Irugapatru (2023) Movie Script

Marriage, relationship
we perceive them as emotional feelings.
But no one tries to understand
the science behind it.
We pursue multiple degrees
to work in an office for eight hours.
No college provides lessons
on maintaining a lifelong relationship.
Have relationships lost their value?
I think it's easier
to become the Prime Minister
than maintain successful
relationships with everyone.
Welcome to the couples' workshop!
My name is Mitra Manohar.
Psychologist and Marriage Counselor.
People seek counseling only
when they hit a snag in a relationship.
That's wrong!
In my opinion, it's necessary
to attend a counseling session
either before or right after the wedding.
Will seeking counseling in prior
eliminate problems?
That's not true.
Instead of making a big deal
out of the problems,
if a couple learns how to tackle them
they can have a successful marriage.
Many couples don't know
how to tackle the problems.
She says she wants to talk to me.
But I can't speak to her
because she doesn't allow me to.
He disagrees with me no matter what I say.
So I'd rather not talk.
She keeps buying things online.
I didn't use your money.
He always suspects me.
Whenever I pick up my phone,
he asks what I am doing.
Madam, why use the phone in the toilet?
She always takes her phone
to the bathroom.
She kept harping for privacy.
So we moved into a new house.
And now, her mother
permanently stays with us.
I get angry when she plays games
while I'm talking to her.
He isn't romantic at all.
He keeps nitpicking,
so I play games instead.
She goes a day prior to her family events.
But for my family events,
she takes two hours to get ready.
We are always the last ones to arrive.
A husband and wife
don't need a reason to pick a fight.
Being husband and wife is reason enough!
Problems may differ.
We have two common issues to address.
The first is, communication.
"You, it's you"
"It's because of you,
could've, should've"
If we learn to avoid these blame words
during the conversation
we can overcome communication issues.
The second one is connection.
What is your daily average
screen time on your phone?
You spend approximately
three and a half hours
on your phones every day.
How long do you spend
looking into the eyes of your partner?
If we sum it up
we don't spend five minutes
to make eye contact and talk.
While we're dating
or during the honeymoon period,
we make eye contact and talk.
After that, we ignore it entirely,
look away and talk.
How would you connect?
In this fast-moving world
you may ask, "Who has time for all this?"
You have a point.
But at least for one minute,
you could do eye gazing daily.
Before leaving for work in the morning.
Or before you go to bed.
At your convenience.
Actually, you can do it now.
Let's try it!
Fine, let's set aside my preaching.
You may ask me,
"Are you happy in your relationship?"
Of course!
I may be helping out many people
but I learn one thing from each person
I meet every day.
I will learn the cause of the problems
and ensure they do not happen in my life.
The complaints that every husband makes
about his wife
gives me an idea of what I shouldn't do.
So, my husband and I have
no problems in our marriage.
Sir, you say that your wife
has never fought with you?
What if you back out of her plan
at the last minute?
She won't complain.
Has she never checked
your text messages and fought with you?
- She never touches my phone.
- Really?
What if you go out with friends?
How's it possible?
A wife is a wife
only when she troubles her husband.
Okay, madam is a psychologist,
so it's understood.
Have you ever yelled at her
out of frustration?
When we were newly-weds
Mitra, how long will you get ready?
We're late.
We'll reach after the event is over!
Mitra, what are you doing?
We're getting late.
Look in the mirror and say the same words
that you said to me.
- We're getting late.
- Do this first. Please!
Mitra, how long will you get ready?
We're late.
- Let's go.
- Repeat it.
Mitra, how long will you get ready?
We're getting late.
Repeat it.
Mitra, how long will you get ready?
We're getting late.
How does it feel?
Hereafter, whenever you get angry,
look into the mirror and speak.
Come and speak to me after that.
It didn't end there.
In my family, every Wednesday,
we practice honesty hour.
Why do you think you got angry
the other day?
There's a hormone called epinephrine
in our brain
There are many techniques
to avoid getting angry.
Don't worry. I'll teach you.
Read this!
Read it and tell me my love language.
Be calm and try to remember
where you left it, Mano.
Don't I know where I left it?
It was right here.
Hey! Why would you add that?
The pan is not hot yet!
It's a deep well.
You are falling into the well.
Why did you take my phone off charge?
It's at five percent.
Why don't you use your charger?
It's been a year.
People expect us to get pregnant.
We have to silence them
After that, we can't even hug in peace.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Did you forget
about the party I mentioned?
Do you have any sense of time?
Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve
How do you feel?
- Hi!
- Hi!
- New joiner?
- Yes.
- But I used to work out at another gym.
- Oh!
Your style reflects that you're a pro.
My husband and children also say the same.
Move aside. I ask you to lose weight,
but you don't care.
Wake up early and go for a walk.
- There's enough space outside.
- How can I leave the baby unattended?
You can ask the maid
to babysit for an hour.
Don't give me lame excuses.
Who would make breakfast
and lunch for you?
My dear, I don't need breakfast or lunch.
Just lose some weight. I'll manage it.
I'm already going to the gym.
- Stop nagging
- It's been six months.
You haven't lost any weight.
In fact, you've gained more.
You might've had a better shot
if you had cleaned the gym daily.
All you do is gossip at the gym.
That's not true. I've been trying my best.
- But it's not working.
- Stop ordering junk food from Swiggy.
You eat all day and sleep like a pig.
How will you lose the weight?
It's not because I eat more.
- It's my body's nature!
- How did you look during our wedding?
You must've been around 52 kilos.
- Now?
- 73 kilos.
You weigh 73 kilos.
You went to the gym daily
followed a strict diet,
found a scapegoat and married him.
Now that we are married and have a baby
you're sure that I won't leave you.
To be frank,
you deceived me and married me.
Hey, hold on!
Guess what I've made for breakfast.
- What is it?
- Your favorite dish!
My favorite, you say
I surprised you with your favorite dish.
- But you don't seem excited.
- You made Poha last week.
You may think that's why
I did not get excited
but it's not that!
You may also think I'm pulling your leg.
It's not that either.
I was elated to see Poha
and forgot to react.
I hope you won't bring this up
during the honesty hour next week.
Don't worry.
I won't bring up the Poha matter.
But you make it sound like I'm torturing
you with questions during honesty hour.
I'll bring that up for sure.
Divya, why don't you eat first?
I need to reply to a client's email.
What's this, Divya?
You didn't turn off the geyser,
and left the wet towel on the bed.
Leave it on the bed. I'll put it to dry.
Do that before breakfast.
Divya, could you please come back early
from the office today?
What happened?
We need to talk.
I will lose weight soon.
Do as you wish. Why bother telling me?
You never said how I look in this sari.
You always look good in this sari.
This is the first time I'm wearing it.
You bought it for me.
Do you even remember?
If you can't remember what you bought,
why do you even bother?
You're not the only one.
I've gifted saris to many women.
Oh, so you have such fantasies.
You look good!
Madam, what workout shall we do today?
Sudha, my husband spoiled my mood
in the morning.
Is there no easy option to lose weight?
On an empty stomach, have honey
with hot water in the morning.
You'll lose weight within a month.
Do cardio every day.
Don't do cardio.
Lift weights.
A floor workout is the best.
Why don't you try Zumba?
Why don't you try the Paleo diet?
You are slim already.
Why do you want to lose weight?
Just maintain this physique.
I don't feel obese either.
I've put on just a little bit of weight
but my husband says I look like a fat pig.
I think he has a problem
with his eyesight.
Sir wants to meet you.
- Tell him I'll be there.
- Okay.
Hello, Arjun!
Do you have any problem
in your personal life?
- No, sir.
- Then why is this article so awful?
Why? What's wrong?
"What is wrong?"
It's a stale article.
Can't you edit a small article?
Back in the day, when I used to
write articles with a fountain pen
my heartfelt feelings
would reflect on the paper.
Whereas you type profusely,
but there are no results.
You may leave.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
- How many are in today?
- Seven cases.
Mr. Moorthy, I've told you many times.
Don't say that.
- Address them as couples.
- Sorry, ma'am!
Whenever you get angry
write it on a paper,
crush it and stash it in a corner.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Six months later, when you read them
you will laugh at the things you wrote.
