Isabelle (2011) Movie Script

To the left over here.
Come on, Jean.
Jean, stay with the group.
Don't be silly.
It's just a lady.
Sit down.
It's such an honor to welcome you
to my establishment.
It's very nice to be here.
- It's not just nice. It's great.
It's terrific.
May I offer you something?
- Yes, I...
...I'll have a diet cola, please.
- A diet cola on the rocks.
That's a beautiful brilliant.
- No, it's a diamond.
Isabelle, one question.
Do you consider yourself to be lucky?
I'm very grateful for everything.
You're blessed. I mean, you're hot.
You get a lot of parts.
I'm very happy. I hope it isn't just luck,
but also a bit of quality.
Have a nice evening.
- Thank you.
You look stunning.
- I'm wearing Claes Iversen. Thank you.
You're very successful.
The big question is: What's next?
Rogier and I are starting another film
in July, but first I need a vacation.
Where are you going?
- Well...
Are you going to Hollywood,
or maybe Bali?
I'm going for a swim.
- It's lunch-time soon, sweetie.
Mom, I'm not hungry.
- We're having asparagus.
You don't eat enough.
You skipped lunch yesterday, too.
I'm not hungry.
- I just don't believe that.
Are you on a diet again?
- I have to lose four kilo by July.
Take an apple with you, at least.
- Just save me something.
Do you have your cell phone with you?
- No, I'm recharging it.
Those shoes.
- Yeah.
Anyone there?
Call that dog off.
Call that dog off.
This isn't funny.
Call him back.
Call him back.
- If you do as I say.
I'll do what you say.
- Here, boy.
Well... bye.
Damn it. Call that animal.
This isn't funny.
Call him. I don't like this.
- If you do as I say.
I'll do as you say.
- Release.
They're Baldinini.
Real Baldininis.
Where did you get them?
My boyfriend gave them to me.
- Gosh.
He must really love you a lot.
But, ah well...
...that goes without saying.
Jeanne Bitor.
- We all know what you're called. Right?
What do you want from me?
- I'll show you.
Where are we going?
My, you're thirsty.
Are you going to explain why I'm here?
- Of course. Excuse me.
To the right.
Do you paint?
I don't see any paintings anywhere.
They hang in a different room.
What exactly do you want from me?
I want to make
a series of portraits of you.
Sweetie, why didn't you just ask me?
- Then you wouldn't have done it.
How do you know? Why not?
- Because you have to pose for months.
I can't. We're starting to shoot
a new film in July.
I play the lead role,
so I can't just not show up.
That's why.
You can't do this.
- No.
It's duress.
I'm not just going to put up with this.
- You have no choice.
Did I introduce you yet?
George (Rooney.
I'll show you the guestroom.
You're kidding.
- No.
I'm not going down there.
- Don't complain right away.
Open up.
Take it easy, guys.
Hey, hey.
Stop that.
See you tomorrow.
- Gentlemen.
The well-known Dutch actress Isabelle Bos
has vanished without a trace.
What will it be?
- Hi, Peer.
She was resting up in the house
her parents had rented in the Ardennes.
Have you heard?
That beautiful Dutch girl has vanished.
Kidnapped? Raped? Killed?
Or fallen into a ravine.
Who knows?
The police have put 30 detectives
on the case.
But as yet, 48 hours later,
there are still no leads.
It is feared that she's been abducted,
but no one has come forward...
...and no ransom has been demanded
as of yet.
While the film Lucky Child
continues to draw a large audience...
...there's still no trace of Isabelle Bos.
- She's been missing for two weeks now.
The hope that she'll be found alive
is dwindling.
Still, the police continues
to search for traces.
Isabelle has been missing
for nearly a month.
If it is an abduction,
please contact us.
Whatever you want,
whatever your plans are.
Any information about our daughter's
disappearance might help.
The Dutch actress Isabelle Bos
has been missing for five weeks now.
No body has been found yet.
I'm devastated by it,
but we have to shoot the film.
It's weird.
I needed a new lead actress, of course.
Camilla came to mind right away.
She didn't know whether
she could handle it emotionally.
We talked and talked
and I said, guys...
"... sweetheart, see it as a tribute. "
Then she agreed, fortunately.
It would be nice if you were to disappear,
but with that face... don't stand a chance.
Did I keep you waiting?
Come on.
Was I gone for that long?
Don't tell me you're hungry, silly.
You don't know what hunger is.
Say it: No, Jeanne, I don't know
what hunger is.
Come on.
It smells in here.
I've got the impression
it's coming from you.
