Iru Mugan (2016) Movie Script

'Two faced'
One man
That too a 70 year old man
Killed armed Indian soldiers
in the Embassy
Who entered the premises?
Is the Malaysian Govt
taking responsibility?
Malaysian Govt... this face is
not even in their records!
He was carrying
a fake passport
Willing to support
investigation by India...
...Malaysian Govt has absolved officially
any link whatsoever to this attack
Manish, please pause the video
The tattoo on his neck
This tattoo is the only clue we have
Symbol of Love
No one here knows
about this love tattoo
Name of a man
Many years ago he was
operating from the Kashmir border
No one has seen or traced him
But 4 years ago...
...our agency's undercover agent
traced Love's headquarters
He destroyed Love
and his company totally
In this undercover mission...
...Akilans technical support
...was our agency's
best computer analyst
When Love's company was attacked...
...Akilan and Meera were exposed
Meera was killed
If Akilan is required for investigation
can't we get him here?
Is he still working for the agency?
He didn't tell you
the whole story
After his wife's demise
the way in which he investigated
Physical torture and
hard core treatment
12 Human Right cases
were slapped on him
He ruthlessly didn't follow
any ground rules
Our agency passed
suspension order against him
No one has seen him after that
Now to go in search of him
after 4 years is of no use
Only 2 people have met
Love in person
Sir, we have the case files
You're listening to
a trainee agent and-
Mr Manish, this is
a national emergency
If they can attack
the Indian Embassy so boldly...'s as good as declaring
war against our country
Akilan's information is
very important to us
How will you find him
after 4 years?
Our ex agent's location
gets updated once in 15 days
Akilan after Nepal, Chandigarh, Goa...
...has last checked in here
They have paid
half the amount already
15 blows, bear it somehow
It is big money and they will
bet the entire amount on him
It's worth the pain
Don't let go
Where are you going?
Got scared, huh?
Come back
Why are you here?
What is your emergency with me?
Indian Embassy in Malaysia
has been attacked
20 Indian commandos dead
You're wasting your time, Malik
My life is different
My needs are different
Whatever you say
it isn't my problem
Watch this and then decide
The man who killed your wife
or his company is still operative
Don't mess with me
to fulfill your needs
It is 4 years
since Love died!
You matched Love visually
and assassinated him
But the same symbol
has turned up again
If you want to help us
you know the venue
"Coral, my coral pristine white
You pierced my heart in delight"
"Stem, dainty and delicate stalk
You sprouted in my moons park"
"Puzzle, my lifes jigsaw puzzle
You jumbled my youth into a muddle"
"O ray of sunlight, right before me
You bedazzle me in a state dizzy"
"Beautiful work of art; a rarity
Your eyes die to swallow me"
"My dream, an epic praiseworthy
O Tamil, you make a poet out of me"
"Holiday for a love so true"
"May you continue
a whole year through"
"Like touchscreen my loveliness
Branch out as my fingers caress"
"When you sunbathe, baby
your sunscreen lotion Ill be"
"When you bathe in the sea
Im the foamy lather on your body"
"All the love in this world, lady
Ill shower only on you heady"
"All the kisses in this universe
from your lips I'll fill up my senses"
Shall we get married?
Shall we?
Don't say 'anytime'
Now we are on a holiday
Then you'll give work as an excuse
and 4 or 5 years will fly past us
Don't I know you
only too well?
Our wedding will be in another
24 hours from this minute
"The earth revolves nowadays
stuck in 'selfie' displays"
"Show me a way, maiden
to live in a cell phone 24x7"
"For a heart-to-heart chat
Activate hormones to react"
"Show me an App
to contact and interact"
"No misstep
in a spider's web"
"No 'selfie' please
when you fondly tease"
"Fling aside Facebook, darling
Look at my face and have a fling"
"Change a bit more
into a wicked lover"
"Love, nowhere else
Now here, my lovely lass"
"O' lover boy, a trailer I need
for our honeymoon indeed!"
So much has changed
in these 4 years, right?
If you look at this case...
...a single man
But literally
1 man army!
He looks well trained
but how did he-
However rigorous
his training may be...
...1 man can't pound so many!
When he's entering
he's walking in casually
This is where his
body language changes
There's something in that inhaler
Our next move-
If you want my help
in this case...
...there are some ground rules
I must handle
this case completely
You must arrange the weapons I need
and Malaysian Govt's support
This man...
...should not talk to me
or about this case hereafter
Mr Malik, I already told you
There's no point
bringing him here
I'll arrange all your requirements
Mr Malik, he hasn't been
in service for 4 years
First of all I don't even know
if you are medically fi-
You cannot talk to me
Forgot that rule already?
I didn't come to you
asking for a job
Your issue is Love attacked
the Indian Embassy
My concern
He killed my wife
Before you do a complete
background check on Love...
...and figure out
how to tackle him
...I'll close your chapter
Do you get it?
Malik, do you need
my help or not?
You can handle this case
So for official records you need
a case officer to handle this case
Be an assistant to that officer
Mr Malik, I can't handle him
If I should tackle this case
with him as my assistant...
...I don't even know
what problems I'll face
Ayushi, you must update
every movement of Akilan's 24x7
He can't do anything
without your permission
When do you want to
go to Malaysia?
Right now
You said the Malaysian Govt
will give us full support
Is he that 'support'?
This is my assistant Akilan
He's just an assistant?!
This is your welcome pack
Do you see this?
