Island Escape (2023) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(song on radio playing faintly)
- Anyone there?
(radio static)
Repeat. Anyone there?
Anyone hears this,
I'm taking a piss.
(pilot sighs)
(stream splattering)
(slow dramatic music)
(footsteps in leaves)
(Dr. Antonio sobbing)
(Dr. Antonio groans)
(Dr. Antonio screams)
(fast dramatic music)
(fast music ends)
(slow dramatic music)
(low animalistic snarl)
(pilot screams in terror)
(pilot yells in pain)
(neck cracks)
(dramatic music continues)
(helicopter revs up)
(helicopter explodes)
(dramatic music continues)
- Welcome to TSL Laboratories.
We're happy to have you.
Recently, we've been
getting a lot of questions
about what it is
exactly we do here,
and we're happy to answer.
Of course,
with extraordinary progress
always comes some adversity.
But here our goal remains to
improve the human condition
by any means necessary.
Through extensive and
repetitious testing,
we've taken many steps
forward towards understanding
the vast possibilities for
the human body and mind.
Here, we believe
that time is our ally
and its effect on humans,
a potential positive,
not a negative.
Whether it's by extending
the lives of millions
of sick children or
improving our defense systems
through genetically
enhanced soldiers,
we here at TSL remains
steadfast in our goal
in creating a better
and safer world.
At TSL, we're taking the time.
And we invite you
to do the same.
(truck motor rumbles)
- It's not gonna happen.
- It's not gonna happen, man.
So funny.
- You...
- It's not gonna happen.
- You're a clown.
(music in background)
- [Gambler Two] You're a
drunk clown, look at you.
- Absolutely no shot.
- I could do it.
- You could not.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- Oh, okay.
- Look at me.
- But I could do it.
- [Gambler One] Okay, 20
bucks, how about that, man?
- Hundred bucks.
- Hundred bucks?
- It's okay,
I'll take that bet.
- Hold on.
- Where is it?
Give me the thing.
- One shot.
Make it count, yeah.
Okay. Go get him, Tiger.
Where's he? It's over there.
Twenty in first, dipshit.
- Oh.
Oh no.
- He's falling asleep.
- Oh my God.
(dart game siren sounds)
- That's a bullseye, boys.
- Wait. What are you
paying after, man?
Wait a second.
Okay, hold on, hold on, let
me get more time out of this.
- Whoa, whoa whoa.
Hold, hold it a sec.
Close, but no cigar man.
- Huh.
- Double or nothing.
- How about you give
the cash and call
your boyfriend, dipshit.
- Cash.
- Hey, you ain't
leaving with that money.
Hey, don't touch me.
(gambler one grunts)
(gambler two grunts)
(bottle smashes)
(pool cue snaps)
(rock music begins)
- All right, big boy.
(loud smack)
(louder smack)
(rock music stops)
(gentle music)
(music turns tense)
(car tires rolling)
- You look like shit, Chase.
- How do you know that name?
- Know a lot about you.
- Yeah.
- Get in the car.
I have a proposal for you.
- Where are we going?
- You name the place.
- Thank you.
- You don't remember me, do you?
- Nope.
- Name's Addison.
We met at a party
a couple years ago.
(party music)
(Addison moaning)
I guess you were
drunker than I thought.
You were gone in the morning.
- Sorry.
- I'm over it.
- What do you know about me?
I know you were recruited
to the Ghost Project
when you were 18.
They stripped you of
any legal identity
so if you died,
no one would know.
And then about a year later,
the whole program was canceled.
Most of you ran off,
became work-for-hires.
- Why do you know this?
- I work for some
very powerful people.
- Yeah.
Although, not that
I don't believe you.
No, I'm out.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Well, you've been busy?
- Something like that.
- [Addison] How do you get by?
- Odd jobs here and there.
- Two days ago,
there was an accident
at a research center
off the coast of Northern Canada
involving a certain
CEO's daughter.
Currently all
communication is lost.
We need a team to go
in and extract her
within the next 24 hours.
Discretion is
their top priority.
Which is the only reason
you are getting offered
this extremely lucrative...
odd job.
