Ishq Vishk (2003) Movie Script

"What happens when a boy
meets a girl for the first time?"
"When a boy meets a girl for the first
time, then tell me what happens?"
"Love? Or romance?"
"Love? Or romance?"
"What happens when a girl
meets a boy for the first time?"
"When a girl meets a boy for the first
time, then tell me what happens?"
"Love? Or Romance?"
"Love? Or Romance?"
"Goodness! He killed me!"
"He killed me!"
"He killed me!"
"He killed me!"
"He killed me!"
Yes? What's the matter?
"He killed me!"
Kamlabai! Haven't I told you not to
swab this room in the morning?
-Go, clean Priya's room.
-Yes madam
Well! Women these days
have really lost their minds.
Priya! Aren't you going to college?
A representative had come
in the office that day... God, she was wearing
such skimpy clothes!
For almost half-hour,
none of the guys worked.
-Yes. I tell you, the fault...
...lies entirely with the parents. Why do
they give their kids so much of liberty?
Earlier it was not so. I remember my
mother wearing such lovely dresses.
Wherever she went they used to ask...
Shameless! What kind of a dress is this?
Good morning, dad!
-You mean this dress? It's fine.
-Fine, really? It's wrong. It's filthy!
-You've lost your mind!
-You are over-reacting.
It looks odd at home,
but it's fashion in college.
Right, Dad. All the girls wear
clothes like this in college.
-I see. Even Payal goes to college.
-Everyone has their own likes.
-I don't want guys to call me a nun.
-Do what you want to. I'm off.
Dad... Dad...!
-Where are you going?
-Please give me a lift till college.
I'm so late. Anyway, now that I'm late,
call your brother. I'll drop him also.
He isn't ready yet.
He's still hogging the bathroom.
Dear, make him understand. The vacations
are over. It's time to study.
By the way, what could he be doing
for so long in the bathroom?
-"I feel it."
-Are you not going to college, Rajiv?
-I am going Mother, I am going.
-Hurry up now, will you?
-Yes, mother. Coming!
I'll be right back!
I have no one else but
you, in this world.
Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting
Mr. Spencer college, Rajiv Mathur!
That's me! Tall! Not bad.
Muscular! Packed!
Okay, cute. What I can't figure is...
...why doesn't God give girls
good taste with good looks?
Otherwise is it possible for a guy
like me to still remain a stag?
What do Javed and Danny, the studs
of Spencer College have, that I don't?
But just you wait and watch,
Mr. Javed and Mr. Danny!
No more am I going to be a stag
nor will my best friend Mambo.
It must be Mambo.
Hello Baby!
Yes, it is Rajiv's house.
-Excuse me, ma'am!
-Is Rajiv here?
-Yes. Come on in, sir.
My goodness!
-If he's asleep, let him be.
-No sir, he's up.
Fine, I'll sit here.
-Excuse me, maid!
It's a little dirty over here.
-Well... what's your name?
Kamla, my blossom,
when do I strike?
Mambo! Mambo!
-Kamla, clean my room, please.
-Right, sir.
-Come on, dude.
Come on. Do you want to be late
on the very first day of college?
-Late? I'm laminated!
-Damn it. Leave it. Let's go!
-You never told me!
-The item.
-Item...? She's a maidservant, buddy.
-Yes, Mambo?
-Isn't a maidservant a human?
Hey social worker, at least
think of the status!
Once a sucker, always a sucker.
Kamla, I'm crazy about you.
-Yes, tell me?
During holidays, I set
the field for a babe.
-Who? Why? When? How? Details please.
-Shall I ?
-Tell me.
-Shall I?
-Out with it, fast.
-It's Dolly.
-Dolly Jagtiani? Damn!
-What's wrong?
I was angling her. Anyway Dolly's gone!
All right, if not Dolly...
...then Polly! Polly Pereira,
you are mine and I am yours!
Hi, guys! What's up!
Hi Virgins, is something happening? Or
is it the same old snake-ladder game?
Danny, those days are over.
Because Rajiv has a girlfriend now.
-What are you saying?
-Everything is set.
The iron is hot and he
is just about to strike.
Really? What's the hot iron called?
-Dolly Jagtiani!
-Dolly Jagtiani!
What are you talking?
Sorry dude. We underestimated
you completely!
A century in the first match itself!
-Give us a few tips, please.
-Try Taurani for tips. I don't have time.
Think of the baby and
here comes Dolly!
Dolly Jagtiani!
And accompanying her is Saloni!
Saloni, try me.
-Hi guys!
"What are you looking at?"
Busted! Which means,
she took you for a ride.
Rajiv! Meet Dolly! My girlfriend!
Come here baby!
Rajiv, weren't you talking
about your new girlfriend?
Hi guys! Hi!
-Miss Touch-me-not!
-She loves to make boys, her brothers.
She's the universal sister!
-Hi Mambo!
-How are you?
-I'm good.
-Hi Rajiv!
-Hi guys!
-Hi nun.
Dolly, they addressed you.
Bore! Let's get out of here.
Something's burning, isn't it Danny?
-You are to be blamed for everything!
-By the way, Payal! How are you?
-Vacation was boring. I missed college.
-Missed college? Or...?
Come on, Mambo.
-I had real fun in vacations though!
-Yeah sure.
-Rajiv, how's everyone at home?
-Yes Rajiv, how's everyone at home?
-Yes, everybody is fine.
-Everybody is fine.
Everybody is fine at my place too.
Mom, Dad, dogs and cats... all fine.
Ok then, bye.
-Okay, bye.
-She's so cute, no?
-Can't help it. She belongs to Javed.
-Not Dolly, I'm talking about Payal.
-Are you crazy?
Didn't you hear what they called her?
A nun. She's a nun, man!
Shut up. She's in love with you,
that too since school days.
A girlfriend ought to be
like Dolly or Saloni...
...that whenever I walk with her
they should burn with envy!
Polly Pereira, you are
mine and I am yours!
-Shall I go?
-Go on.
-Go on. Come on, go.
-I am going.
Go, best of luck!
-Hey! What happened?
-It's not going to happen. Impossible!
-Hey man!
Don't involve me with Payal, okay?
They are two, so are we. We could
make a great couple. Let's go and chat.
-They are too thin.
-You're too choosy.
A beggar ought to make do
with whatever is given to him.
Shut up.
-What will you have?
-One burger, one hot-dog and some chips.
One burger, one hot-dog,
chips and one Coke. Quick.
-Yes baby! One and only one, Rocky!
I just can't figure Rocky out.
And I haven't figured out whether
he is a student of which year!
We are his students.
He changes girlfriends... the movies change every Friday.
Look at him getting all cozy.
How dare you call me up?
You scoundrel!
I won't call up again.
-Get that, Mambo? One more breakup.
-Another girl has been dumped.
If you call me up again,
I'll lodge a police complaint.
You will go to jail!
-Never again! Don't shout. My reputation.
Bye sweetie! Take care, baby!
We did have a nice time.
Wow! You are too good, Rocky.
You are a love Guru.
Don't mind this Rocky,
but the babe went fuming.
Same old story, guys!
The typical sticky type.
Easy to woo, hard to dump.
If you don't mind
may I ask you something?
Yes, sure. Why not?
-One moment, son.
-How come you woo so many girls?
-Is there a fixed formula?
-No fixed formula.
Treat each girl the way she is.
-Give him 20 bucks.
You wanted information about
Pallavi Pradhan, didn't you? Listen.
Apart from college, between 8 to 10
on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays...
...she attends classes in Juhu.
She takes the no. 32 bus at 7:15.
-But that boyfriend of hers...
-No! No! They broke up.
Stay away from her father. He's very
arrogant. I didn't need that though.
We're friends, after all.
Being a G.S pays.
G.S...? General Secretary.
No! G.S means Girls
Samachari (Informer).
For complete information of girls
of any shapes and sizes... Rocky!
And we have no branches.
Mr. Love Guru, give
us also tips to woo girls?
Definitely! Listen I...
-Have some...
-Massage! No thanks, I hog all day.
Love Guru, your love
strategy has failed.
The game of love for me is over.
Ass! Go, get an answer from her.
You don't have to do much.
Just buy her a rose worth Rs. 2.
"Fall in love."
"Don't fear love."
"Live it up."
"Give away your heart to someone."
"Fall in love."
"Don't fear love."
"Live it up."
"Give away your heart to someone."
Love Guru, you said I'd make it.
Believe me, I was thrashed real hard.
Hey guys! Boys!
"This Love Guru is a fake."
"He's a rotten potato."
-"He's going to ruin you.
-He's going to have you beaten up."
-"He's going to have you rusticated.
-He will have your head shaved."
-"He'll have your limbs broken.
-He'll land you in trouble."
"Fall in love."
"Don't fear love."
"Learn to steal a heart."
"Fall in love."
What's gotten into Mambo?
Mambo, careful.
Come on, Mambo! Come on!
He's made it!
Mambo, relax man.
Coffee, tea or me? That won't work!
Wham-bham, thank-you-ma'am...
That won't work!
One night stand... That won't work!
Listen madam, so what will work?
-"Candlelight dinner should be there.
-Lovely-lovely music should be there."
-"Long-long drive should be there.
-Sweet-sweet talk should be there."
"Fall in love."
"Don't fear love."
