Iraivan (2023) Movie Script

I am Arjun.
I know... no fear.
I have no enemies.
But that doesn't mean I'm a nice guy.
When the need arises...
I turn into a monster.
Who gave you permission for the shootout?
How can a senior officer...
People in my department label me
as a psycho, rowdy, and whatnot.
Sorry, sir.
But the only person who doesn't
give up on me is my friend Andrew.
You better stop stooping
and covering up for me.
- Understood?
- I have warned you many times.
Can't you be patient?
This time, if you fire without
a shooting order, you will be suspended.
Let them suspend me!
I don't care!
Just listen to me.
When criminals turn into animals
and mercilessly commit crimes,
I can't be patient
and wait for God to deliver justice.
I know you don't fear death...
but don't die when I'm around.
Not for your own sake...
I don't fear death,
and that's why I'm a cop.
Anything can happen to me at any moment.
He's going to live by his rules,
regardless of how much advice you offer.
Instead of living like this,
why don't you get married, Arjun?
So that he can ruin a girl's life?!
No. At least then he might be
careful and responsible.
Andrew has a point.
I don't want to ruin anybody's life.
Marriage is not my cup of tea.
I know that there are many people
out there waiting to finish me off.
I'll die when I do.
Death doesn't knock on the doors
of those who don't fear it!
Just wait and watch.
Nothing will happen to you, but something
might happen to me because of you.
- Hey!
- And if that happens,
what will happen to my wife
and my unborn child?
You think only you are
the only punisher out here?
You are not God!
Just fulfill your duties.
Priya, come fast!
Let's commence the new beginning
On a sweet note
Let's win each others' hearts
As we get closer
Let's enjoy every happiness
This journey brings
Let's live through
-These cherished memories
- It's a cute little baby girl!
- The past will never return
-Our union will ebb our burdens
The good times are here
So, let's celebrate this life
The heart seeks the sweet scent
Joy greets us at every turn
Flowers may bloom
Even in withered trees
Here is a delightful dream
So, let's dance through it
Here we are with a few of them
Who are nothing
But blessings in our life
Our time is the price we paid for it
And we found shoulders
On which we could rest life long
As I lay on my bed
All I miss is some warmth
All I wish for is to cuddle with you
I was stranded by the roadside
When the rain poured down
All I wish for is a shelter
Beneath your care
I have surrendered myself to you
In this journey
You are the only voice I listen to
I had this dream
Of having a family with you
I kept my eyes closed
Despite knowing it's a dream
See you. Bye.
Let's commence the new beginning...
- Arjun!
- On a sweet note
Let's win each others' hearts...
- Can you drop me off on your way?
- As we get closer
Let's enjoy every happiness
This journey brings
Let's live through
These cherished memories
He is not my type.
But he's one of those guys
you grow to like as you get to know him.
He gets along with people,
but he remains firmly in the friend zone.
He just doesn't get out of that zone.
I'm just saying!
- Don't judge me.
- Jasmine! Come on, hurry.
God bless you, Sophia.
I'm on my way. Bye.
Somebody help!
No! No! Please!
Please leave me...
Leave me.
Please... leave me...
I called everyone here
to discuss Arjun and me.
But what a day for Arjun to get hurt!
Moreover, Andrew is upset.
Forget it, Priya.
We'll discuss it some other day.
They are engrossed in nabbing a criminal.
They are cops. They will be
chasing criminals round the clock.
It's my fault.
Please let's have the discussion today.
Call my brother.
Please come here.
Look, let's not drag this.
Let's get Priya married to Arjun.
- That's what she wants as well.
- Stop it!
Are you aware of the situation here?
Stop irritating me!
What's your problem, Andrew?
Why does their relationship bother you?
Look, I know Priya believes
that Arjun is in love with her.
But what's wrong with you?
He's right here.
Ask him if he wants to marry her!
I don't believe in compelling someone
to marry if they don't believe in it.
At the same time, as his friend, I know
why he doesn't want to get married.
He wakes up every day
believing it might be his last.
So, how can I ask him to marry my sister?
Arjun... do me a favor.
She won't understand,
no matter how much we explain.
You need to talk to her
and put an end to this.
Shilpa, a young woman,
who went missing two days ago,
was found today morning by the seashore.
She was brutally murdered with her eyes
gouged out and her mouth tore open.
Another woman murdered...
The murdered girl's eyes were gouged out
according to the police.
Four murders in the last five months.
As the police are on the hunt
for Brahma, aka Smiley Killer,
Chennai Commissioner Harivendanth
has moved the case from
the Law and Order division to Special Ops.
This special force is headed by officers
Andrew and Arjun.
Everybody is banking on them
to nab Smiley Killer.
The current murders
and the murders that took place
two years ago in Lucknow...
have a lot of similarities.
Only girls are the target.
Same pattern and the smiley signature.
A gruesome killer.
To ease this investigation,
except for the victims' photos,
I have nothing to share with you.
I have a very bad feeling about this.
Following the Smiley Killer
murder pattern,
a girl named Subhadra,
who went missing two days ago,
was found with her arms
and legs chopped off.
She was ruthlessly killed, and her
lifeless body was discovered outdoors.
All the victims were abducted
during the night.
The killer used a sharp weapon
to murder her.
Must be a knife or scalpel.
Who is the murderer
behind the serial killings in Chennai?
A psychopath? A serial killer?
Throwing light on it is Dr. Shanmugam.
His pattern doesn't suggest
that he's a serial killer.
He's a serious psychopath.
Usually, their intent to kill
is a result of their past trauma.
But this man commits murders
purely for the pleasure of it.
A highly intellectual psychopath
with a God complex.
Arjun, look at this book.
This is the seventh murder in six months.
The murderer showcases
the victims' bodies
in the old factories
and buildings within the city.
Wheatish, 5 ft. 5 in., left-handed.
Increase the surveillance
during nighttime.
Shut down all the nightclubs!
Sir, we've received intel that
the suspect was spotted near Ennore.
Block all the exit points!
I'm on my way!
Hey, wait!
Sir, the killer escaped.
More murders will follow.
Eight, nine, ten...
If anybody has any information
on Smiley Killer,
they can call the toll-free number 208
and inform the police.
Sir, we've received a complaint
about another missing girl.
Sir, I'm calling from the Omega factory.
Please come here soon.
Eleven girls have already been
brutally murdered.
They have found the corpse
of Smiley Killer's eleventh victim.
The police are conducting
an investigation...
Since there is no progress in the case,
people have started protesting.