(Chase sighs)
And there's one more thing.
I'm asking Russ.
- That's a, that's a bad idea.
- Why do you say that?
- He can't be trusted.
- Okay.
I'm gonna have a car
come by and pick you up
in the morning.
You either get in or you don't.
(blues music)
(muffled lyrics)
Nice car.
- Thanks.
You too.
- Name's Addison.
- I know who you are.
- You do?
All right, let's talk.
- Y'all never should have
gone there in the first place.
- Why do you say that?
- Do you know what happened
at your little research site?
- It's on a need-to-know basis.
Oh, so you have no idea
what you're getting yourself
and those boys into.
- Just a good payday.
Were you the one who
sent the death threats?
Look, it's up to you.
We're gonna go with
or without you.
- If I go, I'm in charge.
- I'll get you a team.
(dramatic music)
See you tomorrow.
(airplane prop whirring)
(dramatic music continues)
(light switches clacking)
- Hey, big boy.
Why have we never met?
- Hey. Tag.
- Oh, that's a firm grip,
what you think
about arm wrestling?
- Ah, I ain't got
time for that, man.
- Want some challenge?
- It's always time for that.
Wanna go first?
- Go first.
- Count me out.
- Yeah. One...
- Going down.
- Three, four.
- Fucking dumb asses, right?
You don't remember me.
- It's not personal,
pal, believe me.
- We did the job together
about seven or eight years ago.
Job went well. The
money was shit though.
Not like this.
(helicopter whirring)
- Alright boys, listen up.
- Hey, sweet cheeks.
When are you gonna let
me take you on that date
you promised me?
I picked a great restaurant.
- Colt, spell restaurant.
- Another time.
- There are two
possible research camps
where the target could be
located, north and south.
A team of three will be
dropped off near each location.
Chase, Dex, you'll be
with me on the south side.
Tag, Colt, you'll be
with Russ in the north.
The helicopter will wait for
us at the rendezvous point
until he gets word
from either team.
But if communication goes down,
we'll meet at the
rendezvous point.
Got it?
Hey Tag.
How's she doing?
- Wonderful.
It's my world right here.
Man, eight years old now.
That's why I do it.
- Good to have you.
- Thank you, thank you.
(helicopter rotor whirling)
- Welcome to Gran Manan
baby boys.
(dramatic rock music)
(low dramatic music)
It looks like hemp is just a
little further up that way.
- So Addison, any idea
what we're dealing with?
Why the 24 hour time crunch?
- Nope.
Just that it's dangerous.
(music stops)
- Hey Russ, you sure you
know where you're going?
I don't see
footprints or nuthin'.
- I'm sure.
- Why are we heading
closer to the water, Russ?
- [Russ] Because it's safer.
- Yeah, it's safer from what?
(low dramatic music)
(Dr. Antonio screaming)
- Guys? Get over here.
- This must have been
some research accident.
- Let's keep moving.
Russ, are you there?
(radio static)
What's that?
- A journal.
For me.
Me, alone.
- Addison!
What's going on here?
- I don't know.
But I'm not sure I
want to find out.
We're not here to ask
questions, remember,
we're here to find the
girl, dead or alive.
So the sooner we do that, the
sooner we can get outta here.
(low dramatic music continues)
- Hey Russ.
I don't think the research
camp's close to the water.
- I know. It's five
miles the other way.
- Hey y'all, we got
turned around out here.
- It won't work. Comms are down.
(water gurgles)
- Hey.
You all right?
- Let's go.
(low growling)
(researcher screaming)
(gun cocks)
(low dramatic music continues)
(quick scream)
(music stops)
(low dramatic music begins)
- What the hell
could have done that?
- Gran Manan, my friend.
- Hello? Hello, is
there anyone there?
- What is that?
- It's a watch I found
at the first body.
- Yeah?
You'll never miss
an opportunity, huh?
- No, it's not like that.
- Yeah, people have
the same watches.
- Maybe.
- All right, nobody's answering.
Let's just get out
there and find the girl.
Her name is Stacey Callahan.
- Like "The" Stanley Callahan?
- Go.
- Whatever this is,
we're not prepared.