Emergency transponder
If you are caught anywhere in Malaysia
just press this slightly
Malaysian Police will be
right next to you!
Why did you press it now?
I was checking
to see if you are alert
In Malaysia, an assistant talking in front
of the case officer is a mark of disrespect
Please ask him to...!
Let's go
Pressed it by mistake
I know it's an emergency transponder
Was pressed due to pressure!
Have you already sent 10 cars?
You've even sent a helicopter?
Hello, your assistant-
Officer, will you move aside?
Blocking the way
like some 'creature'!
He is even carrying the luggage?
At least let him be
of some use to us!
This is a mobile unit
Everything can be done from here
Can be monitored from here
Do you know this?
Among Asian police,
Malaysian police is ranked #1
5 hours since we requested
an investigation on the inhaler
Ask him what the Malaysian Police did?
His passport and application form
They were both fake
This inhaler is used by asthma patients
when they have trouble breathing
Like you rightly pointed out...
...the medicine in this inhaler
was not an asthma drug
Identical to the original
asthma drug
Without the blue print how is it possible
to replicate the logo and nozzle design?
From Rolex watches to Apple iPhones... many items have
been duplicated, right?
That's true
That's because from their factories
the original blue print gets leaked out
So the Chinese are able
to copy it easily
Is this inhaler's company Kipla
a Malaysian company?
Yes, a manager from Kipla
was suspended 6 months ago
For leaking the blue print
If the common man gets to know,
the company's reputation will be ruined
So they didn't complain
Who is the manager?
Were you able to get him?
Malaysian Police has
a track record for speed!
We searched, found him and
he is now in our head quarters
So whom did he give
that blue print to?
He hasn't confessed
He has sent for his lawyer
There is no complaint
against him till now
So we can only talk
to his lawyer
Malaysian Police's speed
isn't good enough
Ask him to take me
to that chap
Madam, though I'm a cop
I can't bend rules
We must follow all that, right?
From Kipla company, why did you
leak the asthma inhaler design?
I didn't leak anything
Talk to my lawyer
If you didn't leak,
why did they suspend you?
I believe I report late
for work daily
They got frustrated
and suspended me
Listen, Balaji
Your folly has led
to a terrorist attack
If you keep-
I told you to talk to my lawyer
I need 2 minutes alone with him
What's with your assistant?
We are waiting for his lawyer
No one can talk
to anyone here
Contact the top official
in the Malaysian Govt
You said the Malaysian Police
will support us fully
Please mention his name also
1 minute please
Govt has passed
an order to support them
If they complain,
it might become messy
You are due for
your promotion now
I've been supportive
Have I been fighting?
All you've been doing till now
is acting as a tourist guide, sir
But I did that job well, right?
You got any complaints?
That's my limit
I can't take any more risks
What is the risk here?
He will talk to him
for 2 minutes
Besides he's only an assistant
Case officer is outside
What can happen
without your consent?
Go to the next level, sir
What do you want now?
I'll allow you to talk
for just 2 minutes
Even if you take
1 extra second
I'll follow everything
from outside
Got it?
Who is this now?
I asked for my lawyer, right?
I am well aware of the rules
My family also has
Govt employees and Police
I know the rules too
You can't do anything
He is -
What kind of a brute
of an assistant is he?
Answer me
You tell him
He isn't my assistant
Then who is he?
Ex RAW agent
He murdered 2 men and
was suspended for 4 years
And was suspended?
What the hell did you
mean by 'next level'?
Sir...I didn't leak anything
You got no right to hit me
If I complain to the Head office
you can be suspended
Did your cap fall off?
Is your shirt torn?
I'm handling you
like a flower, eh?
But look here
Like an enraged bull from
Alanganallur in Tamil Nadu
...he is ripping him apart to pieces
Billy Murali...Billy Murali...!
Billy Murali is a don in an area
inhabited by Tamils mostly
He's the chief for all illegal activities,
prostitution, passport forgery etc
Are you trying to
go to the next level?
Sit down
Billy Murali paid me
I gave him the blue print
I don't know anything else
I didn't anticipate
so many hassles at all
Stopped, huh?
He has even butchered 2 policemen
After hearing that news...
...I steered clear of this area
Now how do you both
intend nabbing him?
It's no joke
Please let me know
If we lure him with cash
he will show up
Hold this
Why did he give it to-
Sorry I assumed
you were an assistant
If you are a big shot in India
same holds good for me here, sir
We are equal-
Then you also come with us
Come with you?
She is going on
an undercover mission
I'm wearing my uniform
Sir, I'll follow you
from a distance
You go ahead bravely
In their 'Operation' God knows
how many operations I'll undergo
Come buy CD and DVD
with 5.1 prints
Can I get a passport here?
Fake passport
Passport, huh?
We don't have
all that stuff here
I have money
I was told someone called
Billy Murali arranges passports
Sir, I don't know
anyone by that name
Come and buy
2 for 10 ringgits
Take your pick, sir
Brother, will I get
a passport here?
I can pay for it
She is my wife
We missed our passports
when we came here
It seems someone by name
Billy Murali arranges passports
Sir, we sell items needed
for prayers and rituals
We don't know all that
Leave this place
Right away
Come and buy
2 for 10 ringgits
You are-
Keep your bag and leave
If you give us the passports
she will pay you!
You won't have a problem
We are just talking terms
These goons will thrash us
and scoot without a trace
That chap was alone in the station
So our man had a field day
They are fishing their guns out
What will our agent do?
