Irumbu Thirai (2018) Movie Script

'Am I serving you just a glass of tea?
I'm promising you a customer along with it'
'Give me just 1 chance, bro'
Let's see
'How can you be so vague?
Give me a positive answer, bro'
How strange!
I got an empty message
'Who is he?'
'Sending empty messages to me
like boys generally do to girls'
- Hello, Nagaraj
- Good morning, Sekar
'- Who is this boy?
- He's Gurumurthy I told you about'
Software Engineering?
I know Java, Icat very well
Bro, your degree is more important
to us than your language skills
Sit down
My dear boy
I need a favor from you
I want all the black money I've hoarded
changed into legal currency
What you have to do now is... a new account
'This Friday evening...'
'...on the pretext you sold
software in America'
...5 million will be deposited
in your bank account
The reason being, if it is software,
it won't raise any eyebrows
The price is whatever we claim it to be
'After 2 weeks take 4.5 million
from your account'
Transfer it to the account
I instruct you to
Remaining 0.5 million is all yours
You don't have to return it
'But as soon as you see this kind of cash
you shouldn't have a change of heart'
Do you get it?
You can wish for something
but not wish for the moon!
Take good care of your wife and children
Take him with you
'Okay, Sekar
Let us go'
"O' mind, chant the name of Lord Rama"
[indistinct chatter]
'Duck is waddling up to the baby'
'The duck bit the baby'
'Within 5 minutes of depositing the cash
he has hauled the entire 5 million'
Where's the money?
I swear I don't know
You don't know?
I'll give you grace time
until 9:00 p.m
If I don't get back the missing cash...
...forget your wife and child exist
9:00 p.m
'Listen, Guru'
'Whether you swindled
or you got scammed'
'...I have no clue'
'If you don't return the cash, you can
see your wife and children as corpses'
What happened?
You're sweating all over
Elevator wasn't working
'Will you eat now?'
'I am making your favorite tomato chutney'
'I'll give you grace time
until 9:00 p.m'
'Take good care of your wife and children'
'Iron Curtain'
'By just using an app...'
'...even without your knowledge'
'...using your own camera
many events can be recorded!'
'Isn't that Chandru's girlfriend?'
Yes, she is stripping
In today's digital world...
...there's no place for the word 'privacy'
All our day to day activities
are being recorded
'Yesterday my Facebook page
had so many links on Goa'
How does the Facebook chap know
whatever I chatted on WhatsApp?
Madam, I'm coming to your area
Where should I come exactly?
'I have shared 'Live' location
on WhatsApp for you'
'My whereabouts can be easily tracked
by the GPS in my smart phone'
'Do you know how many
have your number stored?'
'May be around 300 people'
'Your number is stored without even
your knowledge by 3 million people'
'Are you serious?'
'The virus 'Android banker' has attacked...'
'...232 banking softwares
which have been listed'
'An ATM card has 16 digits
as serial number'
'If you submit the number
your card gets renewed'
'Nowadays if you pay just Rs 500' can get 10,000 details
about Aadhar card
'I wonder where she's from!'
- I'm Kathiravan
- 'Jack in the box!'
- Maria Ignatius
- Hi, Gnyanavel
'Look at the Jack in the box again!'
Let us converse in Tamil
That's even more convenient!
But it's inconvenient for me
Shall I leave now?
Make it easier for both of you
'Tearing hurry!'
'Get lost, you white maid!'
Listen, we'll get drunk tonight and
stuff ourselves with gourmet food
Because for 1 more year
we are stuck with military canteen
Why are you so desperate?
Every Thursday we get rationed liquor
Did you see the bar?
So many 'figures'?
Yuck! Don't deride ladies like that!
They are here as tourists
Treat them with some respect
Look at that chap over there
He's disgracing our entire nation!
That chap in a floral shirt?
Let's get married in a church
Shall we get married?
Instead of that
according to your culture... bodyguard Muniswaran temple
...if we get married and settle down
in Mylapore, it would be awesome
- In Mylapore?
- Yes
It will be awful!
'How stupid of me!'
For you to settle here,
should I settle your bill?
Hey, give my bill also to her
You stay in Mylapore!
- I am Gnyanavel
- So be it!
Bro, please sit
I want 2 minutes of your time
Even though you snatched
my booty from under my nose
...why are you ditching
such a classy looking miss?
Mr Gnyanavel, I didn't flirt
because she's beautiful or fair
She's a foreigner
Do you wish to go abroad?
Not just a wish
My entire goal
Foreign places lure you so much?
I don't like staying here
Only population is 'Made in India' here
Everything else is 'Made abroad'
People here want to ape
those who live abroad
But I want to live abroad all my life
This is true ambition
That's my drin-
It's alright
- Are you married?
- No, bro
Then she's the girl for you
I'll continue
Maria, will you come home?
I live in Mylapore!
Why does my name make
all the females run a mile?
Won't she think he's a Casanova?
They must be good friends
- I'm leaving
- Don't be mad at me
Look at him now
Fine, let him disturb 1 more girl
I'll deal with him, okay?
- Confirmed...?
- Confirmed, I will ask him
Do you know you're talking
to a military man?
From Velu Military Hotel?
How dare you retort!
Get up, man
Hey! What the hell is your problem?
He had the gall to shove me aside!
Bash him up
He still goes back to that chick
- What is your problem?
- Punch him right on his face
If you dare flirt with a foreigner-
Our guest is God
'Did he drink too much?
Huddled in a corner quietly'
My dear nephew
What happened to you?
You've been pounded to a pulp, eh?
Don't scream
If this bar owner Dubai Sekar
gets to know what happened...
...he'll tie you up in a desert
and castrate you!
All the time obsessing
about foreign 'items'!
How can I go abroad
without a passport?
So I have no other choice
but to fall in love with a foreign chick
I know it's difficult to
fall in love with the girls here
But getting married to them is very easy
Whereas foreign girls
are easier to fall in love
But marrying them is a herculean task
To stun my father and you...
...if I don't marry Amy Jackson-
You must resemble
Michael Jackson to do so!
Your temper dangles at your nose tip
That's why they aimed at your nose
Your father is calling
Talk to him
- Tell me
- Listen
Your sister Selvi met with
an accident, her leg is injured
I need Rs 5000 immediately
Is that right?
Let me talk to Selvi
She...she is taking some medicine
Is that so?
Let me speak to the doctor
He's the one administering
the medicine to her
Nurse, compounder, watchman
Give the phone to someone there
Don't you trust me, son?
You are one person
I'll never trust in this world
Hang up now
Did he buy your story?
Your brother doesn't love you one bit
'I tried to make him
send us some cash'
Treat your father
with a little more respect
If he borrows money all over the place
no one will respect him, including his son
I've sent him the money
for this month too
Is it enough if you give him money?
When did you last visit him?
It's your home
She's your sister
Your sister
That is my mother
I lost everything
when she passed away
What's left is only the address
If he was really fond of me
he should have showered love on me
Instead he admitted me
in a military school
Not even once has he thought of me
I know uncle Rangu loves you
Stop singing his praises
- Pour me another glass
- I won't
I'm feeling sleepy
When they hit you, why didn't you say
you're from Madurai too?
They didn't give me a chance
They went hammer and tongs at me
That's why you should drink less!
But tomorrow if I don't suffer
from a hangover...
...everything will be forgotten
All their faces will be a blur
Then what can you do?
He wears shades at this hour!
Is he a fan of director Mysskin?
"He is a detective"
You bet I will
To ensure every one of you passes out
as a well trained officer...
...we have assembled here
In just 1 year
To train you...
Major Kathiravan!
"He's out to grab you by your collar"
"He is coming to threaten you, holler"
You'll be reporting to him
the whole of this year
Long live India!
"He's out to get you
In the 2nd file
3rd person
Step out
3rd file 1st person, step out
'Thank God!
No one snitched about me'
3rd file 4th man
You missed him
' - Traitor!
- Step out, my dear'
Didn't I warn you right then?
I kept repeating
not to thrash me
By the way
Who targeted my legs?
- Aim at his leg
- He has such huge feet
Come here
Lift your leg
Hop like this
100 rounds
Go on
Who aimed at my shoulder?
This blackie wants a white girl?!
Sit down
100 rounds
I can turn a blind eye even to this
But one chap rolled
and punched my stomach
'Bhai, roll and stamp him'
He's the one
Your turn
Roll the same way
100 rounds
Get lost!
I didn't touch you at all, sir
You're the stunt coordinator, right?
That's the way
Drag him here
Whom are you acting smart with?
Your task
There are 2000 personnel
in this camp
To each and every one of them
Wish 'goodnight' in the morning
'Good evening' at noon
'Good morning' at night
Everything is wrong timing, sir
You change it
Not just 1 day
365 days!
Clear out now
"Hey! Ready
Rapid action, buddy"
"Like thunder, his grip so steady"
"Salute daily"
"To badger, browbeat, bully
He's out to get you only"
"Hey! Retaliate immediately"
"Act, close his chapter duly"
"Or else die inevitably"
"He's out to get you, buddy
Aiyaiyo! He's here, already"
"A bullet he'll hand you
to brush your teeth, dude"
"If hungry, landmine he'll serve anew"
"Not iffy, in a jiffy
he'll make you tizzy"
"In a split second ruthlessly
he'll detonate a bomb recklessly"
"He'll size you up in his mind clearly"
"He'll change half your habits cleverly"
"He will resemble Yama, lord of death
He'll give you a new birth on this earth"
"Hey! Ready
Power play, buddy"
"Like thunder, his grip so steady"
Salute daily"
"To talk, stalk, threaten you truly
He's out to get you only"
"If you're a brave soldier
he'll give you an armor"
"If you get cold feet
he'll torture you complete"
"Shoot a border around your heart neat"
"Wild and wired, he'll swirl you
Watch you spin dizzy, dude"
"When you get tired
and about to slide"
"He'll switch on the timer, woe betide!"
"When numb with pain and calloused"
"Till then we'll be abused
He'll be ever so amused"
"With utmost concern, dude
into a tanker he'll lift you"
"On your mark and that's it"
"He'll make death pay you a sudden visit"
"Hey! Ready
Rapid fire, buddy"
"Like thunder, his grip so steady"
"Salute daily"
"To badger, browbeat, bully
He's out to get you only"
"Hey! Retaliate immediately"
"Act, close his chapter duly"
"Or else die inevitably"
Hey, uncle
Whose child is this?
- Running a nursery now?
- Not at all
My neighbor's kid
I am baby-sitting
Whole world knows you are jobless, huh?
Don't even ask!
Her father committed suicide last week
What are you saying?
Every house in Chennai has a TV, fridge,
washing machine, you name it, they have it
Not a single household
has 10 paise to spend
It all works on credit card it seems
Same story with her father too!
He couldn't repay
and jumped to his death
Her mother has gone to claim insurance
Hold her for a second
I'll turn off the cooker
I'll be right back
- Amma...?
- Your amma will be back
If only I was married
wifey will do all this!
Don't cry, sweetheart
Your mom will be back soon
Which is Guru's apartment?
Adjacent to this
It is locked
No one at home?
