Isabelle (2019) Movie Script

- They know
what they're doing.
We're fine.
- They have to be
careful with it.
Ah, da, da, da.
- It's okay.
Always expecting the worst.
What a drama queen.
It's fine.
- My grandmother
gave me that piano.
- I know, so why
don't you use it?
- I do, I teach.
- I mean your own music.
- After the baby.
- You're always saying that.
- No, I'm, stop.
- Oh, hey.
- Welcome to the neighborhood
An original piece.
Aw, little Larissa.
- Hey!
what's wrong, what's wrong?
- Oh my god.
The baby just kicked
me really hard.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, right there.
Feel that.
- Wow, he's excited.
- Strong.
- Are you sure about all this?
- Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
I mean, I think it's a little
late to be asking that now.
- No, I just, you
know, new firm.
- Don't worry about it.
I can handle it.
- But do you want this baby?
- What a crazy question.
Did you hear what
she just asked?
He says that was cold, mom.
I like Colton, after your dad.
That's really nice.
We still need a middle name.
- What about your dad's name?
No, I don't think so
cause he hates it.
What about Francis
after my cousin?
- Oh yeah.
He was so sweet.
- Yeah.
- Colton Francis Kane.
- Yeah.
- It's actually really good.
It really is.
Do you know how much I love you?
- Yeah.
- Can I show you?
No, come on, I look
like a beached whale.
- We like whales.
- Yeah.
- And we donated to
that charity, remember?
- Mm-hmm.
- So how's Matthew?
Is he still nervous
about being a father?
- Terrified.
Speaking of Matthew,
we had sex tonight.
- So, Colton's gonna spend his
whole childhood in therapy.
- Are you saying we
did something wrong?
- I'm joking, lighten up.
- Dr. Chan said
that it was okay.
- And it is okay,
you worry too much?
- You still plan on being
here for the birth, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- Hey, baby hasn't kicked
for a couple hours.
Maybe something's wrong.
- Oh, no, no.
I'm sure he's just tired.
He's probably listening
to the doctor's advice,
nothing strenuous, remember?
- What if something's wrong?
- Everything's
gonna be all right.
- Where'd you get this?
That I stole from the
neighbor's yard.
- You stole it?
- Risked my life.
- Wow.
- See what I do for you?
I'm off.
Okay My dad texted me, wants
me to meet him outside.
- Outside?
- Yeah.
- Everything okay?
Yeah, you know my dad.
He's always okay.
- Thanks for breakfast.
- My pleasure.
- Hey.
- Still working the night shift?
- Somebody has to.
- So, what's up?
- I went shopping.
- Oh my god.
Were you like this
when I was a kid?
- Oh, worse.
- So this is what you do, huh?
What if I suck at being a dad?
- Suck, how're you gonna suck?
Anyway, I got your back.
- Yeah, at first
I, I would prefer
to wait a couple years
for the whole baby thing.
But now I gotta say,
I'm really excited.
I know there'll be some
changes and few adjustments.
- Whoa, not a few changes.
Everything, trust me,
everything's gonna change.
- That's why my client's
willing to settle.
Let me just draft
up the paperwork.
Take a look at it.
Okay, thank you.
- Latte, double espresso.
- Carol, thank you.
This is the fourth day in a row.
You're an intern.
You really shouldn't
be doing this for me.
Thank you.
- Hi.
I'm Larissa, just moved in.
What's your name?
- Ann.
- Ann, nice to meet you.
It's a boy, due in
four weeks, six days,
eight hours and two minutes.
At least that's
what we're hoping.
Help me, help me, please!
Here, call 911.
- Vitals?
We need to stop the bleeding.
Blood pressure's dropping.
- I've lost
the baby's pulse.
Code blue, code blue.
We have a code blue in OR two.
- It's eclampsia.
She spent a full
minute clinically dead.
You need to know there may
be some residual effects.
- What about the baby?
- I'm sorry.
