Iris: The Movie (2010) Movie Script

That statue has a sad legend.
There once was a
beautiful woman named Datsuko.
She was in love with a man named Taro.
But Datsuko
wanted to be younger and more beautiful.
So she drank a magic potion,
and became the dragon
that guards Lake Dajawa.
And just like Datsuko...
Taro became the dragon
that guards Lake Dohwada.
Every winter, they come together
at this lake here.
Because of their undying love
for each other,
this lake never freezes no matter
how cold it gets.
Do you have a religion?
No, sir.
There is a saying...
Live like you believe in a god.
If there is a god,
you will gain infinitely.
Even if there is no god,
you have nothing to lose.
Cheongwadae, Korea Selatan
Hong Seung-ryong.
He's in charge of
North Korea's nuclear arms development.
He asked us for political asylum.
Why would someone like him want an exile?
We should be suspicious of his intentions.
Take it.
You have nothing to lose.
The order just came in.
We'll be escorting you.
Welcome, sir.
Have a safe flight.
What's this?
Is it good?
Yes, want to try it?
Excuse me? One more Gulyas please.
You want more?
It's for you.
No, no, no! She was just kidding. No.
Hong Seung-ryong is dead.
Our agents are all dead, too.
It appears to be a retaliation
from the North.
You have a solo mission.
Your success will have great affect
on reunification of Korea.
Who's the target?
Yoon Sung-chul.
Chairman of the
North's Supreme People's Assembly?
Get him!
What? Keep going.
He's over there.
Where are agents TK1 and TK2?
Please tell me.
Return home on the first plane
Mission complete.
I'm at the hideout.
I've been shot, sir.
Requesting for backup.
What are you saying?
You know we can risk exposure,
if we send in any agents.
But, sir...
I can't escape on my own.
All I can say is...
Follow the protocol.
But sir!
I must return.
NSS (National Security Service), South Korea
- Lim and Ahn are in Ukraine, right?
- Yes, sir.
Send them to Budapest to report
on police and military actions.
Yes, sir.
You called, sir?
TK1 has been injured on a mission.
It will get ugly if he gets caught.
Our director is here in Balaton, Hungary.
Track his calls for me.
But Seung-hee...
If TK1 is on the list, locate him for me.
Come back safe.
Don't worry. I'll be right back.
Military industry companies
could have killed Kennedy.
At the classroom...
Let's go for some tea.
I don't like hanging around
and drinking tea.
But I like beer.
Welcome by me!
The room was rented by
an unidentified person.
He's the only one inside the building.
Secured a way in?
Yes, sir.
Move in.
Things aren't good.
Let's get out of here first.
We can use the airfield
we used for Hong Seung-ryong.
I'm sorry.
It's an order.
How could you...
When did you get so close to Hyun-jun?
Perhaps from the start.
The night we all went to
the director's house...
That's when we first kissed.
Where did you go for vacation?
Who did you go with?
What's with you man.
I found the perfect woman.
She's amazing, man.
I'm sorry.
We found him.
Move out!
NSS, South Korea
What's going on?
We're confiscating agent
Kim Hyun-jun's belongings.
For what reason?
For espionage.
It's me.
Why did you discard me?
What should I say for you to accept it.
I'll be back, no matter what.
And when I do...
You will pay for playing with my life.
They said Yoon
died due to internal discord in the North.
No, I killed him.
I was ordered to do so.
And succeeded.
But then they cast me out.
Everything is a setup.
It can't be.
To prove that the South
has nothing to do with Yoon's death.
I must not exist.
It's dangerous to be with me.
For Sa-woo, and you.
Even if it's true, I won't leave you.
Even if it means death.
Can't live without you.
I'll get the train tickets.
Stay here.
I'll be quick.
Pyungyang, North Korea
Life's unfair, isn't it?
It's not like comrade
Yoon died because of you.
But someone has to take the blame.
Isn't that right?
I will take full responsibility
for failing to protect him.
Cut the crap and sit down.
Nothing gets out of this room.
It may not be good for your career,
but Yoon's death is a gain for me.
Now, I have the rights
to nuclear development.
You know what
nuclear arms mean for our nation now.
It's a falling nation's last pride
against the world.
When it's hard to predict the future,
you have to gamble a bit.
I trust you feel the same.
That's why I'm planning to reinstate you.
What do I have to do?
No rush.
Let's think it over.
NSS, Classified Documents Area, South Korea
I took care of everything as you ordered.
Guess you're getting used to working
with me now.
Now, you won't even take my calls?
Hungary intelligence
sent their report on the plane crash.
Autopsy record matches Hyun-jun's data.
See for yourself.
Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force
What is it?
These are satellite images
taken 4 minutes ago.
Three North Korean vehicles
have crossed the Demarcation Line,
heading for South Korea.