"Learn to steal hearts."
"Fall in love."
Come on Rajiv!
Rajiv, it's awesome man!
Come on!
-Hit it, Rajiv!
-Hit it, Rajiv!
-"Dance in disco is a must.
-If you give us some chances."
-"Coke, popcorn, wafers should be there.
-In an empty theatre that is."
-"Rides in motorbikes should be there.
-We'll continue to apply brakes then."
" One should always stay alert."
"You need to flirt a little."
-"Some love should be there.
-Everything should be there.!"
-"Some romance should be there..
-A chance should be there."
"Fall in love."
"Learn to steal hearts."
"Fall in love."
"Live it up."
"Fall in love."
"Don't fear love."
"Live it up."
"Give away your heart to someone."
"Fall in love."
"Fall in love."
This year I want awards in all three.
You dig? I don't know how you do it.
Dramatics, painting and dancing...
I want awards in all three.
-What yes? How will you do it?
-We'll do it!
-Will she do?
-You want Aishwarya?
-Rajiv, listen.
As usual, I've given your name in the...
...Hungama Festival for
the dance competition.
Ample time! Good practice.
We're counting on you, babes!
-Ok, Candy! Worry not.
-Excuse me. And what am I enrolled in?
-In the audience.
Good! Very good!
If there's no audience,
who will watch the show?
Meet me tonight, at 12.30 tonight.
-Who is Neela?
-Tonight at 12:30...
...they're airing a blue film on cable.
Our cable operator Manoj sends such
messages to special viewers like me.
-What are you saying? A blue film on TV?
-It's true.
At 12:30 tonight, switch
on the sports channel.
The sports channel signal goes
off and the big game begins.
Assuming that I hire you...
[DOOR OPENS] -...taking a personal
interest in our public relations!
Mona, this is Suzanne!
Hey Rajiv!
-What are you doing so late in the night?
-Watching Mohenjo-Daro.
Mohenjo-Daro...? Is it some suspense
thriller in Sindhi language?
No Dad, it's on the Discovery
Channel, Mohenjo-Daro...
I see. Mohenjo-Daro and Harrappan
civilisation. My favorite subject.
-Why are you sitting, Dad?
-Must be a half-hour show.
I can't stand and watch, can I?
It has not started yet, right?
-It's time...
...for me to tell you about kids.
You might think I'm a kid,
but I'm grown up, Dad.
-When I say kids what I mean is...
-Goddamn! Is he going... lecture me on some nonsense?
-Suppose there's a boy...
-...and a girl.
-Yes, dad.
When they come together,
what happens?
That thought haunts me day and night.
-Wedding, dad?
-No, before that. No...
...what happens immediately
after the wedding?
The big game!
If everything goes fine, it's happiness
all the way or else, it's tragedy!
No, you went too far.
A little before that.
"It's our honeymoon...
let me take your veil off."
-Roaming around, having fun.
-Correct! You mean honeymoon, right?
-So what happens in honeymoon?
Big game!
Mambo's uncle owns a honeymoon
resort in Khandala.
Rajiv, you're too naive, son.
If you need my help at anytime,
don't hesitate to ask me.
Okay, dad.
-You know what I mean?
Okay! That's my boy!
-What time was it supposed to be aired?
-12:30, dad.
I guess they cancelled it.
I'm feeling sleepy. Good night.
-I'll call you if it comes up.
-No, you watch it. I'm off to sleep.
Mohenjo-Daro! The animals too must've
been buried by now. [DOOR OPENS]
I'll tell you. The babe in it
was so damn sexy... so damn sexy...
...she could put all our
actresses to shame, I swear.
Get off it. Don't rub salts.
The canteen is full. Find a table,
while I get some snacks.
You swine.
-Is it reserved?
-No, sit.
Rajiv! Hi!
-What's all this that you are writing?
-Writing notes for a friend.
-Still hooked on social work?
-Maybe I picked it up, writing for you.
Where was I?
-Hi Rajiv!
-What's up? Tuitions, eh?
-Oh no.
Obviously, man. Teacher Payal
is sitting before him with books.
If not tuition, you think
it's going to be Fashion TV?
Imagine Payal coming
on fashion T.V guys!
What are you guy's talking?
Imagine Payal walking!
Hey guys! Stop it, buddies!
She's studying. Let her study.
Please, man!
Maybe, something's fishy!
-Did shopping for the Traditional Day?
-Yes, I bought a lovely dress.
-Guys, you are too much.
Leave that. What are we going
to do about traditional day?
"What's come over my heart?"
"I don't know its whereabouts!"
"Why do I see the moon during daytime?"
"Why do I feel like it's
raining in summer?"
"Why does this feeling arise
every now and then?"
"Is this what they call love?"
"What's come over my heart?"
" I don't know its whereabouts!"
"Why do I see the moon
during daytime?"
"Why do I feel like
it's raining in summer?"
"Why does this feeling arise
every now and then?"
"Is this what they call love?"
"Now that I have spun a new dream..."
"...this world seems to have changed."
"Never did I feel like this before."
"What passion is it
that rises in me?"
"This moment seems to be intoxicated."
"And the skies seems to bow."
"My silence has become my talk..."
"...though silent, it
reveals a new tale."
"My heartbeats too are upbeat."
"Why does this feeling arise
every now and then?"
"In the mirror..."
"...when I saw myself..."
"...I blushed and my gaze lowered."
"I skipped..."
"...a heartbeat."
"For a moment I went breathless."
"And now, my robberies torment me..."
"...keep me awake at nights."
"I'm more restless now."
"I'm changing bit by bit."
"I don't know
what makes me so anxious."
"Is this what they call love?"
"Why does this feeling arise
every now and then?"
"Is this what they call love?"
-Oh hi! Happy traditional day!
-Who are they greeting?
-Not us. Never mind.
My outfit is a perfect air-conditioner.
Anyway, how is Kamla?
He's so possessive!
-Hi Mambo.
-Hi Payal!
By the way, where did you pick
that lovely outfit from, Payal?
-Happy traditional day!
-Same to you!
It's Payal! I almost
failed to recognise you!
Payal is not so bad!
Right man! Even I was thinking
about the same thing!
Payal, shall I tell you something?
Rajiv is stupid.
Why? What happened?
In case you and Rajiv don't get together
in the long term, just remember me.
Stop it, Mambo!
-Okay, I'll leave. Bye! Bye everybody!
-Bye Rajiv!
If she gets the right guidance...
...she'll undergo a complete
change in one month.
Excuse us, guys!
-Javed, you have to announce something.
-Oh yes.
Hey guys! Hear this.
After two months, my parents
are going on a world tour.
-So what?
-So, at that time we can... at our beach house in Alibaug.
-Do you really mean it?
I mean it. Overnight picnic for
a couple of days. It'll be fun.
The two of you are also invited.
Hello! Hang on!
But only with girls!
Because this party is only for couples.
-As usual, we won't be able to go.
No chick! No picnic!
We have to do something, buddy.
Our reputation is at stake.
-Excuse me?
-Is your phone number 6395795?
How could it be?
Because it's my number.
I mean, 6395795
is my telephone number.
-Oh! Shut up!
-Baby, call me.
Rocky! Everyone loves you, baby!
You are happening.
Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!
-We have a problem!
-For Alibaug...
-We need a girlfriend.
-All right, get one for him too.
-Why does he need one?
-He already has one waiting for him.
-I told you, didn't I?
I'm tired of telling him that.
-Hey! Fall in line, come on man.
Mambo, you've been blacklisted
for poor attendance.
Oh shit! Then even my
name must be there.
How can your name be up there. Payal
acts as your proxy, after all.
-I told you! Stay here, I'm off.
-Go on.
-Listen to me.
-Mambo, please.
See how multipurpose is your girlfriend?
There's no time. So think.
-You won't lose any time in wooing her.
-No Rocky. Payal is not my type.
She might be expecting that we fall
seriously in love with each other.
But thanks but no thanks, boss! I wish
to stay away from love and its labour.
Son, just woo her. After you've had
enough just show her the door. Simple!
Quite tough. She won't give in easily.
And she is very simple, looks wise.
If you wish you can give Payal a new
look. Remember the Traditional Day?
You won't make a mockery of yourself.
She'll look good.
With experience about wooing
girls, I can never go wrong.
No. She might get serious with me
and be a pain in my neck.
You're concerned
only with Alibaug, no?
Woo her first. After
you return, dump her.
How do I put it before her?
Get her to the garden in ten minutes.
I'll tell you what to say.
-She is a decent girl.
-You aren't bad either. Remember Kabir?
-Which class is he in?
-Saint Kabir!
Do it today, not tomorrow.
Do it now, not today.
-Yes sir.
-Present sir.
-Yes sir.
-Twice, a yes sir?
-I said it, sir.
-You're from this class?
-Yes sir. Rajiv Mathur.
Strange. Never seen you before.
Full attendance. I guess you have
a very good friend in this class.
Not a friend sir, a girlfriend!
Damn you!
-Can I attend this lecture, sir?
-Okay sit.
Thank you, sir.
Yes sir.
Do it today, not tomorrow.
Do it now, not today.
-I need to talk to you. It's urgent.
-What is it?
-Can't tell you here. Let's go outside.
Yes. Do it today, not tomorrow.
Do it now, not today.
Who is the joker in the class?
