Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United (2014) Movie Script

DR. CRULER: Intruder alert!
Intruder alert!
Attention all hydra
defense units!
Proceed to the South platform.
Lethal force is authorized.
I repeat. Lethal
force is authorized.
RED SKULL: Captain America.
Super soldier.
One of the greatest leaders,
combatants and tacticians
who ever lived.
The only thing I hate more than
hydra soldiers are hydra robots.
He was once a normal man.
Did we get him? Where is he?
A weakling, who took the
experimental super soldier serum.
That man became unstoppable.
Coupled with his
unbreakable shield.
Trained in dozens
of fighting styles.
He is the pinnacle
of human potential.
One of the toughest
warriors of the modern age.
An allied hero in world war ii,
he'd battled the forces of
hydra with some success,
until he fought his superior.
With the fate of the globe
hanging in the balance,
their battle ended in a draw.
When their plane went down
in the ice, they were frozen.
Revived only recently.
His skills are extraordinary.
Difficult to copy,
but not impossible.
So says the taskmaster.
Don't worry, red skull.
My photographic reflexes can
mimic anyone, even him.
Mimicking him and defeating him
are two very different things.
I believe a test is in order.
That was a test?
Well done, taskmaster.
But captain America
is more than skill.
It is his focus, will, and
mind that make him who he is.
Sounds like somebody's got a
little man-crush there, red...
The captain and I are two
sides of the same coin.
Do not underestimate him,
or me.
You've seen my skill.
You know what I can do.
Emulating captain America isn't
enough for my final goal.
I need the super
soldier himself.
TASKMASTER: Leave it to me.
RED SKULL: That's not all.
Another avenger possesses
something I require.
Iron man.
Stark? Tony stark?
What do you want with
that rich fame ball?
I don't want the man.
I want his weapons.
I've been preparing
for iron man as well.
I know all his weaknesses.
I am not convinced you can
take on two avengers alone.
So I've prepared reinforcements.
ALL: (CHANTING) Hail hydra!
Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
Soon you will see what sets me
apart from captain America,
when I rule this world!
IRON MAN: You sure
about this, cap?
I mean, I've got the world's
most highly advanced
repulsor-powered armor
and you've got...
No offense, a glorified
trash can lid.
Look, I don't wanna hurt you.
Did you say trash can lid?
Wait a second, I didn't say go!
In combat, you can't always
be the one who says go!
That's your problem, stark,
you never strategize.
You just wing it. (FIRING)
It's called thinking
on your feet.
Or in my case, boot jets.
I adapt to the unexpected
by being unpredictable.
You, on the other hand,
are super predictable.
You used that same move on
the wrecking crew last week.
Worked both times, didn't it?
Yeah, but do you got anything new?
I'm pretty sure you
haven't seen this one.
Pretty sure I have.
Well, then stop it!
Okay, you got me.
But if I had really cut
loose, you'd be toast by now.
Well, then don't hold back.
Your suit's a great weapon, stark,
but trust me, it can be a crutch.
A crutch? This time,
I won't hold back.
And to make it interesting,
how about a little bet?
When I win, you have to
wear my armor for a month.
And don't worry, I got
one in your colors.
Well, I don't need a stuffy
sardine can, but okay.
However, when I win, you go to
boot camp training with me.
And I hope you like
push-ups, Tony.
I see a lot of 'em
in your future.
I usually hire someone to do push-ups
for me, but you know what, you're on!
All right, Jarvis.
Let's turn old red,
white and blue
into plain old black and blue.
JARVIS: If you say so.
say go this time, stark?
IRON MAN: Very funny. On
your mark, get-set-go!
Nice one. Block this!
You're making it easy!
So are you!
Oh, really?
Give up?
JARVIS: Captain America has damaged
several quantum dot nanocircuits.
Power is down by 15%.
No sweat.
Watch this.
See? This is what
I'm talking about.
All armor, no skill.
Don't need your skill when
my weapons can do this!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: You need to use
your most important weapon,
your brain, more often.