It's not good that such a beautiful girl
can produce such a stench.
I don't feel good.
I don't feel good.
Can I have something to eat, please?
Can I have something to eat?
So, you don't feel good.
That's terrible. The show can't go on
when Madam the Actress doesn't feel good.
Would madam like to withdraw
to her dressing room?
What do you want?
Why don't you finally explain it to me?
Have you thought about what will happen
to you when they find me here?
Ah, cool.
We like the same music.
Black Eyed Peas.
I've thought about everything.
They haven't found you yet
and they won't.
You know why?
It won't occur to them.
I don't qualify.
I'm done.
Do you want to finish it?
When they see me,
they're scared to death.
And then they want to forget about me
as quickly as possible.
Oh, you don't like
Spaghetti Bolognese?
I don't qualify for anything.
That has its advantages sometimes.
Here's the fabulous end run
after a draining race.
Hi, teacher.
- Hi, Jean.
Hot, isn't it?
But it's not bad at night, is it?
Fucking bitch.
They'll lock you up
for the rest of your life.
Filthy freak.
With your George Clooney.
What would it be like
to look like that?
I don't care.
That no one wants to have anything
to do with you, because you're too ugly?
That would destroy you.
Can I finally see what you're painting?
It's not finished yet.
- That doesn't matter.
I didn't know you were that good.
Since you're so good,
why are you doing this?
Could I see the first painting too?
Looking at this...
...has made me curious.
Rule number one:
Establish contact with your hostage taker.
Some flattery. Show you're a human being.
Get dressed.
We're done for today.
On your way to the front door
by any chance?
Of course not.
You'd like to know what I make.
Have a look.
That's my father.
Is he asleep?
- No, he's dead.
I painted it from a photo.
I don't usually do that.
So now you know.
What do I know?
The way I paint.
Hey, gorgeous.
What's going on?
I'm dying.
- You don't die that quickly.
Do you want to be locked up again?
As you please.
Anyone home?
Jeanne Bitor.
Imagine you still living here.
Your father would have been pleased.
Can I come in? It's so hot.
I've been here before.
A long time ago.
What do we really know
about each other?
I see you every day in the cafe,
but I don't know you stayed here. Thanks.
It's a good thing you have that dog
to keep you safe.
A woman living by herself
in the woods.
Look at Isabelle.
That Dutch actress.
It happens.
But that won't happen to you.
I'm not going to die.
Skeleton freak.
She seems quite intelligent.
She's damaged.
She's a damaged child.
- You always say that about everyone.
What should I do?
What can I do?
Good morning, gorgeous.
Get up.
A new day with new opportunities.
I want to get to work.
- Food.
- Is that all you can think about?
I'm hungry-
Got it. The Lent sermons.
To comfort you.
"As soon as this well-built body... "
"... is lying in the grave,
it will change color. "
"Yellow, grey and then black,
dark and dull. "
"Around the face and belly
it will start to swell. "
"A smelly, greasy fungus
occurs on that swelling. "
"The yellow, swollen belly ruptures. "
"A slow stream of pus flows out
with chunks of black flesh in it. "
"And filthy pieces of eye or lip.
Further on some black intestines float. "
"In that slimy grease, a large number
of flies and worms appear... "
"... that swarm and devour
that festering flesh. "
But why?
Decay. Death. Decomposition.
How come you are
so interested in that?
Why do you paint what you do?
I mean it. I really want to know.
You are so talented.
What possesses you?
- Beauty is deceptive.
Nature creates beauty
and then destroys it. That's why.
That's what I want to show.
Remain in position.
But why are you so obsessed
by beauty?
I want to understand it.
- Beauty makes me ugly.
Beauty has standards. Anything
that doesn't conform to them is ugly.
But you have very expressive eyes.
Don't forget my good character.
You know, perhaps you should wear
more feminine clothes.
Don't you think I tried that?
At least when you're disabled
you receive pity.
What about your painting?
Is it successful?
Have you ever shown it?
- That's not possible.
Why not?
Can you see me walking around
at an opening?
You've never tried.
I've been hurt enough.
But you still paint, so...
- Soon they won't be able to ignore me.
But if they see me on those painting
you'll be arrested.
I'm going to send them.
They'll find you.
- That doesn't matter.
I'll be dead by then.
You too, by the way.
When these are finished,
I'll burn this place down.
My life isn't worth that much to me.
But my art will cause a sensation.
Don't you agree?
Hurt. Hurt.
We've all been hurt.
I've been hurt.
But does she know that?
You think that it so wonderful
to be beautiful.