We won't stop until justice is delivered!
- Many girls have been killed.
- When will cops nab Smiley Killer?
What's happening outside?
Yeah, I'm coming.
We have traced Smiley Killer's location.
I've shared the location with you.
Come fast.
I've shared the location with you.
Come fast.
Andrew! Andrew!
Hey! What happened?
- Andrew!
- Over there...
Come out!
Will you arrest me...
or will you save your friend?
Oh! Is he so dear to you?
He won't make it.
What are we gonna do?
- He won't make it.
- Hey, Arjun! Let go of him!
Arjun, leave him!
Leave him! You might end up killing him!
- Andrew...
- Come on.
Come on.
- That's him! Kill him!
- You shouldn't live!
Throw him in jail!
Jerk! I'll commit a crime
only to come to prison and kill you!
You filthy dog! You will rot in hell!
- Sir, break his jaw!
- Leave him to me, I'll kill him!
I will kill him!
- Hang him to death!
- Gouge his eyes out!
After committing twelve murders
in six months,
and terrorizing the people of Tamil Nadu,
Brahma, aka Smiley Killer,
has been arrested by the police today.
While rescuing his latest victim Shalu,
Officer Andrew was seriously injured
and has been hospitalized.
- Take care of Priya.
- You'll be fine.
Please take care of her.
You saved my life many times.
But it really hurts me to think that I...
couldn't save yours.
If I had been with you...
you wouldn't be in this condition.
Without you,
my life will hold no significance.
I stand here broken-hearted, Andrew.
Oh, my dear friend
My world
You are my God
You are my savior
Oh, my dear friend
My world
Don't give up
Please wake up, will you?
Come back and be my strength
Now wake up and hold my hand
God, my heart wrenches in pain
And I shed tears
For the first time ever, my heart fears
Please don't leave us
We cannot bear your loss
I walked in your path
Please don't abandon me
We are our true selves
-In each other's company
Shall I move in here,
but only if it's acceptable to you?
Talk to Jasmine and let me know.
Oh, friend...
Oh, dear friend...
You always stood by me
Who can replace you?
Oh, friend...
Sir, I cannot continue beyond this.
How about starting a coffee shop?
Hope everything is okay.
- Take care of them.
- Sure, ma'am.
Hey! What's going on?
- Nothing much.
- Keep an eye on me every now and then.
Day six, Stanley Hospital.
Check-up on Brahma's mental state.
The time is 11:00 a.m.
Brahma, you've committed 12 murders.
All young girls at that. Am I right?
I don't know, doctor.
Even I heard the same.
You heard the same?
What exactly did you hear?
I have no idea about the voice
that I hear within me...
but my only duty is to obey its orders.
A voice? What does it order you to do?
I'm a lunatic.
What would I know, doctor?
I forgot everything.
You call yourself a lunatic?
So be it.
Dr. Lalitha.
Only young girls should be scared of me.
You have nothing to worry about.
I'll talk to the doctor and tell you.
Please wait.
What happened, doctor?
He's perfectly normal.
I mean, as a psychopath.
If it's possible, you can
take him away today evening.
Okay. Get the documents ready.
- I'll start the other formalities.
- Yeah, sure.
- I'll do that immediately.
- She's calling you.
- Excuse me, doctor.
- One moment, please.
- What is it?
- Brahma wants to talk to you.
In private.
Oh... okay.
- Come on, drink up.
- Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Arjun!
Happy birthday to you!
- Give it to everyone...
- Come here.
- Rock it!
- Hey...
This is wrong.
Don't look at me like that.
Then marry me.
You won't survive three months with me.
Do you really want it?
You are going to marry someone anyway.
So, let my sacrifice
save another girl's life.
Oh, I see!
- How about we make a reel?
- Enough, Divya. That's all I can do.
What's going on between them?
I don't understand.
I don't know, Uncle,
but I'm okay with it.
Priya wants to propose to Arjun.
She is waiting for him to say yes.
They have my approval.
He was heartbroken when Andrew died.
I'm so glad to see him happy now.
- Once more!
- Yeah, that way. Like that!
- Enough!
- What is it?
Go and sleep.
You don't seem to have a limit.
I'll be there.
What happened?
Looks like Brahma escaped.
He escaped from the hospital.
I wonder what's gonna happen now.
He won't make it.
It's such a pleasure to see you
suffer in pain.
Sir, someone murdered Dr. Shanmugam
and put his body in the trunk of his car.
Looks like his daughter went missing
two days ago.
Let me see if I can find any other leads.
I'll call you, sir.
A letter for you.
Your loved ones will suffer!
Priya, who delivered it?
When was it delivered?
I don't know. It was lying here.
Arjun, what happened?
- Hey!
- Sir! I'm a food delivery boy.
- Who delivered this?
- I don't know. I came to deliver food.
- Then why are you still here?
- I just delivered the food, sir.
- Sir, I'm innocent.
- You better speak the truth!
- Arjun! What's wrong with you?
- Sir...
Priya, look at this.
That psycho is somewhere around.
- I know he is!
- Arjun, stop it!
Are we attending the function or not?
Come on.
Hi, everybody!
Thank you all! Thank you!
Thank you very much. Everyone...
Brother! Come, let's make a reel.
Hey! Don't you have anything better to do?
Making reels all the time!
Don't vent your anger on her.
Let's make his evening more memorable.
So, did you do something useful
during this vacation?
Of course! I'm taking dance classes.
I'm also learning music.
I'm doing okay with my studies.
Don't show me the arrogance
of having cleared the IPS exam!
Why don't you just
concentrate on your studies?
Why do you waste time on making reels?
This tells me you're outdated
and you're growing old.
In fact, this is my ambition.
One viral video with a million views.
- Then I'll also retire, just like Dad.
- Sure. Look at your retried dad.
He's boring everyone with his speech.
Snatch the mic from him
and sing a nice song.
Arjun received a letter
with Smiley Killer's signature.
Don't worry about it.
You enjoy the party.
I'll handle Arjun.
Excuse me.
Hey, Priya just told me everything.
I have a separate setup for you. Come.
- Let's have a drink.
- I'm not in the mood.
- I'm leaving.
- Just come!
- Come on.
- Are you high? Are you lost?
Is your mind confused?
Is your life too shaky?
Hello, Mathews. How are you?
Somebody sent that letter
just to rile you up.
And you're taking it seriously?
Have some booze.
You'll get some clarity.
We'll discuss about it later. Come.
Wait, I'll fix you a drink.
Arjun! Hey!