U.S. 7th Fleet
The South Korean government
seems to be undergoing
secret movement with the North Koreans.
None of the allies or
the surrounding counters
including the U.S. have been informed.
Independence Hall, South Korea
Please proceed right to the point.
I'd like to meet your leader
directly to discuss reunification.
Could you arrange it?
Pyung Yang, North Korea
Come in.
You called, sir?
Our leader is considering
to accept the South Korean
President's proposal.
I want your opinion on it.
If there is a summit now,
things will go in the South's favor.
Which will weaken our leader's position.
It must be stopped.
With what?
Do you still control that unit overseas?
Yes, sir.
I'll do my best to stop it.
Budapest, Hungary
I heard you recovered.
What a relief.
Who are you?
The one who saved your life.
You didn't stumble into
this conspiracy by chance.
You were chosen by those
who stand to gain by this incident.
Are you saying you know who they are?
Iris is a secret organization
long in existence.
It gains immensely from the conflict
and expansion of armaments.
It's members are in governments
and armies in both North and South.
Who are you?
I spent my entire life trying to unveil
those forces.
And created the list of Iris members,
which was in Hong Seung-ryong's care.
Akita, Japan
You received something from him
before he died, didn't you?
It was meant for me.
Please hand it over.
Then I will help you get your revenge.
There's something you must do first.
To get your revenge, you'll have to help me.
He's an Iris member who's been
helping your NSS director, Baek San.
Eliminate him.
Wasn't that a great performance, sir?
He's been shot dead!
Pyung Yang, North Korea
It was taken
when he crossed the Hungarian border.
It's your last chance to live.
He's in Japan now.
Go get him.
What did Park Chul-young say?
To go and find Kim Hyun-jun.
To bring him back.
What else?
That was all, sir.
You think Park Chul-young
is the one who saved you?
You think he has that kind of power?
Listen closely.
I'll tell you what your real mission is.
Seoul, South Korea
This man's been fighting against us
for the last 30 years.
His name is Yoo Jung-hoon.
We call him the Doctor.
He was one of the nuclear physicists
secretly working on its development.
We tried to get rid of him
many times, but failed.
But we just got word
that the Doctor is back in Korea.
My guardian angel!
Where have you been?
I waited so long.
Let's go in.
"Jin Sa-woo"
Hyun-jun is alive.
I think Hyun-jun is behind Watanabe's death.
Take a look.
Yes, sir!
Kim Hyun-jun is alive.
Take him out and bring me the USB drive.
Oga Port, Japan
I'm so scared.
Yuki? What's wrong?
Who are you?
Bring me what I want and she will be safe.
Meet me in an hour at Tamagawa Dam.
What do you want from me?
The USB drive Hong Seung-ryong gave you.
Stop there.
Are you okay, Yuki?
Don't be scared. It's okay.
Drop the gun.
USB drive.
Let the kid go.
Duck down.
It's me.
North Korean secret service agent
Kim Sun-hwa is trailing you.
Meet Park Chul-young through her.
That's your next step for revenge.
Shanghai, China
Have a seat, sir.
Why did you seek Park Chul-young?
To get help for my revenge.
Who's your target?
Baek San.
Director of NSS.
And South Korea for deserting me.
Busan, South Korea
Yes, sir.
We're going in.
Go to Seoul with my men.
Leave Baek San up to me.
You just follow Kang Do-chul's orders.
It's a code red.
To the meeting room, please.
A large scaled terrorist attack is expected.
We still don't know the exact
time or target.
You two contact foreign services
and get more information...
An ocean liner reported
it had been seized by an armed group.
Our Leader has accepted
South Korea's proposal.
There will be a summit soon.
We don't have much time.
Are your men on the job?
Everything's underway.
Don't worry, sir.
I heard a team
will go south to inspect security measures.
Put me on that team, sir.
Take a look at this.
Whoa! A cross-shaped USB!
There's a folder with some kind of code.
It's a 4KB security code.
I can't hack it here.
Maybe at the US Pentagon.
Or maybe the NSS network.
What is it anyway?
Enriched uranium is ready now, sir.
Longer than I thought.
You can open it.
It's completely sealed.
Even the Geiger counter
won't detect it, sir.
There won't be any problems
taking it down south.
Our target is...
South Korea's National Security Service.
The NSS.
But how?
We don't have enough manpower.
They think our target is
the conference center.
East Asia Diplomat Conference.
And send all their forces there.
We found out the terrorists target.
It's the conference where the U.S.
Secretary of State is attending.
That's their target.
Send in all available units
to that location.
Yes, sir.
Also, a team will come from North
to inspect security for the summit.
They'll send forces there, too.
So NSS will have basically no combat forces.
We're crossing into their territory, sir.
It's me.
Yun-jun says he's on our side,
but it's still early to tell.