For the 1st time
let me take it out
Listen, our Visa has expired
If we go to the airport
the police will grab us, so-
Who told you fake passports
can be procured here?
Grab that bag from him
1 minute
Why are you in a hurry?
Don't tell me
I didn't warn you
What warning?
I can beat 4 men
all by myself
4, huh?
6 of you, huh?
She can take on 2 singlehanded
2 okay for you?
Only 1?
Heard that?
She can handle 3 it seems
Bloody hand, stay still
or I'll chop you!
3+3 = 6
Is my math right?
We'll know
only after we clash
Suppose we mess it up
...he will shoot all of you
Police, I say
Was my math right?
3+3 is 6
Check if he is dead
or unconscious
Dead, huh?
He was strong as a rock
Lying like last nights rice now
Are you a cop?
Take me from here
Wait, girl
Fatso brother?
Thank God he is breathing
He has regained consciousness
Has he?
Then we can talk
According to Malaysian Police rules-
I wanted to tell him
not to stab him
I was too late!
What did you do with the blue print
of Kipla company's inhaler?
They are making
a replica of it
Who is that Peter?
Aren't you a cop?
Don't you know?
He is the only supplier
of fake medicine
And fake equipment
for hospitals in Malaysia
Where is he now?
I haven't seen him in person
I swear
I don't know
I know
I know
He sends hookers to Peter
Even last month he sent me
with 2 Thailand girls
He is a beast who will stoop
to any level for money
Do you know the exact location?
We waited in Bukit Bintang junction
They huddled us into a car
The windows were raised
But we reached his factory
within 10 minutes
They sent us back
only the next day
I was working in a school
in my home town in India
They brought me here
promising me a lucrative job
They confiscated my passport
If we send this girl, will he
take her to the same place?
I will call and tell him
Akilan, she has no clue
about all this
How can we send her?
We must find
that fake medicine factory
We have no other option
If they find out the reason
they will kill her on the spot
Hey, tell me the number
I'll go along with her
If I go, I can be in touch
with you continuously
It will be easy to
track us through me
If she goes alone, gets nervous
and if anything untoward happens...
...our plan will go for a toss
You know what I'm saying
makes sense, Akilan
It is my responsibility to send you
back home safe and sound
Will you come with me
without being scared?
If you will save me from here...
...I'll do whatever you ask me to
Hey! Call him
Tell him 2 girls are coming
Good, he didn't send me
like a broker along with them
2 girls
1 girl arrived in Malaysia only today
She is really hot
Find out if I can send them?
He said yes
As per your request
6 men
With Mp5 submission gun
Will they shoot...?
Or will they also drop
their guns down and danc-
I got the gold medal in shooting
in my training period
Is it so?
Show me?
Due to a small misfire
it turned into bronze
What was your mistake?
Hands shivered a wee bit
Aim wavered a way bit
Then call it a teeny weeny mistake!
The case officer cannot talk
in front of her senior here
She is taking a dig at me
Ask her to...!
Dig it?
More or less buried!
Do you have prior experience?
Because you are setting up
your tracker camera with expertise
Do I look like a real prostitute?
Good lord...101%
How do you know?
Do you have prior experience?
Is this the place?
We waited here
Whatever happens
don't be nervous
Be bold
This is the car
What are they preparing?
Fake medicine
Attack, sir
When we've confirmed it,
why should we wait?
I want to see his face
Wow! Girls from our land
You've already been here, right?
He is fully aware...
...he shouldn't resend the same girl
Call Billy
What is your name?
Can I check?
Ears are clear
Anything in your hand-
A spy camera now can be
hidden in a small hairpin
Watch camera is so outdated
Used in yesteryear hero
Jaishankar's days
Hello, are you sitting in a van
using an iPad at the end of the road?
I want him alive
From your coloring
you look
If they are the police-
They will break in
with a bang now?
Why did you attack
the Indian Embassy?
Hello! Why did you break in?
Isn't the doorbell working?
Or did I refuse to open?
Do you know
this is a huge offense?
You are a fine one
to talk of offense!
I will arrest you now
Do you have a warrant?
You have also killed my men
According to 327
if I file a case... can be suspended you know
327 has been cancelled long ago
- Didn't inform him?
- What?
327 was revoked last month, sir
Why didn't you update me?
Up to you to
get updated, sir
Both of us are Malaysians
We shouldn't expose each other
Peter, can I talk to you
alone for 2 minutes?
What 'sure'?
- Don't trust him
- He just wants to talk to me
He wants to pound you to a pulp!
If he is calling you aside
don't fall into his trap
Focus only on our deal
Don't think
Say 'yes'
Clear my name from all these cases
of smuggling, fake medicine etc
I'll turn approver
I will cooperate fully
Just 2 tight whacks
he will-
Don't be obsessed with blows
Don't you want to
wrap it up soon?
He is a typical sand boa
Trust my act, like a snake charmer
I'll make him spit the truth
The Embassy attack
The inhaler drug
Mastermind is Love
Who is in love with whom?
Love is his name
'How disgusting!'
I manufacture only this casing here
The drug to be filled is prepared
by Love in his premises
If both are in the same place,
won't it fall into wrong hands?
Why are you making it
like a cure for asthma?
Only then it will be cleared
by Customs abroad easily
Railway stations
It can be carried
into crowded places
People will assume
it is for asthma
But no one will know
what is actually in it
What's so special about this?
