Ishq Click (2016) Movie Script

What's wrong with this city?
Somewhere there are
ashes and somewhere smoke.
Why doesn't someone say something?
Why do we tolerate smoking quietly?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Put out cigarette
wherever you see it lit.
Smoking at public
places is prohibited.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke. Or let others smoke.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Who doesn't want to be happy?
But at what price?
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Smoking is injurious for you.
And for your dear ones.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
'This sound of the siren...'
'is feeling heavy on this heart beat.'
'I, Sophia Tayar.'
'Adi, won't you click my photo today?'
'My life's first picture you clicked.'
'And today...'
'you have the right
to take the last one, too.'
'From my book of life...'
'this is the most beautiful
and happiest page.'
'These mountains are
the witness of the moments...'
'when I used to weave
my dreams within my eyes.'
'And always had my eyes covered
in that blanket of dreams.'
'On every branch of my heart...'
'birds of hope lived happily.'
"My dreams have challenged my life"
"Life has taken on the challenge"
"Sparkling magic bestirred
and my joy got new wings"
"My joy has got too many wings"
"I have no regrets"
"It's just leisure time, my dear"
"Softly and very sweetly"
"Sings my soul"
"Softly and very sweetly"
"Sings my soul"
"I can hear the footsteps
of my lover"
"I can hear my lover
calling out to me"
"My love tries to
seek me everywhere"
"I can hear the footsteps
of my lover"
"I can hear my lover
calling out to me"
"My love tries to
seek me everywhere"
"Clinking and tinkling
I can hear anklets singing"
"I hear anklets singing"
"Softly and very sweetly"
"Sings my soul"
By the grace of God...
today is our little angel's birthday.
Happy birthday, Sophia.
Many, many happy returns
of the day, Sophia.
Thank you so much, Father.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
But Father,
how do you know her date of birth?
20 years ago, on this day...
an unfortunate person left
her near the gate of the church.
He didn't know that he isn't
actually making her an orphan...
he is actually giving
her to the Father of the world.
May God give her
everything she deserves.
Many, many happy returns of the day.
But... do we know each other?
Don't you take wishes from strangers?
- Umm...
- Anyways...
Small gift for the...
God gifted beauty.
I do take wishes from strangers...
but not gifts.
Strangers are those people whom you
don't allow to enter into your life.
I think,
if we remove 'un' from unknown...
then everything is known.
Anyways... we have met before.
Have we?
Umm... when?
Open it.
Go on.
Now you tell me...
is this possible if we didn't meet?
Never steal a gift...
you could have asked for it.
If I had asked,
beauty wouldn't be beauty.
You would become conscious.
The beauty who is
unaware of the beauty...
is the most beautiful.
You're skilled at photography
and conversations as well.
Well, thanks.
But I'm not exaggerating...
it's called adding colors
to plain conversation.
There's a difference between
chasing someone and getting attracted.
Isn't it?
Oh my God!
Your face is like the answer
to all the questions and to top it...
the sequence of your questions.
Tell me the truth.
You didn't like the book or...
you don't know how to say thanks?
I did say thanks.
Oh! Oh, really?
I thought that you
were giving me a warning.
If I say it,
will you stop chasing me?
You're heartless!
Okay, I'll stop.
before leaving,
I want a treat from you.
Ma'am, you know that
it's the generation of offers.
You know that there no
free lunches in this world.
I will... let you know.
A Mumbaikar in Darjeeling?
I like it.
Though I know that
there's nothing in a name...
but a person might've
given you a name, right?
Who gave you this? Who gave you?
Without the treat...
I won't leave you.
How are you?
I know that the spelling is wrong...
but my feelings are right.
One small treat.
My treat?
At least tell me something.
I just asked you
out for a small treat.
Don't shoot me.
So sweet.
I can take the picture of your name.
And by the way...
you can call me Aditya Vardhan.
And I'm sure that after some time
you will ask me my pet name.
I will tell you now.
You can call me Adi.
So, Mr. Adi...
tomorrow, 5 o' clock,
Hillside Restaurant.
I will give you a treat.
But promise me,
after that you will not follow me.
Tomorrow evening at five.
I'll see you there.
Umm... umm... Sophia!
Mr. Adi, this is a
treat and a return gift.
Thank you. For this treat.
One strong coffee with
butter toast, please.
Alright, sir.
- And madam?
- That's it?
Other something else, too.
It's not a small treat.
Being with you is also a treat.
You started with it again.
Umm... same for me.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry but I am
like this by default.
What do you do?
You can call me jobless.
I don't do much.
But for me my work is my passion,
my love and my life.
I am a professional
fashion photographer.
Wow. Not bad.
And what do you do?
- Me?
- Yes.
I dream with my eyes open.
I'm sure that your
wishes will come true.
I guess you know that we
are the birds of the same feather.
You have dreams in your eyes and I...
have eyes on my dreams.
In Darjeeling...
What are you doing in Darjeeling?
For one government assignment.
- And...
- Excuse me, sir.
Money is also good.
Sir, toast.
In life...
you have to do things for a living.
How did you find our Darjeeling?
From the government's camera?
Damn boring.
So much boring.
Darjeeling is my darling.
I mean, don't see it from a camera,
see it from my eyes.
It's so beautiful.
I'm sorry, but I don't think so.
Can you prove it?
Why me? I mean...
- Go out and explore-
- Stop this why me...
what, when, who.
Sophia, keep all these
questions aside and live.
I promise you this.
That you'll find all
the answers to your questions.
I promise you.
- Done.
- 11 o' clock, same place?
Done. I'll be there.
Right on time.
"Lost in love"
"I'm yours now"
"Lost in love"
"I'm yours now"
"Conversations are sweeter than ever"
"Moments I spend with you"
"Feel like heaven to me"
"Love is in the air"
"I have no regrets anymore"
"I am living a happy life"
"I have no control over my life"
"This passion is limitless"
"Silence sings a tune"
"Is this what we call love?"
"My heart is beating"
"And every beat expresses love"
"What has happened to me?"
