Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015) Movie Script

World War 3 broke out.
A nuclear winter spreads as a nuclear
bomb is dropped on Japan.
Japanese government becomes
isolated from the world,
and eventually collapses, due to
persistent attacks from militant groups.
After several years have passed,
a military company known as
the Fourth Diamond
gained the power to import
illegal arms,
and decide to create a new order
in the wasteland.
However, there was still no limit to
the crimes
committed by the militants turned
4th D took this most gravely,
and put a price on the most dangerous
And now Japan is lawless ground.
The bandits and bounty hunters
fight with each other.
"Year 2OXX, Japan"
This bitch.
I want the one on the left.
Not enough money.
You can't even get a bitch for that money.
So, how about this?
Alright then. Throw this in.
Anyway, you stole all of this, didn't you?
This rubbish is worthless.
Lord Sparti Gang has arrived.
It's our reservation time now.
Get out.
You can't just have your own way.
Old lady, for your own sake be quiet.
How dare you in my bar!
Party time!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
So tired.
Cobra, I've found some class pussy.
Get out, I don't need you anymore.
She's worth chopping up.
Turn me on now.
I'll make scream with pleasure.
So the rumours were true.
Female bounty hunter.
I see.
You're the woman who's hunting
Sparti's leadership one by one.
Don't think badly of me.
It's my job.
You're turn to lose your head.
Now guys.
Get out of my way.
What are you...?
So people call me Iron Girl.
"Iron Girl Ultimate Weapon"
Wait a minute.
I said wait!
You're the notorious Iron Girl.
I thought it would be an ugly woman,
but you're surprisingly beautiful.
Hey, would you hook up with me?
I have a keen nose.
I'm useful to get the prize money.
Please... leave me alone.
I'm smitten.
I adore your cruelty.
"Mad City, District 8"
Is that all?
I can't help. It's all we can do for small fry.
- Oh please.
- Colony's food is almost gone.
This is our job too.
Kento, you have to get a big wig,
like your associates.
I didn't mean I'll join you.
I know.
You just want the device don't you?
Is that the device?
Memory Retrieval Machine.
10,000 cash!?
Hey, who wants to recover memories
with this pile of crap?
Look over there.
Chris, what're you going to do
when you get your memory back?
Well, I don't know until then.
Hey, why don't you live with us in the colony?
You can have a peaceful life there.
I'll think about it.
This is 300 cash minus my 25% service fee.
- Charge please.
- OK.
Next job?
Don't be too flash.
I'm sure they don't keep quiet.
I don't want to be embroiled in their business.
I know.
- Idiot!
- It looks like my dead grandmother.
- I'll kill you!
- Sorry!
Kento, you are safe.
I can't die and leave you behind.
See you later.
We work hard risking our own lives.
By the time, we pay Jail's charges,
and operating costs,
our cash has almost gone.
Can't be helped,
but we need money to buy food.
It's a bit better than being a farmer
in the polluted area.
I want to visit a whore.
Listen, it's been a year since the last time.
A Year!
You're impotent now.
- Impotent!
- No way!
No! Your dick's dead.
All money!
You're generous as usual.
As expected from you, leader.
By the way, how long d'you
expect to keep that woman?
You mean Chris?
I heard she'll leave
when she's got all her money.
She's an eyesore.
Yes, she sure is.
She's stuck-up.
We can be patient if she pleasures us.
Don't talk like that. She's paid her way.
Cut her a break for a bit.
They killed Cobra.
Yes, some time ago.
That Iron Girl.
What are you doing?
Lord Sparti got really angry.
Make your excuses in hell.
Keep your guard up.
She's already killed 8 leaders.
Why is Iron Girl rebelling
against the Sparti gang?
I've got information that she is going to
buy Memory Retrieval Machine.
Where is she?
I sent my deputy to find her.
I heard she's hiding out in the Colony,
District 8.
Damn, defence corps remnants.
Listen, this booze ain't the usual stuff
you can buy anywhere.
Exactly. There's a snake in it.
Not just that.
It has a love potion effect.
If a woman drinks it she falls madly in love.
W... w... what happens?
Once a blonde girl drank this and she said,
Oh wow, I feel like fucking you all night.
Then she fucked loads of guys.
She came three times, passed out
and collapsed.
No point in that.
I'm not finished yet.
The blonde girl also said,
Oh, strangely I came 100 times
during the day.
Man, this is a masterpiece.
You think so!
We can do anything with this.
- Woman, here we go!
- Bazinga!
Women... women... women.