Hey bucko, you're
talking to the guy
who can divide quintic polynomials in
his head while trimming his nose hairs!
So keep your left up and guard
those pretty nose hairs.
You've made your point.
So, now I'm gonna make
mine and win this!
We'll call it a draw.
IRON MAN: For now.
Just another little tweak and...
JARVIS: Repulsors
are at 100%, sir.
How's the repair going
on your fancy suit?
It's just minor adjustments.
I'm ready any time! My
armor can go all day.
The best shouldn't have to.
That was the whole point, huh?
You didn't want to spar.
You wanted to train me.
You're my friend, Tony.
And I want to keep you alive.
Having repulsor-powered
armor is one thing.
Being an undisciplined wild man
in battle will get you killed.
Believe me, I've seen it before.
I get it. And thanks, Steve.
But my ability to fly by the
seat of my pants is who I am.
There'd be no iron
man without it.
We're under attack!
Jarvis, a little help here?
JARVIS: Intruders, sir. They have
infiltrated our defense grid.
Who are they?
Jarvis system shutting down.
What are they after?
They're headed for
my weapons vault!
Let's move!
Right behind, ya!
IRON MAN: Try to keep up.
How'd you get ahead of me?
HYDRA TROOPER: Prep these weapons
for transport immediately!
Okay, here's what we'll do.
Do you have any idea how much I
hate it when people touch my stuff?
The nerve of these guys!
How's that for an entrance?
I had an idea.
We could have taken them all
out in 10 seconds flat!
Did you not see them
ransacking my toy chest?
Behind you!
Got it!
These guys are no problem, cap!
get a hold of a giant gun!
Die, heroes!
IRON MAN: I'll handle it.
Hurry, Dr. cruler.
Haste makes waste.
I'm hacking as fast as I can, Dr.
Almost. Got it.
We've breached the
magnetic seal, we're in.
Help me with the transport case!
Oh, no. Not in there!
They're in the vault.
We gotta stop 'em!
DR. FUMP: There it is.
The stark repulsor Cannon.
Powered by its very
own arc reactor.
Still a prototype,
but incredibly valuable.
Report. What is your status?
We've got the repulsor Cannon.
Where are you, sir?
You were supposed to be helping
against iron man and captain America.
Give me that!
Our hydra troopers are
facing two avengers!
We need your help!
I gave you the tools
to aid in your escape.
Now, return to base!
I don't think I like him.
Wait. Was this part of the plan?
Those hydra fools don't even
realize they're simply a diversion
for a bigger prize.
So how about that bet?
By my count I took down
one more than you did.
And by my count we're even.
And we've got a lot
of cleaning up to do.
IRON MAN: We'll get 'em to the brig after
we've accounted for all my weapons,
including the ones in the vault.
Oh, no.
I should've known.
What is it?
The stark repulsor Cannon,
my latest invention,
it's gone!
That Cannon is just as
powerful as my hand-repulsors.
Which means?
Hydra's in possession of one
of my deadliest weapons.
I'm going after it.
Let's not be hasty, Tony.
We need a plan.
IRON MAN: I don't
have time for a plan!
And I don't have flying boots
to chase after you with.
Wake up.
I want answers.
Where are you taking
that repulsor Cannon?
Where? Forget it, hero.
I'll never talk.
Hail hydra. Hail the red...
What's going on?
Where am I?
Who am I?
Oh, good grief.
What is this place? I'm
freaking out, man!
Iron man, come in. Iron man!
Let's get out of here.
Com's jammed. Great.
Let's hope there's a
way off this tub.
I don't think stark will mind if I
borrow one of his expensive jets.
That one doesn't
belong to stark.
You've got some of hawkeye's
skill, but you're not him.
Hawkeye doesn't miss.
If I wanted to hit
you, I would have.
I've studied all of
the avengers' skills.
Especially yours, captain.
I've read your file. I know
all about your talents.
Let's see you imitate this!
Okay, you're a little
better than I expected.
Give it up, captain.