She is expected now
Sir, that suicide case Guru
'He jumped to his death
and he's killing us now'
Yes, I'll come back to the office
Sir, I'll call you back
- Are you Mrs Gurumurthy?
- Yes, sir
How many times to call you?
- Won't you pick up my call?
- No, sir
When your husband jumped
did he die with his phone?
When you borrow
you flash all your teeth, right?
- Not like that, sir
- What do you mean by that?
'First pay our dues'
House bought on loan
Car on loan
Do you have any property
in your hometown?
No, sir
Then why do you even borrow?
- Sir, everyone is watching us
- Let them
If you give me 2 months-
Your husband pleaded
for time and died
Now you want to buy time too
'If you also die,
how will I get my money back?'
Open the door
Standing still like a statue?
'If you show me a sad face
you think I'll write off your debt?'
'Open the door, I say'
'Better open the door
or you'll be humiliated here'
Why are you hitting me?
Who are you?
I am just doing my job
Do you call this a job?
Borrowing 90 billion
in 5 or 6 banks...
...Vijay Mallya is happily
sightseeing abroad
You don't have the guts to ask him
Clear out now
From people whose livelihood depends
on agriculture, people in rented houses
From auto drivers
You'll collect dues at high interest
from those borrowing to study
Get up, man
Collecting dues by threatening
It isn't even wrong on your part
to collect your dues
But you started this habit of
hounding people with nonstop calls
That's your major blunder
Hey listen, I'm a military officer
If I see you again in this area...
...I'll stuff a gun into your mouth
and pull the trigger, clear out
My bike?
Only you'll seize bikes, huh?
My bike!
- Get lost!
- God help me
Got a fax
What's all this?
With no control whatsoever
Forgetting the fact you are a military
training officer, you're going overboard
Thank God no one took a video of you
thrashing that fellow in public
Why do you lose control like this?
An ordinary sub inspector is
bombarding me with questions!
He faxed a complaint
along with your photo
This is your 6th apology to me!
I'll give you 6 weeks grace time
In that time frame, consult
a Govt authorized psychologist
Complete a session on Anger Management
and show me the certificate
Only then I'll let you
enter this academy
'When will you find a bride for me?
Don't you want an aunt in your life?'
'You'll apply the brake
if I broach this topic'
Your doctor won't be available
His name is Kathir
He needs to consult the doctor
Hang up now
Dr Rathidevi will see you
Please wait over there
Her name sounds antiquated!
Let's wait, uncle
'What's that strange sound?'
'Good heavens!'
Any problem with your body?
Tell me, sir
No problem at all
I can help you solve your problem
I am a little short fused
As it is, exhaling is a tough task
On top of it you lose your temper too!
You seem to be the epitome of serenity
Expect me to believe
you're short tempered?
I am human too
Do you hear me?
Why shouldn't I get angry?
Why do you lose your cool
given your body condition?
You mean to say
you are fit as a fiddle
I'm one step away from my grave!
You'll live long and
I'll die anytime now
Isn't that what you are hinting?
You are like clay that can be moulded
Why raise your voice?
- Am I putty in your hands?
- Yes
Do I come across as a powerless puny?
Want to see me unleash
the power of my cusswords?
No need, sir
[unintelligible ranting]
'He lets out a string of cusswords!'
We've been here for an hour, I didn't know
which crackpot will crack me where
How will you last here
for 6 long weeks?
Who intends being
cooped here for 6 weeks?
You go bring all the forms
required for 6 weeks
We'll get all the forms signed
in one shot and leave
- Are you joking?
- Leave for 6 weeks!
Superb, my dear nephew
- Who is this?
- Rathidevi
Our doctor is an antique!
Doctor, his name is Kathir
He is terribly short fused
Please check him thoroughly
Is she hard of hearing?
Doctor, his name is Kathir
He gets mad at the drop of a hat
Check him thoroughly
Doctor, he is short tempered
- Check him
- Go away, I'm busy
She's the maid
Let's go
She tries her best to clean and
I gave her a clean chit as the doctor!
Madam, 2 loony cases are
bugging me, please come
Going by the doctor's name I thought
she'll be a rickety gramophone
But she looks like a trendy Instagram!
It's a general opinion, my dear nephew!
'Here she is'
Which one of you is Kathiravan?
One sitting next to me
Lanky 6 footer
He's Kathir
Do you know about your report?
You'll receive only reports about him
Do you get angry easily?
That's all he gets!
Sir, just a bit
Yes, my dear Rathi
I think you suffer
from a nervous problem
How did you find out?
You don't know how to zip your lips!
Shall I recommend
a good doctor for you?
I heard it too
Will you deal with her?
'Rathi, what a conspiracy!'
Yes, Kathir
Why do you lose your temper?
To get boiling mad
at an unjust act is human
But those who stand around
like zombies, numb and emotionless
They are the coma patients!
You want me to be a coma patient
I prefer being a humane being!
Nothing wrong in getting mad
at an unjust act
But bashing him up was wrong
You don't have to point out
right from wrong
I'm not saying it
Your senior officer said so
and made you consult me
Senior officer will say so
He has no choice
because it's a formality
I have no option but to land up here
Because that's also a formality
These forms for 6 weeks
Also a formality!
If you sign them...
...I'll finish all the formalities
and bid you farewell!
Everything has a formality, Kathir
I can't sign without
analyzing your mental health
Am I a lunatic?
Do I look like a mental case?
I never categorized you as such
You're showing your mad side
At this young age
how experienced are you?
What have you seen in life?
Will you know everything
if you flip a few pages?
Do you know how much
I've suffered in life?
Do you know what I have experienced?
You can't analyze me
Just shut up and
sign on the dotted lines
You're a good trainer
So you're capable of molding
recruits into good soldiers
Good human being
That's why you react to
all the wrongdoings around you
I'm mad at you even now
But did I react wrongly?
This isn't your ground
...for me to obey your instructions
6 weeks
Come here happily
like a college student
'I'll sign then for sure'
The day you talk to me
for 1 hour without losing your cool...
'...only then I'll sign your form'
Till then you must mark
your attendance here
This is for you
Whenever you're upset
press this stress ball
Count from 1 to 10
Your anger will recede
Good afternoon, sir
'Ready with the cash?'
The amount you expect
is not feasible, sir
Less than that is not viable
'Kindly adjust, sir'
This amount is way too much
to tear just 4 pages
This case has been dealt
by 5 sub inspectors, sir
You won't face any problem
because of this, sir
What is it, sir?
Hesitating to do something wrong?
I'm thinking
how to do it right
Does it mean you are
okay with the deal?
'Tell your brother to deposit the cash
in my account before 12 noon on Friday'
'Okay, sir'
'I will take care of it, sir'
Today is the very 1st session
Let's talk about what you like most
Kathir, I'm asking you
You are so quiet
Didn't you tell me if I control
my anger for an hour...'ll sign the form
You do the talking
Only that's safe
Sure, I'll talk and
you keep listening
Listen, Kathir
We react quickly to events
happening around us
If the same had happened
at an age when we couldn't react?
'An unpardonable fury
will stagnate in our mind'
'That's called unforgiveness hook'
'Unable to forgive, the fury
harbored within ourselves...'
'...will change to a hook'
The only way to escape
from that hook is... forget that anger
'And be able to forgive'
Have you been to Paris?
To see my sister
Is this your sister?
What does your sister do?
She's a dentist
What's your sister's name?
Saroja Devi!
Is your sister married?
Why do you need all those details?
I'm just making small talk
- Is she married?
- Not yet
Your task is to ensure I don't get angry
My wish list is to leave this country
Both our goals coincide
Let's say your house is in Kilpauk
If you're travelling
from Kilpauk to Mandavelli... it possible for you not
to get angry for 5 seconds?
Auto driver will try to cut across
Bus driver will overtake
Pedestrians will walk
in the middle of the road
From politicians to jobless jerks
it's corruption, jealousy, arbitration
How is it possible to
keep my anger in check?
But if I leave this country
I won't get angry even for a second
If both our objectives
have to succeed...
...there's only one way
Hook me on to Saroja Devi
What are you saying?
I'm here to counsel you
Not to set you up with my sister
How can you lose your temper?
You should-
This is called a stress ball
Hold this in your hand
If you count from 1 to 10 and press it
your anger will vanish into thin air
My doctor's advice!
See you in our next session
Convey my greetings to Saroja Devi
Cash deposited
Yov! Shut the door
Today's lunch smells delicious
Where did you get it from?
Our Akim's shop, sir
How much does he earn per day?
More than 40k
He earns so much and
won't grease our palms, huh?
All he does is fill our tummy, that's all
He'll come around only if he gets
a taste of your medicine
Go out
- Sir, is your part of the deal over?
- Hey! Are you cheating me?
Trying to cheat me
by not depositing cash?
Sir, we've deposited money
into your account
- You must have been notified
- Yes, I was
5 minutes after I got the message
the money went missing!
Don't play the fool, sir
Money went missing from your account
We kept our side of the deal
It is your job to check
Tell me, sir
Arivu, 2.5 million is
missing from my account
Are you serious, sir?
Hackers tampered with a police account?
Sir, please forward a complaint
I'll trace it for you
I can't register a complaint
This money has no source
Different account!
Try to understand
Send me your account details
I'll trace the miscreant and call you
- Got him?
- We got him, sir
This is his phone number
We've traced his IP address too
He's within city limits
Call him
What gall to lay your hands
on a police officer's account?
I'll give you 24 hours grace time
You had better deposit the 2.5 million
you flicked from my account
'Aren't you a police officer of repute?'
'Then instead of arresting me
why are you resorting to this?'
Are you kidding me?
I know you live in Pallavaram, right?
I'll come there
I'll nab you right there
'Am I in Pallavaram?'
'Ask your cybercrime experts
to refresh their screens'
'Where am I now?'
'Ask them to refresh again'
'Where am I now?'
'Can I go from Pondicherry
to Cuddalore in half a second?'
'What I flicked from you is money
you got from an illegal source'
'Now the current balance is your salary'
'Rs 244435.25'
'Every second from now
that you don't hang-up...'
'...I'll take 10,000 from your account
Do you want that?'
Are you playing the fool?
'Hang up now, you slimeball!'
Why didn't you attend my session?
'How are you?'
- What...?
- That's French
- I'm coming from French class
- Is this your punctuality?
Is this an ideal place for a session?
The noise around here is deafening
I can't handle it
You will only talk
in a session, right?
For a change...
...why don't we walk and talk?
Then...what's up?
How is your sister?
Did you tell her about me?
Let's play a game
- Game...?
- Quid pro quo
I must answer
whatever question you ask me
The same rule applies to you
Can I ask you anything?
Go ahead
But the reply should be honest
I'll find out if you lie to me
That's fine
But I get to ask you the 1st question
Have you ever fallen in love?
What's the connection
between that and the game?
You said I can ask any question
Please reply honestly
...I would've fallen in love
with 12 men so far
12 men
Though I was downright rude to you... softly you dealt with me
Would you have ditched 12 men?
Even if he had ditched you... walk away from a girl like you
he should be a prize fool!
