Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy (2022) Movie Script

Nietzche once said,
"The secret of reaping
the greatest fruitfulness"
and the greatest
enjoyment from life
"is to live dangerously."
He would've loved it here
on the Eastern Front.
Proceed, Proceed.
Comrade Stalin orders you!
Up there.
Get to the trench, now!
Put them out of there, go!
Prepare yourselves.
Here they come.
Headquarters, we
need to break out.
We need reinforcements!
We've been waiting
for over an hour!
Where are they?
Watch out for the plane.
Here they come.
Headquarters, need to break out.
Achtung, they're
coming from the tree,
from the tree line.
Where are they?
You know, this reminds me
of that night in Hamburg.
You know, the two sisters?
The blondes?
I thought they were brunettes.
We were a little drunk.
We wanted to build a
campfire and have Schnapps
for the two girls we met.
It was dark.
Lit the campfire in the
mayor's backyard.
Just your luck.
The luck was, he
was their father.
Those were good times.
Oh, '38 was a great year.
We did so much.
We did indeed.
Do you ever think
we'll make it home?
Yes, we will
absolutely make it home.
20 years from now, I
will sit in my house
in Flensburg with my
beautiful grandchildren
and tell them stories.
What are you gonna
tell them about this?
Not a damn thing.
I will tell them about
camaraderie, soldiering,
the bands, the music,
and maybe the girls.
I'm not telling them a damn
thing about the Russians.
So you're going to lie to them?
I don't think they'll appreciate
the truth of this, do you, Daug?
I know I wouldn't want to.
What the hell is that?
Morning, Sergeant.
They brought them
in this morning.
Good luck.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
I thought it was
time for a cigarette.
You know how bad
those are for you?
You're probably right.
They haven't done him any good.
They keep sending us
people like Steinbeck,
what are we gonna do?
Get ready for the next quarter.
Good morning, doctor.
Good morning.
How are you holding up?
Not very good.
How many did you
lose this morning?
Do you really want to know?
No, not really.
Look how young they are.
They're getting
younger every day.
I understand.
High Command say there's
a relief column on the way.
I've heard this before.
They should break in this
morning, tonight, tomorrow.
I don't think we're
gonna hold out that long.
I will get you out
of here, I promise.
I hope so.
Excuse me.
Now, what did you
promise mother not to do?
Not to get shot.
What did you do?
I got shot.
You know, you always
say girls love scars.
So I did it.
I'm never gonna
hear the end of this.
You know it.
So are we still winning the war?
Oh, most gloriously.
Haven't you noticed?
So the noise I
hear, it's not ours?
Nope, but they have promised
to break us out any moment.
You know what?
If the Russians comes closer,
I'm gonna pack up the nurse
and crawl out of here,
trust me Klaus.
You find a nurse around
here, I'll crawl with you.
I guess you don't come
to the rear much, do you?
We have one right there.
Son, can you hear me?
What the hell is she doing here?
What is a woman doing here?
Well, well, she
was a radio operator
and she had some
medical training,
so she decided to stay
when the trains left.
That was a week ago.
You know what the
Russians will do to her?
Yeah, we know.
I know, and she does.
Captain, you look tired.
Are you well?
Well the captain
is always tired,
but you know, he's very
surprised to see you here.
Someone had to take
care of the wounded.
There's a small sacrifice
for my country so...
Please don't give me
the Fatherland speech,
not here in Russia.
How long have you been here?
I volunteered seven weeks ago.
Do you have any idea
what will happen to you
if the Russians break
through our lines?
I am aware.
Klaus, she's here.
Just get her out.
What's your name?
My name is Gudrun Herr Captain.
Where are you from, Gudrun?
I am from Berlin.
Look, I appreciate your concern.
I insist you let me stay to
take care of the wounded.
Gudrun, I don't
know if you're aware,
but we are surrounded.
I could not send you
anywhere, even if I wanted to.
We have 30 kilometers
to our closest lines.
You should never have
been here in the first...
Captain, my brother
was surrounded
in Stalingrad for four months.
A Russian shell
took both his legs,
but he made it out
on the last plane.
Ever since he recovered, he's
been trying to make it back.
