Iron Eagle II (1988) Movie Script

Falcon 5-2-niner,
proceed to checkpoint, over.
That's a big rog, control.
Will proceed as instructed.
Hey, Cobra! We've got five
minutes to checkpoint.
You up for it?
Let's put it at 9.5.
These are F16-C's, Coop.
The texts say their breakpoint's
at ten-and-a-half G's.
And I hear they're looking
for somebody to prove it.
Oh, yeah? I think they just
found their guys.
You got something
to play, Thumper?
I got something that'll blow
the roofs off in Anchorage.
Let's do it.
The new weapon from the sky
Chasing the angels
Hear those voices
That's 9.5, Thumper.
Beat it or bail.
I'm going for 10.
If I miss, change my underwear
before you bury me.
Ha-ha! Whoo!
I've been to 10!
No way.
If I'm lying, I'm dying.
You want to call it quits?
Falcon 5-2-9, do you read?
You're in Soviet airspace.
Please respond.
Damn it.
Control, this is Falcon 5-2-9.
We strayed off course due to--
due to INS malfunctions.
We'll proceed back.
Proceed nowhere.
Now hold your position.
You've got company.
Damn it!
Cobra, you spot him?
I got him. I got him.
MiG 29s. Two of 'em.
Get ready to split!
Cobra, Thumper,
make no aggressive moves.
Their fighters are instructed
to escort you
back to American airspace.
I don't like this.
Don't rattle, Thumper.
Stay on course.
We're one minute
from Alaskan airspace.
We gotta break out of here.
Control, this is Thumper.
They're squeezing us.
Request permission--
Do not break formation.
No incident will be tolerated.
They got lock!
They got lock on me!
They're just fooling with us.
Stay in formation.
Shit! There's two more.
We're dead meat.
I'm breaking out.
They're firing, Thumper.
Bank right. I'm left.
I'm on MiG-1.
Come on, baby.
Get in there.
That's one. Thumper, talk to me.
Where are you?
What's your position?
I got tone.
I'm going for the shot.
Shit, Cobra, I missed!
Cooper, they're doubling me!
Thumper, get out of there.
I'm coming to you.
I'm out of position,
but I'm closing.
I'm in trouble!
I've lost rudder control.
Step on it, Cobra.
I can't shake him.
Come on! Got it!
Where are you?
What's your position?
He got lock on me!
What's your position?
Keep your head, I'll find him.
Mr. Secretary, now that we've
just about run out of time,
I'd like to ask you
about a story
that's circulating
around Washington--
That one of our planes
was shot down...
over the Bering Straits
by a Russian MiG.
I can deny categorically
any Soviet involvement
in the loss of that aircraft.
What we had was a fuel
systems malfunction
that regrettably led to
the death of one of our pilots.
Thank you for being
our guest on On the Line.
It's been my pleasure.
Mr. Secretary.
Have we got a problem?
How in the hell
can you ask us to do this?
Especially in light of what
you know really happened.
Get us someplace
where we can talk.
Come on, general,
let's go.
You know damn well
we couldn't go public
on an incident like this!
The pilots on both sides
were way out of line.
If this leaked, what they've
done could undermine everything
we've been working for.
That's precisely what makes
this type of operation
more important than ever.
We're trying to nurture
a very fragile detente here.
A nuclear warhead has just
been tested in their desert.
And you want us
to go in like this?
We don't have time
for some asinine plan
thought up on Capitol Hill.
Their missiles will be
launch-capable in three weeks.
This asinine plan,
as you choose to call it,
just happens to have the support
of both leaders involved.
Hell, both countries
are equally threatened!
From where I stand,
I don't see any alternative.
The alternative was submitted
to your office
by the joint chiefs.
That's precisely the kind of
preemptive unilateral tactic
this administration's
trying to avoid.
Hank, the choice
of the executive branch
is simply not open
to further discussion.
The operational goals
are in the file.
You look after the details
and pick the team.
We'll have our representatives
on standby.
How lucky for us.
Make it work, Hank.
I'm counting on you.
Welcome to Fowler,
The base is ready for inspection
and proud of it, sir.
Inspection is complete.
Where can I find Sinclair?
Been a long time, colonel.
Done one hell of a job keeping
these memories alive out here.
Sometimes I have to remember
myself that it's a museum.
I've made the most
of the duty, sir,
in light
of the situation.
I think it's time we put
that little fiasco behind us.
I've come to pull you
out of the reserves
and restore you
to temporary active duty
with a raise in rank.
You've been chosen
to command a highly
classified operation
with specially selected
That's all in the file.
A few years ago you flew in
and you kicked some
hard-core enemy butt.
Techniques put you
in hot water, not me.
But you got
the job done.
We got another one like it,
only bigger.
So I'm offering you a star
for your uniform
and some action
for your dignity.
We got you some good men,
a little rough around the edges.
But then again, that's what
you're like, am I right?
Good luck, general.
Carry on.
Yes, sir.
Mind if I ask you
a stupid question, sergeant?
Wouldn't expect much else
from a flyboy.
Where the hell are we?
Can't answer that.
But I can tell you one thing.
It sure as hell
ain't Kansas, Toto.
Got any idea
what we're doing here?
I'm gonna be driving,
you're gonna be riding.
This place got a name,
That's "need to know,"
Well, I need to know.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?
What did they do,
trade me?
Hi, hi, hi.
Uh... I'm with you guys.
I...I fly.