-Know Saint Kabir...?
-Do you have a problem?
-No, sir!
-No problem, sir!
-I have a problem.
-Will you please get out of my class?
-Thank you, sir!
-Sorry sir!
Payal, sir is right. We're
disturbing the entire class.
Come on! Follow me!
-You please see me after the class.
-Yes sir.
Okay. Yes sir.
Oh god!
You know Rajiv! It is for the first
time , that I have bunked a lecture.
-Where the hell is Rocky?
-It's strange, but it feels good.
Out of the blue! What's come
over him? Why did he call me...?
Actually Payal the thing is...
Shit! What am I saying!
It's my first time, that's why
I'm not able to speak it out...
What is it? There is something you
want to tell me that makes you nervous.
Come on Rajiv, you've known me
for years. Out with it. What is it?
Payal, I'm in love!
Must be some Dolly or
Saloni in mini-skirt.
Yes, Payal! I'm in love!
I don't know how and when it happened.
But I'm sure it's love.
-So, who is it?
-No one... no one.
-No one? What do you mean?
-There's no one behind that tree.
Come on Rajiv, this is no time to joke.
-So tell me, who is she...?
I mean, it's you Payal
-Yes Payal, It's the truth. It's you!
-Where are they?
-Who 'They'?
Your gang members. I know they are
hiding and watching this prank.
-No Payal...
-You are pulling my leg, right?
Cook up!
No Payal, I mean it.
Actually, I always felt for you.
But I avoided it, thinking that I am
not the kind of guy who falls in love.
But the truth is, the more I held back,
the more my feelings rose for you.
The swine is a natural!
Rajiv, I...Rajiv, you...
Tell me honestly, Payal.
You love me, don't you?
Rajiv, actually even I love you.
And I don't even know since when.
But I always had this fear that,
maybe your choice is not me but...
...girls like Dolly and Saloni,
who are modern and bold.
I still can't believe
that you love me.
"Those eyes, those sweet
words you speak..."
"Those eyes, those sweet
words you speak..."
"...ruined my sleep..."
"...robbed my peace..."
"...decorated my dreams..."
"...and made me belong to you."
"Made me belong to you..."
"...decorated my dreams..."
"...and slowly taught me love."
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"Those eyes,
those sweet words you speak..."
"...ruined my sleep..."
"...robbed my peace..."
"...decorated my dreams..."
"...and made me belong to you."
"Made me belong to you..."
"...decorated my dreams..."
"...and slowly taught me love."
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"In thoughts of you..."
"...I spend my days and nights."
"This world..."
"...seems like a fake without you."
"The condition of my heart..."
" do I tell you?"
"I can't forget you
even for a moment."
"All day, all night..."
" heart..."
"...excepts you. Why?"
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"Slowly, slowly, you snatched
the peace in my heart."
"My friend is no more a friend."
-What's up, smarty?
-If I'm smart! Then you are a ditcher!
-I've seen it all. What's happening here?
-Nothing serious, Mambo.
-Come on, Mambo!
-Yes, we're just good friends!
Oh, good friends! Shut up. I'm
talking to you madam, not him!
How do I address you henceforth?
Payal? Or Sister-in-law?
-Okay. Bye.
You wooed her, and you
didn't even tell me?
Are you mad? Will I ever forget you?
That too for Payal?
Don't be stupid , man!
Don't lie. After the two of you hit
it off, forget going out with me... haven't even called me up. This is
your friendship! You're a mean friend!
Mambo, this is temporary.
It's only a matter of few days.
-What do you mean?
-This all setup is for Alibaug.
No wonder all of a
sudden you got Payal...
-No! Payal isn't that type of a girl.
-We're concerned only about Alibaug.
After that, bye-bye. What else!
-Payal won't allow you to do anything.
-I know. I still, just hold her hand.
Wow! Good shot.
-Hi guys! What's up?
-Hi guys!
-May I keep this?
-Put it down!
Can we also play?
1, 2, 3.
Yes, Payal.
We heard everything. You and
Payal have it going, don't you?
-Who told you?
-I...? Nope.
Pal, try your best, but you can
never hide a pimple and love.
Oh no. Payal is not my type.
She's hundred percent a nun.
Why must you compare me with her?
Don't insult me, guys.
I still can't believe it's
all happening with me.
What feelings I have for Rajiv,
the same he has for me.
He's so cute.
Yes, Danny. I think you're right.
Maybe she's content with the
rumors if not for an affair.
Could be. Why don't we
ask Payal herself?
What say guys? It's not a bad idea!
Hey Payal!
-Have a seat! How are you doing?
Tell us something, Payal!
-Is Rajiv your boyfriend?
-So you guys have it going?
-Yes. Why do you ask?
Just checking. Because Rajiv
just said that it's all rubbish.
I don't believe this.
I just don't believe this.
I ought to worship you guys.
Imagine Rajiv with me! You can't
link him to me and insult him.
You guys know that I'm not his type.
Right Mambo?
-And I am that...what do you all call me?
And a nun can't be
a girlfriend, right?
I've been asked this question thrice
since morning. I'm tired of saying no.
Finally I decided to say yes
if I am asked again.
Dolly, I think I got to put
a placard around my neck saying...
... that nothing's going on
between Rajiv and Payal.
-Bye, I'm getting late.
-Okay, bye.
By the way Rajiv,
I did not spread the rumors.
-What have you done?
-I messed it up.
-I warned you against doing it.
-Don't chide me, please. Let me think.
Now go and console her.
Please Rajiv, I don't want to talk.
Go away, please.
Payal! I'm really very sorry!
Please! Don't say sorry. A sorry can't
make up for a deliberate mistake.
Just go from here.
-Stop it, Payal. Please listen to me.
-I don't want to hear a thing.
Know why I didn't want
to tell them about us...?
I just don't want to listen, okay?
Please. Enough!
I wanted to give them a
surprise in the end, Payal.
Surprise? Rajiv, please!
Look, I don't know much about love. All I
know is, true love can never be hidden.
Payal what I did was
maybe my weakness.
And, I could never do
what you did for me back there.
But believe me, Payal.
I'm really very sorry!
Payal please!
All right, if you don't believe me,
come with me.
-Rajiv please. Stop it.
-Come on, Payal.
Meet her. Payal. My girlfriend.
From now on, no one teases her.
And no one calls her a nun anymore.
-Are you okay?
Not near my building! If my
Dad sees, he'll bash us up.
-No... I'm not.
I know you in and out. Bye now.
-Give me a kiss.
-Are you crazy?
-Just one.
-Please! Please!
Priya, open the door.
-Hi auntie. This is Payal.
-Hi Payal. How are you?
-I'm fine, auntie.
-It's been long since you came over.
I will certainly come, auntie.
How are Priya and uncle?
-All are fine. How about Bittu?
-He's fine.
-Oh look, Rajiv is here. Talk to him!
-Who is it?
-Hi Payal! How's life?
Thank God you aren't angry. I thought
you wouldn't ever talk to me.
Nothing of that sort. 1 second, Payal.
-You want to speak to her?
-No. Why?
-No. You mind if I...?
-Oh! All right.
-Tell me fast. I don't have time.
-What's this sudden change?
-Yes. Tell me.
-Actually, I just called to say sorry.
So say it fast and hang up.
I have other things to do.
I'm sorry!
-Are you done? Shall I hang up now?
-No... I wanted to tell you something.
Hold the receiver close to your ears.
Stupid! Are you crazy?
What if someone hears?
No one can hear me! Because
I'm alone at home!
-How come?
-My parents...
-...have gone for a housewarming.
-No kidding! I'm coming over.
-No, no...
-Rajiv, you are not coming.
-A girl's denial is consent, I know.
I'm coming.
Rajiv! You're mad!
You've really turned up?
Come on inside.
The house is a changed place!
Hi Chikki...
Oh God, the door.
Hey baby!
Not here, Rajiv!
Let's go inside!
If the neighbour sees us together,
it'll hit the headlines tomorrow.
-One second!
Come on!
I thought you were kidding, Rajiv.
And you really landed up?
Not there... get up!
-Get up!
-Okay! Sorry!
You don't know what sort
of neighbours we have.
-What sort?
-They're mad like you.
-Where are you going?
-To fetch some water.
Never mind. Come back here.
-Did you miss me?
-What will you do if I told you?
-It's just for my information.
-You don't need such information.
Now tell me... please.
-Yes, I did.
-How much?
-This much.
-Is that all?
-All right, this much.
-That's all?
This much?
-This much?
Rajiv, what are you doing?
Behave yourself.
Okay, I won't touch you.
Okay. Don't be angry. I'm sorry.
-Won't you give me something to drink?
-What will you have? Coffee? Tea?
Won't you say 'me'?
Coke! I'll have a coke.
Payal Mehra. My memories.
Rajiv! Bad manners.
Why did you touch my personal
diary without asking me?
You know, I don't let anyone...
Since when, Payal...?
I had no inkling.
"Neither does my fear go away,
nor do I get any sleep..."
"...nor even do I find peace
for a moment."
"Neither am I in my senses,
nor are you in yours..."
"...I wonder what intoxication
overwhelms us."
"It makes us pine thus."
-What are we going to do?
-There's someone at the door.
-Who do you think it is?
-I don't know.
My parents are here! They're back!
