Ishq Junoon: The Heat is On (2016) Movie Script

To grow up in a small town...
is to be associated with
narrow-minded people forever.
I never wanted it to be like that.
I wanted to fly in the open sky.
Dear, since you wanted to complete
your graduation...
I broke my promise,...
that I gave to Mr. Chaudhary
regarding the wedding.
Now you want to become
an Airhostess?
What shall I tell Mr. Chaudhary?
He won't wait any longer.
I don't care if he doesn't.
Dad, in any case, I can't
get married to Ranjit.
Dear, Ranjit is a good boy.
When you insisted on completing
your graduation two years ago...
Ranjit convinced his father,
Mr. Chaudhary.
My admissions are done.
I am leaving.
Ranjit convinced his
father yet again.
As I am the queen of his dreams.
I want a life which he can't
afford to give me.
My Prince Charming
will be someone...
who has the world under
his control.
Who would be ready to give
away his life for me.
So, that's the reason you
want to be an Airhostess?
Yes, I can't find the man of my
dreams in a train or a bus.
You are very bold.
I am also very outspoken.
You need to stop staring.
Because you are the executive
of this Academy.
You are not the owner
of an airline.
What if I was the owner?
Uncle, I would be in your
lap, kissing you.
Then I will buy an airline.
You aren't strong enough
to zip your own pants.
And you talk about opening an
airline as if it's nothing, old man!
Girl, watch your words!
Your dreams will crash right here.
Hey, the place you were staring
a few minutes ago...
if I scratch myself and
tear my clothes...
and go to the police
station and file
a molestation case against you...
then you will be in jail,
instead of this chair.
Dear, I was joking.
You took this seriously.
This is just a joke.
You are amazing.
What happened after that?
Nothing much. Post that day, he
always treats me like a daughter.
Tell me something. If he really
was the owner of an airline...
would you really sit on his lap?
My fundamentals are very clear.
Is it so?
I want to get rid of this
'middle class' label.
- Yes. - Is it so?
I don't want a wedding.
Any millionaire, fed up of
his wife, would do for me.
- Yes. - Okay.
Pass me that glass.
Sure. All yours.
- Thank you so much.
Girls, tell me something.
You are from a small town.
You have some small time jobs too.
I know the salary isn't great.
Then how do you afford these
expensive shoes and clothes?
I think we will have to
get her to meet her.
Mallika aunty, baby.
Who is Mallika aunty?
You will get to know.
You're looking hot in these clothes.
My choice can never go wrong.
Thank you Mrs. Mallik.
Forget the pleasantries. Look at
him. MLA Kapoor's son, Shiv.
He is bigger spendthrift than his
father. If you can, try to trap him.
But, don't forget me.
Go and throw in some charm.
Where are you guys taking me?
- Open the door.
It's here. Take her in.
- Take her in.
Leave me.
- Let go.
Take her in. Make her sit properly.
- Leave me.
Make her sit.
- Leave me.
Come on. Quickly! Go on.
Come on, quick!
What is it?
Where are you taking your sister?
Who are you?
Don't get so sloshed that you
can't handle yourself.
Who the hell are you?
I didn't heed my father's
advise to this day.
Get lost.
You are lucky.
I am so jealous of you.
But why?
To tell you the truth,
I can't believe...
that the guy who dropped
you at the hostel,...
was the guy, girls swoon over.
I don't understand what
you all are saying.
What happened at the
party last night?
Don't act all innocent, okay?
You are saying...
that you don't recollect
who dropped
you at the hostel last night,
is it?
I don't remember anything
that happened
at the party last night. - Wow.
- Is it? - I was drunk. - Okay.
But who dropped me?
Was it Shiv Kapoor?
Him? He and his three friends!
Truly disgusting.
You were saved. Or by now you'd
have your MMS floating around.
So who saved me?
Raj Thakur. He is rich.
What does he do? - He has a
tattoo parlor in the city.
He is rich and he runs a
tattoo parlor, is it?
You guys are too much.
I thought he would
be a millionaire.
And I missed the chance.
There's no hope for her.
- He is a millionaire.
