
accident has come in from Mensa Road.
The Police has not given any official
statement confirming the nature of death.
Whether it was suicide or murder.
But Parabjeet Wa | ia's
charred corpse has been found.
Sir please sir, we need to go in!
Sir please sir, we need to go in!
Sir please!
Why are you pushing?
Jai Hind sir
Sir please!
Sir please!
Sir please!
Sir please!
Sir one question please!
Nobody will go beyond this point.
Block this area.
Keep everybody inform ed.
Sir is also here.
Can you hear this voice?
Listen closely.
This voice.
It follows me day and night.
Doesn't let me sleep,
always keeps ringing in my ears
From my ears to my breath.
From the breath to my veins.
From the veins to
my entire bloodstream.
Hello. Hello.
Beauty care.
Sorry, I've come at the wrong time,
but Jeetu tried to threaten me again.
Ammonium nitrate, selenium,
chromium, uranium, arsenic.
Everything is in the
ground water.
The reactor has DCIVI and Methanol...
But it only becomes poisonous
when the quantity is large.
And only Jeetu can solve this puzzle.
Because he has all
the confidential reports.
Aah. That was good.
That was good.
What is this? ls this even safe?
That is the purest form of water.
Vodka and water.
There is no better cocktail on earth.
I thought its a cocktail of chemicals.
This town is a rainforest of venom,
where all the snakes
have their hoods raised.
Who is biting whom, no one knows.
And you know the official
term for this chemical chutzpah
is cocktail of chemicals.
Cocktail of chemicals.
Abdul, please drop Madam
to the Ajit Bibi road police station.
Police station... But
why police station?
What would Jeetu like?
Cheese popcorn or butter popcorn?
I think butter popcorn.
He seems the butter popcorn type.
Would you like some popcorn?
Without popcorn one can't enjoy a film.
What are you doing here?
To make a case we require a dead body.
I thought we might use your corpse.
What have I done?
Attempt to murder.
Maya Singh has filed
an FIR against your name.
And this is Anirudh's post
mortem report. The authentic one.
You killed everyone, but made
a slight mistake. You left Maya alive.
That was a blunder on your part.
What do you want?
I want the secret recipe
of Paddy's chemical kitchen.
The reactor's chemical formula.
I'll take your leave now.
Yes, Jeetu?
Boss, that bloody clog followed
me to Gazala, the cinema!
Who? Arjun Ivlishra?
Boss, he has all the evidence.
He knows it all.
He even has Anirudh's
real post mortem report.
He said my name is
attached to all the crimes.
But you assured me that he
works under the Chief Minister.
But he is an entirely different beast.
He was asking about the reactor.
Did you blurt anything out?
No no. But he will
soon visit my house.
Please do something soon, boss.
I can't manage the
situation any longer.
Don't get stressed.
Go home and relax.
I'll look into the matter.
Okay. Okay Boss.
3 lines of cocaine,
but he hadn't sniffed even one.
The residue of the coke
is on the left nostril,
whereas he is right handed.
Shoulcfve been on the right.
If you look carefully,
there are marks on the neck.
They're definitely not birthmarks.
It's murder.
You use Davidoff?
No Sir, Lacoste.
Those who Watch While others burn,
Your straw houses will soon be graves
When winds stoke the ames of death
How long will you be saved?
Only Jeetu can give us
the answers to these questions.
He has all the confidential reports!
Like Grandma's recipe, eh?
They will take the
secret to their graves.
I kept silent when they came for him,
And thus the next turn was mine,
It's an open and shut case.
Just wrap it up and get
rid of it, without a sound.
As you stay mum while they murder me,
You're going to be the next in line.
Come on in.
Lord Shiva's picture?
Jai Bhoienath!
In your honour, we've made
Smoked Potato Mash today.
Potatoes go along with
pretty much any dish.
But no one orders it
at fancy 5 star hotels.
Because the potato
is a poor little thing.
A hero along with everything,
but on its own, a zero.
Why did Parabjit visit your house?
You have a good life, a nice family
and kids- why are you messing around?
Ma'am I was just going to arrest him,
All you guys with cushy salaried jobs,
you turn into dogs.
Going around sniffing pointlessly.
A life of luxury awaits
you at the IBM's office,
and here you are rolling
about in this muck.
Paddy is our fundraiser.
DCIVI, Reverse boring...
these things are like balls of wool.
The more you try to unspool,
the more you get entangled.
Pass the potato!
You don't want to
become a potato, do you?
If you're with us,
you'll remain a hero.
Nothing here moves
without my permission.
There's a press conference next week.
Parabjifs already committed suicide.
Just prove that he was mentally unstable.
I want the brief on my
table as soon as possible.
