Isabella (2006) Movie Script

Your eyes...
remind me of my first girlfriend.
Are you free tonight?
My place?
Can I buy you a drink?
You come here often?
I don't really like this sort of place.
But it's a friend's birthday today.
He made me come.
I prefer somewhere quiet.
There's a quiet cafe in Taipa.
It's stuffy in here.
This man doesn't deserve you.
Don't give up the forest for a tree.
Shall we go?
If I were you, I'd set myself free tonight.
You should pay if you can't see it.
Are you paying?
Drink up.
Bottoms up.
The bill please.
That'll be $390.
Keep the change.
You tailed me all day, well?
Who is she?
A whore.
It was just a screw.
What is it, Inspector Ma?
Nan Guang Pier.
You won't get his money tonight.
I'll get you the money after this smoke.
July 8, 1999.
The Macau police busted a gang involved
in multiple shooting and kidnapping in ZAPE.
US made machine guns, grenades, revolvers
and bullet-proof vests were confiscated.
6 of the 7 people arrested were policemen.
It's really hot.
Who suggested hot pot?
Look how hot it is.
Look, the beef is really fresh.
You can't trust a Portuguese.
Why? What have they done?
They were pirates.
Pirates. You're screwed if you trust him.
Then what?
What has he got to do with this?
He'll go back to Portugal to enjoy his pension.
Win it? Are you nuts?
That's easier said than done.
Use your last resort.
Knock off the snitch.
Don't say that. You're a cop.
Right, I'm a cop.
Forget I said that.
No, forget I heard that.
The beef is really fresh.
Who suggested hot pot?
Like I said, you can't trust a Portuguese.
Why? I have my reasons.
Because their ancestors were pirates.
Are you alright?
Call an ambulance.
Get me a towel.
I'm fine.
Crazy bitch.
You're not 18, are you?
Why are you a hooker?
Don't jerk me around.
I'm telling you.
Whoever it is, tell them I didn't screw you.
Say it, I didn't screw you. Say it.
You didn't screw me...
but you screwed my mom.
My mom is Ella Cheung Lai-wah.
I'm your daughter.
Cheung Bik-yan.
I'll be right outside.
If you know you're my daughter...
Why did you let me screw you?
Do you care? I don't think so.
You screw around with so many women...
You'll get around to your daughter.
What do you want?
Don't let me see you again in Macau.
Bill please.
Get up.
Get up.
Don't fuck with me.
This is a trumped up charge.
I'm a cop.
Who do you think the judge will believe?
Why are you still here?
Get lost.
Stop screwing around.
I didn't.
Shut up.
When did your mom...
Last June.
Lung cancer.
What do you want?
I'm not here looking for a father.
I just want $3,000.
My landlord padlocked my front door.
I already gave you $3,000.
He told me this morning...
If I don't pay up last 3 months' rent,
He won't let me go back in.
Isabella is inside.
My dog.
Which room is Cheung Bik-yan in?
Are you paying her rent?
I'm asking for her room number.
If you're not paying, get lost.
I just want her room number. I'm not paying.
Her rent is 4 months overdue.
I already told her, I won't let anyone in.
Tell her to pay up.
I'm a cop.
Big deal.
I didn't say that.
No favors for a cop either.
That's not what I mean...
She owes me 4 months' rent.
You think a cop doesn't pay rent?
Of course not.
Everyone's a cop, so is my nephew.
I'm not here to pay rent.
I'll toss her things if she doesn't pay up.
Listen to me...
Can you please listen?
She hasn't paid her rent for 4 months.
I'm here on business.
Business? Cops don't pay rent these days?
I suspect there's heroin in your room.
Open the door for me...
Or you hang on to those keys for life.
Such bad luck...
The thing is...
If not for her dead mom, I'd toss her things.
Inspector, if you find anything, don't pin it on me.
What a fuss.
What's that smell? Does she have a dog?
Dog? I threw it out.
Onto the street.
Why pick on my dog?
Pay up and I'd leave it alone.
What have you done to my dog?
I want Isabella back.
Then pay up.
Say no more...
I'm not paying you. You kicked my dog out.
You didn't pay up, so I had to throw it out.
Where did you leave her?
I'll throw out the rest of your things.
Where? Where did you leave her?