You'd feel silly for getting angry.
- Okay?
- Okay, ma'am.
Sudha, bye!
You didn't work out today.
You came, gossiped and left.
Sudha, watch how I work out
from tomorrow.
I'll follow a strict diet.
Oh, God!
What's your project status?
Send me a report this weekend.
- Yes, I'll send it
- Tell me.
Did you order anything from Amazon?
- I received a package so I called you.
- Yeah. Why did you have to call?
I was just keeping you posted.
It's not a life and death matter.
Hang up. I'm busy. I'll call you later.
Rangesh, what's this behavior?
You are fun when you're with us.
But when your wife calls, you yell at her.
I'll be frank.
I don't know why,
but I have no feelings for her anymore.
She's putting on weight.
I tried telling her directly
and indirectly.
She doesn't pay any heed.
Won't I get angry?
The last time we had sex
was to get pregnant.
Then why are you still together?
Did you consider separation?
- We have a kid.
- Don't give this excuse!
Struggling throughout your life
and scolding her in the process.
That's a sin.
My whole family was against me
when I wanted a divorce.
"Your kid's future will be ruined."
"What would our relatives say?"
It's all nonsense!
My son does not feel that he's raised
by a divorced parent.
Because we do not see divorce as a crime.
In fact, in the beginning,
my husband was not pro-divorce
but he now believes
it's the best decision he made.
When you're together, you must be happy.
Why lead a life fighting every day?
I'll refer you to my lawyer.
Meet him once.
- Hi, darling!
- Hi! Did you eat?
Yes, I did.
Hey, are you still connected? Hello?
Okay. I'm done at the court.
I'm heading to my office.
- Meet you in the evening.
- Okay, bye.
When I asked if you ate, I wanted
to know if you liked the food or not.
When will men get it?
I don't know why the arguments happen.
We argued this morning too, right?
What was it? Is Android or iPhone better?
I'm an Android user and she uses iPhone.
She told me to click a picture and I did.
She started arguing
about the camera clarity.
Mahat, it's you who spoke ill
about my camera.
I didn't say anything.
You said there there's no difference
between iPhone 12 and 13
except for the camera position.
You called my phone a dummy
because it hangs.
You spoke ill about Steve Jobs,
so I said...
- Hello.
- Always...
- Okay, now...
- I remember when you started it.
- Swear on Steve Jobs.
- What's all this?
Come on!
It's okay to argue about crucial things.
I understand.
Why do you have to disturb your peace
for two companies?
Next time, whenever an argument sparks
stop immediately
and note down the reason why it started.
Set aside an hour every week
as honesty hour
and discuss things on the list
that are vital to your relationship.
Why do we have to argue daily
for half an hour
and remain angry for the rest of the day?
It's not worth it.
Thanks for coming home early, Divya.
Freshen up. We'll sit down and talk.
Look, Divya, I don't like your behavior.
You've changed.
If this continues, we'll lose our life.
I tried many times to tell you
Why are you talking to yourself?
I was thinking about an article.
Thinking about an article in a toilet?
Sir, I can think better inside the toilet.
People come here to pee
whereas you say you come here to think.
Why don't you bring your desk inside
and work here instead?
I'll try, sir.
Try, you say?
- Hello!
- Did you have your meal?
Hey, idiot!
Why would you call me
when I'm in the toilet?
Hang up!
Divya, please come back early
from the office.
We need to talk.
- Sir, which floor is TG?
- Third floor.
It's my house. Why?
They've ordered food.
Mutton Biryani from Yaa-Mohideen!
- I'll take it.
- Okay, sir.
Did you bring Biryani too?
How come you've ordered just one?
Why don't you order more?
I'll follow a diet from tomorrow.
So I was craving for Biryani
one last time.
I've heard this many times.
- Did you not eat?
- I don't want Biryani.
I meant your lunch, not the Biryani.
You've brought your lunch back.
I ate outside. You don't have
to cook for me from tomorrow.
- Hold him. He cries if I hold him.
- Hold him correctly.
- Why don't you want me to cook?
- Let it go!
It's because you want me
to go for a morning walk.
I'll go to the gym daily.
I'll go for a walk in the evening.
I don't care if you go for walks
or to the gym. It's your wish.
Just don't cook for me.
Why would you say that?
I can't stop cooking for you.
Hey, I said I don't want it!
Stop nagging!
It's okay. Don't cry.
It's okay.
And before we hit the debate,
the legitimate question
we are asking on the News-Hour tonight.
Women's Reservation Bill or
I told you to get back home soon.
I had work at the office. What can I do?
I wonder why only you have so much work.
Your shift ends at 7:00 p.m.
But you leave the office at 9:00 p.m.
Divya, I'm speaking to you.
I just got back home.
I need to freshen up.
Can't you wait for ten minutes?
- You started already.
- Ten minutes?
I've been waiting for three hours
like a mad man!
- Fine. Don't yell at me.
- I'm not yelling!
You call it yelling even if just speak.
What is your problem now?
"What is your problem?"
You're the problem!
Do you even realize what you're doing?
We don't spend time together like before.
We don't smile and talk to each other.
We haven't gone out together.
If I come close, you move away.
We may live in the same house.
But I am not sensing any love from you.
Why are you like this?
Divya, will you speak or not?
- What must I say?
- Why are you like this?
Because there's no love.
But why?
I don't know why.
I get stressed
at the thought of coming home.
I get frustrated when I see your call.
When you come closer, I feel angry.
- Why do you feel so!
- I told you that I don't know why!
- Don't torture me with this daily!
- Oh, I'm torturing you?
You're killing me with your torture.
Divya, stop!
Could you do me a favor?
Can I stay with my folks for a few days?
Divya, why now?
Please, I'm not able to take it.
When we were dating,
we were the happiest.
It slowly changed
after she started working.
I tried talking to her a few times
and we got into a fight yesterday.
Arjun, you can't decide
that she changed after starting work.
She was working even while dating you.
If so, she should've behaved the same.
In every relationship dispute,
there will be a root problem.
You're not able to identify it.
What you mentioned are all just symptoms.
You stress yourself
by trying to figure out her behavior.
What do you do
when you can't handle that stress?
Divya, could you please come back early
from the office today?
We need to talk.
While leaving for work,
you transfer your stress to her.
And you get relieved.
She thinks about it all day
and gets more stressed.
She doesn't know how to handle it
and leaves late from work.
What do you do when the stress
is transferred to you?
You eagerly wait for Divya to return.
You question her as soon as she arrives
and dump your stress back on her!
After that point,
she's not able to handle the stress
and decides to go to her folks
and dumps all the stress back on you.
What started as your minor stress
in the morning
got exchanged multiple times
and returned to you.
Actually, you shouldn't have said
anything to Divya in the morning.
And when she came home in the evening
you should've been patient
instead of questioning her behavior.
You should've asked, "Do you think I'm
the problem? Do you want me to change?"
If you did, you wouldn't be sitting here
in my office.
Where is she right now?
Is she at her father's place?
No, she's at home.
- She didn't go.
- Good!
See, she's giving a chance!
Not to you but to herself.
She's giving a chance to see
if things can change.
I can understand this problem's root
only if I meet her.
Will Divya attend the counseling?
Did you discuss this with your wife?
Not yet.
Will she agree to the divorce?
She definitely won't!
- Then, we should contest for divorce.
- What?
We need to gather points
against your wife and contest.
It's a difficult process.
What is the reason
you're citing for divorce?
Reason is, she's constantly putting
on weight after getting married.
Putting on weight, you say?
Sir, I can't cite this as a reason.
If I cite this reason
and apply for divorce
they'll arrest you.
They'll also arrest me
for filing such a case.
This reason won't suffice.
Something else like alcohol addiction,
extramarital affairs
No, sir, nothing of that sort.
She's a good woman.
In that case, why are you divorcing her?
It looks complicated.
You only have one option.
Don't fight with your wife
and convince her
to apply for mutual divorce.
This is your only option.
Do you know what it means
when men refuse to have home-cooked food
and choose to eat out?
It means they're about to have an affair.
Some seek it out
when they don't get it at home
while some seek it out despite the fact
that they get it at home.