I fly jets.
You can put the guns down.
I'm one of you guys.
I'm not one of you guys,
I'm a foreigner, but--
Okay, flyboy, time to get
your wings clipped.
Oh, yeah?
I'll handle this,
Sightseeing, captain?
No, sir.
I was trying to find out--
You'll find out all
you need to know from me!
Now get your butt in this jeep.
Your file isn't exactly
a character testimonial, Cooper.
What's the matter with you?
You got a digestive problem?
Digestive problem, sir?
Seems to me orders are a little
hard for you to swallow.
And what happened in Anchorage?
You booked out of there
pretty fast.
I just couldn't get used
to the cold.
Yeah, or maybe it was the heat.
That it?
Look, Cooper,
I don't know what it is
that makes you migrate
from base to base.
But you're not the kind of man
I'm used to having in my unit.
They why did you pick me,
I didn't pick you.
Somebody in Washington
stuck me with you.
Here's your barracks.
There's gonna be a briefing
in the morning.
The rest of your men
are already in there.
Get to know 'em.
Your life's gonna depend on 'em.
It's the wrong way.
What? What?
Hey, shut the hell up!
Want me to help you?
Yes, I do wanna come
up and help you!
What in God's name
is going on here?
You have an explanation
for this, Major Bush?
Sergeant Downs was standing on
top of his bunk waving his cigar
when he mistakenly set off
the sprinkler system, sir.
What was Sergeant Downs
doing on top of the bunk
in the first place?
I was agitated, sir.
That's putting it mildly.
I was agitated because one
of your pilots
tried to swap one of his
raggedy-ass blankets for mine.
Yes, sir. I freely admit it,
and I take full responsibility,
but I was deprived as a child.
Deprived? You were "deprooved."
That's enough!
Yes, sir.
I want this place dried up
Do you understand that?
Yes, sir.
Why don't you just cut it off?
Don't you dare move, major!
Anybody want
an umbrella?
You're pretty good
at this.
They transfer you here from Air
Force intelligence, sergeant?
Yeah, that's right.
Two days ago.
Just in the nick of time,
because I was about to take
this fall, so to speak,
for running a numbers game
on the computers.
You play the numbers, Cooper?
I'll show you how
You seen much combat, sir?
Mock engagements.
Red flag.
Why do you ask?
Trying to figure out
how we all got picked.
How about you?
Flight leader
over Libya in '86.
I personally hosed down
two MiGs.
What about you, hotshot?
I don't remember seeing
your face at the academy.
Nobody was wearing it.
How about that?
You weren't even there,
and they got you
flying 16s.
I can hold my own.
Just kidding.
Man, this is a sad-sack bunch
they stuck me with.
Maybe Downs knows what up.
What's an old Army ranger
like you do for a living?
I blow up things.
Actually people.
Bend over, captain,
I'll give you a demonstration.
Captain. Captain?
I think you better take
this next bunk up.
The general wants us to leave
every other one free
for the team coming in.
When is someone gonna
tell me what's going on?
We're one half
of a joint operation.
Who's the other half?
The Israelis?
Your guess
is as good as mine.
It's the Israelis, coming back
from maneuvers or something.
No way. They're twin turbines,
and they're big.
So who the hell are they?
I don't believe it.
They're goddamn soviet MiGs!
Get the hell out of here!
What the hell happened
to the goddamn alarm?
You didn't sound the alarm,
you asshole!
We're under attack! Shit!
We're under attack!
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Those are goddamn MiGs,
Why can't those fools
in the tower see that?
Those fools in the tower
know exactly what they're doing,
which is more than I can say
for you bunch of idiots!
That is the other half
of your team, gentlemen.
That's right.
The pride of Mother Russia.
Get back in those barracks and
get ready for a briefing now!
Russia? Shit!
All right, gentlemen,
proper military decorum
will be adhered to at all times.
No aggressive confrontation
will be tolerated.
Is that clear?
I can't hear you!
That's better.
On your feet.
I said stand,
and I meant it.
I've been serving my country
for 19 years.
I shed blood for it.
I'll be damned
if I'm gonna stand up
and salute a bunch
of communist bastards.
Colonel Vardovsky
of the Soviet Army
at your service, general.
However, I am Major Bush
of the United States Air Force.
The general is right
behind you, colonel.
Brigadier General
Charles Sinclair,
United States Air Force.
Excuse my mistake, general.
You can understand
it will take a while for us
to get used
to the various colors
of your high-ranking
In Russia,
things are simpler.
So I'm told, colonel.
I have heard that your military
does lean somewhat heavily
towards the lighter shades.
Now, Cooper.
I'm ready for any bullshit
they wanna start.
Number one is this!
This is a pathetic symbol
of a youthful propensity
towards violence.
What are you looking at,
Sorry we're late, general.
Sorry, sorry, everybody.
My name is Edward Strappman.
I'm with the state department.
To my right is my distinguished
Russian colleague
Sergei Demitriev,
under secretary of
the Soviet Central Committee.
Before Mr. Strappman
let me express our
general secretary's wishes
that this mission...
be a resounding success.
Thank you,
Mr. Demitriev.
Our president shares
these sentiments.
Okay, let's go.
Our mutual intelligence agencies
have uncovered
a nuclear weapons compound
embedded inside the Kavior Gorge
in Sector 10, Alpha Bravo.
The compound houses
concrete silos
equipped to launch missiles
capable of reaching
densely populated targets
on both Russian
and American soil.