We don't have the weapons
or frankly, the skillset.
You think I don't know that?
I have just as much
information as you.
That's the job.
Discretion, remember?
They didn't tell me anything
that I didn't tell you.
(music on radio)
- Anyone there?
(radio static)
Repeat, anyone there?
(low dramatic music)
(low growling)
(animalistic growling)
(helicopter explodes)
- Hello, hello?
Is anybody out there?
- God damn it, it won't work.
- [Colt] How do you know that?
- I just do.
- Hey, where's all
that smoke coming from?
- I really hope that
isn't what I think it is.
- [Russ] Tag, cover.
- [Tag] It's empty.
- [Dex] So he's alive.
- Maybe.
- Shit. Even if he is alive,
we just lost our only way out.
(leaves rustling)
- Don't shoot! Don't
shoot, please, please!
- Who are you!?
- I'm Dr. Garreth Young.
I'm a researcher with TSL.
What happened here!?
- I don't know!
I got here right before
you and, and saw this!
I, I, I, I heard you coming
and hid for obvious reasons.
- What's this?
- He's a scientist. He doesn't
know what happened.
- Really?
- I arrived here after
the rest of my team
on a separate boat.
I, I've been looking
for the research camp,
I must have started on the
wrong side of the island.
Who are you?
- We were sent to you
on a rescue mission.
Not for you.
Do you know Stacey Callahan?
- Come with me.
(dragging sound)
- So what do you suggest?
- That we find the camp.
See if anyone's there.
Or see if they have anything
we can use to call for help.
- Did you know about this?
- No.
- Bull shit!
- Hey. Hey. Come on, fellas,
don't start that shit all right?
- What do you know
you son of a bitch?
What, they give you a little
extra not to say anything?
- Hey, Colt, calm
the fuck down, okay?
- You don't know Russ.
How about you tell Tag
about your little job
a couple years ago.
- You shut the fuck up, Colt.
- I know things.
- You don't know anything.
- I know a bunch of men
died under your watch.
- You don't know shit.
(Colt chuckles)
Shut the fuck up!
- [Tag] Hey!
God damn!
You motherfuckers are
worse than my kids.
Listen, y'all can work that
shit out later on, all right?
As of right now, since
we got no way outta here,
I think Russ is right.
We gotta get to that camp.
How you feel about that?
- Let's go. It's getting dark.
- Well.
There's our target.
- Now we just gotta figure out
how to get her out of here.
We'll set up camp
here for the night.
Try to get a signal and
head to the rendezvous point
in the morning.
Hello, can anybody hear me?
Hello, is anybody there?
- If you're interested.
- Yes.
Thank. you.
- No, thank you.
I know you didn't
come here for me,
but I'm really not sure
what I would've done
if you hadn't arrived.
(flames crackling)
- 750 grand, yo.
God damn!
Tell y'all something.
My baby girl going to college.
I ain't talking about no
regular college either. Mm mm.
Talking about graduate school,
med school, law school.
- If we get out here.
- All right, baby, I
ain't worried about it.
Going to finish the mission.
We'll find the daughter.
- If she's alive.
- They said alive or dead.
They just want her home.
- Yeah, okay.
They tell you what
happened here too.
I didn't think so.
She's dead, they ain't coming.
- Then we will find her alive.
Call out and they
will send someone.
- May I ask you something?
What happened
between you and Russ?
Why do you hate him?
- I don't know that I hate him.
He may have saved my life.
- You don't know?
- That's the problem.
Russ and I had a job
together a couple years ago
and it went wrong.
Really wrong.
We were the only two
to make it out alive.
First thing that I remember,
being pulled out of
the water by Russ.
Some guy-
- What do you mean, the
first thing you remember?
- Well.
When I came to,
I couldn't remember.
- What, you couldn't
remember what happened?
- I couldn't remember anything.
- Like amnesia?
- Yeah.
I have hazy glimpses
of old memories,
but nothing before
the past couple years.
(Chase scoffs)
Now Russ refused to
tell me anything.
Because of the Ghost
Project it's been,
well, hard to find anything out.
I think.
I think I lost someone there.