Watch this video
Just to scare this old man
a kid bursts a firecracker
This elderly man must be
around 75 years old
When he is sitting quietly
can he jump 2' high?
But how did he jump
when the cracker burst?
When a person faces
sudden danger...
...his muscles and brain work
10 times more than his normal capacity
Due to hormones secreted
during impending danger
You would've seen in the News
A mother lifted a car
when her child was stuck below
Or someone
chased by a dog?
He will say,
'Bro, a dog chased me'
'I ran for my life'
'I don't how but I jumped
a wall 7' high'
Reason is fear
This seems like
gross exaggeration
How can this happen?
Can you identify this?
- What?
- Acid
What if I fling it on your face-
Hey! I splashed only water
Get up
Just water
Water, huh?
Who bent this?
I did
Try to bend this
Go on
Some more
I can't
You could when it was acid
But now you can't
Sounded like a chemistry professor
Now it's loud and clear
Same adrenalin
makes the brain work
Not few seconds
But for 5 minutes
When you inhale it, an illusive
feeling of fear is created in the brain
The eyes get dilated
And the body stiffens
Every muscle gains extra power
Brain starts working with
10 times increased capacity
One who inhales this, more or less
becomes a superhero for 5 minutes
Did you say Speed?
You seem well read
I jogged your memory, huh?
This drug isn't new to our world
Many decades ago
it has been manufactured
Hey! This is so unusual
for today's times
Who has done it earlier?
'During the 2nd World War
Hitler forced this on his soldiers'
'With uncontrollable fury...'
'...they could combat
without food and sleep'
'Armies of the other nations
were completely shaken up'
'They wondered how relentlessly
only Hitler's army could fight'
'Even if they were shot
they would never feel the pain'
'But a problem he faced
was this drug's side effect'
'When their fury
intensified beyond control...'
'...the soldiers started killing
their own captains and superiors'
'His dictatorial reign
started collapsing'
'So Hitler prohibited its usage'
'After the 1940s
that drug has resurfaced'
But if adrenalin which works only for
a few seconds acts for 5 minutes...
...won't the body be affected?
That's why I set
a timer in the casing
At the end of 5 minutes
each muscle loses its strength
It can take an hour or two
for its effect to wear off
By using this we become
weak after 5 minutes, okay
But if we inhaled it immediately?
Already the body would have
reached its saturation point
If you take it again, it will lead
to a massive heart attack
What is his exact plan
of using this drug?
Indian Embassy attack was a demo
for Speed's business prospects
After watching the News, offers are
flooding in from terrorist groups
With this Speed, any place
in the world can be attacked easily
And the deal has been finalized
by a top level terrorist group
10,000 inhalers will be
dispatched tonight
Where are the casings
to be sent to Love?
I've already sent 5000
Balance 5000 loaded in the car
His men will have it
picked up by 1:00 p.m
Sir, only 15 minutes to go
Clear all the bodies
All of you relax
and be normal, okay?
Where is that vehicle?
She has to be rushed to
the hospital, she's bleeding heavily
Love's men
They are here
Clear those bodies
We must take her
to the hospital
Clean this, not here
Go that side
She's bleeding heavily
Muthaiah, take her
behind that counter
From when they enter till they leave
I want pin drop silence
- Please come
- Shards of glass here?
Oh! That's nothing
4-5 monkeys jumped in
Muthaiah, ask 2 of your men
to take that girl to the hospital
- What are you looking at?
- Sir, she is dead
You have no remorse
for her death, right?
Of course I feel sad
But your question won't guilt
my decision as wrong
We need to follow them now
Following them is your priority
more than a girl's life
Aren't we all doing our duty here?
If this chemical weapon is exported
from here millions will die, is it okay?
Not only that
The bullet hit her right below
her heart, maximum 5 minutes
That's all
Why don't you think
from her parents' point of view?
Will you calculate
5 minutes like this?
Will you let her die
in front of your eyes?
In front of my eyes
they killed her
My wife
I didn't cry because my wife was dead
I went to work
the very next day
If that girl was my priority
she would've died
They would've escaped too
Intelligence work requires mental strength
to take split second decisions
If at all someday you gain
that mental strength...
...come and join duty
I kind of lost it in there
Before that period of 4 years
You haven't spoken
about it to anyone
No file has exact details
What happened that day?
How did your wife Meera die?
...won't meet anyone else apart from
the people he does business with
So Meera and I created
a record as Israeli mafia
And we went to
meet him undercover
'We set plastic explosives in the briefcase
he was using for his transactions'
'Amidst heavy security...'
' was a long awaited meeting'
'We met Love'
'Love and his men'
'All of them died'
'But his business contacts
and his network'
'The entire information
was in that briefcase'
'Silica gel'
'Forensic team uses it
to brush fingerprints'
'Using that we accessed his laptop'
'We got all the necessary information,
contacts, manufacturing factories'
'We immediately passed the information
to our agency and initiated an attack'
'Indian Army completely razed
his manufacturing factory to the ground'
Hey! Pickup point is to our left
We are heading right
You forgot, huh?
I told you in 24 hours
I would marry you
Exactly 4 hours still left
So...let's get married
But Akilan, I need to
get ready for the wedding
I mean you look gorgeous
This will be my wedding dress?
We have 4 hours
Won't that do?
Everyone gets at least
4 months to get married
You are giving me 4 hours
Is that a yes...or no?
