Irene Huss - Nattrond (2008) Movie Script

We all know the rules:
"At night we stay in ourbeds. "
- Leave me alone!
- Now come along, Mrs Landgren.
Aperson hasthe right to stretch
her legs, doesn't she?
The lights will go back on again soon.
Now sit here,
and I'll go get a torch.
Good Lord...
Doctor... The alarm.
The ventilator alarm!
- Where's Marianne?
- I have no idea.
Why didn't the damn
backup generator kick in?
- Folke?
- Yes?
We'll go check the electric central.
Can you take care...
...of everything up here?
Let's get you to bed, Mrs Landgren.
Go... Go get her.
She came out through there
and she had blood on herhands.
The electric central...
What the hell? What's going on?
Oh my God.
Hey, it'stoo loud.
- Is Dad asleep?
- Well, not anymore.
Sorry, I forgot.
Will I see you tonight?
- You've worked nights all month...
- This is not a good time.
I didn't get off work until 5 AM.
I'll go take a shower. I don't have
to be in until after lunch.
Cut it out...
Bye, Mum.
Oh, someone from work called.
Jonny Blom.
He said it was urgent.
- Hi. What's up?
- Marianne Svrd, 34, a nurse.
Found at 4 AM by the hospital
superintendent, Sverker Lwander,
and the janitor, Folke Bengtsson.
- Cause of death?
- Ablow to the head,
Most probably using that fire axe.
- Have you found it?
- No, we got here 10 minutes ago.
Judging from the blood, she was hit
here and then fell down the stairs.
- Could it have been a drug addict?
- Yes, that's a possibility.
- Any witnesses?
- Yes, a nurse.
Could you interview her?
We'll check the medicine locker.
We should check the bushes
forthat bloody axe, too.
And check all the entrances
to the facility.
Anything? Continue overthere.
- No fire axe so far?
- And no signs offorced entry.
Have you shown me all the doors?
Isthis the staff entrance?
Someone could have slipped in
with the night shift.
You're a nurse and I'm the killer.
Orwould you rather switch?
- No, that's all right.
- Excuse me... the keys?
- Are you ready?
- Hang on.
- I'm ready.
- Then I'll go inside.
No, not a chance.
Thanks. I understand that you
and Dr Lwanderfound Marianne.
I'm expecting the electrician...
- Could you tell me what happened?
- You'll have to talk to Doc.
That's her... She's the one.
Nurse Tekla.
They say she and Dr Lwander
were up to no good.
Doctor Lwanderwasn't even
born when this wastaken.
Not that Dr Lwander:
Hilding, Sverker's father.
That's him. And that's his wife,
Sverker's mother.
Tekla was fired when Sverkerwas
born. That's when she hanged herself.
- Hanged herself? So, she's dead?
- Yes, indeed.
Right... So you mean she's back?
As a ghost?
- Doesthat sound silly to you?
- To be honest, yes.
Could you please tell me
exactly what you saw?
Someone turning the corner.
But couldn't that have been anyone?
Anurse, the janitor?
Why not?
Well, it's mainly a feeling I have...
I need something
more substantial to go on, you know.
- Number eight's doorwas ajar.
- "Number eight"?
Ward 8. That's where she likesto be.
We can't afford
to use those facilities.
And the door is always kept locked.
Only now it was ajarand...
I really don't know what to think.
But you don't really believe that
a ghost killed your colleague, do you?
- Was there anotherwitness?
- Yes, old Mrs Landgren.
- I'm looking for Dr Lwander.
- Straight ahead.
Hello. I'm Dl Irene Huss.
You found Marianne Svrd,
could you please tell me about it?
Well, the janitor and I were
on ourway to the electric central.
The powerwas out.
And... we had a bit of a crisis
on our hands.
- Don't you have a backup generator?
- It had broken down as well.
It's like
the whole place is falling apart.
Our plumbing needs to be replaced.
We had to drain the grounds...
Our X-ray equipment is inadequate,
and now...
And now this.
There's no sign of forced entry and
your medicine stores are untouched.
- What does that mean?
- This might not be a burglary.
Well, we've had addicts
sneaking onto the premises before...
What kind of patients
do you treat here?
We do surgical procedures,
- There's no psychiatric ward?
- No.
Wasthere any friction between
Marianne and the rest of staff?
She was very nice.
Conscientious, uncomplicated...
I'd like to have a list
ofthe people who have keys.