Now what?
Where will you hide?
I'm dead, Rajiv! I'm dead!
Go and open the door.
-Must I? Are you sure?
-Go. Just go.
How long did you take, Payal?
We've been ringing the doorbell.
-You're back very early, dad?
-There was no traffic on the roads.
Why did you take such a
long time to open the door?
I had plugged in the walkman,
so I couldn't hear the bell.
-Something surely is fishy.
-Nothing except you is fishy, here.
Oh God.
-There's no one.
Your brains are rotting watching
all those silly programmes on TV.
Your teeth will rot too.
Brush your teeth and go to bed.
-Near the window!
Over here.
-Rajiv! What are you doing?
-No! No! Nothing will happen.
-Are you mad? How'd you reach there?
Yes mom!
Here's the offering, Payal.
You ought to have come with us.
Everyone was asking about you.
It was such a lovely house. We almost
fell when we saw the bathroom.
Auntie, now you please go...
else, I'll fall. [DOG BARKING]
-Oh God!
-I've got work to do.
I am coming!
-You're okay, right?
-I'm okay.
-Be careful.
Where are the guys?
As usual, they must be out bowling.
Where else will they go?
I thought so.
Hope you've seen my score card.
That's bowling!
Why aren't you eating
something, Payal?
-Thanks, but I'm fasting.
-At least have some wafers.
-No, I can't eat wafers either.
-A soft drink?
-I can't even drink water.
-You talk as if you were...
-...fasting for your husband's long life!
-Quite an idea, you bet.
Imagine fasting for the spouse!
For him? No way...
-What are you saying?
-It's so stupid!
I'll fast for you.
Pass me the chips, Dimpy!
It isn't stupid at all.
Actually I can say that...
-...because I know how nice I'm feeling.
-You mean...'re really fasting for
your spouse's long life?
-For whom?
-Stupid! For Rajiv, obviously.
-Why would she fast for you?
-Nobody fasts for me anyway.
Take a lesson from her. Love isn't
just going to the discos and parties.
-This is part of it too.
-Oh please, Javed!
Lucky man!
If I'm not wrong, you end your fast
when your spouse feeds you. Right?
-In that case, I'll be coming over.
-Why? You're not my husband.
-And my parents will be there at home.
-So what?
I'll still come. You see.
I'll still come. You see.
Hello lady!
Rajiv, you've really landed here!
I came here with so
much of difficulty...
-...and you didn't even look at me?
...I thought I was imagining things.
Now that I'm here,
let's get started.
-What's this?
-Not like that. Come with me.
What did mom do first...?
Yes, the little ritual.
Do it properly, Payal!
How much will you do? That's enough.
Now... the vermillion.
-Give me water.
-That's it!
-Feed me! I've haven't eaten anything.
Eat tomorrow then!
Okay! Sorry!
Touch my feet.
No way! Are you kidding?
Payal, come on! Complete the ritual!
May you live long,
may your husband live long.
Very good chinky!
May you have a hundred sons.
You don't know how much
all this means to me, Rajiv.
This isn't just a ritual...
it's my love for you.
And whatever happens...
I'll always want you to be happy.
And may you always find what you seek.
Payal, what are you doing in there?
What man! Your mother!
[DOG BARKING] -I'm changing!
-They won't let us enjoy in peace.
-Rajiv, go away. Please!
We'll complete the rest of
the action in Alibaug. Okay?
-Who's going?
No way! Impossible!
-An overnight picnic...?
-Why not?
You think dad will permit me? No way!
-Oh no!
-Oh yes!
-What are we going to do?
-I don't know.
Idea! Come here!
-Please! Please! Please!
-Come on.
-Say yes!
-All right. We'll try.
We'll think about it and let you know!
Be quick with whatever you do.
We don't have much time.
But Saloni, my dad is very strict.
He won't agree to this.
I'll be back.
So what's happening, lover-boy?
You've been climbing pipes, I hear?
You said you didn't want any love
and romance. So what gives?
There's nothing of the sort.
It's simply...
Your face says it all. You're in love.
-Why must you lie to Rocky?
-There's nothing of that sort, Rocky.
Okay, we'll see. Forget everything else.
Go to Alibaug.
Have fun! 6395795!
Don't leave her! Have fun!
Music! Beaches!
Are you getting my point?
That's life! Go!
I'll talk to you later. Yes!
Please, Uncle.
It's only for two days.
Two days or three, my daughter isn't
staying away from home in the night.
Our parents have said that we'll get
the permission only if Payal goes.
-Why is that?
-It's all about trust, Uncle.
Our folks trust Payal
more than they trust us.
They are amazed at the
values she has imbibed.
Obviously, all the credit
goes to her parents.
-Uncle, please!
-What do you say, Payal?
-I won't be going if you object, dad.
Good. Don't go then.
All right. Go!
Hey guys. How are you doing? Hop on!
Hurry up.
-What say?
-Thank God man! You guys are so late.
Mambo, aren't you coming?
You don't have a girl.
How will you join us?
Should we take him along, girls?
Let's take him.
-Come on, Mambo!
-Come on!
-Hey come on!
-Come on!
-All right, I'll come.
-Hey come on!
Come on!
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"Oh darling, you are my beloved."
"Oh darling, you are my beloved."
"Your heart has immersed in my eyes."
"Your heart has immersed in my eyes."
"You aren't Romeo..."
"...nor are you Majnu."
"You aren't Romeo...
nor are you Majnu."
"You're a big wonder."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"You and I as a pair..."
"...and this love-story."
"Won't be complete,
please understand this."
"You're a virgin."
"I'm a virgin."
"To you, I've lost my heart."
"Come closer to me."
"If I don't have you, I'll search..."
"If I don't have you...I'll
search for another man!"
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"Your heart has immersed in my eyes."
"Oh darling, you are my beloved."
"You aren't Romeo,
nor are you Majnu."
"You're a big wonder."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
"My heart has immersed in your eyes."
You ought to have looked at his face!
-Later, he was trying to give a massage.
-What? Really?
-Come out.
-You are too good man.
See the expression on our hero's face?
He won't even touch her in the
fear of doing something wrong.
No sweat.
-Sit down.
You know what, Rajiv? I always dreamed
of things turning out like this.
You and me... far away
from home like this.
I can't believe it's all
really happening, yes?
Yes, me too.
Rajiv, there's a question I've
been wanting to ask you.
-Go ahead. Ask!
-Look at me.
What was it about me that you...
You know what?
You don't need a reason
to fall in love, stupid.
-I don't think you need a reason.
-Oh yes, we do.
Several reasons, in fact.
So tell me. What do you like about me?
You love to show off.
But you have a very nice heart.
You know what, Rajiv?
I can blindly trust you.
I'm sure you will never
betray my trust.
And there's something
I didn't tell you.
I haven't seen anyone climb
the pipes like you do!
Your turn now.
Okay! What should I say?
It's your ears... that take
my voice to you.
Your beauty, your hair...
...your back...
Stop it Rajiv. What are you doing?
I'm telling you, what I
like about you, Payal.
-Actually Payal, I just love you.
-Rajiv! Rajiv!
What are you doing, Rajiv...?
Stop it, Rajiv! Have you gone mad?
Payal! What's wrong with this, Payal?
It's okay.
One moment, Rajiv... cool down.
-I love you, Payal! Are you mad?
-Even I love you too, but...
-Payal! Stop this. I'm your boyfriend.
-Let go of me, Rajiv.
Let me go, please!
-Payal, it's okay.
-Stop it! This isn't right, okay?
-So why did I bring you here?
I understand! You pretended
to be in love with me... I'd come here and you would...
I can see the truth now, Rajiv!
Ever since this trip to
Alibaug was planned... started this
drama of love with me.
And what a fool I was!
I couldn't see through you!
Even in my house the other day,
you tried to force yourself on me!
And I was so blind in love!
I refused to believe... was my body you were after!
Who do you think you are?
I can find a thousand girls
like you to fall in love with.
But I don't want these
hassles of love.
I thought we'd have a nice time
in Alibaug and soon forget it.
But you have other plans!
As for the rest of them...
...they called you a nun! I'm the one
who gave you a standard, a level.
Who do you think you are?
Disgusting! I hate you!
-Okay, fine!
-I hate you.
I hate you too.
What are you guys staring at?
No. There's no need to make
either her or me see reason.
I did what I thought was right
and she did was she thought was right.
Come on, guys. We're not kids. Please!
...I forgot to tell
you something, Payal.
Danny had laced Rajiv's drink
with something. And...
He didn't know anything.
He had lost his senses,
he didn't know what he was doing.
Now look, Rajiv. If your ego
doesn't permit you to bow...
...we can always ask Payal
to say sorry to you.
Right. She was the one
who took offense, isn't it?
-She should apologize.
-Right. -Very smart!
So what if she took offense? He created
the situation. It's his fault!
-Tell him!
-Oh yes.
-Who led him by the hand anyway?
-Just don't talk about it.
-Yes, that's why this happened to her.
-All you men are the same.
-Just shut up.
-Hey, you were acting smart.
-You keep quiet. -Shut up.
Don't' argue with me.
-You guy's only know how to abuse.
-Just shut up!
Just shut up.
What is she saying...!
Shut up guys. Come on.
The hero and the heroine are here.
Let the extras move on.
Hey, please wait.