The tattoo business is his
passion and not his job.
And it's known that
he is very rich.
A lot of girls have tried
their luck with him.
But he just doesn't pay any heed.
Actually Pakhi,
the guy is the package deal...
that you want.
But it is difficult
to win him over.
Not for me.
- Is it?
Where will I find Raj?
Each evening...
he plays the guitar at
his private lounge.
- Yeah.
"I don't feel like living
without you."
"In every breath, in every feeling,
my heart beats, just for you."
"It's just you. It's just you."
"Every sentence, every word, every
prayer, is just about you."
"It's just you. It's just you."
"I will follow your lead,
like a shadow."
"I will tell you things which
I haven't told anyone."
"In the sun, in the shade, my
desires are all about you."
"It's just you. It's just you."
"Oh, please wait.
Let me kiss this moment."
"Let me look at you to
my heart content."
"In my mind,...
and in my dreams, all of my heart
and in my spirit, its just you."
"It's just you. It's just you."
"It's just you. It's just you."
At first, I thought you
aren't a normal person.
Do you think I am abnormal?
Not that way.
The thing is,
these days men are too demanding.
The way you were ignoring me,
I thought you were gay.
It's normal to be gay these days.
Lovers like us are known
to be abnormal.
For lovers like us,
love is a passion.
Raj, you are really different.
Very different. Very handsome.
Loaded with money.
Musician, singer...
Artist, even tattoo maker.
And what not!
you can woo any woman you want.
You can get a new girlfriend
every single day.
Shall I ask you something?
Why did I like you?
Because not just mine,
you are someone else's choice too.
What? Whose?
"You were living in the
stars somewhere."
"You have been called on earth...
for me."
Raj, you are crazy.
I am not just crazy,
I am crazy for you.
And I want to tell you something.
Raj, say it.
Would you marry us?
I mean would you be marry
me and my family?
Are you serious? It's just been
three days since we have met.
And a marriage?
Pakhi, do you see this watch?
It costs about 300,000 rupees.
I brought in 3 seconds. Why?
I wanted it.
And whenever I want something...
I don't waste any time.
Tell me, will you marry me?
Raj, such a big thing...
You caught me off guard.
What did you think?
That you will hang around
with me for a few days...
date me, have sex...
do some shopping and...
when you have enough,
you will get a new boyfriend.
Raj, no way.
How can you even say this?
I don't want your gifts and money.
I love you.
Then, marry me.
I got you.
What is this?
Not here. Let's go somewhere else.
To my farm house.
It's just 100kms away.
I can't come along now.
If I don't get back to the
hostel in 2 hours...
then you know my Warden.
What will your Warden do?
Nothing much.
She will just call my dad.
And my dad will call me back.
These are mere excuses.
Raj, I swear. Let's go tomorrow.
Why? Won't your dad know
about this tomorrow?
You leave that to me.
I will manage everything.
Hello. Where are you going?
I know that she is my cousin.
But I am not getting a holiday
from my Academy.
Please try and understand.
Yes, I will be back on time.
You must have called the Warden.
Then why do you keep
calling my roommate?
I am not a child.
What? Ranjit is coming to pick me?
Mom, what nonsense is this?
Hello Pakhi!
Aren't you surprised to see me?
You are looking beautiful.
Pakhi, listen. Pakhi, your
parents are really upset.
And if you don't attend Priyal's
wedding, what will they say?
I don't care about them and neither
you. Why have you come here?
To take you back home.
Pakhi, listen.
I love you. I want to marry you.
Ranjit, I have told you so many
times. You are not worthy of me.
The boy who likes me,...
won't arrive on a worthless
motorcycle like this.
He will arrive in a big car.
Hi Pakhi.
Wow Raj.
I will park the car.
You come along.
Just a second.
Would you come along,
or make up an excuse?
No, I am coming.
- Okay.
Pakhi, who is this?
He is my boyfriend.
Do you have a problem?
Pakhi, I fought with my father...
and convinced your father...
so that you could fulfill your
dream of becoming an airhostess.
only I know what my dreams are.
So, go away.
If not for me...
think about your parents.