Shwetha, who went missing two days ago
and was being sought by the police,
was brutally murdered and
her corpse was discovered this morning.
Shwetha was the daughter
of Dr. Shanmugam, the chief doctor
at Stanley Medical Centre.
And Dr. Shanmugam happens to be
the psychiatrist who treated Brahma,
aka Smiley Killer.
And now, both the doctor
and his daughter are dead.
At this point, the question
that arises in our mind is...
"Where is Brahma?"
Is he in the hospital or prison?
We expect the police
to break their silence
and tell us about Brahma's whereabouts.
Brahma, aka Smiley Killer,
was caught a year ago
by Assistant Commissioners
Andrew and Arjun.
- You're highly incompetent!
- Sorry, sir.
I'll have to bow my head in shame
in front of the press now.
Is Brahma linked with the murder?
Who killed Dr. Shanmugam?
Smiley Killer Brahma...
has escaped from Stanley Hospital.
But there's no need to panic.
Two special forces have been formed under
ACP Frank and ACP Mani's leadership.
They are on the hunt
for the psycho killer Brahma
according to
Commissioner Harivedanth's statement.
He also added that girls
must refrain from stepping out at night.
With Smiley Killer
having escaped from prison,
yet another girl named Raji
has gone missing.
This has spread shock waves all over.
Women are now afraid
to step out given the current situation.
People expect the police to nab
Smiley Killer as soon as possible.
It's been a week since
the psycho killer escaped
and the cops are struggling to find him.
I will capture the best
I will hunt them down
This is a demon's game
Humans have no control over it
It's the wrath of the devil
No one can stop it
Snatch them like a monster
Kill them like a creeper
Smell it like a fresher
Rip them like a reaper
I will break all barriers
And achieve my target
This is sheer irresponsible line of work!
I don't care what you do, but this is
the last 24 hours I'm giving you!
- Or else...
- Sir!
- Sir!
- Mani!
He'll have to undergo these tests.
The doctor will give further updates
when he visits tomorrow.
Come, Arjun.
Don't you dare laugh! I'll kill you!
- Did the doctor say something?
- Not yet.
It's all his fault.
He's been drinking too much.
- Sir!
- Greetings, sir.
I'll wait outside.
Arjun, it's okay. You wait.
What's the problem?
What gave you a heart attack, Mani?
He has been smoking a lot, sir.
Sir, I was compiling a report
about Brahma to present to you.
It stressed me out too much.
It's been a week
since I had a restful sleep.
In my 32 years of experience, I have
never encountered such a cruel murderer.
I'm scared, sir.
You don't sound like the Mani I know.
It's troubling me, sir.
I have two grown-up daughters.
Since his escape from prison...
the murders he has committed
have become increasingly horrific.
Sir, recently the daughter
of one of my friends...
Don't tell me that's my daughter!
I can't believe this!
In the previous cases,
Brahma kept moving to his next target
after murdering his victims.
But now, he is targeting
the victim's family as well.
Just two days after that murder,
he sent a package to that girl's family.
It contained the bloodstained clothes
- that the girl was wearing last.
- Raji!
He then sent a pen drive to their house.
It featured footage
- of his gruesome murder of the girl!
- Oh, God!
Sir, we are cops.
We have a higher tolerance level
than civilians.
I have come across many cases.
Yet, I'm unable to digest these murders.
Imagine the plight of that girl's mother.
She set herself ablaze.
Oh, God!
I couldn't bear it, sir.
- Brother...
- Mani!
Arjun, call the doctor.
- Mani...
- Doctor!
Mani, relax. Don't worry.
Mani, relax.
Sir, look at me.
Are you with me?
Sir, are you with me?
Why are they here?
Ask them to get out!
- Sir, please wait outside.
- Sir, you're fine. Don't worry.
Nurse, pass me the aspirin.
It's gonna be okay.
Are you with me?
Look at me, sir.
- Arjun...
- Tell me.
Divya had gone to her dance class.
It's way past her usual return time,
but she's not home yet.
Don't worry. She must have
gone somewhere nearby.
- Look around.
- No.
It's been over two hours,
and I've already filed a police report.
Please get here soon.
I'll be there.
- Arjun!
- Yeah.
- Arjun...
- Please don't worry.
I'll find her.
I hope Brahma didn't kidnap her.
No, don't say that.
We'll find her soon.
You go inside. I'll be back.
- Sir!
- What's the status?
Is it confirmed that
she has been abducted?
We're gathering information, but we're
uncertain whether she has been abducted.
It's been three hours, and you haven't
determined the nature of the crime yet?
You think you'll be able to rescue her?!
Sir, you're not a cop anymore.
Why are you asking
all these unnecessary questions?
Just mind your own business.
I'm not questioning as a cop...
but as an elder brother!
The girl missing is like my sister.
I must know what's happening!
So, tell me!
Sir, I'll explain.
Please come with me.
Sir, based on the inquiry so far,
it does look like she has been abducted.
She left the dance class at 6:30 p.m.
She was seen at the corner
of this street but not beyond that.
We discovered her phone
on the corner of the street.
Also, there are no CCTVs installed there.
Give me her phone.
One second, sir.
Look, when Divya is back,
she should not know
that we were worried and crying.
That will make her sad.
Sir, Divya's phone...
Hey, we can't hand over the evidence!
Sir, he is furious
and might break your face.
Please hand it over.
Where's her dance class?
On the main road, sir.
You please get inside.
- Did you inquire there?
- Everything's clear, sir.
- Who checked the CCTV?
- Perumal, sir.
Perumal, come here.
Did you thoroughly
check the CCTV cameras?
Yes, I did sir. I checked with everyone
who passed by the street
between 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.,
on two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
There was no cause for suspicion
regarding anyone.
Then how did he kidnap her?
Sir, this is not a case of kidnapping.
She has clearly eloped with someone.
I'll finish you off!
Sir, please. Let go of him.
He's stupid. He keeps gossiping.
Leave him, sir.
Come on now!
I need all the residents out here
in ten minutes.
Bring all of them.
I want to interrogate everyone.
Your neighbor,
Yoganand's daughter is missing.
She's a young girl.
The kidnapper will murder her
within 12 hours.
We must save her before that.
Did anyone notice anything strange here
between 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.?
Please tell us.
It'll be very helpful.
Sir, this is an elite locality.
He's acting all weird!
Don't stop him. Instead, just shoot
whatever he is doing there.
Send it to me, and I'll take care of it.
- I was watching IPL. I didn't step out.