I possess the techniques of the
greatest fighters in the world.
Like iron fist!
My improv catch you off
guard, taskmaster?
Oh, great. Now I
sound like stark!
Hold still, avenger!
So predictable.
Oh, yeah?
Okay, nice.
Kenpo, tae Kwon do and jujitsu.
My turn!
How'd you like my judo?
I don't!
It's him! It's iron man!
Do something!
Ugh. Take the controls!
Eat this!
IRON MAN: Now this is the part
where I escort you to the ground.
You hydra goon!
That's my weapon!
And I'm coming to take it back!
Note to self.
Next time I create a weapon that
can penetrate my force field,
upgrade my force field!
Ah! Even through my
armor, this hurts.
Hydra has big plans
for you, hero,
but to me, you're
just a paycheck.
Well, it's not gonna
be easy money.
Wait a sec, the weight's off!
What did you... (SCREAMING)
I'm faster than you
think, captain.
Not only do I know
your fighting style,
I know exactly when you're
going to throw your shield.
And that you always catch it.
IRON MAN: Come on. Don't
poop out on me now.
At least today can't
get any worse.
IRON MAN: Cap, you there?
Hydra got away with...
He's offline.
Jarvis, are you back on or what?
JARVIS: Back online, sir!
Get me a trace on cap, asap.
JARVIS: No GPS location, sir.
All of captain Roger's
com devices are offline,
and his bio-signs are
not present on the ship.
IRON MAN: Well, then where is he?
You check the hangar?
None of your
aircraft are missing.
So if cap didn't leave,
that means he was taken.
The question is, where?
Easy, troops.
Don't want to harm our prize.
He's worth a lot to me.
Take him to the neurotransducer
room for processing.
Keep a guard on him at all times.
BOTH: Yes, sir!
Make that five guards.
Oh, today is turning out to
be an excellent day indeed.
Now for my own prize.
Iron man's stealth suit.
I've studied all of hydra's
manuals on the iron man armor.
With this suit and my skills,
I won't have to work for jerks
like the skull anymore.
Yeah, once I get rid
of old red and crusty,
I'll take over hydra
and rule this weak world.
Booby trapped.
I should've known.
breach, incoming vessel.
Ah, speak of the devil.
Where is he?
right, red skull.
I did what you've dreamed
of all of these years.
I give you captain America.
RED SKULL: Impressive,
You've executed your mission
and brought me all I need
to create a new army.
New army?
What, you two skull heads
can't take over the world alone?
Our soldiers will be superior
to any this world has known.
And you are vital
to their creation.
I've finally synthesized
and even improved upon the super
soldier serum that created you.
Your blood is the last
ingredient I needed.
I could've got his blood.
Plenty of it.
Bringing him here was a mistake.
You just got lucky, taskmaster.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
My mimicry power is unmatched.
That is why we have utilized
your unique ability in the
functioning of our new device.
You made a machine that can
copy people's skills like I do?
RED SKULL: The neurotransducer
will replicate
not only the captain's skills,
but his tactics and
combat strategies,
and then be programed
into my new army.
Save your strength. (CLANKS)
The restraints are
solid adamantium.
Even the hulk could
not break them.
I'd take that bet any day.
Captain, in the name of hydra,
I thank you for
your contribution.
IRON MAN: Gotta be
here somewhere.
Come on, come on.
Where's that security footage?
What was that creep doing here?
JARVIS: Damage report, sir.
Minimal damage to the
hull, loss of power 22%.
Inventory report.
The prototype repulsor
Cannon is missing, and...
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear, what?
Your iron man mark vi stealth
armor seems to be missing as well.
Seems to be? What
else can go wrong?
I'll try to find
something, sir.
I'm not in the mood, Jarvis.
My apologies, sir.
Hmm. Cap sure went down easy.
Let's take a closer look.
You've gotta be kidding me.
He was faking it the whole time?
Of all the reckless plans!
Perhaps captain Rogers
has adopted your quote,
"fly by the seat of your
pants," methods, sir?