Someone that I loved.
I can feel it, you know?
And I'm afraid that Russ
had something to do with it.
- I'm Dex, by the way.
- Dex?
- What is it?
- This.
- Okay?
- [Dr. Young]
This is my journal.
- What are you afraid
someone's gonna know
who your crush is?
- No, look.
These entries.
I bought this journal
before we left.
My first entry was this morning.
I didn't write these.
(journal slams)
- But this is your handwriting.
- Yeah, I know.
But I didn't write those.
- And look, the
hopes good and all,
makes you feel warm inside.
Even when it ain't true.
Ain't nothing
looking out for us.
Why would they?
Look at us? What we've done?
God, or the universe,
don't owe us shit.
(rustling in brush)
How's that fame
same in the dark?
- Shut the fuck up.
- Y'all see anything?
- No.
- I got nothing.
(rustling in brush)
(low growling)
- Man, what the hell is that?
- Do we shoot?
- Hold on.
- That thing ain't human.
(Tag grunts)
(intense music)
(Tag screaming)
(dull thump)
(screaming abruptly stops)
- Fellas?
(Tag groaning and gasping)
(low growling)
- Oh, hell no.
(creature growling)
(Tag gasps)
Russ, man, what
the fuck was that!?
(flame crackling)
- Fuck, no.
(creature growling)
(Colt grunts)
(creature growls)
(bones crack)
(Colt cries out)
(Colt screaming)
(Creature growls)
- [Dex] It's impossible.
- What is?
- Okay.
So about eight years ago,
I had a cousin
that went missing.
He went out into the middle
of nowhere and was never seen
or heard from again.
I heard at the site that
they recovered a journal
from the 1940s.
In that journal,
the guy wrote about...
this kind of thing.
He'd find things,
that were the same,
- Do you mind if I read this?
- Hold on.
Discretion, remember?
- Something extraordinary
is clearly happening
on this island.
This journal may be the key,
not only to help us
understand what happened
to all those people,
to my friends,
It might also give us a
clue on how to get home.
I promise. It'll stay
between us.
(low dramatic music)
(brush rustles)
- [Dex] Guys!
Come out here, quick!
- Impossible.
- [Russ] You okay?
- This ain't my world. Mm mm.
I shouldn't be here.
- Listen.
Something's wrong.
Evil on this island.
And all we can do is
fight and survive.
- Yeah, yeah (clears throat).
Right, uh,
walk me through the plan again.
- We find the girl. Alive.
We use the radio to call out.
Someone will get us.
- Right.
And if she's dead?
- She won't be.
- Hey, you mentioned a job
a couple years ago.
(water gurgles)
- That is a long and
complicated story.
- Hi Stacey.
Can you tell us what happened?
(sinister dramatic music)
- She's in shock.
- I'm gonna continue
looking through the journal.
- [Tag] Russ, question for you.
- Shoot.
- Let's say we get
to the camp, right?
And the girls alive,
but the comms are down.
- Mm hmm.
- Then what?
- Then we keep climbing
until we find a signal.
- And if we still
can't find one?
- We will.
- You're a confident man, Russ.
I'll give you that.
- [Russ We're here.
- No girl.
- No.
No girl.
- Hope that damn
thing even works.
- Hello?
Is anybody out there?
- Hey, Russ.
- Hey, Addison.
- [Addison] How are you guys?
Where are you?
- We're at the other camp.
This camp is empty.
There's nothing here.
- Yeah, there are uh,
there are bodies,
- But, I found the girl.
(Russ sighs)
- [Dex] Can I get you anything?
I don't know what's happening
here on this island.
But I promise you,
you're safe now.
- We got here three days ago.
We quickly realized
that we couldn't leave.
We were stuck.
And then the people who got
here the day before us, they.
They started getting sick.
And their bones...
they start cracking.
I turned into something awful.
When the killing started I,
I just ran as far as I could.
I hid.
- Well, I'm glad you're okay.
We're gonna get you home.
- Thank you.
- Our paychecks
actually depend on it.
So, thank you.
(Stacey laughs)
- Look, we're gonna
take this radio
and we're gonna
keep climbing up.