- Sir, there was a power cut in between.
I was out for my evening walk
and I saw nothing unusual.
Uncle, I saw a maroon-colored vehicle.
- It was parked here.
- Rahul, shut up.
Sir, that maroon-colored Qualis
was here when we arrived.
It left just a while ago.
Why did that car grab your attention?
We were playing cricket
and I hit the ball.
It shattered the car's window
and dropped inside.
There was a man in there.
We thought he'd step out and scold us.
Hence, we all started to run.
But he didn't step out at all.
He just threw the ball outside.
- Murugan...
- Sir?
Do we have photos from previous victims
Shwetha and Raji's abduction spots?
- We do, sir.
- Show it to me.
- Deepak, Arjun here.
- Tell me, sir.
A maroon-colored Qualis.
Time, in between 9:30 to 10:00 p.m.
Can you check and tell me where
it was headed from KK Nagar, Third Street?
Okay, sir.
Sir, I guess we are wasting time.
That Qualis left
only after we arrived here.
No, Murugan.
He is abducting girls from blind spots
where no CCTVs are installed.
Usually, criminals escape at once
from the crime spot.
But this guy?
He kidnaps the girl and stays put
in the same spot for three hours.
We review the CCTV footage
within a one to two-hour window
around the time of the crime.
But that car left from here after
three hours and that's when we arrived.
Divya must be in that car now.
Freeze! Rewind it.
- Play. Stop.
- Sir, is this the one?
That's the car!
Sir, that car is headed towards
Vadapalani from KK Nagar.
I'm on my way.
Keep updating me on its location.
Madam, play this visual.
It's the same car.
Sir, it crossed Koyambedu.
Okay, Deepak.
- Yes, tell me.
- Sir.
It went to Ambattur Estate
via Thirumangalam.
We couldn't trace it any further
since there are no CCTVs.
Okay, I'll take it from here.
Please save her.
I'm worried.
- Deepak...
- Sir?
Divya is wearing an Apple watch.
- Can we track her location using that?
- One second, sir.
- Hey, Mridula.
- Yes?
The kidnapped girl
is wearing an Apple watch.
Can we track her down using that?
We can if her Apple phone
is synced with her watch.
- Tell him.
- Hello, sir.
- Yeah, Mridula?
- Sir, open the app called Find My Watch
on that phone.
Yes, it's open.
If the phone and watch are in sync,
it'll show the watch's location.
Turn left.
In 500 meters, turn left.
Fifty meters ahead.
Destination reached.
Divya, look at me.
Divya, press on it firmly with your palm.
Hold it! Come on!
We'll reach the hospital
in five minutes. Okay?
Don't worry.
Oh, God! Divya...
What's all this?
Oh my God!
Divya! My child!
Look at our daughter!
Look what they did to her!
- Okay. Cover her face.
- Divya!
- Madam, please control yourself.
- Oh, God!
Come, let's go.
- I must do the autopsy for my daughter.
- Listen...
It might hurt her
if someone else does it.
- No. You know very well, right?
- They'll take care.
- She cannot take pain.
- They'll handle it.
I'll do the autopsy without hurting her.
She... Divya!
Wait, Dad's coming!
Oh, God! Divya!
Hey, you don't have the right to stop me!
I had faith that you would rescue her.
Now look what happened to my daughter!
My child!
Sir, he is no longer in service.
He's just a civilian.
And yet, like a psycho,
he created a ruckus last night.
Many have lodged a complaint.
It has become a serious issue.
We can't let this slide.
What's the update on the case?
We found a photograph at the location
where Divya was murdered.
The girl in the photo is Shalu.
When Brahma was arrested a year ago,
the cops rescued a girl from him.
That's her.
I've sent SI Aruna to her house,
in order to interrogate her.
Sorry, sir. I'll leave now.
Arjun... what are your thoughts?
What's your take on this?
I feel that he'd have
already kidnapped her.
What do you mean?
Sir, Brahma is a typical psycho.
As far as I know, he has never
let his prey escape alive.
Shalu is the only victim
who escaped alive from his clutches.
Tell me.
If killing Shalu is the reason
he escaped from prison...
- Did you check around?
- he has definitely kidnapped her by now.
What the hell are you saying?
Okay, hang up.
Sir, I'll take your leave.
Shalu is missing.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell is wrong with you?!
What are you doing?
You should get out there
and find out, Frank!
Quit the nitpicking
and show me the results!
Give me a minute.
- Tell me, sir.
- Your girlfriend Shalu is missing.
When was the last time you saw her?
Sure, she is my girlfriend...
but she has many boyfriends.
She must have eloped with someone.
Ganesh! Mind your words.
We think Brahma might have
kidnapped Shalu.
- That's why we are here.
- Sounds very funny, sir.
Brahma doesn't have to kidnap Shalu.
With just one call, she'll run to Brahma.
- Wretch!
- Ganesh!
Sir, I swear.
She is a nymphomaniac.
Don't you get it?
She loves sex.
- Hey...
- If she is turned on when she's high,
then she won't care for the world.
All she needs is... sex!
Only sex.
A year ago...
she stormed out after
getting high and fighting me.
That's when Brahma abducted her.
I was the one who followed Brahma
and shared his location with the cops.
She was not at all afraid of the fact
that she was going to die.
So, you're Brahma?
Looking at you
doesn't make me wanna scream.
If anything, I want to bite you.
Hit me one more time.
I thought he'd kill her.
But she made him fall for her. Bitch!
I saw them having sex.
Once they were done...
he changed his mind and didn't kill her.
She will be back.
Don't worry.
Our channel has received a pen drive.
It has a heart-wrenching video
of a girl being brutally tortured.
Since her life is at stake,
we are doing a live relay of that video.
- Frank, what the hell is happening?
- Sir.
- Ask them to stop telecasting that.
- Yes, sir.
This is the channel head's number.
- Ask them to stop the telecast right away.
- Yes, sir.
Did you see the news?
He has abducted Shalu.
I know. I'm on my way.
What... Why are you going?
That's unnecessary!
Frank and his team will handle it.
He owes me an answer for killing Andrew.
Please be patient.
Listen to me, I'll come there.
- Thank you, sir.
- Location?
The exact same place where
I caught him the first time.
Alert all the teams.
I've got the shooting order.
Shoot Brahma at sight!
You understand?
I very well know you didn't
commit these murders.
Someone else is doing it
using your name.
I want him!
Do you think I will tell you?
Tell me!
Don't you want Shalu?
I fell for her looks.