Well, cap obviously is giving me
the heads-up to come after him,
and that's what I'm gonna do.
The captain's homing
beacon was destroyed.
How will you find him?
Actually I was gonna ask for
your help on that one, Jarvis.
Did taskmaster leave
anything behind?
Scanning now, sir.
I've located something.
This a small amount of
mud left in the hangar
that is not from you
or captain Rogers.
Run a full spectrum analysis.
Test complete.
The composition is made up of minerals and
rare Clay found in the baltic highlands.
Well, that narrows
it down a little.
Cross-reference with
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s list
of taskmaster's
suspected hideouts.
Right away, sir.
I have one suspected location.
An abandoned military
bunker in Southern Estonia.
That's it. Hold
the fort, Jarvis.
Very good, sir.
A lesser man would
have been obliterated.
leader, we did it!
We have successfully recorded
captain America's fighting skills.
They are incredibly
clean and organized.
This man is truly a
remarkable specimen.
The captain's skills are
ready for your use.
Your service will be
greatly rewarded.
You could've just paid
to copy my skills.
I'm a better fighter than
that patriot any day.
You are a mercenary,
sorely lacking what captain
America possesses.
Courage, resolve and
dedication to an ideal.
Qualities perfect
for my new army.
So what happens to him now?
Now I employ the second
function of this device.
Not only can it copy brainwaves,
it can write them, like
data onto a hard drive.
Initiating hydra
indoctrination sequence.
Your world is about
to change, soldier.
Soon you will know nothing but
absolute obedience to hydra.
And you will answer only to me!
I wish you had lips, skully,
so you could kiss
my star-spangled...
No! No!
Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
Hail hydra! Hail the red skull!
(STRAINING) Get out of my head!
Resistance is useless.
Great leader, your volunteers
have been prepared for the serum.
And here I wanted to watch
captain America's will
bend like a weed
beneath my boot.
No matter.
Taskmaster, stay here and make sure
the captain's conversion is complete.
Do not turn your back
on him for a second.
Whatever you wish.
And his shield.
Very well, great leader.
I would curb that sharp
tongue of yours, taskmaster.
Lest it cuts your throat.
JARVIS: Atmospheric
re-entry complete.
I recommend initiating
Sir? You can slow
down any time.
Shouldn't have flown
off without cap.
Captain Rogers clearly allowed
himself to be captured.
He was reckless. That's
not how cap does things.
He got himself in trouble.
I know it.
Sir, we are approaching the target
coordinates at an unsafe speed.
Knock, knock.
Intruder alert!
Hello, I'm looking for
a friend of mine.
Tall, broad-shouldered,
dressed like a flag.
Destroy him!
You know, you try and
be a nice guy...
I'll tell you what, you fellas
take your 10-minute coffee break.
I'll go find my friend.
I don't get taskmaster.
I mean, he's an accomplished bad
guy, he could build a lair anywhere.
Why some dingy cold war bunker?
JARVIS: Location is everything.
I scan life forms
five meters ahead.
IRON MAN: I don't
think that's cap.
Ready? Ready.
Well, you gotta admire
their persistence.
Activate the sonic disruptors.
JARVIS: Charging now, sir.
Sheesh, can we just get to
the boss fight already?
Figures cap'd end up in the gym.
I don't think I wanna work
out on this thing though.
We gotta find him, Jarvis.
IRON MAN: Cap! You in here?
Nice pool.
Or should I say hot tub.
JARVIS: This is an extremely
concentrated form of hydrochloric acid.
I wasn't planning
on taking a dip.
Whoa, hey cap! Same team here!
Death to all who oppose hydra!
Oh, great.
Aw, no, cap. What've
they done to you?
They showed me the truth.
The strength that will
be our new world order!
JARVIS: Biometric scans indicate
the captain's brain waves
have been radically altered to those
of a completely different person.
Different person? Who?
Greetings, stark.
Oh, him.
Allow me introduce you
to my latest agent.