Don't lay it on thick
As far as I know, you wouldn't
have fallen in love with anyone
You are a psychiatrist
You shouldn't lie
What is the source of this anger?
Have you watched rugby?
I've been playing rugby
right from my childhood
Entire violence enmasse
entered my body
And changed into anger
I'm unable to control it
How many players are in a rugby team?
Goal keeper
11 including the opening batsman
I would've believed you
even if you had said Kabbadi
- If I had said so
- 'Who is that?'
1 minute
Let's go
Does your sister prefer
a regular safe bet?
Or does she like a vigilante
rough and tough guy like me?
All I do is advise for 6 weeks
in cool comfort in an air-conditioned room
She's a human rights activist
She will imprison those who indulge
in public violence for minimum 6 years
Is your sister
a human rights activist?
Why do you get mad at people
who lend or borrow money?
Have you ever borrowed
1000 bucks from anyone?
When he lends money,
even if he's a friend...
...he will part with it
as if it is his life
Do you know how painful it can be?
Only money takes pride of place
Even if a pauper
recharges for just Rs 10...
...he is taxed Rs 4
If a wealthy man tops up his phone
he gets full talk time
That's the present state of our country
Atrocious attitude of the money lender
The disgrace a borrower faces
This is what bothers me
Only if you've borrowed
will you know that anguish
Because of my father...
...our family also experienced that pain
'Every son will wish to be
hoisted on his father's shoulder'
'I wished the same too'
'But when my father
saw moneylenders...'
'...he started hiding behind me'
Kathir, don't tell him I'm here
'Rangasamy anna?'
'Are you at home,
Rangasamy anna?'
Kathir, call your father
I don't know where my father is, uncle
'Call your mother then'
Isn't your husband at home?
5 or 6 months ago
he borrowed Rs 5000 from me
'But he's been hiding and
running away from me'
'I have no hopes
he'll ever repay me'
Listen, I don't want to be cursed
for snatching your wedding chain
'You remove it by yourself
and give it to me'
Not only then
He hasn't changed one bit till date
Till now I've never shared
this slice of me with anyone
But this game of yours is simply superb
You handled me so well
and prised the truth out of me
- What?
- Shhhhh!
What is it?
Isn't it a delight to watch?
Birds, trees, sun's glory
Nature at her best is all around us
We don't appreciate nature's splendor
Your problem isn't
what you see, Kathir
But how you perceive it
Have you ever missed your family?
My family doesn't need me
They are fine as long as
I send them money every month
I haven't spent that kind of time
for them to miss me
How much would you
have earned till now?
Didn't it even occur to you to
retrieve your mother's sacred thread?
Shall I tell you a fact?
You're as much a coward as your father
Your father ran away
from his creditors
You're running away from
your personal life and responsibilities
You must search only in the place
you lost something, Kathir
Go home
Talk to your father
'Don't run away from anyone, pa'
'I am there for you'
Assure him with these words
Spend time with your younger sister
This isn't a request
You're going home for 30 days
and spending time with your family
Only then I'll certify you
Back to my hometown
That's an easy task
I know what a big time fraud you are
You will take a selfie with your family
and post it in Facebook daily
I will see it and 'like' it
Only after that I'll sign your forms
Fine, I'll do what you want
But instead of only you liking it
ask your sister to do so too
Only then we can all be
one happy family!
Kathir, I am the psychologist here, right?
Only I can find out
when someone lies
So...I don't even have an older sister
Saroja Devi doesn't exist?
I have even tattooed
her name on my chest!
I don't see it
It merges with my complexion!
Fine, you cooked up an 'akka'
Don't you have a younger sister?
Not just a sister
I don't have a family of my own
Only those who don't have a family
know the value of kinship
You claim you have no family
out of sheer bottled up anger
What will you do if they
suddenly leave you?
If you don't appreciate them
when they are part of your life...
...there's no use missing them
when they are no longer with you
'Go to your hometown now'
Stop it
What's all this?
They are the elders of this village
When they heard you are
an army officer, they wanted to-
Will you start singing
as soon as I say 'army'?
Keep quiet
How are you, son?
I am doing good
- Ask him
- What do I ask?
Wait, he'll take it out
They said you'll bring
army 'fuel' along with you
- They wanted to taste it
- Yes, my dear boy
They are the respected elders of this village
They are old hands
He is 73
He is 72
They are all 70+
- Must be a large bottle
- Be quiet
'Be patient'
Rangasamy, he is enlisted
in the army but even now...
...he's pressing a ball like a kid
It is
- Go...go home
- Liquor?
He'll slap you
Holding a flag to boot
You call yourself
a respectable man!
Fat hopes!
Come here
I told them you won't bring liquor
No need
- Come this side
- Where?
I told them-
Look here and smile
With a heavy heart I was forced
to take your mother's sacred chain
I didn't have the heart
to sell it, nor retain it
So I melted the gold
and made it into a chain
- I can give you Rs 30,000
- Thank you
"Like a child bowled over
gazing at the 1st raindrop ever"
"In wide-eyed wonder"
"I fell into her world of splendor"
"In my life till now I was oblivious
I missed those moments precious"
"I bloomed when she reformed my ways"
"New senses fell in place"
"I walked past a flower pot daily
Discarded as junk justly"
"But this pot cast aside however
nurtured a bud to bloom into a flower"
"Bewitching eyes cast a spell
in my mind and heart as well"
"Feet waiting to walk beside me proudly"
"Hands patting my shoulder fondly"
"With mini-moments many
a new meaning she gave me"
"A future ever so rosy
assured me, this lassie"
"From a mere shadow
she chiselled a statue"
"She endorsed my tears of joy as true"
"Why am I alive?
I was so indecisive"
"Not taking time to analyze
I ran away from my own life"
"Why did you plan
to make me a new man?"
"My repressed rage
Scars in storage"
"She flung into the middle of nowhere
She healed my heart with love and care"
"She dusted the cobwebs away
Made me a humane being today"
"An eternal wave of bliss
in a niche of my life she is"
"In a wind that blows night and day
her love is a 'live' relay"
"With mini-moments many
a new meaning she gave me"
"This lovely lassie of mine
blessed me with a life sublime"
"From a mere shadow
she chiselled a statue"
"She affirmed my tears of joy as true"
"A brook singing so spontaneously"
"Bees buzzing in a meadow simultaneously"
"The playful sun spreads its rays to reflect
on the moon in the sky like a basket"
"My mind in a delightful daze
watches nature's grandeur and grace"
"It soaks up every pleasure
to cherish life as a treasure"
"Like a child bowled over
gazing at the 1st raindrop ever"
"In dewy-eyed wonder"
"I fell into her world of splendor"
"In my life till now I was oblivious
I missed those moments rapturous"
"When she reformed me
I blossomed gradually"
"I revelled in new senses repeatedly"
"This is the military liquor you wanted"
Only army personnel
will have access to it
I am also from the army
But I never got this
Were you also in the army?
'Oviya's army'!
Shut up
Let me pour
Oviya army
Why not?
Drink to your heart's content
I am very happy today
Preserve this state of bliss
till you get married
She changed my life in 30 days
with a ball worth just Rs 30
She said, 'Your problem
is only in your vision'
Did she say so?
Short sight
or long sight?
Glasses can give you 20/20 vision
'Good or bad is how
you perceive life', she said
Even if I am a tough nut to crack...
...she showed me
the kind spirit hidden inside
Even we are full of spirit within!
But anyway-
Yov! How come all of you
are buzzed with just 1 round?
[unintelligible rambling]
Drink this tender coconut water, sir
Where am I?
This grove belongs to me, sir
You were fully sloshed
lying flat on the riverside
I brought you here
Where are the others?
They left long ago, sir
I have met you earlier, sir
Aren't you Selvi's elder brother?
Selvi and I have been
dating for 5 years-
We want to get married, sir
Your father also knows
He spoke to my parents
I don't know what transpired
After that, Selvi is just not
the same girl I fell in love with
She says we aren't compatible, sir
Even during her college days
I was scared in case people spotted us
But she was so brave
'We are anyway getting married
Who can stop us?' she used to say
If we don't get married
whether I feel sad or regret it
...I know Selvi will be shattered
I didn't know how to deal with this
That's why I thought
I should talk to you
Help me out
Please, sir
- What is your name?
- Kesavan, sir
Selvi, I just met Kesavan
Heard you've been going steady for 5 years
There's some kind of hassle
Why didn't you tell me about him?
Hey! I'm talking to you
Why should I tell you?
I'm your elder brother
For whom?
Just because you stay here now and eat
what I cook, will you become my brother?
What do you know about me?
Do you even know
what I have studied?
My likes and dislikes
Do you know anything?
'You left us when I was 12'
Have you called me and
talked to me at least 1 day?
Do you know what
a motherless girl goes through?
Your father and sister-
Why shouldn't I tell him?
You won't tell him anything
Neither will you let me speak
You may be scared of your son
There isn't any need
for me to be scared of him
He thinks we ruined his life
With the money
you send every month... think we are
living in a palace?
You're so self centered
Selvi, don't mess up your life
because you're mad at me
What is the problem?
Kesavan's mother is the trouble maker
She called me over to their house
Spacious bungalow
Affluent family
1st she said she wouldn't
consent to this alliance
I somehow convinced her
by pleading and persuading
She wanted us to give a dowry
of 40 sovereigns of gold
I said we cannot afford to do so
'Then why does your daughter
aspire to marry my son?'
It was a slap on my face
'I can't perform your wedding'
I told her to go ahead and elope
But she isn't willing
Only the parents are materialistic
Kesavan is strong, right?
Then why hesitate?
If I wanted to marry Kesavan...
...I would have eloped
just like he asked me to
I want to live together as a family
Without a mother
And as good as
not having a brother
All these years, my life has been
appa and me within 4 walls
I never had a family
in my childhood
When I walk into a home as bride
I definitely want a family to belong to
You say Kesavan is a good chap
You also claim she really loves him
If we can't fulfil
this wish of hers...
...of what use are we?
She is playful enough
to want the impossibl-
She is talking sense,
having thought about this deeply
You are Selvi's appa
I am her anna
But she says she has no family
and she's saying this to our face
You haven't been
a good father to me
Neither have I been
a model son to you
But I could have been
the perfect brother to Selvi, right?
How much will you need
for her wedding?
Going by their demands
around 1 million
10 lakhs, huh?
How much will we get
if we sell mother's lands?
0.4 million
Okay, you make arrangements
to sell her land immediately
I'll take care of the rest
You don't like borrowing money
I don't but if I can't
do this even now...
...there's no meaning
to the life I'm leading
What matters to me now
is Selvi's happiness
Her brother will make this happen
come hell or high water
Tell her this right away
Our guardian deity Nellai Appar-
Don't stand here
Go and tell her
These files contain complaints against you
Meet all your senior officers personally
and ask them to withdraw their complaints
Then I'll look into
processing your loan
These officers are in various states
Meghalaya, Telangana, Kerala
It will take 2-3 years to get
all of them to sign a withdrawal form
Sir, please, I need
this loan urgently
Army rules can't be bent
for your urgency or convenience
Apply for a loan
in a civilian bank
You've already entered
Then why ask me for permission?