You're lucky I didn't kick your dog out.
Get in, none of your business.
What else do you want?
Where did you say the dog is?
Let's go find her. He threw my dog out.
Go find your dog.
Where is it?
You have no right to let her dog go.
Give me back Isabella.
You think I'll tell you?
It's useless.
Where did you leave her?
Get back inside.
You crazy moron.
Hurry, tell me where she is.
Shut up.
Go find it yourself.
You must remember where.
Go find it yourself.
Pay your rent.
You won't find her like this.
Where do you usually take her?
Who gave her that name?
My mom.
She bought me the dog when she got sick.
I didn't know why she named her Isabella.
After she died, I realized...
Isabella was my mom's name
when she's young.
So I promised myself...
Isabella will not be dumped again.
Dog Missing
You don't have to stay if you're busy.
Where are you staying tonight?
August 27, 1999.
9 policemen were sacked for extortion,
gun theft, possession of drugs,
and association with triads.
Your medicine.
My dad doesn't want to see you.
Don't think that he screwed you.
About Curry testifying for the prosecution...
Even my dad thinks it's fishy.
He swindled millions from my dad and took off.
Everyone knows about this, go ask around.
So what? I can't kill him.
It won't be the same after the Handover.
Shing, do you understand?
Think for me.
I want Portuguese.
Look at these eggs...
The meat...
The noodles, the smoke...
Portuguese food sucks. Get lost.
I'll let you know when I find it.
While you're at it, take care of this.
Which of the three is it?
Take a walk.
What's going on?
What? Go see a movie at Guo Hua.
You have money?
It's closed.
$300 should be enough. Now go.
Go away.
Condoms? I don't use them.
I know, or else I wouldn't be here.
I don't want a sister
September 20, 1999.
A retired Portuguese policeman
was gunned down
at Rotunda de Carlos da Maia.
He was sent to the hospital.
He was shot in the face and neck.
Who are you?
Where is he?
He doesn't like questions.
Did you ask him?
Someone was looking for you today.
I don't know.
Man or woman?
Did she say anything?
You didn't ask?
I don't know her.
Have you been here all day?
No school today?
Then why are you here?
I left my uniform at home!
Can I borrow your keys tonight?
I need to go out.
Where to?
Get my uniform.
You played hooky for a week, are you alright?
I'm fine.
These are last week's notes.
Did you move?
How did you know?
I passed by your apartment yesterday.
I saw you.
Is that your boyfriend?
Yes, he's a cop.
He seems a lot older than you
Doesn't matter, maturity is good.
He loves me, so...
He asked me to move in with him
so he can take care of me.
The place where you bought me food.
Don't wait for me downstairs anymore.
He doesn't want me to talk to other boys.
Don't look me up either.
Electricity is back on.
Are you hot?
Your phone just rang.
Jun? It's Shing. What's up?
I'll drop by, thanks.
We're going to Taipa.
There's a car accident.
There was a... dead dog.
In the gutter up ahead.
Between the trees, lying by the gutter.
About 30 meters from here.
I see it. Good.
Thanks. No problem.
Do you have a photo of your dog?
Wait here.
Do you want to...
check it out yourself?
What? I didn't say anything.
I just asked if you want to check it out.
This is not a joke.
But the power switch is a toy?
What? Come here.
For what?
Oh my God.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used in court.
Do you understand?
The Inspector is asking if you understand.
Say you understand, don't just say yes.
Alright, Inspector Ma.
Cheung Bik-yan
Do you have a boyfriend?
Speak up.
Come here.
I won't say anything until my lawyer arrives.
None of the boys at school is my cup of tea.
How about the one who bought you food?
Him? He's alright.
He loves me, but...
He hates it when I talk to other boys, so...
Please don't walk me to school anymore.
When did I ever do that?
Never mind, just don't do it.
Macau Police.
Hello everyone.
Friends of the Ruins of St. Paul's, how are you?
I'm very happy today.
I'd like you to meet a special guest.
My asshole father... Ma Chen-shing.
I'm Ma Chen-shing.
Hello, everyone in Macau.
I'll do my best in the future.
I want you to know that I'm an asshole.
Honestly, he is an asshole.
Thank you.
It's late, don't disturb the neighbors.