Gudrun, you were assigned
as a radio operator, yes?
Yes, I was assigned to
General Schroder's headquarters.
And I also have medical...
So you have knowledge
of all our radio codes,
deciphering of messages?
Klaus, who's
coming to get us out?
They put together
a battle group.
It says Michael
Wittmann is to lead it.
Then we'll be just fine.
Take this.
I'm sorry, Captain, but
I could never shoot anyone.
It's not for anyone.
The last bullet is for yourself.
The Russians break through
our lines, you'll die anyway.
This way it'll be faster
and more merciful.
This is not good.
Listen, you can still shoot?
If the Russians break through,
don't let them take her alive.
You know what they'll do.
Yeah, I know.
I'll get us out of here.
Can you hear me?
In the name of
the German people,
I award you the Wound
Badge in silver.
Congratulations, my son.
You're a brave man.
What the hell is the
nurse doing here?
There's a nurse?
There's a nurse over with Anton.
Why wasn't she pulled out?
I need all the
fucking help I can get.
You should have put
her on the trains.
- She volunteered.
- Do you have any idea
what they'll do to her?
You know what the Russians
will do to her.
She's doing it for
the Fatherland.
They rape thousands
over there.
Oh, please with the Fatherland.
Yeah, but tell the
Fuhrer that, huh?
Damn it.
Don't you understand?
I need the fucking
help here, all right?
I understand, but I'm not
letting this happen on my watch.
Like I don't have
enough to worry about.
We've lost too many
good men and women.
I under...
Yeah, here's another
one right here.
Damn it, we're gonna
send you some guards.
I'll find you two men
to set up here.
I got no one else left.
We'll have to find some.
Come on.
Good luck.
God, I hate this place.
Good morning, Steinbeck.
We have a little problem.
Another one?
Another one.
One of the nurses got
left behind by the trains.
She's at the field hospital.
I see.
Go watch over them, please.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
See that it is done.
The Motherland's
counting on you.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Are you ready to attack?
The Germans are surrounded.
Kill them all.
Kill the fascist invaders, go.
Lieutenant, how
are you holding up?
I'm okay.
I'm scared.
Oh, it would be all right.
Klaus is gonna
get us outta here.
Come with me
Come with me.
Klaus, Klaus.
Russians in the woods.
Get back to the trench.
Turn the anti-tank
cannon around.
They're coming from
the other side.
Position two reporting.
Position two report.
We are coming, copy.
Go to the right.
The Russians are
fighting us from the woods.
Hello, yeah.
Wittmann here, I have a
stand by the field hospital,
we have plenty of fuel
here, Wittmann's out.
We have to get our comrades out.
Come on, move, move.
Yes sir.
Our friends are getting
overrun by the Russians.
Everybody moves up?
Up, up
How many did we lose?
At least five.
Is that Ronald?
That's Herman.
What's left of him?
How we holding up on
ammunition and water?
Ammunition, food,
bullets, water, all gone,
maybe enough for tonight.
I'm sure they'll get
us out any moment now.
You know what
I've been thinking?
Leave back to Hamburg.
Start my own bar.
You know, be my own beer bar.
Bar maids.
Of course.
I like the way you think.
When were you planning on
this momentous change of life?
Is noon tomorrow okay?
That's a very short notice.
I'm not sure the
Fhrer will like it.
I was hoping my commanding
officer can tell him for me.
You know, it's funny
you should mention it.
I'm seeing him for tea
and coffee in a few days.
I'll tell him in person,
these things are best
heard from a friend.
It's good to have
friends in high places.
I'm glad I met you.
That's why I'm here.
So you aren't planning
on a military discount
in this bar of yours, yes?
For you?
You never pay anyway, I
carried you for four years now.
You break my heart,
there's no respect
for a commanding officer.
But I'm here for you.
So are the Russians.
At borders please break
out, we need reinforcements
we ain't ready for war
right now, where are they?
They're coming from the
trees, from the tree line.
We're dying here,
can't wait any longer.
How far away are you?
Can't wait any longer.
They're coming from
all directions now.
What are they saying?
The drummers are
coming down the road.