Although they never appear
to be that kind.
At least your husband is warning you.
If he decided to cheat on you,
why would he get angry with you?
He would've done it silently.
If he's picking a fight with you
that means he wants you.
When the husband returns from office
and sees you sweating,
in a night gown, it won't incite feelings.
Only if you groom yourself and smell nice,
would he desire you.
I'm 60 years old.
Do you know why I still groom myself?
Only if we look good to other men
will our man be crazy about us.
We should make it work.
You're a mother. You must know better.
Why do you mind if I go out with my team?
I don't have to explain myself to you.
I can't let it go. Answer me!
You knew what you were getting into.
Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you.
We came here for dinner.
Let's eat and leave.
- Else, I'll go
- What are you looking at?
They've been fighting
ever since they got here.
What is your problem?
Why do you always pay attention
to people who fight?
A husband and wife
are bound to pick a fight.
Tell me. Why don't we fight?
What kind of question is that?
There's no reason to fight.
- So we don't fight.
- What did you say in the TV interview?
"A husband and wife don't need
a reason to pick a fight."
"Being husband and wife is reason enough!"
We are husband and wife.
Why don't we fight?
Why should we fight?
We will never fight.
I don't mind a fight.
A couple should fight and makeup.
History is proof.
This is how it starts.
But only I know how it'll end.
I meet many couples every day.
How can I counsel others
if I make the same mistake?
You see, there's a broom
in a corner of the house.
It's always dirty.
Still, it's used to clean spaces.
it does not matter how we are
in our personal lives.
If we can help others,
that's what matters!
So, you want to pick a fight.
Okay. We'll set aside an hour every week
to fight for your benefit.
During that hour,
you can fight all you want.
- Have the Biryani before it goes cold.
- Oh!
- What is it?
- Nothing!
Pavi, I'm sorry.
I yelled at you yesterday.
- Is there anything to eat?
- Yes.
I had ordered Biryani yesterday,
it is in the fridge.
Shall I warm it up for you?
Divya! Are you washing clothes?
Isn't it obvious?
Well, you put the clothes in once
but didn't switch it on.
I switched it on
Divya, I met a marriage counselor.
Won't you ask what she said?
I'm listening!
What did she say?
I told her everything that happened.
And she said
that the problem lies with me.
Also, she wants to meet you.
Me? Why me?
Didn't she say that the problem
lies with you?
If she hears you out
she can identify the reason and how deep
it has affected our relationship.
It's not a compulsion
but it will be good if you meet her.
Her name is Dr. Mitra.
This is her card.
Not able to sleep?
What happened?
Didn't you brush your teeth?
You have bad breath.
O-One minute.
What happened? You look restless.
We have a child.
How could you think about it?
Forget about the kid. Aren't we happy?
If you have a problem with my weight,
I promise to reduce it.
I didn't say that.
If we're together, we'll keep fighting.
So, it's better that we part ways.
Why should we fight?
Why can't we be happy?
I'm saying that I'm not happy.
Listen, if you want me to satisfy you
please tell me what you want me to do.
You move away from me when I come close.
You have something else on your mind.
Someone must've confused you.
Are you having an affair?
- I swear, I'm not having an affair.
- Then, what is your problem?
Give me some time.
I will change as you desire.
This is my problem.
Why should you change yourself for me?
Why are you not up to my expectations?
Why does it not occur to you?
It sounds like I'm forcing you.
I don't want that.
If you change for me,
it won't last for long.
You can't give me the life I desire.
Please understand.
I've already consulted a lawyer.
He explained to me the divorce process.
Please! Please!
If relationships can transform
in an instant
love and affection will fade away.
The nights will be filled with tears.
No one is exempt from those nights.
No one is exempt from those nights.
Wonderful love
Non-stop drizzle
Never ending search
Love that never has pettyfights
Wonderful love
Non-stop drizzle
Never ending search
Love that never has pettyfights
In the holy room of love
You and I together
I melt lovingly watching you
I like the scent of your mustache
It is an ecstasy watching you
I blush when I see you
The taste of our breath tastes like honey
Wonderful love
Non-stop drizzle
Never ending search
Love that never haspettyfights
Mano, I feel like going for a drive.
Shall we?
Drive? This is new!
Don't ponder. Come on, get up.
Hey, where are you going?
Take a U-turn. Let's go home.
This isn't how you surprise someone.
I will climb up in the air
To write your name in the sky
I will search for flowers
That aren't available on Earth
And adorn myself
There is no woman like you, my beauty
The feather that always falls
And dances on me
I become a kite
And follow you everywhere
I will buy the sky for you
I will make a swing on the Moon
In the breath of love
Let it swing with noise
Wonderful love
Non-stop drizzle
Never ending search
Love that never haspettyfights
How long has it been since your husband
brought up the divorce?
His name is Rangesh, right?
It's been two weeks.
So, what happened during these two weeks?
- Please! Please!
- Let go.
- Please talk to me.
- Get lost!
Please don't
Please give me another chance.
Are you still connected?
I can't imagine my life without you.
Please give me one final chance.
I will change myself.
Please, dear. Talk to me.
If you leave me, I'll die!
Shall we go on a vacation?
It will help you clear your mind.
Hold on.
- I beg of you.
- Hey!
- Please don't reject me.
- Get up!
- Please!
- Stop troubling me so early in the day.
Please, dear!
Where are you? Pavithra has come home.
You want a divorce?
Are you having an affair?
Don't disturb me during work hours.
I'll call you back.
You have a child.
Do you think it's a joke?
Pavithra, he has lost it.
He speaks nonsense.
Have you lost it?
Don't you want to lead a respectful life?
You better get your act straight.
We are old.
Please don't put us through this.
Every couple makes this mistake.
Generally, when someone wants a divorce
do you know the actual meaning behind it?
"I am in a confused state of mind.
My mind is disturbed."
"Don't question me,
leave me alone for a few days."
"I will heal myself."
This is all it means.
Your husband asking for a divorce
is not a big issue.
This just has ten percent chances
of ending in a divorce.
But since you don't know
how to handle the situation
and end up doing all this
it will be 90 percent of the reason
leading to your divorce.
Okay. Forget about him.
How do you wish to lead your life?
Do you like to be fit or remain like this?
I like to be fit.
So, you both desire the same.
Can I meet Rangesh?
Sure, ma'am.
- Nice dress.
- Thank you.
You too are beautiful,
you have a nice smile.
It does not cost anything to smile.
Be happy and keep smiling.
Divya, I can understand your situation.
Arjun shared a lot of things with me.
From what he said,
I can understand you to an extent.
But I can't understand Arjun.
Right from the moment you met him,
things you like about him
and things you don't like
What made you decide to marry him?
Where did the differences begin?
Could you share it with me?
Hi, Divya, right?
Divya, you don't speak much.
You use your mouth only to drink juice.
That came out wrong.
That's it!
Our endless conversations began.
Could this be our destiny?
You and I together
Holding on forever
You and me
All day, I think about you
A love like this is so true
It's plain to see
He threw me a surprise party
on my birthday.
He also wrote a poem for me.
"Roses are red."
"You're my cheesy spread."
The poem was terrible.
But that was the best gift
I received in my life.
What I don't like about Arjun is,
he thinks only he is right
and that everyone else is wrong.
He apologizes when I am upset
makes me smile,
and brings me back to normal.
- Hi, baby!
- Go and take a shower!
Why are you being formal?
We're married. So this is how it will be.
Go and take a shower.
Hey, it's option A.
- No, it's option B.
- You and me
Just you and me
Hey, I'm watching something!
Later, slowly, our conversations reduced.
A distance has come between us
- So it's hard to see
- Does it look good?
Yes. We're getting late. Hurry up.
- His admiration towards me receded.
- It's our life together
But now this stormy weather
Is making me feel like you are miles away
Won't you eat?
Each minor thing I did for him
went unappreciated.
Divya, what's taking so long?
Don't pack my lunch. I'll have it outside.
Hey, please wait for ten minutes!
Yet I made his lunch
and took it to his office.
He didn't thank me for the effort
or apologize for yelling at me
in the morning.
It made me feel like a fool.
Why is the laundry lying on the bed?
Why didn't you fold it?