Only the full staffmembers have keys
- And I don't hire murderers.
- Of course you don't.
- But I still need that list.
- Of course.
The shock took itstoll on her heart,
but she's feisty, so we'll see...
- Did she say anything?
- "She has blood on herhands. "
- Isthat verbatim?
- Yes. That's what she said.
Well, you see how it is.
Only time will tell.
- Did Marianne have a family?
- She was divorced last autumn.
That's when she started working here.
She and her ex, DrSvrd,
worked at Sahlgrenska East.
- Was it a messy divorce?
- No. Well, maybe...
But he didn't do it.
He's not a violent man.
- Any children?
- No. Thank God.
And where were you
at the time ofthe murder?
In the flat I have here.
I wastaking a power nap.
You were asleep.
- Can anyone verify that?
- My wife called.
We talked for quite some time.
Does that count?
Thank you. Please contact me
if you happen to think of anything.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Oh, there was something...
- Yes?
Our night-duty nurse, Siv Persson,
insiststhat she saw something...
- Don't you trust her?
- She's extremely reliable.
But she does have
some rather unconventional ideas.
The blow didn't kill her, take a look.
- She was strangled?
- With a fine rope or a cord.
I found fibres. Nylon. White.
- So the blow wasn't deadly?
- No, she died of asphyxiation.
So someone hit her
and then strangled her.
Somebody definitely
wanted this girl dead.
- What's Nurse Siv like?
- She's something else...
How about some common sense
or logic? Not a bunch of...
- Oh, no!
- Shit!
- Enjoying your lunch?
- That's none of your damn business.
You can carry
your own pizzas in the future.
- So what did she say?
- That she saw a ghost.
- Wasn't there anotherwitness?
- Apatient who passed out.
- Can't she be interviewed?
- No, not for some time yet, if ever.
- So what are we supposed to think?
- She obviously saw someone.
- But not necessarily a ghost.
- Did you get a description?
Awell-starched 50s nurse uniform.
And she was floating...
Well, run with it, Birgitta.
- What's yourplan, Jonny?
- I'm going to Sahlgrenska East.
- To talk to the ex-husband?
- Yes. I preferthe real world.
So you and Marianne
split up last autumn, then?
Did you stay in touch?
Yes, we'd have lunch together
a few times a month.
- Were you banging her?
- Excuse me?
No, absolutely not. It was just...
You see, we're so...
We used to be so close.
We grew up together.
Ourfamilies are friends, and so on.
Everything was so... uncomplicated,
I guess you could say.
It's not a strange question to ask.
Is it true that Marianne quit
her job here afterthe divorce?
Why, if everything
was so "uncomplicated"?
- She didn't want you around?
- That wasn't it. It...
Was it just a coincidence that she
quit at the time of your divorce?
Go on, tell me. What'sthe deal?
I had an affair
with one ofthe nurses here.
With someone who works here?
Well, what do you know...
"Had", you say?
Have. We're living together.
And Marianne and your new girlfriend
don't get along?
- Do you find that strange?
- No, not at all... How bad was it?
They weren't crazy about each other.
But it's not like...
It's not like
they would kill each other?
No, absolutely not!
We don't have to bring up
the lunches, do we?
We'll see.
- Hello. I'm Detective Jonny Blom.
- Susanne.
- Is this about Marianne?
- This is Niklas, my partner.
- I'd like to interview you.
- How exciting.
- Hi... Are you waiting for someone?
- Ataxicab.
I don't drive when I'm sleep-deprived.
Would you like a ride?
You see, I was on my way
to interview yourwife anyway.
Are you checking my alibi?
Am I such a prime suspect?
We'll be checking up
on everyone who wasthere.
- Isthe hospital named after you?
- No, my dad.
He would be spinning
in his grave ifhe knew...
- About the murder?
- That wouldn't have bothered him.
I meant the fact
that his life's work is so run down.
My fatherwas an old-fashioned man.
My total opposite.
- So, what are you like?
- Modern. Emotional. Passionate.
- Haven't you noticed?
- No.
- This is Carina, my wife.
- Hello. I'm Irene Huss.
Irene's investigating
the murder ofMarianne Svrd,
and she was kind enough
to give me a lift home.
Irene believes that I'm the killer.
Could you give me an alibi?
Your husband saysthat you called
him around two in the morning.
- Isthat correct?
- Certainly.
- What number did you call?
- The one I usually call.
His flat at the hospital.