For a brief moment, I faltered
and then became a normal human.
- I will kill her and turn myself in.
- Arjun!
Stop it, Arjun!
Stop it!
- Brahma...
- In this game...
even if I die...
- Brahma!
- it'll still be Brahma who will win!
Brahma, stop running!
Arjun, move!
This game is not yet over...
and only Brahma and I know it.
- What are you up to, Arjun?
- Leave me alone.
- Why are you back to this? Throw it away!
- Give that to me! Priya!
Priya, I'm sorry. I...
What happened, Arjun?
I shall move out for a few days.
Do you think you're not
answerable to anyone?
This isn't a hotel room for you
to come and go as you please.
I can't bear all this.
You both better get married.
Jasmine, stop talking without
knowing what's happening.
All this can wait.
Following the Brahma case,
a new killer has targeted me.
If I stay here, it will only
cause problems for all of you.
Which is why I'm moving out.
Just tell me one thing before leaving.
Were you staying here
all this time for my sake?
Or was it for my brother's sake?
It's okay.
Since you stayed here for a while,
I won't force you to marry me.
Let him go.
His main objective is
to apprehend the psycho-killer.
He has better things to focus on.
Staying with us will only
waste his time.
Let him go!
This is what I warned you about earlier.
You don't understand what I'm saying.
If you suffer, it'll hurt me.
And if you're happy, then I'll be happy.
I thought I could help you
with your problem.
I wanted to be the peace
you are looking for.
Leave, Arjun.
Move the boat a little forward.
A little more.
Murugan, check if anybody's over there.
- Check this side as well.
- Okay, sir.
Turn it a little.
Madam, courier.
- Yoga...
- Yes, sir?
A package meant for you
was delivered to my house. Here.
A package for Divya?
- Sir!
- Step back everybody!
- Clear the crowd.
- Please leave.
The other day, why didn't any of you
answer me when I asked about this?
Sir, I didn't want to tell you
anything without any proof.
Proof? What proof do you have now?
Sir, Brahma and this killer
have a strong connection.
Brahma told me this
before he was killed.
Why does the killer want
to use Brahma's killing pattern?
And how are you so confident?
Sir, he's a copycat killer.
It's the same person who helped Brahma
escape as well as committed these murders.
Someone from outside had helped Brahma.
He is our target.
Sir, this is impossible.
Only two people visited Brahma in prison.
One is Father Sebastian.
He does social service for prisoners.
He had filed a petition saying
that Brahma was mentally unstable.
The other one is Siva Balan,
a government lawyer.
We have thoroughly investigated
both of them.
That area is clear.
Then who murdered Dr. Shanmugam's
daughter Shwetha?
when Brahma was in the hospital,
someone sketched a plan,
kidnapped Dr. Shanmugam's daughter,
and blackmailed him.
Dr. Shanmugam helped Brahma escape
in order to save his daughter.
Brahma murdered Dr. Shanmugam
and escaped.
Sir, Dr. Shanmugam called and asked us
to take away Brahma that night.
But later, he called again and insisted
that Brahma stay there for a week
as he needed to undergo more tests.
I had my doubts back then.
Dear! Wait! Open the door!
Listen, dear! Open the door!
Listen to me.
Open the door.
I'm getting worried here!
Sir... Shwetha, Raji, and Divya.
It was not Brahma who
killed these three girls.
Brahma's pattern and motive are different.
This copycat killer has just used
Smiley Killer's signature.
But his motive and pattern...
It's too psychotic.
Excuse me, sir.
Arjun! Some package was delivered to us.
He took it inside and locked the door.
He is not letting me in!
Tell him not to open it!
I'm on my way!
"So what if Brahma has been killed?
You think the murders will stop?
This world is the reason
people like us exist,
yet what can we give back to this world?
We can only take your lives."
A letter mentioning these lines
was received by our channel, Ski News.
Please come out! Please!
Are you high? Are you lost?
Is your mind confused?
Is your life too shaky?
Oh, God!
- Where is he?
- There.
Please open the door!
Oh, God!
Why? Why did you do this?
I very well know
how to slit the wrist to die faster.
Come, let's go to the hospital.
But please...
- don't try to save me.
- Please let's go.
Divya, my child, Dad is coming to you.
Oh, God!
Oh, dear...
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Look at that, Arjun!
One viral video with a million views.
Then I'll also retire, just like Dad.
Sir, who is the copycat killer?
Who killed those three girls?
Brahma or the copycat killer?
No comments.
The investigation is going on.
Do not spread rumors. Thank you!
You are handling the media really well.
Now tell me, Frank.
Who the bloody hell
is this copycat killer?
Sir, there is no such theory
as far as this case is concerned.
Then two questions, Frank.
Who sent those letters to the media?
And who sent that pen drive
to Divya's father?
Sir, if the media's hunch is correct,
then I suspect two people.
One is Ganesh, Shalu's boyfriend.
When I went to Ganesh's house,
I saw the photos of Brahma's victims
in his room.
Moreover, Ganesh is
a depressive disorder patient.
He had consulted Dr. Shanmugan
and I have evidence to prove it.
And when Brahma kidnapped Shalu,
Ganesh gave a statement that he was
present there, but now he's missing.
What about the second one?
Sir... sorry to say this.
It's Arjun.
What nonsense are you talking about?!
Arjun doesn't believe in the court,
law and order, etc.
He never follows any protocol.
In most of the cases he has handled,
he arrested the criminals
and released them immediately.
Nobody has ever seen those criminals
after they were released.
- They are kind of missing.
- Frank!
I don't have time for your assumptions.
these could be my assumptions but there's
also a possibility that they are true.
Evidence. Let's work
with concrete evidence.
- First, track down Ganesh.
- Yes, sir.
Catch him!
Hey, Arjun.
What you're doing is totally unnecessary.
Anyway, what will you find in it?
Frank said only the church father
and the lawyer visited Brahma.
But only the lawyer's entry
is in the registry.
Father used to meet Brahma only when
he came to meet other prisoners.
Hence, his name is not in the registry.
Does anybody else accompany
the church father?
Sometimes he brings an assistant along.
That's all.
Hello, Father.
I need to discuss something with you
regarding Brahma's case.
I told Frank everything during
the inquiry. What else do you need?
I just have one doubt.
When you go to the prison
for prayer service,
do you take someone along?
Yes, a boy named Babu.
He's someone who was traumatized by you
and cured by our NGO.
Where is he now?
Do you want to see him?
- Yes.
- Okay. Come.
- Come here.