Try to make outside contact.
- Okay?
- How's Chase?
- Yeah, he's good.
- Okay.
We'll be in contact.
Be safe.
- What is that?
- It's just a journal.
Helps me make sense of things.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
Because of who I am,
it's just hard to figure
things out, you know?
But, when I read this
back later, the entries,
I can start to see patterns and,
just makes me feel
a little bit less lost.
- So your friend Dex is a saint
or a little bit of a genius.
Him or some version of him
continued his journals.
- What do you mean,
"some version of him?"
- [Dr. Young] You need
to sit down.
- [Stacey] I have to
tell you something.
- What is it?
- There are others...
that came to kill us.
(Stacey gasps)
- Stay here.
- Well,
here goes nothing, right?
- Hello?
Hello, is anyone out there?
(radio static)
- Look, this is gonna sound
crazy, but as far as I can tell,
the whole island seems to
be surrounded by some sort
of wormhole and
according to the journal
it tends to let
things in but not out.
- So, we're trapped here?
- Maybe. Probably.
- What about the
versions of Dex?
- There seems to be some
sort of quantum event
on the island approximately
every three days.
- Which means what?
- That the island resets
itself on the outside
but not on the inside.
- I, I don't follow.
- Fuck, as in, every three
days a new version of you,
Dex, myself, will all
enter the island again.
Meanwhile, we will continue
forward as we are now.
Hence the items.
Your friend discovered
his journals
and continued the entries
where a prior version
of himself left off.
- So, why isn't the island
crawling with other versions of,
well, us?
Given the bodies, my guess is
that surviving on the island
for longer than three days
has proven to be difficult.
(low throbbing music)
(Dex gasps)
(creature growls)
- Did you guys hear that?
- Unfortunately, I did.
(creature growling)
- It's us.
- What's us?
- It's the last us.
But if it's killing
everyone on the island,
some version of us.
- Hello. We are calling
from a rescue mission
for Stacey Callahan.
We have her alive. I
repeat, we have her alive.
We are requesting extraction.
(radio static)
(leaves rustle)
- You hear that?
(music crescendoing)
Is he running?
(crescendo stops)
(creature growls)
What the hell!?
- You took, you, you
survived for three days.
You feel that island turns
us, turns every human being
into some...thing.
(creature growls)
- What the fuck
are they, clones?
- Remember. Survival.
(creature growls)
(repeated gunshots)
Stop wasting bullets!
(creature screams)
(Russ grunts)
(creature low growl)
(creature roars)
- Go!
(Dex grunts)
(creature screams)
(quick dramatic music)
(creature growls)
(creature roars)
(Stacey screams)
- It's sick, you nasty
motherfucker. (gunshot)
- What's the plan?
- No, no, no guns.
I don't do guns.
- [Chase] Addison?
- Guys.
Aim for the head.
(creature screams)
(creature growls)
(gun clicks on empty chamber)
Let's dance, baby.
(creature screams)
(creature growling)
(dramatic music)
(creature screams)
(Chase grunts)
(creature roars)
(knife slices)
(Tag grunts in surprise)
Really? Fucking kill me.
(Addison grunts)
(Tag strains)
(Tag breathes frantically)
- Fuck took you so long?
(body thuds)
- Nice throw.
- Thanks.
Nice shot.
(Chase grunts in pain)
The hell happened to our stuff?
(Dex breathing quickly)
- Are you okay?
(Stacey gasping)
- What the fuck was that!?
(Stacey gagging)
(Stacey vomits violently)
(Stacey groaning in pain)
- I'm sorry (sobbing).
(bones cracking)
(groaning in pain)
(Stacey creature growls)
(Stacey creature screams)
(Dex grunts in fear and pain)
(flesh squelches)
(Dex screams)
- Hello, is anyone out there?
We are a rescue team
requesting extraction.
- What the hell we
going to do, man?
We can't be out here
in the dark with those,
those, those mutant
clone things around.
- Anyone.
(radio static)
- Man.
The last one, the,
the, the mean one!
One looked like me.
It had a knife. Shit, my knife!
And it knew how to use it.