Sure, he's wearing less festive
colors, but I think we've met.
This captain America shares
my vision of the future!
Yeah, speaking of vision, this
is strictly pay per view,
so get lost!
For hydra! For the red skull!
Cap, I thought we decided
you were gonna be like me.
This ain't me.
Everything always has
to be about you, stark.
You're selfish and conceited.
Okay. That's it!
I don't know what the
skull did to you, buddy,
but you gotta snap out of it!
Now stop shooting! Don't
make me hurt you.
Don't make me laugh.
Okay. This is your last chance!
I warned you!
Now it gets real!
Wait. What is that?
Laugh that off, stark.
JARVIS: Sir, the armor's
been compromised.
We've lost power
to the thrusters.
Really, Jarvis?
I hadn't noticed.
Remind me to remove stating the
obvious from your programing.
Now how do we get this
stupid thing off?
Can't reach it...
security codes, accessed.
Now you will learn why
hydra shall reign supreme!
Nice one, stark, but
you're too late.
How's he doing, Jarvis?
JARVIS: His brainwaves
are normalizing.
My scans indicate captain Rogers
is stuck in a rem-like dream state.
Time to wake up, buddy.
Sorry about that, cap. You okay?
I just had the worst nightmare
a soldier could have.
Where am I?
Well, you're back
where you belong.
Hydra hijacked your brain.
You really had me worried there.
Here, lemme give ya a hand.
encryption decoded. Verify.
Verification complete.
I have you now, iron man.
I thought I fixed you!
You did. Don't you know a
spontaneous plan when you see one?
I guess this means
I have to lose?
Just make it look good.
You are no match
for hydra, fool!
Says you, traitor!
JARVIS: Sir, system
reboot has begun!
Great news.
(SCREAMS) Oh, it hurts!
Skull's programing must be strong
for you to finish your own friend.
By the red skull's command,
take me to our great leader.
Yeah, well, he's not gonna
be the boss forever.
What do you think about the
skull bowing down to us?
Old red and gruesome would keep you
a slave, I'll make you a partner.
Join me and we'll turn hydra into a
twin-headed dragon and rule it all!
To a new hydra?
To a new hydra!
So when do we take
out the skull?
We leave for Antarctica soon.
Antarctica, eh?
That's all I needed to hear.
Hmph, so you broke
skull's programing.
He brainwashed the wrong guy.
You're the one who
wants to be him.
Red skull is nothing to me.
Let's see him do this!
You gonna hold your
breath forever?
I didn't want to interrupt
your terrific acting.
How about you make it easy
on yourself and give up?
I've studied you both!
I know how you fight!
Yeah, but I'm guessing you don't
know how we fight together.
You know, I don't think he does.
This is gonna be fun.
You let yourself get captured
and turned into a psycho?
It seemed like a good
idea at the time.
Isn't that what you always say?
Oh, I get it. You used my
spontaneous style... (GROANS) sneak in and get
brainwashed so you
could find out where
the red skull is.
So, I win the bet!
No, it was all part of "the
plan," so I won the bet.
Let's just say we're even.
By the way, what's hydra up to?
You don't wanna know.
You sure we shouldn't bring
him along, just in case?
He's too dangerous. We'll have S.H.I.E.L.D.
come and get him.
Just in case.
Don't go anywhere now, copycat.
IRON MAN: So, you're
not gonna change?
This outfit tricked taskmaster,
it might work on the skull, too.
Stop stealing my
crazy idea schtick!
JARVIS: Sir, I've
got something.
The missing mark vi's beacon is nearby
but weak, as if it were shielded.
What are you doing?
Scanning for the suit of armor
that taskmaster stole from me.
Wow, he really played you.
Were you planning on telling me?
I mean, I meant to
let him steal it.
Yeah, so we could trace him.
All right, fine! Let's
just go bust some skulls.
armor access granted.
I think a name
change is in order.
I kinda like the iron master.
(CHUCKLES) Catchy.
So, not a word about my flying?
