Isi & Ossi (2020) Movie Script

This is Heidelberg,
the Heidelberg Castle, the Neckar...
...a fraternity student
who has lost his group.
And this is a small
celebration of the Voigt family in 2004.
"...expression in the empty tree."
And this is Isabelle,
nickname Isi.
Isi has prepared one as well.
And her mother, Claudia,
who has rehearsed
a deliberately chosen poem
with Isi for days.
Come on. Come forward.
While Isi learned about
the word "grounded" for the first time,
a completely different family moved
to the neighboring city, Mannheim.
This is also the Neckar,
Germany's best kebab,
and this is the Markowski family
from Brandenburg.
Tell me, which has more letters,
"pepper" or "orange"?
This is Oscar.
I don't give a shit.
And his mother, Betty.
It's the same. Weird, right?
Oscar, nobody likes smartasses.
Now get me the fries.
Who invented French fries?
- Mr. French.
- And where do they come from?
- From the fries animal.
- And who invented the PlayStation?
Your granny.
- Really?
- Sure. That's why she took off.
Because she got rich with the PlayStation,
the stupid cunt.
And Oscar's grandpa,
with whom Oscar wouldn't spend much time,
as Grandpa chose
a sure-fire business opportunity that day.
Come on, hand over the money!
Put it in a bag.
- I don't have...
- Fuck! Do you have a bag?
Hey! Shut up!
Speak German for crying out loud!
How are you?
"How are you?"
Hey! Now give me the money
or I'll shoot you in the foot!
Stand still.
Goddamn foreigners. Shit. Ah.
At the same time that
Oscar's grandpa bent over for his soap,
Isi decided to get to the bottom
of a big secret in her home.
Mom, I need to go to the toilet.
Yeah, okay. But hurry,
we haven't even done half yet.
Tomorrow is a big party.
It'll have to be a lot more snappy then.
Double that speed at least,
I'm telling you.
Now get cutting properly, boy,
or are you in love with the tomato?
Those are not the boobs of a 16-year-old.
It's food!
Yes, I'm doing it.
Excuse me. Isi, come on.
You can't disturb them at work.
I said downstairs is off-limits.
Even though Isi and Oscar
were practically neighbors
in Heidelberg and Mannheim,
there was
one main difference between them.
When Isi was ten years old,
the wealth of her family was exactly
That's why her schooldays
looked like this.
Don't worry.
Just because you're a slow learner,
doesn't mean you're less intelligent
than the others.
At the same time,
the wealth of Oscar's single mom
was exactly
That's why Oscar's schooldays
looked like this.
Just keep quiet!
This is Tschnni, by the way.
He just decided to become
Oscar's best friend.
As his aggression grew worse,
his mother Betty brought him to boxing.
The boy is good. I like him.
- Hey, lanky.
- We'll take him.
What kind of a shitty name is Oscar?
I'll call you Ossi. That's better.
- Perfect. After all, I am an Ossi.
- Cool.
Over the years, the kitchen
became Isi's absolute favorite place.
"Did they put your brain in
the wrong way round?"
You never said that.
Don't talk back to your boss
when she's trying to be cool, asshole.
And you, rat, are you laughing at me?
While her school career
had developed into a disaster.
"Recommendation for...
Therefore, Claudia dismissed
all kitchen personnel in 2012.
It's in your best interest.
You need to concentrate
on your schoolwork, honey.
Ossi had had no interest
in school for a long time already.
He's now in his early 20s
and the breakthrough in his boxing career
is pending.
Belt, belt! Hit his trap!
- What?
- Punch his mug!
- What?
- You're supposed to deck me.
Like carrying water to the Rhine.
Right now, Ossi is facing
his most important fight
against Yannis Vukovic.
If he does well,
he can make the professional league.
- Just arrived.
- Thank you.
- Isi, where are you?
- Kitchen.
Isi has just passed her Abitur
after a long school career
which included repeating two classes.
According to the principal,
the worst Abitur result
in the 400-year-old school history.
I invite you to check out
our New York School of Culinary Arts,
where you can make your diploma
in 12 months.
Check out our website of culinary arts.
Register and join me in New York
to learn from the best of the world.
And in
just a few weeks,
Isi is supposed to attend
a prestigious business school.
Listen, Isi, I know
you're not keen on attending the prom,
but maybe this will change your mind.
Okay, that's about it.
This is where our story begins...
No weapons in here
You see, I'm trying to get out, Ma
But I feel trapped
What employer gonna hire me
When I sell crack?
I'm not fully rehabilitated
I fell back
And regret is a muhfucker
Run, tell that
I've been working
For the Devil too long
Tempt us, lead us to the edge
Watch the wise turn into fools
The greatest lie ever been told
Is the one closest to truth
I've been working
For the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long
I'm gone
And coincidentally,
I even know your aunt's husband!
I've been working for the Devil too long
I'm gone
Isabelle! Roll up! Come on!
I have an appointment
in the faculty room, but...
I know you're supposed
to pick up your brain...
Your Abitur results.
Your brain? What nonsense.
You never had it with you.
Are you drunk?
I have just quit and I noticed your...
Abitur lying around and thought
I'd give it to you and congratulate you.
- You quit.
- Congratulations.
Please give Dr. Bttner
my congratulations on your graduation.
Oh, no!
You missed out on that even though
your lawyer was here so often.
Oh. Hmm.
Your parents did this behind your back.
But you must have been wondering yourself
how you could pass the Abitur with the IQ
of a gummy bear. Quite an achievement.
- Lawyer?
- You know, for someone who worked hard,
it's really great to see
that there is an easier way.
You just need rich parents, good lawyers,
making teachers' lives hell
till they turn into alcoholics
and they blow the Abitur up the ass
of every borderline moronic rich kid!
Just great!
Shit got more expensive again.
- Not your fault.
- No, it got less expensive.
Make it 46, boss.
Time to talk about Grandpa.
The shit is getting more expensive
every week. I say democracy is crap.
I experienced Hitler.
Man, you haven't. How old are you, 70?
This time he stays out of jail, Ossi,
you hear? And you make sure he behaves.
- When is he coming out?
- Monday, probably.
You know what Grandpa is like.
He always needs some support.
I don't care about the asshole.
I need to prepare for the fight.
Don't talk about your Grandpa like that.
- Mrs. Markowski?
- That's correct.
Um... My boss asked me to give you this
- in person.
- How nice.
A bit of goodwill.
I don't think you got the others.
- Next time, it will be the marshal.
- Right.
Or the police. Actually, I don't know
who will show up, but it won't be us.
Tax office?
- Do you not want to look inside?
- No.
Okay, we're just investing
into an electronic pump,
so we won't need your help anymore.
- The missing 14,000...
- Yeah.
...and I would like to stress
the "missing" part...
Calm down now.
- Who's this idiot?
- Tschnni, don't, man.
- Betty, honey, how are you? All okay?
- Everything's fine.
Just ignore him, okay?
Thank you for coming by.
Everything is under control.
The 14,000 is not an investment.
It's a debt you owe to the tax office
and you need to pay immediately,
- before you invest in anything else.
- Thanks. Bye.
- We owe 14,000?
- It's really not a big deal.
How is this not a big deal? When were
you going to tell me about it, huh?
- Got another construction job.
- Yes?