- The longer they're here,
the dumber they get.
- Wha-? The longer they-
Man, how the fuck
do you know that!?
What the hell are you
not telling me man?
The fuck do you mean,
"the longer they are here"?
- [Representative] Hello?
- Hello!
Who is this!?
- [Representative] I
am a representative.
- We are a rescue team
that has Stacey Callahan.
We need extraction.
- [Representative] I'm sorry,
but that is incorrect.
- No, we have her.
It's complicated, but we
have her and she's alive.
- [Representative]
That is incorrect.
Stacey Callahan is
no longer alive.
- Yes she is. It's complicated.
But we have her. She's alive.
- [Representative] The 72 hour
window has closed.
Ms. Callahan is no longer
a viable rescue.
- I'm telling you.
- [Representative] The company
would like to thank you
for your services.
Unfortunately, we've come
to the decision to part ways
with the current circuit.
The island's destruction
sequence will occur
in approximately 12 hours.
Again, the company thanks
you for your services.
- Wait, no, wait!
- Hey Russ, man,
you better start
talking real fast.
What the fuck is going on?
- If you could relive
your worst moment
over again and make
it just 10% better,
would you?
- We should have been
more careful about Stacey.
- We didn't know.
What about your boat?
The one you came here on.
- Uh,
it's parked by the shore.
It's like the helicopter.
Things go in not
out around here.
- [Tag] Hello, hello.
- Yeah, Tag.
- Hey. How's it going
over there?
- We lost Dex
and the girl.
She turned into a, uh-
- What everyone will turn into
if we stay here much longer.
- Yeah.
- I think we came
across the new versions
of whatever the hell
these things are
and the longer they're here,
bigger, the nastier,
the faster, the dumber,
and the uglier they get.
Think it's clear now
that we're a part
of some fucked up
experiment that went wrong.
Oh, and we uh, we came in
contact with the company.
- Okay.
- Yeah. They ain't coming.
The uh, the island's destruction
sequence or whatever.
It's going down in the morning.
- [Chase] Destruction sequence?
- It could have been a
recording, I don't know.
But I'll tell you one thing.
They knew she'd be gone by now.
- Hey um,
I got something
I gotta tell you guys.
This isn't my first time
on the island.
It's not my first time
on this mission.
I went on the same mission
a few years back.
One by one, we were
killed by whatever those
mutant versions of us
are out there.
Chase and I, we escaped
the island just as
it was crumbling.
When we got out there
was this...light.
(water gurgles)
And then this boat.
Chase was unconscious.
Hell, he must have hit
his head or something,
but when he woke up, he
didn't remember anything.
(faint voice on radio)
And they told us it was 2021.
- Okay?
- Look, when we left
for the mission,
it was October 22nd, 2023.
- That, that was yesterday.
- Of course.
It's a worm hole.
- No reason the time
they got to the island
would be the same as
the time they left.
- Look, when we got back,
any trace of our
previous self was gone.
I thought it was best that-
I thought Chase,
let's start again.
- Universe has a way of
preventing paradoxes.
- Russ, why didn't you tell us?
- I tried to stop you.
Us, from coming.
- So you did send
a death threat.
- If I had told you the truth,
would you believe me?
As we got closer and
closer to the day,
I realized that you were
gonna go with or without me.
We were always gonna go.
I just thought that if,
if we could find the girl alive,
they would get us out.
I was wrong.
- Hey, Russ?
- Hey, Chase.
- How did we get out last time?
- We found an old canoe.
I already looked for it.
We paddled our asses
off as fast as we could.
Left that island in our dust.
We made it out,
I don't know how.
- I do.
At least, I think I do.
It's impossible to
say how many times
this cycle has happened.
But I think your previous
job was the first, last,
and only time that
canoe was used.
And I think that canoe was
here before the wormhole.
- So, how do we get through?
- The island
destruction sequence.
- But why would they want
to destroy the island?
- They don't want to
destroy the island.
They want to destroy us.
- The destruction sequence
should disable the force field.
At least temporarily.
- So if we can get the
boat and drive it through
when the force field is down?