If they get to know this,
what will they go through?
I only care about one person.
and that's me. So go now.
Hi Pakhi.
- hello.
Who is he?
I am Ranjit.
- Hello.
I had dialed your number
from my aunt's phone.
I am...
He is my older brother.
Pakhi, what are you saying?
Actually, I am her fianc.
- I am here to take her back home.
Okay. Well, Pakhi. You guys
carry on. Bye. - Bye.
What were you saying?
You heard it, right?
Okay, I am leaving. Bye.
Let's go.
Okay, so this is the deal.
But what if he call your father?
He thinks highly of me.
He won't put me in trouble.
Yes, even if he lands in trouble.
And I am sure,
he won't ever tell my father.
Poor thing.
Yes, right.
Why are you stressed?
Let's have fun.
Today, I am going to check
out my property.
"You are my desire."
"Let me show you my dream."
"Let me show you, who I am to you."
"Let me make you the
sparkle of my life."
"Let me fall madly
in love with you."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
"Now that I have found you,
don't leave me."
"I pledge my loyalty to you."
"Since I have met you,
I have become more like you."
"I have found my destination."
"Let me make you the
sparkle of my life."
"Let me fall madly
in love with you."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
- Yes.
Who is he?
His name is Dilawar.
He is the caretaker
of the property.
No one can enter or leave
without his permission.
- Shall we go?
"I have desire for the first time."
"I want to give you
my each breathe."
"My each moment is for you."
"I would drown in your embrace."
"Let me make you the
sparkle of my life.
Let me fall madly in
love with you."
"Let me drown in your love."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
"You are my desire.
You are my desire."
One, two. Come on.
Come on. One, two.
Very good. Come on.
One, two.
Come on, sir. Very good.
1,2. Come on.
Come on. Very good, sir.
One, two. Come on! One, two!
One, two. Come on!
One, two.
One, two. Very good, sir.
One, two.
One, two. Come on!
One, two. Come on! One, two.
One, two. Come on! One, two.
- One, two. Come on! - One, two.
One, two. Come on!
"Come on."
Brother, when did you arrive?
Where were you?
Your phone was switched off.
Anyway, meet her. She is Pakhi.
Hi, I am Veer. Raj's friend.
Raj, you didn't tell me about him.
I wanted to surprise you.
The man that I am today,
is all because of him.
You are being too kind.
Let me tell her.
Pakhi, all that I have...
be it the tattoo parlor in the
city, expensive bikes...
my clothes, the farmhouse...
all of it is because of him.
I don't understand what
you are trying to say.
Just believe that he
has adopted me.
All that I have is because of him.
Veer, it's a pleasure meeting you.
Afraid of me, are you?
Not just you.
My brother here is afraid
of every beautiful girl.
Did someone break your heart?
Well, if he had one.
My brother is a little slow
when it comes to girls.
You can call me slow...
coward or an introvert.
But the truth is...
that I speak less.
Even I speak less and do more.
Your sense of humor is getting
better in front of a girl.
Okay guys, I got to go now.
Wow, what a beautiful view.
- Thanks Pakhi.
Veer, I can't believe it.
That a man like you
has no girlfriend.
I mean, just look at yourself!
You are such a handsome man,
with no girl.
I liked a lot of girls.
But I never mustered the courage
to approach them.
You will muster all the
courage today, is it?
Dude, remember...
Pakhi is mine.
She is mine.
What are you talking about?
Veer, pour him a drink.
Yes, pour me some drink.
So that I can get drunk enough...
to sleep around here.
So that, the two of you...
You are impossible.
I got you!
I got you! I got you both.
What? It's not funny at all.
You are impossible.
I was just joking.
I was just kidding.
I am not that drunk.
Come on.
Can I have one more?
- Sure.
Yes, I will have...
Will you?
Yes, I will have...
I will have...
- Veer, please.
I am high. Now pour me some drink.
Come on now! Raise your toast.
Come on! Come on!
is the most memorable
night of my life.
Veer, it was nice meeting you.
I am so happy.
For the first time, I have spoken
to a girl for so long.
