Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2019) Movie Script

Year 2018: The moon is attacking Earth
The end of the world came in 2018
when war between earth and the moon
led to nuclear destruction.
Earth's last survivors rose
the only spacecraft
Vestal Celestial Aemilia
and flew to the dark side of the moon.
Mankind found its only refuge
from the former Nazi site of the Nazis.
They lived alongside
the former Nazis.
I'm Obi and I live in the
dark side of the moon.
Pretty cool opening.
I've lived here all my life
with the last person
in the universe 1980.
Or so we thought.
What is it? Old Walkr ship.
It comes from Earth.
How was it made airworthy?
No one lives there.
Will it come here?
Directly towards the descent.
Can I shut the hatches?
The hatches are... opening up!
The vessel sends a bypass signal.
Turn it off!
It didn't work like that.
Evacuate people from there!
Separate the dome!
Who's on board?
We checked all the frequencies we used.
If they have a bypass code
they have to be here.
I can't let the strangers in.
Are you going to shoot them?
No Nazis are here to miss!
Obi! Obi! Stop him!
The pressure drops in the landing area.
Remove immediately.
Ready to shoot. All right?
What is this? What the hell?
It went there! Pll, here!
Obi, what's going on?
The compartments are closed.
Depart! Out of the way!
Now works.
He can be in the hangar.
What? Oh no.
Stop the trip!
Well. Come rain or shine.
Space unpressurised.
Use breathing apparatus.
What on earth?
What is he doing?
He's going to save them.
(Colina and the sound of a broken glass)
Bring a lot of security men.
Obianaju Washington!
You could have been hurt.
Hey, whims!
Who are you? I am... Sasha
No worries.
We come from Russia.
Or what was Russia
Before the Earth, how is it said...?
And what is this?
Well, what does it look like?
It is my ship's Kola.
I built it myself.
Hey, don't touch!
You covered it with glue and
rolled through the scrap yard.
The most important thing
was to save my people
not a pretty ship.
Did you set landing rockets on TPMS?
Oh yes. Diesel Volvo.
It had to be controlled through the
exhaust manifold... Impossible.
You can't maintain power without D-30.
Voipas, Tupolev with RR.
Shit. Why didn't you use it?
Oh, why not?
We died slowly into radiation.
We didn't live in a moonrise.
Can I take the lead?
Are you a boss?
From that paradise...
Where did you know about the base?
It was programmed on board.
It knows home.
It is like...
Such a bug. Like Space Space.
Pulu really. Sorry.
You can't stay here.
Our supplies are not enough.
Look at them.
You can't send them back.
Particularly in that rotocross.
I have to bear my responsibility.
(Baby Crying)
Take them to storage
facilities for the time being.
Guard them.
I'll end up with them later.
Refugees to stock 27.
Give food and blankets.
Thank you for your hospitability.
Hurry up. Movement.
Girl, come to me in the evening.
I can tell Tupolev
RR and other stuff.
Mennnps. Hurry up.
Hardly they would have come to the moon
if you knew how terrible it was.
shortage of supplies and medicines.
Hygiene and professionalism
are a source of excitement.
The place literally breaks
down into the hands.
Either a helium-3 reactor boils
or moonshine destroys
maintenance equipment.
And I'm the only one who
is trying to fix them.
(Siren alarm)
Alarm, moonshine.
Stay close to the walls
until the quake is over.
Malfunction in the maintenance system.
Pressure drops.
Air pressure stable.
Are you OK? No worries.
Throughout history
one group has crushed ordinary people.
Bloody Details for Skippa
but now the job is the
official religion of the moon.
I have a question
about the moon base.
Are we a closed or open system?
We are a closed system.
In closed system only
we control all the entrances
so that the outputs are in harmony.
There are two types of people.
Head on, lawn.
It's the perfect mechanism.
Let's Pray for the Holy Father Steve
to illuminate us.
Open your prayer application.
Steve, you are in heaven.
Sanctified be your creation.
Return to Almighty as our CEO.
Give us expensive equipment...
Some of you don't
value flawless design.
He sees himself as a power user.
Show your phone.
Why don't you want to
be like everyone else?
Isn't the wallpaper selection satisfied?
Are the ringtones too small?
You know what the modifier is waiting for.
No no no! Help!
ICancel iExkommunikation
I believe Steve,
I believe Steve!
I believe Steve!
A good trip to the future.
Hey, Obi.
Lena, you left these people dead.
The temple is just for the real ones.
Like the type that
the madman blasted?
He was sentenced to loss.
Could be a hacker, or a pirate.
Or both.
Stay hungry. Stay crazy.