You and me
Open it quickly.
You and me
Give me that, dumbo!
You don't even know how to open a lock.
It would help if you knew physics.
You and me
Silly fool, why didn't you
close the lid correctly?
I was staying at home without a job
and the respect for me
was slowly wearing off.
Divya, you're idle at home.
You could've cleaned the toilet.
What else do you do?
He started yelling for anything
and everything.
I never had time for myself.
After that,
I started to dislike staying at home.
Without any motivation,
I went into depression.
I would cry when I was alone.
I wouldn't know the reason
but I would keep crying.
I feared going to my parents
thinking they would blame me
as it was a love marriage.
I could not share my feelings with anyone.
That's when I decided to look for a job.
If not, I'd go insane staying at home.
Job? Why do you want to work?
You hardly do the household chores.
No need to go to work.
Put the towel to dry.
I'm bored staying at home.
I will manage both work and home.
We were planning for a child
in six months.
I'll work for six months.
I will quit once I conceive.
You won't find a job so soon.
It will take six months.
Fine, give it a try.
It took me a week to convince him.
How did you land a job so soon?
Anyway, congrats!
Everyone at work appreciates me.
They speak to me happily.
The self-respect that I was expecting,
I got in abundance at work.
Come on, kick it!
- Oh!
- Oh! Yes!
The brand I'm working on
has won a Maddies Award.
The client is very happy.
My boss got an email from a client
appreciating me for my work.
- Everyone at work...
- That doesn't matter.
As a husband,
my appreciation for you matters.
In my opinion
as a wife, you're a zero.
As the days passed, it was getting worse.
He would keep nagging
after coming home from work.
He would torture me
without letting me sleep all night.
My head felt like it was going to explode.
Sometimes, I would feel like running away
without telling anyone.
Or I would feel like ending my life
by crashing into a truck.
I'm not able to take it.
I've lost myself.
Don't bother. I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Please go and change.
You seem preoccupied.
Such things are familiar to you.
I agree.
But when I heard her story,
I felt sorry for her.
Actually, it's the girl's fault.
The first time she got hurt
she should've sat her husband down
and told him that she's not comfortable
with his actions.
But she never spoke up.
This is stage one, resistance.
Adjustment is the worst disease
in the world.
The first culprits are the parents.
During the wedding,
they tell the daughter
to adjust and lead a life.
They begin with minor adjustments.
Later, it'll keep piling on.
This is the second stage.
Bottling up.
They'll bottle up everything.
They must speak up at this stage at least.
When you don't speak up
and keep bottling everything up,
it will move to stage three.
They will start rejecting everything
they used to do together.
At this stage, their partner will realize
that there's a problem.
When they start nagging
and asking why they have changed
it will move to stage four.
The final stage.
They get sick of living their life.
That girl is in this stage now.
Not just her
but many have the same problem.
Now do you understand
why the honesty hour is important?
We can discuss and resolve issues
right then and there.
What if discussing it does not help?
Do you know what the issue is?
What was the first stage?
- Resistance.
- Yeah, resistance.
It's fine if they hear their partner out
at that stage.
But adamant people think
they're always right.
There's no point in talking.
Talking to them is of no use.
They endure it as much as they can.
Like that girl.
You have a point.
Few people just don't understand
no matter how many times we say it.
Arjun, during our session the other day
you mentioned that you love Divya a lot
but she does not seem to see it.
Exactly, that's the problem.
Divya does not understand your love.
Because your love language is different.
Divya's love language is different.
If you speak in Tamil to a Chinese girl,
would she understand? No.
You need to speak her language
to make her understand.
Similarly, in love,
there are five different languages.
The first one is, words of affirmation.
Expressing love through words.
It could be complimenting her dressing.
Or appreciating her cooking.
According to her, this is love.
The second is, act of service.
Only words of appreciation won't suffice.
You need to express your love
through actions.
Buying groceries from the store.
Cleaning the house together.
Even making a cup of coffee
is an act of service.
The third is, quality time.
You don't have to appreciate it.
Neither do you need to express in action.
It's enough
if you just put away your phone
and spend quality time with her.
The fourth is, touch!
Not just sex.
Just a tight hug,
or holding hands and walking.
This would make her feel very happy.
Finally, the fifth stage is, gifts!
Small surprises.
That's it!
Now tell me, Arjun.
What is Divya's primary love language?
Divya's primary love language
is the first one.
Words of affirmation!
She only expects a few words of love
from you for her efforts.
That's it!
According to her,
your words of appreciation are love.
You hardly appreciate her
after getting married.
Instead, you kept finding faults in her
and ended up this situation.
Divya, if Arjun hurts you again
discuss it and sort it out
during the honesty hour.
This is for you.
Gratitude Jar.
You've only been looking
at each other's negative side.
So, you don't seem to notice
the positive things.
So daily, you must do this for Divya
and Divya, you do this for Arjun.
Write a thank-you-note
and put it inside this jar.
Once in 15 days,
exchange the notes and read them.
You will feel better in a few weeks.
Dear, look at your dad.
He is leaving for work.
Say "bye" to him.
I met a doctor yesterday.
She's a famous psychologist in the city.
Why are you doing this now?
Who asked you to consult a psychiatrist?
She isn't a psychiatrist,
but a psychologist.
It does not matter.
- The neighbour told me to consult...
- What is wrong with you?
Why are you spreading the news?
What have you decided about the divorce?
Could you please meet her once?
Why should I meet her?
I did not lose my mind!
I don't need a psychiatrist. You're crazy!
If you keep at it, I'll run away
without telling anyone.
Why did you call me?
I have already told her.
I have no interest in meeting you.
Why do you call me during working hours?
I did not lose my mind.
Why are you calling me?
For God's sake, I have no interest
in meeting you.
- I don't want to hear from you...
- Rangesh! Hold on.
Your wife has a serious problem.
I need to discuss it with you.
Problem? What problem?
Yes, ma'am!
Yeah, okay, ma'am.
Sir, you may go in.
Rangesh, please have your seat.
- What is wrong with Pavithra?
- I'll explain.
Before that, I need to talk to you.
My intentions are not just
to help my clients reconcile.
I need to understand what's good for them,
and guide them appropriately.
I'm not going to be against your decision.
Are you certain that you want a divorce?
- Yes.
- Good!
Not many have this clarity.
They are simply stubborn to get a divorce.
But when you ask them firmly,
they start to wonder.
It's great that you're clear
about what you want.
Perhaps after two months
you decide not to get a divorce.
Let's just assume so.
What could be the reason?
What kind of activity
during these two months
would've changed your decision?
Forget about it. I'll make it simple.
Do you have ten reasons
to divorce Pavithra?
Can you tell me?
She's getting obese
without caring about health.
- No dressing sense.
- Okay.
When I'm with her, I feel stressed.
She orders
and eats junk food all the time.
Rangesh, don't force yourself
and find reasons.
Do you have any other stress?
Like work or something else?
The reason why I am asking is
because sometimes,
we get stressed for something else.
As we don't identify the problem
we get hold of something
that appears in front of us
and make ourselves believe
this is the reason for our stress.
Anything of that sort
If Pavithra becomes fit in two months
and transforms like a model
are you confident that you won't be
stressed and feel relieved?
You called me to discuss Pavithra's issue.
But you're questioning me
as if I'm the problem.
If you wish to do good to Pavithra
explain to her that applying
for mutual divorce will help both of us.
Please answer honestly to my question.
Imagine that I put on weight.
Put on weight, you say?
See for yourself.
You've put on some weight.
- You actually look fat in this angle.
- Enough!
I haven't put on any weight.
- Just answer the question.
- Okay.
Will you leave me if I put on weight?
Well, your weight wouldn't be the reason
but if you keep citing
your clients' problems as an example
I may leave you and run away.
I have a client who is very innocent.
Her husband is filing for divorce
because she put on weight.
I wonder what he's going through.
Poor fellow.
Are you serious?
He wants to leave her due to her weight.
- And you are pitying him!
- Hey, why are you yelling at me?
Go and yell at your client's husband.
Okay. Tell me something.
Would you accept if the husband
is alcoholic and has a paunch?
You expect your match
to look like a movie hero.
