Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie Script

Long ago that I'm
before Qty. but no evidence exists.
It has been said about my
participation on the events that occurred
- On the street ...
- Sorry, sir, but do not believe that the use
a bodyguard
be more appropriate.
And if more
weapons in it.
One thing's have the official version and others
thing to do is point the finger
and say that I am a
kind of superhero.
You have to accept that I have
the kind of hero.
This long list of character defects
and the mistakes I made in public.
The point is ...
I am a man of iron.
- Am I wrong.
- Only some rest you will recover.
I can not go.
I'm wrong.
... We are in 4500 meters
we are about the area.
Nice to see them.
The late.
And I did.
I already did.
I'm not saying that the world has its
the longest period of uninterrupted peace
thanks to me.
I'm not saying I
spent in my captivity.
Something I had never
personified as good in history.
I'm not saying that our Uncle Sam is
not here anymore and rests in its mln.
Enjoying this because I
could find someone who is
Then, out and wins
my best day.
Thanks, do not talk about me.
I'm not talking about you
I'm not talking about us, talk
a legacy.
I speak of what we decided
leave for future generations.
That's why the entire year
and for the first time since 64.
The most brilliant men and women
nations and the corporate world
will pool resources and give us your
collective vision of how to build a better future.
Not for us, so as to
finish and I can tell you otherwise.
Welcomed the project.
And now I present to a client that is
special and will talk about it.
I ask for applause
for my father Howard.
Anything is possible with technology.
Better life, good health.
And for the first time in history
of humanity, the ability
world peace.
On behalf of everyone here I STARK INDUSTRY
personally presented the city's future.
The technology lets
potential for many humans.
Soon the technology will affect
how they live their daily lives.
Nothing more tedious, leave this
time for other activities.
And enjoy the sweet life.
That is Expo Stark welcome.
It is fully active
exhibition is the inauguration
and everyone tries to leave the scene.
If they can not come, do not worry
lasts all year.
You may be here in the halls stock with
inventions that come from all over the world.
Ready here we go.
Hello friends, thank you
for coming. That's cute.
What is this?
On one side you.
- Wow.
- Your autograph.
- EL is Aby.
- The teacher today.
Call me to talk, call me.
I will.
Hey friend, this is the best.
Many more opportunities.
- Many hands really.
- It was not so bad.
- If you came out perfect.
- What Car? It is the latest model.
- And it comes with the car?
- Well, I hope so.
- Hello
- Hello
- And you are?
- I'm Poli.
- This is weird.
- It's a great pleasure.
I drive, do you mind?
Where are you?
- From Redcord.
- What are you doing here?
- Buscandote.
- So here I am.
- And then?
- Bring subpoenas.
- Do not receive service.
- Yes, I'm not.
- I maintain it.
- Having been summoned to appear in
Services Committee
tomorrow at 9:00.
- So you're a cop?
- I am the federal police.
- And bring your plate?
- You like?
So how is Washington?
It is 400 km.
Mr. Stark can continue
question, Mr. Stark, please.
- Tell me baby.
- Can I ask your attention?
With pleasure.
- True or not have a weapon specialist.
- Not so.
- It is not.
- Not so.
Depends on how you define
- The weapon of Iron Man
- My invention is not well described.
- How would you describe yourself?
- I would describe how to define what is truly Mr.
- What is this?
- An advanced prostheses.
- This is the best description I can do.
- It is a weapon, Mr. Stark hate to tell you ...
- If the Sub-Prior was serious, that ...
- No, my priority is that the gun's iron man
delivery to the people of Brazil
So, forget it.
I am Iron Man suit and I are one, real
delivering Iron Man suit that I surrender.
Which is similar to slavery, depending
about the same state prostitution.
- He will not have Mr.
- Look, I'm not an expert.
In prostitution, as is thought
a Senator, please.
I am not a weapons expert.
We brought a weapons expert.
I would call our Dustin Hammer
today's top weapons contractor.
Let it be recorded that I see
Mr. Hammer entered the chamber.
And I wonder when they will arrive
weapons expert who speaks.
Actually yes, I'm not an expert,
is you.
You are the example.
Senator, if I can.
Can not be an expert, you know
Who was the expert?
Who do you think?
Haward Stark.
A father to us. E
for the entire military industry Tony.
But it must be clear that not dajar
flowers spread, it was a lion.
All we know why we are here in these six
months Tony Stark has created a weapon
with many possibilities and
He insists it is a shield.
He Confinenme
say, as I know cringe.
As I like to feel
insurance, actually, yes.
I do not
lock the house.
But never where we live
a world full of threats.
When Mr. Stark does not
have the ability to predict.
Thank you, God bless
Iron Man and the country.
Very well said Mr. Hammer.
The committee now invites the lieutenant
Colonel James Rhodes for the camera.
Rhodey "?
Friend, do not wait
see it here.
- Tony, and accept what happens with a vine?.
- Ok, I do not believe it.
I have here a complete report of the gun
Iron Man, compiled by Colonel Rhodes.
Colonel registration can
read section 4 on page 57.
Specific request you to read
parts of my report of the senator?
If Mr.
I was told it was going to testify
more comprehensive and detailed.
- There were changes, I understand Mr.
- Tell me to read numbers out of context does not reflect ...
The colonel read it I understand.
Thank you.
Very good.
Mr. and does not operate in any one branch
The government is a possible Iron Man
Risk to the safety of the nation
and their interests, but after I summarize
that the benefits of Iron Man
far outweigh its potential risks.
- Colonel Enough.
- And he gives Mr. Stark in jail ...
I do not like the idea but think
became secretary of defense.
If they ask me nice.
Now I want to show the images included
in the report, if I can.
Forgive me, I think it is premature
images reveal that the general public.
Colonel I understand, but if I could
give it to us, I appreciate it.
We can see them?