"Aiyo! In my heart a swing
"In my life till now!"
"Aahaa...up in the sky
a path zig-zags high"
"Changing into dew
What a view...whew!"
"Eyes chat a secret code"
"Words now become a weary load"
"Come close to me
Glue together gladly"
"When even 'near' really
seems far you see"
"7 births through
I followed you"
"How could you be oblivious
to my search so obvious?"
"Just for you, day and night
I sparkled in the sky bright"
"How could you be oblivious
to this firefly so obvious?"
"O'...'maya' so illusive
Wispy cloud elusive?"
"O' sweet delusion
Are you my flame of passion?"
"Thanks to you
I changed too"
"Wished a ring on my finger
A lifetime gift to linger"
"As trousseau, my beau
I gave myself to you"
"My mind waltzes
filled with happiness"
"In your home will be
a special room for me"
"Till death do us part
you will stay with me, my heart"
"Flowery vine on your shoulder
spreads its fragrance forever"
"Water you sprinkle will be sweet
Embracing me with your retreat"
"Are you my flame of passion?"
"Fiery spark of obsession?"
After Meera died...
...for 6 months I searched
and found out Love's company
And people he had transacted with
I ensured not a single man
who killed my wife was alive
Only then I quit the agency
4 years till date
Now again...
...who is this man called Love?
Between him and Love
whom I killed 4 years ago...
...what is the connection?
Try calling our boss again
Keep trying
Better to inform him
"Your fragrance will
waft towards me still?"
"Will it continue to kill?"
'I am telling you the truth'
'I don't know anything'
'Why did you bring me here?'
'How am I responsible
if your ship sinks in the sea?'
Your skin will glow
Do you know its speciality?
Nothing to worry
Just a gentle dab
on your skin
Your 1st mistake
Stealing from me
2nd blunder
I sold it
I sold it for $10 million
Don't...don't do anything to me
(continues whistling)
'Delivery taken'
'No, a minor problem'
What is the problem?
'Glass was scattered
all over the floor'
The men were new
Not the usual lot
'He was there'
But other than him,
all the other guards were new
Is anyone following you?
There are too many cars
Not too sure
Swerve right
Yes, a grey Mustang
Kill the driver and
bring the body here
Sir, they've stopped
at Putrajaya bridge
The traffic camera over there
- Ask him to use 'Speed'
- Why, sir?
We have 8 of our boys
He is just 1 single man
Check this
Sir asked you to
take 'Speed'
We need him alive
Bring him alive
Who is he?
Does he look familiar to you?
I thought life was insipid
and lacking spice
Some bunker-
Get into the car
Go to the Malaysian Police
He wanted him alive
I asked you to bring only him
Actually he said bring him alive
That's why I-
Kill her
Bring him inside
Oh! My God
Everyone will run around for Love
But you made
Love run around, right?
This...if this is used...
...your skin would glow
1st mistake...4 years ago
was you taking up this case
2nd blunder, 4 years later
was you taking up the same case again
Poor you!
Everything is your fault
She didn't die that day
The bullet hit her head
The people at the foothills
had admitted her in a hospital
You closed down
my business and my company
Will I let you off that easily?
I searched for you
But not in the useless way you did
You sent the police after me
Even a helicopter
It was all a waste
Poor Meera!
She was alive
But the hippocampus and
temporal lobes in her brain
Retrograde amnesia
She didn't even know
her own identity
When a man loses
his memory in an accident...
...his skills will still be intact
If he or she is a good swimmer
they can still swim well
Same analogy with driving a car
What is your wife's speciality?
India's best computer hacker
and data analyst
Shouldn't I utilize
that unique skill of hers?
World's best plastic surgeons
gave her facial reconstructive surgery
And I took her in
as my 1st employee
In the last 4 years, Indian Police,
Malaysian Police, International Police
No one has been able
to touch me
No one even knows if someone
called Love is dead or alive
Do you know
how I managed that?
My perfect firewall...Rosy
If any evidence or data
pointing to me appeared online...
... she would go right in
and clear them all
Do you want to check her sincerity?
Open that draw, dear
There is a case in that draw
Open it, dear
You see a gun
Pick it up
See the guy sitting there?
Point the gun at his head, dear
Load it, Rosy
Place the gun back and-
You thought you had killed me
4 years ago, right?
But the man you killed
thinking it was me
My only blood relation
My younger brother
Sir, the entire money in
our account is draining
Sir, our account is empty now
Someone is accessing
our bank details
Whom did we meet
finally at the border?
We did a thorough
background check
He is an Israeli mafia lord
His name is Jordan Klein
Run his mug shot through
America's CIA, Britain's M16
And all other agency records
In 5 minutes flat this place
will be razed to the ground
During the 26/11 Bombay attack...
....Indian and American agents
met and were trained
This photo was taken then
You are a goner!
For business meetings
And all these trivialities
Do you think
I'll personally attend?
Saddam Hussein had 3 men
ready at all times it seems
Always great men
should inspire us
Hussein, Einstein, Hitler
There are many such people in India
But now even Hitler
I've beaten hollow
No one can combat me
with Speed without my consent
Don't get it?
When he inhaled Speed...
...weren't you the one
who didn't notice him?
Dead and gone!
Good worker
Clear the body
A small electric pulse
in the medulla oblongata
Everyone is under my control
Oh! Your wife too
Same rules
In fact I fixed it
in her neck
Oh! What a slender neck!
I wanted!
I am not...