- I wanna see my baby.
- Sweetheart,
I'm not so sure
that's a good idea.
I saw it.
- It?
- Yeah, well, him.
I saw him--
- I need to see Colton.
- Excuse me, father?
My wife, we just lost a child.
- Hello, Larissa.
I'm Father Lopez, the
hospital chaplain.
My condolences.
Do you want me to pray with you?
- I want to see my son.
- Shall we pray?
- Yeah.
Thank you for trying to help.
Let me get that, honey.
Hey, hey, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay, what is it?
What is it?
Look at me, look at me.
I'm gonna get the nurse.
- After such a trauma, bad
dreams are not unexpected.
You're gonna go through a
whole range of emotions.
It's a unique kind of grief.
Many of my patients find
these antidepressants
quite helpful.
So, there's a
pharmacy downstairs.
She'll likely feel
a bit dizzy or woozy
till her body adjusts.
It might take a few days.
The hospital recommends
that we see each other
on a weekly basis.
How's that sound?
- Will that bring back my baby?
I died for a minute.
Do you have any idea what I saw?
- Easy.
- Whoa.
- You okay?
- The doctor's right.
Those pills do make me woozy.
- Hey, what did you see?
- When?
- What you said to Dr. Niedorf.
What did you see
when you flat-lined?
- Can't remember.
That woman is so weird.
- Honey, Jessica's said she's
left you four voicemails.
Are you not gonna call her back?
You sure you're okay with
me going to work today?
- Yeah.
- Okay, I just think
if we want things
to get back to normal.
- Normal.
How are we supposed
to get back to normal?
- Well--
- How could you
sleep last night?
Just like that, you
just fell asleep.
- I don't know.
This is really hard
on me, too, okay?
- You didn't want the baby.
- You know that's not true.
- We never should have
had sex that night.
- What?
- This is your fault.
- Okay, fine.
Take your meds.
You're gonna want to have
something in your stomach.
- Morning, Matt, latte.
- Okay, it's Mr. Kane.
What do you want from me, Carol?
- Morning.
Ruth Stanton, five houses down.
This is Barney.
How's the baby?
- What do you mean?
- Well you moved in pregnant
and now you're not, so--
- The baby was stillborn.
- Oh god, I'm so sorry.
I really am.
Look, if you ever need anything
or if you just want to talk,
let me know.
- I'm Larissa, Larissa Kane.
- I'll pray for you.
- Thank you
Hey, Ruth.
- Yeah?
- That woman in that house,
Ann, she have any children?
- Yeah, a daughter.
I mean, I don't know
much about her except
that she's in a wheelchair
and she usually sits
at that upstairs window.
- Yeah.
- She's been doing it for years.
- Kinda creeped
me out at first,
but I got used to it.
- It's okay!
It's okay, Colton, mama's here.
Shh, shh, it's okay, it's okay.
Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop.
- I had to work late, I'm sorry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Are you okay?
- Yeah
I saw him.
In his crib.
What did I do wrong?
- Nothing.
You didn't do anything wrong.
- No, I should've,
I should've stayed
dead, not him.
- Hey.
Sweetie, don't even
talk like that.
- You asked me what I saw.
When I was dead.
Someone or something,
grabbed me.
And it just,
I tried to scream, but
couldn't make a sound,
and I tried to run,
but I couldn't move,
and it just kept
pulling me down to like,
fire, there was flames burning.
I don't know.
Save me.
- Come here.
Rock-a-bye, baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
- Ah, ah.
- Hey, Dr. Neidorf wants
to up your medication
and wants you to take one
extra pill each time, okay?
Might make you a
little dizzy, so...
Here's that list I
made of your students.
You should call 'em.
- I can't, babe, I...
- You need to
take it easy today.
Make sure you eat.
- Guardian angel.
Just like in high school.
Want me to walk you out?
- Yeah, please.
- You know what I'm gonna do?
I am gonna bake you your
favorite chocolate cake
with a chocolate
whipped cream icing.