- Mom? Hey!
- I might become manager.
I got the car from my dad for my Abitur.
Could you park it somewhere else
while our parents are here?
Excuse me, he just got it. Of
course he wants to show it off today.
If my dad sees you have a Tesla,
he'll get me one, too.
Just tell him you don't want one.
Will that help his self-esteem
or enlarge his weenie?
So I'll get a Tesla.
I survived bigger things.
Poor you, you got problems.
Isi? Isi?
Why are we running?
- How nice.
- Have you seen my parents?
Listen, I'll help you find them
if you go on another date with me.
You had two dates. She's not interested.
- How sad are you?
- Okay, in that case,
I suggest we say I was here,
tried everything,
in case anybody's asking,
like your father...
Camilla, are you my witness?
What did he give you?
He's just worried about you,
you know that, and he likes me a lot,
and the internship
in Shanghai isn't happening,
and now your father is checking if maybe...
My father promised you an internship
if you try again?
Uh, yeah.
Which I have done here
in front of witnesses.
Could you send me the video? Thank you.
Enjoy the exhibition.
I find it a bit... loud.
Lanky, listen.
That, uh, Vuku... Ludu...
- Sudoku, Sonduko...
- Vukovic, man.
Yeah, just knock him out,
you know what I mean?
But I still won't have
the damn 14,000, man.
Fuck that.
But deck that lame duck, you hear?
Hey, dumbass.
Listen, I'm having a bit of trouble
with your sponsor.
The silly clot is peeved about something.
- What?
- Clot.
We have a problem. A disaster.
The end of the world. Armageddon.
- What?
- Your sponsor has jumped ship.
- He jumped on?
- Jumped off!
- He jumped off. Talk clearly.
- We don't have enough money for the fight.
Your sponsor doesn't believe
in you anymore. You're only here part-time
and the rest of the day
you spend at the pump.
- Don't talk shit, dumbass.
- He's out.
That asshole.
We need 8,000.
How long have you been
fixing my grades?
How nice of you to come
to the opening of our exhibition
that is so important to us.
Mr. Erduan, I'll be right back.
How long has your fucking lawyer
been fixing my grades?
He didn't fix them.
He was just helping them a bit.
There's no shame in that.
Everybody gets tutoring.
- Because I didn't really pass the Abitur?
- You do have your Abitur.
I don't have my Abitur
and I won't go to college.
Of course you'll go to college.
I'll train to be a chef
with Santino Borges in New York.
- What?
- It will be quite expensive.
How much is in the deposit account
you set up for me?
You will get the money when you turn 25
and have graduated from college.
- Could you stop with that stupid grin?
- Could you stop making such a scene?
- Isi.
- I get my money now.
It's completely normal
that you're angry right now,
but you don't seriously
want to become a chef.
Santino Borges
is an Argentinian celebrity chef.
And he teaches in his
New York School of Culinary Arts.
- Sounds like a satire.
- Do you know what satire is?
You promising someone an internship
so he would date me.
- I want my money now.
- Isi!
You're not getting
a cent for such bullshit!
I want my money. From now on,
I'll make my own decisions.
Over my dead body.
- A really nice show.
- Thanks, Camilla.
Leave it.
She'll come round.
Training to be a chef, she's lost it.
Follow her and watch her. And, Klaus!
- Don't let her see you, okay?
- Sure.
"Champagne-cornflakes breakfast.
Hashtag, fuck the world."
- What's that supposed to tell me, Camilla?
- The world is not fair.
My 433,712 followers have accepted it
and you should, too.
Fact is, you have your Abi,
you can go to college.
Why should I? Why is it that
everybody thinks I should go to college?
College is easy.
- I'm enjoying it.
- But you have a 1.1 Abitur. I don't.
I can't do that. I don't even know how...
In case you're committing suicide,
I would like to get out. Okay?
We're driving to Mannheim.
Are you serious? I can't go to Mannheim.
I didn't bring my pepper spray. Wait...
What are we doing in Mannheim?
I just need
this fucking fight, man.
Or it won't work out
with the professional league.
- Enjoy.
- How do you do it? You just don't care.
You don't give a fuck
you have to do construction work.
- It's honest work.
- Yeah, but you don't even try.
- I mean, don't you want...
- Ossi, you're so German.
I'm what?
"Hey, foreman, you need to do something
with your life!
No pain, no gain. You stole the goose."
Fuck that.
I'm not that German.
I'm just a normal German.
If a potato fucks leeks,
you're the result.
That's how German you are.
You keep doing construction.
Drain yourself. Not me.
Construction work is shit but someone
has to do it. I can't do anything else.
Hey, you're Ossi, right? The boxer?
Oscar to you, brother.
I'm not your brother, you fuck.
I'm a boxer, too. Your technique sucks.
- Okay.
- Technique? Seriously?
Hey, Baloo, you're cross-eyed.
You can't box.
- Shut your trap!
- Shut up!
Hey, man. Let us eat, okay?
Yeah, let us eat.
You eat the burger, in case you can.
It's a bit difficult in 2-D. Would you
like me to get you 3-D glasses?
- Just you wait...
- Well, come on, then!
Hey! Calm down, both of you!
Sit down!
Hello. What would you like?
Hello. I saw that you're hiring.
Hello, what would you hire?
- Boss! Hmm.
- I mean...
- Gabriella.
- The register opened.
Then close it.
Excuse me. I saw that you're hiring.
I want the job.
You don't fit in here.
- Why not?
- You have more than three brain cells.
I still want to try.
I pay peanuts, all my staff are impaired,
and the food we serve has been proven
to make you blind and impotent.
Perfect. I'm just the girl.
Okay, then. Trial day tomorrow?
Your grandpa
is getting out of jail.
You need cash, you need to risk something.
Am I supposed to rob a bank
or something with him?
Grandpa is
the most untalented gangster ever!
- He's a playboy.
- Right. Finished.
- Come on, let's get started.
- Very well.
Hey, man.
You can only blame yourself, dumbass.
Come on, mongo.
Get up. Yes, there.
- Did I win?
- Hey!
Um... Quite the show just now.
It was his own fault.
You just wanted to settle it.
- Would you like to do something sometime?
- Huh?
Doesn't have to be the guy
making the first move, right?
- Text me.
- What's your name?
- Isabelle.
- And?
Voigt... Uh, Mller.
My name is Mller. What about yours?
Not telling you. I don't even know you.
Is this art or rubbish?
Sorry. Do you really think
you can blackmail your parents like this?
- I can't find "Isabelle Vogt."
- Try "oi."
As in, make a point.
What's that?
- Yeah.
- Gross, those people.
- Fierce.
- Filthy rich.
I have an idea. You're thinking
what I'm thinking, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Nice, Betty, we always think the same.
- Hey, you can win her over, Ossi, hmm?
- Huh?
You don't even have to feel bad about it.
As if a rich bitch like that
would want me.
- What?
- What are you talking about?
You're the most handsome guy I know.
Ossi, listen.
We need money
and you can easily win her over.
Yeah, you win her over
and she'll help you.
Nobody says you have to marry her.
Just take a little bit of money.
Hello? I'm serious.
I've rarely felt as embarrassed
as I did today.
That someone so privileged,
with such a good education,
whose parents always had her back,
that someone like that tramples her future
and her Abitur...