Bring on the women!
It's a woman!
What are you up to?
Nana, let me give you a drink.
Me too!
Oh, a drink?
Long time, no have.
Here, here.
To be fair, let's toss for it.
I'm not impotent.
Tell me... I'm sure you can feel me.
Mine still works, doesn't it?
I'm sure the old fart's making her wet.
Why, do I have to wait?
You're miserable as you lost the bet.
Shut up!
Come on...
Hey, Chris.
You followed me here.
Don't be so cruel to him.
Hey, who is she?
I'm Miriya, Miriya Hanamura.
What, a beautiful name.
In token of our new acquaintance...
- I give you this.
- Thank you.
My pleasure.
I'm your knight from now.
I'll rescue you from danger.
Hey, Chris.
You need cash, don't you?
None of your business.
Would you have a drinking contest with me?
This amount of cash can't buy
Chris' affection.
Is that so?
You don't fight a lost battle.
Lost battle?
Well, let's get down to it.
If you win I'll give you this money,
instead of.
If I lose you can do whatever you like with me.
Please stop it.
I'm okay, don't worry.
Go back to your room and sleep.
Go to sleep.
Well... ladies first.
Don't try so hard.
Give me a break. I've never lost.
- Loser!
- I'm not drinking.
Excuse me.
Sleepy head.
Yeah, winner! Winner!
At last!
I was so worried about you.
Can't sleep?
Me too. I always come to this spot.
Chris, how did you lose your memory?
Who will be the first person you remember
when you get your memory back?
If it were me...
Dad and Mum.
Such a lovely memory.
I've treasured this memory all my life.
What happened to them?
They were killed by the Sparti gang.
Kento rescued me.
Chris, please be my sister
even if you get your memory back.
Of course.
Anyway, I am so glad you are safe.
When I first saw you I thought you were dead.
Hey, there...
Doesn't seem to be a crook.
Miriya, water.
Are you alright?
Here, drink.
You are Saotome?
Sao... tome?
I'm sure he said Saotome at the time.
You still can't remember anything?
You're here.
I hear you gave another
top flight performance.
Hey, show me that. A photo of all three
of us.
Five years ago already.
I this... me?
I remember that day every time
my scar itches.
It was likely that the defence corps
was destroyed that day.
But, Tetsuya still...
You want to die?
I can't leave Tetsuya behind.
I was rescued by a companion from
the defence corps.
I couldn't find you two.
I thought you died
so I almost gave up looking for you...
I never thought I would see you again.
How about the other one, Tojo.
Tetsuya Tojo. That guy.
He was in the same unit.
He was a comrade.
They were a couple, weren't they?
You were lovers.
What happened to him?
He is still missing.
Early start tomorrow, so get some sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night, Chris.
After you all,
you have not shown her
the photo before.
Oh, well I didn't have a chance.
You don't want her to really remember.
You love Chris. So you worried about...
Don't be impertinent.
Don't treat me like a kid.
Well, I'm going to get some sleep.
Time for bed young lady.
I... have a lover?
Oh, you off?
I'll get the Shark.
He's the leader of the 13th District.
Kento. I'll pray for you.
Be safe.
"Mad City, 13th District"
Damn easy.
Such a shame.
I was looking forward to seeing
the Iron Girl.
Sorry I am not her.
Drop your weapons.
All of them.
You're the one hiding Iron Girl.
What are you talking about?
Lord Sparti put a price on her head.
For your own safety, tell me.
It's so funny.
Hunter becomes the hunted.
If you don't know you'll simply go to hell.
I'll give you a quick tip.
Forewarned is forearmed.
Meaning always keep you guard up.
At last you caught a prize catch.
Quick, give me a wanted poster.
Oh, I remember,
the next quarry is a tough one.
- 500 cash.
- Poison.
10,000 cash with a charge price.
You can afford the device at last.
Until then, don't sell it to anyone else.
Don't worry you're the only one
that wants it.
Every one else wants to forget,
the hateful civil war.
People living in the same town killing
each other.
I've no memories,
not even the ones I want to forget.
Oh, I know.
Well, I have nothing to complain
about if I'm paid.
Chris, you're a target.
Sparti put a price on your head.
It's an honour.
All the gang members are focusing on you.
It's okay we don't need to look for them.
Also I won't cause you trouble.
Or you Jail.
Don't tempt providence.
Don't worry I'll collect that tomorrow.
Misunderstood. Mistake.
What mistake?
Her whereabouts.
Our next quarry is Poison isn't it.
I know where she is.