Did it take long before he answered?
Well, it rang two orthree times.
Why do you ask?
We're trying to establish a time-line
forthe night ofthe murder.
But may I ask why you called him
in the middle ofthe night?
I've had a hard time sleeping lately.
There's a lot on my mind. We...
- Well, we're going to be parents.
- Oh, really?
Our daughter is a year old, and she's
at an orphanage in St. Petersburg.
- We're bringing her home next week.
- Congratulations.
Then I can see why
you have a hard time sleeping.
- That'll be all fornow. Thank you.
- Bye.
- So, do I have a good alibi?
- Certainly. lll be in touch.
Would it be possible to take you
to dinner some evening?
But maybe you don't consort
with people you're investigating...
- No, I don't.
- Sorry. Thanks forthe lift.
You're welcome.
- Bye, sweetie. See you tonight.
- I have practice tonight.
Well, take care.
- You'd better get moving, sweetie.
- I'm way too tired.
- Maybe you should go to bed earlier.
- I couldn't sleep.
Oh... Did Dad wake you?
Hey, what'sthe matter?
Are you and Dad staying together
just for our sake?
Then don't. I don't want that.
Oh, sweetheart...
Dad works a lot right now,
and our hours are out of sync...
Mum, he's never at home.
That doesn't mean
he doesn't want to be, you know.
Do you believe that yourself?
A drugged old lady saw a ghost...
What a lead!
Do we have anything else to go on?
Here's material about everyone
who everworked at the hospital.
You're supposed to focus
on what she actually saw.
- What did you find out, Jonny?
- This case is a pain...
- Did you find the ex-husband?
- Yes.
And I think
he suspects his new partner...
- Who happensto be a guy.
- Oh, poor Jonny.
- Doesthis boyfriend have a record?
- I'll check it out.
- Then I'll go and talk to the guy.
- Forensics sent this over.
- It was in the victim's pocket.
- Thank you.
- What did you think ofMarianne?
- She was a cry-baby.
She couldn't face the fact
thatAndreas had dumped her.
- She kept pestering him...
- Quit swishing around.
Soy milk? And I've baked
the most delightful cookies...
So itstrue, then?
That all cops are raging homophobics?
- I ask the questions around here.
- Sure. Shoot.
- How did she pesterAndreas?
- She called. E-mailed. Whined...
- Did you feel threatened?
- By the little lady?
- By Andreas's childhood sweetheart.
- We've all been young and stupid.
They had lunch together several times
a month, were you aware ofthat?
No, you weren't.
Why would Andreas lie
about something like that?
- I guess he was ashamed.
- So he wasn't banging her?
- He gets what he needs from me.
- So the lying doesn't bother you?
Andreas and I don't feel
the need to control each other.
- You have an "open relationship".
- We gays screw around like rabbits.
All we everthink about is sex,
makeup and clothes.
- I don't like yourtone.
- I don't like yours, either.
So beat me up. Isn't that what cops do
when they don't like what they hear?
- And what do I want to hear?
- That I killed her in a jealous fit.
- Did you?
- No. Because I wasn't jealous.
I couldn't stand her.
She was whiney little bourgeois cunt.
And whoever killed did the world
a favour. But it wasn't me.
Andreas was in Copenhagen
that night. Where were you?
At the Rainbow Room.
- Isthat some bloody...
- ... gay club? Yes.
Were you there all night?
Where were you?
- You don't want to know, sweetie.
- Hey, you'd betterwatch your mouth!
This phone
doesn't belong to Marianne.
- Then who does it belong to?
- Another nurse. Linda Svensson.
- Marianne must have found it.
- Linda wasn't on duty that weekend.
- She had five days off.
- Maybe she mislaid it before that.
Who can make it without
theirphone forfive whole days?
You're right. I'll call her.
Look, the last call was made
an hour before the murder.
"Love and kisses"...
Atext message to Sverker.
That must be Lwander, right?
Well, either Linda
was at the hospital an hour
before Marianne was killed,
or Marianne called Sverker.
- There are lots calls to Sverker.
- He is herboss, after all.
True, but there are a lot of calls.
Maybe they were having an affair.
Its a classic scenario, after all...
I'll go see ifLinda's at work today.
You can check out Linda's flat.
- I'm here to see Linda Svensson.
- I'll go talk to Siv again.
- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for Linda Svensson.
She was supposed
to go on duty two hours ago.