We been waiting for over
an hour, where are they?
Are they coming?
We have to go to the right.
Keep an eye on your flank.
We've got too many
wounded soldiers left.
Give me that telephone.
We need reinforcement now.
He said they met opposition.
Over, get ready.
Get ready.
They're coming from
all directions now.
Fire up high.
Keep an eye on the flanks,
they're coming from the tanks.
I have been
waiting for two days.
I have concluded
we're gonna evacuee.
I have dead Russians
in my trench.
No, no, waiting is over.
Here they come.
Guys, get over to
the guys over there.
Find your favorite
barricade, over to the creek.
Take cover, plane.
Come on, let's go.
We stop them over there.
T-34 to the right.
German butchers.
Klaus, Klaus, hang in there
old friend they are coming.
You see them?
I see them, they're here.
Let's go, let's go
over there, help them.
They're coming.
Hey Airborne.
Hey pretty boy Floyd.
How's your day treating you?
Trying to get these planes
ready for when we drop.
Yeah, Lang was pretty
nice though, ain't it?
Well rather be back
home in Mississippi,
but this'll have to do.
Yeah, well it'll be a lot
nicer when we get to France,
all those beautiful women.
Oh yeah, if I get there first,
I'll try to save you some.
Like we're gonna save your ass
when we show up off the beach.
Yeah, like when I'm
gonna come up behind you
and get that German
that's gonna plug you.
Hey, listen to all seriousness,
y'all keep your head down
and be safe, we'll
see you on the beach.
See you on the beach.
See you on the beach.
See you on the beach,
private, Keep your head down.
Keep your ass down too,
they'll shoot you there before
they shoot you in the head.
What wonder witness is,
the war is lost anyway.
Ulli, are you serious feel.
Ulli, don't be so pessimistic.
Why are you hiding
things from the Fhrer.
No we are not.
It is a heart attack with you.
I know what you're
hiding from the Fhrer.
Good to see you again Captain.
Let's be honest.
We're all hiding something.
How many pregnancies
have you left to France.
Will, tell him.
Not that many, come on.
On your salary,
you can afford them.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I just use another name.
You know, it usually works.
Don't use my name, I
can't afford it either.
Oh, you it's over
with that earlier?
You've holes in you.
You like to see.
So, now it's down to
important army business.
I know you were here before me.
So you must know the
best bar in town.
Don't tell him.
Does he deserve it?
I don't know.
Remember the last time,
we don't want that
to happen again.
Don't make me demote you again.
Let's negotiate.
The first five rounds are in you
and we'll show you
where it is, okay?
After a year of
the Russian front,
I haven't seen many bars.
It's a deal, on me.
Done deal.
All right.
I'm sure it is.
Excuse me, the field hospital.
It's that way.
This way?
Thank you.
Yep, we're gonna
bring him down this way.
Yeah, okay.
And I'm sure you've
noticed the readiness
of our forces here in Normandy.
They do seem rather unprepared.
My God, half the men here
are either Russian,
Ukrainian, or Polish.
They'll scatter like
flies in the wind
at the very first sign
of approaching danger.
I want you to inspect
our defense here
and give me a report on
how they can be improved.
I will be honored to
help in any way that I can.
Hi Hitler.
Field Marshall.
I have seen information for you.
You always have
something for me,
but it never seems to
be anything I can use.
Captain, General
Frank's here will show you
the layout of the countryside.
What's up gentlemen.
So what do you think Klaus?
I think it looks like hell.
We don't have
enough of anything.
How are we gonna
hold the allies back?
We have nothing.
We have mindless optimism.
Found a way to shoot
that out of a gun.
Any day now, our
scientists are working on it.
Hey, wake up.
Mines my friend.
It better be important,
I just finished my watch.
But it's important.
What is the problem?
It's Ulli.
Ulli, what the
hell did he do now?
He's gone again.
For how long?
No idea.
And what do we do about it?
You go to town, ask
some just good questions.
And I'll go tell Klaus.
It better not be
the resistance again.
Or the MPs got him.
I'll go to town.
Year and a half on
the Eastern Front.
I've never seen an egg.
If I wanted the eggs I'd
have to lay it myself.