"I've started liking someone"
"Always felt something was missing"
"Felt like I never breathed"
"I've found my destiny"
"Moments have lost sense of control"
You made me very tired.
You have not seen anything.
This is just one tea garden.
- There are many like this.
- Is it?
What is this?
You even get tea over here.
Of course, this is Darjeeling.
And the tea over here is very famous.
Sit. I'll get tea for you.
She's asking if you want
more or less sugar in the tea.
I told more.
I like sweet tea.
But I didn't ask you.
Okay. Let's drink my type of tea.
For you.
I must say.
This really is the world's best tea.
Okay, tell me, what is tea?
A good start...
culture, hospitality...
refreshment or a bad habit?
- For me?
- Hmm.
Where there is tea...
there is a way.
I knew it.
You would say something different.
Where there is tea, there is a way.
You're such a...!
What is that place?
So, so quiet. So peaceful.
It's a very weird place.
This is suicide point.
The path of the weak people...
end over here.
This place is so peaceful.
Hey, by the way...
Can I take a picture?
I mean, with your due permission,
of course.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
Give me a beautiful smile.
Come on.
You good to go?
Beauty is more welcome than safety.
Safety comes first.
My camera.
Crap, man.
That day you slipped.
Today I did.
That day I held your hand.
Today it's your turn.
See, Darjeeling is very beautiful.
And you, too.
You are very beautiful.
I think that you have a lot of talent.
You have everything...
that takes to be a super model.
How do you say that phrase?
One accomplished
with all good qualities.
And by the way, Mumbai is your...
city of dreams, too.
- But...
- Mark my words.
If you come to Mumbai...
you will make it big, for sure.
Umm... I...
I never thought about it.
Such a big city.
I don't know if I can...
match up to it's speed.
You have just today's
night to think about it.
Start thinking.
'No one ever came...'
'whom I will sadly miss.'
'I never had a dream where...'
'I could fear its failure.'
'But I feel both today.'
'If you had to leave...'
'then why did you
come into my life, Adi?'
What happened?
You came to see off,
but you don't want to leave me?
I know you will miss me.
I can't...
lie to you.
I will miss you.
I have found a friend.
It's time to leave.
You will miss me, right?
But I won't miss you.
Because I know...
that you surely will come.
Child, you did not eat food?
How can I leave Darjeeling, sister?
It has given me so much.
Trust on God, my child.
He will show you the way.
Thank you, sister.
God bless you, my child.
Go and fulfil your dreams.
'New place, new ways...'
'new destinations.'
'New starts, new hopes...'
'my city of dreams Mumbai.'
'Sophia salutes you.'
'Aditya, you don't get
golden chances again and again.'
- Thank you, sir.
- 'Come on time.'
Sir, I promise we won't be late.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir, once again.
You won't believe this.
Give me a hug.
- What happened?
- Give me a hug. Come on.
The call was from Silver Stone Agency.
They want a fresh face
for his ad film campaign.
It's a very big opportunity for us.
Can you believe it?
What are you thinking?
Go, get ready.
Come on, hurry up, we gotta go.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Thank you, God.
Thank you.
P. R. Prabhakar.
You should've told me before
that it's a bikini shoot.
But I am telling you now.
It's difficult.
if there's something else,
then let me know.
Something else?
So many girls are waiting outside.
Adi, my brother...
she's different.
Try to convince her.
It's a big brand.
And it's all clean.
Life set.
Give me a second.
I'll talk to her.
You okay?
First of all it's
a bikini shoot and...
photographer is someone else, so...
Come to the point.
Tell that she is
comfortable with you...
and you want to shoot.
Nothing like that.
Time and chance don't wait, boss.
Tell me in the evening.
Till then I will
keep the client on hold.
I'll wait for your call.
What's the matter, Adi?
Why are you so upset?
Tell me, please. What did he say?
What else...
He asked for his commission.
I mean to say...
are we in a situation
to shoot anything?
So what to do?
Huh? First shoot to be a bikini shoot?
Are you comfortable?
If you shoot...
'A know name of the modelling name...'
'Super model Sophia.'
'Every success needs a new view...'
'and I got that from
Hindustan Newspaper.'
Just look for the payment.
It's okay. Of course, of course.
I'll see in next project.
No, no.
Yes. Okay, bye.
Isn't he Sophia's boyfriend?
Not boyfriend. Agent.
It's the same.
Agent or whatever,
it doesn't make a difference.
That's something like
buy one get one free.
Meaning life set.
I don't know what she saw in this guy.
He's just a rookie photographer...
and he won a free lottery.
This is called life.
Always fun.
What happened to that?
You were telling me.
Oh, that. I did it.
'Not boyfriend. Agent.'
'This is called life.'
'He's just a rookie photographer
and he won a free lottery.'
These are the best examples...
of worst photography.
It's pathetic.
Are you feeling bad?
Instead of an assignment...
I'll give you a good suggestion.
Forget it.
Your work is very mediocre.
It's very filmy.
But, sir...
it's my... it's my hard work, sir.
I have worked hard on it.
But in the wrong direction.
In your pictures there
is nothing out of the box.
You can't do it.
Stop betraying yourself, Aditya.
Clicking pictures of beautiful
girls is not called photography.
It's way beyond that.
I'll give you a suggestion.
Any wedding photography...
or do any small work, okay?
Okay. I'll see you.
'These are the best examples...'
'of worst photography.'
'Any wedding photography
or do any small work, okay?'
'Not boyfriend. Agent.'
'This is called life.'
'Stop betraying yourself, Aditya.'
'Clicking pictures of beautiful
girls is not called photography.'
I'm hopeless, Sophia.
Am I not talented?
Am I...
born to click wedding pictures?
- You're the best.
- I don't want a job like this.
I don't want a job like this.
'You're my inspiration, Sophia.'
'Just understand how much I love you.'
'You are my life, just accept it.'
'I don't have anything to give you.'
'I just have a chance.
Take it whenever you feel like.'
