Ishq (1997) Movie Script

There are different Kinds of
creatures on this God's earth
But Mr. Ranjit who lives in this
house has a strange mentality
He believes that as a mosquito
is born just to suck blood,
A fly has been created to sit
on dung and spread diseases
The poor ones are also like them
They have been created only to
make trouble for the rich ones
That's why this rich gentleman
hates them very very much
Bloody fool! Why do you always
Keep your hand underneath my foot
I am sorry, Sir
Bloody low-class poor!
Be careful, sir!
Hey, you touched me! No
You dared to touch me!
Sir, you might have tripped
So what? My head would have
broken, but why did you touch me?
Idiot! Rascal, get out of here
Listen Bahadur, arrange
for some water and dettol
Oh, my goodness!
I had to take a real bath
to Kill the odor of poverty
Eh, pass me the rye bread
Hurry up
Keep at a distance
Get out, scoot
Who is it?
Who is this insolent fellow?
I am your brother-in-law
Why are you spraying?
This is a dining table, not a gutter
I am doing it for your health
What do you mean?
You had to take a shower
because a poor guy touched you
This food also has been cooked by a poor man
I don't want those germs to enter your body
Did you eat this? Yes
You ate it?!
Open your mouth
What are you doing?
I am Killing the germs of poverty
Get out of here
No! Why?
Do you remember my sister's last words?
What did she say?
She said I must stay here till your death
So until I cremate you,
have taken of your ashes,
I won't leave this house
I won't
Oh, my late wife!
You went away to heaven,
but have left behind this hell for me
Abdul, get the car ready
Where are you going? To suicide
I'll come too For what?
I don't trust you. I don't believe you
Now let's meet Mr. Harbans
who lives in this house
As far as "Hatred for poor" is concerned
he is ten steps ahead of our Mr. Ranjit
The popular slogan goes;
"Eradicate Poverty"
But he says, "Eradicate The Poor"
KulKarni, those worms!
Those bloody poor people
Did they vacate the land where
I wish to have a five-star hotel?
Sir, Ms. Madhu stopped us
She said her friend lived there
Damn it! Madhu's poor friend! I hate her
Oh, Brijesh, it's you!
Aren't you supposed to be in Germany?
Actually my daughter Rama... Is she alright?
She is absolutely fine
Rama dear, come here
Your daughter got married and you
didn't even inform your elder brother!
They loved each other so
I had to get them married
What about his status? Is
he from an affluent family?
I must tell you the truth
He is my driver's son
What? It's true
No! No!
The family which selects
even its pets by pedigree,
the son-in-law of that family is a driver's son!
How dare you come in front of me?
If it were my daughter I would have Killed her
Before I do the same, get the hell out of here
Take this garbage with you
Don't ever show your faces again
Now get out
Relax, brother
I just brought them over to get your blessings
Anyway, it's okay
But before leaving, I must say something
Don't be so proud and haughty
Everything has it's downfall
Even the Sun and the Moon have eclipses
We are only humans
Someday you may find y
our self facing the same situation
Because you have a young daughter too
God bless you, brother
God bless you
Because you also have a daughter
No! It will never happen to me. Never
Why did you stop?
It's a "No Entry", sir
To hell with it. Just go ahead
Who the idiot is violating traffic laws?
Tell that creep to move his car back
Move back
Who is this chicken shit?
Let me have a look
Move your car, or I'll break your head
YOU move back otherwise...
Hey, Harbu, it's you!
Oh, Ranjit!
You haven't changed a bit in 20 odd years
You were bald then, you're bald now
Neither have you changed
You were dark then, and so are you today
What a strange coincidence!
We happen to live in the same city
and yet have never met each other
But today we meet
Come with me Where to?
I'm going to see a girl for my son
That's very good
Which family is she from?
She's a daughter of the textile tycoon,
Mr. Brijesh
Mr. Brijesh!
It'd be better if you didn't Why?
He happens to be my younger brother
And his daughter married his driver's son
Yeah, it's true
Our Kids can also make the same mistake
We must find a way
Come with me Where?
To the office of barrister GoKhale
I understand your problem
But there's nothing I can do
When the children come of age,
they can marry whoever they want
And no law, no institution can stop them
That's why I have come to you
To stop my daughter from
marrying any Tom, Dick or Harry
If it happens, I would have no
choice but to commit suicide
You must find a way to stop it
Money is not the criteria here
You rich people really Know
how to get your work done
Anyway, I've to find a way-out
Here is a marriage certificate
What's it for?
You get your daughter's signature on it
And if she asks why?
She sure will
You have to get it somehow
Is that so!
Okay, I will
Then what?
And then get the signature
of the chosen boy here
I see. And then?
Signatures of five witnesses. And I'd
then get it endorsed by the registrar
Then Bingo
They would be legally married
Oh, you are a genius!
Ranjit, he is simply a genius
Here is a cheque
Blank cheque
Fill in the amount yourself
Here is my blank cheque too
Get me a marriage certificate as well
Why not
Why do you need it?
We are in the same boat
My son is a living example of virtue
What's this guy doing!
Mr. Clown, let the show begin
Onlookers, Applauders, suckers, friends
Wow, what a darling!
Get lost
This here is lizard oil
Miracle cure lizard oil
Works on any ailment or illness
Just rub it on the affected part
And one thing more, friends
The oil seller is not an ordinary person
He is the son of millionaire Mr. Ranjit
A Millionaire's son!
Son of THE Mr. Ranjit!
Shameless! Idiot!
How dare you sell lizard
oil in front of my office?
You are disgracing me
He is Mr. Ranjit. A big hand for him
If you stop my pocket
money I've no other choice
I don't care but don't do it in front of my office
Throw his stuff away
Now don't just stand there, leave
Until you quit hanging around
with this lousy mechanic...
I won't give you a single penny
Bear that in mind
Come on
Ajayour oil business is over, what next?
Raja, that's true but now we
have to go out of our way
I do Know that you are Mr. Ranjit's son
But your Dad has forbidden
us to encash your cheque
We cannot disobey him
He is our biggest client
Our bank simply can't afford to lose his account
Why don't you understand?
You will have to clear my cheque
I won't, I won't
You tore my cheque!
Hello Dad, It's Ajay here
Yes, my child
This is too much, Dad
This third class manager here had
the nerve to tear off my cheque
Did he now? I'm on my way
You come soon, Dad
Good morning, Sir Shut up
Manager, how dare you tear his cheque
And who might you be?
Who am I!
It's because of me that you earn your living
And you're enjoying white color status
I am your boss, Ranjit
You are Mr. Ranjit!