Or steal it from some
pissed off Russian farmer.
Life in France, it's good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We appreciate it.
It's an enjoyable time here.
If I could, I would
send this breakfast
to everybody in Russia.
They deserve it.
Always a good way Klaus.
Well, when I had my share.
What's going on?
We have a problem.
Are the Americans here?
Are the Russians here?
Not yet.
That bad?
It might be.
All right, what's going on?
It's Ulli.
What the hell did he do now?
Did he get drunk again and
piss on the General's car?
That was a good one.
That would be nice.
No, he's been
missing two days now.
Anybody reported?
Not yet.
It's a matter of
tough time though.
He just can't help it, can he?
I'd just go look for him.
Are there maneuvers?
No, the resistance
has been very active
the last few weeks.
Just the past few weeks?
Let's get out of here.
Is Captain Miller here?
Just over there.
Captain Miller, I have
a order for Gerald Frank.
I'm sorry.
So you got the orders to do it.
The general thought it
was best if I did it.
Well that's good.
It's better with a friend.
I have to ask, why?
I just had enough of
this whole thing, you know?
And I met this girl.
A girl.
Classic story.
I mean, why else do men do
the stupid things men do?
I mean, sometimes I
think the war started
because of a girl involved.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Hellen of Troy.
For a one.
So you think this
whole thing started
just because Hitler,
Churchill, Stalin.
They all just show
after their girlfriends.
Well, it did make
sense, doesn't it?
I mean, stupid men
do stupid things.
And that's it.
This is getting pretty stupid.
Yeah, I know some of those guys,
I mean, they could just
have sent them flowers
and let that be it.
Make it easy.
Flowers would've been good.
I mean, that's how it
started, wasn't it?
I mean, do you
remember Sudetenland?
Austria too.
Everybody threw
flowers at us then.
Well that suddenly changed.
Sit down, sit down.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning Captain.
Good morning.
We got some coffee.
Yuri, coffee for the captain.
Where was Yuri from?
Poland, I think.
I don't know.
I'm not sure.
Big one world of German.
Well, it could be from Ukraine.
Thank you, thank you.
Eastern Poland.
And how do you all
can communicate?
You make it work.
And how do you make
it work during battle?
Well, we try not to let him
too close with the weapons.
He's a Ruski after all.
Yeah, you're Ruski.
Why you all call me Ruski huh?
You're Ruski.
I hate Ruski, they're pigs.
I'm a Prussian.
Yes, you are.
Goddamn it.
What's so funny?
I have something to tell you.
What is that?
Oh, they found him?
Yes, they found him.
When Captain?
Tomorrow morning.
Yeah, right.
You're a good man.
For a good solution.
Drink, drink.
Spending all the time together.
It's to good men in the ground.
Another one.
Another one.
Another one.
Go see him in the prison.
He's over there now.
Bring some wine.
So have you seen
any vulgares around?
Still thinking about women.
You still think they'd
nag you like women do.
Yeah, especially you.
Want a cigarette?
No thanks, those
things will kill you.
You know, you're starting
to sound like my mother.
Well, so should be.
I'm scared as shit.
But this is the
way it has to be.
It's okay.
This whole thing is
not going very well.
We have to convince
the higher command
to use the all
resources to repel
an invasion on the beaches.
Nobody wants to admit
they might be wrong
and lose their face
in front of the fear.
It's the same
shit it always was.
They are wars run
by desk generals
who never shed any
blood and any dirt ever.
That's right.
Of course it is.
That's why you and I,
we have to make the
most compelling report
that the Field Marshall can
present to Hitler himself.
I understand.
I'm gonna do my very best.
Get ready.
Gotta put your gas
as soon as possible.
Stand up
Straight line let's go.
Sound of equipment check.
Everything okay.
Everything okay.
Everything okay.
Everything okay.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go.
Remember our motto gentlemen.
No mission too typical for
a sacrifice to the grave.
Duty first.
We're the first
infantry division.
We've done Africa,
we've done Sicily,
and now we're doing France.
They know we're coming,
they know we're the best.
How you guys feeling?
Good Lieutenant.