- Really?
- Yeah.
See, I don't need a shrink,
I just need some time.
My God.
That nosy woman
and her daughter.
- She has a daughter?
- Yeah.
And she's obsessed with
me, she just stares at me,
watches me all day from
that window up there.
- Call those students.
- 'kay.
You know, some of those students
just can't handle Mozart.
- Try Beethoven.
And take your meds.
- I can't take it.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
- Has she attempted
suicide before?
- Once, overdose
when she was 16.
She was depressed
over her dad's death.
- We'll keep an eye
on her overnight.
- Okay.
- If she's doing better
tomorrow, you can take her home.
I'll give you a prescription
for something to, uh,
keep her calm.
- Okay.
- Help her sleep.
- Yeah.
- Better get some
sleep yourself.
- Yeah, yeah, thank you, I know.
- Thank you,
Lord, for your blessings.
- Hi.
- Hello, Mr. Kane.
How is your wife?
- Well, we need
to bury the baby.
- You've all been in my prayers.
- Can I ask you something?
Do, uh,
do you believe in...
You know, I'm sorry,
I, it's so crazy.
- No, what is it?
- Okay, it freaks me out
I'm even saying this,
but do you believe
in possession?
- I've seen many things.
- Would you at all be able
to come by our house tomorrow
and maybe have a
chat with Larissa?
She's been so different.
- Near-death experiences
can do that to people.
They can change them and how
they interact with others.
- Yeah, she says, um,
when she was dead for
that minute or so that,
that someone or
something was, uh,
pulling her down
into the flames.
That she was being
burned by the fire.
I mean, have, do you ever
hear stuff like that?
- I can come by at four.
- Thank you.
- Shall we pray?
In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
- Our Father.
Who art in heaven.
- Hallowed by thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
- Give us
this day our daily bread.
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
- And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Oh, God, forgive me.
- You remember
when we first met?
Everyone in school
talking about the girl
who tried to off herself.
Everyone avoiding me.
But not you.
You said, "Everything
is gonna be all right."
We fell in love instantly.
It's my guardian angel.
- Okay, I gotcha.
Watch your step.
Hi, Father Lopez.
Uh, I tried calling your office,
they say you already left.
Look, I apologize for
having bothered you.
- Apologize?
- Yeah, my wife is not possessed,
uh, there's not a chance.
So, I really, I really
apologize for wasting your time.
- Would it be all right
if I still spoke with her?
- Well, she's sleeping.
- No, she isn't.
Hello, Mrs. Kane.
I'm here to help you.
- You can't.
- Do you believe in the Devil?
In Hell?
- I know all about Hell.
I'm living it right now.
- Is Satan here right now?
- Not unless you brought him.
- May I bless you?
- This isn't an
exorcism, Father.
This is called grieving.
- Okay, Mr. Kane, there
are many different kinds
of possession--
- Okay, I think it's
best if you leave.
- I bless you in the name
of the father and son
and the holy spirit.
- Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
- I must be punished.
- The priest said that there
are many different types
of possessions.
But Larissa said she
saw some, some sort of--
- Larissa has a hard
time letting go.
She holds onto
stuff, you know that.
She can't let go of
Colton, she has to.
Look, I wanna, I wanna
help her do that.
- How?
- A friend of mine, he
works with the dying.
He helps people crossover.
- Well, Larissa's
not dying, so--
- No, but she did
die, for a minute.
Maybe there's something in that.
- Jessica, you know how I feel
about all this woo-hoo stuff.
- Hey, you reached out to me.
This is how I can help.
I'll be on the first
flight tomorrow morning,
no need to even
pick me up, okay?
Nice house.
- Thanks.
- My sister.
- My beautiful sister.
- Hi, hi.
- Okay, come on.
We're gonna get out of bed,
you're gonna throw
away those pills.
Matthew's gonna go off to work,
and you and I are going
to see Pedro Salazar.