I'm sorry, sir. How stupid of me!
I am newly transferred here
so didn't recognize you
Don't get cross, sir. Please!
But over the phone you told us
to freeze your son's account
I called you?
Yes, you did
Would I call to close my only son's account?
My son! One who was born after a hell of efforts
I searched whole India
Even went to movie stars
And besides...
I had to stay away from
his mother for ten years
And then he was born
He was born after you stay ed
away ten years from your wife!
I cannot bear to see tears in his eyes
My child!
My son
Please don't cry, sir
Now it's you who will cry
We will see to it that you do
You deserve it! You despicable fellow
Sorry, sir. It was a mistake on my part
You fail to recognize me and call it a "mistake"?
You tore off my cheque! Sorry won't do
You made my son cry! I
won't accept no apology
Why were you born, earthworm?
I made a mistake, forgive me
I beg of you
Please forgive me
What do you say, Ajay?
Let's forgive him, Dad
Okay fatso, go and bring the cash
Yes, sir
Fantastic! Operation no. 2
Hello, Ranjit Rai speaking
This is the cashier from Federal Bank
The new manager has given your
son half a million rupees in cash
What? Half a million!
I will teach that manager a good lesson
Bloody idiot!
Father is on the way
Already here, sir
Hand it over to him
Here you are, sir. Half a million
Son, tell me one thing
Who could have impersonated
me and called the manager?
Must be Uncle
My younger brother whom I disinherited!
That rascal blacky fellow
Manager, If he comes here again...
I understand, sir
I Know how to handle him
He may come here in one piece,
but I will cut him into pieces
Otherwise I am not a neighbors offspring
Son, I think it's time to make a move
Come on, hurry up
At least we got the money
Daddy! Oh dear
Good morning, sir Shut up
Here, wear my wig. Hurry up
He is in the cabin, sir
What a freak!
Get lost, stupid morons!
Eh, manager
How dare you defy my order
and give my son the money?
I'll close down your bank
My name arent Ranjit Rai for nothing
So you are here
You dog, Rascal, bloody blacky fellow
Take him inside and give him a good thrashing
Take him away
Where are you taking me?
Give him a good thrashing
Today I'll get you
I will break your bones
You went to the bank and posed as me
And look what they have done to me!
Snake! Help me
Get it away
Raja, come on
Harbu, catch him
Just let me get my hands on you
Who could it have been!
Bloody scoundrel
Are you alright?
Not really
Why don't you ask your son
not to hang around with Raja?
I have left no stone unturned,
...yet I fail every time
How do you plan to get his signature
on the marriage certificate?
I am more clever than him
I am not his father for nothing
Just wait and watch, I've my own plan
First page is the property document
Second page is ditto
And the third page is marriage certificate
Now see how it works!
Hey, what are you... you almost scared me!
You got scared as if you
were caught red-handed!
I am born rich. Why would I steal?
Money arent the problem for me
Anyway, sign these documents
What are these?
I've bought land on your name. Sign it
Daddy, you're great. Hand me the pen
He will not sign
Why not? I am his father
So what?
You remember my sister's last words?
Don't sign any paper without first reading it
First read and then sign
You are right, Uncle
Read the second page
We are getting late. Hurry up!
Just a minute
Tell me where to sign
Don't sign without reading
Daddy must have prepared
the right agreement for me
Okay I will read it
Stop it, Uncle
You are always fighting like children
Here... I've signed it
I don't like this
But I like this
See what I mean! I did take his signature
What are you thinking about?
What if I got my daughter's
signature on this certificate?
Say it again, say it again
How about I get Madhu's
signature on the same paper
Your head looks like a barren land
But you are a genius within
We will become relatives
Come on give me a hug
But how will you get her signature?
My daughter is very naive
Snail's pace even in this jet age
Snail's pace
You scared me
I would never do that
A very happy birthday to my best friend
Thank you
Kajal, your gift
Thank you
Now tell me, why did you call me here?
Wanted to do some shopping
For yourself or for me?
It doesn't matter, dear
Hey, it almost escaped my
mind, I've to ex change a shirt
I won't be long. Just a minute
Who did it?
I will show you
Are you blind? Come out
I say, come out
I am sorry
You broke my headlight and
this poor fellow's eggs too
Who'll pay the damages, your father?
Leave it, Madhu. He looks a gentleman
Gentleman! He looks more like a loafer
Hey, bandit queen Yes?
Shut up! Don't talk too much
Ajay, hand me some money
Hey, hen stealer, how much for the eggs?
Only five hundred rupees
Here you go. What about your eggs?
I mean your headlight
Five hundred
Five hundred?
Take this, a full thousand
What's the extra five hundred for?
You'll soon Know
For this. Come on, Ajay
Hang on a sec. Yes?
Here is a full five grand
For what?
I'll tell you
For this
But it's only worth four thousand
Keep the rest as a tip
Followed, Mr. Stupid?
Come on, Kajal
Damn you!
Forget it, man. I mean, it's just a girl
So what? She gives tip and calls me names
Do I look stupid?
These toys here are for sale not
for playing around with them
Sorry, sir
This arent the way to clean
such an expensive statue
Do you Know who is coming to see it?
No, who?
The rich and famous His Excellency
Changeji of Agra
C'mon get going
Sorry, darling. I'll clean you
Excuse me?
The statue spoke?!
Excuse me. I'm over here
Yes, Ms. Statue, I mean Madam
This shirt is defective
It's impossible
What impossible?
Look here. There is a hole in it
Did you see? No
No? No
Okay, I'll show you
Can you see it now?
Yes, yes
Show the madam another shirt
Otherwise she'll tear my pants too
Please proceed to the counter,
he'll show you the shirt
Come on, now cheer up
I Kept quiet because of you
I would have taught her a good lesson
Okay, man, now forget it
She had the nerve to call me stupid!
Why don't you buy a shirt for yourself,
I'll go and check out a chick for me,
...I mean, the shoes
The shirt, not the trousers
Welcome your Excellency
Have a good look at the statue
Don't stand in front of it
Get aside. Move
Specially carved for you
Yeah, sure
Your Excellency, I...
Shut up
Marvelous! Fantastic!
What a craftsmanship!
This craftsman changed the course of nature!
We ought to pay him five million
5 million?!
Who made this statue?
Who made it?
I made it with my own hands
You are truly great
You have no idea what you've done
If you say I'll make half a dozen more
This is what I don't wish
The great emperor cut the hands of
workers who worked on Taj Mahal
So that there would be no second one like it
I intend to do the same with you
Cut my hands off!