It's fair for him to expect
a good-looking wife.
I know your answer to my question.
Forget about it. Tell me the truth.
Have I put on weight?
Oh! I'll answer during the honesty hour.
Perhaps it's the dress!
Pavithra, set aside your family,
society and child.
Close your eyes for a minute
and think if you really need Rangesh.
And tell me what you feel.
Now tell me, Pavithra.
What does your heart say?
Do you still want Rangesh?
I truly want him!
Then, go and apply for a divorce.
your weight is not Rangesh's problem.
In fact, you're not his problem.
When certain people decide
to buy something
they need to buy it right away.
But after they buy it
they wouldn't know where it is
after a couple of days.
The thought of getting a divorce
is firm in his mind.
He won't rest until he applies for it.
He's mentally disturbed.
During this time,
we need to help him, Pavithra.
Can't we cure him using medicines?
Oh, God, Pavithra!
I said Rangesh is mentally disturbed.
He does not have a mental disorder.
There are two things
you should do for his treatment.
The first one,
apply for a divorce right away.
The court will give you six months' time.
Use that time to reduce your weight.
Only if these two things
successfully happen
Rangesh will understand
that you're not the problem.
You're not doing this for Rangesh.
You're doing it for yourself.
Okay, ma'am.
Tell me when
we can go and apply for a divorce.
Madam, listen to this.
We've seen many reasons
people state for a divorce.
In UP, a girl filed for divorce because
her husband never fought with her.
I'll read it out.
"As there's no excitement in marital life,
the wife filed for divorce."
"The husband did not pick a fight
during the 18 months of marriage"
"and continued to abide by his wife"
"and there was no satisfactory love life"
"so a woman from Chambal District in UP
filed for a divorce."
What happened?
Do you like me?
What happened?
A woman filed for divorce
as her husband never fought with her.
You too have mentioned
that I never fight with you.
Do you truly like me?
Am I a good wife?
I like you a lot!
Just because it happened to them,
doesn't mean it will happen to us too.
Mano, tell me the truth.
Do you like me?
Do I have any faults?
Do I need to change myself?
There's no need.
I like you for many things.
What about the rest of the things?
Mitra, I won't leave you.
What do you like about me?
You stop me from going to work
and do facials for me.
You take me on a drive
and surprise me with camping.
You cook my favorite dish, Poha.
What else do I need?
Hey! Good evening!
Hi, sir. Good evening.
- Isn't she done yet?
- No, I'll inform her.
It's okay. The event is at 7:00 p.m.
- I hope she'll be done soon.
- Yes.
Just one more appointment.
It will take some ten minutes.
They'll consult her and leave right away.
Okay. I hope she'll be done soon.
Okay, sir.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- No.
- No.
- Sir, no, sir.
- No way!
Generally, people come here
for relationship counseling.
- So I asked.
- No, we're into software.
We have developed an app
which is very useful for couples
to lead a better relationship.
We are yet to launch the app.
We are working on it.
Ms. Mitra is one of our consultants.
What app is it? And how do I use it?
At present, the major problem couples face
is the heavy workload.
It makes them forget
to do little things for their partners.
This is more like a reminder.
Once you sign in to the app
you will get 30 questions
with optional answers.
You can pick the option
that is the closest match to you.
When you complete answering
all the questions
this app will assess you and your partner.
After that, it'll suggest things
you could do for your partner daily.
What kind of suggestions?
It differs from one person to another.
We have over 500 recommendations.
It will understand the likes, dislikes,
love languages and give suggestions.
For example, complimenting,
"You look beautiful."
Cooking their favorite dish.
Taking them to movies, concerts, fine dine
late-night drive,
or an early morning walk on the beach.
Taking your partner
on a surprise romantic trip.
Consistently giving them little gifts.
Doing yoga together.
Baking a cake.
Ruffling their hair and hugging them.
Such little things the couples forget
to do these days.
This app will notify them
and make them do it.
It ensures that their relationship
is happy.
Hey! Shall we go out for dinner?
Mano, I feel like going on a drive.
Go and take a shower.
I'll pick a shirt for you to wear.
Okay? We will dress up in the same color.
A crack has formed in a drop of rainwater
See, it has thawed silently
In the breeze that hit it
The beautiful love has become a riddle
Why has our life become
An unintelligible search?
Should it become a forest without rivers?
A sky without the Moon?
An ocean without waves?
Please do not go away
Should it become a home without a path?
A temporary nest?
A voiceless cuckoo? Please do not leave
Please do not leave
Please do not leave
Please do not leave
Please do not leave
A crack has formed in a drop of rainwater
See, it has thawed silently
In the breeze that hit it
The beautiful love has become a riddle
Had you not known about love languages
we would've fought like other couples.
You could've avoided
pursuing psychology, Mitra.
Can't we reverse the flawed yesterday?
Can we start our life afresh, darling?
Will the heart
That is searching for the path
Get its answer?
Will we keep waiting, darling,
Till the situation changes?
Won't a love without squabbles
A loveless sex
Become a closed abode, darling?
Anger on one side
Longing on the other side
Why this act?
Won't our love survive?
Should it become a forest without rivers?
Hi. Did you have your lunch?
I'm busy. I'll call you later.
An ocean without waves?
Please do not go away
Did you join Glam Gym?
Yes. What happened?
It's a good gym.
It's a unisex gym.
The men might ogle
at the women working out.
You too go to an unisex gym.
Do you ogle at the women over there?
You look pretty.
Without any disguise and ego
Shall we live as ourselves, my love?
Without looking at the weaknesses
And without complaints
Shall we love the sweet thoughts, my love?
Shall we become one? That me without you
And you, without me
Can it become an empty space?
Come, my love
Sacrifice on one side
Questions on the other
What does this mean?
Won't our love survive?
Won't our love survive?
Won't our love survive?
Won't our love survive?
Won't it survive?
Won't our love survive?
Mano, it's Wednesday today.
Do you want to talk?
It's okay if there's nothing.
Please eat.
What's this, Divya?
You've put empty notes inside the jar.
Why did you check it?
We're supposed to read them tomorrow.
Answer me. Why didn't you write anything?
I did not feel like writing anything.
Divya, you know why we are doing this.
I'm struggling to save our marriage,
but you don't care.
Then why would I come for counseling?
Then why didn't you write?
Aren't you thankful to me for anything?
I was going to write something
on each note.
I didn't know that you'd check it now.
Always nagging!
You could've told me you'd write
when you felt like it.
Had I told you
I know the scene you would've created.
You decided to write something today
because of the fear that I might
create a scene tomorrow, right?
Stop piling on questions!
It's irritating!
So what you're doing is right,
but I'm wrong to question it?
For two weeks,
you didn't yell or question me.
I was going to thank you for it.
You finally vented out
your frustration today and ruined it.
It's not possible.
You'll be shocked if you see her list.
Binu, what have you done?
You uploaded an old file
instead of the updated one.
Sorry, I might've missed it.
- Why are you getting angry?
- Are you serious?
I've been racking my brain
wondering what went wrong.
But you're calm and snarky
like a big shot.
Excuse me, brother. Mind your words.
I can retaliate.
Come on, do it. I dare you to!
I'll punch you...
- What will you do?
- Look there.
- Hey, let's stop them.
- Sir!
Sir, let it go. Don't fight.
- I respect you since you're my senior.
- Hold him.
Hey, hold him back, I say.
- Enough?
- Hey, pull him back.
Buddy, let it go.
- Let him go!
- Hey, what the hell?
Lately, there have been
many complaints about you.
You yell for no reason,
you've become short-tempered.
Is this how you behave with your team?
Your wife may remain silent
if you yell at her
- but your colleagues won't.
- Don't speak out of turn!
Rangesh, don't ever do this.
I'm being pressured to take
disciplinary action against you.
But I'm requesting them to bench you.
Who are you people to bench me?
I quit!
Why did you commit to finish a project
in 5 months that takes 8 months?
I'm getting a bad name
because of the pressure.
I'd rather sell snacks on the road
than work here.
Employee of the month!
Are you the Employee of the Month?
Are you?
Or are you the Employee of the Month?
All aboard. You'll be in my state soon.
I curse you all!