But the weird thing is...
The weird thing is that I don't feel
beautiful at all.
It's something that's imposed on you
by other people.
Get it?
I mean...
...I always have to be very careful.
My best friend introduced
her new boyfriend to me once.
He shook my hand
and I could tell that he fell for me.
A few weeks later he phoned me
to tell me he was in love with me.
It wasn't true, of course. I know that.
He fell in love with my appearance, but...
...the damage had already been done.
That relationship was ruined
and I lost my friend.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
Another time... drama school,
my director of studies...
...was openly flirting with me
during my evaluation.
Whereas I thought we were dealing
with the subject at hand.
That hurts, you know.
I can tell you that.
- Because you think you have talent.
I always have to be very careful
when it comes to men.
...I think they look beyond the facade.
But usually it's just about appearance.
Have you ever gotten to know men
in your life?
You think I'm still a virgin.
- No.
Because I'm so ugly.
- No. I mean, who's still a virgin?
How come: Who's still a virgin?
- Shut up.
Not another word.
Don't you dare.
You and your female chatter.
Piece of shit.
Do you think I'm crazy?
You won't get out of here alive.
I'm going to let you die slowly.
You'll rot before you die.
The maggots will consume you
while you're still breathing.
I hate you.
I hate you.
We've already started shooting.
You know that we can't put
a production of seven million on hold.
But I think about you every day.
That film...
I will save you.
I will find you.
I promise you that.
Hot, isn't it?
We're going to have thunder.
I thought...
To have with coffee.
Am I interrupting?
- No, no.
I won't stay long.
Perhaps we can go inside.
If you ever...
I'm just sitting at home too.
Nice flowers.
Are they for you?
Thank you very much.
Weren't you voted the most
desirable woman of the Netherlands?
That makes no sense.
It's about my appearance,
not about me.
People love me
because of the way I look.
Or they hate me for it.
Like you.
Without even knowing me.
Poor beautiful girl.
You idealize beauty.
I would have thought
you were more intelligent than that.
What I do...
...doesn't matter.
To a director, I'm like a doll.
No one listens to my viewpoints.
When I put forward my opinion,
I'm seen as arrogant.
I only ever play a picture.
A lover, or a prostitute.
A seductress, a singer in a nightclub.
Never a character role.
It's never something...
...that involves real acting.
- Maybe you don't have any talent.
And with love, right...'s exactly the same.
It always starts off so romantically
and, ah...
...I really want to believe it's about me,
...once I'm in bed with them
it's as if they can live out...
...their most sordid sexual fantasies
on me.
How do you think that makes me feel?
The most desirable woman
of the Netherlands?
I don't think so.
To them I'm a trashcan.
No more, no less.
But, fine, I won't let that
happen to me anymore.
What do you mean?
- Oh, well...
...I've been alone for years.
- You?
I'm done with it.
That's how nice it is
to be a beautiful woman.
You know, you and me...
...have the same enemy.
It's not going to be any good today.
Come on. Let's go outside
to await the thunder.
I've been married twice.
Did you know that?
How should I have?
It was in all the magazines, so...
- I don't read that trash.
The first time I was still very young.
One of those cyclists.
Always playing sports.
Cycling in summer, skating in winter.
Those boring stories about races.
It makes me tired just thinking about it.
But... he didn't allow me
to do films anymore.
I was suffocating.
Man, what a mistake was that.
And the other one?
That was...
...a philosopher, an intellectual.
I thought things would be all right
with a man of reason.
In the beginning,
it was all right and nice.
Once we were married...
...he lost all restraint.
He liked...
...extreme sex. A kind of...
He only wanted to humiliate me.
I think he hates women.
Or that he's scared to death of them.
What about now?
- No one.
I told you, didn't I?
Why should I?
It's never about me, anyway.
When you're beautiful,
you're never loved for yourself.
When you're ugly,
you're not loved at all.
What about your parents?
My mother died when I was six.
She probably loved you a lot, right?
- I can't remember.
What about your father?
- Always busy.
Dinner is ready.
- I'm coming.
He couldn't deal with my mother's death.
In the end,
he hanged himself in the cellar.
What happened to you?
Boarding school.
What was that like?
People think that
deformed people are bad.
So do children.
It was hell.
Yes, beautiful girl...
...there was a good fairy at your cradle
and at mine an evil one.
I lost one of my parents too
when I was little. In a car accident.
My father.
You're on vacation here with your parents.
- That's my mother's husband.
And not her first one either.
At some point, my mother remarried...