Intelligence suggests that images
these photos are attempts manned
copy of the action of Iron Man
Mr. Stark.
This was confirmed by allies
local intelligence on the ground.
Indicating that the facts are
operation at this time in the world.
Rhody "I can?
I have a control on the screen.
The weather is clear.
Well, let's see what happens.
If you direct your attention to
Neither, apparently, the screens in Korea.
- He wants to turn it off, apagenla.
- Iran.
Here I see no immediate threat
Does Justin Hammer?
When I saw the floor.
Juston get on TV.
Now turn to the left
I say most has five
years and that delays suit carrier 20.
I just want to clarify that the pilot
survived the test.
His point is that we have finished,
I do not think ...
- And my point is that they would thank me.
- Why?
Because I am his great shield.
And it works, we are safe, the country is safe.
They want my property, not the will,
but they did a great favor.
I privatized world peace.
What more do you want?
And now.
They want to work with these
Stupid asses.
Well, Mr. Stark, great.
We went to the cattle, we get
- Thanks.
- It was a pleasure.
Give me a hand.
My commitment is to the people.
I will serve this great nation, in
As much as I please.
And if anything has been proven is that I do
always do what I want.
Dad was already awake.
Welcome home, congratulations
the opening was a great success.
As his audience in
I repeat that refrezcante
is to see in a video with the clothes.
Hey you. I promise to dismantle
and I'll make a tricycle with his balls.
Tell me how this day
I take squalor.
Check out my level of palladium.
Toxicity in the blood of 24%.
It seems that the continued use of the suit
iron man accelerated his condition.
Another core is exhausted.
They are running very fast.
I have to run all simulations with
known elements.
None serves beneficiaries
the core of palladium.
It will end on time and
Mr. options
Unfortunately, the reactor
that keeps him alive so kill.
Ms. Potts is coming
I recommend you ...
Is this a joke?
- What are you thinking?
- Yes.
- What are you thinking?
- Yes.
I think I'm busy and you angry
I do not know why.
You're resfriadad?, I do not want to be sick.
Do not come near me.
Surrender our art collection
the modern ...
- Scouts of America.
- Scouts of America?
If a company pays
penalty, personally unpacked.
But basically, yes and no collection is nnuestra
my collection I have.
No, and you know one thing I think I can
whereas our collection
the time invested for 10 years
healing work, because ...
If the tax deduction.
Listen, there are 800 things
from which we speak.
Seriously, we need to talk.
Babas stop wasting time
another machine is already playing the part.
It's a waste of time.
I have to use cover your mouth
you feel better. Do you care?
- How rude.
- Nothing is more important for the expo.
- It's my main concern.
- Exposure is your ego crazy.
Look at this.
This really is art.
I'll hang up.
- You want to have it.
- I did not react.
- Seek to place it.
- You're crazy, this is a complete disaster.
- What do you not understand?
- No stock is rising like never before.
- You have to look out for.
- I'll give you an example.
- I change the subject.
- No, no, no.
You can not remove Parde Newman
this wall to put it.
I will not remove it, I'll replace
with this and see how it looks.
Ok, well, my point is that since
signed contracts.
- What are.
- Do not say that because I think ...
And there are many plastic trees
it was his idea actually.
- I have these people on their hands.
- It was my idea, I do not care about people liberals.
It's boring, boring, I warn you
I already got bored, do it yourself.
- Do what?
- I have an idea, everything is resolved.
- You run the company.
- Yes, I'm trying delicacy of the company.
- It was your idea, you have to move forward.
- And do not you give me the information I ask.
- I ask you.
- So I.
- That's what I try to do it.
- I need to do this.
- Do not hear me.
- You too.
I want to make a decision.
Why do not you leave me?
What I drank Tony?
It's official, you irrevocably appoint director
Stark Industries executive from today.
Yes, that's ok.
Actually I've been thinking a lot.
Believe it or not, I was looking
I tried to imagine who would be
my worthy successor.
And then I realized that
You've always been you, I thought
but would have legal problems.
I have the right to choose my
And you will be my successor.
- I take it.
- Just do not know what to say.
Baby do not think.
I'm glad you came.
It is a rich prize.
Please, can you come to sign
the transfer of power.
Your turn.
- Sorry.
- What was that?
Are mixed martial arts.
Reciste more.
This is called dirty boxing
is not new.
From boxing, boxing.
I promise this will be the only
Tony time I ask you the silks of his company.
Sorry, I need you to sign.
Lesson friend, never take
eyes ...
I'm tired.
- What's your name girl?
- Rushman, Rushman Natalie.
- Come to church.
- No, I think she ...
- If it appears to the court and if I guess.
- No problem.
I regret very eccentric.
- You can take a lesson?
- Sure.
- What?
- She who is he?
She is smart and Natalie is potentially
The allegation of sexual harassment below.
- Keep watching with eyes.
- I want to know more.
- There is something wrong with that?
- And you have excellent assistants waiting to see Tony.
I do not have time to be with her or
interview, she is.
Only she is.
- Have you ever had in the box?
- A little.
Taeboo do at the gym
or on the street?
How do you spell your last name Natalie?
You go to google search?
If not let me interview her.
Miss Go, but so impressive.
Can speak French, Italian, Russian, Latin.
- America, who speaks Latin?
- Nobody speaks Latin is a dead language.
You can read here or you can write a
but no one speaks Latin.
Is modeled in Toples?
She modeled in Toples.
- Well ...
- The need is sexy, has everything.
Lesson one ever your eyes
your opponent.
That's what I meant.
- I slip.
- Really?
I'm going.
I saw a technical knockout.
- Lord I need press.
- You have a quiet strength and eyes ..
The impression of his thumb.
- Hey How are you going?
- Well, almost finished now.
- You're the boss.
- It's everything that Mr. Stark?
- No.