- Didn't you go to bed?
- No.
I was waiting to talk to you.
Sit, Mano.
Mitra, I'm not in the mood to talk.
Then let it be.
We'll talk later.
When will you speak
if you keep avoiding the talk?
You know,
I've not been myself for a while.
You could've asked me.
Instead, you set aside time for it.
You ask if I want to talk.
But before I begin to talk,
you assume and end the conversation.
So what if I'm not in the mood to talk?
Why can't you hold me by my collar
and make me talk?
Why don't you do it?
What are you saying?
Let's sit down and talk
no matter what it is.
This is what I'm talking about.
This is the problem.
Should I stand and talk? Or should I sit?
You have a theory for everything.
I'll get emotional and speak my heart out
if I stand and talk.
And the problem will escalate. Am I right?
There's nothing more to escalate.
An app suggests you
to pamper and cook for your husband.
To buy me a new shirt.
What does the app know about us?
I've been using the app
only for two months.
It's just an experiment to check
its functionality.
Mitra, I'm not an object to experiment.
I too have emotions, Mitra!
Don't toy with my emotions.
You are beside me, hugging me
and kissing me.
It hurts because you did all that
based on the app's suggestion.
I did not expect too much from you.
A normal life as a husband and wife.
Fighting and making up for little things.
Living a happy life.
Why can't you give me that life?
Fight with me.
Don't talk to me for a few days.
Let me come back to you, beg,
and make you speak to me.
Why is this so hard for you?
You were never a wife
in this relationship.
You live as a psychologist.
You never saw me as your husband.
You see me as a subject.
Someone lost their privacy
by having children
so you chose not to have children.
Have you ever snooped through my phone?
You won't do it.
Because it'll cause problems.
Possessiveness, doubting your partner.
There's so much love
in that possessiveness!
When I return late from the office,
nagging me for being late is love.
Calling me repeatedly
and asking me when I'll come home
is a kind of love.
Little things you avoid
have so much love in them.
People come to you for treatment.
You treat them with your medicine.
But in our case, do you know what you do?
We take medicine every day
fearing that we might get sick.
One day, that medicine
will turn into poison.
Why don't you understand?
It stresses me
when I think there's not even
a tiny problem between us.
You said there is no problem
but now you're stating a huge problem.
The drizzle that has ended
Will not come back
How will a flower that has dried
Carry fragrance?
How can a burnt-out sky give us a day?
The bird that has fallen
Will not fly again
Do you not have the love I am looking for?
Is there no truth in your love?
To carry you in my heart through my life
I went on and on learning, is that a sin?
You locked yourself in
After throwing sword-like words on me
I cried out because of the wounds
But you said I was pretending
You look at me as an accused
Your questions throw me into fire
Your questions throw me into fire
- Where shall we have dinner?
- Let's go somewhere nearby.
- Shall we go to Cream Center?
- Why should we go so far?
Let's go nearby. Moreover, I'm hungry.
It shows only 15 minutes. Look.
Okay, let's go.
Here, navigate.
Hey! Please wait.
Pull up the lever.
Now, slowly move behind. That's it!
You don't get it
no matter how many times I explain it.
Divya, when will you quit your job?
Why should I?
We must plan to start a family.
We already discussed it.
When you took up the job, you said
you'd quit after six months
as we planned to have a baby.
It's been more than six months.
Let's not delay it further.
I can't quit at my will.
It would take some time.
- Upcoming left.
- Show me.
Why did you ask me to guide you?
You could've checked it.
You think I can't follow the map?
Hey, I was just asking.
Don't get worked up.
How long do you need?
Let's talk about it later.
Why not now? I'm speaking in a calm tone.
Don't talk about having a baby now.
I need some time.
Don't ask me how long I need.
We'll discuss it when my mind is clear.
There's huge traffic.
We could've eaten on the way.
This hunger is giving me a headache.
The headache is because of the talk,
not hunger.
The traffic is due to signal. It'll move.
Take the next right turn.
- This one?
- Not this one.
Further ahead.
Oh, no! We missed the right turn.
Hold on!
See! You yelled when I cross-checked!
You don't know how to navigate!
I've to drive long for a U-turn.
Had I done this, you would've yelled!
You would've kept yelling till dinner.
Your problem is, you disagree
if you don't know something.
Your life will get better
when you start to admit.
Until then, we'll be fighting.
We will never fight
if you agree that you're dumb.
- I'm not dumb!
- You're dumb, but you disagree!
Arjun, I'm not dumb.
I can't agree just because you say it.
How could you not?
Wait, let's sort it out now.
Why did you pull over? I'm hungry.
It's okay.
You won't die if we talk for a while.
Answer my question.
You can't even unlock a door.
You don't know to push the seat
despite me explaining it.
You can't follow the map.
What's this called? Are you not dumb?
You know why you don't admit you're dumb?
You're so dumb you don't realise it!
You want me to agree that I'm dumb. Right?
I agree I'm dumb. Are you happy?
I'm dumb! I'm dumb! I'm dumb!
You should've married someone
smarter than me.
Why did you marry me?
You're torturing me daily
by calling me dumb.
Divya, stop. Please, Divya.
Divya, please. Please, Divya!
- Mister, take me to Nungambakkam.
- Okay.
Divya, please wait.
- I'm sorry.
- Let's go!
- Please hear me out.
- Start the vehicle.
Please wait, mister. Divya, please.
When are you resuming your job?
I'm not going to work anymore.
I quit my job.
You were stressed because of this job.
It's good that you quit.
There are many opportunities.
Just keep trying.
Shall I check with my former employer
for openings?
I know what to do. I'll handle it.
I don't need your help.
Next month, we have the house EMI
and loans to pay.
You need to find a job soon.
I never wanted to buy this house.
We could've lived peacefully in a rental.
I lost my peace because of you.
If you really want to help
just leave me alone till we get divorced.
Are you planning to shed weight in a day?
Come on, sir.
I see no results no matter what I do.
You won't find results when you do it
for someone else.
Continue if you're doing it for yourself.
If not, don't bother coming to the gym.
Arjun, why do you always call her dumb?
Let's assume she's dumb.
Why do you expect her to admit it?
I'm trying to understand why!
I get angry when she behaves foolishly.
You're not angry because she's dumb.
It's because at times,
she's smarter than you.
Generally, men don't like it
when their wife or girlfriend
is smarter than them.
Their mind will expect them
to see them as dumb.
Beyond that, if they appear
to be smarter than men
their minds can't accept it.
The ego in your mind will get disturbed.
So, to console yourself
and to prove that you are smarter
you nitpick on Divya's smallest mistakes.
You gather those mistakes
and blow it into a huge problem.
And your mind finds happiness in it.
I think you're doing the same.
No, I don't have anything like that
on my mind.
Did you speak to Divya after that?
I'm done with it!
If you keep finding faults
how can I live with you?
I'm losing my self-confidence.
I'm extremely hurt!
- Divya, please come with me.
- I won't!
- Divya, please!
- No way!
Let's go to our house and talk.
- I won't go with you.
- Divya, please!
You see, a monkey
when it's hurt
and there's a wound on its body,
it just keeps meddling with it.
And won't let the wound heal.
Now, you're being that monkey.
When someone is angry
it's best to give them time and not talk.
Right now,
you'll have to do just one thing.
Sixty days of no contact period
with Divya.
Two months?
I can't go four days without seeing her.
Arjun, I understand
it must be tough for you.
My husband has not spoken
to me for a while either.
No matter how much I force him
or beg, he's not going to change.
I think the space I'm giving him
will bring him back to me.
You'll do the same for the next 60 days.
Until then, no texting,
no calls, and no meetings.
Zero contact!
Especially uploading sad pictures
on WhatsApp
and downloading quotes on missing
your wife and posting as status.
Please don't do it.
That is a kind of contact too.
Upon seeing it, she won't feel
that you're missing her.
But she will get irritated.
You've got 60 days of bachelor life.
Enjoy yourself!
- Hello!
- Shall we go out this evening?
Come soon.
I'll be ready in ten minutes.
Oh! That ice cream was as good as dinner.
- Yes!
- I'm not having dinner.
- Are you hungry? Shall I order something?