- Who?
- A friend.
Let's go.
Let's get you better.
Come on, I'll drive your car.
- Okay.
- It's all right to let go.
There's nothing to fear.
Nice to see you.
- You too.
- I'm Pedro.
- Larissa.
- Nice to meet you.
He's at peace.
Almost ready.
That's not always the case.
Many do not go quietly.
Not even after death.
When you died in the hospital,
you went through the gate
that divides life and death.
That's why you are so
attuned to the dead.
A spirit is reaching out to you.
- Colton.
- No, it's still Earth-bound.
Not ready to leave.
Refuses to go.
- But what about Colton?
- He's fine.
His spirit wants to go.
He'll always be a part of you.
Let him go.
Let him know it's all right.
Just close your eyes,
and say what you
have to say to him.
- He's gone.
I can feel it.
He's gone.
- Thank you.
- This spirit,
she is determined,
very powerful.
Larissa, do not let her in.
- In where?
- Inside you.
- Is my
sister in danger?
- Not if your desire is strong.
The will to live is everything.
- I love you, Jess.
Have a safe flight, and
a good yoga conference,
and just, thank
you, for everything.
- Okay, I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Bye.
Okay, I'll call you.
- Bye.
- Bye, sweetie.
- Your daughter has been
staring at me from that window
upstairs day and night and
I have had enough of it.
Now, you make her
leave me alone,
or I will take legal action.
- I know how unhappy you are.
It's your birthday, Isabelle.
All this time watching.
Wanting to be like
everyone else.
I know how unhappy you are.
Don't be afraid,
Oh please, forgive me.
I'm sorry, please forgive me.
Let me out right now.
I love you.
- You.
What are you doing in here?
I'm calling the cops.
- 911,
what's your emergency?
- Hi, yes, someone broke
into my house, and...
My mistake, I'm sorry.
- Larissa, Larissa?
Hey, why was the alarm on?
What are you doing?
- You don't smell that?
That disgusting smell.
- No, I don't smell anything.
- I do.
I don't know if, like, rat
died under the house, or what,
but it's disgusting.
- This is Saratoga Springs
There are no rats here.
- She broke into
the house today.
- Who?
- Ann's daughter, the one
who keeps staring at me.
She was in Colton's room.
- What?
Did you call the police?
- Yeah, I did.
- But what?
I don't know, she
just, she was gone.
She was just back up in her
window, in her wheelchair.
- Okay, so, somebody in a
wheelchair broke into our house
and then made it all the way
upstairs to the baby's room--
- She wasn't in her
wheelchair when she was here.
- Okay.
Please stop doing that.
There is no smell,
there's nothing.
- Let me show you something.
Okay, well she's not there now,
but she is almost always there.
I'm not on any meds, Matt.
- Well, maybe you should be.
- I know what I saw.
- You also saw our child,
and we both know that
it's not possible.
- I haven't seen Colton since
Jessica took me to see Pedro.
- Good, then we're
making progress.
- Yeah, but you think
that I just imagined
that woman in our house?
Yeah, so you think I'm crazy.
- I don't know what to think.
- Do you think that I
should be back on my meds?
- I just want my wife back.
I want my life to go
back to the way it was.
- There is no going back.
Don't you get that?
- Okay, honey, I love you,
but if this is
gonna be how it is--
- Then what?
I don't know, I don't know
if I can take much more.
- And you think that I can?
- I don't think
either of us can.
- Is that a threat?
- It's just the truth.
- Well, I made that
chocolate cake for you.
Hey, can you smell that?
- No, I don't smell anything.
- There's
someone in the house.
- Honey, there's
nobody in the house.
- There's someone in the house.
- The alarm's on.
- Well, maybe it's not working.
- It's working.
- Well, are you gonna check?
- Yeah.
I'm up.
- Get the gun.
- It's working.
- Okay, well someone
was in the house.
- Okay, I don't wanna argue.
I just wanna go to bed.