Pakhi, do you have to go tomorrow?
I was thinking you guys
should have stayed.
One more day.
Raj, what say?
Brother, I don't mind.
But Pakhi will have a problem.
- Yes.
We'll see what happens.
Let's stay back.
Pakhi, I can't say no to you.
Pakhi, you are mine.
You are mine.
Pakhi, you are only mine.
I love you, Raj.
- I love you too, Pakhi.
Pakhi, you are only mine.
I love you so much.
You are only mine.
"To tie you to my heart,
to breathe with you."
"I want to be yours.
I will give you my heart."
"I will be your shadow."
"I will share moments with you."
"I have a connection with you."
"My love is my obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
"Let me capture you in my memory."
"Let me keep watching
you all day long."
"Let me keep you on my lips...
let me keep talking about you."
"I will be your shadow."
"I will share moments with you."
"I have a connection with you."
"My love is my obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
"Love is an obsession."
Raj. Raj.
Raj. Raj.
Dilawar, push. Come on, push.
Come on, put your back into it.
That's enough.
Hold this.
Veer, good morning.
Good morning!
Sorry for last night.
Actually, last night, Raj
got a little too tipsy.
And suddenly he got possessive.
If someone has a girlfriend like
you, he ought to be possessive.
You said you don't know
how to talk to girls.
You just think that you
lost your courage.
Not bad.
But don't blame me,
I haven't opened anything yet.
Oh no.
I forgot about Raj as I was
busy talking to you.
I mean, have you seen him?
- Yes.
No? Why?
When I woke up,
I didn't find him near me.
I thought he must be around.
But I can't find him.
Did you call him?
No, I can't find my phone.
Okay, let me take a look.
Really. Amazing.
- Dear, can you get Pakhi online?
I have been trying to get through
her since yesterday afternoon,...
but I can' get through.
- But Uncle, isn't Pakhi home?
Home? - Yes,
a boy named Ranjit had come over.
They fought a lot.
Ranjit said he is taking
Pakhi home.
But both of them didn't
turn up here.
Uncle, I don't know about that.
Okay dear,
I will try calling up Ranjit then.
Okay uncle, bye bye.
- Okay.
Is it Raj calling? What? Is it Raj?
The call is from the tattoo studio.
His phone was switched off.
So I called the parlor instead.
Hello Raj. - Where did he go
so early in the morning?
Okay. Alright.
What is it?
He hasn't reached the studio.
Then where did this fool go?
Don't panic. We will get to know.
Can you please find out.
Oh, I have gone crazy.
Hello Dilawar.
- Yes, sir.
Open the control room.
- Okay sir.
What is this?
This is a 3000 acre property.
How will Dilawar handle
all this alone?
That's why we have CCTV cameras.
3000 acres.
That too in such a place.
Veer, how much would it cost?
How much would it cost?
About 40-50 billion.
And I don't know. It could be more.
Raj loves hunting by the way.
He must have gone to hunt.
Sometime he just goes to hunt, and
doesn't return for hours together.
But don't worry, he will be seen
in one of these cameras.
Which is this location?
There's no signal here.
This is the river side.
The camera here is damaged.
I think Raj must have gone here.
But you don't worry.
Dilawar will take you there.
Why? Won't you come along?
I want to go somewhere else.
Morning is my horse riding time.
- Oh.
Even I will come along for
horse riding. What say?
What about Raj?
If he can leave me, why can't I?
And in any case...
I believe in giving tit for tat.
So tell me, would you take me?
What is this? We will ride
on two different horses?
I don't know horse riding.
I know the rest of riding.
Then how will you come along?
What do you mean?
I will ride on your horse.
There's nothing to
be shocked about.
I talking about riding
on your horse.
Okay, I will hold the leash
and take you ahead.
You are really dumb.
I mean a sexy girl like me...
is talking about riding
your horse...
and you are worried
about your leash.
Sit with me.
I don't believe this.
From here till there...
all this property is yours?
Is that true?
I don't lie to impress people.
What I believe is it is good to
be hated for what you are.
Rather than loved for
what you are not.
Nice philosophy.