- Yes, Mrs. Rushman all I really appreciate it.
- I want one.
- No.
Welcome to the Monaco Grand Prix
Here is where they will be
expectacular competition.
Whatever happens in these 20
minute is important.
You ask that?
- Mr. Stark.
- Hello
- How was your flight?
- Excellent, I love it.
- It is the photographer for the association.
- I issues.
Take that.
- You made me.
- How are you forced?
No question, she smiles.
That would be good.
- This way.
- Thanks.
- You're fantastic.
- It is very good.
And it does not work, what is the agenda?
- There is a meeting at 9:30.
- Perfect we want to bring.
- Yes, if you can.
- Thanks, please.
Mr How are you?
Congratulations on the job.
He is very agradesco
Thank you.
- Dilon.
- Hello
The engines are fantastic.
And I'm making an electric jet.
- So?
- Yes
Work with it.
- Hey, want a massage?
- I do not want to do anything Nataly.
- But I wanted to surprise him with it.
- I know Tony.
Not so.
"Antony are you?
- My favorite person.
- How are you?
sponsors not only rich here that
a car.
Christine Everhart know
of Runity.
- What?
- What?
- Yes.
- If more or less.
- If you already know.
- This is the point woman for her.
It is the new director of Stark Industry
I know, I know, my editor would kill me if you do not interview
our number of powerful women.
- If you do it?
- Sure.
You know this girl is covering
for variaty.
I gave him the opportunity.
- Right?
- Yes.
She defeated the campaign Tony
- How much wrote the article?
- It was amazing, he did very well.
Thank you.
I think I go to the toilet.
- Hey bro How is everything?
- Ugh.
Pose for a photo.
Now, here.
It is the first time they meet,
It is the first time they meet
Since its excavation contract.
- When was postponed ...
- Not what I heard.
What is the difference between the delay
and cancellation?
- The truth.
- No truth is that ...
Why not keep it?
The truth is that I intend to present
something that is on your business.
If you invent something that works
I'll see if I can find a hole.
- Mr. Stark.
- Yes.
His desk is there.
I have a place this year.
You may need a hole Cristy.
Any other bad idea?
Tony and I are fine.
I love it, there is no rivalry.
For market withdrawal was
something good ...
And see all there is between ...
But what if you have a
race car?
- Then go for a walk.
- I ask for.
Well, we ...
Nataly, Nataly.
If Miss Potts.
- What is this?
- No she was not conscious.
This can not happen.
Why act like a child?
- Of course I understand, how can I help?
- Where is Harris?
- Out.
- Need to Allar Harris.
I go for it.
With Tony there is rivalry
or competition, you know?
- Hey ...
- I need you ...
- Sorry I read ...
- I need to do ...
- What?
- I have to make a call.
- Where ...
- You are a great person, now I have a lot of material.
My God!
Hold on.
- The portal pages.
- Toma.
- They are the keys?
- In my pocket.
No way.
Are you okay?
- Who wanted to kill him or me?
- I wanted to scare him.
Hardly a story!
- Are you crazy, crazy!
- Improved security.
I just attacked!
I want more security.
- Subete now.
- We need more security.
It's a shame.
Just gets worse ...
My God!
- I have!
- Dale once again, give again!
It's your fault.
What I have here what I have.
- Tony!
- Give the wallet.
Give your wallet!
What do you expect?
You're wrong, you've lost.
You're wrong, you lose.
Mr. Stark did not really think it
could happen.
My apologies, is rewarded.
Then we'll discuss.
- Thanks, I'll go alone.
- This will be Mr.
Good technology.
You can double rotations.
Focus appellate
at each level of colonizing plasma.
Effective, is not very efficient.
But a copy is acceptable.
I do not understand with a little tact
You can earn good money selling
North Korea, China, Iran
Or straight to the black market.
One can see that you have friends
You come from families of thieves
and bandits.
Like all guilty.
You try to rewrite history.
And you forget all the lives that
Stark family destroyed.
Speaking of thieves, where did you get
- My father, Anton Vanko.
- Do not know.
My dad is the reason you
Today I am alive for his attempt to
murder and failure
If God can do a blood
people stop believing in it.
And there will be a lot of blood in the water.
And the sharks come.
Now all I have to sit through.
As the world consumes.
Where you see the world
I consume?
You already know, the right of prison?
I will send a bar of soap.
Tony Hey before you go.
Palladium heart go
way to die.
Thank you.
Inconsevible This proves that the genius
is out of the bottle.
You have no idea what makes
Iron Man believes, is his toy.
I was in a hearing at which the
Mr. Stark said that these facts in
there is nothing,
in others, exist in another place or elsewhere.
At least five or 10 years.
Monaco And then realized that ...
- These facts already exists ...
- Quiet.
Should give me a medal.
To be honest.
What is this?
This is your ... their food.
- And you prepare?
- Yes, when you think I was three hours?
Tony, why not tell me what happens?
I do not want to go home.
You have to cancel my birthday
and I invite you a. .. we are in Europe to Venice
- Or on the other hand, if you remember?
- Yes.
It'sa great place to relax.
- Come on.
- Just do not think is the best time.
- Because there are no problems.
- I think it could be a good idea.
- Well ...
- And we could.
Being a CEO
do ...
As Director has all
the correct permissions.
- Really?
- A corporate retreat.
- Just you and me.
- This is not a thing.
You and I, to recharge the batteries
and think of solutions.
Not everyone works with the drummer Tony.
Look within.
Where do you go?
Who are you?
Well, there you are.
There you are.
This is a true pleasure.
And these women are doing
There qutenselas please.
Forgive me for that.
I'm a fan of yours, not
spotting our first meeting.
Not an animal, what happens?
- It's a human being.
- Thanks.
- Go.
- We're Going?
Yeah, yeah.
All rights reserved.
My name is Justin Hammer
I want to do business with you.