- Yes, Father?
- He wants to talk to you.
- No, Father. He will arrest me.
- I am here.
- No...
So, don't worry.
He won't harm you.
- I'm here for you. Just go.
- Okay, sir.
Didn't I arrest you a year ago?
Yes, sir.
It was me.
- Father, look at this!
- Babu!
- Sir, where are you taking him? Babu!
- Father, save me! Please!
- Yes, Father?
- Frank, Arjun just took Babu away!
- What do you mean?
- He said he wanted to talk to him.
Suddenly I saw him dragging him away!
I'll handle it.
Sir, I'm innocent.
Please let me go.
Sir, please.
Sir! Sir! Please, no.
You are the murderer, right?
What do you have against me?
Why are you targeting me?
Sir... I didn't commit any murder.
Out with the truth.
Sir... sir...
Sir, no!
Sir! Sir!
Oh, God!
- Sir!
- Stop him!
- Sir! Sir!
- Sir...
- Tell me!
- Sir!
- Sir, please come here.
- Arjun!
Are you a psychopath?!
Why are you unnecessarily
interfering in this case?
This is my case! I'll handle it.
He is the killer.
- So you committed all the murders?
- Yes, sir!
Stop kidding! Be serious!
What do you want me to do, sir?
You guys have already planned
to frame me!
You won't leave me until I confess.
I was thrashed enough a year ago.
I can't take it anymore.
Nobody will hurt you.
I'm here with you.
Just tell me the truth.
he is the murderer
and he is trying to frame me.
Don't you know that?
Who are you talking about?
recently there was news about a girl
named Shalu who went missing, right?
He was the one who abducted her.
I saw it myself, sir.
You saw it?
You mean this girl?
Yes, sir. It was her.
Do you have anything to say?
- Sir...
- Sir!
- Frank...
- Sir?
- Sir.
- What is happening?
Sir, that guy witnessed
Arjun kidnap Shalu.
- Call Arjun.
- Arjun!
Did you kidnap Shalu?
Yes, sir. I kidnapped her.
- What are you saying, Arjun?
- Mani...
Sorry, sir.
Arjun, are you drunk?
Sir, in order to nab the copycat killer
we needed to nab Brahma first.
My suspicion arose upon seeing Shalu.
Why are you refusing police protection?
Your life is in danger.
Brahma will definitely come for you.
Don't worry, sir.
Even if Brahma comes for me,
he won't be to murder me.
From the way she spoke, I understood
that she wasn't afraid of Brahma.
That's when I guessed that there was
a connection between Brahma and Shalu.
I knew Shalu was the bait
to catch Brahma.
And then, by using Brahma,
I planned to catch the copycat killer.
So, I kidnapped Shalu,
tied her up in the same location
where I caught Brahma,
and then recorded a video
and sent it to the media.
Had I asked your permission to do all
this, you wouldn't have granted it.
Hence, I didn't ask anybody.
If I hadn't done that, we would've
never got hold of Brahma.
Fine, I revealed why I kidnapped Shalu.
What was he doing there
when I was kidnapping her?
Did you ask him that?
- Frank.
- Sir.
- Bring that boy.
- Yes, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Hey, what were you doing there
when Arjun was kidnapping Shalu?
Sir, I know Mr. Ganesh very well.
He is also a photographer.
But he only clicks photos
of female models.
He'd pass me a few local orders
that he'd receive.
He's a kindhearted man.
Shalu madam is his girlfriend.
He gave me a few photos to deliver to her.
That's why I went to her house.
When I went there, I saw that...
he kidnapped her, put her
in the trunk of his car and left.
Why didn't you inform us earlier?
if cops see me, they'd arrest me,
take me to the station, and thrash me.
Who would have believed me
if I had reported that?
So, I thought I shouldn't go
- and get myself in trouble.
- Hey!
Sorry, sir.
Where is Shalu?
We'll get more clarity
if we investigate her.
Sir, since she was shot in the shoulder,
we admitted her to Devi Hospital.
- Call her. I'll talk to her.
- Yes, sir.
- Hello.
- Karthi, put Shalu on the phone.
Just a minute, sir.
Sir, Ganesh abducted Shalu
from the hospital.
Those bloody idiots!
Frank, what's going on?
Can't you organize adequate security?
- First, arrest Ganesh!
- Okay, sir.
Ganesh is not the murderer, sir.
- He is the killer.
- Shut up, Arjun!
Stop repeating yourself.
Sir, the church father
is here with the journalists.
- Father... Father...
- What a bloody mess!
- Babu! Babu!
- Father!
- Why have you brought him here?
- Father!
He's innocent. Leave him!
- Father, save me!
- Babu!
Leave him!
- Babu! Please leave him.
- Father, come here.
- Why have brought him here?
- Father! Come here.
Come here and tell us, Father.
Tell our viewers what's going on here.
This morning, Assistant Commissioner Arjun
came to the church to investigate Babu.
But he dragged him all the way here.
Later, I learned that he is
no longer part of the police force.
It's people like Arjun who tarnish
the reputation of the police department.
Purely due to an old rivalry,
he unjustly implicated innocent Babu
and locked him up
under the pretext of an investigation,
without offering any explanation.
He has been torturing him.
Babu is a poor downtrodden young man.
He is not just poor, but also an orphan.
It's our duty to speak up on his behalf
and ensure that justice is delivered.
Share your feedback on Twitter
with the #JusticeForBabu.
No, sir. I am at the spot.
I'll take care of it.
You're a disgrace to the department.
Sorry, kid.
Hereafter, you won't have
any trouble from our side.
I shall take action for
whatever happened to you.
- Mani...
- Sir.
- Make arrangements to drop him back home.
- Okay, sir.
Shalu... are you okay?
Shalu, I want to have a word with you.
Shalu, just a moment. Listen to me.
- Leave me.
- Shalu, you're in danger!
- I wanna go home.
- Listen to me, Shalu.
Shalu! Damn it!
Sorry. I'm sorry, Shalu.
Please hear me out.
My assistant, Babu...
He is the psycho killer!
He was the one who kidnapped
Karen and killed her.
When I called Karen,
I heard Babu's voice.
Then I called Babu.
And when he answered it,
guess what he said!
He said, "Forget Karen,
but take good care of Shalu."
There was arrogance
in the way he spoke and laughed!
He is out there to kill you.
He will kill you, Shalu!
- Shalu, please...
- Leave me alone! I want to go!
You... you don't get it, right?
Shalu! Shalu, listen to me!
Try to understand!