...too fond of women
But if only you joined hands with me
We can rock!
And after this inhaler business now
You can rule
this world as king
And I'll be the queen
What do you say?
Malaysian police activity
is a little more than usual
Could it be because of him?
Why didn't I think of this?
Agents like him won't be here
without backup support, right?
Sleeping drug
Morphine 5ml solution
Keep him alive, till we confirm
no one is aware of his arrival here
Only 5 ml, right?
Don't want him dead
"Caressing my cheek light
you vanished from my sight"
"My rivulets of tear
My teardrops dear"
"Then from nowhere, dear
in my life you are now-here"
"My sobs penitent
My tears persistent"
"Like refreshing rain then
Now a blemished burden"
"You stood still, o' maiden"
"In rhapsody that day
As a whiplash today"
"You killed me brutally in a way"
"In a world of our own, me for you
And you for me in ties tied true"
"You bloomed to bewitch me
as the azure blue sky in all its glory"
"I saw your vision as mine forever
You are my sole soul mate to savor"
"In the blink of a second
you vanished far and beyond"
"As a corpse I lay in pain"
"What did you gain
waking me to kill me again?"
"In my dreams a honeyed (re)treat
In reality why bitter, my sweet?"
"Like passing ships in the sea we are here
Where is the love that bloomed once, dear?"
"Caressing my cheek light
you vanished from my sight"
"Then from nowhere, dear
in my life you are now-here"
"Like refreshing rain then
Now a blemished burden"
"You stood still, o' maiden"
"In rhapsody that day
As a whiplash today"
"Girl, you killed me by the way"
"Then from nowhere, dear
in my life you are now-here"
"Caressing my cheek slight-"
Piece of good news
In fact 2!
First, no one is
searching for both of you
Rosy told me
2nd piece of good news
$2.1 billion
By way of advance alone
I sent across
2 samples of Speed
The advance has been credited
A top level terrorist group
is testing those samples India in the most
fan-tas-tic manne-
The two of you don't know
what's happening in India, right?
Just 1 man
He crashed the aircraft in Mumbai
Little Angels Children Hospital
At the same instant
178 passengers kaput
Little children went to Heaven!
Oh! Plane burnt to cinders
Poor plane...!
How did this happen?
One man...he broke in
Pounded the guards to a paste
275, no 276
India's greatest criminals
Terrorists, villains are now happily
roaming free in the streets
How did this happen?
Soooper demand for my drug
If only 2 inhalers
can cause this effect...
...tonight 10,000
After tonight our world
will shift upside down
I'll be the only one
...standing straight
Open that draw, dear
Take out the gun, dear
1st check if it has bullets, dear
What the he-
'Piece of good news
In fact 2!'
1st piece of good news
My name isn't Rosy
Someone promised to
marry me within 24 hours
And with 4 hours to go
he married me in Kashmir
His name is Akilan
He's the one
My husband
I was waiting for this
It was in your jacket
If I press this...
...the Malaysian Police will be
here within 10 minutes, right?
It's 9 minutes now
In another minute
That was lightning fast!
You don't understand
how all this happened, right?
In your geeeenius brain
Your gray cells will
provide all the answers
Activate them
Who pressed the transponder?
Answer my question
Now this is under the control
of the Malaysian Police
If any enquiry has to be made... can be carried out
only in our headquarters
And you
Take care!
Don't leave anything behind
Chemicals, plus his personal items
I need everything there, got it?
We've been travelling
for 15 minutes without talking
Not 15 minutes
4 years
I was in that hospital suffering
from amnesia is the truth
From the day Love took me
along with him...
...I was working
for him sincerely
But 6 months ago
he made this Speed drug
When he started talking business...
...and terrorist organizations got involved
Interpol, CIA started
tracking him severely
If this drug business had to be
finalized without any hitch...
...then Love's defense system
had to be even stronger
So Love made me
consume that Speed drug
'Then my brain worked 10 times
more than its normal strength'
'No police force in the world
would be able to find him'
'I created a fool proof
defense system for him'
'But along with that...'
'...some memories of
my past cached in my brain'
' I hadn't accessed
in the last 4 years got activated'
'Every time I used the inhaler
I remembered new episodes'
'I kept feeling
I had a distinct past'
'As if I had lived a different life'
'To generate those memories
that inhaler became an addiction'
'Shall we get married?'
'In a time frame of 2 weeks
I started seeing your face'
After that every time
I used Speed...
...I kept seeing your face
'I realized I had some
connection with that face'
'I ran that face through
the world's population database'
'That's when I found out'
'Your name is Akilan'
'You are a RAW agent'
'Your last mission was
to kill this Love'
'And above all
you were married'
'Your wife's name is Meera'
'I found myself
staring at my photo!'
I realized I was working
on the wrong side
'My life was in his clutches'
'A small electric pulse
in the medulla oblongata'
I wasn't bothered
about my life
But if I was no more
I could not stop this racket
I made him tattoo the Love symbol
in the nape of my neck
'After that I waited for
his 1st Embassy attack'
'Seeing the Love-tattoo...'
'...I thought our agency
would be alerted'
I was expecting you
to come back
Just as I expected
you arrived on the scene
But as soon as he said 3-2-1
you didn't even bat an eyelid
And you shot me
In the records I noticed
we were both RAW agents
Won't I be able to guess
if a gun is loaded by its weight?
I swear I can't
In any given situation...
...if I was ordered to shoot you-
Whether the two of us
will be together depends...