People will think I have no manners.
Come here.
I'll show you how to pop a bottle.
This is tricky.
Like last time, you pop at the middle.
You got hit on the rebound, right?
Focus on the side, because it's tougher.
You stopped and it bounced.
How should we do it?
Have you ever played tennis?
Get up.
You have to drag a bit, like playing tennis.
Can you manage?
Is that gutsy or what?
Instead of popping a bottle, we can also...
Pop a pair.
Why? I don't know. Looks cool.
Better scream.
What are you doing, asshole?
Stand up.
Hold on to this.
You're so heavy?
Stand up.
Come on.
You're falling...
Damn. You're heavy.
Did you know you tried to pick me up?
Last year.
Your eyes.
Remind me of my first girlfriend.
Are you free tonight?
My place?
I really wanted to go with you.
To check out your place.
But I changed my mind.
You're such a lecher, just imagine...
Mom loved this song.
Get some sleep.
I'll sleep on the couch.
I'm a lecher.
What is it?
You miss your dog?
I miss Mom.
Make it tighter, it'll fall apart.
As long as it is presentable.
Are yours tight?
Mom, come collect these things.
What you do want to eat?
What would you like?
You go home first.
Your girlfriend?
My daughter.
Someone saw you getting Portuguese food.
Don't do it.
For your girlfriend's sake.
I told you she's my daughter.
What's her name?
Dong Dong.
How are you, Dong Dong?
What's up?
Don't want to keep you waiting.
How old are you?
How did you know Shing?
He bets at the betting station I work at.
So you're the one.
You're his daughter's age.
So are you.
I'm 26. I've been with him since I was 16.
Who do you think he'll choose? Me or you?
How long have you been with him?
He said he didn't have a girlfriend.
And you believed him?
You know Shing.
He doesn't know it when he hurts someone.
He's so immature.
Gigi had 2 abortions and moved in.
So what?
Look over there.
What comes in must go out.
Miss Wong, we are different.
To him, you're a one night stand; but...
we have a future, look at these.
We'll emigrate to Toronto later this month.
If you're his girlfriend, what about me?
I'm his girlfriend too. What are you saying?
I've been with him since I was 16, I'm now 26.
I can write a book about us.
You can't win. Save your breath.
Do you know what he likes, what he wants?
What can you give him? Happiness?
He doesn't need that, all he needs is sex.
You just never learn. You still have no clue.
What if you got pregnant?
It'll be too late for regrets.
Then what do you want?
Take it or leave it.
To be with him, you must drink.
What do you think you're doing?
You puked all over the place.
Stop laughing.
Drinking during the day?
I brought your clothes. Look at this mess.
Put them in your room.
Come, hurry up.
Let's go.
Take a look up there, it's beautiful.
How beautiful?
Look at the light up there.
Through the light, Macau looks different.
Can you see it?
Come on.
It's not the same, isn't it?
Not really.
Can't you see? It's upside down.
Wow. Now that you mentioned it...
Isn't it beautiful?
Macau is so small.
I used to run into you when I was little.
Mom never told me you're my father.
How did you know?
Wild guess.
How shall I call you?
What are the options?
Dad? That's a bit strange.
Inspector Ma? But I'm not your subordinate.
Shing? But I am not your girlfriend.
What do you think?
Then I'll call you Ma Chen-shing.
2 slices, please.
Is it sweet, Ma Chen-shing?
No, Cheung Bik-yan.
It's very sweet, Ma Chen-shing.
Just kidding, Cheung Bik-yan.
Nonsense, Ma Chen-shing.
Moron, Cheung Bik-yan.
Ma Chen-shing.
Where can you go? Don't mess it up.
Why are you doing this?
If you mess with Curry, you mess with us.
The Handover is imminent, let it go.
Don't start any trouble.
Should I ask you now...
or do it later?
A gangster named Fei at the Jai Alai Court...
smuggled cigarettes into Macau with my boss.
I made the connection and collected the money.
Customs confiscated a shipment last month.
They arrested Fei's assistant Curry.
Many Portuguese were implicated.
Everyone wants to look good for the Handover.
Curry will testify against me.
I'm the fall guy.
What shall we do?
I can run away...
or stop Curry from appearing in court.
I'll run away with you.