That's where it is.
(Surprised sounds)
Do you realize how much these doors cost?
Do you realize how many
were stuck in the hallway?
Closed system...
How does it work if I
change my WiFi password?
The ceremony is over. Go home.
Mother? Hey sweetheart.
What are you doing here?
Did you know what happened there?
Where's your medicine?
Don't worry, honey.
I have to take care of everything.
Father's death I've taken
care of this place alone.
Moonshine is getting worse.
Cables corrosive, centrifugal fans...
Maintenance systems
crash against help.
Thank you, Donald.
We offer simple
solutions to problems.
We just ask you to think differently.
Fuck you shit. Obianay!
You can't find a man if you talk about it.
I don't need a man.
Commander. Hey, Malcolm.
Hey, Malcolm. Miss Washington.
I heard about your career.
Not bad.
Thank you. It was a little story.
Got to go.
See you later, you published.
Fine young man.
You would have beautiful children.
Here are the Aemilian hangings.
The vessel was dismantled
as spare parts years ago.
And no one wondered what we would do
if our only spacecraft was unloaded.
Did you watch yesterday's football match?
The east side is the best.
Who are you?
You know.
My mother saw you die.
Your mother...
My Gtterdammerung...
What about it?
Where is it? It has collected
cubes of dust for 20 years.
You... people!
You just want to
destroy what I created!
As I destroyed the naughty knots?
Silly man.
Do not do it. You need me!
Your mother is sick!
What do you know about it?
Why would I need you?
Give him this.
It enhances the ability.
What are you losing?
He will die soon.
Are you all right, Mom?
Mom... What is it?
You have to trust me.
We have to try it.
What was it?
Where did you get it?
I'll... come back soon.
I knew you would come back.
It's vril-yaa. Clean energy.
Our power source.
And it gives us eternal life.
"For us"?
Remove me that I can look.
Then don't try anything, paw.
We are...
We arrived to Earth long ago
after a very long journey.
Our ship was badly damaged.
But we stayed.
We found the planet
with air, water and life.
My stupid brother was our leader.
He ordered to communicate
with the locals.
I said it was a mistake.
Of course I was right.
We were the only intellectual
beings on the planet.
It was ours.
We study its flora and fauna.
Other people enthusiastic
about big animals
I focused on small ones.
The new world order was born:
Non-human primates.
I did something my brother
would never understand.
I stole valuable vril-yaamme
and I gave it to my two favorites.
To Adam and Eve.
I could have allowed
nature to do its job
but why not hasten evolution?
However, paradise was devastating.
My brother moved us and
our ship underground.
The thing is that Earth is hollow.
At the heart of the globe
is enough vril-yaa for all of us.
Get the power of your ship
and your mother would survive.
Other vrillas are
not as nice as me.
They hate the people.
They don't just give
up their vril about it.
I didn't think to ask for it from them.
How about a man.
Entrance to Hollow Land
is located between two mountains.
Entrance to Hollow ground?
And when I get there?
Looking for the city of Agartha.
There is a temple where
vril-yaa is preserved
in a jerky dish called
the Grail's Cup.
Why do you want to help me?
The options are over, sweetheart.
Like you.
Come on soon.
Take it with the Russian.
No can do!
Are you going to fly the ship yourself?
Come with you.
No no no...
My presence would reveal us.
I want to give you something.
Alright. No thanks.
Keep it as a helping finger.
Promise to hold your mouth closed
and you do just as I say.
All you need is Sashan Muscle. Clear.
You will not be disappointed.
In Vostok,
I was called a bear in Siberia.
Have you seen a bear?
Incidentally, I have wrestled with them.
If you encounter a Russian bear...
What if you walk down the cliff?
This season is reportedly
very beautiful
At the heart of the country.
I know your little trip.
I want to be involved.
Give me... Quiet. Stay there.
Obi, we forget our disagreement.
I need your help.
Why on earth would I help you?
We both know the truth.
End of the moon looms.
Soon we are all gone.
I just want comfort for my flock.
Alright. Suitable for.
Let's go.
What on earth?
Why are you taking them?
Maybe I'll finally get rid of him.
You have to get rid of it.
I'm looking for an aston.
Stay here. Be quiet.
Red goes to that
and white here.
Dude Hi, the outfit is totally shockproof.
What did you think?
Hey, Donald.
Full, Ryan and Tyler.
Fat-Tyler. Obi?
Malcolm! What are you doing?
we didn't know it was you.
It happened to me!
We're going to steal that Walkur
to go to the hollow core of Earth
and find the substance
my ship is going to
and save my mother and all mankind.