It makes me angry.
Excuse me, Claudia.
That's not how we wanted to word it.
You will not become a chef. It's absurd.
And that embarrassing
number in Mannheim
in this... chips joint...
Isi, grow up.
Yo Hi sweet princess dinner? tomorrow
fan belt
Ossi, you need
to send a picture! Give it to me!
- Leave it!
- Dammit, man!
- Do you have a new deodorant?
- Fuck.
Thanks for the bummer
Do something tomorrow?
Best wishes Ossi
That's my name
nickname. Real name is Oscar
Yeah, you're right, Mom.
Good night.
Tomorrow 2:00 p.m. at the burger joint?
So that's for the chips.
If you use your brain for thinking and not
as a paperweight, it's quite simple.
Once it beeps, you take it out,
hang it up and let it drip.
You've met Gabriella. Keep an eye on her.
She messes up anything
that can possibly be messed up.
- Boss, please and thank you.
- Yeah, please and thank you.
Then some salt, three times,
mix it...
and the doctorate is done.
There's still time to leave.
No, I think it's great.
It's real here.
Not much in our food is real. But...
- Is this the burger you made?
- Uh, yeah.
I tried something.
Far too thick. Again.
Boss. They're defrosted
and smell of shit somehow.
- They're absolutely fine. Come on.
- Yeah.
Don't look that closely
all the time. Idiot.
Hello. What can I get you?
K14. 85,000... Wait a second.
- Yes?
- Hello, Manfred. It's Klaus.
Klaus, what is it?
I'm in the middle of stocktaking.
Isi is really working here.
- Seriously?
- One hundred percent.
- I'm on it. Manfred, you...
- I got you, yeah.
No clue. She suggested it.
- Whatever. Lanky, go get her.
- No clue how. How do you get a girl?
The magic word is compliments.
Compliment her, it's simple.
Women like that. They're like junkies,
their brain cuts out.
You're the expert now, huh?
One question, how did Rocky get Adrian?
He went to the fucking pet shop
every single night, complimented her,
invited her for Thanksgiving.
She didn't even say thanks once,
not even once. In the end, he married her.
And the pimps from the 19th
do exactly the same.
They bombard women with compliments.
Then they fall in love. "I think you're
the one for me. You're so pretty!"
Then they rape them
and pump them full of heroin.
- You forget about the last part.
- Not cool, man.
- Can you make compliments?
- Yes.
- Can you make compliments?
- Normally, I can, man!
Let's go!
See you at the workout.
Well? Hey.
- Have you been waiting for long?
- Uh, no.
Good, 'cause you're not supposed
to make a princess wait.
Because you're so pretty.
I mean, I come in,
see you sitting there and think,
"Okay, who's that model?"
- Thanks.
- And yesterday when you approached me,
my eyes nearly popped out of my head,
you're so pretty and... well...
- Your outfit, no clue...
- Well...
- You know more about that than me.
- I work here.
Huh? What...
- You work here?
- Yes. I'm on my lunch break.
You want to eat something?
- You?
- Yes.
Maybe I do.
Well, okay...
MOM - Hurry up! Grandpa will be out
at 2:30 p.m. already.
Do you... fuck...
Yourself... Do you have to...
Right, they probably
give it to you for free.
Right, no, I don't think so.
But don't worry.
I'll pay for it. Emancipation and such.
That's great.
It's good you understand that.
It shows that you have
a really wicked character.
That you're not just pretty
like a flower in the forest,
- but you have a lovely inner thing...
- Hmm.
Well, a wicked character,
overall, like a wicked princess.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- So, is that a watch? It's a really cool.
- Yes.
It's the most... God, your arm
is beautiful! May I... It's really...
Not everybody has pretty arms.
You, too. Your arms are good, too.
Well, yes, I'm a boxer.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- So what are you doing?
- I'm a boxer.
- And what do you do for a living?
- Boxing.
I'm on my way
into the professional league.
Yeah, exactly, and...
I mean, I have one more fight
and if I win that,
because I win most of the time...
Last time I even broke somebody's jaw,
and he nearly choked on his own blood,
so they took him to the hospital.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, that sounds exciting.
I'm sorry. I'm so confused.
Because you're so pretty.
Because you're so...
incredibly beautiful...
Everything there, your...
Everything, especially the nose.
Yikes! What are you doing here?
Nice of you to visit me
at my new workplace.
This is Ossi.
My parents, Manfred Voigt,
and Claudia Drechsler.
von Eschbach... Uh...
Claudia Voigt.
Sorry, I always get confused
with the many names of my mother.
- Who's this now?
- "Who's this now?"
He's Ossi.
We're just getting to know each other.
You could just ask me
and not talk about me in the third person.
So would you do us
the honor of introducing yourself?
She just did that,
or are you a bit deaf, man?
- What kind of a stupid asshole is he?
- Pardon?
- "Pardon?"
- Super... Uh...
Great that we're all getting
to know each other. Who's hungry?
What's this shit here? Jerk.
Okay. You, um...
You want to blackmail us, right?
You set the deposit account up
for my future, right?
- Yes.
- Good.
The course and the apartment
in New York will be very expensive.
You don't seriously believe
that your father and I
fought for your future for all those years
just to throw it away now.
Stay right here, miss.
Isi! Isi!
Ossi, you on the way yet?
Relax! I'm on my way!
- Wait.
- Hey!
- Sorry, that was weird.
- Hey, what's with you? I need to go! Okay?
Get out!
I have a half hour lunch break.
Okay, I have no clue what's going on
with you and your parents,
but I need to pick up
my grandpa now. Okay?
- I'm coming with you.
- Are you...
Get out now!
Give me another chance, please.
- I really need to go now, okay?
- I'm coming.
Klaus, follow them.
Go... Klaus! Unbelievable!
Klaus! What's this?
- Where are we?
- Where are we?
- Follow them!
- Manfred, Isi is here.
- I have it all under control.
- Isi just left!
What's this with your parents?
What's going on?
Nothing. I...
It's just that...
You're different from all the...
boring men I usually meet.
You listen to Jedi Mind Tricks?
You know Jedi Mind Tricks?
It's cool that you have CDs.
Where are we picking up your grandpa?
At the retirement home?
- You cunts.
- Grandpa.
- Take care.
- Enjoy your freedom, brother.
- I'm going to miss you.
- Yeah, man.
Hey, Grandpa,
are they letting you out to die?
Take care, jerks!
So, Weber, did you take a dump yet today,
or as you like to call it,
fucked backwards?
I'll keep your favorite cell free for you.
Wow. You have grown so big!
A real giant. Awesome!
Oh. That's real nice of you but I...
just spent 14 years inside. I'm not sure
I'll be able to get it up right away.
You know, Grandpa, she's not a hooker.
- Ah. She's your girlfriend?
- No, that's...
Just to fuck, then.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Boy, how you look, really!
Like an Aryan wet dream!
Hitler, that old fairy, would have gone
straight for you, I tell ya.
Hey, tell me,
what's this shit?
What have you done?
It's like we're driving down A-rab road.
- What's happened?
- Grandpa, you can't say that anymore.
Well, do you call them prissy or bitch?
Just call them migrants.
I don't see any migrants here,
just illegals.
And fairies. Look at this one over here.