Their warheads
will be nuclear-capable
within two weeks.
I don't have to tell you
that their regime
is highly unstable
and extremely fearful
of any moves
our countries make
towards detente.
So this compound is--
Well, it's an offensive threat
that neither side can live with.
And you've been mobilized
to eliminate it.
You see...
you people have a chance
to prove something:
that the Soviets and the
Americans can work together
as one.
You got a problem
over there?
Yes. They gave us
some broken blankets.
Broken blankets, huh?
That's a doggone shame.
I think I might be able
to help you out.
You got any American dinero?
Yeah, you know, like cash.
Moola. Greenbacks.
I have only rubles.
Give us our blankets.
Red light there, comrade.
This ain't Russia.
Everything's got a price.
Let them have them, Graves.
I don't know. I don't think
I like his attitude.
You have a problem
with these accommodations?
No, sir, I was just explaining
to our communist friends
about laundry procedures.
That's very kind of you.
You have one hour
to clean up,
and then I want everybody out
on the tarmac.
Don't go away mad, fellas.
It's on the house.
Thank you.
You came along
I'm on your phone
For far too long
And now
You trust no one
Baby, it has been done
Did you take a good look?
Ah, yes, thanks--
I mean, no, no.
No, I was--
I was just trying to--
I was trying to place
the, uh, uniform.
Um, are you attached
to Soviet intelligence,
or just one of the men
in your unit?
You have got it all figured out,
haven't you?
Except there is one thing
you have overlooked.
What's that?
The capacity of the basin
behind you.
This mission profile provides
a ground assault unit
commanded by
Colonel Vardovsky,
and an aerial strike force
commanded by me,
with Major Bush
as flight leader.
Ground unit, fall in behind
and to my left.
Balyonev, Koshkin.
Ain't no way.
She's a pilot.
No chance!
The vehicles approaching you
are Soviet VMP5s.
Our most advanced
armored assault vehicle.
Each unit is equipped with
two cannon on rotating turrets,
missile launcher and
full radar surveillance.
Lieutenant Balyonev
will familiarize you
with their operation.
We're already familiar
with them.
Is that a fact,
It's a fact.
Company makes them first
back in the States.
Which company is that?
It's a toy company.
Here's the main control
of the vehicle.
And here we have
vector controls.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for sharing
all this information with us,
but we do have a little bit of
familiarity with these vehicles.
Don't we?
Downs, would you just listen?
I was just explaining
to Mr. "Baloney"
what the situation was.
My family is Balyonev.
Anyway, you guys stole
most of your designs from us.
We took everything from you.
That's right.
We stole everything.
What is that?
Turret control?
Yes, but--
These are from your vector
coordinates, am I right?
No, no.
And this...
Directional tilt.
This unit has two objectives:
to provide air cover
for the ground unit,
and to eliminate
the primary target.
Today, you'll get use to flying
joint formations.
Major Bush will provide
the designated patterns.
Any questions?
Do we have a chance
to practice
mock engagements
against the Americans?
Oh, no. I'd hate to provide you
with any temptation like that.
Any other questions?
Okay. F16s are designated Alpha,
and MiGs Bravo.
Get out there and crank up
those turbines. Go!
Mock engagements!
They trained us to target
these people,
not rub wings with them.
I wouldn't mind
rubbing wings with her.
I wonder how she flies.
I don't know.
A little tight in the turbine
and loose in the flaps
just like she walks.
Any sign of the enemy,
Whoo! Coops, she flies
a lot different than she walks!
Hell of a lot different!
Alpha and Bravo teams,
assume diamond formation.
Alpha One,
why a pattern so simple?
Do your men lack
Cut the chatter.
Fall into position.
Let's make sure
the formation's tight.
Got me, Graves?
Yeah, I got you, pal.
Big roger on that one.
Alpha Two,
you're flying too close.
Give 'em room, Cooper.
Hey, Coops,
she's in your jet wash, man!
Are you all right?
I will be fine.
Let us just get back to base.
Son of a bitch.
You got a funny way
of peeling off.
You practice that
over the Bering Straits?
What are you saying?
You and three other MiGs.
You were there!
Back off! What's going on?
He rolls right, then peels left
after the kill.
He is maniac.
We are trained in this maneuver.
It is nothing.
Oh, it means everything
when your best friend's
blown out of the sky!
Cooper, back off.
Back off!
The rest of you are dispersed.
How long did you fly
with him?
Doug Masters.
He was a friend of mine too.
We flew combat together.
You're Chappy?
I normally don't let
anybody call me that
and get away with it.
Unless it's over a beer.
Come on.
I pushed too hard.
I almost blacked out.
Next thing I know...
Doug's a fireball...
falling from the sky.
I knew it had to be
something like that.
I figured you had crossed
into Russian airspace,
had an encounter of some sort,
and they covered it up.
I never did buy that story
about a training accident.
If you don't mind, general,
I'm not much on memories, so...
I guess you're not much
on Russians either.
Well, that won't
cut it here, Cooper.
I am the last guy
that should've pulled this duty.
There's not much I can do
about the way I feel.
Yes, there is.
Sit down.
I loved Doug Masters
just like he was my son.
But he's dead and buried.
You gotta make your peace
with that.
I'll try, sir.
You gotta do more than try.
Much more.
Tell me if these guys
don't look like
a couple of monkeys.
Huh, what's happening?