"Destroyed in love
in such a way I am"
"That I crave for your love
every moment"
"You're my serenity,
you're my passion"
"You are my delight"
"My existence lies safe within you"
"You are my life"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
"My heart yearns for love"
"Shower your love
on me all day and night"
"My heart is on flames"
"It erupts and goes off in your name"
"You've plucked the strings
of my heart in such a way"
"That love feels like a harmony"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
My one scold made you an artist.
Superlative work.
Very happy.
Thank you.
I think we have to
do something for you.
Do one thing...
Come to Taj on Friday.
In the honor of world renowned
photographer, Mr. Sen Gupta...
we have kept a party.
Come and meet him.
Maybe after you meet him...
your luck might change.
I would love to meet him, sir.
Thank you.
- Thank you so much for this.
- Sure. Definitely.
Keep up the good work.
- All the best.
- Thank you, thank you.
Hey, why did you get me to a party?
Are you 50 years old?
All day you stay between men,
pain and medicine.
Don't you get bored?
How are you, young man?
Very fine, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Ira.
Why me?
You should congratulate Father.
It's because...
you have finally come to India.
After completing your MBA.
You're very shameless.
You didn't introduce
any of your girlfriends to me.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm just joking.
- I'm so sorry.
By the way...
isn't she that beautiful
girl that you always talk about?
No, she isn't the one.
She was someone else.
- I hate you.
- No. I'm just kidding.
She is the one. Sorry.
Sophia. Tushar.
Sir, please say a few words.
Thank you.
Thank you very much for the honor.
Now... what should I say?
I am not a Godman or a leader...
let my pictures talk.
Since the day I made
camera my prime object...
I had only one dream in my life...
to see myself as Mr. Sen Gupta.
That's it.
You will be, Adi.
And you'll see...
one day I will also stand
on that stage and say very proudly...
I'm the better half...
of Mr. Aditya Vardhan.
There's someone...
who's happier than me.
Maybe, she wants to say something.
Ira, my dear.
Come, come.
Speak your heart out.
I'm Ira.
I don't know much
about my Father's art.
But yes, I do know about his heart.
It's golden.
He's a man of few words.
meaningful words.
Today I reached my
Father's shoulder height.
But still he stands strong.
whether I get my Prince
Charming or not...
but you will be a king for me forever.
I love you, Father.
- Hey, Mr. Mehta.
- Hey, Aditya.
- How are you?
- Fine.
When did you get glasses?
it gives me an intellectual look.
That's why.
No but, seriously, sir...
I really have to thank you.
Because of you I got to meet my idol.
Follow your dreams.
And of course...
your idol.
- I will.
- Hmm.
Umm... she's the same girl?
- In the picture?
- I'm so... I'm so sorry.
Umm... Sophia, this is Mr. Mehta.
- Hello.
- Hi.
By the way...
I've got some good news for you.
Sony World has shown
interest in your photographs.
- No way! Are you serious?
- Yes, yes.
Yes. They might arrange...
everything for your next exhibition.
- This is amazing.
- Wow.
It needs a little push.
You need somebody who could
lift your exhibition.
Why don't you get a little
bit of favor from Mr. Sen Gupta?
You know what I mean?
Use your brains.
'The heart makes dreams.'
'And the brain fulfils it.'
'I knew about my destination always.'
'Today I can see
a sure shot shortcut.'
Hi, Sanjeev. I'm coming.
Hello. Ira.
I know.
Congratulations by the way.
Thanks a lot.
Do you know how lucky you are?
- Lucky?
- Hmm.
Meaning that today
for the first time...
I saw my idol so closely.
And after looking at
him I got a very good news...
that all my pictures
are selected by Sony World...
for their exhibition.
Wow! Congratulations.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
By the way, how am I lucky?
Because you are sharing
the surname with my idol.
And I know it's very difficult.
But I want to be like him.
Yes, yes. Why not?
I'm sure you can.
My best wishes are with you.
- Thank you so much.
- Ira?
Ira, child, come here.
- Excuse me. I got to go.
- No problem.
- I'll catch you later?
- Alright.
- Bye.
- Take care.
First flowers...
then follow up.
What is your intention?
I want to be with you.
- Take a sip of the coffee, please.
- Yeah.
I want to click your photos.
First, stop being so formal.
And also the thought
of clicking pictures.
Because I am not that photogenic.
Just pose in front of
Aditya Vardhan's camera...
I promise you will
change your point of view.
- Really?
- Really.
Hmm. I like this confidence.
- Thank you.
- Let's see.
Is that a yes or a no?
I think you are smart
enough to understand.
I guess, I am smart.
These people...
always kill the mood of romance.
Stupid people.
Half the day is over.
When will your photographer come?
Adi, every girl...
finds a life partner like her Dad.
I think, I like you.
- Hmm.
- Ira...
Neither I am phenomenal
like your Father...
nor I am a refined human being.
But he is my inspiration.
He is my idol.
I want to become like him in life.
And also your life's
second best option.
There is no option, Adi.
You have your own identity.
Your life.
I hope so.
Do you love me?
You're asking me a question
or doubting me? Huh?
You're coming tomorrow, right?
To meet my Father?
Why not?
If you...
call me, why won't I come?
'Now we were together.'
'But like two strangers.'
'This is not that same Adi...'
'whom I met at Darjeeling.'
- Have tea.
- Thank you, ma'am. Thank you.
I just wanted to say thank
you so much for having me here, sir.
Umm... you've been
my biggest inspiration...
my idol.
If today I stand here...
that's all because of you.
Thank you so much, sir.
But sir, that... in 1998...
The award which you
got for photography...
that photography of
Mother Nature was just...
unbelievable. And I was
so happy when you got that...
that painting, I can't say anymore.
I, too...
You're not here to discuss
about photography, are you?
No, sir. I...
Have some sweets.
It's homemade.
No, ma'am. It's okay. Thank you.
Ma'am, I just gotta take this call.
Sir, I have to go.
But, thank you so much...
for having me here and...
I hope I get a chance
to met you again, sir.
I'll take a leave.