Where is the paper, pen?
My signature?
Not bad, Kathir
I see a lot of changes in you
- You think so?
- Then what?
Like 'Pasamalar' aren't you here to
mobilize funds for the wedding?
I'm facing a dead end
wondering how to get a loan
You'll find a way
So all the formalities are done
You won't come to
see me hereafter, right?
How can you say this?
I'm applying for a loan only now
I don't know how many banks
I may be forced to visit
I don't know how many managers
I will end up bashing!
If I spend 3 months
convincing 1 manager...
I'm in your custody
for a whole year!
If that happens, then it means
my training all along is a total waste
See you
I've been wanting to ask you this
I can't even stand this place for a day
How do you put up
with so many cases...
...and work without losing your temper?
Shall I let you in
on my secret?
Those who bug you
and annoy you...
...treat them like a kid
You won't get angry
You'll only be amused
0.6 million
I'll process your loan
But I need some security, sir
Those enlisted in the army are
the security guards to our nation
Is it fair to ask him for security?
You are right
I don't deny it
Suppose I sanction your loan...
...tomorrow you go to fight
in our border and die in a bomb attack
Whom will I go and claim the money?
I don't understand this
Army officers don't have a passport
Neither do they have
proper ration cards
If we come to you for help
you'll deny us a loan
Then whom do we turn to, sir?
I am prepared to
sanction the loan for you
Give me a collateral
and I will oblige for sure
Why are we still here?
Elimination scowl-face!
Get lost, you warped wimp!
You will 'like' the photo
of a dead army officer in Facebook
But you hate to give a helping hand
All you want is security, right?
4 security guards are outside
I'll send them in
Fit to sit in a petrol bunk
Not in this bank!
How can he deny a loan
to an army officer?
This isn't surprising
Call your father, seeing the pathetic
look on his face, we'll get our loan
He has borrowed left, right and center
No one will respect him
Just listen to me
We don't have any proof
Rental agreement of my house
is in your father's name
Call him, we'll use that document
- Does this seem feasible to you?
- It is do-able, trust me
Hello, Rangu uncle
Look at your father's attire
Like Gurumurthy
in 'Sindhu Bairavi'
Mridangam expert
'Didn't I tell you?
Where is the mridangam?'
Ditto, that role
How come the bag is empty?
Did someone flick my 'item'?
You think I'm a knucklehead!
You just now 'praised'
your father sky high!
He has an empty bag
to take all the cash
How are you?
How is my dress?
I managed to borrow some money
I dyed my hair and got myself
some decent clothes to wear
With a lot of fanfare,
high and mighty attitude
Oozing with charm and style
I met the groom's family
They were zapped
I said, 'Why 1 million?
My son will fling 2 million in your face'
They were speechless
Like you said
I sold your mother's land
I've deposited 0.4 million in
my account, this is the passbook
You said you'll give 0.6 million
If you give me that cash,
we can deposit that too
- We must deposit you in the sea
- Where is the money?
We have to scramble it
somehow only now
- Take off your coolers
- Fine
He applied for the loan, right?
What is your age?
- 40...!
- You don't look 40
This dye is from California
Will you believe me if I say
I am 60 years old?
Give me the file
Gold loan has so many benefits
Sir, avail a car loan
Get yourself a fridge,
TV, washing machine
Is he a banker or
owner of Vasanth & Co?
We are applying
for a personal loan
According to our bank policy
can't sanction to those who are 50+
So even you aren't eligible, huh?
Can't you guess he'll help himself?
He's into adolescence only now
How much is your pension?
Too much tension
at home with this
We don't sanction loans to farmers
You treat farmers
with scant respect
You got it wrong
This is a private bank
Why don't you try in a Govt bank?
I am sure you'll get
Can I have your phone number?
Only private banks
can sanction this loan
Try in a Govt bank
There isn't a single transaction
in your bank statement
[overlapping voices]
'No proper documents at all'
'What audacity, you want
to apply for a loan?'
Not only here
You'll never avail a loan
anywhere else either
[from 'Boss Engira Baskaran']
Give me a cigarette
What a lot of fuss for a loan-
Okay, I'll go and wait-
No one is willing to sanction a loan
You wanted to go to the bar
- You go
- Take care of your father
Don't leave him behind
See you
Sir, you want a loan, huh?
- Yes
- How much?
- 0.6 million
- 6 lakhs, huh?
Home or vehicle?
Personal loan
Sir, who will sanction
a personal loan for 0.6 million?
You have no idea
of the present situation
Why rub salt on to the wound?
- Attend to your work
- This is my work, sir
I'll arrange it for you
We don't want to
go to a financier
I'll get your loan sanctioned
in this very same bank
- How?
- Come along
'Sir, who gives personal loans these days?'
'Personal loan is based on trust
between the lender and the borrower'
'Nowadays no one is
prepared to trust anyone'
Sir, if you own a car
you can avail a loan
Or if you own a house
Air conditioner, fridge, television
You can get a loan to buy all this crap
But not for human beings!
Money is lent only to those who have money
Tell the bank manager
you own a Xerox shop in Ambattur
You want to convert it
into a browsing center
And you plan to buy
40 to 50 computers
Ask for 0.6 million
as a business loan
You can tick your wish list!
We don't own any shop in Ambattur
Of course, you don't
I know that and so do you
But is the bank officer aware?
All he needs is only a document
Who ordered coffee?
Get 2 'samosas' for sir
- The other cup?
- Here
I will organize the paperwork
He will immediately
want to see the site
We will fix a shopkeeper
in Ambattur
If they inspect the shop and sign
the documents, your loan will be sanctioned
After that you can relax at home
and pay your monthly interest
He will take it happily!
Somehow this doesn't feel right, sir
Are you hesitating to lie?
You were very honest now
Who gave you any loan?
Sir, from getting married,
finding a job... admitting your child in a school
Everything is a lie or build up
Look at your father
He is getting older by the day
You'll drag him into how many more banks?
- Think it over
- No, sir
- I don't think this is right
- Wait
1 minute
Come here
What is it, pa?
Why are you refusing his offer?
He is asking us to cheat
If you runaway
then you are cheating
We are repaying the loan with interest
Somehow I am not comfortable, pa
It is said, 'You can lie
a 1000 times to conduct a wedding'
Can't you lie just once?
For how many more years
will you keep lying?
We walked up and down so many banks
but it was all a dead end
He is showing us a way
We should conduct Selvi's wedding
That's your mother's wish too
So if you can somehow
avail this loan-
Don't think too much, come in
Sit down
What, sir?
Okay, we will proceed
- In whose name?
- My father
We need 3 passport size photos
taken in 2014, 2012 and 2010
I will arrange all the documents
I guarantee, loan will be sanctioned 101%
Don't thank me
- What?
- Then what?
The input is mine
I'm getting you 0.6 million
All I'm asking is 10%
Only Rs 60,000
- Think it over
- Now, huh?
I don't want it now
In your bank account
after 0.6 million is deposited
...give me a check for Rs 60,000
That is enough
Okay, sir
But you shouldn't let me down
in the last minute, sir
- We would never dream of that
- Okay
'Thank heavens!
Finally the loan is sanctioned'
Hold this, let me know
when the bank sends you a message
- Happy?
- Top of the world, you bet
- 'Give me your ID card'
- Loan was sanctioned in a jiffy
Welcome, sir
Is everything finalized?
- Everything has been approved
- How can I go wrong?
What did I tell you?
I don't need your thanks
Give me 10%
That's all I ask
Do you want it in cash?
I prefer a check
Hari Krishnan
- You have a heart of gold
- Your happiness is as good as mine
- Here you go
- Thank you
'He has pocketed it!'
Keep it in this
Shall we take leave?
Uncle, take a good look
This is an ATM
'It has so many buttons
all over the screen'
There is only 1 difference between
an ATM and a voting machine
In an ATM if you press the button
you can take your money
- In a voting machine?
- 1st you take the money
- Then press the button
- Experience talks, eh?
'I'm a veteran voter!'
Hey! Dragged it in
Now it's gone!
Wait, don't be in a hurry, Mr Rash!
- You've got a number now
- What number?
Don't share this # with anyone
You got it?
Press 4648
4 sixes?
6 once
6 twice
Thekkady, Munnar, Ooty
You'll be left with zero
- What did I do?
- Cancel it
Just press 4648
- Is it 4648?
- Yes
You should say it precise like this
instead of confusing me
- Press okay
- Green button?
- Look at your name there
- Yes, Rangasamy
Now how much
money do you need?
- 25,000
- Look at the screen
'2 then 5'
'And 000'
Can you hear the cash being counted?
Is there a man sitting inside?
Take your cash
Yaaay! I got my money
If you keep clapping, it will go in
What will you do?
Will it go in?
I got my money
Who on earth is calling me
so late at night?
It's a message
Read it out to me
The amount you withdrew
will be notified in your mobile
- Immediately?
- Yes
I'm zapped!
What speed, eh?
The local caterers are not our cup of tea
Our cooks back home
count every penny
If we pay them Rs 5000
as a token advance...
...the wedding feast will be
the talk of the town, okay?
Fine, uncle
- Appa
- Yes, dear?
Go to the ATM
and withdraw Rs 5,000
- To pay an advance
- Alright
Do you want me to come along
or will you manage?
Do you want to tag along
and note my pin #?
You told me clearly
I shouldn't reveal that # to anyone
4648, I won't
breathe a word to anyone
Your father is beyond redemption!
After wearing your glasses
don't fall into some ditch
'Even at this age
he's so agile and alert!'
- Tell me
- Where are you?
- Haven't you left as yet?
- My father is leaving today
I am leaving day after tomorrow
Shouldn't I attend the wedding?
You don't have to attend the wedding
- It's enough if you attend the reception
- Why?
- You are so attractive
- 'Hooked her hook, line and sinker!'
'My family will fall flat for you'
They will say I'm next in queue
to tie the sacred thread
My family, kith and kin, friends
will force you to marry me
Why put you through all tha-
The guests will be more keen on
where lunch is being served
'As if finding a bride
for you is their agenda'
If they were so good hearted
shouldn't they have got me married?
How long will I be the one to cook?
Who is that?
'How long will I be single?'
I have to see my next patient
I'll call you later
He has such huge feet
imagine his shoe size!
I just wondered about
your shoe size
'I am smarter than you
So you're jealous!'
"Gold earring belonging to my mother
Flicked away by my father"
"Liquor bottle saved by my father
In 1 gulp guzzled by my mother"
[popular Malayalam folk song]
Uncle, yuck!
What are you upto?
I am empowering my body
to do 'something'!
My father seems to be missing for ages
Isn't he back from the ATM?
I volunteered to accompany him
Did he agree?
He would have fallen into a ditch
and the cleaners would have dumped him
- Get into your pants
- I'll follow you in a jiffy
He has left his mobile here
- Why did you leave your phone behind?
- Wait, I'm coming
Did you withdraw the cash?
- No
- Why?
This card is spoilt
Something wrong with it
- Spoilt?
- Yes
Is this a banana to get spoiled?