Clean. Can I come with?
You can get! Or so, of course.
We need muscle strength.
Sorry now, but that's my job.
Who's that? Who are you?
Hell, cowboy, the team is full.
We already have enough...
I do not choose,
but you would like a battleground.
It's dangerous there.
Oh, it's not mine.
I get big fines if I
use it in my spare time.
And besides, this is my luck.
Well. Let's go.
Yeah. Let's go.
Next stop: Earth.
Nuclear winter has made
the surface unviable.
There is certainly a drastic adventure.
Or let's die a terrible
radiation death.
Belts closed.
That's cold.
Do you put on the heater?
Nice, thanks.
There is no heater.
Is this going to descend
into the atmosphere?
Girl small, it will last.
I built it.
Just read the map.
According to the map,
you have to go to Antarctica.
That is, looking for big
glaciers, or something.
That's right then.
Half of the Earth is covered with ice.
Oh. So. "Oh."
Be that as it may...
Fly south towards that building.
What place is that? Know him.
Landing slowly.
What are you doing?
I set the direction.
There's a beak in there! Stop!
Why did you change the
position of the levers?
(Ice breaks)
What was that?
Congratulations, girl.
You broke it. No!
Be quite motionless.
The ship does not turn! You broke it!
It was already broken!
Don't touch anything!
We're coming!
It's your fault!
Pull! It does not move!
I knew it! High Russian quality!
Sakemanns built this!
Okay, no worries. I'm fine.
Are you? I am.
Well, all out.
I will never step on
the ship you have built.
What you went to pull the wrong lever.
Wonder it didn't explode.
The settings for CDI and OBS were wrong.
Is the meter a submarine?
Friends! Is. So what?
I didn't expect such a vision.
Damn. Everything was true.
It means that vril-ya
acts as a powerhouse for that mini sun.
And we need it.
What do you think?
Let's go around and then in the middle.
Does anyone have a compass?
Sorry, no field.
I thought I took it.
Wow. Is that...?
Wow. It is.
Nokia 3310 Classic.
Father always talked about them.
I remember that.
His son's phone.
Original Shells?
It's indestructible.
Find out about the nuclear war.
Is this menu still here...
Star Key... Yep. The key lock.
Of course.
Original ringtones? Of course.
An unbeatable record.
Put it off.
That hail would condemn you to ruin.
Huh! You do not want to know.
Put it off.
Show the head yet.
Well, how is it?
Do I put it out or give it?
Isn't this a compass here?
It only has games, settings...
tools... Try it.
Calculator, clock...
Works perfectly and no wif is needed.
Here it is. Promised land.
Closed System
where everything can be controlled.
That's what I want.
Ryan, open Powerpoint.
I say a few slides.
I think it's in that direction.
Follow me.
Let's get to know this quirky actor.
(Wild sounds)
I will check.
Sound should be done
in the opposite way.
Malc! Malc!
No worries. I keep you safe.
Really? Do you keep me safe?
Do not you believe?
As a girl, I have experience.
I have encountered bears, tigers.
In Russia, there are lots of beasts...
(Villipedo pronunciation)
Just a crazy place. That beast was...
And I...
Never do it again.
Then you have to fade, there are ten.
Ten against one, easy to knit.
Got to go. Which way? Not there.
Let's see...
Just a second.
He does not know. We're lost.
We are not.
I just said I needed a moment.
It is wrong. In that direction.
That's where we came from.
Wait a minute. Are you really crazy?
We are inside the Earth.
It's simple.
Like a mirror image.
East is west and vice versa.
That's crazy...
The legendary city of Agartha.
At the heart of the country's core.
And at its core is vril-ya.
For our misfortune,
the place heaps vrilies.
And I don't like deformable lizards.
This is interesting.
(Voice line, meal)
Much has happened
in recent millennia.
We got into the
human headquarters
and we manipulate people
to destroy each other.
Maybe we focused a little
too much on politics.
For my defense I can say
that i was the first of us
who went to unknown waters.
And we're proud of you, Caligula.
But you came
in the absence of a better word, crazy.
And we learn that people don't like it
when their madness is challenged.
And then that was the
thing with your horse.
We're just friends.
Oh little Zucky!
Who would have thought some would work?
All just watching cat videos
and sent fish pictures
and they didn't use their brains.
Well done.
At least it helped me in the election.
And you two crazy bastards
Your Crusade and Your Jihad.
Monotheism is a great way
launches centuries-old wars
completely identical ideologies.
And don't forget Aata.
Aatu Hitler. Achtung!
Heil! Heil, Your Sexuality!
Shut up, fish.
What about me?