- No, I'm good.
Thank you.
It was a good day.
I really enjoyed it.
Me too.
- It's nothing!
- This is what I don't like.
If you feel like saying something, say it!
If you don't, you won't be at peace.
Once we start getting into fights
it will continue.
I spoke to Ms. Prema.
Shall we attend a counseling session?
I can counsel you
but you will take it personally
and get angry.
At present, we have an app
to remind us to drink water.
The relationship app is similar.
It's just a reminder.
There's no need for you to get worked up
Why do you do this, Mitra?
Have you lost it?
You just don't get it.
I'm not angry about the app in your phone,
but the thought inside your head!
It is programmed to live happily
by doing specific things.
That is my problem.
I don't know how to delete that.
Up until now, I was just angry.
Don't turn it into hate.
Anger will eventually subside.
But if I begin to hate you,
I won't even come near you.
Why would you spoil
such a nice moment, Mitra?
You won't change.
You will never change.
Mano, please stop!
Mano, please open the door.
Please talk to me, Mano!
If you leave your psychology at office
and step inside the house
as a wife, let me know.
Until then, don't speak to me.
Will I get a second chance to reconcile?
Will I get a second chance to reconcile?
My beloved
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
The dawn will bring peace
The path will be clear
Oh heart, all will change eventually
Do not keep crying
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
Who has not been wounded?
Who has never been sad?
If happiness is enough
That's not a life at all
The flower has fragrance
It carries sharp thorns as well
With the support of thorns only
The flowers can also live here
When the time changes
Dad, did Arjun call?
He did not.
Shall I call him?
No need, Dad.
The dilemma will be over
Peace is the explanation
Oh heart, all will change eventually
Do not keep crying
Pavithra, you don't have to struggle
because I asked you to.
I'm not working out for your sake.
I'm doing it for me.
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
Under the vast sky, all are paths
If we tread on the paths
We acquire knowledge
When our perceptions change
When we look deep into things
We will understand the reasons
And all will change then
The cloudy times
Will come and go in the sky
When the clouds disappear
We will be able to see afar
The mist will clear
The Moon will shine
Oh heart, all will change eventually
Do not keep crying
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
Oh light, do not disappear
We cannot live in the dark
During my childhood, when I saw
kids playing outside on the streets
I wished to play with them.
But my dad took me to his shop
saying that the kids would spoil me.
I wished to play sports in school.
But that was prevented
because my education would be affected.
During high school,
I wanted to pursue accounts and commerce.
But my dad insisted on picking Biology.
To pursue medicine in the future.
I did not score enough
to bag a medical seat.
I wished to study business management.
He made me pursue Isaying software has a great future.
After my graduation,
I wanted to start a small business
and went to my dad for help.
He said, "I don't have any money.
You better find a job and make money."
With no option left, I took up a job,
made money and saved some.
And then I wanted to start
a business with my savings.
"Why would you quit and start a business?"
"You won't find a bride then."
"It'd be best if you continued your job
and it'll help you get a girl."
Then I got married.
I told my wife
that I was going to start a restaurant.
She asked me if I had lost my mind.
"Software and restaurant
have nothing in common."
She said it won't work out.
Whenever I brought up the topic
of doing a business
everyone ganged up on me
"He's persistent on doing business
since he has savings."
"It's best you buy a house.
The society will respect you."
They emptied my savings
and put down a down payment
on the house.
I'll have to earn to pay the EMI
for the next 20 years.
I need to think a thousand times
if I want to buy something for myself.
Now I don't have a job.
Neither am I interested.
Banks don't seem to approve
a business loan.
I'm two months behind on my EMI.
I feel like I'm working
to pay someone else's EMI.
I don't know what to do.
Should I admit this is my life
and adapt to it?
Take up any job I get
and pay monthly EMis and lead my life?
Or should I stick to my principles
and live on my terms?
What should I choose?
I feel like I'm blindfolded
and pushed into a forest.
I'm waiting for the results
from a few banks.
Let's see what happens.
A company said it will give me a job.
The salary is lesser
than what I used to earn.
I have no option but to take it.
You asked me,
"If Pavithra loses weight,
would you be happy?"
Even if she does
I can't face her.
My life didn't turn out as I wanted.
Let her lead her life on her terms
and be happy.
I was torturing her.
I don't understand.
I felt like talking to someone.
So I came to see you.
Thank you.
Hello, Pavithra!
- Align the image to the right.
- Okay.
- Arjun.
- Sir!
I saw that your Bullet article
is two pages.
Cut it down to half a page.
I'm about to lock the layout.
You're making changes now!
Why do you want to reduce it?
Why would I ask you to reduce it
if it was good?
You've written a lot of things.
- The content isn't good.
- You say so as you never rode a Bullet.
Bullet owners
will find the article useful.
Arjun, I'm not running this magazine
for Bullet owners.
Everyone should like it and understand.
When I ask to reduce, you reduce it.
- Why are you arguing with me?
- Sir, what's your problem?
Do you have a problem
with the content or me?
I wrote Ms. Bhavani's article.
You didn't find any fault in it.
But you find faults in mine.
If you're bent on finding faults,
everything will seem wrong.
As if we're fools,
and you're the only one wise.
How can I work if you keep finding faults?
How can I live with you
if you keep finding faults?
Generally, men don't like it
when their wife
or girlfriend is smarter than them.
Their mind will expect them
to see them as dumb.
Hey, it's option A.
No, it's option B.
I told you. It's option B.
Hey, I know it was a fluke.
No, I know it.
I work in journalism and I didn't know.
How would you know?
Does that mean I shouldn't know
what you don't know?
Buddy, this track is good.
- Who is the composer?
- It's a mix track.
The artist is Nujabes.
- You know it?
- Yes, I do.
Have you listened to the Tribe Sampler?
It's an amazing trippy track.
- Sir, ready to order?
- What is a Tropic Thai?
- Sir, it's Thai cuisine...
- It's Thai Cuisine, Arjun.
They'll add tomatoes and capsicum.
And they'll roll the chicken in a leaf
and steam it.
That is Tropic Thai.
- Am I right?
- Yes, ma'am.
This book has information on filammaking.
It's not filam, it's film.
It's pronounced venz-day!
It's pronounced rez-oo-may.
- Try the Elite and you'll find it.
- It's pronounced ay-leet.
Beyond that, if they appear
to be smarter than men
their minds can't agree with it.
The ego inside your mind
will get disturbed.
So, to console yourself
and to prove that you are smarter,
you nitpick on Divya's smallest mistakes.
Why is the laundry on the bed?
Why didn't you fold it?
You didn't switch off the geyser
and left the wet towel on the bed.
Give it to me, dumbo!
You can't even open a lock.
How do I live with you
if you keep finding faults?
Follow my instructions blindly.
Don't question me.
I get tired of explaining things to you.
Silly fool! Why didn't you
close the lid properly?
Your colleagues' appreciation
doesn't matter.
As a husband, my appreciation
matters the most.
In my opinion, you are zero as a wife.
Do you know why you don't admit
you're dumb?
It's because you're too dumb
to even realize it!
Why are you crying?
Listen, you can have your two pages.
I won't say a thing.
Why are you still crying?
It's not that, sir. My wife and I
have been having problems lately.
She said she can't live with me and left.
I could not understand why.
I thought she was the problem.
I just realized that I'm the problem.
I have a habit, sir.
I always assumed she was foolish.
I called her dumb and chided her.
I can never blame her.
My perception of her was wrong.
I got angry and frustrated
when you criticized my article.
She left her family behind
to live with me.
And I choked her with my toxic traits.
Poor girl.
We taunt them in the spur of the moment.
But we don't realize
that our words might hurt them.
You don't need intelligence to love.
Who is smart or foolish is not important.
All we need is 100 percent love.
She loved me right from the beginning
but I made a mistake.
I did not value her love for me
and kept finding faults in her.
I made a mistake!
Arjun, you're young and learned it sooner.
I am 54 years old.
I never called my wife by her name.
I only called her silly names
depending on the situation.
Every man yells at his wife
at some point in life.
Please don't worry.
Wipe your tears.
Go and speak to your wife.
Don't cry. Go!
Go ahead!