...a man she got to know in Nice.
He was very kind to me
and we had a close connection, but...
One evening...
...he came into my room... give me sexual education.
He kept doing that until I was 16
and ran away from home.
You know what he said to me?
"I can't help it. "
"it's your fault for being so beautiful. "
And I was very young...
...and very vulnerable.
I believed him and...
...I felt guilty for such a long time.
Isn't that stupid?
And your mother?
- She pretended not to know.
She still hasn't admitted it.
That's how good a fairy I had.
I've never talked to anyone about this.
Not even to my ex-husband.
I'll get something to drink.
Something to eat, something to drink.
I've decided...
...I'll never let a man touch me again.
Unless I'm sure for one hundred percent
that it's about me.
At least you have that choice.
No one even wants to touch me.
I'm an untouchable.
The lowest caste.
A sizable hose.
Go get that fire extinguisher.
Were you scared?
Thank you.
Where's your bathroom?
I panicked.
You panicked, right?
Come on.
I'm useless.
Why are you so hard on yourself?
- Without you George would be dead.
You don't know that.
You would have come up with something.
I just got there first.
You love your dog, don't you?
- I can't live without George.
Life is worth something to you.
Your dog, this house, your paintings.
I'm going to wash your hair, OK?
Everything of value
is defenseless, Jeanne.
You've been hurt.
You've been abandoned.
You're worth much more
than you think.
I wish I only had
a quarter of your talent.
You hate me.
No. I understand you.
We're faced with the same thing.
People don't see who we really are.
I'm a bad person.
Let me help you.
We just have to get to know
each other better.
We'll figure this out together.
Shouldn't you take a bath?
Do you think I need one?
Tomorrow I'll get my father's room
ready for you.
That's nice.
I should go, or I'll be late
and then you should hear them.
You know...
...I'm always afraid.
Afraid of people, children,
afraid outside...
Those looks, those jokes.
If you knew what I have to overcome
just to go to work...
I should have fled.
- So why didn't you?
I would never have made it.
I should have drowned her in the tub.
- What stopped you?
She's much stronger than I am.
- Are you sure that's the reason?
I pitied her. All right?
I pitied her.
Well, but now what?
Give me two days
and I'll just walk out of the front door.
What about her?
- Damn it. Should I care about her?
You already do.
Nice flowers. Right, teacher?
Don't they need water to grow?
A pint, teacher Bernard?
I'll have a cognac.
Another one, Gislene?
- Sure.
It's vacation.
My child is at his father's.
Nice that he does something
as a parent too.
Do you ever think about Isabelle?
You know? Isabelle.
That Dutch actress.
I think about her often.
- Why?
She doesn't think about you, does she?
- Because she's dead?
You assume she's dead?
- Don't you?
She could have run away.
- Why? She had no reason to.
After everything they did to her.
- How? What did they do to her?
Nothing was ever done to her, was it?
- I heard...
She was abused for years
by her stepfather from Nice.
And her mother didn't intervene.
And she's had two failed marriages
to a sportsman and an intellectual.
And no one takes her seriously.
She never gets a decent role.
Where did you get that?
- It sounds familiar.
She has no stepfather.
Her parents are still together.
Still, it sounds familiar.
- Bullshit.
She's never been married.
Two failed marriages!
She has a boyfriend. A director.
They were going to live together.
He's devastated.
How do you know? Do you know her?
- Not personally.
I studied the case.
Besides, everyone knows that.
She gets one good role after another.
- It's from the book about Marilyn Monroe.
It's in there. I read about
that sportsman and that intellectual.
And the stepfather from Nice.
It's the heat. It bothers me too.
Should someone take you to the doctor?
I don't have a car since my divorce.
But perhaps one of the men?
Beautiful women, ugly women.
It's always something.
That play-acting is over.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Instant death.
There. For the filth.
Here I am.
It's done.
I quit.
It's pointless.
Are you tired too?
I'm letting her go.
Come on.
Leave it. She won't run away anymore.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, George.
Go on. Go.
The chair.
The chair.
It's not real.
It's a film trick.
No. Don't worry.
You have to go. Go.
Come on. Run. Shoo.
Now. Shoo.
It wasn't real.
It was just a trick.
Are you nothing but deceitful?
Huh? Nothing but deceit.
I'm dizzy.
I can't go on.
If you hadn't been there...
Let's go.
Back to civilization.
If I have to... might as well be now.
She gained her weight back
in a few weeks.
She received psychological support
and the whole shebang.
But acting? No.
She didn't want to anymore.
I heard she's writing a book.