You succeeded in destroying mankind
but you also lost everything else
Madame President.
Perfect profit.
Only a small group survived.
And now the planet is back to us.
So. A beautiful lifeless planet.
Just a radioactive desert.
Very good, Miss President.
I have something to say.
After all, we still have our spacecraft.
Why can't we go
to another planet?
Space, Margaret...
Space is huge.
Where would we go?
The second star on the right
and then forward, dawn?
Viable planets are very rare.
My brother created this scourge.
He was punished as
soon as I found him.
But we wouldn't have to leave
if you hadn't changed the surface
radioactive mess.
Miss President, perfect victory.
There is no reason to overreact.
Come on...
Sit and enjoy a meal. No!
My dear brother.
I'll find you.
And when I do it
Survon got into a shit!
Oh shit.
That is...
Left after this intersection.
And then...
Look, it's him!
He's still alive, I said!
Donald! Crazy to say this
but it is not him.
- How can you be sure?
Because we are at the heart of Earth.
Maybe he's distorting
the reality here too.
Maybe we just think we're here.
He's the first of Steve.
He shows us the way.
Oh, great Steve,
we are your humble servants.
Let's get out.
Greeting, Your Managing Director.
What do we do?
I'm trying to come up with something.
Continue running?
There. Come on.
Go on you. I hold them down.
Come on!
Come lets go.
What are we doing now?
We're looking for a Grail cup.
Didn't you have to save your husband?
He'll do it.
And what do I do?
I can't do this alone.
I need you.
I've seen him before.
He is it...
It... What's his name?
IBM... B... Bill Gates?
Donald Trump? No.
Watch the live. Hugo Boss.
The Nazi King! Right.
I have a lot of questions.
Helping each other.
Let's make a barter.
You didn't let me finish.
I have a lot of questions.
Unfortunately, you are not
alive to answer my questions.
No one is killed.
They need us.
I have an offer for you.
You will like it.
How is it opened?
I do not know.
Stop! Give me the paper.
The instructions read
something from your finger.
Maybe it's nonsense.
Maybe not.
If you came up with
something, invent it now!
What is it?
My brother?
Where is he? Barter.
What do you want?
Bring my people here.
Hollow to the ground.
To spoil Agarthan?
As you ruined the whole planet?
Just my follower, just jobists.
We appreciate what
you have done here.
We maintain this
perfect harmony.
Donald, are you negotiating with Hitler?
He doesn't like his promises.
Czechoslovakia halo?
I'm not stupid.
I'm trying to get him accepted
end user license agreement.
Nobody reads it.
He does what he wants.
It's a sacred, binding agreement.
Siri! End User License Agreement.
Opening a Sacred End
User License Agreement.
All sections are binding...
Yes, yes, yes, accepted.
Siri! Maps. Destination: home.
Calculate the route home.
The route is ready.
That explains a lot.
The dark side of the moon.
Thank you very much. Now we can finally
to leave this terrible planet.
Right. The exit strategy
is a man's measure.
I can brainstorm with you.
Just bring me to my people.
So, talking about it...
To eat, boys!
Wow. The Holy Grail.
I'm looking for it.
Be careful.
Cannot Remove Plate
without triggering some kind
of self-destruction mechanism.
What does this weigh?
Don't press anything.
Oh, weight! Wait.
About 84 zolotnik.
Huh! Did you drag that hat?
It is an old Russian system.
It is...
1500 what? Ounce.
Or grams. Probably grams.
It was an ounce.
I saved space...
You looked the most delicious.
I don't want to reveal my plans
but when the shackles come loose,
there will be some busy places.
I won't remove the shackles.
The imprisonment doesn't work that way.
Sorry. It should have
been said more clearly.
Stop! Freeze!
Can you drive?
How difficult can it be?
The socialists! Abusive!
Hop on!
Perkulen Commy!
Give them up here! I'll drive!
Hop on! Now!
It's going to bump.
Run, run, run!
Come on, you can! We can not.
Are you OK?
Oh shit!
The stupid question,
but have you got that cup?
No need to come back to get it?
What happened to others?
Hitler ate them.
It was not a conviction.
Clear. Our work has been done.
Closed dome closed.
Obianaju Washington!
Do you realize how bad you are?
Leaving was the most
blue-eyed, the hottest...
Not now, Mom!
And the boldest thing I've ever seen.
I am so glad to have you back.
Sweetheart. Out of the way!
Wolfgang? That can not be true.
Did you find it? What?
Give it to me.
I won't let you
leave us here to die.
In that case,
your mother dies first.
Enough. Why did you shoot him?
Do you consider him more dangerous?