Please sit down.
To eat.
What we have today Jack?
- We carpaccio of salmon.
- Carpaccio of salmon.
What pleases you, here it is.
I gusd dessert first.
I sent him to bring San Francisco.
He is Italian.
Organic ice cream, I always
I finished.
For you, I'd do it
Tony Stark.
What I want to ask Tony Stark
such as race and you stood in front
God and everyone.
He was ... wow.
How did you send a message.
I know you know that you listen.
Then you could not send us
and more wasting his talent.
If you let me make a suggestion
No one comes to the office and you're done.
I think ... Medeja if
we have to stop their own legacy.
This is what kills you and I were
like the same things.
Ivan Vanko, the only difference between
you and me is that I have all the resources.
I think, if I may, that
need for my resources.
Support, a benefactor.
And I can be me.
Ok, you speak Spanish?
Because if I needed a translator to come.
I do not know if you got it all
I told you.
- Extremely good.
- Extremely good.
Very good man.
Hey ... I want my bird.
- A bird, you want a bird?
- I want my bird.
- You want a bird, I bring you another?
- I want my bird.
Of course it is not impossible, I bring.
What are you talking about this animal
Russia will have to bring?
The company's fundamentals
continue to be very, very firm.
Although the event in Monaco.
- AP or a profit.
- Tell him I am.
- Where?
- Do not want to be bothered.
It's down there.
Yes, but ...
But his erratic behavior and can still
make many people question
- If this man can protect us.
- Iron Man never ceased to protect us.
Monaco race event.
Mr. thorough search
Anton Vanko was a Russian scientist who
defected and went to E.U.A. in 1963.
But he was accused of spying
and was deported in 1967.
His son, Ivan, who is also a physicist, was charged with
sobiticas sell plutonium to Pakistan.
He spent 15 years in prison Tuque,
There are no more records.
Tony, you gotta go up and confront this
situation now.
Hey, I was talking to
National Guard throughout the day.
I tried to convince them
It was necessary to send tanks
throw their doors and away.
They want the costumes to Tony.
It Canzo play.
You said that nobody would have this technology
in 20 years.
And guess what, we knew that someone
already have.
Includes not only theoretical.
Are you listening?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Take me to the desktop.
- Once the box of cigars.
- Yes.
- Palladium.
- Breathe Breathe.
- It is normal that leave you smoke?
- No, you have damage of plutonium.
On the wall of reactor.
"Tony, you do this in your body?
What do you think of the technological puzzle
on your neck?
He urticaria.
Thank you.
What time?
I see you.
This solitary act of peasant
is not necessary, you have to do it alone.
I would like to believe, I do
but you have to believe me.
Contrary to the public
is exactly what I'm doing.
My workshop is humble abode,
you can work at all.
Should be fun to be dead, right?
Here they are.
I love it.
Ready to fight.
I tend to be like a street child.
Fix prototype production
and I'm excited.
They are yours.
No, no, no, that does not work. You will be able to access
As the system of generating encryption keys.
Want podrasmos generate a key pair
Jack do you charge?
Forget it.
You're smart.
- What?
- Software sucks.
It's good, able to escape
my security system with a ...
I want to show you where you will be
Or if you want to climb, go.
What do you think?
Are not they?
Although these are just a sample
But the valley 125. 7 million each.
No. ..
Bring the application.
The pilot goes inside.
And I had no luck
find volunteers.
I managers and exit.
- What can I do?
- That in the long run, these up to the Pentagon me
at least 25 years.
I want a man with a junkyard forever young,
Stark wants to go to the Expo and his party actually lost Tony.
- Yes, you understand me?
- I understand no problem.
Fabulous, I love him.
Longer if you were him, I told you, I felt.
Concentration of 89% palladium Mr.
You know the clock used today
Mr. Stark.
Let me see.
Should I cancel the party?
I think so.
- If it is ...
- Very inappropriate.
- Just send more messages.
- Irrelevant.
Like this?
The golden stranger here.
Give me that and Siqueiros and te ...
Nataly really do not know what to think
When you say?
I ask you a hypothetical question?
A little weird.
If this was his last party
birthday, how do I hold?
I do what I wanted Mr.
With the person I wanted.
If you understand.
No, it will be Mr.
necessary, I will.
Lord I PUEG ensure that
least 24 hours of Iron Man will be fine.
Hello Pepper.
- What are you doing, I need something?
- Anything?
- Look at this.
- You must be kidding.
- I go for it.
- No, no.
Peper this is ridiculous, I just
to support this idiot.
If I understand, I speak with him.
If I do or what I do.
The question that I always
Tony is, how are you going to the bathroom in a suit?
Just that.
Well boys, we saw a lot,
Thank you.
Thanks I love them.
Nice share, thanks to Tony, all
here we thank you.
Once you are enjoying tonight
now we must say goodbye.
No, but if there Peper cake
no, do not turn out the light.
Are you wild you
trust me do it.
It's bedtime.
- Tony did not
- A kiss.
Early, without the suit.
Yes, but is not.
I could donate.
You just tell them to be approved,
It's time to go.
If you want.
Talk tell them to be nice.
Gentlemen, the party's over
although the party is over for me for hours.
The afterparty starts at 15 minutes.
If you do not like it there Peper
is a wall.
Give me more.
I go to prepare a fruit cocktail.
Just finished the party at once!
You do not deserve to use that suit.
Take it!
- Hey Dj.
- If Mr. Stark.
Dame drums to entertain the
It's your last chance to take off
Now return to your seat
The authorities of hurting him.
punterpa Mala.
Fine, but that does not need to mate
Take that Tony.
- Nataly.
- Miss Potts.
Do not tell me that Miss Potts
do not fool me.
And I tell you something since you came ...
We ran.
I want to take it.
- Hand down.
- You have to do to use that suit.
- We must do this friend.