What'd he say?
He said you look like--
Like what?
Ugly monkeys.
How many do you want?
Give me two.
Balyonev, Balyonev,
my good friend Balyonev,
have I got a deal for you.
Get up for a second.
This'll take two seconds.
He's got a bum hand anyway.
Try this shirt on.
Yeah. Yeah!
You fashion victim.
Let me have a look.
No, it's--
You have got the face
of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Um...Conan. Conan!
Yeah, you got it, buddy.
Balyonev the Barbarian,
This shirt used to belong
to him.
Normally I wouldn't sell it,
but you look so good in it.
How come tag price
is still on?
That's not a price tag.
That's an American laundry tag.
It's written "25."
Yeah, that means
it's been washed 25 times.
The beauty of this material
is it looks brand-new.
Let's take that tag off.
I guess I owe you
an apology.
It is not necessary.
Yeah, it is. I compromised
your safety up there.
A lot of pilots freeze up
when caught in jet wash.
Not this one.
So I noticed.
Anyway I'm sorry.
You are the textbook
American pilot.
Aren't you, Cooper?
Do you have one of those macho
call signs like "Stud" or "Ace"?
Cobra. My call sign's Cobra.
Ah! The big-headed snake.
It suits you.
The valley up ahead
is similar to the terrain
near Kavior Gorge
where target destruction
can only be achieved
by low-level approach.
F16s will run under 400 feet.
MiGs will provide
high-altitude air cover.
Sir, wouldn't it be advisable
for me to fly high-altitude
SINCLAIR: Profile is not open
to discussion.
Now, get down in those canyons.
Beginning approach.
Alpha Two,
are you in position?
I'll be in that seat with you if
you don't punch your airspeed.
What's he doing, Coop?
Stopping for a red light?
Sir, is there anything wrong?
You're flying 200 knots slower
than the profile.
It's the turbulence.
Kick up your speed, major.
It'll stabilize.
I'm increasing airspeed.
I-I'm stable.
It's too tight. It's too tight!
Sir, you're right
about the turbulence.
You better pull up.
Sir, pull up!
Pull up, sir!
I can't, I tell you. I can't!
Pull out, sir, pull out!
Major, the choice
is in your hand.
Move the goddamn stick!
I'm out of it.
How come you weren't affected
by those wind patterns, Cooper?
I guess I was just lucky, sir.
TAC HQ on the line, sir.
Let's go.
Listen, thanks a lot.
For covering for me.
Turbulence came up, and we
pulled out, simple as that.
You know damn well
there wasn't any turbulence.
It was me. I lost it.
I get cramped up
in tight places.
I don't know why they picked
me for this. I guess--
I guess I should've
probably told them.
Told them what?
Sometimes you get
a little spooked?
We all do, major.
Guess that's why
God invented adrenaline.
Hey, see you later.
Come on.
What do you mean it won't fit?
Start it up.
Come on!
It won't fit.
It's gonna fit gold.
what did you call me?
I didn't call you nothing.
I said it's gonna fit.
Pull it up quick.
A perfect fit.
I told you.
Can't you see that will not fit?
You screwed up--
What'd you say?
It won't fit. I told you that!
Uh-oh, dead eye.
That's one.
Excuse me.
Is that for you
or your boyfriend?
I'm sorry to disappoint you,
but it is not so complicated
as you think.
He merely looked out for me.
Anything more than that
would be against the rules.
Russia's or yours?
Why must you always play
the cool American, Cooper?
Where do I find the pilot
who saved your Major Bush
this morning?
You know, you're in luck?
He's having lunch right over
there in about two seconds.
Why don't you join him?
Why not?
Magic Johnson?
Magic Johnson.
Give the man the money.
Give me five. Give me five.
Cooper, Zuyeniko,
let's get out here.
Sir, we're just
sitting down to eat.
You can eat lunch
after you work up an appetite.
Come on, let's go.
You ever played this before?
It's pretty hard,
but you'll get the hang of it.
You gotta sink the ball.
That's the idea.
Go ahead, take a shot.
I don't believe it.
I don't think so.
I think you know exactly
what you're doing.
Not in this game.
Hey, hey, nice check.
Nice defense.
Let me handle this.
Don't quit on me now.
You got potential.
Play in the NBA someday.
Huh? Come on out here, man.
Let me show you how
to shoot the ball.
Fellas, why don't you lighten
up, leave the guy alone?
Shoot the ball good?
Let's try and get it right
this time.
Bravo team,
split left and climb.
Falcons, drop.
Target approaches
in five minutes.
Captain, if our ordinance
was armed,
we could pick up where we left
off at out last encounter.
Only your wingman
would be different.
You lying bastard.
It was you.
Hey, hey, hey!
Save it for the ground, man!
Save it for the ground!
get back into position.
That's an order.
Cooper, get back into formation.
Too fast for you,
Alpha Two?
Come on, you got nothing
to be afraid of.
Where the hell are you?
I am disappointed
in you, Cooper.
You Americans prove
to be a quite easy target.
I have you locked, Cooper.
Look again, Lebenov.
Excellent move, captain.
But why do you hide?
You're mine now, asshole!
Is this the angle? Huh?
Is this how you and your buddies
took him out?
That's it.
It's over, pal.
You're dead.
Next time it'll be for real,
You can count on it.
SINCLAIR: Cooper, Lebenov,
get your butts down here!
I'm tired of hearing it, Cooper.