Yes, wait here, all of you.
Rajiv, I over reacted that day...
You ought to have thought
of it there, Payal.
But it all happened so suddenly,
I had no time to think.
And you insulted me. You slapped
me in everybody's presence.
And you spoke any nonsense
you wanted to, right?
-Just listen.
-No, you listen to me, Payal.
I wasn't just a roadside thug either.
I was your own.
Whatever I did was because
I took you for my own.
And what did you give me in return?
Okay, I'm sorry!
No! Please don't be sorry!
What happened that day
can happen every now and then.
How can you say that, Rajiv?
It's because this wall is always going
to stand between us. All right, Payal?
-What's gotten into you, Rajiv?
-Why? Do you feel bad?
All right, if you think there's
no wall between us...
...right now, here, in
everybody's presence...
-...kiss me.
-Have you gone mad?
-Why? What's the big deal?
She can slap me in everybody's
presence but she can't kiss me?
Okay. Forget it, Payal.
It's just a stupid kiss, Payal.
I'm sorry, Rajiv.
My love isn't so weak.
I don't have to do something... cheap to prove it's worth.
I'm very sorry!
See? I told you. But you
guys wouldn't listen.
Anyway guys. Thanks for trying.
Rajiv, this isn't right.
You're going to regret this.
He'll go without a girl all his life.
What do you think, Rajiv? You'll
find a better girl than Payal?
You guys are flying because
you've got Dolly and Saloni?
All right, but remember...
...someday, the most beautiful girl
in college will be with me.
Get it?
Alisha! Alisha Sahay!
What do they think of themselves!
Hurry, she'll go away!
She is so beautiful.
Come on, hurry up.
-Wait... what's up?
-What a girl!
-Who...tell me?
-What a girl, man!
She's at the principal's office.
Everyone's floored!
"Who is she?"
"Who is she?"
"Who's she with the pearl eyes?"
"Who's she with the golden hair?"
"Who's she with the silvery body?"
"Who's she with the provocative gait?"
"Who's she...?"
"A million faces I've seen,
none of them I remember."
"The moment she arrives,
every other face fades away."
"Who is this troublemaker?
What's her name?"
"Where does she live?
What's she into?"
"She sports a red scarf,
high-heeled shoes..."
"...and a silk top."
"I've never seen anything
like this before."
"Talk to this fairy
from a distance."
"You might offend her."
"Every heart beats for me..."
"...every lip thirsts for me."
"They're crazy for my love,
my love is what they seek."
"I possess the charm
and the mischief."
"I hold sway over every heart."
"A million beauties there might be,
but there isn't one like me."
"So many young boys
have gone crazy after me."
"I cast a spell with my
beauty, my age and my eyes"
"He who casts a look
at me is enthralled."
"Who's she with the pearl eyes?"
"Who's she with the golden hair?"
"Who's she with the silvery body?"
"Who's she with the provocative gait?"
"Who's she...?"
In a world of your dreams!
Boss, stop thinking about her.
She's rich, out of reach...
and I'm sure... a bitch.
Forget all this and patch
it up with Payal, Rajiv.
What's that about Payal?
Rajiv, you don't know
how lucky you are.
Let me tell you, Rajiv.
In love, you can't...
What love...?
You're going to teach
me about love? You?
No girl even looks at you.
And you'll teach me about love...?
No, don't teach me about love. Okay?
-Sachin, where's Rocky?
-Rocky? I don't know.
You'll now say, I'm sorry and
I'll say, It's okay.
And you'll say, I'm really very sorry
and I'll say, It's fine.
But since you're not saying a word,
Let me say it.
It's okay.
-Hi Rajiv!
Meet my new friend, Alisha!
And this is Rajiv.
-Sorry! I mean, hi!
I mean...
Everything is going right!
-Who is it?
-Now, that's a real item.
-Isn't she?
-What about Payal? Is it all over?
-Never mind. I did my best.
-Leave it. Tell me something about her.
I'll get the information on her,
but it'll take some time.
I can't wait much longer, Rocky.
When we ran into each other just now...
...we were so close! I couldn't
take my eyes off her face.
-How much time will it take?
-Can't say. But your job will be done.
-Where's Mambo?
-Forget about him.
Mohit, you wanted details
on Jyotika, didn't you?
No! She has become so fat!
Look at him! After all my hard work,
waste of time and energy...!
-You won't act like him, will you?
-No, Rocky. I'm not stepping back.
Whatever happens, Rocky. I want Alisha.
That's it, my baby!
Come on! Yes! I'll show you.
-Rajiv, where's Payal?
-I don't know.
She doesn't call nor does she
come to our house anymore.
What's happening?
-What work do you have?
-Okay! Take this.
-What's this?
-Payal's book. She gave it to me.
It was with me for many days. Return
it to her and say sorry on my behalf.
I must say sorry to Payal?
She's not meeting me.
But the two of you are
in the same college!
What attitude, buddy!
God knows when I'm going
to get rid of Payal.
"One mistake I made..."
"...I fell in love with you."
"...I cried..."
" gave me so much of sorrow."
"Oh ignorant, wicked one..."
"...inflict every tyranny on me."
"My love for you will never lessen."
"I swear it on the tears
I shed for you."
"I have truly loved you."
"I have truly loved you."
Alisha Sahay.
Date of birth, 5th of July, 1983.
Father's name: Harshvardhan Sahay.
Mother's name Radhika Sahay.
Name of father's current wife:
Anjali Sahay.
Name of mother's current boyfriend:
Sunil Arora.
Tell me about Alisha. Please.
Oh yes. Dominating, leading,
Rich. She has won the
beauty contest thrice.
The most important fact. Her favorite
sportsman is... Sachin Tendulkar.
Sachin Tendulkar.
I can't tell you how crazy
she is about him.
Sachin dominates every place!
In short, there's just one
way of getting to Alisha.
Stop kidding and tell me
what we're going to do.
Let's have a word with Sachin.
I do know him. Via. Via.
My postman's nephew is
Sachin's building's liftman.
But, I don't think this
connection will work.
-There is a way.
Let's think.
If my boss gets to know,
I'm going to be fired.
It's for just ten minutes.
Just park the car at the
gate and later on drop...
...him at the first bus stop.
Doesn't such a great
cricketer have a car?
Tax problems, you see. No wonder
he's travelling in buses.
I saw Agarkar going on
foot in Agar Market, too.
See my palm and tell me.
Will I score a century in the match?
-Let her at least come first.
-Sorry, this is my first time.
No issues. It's my first time too.
I've never pulled off a big stunt.
Excuse me. Hello!
Wow! What a piece!
See my palm and tell me.
Will I score a century in Chennai?
Your stars are pretty strong,
but there's a problem.
Alisha! Your classmate's
reading Sachin's palm!
Don't be scared. You do one thing,
you directly open the innings.
That means he know's astrology. Sachin!
No, no. Elbow straight.
Eye on the ball.
-Very good!
-Okay, thanks!
-Sorry, I forgot.
-Happens when you have a fleet of cars.
-Okay! Bye Sachin!
-Did you get the dough?
-Yes. Rocky already gave it to me.
Sachin! Excuse me, I know him. Okay?
See you.
-Say the last dialogue.
-Hey come...?
I ought to be moving, Sachin.
Bye. Take care. See you.
Come with me to Chennai,
don't be so standoffish...
...It will make a difference
to me if you come.
I'll try, but do as I said and
you'll have good results. Okay? Bye.
Okay, bye.
Say hi to your wife and tell her
I'm coming over for lunch.
You always say that but
you don't really come over.
-I'll surely come. Bye.
-Bye. Bye.
-Let's go!
Ra...! What's your name? Rajiv! Wait!
He's gone.
Never mind. I'll catch up with him
at the college tomorrow. Yes!
-Excuse me.
Do you know Rajiv Mathur?
Sorry! I don't know.
God! She's looking at me!
She going to talk to me...
...the secret isn't out, is it?
Let me see.
-Excuse me.
-Have you seen Rajiv Mathur around?
By the way, my name is...
Rajiv! Your work is done!
She's looking for you!
Our formula is a hit!
She's pining for you.
No, at the right time!
Let the iron get hotter.
And then... strike!
Damn it!
-What happened?
Excuse me.
Have you seen Rajiv around?
Rajiv Mathur?
No, I've just arrived.
He must be around somewhere.
-He has come to the college.
-How do you know that he has come?
His bike's out there.
-Wow! You even know his bike number?
-Yes, because...
-Rajiv! Hi Rajiv! Rajiv!
-We're old friends!
Hi Rajiv!
I've been looking for you!
-Alisha Sahay.
-Hi, Rajiv.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
You're taking part in the
cultural festival, aren't you?
-I'm interested in dancing too.
-Really? Very good.
Can I come to your rehearsals?
-Yes, sure. No problem.
-Thank you!
-Rajiv, when will they start?
-Come over from tomorrow.
I'll surely come.
-Ok, bye.
By the way, Rajiv... I saw Sachin
Tendulkar at the Emperor Club yesterday.
-And, what's interesting is that...
...there was this boy with him
who looked just like you.
Shit! Sachin! I told him we
shouldn't meet at the Emperor club!
That's a secret.
Please don't tell anyone, okay?
Okay! Okay!
Come! Come!
He touched her.