Stay at his side and watch him closely.
Yes, sir.
All clear.
Good day, sir.
What's going on?
Send me the VIP list for
the conference today.
What is it?
A fire alarm went off at the main entrance.
What's that?
Darn it!
Ring the alarm and report to
the control room!
Yes, sir!
Cut communication.
Control room?
The transmission got cut! Send it again!
Control room! There's no signal.
The alarm isn't working!
Control room! Come in!
Control room!
Put up the CCTV images on the main screen.
What's happening?
JIN Sa-woo speaking.
It's me.
NSS is under attack!
You two stand guard here.
It's a code black!
We're going back to NSS.
Yes, sir.
Run, sir!
There it is.
The data on the USB that
couldn't be decrypted
will be accessible
through Baek San's NSS network.
The data will unveil my life-long
pursuit, Iris.
All entrances are shut down!
Blow it up, now!
Turn around!
Drop the gun.
Drop it!
Drop the gun!
Drop it, now!
Drop the gun.
What's got into him?
He's acting strange since
we got back from NSS.
Hyun-jun must have been
through my secret files.
That includes the deaths of his parents,
and the fact that I'm an Iris.
Can we meet?
I'll come to you.
Your parents and I worked on
a nuclear development project in
Park Jung-hee administration.
First, it was just me on the project.
But I needed your parents
help to complete it. all started.
After President Park was assassinated,
the key members on the project
were killed by mysterious accidents.
Your parents were sacrificed as such.
While, I barely survived and
escaped the country.
I dedicated my entire life
trying to unveil the conspiracy.
And I now have the Iris list.
Can't we just catch Baek San
and all the Iris members?
But, the list is incomplete.
Remember I told you
Baek San is not the top of the chain?
What should I do now?
You know what the terrorists took from NSS?
It's an ultra-precision
remote detonator for nuclear bombs.
Iris is planning a terrorist attack
in Seoul.
I couldn't find any clues
for identification on the bodies.
Not even a scar.
What about fingerprints?
Their didn't have any fingerprints.
We cross-examined
all their genetic and teeth records
and even compared them with foreign records.
But found no matches.
But I found a certain type of silicate
on all their clothes and shoes.
I thought it was peculiar so I analyzed it.
It was Actinolite.
Common English, please!
It's asbestos.
But that can be found in any factory around.
Not exactly.
Actinolite is not a common type of asbestos.
And it's been banned
since 2003 because it's a carcinogen.
To prepare an attack like that
with that many people
they probably needed a big place to hide.
The place has to have stored
or produced Actinolite.
So it has to be a factory or a warehouse.
They diverted our attention,
then attack NSS in that short time.
So it can't be far from here.
Sierra 1, clear!
Sierra 2, clear!
Sierra 3, clear!
Unit 1, standby!
Units 2 and 3 move in!
They must not be found.
Divert the search team.
Seoul, South Korea
Summit preparations will take place here.
People from South?
Cheongwadae workers will
setup camp downstairs.
Sir, we're ready to cancel
the summit by mentioning the bomb now.
No need.
That nuclear bomb...must explode in Seoul.
It will be remembered as an heroic act.
Are you planning to start a war?
Our mission is to stop
the Inter Korean summit.
We will detonate a nuclear bomb in Seoul.
Where is the bomb now?
That's classified.
Why are you keeping her alive?
She's a NSS executive. Choi Seung-hee.
She has access to top-secret codes.
If we obtain the security codes,
it'll make things easier.
Let me find out.
Kim Hyun-jun.
You do it.
You were a NSS agent.
You should know how to make her talk.
I was a former NSS agent.
I know the protocol very well.
You'll talk eventually,
so let's not drag this.
We need your Level 1 security code.
Then, you would know
that the code is deleted the minute
I went missing.
I'll be the judge of that.
Tell me the code.
It's me.
Is the nuclear bomb being fused?
Right on schedule
and all being recorded as ordered.
Stop the fusion.
Send the recorded contents
to NSS and Cheongwadae.
And demand to cease the summit.
That'll be enough to press the South.
Stop now.
I can't, sir.
What did you just say?
I said, I can't follow your order, sir.
I was told to build the bomb
and set it off in Seoul.
I didn't give you such order.
Commissioner Yeon Ki-hoon
has command to this operation.
I'm sorry, sir.
If you keep stalling,
I'll have to torture you.
If you were a NSS agent,
why did you become a terrorist?
Why have you betrayed
the NSS and your country?
And your colleagues?
No reason can justify your betrayal.
Shut up and answer.
What's the security code?
Say it.
Say it!
The current events in South.
Is it your doing, Commissioner Yeon?
Will you really blow up
a nuclear bomb in Seoul?
Can't oppose orders from higher authorities.
I couldn't notify you in advance
of the NSS attack,
due to security measures.