- Maybe she overslept.
- Is that something she usually does?
- She'stwo hours late already...
- Siv is in charge of scheduling.
Did Linda call you
the night Marianne was murdered?
That's... possible.
- In the middle ofthe night?
- Oh, now I remember.
She remembered
something about a patient.
Something important
that she had forgotten to report.
And that's right, it was
the night Marianne was murdered.
- Was Linda here that night?
- No, she was off duty.
Stop it, Sverker. Tell herthe truth.
Pardon me, but I couldn't help
overhearing your conversation.
Linda has been calling Sverker
virtually 'round the clock lately.
- Why isthat?
- I guess she needsto talk.
And so she calls you? Her boss?
My husband is good
at "validating" people, as they say.
That goes forwomen in particular.
- So she was here that night?
- Yes, she was.
Well, she wastroubled.
- What do you mean?
- There were conflicts with patients...
- It was about Folke Bengtsson.
- The janitor?
- What about him?
- He was molesting her.
We might as well be truthful.
He shouldn't be around
regular people. He needs help.
He's unstable. Which isn't that odd,
considering his background.
- What about his background?
- He's Tekla's son.
- The nurse who hanged herself?
- I can't let you do this...
I'm sorry, but it worries me
that she's missing.
I really think you should look for her.
- Fredrik speaking.
- So was she at herflat?
No, she's not here.
- Find anything? What are you doing?
- Feeding a bird.
- Not now, Fredrik.
- Okay, I'm on my way.
I've been looking through those files.
- Did Tekla have a son?
- Yes, a "bastard" asthey used to say.
Being an unwed motherwastough...
Wasthat why she killed herself?
They say it was because Dr Lwander
broke offtheir relationship.
Sverkerhad just been born.
Hilding Lwander
was quite a ladies' man,
but it seems he wanted
to be a good father and husband.
- What about the boy?
- An orphanage.
Poorbaby. And poorTekla.
Are you starting to believe me?
Well, it's such a fascinating story.
The story of an era...
She wasthere again, last night.
Do you mean that you saw her?
The doorto Ward 8
is always kept locked.
And every night,
the dooris open again.
And only Dr Lwander, the janitor,
and myselfhave the keys.
Couldn't it have been one ofthe men?
- Why do you believe it's Tekla?
- That's where she hanged herself.
- Here? At the hospital?
- In the old linen closet.
- I'll check it out.
- Just don't go there alone.
There you are.
Listen, I might have a lead.
- We're looking for Folke Bengtsson.
- He'll be back soon.
Do you mind if we wait here?
- Are you an electrician?
- Yes.
- Have you fixed the wiring?
- Well, I've been able to repair...
- Afixture is flickering on Ward 8.
- So turn it off.
I'll go give Jonny a call.
Do lights have
to have a reason to flicker?
No, the whole damn system here
is falling apart.
- So where are you offto?
- Home.
Right. Thanks. Bye.
Andreas Svrd's
boyfriend has an alibi.
- So what do we do about Linda?
- I called Fredrik.
She wasn't at herplace.
- Does Folke live here?
- Apparently.
Send reinforcements,
we found the weapon. Bye.
- Do you think he's still here?
- I have no idea. - Folke?
Go on, show yourself...
I'm waiting for you.
No! For Christ's sake, no!
- Did he put up a fight?
- Not at all.
Yes, it's Linda Svensson.
I recognise herfrom the pictures
she had up on her refrigerator.
- Is it suicide?
- Why take your clothes offthen?
Do you think
she jumped up and hanged herself?
- Get anything from the rope?
- It's Folke's rope.
Forensics confirms it.
- And we found her clothes, too.
- Where?
In a bag stuffed under Folke's bed.
It contained herwallet, some ID and...
He strung her up at the very same
spot his mother used 40 years ago.
- Where have you been?
- Far, far, away.
Hey... I haven't
slept a wink all night.
Neither have I.
Honey, I'm just not up to it.
Hello, Yvonne.
I'm on my way.
It's a sex crime. There's evidence of
intercourse, and she put up a fight.
- Well, he strung herup.
- She was already dead by then.
- Look, finger marks.
- Right...
She wasn't murdered there,
the abrasions on her heels
show that she was moved. Dragged.
You know, some people are turned on
by choking their partner during sex.
- Any trace evidence?
- Semen. Skin cells under her nails.
I've sent the trace on to the lab. And
the fibres found on the first victim
match the cord around her neck.