Why did we meet earlier.
I mean, before I met Raj.
I would have been your
property too.
Pakhi, are you kidding?
Kidding about what? Not at all.
What's wrong about this?
Destiny has made us meet.
Pakhi, I don't get it.
I am just saying that I have started
developing feelings for you.
Like you have too.
Think of me as your lover.
No Pakhi. Raj is my brother,
he is my brother.
I can't betray Raj.
Hello. Hello. When did I say
that I am leaving Raj?
I am saying open up.
Don't be scared of girls.
Open up to them.
Or you will stay single
all your life.
And if that happens,
Raj won't like it too.
He told me... "Pakhi...
love this innocent man."
I mean teach him to love.
Teach him to talk to girls.
Did Raj tell you this?
That's why I am telling you.
Forget it.
Forget the fact that I
am Raj's girlfriend.
And think of me as your lover.
Hold my hand.
And tell me,
how would you propose me?
Raj, you are here?
Raj, I can explain everything.
Thank you Pakhi.
Thank you for loving both of us.
Yes Pakhi.
It really means a lot to us.
What are you guys talking about?
You heard us.
Don't you get it? Let me explain.
Do you remember Shiv
Kapoor's party?
You broke my brother's
heart that day.
I mustered all my courage
to come to you.
But you didn't even look at me.
I was hurt badly.
Pakhi, whenever he is hurt...
I am the one in pain.
What do I do? He is my brother.
Raj, I didn't mean to do it.
But I meant it, Pakhi.
I meant it.
Saving you from those goons...
Dropping you at the hostel...
To avoid you at the bar...
To not recognize you at
the tattoo parlor...
And then suddenly...
fall in love with you.
And then, one day...
to get you to this farmhouse.
And then disappear.
To disappear.
I did it with only one intention.
To spend the night with you.
Both of us wanted that.
What are you saying?
What is this nonsense?
We don't understand you.
But we love you a lot.
Yes Pakhi.
You belong to us.
You belong to Raj and Veer.
We want to share you.
Both of you are crazy.
Lovers aren't crazy.
They are passionate.
Both of us are obsessed about you,
you fool.
We want to have you for ourselves.
we want to marry you.
Are you crazy?
Raj, she is calling us crazy.
She doesn't get us, that's why.
But don't you worry.
She will agree to this.
And she will belong to us one day.
You guys aren't normal.
I won't stay here for a moment.
Pakhi, where will you go?
Where will you go?
we will treat you like a princess.
Pakhi, please agree to this.
Please, wait.
Raj, you betrayed me.
Pakhi, I loved you truly.
You cheated on me.
You cheated your parents.
You fooled them...
and you tried to fulfill
your desires.
No, no.
- You came to the city.
And then...
then you cheated on Ranjit.
Because you saw your dreams
being fulfilled with me.
Then you cheated on me too.
Because you dreamt of a
better life with Veer.
Then, how am I the cheater, Pakhi?
Tell me how?
No, no, no.
Pakhi, we have shared everything
since we were children.
Even this property,
it doesn't belong to Veer alone.
It belongs to the both of us.
Everything is equally distributed.
We thought...
if two different girls come into
our lives, they would separate us.
So we decided...
that we will marry someone...
who can consider both
of us as her husband.
And what's wrong in that?
If Draupadi can stay with
the five Pandavas...
then why can't you stay with us?
I request both of you...
to let me go.
I agree.
I agree that I am at fault.
I did everything. But marriage...
I can't marry the both of you.
Clear it in your mind.
And if my parents get to know...
they will find me from anywhere.
Raj, do you remember...
when we were coming here...
Ranjit saw us coming here.
he will inform the police.
Do you get it? - Oh my god!
We didn't think of this.
Oh no.
What did we do? We are trapped.
- Oh no!
What will we do now?
Oh God.
Oh dear.
What do you mean?
What Ranjit?
Oh no.
You guys even...
- Ranjit.
- What did he do?
Oh no.
Let's see who is calling.
It's from your house.
Pakhi, look.
We aren't eager to get married.
You can take a day or two.
and then decide.