Your flying is the
least of my worries.
Oh, what? You don't
like my plan?
It's just a little too "me".
Come on, it's well thought out.
And it's the last thing
red skull would expect.
I figured the wild man
in you would love it.
This is the quietest
you've ever been.
What're you up to back there?
I'm not saying,
just in case skull still has
some control over your brain.
You really think
I'd turn on you?
Probably not, but
I like surprises,
so I'm working on a back-up plan
just in case yours doesn't work.
Wow, strategy from iron man?
What I can say, you're
rubbing off on me.
Maybe I'll earn a merit badge.
Got an incoming transmission,
better get outta sight.
vessel, identify.
This is taskmaster's
ship, vessel 6769.
Captain hydra requesting
permission to land.
6769, maintain your course.
RED SKULL: Captain,
what have you to say?
Hail hydra!
Ah. Good.
Where is the taskmaster?
He tried to convince
me to betray you, sir.
He failed.
His turning on me
was inevitable,
but I did not
expect it so soon.
I took the liberty of
destroying the traitor.
You'll make a
worthy replacement.
Perhaps even my
second in command.
Hydra has a great
benefit package, man.
Medical, dental,
free mind control.
And you're already wearing one of
their snazzy matching outfits.
Hey, how about you work
on that backup plan?
troopers, mobilize to 031.
All flight crews report
to mission briefing.
I don't like this. They're
prepping for a large scale attack.
Well, then it's a good thing
we showed up for the party.
I can pretend to be a bad guy.
What are you gonna do?
I've got something up my sleeve.
I pretty much invented
stealth tech so...
That's surprising, considering
how much you like to be seen.
Captain America cracking jokes.
I like it! Now you just have
to work on being funny.
Sir. We're to escort you
to the great leader.
Carry on.
Hey, we've got an intruder!
Actually, you've got two.
(CHUCKLING) I knew you couldn't
stay out of sight long.
No, no, it's just you being a
hydra goon is creeping me out.
Yeah, I'm gonna need a long shower
when we're done with this mission.
Of course, there's a giant
hydra rocket down here.
Why can't these guys
just rob jewelry stores?
That doesn't look any better.
What is it anyway?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: It's red skull's
new army, compliments of my blood.
'Cause the world needs more
captain America mutations,
freaks and weirdos?
Seriously, hydra.
IRON MAN: Did you notice how I
didn't just run out there this time?
and I was surprised.
IRON MAN: You were supposed
to say, "impressed".
So, what are they
doing down here?
I don't know, but
that looks familiar.
Isn't that one of yours?
IRON MAN: They're mass
producing my repulsor Cannon!
I'm gonna sue 'em.
Right after I beat 'em
into next Sunday.
That's not the only thing
they've ripped off.
IRON MAN: Is that a
copy of your shield?
It's huge.
All right, so what's
our big strategy?
We destroy everything.
Now you're talking.
This design is ingenious.
These weapons will make
hydra unstoppable.
You know, the wattage settings on
these arc capacitors are all wrong.
Sound the alarm! (GRUNTS)
No, don't.
Stark! What the
heck are you doing?
What? I'm blowing stuff up!
Sorry, slowpoke.
Come on, guys. You're
making this too easy!
Know what happens when
you pirate my tech?
You know, I'm kind of liking
this whole strategy thing.
Time for phase two.
Let's take a peek at
what's behind that.
I'm disappointed your
programing failed, captain.
You made an excellent
hydra agent.
Sorry, there's no future in it.
IRON MAN: Or in you, skull.
You will beg me to spare you,
when I control the world.
so, red skull?
Well, look who put some
iron in their diet.
Got to admit, the new
paint job is cool.
Excellent, taskmaster.
Now that you've acquired
stark's ultimate weapon,
you will put it to my use.
I'm done taking orders
from you, skull.
The iron master is
taking control of hydra!
Fool, you work for me!
I love it when the
bad guys bicker.
our job easier.
Consider this a
hostile takeover.
Can't be. Ugh...