- Want to be the war machine?, Shoot.
- Put it Tony!
- Then you will not.
Put Tony.
Lower your hand!
Edwards, Lt. Col. James I
enter the base, we are 500 meters
ask permission to land on 22 Angara.
You have to go inside.
Clear the area.
Mr. I have to ask to leave
Mr. Donut
I said I do not want to participate
your super secret cabal.
Oh, no, you had forgotten
you alone.
How do you pick?
Sorry I did not mean to be rude
but I see the eyes or the patch?
Honestly a lot and took
I do not know if it's real or not?
- I'm very, very real.
- Ok
The real person in their lives.
- What bad luck.
- This was not good at all.
I've been worse.
The perimeter is secure, but not
can be a long time.
- You're fired.
- You do not decide that part.
Tony want to introduce the agent
I spy Shio, when we learn
Its director sent us bad.
- I suggest you apologize.
- You've done a lot.
Your girl Promoted to Director,
"Re giving all your stuff.
Let your friend to go with his armor.
Hey, if I knew nothing more ...
You know nothing, took
I gave him.
No, no, no, what did what?
You are Iron Man and only
took the case.
The brother came in and shut him
his suit.
- Is it possible?
- According to the database
Mr. Stark is that redundancies
prevent unauthorized use.
- What do you want from me?
- What we want from you?
No, I want you to have me.
As you become a problem.
One problem that I have to solve.
and unlike what you think is the core of my universe.
I have bigger problems than you
in the Southeast.
Now what I'd steal
a kidney?
They can do something horrible
What have we done to you?
dioxide lithium will make you feel calm.
- Tony wants to go back to work.
- Thanks for giving me a couple of boxes and I'm fine.
- There is no cure and is only for the moment.
- And do not think it will be easy.
Trust me I'm working on it.
I searched for something that replaces the
PD and I tried all combinations.
- And all the permutations of all elements.
- Well, I came here to say that I lost another combination.
Look what I brought.
I brought you something Ivan.
- I brought your bird Ivan.
- This is not my bird.
What is not?
It's a bird, if it is.
Led me to bring this bird,
is precious.
- It's a beautiful bird.
- And I got it directly from Russia.
Do not lie is not my bird.
Look not, but this bird
is a beautiful specimen.
But please do not cling
stuff and let it go.
A moment and what is it?
This is not a helmet.
What is this?
Ivan, what is it?
This is a helmet, I do not
Looks like a helmet.
How can you put your head there?
- Can there be head?
- No.
Let's see you try to put it.
There is cebeza.
Ivan's head does not fit, right?
Not one head of a helmet.
I need someone to put a person
in that dress, get it?
- As an android.
- What is the best android?
"An android is the best?
But why is it better?
People are the problem, believe me.
Better android.
Ivan aware I go, I brought
And you said no problem,
What is Ivan said, no problem.
I want a suit, the government
whether the suit like Iron Man
That's what people want.
With that they are happy.
Hammer, do not cling to things
let go.
Have to impress everyone
Ivan show.
Got it?
I go crazy You Ivan.
It's amazing, with that, I
let alone the senator.
- And if it works?
- Ready for the missions.
Hammer right: Come
to put weapons.
- Mr.
- Hammer Jostin will make a desmostracin
Arms Expo.
We will present you with this.
- Mr. do not think the exposure is appropriate.
- Colonel have to do it soon.
- And we have to make it easy.
- If in general.
- Colonel this is an order.
- Yes, Mr.
Good work, your country proud
Thank you, Mr.
On his chest is based on technology
and was incomplete.
No, it was complete, only that it was not
very effective to the miniaturized and put it on my no.
Haward said the reactor was only Rar
a step towards something bigger.
Hiba energy beginning of a career
which was to overshadow the arms.
Looking for something great, something so
that would make a special reactor
shone like a nuclear pile
Triple A.
It is the only or Anton Vanko
help you do it?
Anton Vanko is the other side
this story.
Anton, I just wanted to be
rich and when his father discovered he was deported.
When the Russians knew that he
could not, he was sent to the cold of Siberia.
And he spent 20 years, drunk and angry,
no environment for a child to grow up.
Unfortunately tubiste poor
lucky enough to see his son Ivan Monako.
You said you did not prove all
What you experienced?
What do I need?
He said you were the only person
knowledge and resources that could
- Finish what you start.
- He said?
What happens if you're that?
And you?
So if you are, you
solve the riddle of her heart.
I do not know who gave you this information
but it was not my best fan.
What do you remember most
He was cold and calculating, never
I loved, I never said that it landed well.
So it's hard to digest what I say
he thought that the future depends on me and let me ...
Understand that what you want?
We speak of someone whose happiest day
- Was when I went to boarding school.
- This is not true.
Well, then surely you know better
The truth of things, yes.
He was a founding member
of shiokara.
I have meeting in February.
- No, no, no, wait, what does this mean?
- You're good, right?
- No, I'm fine.
- You will not be responsible?
"I'll see what I do not know
What is this?
Natasha Stark will continue to work
without being detected.
- Do you remember Corson agent?
- Yes
Tony, do not forget that I have
eye on you.
Disable notifications
have no contact with the world, good luck.
Look, first I need a good massage
Spending time in the lab.
If you had a seizure that brought us coffee
all in a cafe would be perfect.
I did not come to that. The Fury Director, authorized me to use
the method is necessary not to go.
If you try to leave or attempt to mislead
I'm going to electrocute and watch TV while you suffer.
- Do you understand?
- I think you understand.
Enjoy your favorite movie.
Owned by Howard Stark.
- The colonel of the power supply?
- The mayor is not a scientific exercise.
Focus on weapons placement.
Yes, Mr.
Oh, yeah, oh yeah, my birthday or what?
This looks like a circus, not me.
Is that what you think you are?
Yes, indeed.