Does he need to get out of the way? Hush!
Listen. I am also dangerous, because...
(Explosion and Brawl)
Just in time.
German punctuality.
Hope it is not what I think.
That can not be true.
Sieg Heil!
Nice to see.
I smelled at your pathetic plot
when I saw those pests in my city.
Off the ship.
Once you love these
people so much
You can just as well die with them.
Do you die, or can you help?
I'm fine. I got one kidney.
I, too, I'm fine.
Sasha, ship ready.
Malc, trigger an alarm,
people need to be evacuated.
Mother? Go with them.
I... I try to stop him.
Obi! Listen. I've lived my life.
I got the opportunity to be a hero.
There's no time.
Obi! I'm so proud of you.
Your father and I always love you.
What are you doing? Mother?
Go save the hangings of mankind.
Blonde! Puskii!
I'll kill you, you dirty slut!
(Frightened Baits)
Everything on board! Hurry up!
I put the dish on board.
No, I'll handle it.
Obi! We are now a team.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Go ahead!
Moving on!
Beyond belief!
Hurry up! Sasha, come on!
The whole place collapses!
Mother! Come on, you miss!
Bravo, sweetheart.
You exceeded all my expectations.
that your story ends like this.
No! Mom, come on! No!
It doesn't matter, Wolfgang.
They have a Grail dish.
They're safe.
No no!
Only in that moment did I understand
how much i was relying on my mother.
Like all these people.
And now they relied on me.
Main engines at full power.
The shield is on.
Coffee maker ready.
(Engine accelerates)
Are you all right? They are.
Air pressure is stable.
Sasha, say something!
What is happening?
I do not know.
This happens.
I'm not just embarrassed.
Where are the guns?
They're not on the ship.
The yacht is guaranteed to have weapons.
I have plenty of
weapons if it helps.
You are all in my mercy.
How does he get in touch with us?
I deleted communication devices...
The cellular network.
Malc, take the lead.
Sasha, show your phone.
You didn't understand what
we would have achieved
if we had acted together
and not against each other.
We could have captured the whole galaxy...
Clich evil monologue off.
Thank you.
That looks like a ship shelter.
It has lost 75% of its power.
The protection is almost gone.
Well, hey.
Malc, can you hold him 10 more?
I have no idea.
We got in. Or what?
Smart girl.
That hypocritical Donald
jailbreikkasi guaranteed
your own phone.
Jes! Bingo.
Do you want glory?
Malc, get in touch.
You never understood.
Hey, Wolfgang!
I didn't want anything else but help.
Greetings from my mother!
A good trip to the future.
(Slow Explosions)
Hope is a funny thing.
Just a little glimpse
and can walk forever through darkness.
Or fly in a rusty space jar.
Or Sashan said in a "space jug".
Jes... Jes!
New record!
All right, Sasha?
Oh... You took minced beef. Sorry.
Should have been warned about it.
I don't.
I don't drag him.
He fought against the beasts
survived the explosion,
the hungry Hitler.
I don't have fine
stories and no muscles.
I'm just kind of oil grab.
Not to say that.
You meant a fat tip.
I had to ask your Walkr.
How did you manage to
stabilize the exhaust manifold?
It had to figure it out,
but then it started to happen.
I directed it...
via the D17 thermometer.
I used the toilet as an exhaust pipe.
It was the only way
to get rid of heat
without using coolers.
- Perfect.
It's not sophisticated, but...
It's perfect.
He likes you.
I thought he would like you.
He's too dripping for me.
I like big, strong and hairy.
Oily baboons.
Do not worry.
I am very open-minded.
Many of my friends are...
Are you okay?
Was the nut in the sauce?
And crustaceans?
And... wheat?
Nothing is worse
than to say goodbye to
loved ones too early.
Especially if the coffin is empty.
I didn't have time to
say how much I loved her.
And now it's too late.
And Malcolm, my only true friend
in all these years...
Are you alive? Sori, guys.
My crown can go out completely.
My mother buried me probably 20 times.
Very crazy.
Did you realize that you were gloomy?
Maybe you already knew it
but for me it came as a surprise.
Irritant greasy
russian propell head?
Who would have guessed?
This speed takes one hundred
years to get to Mars.
You did not take into account
the decrease in attraction.
The correct figure is closer to 80 years.
Of course I took it into consideration.
Take advantage of eccentric orbit
and Mars periheli.
The Martian cycle is faster than Earth.
It pulls us...
Now we're on our way to Mars.
Red planet.
Maybe mankind can survive after all.
At least our children get the opportunity.
Keeping your thumbs.
In English: Frej