How far along is it?
Darn witch!
Let her go.
Just like, you had worried.
I became a monster.
And I can't go back.
Erase me...from your memory.
Dispose everything.
Yes, sir.
Though you have aged,
you're as atrocious as ever.
That's what brought me to where I am now.
All done, sir.
Don't think this is over.
I'm not the one who will end this anyway.
Haven't you realized by now?
No nation or individual
survives against Iris.
If you're considering Hyun-jun,
you'll be disappointed.
He's only alive because we need him to be.
I could kill him any time.
"Whoso shredded man's blood,
by man shall his blood be shed."
Genesis chapter 9, verse 6.
They're already gone.
Any last words?
"Whoso shredded man's blood,
by man shall his blood be shed."
Genesis chapter 9, verse 6.
There is an organization called Iris.
And another group against it.
Iris has influence over
both South and North.
And the NSS Director Baek San
is also receiving orders from them?
Is that correct?
Yes, Mr. President.
It's not easy for me to accept.
Have a look, sir.
When I can't even trust the Director of NSS,
How can we stop a nuclear terror?
I'm with those terrorists
at the moment, sir.
They don't know where I stand.
Perhaps I can get to that bomb, sir.
Are you planning to start a war, sir?
The bomb must explode in Seoul.
Our people will have to suffer
more than they do now.
There will be sacrifices.
I plan to build a younger and
stronger republic.
Through this war.
We found a place with radiation releases.
They must have fused the bomb here.
I don't know...
Where to start.
Or what to say.
Hold me.
I saw the car explode outside
Budapest Station.
I thought you were dead.
Sa-woo called and I got out.
Then the North Korean agents swarmed in.
It wasn't the government
that ordered me to kill Yoon Sung-chul.
It was Iris, an organization
Baek San belongs to.
As well as Sa-woo who tried to kill me.
What's that?
Baek San speaking.
Come on out.
Incineration complete.
Commissioner Yeon said
the bomb will explode at dawn.
And there will be a coup dtat
in North as planned.
Even if the nuclear bomb explodes,
a war must be prevented.
I'll speak with President Kim.
Please return to North and
stop the coup dtat.
I plan on doing the best I can.
I must return to the republic.
You must stop the nuclear bomb.
I have no clue where they planted the bomb.
Let me know if you find out anything.
Where is the bomb?
Mother... Father...
Your son will be next.
Target is the Government Complex,
American Embassy and Cheongwadae.
That bomb can affect a radius of about 2km.
To hit all those three places...
There's only one place.
Yes, sir.
We found the target point.
It's Gwanghwamun.
They'll detonate the bomb
with a wireless control.
We must jam all communication signals.
Gwanghwamum Square, South Korea
Jamming complete.
It didn't explode.
Something wrong?
We checked several times.
Where did we get this info?
Hyun-jun called Cheongwade.
Where are you going?
Let's go to Gwanghwamun
and detonate it ourselves.
That would be suicide.
What are you saying, sir!
We didn't come here to die.
Shut up and listen!
If it means our deaths to complete
this mission,
our people and country will remember us.
Gwanghwamum Square, South Korea
Follow me!
Check the trunk!
I need everybody to please exit the bus now!
Exit the bus now!
It's not there.
Send our team and EOD unit to Gwanghwamun!
Get back!
There's a confrontation
with armed terrorists in Gwanghwamun.
But police forces are delayed
by the heavy traffic.
Citizens are at risk.
I'll cover you! Get back!
Long live our republic.
National Intelligence Service, South Korea
Since you have accessed my files at NSS,
I assume you now know much about me.
As you may know, I killed your parents.
I was only following orders.
But you know you were a target as well.
But I disobeyed, and let you live.
Your entire life was spent under my design.
If that's true, why did you desert me?
That's like asking me
to reveal the identity of my organization.
It's a secret that will die with me.
Say it!
Why did you chose me then threw me away!
Say it!
Take him away.
Let me tell you one thing.
You ate the forbidden fruit.
So you've been punished.
It didn't suppose to happen in your life.
What is it?
Kim Sun-hwa
I heard you're against building a younger,
stronger republic.
So what?
Will you betray the republic, too?
That is my decision.
Farewell, sir.
Are you going to sleep all day?
Just a little longer.
I'm hungry.
Call room service then.
Come on! Get up!
Go wash up, now!
Were you always that strong?
Don't make me nag.
How about five?
Five what?
Our kids.
In your dreams!
Are you asking me to marry you?
I guess you can say that.
Just five kids, please?
Some proposal. Where's the ring?
I can't accept this.
Oh, come on!
Grains have been gleaned.
We can sow new seeds, sir.
I'll tell you what your real mission is.
I'd like to see for myself
that Hyun-jun is safe.
They must have fused the bomb here.