Yes, my master
I am leaving
You bring his both hands to Agra
Help me, someone help me
Open the door
What shall I do now? Save me, God
After all what's a mobile phone for?
I'll use it. One zero zero
Hello, Police station
Give me one family pack of Colgate
One for me also
Sorry, sir. We've only one family pack
I'll take it I will
Leave it I won't
I took it first I saw first
Ladies first
Only in the bathroom queue
You're messing with me It's my habit
I will take it
Alright then, you need it more than me
Why? Because your mouth stinks
What? YiKes! Your mouth stinks
Your mouth stinks!
Your body and character stink
It's you who needs it more than myself
Here! Have some more
I'll Kill you
I will Kill you
You see, actually I...
Oh, shit!
I'm going to Kill you
Leave me
I will show her
Leave me, I'll fix this stupid
Come on then, let me see what you can do
Don't anybody move It's the police!
Don't move, or I'll shoot
My father won't bail me out
if he finds out about this
Come on! Run
I'll settle with you later
You pigeon, why are you running away?
Come here, you!
Madhu, relax. Come on
How dare he mess with me?
What a filthy dump shit!
Are you sure your daughter will sign this?
Sure she will
Driver, pull over
I won't be long
Eh, mister, would you guide me to this place
Hey, I am asking you
Bastard! Rascal! Son of a bitch
Do you think my head is a match box?
Daddy, you're here
What a pleasant surprise!
Uncle, please come in
Don't you call me "uncle"
I am only Mr. Harbans for you
Do you understand?
Bloody crows!
See what I mean! Even the crows
didn't approve of your attitude
By the way, why are you here?
I need your signature on these papers
I have to send them over to America today itself
I will, but before that I need your signature
Dinu uncle...
bring over the contract file
Which contract are you talking about?
In which you state that this
land belongs to these dwellers
What? Are you out of your mind?
I am not giving no land to these paupers
No! Never
You think I'm going to sign
your rotten documents?
No! Never
Bring the papers, I will sign
Here is the pen
Every time I have to oblige
But you never amend your ways
Signature please, over there
Daddy, I love you. You are wonderful
Don't be so childish
Tell me where to sign. Doesn't
matter even if it's a death warrant
Over here
Bring the pen, hurry up
Daddy, you're so sweet
You are wonderful
You're the best daddy in the whole world
Thank you
Come on, Kajal
Let's give them the good news
You are marvelous
You bargained utmost
happiness for worthless land
Now we'll have our children
eating out of our hands
Hey, King of sadness
Don't be like a Romeo
Come back to earth! Wake up
Since three days you've been like this
Forget that girl
No, I can't live without her
Don't be emotional. Come on, help me
Never forget the three
advices of that famous poet
Never run after three things in life
A train, a bus and a girl
The world is just plentiful of them, understand?
It's just too many of them around
Why have you Kids brought me over here?
Isn't this birthday decoration nice!
Happy birthday!
Hey, help me here
Where are you off to?
Where are you going?
Hey where are you!
Do you Know which pipe is to be cut?
Bloody deaf! You've to cut a pipe
Pipe! Yeah, yes
Go and finish your job
What an idiot!
Oh, dear!
Hey idiot are you taking a stroll there?
Bloody fool! I am talking to you
Are you deaf?
What's the problem? Get aside
You moron, look below
You darned fellow!
Oh, my God!
He will surely die
Somebody save him
Somebody help him
Why is he crying? What's the matter?
Hey you! Why on the earth
are you hanging there?
Somebody help him please
I told you never to run after three things
Bus, train and girls
See what I mean. Just look at yourself!
Will you stop lecturing! Help me
I'm coming. It's just trouble that he's inviting
Hurry up!
What should I do?
Oh, God! Oh, God please look after us
Oh, God! Oh, God
I'm gone
I'm gone
Help me
I'll fall
What are you doing, hurry up!
Shut up
Why did I've to invite him today
Oh, God
I am gone I am gone!
Hurry up! I can't hang on any longer
I am not no stuntman
Hold on or lose the grip
Okay, man, I'll just hold on
I must close my eyes and go ahead
Oh dear!
He will save him. He is a real hero
You are too slow
Just Keep quiet, man
Oh, God
What are you doing?
Oh, I am dead!
Ajay, please save me
It was you who came to save me
What are you doing?
Hold me please
I don't want to die I mean,
I am not even married yet
Me too, man
Both will die. Oh, God save them
Do you hear what I hear?
I can even see it
Look over there
Can't you see we are hanging down the pipe?
You idiot, you can't hear but you can see us
Somebody help
Stupid, I told you to cut the
lower pipe not the upper one
Now both of them will die
Stop it. What's he doing!
Somebody stop him
I'll be blamed for their death!
Don't do it. Stop it
Stop cutting, you idiot!
Good morning, Auntie
What happened?
Help me
Auntie, listen to us please
We weren't trying to rape you
Really we're doing no such thing
Ajay, gag her otherwise
we'll be convicted of rape
Shut up, fatso
Come dear, come
No, auntie
Now it's your turn
Don't touch me
I will fix you
No! No!
You wanted to rape me
Open the door
Stay back
I think I'd have to break the door
Help me No, auntie, don't touch me
Oh God, give me strength
Help me
I am coming, dear
I'm falling, dear
What are you looking at? Come on, run!
Hurry up, run
Are you hurt?
Very badly, deep down inside, from head to toe
He loves you madly
Whenever he sees you his heartbeat
goes up, blood pressure goes down
He gets crazy
He doesn't Know what he is doing
He breaks statues, walks on pipes,
Even puts me in trouble
By the way, what are your
plans for tomorrow evening?
Can you meet him at 5,
in the Hanging Gardens?
Let me express my love myself
I am just helping you out
I don't need it, now leave
So, now the girl is more important than a friend
But don't forget... Girl, bus and train
You see... I'm sorry
My friend was just blurting nonsense
I don't understand where are you two going?
I am taking her to the hill station
What made you decide so suddenly?
Because my Dad is making
plans for my marriage
And I am not in no mood for it
Uncle, if we Keep talking
here we may miss our flight
Hurry up, Kajal, don't waste time in packing
Be quick, it's almost the departure time
By e, Uncle. See you, by e
Take care, Kajal
Madhu has just gone to a nearby
Hill-station, not to some Honolulu
Quit worrying I'll send Ajay there as well
Let me get this straight...
you fix ed my wedding without
even asking me about it!
I am not going anywhere to see no girl
impossible! I will not marry her
You will have to
Never ever
How dare you disobey your father?
He was the one to change your
nappies when you were a baby
He became a donkey... What?