Here are your notes.
Don't lend me your homework anymore.
Nothing, I am leaving.
I am running away with my guy.
He's a cop, right?
This is a different guy.
He's a rogue...
who's running from a lawsuit.
He wants me to go with him.
Where are you heading?
Don't ask.
I promised him I won't tell anyone.
The cops are watching us.
Did you think this through?
I can't think anymore.
As long as it's presentable, it'll do.
I need to buy some stuff. Come with me.
Who's calling?
She's dead.
Ma Chen-shing.
Ma Chen-shing.
Where are you?
Ma Chen-shing, why are you sitting here?
I bought a lot of stuff.
How's the weather in Thailand?
What's your blood type?
I'm type O, prone to mosquitoes.
I bought mosquito repellent spray.
So I'm covered... I also have...
Tea leaves for spicy food.
Do you mind the sun?
I'm more worried about freckles.
SPF100, is that good enough?
Do you use a hard or soft toothbrush?
This is yours...
and this is mine.
I don't want to bring too much...
but I don't want to be short on anything.
What do you think?
There's a Beckham temple in Thailand.
Will you go with me?
Did I say you're coming with me?
When did this happen?
Last June, lung cancer.
How is Yan?
She's fine. She's staying with me.
She thinks I'm her dad. So did I.
That's good.
After you left, Ella started buying smokes
from the store across the street.
She then stayed with me and got pregnant.
She didn't tell me at first.
But she got bigger and I had to ask.
She refused to have another abortion
and told me to do nothing.
She said she'd raise the child alone.
Ella thought with a new name she'd forget you.
But it's useless.
Do you want Yan back?
If I could, I would have done it 16 years ago.
As far as Ella is concerned...
Yan is the child she has aborted.
That day on the street...
I saw a girl with a dog.
As she walked passed me...
I knew it was Isabella.
I followed her to the Park.
We played for a long time.
I held her.
I whispered her name.
She responded to me.
That little girl told me...
her dog was called Dong Dong.
I didn't want to separate them.
I dare not tell you.
Because if I find Isabella...
You'll ask me to leave.
Can you promise not to leave me again?
Get your stuff.
All of it.
Get your stuff.
Come get your things, Isabella.
Which one is better?
Bigger is better.
This one.
Bright colors look more lively.
You are on the run.
Bright colors is not a good idea.
How about this?
Will this do?
It's hot in Thailand.
He should look good in this.
November 10, 1999.
Police busted an organization involved
in blackmailing. 5 were arrested.
The leader and a subordinate
are former policemen.
Excuse me.
I know you're not with Yan anymore
Can you help her?
How can I help her?
She told me she's with a rogue.
They're running away to Thailand.
I know you're a cop.
Will you talk to her?
She has barely met this guy...
and knows nothing about him.
I don't want her to get hurt.
Can you talk to her?
Who are you?
A friend.
What kind? Boyfriend?
I just want a better life for her.
I talked to the lawyer this morning.
If I plead guilty, he'll appeal to the judge.
I'll get 4 years.
On good behavior, study leave plus holidays...
I'll be out in 2 years.
I pawned my Rolex. Plus the rest of the money.
Should be enough for 3 years' rent.
I'm a cop, only rouges run away.
Let's eat.
I got your mom pregnant when I was 17.
I was scared.
I robbed people at Patio da Eterna Felicidade.
And got her money for the abortion.
Then I became a cop.
For a Rolex...
I looked under flower pots.
I sold the heroin I found.
Do you know...
you can't live in Macau without a Rolex?
People don't just look down on you,
they don't even see you.
I had to think of ways.
Of course I had my ways.
So what?
It was wrong.
I don't want that.
Promise me.
When I get out, let's quit smoking.
Have some soup.
December 20, 1999.
Portuguese rule over Macau ended
after four centuries.
Macau became a special
administrative region
of the People's Republic of China.
I'll wait for you.
My guy...
is in jail, do you know why?
Because of me.
I promised him...
We'll be together when he gets out.
We'll keep a dog, cook, and bet.
How wonderful.
Did I tell you I quit smoking?
He doesn't want me to smoke.
He said girls shouldn't smoke.
Such a chauvinist.
But that's not important.
If he doesn't like it, I'll quit.