Hey, sweet cheeks. Bit shy, no?
Do you not want
to turn round? Grandma!
We really enjoy
watching you die, but can you...
Shut up, man. Shut your mouth right now!
You're not putting on one of your acts,
is that clear?
Leave those people alone! You move in
with us and find a job. You hear me?
Wow, you're grown into a real man.
I only ever saw him as pussy-whipped.
And I'll tell you something else,
my best friend is an Arab, yeah?
So watch what you say
or I'll smash your face in!
- Migrants!
- Well, violence solves nothing, huh?
- Shut up now!
- Apart from that, I already have a job.
Excuse me, I...
- You have a job?
- Yeah.
Every single day in the cells for the last
two years, me and the brothers...
- You did what?
- Yes, it's a...
Well, one of them said I could take that
as a qualification because I'm very good.
- You're not a rapper, man!
- But I am!
- You don't... You have no brothers, man.
- I kill all those so-called
gangster rappers.
You're not a rapper, man!
You're a grandpa!
So finally behave
like a normal grandpa, man!
And now to you! I know who you are.
I saw your fucking profile.
Maybe you want a real tough, trashy guy
because all those rich softies are boring,
but I only came because I need 8,000
for my next fight. Do you get that?
This is no date, girl.
I wanted to fleece you and that's it.
But, honestly, I've had it
with this shit. Now please go.
- Please tell me you're fucking her.
- Shut up.
Just as well. They're stupid.
They didn't get that it was
the perfect chance to kidnap you.
For a second, I was really scared.
It was really crass. Real trashy.
- He has a CD player in the car.
- No!
Okay, I want that, too.
That's mega vintage.
So, two cheese... one crisp...
- Two crisps.
- Two crisps instead of one.
Look, I invented a new burger. Try it.
Water 99%
Rendering you infertile
It's just water. You can drink it.
So this Ossi really admitted
he only wanted to fleece you.
Did you tell him what he was in for, too?
Hey. The thing... Gab...
Gabriella is burning.
- Oh, God.
- Where's that thing, the... The...
- Fire extinguisher.
- Yes!
Fuck. Wait...
Not that bad.
Welcome to Mannheim.
Hi Isi, we blocked
your deposit account and credit cards.
You're not getting another cent until you
snap out of it. Best wishes, Mom and Dad
Thanks for coming.
You can't pretend
it's normal for a girl like you
to listen to underground music
like Jedi Mind Tricks.
What happens if you can't get the money
for the fight? If boxing doesn't work out?
I've been training for ten years
to get there. It will work out.
You wanted to fleece me? Okay.
Congratulations. I'll pay for your fight.
You just need to play along
with what I want.
I want us to pretend we are a couple.
So my parents will give me something
that I need from them.
10,000 if it works out.
- Twenty-five.
- What?
You said 8,000.
Now I say 25,000.
My mother has debts.
- 25,000 and it's a deal.
- Okay.
Good. So how's this supposed to work?
- ...really had to endure it all in Kuwait.
- Hi.
- Isi!
- Isi.
- Oh. You remember Volker?
- Yes, sure. Great pictures.
I just wanted to let you know
that my boyfriend,
he's quite into art and will
drop in later. I hope that's okay?
- Of course.
- Great.
Your... boyfriend?
Yeah. Well, that's... nice.
A bit clumsy of you,
but everything's fine.
- Uh...
- Tschnni wanted to come, too.
- Very artsy here.
- Is there any food?
Yes. Over there.
Excuse me, Grandpa,
this is an emergency. I'm hungry.
- I'll be right back, Volker.
- It's an emergency, sorry.
- Are there any fries?
- Right.
Do you get this? Assholes.
Asshole. Asshole. Alien asshole.
That's the biggest asshole
I have ever seen in my life.
But is it also the best? I don't know.
What do you say?
Which asshole do you personally like best?
An interesting interpretation.
Uh, Volker, I'd like to introduce you
to somebody.
Just a second.
Is there anything else
you find interesting about the paintings?
This, this, all of this shit.
Tell me...
- What's this?
- What's what?
Is this supposed to be funny? Would you
like me to pack the whole buffet for you?
- Sure, go ahead, dumbass.
- I used to paint, too...
- Mongo.
- ...before I grew up,
before I started to work
like normal people.
And paid taxes and contributed stuff
to society with my work,
not such rubbish just because I'm not that
impaired and still paint like a big baby.
Is there a problem?
Klaus. Klaus!
Do you have a problem with me? Well?
- Okay. I...
- You want a fight?
Let's see if the training
was good for something.
Okay, calm down.
Thanks for the invitation.
Hey, I learned a lot about art today.
Well, it should at least... work, I hope.
- So we have a deal?
- Yes.
Hang on.
- Ossi? What's up?
- I'll get the money, dumbass.
Arrange the fight!
- Seriously?
- Yes, man!
- Where are you getting the money from?
- Don't ask. Just arrange the fight.
It was 5,000 upfront, right?
You'll have it tomorrow.
Sure. Okey-doke. By the way, Ossi,
are you here with your grandpa, too?
- Grandpa, huh?
- I'm the bouncer at this hip-hop party
and I just saw your grandpa.
Claudia. It's...
It's completely normal, that...
Completely normal, right.
It's normal for a spoiled teenager
to go off,
take drugs, fuck around
and want to become a chef.
- Completely normal.
- I wanted to say that...
It's completely normal that you...
That you could be afraid
that Isi... like...
Like your...
- My what?
- My life experience is telling me that...
Your life experience
is that of a money preserver.
You're here to increase
your father's money.
Why would you think
that you of all people can tell me...
Maybe because I can empathize
far better with Isi than you can.
And that's why I think that it would be
important for you to tell her...
about it.
You'll sleep in the green room.
I've had enough.
Get lost. Go home, sleep it off
and come back then.
- Dumbass, where is he?
- No clue. Look for him.
Liar! I've had enough!
- It's always the same with you, bitch!
- You always...
Stop it right now! You can go home!
Stupid bitches!
Once I get you
Out of here
Everyone will thank me
Like when the love of your life
Was your right hand
Then I thought you were just broken
Now I know your mother
Pays for your toothbrush
You know about anal
And I'm wondering why
You get nailed by truckers
Over 100 kilos
Something like you
- What are you doing here?
- Getting my career started.
Your career? They know me here.
This is embarrassing, Grandpa.
Did you not see 8 Mile?
No, Grandpa, there's no 8 Mile here.
- Stop that.
- You're coming with me. I beg you.
Calm down, keep cool.
Make some noise for Papas!
Okay, not bad. And now some noise
for Katha Komben!
And if it's the last thing you do,
please listen to me, just this once.
And keep your hands in the air
for Atomic Dick!
The champion!
Along, of course, with Atomic Pussy!
You're not going up there, okay?
All good.
- I took note of who you're battling.
- Who is it?
You're battling against Legende today.
- Is Legende here?
- Yes.
Legende, come on up if you're here.
- Legende? Where's Legende?
- Hey, Legende!
Come up on the stage. Show yourself.
You're Legende?
This is battling. You're in
the wrong place. You're a rapper?
- What do you think?
- Can I call you by your first name?
I don't know, can you?
Or you too fucking stupid?
Okay, then.
We were all laughing, but if you're sure.
- He starts off and you fill in.