Thank you.
Father, why?
You never do this.
Even with a stranger.
He is unfit for you.
He wears a mask.
He's a show off.
A person who has no errors...
can't be perfect.
Are you challenging
my decision, Father?
I know if I challenge you I will lose.
I am just showing you
things in clear daylight.
But Father, I know him.
Very closely.
He's an illusion.
He is fake, he is mirage.
I can read silent images.
He's still a talking figure.
Okay look... listen.
If all my viewpoints are wrong...
then we both will be happy.
But if they are right, then?
Isn't Shikhar the reason
for your opposition, Father?
Well, he's a nice human being.
And we know him for years.
But Father,
I won't stay happy with him.
But you won't stay sad also.
I think, Father,
you should meet Adi more...
and try to understand him.
You understand, child.
I have seen his photos.
They are very soulless. No depth.
He considers the destination
more than the journey.
And child, remember one thing...
success has steps...
not lift.
But I have taken a decision, Father.
if you have taken a decision then...
I'm with you.
Whatever you want, will happen.
Thank you, Father.
What is this, Sophia?
It's a contract, Adi.
This contract appeals to me
that you want me to be your spot-boy.
I mean, how can you
think like this, huh?
Let me make my own life.
And you make yours.
What's wrong, Adi?
This fame, this success,
this opportunity, you have created it.
And it's not a favor or something.
Because no one can shoot
me as beautiful as you do.
Tell these false
things to someone else.
Sophia, this is your journey.
Don't take my support
and don't give me support.
Our journey was just till here.
Meaning professional.
We will still be friends.
We're just friends?
And whatever happened between us?
- What about your commitment...?
- Commitment?
Which commitment
you are talking about?
Where are you taking this?
Listen to me, Sophia.
Listen to me.
Day after I have my exhibition.
I have to work and prepare a lot.
So just leave me alone. Okay?
You have an exhibition
and you didn't even tell me.
I don't think it was important.
It wasn't important?
You don't know how much I had planned.
You told me that before
going we would visit Mount Mary...
- Do you remember?
- You can't come.
I... I mean, that exhibition...
Because exhibition is
already all about you, Sophia.
You don't need to be there personally.
Your life's,
your career's most important day...
you don't want me to be with you?
If you come there...
people will only
talk about our relation.
All focus will shift from my
work and I don't want that to happen.
You can't come.
That's final and I mean it.
Your reasons are
not convincing enough.
I'll do one thing. You go...
I'll stay here.
God damn it.
You are not allowed to enter.
You don't know, the exhibition
inside are of my photos.
It's by my friend.
- How can anyone not allow me?
- Madam, you can't go in.
Hey, but who said that?
I did.
Adi, you did?
But why?
Because I want to make your
career and you want to destroy mine.
- I...
- Stop this drama of being nice.
I had told you not to come, right?
To come here. Huh?
Then why did you come?
Tell me!
What do you want?
- Please, it's hurting, Adi.
- Huh?
- What do you think?
- Please...
- Because of you I became a star?
- Leave me.
Tell me!
- Get out of here. Leave from here.
- Adi, listen to me.
'When did I say
we must be together.'
'Strangers, we may become...
was the only thing I didn't wish for.'
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"Cause it doesn't reflect you anymore"
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"Cause it doesn't reflect you anymore"
"Full moon seems
like a new moon to me"
"Full moon seems
like a new moon to me"
"Life is scary without you"
"All my life I awaited this moment"
"The moment I always dreamed of"
"A lot secrets to unravel"
"The secret desires I have with you"
"Running through my veins"
"Your gift of love"
"My heart burns with a desire"
"I dream my whole life with you"
"Everything seems bright and colorful"
"I've found my God in you"
'With his amazing photography
Aditya Vardhan has proved that...'
'no one can match his talent.'
'This is the result of his talent...'
'that in the field of photography...'
'he has been nominated for best
photographer by prestigious awards.'
'Today, he is a role
model of young photographers.'
- Hello.
- 'Hello, madam.'
'Prabhakar speaking.'
Yes, Prabhakar.
Yes, madam,
tell me your final decision.
I can't do any assignment now.
- You had told me...
- Now I can't.
What is this?
Oh, hi! Hi, hi, hi.
I missed you.
- I was going to call you.
- Hi.
Where were you?
I was waiting for you for so long.
Leave all this.
I am... so happy today.
Today is my life's biggest day.
So, you already know.
This Tushar is such an idiot.
Wait a second.
How did Tushar come in between us?
Leave him.
I don't want any distraction.
Before opening the champagne...
I will have to show you the surprise.
Surprise. Open.
Go on.
Oh my God.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
By the way, even I have a surprise.
Even you have an envelope.
I know.
- I...
- Okay, okay.
Let me tell you one thing.
I'm damn sure your surprise
is not as big as mine.
That'll you come
to know when you see it.
Okay. Let's see. Open it.
- Let's see
- Why not?
What is your surprise?
Yeah, baby.
You are speechless, right?
- That... no...
- My envelope had an heavier impact.
Isn't it?
'Death was what one wanted.'
'And one gave signs of a new life.'
'Where are you, Aditya?'
Ira, I had told you...
not to call me don't
call me again and again.
I'll call you back, okay?
What? What call you back?
You are supposed to be here.
Ira... Ira, try to understand.
It's a crisis.
I'll call you back.
To hell with your crisis.
What is it that you can't tell me?
Which priority is bigger
than this occasion?
Damn it, it's our first
wedding anniversary.
To hell with your anniversary!
It's not bigger than anyone's life,
this God forsaken anniversary.
It'll come back again!
But someone's life...
What happened?
Any updates on her condition?
It's a very critical condition.
I don't think she will survive.
What are you saying?
Huh? Anything...
Just, just pray. Just pray, brother.
Just give me a second.
'This is Palak speaking
from India News...'
'Did your ex-girlfriend's
suicide attempt...'
- No comments.
- You will have to comment, sir.
If you do things like this,
then you have to comment.
And also pray a bit for yourself too.