Actually, Sachin and I have played
cricket together since we were kids.
I must be half his age, but he was
crazy about my square-cut.
-You know square cut?
He is a very nice man.
You won't believe what he says to me! He
says that whenever he scores a century...
...he raises a bat to me
at the TV cameras...
...and only then it is for the spectators.
-He's so cute!
-I know.
I saw how he reacted when
you were reading his palm...
Don't tell anyone that I can
read palms. That's a secret too.
It's only because Sachin and I are
such good friends. Or else...
-Read my palm, please!
Else, I'll tell everyone that
you're good at palmistry!
-He's holding her hand!
Not here, else I'll be running
a business in college from tomorrow.
May you have a thousand sons!
Step on the brakes!
You'll enjoy it! Go!
This is a royal palm!
Your mound of Venus is excellent
Mound of Saturn! Superb!
In fact, every mound
of yours is so lovely.
-Look at this. It is written here that...'re a typical...
I knew it. Once you take a
hand, you'll never let go.
-How true!
-Yes .
Alisha, people have noticed only
your outward beauty till now.
No one has looked in your heart.
You're a genius, Rajiv.
Despite having so many friends,
you're so very lonely. Right?
-You're so right.
-I know.
I'm waiting for my Mr. Perfect.
Oh yes! It says that although
Mr. Perfect is right before you... just can't recognise him!
Hey, you know what's funny?
I have a similar line in my palm.
Hey Alisha! Is it possible that we
were supposed to meet each other?
-Oh my God! And look at what is written!
It's written here that...
What's the name...? Rajiv!
A boy called Rajiv is going
to buy you a coke.
-Waiter! Two coke please!
-Yes sir.
See? Isn't my prediction immediate?
Welcome to Hungama
inter-collegiate festival!
I hope you're enjoying yourselves.
Right now...'s a round of the painting
competition at stall number 25.
We are so close.
We've got to win the prize
for dancing and painting.
Where is Rajiv? Get Rajiv for me.
-Rocky. This doesn't look fake, does it?
-You doubt Rocky's funda?
-Oh no, I simply asked.
-Look, If she's convinced...
...your job is done!
-All the best!
Oh my God! Rajiv! What
happened here? Rajiv!
I'm depending on you
for the dance and you...
-You're my main dancer, remember?
-I know that, but what do I do, Candy?
-Hi baby, how are you doing?
-Shut up!
I love you too!
Hi sexy, dial 95795 my phone number.
Call me baby.
-What happened to Rajiv's hand?
-Forget it. Why do you care?
God has punished him
for what he did.
No, but then too, I must ask him.
-Just one second!
-Hi Payal!
What happened?
It's nothing. I'll be okay in a week.
-Which means it isn't a fracture.
-How did it happen?
-Well... I fell down, actually.
-You weren't climbing a pipe, were you?
-Oh no! I wasn't climbing a pipe.
The results for the painting
competition have been finalized.
-I have to go. Bye.
-Please stand by for the results.
Won't you say all the best ?
-Yes, all the best.
-Same to you!
-How will you dance now?
-Let's see, I'll have to manage.
-Let's see.
-Anyway, all the best.
It sure was a wrong number.
The winner of the painting
competition is...
...Ms. Payal from Spencer College!
Nothing. We're just friends.
What's your problem?
-What happened to you, Rajiv?
-I was going on my bike...
-You broke your arm?
-No, I love wearing a sling!
The dance competition
is about to begin.
So please make your way
quickly to the college hall.
Excuse me.
-Please don't tell Rajiv about it.
-About how he broke his arm.
He was actually going on his bike
to buy romantic cards for you and...
-For me? Why?
-It's obvious, man!
He's in love with you.
Welcome to the last round
of the inter-collegiate... competition
of Hungama Festival.
We have so far seen
other colleges perform.
It's now the turn of Spencer College.
We're going to lose!
Rajiv has broken his arm.
-This is my last year.
-Relax, Candy!
I don't want to talk to anybody.
What was the hurry?
You could've bought
the cards later on.
I'm not quitting college, am I?
-So, you know?
-I know everything.
-How, Alisha?
-Forget about that.
See what your stupidity has done.
Everyone is so tensed.
By everyone, you mean,
even you are tensed?
I can bear to see anything,
but I can't see you in this state.
-I can't see you like this.
-What are you doing, Rajiv...? What?
-Please don't stop me.
I can do anything for you, Alisha.
Because I love you!
Dolly Pereira.
You are mine and I am yours.
"Why's every beautiful girl
crazy after me?"
"Why do they all say
I love you to me?"
"We love you!"
"Is my face really so romantic?"
"Yes, it is!"
"Are my eyes those of
the dreamy lover?"
"Yes, they are!"
"Is my face really so romantic?"
"Are my eyes those of
the dreamy lover?"
"I possess just one heart
and there are a thousand girls."
"I wish I could split my heart into
tiny pieces and give it to everyone."
Okay girls. Calm down.
-Are you all having fun?
You just saw the first
sequence from Spencer College.
Here comes Alisha Sahay
with a surprise item!
-Danny, Alisha! Hot, right?
-Yes dude!
"If you're good looking,
I'm young too."
"Look at me from any angle you want.
I'm no lesser than you are."
"Lightning strikes the hearts
of those who behold us."
"There's no one more
beautiful than me."
"So let go of my arm... Let me go."
Hey, what are you saying?
"With a smile, they rob
us of our peace..."
"...these beautiful girls."
"They keep us awake
night after night..."
"...these beautiful girls."
"They set our hearts hammering..."
"...these beautiful girls."
"They make us pine..."
"...these beautiful girls."
"To their charm, to their eyes,
to their age, to their waste..."
"...I'm sold."
"What am I to do...?"
-"What am I to do?
-Oh really?"
-"What am I to do?
-So sad."
"Of those spell-casting eyes..."
"...I'm a lover of my beloved."
"No! Don't ask what fun it is."
"This is the intoxication of love."
"You have taken my heart
away without even asking."
"You have driven me crazy."
"My heart-beat sings for you..."
"...and I've fallen in love,
oh so gradually."
-Payal, what happened?
"I believe in love. Love."
"She believes in love. Love."
"You believe in love. Love."
"We believe in love. Love."
"You find your love..."
"...with great difficulty."
"Love and romance."
"Meet her gaze."
"Everyone falls in love
at least once in a lifetime."
"Love and romance."
"Love and romance."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"Love and romance."
Fantastic! What a performance!
Come on! Yes!
The judges have decided the winners
of today's dance competition...
Spencer College!
-Let's congratulate Rajiv.
-All right!
You've been so silly, Alisha.
Your Mr. Right has been
right before your eyes...
...and you didn't even recognise him?
He's the one you've been
looking for, Alisha.
He's the one, Alisha!
Because he can do
anything for you.
He is the one!
Rajiv, I love you too!
What's this...?
Give me your blessings, love guru!
Love guru, bless me too.
-Look at that!
-Hey guys!
Alisha! What a bomb!
Something's burning, isn't it?
I'm sorry!
I just love this place!
-Should we sit here?
-Me too. Sit down.
Here you go!
-Thank you!
Rajiv, when are you
introducing me to Sachin?
Sachin...? Oh, Sachin!
Any time you wish to.
Let me get something to eat.
Hungry, aren't you?
I'm damn hungry.
-1 Veg. burger! Lots of cheese.
Ketchup on the side.
That's forty bucks...
and another twenty.
And one mango milk shake!
Milk shake for 30.
Anything else?
Coming up, Princess!
Total 90!
-Rajiv! One diet coke, please!
90+20, 110!
At this rate, I'll have to go
around with a begging bowl.
-Parag, do you have a hundred bucks?
-Then give it to me.
-The hundred bucks, I told you right now.
-When did you say that?
-You asked if I have it, I said yes.
-Stop boring me, man!
I'll return it to you the moment
I get my pocket money. Promise.
-You will? Are you sure?
-Of course.
Thanks pal! Excuse me.
1 mango milk shake, 1 Veg. burger,
1 large fries and 1 diet coke!
-That's 110?
-All right!
-Give my order!
-What's happening, dude?
-I'm going mad!
-She's more worried about Sachin than me!
-I knew that was coming.
She's asking me to introduce her
to Sachin. What should I tell her?
-Don't say anything.
-Then who will? Sachin, himself?
What are you saying?
Hello mom!
-What's for dinner tonight at home?
-You'll get Sachin's call in 2 minutes!
-Sachin's call? what do you mean?
Sachin's calling you
in two minutes. Yes!
Genius man! You are too good!
-Okay, here we go!
-What're you doing?
-My hundred bucks are in it too.
-Here's your food.
-So happy! I'm famished.
Hello! Who's that...? Sachin!
-Go on. Where are you calling from?
Well? Scoring with her, are you?
-Oh yes. So how have you been?
-A scoundrel. Like you.
Oh yes. You too!
Guess what Sachin! I'm in love!
Name? Alisha.
She's the most beautiful,
wonderful person I've met.
Let me talk.
You want to talk to her?
Guess what? You're one of the few
sports persons she likes very much.
-Give it to me. Fast!
-Please hold.
Don't talk too much.
It goes to his head.
-Hello! Hi Sachin!
-Hi Alisha!
-How are you?
-Ok. Thanks!
Rajiv is always talking about you.