- Stop annoying me.
Make way! Give us a beat!
Yeah, okay!
This is your last meal, sunshine!
This old fart must be from...
Hey, dude, chill!
- Hey, old fart, are you crazy?
- Yeah, okay. I know.
It was an accidental slip.
Hey, don't be a girl. Keep going.
I didn't even feel it,
but for that, you should be kicked out.
- Just keep going.
- Will we keep going?
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Turn the beat back on.
Old people sometimes
can't control themselves.
We're cool about it.
Okay, try it another way.
Grandpa seems to have escaped
From the retirement home
Do you even know what this is?
It's called a microphone
That's how I fuck all my enemies
Without a condom
Then I jump over them
Right onto my throne
Are you still listening
Is your hearing aid turned on?
Read my lips, Grandpa...
Suck my dick.
This is Atomic Pussy, my sister
She's taking over for me now
This will be tough
What are you doing here at all?
Are you not far too old?
I gave the retirement home a call
They'll come to take you back by force
Make some noise!
- Let's go.
- Never. I'm gonna enjoy this.
Legende, Grandpa,
you need to start right away.
Can you do your shopping list tomorrow,
please. Your turn to rap.
The beat is on.
You need to rap now, man.
The beat is on.
You need to start now.
- Do something!
- Your grandpa wants to live.
- Get started or you're finished.
- Okay.
- You got it.
- Come on.
Okay, Legende,
now is your chance to convince us, dude.
You call me an old fart
And you're absolutely right
'Cause I fucked your granny
At the times of Bertolt Brecht
In the '60s I was a hippie
Fucking other relatives
When I was high on acid
Even once your uncle at Lake Placid
When we met first, brother
You were still inside your mother
And since you've met my cock that often
You've ended up as such a cocksucker
The Wall came down
You were ugly and tiny
I slid into the rest
Of your damn family
Just your sister, just to be clear
I would never touch
Can't fuck my own child
Okay, I don't think
anyone expected that.
Okay, that wasn't bad.
But don't forget who the champ is!
Make a wave!
who is the winner now?
We'll decide in a second round.
First I'm going to have a drink
with my grandson.
Hey, but come back!
Where did
your good mood vanish to?
Smile a bit. That was such a cool show!
Not even the two of us could do that.
I would love to have a grandpa like that.
Just give him a chance.
He's even getting us beer.
That was so cool, man!
What's wrong with you?
Bernhard Knecht, who's that?
Is that another Hitler or something?
Who exactly is this fucking fairy
over here?
They don't say that anymore,
they say hipster.
- That's Tschnni.
- Hi, Tschnni.
Hi, Grandpa Ossi.
I got the video from the guy
who was filming it.
And a friend of mine, Camilla,
has a PR manager.
You have to call him and show him
the video. He loves stuff like that.
Stop being so formal. What's this here?
Are they crazy? Those bottles
are only half full. Assholes.
PR manager scam!
How long have you been rapping for?
It's really cool. That age and...
He even reacted spontaneously to the guy.
Your grandpa is actually intelligent.
Yeah, right.
Hey, he's been putting down people
all his life. He's good at that.
- No, he's really clever.
- Look.
He went to jail
for shooting someone in the foot.
He was supposed to get out
after four years,
but he hit someone
and got another two years.
Then he was out for a week,
but couldn't deal with it
and robbed a post bank.
Thing is, it wasn't a bank,
just a post office,
and he stole fucking stamps.
All in all, he spent 14 years in jail
for stupid shit.
Does that sound like
an intelligent man to you?
Will you transfer the 5,000
to me straightaway?
- I wanted to talk to you about that.
- What?
- Thing is, my parents blocked my accounts.
- What's this?
- Yeah, but we'll manage. My parents...
- Hey, are you fucking with me?
I need this money
by the day after tomorrow!
- We'll go to my place and then...
- Then what?
We just need to apply some pressure.
This is the only way
to get into the house unseen.
Turn on the light.
Just turn on
the light for a second.
- No!
- Turn on the light. Just for a second.
Holy fuck!
Shut up!
- How rich are you?
- Not a clue.
Come on, I'll show you something.
Seven thousand.
Eighteen thousand.
Sweet. Just this
and we would have no debts.
One hundred and fifty-two...
Twenty-five thousand, okay?
Something goes wrong, I'll smuggle
these out and you'll get your money.
Why does your mother have debts?
We have a gas station.
Her debts are 14,000.
I owe the bank 3,000 for that, too.
- You took out a loan for it?
- Yes.
No idea. The station is all my mother has.
Antique sex toys.
What... I get the dildo, but...
What's this for?
You can try it out.
It's all because of this.
My grandpa invented it with 22.
For engines.
All of this for a screw?
Fuck me.
Hey, how big is this here?
Where are your parents?
Yeah, we... We need to
get some attention.
- I don't want to push you into anything.
- No. It's all good.
You need your money. We'll just do it.
- It needs to be authentic, right?
- Yes.
- Okay, let's practice.
- What?
What is it? It was your idea.
Yeah. Okay.
So... can you please
kiss me really trashy?
- Kiss you trashy?
- Yes.
Just trashy.
I can only kiss well, sorry.
- Wait...
- What?
Why are you pushing me like...
You... kiss really funny.
I don't kiss funny, okay?
I had a girlfriend before
who didn't even like me.
She was just with me
'cause I can kiss so well.
- Okay. Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Okay, then...
- Just push me against the stupid door.
- Yeah.
Okay, great, it's working. Great.
- What... Stop!
- What is it?
- What?
- Enough.
- What are you doing?
- Hey!
- Just let me do it.
- Just...
I can do it myself. Okay, fine.
- What are you doing?
- I'm taking off my shoes.
Can you do it? Yes?
This is so crazy.
Is this the craziest thing
you've ever done?
- I drove backwards into McDrive once.
- You drove backwards...
That's enough!
Could you knock?
- Enough, Isabelle!
- Hey, careful!
With a monkey! Give it a rest!
Ossi and me are a couple. Deal with it.
- I can fool myself.
- You don't believe it?
Get out! Out of my house!
Ossi stays!
Just because you can't understand
that two people can fall in love
and be together for this reason. Yes, Dad.
It's true, there are women who are with
men because they fell in love with them!
I know that's against your system! Sorry.
I'm sorry!
Ossi, nothing happened.
I'm sorry, I just...
- I'm moving in with Ossi.
- What?
Hi, Mom.
Mom, this is Isi.
Nice to meet you.
Okay. Here.
- The death glare.
- My mom is okay.
Just forget it.
Okay, you sleep here, I sleep over there.
Can I crash at your place?
What do you want from your parents? Money?
They set up a deposit account for me
that I'm supposed to get when I'm 25.
But I want it now because...
Because I don't want to go to college.
I want to train to be a chef.
Oh, cool.
Yeah, I...
- I think I would enjoy that a lot.
- It's a mega cool job.
For not laughing at my problems.
You're just confirming my theory.
That rich people
are too stupid to be happy.
Okay. Then explain that.
Why am I not happy?
When you're rich,
you can do anything you want.
But you don't because you're impaired.
But I'm doing what I want.
Training to be a chef in New York.
Hey, maybe you can cook something here.
But we only have shit.
No clue if these spices are still good.
Okay. This is a challenge.