...on the answer to
an important question
What question?
That female with you
Dressed like a prostitute
Is she your girlfriend?
Or have you already married her?
Got 2 kids
I had promised to marry
within 24 hours from now
You stuck a gun
in between, confused me-
Use that corner
Open the door
Let me out
Look here
If only you let me out... would be
the king of this world
And I'll be the queen
What do you say?
I need to go to the toilet
Open the door, open the door
Open the door, open the door
Prison is in lockdown mode
I'm stuck inside
Love is also here
I've reconstructed the device
Are you okay, my dear?
Are you hurt?
I aimed for those two
You came in between
Remove your hand
Small cut
For 5 seconds
10 ml blood loss means ...
...120 ml for 1 minute
Going by your body weight
You'll be alive for
15 more minutes
Exactly 6 minutes for
the emergency team to arrive
While going back from here
they will zip it, in 2-3 minutes
2 minutes to perform
the emergency procedure
Total of 11 minutes
You will survive
Now if the vein
next to your cut
The jugular vein
Just 1 centimeter this side
If that had been slit...
...this is very dangerous
Bleeding heavily
Now 20 ml for 5 seconds
240 ml for 1 minute
Calculating by your body weight'll live for just
7 and minutes more
Now chances of your survival
Little difficult
Very tough
No luck, you'll die
Baby, did you record
all my fights and stunts?
Next in my program-
(overlap of various
TV News channels)
He escaped
Where's Ayushi?
The video is still playing
Switch on the Bluetooth
'Prison is in lockdown mode'
'I'm stuck inside'
'Love is also here'
'I don't know how long I can hold'
'I have reconstructed the device'
'Akilan, I don't know
if I'll be alive'
'Are you okay, my dear?'
'Now if the vein
next to your cut'
'The jugular vein'
'Just 1 centimeter this side
If that had been slit...'
'Very tough'
'No luck, you'll die'
She has reconstructed this
But without Love's fingerprint
this is of no use
You know where he exports
that Speed inhaler from, right?
Only he is privy to
the transactions outside the lab
But he had a phone with him
I'm sure he would have
been in touch with someone
His last satellite call...
...has been received by another
Sat phone at Royal Malaysian Hospital
Muthaiah, who would be using
a satellite phone in the hospital?
Royal Malaysian Hospital?
He was admitted there a week ago
Okay, I need to meet him
Sir, it was a satellite phone
How can you be sure
he received the call?
Without influence at a high level
you can't export from Malaysia
Transport minister is our target
I need to make a call
'Ayushi told me about
the inhaler export and Meera'
For the last hour
I'm trying to reach her
What's happening there?
Love killed Ayushi and quite a few
Malaysian cops and escaped
There's only 1 way
to prevent his export
I need your help
One Mr Chang here is
the Malaysian Transport minister
He is holed up for the last 1 week
in a hospital with high security
You need to arrange
a meeting with him
Do you realize
the gravity of the situation?
This is just 2 inhalers
Tonight 10,000 inhalers
are being exported
I'll call in 5 minutes
Sir, apart from Akilan's tall claims
we have no other evidence
If we need more evidence
Akilan has to speak to him
Akilan, that Transport minister
is pulling a fast one
He says the only love
he knows is his wife!
That will do
Keep it in mind
I am fully aware
of the diplomatic situation
I need just 2 minutes
of his time
'2 minutes, eh? '
Muthaiah, you know that hospital?
Ayushi's formalities-
Inform her family and-
I'll take care
"Fragrance will waft
of flowers in fact"
What's happening there?
But...there's an issue
Indian agent Akilan has used Govt clout
He's meeting the Transport minister
Only the Transport minister is
aware of the source of our export
Minister Chang Yeng
I'll take care of it
Speed up the schedule
He is the person
who will be going inside
I've heard a lot about you
Who is it?
I had requested
for a change of room
Have you come to shift me?
I had requested a shift
to the top floor
You'll be shifting me now, right?
Top floor, eh?
Much higher than that!
What's happening to me?
Whatever it is, will be
conveyed only after 24 hours
What have you done?
You were fine
Why did you do this?
I had got tickets for
our Superstar's film
What will I do? And now
you're lying unconscious
Can I share a joke with you?
(loud laughter)
Doctor is busy flirting
Stay put
Suxamethonium chloride
C14 H30 N2 O4
If I should say it in a lingo
you will understand... a few minutes
you will be numb
But eyes alone
Who is this boy?
I got you something
I've changed my mind
The hero that you are...
...I shall transform into a villain!
Bearded bozo!
(loud nonstop laughter)
We've cleared all the formalities
to send the body to India, ma'am
Just listen to-what I am saying
Don't react
Love has killed
the Malaysian minister
And he has framed me
Malaysian Police is
trying to hunt me down
If they see you...
...they will immediately arrest you
Is any cop near you?
I'm surrounded
only by cops!
Come out quietly
You don't understand
the situation
I'll trust you, sir
But how do I convince them?
It has been recorded
in the camera
There's no way out
Please surrender
Listen to me
Tonight Love is exporting
the Speed inhaler consignment
If it goes outside Malaysia,
then we can't stop it
Hordes of people will die
because of you
Are you okay with that?
What should I do now?
For the 1st time in your life... an Indian police
For a good cause
Break the rules
With a 'Mr Clean' image till date
I've been with the Malaysian police
After retirement I thought
I could rest peacefully
But I am being screwed royally!