- We should be able
to go through a gap
in the wormhole,
yes. Theoretically.
(dramatic music)
- That's about
four miles for us.
- Oh, shit.
- Why, what's wrong?
- I remember this spot.
It was crawling with big boys.
- Fuck.
And I bet these fucking nerds
don't have no weapons in here.
- I believe the boat's
parked right here.
- It's only three miles away.
- Let's just hope
it has enough gas.
Close enough, we
could make it tonight.
- It's too dangerous,
not at night.
- Yeah, I agree, we
should go in the morning.
- Fine. First thing.
- Hey man, have a seat.
Let me talk to you real quick.
First of all,
you're a son of a bitch
and I'm real angry.
- Fair enough.
- But,
unfortunately, I haven't
been a great father.
And I'm hoping that
my little girl,
one day, forgives me.
So, even if you do get
me killed out here,
I want to learn and forgive you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna do it.
- I know, man.
- [Russ] Why don't
you get some sleep?
- Yeah, I could use some sleep.
- [Russ] Oh, shit!
(creature screams)
(body thuds)
- What the fuck was that?
- I'm guessing whichever
scientist was in here before us.
(Chase winces)
(low somber music)
- You need any help?
- Oh.
No. It's uh, not that bad.
Oh yeah.
- Yeah. Actually do you,
do you mind?
- Yeah, sit down.
- Thank you (laughs lightly).
- It'll sting.
Three, two...
(Addison gasps)
You all right?
- Mm hmm.
You know?
The night we uh,
the night we met,
that was, that was
about two years ago.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You know, since uh,
ever since you said it,
I think I remembered.
Not a lot.
- Mm.
- But uh, I remember
meeting you.
Must have been really
drunk (chuckles).
(Addison laughs)
- I recall you being a
gentleman, for the most part.
- [Chase] Yeah?
- Yeah, for the most (laughs).
- [Chase] Well, good.
You're all set.
- Oh, thank you.
- Hey.
I just wanna say that uh,
earlier today when
we were ambushed
and I saw your face.
I'm sorry that I
hesitated. I don't know.
- It's OK.
But I'm here.
(romantic music)
(romantic music continues)
(suspenseful music)
Stay super close.
Hey Dr. Young.
Just outta curiosity.
When did you get here?
- Don't worry about me.
We still have plenty of time.
- That's where shit
hit the fan last time.
(faint growling from creature)
From there, it's about a
mile or so up the shore.
We stick to the shoreline
till we get to the boat.
- Alright.
How much time we get?
(gun cocks)
- One hour.
- One hour.
I hope you're a fast runner.
(suspenseful music continues)
- Hey! I see water.
- There it is.
(suspenseful music continues)
(faint creature growling)
- What's up, what's
out there man?
- I think we're getting
surrounded again.
(creatures roaring)
- Oh shit!
It looked like they
all came out to play.
(waves crashing)
- [Chase How are we on time?
- [Addison] About an hour.
- Okay. They can make it.
How are we on gas?
- Not a lot.
Enough to get us through
the gap and then maybe
to the nearest shoreline.
(creature roaring)
- Shit! I'm almost out.
(creature growling)
- Um, uh...
Should we run?
- I think you should run.
(creature snarls)
- No man, fuck that.
Come on.
(Russ grunts and yells)
(Tag screams in anger)
- We have 10 minutes.
We should at least distance
ourselves from the shoreline.
We don't want to
miss our chance.
- Where are they?
- Somewhere around here.
- You're not thinking of doing
what I think you're doing?
- If we go get them,
we're gonna be just as close
to the force field over there
as we are over here, right?
- I'm with next to no gas.
Chase, you can't be
on board with this?
This man took the last two
years of your life from you.
He dragged all of us here.
He is a liar and has
done permanent damage
to all of our lives.
We need to go.
- You're the deciding vote.
(Tag breathing frantically)
(creature growls)
(Tag grunts)
(creature roars)
(Tag yells in pain)
(flesh squelches)
(Russ yells in anger)
- No! No!
(Tag gagging)
Tag! Tag, no!
(Tag struggles to speak)
(Russ breathing frantically)
- Come here baby.