Whether he was there or not
doesn't make a difference!
You violated his airspace.
Now you take a look at him.
Take a-- Look at him!
Whether you like it or not,
he is on our side!
And whether you like it or not,
you are not flying
this mission alone.
Am I getting through to you?
Yes, sir.
I can't hear you!
Yes, sir!
Because if I ever have
to use those words again,
you're not flying nothing!
General, I believe the men
are all capable soldiers.
I just think we've come
to an impasse due to, uh,
personality problems
with the tensions
of the training.
My men are being provoked.
This Cooper's behavior
is revolting.
The rest of his unit
is not much better.
If you ask me,
your men do not even possess
the skills necessary
to carry off this operation!
I'll match one of mine
against one of yours anytime.
If you want, start with me!
Is that a challenge, general?
Gentlemen, could we not start
World War III?
You and fools like you
started this shit.
Just a minute.
You dare to be insubordinate
to representative?
The general is right,
you cheap errand boy
for the politburo!
Gentlemen, please!
Okay? Please.
Okay, look,
we'll give the men a day off.
They can do
some sightseeing.
It'll relax the tension.
What is that? What did he say?
Okay, thank you.
At least give a person
a chance to say thank you.
I wasn't looking for it.
Just what are you
looking for, captain?
Maybe a place
away from the crowd.
Do you consider
two people a crowd?
No. Come on.
You lied to me about the shirt.
Come on, them cheap imitations!
You got the real McCoy.
Don't worry about it.
I watch you up there,
It's in your blood.
You're born with it.
That MiG takes you...
right up to the edge.
And you love being there.
Just like me.
We are more different
than I thought, Cooper.
I fly for my people,
not for myself.
To protect them from--
Enemies like me?
Do I look like the enemy,
Do I?
Be right back.
You know something,
You don't know when
you're ahead of the game.
Never point a finger at me.
Hey, hey,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, come on, break it up.
That's enough! That's enough!
Hey, Cooper!
I've had it with you.
You've crossed the final line
with me, boy. You're grounded!
All right,
now what's going on here?
Cut it out!
I said-- Come back here!
Come on, move it.
Move it! Quick, move, out.
Come on!
Come on, everybody back.
Come on!
I said, get back there,
goddamn it!
I did all right. I caught him
one shot, he went down.
Captain, uh, I just want
to go on record for saying
that I think the general's
wrong about this.
Well, I didn't give him
much choice, did I?
Hell, Cooper, you're the best
pilot in the unit.
You should be flying lead
instead of me.
I don't have it.
Major, you got it all.
You got nothing
to worry about.
If it gets tight up there,
just pretend you're all alone
in the blue sky.
That's what I do.
I'll remember that, captain.
Good luck, sir.
Thanks a lot.
Listen, when I get back
from maneuvers,
I'll have a word
with the general.
See if maybe I can't
get you back on board.
He's a pretty tough guy.
So am I.
Send you a postcard, buddy.
There is no dignity for a pilot
in being grounded, captain.
That is something
for sure that I know.
You see...
a comrade of mine
was once great pilot.
Now he sits forever
in wheelchair.
Shells from your F16
have chained him to it.
As you have thought,
I was there.
But my missile
did not kill your friend.
It was unfortunate day
for all of us.
Both sides were foolish.
For that,
I am sorry.
Alpha and Bravo teams,
training cycle three
will now begin.
Alpha Three, follow my lead
and drop to 300 feet.
Bravo One and Two,
fly high cover.
Roger, that's a copy.
And, major,
keep your feet up down there,
huh, buddy?
I'm beginning approach,
Let's take it slow, major.
They're not handing out trophies
for speed records.
What do you want?
A word with you, sir.
Sir, I want back in.
I was wrong about Major Bush.
I don't think he should be up--
about Bush or anybody else?
Those people are out trying
to make this thing work!
Sir, atmospheric conditions
could be better.
Follow my lead as instructed.
Yes, sir.
All right,
let's run those canyons.
Settle down, sir, settle down.
Too tight to make
those kind of moves.
I'm gonna open it up a little.
Ha-ha! All right!
Aren't you pushing it a bit?
I feel great, captain.
There's no room!
Goddamn it, general!
I'm pulling out!
It seems that I have played
The game your way too long
And it seems the game I've
Played has made you strong
When this game is over
I won't end up a loser
And I know that I'll be
Walking out again
Yes, I know that I'll be
Walking out again
Ooh, yeah
Ooh, yeah
Pull up a chair.
This is one hell of a mess,
isn't it?
I know you've done
your best, general,
but under the circumstances,
I'm gonna have to recommend
that this operation
be canceled.
Well, I guess it all started
harmless enough.
American president,
Soviet general secretary,
they get together.
They figure a small-scale
surgical strike
against the target
will save more lives
than the plan
we offer them.
Hell, I can buy
all of that.
But then they decide
on this joint forces bullshit
because they think
it'll move us
further down the road
to detente.
That's where I had
to part company.
You more than anybody,
you can see how that road
leads to disaster.
You set us up,
didn't you?
What are you saying?
You know damn well
what I'm saying.
You had the deck stacked
against us from the get-go.
You sent me the biggest bunch
of misfits you could find,
knowing full well they couldn't
cooperate with each other.
Much less the Russians.
You're out of your mind.
Am I?
I got proof right here.
This is Bush's file.
Open it.
Open it!
What the hell am I supposed
to be looking for?