He paralyzed me
1 minute
The Transport minister scribbled
something before he died
Take a look
What could LXJ mean?
Open the console
in front of you
What is the password?
Hack the system
You make it sound very easy
How do I hack it?
Press Ctrl+Alt+F3
at the same time
In the Malaysian
document database...
...cross refer the key word LXJ
What is the button
for cross referen-
We need to exchange our jobs
You should fiddle
with the computer
And I should-
I can handle the computer
But the car has to be
driven fast, right?
That is a moot-
"Zip zap zoom, like a bat out of hell
Put the pedal to the metal"
Hey! Can you slow down?
How will I type?
"You can't race me
Fast as only I can be"
"Can't keep pace with me
you'll get all shaky"
"Watch the anti-climax"
"Two faced pranks"
Stupid of me to question
your driving skill, okay?
What is LXJ?
We've got 19 references
It will take a while, wait
"Do a ton
Floor it, on the run"
"Step up pronto
Accelerate on the go!"
"Don't drive into the kingdom of doom
Large loom, zip zap zoom"
"In my area,
I am the Raja"
"Ask around, dude
Always fun-mood"
"Moustache, beard swag
What an attitude, stag!"
"Hero or villain, who is he?
Face off and tell me"
"Bum-chum, buddy"
"Partner sturdy"
"If you come on to the scene"
"It's rollicking fun
to the power umpteen"
"Follow me"
"You know me"
"Come, get me"
"On my toes, I'm ready
I'll turn you into a dead body"
"Hand in glove"
"Hand and glove"
"If you show up, Love"
They are following us real close
How many cars?
Three, four
"I will smash you seriously
A royal mess you'll be"
Your husband is hot, right?
"Tyres screech to a crescendo"
"Silencer bursts in the gun oho!"
"Quick...quintuple quick"
"Faster than greased lightning"
"This one you know
You were hunting high and low"
"You'll figure out later
2 faced monster"
"Gotcha in a nano-minute
Sparks fly, you've had it"
No heartburn"
LXJ is... old army base
The Transport minister has got
air clearance for Love to fly from here
"I will plan meticulously
to wipe you out totally"
Akilan, only 20 minutes left
for that plane to take off
"You'll be under my mercy"
Akilan, we must stop the export
You have to be conscious
He looked better with a beard!
After 4 minutes
Everyone will slip
and slide in love
You are making
even Love slip!
You have only 15 seconds left
Akilan, are you on the line?
Were you able to get
at least 1 fingerprint?
Just for that 1 fingerprint
...I got pounded to a pulp
Silica gel
Forensic team use this
to brush fingerprints
'You have only 15 seconds left'
(whistling continues)
Trying your tricks with ME, huh?!
You have only 15 seconds left
What does that mean?
'Everyone will slip and fall in love'
But now Love himself
will slip and fall into oblivion!!
Super, huh?
Life should be
enjoyed like this
A month ago...
...the entire Malaysian Police
was looking for us
Now they have themselves
sponsored us on this cruise
But we should use it
Not waste it
What shouldn't we waste?
Our next plan
4 years since we got married
So make babies
for a happy family
Next step
Before you go missing again
Hello! It took you
3 years to propose to me
Baby-plan is all fine
'But I have an assignment'
'This isn't a good time
We'll see later'
You'll say this and
postpone it for 4-5 years
Don't I know you well enough?
We will have a baby soon
Within 2-3 years?
Much sooner
That means?
In 10 months?
Much, much sooner
How is that possible?
In another 24
In 24 hours
"Zip zap zoom, like a bat out of hell"
"Whizzz...put the pedal to the metal"
"Drive left, bang...bash
Swerve right...clash"
"You can't race me
Fast as only I can be"
"Can't keep pace with me
you'll get all shaky"
"Watch the anti-climax"
"Two faced pranks"
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini, kirthi, sethumadhavan
"Do a ton
Floor it, on the run"
"Step up pronto
Accelerate on the go!"
"Don't drive into the kingdom of doom
Large loom, zip zap zoom"
"In my area,
I am the Raja"
"Ask around, dude
Always fun-mood"
"Moustache, beard swag
What an attitude, stag!"
"Hero or villain, who is he?
Face off and tell me"
"Bum-chum, buddy"
"Partner sturdy"
"If you come on to the scene
it's rollicking fun to the power umpteen"
"Follow me"
"You know me"
"Come, get me"
"On my toes, I'm ready
I'll turn you into a dead body"
"Bum-chum, buddy"
"Partner sturdy"
"If you're a bully"
"Follow me"
"You know me"
"Come, get me"
"On my toes, I'm ready
I'll turn you into a dead body"
"Tyres screech to a crescendo"
"Silencer bursts in the gun oho!"
"Quick...quintuple quick
Faster than greased lightning"
"The one you know
You were hunting high and low"
"You'll figure out later
2 faced monster"
"Gotcha in a nano-minute
Sparks fly, you've had it"
"Come, get me"
"Just You vs Me"
"My 'biryani' you'll be"
"Fun and frolic never before seen"
"Never mess me"
"Wanna chase me"
"Can't touch me"
"I'll t(h)rash you happily
A total wreck you'll be"
"Come, get me"
"Just You vs Me"
"My 'biryani' you'll be"
"Fun and frolic never before seen"
"Never mess me"
"Wanna chase me"
"Can't touch me"
"I'll t(h)rash you happily
A total wreck you'll be"