He will bloody kill you! You'll die!
Try to understand!
Try to understand! Shalu, come on!
Sir, will you take action
against those accountable?
I strongly condemn this incident.
And I personally apologize
for whatever happened.
You made all the mistakes
without thinking twice,
but it's the commissioner
who is bearing the brunt.
Babu has been released.
We will take action against each
and every person involved in this.
- Sir...
- Arjun...
- Sir, one more question!
- Thank you.
- Please.
- Sir!
What are you looking for in my shop,
especially at this late hour?
I know who you are.
You committed all those murders
and now you are playing innocent?
- Oh, my! Look who just cracked the case!
- Hey!
- Shut up and sit down!
- Okay, sir.
Are you high? Are you lost?
Is your mind confused?
Is your life too shaky?
Sir, come on!
Am I not allowed to sing?
Don't hit me, sir. Please!
Come on, sir! Come on!
Come on. Bring it on!
Gotcha! Stay inside!
Stay there!
Open the door!
Do you realize now?
Do you realize who I am?
Oh, God! It hurts!
It hurts! It hurts!
It hurts!
That is how a girl screamed
when I killed her.
Arjun sir, I guess I should not
put on an act before you and Brahma.
You both see through my act.
A year ago, you just looked at me once
and you saw the carnage within me.
- Move! Keep walking!
- Sir...
- Sir...
- They were standing by the corpse.
- Take him into custody!
- Sir...
But I should thank you.
My life changed direction
only after you incarcerated me.
That is where I met Father Sebastian.
He was wandering around,
desperate to offer help.
Father! Father!
You have saved so many people.
Please save me as well!
- Who is he?
- He is a suspect, Father.
Please save me, Father.
How do you know Brahma?
Brahma! Brahma!
Brahma! Brahma!
Brahma! Brahma!
- Brahma!
- Father helped me.
As a paid religious figure,
he would take me to prisons every Sunday
for what he called social service,
and trouble me in the name
of offering prayers for others.
I met Brahma on one such occasion.
Brahma's lawyer and Father
were getting a petition signed
to prove that he is mentally unstable.
That's when I put on an act
in front of Father.
Brahma ruined my life, Father.
Can I forgive the sins
of that troubled soul?
Sure, come.
I saw you commit that murder
at the iron factory.
You hid when the police arrived.
Those cops thrashed me
and ripped me apart.
Even after enduring those beatings,
I didn't rat you out.
Do you know why?
I can see the carnage in your eyes.
I cannot kill anybody, sir.
I ruined your life.
Wouldn't ending my life
bring you inner peace?
But how is it your fault?
It was the Assistant Commissioner
who put me in prison unnecessarily.
Didn't you do anything
to get back at him?
He is a cop.
The very sight of him
sends a shiver down my spine.
How can I get back at him?
You and I are the same breed.
Do you know why I kill?
The sound of their terrified screams
during their last moments
brings me immense satisfaction.
I should leave.
Wait a minute.
Can you do me a favor?
There are a lot of mosquitoes in here.
Kill them.
what did you do?
I killed the mosquitoes.
You don't get it.
It's not just a mosquito.
It has a life of its own.
You just took many lives.
And how did you do it?
Those mosquitoes were
flying freely and happily.
You tortured and killed them brutally
by electrocuting them.
Close your eyes.
Now, thousands of mosquitoes
are going to get electrocuted
and they are going to die
screaming in pain.
Do it.
These petty humans invent such things
and indulge in killing.
So, what should we do?
Brahma is the one who exposed the carnage
that was brewing within me.
The only person who escaped from me.
The only prey.
I want her.
And for that, I must get out.
He became my mentor and I killed Shwetha,
the doctor's daughter, to help him escape.
Killing her didn't quench my thirst!
My mentor's words kept ringing in my ears.
"Shwetha's family must suffer!"
You know what I did? One week later,
after things calmed down at home,
I sent them the dead girl's clothes
and the video in which she was screaming.
- It was a hit! A hit!
- The clothes of the victims and videos
of them getting tortured and killed...
When my hero came out,
he had only one thing to say to me.
He said that it wasn't enough
and asked me to face the person I feared.
I knew that abducting Divya
would provoke you.
That is why I abducted her!
Right before I could kill her, you
sniffed it like a dog and arrived there.
But... when I heard your voice,
it scared the bejesus out of me,
Arjun sir!
I started to tremble.
Oh, God!
He is here.
He is here!
Do something! He is here!
Go and kill him.
I'm scared.
You are not Babu anymore.
- You are Brahma. Do as I say.
- I can't.
I'm scared. Do something.
On that day, Brahma died
right in front of my eyes.
But before he took his last breath,
he taught me something.
He died with a smile on his face!
That's when I realized something.
To become the real Brahma,
one must not fear death.
Since then, I stopped fearing you.
I'm not the wuss named Babu,
whom you can easily beat up!
I'm Brahma, the one
who doesn't fear death!
Now, come! Come on!
Come on!
- Hey, Arjun!
- Sir, what took you so long?
Catch hold of Arjun!
Let go of him, sir!
Come on, sir!
You can never be Brahma.
Ganesh is not the killer.
We went to his house last night
with a search warrant.
We found his dead body lying in his house.
No problem, sir.
I'm looking into it.
Okay, sir. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you.
Despite receiving
numerous complaints about you,
I chose not to react
for one specific reason.
I thought you were a sincere officer.
But now...
you've stretched it too far.
I'm left with no option
but to arrest you.
- Just a minute, sir...
- Mani, stop!
Don't interrupt.
Sorry, sir.
Damn it, say something!
Sir, Babu is the killer.
Who are you to decide that?
You are no longer in the police force.
I am his target.
He murdered Divya
solely to ensnare me back into this case.
I know that I cannot prove
anything without evidence.
That's why I went to his studio yesterday.
While I was searching for
evidence in his computer system...
I noticed that it had a CCTV camera app.
He is holding a girl captive somewhere
and has installed cameras there.
He was watching her from his studio.
I found the IP address
of the camera, gave it to Mani,
and asked him to trace
the girl's location.
Sir, allow me to weigh in.
I went to the location.
We found a girl chained up.
Upon inquiry,
I found out that Babu has been
repeatedly raping her for over a year.
And the most disturbing part is that
she is his younger sister.
But how do you conclude that...
Babu is behind all the murders
that resemble Brahma's pattern?
Sir, you must trust me in this case.
Yesterday, in the studio,
he confessed to me
that he committed all the murders.