Now inspector Kadam
has stepped into this case.
You have to take madam's statement.
When she comes in her senses...
keep the sentiment aside
and the statement on top.
People should know small
things about big people.
Hey, inspector!
Mind your duty. Understood?
Mind the place and situation
before you talk.
Keep your voice down.
You are talking to Senior
Inspector L.P.G. Kadam.
The situation you have
created has two places.
Hospital and police station.
Should I take you
to the police station?
Calm down.
Adi, you also relax.
I'll go inside and check.
Call them.
You like to click pictures, right?
Here they are. Your Fathers.
To click your pictures.
Tomorrow when your footage
plays whole day in India News...
you'll become popular.
Maybe fame or defame...
Come, come.
Aditya Vardhan.
The famous photographer.
- What had happened?
- A bad news like this...
- What happened?
- Why are you running away?
I don't want to talk to you guys.
Please leave.
- Sir...
- I said no comments!
- No comments won't do, sir.
- Shut up!
'Let's have a look at another story
from the world of glamour.'
'Super model Sophia,
was the ex-girlfriend...'
'of famous art photographer Aditya...'
- 'who were in a live-in relationship.'
- Hey!
'She attempted suicide in the
previous night in their apartment.'
'The reason for this attempted suicide
is still unknown.'
'Even the police is waiting
for her to gain consciousness...'
'so as to record her statement.'
'Also everyone is
glued to the T.V sets...'
'to know the reason behind
this attempted suicide.'
'We have more information coming up...'
'from our reporter, Vikram
joining us from the other end...'
- Ira...
- 'and with him we have...'
The call is not connecting.
Try again.
Okay, I'll just call you back.
Yeah, bye.
'Doctors say that her
condition is too critical.'
'The reason behind this attempted
suicide is still unknown.'
So what if I knew it?
I couldn't help it.
But now...
Now everything is clear.
Aditya ruined three lives
to make his own.
Who's the third one?
Third is him.
He's destroying himself.
And what about that girl.
Ira, she's the girl...
whom he used...
to grow into a successful man.
This was her second
attempt to suicide.
Do you know when was
the first time she attempted suicide?
On the first night of your marriage.
Sir, it's the patient
from ward number three.
Excuse me, Ira.
What's the status?
Still unconscious.
I'm not talking about the madam.
I'm asking about you.
How's your attitude?
After all this you've done to madam.
Talk to my lawyer.
For every question being asked...
"Talk to my lawyer."
Sir, these lawyers and judges
all in the court.
Here, it's my court and my rules.
And here I am the lawyer
and I'm the judge.
How dare you!
I won't answer your sleazy questions.
Do what you can.
Hey, Naik...
Sir has a bad temper.
Let's talk in a more
sophisticated language.
When madam...
was trying quit her life...
what was her 'Life' doing?
I mean, you.
Where were you?
What were you doing?
- I...
- And very important...
With whom were you?
I was at my workshop.
I was working on the final touch
before the exhibition.
- How did you come to know...
- My maid.
These maids should be raided first.
Then the bosses.
Am I right?
I will raid her.
But starting with you.
Any issues you had with madam?
Does your official 'wife' know
about this unofficial madam?
Yes or no?
I won't answer any
personal questions to you.
Your story is already out in public...
And you hope to keep it personal.
Sophia has regained consciousness.
To keep inspector Kadam in waiting
can be injurious to your health.
First, inspector Kadam
will go and record the statement.
And then the personal time.
Good evening, Sophia.
Good evening.
How are you feeling, ma'am?
I'm feeling better.
Listen to me.
Let this night pass away.
I promise you,
everything will be disclosed to you.
Why tomorrow?
By tomorrow truth might
be well manipulated.
If not today, then never again.
And for your kind information...
I already know the truth.
I have not used Sophia.
You understand?
What she expected from me
was never my concern.
But I never committed to her.
Do you know that?
Even if you did...
you would never be able to fulfil it.
Just let me be sure.
And then I will talk to you...
The one who's responsible
for my condition...
- is no one else but...
- 'Aditya'.
You did everything
to bring her life to an end.
But today she is your saviour.
Hey, Tushar.
Can I meet Sophia, please.
No, Aditya.
She doesn't want to meet you.
Hey, Tushar.
Please, I just want to meet her once.
I've told you once that
she doesn't want to meet you.
Lucky rascal.
He's a very lucky man.
Your love saved your life.
But Kadam's hatred won't.
I will strike back and doom you.
I will not spare you then.
I give you my word.
Not a politician's fake promise.
Got it?
I'll see you soon.
See you again.
Let's go.
Sorry, Adi.
"I miss you day and night"
"My heart is connected to you"
"Shadow from it's own body"
"Shadow from it's own body"
"Separate a in strange manner"
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"Cause it doesn't reflect you anymore"
Ira, I'm worried about Sophia.
Mentally, she has become too weak.
She is punishing herself.
If she continues to stay lonely
then I'm really worried...
that she doesn't take a drastic step.
Believe me, she will be fine.
Not as a wife...
I'm saying this as a human being.
And more than that as a woman.
I will take care of her.
Only broken heart can
understand another.
Hi, Sophia.
I'm really sorry for the situation.
Don't worry.
Can I say something?
If I stay with you for a few days...
then would you mind?
You did so much for me.
Are you pitying on me?
No, it's not that.
I'm not showing you pity...
but friendship.
Love relationships are always
'Adi is no longer mine.
He's now a complete workaholic.'
'We live together.'
'But still far apart.'
'Feels like someone
is taking Adi away from me.'
What is this, madam?
I want to file a case
against Aditya Vardhan.
Here is my complaint letter.
But madam...
the victim has not accused
anyone for the condition.
It's not possible
to file a case against Aditya.
It is possible.
Infidelity case.
Fraud case.
Section 420.
- Aditya.
- Mr. Aditya.
- Mr. Aditya.
- Mr. Aditya.
Please give us a minute.
Sir, first your girlfriend attempted
then infidelity case
charged by your wife...
- Two women after a successful man.