I mean he even became
a horse for you to ride on
Such a great father deserves worship
You don't Know my father
I Know him very well
Your father may be mean... Hey!
...but he can never be selfish
You ought to obey your father
And get yourself ready to leave
Try to understand... Quiet!
Please arrange for one extra ticket
Because I'll go with him too
Why is that?
To make sure he does go there,
and doesn't return from the airport
Correct. I will call the travel agent
I'll never go, Daddy
You very well Know that I love Kajal
Hang on, I came to save you
and it's me you're hitting!
To save me! Hear me out first
Your father is planning to
marry you to that haughty girl,
the one we met in shopping arcade
Why would I be interested in her!
Your Kajal happens to be with her
Really? That's right
You romance Kajal...
and I'll fix that other hot-head
I am fed up of my Dad
He is forcing me to meet that guy
Meet him at least. What's there to lose?
But how will you recognize him?
He will be holding a red rose
Daddy chose this ape for me!
Hurry up, man. That baldy's
daughter must be waiting for us
And his loafer friend is also with him?
This is too much. That dame
isn't anywhere to be seen...
who was supposed to receive us?
That bald head said she would
recognize us by this rose
Excuse me Yes
Actually I am that girl, the one
you are supposed to meet
Oh, so you are! What a darling...
...a real sweetheart
Your heart is so full of love
Come and give me a hug
Ajay, what's all this?
Keep quiet, I'll tell you later
Leave me alone I am hugging my fiance
It's nobody's business,
come and give me a hug, my love
Let go of me
Oh, it feels so good to hug you
What's the matter?
I think there is something in my pants
Is it? We'll go home and check it out
Shall we make a move? Yes
Come on, Ajay
Welcome gentlemen
Bahadur, send them up
I mean to the bungalow up the hill
You go ahead, we'll follow in the other car
Shall I accompany them?
Shut up. You'll come with me
Bahadur? Yes?
How long will it take to reach the place?
About 3 to 4 hours
There's a monkey inside!
007 BOND
Calls himself James bloody Bond!
My wife treats him like a brother
He's supposed to watch over me
Hey, you get in front
Get in, sir
Go, man. This would be the
last journey of your life!
Stop at the flower shop please
I need to get some flowers for my girl friend
I can't stop Why?
Because the brakes aren't working
Oh I see! No brakes
What? No brakes!
How will we get down?
Let me show you... like this
Hey mister, where are you going?
Please come back
Ta, ta, sir
Oh no!
You are great, you saved our lives
You are not a monkey, you're an angel
Hey guy, where are you off to!
What a strange creature!
Ajay! Watch out
Hey man, how the hell did
you drive on two wheels?
Ajay, look ahead!
Honey! Why is the engine misfiring?
Wake up, something hit us!
Look who is at the back!
Get out of the way
Oh, my God!
They are the same guys...
who came to rape me in
the bathroom the other day
Move out
Don't you worry, love
They will have to rape me first
Ta, ta. Ta, ta.
You bloody mosquito!
Just let me get my hands on you
What's the problem, Bahadur?
Those two guys...
They were Killed in a car crash
They are dead!
Okay, you go in your cottage
No, please no, let me sleep here
You see, people who die
this way turn into ghosts
Their spirits wander everywhere
I am very scared
Please let me sleep here today
Okay, sleep on the sofa
Thank you, madam
Oh my God!
Madam, look...
Oh, no! Bahadur!
Open the door
Who is it?
Who is there?
Recognize me?
I'm your death
I have Killed him already
Now it's your turn
Bahadur, you too!
You gave me one thousand
rupees to fail the brakes
And he gave me two thousand to put on this act
Who do you think you are, huh?
Take yourself to be a great clown?
This wasn't at all funny!
I will break your face if you
go about your pranks again
Why did you slap him?
Didn't you see what he did to me?
And how about what you did to them
You had their car brakes failed...
They could have been easily Killed,
hadn't they jumped out at the right time
Don't joke with others if you
can't take it yourself
Don't try to stop me. Let me go, please
Don't get cross, listen to me
Ajay, please... leave me alone
Don't stop me
Didn't you hear? I already apologized
Let go of my bag
I won't till you forgive me
I said, leave my bag
You are lucky, man
Your wife is apologizing...
In over forty years of my marriage...
it's always been me who ends up apologizing
Shut up, old man
I said leave my bag
Will you or won't you leave it?
I say, let it go
See what I mean!
You should have pardoned me
Damn you!
What Kind of wine was it
which you made me drink,
...that upset my entire system!
Thank you, guys, many thanks
Hey, aren't you saying it
That you've a crush on me, you love me too
I feel embarrassed
If you won't I'd be in despair
I Love You
Share mark... oh, here...
Don't read newspaper, you
can watch all this stuff on TV
You're wasting your time
You hit me!
One bloody mosquito can
make a person gutless
It can very well make one lose nerve
Anyway, just a mosquito it was!
But one fax will make you go insane
Ajay is coming tomorrow
Who will make all the arrangements?
Don't worry, leave all that to me
So, how did you like all this?
The music will go on until it
becomes a pain in y or ass
What...! Come on, come on move
And these girls here... Wow!
...will freak you out with flowers
Shut up!
Look, Ajay is here
Girls, don't just stand there!
Go and give them a grand welcome
Come on, darling
Who is that girl?
Thank you
She is a friend of my daughter
She lives in a filthy slum
What? It's true
Cheer up, dear brother-in-law
Photographer, take his picture with them
Hurry up
Hey, what are you doing, don't...
And what might you be staring at, sir?
Thanks for the welcome, Dad
I have yet to give you a
true welcome at home, later
Please look here, smile please
Smile Dad
By e Dad, See you
He has totally disgraced you
Turn back, you too are about
to greet your worst nightmare!
Hi Dad
Oh, thank you
Don't stand here like a mad bull
Go ahead and have one photo
with your daughter and son-in-law
Shut the fuck up! Take him away
Bald head
He's got an attitude problem, man!
Hey, leave me alone, don't...
Oh, Dad, I never dreamed you
would welcome us like this
Yes, yes
I will show you later
You brat, we sent you there to
bring Ajay and Madhu close,
...and you had the nerve to
start an affair with her yourself!
Dear father-in-law, it was natural,
You sent the cat to guard the
milk, it's certain to lick it all up
Bastard, I'll Kill you
Daddy, daddy
We can settle all this at home
Otherwise the whole town will Know
about this story in tomorrow's papers
Smile please, Daddy, smile
Let's go, darling
Bye Ta ta.
Did you see how our children insulted us
Take out that marriage certificate,
and we'll show them what we're capable of!