All of a sudden, she is standing
in front of me and she wasn't just fat.
I swear, she had such a belly, I swear,
down to her thighs.
And you congratulate her on
her pregnancy without knowing for sure.
- You just wanted to annoy her.
- No!
- She was pregnant!
- But I know her. She's fat.
- And Tschnni still only jerks off to you.
- Stop it.
Okay, I'm now officially gay.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- What's going on?
- Cooking?
- Okay, so you're gay now.
- A gay rapper.
- I was waiting 45 minutes at the optician.
- Then he called a lesbian first.
- Stop talking shit.
If you need to be gay in order
to get served, then I'm gay.
Maybe they just thought you are homeless.
You weren't there.
By the way, the PR jerk thought
my video was really cool.
He had seen it before,
on the Internet or something.
Really? Cool.
I've just spent 14 years in jail...
and this is by far the ugliest dinner
I've ever seen.
Try it first.
It's actually tasty.
- Somehow it is.
- Mmm.
- That shit isn't bad.
- How did you do that?
Really nice.
Mm. Is there any more?
Good night.
Good night, Camilla and Isi.
The granny of a friend died last night.
I didn't want to wake you.
Emotional support, huh?
Do you always eat your Nutella
with a roll?
Did you enjoy it?
- Hmm?
- I noticed something.
You're an asshole.
It's true.
You're totally unfriendly.
You don't say "enjoy your meal"
or "cheers"
or "bless you" when someone sneezes.
I thought the rich were at least friendly.
She didn't even notice I didn't reply.
She doesn't care.
So, you're an asshole
because you assume others are, too.
I can't say things like that.
I never could.
Why do you say "enjoy your meal," huh?
"Enjoy your meal"?
The worst is when my parents have wine
in the evening and clink glasses and go,
" votre sant."
- Total jerks.
- Seriously.
Oh, my god. Such jerks.
And when someone sneezes, I'd like to say,
"Sneeze less loudly. That's gross."
Because people just say it
without meaning it.
Yeah, maybe.
- I can count letters.
- I don't get that transition.
You say something weird,
then I say something weird.
And what does "counting letters" mean?
- Say a word.
- Word.
- No, a long word.
- Declaration.
- Eleven.
- What? Letters?
- Um... Discontinuity.
- It needs to be a word I know.
- Fourteen. What's that supposed to be?
- Peanut-butter-resistant.
- Peanut with two Ts?
- No, with one.
No clue. I just can.
It's like a compulsion.
There was this damn show,
what was it called?
- Wanna Bet?
- Yes, exactly.
Right. As a child, I wanted to go there.
What else
would that shit be good for?
You're taking after your grandpa.
Mmm. Mmm.
- I'm now also very intelligent?
- Well...
If you or your grandpa
had grown up like me...
with all the fucking money,
the school, the support,
then, I don't know,
you would study astrophysics
and not do this shit.
What shit? I don't do shit, I box.
I'll show you how I do shit. Come on.
They mentioned us
in Manager Magazin.
Among the 50 richest families in Germany.
We can't let them get away with this.
It'll be a hefty lawsuit.
- Centered, it needs to be centered.
- I already have the lawyers here.
Now, of all times, while Isi
is with that trashy guy in Mannheim,
practically a sitting duck for kidnappers.
Manfred, it's really funny.
We miscalculated a little.
You have around 27 million more
than the last estimate.
You're not supposed to make us richer,
you're supposed to pretend we're just
normal boring multimillionaires.
- Manfred.
- Sorry.
You want to give her 3,000 a month?
Yes, if she goes to college.
Plus the best cooking class
available near the college.
Can't hurt, right?
Maybe that will make her see sense.
Right, left, very good. Great!
Your cover, where's your cover?
Well done!
- Too skippy.
- Okay. Very good.
That'll make you sick.
- What did he say?
- Not a clue.
Double trouble, bitches!
Right, okay.
I think I should do some serious training.
Ossi! You need to go
to the gas station sooner.
I need to drop into the workshop
for the electric pump.
I haven't trained properly yet.
I can't go.
Sorry, but it can't be helped.
It's important.
Is there anything else, young man?
Right. No worries.
- You work there?
- Part-time.
And that's not a problem
for becoming a pro?
- I have to.
- Party tonight.
You come, too, Isi. Party tonight.
You just want me to pay
for everything, but I don't have anything.
In Mannheim,
you don't need money to party.
Sorry, the rich don't know how to party.
- Of course I do.
- Then join us tonight.
And no ten hours of beauty sleep.
She declined my call. I'll ring Klaus.
Turn that shit off.
Just the canister today.
Keep the change.
What are you doing?
We're open for another 20 minutes.
There's nobody coming, anyway.
I need to go. I'm meeting people.
Rubbish, open up!
I wanted to show Grandpa the station.
- Hey!
- "All fill up at Betty's," great.
This shit is not that bad.
And that's
where the electric pump will go.
Right. Sci-Fi. They can charge
their Internet there, too, huh?
You really have built something here,
my daughter. Business.
Clink, clink. And the money rolls in.
- Really cool.
- You can stay. I'm off.
Wait, Oscar. Where's the party?
- Nowhere for you, man.
- Come on, there's something to celebrate.
I got a record deal!
- Don't talk shit, man.
- No shit. A record deal and a producer.
Yes, I have a record deal.
- Seriously?
- Where's the party?
Shots. Shots, man.
Can we have shots?
- Are you happy?
- What?
- Are you happy?
- Yes.
See that woman there?
She gave me her number.
- I'll send her a dick pic.
- Hey!
Are you crazy? Stop it!
Hey! Hey!
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
A dick pic is an honest thing.
You know why? She'll know what she gets.
What does your father do?
- Construction.
- And your mother?
Don't ask about my mother
while I'm sending a pic of my dick!
What does your mom do?
What's her name? Do you like your mom?
Shut up and pay attention to her reaction.
- You'll learn something.
- You're lucky if she doesn't report you.
Just wait.
PHOTO SEN - Don't talk about my mom!
- But you can see whether she's seen it!
My mom has no fucking WhatsApp.
That was an MMS.
Are you worried she might see your dick
or that she'll send you a pic back?
- Is he there?
- There he is. Tschnni!
Tschnni, man! Hey!
Check on the table.
On the table, man!
Table, man! Table!
Turn round!
Now she is there. Oh, fuck.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, boy.
- Run!
- She's seen it!
Well, there's that really awesome
boxing management in Frankfurt.
Then you have to go there.
Not possible.
Ossi, do you believe in your talent?
Do you really seriously
believe in your talent?
Then you have... You can't always stay
in that gas station.
Why are you so interested in this?
I have fans in Mannheim.
That's a good foundation, isn't it?
Why... What do you want from me?
Nothing will come of us.
We might as well make out.
She knows Klaus is filming here.
Come on, this is staged.
- Okay?
- Fuck. Please.
Where are my fucking spices?
Have you lost it?
What's wrong with you?
- Mom!
- Do you know what time it is? It's late.
- Are you drunk?
- Mmm-mmm.
If you're not up to the mark tomorrow,
I'm telling you,
you'll be at the station.
I don't care if you're having a bad day.
- Give me a kiss.
- You stink, asshole.
Isabella, why did you
take your T-shirt off?
Because I'm warm.