I came to tell you.
Right, so you came to tell me.
I hurried over here. Even though I was busy.
How much?
You couldn't buy this with cash.
I'm not cheap you know.
So tell me now.
City... outskirts.
19th District.
If you want I can take you there.
So kind of you.
Make sure you're awake tomorrow.
"Mad City, District 8 Chu Laboratory"
Honey, don't surprise me.
Did you find out about that matter?
Oh, about the suits. In conclusion...
I could solve a little bit.
This system is one which is applied to
Weak current from the human body
scans the code
and combines with ERP to complete the process.
This means that the powered suits
are equipped with quantum teleportation.
Moreover, the more interesting thing is
the crystal unit on the back of your hand
will be connected to your brain waves.
However, why did you notice the installation?
I don't know.
When I realised I was wearing the suit.
The day fighting finished
I knew I could remove it.
Try tapping the crystal on the back
of your hand.
So amazing.
I never expected I would see anything
like this in my life.
The recorded code on the lens
can be changed by brain wave cycles.
That means the suits have
unknown possibilities.
What about this thing on my neck?
The neck choker.
I have no idea at all. Impossible to extrapolate.
However, in view of the fact
it cannot be removed
it is probably saying much that
the choker is the key to the mystery.
Every mystery in here.
Hey, don't surprise me.
What... What's wrong?
Please... let's fuck.
I... I can't anymore...
Are you sure that Chris hunts Poison tomorrow?
Yeah... anyway, she ran back home
after being beaten.
But, it's not important. Do it.
Chris are you there?
Door is open.
I can't hold on anymore.
No, I'm coming.
What do you want?
Are you alright?
Poison is so tough.
I heard a rumour that she is
Sparti's right hand.
I've fought her a few times,
but she's superior.
I don't care.
Shall we unite?
I am sure we can kill her together.
Hey, what was I like before?
What were you like?
You were a friend. It was fun.
Is that all?
Did you like me, or...
Chris... for ages...
Chris... what are you doing?
Stop it...
Chris... what are you doing?
Sorry... I'd like to go alone.
"Mad City, District 19"
Take off your clothes.
Show me everything!
Take off more.
Show me!
Show me your private dance.
OK. It's for me.
Sorry, only for me.
Here I am.
Black panties.
Boobs! Boobs. Boobs!
Good... Good... I feel so good!
Don't hide, come out.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Fun-time has just begun, Iron Girl.
I'm going to enjoy this a lot.
She's strong.
You're nothing special, Iron Girl.
Game on, now.
Chris, the alert signal.
Something happened at the Colony.
Playtime's over, sweetie.
Miriya is in danger. It's best to hurry back.
Please forgive me.
I told you everything I know.
Who... is this... woman?
I don't know her well.
She can wear the suits that have
unlimited power.
I copied the data. I'll take him back.
He may tell us more.
I really don't know anymore.
I said that's all I know!
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't do it your own way.
Look what they've done!
Sorry, my fault.
I was careless when I was ambushed.
Spam gang-
An immensely strong guy came.
First time I've seen him.
Poison was bait to keep Chris away
from the Colony.
8 dead people. The rest of the people like this.
Everything was plundered.
What about Miriya?
You're injured. Are you okay?
What's wrong?
No, somebody please help me.
You're safe, Miriya.
You're okay.
It's okay, Miriya.
She was attacked
and lost her memory due to the shock.
Mum and Dad.
Such a lovely memory.
I've treasured this memory all my life.
Come with me... for a sec.
Look after Miriya.
What do you want me for?
Want you for?
Surprised you can ask so shamelessly.
This is all you're fault, that Sparti attacked.
You're a plague. Get out of here right now!
You just wanted the money.
How dare you involve everyone else.
Same goes for Miriya.
She was your victim.
The Colony's location was never leaked before.
The thief you brought here was probably a spy.
How dare you speak to her like that.
Spending all your time chasing women
meant you guys were open to attack.
- What the hell?
- What?
Hit me if you want.
Okay, no problem.
Such a good feeling.
Hey, stand up.
- Not finished yet!
- Stop it!
I said stop it!
- Stop it!
- That's enough!
Kento, even you side with her.
What's Chris supposed to have done?
Her very existence is enough.
Are you alright?
500 cash. Take it and leave.
What's wrong? You want money don't you?
Back off.
Hey, this is everyone's opinion.
You've nothing to say, have you?
Hey, Chris.
Stop it!
You want the cash that much.
Here's a little extra.
That's enough.
As you can see.