Let's nab that bastard.
- Do not assemble a big team. Be discrete.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir.
- Carry on.
Sir, your phone.
Babu kidnapped Sophie.
Where are you?
I'm at the church.
He will reveal Sophie's whereabouts
only if you come here.
- Come fast, Arjun.
- Everything will be fine.
Don't worry. I'll be there.
Sophie... our Sophie!
- I want her back, Arjun.
- Yes...
Come with me.
Arjun, wait.
Look, Arjun is here as per your wish.
Look, Arjun.
Where's Sophie, Babu?
Save the drama
and tell us where the kid is.
Or else I'll kill and bury you!
Jerk! Do you realize it only now?
I'm pretty pissed with you!
How dare you mistreat me
for the murders I didn't commit?!
This is your last warning! Otherwise...
Tell me where the kid is,
or else I'll kill you!
Sir... I'll tell you.
You and Jasmine come with me.
- I'll tell you.
- I'm not going anywhere!
I'm giving you five minutes.
Tell me where the kid is
and I'll spare your life.
Or else, I'll finish you off!
- Shit!
- Babu, please tell me where she is.
- Where is Sophie?
- Did you see that, Jasmine? Did you?!
I said that the kid would die
if we didn't get there soon,
but I see no fear on their faces!
Look at his face!
There's no fear at all!
Look at his face! No fear!
Jasmine, the very sight of him
makes me tremble in fear!
I can achieve the stature of Brahma
only by defeating him!
I don't care if I die...
but I want to watch you suffer in pain!
Jasmine, I hope you remember
everything I told you.
If you don't do as I say,
- you'll find Sophie's lifeless body.
- Oh, God!
- I'll kill you!
- Arjun... please!
Don't you get it?
Sophie is my life, Arjun.
She is all that I have
of mine and Andrew.
- I want her back.
- Jasmine...
if we obey him,
we won't be able to find Sophie.
He just wants to see me suffer.
That is all he wants,
and he'll do anything for that!
I very well know how to rescue Sophie.
Please try to understand.
You are lying.
I trusted you with Andrew, right?
Look what happened to him.
He's no more with us.
Please help me get my Sophie back.
- Please. I cannot live without her.
- God! Shall we start?!
Please listen to him for my sake.
Let's go. Come on.
Arjun, keep this.
Satan has risen, O Lord.
I kneel before you and pray.
Please help avoid further violence.
Until now, I have never
asked God for anything.
But for the first time,
I'm asking God for something.
Until I get Sophie back alive...
I must control myself
from squashing this filthy worm.
Grant me patience and tolerance.
Arjun sir, if you keep driving
at this pace, the kid will...
- Step on it, sir. Drive faster!
- Driver faster.
shall we play a game?
Sir, the game has three rounds.
It'll be over soon.
- Ready?
- Ready.
Say "one" when I ask you to.
You say "two" and I'll say "three," okay?
- Hey! Say "one"!
- One.
Sir, play the game, or else
I won't tell you where the kid is!
Please say it, Arjun!
Please say it.
- Two.
- Three!
Two. Three.
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
- One, two, three!
- Arjun... take this.
- One, two, three!
- Take this.
One, two, three!
- Arjun, take this!
- One, two, three!
- Hey! Show me the route!
- One, two, three!
- One, two, three!
- Shut up!
- One, two, three!
- Show me the route!
- One, two, three!
- I said, shut up!
One, two, three!
- Arjun, look here...
- Show me the route!
- One, two, three!
- Arjun...
- Arjun, hand this over to Sophie.
- One, two, three! One, two, three!
One, two, three!
- Wait, Jasmine!
- One, two, three!
- Show me the route!
- Turn right! Right!
Turn right! Right!
Jasmine, you kept your promise.
She didn't die?
Sop... Sophie! Sophie!
Sophie! Sophie!
Now get in the car.
You sinners! You came after us
and ran over an innocent woman!
You're not allowed to follow us anymore!
Come on, sir. Let's go!
Where is she?
I don't understand one thing.
It makes sense for Sophie's mother
to sacrifice herself for Sophie.
But your girlfriend? Poor girl!
She also loves Sophie equally.
Not everyone is stonehearted like you.
Don't worry. After I kill you,
I'll take care of Priya.
Stop! Over here!
Why did you mention Priya?
- Tell me.
- I'll tell you.
- I'll tell you.
- Where is Priya?
Tell me!
You have been aggressive towards me
so many times! Have I ever hit you back?
I'll tell you if you let me hit you.
Please, sir.
Just a couple of hits.
Only then I'll tell you.
What happened, sir?
Do you want your Priya back, sir?
Go, fetch.
Why did you come here?
He wants to take my life
in exchange for Sophie.
This is why I kept my distance from you!
If you knew this would happen,
you should have been with us!
We could have been happy together
during the brief time we shared.
Life is too short, Arjun.
But now, we don't have the time for this.
We must rescue Sophie somehow.
Let's go.
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Priya...
- Sophie...
What the...
Even after all that has happened...
you still won't show your pain, right?
Final round.
Do you... want Priya?
Or Sophie?
Arjun sir!
Her neck...
is very soft!
- I'm finding it hard to control myself!
- No! No!
Arjun, just rescue Sophie at any cost.
I'll go.
Come on.
Come on.
Go! Sophie, go!
Quit wasting time and respond promptly.
I'll be waiting for you.
Damn it, I'm unable
to hold back my tears.
You were right.
Life is short.
I love you.
Look here.
Babu, who was under suspicion
as the psycho killer by the police,
was discovered brutally murdered.
The police couldn't find the serial killer
responsible for the murders in Chennai,
leading them to initiate an investigation
- into an innocent man named Babu.
- Tragic! He was a nice guy.
It's really sad
that he was brutally killed.
The press and media made certain
that Babu was set free.
Meanwhile, the cops discovered
a dead body near the river's edge.
Just a while ago, we received news
that it was Babu's dead body.
Sir, what's going on?
The guy they are claiming
to be dead is here and alive!
- He's the doctor. Let him go.
- Hey...
- Leave him. It's okay.
- Doctor...
Doctor, there's a psycho
in our department.
He is currently on vacation.
It's unfair to always
leave everything for God.
Sometimes we must handle things ourselves.
Come, let me explain it to you.
Please don't go!
I know... no fear.
I have no enemies.
But that doesn't mean I'm a nice guy.
When the need arises...
I turn into a monster.
Doctor! Doctor!
Somebody, please help me!
Somebody, please help me!
Save me!
Please save me!