Why are you guys doing this to me?
Why are you doing this?
Why are we doing this?
Because that's who we are.
Do you want to know why
we are like that?
Next option is this boy.
10 years old boy.
I am...
here to buy laborers and not a
lover. I hope you understand.
India has strict laws
for child labor.
under the pretense of adoption...
I will take them from here.
So, show me something that
I will like instantly.
Do you understand that?
What's your name?
Raj, that's a sweet name.
Will you come along with me?
I will love you a lot.
I will also give you a lot of toys.
Will you come along?
I will come along on one condition.
I have friend named Veer.
he is like my brother.
He can't live without me.
Nor can I live without him.
Look at him. he is crying.
no dear, don't cry.
We will also take you along.
Don't worry.
Is that okay?
Won't you come along now?
Don't leave me alone.
If I lose the sight of you even
for a second, I go crazy.
I just go crazy...
Do you want to say something?
Look Mr. Raja.
I have promised both of them.
That I will take them along.
That's it?
You know how much I love you.
Your word id the last word,
If you say so, it will be done.
Darling, I love you.
Love you, sweetheart.
No, no.
I got you off the road.
- I won't spare you.
And you! You sleep with them.
You wretched woman.
Is that why you got them?
I won't spare you.
- Stop him.
Stop him.
- Leave.
hey, stop.
Leave him. Leave him!
Leave me.
I will kill you.
I will kill you.
- I won't spare you alive.
I won't spare you alive.
I won't spare you alive today.
Hey, stop.
Oh, no! take him away.
Come on, quickly.
Pick him up from behind.
I made them understand
so many times.
That don't drink and
sit around here.
But he never listened to me.
Who are these two kids?
Mr. Raja adopted them
from an orphanage.
We have loved them more than
their real parents.
You can ask them if you want.
I love them dearly.
If you loved them so dearly...
there would have been nothing
left for Mr. Raja.
Am I right?
What nonsense are you talking?
They are my sons.
I didn't say anything...
that you had to tell me...
that they are your sons.
forget it.
Once the body has gone
for post mortem...
everything will be clear.
What's the point of doing
it on a dead body?
There are a few things alive...
that can make a lot
of things clear.
Don't worry, my darling.
I will put both these boys in
prison on charge of murder.
I hope I won't be trapped.
I will prepare a report...
that mentions that you
were alone at home.
And they tried to force
themselves on you.
Your husband saw this.
He came to save you.
But both these boys killed him.
And by threatening to kill you...
they asked you to be quiet.
You couldn't bear to see
your husband's death.
And you confessed all of
this in front of me.
Very simple.
Pakhi, I...
had told you the truth about
myself right at the start.
Remember the time I proposed you?
What did I tell you? Remember?
Will you marry us?
Will you marry me and my family?
Raj, you spoke about your family.
So, Veer is my family.
I told you something else too.
Try and recollect.
That why did I chose you?
Because not just me, someone else
is interested in you too.
I was stupid.
I was stupid enough to
trust your words.
Pakhi, Raj trusted you.
But what did you do?
Tell us the truth.
What did you say?
- Don't touch me.
Didn't you try to come close to me?
Because you thought I
am better than Raj.
Speak up, Pakhi.
Did you even think for once that...
how would Raj feel when...
he would get to know
about Veer and I.
Did you think about it?
I accept it. It's all my fault.
- I accept it.
What if I committed
the same mistake?
You would have gone to the police.
I would be in prison for life
for attempt to rape.
But if you do this,
you won't be punished. Why?
So you are punishing me for
betraying you, is it?
Pakhi, if I had to punish you...
- Raj, don't touch me.
then I would have beaten you.
Or I would have killed you.
Pakhi, I am giving you my life.
I am just requesting you to accept
both of us as your husband.
What's the problem in that?
Sick. You guys are sick.
You are crazy. You psychos.
"Come to my heart someday,
I will keep you for a lifetime."
"Come to my heart someday,
I will keep you for a lifetime."
"My mornings turn into nights,
and it's then that I find God."
"You are like the monsoon,
you are my choice."
"My breath is safe with you, my
nights are glowing because of you."