So it could be the same killer.
- When did she die?
- The same night as hercolleague.
Does this look familiar?
We found it at your place. Do you
know what it was doing there?
The blood
comes from Marianne Svrd.
And we found clothing that
belonged to Linda Svensson.
And the halyard, the rope,
used to hang her.
- Why was all that under your bed?
- I don't know.
Do you know why you went
to hide up in the attic?
We have a evidence that you raped
and strangled Linda Svensson.
And that you murdered
Marianne Svrd. Isthat so?
Come on, help me out here.
Help yourself, too.
Unless you give us
some reason not to,
we'll pursue
the line that you're guilty.
I can't just sit around
and do nothing.
Let's say he comes in here,
dragging Linda.
Her shoes, her clothes,
a length ofhalyard...
- Sounds pretty messy.
- Exactly.
That's why
he dropped her mobile phone.
And Marianne passes by...
...and seesthe phone
and puts it in herpocket.
Then he runs upstairs and hides.
Marianne looks up and sees Linda,
and walks up here.
Then he grabsthe fire axe.
And runs down here
and bashes her overthe head.
She tumbles downstairs
and ends up here.
And he comes after her
and strangles herwith the halyard.
The same one
he strings Linda up with.
Linda wasthe intended victim.
And Marianne
just happened to pass by.
- Where was Linda raped and killed?
- Probably not at Folke's place.
Because then he wouldn't have
taken the long way to get here.
Why string her up at the very spot
where his mother died?
Here: Bengtsson, Folke.
Served three years,
1871 to 1874, for rape.
The victim's name
was Gunilla Strm, age 18.
She was a nurse, at Lwanderska.
Any comments from
the psychological work up?
No, it just says that there was
no evidence ofinsanity.
Followed by the sentence.
There some guy here
who claims he's Folke's lawyer.
Fredrik, run a check on Gunilla Strm.
Gunilla Strm.
- Hello.
- Hello, I'm Stellan Vik.
- I'm Irene Huss.
- I heard that Folke's been arrested.
- You're his lawyer, right?
- I'm helping him with a civil suit.
"Stolen Childhood"?
We represent children who
have been mistreated in foster care.
We also support adults
with the same background.
And you help yourmembers
sue for damages, too?
Folke is one ofthose members.
His particular case is one ofthe
most promising ones we have.
- Could you tell me more?
- At ten, he was sent to an orphanage.
His mother died.
I presume that you know the story?
Not in detail.
He was subjected to gross neglect.
He was admitted to the hospital
for malnutrition when he was 11.
In home after home he was exploited.
They made him work.
He was beaten and mistreated until
he was legally of age and could leave.
He's entitled to huge sums of money.
And it looks promising.
- Who are you suing? The state?
- Yes.
What happened to Folke
once he was of age?
He was employed as a janitor
at Lwanderska Hospital.
As long ago as that?
He's spent most ofhis life there.
Apart from the years in care,
and when he was in prison.
Old Dr Lwandertook pity on him
and let him stay in the basement.
How would you describe Folke?
I see Folke as an almost timid person,
not aggressive at all.
Except for in one respect, when it
comes to the Lwanderfamily.
Nothing's ever happened...
- Has he threatened them?
- Not at all.
But every time I bring up
the Lwanderfamily, he acts hostile.
- He's known them for 30 years now.
- Yes, I know. It's kind of odd.
- Do you know the reason why?
- No...
And Folke isn't exactly chatty.
- Is Folke mentally disturbed?
- Oh no, absolutely not.
But he's different.
Shaped by the way he grew up.
Do you think Folke
is capable ofmurder?
No, not in my opinion.
- How's it going?
- He's started talking.
He told us he wiped all the prints off
the axe and that pulley thing...
- What about Gunilla Strm?
- The rape victim? No, I...
Well, get on it straight away.
Your mother, Tekla Bengtsson,
hanged herself at the very same spot.
Isthis some kind of statement?
I don't know who she is.
You don't know who your mother is?
Or do you mean Linda Svensson?
I nevertalk to the nurses.
- Why not? Don't you like them?
- I'm not allowed.
You aren't allowed
to talk to the nurses... Says who?
- The Doc.
- Sverker Lwander?
- The old Doc.
- Hilding Lwander, Sverker's father?
Why did he order you
to not talk to the nurses?
Because of... Gunilla.
Gunilla Strm?
The girl you raped
back in 1871?