I have depositions
in the morning.
- Well, then give me the gun.
- Not a chance.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
Long night?
- Yeah, they all are.
Bad guys never sleep.
What's up?
- When mom walked out on us,
when she just left, you
know what I used to tell
myself is everything's
gonna be all right.
And I would say that
over and over to myself
until I actually believed it.
But that's crap.
Things don't always turn
out to be all right.
- That's true.
But you gotta learn to
make the best of the way
they do turn out.
- Did you hate mom for leaving?
- It's tough being
married to a cop.
- Yeah, did you
ever forgive her?
- In my own way.
But then I had you to
look after, didn't I?
- Yeah.
I don't think I'm
as strong as you.
- You know, back in high
school, when you'd get
knocked down or tripped up
on the basketball court,
my heart would stop.
But then you'd
get right back up.
Keep going.
You couldn't be stopped.
You put yourself
through law school,
you pushed and pushed.
And I'm so proud of you.
Matt, you're the
strongest person I know.
- Get out.
Get out or I shoot.
- Larissa?
- I would've made
a terrible mother.
- Don't say that.
- Unfit.
- Larissa, don't.
- It must be in my genes.
- What do you mean?
- That my dad had it, and
he saw things, heard things.
And he went down to the garage,
and sat in the car,
let the exhaust fumes
do what they do.
- You said it was
a heart attack.
- That's just what
we told people.
I was the one that found him.
And I didn't call for my mom.
I didn't call for anyone.
I just sat there, for hours,
just wanting with everything
in my body for him to wake up.
And then my mom showed up,
and just freaked out on me.
Told me that I was
bad, and I was sick.
Just like him.
Please don't divorce me.
You bitch.
Get out, get out, get out!
She, she was in...
She was right here.
She was right here, I saw her.
There, she's in the window.
She's in the window.
Tell me that you can see her.
Matt, look.
Tell me you see her.
- I don't see anyone.
I don't see anyone.
- I can't do this anymore.
I just want it to stop.
I just want it to
stop happening.
Make it stop.
- You really wanna
help your wife?
Okay, tough love.
Commit her to a
psychiatric facility.
- For how long?
- As long as it takes.
- I don't think I can do that.
I don't think I could put
her in a place like that.
- Your wife is
delusional, paranoid.
She's a danger to herself
and likely to you.
- Jessica.
- Make it stop.
- Mr. Kane,
please come in.
- Hi, thanks for seeing me.
- My pleasure.
Jessica is concerned.
- Yeah, I know.
So am I.
- I warned your
wife to stay strong,
to fight, to want to live.
In her grief, she has
lost her will, her desire,
yet the spirit wants
to live desperately
through Larissa.
If it can, it will
take over her life.
- So we're talking
about a possession.
- Worse.
She will exchange
Larissa's life for her own.
- An exchange.
- The spirit senses that Larissa
no longer values her own life.
That makes her vulnerable.
Her life, a good life,
is there for the taking.
When Larissa came to see me,
I felt its rage surrounding her.
- Rage.
- At it's own imperfect life.
And at Larissa, for
giving up on hers.
If this spirit succeeds, the
only way to save your wife
is by killing her.
- I'm sorry, you want
me to kill my wife?
- No no, not that way.
- What do you mean?
. She must be brought
back to the gate
that separates life from death.
And she must choose life.
You're afraid, I know,
but you love Larissa,
and you want to save her.
So you must do this.
The longer the spirit
inhabits Larissa's life,
the harder it will
be to bring her back.
- Can I see this spirit?
- If a spirit has
recently left its body,
then some of us can see it.
The longer a body is dead,
the less likely we
can see its spirit.
- Okay, I'm gonna
take that as a no.
But she can see it.
- She's passed through the gate.
So she can see spirits
clearly as you and I can
see each other.
You will see the spirit only
when it's ready to
take Larissa's place,
or already has.
- This sounds--
- I know, I know.