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."
Pakhi, look.
Anyone who stays here,
doesn't want to go away.
Look, here is Badal.
Even he didn't leave us.
You please don't go.
Pakhi, if you leave, we
will feel very bad.
Please don't go.
What are you doing here?
Sir has gone out.
he asked me to keep an eye on you.
where are you keeping an eye?
Tell me.
How do you find me?
Dilawar, tell me.
How long will you lead
this life of a dog?
Don't you feel like...
having a girlfriend like me?
I do feel.
Then what are you thinking about?
Since I have seen your body...
I have become crazy for you.
is it?
yes, it is true.
Take me to a faraway place.
Where there is no Raj and no Veer.
Just you...
and I.
Somewhere faraway.
Let's go.
Come on.
Raj, don't leave him.
Raj, he was kidnapping me.
beat him up.
Don't spare him.
Raj, Raj! Thanks.
- Brother, are you okay?
Thanks veer. Thanks Raj.
If it hadn't been for you,
this scoundrel would,...
nothing would have happened to you.
You belong to us.
No one can snatch you away from us.
No one.
Do you get it? Do you?
"I just learnt how to fly,
and my wings burned in the sky."
"Now my words have been...
extinguished by the winds."
what do you have against me?"
what do you have against me?"
"All my relationships have left me,
I am all alone here."
"The path is clouded."
"All my relationships have left me,
I am all alone here."
"The path is clouded."
what do you have against me?"
what do you have against me?"
I was wrong in thinking that you
were two different people.
Today, I understood that you
are one and the same person.
And both of you will
keep me very happy.
Pakhi, we will do as you say.
Just agree to marry us.
I am ready to marry you.
Oh, yes. Yes!
But the wedding should happen
with proper rituals.
Is that okay with you?
Yes Pakhi. We will be the grooms,
you will be the bride.
The Shiva temple at
our farm house...
we will get married there
with proper rituals.
"Broken dreams hurt you the most."
"I am trying to find God."
"Broken dreams hurt you the most."
"I am trying to find God."
what do you have against me?"
what do you have against me?"
Dad, forgive me.
I am being punished for betraying
and hurting you."
God, save me one last time.
Please God. One last time.
Pakhi, you are still getting ready.
Come on, it's time for the rituals.
Get the Tikka before
the rituals begin.
Okay, put it.
Where did Pakhi go?
- Pakhi!
Pakhi. Pakhi.
Control room.
let's go.
Raj, check there. Go quickly.
Veer, are you okay?
- Yes, I am okay.
Pakhi, why are you doing this?
Why are you leaving us?
Are we harassing you?
We want to marry you.
We are making you our bride.
Pakhi, don't be scared.
We love you.
Pakhi, don't do this.
Don't leave us. Please.
- Please.
Come on, Pakhi. Come on.
It's time for the rituals, Pakhi.
Come on, Pakhi. The auspicious
time is getting over.
Come on, Pakhi. Come on.
Veer. Veer.
Veer. Veer.
Veer, what happened?
Veer, open your eyes.
What happened, my dear brother?
Veer, get up. Get up, brother.
Brother, don't leave me alone.
Veer, don't leave me.
Veer, get up. get up, please.
You remember...
He can't live without me...
neither can I live without him.
Brother, don't leave me alone.
Don't leave me alone.
What did you do?
And that to for her.
Someone who used you.
She betrayed you.
You killed my brother for her.
Through a shortcut...
I tried reaching the top.
I wish instead of taking
I would have followed
the right path.
I wouldn't have to face this today.
Achievement that we get
through wrong means...
is like a fire.
It will surely give you light...
but it will burn you to ashes.
But I still think Life
is beautiful.
And I want to live this
beautiful life again.
"Come to my heart someday,
I will keep you for a lifetime."
"Come to my heart someday,
I will keep you for a lifetime."
"My mornings turn into nights."
"And it's then that I find God."
"You are like the monsoon."
"You are my choice."
"My breath is safe with you."
"My nights are glowing
because of you."
"the distance between us...
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."
"If I find you,
it's like finding God."