You wouldn't have inserted it properly
I did it just the way
he taught me
- Cash didn't pop out
- I am sure it will
'I did the same thing before'
- What should you do next?
- Press the PIN #
Enter it
Forty six
Forty eight
- Who is Rangasamy?
- It's me
- What should you do next?
- Amount
- How much?
- 5,000
Press the numbers
5, 50, 500, 5000
This is what I got
when I came earlier
Give me your card
I got only this receipt
and my card popped out
'Something is wrong with the card'
'We should change the card'
'Something wrong with it'
We should get the money
- Let's go to the bank
- Alright
Useless machine!
Check it tonight
It will be activated by then
- Sir, tell me
- He is my father
1 million is missing from his account
What are you saying?
- Is the money missing?
- Missing, huh?
Did someone rob it from you
after you withdrew?
No, sir, it is missing
directly from his account
How is that possible, sir?
- Tell me your account #
- 8747298472
Please wait, let me
check your statement
You have spent it
Check your transactions
None of these transactions
were made by us
Money has been withdrawn
from your account, sir
Only you have access to it
No, sir, I am very sure
So many transactions
I am completely stumped
All of them are online transactions
Who else could have done this?
I swear my father has no clue
about online transactions or the internet
Did you give your user ID
and password to anyone?
I don't know all that, sir
4648, I know only this #
That's all he knows, sir
Everything here works
on double door system
No one other than you
can operate your account
I swear, we have nothing to do
with all these withdrawals, sir
Follow my suggestion
File a complaint in the police station
Get me a copy of the report
We will help you
to the best of our ability
We never withdrew any amount
He says it isn't in my account
How unjust is this!
Even the shop is missing
What is happening?
What happened to the shop over there?
'It was open for a whole month
For the past 2 days it's missing'
That man in there asked us
to complain to the police
Appa, keep quiet
You catch 29C bus and
go home, I'll deal with this
I'll also come-
Kathir, tell me
- I need a small favor
- What is the matter?
Someone has withdrawn my money
Your money is missing
Will you give me the details
of this account number?
Tell me, I'll note it down
Tell me the account #
Kathir, the account is in Brazil
- Brazil?
- Yes
In the name of a computer dealer
Okay, give me the contact details
of that company
- Wait, I'll text you now
- Make it fast
'Welcome to Brazil Computer service'
What do you mean?
Money is gone?
'For customer service press # 01'
This is a Brazil account, Major
It is not our jurisdiction
'For troubleshooting problems press 02'
No use taking this matter
to the police, Major
'To talk to our Customer care
executive, press # 03'
Kathir, the assistant commissioner
is my best friend's father
If we meet him
we can solve this
You claim to have availed a loan to open
a browsing centre and to purchase computers
- Am I right?
- Yes, sir
'What about this statement?'
It confirms the purchase of the computers
Sir, according to this statement
all the accounts are in Brazil
You can hear a strange language
on the other end when we call
I had no one to turn to
That's why I came here
Ordering the computers and
the missing money is an account in Brazil
What is the delivery address
you had filled in the form?
Ambattur, sir
Do you really own
the shop in Ambattur?
No, sir
Then in this case
you are the 1st fraud
You have forged Govt documents
Which means you have cheated the Govt
You have conned a private bank
You have come to register
a false complaint now
All these 4 cases
can put you behind bars
Imprisonment for 18 months
Is it okay?
Then what, dear?
If a random stranger promises a loan
will you give all your details?
He tricked you
I am talking to you just because
you came along with her
If you had come when I was on duty...
I would have bashed you up
and put you behind bars
I face 1000s of cases like this daily
They are ordinary people
You are an army officer
Are you brainless?
Listen, dear
Nothing can be done officially
If you want you can try unofficially
Leave now
Pay your monthly interest without fail
'If you don't, the bank officer
will be at your doorstep'
'If he finds out you don't own the shop
you'll be behind bars, beware!'
We can't perform Selvi's wedding
in our present situation
We can't even complain to the police
I don't know what to do
Can we get back the money?
We have already printed the invitations
Somehow I feel I made a mistake, uncle
Kathir, don't get worked up
At this point only if you are clear
you can think straight
'We will find the money
Don't get perturbed'
Why don't we borrow 1 million
from some other bank?
Why just 1 million?
3 million?
We can even borrow 5 million
You don't have an iota of disgrace,
dismay, shame, sensitivity or even dignity
You don't even have any intention
of returning the loan
But I want to return that money
You are ready to ask anyone shamelessly
By borrowing from anyone and everyone
like this, you ruined my life
You will happily borrow
When the creditor turns up
you'll go in and hide
Otherwise you'll bow your head in shame
I told you right then
Let us not get into this mess
All because of you
I've been pushed into a corner to
borrow by forging a document
That police officer branded me a fraud
I have suffered a lot
because of you
But today...
I was humiliated
Finally you have made me
bow my head also in shame like you
Don't, Kathir
You borrowed nonstop
and killed my mother
Now you are killing me
Next you will kill my sister too
Don't say this-
But you be happy
borrowing all the time
Clear out!
I am scared I'll bash you up
Go away, pa
That 0.6 million is through
fraudulent means, I agree
But the balance 0.4 million is money saved
by my mother treading the sewing machine
I need that money back
I will not let that go
'Loan agent Hari you mentioned
Number isn't registered in his name'
'It's in the company's name
Closed User Group'
'Which company?'
'It's an Import & Export company'
'In Vadapalani'
Is there any company here
called Offshore International?
Not that I've heard of
For the past 5 years I am working here
'There is no such company here'
Albert, there isn't any company
by that name here
You mentioned a CUG #
Check if any other #
is active in that group
1 minute
Let me check
23 numbers are registered
'Hey! 1 number is active'
- Is it so?
- 'Yes'
Can you tell me the area?
'Don't thank me, sir
I charge 10%'
'0.8 million is the loan
You must pay me 80,000'
'No cash, only check
I'm very particular'
We need 3 passport size photos
taken in 2010, 2011 and 2012
I will arrange all the documents
You don't have to worry, see you
Don't hit me, sir
Where is my money?
Tell me
See this baby's face
She is my daughter
I have a child, sir
I know very well
you tricked me
You had better blurt it out
I'll confess, sir
I hope you won't go to the police
Answer that call
Pick it up
Sir, the call is for you
'Did your anna talk to you?'
'He did'
'He has arranged all the cash
for our wedding it seems'
'You made me wait for so long'
'Wait until our wedding night!'
'What will you do?'
'As if you don't know'
Forgive these 2 youngsters
'They had no clue
someone was listening in'
Not wrong
'What they spoke was not wrong
Nor what I listened'
But you are standing over there
'Only that is wrong'
Take your hand off!
If you take 1 step forward
...your sister's conversation will go viral
If you take another step forward...
'...I'll post that link
on her Facebook wall'
Did you think you can catch me
using him as your bait?
'According to me' are after all just a number
'No problem as long as
you remain a number'
[phone ringing]
- 'Kathir?'
- Tell me, uncle
- 'You got back home?'
- Where are you?
'I am still at the bar'
'Kathir, why were you so rude
to your father yesterday?'
'We are all the family he has'
'Poor man! He was devastated'
Let's eat, pa
Come, let's eat
Why are you crying now?
I lost my temper yesterday
Will you hold that against me?
I am upset with you, pa
I don't hate you
My anger will dissipate
After all it's only money
Let it go
But I can't bear to see you like this
Please forgive me
Why should you apologize?
Come, let's eat
Why, pa?
I consumed poison, son
- What are you saying, pa?
- On an impulse
You are bleeding, pa
My dear son
Are you out of your mind?
Will you be rash and impulsive
in your decisions all the time?
You usually ask me this
'Don't you feel dismayed,
disgraced or dishonored?'
I have no such feelings
Your mother was unwell
The doctor said she would die within a year
You and your sister were very young then
How could I tell you
your mother will pass away in a year?
I borrowed money from
every Tom, Dick and Harry possible
I knew
...I couldn't repay those loans
Your mother, who was told
she'll be alive for only 1 year
...3 years
I extended her life
for your sake
That was the only reason
I borrowed money from everyone
Let me tell you this now
For the sake of
both my children's happiness...
...I'm prepared to fall
at anyone's feet and plead
'I will borrow any amount of money'
You be brave
I'm there for you
We shall conduct the wedding
in great pomp and styl-
'Sir, you shouldn't strain yourself'
'Take rest'
I was talking to my son-
'Let the patient rest for a while
Please wait outside, sir'
'Relax, Selvi
Your father is fine'
'He wasn't feeling too good
So we admitted him here'
Anna, how is appa?
Much better
Can I see him?
He's sleeping
He will be discharged tomorrow morning
We haven't divulged the fact
he consumed poison to Selvi
You don't tell either
'Forgive these 2 youngsters'
'They had no clue
someone was listening in'
1 minute
Selvi, give me your phone
I'll call you later
Major, this phone was
switched off 10 minutes ago
But the battery is still hot
Some software is still running inside
Major, switch on your phone
and give it to me
Tell me your number
I'll disconnect your call now
Just watch, only after 3 seconds
your call will disconnect here
'Your SIM is also hacked, Major'
Not only that, he can also listen
to all your normal phone calls
Can't you trace the hacker?
He's called a hacker
only because he can't be traced!
All of us possess
smart phones today
When we install an app
not reading its contents...
...we allow access to many of our details
We don't 'allow' access to only this app
We permit hackers into our daily routine
Major, you would've received
an empty text message
'You may not even remember it'
But from the moment you opened
that message, all your information
Someone has hacked everything
Is there no other option?
Only 1 solution
Don't use smart phones at all
He's tracking your GPS
'Use your father's basic mobile, Major
which has no app at all'
'He won't be able to track
nor hack your information'
It's fine even if he hacked Selvi's phone
But how did he find out
she is my sister?
I am totally in the dark
As if he traced it, you are
providing all the information
Yes, you've been divulging
all the information about you
Look here
Last month alone you uploaded 30 photos
You keep uploading your personal life
Let me tell you
Last month a chap kidnapped
a boy from Kodambakkam
How did he do it?
When that kid yawns in the morning...
...his mother takes a selfie
'Then in the shower
or when he's crapping!'
'When dropping him in school
with the exact timing!'
Buy an ice cream in the color
he prefers and take a selfie
The kidnapper browsed through her profile
He knew 12 noon is ice cream time
He bought him an ice cream
in his favorite color, kidnapped the kid
'If we provide all the information
and then complain about it!'
'These guys can never be caught'
Kathir, he wanted to meet you
- Here he is
- Sir, my name is Vasanth
A year ago I was in need of money
for my mother's heart transplantation
We have no medical loan
in our country
Besides that if a person is 50+
insurance is a pipedream!
I had no other choice but to
fake my documents to avail a loan
But within a day of her admission...
...someone stole that entire amount
I'm not bothered about
the missing amount
But I wasn't able to save my mother!
What can we do?
I went to her for counseling
She told me you're facing
the same problem too
Don't know how many more
innocent people will be conned
Unable to pinpoint who was responsible
for his mother's death...
