Island of Dr. Moreau, The (1996) Movie Script

Our plane crashed in the endless
southern Pacific.
We drifted for days
between life and death.
On the sixth or seventh day.
The two men
who'd survived with me...
began to fight over
the last canteen of water.
They fought like beasts.
Not men.
I fought for my life
just as savagely as they did.
Positively no other survivors.
Feeling better?
Where am I?
You're on a seafaring vessel
named the Ombak Penari.
Who are you?
My name's Montgomery.
And you are?
Edward Douglas.
I was on my way to Djakarta.
My plane went down.
I'm working on an assignment
for the United Nations.
The peace settlement.
There was lots of blood
on that raft.
You were the only survivor.
I need to get to a radio
as soon as possible.
Be calm. Just be calm.
I'm still hydrating you.
There's no radio
on this vessel.
I'm going to pay the captain
of this ship...
to take you to Timor.
Which is about four days
after they drop me off...
at my little island paradise.
What are you giving me?
Oh. You'll like it. I like it.
It's a little Jimi Hendrix.
No. Wait! Wait. Wait. Wait.
Are you a doctor?
I'm more like a vet.
Excuse me a minute.
All right. Don't be rude.
There you are.
Where are we?
It's Moreau's island.
There's been a change of plans.
You must come with us.
Well. Maybe I should stay.
We've got a radio.
We'll get you away in two days.
The choice is yours.
You can stay on the boat. But
these guys are party animals.
Captain Penari here
has taken quite a shine to you.
If you know what I mean.
It's really best
that you come with me.
Can I help you with the rest?
That's okay.
The others'll take it.
The others?
The islanders?
Yes. The islanders.
How did this get here?
The Dutch
were the first whites...
to settle the island in 1890.
Made a coffee plantation.
The Americans
took over in World War II.
The Japanese bought it and tried
a hotel resort.
Which went belly up.
I used to have a rabbit
as a little boy.
Called Kesey.
Died. My own neglect.
I'm sorry to say.
I've never been very good
with animals.
He's a beauty.
He. She.
What's going on in your head?
Good Lord!
Hold that.
Oh. Please.
We don't actually eat meat.
But I'm sure the doctor'll make
an exception for you.
Our special. Unexpected guest.
It will be
our little secret. Okay?
Come on.
That's a very impressive
communications center.
Except only I can fix it.
And it was down before we left.
I'll get it running soon.
Don't worry.
I'll have to ask you...
to restrict your movements
to the main house.
The people
who fund this project...
are afraid you'll
sprain an ankle and sue us.
Well. It's a litigious world.
Stay right here.
I won't be long.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Who are you?
I just got here.
I came on the boat
this morning with Montgomery.
You come from the sea?
Well. Originally
I'm from England.
England? That's another island.
I've read about it
in many books.
My name's Edward Douglas.
You have such beautiful hands.
- So beautiful.
- Oh. Thank you.
Are you.
Are you from this island?
My father brought me here.
Doctor Moreau?
Where are you from originally?
Getting acquainted?
She is beautiful.
She's a pussycat.
I've arranged quarters
for you upstairs.
I saw the Nobel Prize.
I think I remember Moreau.
Didn't he vanish or something?
I thought he was dead.
No. He's still working.
What exactly
did he win his prize for?
He invented Velcro.
I see.
And how long has he been here?
Seventeen years.
He became... obsessed
with his... animal research.
Animal rights activists
drove him out of the States.
You couldn't cage a rat
without reading him his rights.
How long have you been here?
I wrote a paper
that was published.
And we started a correspondence.
So about 10 years ago
I came out...
and helped him with his work.
Let me show you
to your room.
Very agreeable.
Look. I don't want to
be an imposition here.
As soon as you can get
this Com Sat equipment working.
I can...
They'll send a plane for me.
Why've you locked the door?
For your own good.
My God.
I'll help you leave this island.
If you promise...
not to do or say anything
that'll hurt my father.
We must go.
There's a lot of unstable
phenomena out there.
It's all right.
You from boat?
He's a five-finger man.
He's a five-finger man.
Like you. See?
Look. look.
- Good.
- Five-finger man...
My name Assassimon.
Assassimon! You must help us
find Sayer of the Law.
Come! Come!
Come. Hurry!
It is a hard way...
the way of being a man.
Sooner or later.
We all want a thing that is bad:
To walk on all fours.
To suck up drink from a stream.
To jabber instead of
saying the words.
To go snuffling at the earth
and claw on the bark of trees.
To eat flesh or fish.
To make love to more than one.
Every which way.
These are all bad things.
These are not the things
that men do.
But we are men. Are we not?
We are men because
the Father has made us men!
Sayer of the Law.
Another Five Man has come
to hear law and wisdom.
The Father sent for you?
You are here to help Him
in His work?
The other Five Man is
looking for us. Please help us.
The Father! The Father!
Bring the Five Man.
Release him.
Release him.
Give him the gun.
Give him the gun.