- Any comments.
- Please. No comments.
- What attitude!
Say something. Why are you silent?
Why are you silent, sir?
People who are true
never run away.
But you don't worry Mr. Aditya.
If the media wants it...
they surely dig out the truth.
Aditya, please.
Just a second.
I know the price of you media people.
You know well how
to manipulate the truth.
Come and tell me your
price in the office.
I will fill your pockets.
- Come on Aditya.
- Don't worry.
Son-in-law of great photographer
Chetan Gupta...
and ex-boyfriend
of super model Sophia...
Mr. Aditya Vardhan...
We will serve you hot and fresh
morning breakfast.
Let's go from here Aditya.
- What did you say?
- The truth.
Hiding the truth...
what's the reason behind it?
What do you think of yourself?
Leave him!
You have taken a fight with the media!
You think you can buy the media.
We can destroy you!
'Until yesterday Mr. Aditya Vardhan,
was a photographer...'
'but now he is into the business
of insulting others.'
'He is no more afraid
of anyone.'
'Not only did he abuse the media...'
'but also threatened to kill them.'
'Aditya Vardhan has now got into
the business of insulting people.'
'On being asked about the truth
Aditya got furious over media.'
'And misbehaved with them.'
'Aditya has become just another
example of shamelessness.'
Where are you going Ira?
I am talking to you.
I am leaving, Adi.
You're leaving everything.
Have you gone mad?
What have I done?
What the hell have I done?
You've ruined a girl's life
and a relationship.
What more do you want?
I haven't done anything wrong.
It was all before
you came into my life.
Yes, we were both attracted.
We slept together. So?
Should I have married her?
I feel gross about your thinking.
Your profession is not photography...
it is just to use people.
You think girls are like tissue paper.
Use and dump them.
Now tell me...
where do I stand in your life?
I don't know.
I want to tell you something, Adi.
God gave you a successful life.
But you will never get true love.
- You will be forever alone.
- I am Aditya Vardhan!
And I don't need any one in my life.
Just get out!
I am going.
Take this.
And keep your fake arrogance with you.
Get out.
Good bye, Aditya.
See you in court.
'Mr. Aditya.'
'We are pleased to inform you
that your photograph...'
'showcasing Wheel of Life Cycle...'
'has been selected
for the prestigious...'
Should I suggest you
a fantastic idea?
You and me in the church...
I am just kidding.
Tell me.
click a photograph...
which can get you an award.
Wheel of Life Cycle.
Wheel of Life Cycle?
What is it about?
and the relationship
between our shadows.
Light representing the life.
We, the puppets.
And shadows depicting death.
Let the theme be 'Hide and Seek'
and shoot a story over it.
My God!
This is a phenomenal idea.
Just tell me something.
How do you come up with all this?
By my heart.
- By heart?
- Yes.
Okay. I love it.
'Sun rise brings life on the front
and far behind lies the death.'
'Hot noon heats the youth...'
'brings the death at the footstep.'
'At the edge of dusk,
journey and age I have found an end.'
'The night looks like black ink...'
'my last sleep has called me.'
Come with us.
Be comfortable, Mr. Aditya.
Feel like home.
Consider this police station
as your third in-laws place.
What will you have?
Tea, coffee or cold drink?
Mineral water?
I know big shots like you
don't drink normal water.
After having it from me you have
the guts to show me your face again.
Like I promised you.
"See you again."
Can't break the promise.
But this time
I will put strong charges against you.
Let me call my lawyer.
Go easy.
This time you will
need a lot of support.
Who filed this case?
It's a superb case.
Superb case!
Now to put that in our language
it's called section 420 or fraud case.
For you to understand...
Girlfriend spared
but wife screwed.
You know Ira, don't you?
your wife.
She came here.
And filed a case against you.
What rubbish?
Ira can never do this.
Sir, you cannot tell
a wife's mentality.
What we think our wives will do...
will never happen.
Wives always do
what they want to do.
I think, I will have to call
your Father.
For your kind information
my father is in heaven.
Good for you if he comes down.
- Take this file.
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Manchandani.
Please have a seat.
What brought you here?
Now, it has to be someone
to stop you, Mr. Kadam.
Don't say that sir.
We are just fulfilling our duty, sir.
You follow the law. That's good.
But law supports the brain
not the heart.
If my client is guilty...
then let the court prove it.
Sir, now he's under your grace.
You think it's possible
that any court will penalise him.
Forget the emotions
and get the evidence.
Aditya's bail papers.
Leave him.
'Just now we've found out that
Mrs. Aditya Vardhan...'
'has filed an infidelity
case against her husband.'
- Any comments?
- Please move away!
Aditya, I prefer you settle
this matter out of the court.
Because once when you are there...
then there is no way out.
You know?
I don't want to hear any of this
Mr. Manchandani.
You go and tell this to her.
When Sophia has already
given her statement...
then why to make
issue out of this in public.
I know that I've committed mistakes.
And I've already suffered my part.
I have worked very hard
to reach this stage in my life.
And now I will not back down.
I can't afford it.
She wants to fight the case
to sink my position.
And I want to fight for my dignity.
So losing for you is not an option
Mr. Manchandani.
Do something about it.
My lord, grant me the permission
to call Mr. Aditya in the witness box.
Permission granted.
Thank you.
Mr. Aditya...
Since how long
do you know Ms. Sophia?
Two or two and a half months.
Two or two and a half?
What's more important? The duration
or the fact that I know her?
Mr. Aditya.
She was not your maid
or washer man?
You both were in
a live-in relationship.
You've got to be that sure.
I... I'd gone to Darjeeling...
for my work
and there I met Sophia.
What happened after that?
After that...
Friendship, what else.
That's it.
What a friend!
She packed her bags
and came to Mumbai on just one call.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I am photographer.
I saw potential in her.
And I called her to Mumbai.
That's it.
Potential in her or...
Golden opportunity for you?
Golden opportunity?
You know...
It's not your fault.
Everyday you come across
cheap minded people...
that's why you can't think
positive for anyone.