...he blamed himself for it
You aren't an ordinary person like him
1st you thought only about yourself
Then you started to
bond with your family
When they had a problem... wanted to seek revenge
To take revenge, this is not just
your personal problem
This affects the general public
Go after this fiend
Nab him
But not to take revenge
For the sake of justice
'Sir, I got a mail claiming
I had won a gift of 0.5 million'
'When I clicked on that link
some random chap called me'
'He said my gift will be delivered
to my doorstep, all I had to do was...'
' just Rs 50,000
for excise duty at the airport'
'I borrowed money
and paid it too'
'Only then I came to know
Custom office isn't in our airport!'
'I was duped big time, sir'
The postman will deliver
my monthly pension amount
A year ago because it's 'Digital age' now
I was asked to sign saying
my money will be directed to the bank
That is it, sir
When I went to the pension office,
they said they've sent it to the bank
I went to the bank, they said
cash wasn't received at all
Sir, where does this cash vanish then?
For my son's education... a sparrow, I had saved
0.2 million working day and night
After a few weeks I went to
the bank to withdraw money
I was told I had already withdrawn
my money using my card
Only because it isn't safe to keep cash
at home, I deposited it in the bank
[overlap of anguished voices]
In all the ATM server machines...
...there is a switch
You would've gone to an ATM
and entered your pin, right?
At that time, your banker...
...will open that switch
to check your details
In that gap...
...these bloody thieves
...will steal lower denomination
cash like 1,2 and 5 rupees
We'll assume our bank is
charging that amount
We will curse our bank
and carry on
Earlier on only humans were cheated
in order to earn money the short cut way
But today their con game is targeted
at the computer trusted by humans
God knows which country
these villains are in!
Go back to your job
Impossible to catch them
This doesn't seem right to me
Let's find some other option
to meet our need
Bro, I thought you would have
settled in Barcelona by now
- Instead you're with this bar chap
- Froggy back again!
I'm in a kind of mess
- What happened, bro?
- Money in my account is missing!
How much, brother?
1 million
10 lakhs?
Why did you tell him?
Let's go
Brother, I've got an idea
Let's talk about it
Come, I'll tell you
I'm an employee of this bank
We don't share it with everyone
Only a preferred minority
will be in the loop
Many customers have lost
30,000 or 40,000 in our bank
They will enquire in the bank
but it will be a dead end
Salman comes from Ritchie street
to repair the computer systems in our bank
He will take a small commission
and redeem your balance amount
Don't tell him it's 1 million
'He may panic'
Tell him it's 50,000
and ask him to redeem it
'3rd shop as soon as
you enter Ritchie street'
'Salman System
Repair and Service'
'Refer my name to him, bro'
This is the shop
Who is Salman Khan here?
I am Salman
Gnyanavel sent me
Money from my account-
Just a minute
Chotu, take care of the shop
'Yes, bhai'
You barged into my shop
and broached this topic
Don't be so indiscreet
- What's the amount?
- 50,000
It's a huge amount
If any of our boys had taken,
you'll get 35,000 back
What is this?
We'll get back only 35000
of our own money!
Who is denying that?
If you go to the court or cops
they will usurp all of it
Will you get your money back?
Take a left in that corner, you'll find
a shop 'Mithu Mobiles & Electronics'
One of my boys Robert will be there
I'll give you his #
Note it down
'Call him from outside his shop
He'll come out' that right?
Your father is being
discharged from the hospital
You leave
I'll handle this
- Take care then
- Okay
'Bro, display doesn't work
I bought it only a week ago'
'Fix it, bro
If I take it-'
Why are you nagging me?
'No warranty or guarantee
You'll go to the company, huh?'
My rate is fixed price
Bro, we've been like siblings
'You are so rude even to me
Please fix it for me'
How many customers I've got you?
I bring my friends here
Come back tomorrow
'- I'll try to fix it
- Thanks, bro'
- Sir, Robert?
- Yes, I am Robert
Salman asked me to meet you
The shop inside that complex
He gave me your # and asked me
to share my account details
I called you just now
You disconnected my call
No, I didn't get any call
Sir, I called you just now
and you hung up on me
I've been here all along
but I didn't receive any calls
Sir, you heard him, right?
Simply hanging around
Clear out now
- Give me a Samsung charger
- Give it to him
I don't know whom you're referring
Bugging me in the morning
like you're Yama's client!
Jobless jerk!
Pestering me
- Who is that beanpole?
- No idea
'He got the wrong shop I think'
'What was the model number?'
'Bro, I sent you a message'
'Hey, I didn't get any message today'
- You withdrew cash?
- Yes
'It will be notified in
your mobile at once'
'Sir, all of them are
online transactions'
'You would've got a message, sir'
- Can you block sms on this phone?
- What...?
- Can you block sms on this phone?
- Can't be done, sir
Can you block messages
from my bank on this phone?
- Bro, tea
- Sir, we don't do that here
- Sir, come to our shop
- Clear out now, sir
'Come to the tea shop
in the corner of this street, sir'
Bro, 1 ginger tea
Tell me, sir
Is it your # or
you wife's number?
- I don't get you
- Customers who come to us
...share a joint account with their wives
They get caught by taking money
without their wife's knowledge
- What about your case?
- It's my number
Are you okay spending
around 15000, sir?
Why get zapped
about just 15000?
- No one will do this for less
- Can you do it for sure?
Child's play, sir
Give our bro a glass of tea
I'll be right back
A chap wants messages from the bank
to be blocked, shall I bring him over?
Not today, ask him
to come another day
He looks such a greenhorn
Roaming around with
15000 bucks in his pocket
I've asked him to wait
It's his own account
I did a thorough check
No problem at all
- Where have you made him wait?
- Near our shop
Why did you bring him here?
I just sent him away
Haven't I told you not to bring
clients without checking, scumbag?
Why are you such a pain?
- Will you bring any random chap?
- Why, bro?
- Yes, sir?
- Is it possible to block sms?
All that isn't done here, sir
He told me you can
Sir, he's a tea vendor
How will he know about mobiles?
Hey, get going
Tell me
Is it possible to
eavesdrop on phone calls?
Sir, do you know what
you are asking and where?
We don't do that here
- You can't?
- I'm saying I can't
Please leave, sir
There's a chap here
acting extra smart
Bring 5 of our boys
and come to our subway
Let's pound him to a pulp
I changed my mind
Bring 10 of our boys
We'll bruise him black and blue
Rip his mouth apart
He's going overboard, I say
Gopal, you'll come for sure, right?
'He's following me'
Bring 'Baldie' Sekar with you
We shouldn't spare him today
'Let us bury him alive in the subway'
Hey, don't you know
you can't come in this 1 way?
Go...go...keep going
Hey, Gopal...?
Where the hell were you?
Trusting you
I exaggerated your power
I told you I'll come
What's up with you?
Only 2 of you are here
Where are the rest?
Wait, man
They will join us
Where is he?
We were on our way
and you kept calling us!
Hey! You had your fill?
You thought I was fibbing?
15 of us, we can
close your chapter
How strange, I say
He doesn't even flinch
If you keep talking,
how will he panic?
2 swift blows should do the tric-
'What is it, machi?'
'Hey, last warning for you'
'This is Sekar in person
Scoot for your life'
Thrash him
Where is my money?
Where is my money?
Answer me
- Where's my cash?
- Sir, I swear I don't know
Sir, believe me
Where's my money?
Tell me
Sir, I didn't take your money
I swear I don't know about it
Then why did you get scared
seeing my number?
- Tell me
- I'll tell you, sir
I was the one who blocked
all the messages you got from the bank
How did you block it?
Darknet was the app I used
for all the blocking
- Means...?
- We can't use internet
...normally for illegal purposes
But we can do it
through Darknet
It has a browser called Tor
The onion ring!
'Like an onion, sir'
'Keep peeling its layers
you'll find nothing'
'You can't trace it
how much ever you track'
Darknet is the hub
of all illegal activities
'Black market weapon
Child trafficking'
'Terrorism, drugs'
Even cinema piracy
This is its source
Who is the mastermind behind this?
I have no idea, sir
I'll get a phone #
from an user ID
1st I'll hack that #, sir
I'll dig out all the information
from that phone
Your conversation
Your sms and OTP
I'll know everything
After that I'll receive a date, sir
On that date I'll block all messages
you receive from your bank
Only in that time frame
your amount will be withdrawn
Your phone calls
Videos you've saved
Personal photos
I'll submit everything
He'll pay me a hefty sum
for this task, sir
What is the user ID?
White Devil, sir
Darknet's kingpin ID
I don't even know from
which country he operates
I haven't seen his face either
Not even heard his voice
We won't be able to reach him
He's the don of the digital world!
More than the food our parents
fed us when we were kids...
...the emotion spooned to us in excess
Eat otherwise the 1 eyed Cyclops
or a monster will grab you
Their false information fixed
a state of panic in our brains
And we grew up
'In 1969...'
...more than the computer which NASA used
to send rockets to the moon the smart phone in your hands million times more powerful
The wars waged before this era...
...were weapon wars
After that was bio war
Now it is cyber war
For a person who knows
to use data properly isn't mere information
It's a weapon!
If he decides...
...he can lower anyone's value
Anyone's value...
...can be raised sky high
'Hunt for food everyday in hunger'
'Hey! My loan got sanctioned
Will be deposited in my account tomorrow'
'Narrate tales of no relevance whatsoever'
'Encounter order has been filed
He'll die in another 2 days, bro'
'Indulge in actions that make others wilt'
'I banged someone'
'He died on the spot'
'Succumb to vileness and finally
vanish without a trace eternally'
'How was the video
I sent you in WhatsApp?'
Tamil poet Bharati has advised us not to
emulate the lives of some peculiar people
'That means...'
'...we must achieve something'
Long live India!
Hey! How do you know
my account details?
Not only that, sir
Your off shore accounts
6 billion
Your account has been frozen
You can't bring the money into India
I'll bring the entire amount
without leaving a single paisa behind
It isn't even our Govt
Do you know how many
international Govts are involved?
What are you expecting in return?
I need all the satellite link codes
under your control
Why do you need that?
I am a man
with 1000 eyes!
Not a single data should exit
without my purview
Are you playing the fool?
Do you know how huge
a server farm you need?
I own a 2 acre server farm
Without Govt knowledge?
Haven't you hoarded 6 billion
in the same way?
'Sir, a loan for 10 million'
'Get it done somehow, sir'
'His name is Sivakumar'
He is their next victim
What are you waiting for?
Call and alert him
That isn't priority now
If we follow him...
...we can nab White Devil
who is behind this scam
How do we go about it?
Sivakumar has applied
for a loan of 10 million
'This is a huge amount'
'So there's a likelihood of
White Devil getting his hands dirty'
We've traced Sivakumar's location
with this phone number
If my calculation is right...
'...Sivakumar's money will
go kaput in the next 2 days'
'He has to submit his document
and get it approved today'
'If we follow him, we'll get
the link to White Devil'
You can't run or hide
'Stop mimicking
We are following him, Major'
Ola cab
TN 85 C 2118
Can't you see the red light?
'Why do you keep honking?'
There isn't any cop here
Just move a little bit, I'll go
The CCTV is on, right?