I didn't rape her.
I loved her. And she loved me.
Hello, I'm Irene Huss.
- Gunilla Strm?
- Landn. Strm is my maiden name.
- I'm sorry, it was such a surprise...
- I understand.
- And you didn't stay in touch?
- No...
Tell me about him.
Well, we got to know each other
at the hospital, Lwanderska.
I'm a nurse and I worked there
before I got married.
Hilding Lwanderand my father
were good friends...
Folke was employed as a janitor.
- What happened?
- We were so young.
Folke was so handsome. Intense.
Amagnetic personality.
We fell in love. Passion
is probably a betterword for it.
- And he raped you?
- Wasn't it like that?
I don't know what to say.
It was such a long time ago.
- He says he didn't rape you.
- He didn't.
We went too far. We met in secret
at this place at the hospital...
- Up in the attic?
- Did he tell you that?
- Was that where you met?
- Yes, and I got pregnant.
- I knew my fatherwould be furious.
- Because you weren't married?
Because Folke wasn't good enough.
I was expected to marry a doctor.
Adoctor, like my father.
But I neverimagined that he
would report Folke to the police.
But you must have been a part ofit?
You must have testified.
What happened to the baby?
I had an abortion. I had to.
"Had to"? Did someone
force you to have one?
- Yourfather, perhaps?
- Yes.
According to the transcripts,
Folke confessed to rape.
Why did he do that?
I expect he wanted to save me.
From ending up like his mother.
An outcast, an unmarried mother?
Ifthere's anything I can do,
please give me a call.
By the way, what does
your husband do for a living?
He's a Chief Surgeon
at Sahlgrenska Central.
That makes sense.
Her parents did file the report.
No wonder he isn't
crazy about the Lwanders.
He told me that after
he did time in prison, he's never...
He's never had intimate relations
with anyone else.
You know, this adoption business
is pretty curious, too.
Do you mean Sverker and Carina?
No, I found this doctor's certificate.
That Lovisa Lwander
was deemed suitable to adopt.
I wonderwhy
it was in Folke's possession.
- Does Sverker have any siblings?
- Not as far as I know.
Is he an adopted child?
- Could I borrow this?
- Sure.
I was looking at some old files.
Look at those eyes.
What a honey!
Don't you see the resemblance?
Come on...
- Who do you mean?
- Sverker Lwander.
- Holy shit! So Sverker is...
- Exactly, he's Tekla's other son.
So Sverker and Folke
have the same mother?
That makesthem half-brothers.
Hilding Lwander paid Tekla
a lot of money before she died.
- How do you know that?
- Folke had this bank statement.
So Hilding bought his own son.
Then he dumped Tekla, and fired her.
And she went and hanged herself.
What a bastard, destroying
Tekla's and Folke's lives!
- What a rotten society!
- Whoa... That's enough.
- It's a goddamn shame...
- What a sob story.
- What the hell is wrong with you?
- The guy had some major bad luck.
- But he had the murderweapon.
- Sorry, I need to clear my head.
Right. Yes, at the same time.
What number?
Who is listed at that number?
Carina and Sverker Lwander?
Thank you.
Sverker Lwander's lying.
He says that Carina called him
and woke him up at his flat.
- And she didn't?
- No, he called her.
How does that change anything?
Ifhe called herfrom his flat, that
meansthat we know he wasthere.
Why would he lie
about something like that?
I have no idea.
You know what? I'm going home
to get some sleep. Good night.
Good night.
Good news: We have
a confession from Folke Bengtsson.
Early this morning he admitted that he
raped and strangled Linda Svensson.
- And murdered Marianne Svrd.
- Holy shit!
Everything happened
like we thought it did.
He told me in detail
how he had lured Linda to his place.
And that's where he raped her
and then strangled her.
In the janitor's quarters?
Yes, but I still don't understand
why he strung her up like that.
Considering his childhood,
it's not that strange.
At any rate,
I did a good job, didn't I?
How about joining us?
We're having pizza.
We'll eat out,
just to be on the safe side.
- Are you on a diet?
- That's right.
Hi there.
I see you're still sleuthing around.
- Isthe janitor's office open?
- I guess so.
I heard that he confessed.
- There's something I forgot to check.
- Go ahead.
See you.
How's it going?
- I wanted to thank you.
- I was just doing my job.
It means a lot to me.
Ijust wanted you to know that.