What a stupid question.
I don't think your mom likes me.
My mom loves you
but she has a problem with Illuminati.
I'm no Illuminati.
All millionaires are Illuminati, bitch.
No. You're just jealous
we're rich and you're not. Go cry.
And actually, we're billionaires, bitches.
Fuck, man!
What did you do to me?
What did you do to me? I was never...
- drunk.
- Yeah, right.
We used to have a picture like that
in my parents' bedroom.
They were lying there like this.
So close and cuddling.
As a child, I thought that was weird.
I thought...
something was wrong.
Why are they lying there like that?
They never do that otherwise.
It was so strange.
Hey. Wake up.
Your parents are here.
Okay. Isi, you win.
Please come home with us now.
You'll get your deposit account,
all of the money.
No more provocations.
Understood? Good, get your things.
Right, okay.
I need to go to work first.
I should be fair
and stay on for a few days,
until they find someone else.
Okay, yeah. That's fine.
But this... is over.
Tell me that this is over.
Yeah, sure.
- Well, then...
- Then...
Okay. It's working again.
I've transferred it to you.
Are you really sure you don't want...
to use the money for your career?
Is this your last advice before you go?
Forget it.
What's the billionaire's suggestion
of how I should invest my money?
Did you just seriously suggest
I abandon my mom?
Ossi, you've already
incurred debts for her.
You're not used to that, right? A family
sticking together to make ends meet.
Forget what I said.
Okay. Will you leave or...
Why are you so aggressive?
Because I'm sick of it, okay?
I'm sick of people like you.
You have no idea what it means to my mom,
who never had anything,
and had such a father,
who had to raise me on her own,
what it means to her to have something.
But to arrive here and fucking...
I'm sorry for what I said.
Okay, um...
- We don't have to...
- Hey, no issues.
You have your money, I have mine.
Everybody's happy.
Enjoy New York.
Watch out!
Are you okay?
Marf. Marf!
How much longer do you want to wait?
Until Gabriella kills someone?
Hey, did you call me?
Yeah... Gabriella, get changed.
You're fired.
Well? Now like this.
Now duck in.
Now what's this? Show some moves!
Step on it! Go on!
Properly! Proper hits!
Are you asleep? What are you doing?
Come on, three undercuts! Come on!
Ossi, Vukovic will beat you to a pulp!
What's wrong with you?
The deposit account has been closed.
You have access to the money now.
You make your own decisions now.
And I hope you'll act responsibly.
Oh. They're everywhere!
Was I really in jail
Or just sitting in long-distance traffic
I don't recognize anything
As if I was in Cambodia
Foreigners, foreigners, such shit
I feel like I'm on a world trip
In my own country
That guy is nice
Holidays just around the corner
Camel jockeys are migrants
No matter what color
Legende will fuck your aunts
Holidays just around the corner
Camel jockeys are migrants
No matter what color
Two point eight million.
Yes? Happy?
There's mold in Ossi's room.
His grandpa is a criminal.
His mom hates me,
probably because she's a disaster herself.
I... I could never...
never ever be with someone like Ossi.
- Why do I miss him?
- It's your hormones.
Or an emotionally triggered
metabolic misfunction of your brain.
It's also called being in love.
It happens,
and it also goes away again.
Yeah, you're right.
Of course I'm right.
I hope it's gone by tomorrow.
I need to forget about him quickly.
This is no good.
Good night.
Good night, Camilla.
Fifteen years of experience
Quotes on the walls
You, you're barely 15
Me, I'm Legende
Turned gray through jail
Scars on my hands
I'm fucking all your superheroes
Me, I'm Legende
Behind me, me, me
The fucking grim reaper is waiting
But no one can extinguish me
This is all very well, but it's too noisy.
Really. This won't do.
You're my boy. You think
I'll let you enter the ring like this?
- It's all good.
- It's all shit, Ossi.
Casanova was no boxer. Do you know why?
When the heart beats, the fist won't hit.
Old boxing wisdom.
Guys, hold onto your girls!
Here comes the king!
Oh! Wrong way around.
Two things do not belong into the ring.
- and Heidelberg.
- Oscar!
- I'm an Internet star.
- I don't give a fuck.
Hey, I signed!
On the Internet, I mean...
Internet and... label.
They set up an account for me
with 30,000 in it.
You know what that means?
Here. I'm paying for the fight myself.
My grandpa is sponsoring me.
I don't want your money.
- Ossi, it's your money.
- I don't want your damn money.
There's no reason
to shit on me like that, okay?
- I have always been honest with you.
- Honest with me?
You were going to fleece me, remember?
God, yeah, as if that would have hurt you,
a few thousand less.
So I'm a bad person now
for giving you money to help me?
But it's completely fine
when you hurt my feel...
Hurt your feelings? What?
- I'm laughing my head off. What feelings?
- Yeah, right.
Rich people like me don't have feelings.
They're just for poor, trashy Ossis
like you. You had such a hard life.
You know what? I don't want to talk
to you at all. Glad this shit is over.
Guess how I feel.
I had to change my sheets
to get that stench out of my room.
Yeah, that's right. You're a bit smelly!
I had to wash it all at 90 degrees,
along with my sports gear.
Boy, Ossi! You live in stench!
Did you never notice
the moldy spot in your room
that's so disgusting?
Why does no one clean that?
What's your mom doing all day?
- Fuck you, Isi!
- Fuck you!
You know what?
You're pathetic and unhappy,
and you'll stay like that
your whole fucking life!
Yeah, right, and you'll be happy
at your gas station job?
You do realize you will lose the fight
against that Jukovic?
You don't even understand
your own fucking coach!
Yes, fuck off!
You were eavesdropping?
Isi, honey, what you're going through
with the boy right now is...
Are you seriously
giving me advice about men?
Isi, calm down.
No, tell me, how does that work?
How do I find a real man, a real rich one?
Are there special ads you can run?
- How did you find dad?
- Isi!
Let's assume I'm like you.
I'm looking for a really rich guy?
I don't have to change my name, at least.
Was that enough back then?
To change your name to sound aristocratic
because the rich marry among themselves?
Okay, Isi, enough.
Or did you have to get pregnant first?
You were pregnant at the wedding.
Was I your System D to get rich?
Your life is a fucking lie.
Two double hooks. One left, two rights.
Again! Give it to him!
Again! That's it!
Give it to him!
Come on!
Give it to the fatso! Go on!
This is your grandmother.
It's the only photo I kept of her.
It was not a lie that she died young.
The photo was taken when I was two.
She locked me in the car
so she could party.
The police came only
after a few hours and rescued me.
I kept this photo...
so it would always remind me
where I came from.
And why I changed my name.
We have something in common.
Neither of us want to be like our mothers.
I'm sorry.
You might be interested in this
- She has a problem with Illuminati.
- I'm no Illuminati.
All millionaires
are Illuminati, bitch.
No. You're just jealous we're rich
and you're not. Go cry.
And actually, we're billionaires, bitches.
Ossi. All debts are paid. It's over.
We're up and running!
Hello? Can you be happy?
What? Dumbass...
What? How... Backed out?
Not again, man.
Man, dumbass!
Fuck, man!
Okay. Not bad.
First time I'm eating
in this fucking joint.
Enjoy your meal.
Good day, Isi. How are you?