You'll happily zip zap zoom
'When I go for my vehicle's
Fitness Certificate'
'...they will crucify me'
'Major Kathiravan'
'Take your hand off'
Sivakumar's phone # can be traced to
the tower near Tamabaram railway station
'Sivakumar is entering platform # 1'
The screen is blurred
Must be some error
Look at the next camera
[vendors peddling their wares]
Sign here
Sir, come here
Give me your documents
Who are you, sir?
Aren't you Sivakumar?
- Your documents
- I must give the files to him
- Do you want the loan or not?
- Yes, I do
Give me your documents
Make it fast, sir
Sivakumar is talking to someone
Can't make out his face, sir
Next camera
He's in a blind spot, sir
'His face isn't visible'
'If he moves forward
we can identify him, sir'
Call our agent
Hari, Sivakumar is talking to someone
'Identify the person'
Right, to your right
'I've spotted him
I'm going, sir'
- Insurance policy?
- Here, sir
I don't know
whom he's talking to
Everything is intact
'Hello...sir, wait'
Whom were you talking to?
He said he is from your team
- Where are the documents?
- He took all of them
Track the chap holding a red umbrella
'Follow the red umbrella'
I found only the umbrella
Sivakumar's file, sir
Who are you, sir?
Don't let go of me, sir
Don't, sir!
Who are you?
Tell me
'How many of you in your gang?'
'How many people
have you conned till now?'
Tell me
Who is the mastermind behind this?
- I'll tell you, sir
- Out with it
I don't know who is behind
this entire network, sir
'I will be instructed to open shop
somewhere all of a sudden'
'I'll immediately comply'
'I will be asked to talk to
a man in a red shirt, or blue shirt'
'I will go up to the person
and ask if he wants a loan, sir'
Once the loan is processed
I have no link with them, sir
'I have no idea where
the cash is transferred to'
I don't get anything
other than that 10%, sir
'In your bank account
after 0.6 million is deposited'
'...give me a check for Rs 60,000
That is enough'
'Why didn't you deposit
my check in the bank?'
Why didn't you?
Answer me
Not only your check, sir
'I don't deposit
any of the checks, sir'
How can you transfer the money then?
'A man will come to collect it
I swear I haven't even seen his face'
'He'll collect the check from me
and pay me the same amount by cash'
'He digitalizes your signature
on your check, sir'
'He takes your money'
I don't know anything else, sir
One fellow has poked my eyes
and blinded me
How many people have
we conned with that agent?
'18, sir'
These 18 people are frauds
'Documents they submitted are forged'
'File a complaint to the bank'
The banker will handle the rest
Tell me
'The shopkeeper from Ambattur
called me just now'
'Someone from the bank
has enquired over there'
'They know it isn't our shop'
'Go straight to the bank and
find out what transpired'
Who are you, man?
- 1 minute
- What do you want?
My name is Kathir
Rangasamy's son
Oh! So you're the one who claimed
a loan with fake documents?
Do we come across as imbeciles?
Keep this, sir
Why are you giving me your gold chain?
I don't want to accept gold
from you, get me cash
I have 15,000 here, sir
Please take this
I'll give you 30 days grace time
Try to settle it by then
If you don't, you know
the soup you'll be in
A goat gives birth to a baby boy
Wretched fellows!
They didn't even spare a goat, huh?
'Bank scam by submitting
fake documents'
Listen, you weren't the only one
the bank interrogated yesterday
'17 others were checked'
Only you had a great escape
'They already know
all the information about you'
All these people who borrowed
may have gone abroad
'No one could have reached you'
'You could've performed
a Star-nite show happily'
All those 18 people have availed loans
with fake documents just like I did
From various private
international banks
But all the agents who persuaded us
to lie and submit fake documents
...are from the same network
They invade out privacy
'And target us knowing
our desperate need'
They buy details of so many like this
'He's the one I told you about'
Owns a Xerox shop in Ambattur
His business has been
a bit dull for a while
Can you help him out?
We have introduced an offer
as a Lucky Draw prize
'We collect all the details
from our customers'
We give it to a Xerox shopkeeper
before we submit it to our head office
'He will mint money out of this'
'It is very lucrative, bro'
If you meet him
your business will pick up
Who wants to take
a photocopy nowadays?
With online facilities
a smart phone is enough
I can't even pay my electricity bill
with the 1 rupee I charge per copy!
We have to turn elsewhere
to make ends meet
That is 'Information Business'
'Don't we give the information required
for a Lucky Draw or a Bumper prize?'
If we duplicate all those details
we can sell 1 data for 1 rupee
50,000 data gets us Rs 50,000
We get clients who take photocopies of
ID, address proof and even certificates
'Without his knowledge
if we take a copy and sell...'
'...that fetches a totally different rate, sir'
It gets even better
'We throw away our boarding pass
after we disembark from a plane'
'It has a QR code'
'If we scan that code...'
'...including his passport details,
contact # and the credit card used'
' buy this ticket and
his bank account details'
'...we can get the entire
horoscope of the passenger'
This fetches a huge amount, sir
Who will buy all this?
There are specific agents
'If we go through him to call centers,
we will be paid for all this information'
We get calls and messages
from call centers, right?
'Asking us to take a car loan
or a housing loan'
'Award, reward, offer,
trip, Thai massage'
'A deluge of messages'
Who do you think supplies
these call centers with information?
Only through us
'Whether it's a company
looking for new customers'
'...or any fraud conning
the general public'
'...all of them buy information
from call centers'
Is this how they call and ask?
'Do you want to buy land ?
Do you want to avail a loan?'
There are call centers
in every nook and cranny
It's a needle in a haystack!
How can we trace our source?
When was your last call
asking you to take a loan?
Think about it
I didn't get any call
after I applied for the loan
Not after you applied
Your calls stopped
after the loan was rejected
Didn't you say, rejection of loan
is the common factor for all 18 of you?
How did that network get this information
from the bank about the loan rejection?
Their loan gets rejected
for some reason or the other
No other bank will sanction
the loan for sure
So there's no use calling them
So we segregate the reject list
and send it to a BPO
'Those people in the list
won't be contacted after that'
'The 18 victims in your list
may have gone to different banks'
'But only 3 banks reject the loans'
'Those 3 banks have
a common call center'
'TTS in OMR'
'Hey! Jaga, where are you?'
I came through the front entrance
to the reception area
Are you in the 1st floor?
'First Manager is here'
Idiot! Tell me his name
Is 'Neeyaa Naana?' Gopinath
working here too?!
Okay, I'll handle it
'Shyam, did you meet Gopinath?'
'Did he panic reading my text?'
- 'Did he?'
- He isn't the one
Junk of a jerk!
Check the next person
'Shyam, isn't she the one?'
'Urvashi is here'
'We'll gain something
Let's at least kidnap her'
Send the message
'I know
She's the one'
'Wait and watch
She'll fall into our trap'
'Did she read the message?'
'Give me some good news'
'Take her'
- Shyam...Shyam
- Not her
She isn't the one it seems
I was so sure she's the one
'Send the message to Mohan'
'Ditch him
He doesn't look good'
- Just send it
- I did...I did
What crap!
'Where is he going?'
He's going to the restroom
in the ground floor
Are you jobless to be jumping
from one loo to another?
Tell me
Don't know who messaged
but he says I'm linked with you
Don't get flustered
What is the number?
Don't know
It is from a system
'This is very risky'
If this gets exposed
my life will go for a toss
Don't panic
Where are you now?
In my office
Remove the sim from
your phone and flush it
A man will come now
Follow his instructions
I am sure he's our target
'He's heading towards the parking lot'
'You are in the wrong car
Come soon'
'Do something
We are doomed'
'Why are you screwing up?'
'What have you done?'
Sir, you can't go this way
wearing a blue shirt!
Go that way
'Who are you?
Why are you stopping me?'
'Is this your parking lot?'
Did you pay GST?
'Paid your taxes?
You're an anti-Indian, sir'
'I am sending you in exile'
- Move aside
- 'I managed to buy you time'
I don't know what else
to say to stall him
Electrocuted head to toe, huh?
Take the next right
He has moved
Here, stop...stop
Is the tracker right?
I can't see anyone?
Can't see, huh?
[lamb bleating]
Don't move
Trespassing into military area
Are you big time terrorists?
We aren't terrorists, sir
You can be anyone
Let me tell you something
about our military
We shoot at sight
Only after the post mortem
we enquire about your identity
Why isn't anyone dead?
'I just now praised
our military sky high'
How long will it take to
change the bullets?
Oh yes! You're also a record holder
'You have 90 seconds
to blurt out your story'
'We trained as CBI officers'
Our expertise is mainly
surveillance and tracking
'The 4 of us are orphans, sir'
We were raised and educated
by Amarajyothi Educational Trust
Our chief correspondent
sent us for CBI training
We resigned our job
after our training
And we work only for him, sir
'Kathir, didn't you get a hard disk
from Ritchie street?'
'I wasn't able to recover
all the files from it'
'I could recover
only 4 audio files'
'One of those files is the founder
of Amara Jyothi Trust'
Looks like he and Sathyamurthy
have fallen out
We name our children
in our orphanage
We named him Sathyamurthy
But he has never revealed
his name to anyone
According to him
his identity is his roll #
That year was 1999
when Y2K was a big hassle
All the world banks were scared of Y2K
They changed their data
from hard drive to books
'Tons of unused hard drives and
computers were disposed as trash'
No one knew its value
But only he realized it
He purchased all the unwanted computers
He came with 4 containers
of electronic waste
On his arrival he threatened us
and got the Trust signed in his name
Then he has opened a warehouse
in the name of the Trust
Using the data backup
in all the hard disks
'...he created an user name 'White Devil'
and started an extensive network'
After the Trust was
transferred in his name... flowed in
from unknown sources
'After a while I got scared'
I badgered him about
the activities of the trust
'Suddenly I found a blank check
with his signature in my place'
'I rang up and asked him about it'
'Fill whatever amount you want'
he said, with utmost temerity
'I told him he can't buy me
and I would complain to the police'
'He asked me to check
the wall clock in my daughter's bedroom'
'And asked me to open it'
'There was a camera inside'
'He had recorded everything'
He ruined my daughter's life
I've never met anyone
as ruthless as him, son
'Without knowing his true colors
Unicef is singing his praises'
You scared me
Why this unnecessary build up?
I saw you in the lobby too
You planned it well
Major Kathiravan, how much
did I steal from you?
I think it's Rs 1025000
Your money will be deposited
in your account now
Okay, let me confess
So far I have stolen 8 billion
In our country whether you rob Rs 8,
8000 or 8 billion, the case is the same
I am a 420 case
But who are you?
You have cheated the Govt
I have cheated 10,000 people
Including you
Every single one of them
has cheated the Govt
You'll be behind bars
for 18 months
I don't have a problem
Once I come out... money will be safe
in my Trust account
No one can touch it
But poor souls!
These 1000 victims
If they go to jail once...
...they will be so ashamed
they would rather die
There are many consequences like this
If a robber is stung by a scorpion
he has to bear the pain in silence
All of you are the robbers
I am the scorpion
If I sting... have to just zip your lips
Do you intend shooting me?