Let's accept your positive thought.
Please continue.
After that, whatever
happened between me and Sophia...
that's history.
It's my past.
Later on, she became supermodel.
When you heard of Sophia's
suicide attempt for the first time...
you panicked and went to see her.
This proves that...
you both had an affair!
I object my lord!
If Aditya felt anything for Sophia...
then it was pure friendship.
Which is not a crime.
And still nothing has been
proved in court.
Mrs. Asmita, control yourself.
Fight the case on evidences.
Not on biased emotions.
I am sorry, your honor.
But I will prove it
with the help of strong evidences.
That Mr. Aditya is an opportunist.
That's all, your honor.
Mr. Aditya.
You may go now.
Your honor.
Grant me the permission to
call Ira Sen Gupta in the witness box.
Permission granted.
Thank you.
My lord.
Before I question Ira...
I would like to produce a diary
as an evidence.
Ira, I don't want to ask you anything.
You tell the court.
Your honor...
I am pregnant with Aditya's child.
But I hate him from
the bottom of my heart.
Aditya is disloyal.
He has cheated me
by cheating her.
I object, your honor.
I want to ask a few questions to Ira.
Permission granted.
Thank you, your honor.
Let's have a look at this case
from Ira's point of view.
Mrs. Ira,
you're clever, well-qualified...
smart and straight forward girl...
and you get trapped
with a dishonest man.
And my lord, this goes on
for about one and a half year.
Suddenly one day,
an old friend of Aditya...
who loved him unconditionally...
attempts to suicide.
And Aditya turns into a villain.
This one incident...
proved that Aditya's human approach
was inhuman.
I will request you...
to dismiss this case.
There's nothing in this case.
I would also request Mrs. Ira...
to take up marriage counselling
with Aditya.
That's all, your honor.
The court is adjourned
till next hearing.
Yes, sir.
I am speaking from
Fantasy Ad Agency.
Mr. Aditya your personal life
is affecting our brand image badly.
So... we people have decided to cancel
all your agreements with our agency.
But sir...
we have a three year contract
to shoot this calendar.
Let me make you clear on this.
That contract also contains
a clause...
that client can avoid the contract
as per his/her will.
Your actions are directly
affecting our brand image.
Also the models don't
want to work with you.
I've not been declared a culprit yet.
So how can you...
Okay, we will see.
If you come clear on this,
we will reconsider.
Sir, try to understand.
There's nothing to...
Hello, Aditya.
Tu...Tu... Tushar.
My friend, just a minute.
Not friend.
You're my ex- friend.
Tell me.
One more life sacrificed
for your dreams.
Speak straight forward like a doctor.
You've lost the right to taunt me.
There is something
that you've lost, Aditya.
The chance of being a father.
Ira had a miscarriage.
She is not stable.
And she's totally broken.
Can you hear me?
What do you think?
What was my daughters fault?
Please, tell us.
Who is responsible for her condition?
We would like to know...
Cool down, Adi.
You saw what Ira's mom did to me.
She crossed her limits.
A mother has no boundaries.
Think from her perspective.
She lost her child
in the womb itself.
It was so unfortunate.
What is Sophia's stand in this case?
She is losing her ground.
All the brands are
asking her to payback.
After this case, I don't think
she will have any brand value.
It's just going down.
Can I tell you something, Tushar?
I always wished to see Sophia
on the top position.
And I had no selfish reasons
for it, I swear.
I never wanted to encash her fame
to push my career.
I made a terrible mistake.
Sir, excuse me.
From now onwards
your membership has been cancelled.
So... from next time...
What are you trying to say?
Sir, we have to follow the orders.
You low-level manager!
Do you know who I am?
Now you will tell me
which places to go.
Couple of seconds.
That's all I need
to buy this hotel.
Get out now.
- Sir, please behave.
- Hey!
You trying to threaten me?
Relax Adi.
Just chill.
Mr. Manager, the court has not
declared the verdict yet.
My friend is not a culprit.
You're not doing the right thing
by cancelling his membership.
Good morning, sir.
Why are you standing?
Keep it!
Get out.
'Mr. Aditya.'
'This is to inform you
that all the members...'
'...of Photographers Society of India...'
'passes the two resolutions.'
'First, the best photographer
award of the year...'
'which was announced in the
favor of you got cancelled due to...'
'your unethical behaviour
towards photographic profession.'
'And second, the association
also passes the verdict...'
'that you would not be allowed to
continue professional photography...'
'for next three years.'
'In other words,
we, the association, bans you.'
Ira why are you fighting this case?
You know that he's condition
is getting worse, day by day.
He has already suffered his part
of punishment.
Lost his relationships...
lost his position...
lost respect for himself.
We're on the edge.
Nobody wins a war, Ira.
Even though one of them wins
but both have to lose.
I mean to say that...
Whatever Adi did for success...
I feel...
his past was responsible for that.
You soaked, bloody drunk woman!
You've turned our
house into a bar counter.
Go plunge yourself in alcohol and die!
If you gave me time...
then I would never get
addicted to alcohol.
Son, I am very proud of you.
You did a great job.
You loser.
I can see her traits in you.
When you run a race in your life...
never stop or look back.
If you stay back with weak ones...
then you will always
lose like you did.
The one who doesn't know
how to win...
is not worthy of living.
Everyone ignores a loser.
Live a passion.
And make a habit of winning.
Always cross the finishing line.
That's how Aditya...
couldn't live his life or relations...
But yes he kept winning.
He left his dad's business.
And to reach the heights of success...
he lost everything.
And Sophia.
Sophia's unconditional love
for Adi crossed the limits...
because she started justifying his
every wrong deed.
I am not Sophia.
And if God has placed
brains over heart.
Then that's surely for some reason.
Look Sophia.
Tushar has fulfilled his friendship.
If you want to,
you too can fulfil your love.
You are not bound by anyone.
'I wish you love him the way I do.'
'Keeping a count of every thing.'
'All this is not a part of love.'
'Love is...'
'It's simply just love.'