What can you offer?
What can I offer you, sir?
Well, the first thing I can
AFREC is to update the software.
- And secondly ...
- Do not talk about it, I'm talking about guns.
Then talk to the right.
This is a semi-automatic
M24 pump shotgun.
Load of 5 shots.
Do not forget, Qty. get it.
From what I'm talking about.
As the world rankings. Since 2000 Fn
Much better than waffles.
It's pretty, but it shows that is not what
're looking for, so I put it here.
This is a launching grenades
Gases, smoke, this was already known.
"Nor does it?
I'll tell you, size
does not matter.
And do not say is not true.
This is a portable M134762
Six guns.
They call it the hand lathes.
This causes the dust.
And tell the guy there gazpacho
because the ground beef.
Here are the Cuban father
Coiba is the same Christ.
This is a vehicle with a Kinetic Space.
With a secondary explosion cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine.
And intramina RDH.
Capable of operating in a bunker.
Underneath the Bunker already explored.
If I could write a book. A book that
Ulysses was written in crayon
And I'd say this is my Eiffel Tower.
My 3 Ragmanio.
My mercy is completely
very elegant and beautiful.
And has the ability to
reduce to zero the population of the entire structure.
I call the ex-wife.
It's the best I have.
What do you want?
Tell me, please, you're a sphinx.
I do not know what you're thinking.
- I think we want. "
- What do you want?
Now everything is possible with
Better living conditions, health and new
first time in human history.
The possibility of world peace.
'M Howard Stark and everything
needed for the future is here.
The future of tomorrow ...
'M Howard Stark and everything
needed for the future is here.
I and my group would like Stark Industries
tell you ...
"Tony what are you doing?
What is this?
Leave it and put it where it was.
Where is your mother?
Goodbye, ya, ya, and take it.
Well, I guess now I get back ...
Are they waiting for?
Department throughout the course Stark Industries
I would like to show my ass.
That is, we have.
What a ridiculous way of earning a living.
Anything is possible with technology.
Tony, you're too young to understand
now so I decided to record it for you.
I built it for you.
Someday you'll realize that they represent
much more than inventions of people.
It represents the work of my life.
This is the key to the future.
I limited technology
my time.
But one day you'll find out when and
you change the world.
But it is and always will.
My greatest creation is you.
Hello Mr.
- How much?
- $ 6 6.
- I could take ten money ... ten years.
- Not that Mr. greatly.
Why not?
All rights take it.
- Is a lot.
- Okay, take, take.
- Thanks.
- I do not like to give me things.
If you put it there perfect.
- You are Iron Man?
- Sometimes.
I'm sure it's you
Talk about a brand
that was obtained illegally.
- Miss Potts Mr. Stark is reused a. ..
- Quiet, well, it's just a second.
You can retire?
Vali right?
Our position is that Stark and Industry
continues to own the Mac platform and Soft.
When Mr. Stark announced that he was
Iron Man was a promise.
- Confident that he would take care of us.
- Yes, but.
- And that is what is not.
- Now we know that the Registrar.
The famous Virginia Pepper Potts
is CEO of Stark Industries.
- He is qualified for work?
- No.
Why do nothing
Berk, Berk escchameno me
to have the best lawyers
patents are not gonna fight
for that.
- After this bag.
- When the president signed the order.
Speaking about the expo.
He will be presenting tomorrow afternoon.
- What if Tony is going?
- May I?
- No, not going.
- I like to go.
- Got a minute?
- No.
Please and hung
you have 30 seconds.
- ... 29, 28, ...
- Okay, I came here and thought ...
- But come to apologize.
- So you did not actually apologize?
Look, this is obvious and will correct, but
the truth I was not very honest with
and I tell you ... Want to move
this?, is that he is crazy.
- Looks like a Ferris wheel.
- No.
You know how short is life?
And if I express the fact
is a revelation to me and I do not care.
Well, I care, would be good, not
I hope you ... I, what I mean ...
I'll stop here, because if
I say again I'm going to release something that will hurt.
- Have you heard?
- Good is ...
"I try to lead this company
have any idea what it is?
- Yes.
- People trust you to be the Iron Man
and you disappear, what I do
is to turn off the fire and to support the allegations.
I'm trying to do the job
belonged to him.
You bought strawberries for me?
Did you know that there is only one thing in
I'm allergic?
Allergic to strawberries.
Pepers That's progress, I knew
There was a correlation between you and strawberries.
- I need you.
- And me too.
- It's what I try to say.
- Out of here.
- Miss Potts.
- What?, Happens.
- The plane leaves in 25 minutes.
- Thanks.
"Head is offered something else?
- Not now.
- No, maybe just ...
... Again.
I lost two sons in
That's funny.
Will fit well here, Nataly?
Here on business?
Nataly is your right name?
- I thought they understood Qty. 2.
- This is not true.
So just hate me.
Actually since you're here, maybe
you can Mudansa natalie planning and all that.
Yes, of course.
- I sorpende you kept quiet.
- It's too good for that.
How do you do?
"Just do it and now?
Triple impostor, had never
seen anything like it.
You have something real?
What are you talking about America?
Does this mean what?
What did you say?
You can go home or
I ask that you collect.
How good it is.
Jerry can scan model
Please, I need a projection manipulated.
Scanning Model Expo Stark
Full 1974.
- Jerry, how many buildings there are?
- The shop of Mr. Belgian Waffles?
No, it was rhetoric, I see.
What do you think is Charlie?
No, I know it might be a ...
... In this case, the core would be here.
Stresses the area.
Here are the roads,
delete it.
What is she trying to do
I am discovering, correcting,
I rediscovered an item.
Remove the gardens, the masseter
and trees.
Parking, exits, entrances.
Structure of protons and neutrons
with flags as weapons.
Almost 20 years dead.
And keep giving me lessons.