I'm nauseous sir.
I don't
blame you, I'm nauseous too.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
All the new guys,
stick with your mate.
All the obstacles are gonna
be pre-sighted on the beach.
Do not bunch up
near an obstacle.
Spread out and
get up to the hill
as fast as you possibly can.
Sound it up.
Alarm, quick, quick,
This is it.
Alarm, alarm.
I need to know what's going on.
The men are confused out there.
First you call
Horizon is full of ships.
Come out.
Come out, Americans coming.
Oh my God.
Tell the cannons
to fire at will.
Yes, sir.
Well in range.
Yes, sir.
Is there any hope?
The Luftwaffe will show today?
I will spend a lot of
We'll do our best.
Where the hell did they
get all those ships from.
That was position one.
Position one is lost, report it.
One minute to the beach.
One minute to the beach.
Get ready.
Stand by.
Go, get the hell outta my boat.
Go, go, go, go.
Get off the boat.
Get off the boat.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, I just lost
every guy on my boat.
Go go go.
Go, go, go, go.
We're getting killed out.
Move up towards the banks.
Soldier, move your men up.
Let's go.
Oh God.
Make room, we're here.
Come on second
squad, move in now.
Move in now.
Sir, I'm the last one.
Where the rest of the guys?
Hold your head.
Get off the boat.
Get off the boat.
Right here, and here, boom.
Then find him.
This is not an exercise.
I suggest that we move
two infantry regiments
and one artillery
regiment into the area
to provide proper support
should the invasion
occur in that particular sector.
Okay, we gotta
get off this beach.
Fuck you.
That time the ally
would be in Paris.
Jesus, block them on purpose.
Jesus, I lost every
guy on my boat.
You got a smoke?
Oh yeah, sir.
You got a light?
We gotta get off
the fucking beach.
I'm fucking wet.
I'm damn wetter
than you fucking are.
Fuck you.
Jesus Christ.
The ally of France that
made attack in Normandy.
I have no time to wait,
do you not understand?
I see a thousand
ships on the ocean.
No, I'm dead serious.
Why do you not come here
and see for yourself?
I need a medic.
Go, go, go, go.
Lower your fucking head.
What is everyone else?
I'm the last one.
Anton, Anton.
You, I want that 42 taken out.
MG 42 on the right.
We gotta get off this beach.
We gotta get off the beach.
Patrol, let's move, let's move.
Everyone fire.
Get up here now.
Let's go.
Coming fire.
I can't wait till morning
Oh shit.
I'll get the blood
pumping, all right.
Where are your boys from?
Oh, Tennessee.
What about you?
No way cheese head.
What do we now?
We get off this beach.
Because if the blood foot
happens, where do we move?
We're gonna die.
The only people
that you're gonna see
if you don't get off this beach,
is great registration and God.
Now, get up over that hill.
Move out, go, go, go, go.
All clear, let's go.
Five, six quarters
get out of here.
This is not good.
They're too strong.
We have a close defense.
Yes, sir.
Sir, we have contact
with the beaches.
This is not, this is...
What's the situation soldier?
It's hopeless.
I understand.
This will be the final
report from Normandy.
Yes, sir.
God bless Germany.
All right.
I'll fight too.
Let's go fight.
Let's go fight, come on.
Good luck my friend.
Good luck
Let's go, let's go.
Let's get to the artillery.
Hey move, move.
Where the hell have y'all been?
Where have we been?
Yes, where have you been?
I've been here all night.
I lost every guy on the boat.
Well welcome...
Everybody on the...
Hey, hey, hey.
Krause, where do you need us?
This way?
You feeling froggy sir
or you want me on point?
After you Tom.
Appreciate it, sir.
Hey, Colorado.
How're you doing
bud, good to see you.
You made it off the beach.
Yeah, see you did too man.
What's your name?
It's Garonne,
everybody calls me Gar.
Gar, nice to meet you, Lee.
Lee, you wanna help
me with these prisoners?
Yes, Major.
Understand none of your
officers made it off the beach.
Yes, sir.
To my understanding,
that is correct.
I'm gonna make you
a second Lieutenant.
Get your unit together,
get down that course way.