No device anymore.
They took it all.
You killed Sparti's leaders one after another.
Only violence controls.
I expected you to be the saviour of
this rotten world.
However, it was only my imagination.
Get out please.
I'm sick and tired of trouble.
If you want the device go see Sparti.
Don't ever come back here again.
Hey, wait a minute.
Please, take me with you.
You are a burden.
Don't be so nasty.
We're mates aren't we?
I don't remember that.
You're going to Sparti headquarters.
I'm sure I can be useful as a navigator.
Leave me alone.
I'll come anyway even if you say no.
Please yourself.
We can't find any data on the choker.
I'm pretty sure the choker contains a secret.
Such an idiot for killing such
an important scientist.
It's not important anymore,
go back to work.
If that's so,
it's easy to just slice her throat,
and make sure.
Kill, I'll kill Iron Girl,
don't put your oar in.
As you wish.
She might be the one that
Kento mentioned.
You've got good eyes,
like a wild animal hunting.
It seems you're not part of them.
You've got the same destiny.
I can smell it.
I can't escape the fighting.
I'm sure we will meet again.
At that time I hope we are not enemies.
Chris, you don't have time to waste.
I know.
Mad CM, Spam Headquarters
The woman?
She's a gypsy, I picked her up.
I thought she was such a stunning beauty
I could sell her to Lord Sparti.
I'll take that.
Oh yeah, of course!
You can go.
Thank. Thanks for your trouble.
Come... come here.
I'm going to sell you to Lord Sparti.
What's wrong? Why the long face?
There's a shit stirrer at headquarters.
I'm surprised you are not getting ahead.
I kindly set you up for great things.
Shut up. I know.
We are safe here.
My brain is not as bad as you thought.
I'm impressed. You've a cunning instinct.
HQ is in 3 blocks.
Let's go.
They were just here. Do you know them?
Of course, the rumoured Iron Girl.
What! Them!
Follow them now.
It's your chance to get their heads.
Close the gate!
I Lord Jackal will get Iron Girl's head.
Wait for me.
So this is the headquarters.
Let's scram before we're spotted.
This is it. Game over.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to deceive you.
I can't allow you in here.
Your head is mine!
Oh you're joking, why?
He was rubbish.
Move on.
It's strange.
Don't you think it is way easy for HQ.
Maybe it's a trap.
I've been waiting for you, sweetie.
I'll finish it today.
Me too.
Shut up. You'll be sorry.
Defend yourself.
Defend yourself.
Typical, Chris.
You performed as I expected.
In your face!
Yes, this way. Let's go.
Son of a bitch!
I wanted to see you, Iron Girl.
You are Mad Spam.
You moron.
You came all this way for this.
it's like a moth to a flame.
You acted too hastily.
You need to pay for disgracing
the Sparti gang's name.
Chris, the is surely a trap.
We need to leave now.
So now Showtime has begun.
No blood? Why?
Kept you waiting Chris.
I'll pay you back so don't get in my way.
Don't underestimate me,
I'm not just for decoration.
You've learnt you lesson now.
Kill, is the latest weapon from 4th Diamond.
A machine built specifically to fight
and slaughter.
Humans who are swayed by
memories and emotions
stand no chance of winning.
NOW, Kill.
The show is enough.
epilogue time.
C... Chris.
Go to the west.
The secret is hidden in Mount Fuji.
Iron Girl!!!
You've done it now.
Dirty bitch.
I knew you could win.
I got the device, too.
Kento see to your wounds.
I'm okay.
I stopped the poison spreading.
Hey, hey, hey, I worked hard too.
Thanks for this anyway.
I'm surprised at my own actions.
Oh my god, I can see you're as surprised.
Where have you been, by the way?
Not that I care.
Hey, hey I was part of the action, wasn't I?
You think I'm just a kid don't you.
A young kid.
Just a little kid like some sort of goat.
Wait... for me!
Wait, Tetsuya.
Are you sure you want to go?
I've got to find it.
Your memory.
Why is it so important?
Why did Tetsuya become an android?
Who am I?
It is natural to want to know.
You're alive. That's enough.
Together with our friends let's create the future.
I... I... want to... be with you, Chris.
I need to you back, don't I?
It's Kento.
I'm so glad!
Where's Chris?
She gave this to her sister.
Big sis.
Where I was born,
and where did I grow up?
Then, what happened to me?
Who am I?
Where to go?
My destiny is to fight.
To solve my mystery.
4th Diamond.
That is the key to solving the mystery, Iron Girl.