Come here baby.
My baby.
- No.
(Tag struggles to breathe).
- (faintly) My baby.
(Tag stops breathing)
(creature growls)
- You gotta be kidding me.
(creature growls)
(creature shrieks)
You know you're supposed
aim for the head.
- I was trying.
- I forgot you were
always off by that much.
- I'm sorry.
- Save it. We gotta go.
(suspenseful music continues)
There it is.
- We got five minutes.
(creature shrieks)
(Russ grunts in pain)
(creature snarls)
- Shit, he got you.
- Go! Go!
- No, come on!
(Russ screams in pain)
- Didn't wanna help your friend.
- No, I just knew I
wasn't gonna leave him.
- So that's it.
You're cozy. How cute.
(explosions on island)
It's about to pop,
you need to fucking go.
- No!
You saved my life.
- Listen! Addison.
I was there the day you
guys met at that party.
She's your girl.
That's the day we left here.
The old you disappeared.
I was there at your wedding.
I was there for everything,
she is your everything!
- We have three minutes,
we have to go!
- He'll be here.
(dramatic music)
- I'm sorry.
(metal clanks)
I really didn't want to do this.
- Fucking go.
(Dr. Young's stomach grumbles)
(Dr. Young grunts in pain)
- Give 'em hell.
Hey! Maybe I'll see
you on the next one.
(suspenseful music)
(island explosions continue)
(suspenseful music continues)
- I'm sorry! We are out of time!
We're gonna be safe.
(skies rumbling)
It's happening!
(alarm beeps)
No! Don't you go looking!
(flesh crackling)
(Dr. Young gags)
(Dr. Young screams)
(flames roaring)
(Russ groans in pain)
(bones crackling)
(Dr. Young creature snarls)
(creature shrieks)
(creature shrieks)
(Addison cries out)
- [Chase] Hey!
All right, big boy.
(Chase strains)
(creature shrieks)
(body thuds)
(somber music)
(island explodes)
(suspenseful music)
- We're not gonna make it!
- We're gonna make it!
(music stops)
(Addison gasps)
- Chase!?
Chase, Chase, come here.
- Swimming.
(Chase talks incoherently)
What happened?
Who are you?
- [Russ] Chase was unconscious.
Now, he must have hit
his head or something,
but when he woke up he
didn't remember anything.
- One moment.
(Chase grunts)
- [Fisherman] Hey, hey,
it's okay, you're okay.
Alright, come on.
- [Chase] What happened?
- Settle down.
- Where am I?
- You're lucky kid.
I found you unconscious
and floating out there.
What were you doing?
(Addison gasps)
- [Russ] If I told
you the truth,
would you have believed me?
Now, Chase, you can start again.
If you could relive your
worst moment over again,
make it just 10%
better, would you?
(background chatter)
(auto traffic)
(gentle brooding music)
(car wheels rolling up)
(car door slams)
- You look like shit, Chase.
- How do you know that name?
- I know a lot about you.
- Yeah? Okay.
- [Addison] To Chase,
or any future survivor.
If you're reading this
letter, the plan didn't work.
But hopefully you'll understand
why I did what I did.
The day we escaped the island
I chose to hide and
let you go alone.
It seemed better than staying
and trying to tell you the
truth you'd never believe.
One that would push
you away, forever.
We need to go back.
Son of a bitch.
Russ was right. They're
going with or without us.
We were never
supposed to escape.
We're lab rats sent to
the island for trial after trial
in their search for
a perfect soldier.
But this time, this
time, we'll be ready.
We're coming for everyone.
("Some Nerve" by Wild Adriatic)
And then, we're coming for them.
Get in the car.
- Where are we going?
How can it be so wrong
Yet feel so right
How can she see my name
And still sleep at night.
Cause there
something going on
And she's been
a little uptight
Don't want to hear you say
Meet me tonight
You got some nerve
Yet I got some too
Until now, I couldn't
be on my own, own
Put it in its place
and say to myself
I'm feeling right now
And you're alone
You've got some nerve
You got so cold
(guitar solo)
You've got some nerve
And I've got some too
You've got some nerve
And I've got some too