Or what's gonna happen,
Mr Arjun Mishra...
ls that you'll be transferred
to a Naa | ite area.
Soon enough, your smiling face
will be in a frame like this,
ready to be garlanded and hung
on your wall in your loving memory.
You're a sensible guy.
Care for some dessert?
No thanks, ma'am.
Have some.
Get used to the perks
of the Phil's office... Eh?
By the way,
you can keep the gift there.
What are you staring me for now serve?
How's it going, buddy?
Have you booked your tickets to Patna?
Katrina, Priyanka, Deepika bomb...
I've bought all the crackers!
We'll burst them together!
Listen bud, go for it
and burst them all by yourself.
So you're not coming
this time as well?
It's time for me to become
your favorite Singham.
Really'? Yay! Bash 'em all up together!
Yes Sir.
Good job!
Thank you, Sir!
All set?
Yeah, I think.
Davidoff? Coolvvater. Nice!
Sharp! Like a police dog.
Well, sometimes I bite too!
Madam, technology is
an amazing thing, isn't it?
You never know when it sneaks
up on you and bites you in the ass.
Have a look!
Lord Shiva's third
eye... it sees everything!
What do you want?
If you asked me 1O days back,
I might have asked for a good price.
For now, just read this.
Thank you!
Resign now and save your ass.
l m sure you can handle the rest.
After all, you're a politician.
With a heavy heart,
I'd like to put in
my resignation today.
These tears are for my father,
who gave up his life for the people.
These tears are for the sacrifices
that I have made, for all of you.
Power and money flow like a stream,
from the top, right to the bottom.
Not from the middle, Mr Paddy!
The government belongs to its people.
We're here to serve their interests,
not your greed!
You think you own the state?
Spreading your filth everywhere?
So many revolutions have
sprung from this rich land of ours,
and you want to drain
it with your reverse boring?
I owe everything
to the people of this state!
I'm not going to let
a cancer train run over them!
I had promised you that the
investigation will be done.
I'm really shocked
to tell you that the factory
blasts were done by Bhagat Singh
and his comrades Vicky
Bhullar and Sunday Singh,
whose lives were ruined
because of your factory!
They took revenge!
My heart bleeds to think that all of
this happened right in front of my eyes!
I'd be insulting my father's legacy,
if I don't bring in a revolution!
If I let all these
sacrifices won't go in vain!
That's why I'm resigning.
But I'm not going anywhere.
I'm going to stay here
and serve the people!
She's talking rubbish!
Utter lies!
Madam what's the reason
for your resignation?
Madam do you feel this Reverse Boring scandal
will usher in a new era in politics?
Sir,Sir,Sir, Please. ..
Sir Reverse Boring
is a criminal offence,
Sir you will have to compensate the people.
Yes absolutely...
Ground water is banned
because of your factories!
Industrial contamination has been
regarded as criminal offence
It's rubbish?
Madam said it and you believed it?
Do you have any evidence?
It's right behind you.
Hello, Paddy Sir?
The factory waste that we
were pumping into the ground...
The chemical level was pretty high.
It's gotten leaked into
the municipal pipeline.
Stop all this! ls this a circus?
You know who you are talking to?
I own the state!
The CM, she runs on my orders.
Do all your protests outside!
It won't even take me 2 minutes to
make you disappear into thin air! Got it?
Eh, don't touch me!
Take him away!
You're screwed, Arjun Ivlishra!
Trying to threaten me, the rascal.
What are you looking at?
Didn't you watch Singham?
No, but now I must.
PPFPL is in the midst of controversy.
The pumpimg of chemicals into
the ground due to Reverse Boring
has spread cancer throughout the city.
PPFPL will have to pay a fine to the
tune of 15000 crores corporate debt.
PPFPL hasn't just claimed victims,
but has affected entire
families across the state.
All their offices are
being seized and sealed.
As the controversy rages on,..
PPFPL has been revealed to
be a chemical mafia organization.
(Protests) Paddy F Sharma,
drown in hell!
(Protests) Paddy F Sharma,
drown in hell!
(Protests) Paddy F Sharma,
drown in hell!
(Protests) Paddy F Sharma,
drown in hell!
Thanks for skipping the post-modem.
Whose body was it, by the way?
L-low does it matter, Sir'?
So, did you get to the PIVIO?
It's funny.
I've been promoted so many times.
But I've never felt
like my son is proud of me.
Now for the first time, I've been
demoted, and he thinks I'm a hero.
So, Naxals...
Yes Naa | ..
So what name have you thought of,
for your passport?
John F Kennedy,
John Lennon,
John Abraham...
No? No Johns?
Che Guevara.
Suits you well!
Birds of a feather...