Link up with the airborne,
they're pretty
strapped in down there.
Yes, sir Major, I'll
take care of it sir.
Carry on.
Yes sir.
So, is that a good thing?
Come on, get your gear.
Let's go help out the airborne.
Roger, Lieutenant.
Second up, second up.
We made it off the beach,
We're getting out.
Burn the papers and
kill all the prisoners.
There's more Germans coming.
When I say go, we go.
Three, two, one, go.
Come on, let's move.
Let's go.
First one, come on.
Put your weapons
down, come on get up.
Get up right now.
They're just a
bunch of kids Serg.
Get up right now.
Get up.
Don't shoot.
Please don't shoot.
I haven't taken a decent
shit since the D-Day.
Oh, God.
You can't shoot us.
You can't shoot us.
It's against the convention.
No, what the hell are you doing?
This is not, how we do
things in the German army.
How do we behave?
Who the hell do
you think you are?
We can not behave like this.
If we behave like animals,
history would have
justified contempt for us.
This is not how German
officers behave.
What's going on here?
This man has interrupted us.
They're shooting
on prisoners general.
This is not how we do things.
Do you know how
many German soldiers
will lose their lives over this?
The German army does
not shoot prisoners.
You better leave this out to us.
Captain, you have a situation.
Take care of it.
When you remember Germans,
we are not all like this.
Thank you.
I remember you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, we made it Lieutenant.
Yes we did.
Guess that's all we can do.
Make it through today,
make it through tomorrow.
Make it through
the day after that.
And just keep making it till
the end of this damn war.
Well, I've made
it perfectly clear
I have no intention of dying
in this place, you know?
20 years from now,
when this is all over,
back in Tennessee, I'll be
sitting around a campfire,
just like this telling
stories to my grandchildren.
What are you gonna
tell 'em about today?
Not a goddamn thing.
Sergeant, sergeant,
the Americans are coming.
All right, men.
Take positions.
Hey, the Americans in here.
Yeah, I'll be
damned if I'm gonna
get killed here at this bridge.
We made it this far.
You got a smoke?
So what's going on?
Just bear that at least.
Didn't mean for you Tom.
All right, So what's the deal?
Well, I got...
Will you get that
fucking thing out?
I'm trying, Sir.
Jesus Christ.
Sir, I need some help.
I got guys pinned
down at this bridge,
but we've been trying to
all morning and all night.
I need as much help
as you can give me.
Where's your fucking bridge?
It's right here.
All right.
You come up this
road about two clicks
and then take a left, you'll
run right into the bridge.
We got German forces right
here that are plummeting us
with machine gun
and small arms fire.
I need every guy that can
breathe and pull a trigger.
We're gonna have to
go around the flank.
It's gonna take time.
Doesn't do us any
good taking that bridge
without taking the town.
You come past
this village about...
Are you fucking happy now?
Yes Private, damn,
do you want a cookie?
We gotta help him take it.
So come on, let's move out.
Keep going.
You, hold this bridge,
hold this at all costs.
Do you understand?
I'm going for reinforcements.
We got 'em pushed
off the bridge.
We gotta make it over.
Supported by tanks
and half tracks.
All right guys, move on.
Let's go, let's go.
Push up on the right.
Out, out
A single there.
But we have some
more tanks coming.
What do you think we should do?
Well, I don't want to go
back to the Eastern Front.
So I suggest we try to
get back to Germany.
Put him in the house.
Klaus I tell you, this
has been a very tough day.
Tomorrow will be longer.
Over there.
General, there's water inside.
It's an aid station.
Good to see you again, sir.
Well done.
Let's have a look at that.
Would you have a look at the
general's arm here please
Quickly though.
I don't want too much
time away from the men.
I understand.
Right this way.
Come sit down.
What's the situation?
We've been spotted from the air.
Last I heard, the beaches
were no longer ours.
What did you hear?
I heard the same.
That's not good.
It is not indeed.
We'll have shelter
for the moment.
Spend the best of
it and regroup.
Stay with us.
I've got the morphine.
Thank you, Mike.
Airplane, airplane.
Get everything under the trees.
Under the trees,
everything, now.