I'm unable attack you. Why?
Because you are my slave.
Now bow!
You thought taking iron man's
stealth armor was your idea?
I programed you to steal it.
The memory was erased,
but you also spent time
in my neurotransducer
and were conditioned
to think as I do.
Your recent ambition
to take over hydra?
It came from me!
You are no more than a hired gun
and you will obey
my every command.
Hey, skull, you're kind of a
control freak, you know that?
For your first directive,
destroy iron man and
captain America!
No more playing army, skull.
You have yet to see my army.
Or should I say "our" army?
So, do we do this
your way or my way?
Not sure it's gonna matter.
Crush them!
Only chance is to keep moving!
Clear a path, I'll cover you!
Come on.
I'm okay. Let's run for it!
What are you gawking at, idiots?
Finish them!
How many of these
things are there?
Got to get past 'em. Come on!
Let's see you block this.
Oh, no.
This way!
You know, I really could
use some boot jets.
Bad enough these
things are strong!
But they can fight, too!
Worse than that,
they fight smart.
You don't recognize their style?
Besides being armed
with your Cannon,
my ubermen have been enhanced
with my super soldier serum
and programed with the captain's
superior combat skills.
All of his years of training
are going to pay off
for hydra!
Come on, Tony, I think
it's time to go.
Okay. My turn, cap.
I'll clear us a
path out of here!
In a way, it will be
captain America's army
that will sweep
across the globe,
led by my unquestioningly
loyal field commander,
the iron master!
How are you coming
with that plan?
Plan? Oh, it's incoming now.
And it's more like a bomb. Bomb?
A gamma bomb.
Somebody call for back-up?
Late for the party, big guy.
No, you're just in time.
Hulk. Smash.
to admit, nice plan.
I hadn't counted on the monster.
Delay them as long as you can.
I will initiate the final phase.
By your command.
I'm going after red skull.
I got a score to settle, too!
What am I supposed to do?
You're doing it!
Hoping you'd say that!
Now where's...
Found him!
First you rip off cap, now me?
There's not an original
bone in your body.
There's no such thing as
an original idea, stark.
IRON MAN: So let's go
with the classics.
Jarvis! Initiate the remote!
Shut down his armor!
JARVIS: Taskmaster has installed a hydra
encryption device to prevent such action.
It will take minutes
to override.
We don't have minutes.
fueling is complete.
Initiate the launch sequence.
Pre-launch protocol has begun.
cap reporting for duty.
You can't win, skull!
Oh, I've learned how
to beat you, captain.
Don't play by the rules.
And yet you keep losing!
RED SKULL: Not this time!
And through my defeats, I've
learned something else from you,
always have a final plan.
The rocket is filled with the super
soldier serum I used on my troops,
complete with your blood sample.
Millions will soon
be transformed
into ultra-powered
soldiers under my control.
The planet will be reshaped
into the image of hydra.
Get off of me!
Give me that!
How do you like it?
Okay! I'm offended.
You wanna fight? I'm right here.
Come out, taskmaster.
Show me what you got.
TASKMASTER: Over here.
I know all your tricks, stark.
You're looking at
the new iron man!
Jarvis, get me into that suit!
JARVIS: Your decryption
hacks are working,
but very slowly, sir.
Keep trying. In the meantime,
maybe I can hack taskmaster!
That... That won't stop me!
Wasn't meant to.
I freed you from the
skull's programing.
You don't have to
serve him anymore.
Appreciate it, stark!
Hey, you owe me!
I'll show you what I owe you!
Jarvis! It's now or never!
JARVIS: Sir, I was able to access and
deactivate his armor's energy shields.
That's all I need!
Charge up the hull.
Let's give him a shock!
I can't move!
What have you done?
Ha! Taught you a lesson.
Your fist is no
match for my brain.
So much for the iron copycat.
Jarvis, pinpoint cap for me.
Hydra is making hulk mad!
Hydra won't like hulk mad!
Hulk smash!
Why, you...
Come here, ugly!