When will we meet, Sachin?
Whenever I'm in Mumbai for a
couple of days at a stretch.
Before that, we'll have to ask Rajiv.
So decide quickly, okay?
Sure. Please give the phone to Rajiv.
Okay. Bye Sachin! Oh my god!
Yes, Sachin...?
Everything is all right.
Just take care of those balls
outside the off stump, okay?
My god!
-Pay my regards to your wife.
-He is so cute.
Bye. Bye.
-Let's go. I want to go home.
-What about the food?
My stomach is full!
I've spoken to Sachin!
-Let's go.
-Okay, let's go.
No, mom. I going to the gym in the
evening. I won't eat outside, mom.
No, mom. I won't eat outside. Yes, mom.
Here's your hundred bucks. Eat it up.
I won't eat outside, mom.
This is the first time
I'm dropping Alisha home.
Should I kiss her or shouldn't I?
Should I ask her directly?
Actually, I'll do one thing,
I'll hold her hand first...
"My heart took the blow..."
"...and I started falling in love."
"My heart took a liking
to the stranger."
"We crazy lovers..."
" pray..."
"...all our lives..."
"...may the story of
our love continue."
"In my sleep, in my dreams,
he quietly appears."
"He robs me of my peace, each time."
"In your arms..."
"...let me remain."
"Let me kiss your lips."
"This weather of pining..."
"...clouds everything else."
"May our love story
continue through our lives."
Notes! Notes! Notes!
-Hi Priya!
-Hi Payal!
Payal, I'm going to the library.
Mambo's not around.
Where has he gone?
He should be coming any moment.
You can wait here for him if you want.
-Are you writing the notes for me?
-No. For Mambo.
Payal, you know about
Alisha and me, right?
-You don't mind?
-Come on! Don't be silly!
Besides, we're friends and we are
always going to be friends. Right?
-Hi, Mambo. What's going on?
-We'll talk later, okay?
Aren't you ready yet? Hurry up!
The ad says we mustn't miss
the beginning of the film.
Are you coming for the film...?
It's okay. We'll talk later.
Come on!
-Hi Rajiv!
-Hi Dolly!
-Hi dude! How are you?
-Hi Javed!
-Don't they look cute together?
These two! Mambo and Payal!
I think something's brewing
between the two of them.
What nonsense! We are all
old friends, that's all.
I know that, but they've gone
to see a film together.
-So? They invited me too.
-It must be just a formality, buddy.
Hey come on, Javed. I know
Payal since childhood...
...she won't encourage
a guy like Mambo.
Anyway, why must I even care if
something's going on between them?
-Come on, relax.
-We were just kidding!
-Don't get angry.
-Just chill!
Anyways, so we...
-Kamla! Meet my friend, Alisha!
She's so sweet!
-Priya, look who's here.
-Just hold on.
My sister Priya.
This is Alisha.
Kamla please bring water.
-Nice to meet you.
Nobody. Rajiv and her friend.
Baby, who's that?
Must be Rajiv's classmate. Why?
She appears to come from a rich family.
The richer they are, the
lesser clothes they wear.
Close your mouth. You're drooling.
Nonsense! Let's go and see.
-Mom! Dad! This is Alisha.
-Please be seated.
-Please be seated.
She has just arrived from Ooty
and recently joined the college.
She has won quite a few
beauty contests too.
She does appear to be a model.
What appear...?
She is indeed a model.
-She is a model!
-I see.
She's getting so many offers.
Only yesterday...
Aunty, Rajiv has this habit of hiding
his own qualities from people.
What qualities does he possess?
[DOORBELL]-Take Sachin for instance...
-There's someone at the door, Priya!
-There's someone at the door!
-...he's hiding it from everyone.
-Sachin? Who's Sachin?
-Must be the thin boy from our building.
What's this, Payal! I've been
waiting for you since so long time!
Yeah, I...that...
-Payal! After all these days!
-Are you angry with us, dear?
-Auntie, I was...
-Alisha, you know Payal, right?
-Yes, of course! Drawing champ, right?
Come. Let's go. Come on!
-Will you have something, Alisha?
-No thanks, auntie.
-Rajiv, will you come in for a minute?
-Excuse me.
What does your mother do? Is she
a housewife or is she working?
Or is she a model too?
Where is the book that I asked
you to return to Payal?
-You didn't return it.
-Must be around...
-Payal, I'm sorry!
-Okay, I must leave now, Priya.
-Where are you going? You've just come!
-Wait here. You aren't going anywhere.
-I'll come again.
-Shall we leave, Rajiv?
-Yes. Let me drop you home.
-Drop Payal home too.
-No, it's okay. I'll go on my own.
-Keep quiet, Payal.
Take the car, Rajiv.
Ok mom!
Your hair has grown too much.
I think you need a haircut!
-What happened?
-No, Nothing.
You're sure?
And I thought Payal
is an old friend of yours.
-How long have you known Rajiv, Payal?
-Since our childhood.
Wow! Long time! Jealous!
I'll sit with you some day and
get to know all his secrets.
Yes, sure. Anytime.
-Sorry, we've driven past your place.
-It's okay. I'm quite used to it.
-Bye, Alisha!
-Bye, Payal!
-See you.
-See you.
She's very sweet.
But she's a bit reserved, isn't she?
-Okay, bye Rajiv.
Rajiv, pray that I receive
a call from the ad agency.
If I sign the contract, I'll
definitely be one of the... models in Mumbai and
that too within a year...
-What happened, Rajiv?
-What's your problem?
Forget it, Rajiv... they're kids.
Don't give them so much
of importance, Rajiv.
Relax. It happens all the time.
-What's wrong with you?
-What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you? Why do
you need to wear such clothes?
Rajiv, this is how I've always been.
And not even my dad has ever
stopped me from doing anything.
-I see. I'm sorry!
-It's not that, Rajiv!
I can very well handle
such situations, Rajiv.
You look so cute when you're angry.
It's okay, sweetie!
"Happy birthday to you!"
Here start the calls.
-Hurry up, I want to make a call.
Must be a girl, isn't it?
My son, after all.
Thank you.
-He has taken after me in looks!
-Spare him, please. If not me.
-Let's go.
I know whose call it is.
-"Happy birthday to you!"
-"Happy birthday to you!"
So you've even forgotten my voice now?
Oh! Payal! Hi! Thanks for calling!
Rajiv, Chikki says happy birthday.
May you find success in
everything you do...
...and may you never
forget your old friends.
Of course not.
-Any special plans for the day?
-Nothing as yet, but...
Which means our treat remains doubtful.
No, it's not that.
-I'll... We'll do...
-Come on! Just kidding!
You needn't think so much.
-Okay. Payal, thanks for calling.
-Yes. Bye.
-Good morning, birthday boy!
-Wish you a very happy birthday.
-My call is the first call, isn't it?
-Oh yes, yours is the first.
I knew it! And guess what?
You're very lucky for me!
Because I've received a call for
my first shoot on your birthday.
-Oh wow! When is it?
-Today...but Alisha...?
-In fact, that's where I'm calling from.
Okay, listen, after pack up, I'll
meet you directly at Velocity.
I'll ask Dolly to
invite everyone there.
-Alisha, the shot is ready.
-Okay! Got to go, Rajiv!
Bye baby. Take care!
Happy birthday once again!
Bye! Bye!
Ride on tune.
Hi! This is your DJ Akbar Sami.
Live and loud as per Velocity!
"She has taken away."
"She has taken away."
Relax, Rajiv. She'll come.
"She has taken away my heart.
My beloved has stolen my heart."
-Drink it up! Come on, brother. Come on!
Have some water.
Hello! Rajiv, are you okay?
This Danny, he never listens!
-Are you okay?
-Are you enjoying yourself?
-Are you enjoying yourself?
Yours was the first call
this morning. Thanks.
That's what I've been
doing all these years.
Rajiv, I don't know whether I have the
right or not, but this is for you.
-Payal, you remembered?
-Not say a word.
-Can I wear it?
I thought you didn't like going
to the discotheques, Payal.
That's the problem.
No one ever asked me.
Mambo asked me today
so I thought, why not.
What happened?
-Payal, I am sorry.
-What for?
-Just for everything.
-Forget it.
You know, Rajiv. I've begun to realise
that I haven't understood myself either.
At times, I think you
were always right.
Love and romance... mean nothing.
The things I thought were right don't
fit into the scheme of this generation.
The ideals I clung to have made
me look like a fool today.
-No, Payal. Nothing like that...
-It is like that!
The kind of happy that
you are with Alisha... never looked that
much happy with me.
No, because I never possessed all
the qualities that Alisha has.
-All the things that you wanted.
-You possess it all, Payal.
You're understanding, very caring...'re so sweet, you have
such a large heart and...
What good is all that?
I'm not Alisha, after all.
-Payal, you...
-You know, Rajiv...
...I've always believed in letting
my love go free, if it wishes to.
If it returns to me,
it is indeed mine.
If it doesn't... didn't return to me, Rajiv.
Don't say that, Payal.
It was my mistake.
I was the one who did all the wrong
things, you were always right.
Please don't change yourself.
Not for me.
I'm so sorry. I am just so sorry!
Hi guys! Excuse me. Hi Payal!
Hi Rajiv! Sorry, I'm late.
You missed me?