Well then... Carina and I will be
leaving for St Petersburg tomorrow.
That's right, to pick up
your daughter. Good luck.
Perhaps we'll
run into each other again,
in more pleasant circumstances.
By the way... Does this mean
that I'm no longer a suspect?
Yes, in theory. Sure.
Then there's no reason why
I can't take you to dinner.
No, I guessthere isn't.
How about eight o'clock? The Pontou?
- Where are you going?
- Offto work.
I'm going out. To work,
I have a few things to take care of.
- You won't be late, will you?
- No. Bye, honey.
Silly Daddy...
Sverker Lwander?
Thank you.
- Is it you or is it her?
- Excuse me?
- Who can't have kids?
- Oh...
She can't.
- Does she love you?
- Yes.
- But you don't love her, do you?
- Why are you asking me this?
I'm sorry,
I'm asking too many questions.
Yes. I do love her.
Only not in that way.
- What way?
- The erotic way.
- Do you think I'm terrible?
- Does it look like it?
But you do love her enough
to adopt a child with her.
Can you keep a secret?
- I was adopted, too.
- Really?
- What country?
- Sweden. It was common back then.
- Ever meet yourbiological parents?
- I have no idea who they are.
- Aren't you curious?
- Not really.
My parentstold me
about my birth mother.
She was a drunk. Poor.
Pretty pathetic, apparently.
That's too bad.
What about you?
Any skeletons in the closet?
No, I'm as clean as a whistle.
What does your husband
say about you being here?
- Having dinnerisn't a crime, is it?
- You think about it...
Excuse me,
I need to go to the men's room.
Excuse me...
May I have the bill, please?
Thank you.
Listen, could we go somewhere else?
- So soon?
- It's getting a little too noisy here.
- All right. I'll just pay the bill.
- It's already taken been care of.
Shall we?
- Maybe we could...
- I need to make a call.
- Will you get us a taxi?
- Sure.
Oh, no!
- Hello, Mum.
- Hello, sweetie-pie.
Listen, you're too young
to go to bars.
No, we're at Fanny's house.
We're going to see a movie.
You're going home. This instant.
It makes no difference,
you're going home.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Where should we go?
- Do you have something in mind?
- She must have X-ray vision.
- She's a pain...
To Lwanderska Hospital.
For a nightcap.
What the hell?
Hello. Yes.
No, in a little while.
Why would I?
I'll get there when I get there. Bye.
You horny bastard...
- What's wrong?
- This e-mail from the lab...
The DNA doesn't match.
Folke Bengtsson didn't do it.
- What's wrong?
- It's the electrical system.
We had to move
the patients to the East Wing.
Lucky for us, though. Now we
have the entire wing to ourselves.
Why don't you take your coat off?
- What can I get you?
- Do you have a whole bar here?
- Whisky?
- Yes, please.
- Do you get a lot ofvisitors?
- Some.
- Women?
- Maybe...
- Wait a minute...
- Wait?
Who was in such a hurry to leave?
Back off!
I know you killed her!
What are you doing here?
We're leaving tomorrow, Sverker.
Have you forgotten that?
Have you?
I thought you'd settle down.
Now that we're
going to be a real family.
- I'm sorry...
- I can't go on protecting us.
Shut up!
Stop apologising.
I don't give a damn who you fuck.
What I do worry about is who is
going to take care of ourdaughter.
A disgusting sex addict
who strangles young girls?
You've spoiled everything,
for God's sake!
You turned this place
into a whorehouse.
- And you turned me into a killer.
- I nevertold you to kill anyone!
You called me, didn't you?
And I took care of everything.
You could have
just incriminated Folke.
Have you forgotten
that Marianne saw us?
Don't you dare judge me!
You know what I've been through.
This is my last chance to be a mother.
You promised me a baby!
You promised!
Birgitta speaking.
- Irene, isthat you?
- How did we end up like this?
- We can figure something out.
- Are you all right, Irene?
If you're in danger, press a key.
Dispatch the SW team
to Lwanderska!
I love you. I love you.
What the hell?!
- Where are you?
- In the attic.
Is she alive?
- No!
- Do it!
Go ahead! Go ahead and do it!
I can't.
Fucking wimp!
Police! Drop the gun!
Huss... How could you?
- I had this feeling.
- A"feeling"... For Christ's sake.
- Did you get a confession?
- Sure. Birgitta's got it all on tape.
- And how are you doing?
- Well, I could sure use a beer.