Relax, Harbu. Calm yourself
When there are many ways
to solve the problem...
why go for the ultimate option
Leave it to me and watch what I do!
Welcome father-in-law, my respects
Don't worry, sir, it will be done
Raja, we don't need your services anymore
Come with me, I'll settle your account
Because he is the new owner of this garage
You had me fired, it is alright
But how will you KicK me out
from your daughter's heart?
You bloody...
That just goes to show how
a lower-class mind works
You moron, we fired you so
that you could own this garage
Just sign this contract...
and you'll be the new owner
of this 25 million worth garage
But remember one thing,
Your sign on this will be the guarantee that,
you'll be out of Madhu's life forever
Here... sign it
Go ahead, do it
What are you doing? Come here,
Money is our ultimate goal, that's
why we play ed this game of love,
now when you're getting
it, why change your mind!
I suggest you sign it
Okay, I'll sign it
Where is the pen?
Sir, hand me the pen please
Would that be all, sir?
Yes, yes.
Hey, girlie, now tell me what would
be your price to leave my son alone?
A cup of tea
A cup of tea?!
Yes, you'll have to drink
one cup of tea made by me
Huh! I take nothing touched by the poor
We are not poor now, we own this garage
You can certainly have a cup of tea
Well said, the boy has a point there
Okay bring it. We'll drink
Come on, Kajal. Let's make tea for them
Here, gentlemen, please do have some tea
What are you doing?
This tea is worth 25 million rupees
Let me see what the expensive tea tastes like
Hey, it just turned out to be ordinary tea
If 25 million couldn't change the taste of tea,
How would it change our minds?
You truly have no self respect
to be still standing here!
No respectful person can stand such an insult!
Someone else in your place
would have died of shame
itll be you both who is going to die...
and that too a dog's death
Come on, fellows
Break their bones
Kajal, this is not a flower,
it's symbolizes my true feelings for you
Daddy, she's not an enemy but
a future daughter-in-law for you
This is impossible, it won't ever happen
impossible! Tomorrow we're going
to register our marriage in court
Look at these papers
These are not property documents
It's your death warrant
It's a marriage certificate from the court...
duly signed by you and Madhu
Take a good look
According to it you and her are legally married
You both can't marry any one
else not any one in the universe!
This certificate is a grave of your dreams
Your love, your hopes will be buried in it
It's the ashes of your dreams
that you'll be left with now
Hey, what have you done, this isn't happening!
What you were counting on is already ashes!
Throw them in the sacred rivers if you wish
Why the rivers...
you have challenged an enormous sea
And now its fierce storm
will engulf your love...
the one that you're so proud of
Your love will be ruined
It's neither afraid of sea nor fire
Never beaten by arrows or Knives
Love is extreme, love is doomsday
Whoever challenged it, has been destroy ed!
Hey, c'mon bring it fast
Coming, guys
Oh, hello, Mr. Gaitonde, what a
surprise to see you in this shady joint!
Are times so bad that you have to
make do with unbranded liquor?
Today I can at least drink this...
but tomorrow I will not be able
to drink even country liquor
A couple of swines have
brought me to this state
They got me chucked out of the bank
Now I have only... one ambition in my life,
to finish those two and be hanged myself
And I don't care if it takes
my last penny to do this
You do have enough to pay your bill I suppose?
I have a thousand rupees with me
Do you want to turn that
thousand into two thousand?
What do you say! How?
It is very simple. I can prove you
have eleven fingers in your hands
Eleven? What rubbish are you talking...
It is no rubbish
I Know I have only ten fingers in my hands
I say eleven, want to bet?
All right, it is a bet
Put down a thousand then
Here is my thousand
Okay, count
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... 10
I will count again, you won't be
let off so easily. Just a minute
Ten, nine, eight, seven six...
Friends, now how many is six and five?
See what I mean. And there you are!
Hey, I had eleven fingers in
my hands, yet I didn't Know it!
How is that possible
One, two, three, four... ten
He made a fool out of me
Hey, wait you rascal
You won't get away from me
Made a fool out of me
You dog, you wretch, you
made off with my last thousand!
If I get my hands on you I will Kill you
Twenty-five, twenty-five
Not 25, but it is a full thousand
that he has made off with
No, friend, not 25 but one thousand
Hey, after 25 there is 26 and then 27...
Why do you Keep looking into this
hole and Keep repeating twenty-five?
Let me have a look too what's inside!
Who is it? Hey, who is inside?
Twenty-six, twenty-six
Madhu... Madhu? Where is Madhu?
Sir, Madam Madhu left
with her bag in the morning
What? She is gone?
Harbu, my son has not come
home since y yesterday,
and today your daughter
has left home and gone
Where have these two gone?
How do I... I will tell you
Your daughter has brought
disgrace to you, she has run off
She has eloped with her lover
And that is not all. They are getting
married in the Court tomorrow
In celebration of which I have
brought sweets for you, brother
Please have some
Come on, have some. Do have some sweets
Don't shout
A man whose daughter runs away from home,
does not have the right raise his voice
And do you remember what
you had said the other day?
That if your daughter did anything
like this, you would shoot her
So, here, take this gun
Go and shoot her, go on, what
are you thinking about now?
You cannot shoot
Not only you, no father can do it
There is nothing you can do
All you can do is watch
helplessly like a gutless fellow
Like a gutless fellow,
Cannot do anything! Forget it
What are you thinking about, Harbans
This is not the time to think, it is time for action
There will be shooting and there will be corpses,
but of those bastards who have challenged us
These bastards have dragged
our family name into mud
We have to hide our faces in shame
They have turned our own
offspring into our enemy
Bring them to such a death that,
people would shudder even
at the thought of "Love"
Who stole my sleep, lover?
You did
Oh, who stole my peace, lover?
You did
Who lives in my heart?
You do, you, it is you
I won't give up, Kill, Kill, I will Kill
I will Kill, Kill
Hey you, hey what are you doing Fatso?
Won't spare you, you two have ruined me
Won't spare you, ladies you please go
This is between men, ladies not allowed
Hey you Fatso, let them go
You scarecrow, you hired these
cheap goons to thrash us?
Hey you, I don't come cheap I take thousands
Oh, he is not cheap, he takes thousands!
Shut up, stop mimicking me
Listen very carefully
I have promised to Kill y
our friend and your chick
on a payment of 2.5 million
rupees, from your own father
Hey, don't move
Why are you fellows standing
around doing nothing?