Wow, Gabriella!
You look great!
Thanks. I'm fine, too.
A cheeseburger, please.
Thank you, chop-chop.
Wow, you're really rich.
Yes, I'm very rich,
but I only did it for fun.
Keep the change.
I'm going back to Milan,
where I am very rich.
See you never again.
Are you fucking with me
or what? Huh?
Fuck you! You gave them money
so they could back out!
- Are you out of your mind?
- Police are on the way.
You uploaded the video, jerk!
And you think that's the same?
Get lost! If the police catch you...
- I don't give a fuck!
- Don't say your name and go!
What kind of a person are you?
TSCHNNI - Bro your grandpa is out to get
that dumbass rapper
- I need your car.
- What?
My mom has mine, I need yours.
Grandpa will go to jail otherwise, okay?
Give me your keys or your car. Help me!
Why does he
have to go to jail again?
Because some rapper dissed him on the Net.
I told the old fart
not to open his cake hole too wide.
Then he shut up.
And I just hit him,
I hit him from the right, from below,
I wiped the floor with him.
Hey, asshole!
Embarrassing grandpa, my ass!
- I'll smash your face in!
- Fuck off, stupid grandpa!
Get lost!
Hey, let go of him!
- No! Let go!
- Stop it, man!
I'm not taking
any shit from him! Idiot!
Fuck them!
Fuck them all! Idiots!
I don't even know
what fucking planet I'm on anymore.
There are hipsters
and assholes everywhere!
You beat up 20-year-olds
to go back to jail?
You don't think
I see what's going on here?
You were scared of being outside.
That's why you were rapping.
Okay, but you need to stick with it.
Adapt a bit. That's how it's done.
Always the same shit with these things.
You have no clue, man.
That's just how you flip.
Flipping through the Internet
on your phone.
And why are they all driving big fat jeeps
in the middle of the city?
- What's that shit about?
- I know, it makes no sense.
- Where are they going?
- It's just the way it is.
And I need to... online... digital...
prisoner release number,
appointment... shit like that.
- You have to make an appointment?
- What?
- Do you have to make an appointment?
- Yes. I don't have an identity card.
- You have no ID card?
- No.
That's shit, too.
Okay, I'll help you.
We'll get you an ID card.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- But you stay calm now.
- Sure, I'll be calm.
Smartass. Grandson.
Yeah, me, too. Fuck.
Sorry about the video.
I didn't want to admit...
that someone like me
could fall for someone like you.
You don't stink, okay?
I just wanted... that it...
You smell nice.
Too nice.
I never felt bad about my family before.
Or that we only get the cheap stuff.
I never noticed the mold in my room.
That I'm called Ossi and I have
no clue about fucking eating etiquette.
I never gave a fuck about any of that.
And then you came along,
and all of a sudden I feel like trash.
I would always feel like trash
next to you.
I'll call Yannis' manager.
I'll set things straight.
I'll take down the video.
Dumbass, the fight will take place.
That's final.
And I'll win. Got that?
Dessert for rich kids
coke puke
My dad's dick is even smaller
than I thought.
It wasn't enough to buy me a Tesla,
so now I have a Jaguar I-Pace.
God, not that again. Of course we deliver
into war zones. Where else?
Are they supposed
to shoot each other in the streets?
There are not enough
countries in the world.
It's about time Mars will be colonized
so I can finally go on holidays again.
Yeah, I discussed it with my dad
and he is thrilled.
It means I can start out in his company
and achieve something while studying.
But can you?
I mean, achieve something?
Regardless of what you will achieve,
you'll owe it to your grandfather's money.
Will it ever feel like true success?
Yes, thanks.
Anyway, it's the chance of a lifetime.
I just need to pick
the perfect time for it.
Come over if you want.
I only had one hour of training.
- What's so important?
- Uh, Ossi...
That Isi, right?
You'll have to go for it again.
The electric pump, there is some...
insurance thing, total rubbish,
but we'll manage. We're missing 2,000.
And for repairs, right? We need to invest
some more. 4,000 will be more than enough.
But it's not a problem,
just go for it again.
I'm not throwing
any more money out the window.
I want to box, Mom. Properly.
I need to go to Frankfurt.
I need proper management.
What's going on? What's this rubbish?
It's not rubbish.
- I'm not part of this anymore.
- Calm down, buddy.
Please, Mom, okay?
- Close this place down.
- What?
- Find a job, okay?
- What? I mean...
- What's this rubbish...
- Look for a job!
Ossi! Stay here! Ossi!
Ossi! Wait! Stay! I can't get a job!
I never learned anything!
Camilla, you're the most
intelligent person I know.
- Poor you.
- More than two million in my account
- and I feel shitty.
- Maybe you have a cold.
Camilla. Seriously, I didn't earn this.
I didn't do anything for it.
Why does this money belong to me?
What did you want the money for?
For the cooking course in New York.
So why aren't you in New York?
Do you know why money makes me happy?
Because I have a Camilla heart.
It always jumps with joy
when it gets money.
You, however...
You have a weird Isi heart. It gets no joy
from money. It doesn't like money.
It rejoices in different things.
What I just said was really beautiful.
"Only Friendship is
more important than money" - me.
- Did you see my mom?
- Relax.
She will be here.
- Concentrate on the fight.
- My thoughts exactly.
She's not answering her phone.
Dumbass, you need to find her.
I'm really worried.
I'll find a job.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Shut up.
Here's the reigning
champion! Yannis Vukovic!
Go back home, Santa!
Look him in the eye. Do not show any fear.
Does he have Abitur or what?
- Hi, how are you? All good?
- Hello.
He's very nice, man.
- Keep going!
- That's it!
Fight back!
Stay awake!
Ossi, block him!
Defend yourself, man!
Show him!
Let him have it!
What's going on, man?
You need to surprise him.
That asshole can read minds.
Ossi! Listen, you need to startle him.
Keep quiet!
He always knows what I'll do.
He can read my mind.
The dumbass has Abitur.
EMERGENCY EXI He'll kill him.
He needs to throw in the towel!
It's not happening. I can't watch!
I bought the burger joint.
I know it's completely crazy,
but I've never felt as alive
as I do with you.
Everything was crazy!
- What's she doing there?
- It's fine. He needs that.
- It's all good.
- I don't want to go to New York.
And I won't be talked out
of being in love with you.
I want to want what I want
and not what I think I want.
I want you.
And you're not trash.
You're perfect.
- Are you okay?
- Great.
And the most important thing
I want to tell you is...
Hey, Ossi!
Ossi, hey!
I'll never take you to the opera.
- Opera is the worst that there is.
- Okay.
And I will have your room refurbished.
Can I still be called Ossi?
Only if you don't laugh at me
for having pedicures.
One step towards me. Okay.
I don't even know what that is.
So, you want to win
now or...
And box!
Come on!
Yes! And again!
One... two... three!
He's out!
I'm happy! Lanky!
I'm so happy!
They got together after all.
But of course,
some questions remain unanswered.
Will Grandpa really make it as a rapper?
Will Betty find a job?
Does Camilla want a trashy guy, too,
and snatch Tschnni up?
And of course,
how will things go for Isi and Ossi?
But for the first time in Isi's life,
no one knows what's coming.
And that's okay,
because that's how life fucking is!