Something that's not in there.
Bush's medical record.
I called his former C.O.
He told me all about it--
That Bush has acute
claustrophobia in tight terrain.
That's something you people
conveniently left out
of his file.
He should never have been chosen
for this mission!
How could you do that?
What would you have done,
you self-righteous
son of a bitch?
Put us back in bed
with the communists?
Somebody's got to do
what's right for this country.
maybe Strappman will be happy
to hear about that.
Hear about what?
That you failed?
He knows that.
Anything else
you tell him,
it'll be your word
against ours.
You think he's gonna believe
a washed-up, one-star general
been put out to pasture
in an Air Force museum?
May I be dismissed, sir?
Livin' on the edge
Livin' on the edge
Livin' on the edge
A drink, general.
How much of this
did you know, colonel?
I have been relieved
of my command, just like you.
My God, you don't
get it yet, do you?
They used you, man.
They used me too.
Used us for what?
God, isn't it obvious by now?
Look at this.
Yuri Lebenov, three times
reprimanded by the party.
Georgi Koshkin, five years
disciplinary duty in Siberia!
Thousands of innocent lives.
Didn't they tell you?
Our air command is dispatching
a high-altitude bomber
to the target
with full nuclear payload.
Your military
is doing the same.
The fallout will destroy
every village
within hundreds of miles
of that gorge.
Well, I am not in the habit
of failing.
Those men are due to rotate
out of here in the morning.
You get them
on that ordinance line.
You do it.
You fill them in.
You tell them the story.
You do it.
Did you tell them?
You heard the news.
That suits me just fine.
I'm sick and tired
of working
for a bunch of communists
Here's your chance.
Grab it.
Shoot one of those
commie bastards.
Shoot one of them!
Oh, I get it.
You don't like to shoot
an unarmed man, huh?
Koshkin, come here.
What's the matter?
Don't anybody have the guts
to shoot the enemy?
Hey, Cooper.
Lebenov, come here.
Here you go.
Come on!
Well, come on!
Just what I thought.
Nobody got the guts!
You're losers.
Just like they said.
They sent you guys here
because they knew
that you were gonna fail.
And you know what?
They picked right.
But I'm grateful, you know.
I'm very grateful,
because you taught me
something today.
You taught me something
about courage.
It took a lot of courage
to come here
and train with a bunch of
soldiers from the other side
when deep down you hated
what they stood for.
I'm really grateful.
It took a lot of courage
to hold on to that prejudice
when we've worked so hard
to cut it out of you.
Very grateful, people.
But as you fly
out of here today,
I want you to ask yourself
one thing.
Where was that courage
when you had a chance
to stop them from killing
thousands of people
with no reason to die?
Up until today,
I never thought that courage
could come and go.
When I look
into your faces,
I know it's gone.
Your transports
will leave here in an hour.
And you'll go home...
a bunch of failures
and a bunch of losers.
All right,
get ready for briefing.
We've got some bombers
to beep to our target.
This is the bull's-eye
you have to hit.
Reactor-evaporation ducts.
They've been installed
for lower vulnerability.
Graves, Cooper,
you'll have to send a maverick
into each one of these shafts
to blow that compound
Sir, with both of us
in the valley,
we're gonna be sitting ducks
to enemy fighters.
That's why the MiGs will
be flying high-altitude cover.
You've got
a bigger problem.
Those mountains are protected by
surface-to-air missiles
that have to be knocked out
by the ground unit
before you can even
fly through them.
This bunker houses
the computer guidance center
which controls the missiles.
Charges must be laid
at its base,
since it cannot be penetrated
from the air.
Once it is destroyed,
the SAM sites will cease
to operate
and the planes can go in.
Our fight is with those
who man that compound,
and no one else.
If we succeed, the casualties
should be limited to only them.
If we fail,
then we'll get a firsthand
look at nuclear fallout.
And that will be the last look
we'll ever take.
See you on the runway
in 0640.
You can rest assured,
Marshal Stepanov.
We run our ships a lot tighter
on this side of the curtain.
I don't give a rat's ass
what they told you!
You tell SAC to put
the bombers in the air.
And you tell those AWOL fighters
and the ground unit
to get back immediately,
or there'll be hell to pay.
And if anybody argues
with me about that,
bring him right to me!
General, general,
they're already on their way.
At least give them
a chance.
I'll give them
a goddamn court-martial.
Then damn it, general,
I'll recommend the same for you!
I have gone through
the files thoroughly
and it would be simple to prove
how you deliberately--
Undermined this operation.
Is your career worth it?
Is your pension worth it,
Alpha One, this is control.
Proceed as planned
with full authorization.
Repeat: proceed as planned.
You hear that, general?
I heard it, captain.
Drop to 5,000 feet.
Let's go to work.
Rock and roll!
All systems go, sir.
Yeah. So far, so good, sergeant.
I told you, sir,
we're invisible.
Their scopes won't see shit.
Welcome to the 21st century.
Be careful.
You guys getting a room
or flying a mission here?
five minutes
to point zebra, sir.
Point zebra, what's that?
Enemy airspace.
The point of no return.
Contact Ramsteen.
Verify that the bombers
have been scrambled
and they're on standby.
You just can't wait to pull
the trigger, can you, general?
Your men got
a temporary reprieve.
They screw up one little bit,
those bombers fly.
Bravo One, this is flight leader
approaching point zebra.
Drop to 300 feet on my lead.
Damn it!