The theoretical element should serve
palladium as a substitute.
Thank you father.
Unfortunately it is impossible
synthesize it.
Prepare yourself for a remodel
will deliver!
- They say that mocked the perimeter.
- If this was three years ago, where have you been? "
- Do things.
- If too and it worked.
Look for our good work
for you and your fabulous secret organization.
You gonna let me work or I'll
to rebuke?
What is this doing here?
That's right.
- I spent?
- You have any idea what is it?
Just what I need
it works.
Lift it.
Ya, ya, knee, which
is and lower it.
"Perfectly level.
Disturbed me what you want?
Nothing, I will.
I was transferred.
Hug me either in New Mexico.
- Fantasy Land of Enchantment.
- That I was told.
- Top secret?
- That seems.
- Luck.
- Thanks, I need.
- Yes, more than you think.
- Not much.
Starting prismatic accelerator.
Point of maximum energy.
It was easy.
Congratulations Mr.
Created a new element.
Mr. accepted the reactor el
modified kernel.
Start to run the diagnostics.
Hello Ivan.
Hey, I'm with the Senator, we can
go to see the design of the androids?
- The androids are no good for me.
- How do you not, you're talking about? "
- But it can present my demonstration.
- But what is the difference?
Presentation, without flying, unarmed.
I think so, then what can they do?
is a demonstration of weapons.
- I can do the greeting.
- You can say hi?
How can they say hi?
What does Ivan mean?
That was not what we agreed, first
customs and then you promised me you promised me androids.
- Everything will be fine.
- That was not what I wanted.
Hey, here's the Birdman.
So you love your bird?
So is not it?
If it's your bird?, I'm confused.
You said it was not and now are great
You love this bird right?
You know what, take it away.
The pads also.
Qutenselos shoes.
I took the material, which is how you feel?
You feel bad, too.
So I feel comom!
We had a contract!
I saved you Ivan!
And you'd give me clothes.
That was the agreement.
And you are not covered.
I do not know if you're a genius or a fraud?
I do not know who you are.
I have something really amazing
And if not, I'll be at your mercy
Stark Now I have the best technology
Such are the fantasies that you did
look like toys next to my show.
Ivan If you understand, dear?
I do not know if you noticed, but I do not
I speak Russian!
I will retire and I'll
expo and I sleep with someone.
These two, they'll care.
Do not make them angry.
When you return, we'll renegotiate
the terms of our agreement.
And you shall comply with that
promised, because otherwise.
You'll be like you were when you took
imprisonment of one corpse.
Got it?
If you want to see me on TV.
Babas "could clear this?
You know I ...
Call the number
Mr. blocked
Now I can talk on the phone
- Coulson as the land of enchantment.
- Hey Tony.
- How are you? Cycles duplicate.
- You what?
You said twice cycles, more power
and if it works.
You seem very happy to be
Just like you.
Now, the real story of your surname
be revealed.
Accessing the Oracle network.
East Coast.
What your father did to my family
for 40 years will do yours.
- In 40 minutes.
- Looks good, you have to meet to discuss the matter.
Interstate Area, Manhattan and
Hope you're ready.
Trace complete.
In defense of peace
If you want to test me I think
And while it assembles the process,
Armal now.
- Do not know if ...
- Do not want to hear Charly turbo.
That's better.
I'll leave the car here ok.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
I like this audience,
Thanks for coming.
Ladies and gentlemen long
This country has placed his men
and women in a serious risk.
Then came Iron Man and we thought
that the days of the killings were over.
Unfortunately we had no access
that technology.
That's not fair, not correct.
I think that's wrong.
There is, how awful.
Sinembargo was a great innovation and diverted
worldwide attention.
But now my friends, the media faces a
new problem.
They are on the brink of exhaustion
Ladies and gentlemen.
Today I present the new face
armed forces of our country.
The droids Hammer!
Air Force.
Yes, Yes!
They are better than a cheerleader
Do not you think?
Even with this revolutionary
Will always be necessary for man
was present at the site of the battle.
Ladies and gentlemen I have the honor
present the first prototype of the suit.
Able to respond to a variety
weapons and attacks.
And for your team rider teninte
Colonel James Rhodes.
For the country and its allies have heard ...
We have problems.
Tony civilians are not here.
They asked me to come, we should not
do it now.
Say Hello
Yes, very good!
These people are happy, we
to get them here.
- Maximum 5 minutes.
- You hit your home?
Listen I think it works with Vanko.
Vanko "still alive?
- Where?
- What?
Where is Vanko?
What are you doing here, tell me?
Oh no, what happens?
I can not change, I have no control
Tony quit now, the whole system is
We have to fix it.
No, no!
- Unlock, I need to.
- Roger.
Tony, Tony, my gun
is ready, I'm white.
- And what is it?
- It is you.
Tony flies!
What's happening?
- I have no control of the Software.
- Since we can not control?
I think the control of another
- It's impossible, I want the guards.
- The phones do not work.
- Find them on their phones.
- The phones do not work.
- We have blocked access to the main system.
- Who took access to the system?
Pepper, please beware
If everything is in order.
- If you or not.
- Yes, I'm serious.
The fact that Tony had not
come, it does not.
Please acompaense
Thank you.
We have to get people here.
Who did this?
Who is behind?
- Ivan Ivan Ivan Vanko.
- Where is he?
In my laboratory.
- With the police department.
- No, no, no.
- To send to headquarters.
- No, dear.
Thanks yes that is quick.
And you do not want to see take off.
Tell me everything you know about it.
More friend.
Mr Engine Restart
Nobody answered me,
What's happening?
- Get in the car, take me with them.
- I will not lead anywhere.
- So I drive?
- No, I condusco up, now what?
Well done.
- Tones have a lot behind you.
- So let's leave the expo.
When we reached the perimeter that you care.
I am going to break the Russian.