Even if you kill me...
...I have no family
to shed a tear for me
Are you wondering why a solitary man
is amassing so much money?
You want to know
why I am conning so many people
Because I can do so
You kidnapped my agent
I knew this 3 days ago
'You dodged the CCTV cameras
ever so smartly'
'You stupidly got caught in a selfie!'
What's your plan?
As soon as you get a gun
will you point it to my forehead?
Only after you know your quarry inside out
you should touch his foundation
I know you better than you know yourself
Do you know where
your sister is now?
I know
'Only a while ago she got off the bus
in Koyambedu bus stand'
'She sat in the auto with
the registration # 8203'
Suddenly the driver
abandoned the auto
'...right in the middle
of the road and ran away'
Before your sister could
even gather up her wits-
My boys
In 5 minutes if I'm not there
they won't rush your sister to a hospital
Her destination will be somewhere else!
Shall I operate the lift?
Kathir, do you know
what's a flagged account?
The bank account used by terrorists
When they finish their work
they leave behind a sizeable amount
Will anyone touch that account?
Can any link be traced
between him and the terrorist?
Anti-terrorist squad, CBI, Indian military
will be watching vigilantly
Only from such an account
I've transferred the amount to you now
You are a person who hates India
As far as I know'll be caught within 45 minutes
If possible by then go and
visit your sister in the hospital
Where is the Emergency ward?
"Who is this mastermind unmatchable?"
"From a mighty pillar to a minUte particle
his hawk-eyes scrutinize every article"
"From azure skies extensive
Aquamarine seas expansive"
"To land and minds all pervasive"
- How is Selvi?
- Too early to tell
"He has his ears to the ground intensive"
"Into closed ears discreetly
whisper to the wind quietly"
"Even if words spoken in ordinary tone
Words get trapped in his black hole zone"
"Wherever you hide, windows have eyes too"
"Walls have ears, whomever you talk to"
"If hands raised to extort
violence can be the last resort"
"But greed being the binding tie"
"He has betrayed me; on the sly"
"Who is this man unbeatable?"
"From a mighty pillar to a minUte particle
his xray-eyes scan every single article"
"From grey skies to blue seas"
"Latitudes & mental aptitudes, he perceives
With his ears to the ground he deceives"
You aren't linked
with any terrorist gang
But you've taken money
for your sister's wedding
'...from a flagged account'
"Your disguise has been exposed now"
"Look up to the skies; to the Force above"
"Innocent men are a rare species
Pay back the loan to the bank please"
"Game played long ago rebounds
Crouching in some nook to pounce"
"After you are trac(k)ed, finally
Game over, well and truly"
"Only when we hunted high and low
to find his hideout somehow"
"We realized the laughter
of this abstract monster"
"Who is this man illusive?"
I've told Kesavan
about our predicament
They have agreed for a simple wedding
From when you started helping me
...I got back a sense of belonging
If I get my brother back safe and sound
that's enough for me
I don't want our family to split
all because of money
'I know you better
than you know yourself'
'Only after you know your quarry inside out
you should touch his foundation'
'Find out every single detail
about him from A to Z'
'He is looked up with respect
by the general public'
He is popular on Youtube
'Long live India!'
He is our Telecom minister
Mr Vijaya Rajan
Is he the one who said he will
block the sun using thermocol?
Not that man, uncle
Something has transpired
between this minister and White Devil
Did you see how petrified he is?
Then the minister has been
caught red-handed by White Devil
Even then what is he expecting
from the Telecom minister?
'He digitalizes your signature
on your check, sir'
'He takes your money'
'No one knew its value
But only he realized it'
'You are after all just a number'
What will he do with all this?
The way all of us assume
Aadhar card isn't a basic ID card
Your biometrics, from your fingerprints
to your retinal scan, it's your master-card!
You are giving me the shivers
My intention is not to make you panic
I am just predicting the future
'His plan is to extract
all our information'
What do you mean?
All this is going above my head
So far he was only hacking our phones
Now he will hack our lives
He wants my fingerprint, eh?
If I face some problem
because of this?
Just do it, sir
It's 6 billion
Who the hell is she?
'You swore I am very safe'
How is she here then?
Sir, you leave
- Let's go, sir
- Please take him
- Let's go
- Don't be scared
'She may be from the media'
Who the hell are you?
Check her bag
Income tax, huh?
Check if her GPS is switched on
- Yes, bro
- Smash it to pieces
'Are you sure I won't be in a soup?'
Our boys are very sharp
They will handle her
Who are you?
Who sent you?
Why did you follow the minister?
Say something
Listen, we won't threaten you
We will strip you
without a stitch on you
And click just 1 photo
Then we will send you
If this matter leaks out...
...the very next minute
we will upload your photo online
It will be zoomed and millions
will drool over every inch of your body
Give it a thought
Your dignity will be tattered to shreds
You heard me
Aren't you even the least bit scared?
Say something, damn you
Beg me to let you go
Open your mouth and talk
What do you have in your mouth?
Greetings, Big boss!
Is that foreign 'seer' called Vladimir?
What happens if you let half baked devotees
from Pondicherry handle your system?
That's why I sent him to hell
'And brought his laptop'
Have you forgotten
your family and friends?
I didn't forget, boss
'Generally I never forget
those who are good to me'
You've been good...for nothing!
How can I forget?
'You are intelligent'
'You know to collect data from the system'
But I am from the military academy
I know to extract information
from the inside of a man's brain
Before you get to know anything
I will come right now your venue
Try refreshing the screen in front of you
Not copy, boss
'This is one of the skills
you taught me, boss'
Now I have another
ace up my sleeve too
Shall I download that too?
'Whose money do you think
is transferred to your account now?'
Tamil Nadu police
'Using your network I captured
Tamil Nadu police's salary account'
'Right from the constable level
to DGP and the higher ups'
'...everyone will be in a state of panic
about their missing salary'
'The entire amount
is in your account now'
'Cyber crime would have started
digging into it by now'
Tamil Nadu Police
'Within 3 hours
you will be nabbed'
Trace the culprit, sir
If possible try to escape
before they get you
'I thought of you only as
a mere number till now'
Only now you are a face to me
'I underestimated you'
'What are you up to when
you should be tracing the culprit?'
The monitor is flashing
the letters 'I love you'
- The entire police software has crashed
- How?
Police task force can't take any action
for the next 48 hours, Major
But if we let go of him today one can even sniff
the scent of White Devil
All my accounts have been compromised
Dispose all the records
Not even the smallest clue
should be found
Mobilize all my illegal funds
from all educational institutions
Bring the entire booty tonight
Not less than 6 billion
I don't know you
from this moment onwards
This car is yours
You'll need this hereafter
to relieve your stress
All this was stolen from us, right?
Boss, you proposed to me over there
And now you are standing
all by yourself here
Don't I have to reciprocate?
Even I thought it will be
really tough to hunt you down
But it was a cakewalk!
You asked your men to bring
all the money you looted in your Trust bus
High and mighty, you were
so sure I can't trace or track you
Now you're well and truly caught
with all your evidence intact, White Devil
You bought these during Y2K, right?
You used these computers
to con all of us whole scale
Shall we close your chapter
where it all started?
I have shared this location in
WhatsApp with the police
You told me to touch
the base root of a person...
...only after knowing
his plus and minus
I took your advice
This isn't my nucleus
It is in here
I know how to earn this money back
Fingerprints of men like you
are in the palm of my hand!
'Using the minister's fingerprint
as access point'
'I have already usurped all your details'
From this moment onwards
I will decide which ballot box
the vote you cast will fall into!
I will be the king maker
Howdy, Military?
Did your training
vanish into thin air?
'Look over there'
'All your evidence is burnt to cinders'
Ask your police to enter
'Let them come in now'
And smear this ash on their faces
My dear boss, don't you always repeat
'Information is wealth'?
Won't you check if the information
you get is right or wrong?
What can the police force do to you?
'Maximum damage can be
charging you with a 420 case'
Who will answer the people
who were conned by you?
That's why along with the police force
I've brought all the victims you conned
'In your lingo
it's numbers'
I have changed all the numbers
in your head to faces now
'I sent a message from your Trust
stating their money has been returned'
'Everyone rushed to the bank
in eager anticipation'
'Only then they came to know
they had received only a message'
'Not their missing money'
'Their fury mounted to a murderous level'
'Only then I sent this location
in WhatsApp to all of them'
They are eagerly waiting to see you
No one knows
the identity of White Devil
But everyone knows Sathyamurthy
the owner of Amara Jyothi Trust
Why are you looking dazed?
White Devil and Sathyamurthy
are one and the same
I've proved to every single soul
Major Kathiravan
Do you intend opening that door?
What will they come here and do?
'Their money is anyway burnt'
On seeing the charred mess, in sheer
frustration they will pound me to a pulp
Then they will forget me
and even forget you
They will remember only the interest
to be paid at the end of the month
They cheated the bank to
avail a loan come hell or high water
They won't hesitate or
be scared even to steal
If you open the door now... can get the laurels
for creating 10,000 robbers
Do you want that credit, my dear boy?
You're right, man
Every single soul out there lied
to avail a loan including me
Somehow I have to conduct
my sister's wedding
Somehow I must educate my child
Despite being stout hearted
and strong enough to work...
...though penniless he wants
to save his bed-ridden father
...a heartless person like you convinces us
we can achieve the impossible if we lie
Then he will definitely lie, I say
He WILL avail a loan
If you brand that as 'robbery' is not a crime at all
But we will bend backwards
and pay back our loan somehow
Because our society is
mostly made up of people like me
The money you burnt
That doesn't belong to them
You made a deal with the minister
'Just do it, sir
It's 6 billion'
That is now in my hands
Without my authorization
no one can touch that money
Do you remember this?
'Is that blank check still with you?'
Yes, my son
The digital signature you used
to transfer our money...
...I used the same method
' retrieve what you looted'
The other day you told me you can steal
because you have the capacity to do so
'Now let me tell you'
I will open this 'Iron Curtain' now
...I can do so
Joseph, send the money to everyone
'Nowadays a thief does not
need your key to break in'
'A small piece of information
about you will do'
'Sounds good to hear?'
'2nd point in your bank application'
'No one will call you from your bank
and ask you for your account details'
'But if someone calls offering a loan
that is more than enough'
'You'll hand your account #, ATM pin,
even OTP and your Aadhar card details'
'...on a golden platter
to a random stranger'
'Whenever you download an application
or a software and install it'
' readily agree to
all the terms specified'
'Your phone becomes smart'
'You become stupid!'
'Your phone comes
with a camera, that's all'
'That's what you think'
'For hackers like us it is our third eye'
'Without your knowledge, we utilize
your camera to peep into your life'
'Like 'Bigg Boss' show'
'You can't escape'
'Neither can you hide'
'An individual's Google Search History
is like his subconscious mind'
'You think no one has seen it
and you delete it to cover your tracks'
'I know that'
'I am like your conscience'
'Let me tell you this now'
'Not one of you is perfect'
'You sold your votes
claiming it is free'
'When you hear the word 'Offer'
don't sell your soul or yourself'
'Long live India!'