Your plan ends now, skull.
Does it, captain?
I have decided it is better you
are not with hydra, captain.
Your compassion is a weakness.
Tell it to my shield!
Ha! The great captain
America has missed.
It was bound to happen.
Without your precious
shield, you're finished.
I guess you're right.
COMPUTER: Launch sequence
will commence in...
30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25...
lost your mind!
My rocket will spread hydra's destiny
all over your beloved homeland.
rocket makes it that far.
COMPUTER: 14, 13, 12...
Guess I didn't miss after all.
Once in a while, you got
to do what you said,
"not play by the rules."
four, three, two...
One, ignition. (LOUD EXPLOSION)
Where are you?
We have to get out of here, now!
Stark, do you read? Over!
Hulk? This is cap.
Can you hear me?
Stark! Where are you?
Hello! Ah, you're
early this time.
All according to my plan.
After you.
Hulk, get out, now!
Working on it.
Hulk tired of hydra.
Hulk smash!
Oh, come on!
IRON MAN: That was
closer than usual.
I hope hulk made
it out of there.
See if you can reach him.
Big green, do you copy?
JARVIS: Hulk's com
is unresponsive, sir.
Also, the arc reactor suffered
critical damage in the escape
and will be shutting down now.
Are you kidding me?
Uh, stark?
What's happening?
IRON MAN: Experiencing some
technical difficulties.
So, this isn't part of the ride?
Apparently, it is today.
You gonna do something
about this?
Jarvis! Reroute power from
the emergency reserve.
JARVIS: As I informed
you earlier, sir,
the reserve was damaged in your
battle with captain America.
IRON MAN: Don't tell me that!
Options! I need options!
Dreadfully sorry,
sir, there are none.
are you fixing this?
IRON MAN: As luck would
have it, not this time!
Stark! This is gonna hurt!
Yeah, well, you're the one who's
always supposed to be prepared!
Pull a parachute out of
your shield or something!
Oh, so that's what
that feels like.
That's two you owe me.
IRON MAN: So much for
hydra's big scheme.
See? Not all plans
work out, cap.
Mine did. (SIGHS)
Perimeter secure, sir.
You failed, skull.
Your need to control
captain America doomed us.
It was your treachery
that doomed us.
And for that you
will be eliminated.
Oh, stark, you're
a piece of work.
Attention, hydra!
This is S.H.I.E.L.D.
Drop your weapons, or
you will be fired upon!
Come on out, cap.
For better or worse. I
do like the colors.
And the boot jets, of course.
BOTH: Ready? Avengers attack!
I'm going in.
Roger that, cap.
I'm on your wing.
IRON MAN: I'll get him.
Wow. You both missed me.
I don't see how.
You're so big, green and ugly.
HULK: Wow! You
really can't hit me.
Come on, stark.
Iron patriot, incoming.
Now you're getting it, cap.
That tickles. Stop it.
Yeah, you two are lame.
What's this about, anyway?
I bet cap if he
fought more like me,
spontaneous and unpredictable,
he'd do better.
And I bet Tony if he was little more
tactical and strategic in mind like me,
he'd do better.
Oh, no.
Cap, those are heat seekers!
And they've locked onto me.
was just winging it, like you do.
worry, I got this.
Just need some room to maneuver.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: You're running
out of room to maneuver.
Then it's time for
some strategy.
They're closing in!
I see!
one on your six!
Got it!
one left, I'll get it!
IRON MAN: Wait, no! (GRUNTS)
So, you both lost?
We both won! We both won!
You're both good at what you do.
Why don't you just
stick to that?
You know, he's right. You're pretty
good at all that plotty planny stuff.
And you're fairly decent
at shooting from the hip.
We never talked about
what I'm good at.
Now, let's go eat.
I could go for some raw menu
macrobiotic organic tofu.
I have no idea what
you just said.
I'm a meat and
potatoes kind of guy.
Hulk saved you and
hulk wants pie.
Yeah, okay. I could go for pie.
Pie it is.