We've been picked up on radar.
Alpha One, Alpha One.
We got hostile target block
on the transport.
Graves, break wide on my lead.
Have locate on radar source.
Ten degrees southwest.
Looks like a SAM unit.
It's showtime, Graves.
They got one away!
We're gonna be hit, sir.
Control, this is Alpha One,
do you read?
Abort the mission,
return to base.
General, we can't--
I said abort the mission!
Colonel, what do we do?
Return as instructed.
Your orders are clear.
They've had it, man.
Downs, are you
all right?
I screwed up my knee
a little bit.
Can you walk?
I'm all right.
I can walk.
Downs, you're gonna have
to blow the hatch now!
Bravo leader, do you read?
Cooper, report back to base.
I'm coming down for a look.
Cooper, where the hell
are you going?
Return to base at once.
Our orders are clear.
Zuyeniko, return to base
as ordered.
Control, you got an enemy
ground unit
approaching fast
from the south. You copy?
Enemy ground units,
12 miles south.
Cooper, how many of you left?
Just me and Graves, sir.
Bravo team has returned to base.
Give us as much air cover
as you can, okay?
Our pleasure, sir.
Thanks for sticking around.
Move it.
Call Ramsteen. Tell him to get
that bomber in the air.
Come on, son, get a move on.
We got a dollar waiting
on a dime here!
What's your plan,
Marshal Stepanov?
Our bomber is already
Graves, there's too many
to pick off.
Let's try to split
them up on the next pass.
Bank around for another run.
Graves, four bandits, 3:00.
We got a five-ton
welcoming committee
homing in on us, sir.
And the son of a bitch
ain't smiling.
Holy shit!
Get ready to bump heads!
I've got visual.
They're coming hard!
You get the ugly one,
I got the pretty one, huh?
They're surrounding us.
We've got nowhere to run.
It's not getting any prettier
down there, Graves.
It ain't Shangri-la up here!
Damn it!
Do you see them?
What the hell are you gonna do?
Separate them
into their complement parts.
All right, do it.
Oh, yeah!
Lock and load, baby!
Lock and load!
Coop, what's your position?
COOPER: 12,000 feet.
Two bogies in front.
How about you, Graves?
I got nasty company of my own.
I'm about ready to lose it.
Pick up your speed.
We gotta bust through.
We've been hit.
Vardovsky, we can't last long
pinned down like this.
We will provide you
with transportation.
Koshkin, arrange a rendezvous
with that ATR up ahead.
Y'all vacate
the vehicle now.
It's all yours, general.
Haul ass!
Come around the other end.
Follow our lead, colonel.
We ain't gonna need reverse.
Come on, slide your butt
in there, Charlie Delta.
Speed kills, peaches.
Come on, out, out!
Coop, one of their fighters
just took out a BMB.
He's at 2 o'clock.
I'm on him.
Slow down.
We can work this out.
You wanna work this out,
don't you?
Guess not.
Hurry up!
Get in here!
Sit down.
You won't be able
to set those charges
with that bad leg
and no air cover.
I think I can do it.
You get hit with that dynamite,
we're all dead.
I will go.
There is no other choice.
All right, all right.
I'm gonna go with you.
The rest of you,
give us some cover.
Get these guys off my ass.
I'm almost there.
Coming over the top.
Coop, I overshot.
I'm way out of position.
Damn it.
They've got lock.
I'm dropping in behind you.
Sweep right.
I'm taking the shot.
I like Russians
that disobey their orders.
An unfortunate byproduct
of American influence, comrade.
Cooper, more fighters
approach from the south.
If we get out of this thing,
I want you to come
to the States.
I'll show you some stuff
that you'd never believe.
No way, my friend.
I'm told in the States, they
shoot communists in the streets.
Hell, man, in Detroit,
my hometown,
they shoot everybody
in the streets.
Let's do it.
Come on, let's go.
I've got some special surprise.
Bomb buffet, man.
It's a recipe my daddy
cooked up for uninvited guests.
Now's the time.
Throw it out, man.
Throw it out like, uh--
Like some bad borscht.
One here, one there.
They're not working.
The lousy stinking duds!
Some family recipe, huh?
Don't criticize the cuisine
before it's served.
Whoo! Yeah!
Cooper, I cannot lose him.
Coming in behind.
Drop low and bank right.
Thank you, comrade.
There's still more.
Where's Zuyeniko?
Cooper, I'm going to be hit.
Zuyeniko, bank hard!
Stay away from that gorge
until the SAMs are taken out.
Everybody understand that?
I don't care what chances
they think they've got.
You tell them to pull out,
because I'm not gonna
be responsible
when those bombs
come falling on them.
I knew it. The detonator.
General, you guys
all right, sir?
We can't blow it.
We gotta get out of here.
No. No way! No way!
Damn it!
Downs, what's the
transmitting frequency?
Six to eight megahertz.
Excellent, sergeant.
The radio, it could
set off the charges
if you transmit close enough
to the bunker.
I know. I'm going for it.
Wait. You can't run.
That's the fastest way
of getting hit.
You ever try and catch
a cab at night in Queens?
Let me go! Let me go!
Give him cover!
Come on, blow.
Blow, you bastard! Blow!
Mobile one reports the guidance
system's been eliminated.
They're requesting
I don't care
what's been eliminated.
As long as those silos
are still operational,
I don't want the bomber
to turn back.
How long before
it reaches the target?