"My restless eyes are seeking"
"I've lost my sleep
and peace"
"My restless eyes are seeking"
"I've lost my sleep
and peace"
"How can my mind stay calm?"
"How can my mind stay calm?"
"Whom should I share my pain with?"
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"I wish to see the moon no more"
"Cause it does not
reflect you anymore"
'That's enough Sophia.'
'I've suffered a lot.'
'Not anymore.'
'Enough of it.'
'Cried a lot and
made you cry as well.'
'I am coming to you, my life.'
'I am coming to you, Sophia.'
Where's Sophia?
I am in front of you.
And you ask me about Sophia.
Sophia, hello?
Just tell me where is Sophia, please.
She left from here.
Where'd she go?
I love her a lot.
Just tell me where she is.
What is this?
'I was unnecessary.'
'And still I am.'
'Maybe that was the reason that
my parents left me in the church.'
'And then unnecessarily
Aditya came into my life.'
'I started dreaming.'
'But dreams are often
meant to be shattered.'
'And so... I left unnecessarily.'
'Don't try to find me.'
She was not unnecessary.
It was me.
She wanted to make you suffer.
But instead, she suffered.
Today, I can say this confidently...
that we never loved each other.
The only one who ever loved...
was Sophia.
I hope...
we never come across
each other in our lives.
Hello, dear.
Hello, Papa.
What happened Ira?
You were right, papa.
I was wrong.
Don't worry, dear.
Everything will be fine.
There's still time.
Dear listen to me.
I think you should call Shikha.
Yes papa.
Oh shit.
Hey, Aditya.
Oh my God.
Get up.
Get up.
Are you alright?
Who... Who's it?
Aditya, it's me Tushar.
Hey Tushar.
My friend, my buddy.
How are you?
What have you done to yourself?
What are you doing here?
Sophia has left...
she left me.
Where should I find her?
First handle yourself, Adi.
Often, when we lose our loved ones
we know their value.
Neither losing...
nor achieving...
Now I don't have any desire.
Are you crazy?
I must check your blood pressure.
You have become too weak.
I am fine.
I'm alright.
Let's race to see.
Let's see who wins.
- Come on.
- Adi.
You idiot.
You will collapse on the start line.
This time you will fall...
and I'll have to wait for you.
You will wait for me.
What do you think?
Tell me.
You know...
I did a terrible thing to Sophia.
I am a filthy person.
She'll maybe even forgive me...
But He will never forgive me.
I miss her too much buddy.
I feel something...
when I think about her.
Just relax.
- Everything will be fine.
- Hey, Tushar.
You're a doctor, right?
Do something.
Give me some dose.
I can understand you.
Enough. Stop it!
Tushar, I am sorry.
Enough, I understand.
I understand.
Get up.
Come on, let's go home.
Please, help me.
'You are my only love Sophia.'
'I used my brains over heart.'
'And look where I am today.'
'I don't have anyone with me.'
'Where are you Sophia?'
'I am nothing without you.'
'I'm dying from inside.'
'I must correct this mistake...'
'from where it started.'
Yes sir, it's me.
Yes, Aditya.
All the properties on my name...
to be transferred on the name of
St. Mary's Orphanage.
Just in one blow...
you want to transfer all your money
to that orphanage.
Do as I say.
Property papers are impossible
to create in a single day.
I want the papers asap.
I will do it.
Thank you.
"A story of three magical words"
"Written in the mute eyes"
"I lost my heart when I read them"
"My fear turned out to be true"
"A story of three magical words"
"Written in the mute eyes"
"I lost my heart when I read them"
"My fear turned out to be true"
"As I am breathing"
"My heart wants to know, so tell me"
"Why don't you trust me anymore?"
"The heart stops and starts
and brings the two souls together"
"Hope it doesn't take a wrong step"
"Don't know what happened to it"
"Sure, love is obstinate"
"But there's a price to pay for it"
"It rouse my long forgotten dreams"
"My fear turned out to be true"
- Hello.
- Sophia.
Yes Tushar, tell me.
Sophia, I tried a lot to find Aditya.
But I couldn't find him.
He's condition is too bad, Sophia.
Yesterday, he went to Ira's place
to meet you.
He read your letter.
And after that...
strangely he disappeared.
Take a U-turn.
Excuse me, matron.
These are...
some papers that I want you to
give it to Sophia.
What is it?
And where's Sophia?
I don't know.
Past few days I've been trying to
find her.
I shouldn't have
allowed you to take her.
I hate to curse.
But you won't stay happy.
I met her at your place.
But I couldn't take care of her.
name and fame...
I'd gone too crazy after all that.
I forgot the importance
of relationships.
I forgot that...
the person who supported me...
to my fame and success.
Her trust...
her existence...
her love...
I ruined all of it.
Neither a son...
nor a friend, nor a father...
nor a lover...
I could not live up
to any of these roles.
I never asked anything from You.
But today I want to.
So please don't deny.
Take my life from me.
Give Sophia everything
that I couldn't give her.
Loads of love.
If this is what you
call a victory, dad.
Then look at me...
Is there anyone who can match me?
I reached...
the finishing line of losers.
Ahead of everyone.
And this time I didn't look back, dad.
Today, I am here...
neither because of Sophia...
nor Ira.
If today... I am in this position...
it's only because of my own strength.
Hey dad...
I wish you taught me
how to live the life...
rather than winning.
'Goodbye Sophia.'
'I will return...'
'as your worthy partner.'
- Adi!
- 'Right now, whatever I maybe...'
'I love you Sophia.'
'They cry when they talk about me.'
'They cried because
they suffered with me.'
'I am a refugee.'
'I am the one what
they call powerless.'
'I have no one in this world...'
'who can hug and share
the sorrow with me.'
'I don't have him anymore
but I still love him.'
'If this is against all
the traditions, I don't care.'
"Destroyed in love
in such a way I am"
"That I crave for your love
every moment"
"My serenity, my passion"
"You are my delight"
"My existence lies within you"
"You are my life"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"
"I have considered you God"
"Never part from my heart"