Listen. Shall I make Adai for dinner?
I need to soak the lentils.
Forget about dinner.
First, I need to apologize to you.
All these years,
I only addressed you as a silly fool.
Please forgive me for it.
Yes, I'm still connected.
- Are you drunk or something?
- Drunk?
I'm talking to you
about an important matter.
You're asking me an unrelated question.
Hang up. I'll come home and speak to you.
Silly fool!
Divya, Arjun has come home.
Don't get angry.
Don't speak out of turn. Tie your hair up.
I came to discuss many things.
I don't know how to explain it.
- I don't know where to start.
- Arjun.
I need a divorce.
Okay. What should I do?
I met a lawyer last week.
An experienced one.
He asked me to take time to think,
and consult him after discussing with you.
You can hire a lawyer to contest
if you disapprove of it.
We can use my lawyer
if we apply for a mutual divorce.
The process will be quick.
I'm not going to contest.
I've fought with you enough.
Let's apply for a mutual divorce.
Okay, bye!
Mano, please talk to me like before.
Shall we go on a vacation, please?
- At least, Pondicherry.
- I don't want to.
No! Sit down!
What do you think of yourself?
How long do you intend to keep this up?
I won't let this go. Let's go somewhere.
You see me fighting now.
Please fight with me, Mano.
Please don't ignore me.
I've changed like you wanted. I promise!
I'll call and question you
if you return late from work.
I'll ask the reason.
I will check your phone often.
I'll be possessive. Please trust me.
- Please talk to me.
- Mitra, stop!
Don't do this.
I don't know which Mitra is real.
You never got angry for anything before.
Is that the truth?
Or you claim to have changed.
Is this the truth?
I've always been the same, Mano.
I swear!
I used to get angry earlier too.
I was always possessive.
It's just that I never expressed it.
Hereafter, my anger,
sadness and suspicion
no matter what it is, I'll express it.
I swear! I swear! I'll show it to you.
Mitra, please stop it.
Everything you do feels like an act.
Mano, I'm not acting.
Please believe me.
What if we remain the same?
How would you continue to counsel people?
- I feel that's why you're doing this.
- No, that's not the truth.
No, Mano. Please.
Please don't do this.
Please believe me. Please!
- Please
- What you're doing now
also feels like a strategy to me.
Mano, please
I told you that I'll pay up next month.
How many times should I repeat myself?
Sir, we can't have pending payments.
At least pay one EMI this month.
I told you I don't have any money
but you don't seem to get it.
I understand your situation,
but I can't help it.
They will yell at me
if I return without a payment.
Come back tomorrow.
The payment will be ready.
Okay, ma'am.
Why did you ask him to come tomorrow?
My family has given me jewels
worth 75 sovereigns.
I'll give that to you.
You decide whether to pawn it or sell it.
First, pay off two EMis with the money.
Start a business as per your will
with the balance amount.
You don't have to look for a job.
Our baby is a year old now.
I'll start working.
I'll take care of the house EMI.
- Hello, sir.
- Please come in.
- Greetings, sir.
- Please take a seat.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, selling food at the tea shop
is an old idea.
It's tried and tested.
Every other shop is selling food.
It's not new and is very common.
So, the risk factor is minimal.
I've been to many tea shops.
Every shop has minor flaws.
I want to rectify it
and deliver good quality.
Trust me, these days,
no one looks for quality.
People eat because they're hungry.
Taste does not matter.
My relative from Anna Nagar asked my help
to start a restaurant
but he shut down the business soon.
I asked what happened.
He replied, "The planning was wrong
and there was a heavy loss."
The sad part is, he came to me for a loan.
Thank God I did not approve of it.
Had I approved, I'd be doomed.
I wouldn't be here talking to you.
I'd be asking for a loan instead.
The food business is risky.
Many experts have failed.
My advice to you is to drop this idea.
What do we do, sir?
It's your call, sir.
You've applied for a loan
for three cloud kitchens and ten vehicles.
Don't go too big initially. Start with
a cloud kitchen and three vehicles.
Take a loan for the kitchen
and the vehicle.
We'll give you an over draft of one lakh
for daily expenses and groceries.
Deposit your daily collection
in your account without fail.
We'll monitor your account for six months.
I'll top up your loan
if your business does well.
For now, I'll sanction this loan. Okay?
It's easy to show profit on paper.
You need to work hard. All the best!
Thank you, sir.
Papu will sleep in a while.
Please put him to bed.
Okay. I'll take care of him.
- Are you leaving for the gym?
- I'm not going to the gym.
There's an inter-gym competition
at Decathlon.
They've enrolled my name without
telling me and are calling me now.
Shall I come along?
I don't know why
A rainbow appears in my heart
Wonders happen
When we are together
The shrimp is trying to catch
The constellation of stars
The flower blossoms in tears
My truth always keeps asking
For your shadow
To be with me, beloved
Your mere words are enough
For me to break open the sky
Are you ready?
Sir, ask them to call me
during the last batch.
I'll observe everyone and follow them.
This is the last batch.
You're next. Be ready.
When we are together
And if you want to win this title
you need to complete the task
before 4 minutes and 5 seconds.
Fight it out and come forward
The path will change, why worry?
I will stand by you till the end
All will be well, why bother?
I become something when you stand near me
You have given me the rhythm of love
And I have become silent
The love you show, sings lullaby
The way you appreciate me
Drives away my pain
You drenched me with your love
You hugged me
With the feather of your love
You drenched me with your love
The results are here!
And the winner is, Pavithra!
You hugged me
With the feather of your love
A rainbow appears in my heart
Wonders happen
When we are together
- Hello, Arjun.
- Divya, I'm here.
Where are you?
Am I late?
You're here. Good morning, sir.
Please sign the papers first.
People say relationships
are like a mirror, Divya.
Once the mirror breaks, it can't be fixed.
In my opinion,
a relationship is like a rubber band.
If we keep stretching it,
it'll eventually snap.
People often throw away rubber bands
when they snap.
But a few resolve the issue
and re-purpose it.
It's in your hands now, Divya.
Are you going to throw it?
Or will you re-purpose it?
Will you yell at me
if I forget to put the towel to dry?
I was afraid that I'd lose you.
Mano, you went to bed alone.
I'm really hurt.
Please forgive me if I have hurt you.
Don't keep it to yourself.
It's upsetting to see you like this.
What is my fault?
Please talk to me, Mano.
Why is your ex from school
sending you good morning texts?
If it remains at that, it's okay.
If it extends to goodnight, I'll kill you.
Why must she inform you
if she's going to Bengaluru?
I don't like this, Mano.
It does not feel right.
It's bothering me a lot.
Why should I ask you every time
how your meal is?
Why can't you call me after your meal
and appreciate my cooking?
Forget about calling,
a text message would suffice.
I asked you before planning
a trip with my friends.
You canceled it at the last moment
as your project got extended.
Is your project more important than me?
I was really looking forward to the trip.
Mano, why are you coming home late
from work?
Did I do anything wrong?
You don't speak to me like before.
When I come closer, you move away.
I want to be with you too.
I too wish to fight with you.
But I'm not able to do it.
I see many couples fight every day.
I can't imagine fighting with you.
People get separated for silly reasons.
Just four days into marriage,
they come down to apply for divorce.
Ten to fifteen years of love marriage.
Even they come and file for divorce.
They look very happy,
but suddenly they want to separate.
Why don't they fix their issues
and stay married?
Is there no option but divorce?
When I look at them,
I fear that we might end up
like one of those couples.
That is why I avoid fighting with you.
I run away from it.
If my profession is an issue to you,
I will quit it, Mano.
I can't bear to see you struggling.
Please talk to me like before.
I can't be without talking to you.
Please talk to me. Please!
My wife
has been living in this sack for too long.
Did she come out of it?
Let's go to Pondicherry?
Read it for me. I only read half of it.
A relationship is very beautiful.
Fights, suspicions,
betrayal, hate, calm, anger,
hardship, tears, smile, and loneliness.
It includes everything.
Life is not just moments of happiness.
And hardship is not permanent.
Everything will change.
There may be many reasons
to move away from someone.
But if you find one reason
to live with them,
don't let them go.
Hold them tight.