They should be over the target
in five minutes, sir.
First SAM unit coming up.
Let's hope they're not working
on backup power.
Ten seconds to target.
Hey, Coop, one of them
just dropped in behind me, man.
He's crazy.
There's no way he can maneuver.
He's about to move up my ass.
Check my six, buddy!
You're too far up in front.
I can't get the angle.
He's snaking in tight. I'll try
to bounce him off the wall.
Gotta watch those right turns,
Closing in on the target.
Pick them out
and get the hell out of here.
More guns.
Get ready to unload.
What is this? I thought
you made a reservation.
Let's bug out!
Did you get off a shot?
I went wide.
I'll get it on round two.
You're pulling
into the soup.
Cooper, we're running
out of time.
There's three left.
Can you hold on?
We will make it.
Just take out the target.
We're gone.
I got one maverick left.
You got first crack. Don't miss.
Start your vacation.
This one's on me.
Target's coming up.
Watch out for those guns.
Those guns better
be watching out for me.
Cooper, I've been hit!
Pull up! Pull out of there!
I'm breaking up, man.
I'm losing it.
Lebenov, graves has been hit.
I'm going back down.
There is no time.
Let me go instead.
No way. It's too tight.
I have two missiles left.
You have one.
If you miss--
She's right. Let her go.
All right,
get down there.
I'll cover you.
The target's surrounded
by high-speed cannons.
Stay clear of them.
Cooper, get him off me!
Move away to clear my shot.
You're clear. Target dead ahead.
Arm your weapons.
Valeri, Yuri, climb!
Sir, the bombers have aborted.
Our unit has destroyed
the target.
Come on!
Buddy, here I am!
"So we stand here,
"indebted to the soldiers
who have triumphed
"on this historic occasion.
"It is now incumbent
upon each of us
"to triumph even in the greater
battle that lies ahead.
"The battle with the flags
that wave above us,
"the flags that unify our
nations but separate our world.
"This battle will not be fought
on the fields of war,
"but in our own hearts
and minds.
"And should we emerge
"perhaps we will get beyond
those flags to a new one.
"One that all of us
are willing to fly.
"Signed, the general secretary
"of the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics,
and the president of
the United States of America."
Congratulations to you all.
I owe you an apology,
And I'd like to offer you
an opportunity
to keep that star
you're wearing.
Come work on my staff.
This piece of silver
on my shoulder
doesn't mean anything
to me, sir,
if I have to serve
under you.
Dos vedanya, my friend.
Excuse me, general,
could I have a word with you?
How would you like...?
I have a project
that might interest you.
I guess there's nothing left
but goodbye.
Don't say it.
I hate that word.
It's the hardest word
to say
and the toughest word
to forget.
All right then.
Dos vedanya, captain.
Dos vedanya.
Thanks again, sir.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. All right.
Good luck to you, general.
Aw, come on, Cooper,
we're burning jet fuel.
I hate people
to keep me waiting.
Come on!
Has anybody ever told you
you're a coldhearted soul?
You watch your mouth.
Besides, you'll see her Tuesday.
Come on.
I'll see her Tuesday?
Oh, I didn't tell you.
I didn't tell you
about it at all, huh?
Tell me what?
You didn't tell them
about Tuesday?
I forgot.
I told everybody but them.
What about Tuesday?
What Tuesday?
You would like
to go to Moscow?
Who's going?
We're gonna have a parade,
marches, medals for the draw,
stuff like that.
Well, anyway,
they have this new
foreign exchange program
with Russian pilots
and American pilots.
Guess who gets to choose.
You do like Russians, don't you?
Running where the boys
Run free
Burning out the sky
Chasing the angels
You know the restless night
That's when I hear
Those voices
Calling me to push
The edge
I want to feel
My blood rise
I want it in my hands
I make it all to Memphis
Searching for
The phantom eyes
Under the cover of darkness
I'm gonna make
Something happen
I'm gonna take my chances
And ride
Running where the boys
Run free
Burning out the sky
Chasing the angels
Be my fantasy tonight
Someone out there
Waits for me
Got you in my sights
Chasing the angels
Going straight to heaven
I feel your fire
When you look at me
You pull the trigger
On my destiny
I may be crazy
But I can't help feeling
That you could fall
For an enemy like me
What kind of fate
What circumstance
Brought us together
In this desert romance?
Stuck in the middle
Of a no-man's land
Oh, I'm on fire
For an enemy like you
And if the others
Build a soldiers' wall
You and me will let
Our borders fall
All the lovers in the world
Should be
Enemies like you and me
Once in a moment
There's eternity
That's what the message
In my heart must be
Why should we hold back
What's in our eyes?
I'll carry you
I'm on your side
I'll cover you
I will stand by you
When love's a battle
I will fight for you
But for tonight
I'll hold you in my arms
That's what I'll do
For an enemy like you
And if tomorrow
Stops what we've begun
We've got each other
Till the morning comes
All the lovers in the world
Should be
Enemies like you and me
You make it easy
For a man to be strong
You've got the freedom
I've wanted so long
I'm like a fire
Under tender feet
I never thought
I could feel this free
Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh
And if the others build
Soldiers' walls
You and me will let
Our borders fall
All the lovers in the world
Should be
Enemies like you and me
And if the others build
Soldiers' walls
You and me will let
Our borders fall
All the lovers in the world
Should be
Enemies like you and me
All the lovers in the world
Should be
Enemies like you
And me