Break up this Romeo and Juliet twosome
It is your turn first
Before going to your death, think of your God
No! You will not Kill him, he is my prey
If you have taken money to Kill,
I have taken an oath to do it
Come, brother, give me the gun
Come on
Hey you, give me the gun
No, no Quiet
Hey, hey, hey
You guys throw out this sack of flour
Who are you calling a flour sack, you rascal?
Throw him out Hey, let go of me
Hey, don't give me an unfair deal
This is my prey
You, you, I will...
My name is Damliya, it is Damliya
Every dog in this town Knows me
Yeah, a dog like you would
be Known to all other dogs
You called me a dog, me!
You bastard, I will...
Hit him, Raja, hit him
Raise your hand to me, will you? Hit me?
You don't Know who I am
Very hot-blooded, are you?
Speak up, speak up
I will not finish you like this
I will make your body into a sieve with this gun,
then all your hot blood will flow out of the holes
and you will suffer so badly a fish out of water
Fish out of water!
And when there is still a little life left in you,
I will place you on a funeral pyre
...and then I will light the pyre
First your shroud will burn
...and later it will be your skin
and then your conscience will start burning
You do Know the sensation
of burning, don't you?
Don't you?
But why am I feeling this burning?!
Why am I feeling it?
You dumb, look underneath
No, no!
Hey, why are you all standing around?
Come and put out this fire
Wait, wait, wait, I will tell
you how to put out the fire
Like this
...and like this
Hey, why are you all standing around
Come all of you, put the fire out
Come, put it out
Come thrash it, harder, harder
C'mon guys, let's vamoose fast
Hey you, are you saving me or hitting me?
Where have they gone?
Oh, they seem to have run away
Catch those swine, catch them
The clothes; let's change quickly
Hey, did you see them going?
No, no one has come this way
They are bound to be hiding somewhere around
We will wait right here for them
Hey, how are you today?
We'd just like to confirm our tickets
Hey, who the hell are you, man
You seem to be creating trouble
Come on
You go look over there
Ajay, Ajay, Ajay!
You bastard
Ajay, Ajay!
Right, turn right
If anything happens to Ajay...
No, calm yourself
If anything happens to Ajay...
Nothing is going to happen to Ajay
Don't worry, he will be all right
Everything will be all right
Doctor, how is he?
There is nothing to worry
about, he is out of danger
In a little while we will shift him to the ward
You can see him after that. All right?
Thank you doctor, thank you
I didn't wish to live, but your
love did not allow me to die
Now stop talking, you need rest
Ajay, don't get up
Raja, tell him to go away
Son, I... You have no son here
There is no relationship between us
Son, I have realized my mistake
I have come to beg forgiveness from you all
You have even lost the
right to ask for forgiveness
You are giving me such a big punishment
A father will not be forgiven by his son!
All right, all right
But that culprit will certainly be punished,
...who has wronged you all
He will definitely be punished... definitely
Certainly he'll be punished
I must be given punishment
I must be punished
I must, I must, I must
Uncle, what are you doing?
Leave me
Enough, enough
Leave me, I am that wretch
who sent goons to Kill you
Ajay, there is no bigger
punishment than repentance
Today he has realized his mistake
Forgive him
For the sake of my friendship, you must
My son, my child!
Son, I was against your love
But today I promise...
I'll see that your desire is fulfilled
...and he became crazy!
Ranjit, Ranjit, I say,
Ranjit, you come out
What is it, Harbu?
What is there to talk about now?
How well you have served our friendship
You sheltered my enemy in your home
And then you print and distribute
these engagement cards, you!
How well you have stood by me, Ranjit!
Harbu, I have done everything
after a great deal of thinking
The sight of your son's blood
must have made you soft
You love to help the underdog
Okay, go ahead, make this beggar
woman your daughter-in-law
But I will never accept this jerk as my son-in-law
Daddy, try to understand...
Shut up. And listen to me very carefully
The way in which you have
picked a husband off the roadside
In the same way find a father
to give you away in marriage
Because after today, I am no longer your father
Go and be damned
You who have not a hair on your
head or an emotion in your heart,
what would you Know
about giving anything away
Such things are beyond you
Go, go on, get out, scram
Don't you worry, dear I will
perform the duties of father
Oh, dear God, mysterious are your ways
Today you have given me a big surprise...
Come, my love, let us make
merry, for spring is here
Come, my love, do not tarry,
lest this spring is wasted
Don't worry if sleep is lost,
Or if peace is stolen
Or life is lost,
Let love live on
Mr. Malhotra, it's so nice of you of
you to have come. I'm really glad
But how can I ignore an
invitation from you, Mr. Ranjit
How is that possible!
Tell me one thing, Mr. Ranjit
Yes, what is it?
You were looking out for a very
rich girl for your son, weren't you?
But now I hear you have accepted
the daughter of some clerk
In other words, you had aimed for
the stars but fell on the dung heap!
How are you, Mr. Malhotra?
I am well
If you do not mind, can I ask you something?
No, no, why would I mind it?
What happened to your daughter?
Why, what has happened?
I hear she has made off with a baker!
Anyway, it is nothing to worry about,
all the bread supplied for this party
is from your son-in-law's bakery
Come on, open your mouth
Come on, open your mouth,
old man or I will spill the beans
Give him water, some one give him water
He is fit to drown with shame
Harbu, you have come so far why are
you hesitating for a few more steps
Come forward and bless your daughter
Daddy, I Knew you would definitely come
It is impossible that while I live I
do not attend your engagement
Where is Raja?
He should be here any minute
I mean, just look at these rich spoilt brats!
It is no festival today, but crackers are being lit!
That too in the middle of the road
I think this is going to go on through the night
Let us try and talk them out of it
Look, friend, we...
Hey, mister
Why are you lighting crackers?
Just listen to me please. Stop this for
a minute, we have to go from here
Please speak louder, I cannot hear anything
Our taxi has to pass through, please give way
Listen, stop for a minute, let their taxi pass
All right
Thank you, my friend
Let us go
Uncle, Uncle!
Kajal Kajal?
No, no
Hey, Pali, come
While this Knight errant lives,
no tyrant will be allowed to
outrage a woman's modesty
Get up you rascal, bastard
Are you okay?
Madhu, it is quite late but
they haven't come yet
Yeah, it's got me worrying too
You are worrying for no
reason, they will soon be here
Yes, yes, they will soon be here
Oh, here they are!
Hey, where did you two get delay ed?
Oh, Ajay, you don't Know, the...