- Look ahead.
- Yes, I understand.
Another less.
Listen to Tony and a division of
denuevo go to the expo.
Thank you.
I'm getting closer.
It is also, cuidate.
- Stay in the car.
- I'll stay here.
I told him to stay inside the car.
Why did you get it?
I will not let you come alone.
Want to help satisfy the non-smoking.
Intruder Alert.
Hey, can not enter.
Takes Off
Miss each group communicates Andriod
in their own language.
Choose one and focus
"They tried to Russian?, Try Russia.
I got it.
- Still no control?
- Yes.
So I want to prepare
You are about to get wet on this ride.
Wait, wait, wait.
He left.
Sorry buddy, but the only way
Where are you?
What do you do?
Restarting Rhodey suit.
That gave me access.
Now reboot.
- Your friend is back.
- Thank you.
Everything is perfect with the new reactor and gives you a lot
more energy and his vital signs are promising.
If at the moment I'm not dying.
Thank you.
What do you mean you're dying?
Did you mean enserio die?
And you?
No, not anymore.
- What, what's going on?
- I would say, do not want to alarm you.
- Hibas're dying to tell me Tony.
- I have not seen ...
- Why do not you tell me?
- My plan was to prepare a homelet and tell him.
Has been discussed on honeymoon
Tony has the company.
- I think someone is looking for.
- Thanks. Peppers.
- Do you ever feel better?
- I'm fine, do not be angry.
- I'll apologize when ...
- If I get angry.
... I'm advocating an attack
of Hameroides.
- Okay. No, please.
- We could go to Venice.
Roy, wake up friend you need.
Are you awake reacts.
Barbarian you back your armor.
- Are you okay?
- I think so.
- Hey Tony sorry.
- Okay.
- No, I should have more confidence in you.
- I'll put in that position, never mind.
No, I know it's your fault, but I want
Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear.
They are getting closer.
You can think of a plan?
We wanted to be up, so
that the greatest weapon should be working.
Yeah right.
- And you friend, where are you going?
- What are you talking about?
- He spoke to me.
- They want a big gun that is not the ultimate weapon.
- Tony not be jealous.
- No, do not scare your decor.
- I saw powerful.
- Okay.
Your list of top and attract me.
Do not stay here, you're the worst area
- Whether you already have your place and mine?
- Tony is the worst area, this place will kill you.
- You like it?
- Yes, yes.
I think you should start with that.
If it's just forgive chief
Once again, is that it ends.
I said five minutes ago.
Mr. strip is here.
- Sorry.
- You are arrested Mr.
- You're kidding right?
- Hands on the back.
I just want to help.
I got it, I know you do.
Intended to indict, and it is done.
You think you eliminate director
Ok, you think you have problems?
I'm going Caus a problem.
See you sooner than
When you get the other I think they should
place in the southeast and northeast exit.
Yes, we stopped the train coming
Point Willes.
Load buses for people
along these lines.
- Yes, you come with us?
- No, I will stay until everything is solved.
Attention is approaching a
android again, this is different.
Has an energy much more driving.
It is a pleasure to come back.
This will get ugly.
I have something special Vanko
I realize its Bunker to her.
It's the hammer?
I got him.
Rhode, should be done.
Want to be a hero?
I said I could use a companion.
Do not raise your hand.
Is that your idea?
I'm with you, do, do, do.
All of these exploit Andriod
should be here.
Tony really can not take anymore,
and can not stand.
Do not take it then?
What about me do not look at me?
My body can not control
too much stress.
I do not know whether to kill or jump HiBase
- Or?
- Or break any company.
I think I did well.
I refuse to move me.
That is all.
What did you say?
Is that it?
I'm surprised, I guess I'm not surprised.
I understand that you have no excuses.
- No, excuse me please, do not look for excuses.
- If you're not sorry, but you have to find anything.
- No, sorry, I know it's justified ...
- Hey, you deserve more.
- Well ...
- I have always had great care.
I was in trouble and always
helped me.
- Thanks.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- How will my return address?
- I see it ...
- Yes, but the press and takes only a week in office ...
- But if you took years.
- I do not know.
As if it was the first president.
- Sure.
- No, I'm not.
Was this true?
We can prove it.
For me it was weird.
This is how two crows fighting grapes.
- I, and gave up ...
- Yes, well that is not ...
I heard no argument to justify
you said.
- Not have to go?
- I was here first quarter consiganse.
- I thought it would not make jokes.
- It's the last time I promise.
- Were you there, certainly.
- Thanks also.
Hey, my car was destroyed in the explosion and
I'll go with the suit once.
- No, I do not like the idea.
- There was no question.
How do I resign if I do not approve?
I do not want to read it.
I do not know if you let it get more involved.
And this is indeed ajente
Romanoff and a report is yours.
Read it.
Mr Personality Summary
Stark is obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In my defense, it was last week.
Obvious destructive tendencies,
going to die, please.
And all I have.
Classic case "Narsizismo?
Another is here, the evaluation of recruitment
for the project Avenger, Iron Man himself.
- I have to think about it.
- Continued.
Stark Tony, is not recommended?
I do not see the point, as
approved and disapproved?
I have a new heart, I am
be good with Peppers.
I have a semi-stable relationship.
What makes us think that this operation
is that only you will use a consultant.
They have to be paid.
Although this may save salary
If instead you do me a favor.
They're coming and I'll be decorated Rhodey
Washington y. ..
Nobody comes.
I'll see what I can do.
It is a pleasure and an honor
deliver these two medals to Lt. Col.
Mr. James Rhodes and Tony Stark.
Who is a great ...
A great national treasure.
Thank you for your lieutenant colonel
excepsional action on the field.
- He deserves it.
- Thanks.
Thanks to Mr. Stark excepsional
He deserves it.
With his career just a painful sting.
Get ready for shooting.