Take cover.
Take cover, under the trees now.
Captain, Captain.
American tanks on the road.
That's your department.
Do you wanna come
along for the ride Klaus?
No, I take my
chance on the ground.
Good luck.
See you after.
What will happen to us?
These are the Americans,
not the Russians.
What's going on out there?
We're holding the bridge here,
but we don't have enough men.
I need help.
We have two tank destroyers
that are in the woods,
waiting for defense.
Go bring them in.
They're over here.
Bring one in for the
defense of the village.
Send the other
one to the bridge.
We can, we can do that.
If we can hold long
enough to get the civilians
and the wounded out of the
village, there's a chance.
My men can do it.
Let's make it happen.
Off kids, Lewis.
Get him up that road.
I sure ain't giving
up that place easily.
City brass hanging
around up in there?
Yeah, there was some, but
they've already lost one tank.
We'll get in there.
Man, they're surrounded.
What the hell do they
keep fighting for?
Probably 'cause they're
arrogant bastards.
Look, let's just
call the air core.
Have 'em come in,
flat the fucking place
and be done with it.
Now look, there's
some of the guys
already seen nurses
running around in there.
I'm not gonna be the guy
that kills a bunch of nurses.
Even if they are krauts.
I'll tell you what?
We take a squad.
Flanking maneuver.
We'll go around
through the back,
come up through the middle,
cut the bastards in half,
or make 'em surrender.
Yeah, I'll go with you.
Let's do it.
They'll take any
unnecessary chances.
Like it should in the war.
Stupid, but ballsy.
Get that.
I need a scout up here
You go.
Keep it on that post.
When you see them, let me know.
We'll come back and get you.
All right, let's do it.
Let's clear this area right now.
Shoot down that road.
We're gonna get online with
the rest of the infantry.
Pull back.
There they're at 20 meters.
Get on the back.
Out out.
Hey, in here.
You come with me.
Don't let 'em in the village.
Go, go.
Go, go, now go.
Take the general to safety.
Hurry up.
Take him out of here.
Let's go.
Colonel, I would ask that
you accept my surrender.
I will.
Hey Lieutenant.
Hello Major.
Glad to see you're
still with us.
Yes, sir.
Glad to be here.
If you hop in back here,
we're gonna run down
the road and see
if Jerry's got a line set up.
Or if they're still
running like rabbits.
Outstanding, will do.
It'll be all right son,
medics are on the way.
I'll be fine.
Do you know where
the hell you're going?
Don't fall off there airborne.
I made it first before you...
You know you could
always get off and walk.
Is that loaded?
Hit that tank over there.
But wait for my signal.
Wait for my signal.
Hey, we got one there.
Get up, get up.
Come on.
Oh God.
I know that voice.
I'm glad you're not dead.
What are you doing here?
Well, since you
decided to get yourself
blown up in Russia with me,
we got sent to the same
hospital in France.
Not that you remember.
It's hard to
remember a damn thing.
Not even your ugly face.
It's good to see you too.
Let's get outta here.
What do you see?
Americans on one side,
British on the others.
Along there, Germans.
No Russians?
That will be okay.
You're optimistic.
It'll be just fine.
The Americans will shoot up
anything moving on the ground.
Well, except one of their own.
You mean like a jeep?
You wanna hand me that sir?
Here, hold this for a minute.
Well, this is smart.
We need a diversion.
So we started here, sir.
The hell was that?
Was that ours?
No, can't be.
Let's go.
You know I heard...
Nick Sheeson?
Oh, shit.
Smoking's bad for you.
Major, if you don't mind,
I need your jeep.
Wait, I know you.
I'm just another
ugly kraut to you, yes?
You were on the motorcycle.
You almost ran over my ass.
That was you?
I'm very sorry.
I didn't mean to.
What are you
talking about Klaus?
Take care of yourself Sergeant.
You too, sir.
Come on Klaus, let's go.
What do you think?
Go east?
Let's go east.
You wanna tell me what
the hell that was all about?
Sir, that is a story
I'll definitely share
with my grandchildren.
We got a long walk
and I'm all ears.
Yeah, that's a story
I'd like to hear.