Never mind, these things happen
It is late already, please get the
engagement ceremony started
What is the big hurry, Mr. Malhotra
Friends, a while ago Mr. Malhotra
asked me why I had changed my mind
Why I had not got my son
married to my friend's daughter
I want to tell you all...
that Ajay and his friend Raja
have to be given credit for that
It is indeed their friendship and
love that changed my thinking
And it is some pictures of this
friendship that I want to show you all
Daddy, why are you...
Son, let a father have his wish
Lights off
Daddy, what Kind of a game is this?
Do I still need to tell you what this is?
These are your friend's doings
which I am showing to you
I always told you that these poor
people are blood-sucking leeches
They are parasites which
gobble up your wealth,
and they rob you of your good name
These, these...
see, see how your fiance has been
having an affair with your friend
No, no, this is not true, not true
Okay, so you tell me just
when do two young people,
meet each other with their
clothes almost half down!
What do they have in mind
in such a state, tell me
Ajay, Ajay this is a false accusation
This is a conspiracy to get us into trouble
I... I can prove that this is all lies
Uncle, tell them about the
accident before I came here
What accident?
We have come here straight
Uncle don't lie, please
Please don't lie
This is a matter of my reputation, a
question of your daughter's good name
Don't lie, please don't lie
Come here, was I supposed
to say something else?
Tell me what I should say
Eh! Huh, what are you
whispering amongst each other?
Whatever you have to say, speak out loud,
this is a matter of our family's
good name, understand?
Speak up you bastard! Tell the
truth or I will break your bones
Please do not beat me, Sir
I am a very poor man, Sir
I will tell the truth, Sir
Sir, this niece of mine is not of good character
She's been carrying on with
Raja for several months now
Not only that, Sir, but they...
they have also aborted a child, Sir
You bastard! I will Kill you, I will not spare you
I will Kill you, I will Kill you bastard
Stop it
Enough of your nonsense,
I cannot bear it any more
Ajay! You believe them!
Madhu, at least you should trust
me I am telling the truth, Madhu
I swear by you that I'm speaking the truth
Don't you touch me
I could never believe that
you would stoop so low
Ajay, tell him to go away from here
Raja, go away before I lose my head, go
Ajay, listen to me... Go!
No, Ajay, until I have proved my innocence
I will not go away from here
All right then, it is your dead
body that will leave this house
Believe me, Ajay
You are telling a lie
No, I am not telling lies
You cheated me
Ajay, this is a false accusation
Shut up!
Ajay, why don't you understand
Shut up, you bastard
Ajay, you have gone mad
Get lost
Ajay, Ajay
What are you doing, what are you doing
You're breaking your childhood
friendship, 20 years of friendship
You have gone mad
Friendship! I have not broken
our friendship, Uncle, he has
I have given him more than a brother's love
Loved him more than my life, trusted him
And what did he do to me!
To my love, he...
Uncle, tell him to go away from here
I don't wish to see his face, tell him to go away
Kajal, where are you going?
I don't Know
Come home with me
No, I will not be a burden to you
Is a sister ever a burden to her brother?
When sleep deserts you
When memories trouble you
When the heart is in despair
When sadness hounds you
What would you call this,
O my God you tell me
It is love, it's love, it is love
Love is failure, love is success
It is your enemy, and it is your friend
It is love, it's love, yes indeed it is love
Kajal, Kajal
What happened, Kajal?
Oh, God!
Nurse, excuse me. I want to meet
Dr. Sajan, where can I find him?
He is in Dr. Neeta Mehta's room
Thank you
Don't worry she'll be alright
Hey, Raja, what's up?
Doctor, Kajal is not well,
please take a look at her
Raja, this is a maternity hospital
and I have come here for a visit
I cannot see her here. You should
have brought her to my clinic
That is where I went but
I was told you were here
She is very ill
Some time ago she had even fainted
Dr. Mehta, can I use your cabin?
Of course
Bring her inside
Kajal come
Raja, it is good you brought her here
Due to depression she has low B. P.
I am writing out a prescription
Keep giving her the medicines,
she will be all right
Careful there
Excuse me Yes?
Why had this boy and girl come here?
Sir, a man brings his wife here
when she is expecting his child
Madhu, what is it, honey?
Daddy, he who is the cause of my untold misery
He is carrying on as if nothing has happened
He is not a human being,
he is an animal, an animal
I Know how horribly you've
been cheated, my child
As a father I can understand
what you must be suffering
But even now all is not lost
Your life can once again be filled with happiness
You both can learn to smile again
Just listen to your father's entreaty
You two get married and set up home
Don't say no, my child, don't say no
I have fulfilled all your wishes
Can you not grant your father his one wish
Please, my girl
Daddy, I have already hurt you so much
If this marriage can give
you even a little happiness
...then we won't oppose your request
My dear
Madhu is right, Daddy
Why should we all suffer
because of others' unfaithfulness
Why should I mourn a
relationship that does not exist
We'll show them, that we can live too
Ajay, whatever you are doing, it is not right
I don't like this
Kajal, have your medicine
Can we come in?
Come in Ajay, sit down
No Raja, on this bed only you...
What nonsense you talk, Ajay
Can't you see her condition
Kajal, I hear you are not well
Are you pregnant again?
Look, Ajay, look at her tears
Oh this innocent face
could fool any one, isn't it?
Aren't looks very deceptive?
Can any one imagine such
innocent looking people,
could be so low-minded and treacherous?
They can be, why can't they be
We have two examples right in front of us,
who made a deal of everything
to serve their selfish ends,
their love, their conscience, their very souls
Will you please shut up?
You shut up and listen to me
We have not come here to
watch you enjoying yourself
But to tell you that we have
decided to get married
This relationship will not
be an illicit one like yours
Here is our wedding card
We Are Getting Married
Kajal, Kajal, open the door Kajal
Kajal, what are you doing Kajal
No Kajal, you cannot do this Kajal
I say, please open the door
Stop it, Kajal
What stupidity is this! Kajal, you cannot do this
No Kajal, come to your senses Kajal
Leave me alone
What are you doing Kajal, stop it
Do you think your death can wipe
away the false accusations put on us?
No, Kajal, death is not the
answer to this problem
Those who have brought us to this state,
I'll teach them such a lesson
as will not be forgotten ever
No, Raja!
No, no
Help, help
No, leave me, let me go Raja
No Raja, don't come near me
You bastard, you're worse than an animal
Inspector, this is the swine
who is after my son's life
Arrest him
C'mon, arrest the rascal
Move, move
Did you see, Ajay, how badly he treated me
I will never forgive him
I will never forgive him!