You must get Larissa
to choose life,
or you will lose her
forever, Mr. Kane.
- Larissa?
Oh, God.
Hey, hey.
Hey, can you hear me?
Come here, come here,
come here, come here.
Throw up.
There you go.
We're gonna do that again.
Here, have another sip.
- She's watching.
- There's nobody there.
- There is.
- I'm gonna go next door.
I'm gonna go to that window.
I'm gonna show you that
there's nobody there, okay?
- To show me I'm
just like my dad.
- Honey, I just wanna
help you get better.
Stay right here, look
for me over there.
- Hello?
Mrs. Pelway, it's Matt
Kane from next door.
Mrs. Pelway?
Do you need help?
Is anyone home?
Hello, anyone in there?
- 911, what
is your emergency?
- Yes, hi.
I found a body.
- You found a body?
- Yes, I found a
dead body next door.
I'm at 999 Oak Drive.
- Hello?
- Dad.
- Matt, what's up?
- I just, dad, I think
you should come over.
Honey, I saw her.
I saw her.
Sweetheart, I just found her
corpse in her bedroom, okay?
The police are on their way.
Okay look, I'll be back soon.
Get some rest.
I gotta go talk to them.
- Isabelle Pelway, 24.
According to records,
born paralyzed and mute.
Appears she was killed
by asphyxiation.
Coroner figures
about two weeks ago.
- We moved in two weeks ago.
It's crazy.
- So what were you
doing in here tonight?
- I wanted to talk
to Ann, Mrs. Pelway.
- About what?
- Just neighborhood stuff.
- Mr. Kane, what did you
wanna talk to her about?
- I wanted to talk
to her about my wife.
- And when was the last
time you saw Ann Pelway?
- I think a couple days
ago when she was snooping.
- Snooping?
- Yeah, she looks at
us from her window.
She does it a lot, it
really scares my wife.
So I was coming over
to talk to Mrs. Pelway,
and ask her to stop.
- Okay, well we're
looking for Miss Pelway,
so if you see her, you
just give me a call.
- Okay.
- Be okay, you got this.
- Yeah.
Hey, thanks for coming.
You know what I think?
I think now that the body's
been found, it's over.
She's at peace.
It's really over, Larissa.
Everything's gonna be all right.
- Isabelle, I thought
I could set you free.
I thought I was helping you.
I was wrong.
I was abandoning you
like your father.
- It's over.
Come back to bed.
- I'm sorry.
I wanted so much more for you.
I kept praying for you to come.
- The mother's back.
Oh my God!
We gotta, get down,
get down, get down.
Don't let her see you.
- Smith.
- Detective Smith,
it's Matt Kane.
The woman, the mother,
Ann Pelway, she's back.
She's right next
door at the house.
- That's impossible.
- No, I'm looking
at her right now.
- Mr. Kane, I am looking
at her right now.
Ann Pelway killed
herself in her car
at some spot by the river.
Mr. Kane?
Mr. Kane?
Are you...
Mr. Kane?
Send some officers by her house.
- I'm here to set you free.
To always be with you.
That's why I did this.
Oh God.
Oh, forgive me.
- I want you, all mine.
- I want my wife back.
- Too late.
You can't save her.
You belong to me.
You're mine.
- Larissa, I'm here.
I'm here, Larissa.
I love you.
- Stop this.
Isabel, stop.
Choose life.
I can take you to the gate,
but you have to
want to come back.
Choose us.
Come back to me,
sweetie, please.
I love you.
Choose life, choose us.
Larissa, Larissa, choose life.
- Stop or we shoot.
- Eclampsia.
She spent a full
minute clinically dead.
You need to know there may
be some residual effects.
- What about the baby?
- You have a healthy son.
- Welcome back, sweetheart.
Welcome to the world,
Colton Francis Kane.
Got it, careful.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
We're here.
Oh, he's sleeping.
What did you see?
- What?
- What did you
see when you were dead?
- I can't remember.