Happy birthday, Rajiv. May you
have a really rocking day!
Honey, you're forgetting something.
Just think. How could you forget it?
-You didn't ask me how my shoot went.
-Yes. How was your shooting?
-Great! Superb! Fabulous!
I got... I got film offers!
-What happened, Rajiv?
The director made me so comfortable,
I didn't realise it was my first shoot.
They were all very
impressed with my work.
They just loved me.
The cameraman couldn't
stop praising me.
The shoot went off amazingly well.
My watermelon juice! Thank you! No ice?
-What are you saying?
-Yes, I will.
-Thank you!
Payal! Payal!
"Let's dance and make merry.
"Bumble bee, Bumblebee, black
coloured bumble bee."
"Bumble bee, Bumblebee, black
coloured bumble bee."
"From which garden have you come?"
-What are you doing, Mambo?
-What am I doing?
-See, Payal's a nice girl. So don't...
-Just stop! Just please stop!
You're telling me all this? You?
How about what you did to her?
So don't lecture me. Anyway, what
does she even mean to you...
There was another reason for whatever
happened between Payal and me.
-But I just can't trust you, okay?
-I see! You can't trust me! Me!
What happened to the trust
that Payal had in you?
Let it be. Don't worry about her.
She doesn't even know that
she going around with...
...a guy who won't even
spare the maidservants!
Rajiv, enough!
-If you do anything with Payal...
-What are you going to do?
-What are you going to do?
-I'll forget that you're my friend.
Stop it! Stop it! Mambo!
Rajiv, what's happening here?
Let's go!
-What is the matter, Rajiv? Where to?
-But why?
-Nothing, let's go.
Rajiv, this is not happening.
It's so much fun here!
It's your birthday, Rajiv!
Now tell me what happened.
Nothing has happened.
I just have a headache.
Please! Let's just go.
I don't think it's a headache.
It's something else.
Since I've arrived, I've found you paying
more attention to Payal and Mambo than me.
The two of you weren't fighting
over Payal, were you...?
It's nothing, please just let's go.
Please come.
-How did your economics paper go, Mambo?
The questions were pretty easy.
Answering them was tough.
Oh my God! Oh God!
-Yes. Thanks.
It's okay.
What are you doing?
Pleat it!
Candy, what's the story
behind Payal and Rajiv?
Story? Nothing at all.
They've always been together.
That's it.
-What does that mean?
-It means they were in love.
They were friends from childhood
and it turned into love.
They look very cute together,
you know!
They unfortunately broke up and that
is when you joined college, isn't it?
But, I wonder... how do you don't know.
Everybody knows about it.
I don't believe this.
Excuse me, Payal.
-One moment...
-What happened?
What do you think you are doing?
Am I blind? Can't I see?
Any problem?
Why can't you just
stay away from Rajiv?
He belongs to me. Whatever you
do, you can't have him again.
If you want to make your ex-boyfriend
feel jealous, very simple...
...pretend to be in love
with his best friend.
If you think you can snatch
Rajiv from me so easily... just forget about it. Okay?
Because he loves only me.
Only me. Got it?
-What are you doing?
-Mambo! Nobody is talking to you!
-Mind your own business, you loser.
-Hey maid! This is my business.
What are you going to do about it?
Don't you dare raise your hand on her.
-I will. What are you? Payal's dog?
-Leave me.
What did you say?
Rajiv, please stop it! Rajiv!
-Rajiv, please stop it!
-Leave me.
Rajiv, I beg you. Please stop it.
Rajiv, please stop it!
-He raises his hand at girls!
-Get lost.
-How dare you touch her.
-Before talking to me ask her...
-...ask her what she said to Payal!
-Why are you dragging Payal into this?
Tell him, Alisha! Tell him
what you said to Payal!
-Rajiv, come, It's all Payal's mistake!
-Payal's ?
Yes, Payal's! Your
ex-girlfriend's mistake.
She thinks she's very smart.
I'm fortunate to have got to know
everything at the right time.
Else, there's no saying in what she
could have done. Please let's go, Rajiv!
Get lost, you bastard! Go away!
You hit me for her sake?
Give a big hand for a
friend like him! Applaud!
We're not worthy of you anymore.
Please Rajiv!
Please let's go from here!
Please, please come.
Payal and Mambo are not to
be blamed in this, Rajiv.
What madness is this, Rajiv?
Payal has done nothing.
Payal and Mambo are not to
be blamed in this, Rajiv.
Give a big hand for a friend like him!
What madness is this, Rajiv?
Payal has done nothing.
Rajiv, please come here
when I'm talking to you.
You must be thinking that I'm
being extremely possessive.
But what could I have done?
I could see everything so clearly.
That she still really loves you, Rajiv!
I love you, Rajiv. And I don't even
know since how long I've loved you.
This isn't just a ritual,
it's my love for you.
You know what, Rajiv?
I can blindly trust you.
I've always felt that you must
let your love go free.
If it returns to you,
it is indeed yours.
Rajiv! I love you, Rajiv!
Rajiv, you love me too.
Don't you? Rajiv?
I don't want to be
separated from you.
I can do anything for you. You
do love me, don't you, Rajiv?
You do love me, right?
I love you, Rajiv!
I love you! I love you, Payal!
Put them on my head!
That's the table.
Come here!
If you guys lace the
juice with liquor...
...I'm going to get hold of your head!
-By the way, how am I looking today?
-Want me to flatter you...
...or must I speak the truth?
-Skip the nonsense.
-I'm going to propose to her today.
-Don't tell me!
She needs me. And I need her too.
I hope she says yes.
Wish me luck!
Don't worry. She'll definitely say yes.
-Mambo! Wait!
-Relax, Mambo!
Mambo, I'm sorry.
You were my best friend and I...
See Mambo, I ask for your forgiveness
in everybody's presence.
Have we never fought before?
Let it go, Mambo...
...let it go, please.
Let it go.
Won't it stink if I let go, Rajiv?
I don't know what
ego-trip I was on, Mambo.
I've hurt everyone... especially Payal.
But you really recognised
Payal's true worth.
She's a great girl! You
guys deserve each other.
Yes, that's right!
All I will ask you to do
is to take care of her.
But give me just one opportunity...
I want to apologise to her.
I see. You want to say sorry to her?
Go ahead, son. I give you permission.
Moron! You always call me
your best friend, don't you?
But, do you really think
I'm such a scoundrel?
What do you mean?
Rajiv, he's crazy about Polly Pereira
and he's even going to propose to her.
-So you're going to propose to Polly?
I'm going to do something right
for the first time in my life.
What might she do? Turn me down?
Slap me...? What else?
Mambo, even I'm going to do something
right for the first time in my life too.
All the best, Rajiv!
Rajiv, please leave me alone.
Or your girlfriend will think I'm
snatching you from her etc etc.
Payal, please!
Just leave my hand!
Else, I'll go away.
Please two minutes!
It's very important for me to say this.
Friends, six months ago... your presence, I had challenged
Mambo, Payal and the gang...
...that the most beautiful girl in the
college would be my girlfriend.
Maybe I was trying to prove that
I was the stud of this college...
...just like Javed and Danny. I didn't
know what love was all about.
I didn't believe in it and I was wrong.
I made Alisha my girlfriend,
but I never loved her.
Because I didn't know what love is.
And the girl who loved me
right from our childhood...
...who always trusted me...
I left her.
And now that I know what love is...
...I realise what I have lost.
I have lost Payal forever.
And this is my punishment.
I deserve it.
Maybe these words are going to sound very
hollow and disgusting, coming from me.
I love you, Payal!
I seek your forgiveness in
everybody's presence today.
I'm sorry for everything.
Please forgive me, if you can.
This is what you always do.
You first break my heart...
...and do something stupid like this
and expect me to forgive you.
No, I'm not going to
forgive you this time.
-Just shut up!
I don't want to listen
to another word.
Your stupid innocent face isn't
going to make my heart melt.
Don't look at me like that, look down!
The problem is... I'm too good for you.
You don't deserve me.
I'm just...just too good for you.
Don't touch me, okay?
Why are you smiling? I'm not kidding.
I really hate you! I hate you!
-I hate you.
-"I have truly loved you."
"I have truly loved you."
I was right, wasn't I?
You have stolen Rajiv from me.
Haven't you, Payal?
I've been a proper fool.
Haven't I, Rajiv?
No, Alisha. That's not how it is.
Your palm says that although your
Miss Perfect is right before you... will not be able
to recognise her.
I'm really very sorry, Payal!
I swear, I haven't done anything.
That year I thought I had
lost Payal forever.
But I guess, love finds its
own way around, right?
And where are you folks going?
The story isn't over yet.
Don't you want to know whether
Mambo finally pitched his tent?
You do, don't you?
So take a look.
Polly... I...
My friend's say, I love you.
What man! You took a whole
year to tell me this?
Hi Julie! Hi Sandra!
Hi sexy!
That's my dad's number.
The police commissioner of Mumbai.
Still I love you, baby!
"I believe in love. Love."
"She believes in love. Love."
"You believe in love. Love"
"We believe in love. Love."
"You find your love..."
"...with great difficulty."
"Meet her gaze."
"Everyone falls in love
at least once in a lifetime."
"Love and romance."
"Love and romance."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"I believe in love. Love."
"Love and romance."
"Love and romance."