Come, come, welcome my son
Please take Ajay inside
Our dreams have come true, Harbu
We are family now,
our children are to be married
Yes, Ranjit, yes, our plans have succeeded
We have won, we have won
We are partying here, and there
the bastard is getting a thrashing
Tried to lay your hands
on a rich man's daughter
Laying your hands on a girl
Don't beat him, don't beat him
For God's sake, don't beat him
He has not committed any crime
Raja is innocent, please don't beat him
He is not innocent, he is a rapist,
and he'll not leave this place alive
Thrash the bastard
Hey, where do you think you are going,
don't you Know this is a rich people's wedding?
Listen, Sir, I...
Bahadur, let her come, let her come in
Sir, Sir, he will die, Sir
Please save him, Sir
Those police people will Kill him, Sir
I beg you for mercy, Sir
That dog deserves this punishment
He had dared to challenge us
We'll give him a slow death and
make him suffer till the end
No, no, please don't do that, Sir
Please Sir, in the name of God spare his life
I beg of you, please spare his life, Sir
So, lost all of your starch at last, have you
You used to shout that love is
very powerful, did you not?
That love never loses
Now rub your forehead on these feet and say
that love has no meaning in front of wealth
and then I will spare your boyfriend's life
Go on, rub your forehead
You are right, Sir, a poor
man's love has no meaning
No meaning at all
Another thing,
if you wish to see him alive, then take him and,
not only leave this town but go
away from this country forever
Sir, I will do whatever you say
That's good
Harbu Yeah, sure
Inspector, I am Harbans Lal speaking
Oh Sir, to what do I deserve this honour?
Let him go Leave him!
Yes, and listen,
send that son-of-a-bitch along with his lady love,
on the evening passenger
ship going to Lagos, Nigeria
And if you ever see them
again in this town, shoot them
Whatever you say, Sir
Go, I have spared your boyfriend's life, go
I will not leave this town and go
I will not go this way, in ignominy
I will prove that we are innocent
You cannot do that Raja, they will
Kill you before you can do it
I am ready to die if necessary
to prove my innocence
If you are thinking of dying,
why did you save me then?
Why did you give me this life, answer me
I can bear my own ignominy, Raja,
but I won't be able to see my brother dead
You called me your sister, did you not
In the name of that relationship,
I beg you to come along, please
Nothing is left in this town for us now
Everything is finished, Raja, everything
All right, Kajal, I will do what you say
I am very happy that this relationship
has come through, Mr. Malhotra
Hearty congratulations
Call the bride, Sir Yes
Hurry up, it is time for the ship to sail off
Pick up your stuff and get in the jeep
Sit down dear, sit down
Bride and groom may stand up for
going around the sacred nuptial fire
Hey, get off
Hey, why has the light gone off?
Let us see...
Hey Bihari, hey Ramu Yes, Master
Why have the chandeliers gone off, find out
I will just go and check, Master
You wretch!
What is this exhibition you have put up?
What will you prove by showing
these pictures? What will you prove?
I want to prove what a low-down scum you are
Today I will show the world your real face
Listen Ajay...
On the night that Kajal and Raja were
coming to the engagement party
your father's hired goons
Kidnapped Kajal
They tore off her clothes,
they behaved like animals with her
It was your friend, Raja, who saved her then
And when he was consoling
that terrified girl like a brother
...these photographs were taken,
which were presented in a totally
different context by your FATHER
Raja Kept screaming that he was
innocent but you didn't believe him
So to prove his innocence,
Raja re-enacted this scene last night
He carried off Madhu in the same way
and you too saved Madhu in the same way
And when you were consoling this terrified girl
these photographs were
taken at that time by us
so that you can see the truth for yourself
And if you still have doubts,
then ask this scoundrel
who is an equal partner in
your father's conspiracy
Speak up you dog, admit it in front of him
Sir I am telling the truth I am guilty, Sir
All that I said in the party
that day, it was all untrue
Your father had paid me 200,
000 rupees to say all that
You have Killed the bond
between father and son
Such an enormous betrayal!
Why did you cheat me so, why?
Why did you do it, why, why, why did you?
Why have you ruined my life?
Leave me, I will Kill him
Leave me, I will Kill him, he has ruined my life
You are a criminal, I will not
spare you I will Kill you
Ajay, what are you doing?
He is your father, let him go, let him go
No Ajay, no, no, stop Ajay
Leave me, I want to die
What are you saying, come to your senses
No I don't want to live, Madhu I wish to die
Because of this man I cannot look
any one in the eye. Let me go
He cannot be my father, Madhu
He cannot be
One even begins to love
animals that he Keeps as pets
But this man has treated his
own son worse than an animal
Madhu, he cannot be my
father, he cannot be my father
Ajay, calm down, calm down for God's sake
This man has ruined my life
Because of this man I doubted my love
I raised my hand on a friend
who was like a brother to me
And today, because of him, I was
going to commit such a big blunder
No Madhu, I can't even face myself
I don't wish to live Madhu, I don't wish to live
Ajay, I can understand your pain
I am also suffering like you
Because my folks have done the same to me
I have also been cheated
But this is no time to punish ourselves, Ajay
It is time to ask forgiveness of those
whose life has been turned
into a hell because of us
Yes, Ajay we will go to them
and will beg for their forgiveness
It is the only way to repent for our sins, Ajay
She is right, son
Go and stop them before it is too late
Because they are leaving the country for good
Hey, watch it
Hurry up, hurry, the ship is about to leave
...passengers are requested
to get their luggage checked
Oh, there has been an
accident I hope he is not hurt
What has happened, what is it?
Listen, if I see you in this town
again, I will shoot you. Got it?
Come on, Kajal
Prepare for the sail off
Lift the Anchor
Hey, where are you going?
Sir, Sir... You cannot go inside
Call the crane and prepare
to remove the gangway
Sir, this is a question of my
life and death, I beg of you
Sir, please let me go
Okay, let them in
Thank you, Sir
Ajay, Ajay, are you all right?
Love, it is love, yes indeed this is love
Yes this is love
Forgive me
I have made a terrible mistake, Raja
Please say no more, Ajay
Raja, forgive me Raja
Say nothing, Ajay
No Forgive me, forgive me
Don't say anything now
Mr. Ranjit!
Why did you call up to have this
ship delay ed by half an hour?
If this ship had sailed off today,
We would have lost the
regard of our children for ever
All our life we thought of the
poor as insignificant insects
Thought of them as guttersnipes
But today we realize how poor
one really is in spite of wealth
You children, are our real wealth,
Yes, it's just you
When children make
mistakes, parents forgive them
But when parents make mistakes,
it is the duty of the children also to forgive them
Forgive me, my children
Well done, brother-in-law
you even straightened the dog's crooked tail!
Just Kidding.