He's very frightened.
Give it to him.
- No!
- Move!
He won't hurt her.
I beg you.
Please do not confuse them.
Move back.
Move back!
For God's sake. Stop!
Calm yourself. Mr. Douglas.
Don't add more pain to
their already diminished lives.
Why have you done this?
Don't you feel the heat?
'Cause I do.
I can't tolerate the sun...
what it's doing to me and
what it's doing to all of us...
and all life on earth.
We must return to the compound.
Keep the weapon if it
comforts you.
Mr. Douglas. First of all.
For the sake of propriety.
I would like
to present my children.
Hello. I am Waggdi.
How do you do. Sir?
I'm Azazello.
My name is M'Ling.
You've already met
my beautiful daughter. Aissa.
Majai. Present yourself. Please.
He means you no harm.
Mr. Douglas.
He's just trying to be polite.
He just wants
to shake your hand.
Thank you.
This is the most outrageous
spectacle I have ever witnessed.
Look at yourself!
I understand
that I must be shocking to you.
I must also point out...
that I've an allergy
to the sun.
And that's why I have put
this medication on.
Look at these people!
Look at him!
Mr. Douglas...
I don't think that I have
the intellectual ability...
to condense 17 years
of study and experiment...
into 17 minutes of explanation.
For the moment. It will
have to suffice to say...
that the people
that you witnessed before...
living under my care
and protection...
are animals that have
been fused with human genes...
in the course of a series
of scientific studies...
designed by myself.
Have you ever considered...
that you might have
totally lost your mind?
I mean. This is just satanic.
"Judge not.
That ye be not judged.
"For by these judgments
shall ye also be judged.
"And let he who hath not sinned
cast the first stone. "
"'There is no peace. ' saith
the Lord. 'unto the wicked. "'
I think perhaps this is
not the time to continue.
We'll have dinner at 8.
I hope that you'll be
in another state of mind...
and be more receptive.
in sands of the desert...
"a lion body and head of man...
"is moving its slow thighs.
"The darkness drops again.
"But now I know that
"were vexed to a nightmare
by a rocking cradle.
"And what rough beast.
Its hour come round at last.
"Slouches towards Bethlehem
to be born?"
M'Ling. That was just beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Let's toast.
To your health.
Well. Mr. Douglas.
Very good of you to join us.
Please tell me.
Is the Devil still pursuing you?
What do you mean by the Devil?
You seem to be
on terms with him.
Permit me to tell you
something of the Devil...
as I've come to know him.
The Devil is that element
in human nature...
that makes you
destroy and debase.
What are you about
on this island...
but destruction and debasement?
Well. I could tell you
very plainly.
No. Please don't do that.
No. No.
For 17 years.
I have been striving...
to create some measure
of refinement...
in the human species.
You see.
And it is here.
On this very island.
That I. Sir. Have found
the very essence of the Devil.
What do you mean?
I have seen the Devil
in my microscope.
And I have chained him.
I suppose you could say.
In the sense
metaphorically speaking.
I've cut him to pieces.
The Devil. Mr. Douglas.
I have found...
is nothing more than
a tiresome collection of genes.
It is with great assurance
that I can tell you...
that Lucifer...
son of morning...
is no more.
I don't see how
any of this specious nonsense...
these monstrous disfigurements.
Very simply. They represent
a stage in the process...
of eradicating
destructive elements...
found in the human psyche.
And I have almost
achieved perfection. You see.
Of a divine creature
that is pure. Harmonious.
Absolutely incapable of malice.
If in my tinkering...
I have fallen short
of the human form...
by the odd snout. Claw. Or hoof.
It really is of no great import.
I am closer than you could
possibly imagine. Sir.
What's that?
Rabbit fricassee. Master.
Stop that! Oh. God.
Get this out of my sight!
Who's responsible for this?
Mr. Montgomery requested it.
Oh. Go to the kitchen.
All of you. Go wash your hands.
Mr. Montgomery considers this
a source of amusement...
I suppose.
No one saw me kill it...
except you.
I have no way of knowing.
What do you mean?
We saw one in the forest
with its head torn off.
And who was responsible
for that?
It was Lo-Mai.
Good God.
You bloody fool.
I want everyone outside
in the compound tomorrow.
And. Mr. Douglas.
Perhaps we can entertain you...
a little more
than you anticipated.
We'll have a trial tomorrow.
Not to kill for pleasure.
Not to kill for hatred.
Not to kill anything. Anytime.
That is the law.
That law has been broken.
None escape. None escape.
None shall escape.
Who is he?
Who has done this?
Evil is he who breaks the law.
Do you hear. Lo-Mai?
Do you hear?
I forgive you. My son.
Lo-Mai has broken the law.
He killed a living thing.
Oh. My God!
What have you done?
I am sorry. Father.
Didn't you want me to
protect the law?
Where did you get this gun?
The law is not to kill.
For any reason.
See that his body is shown
all manner of respect.
Yes. Master.
I saw little of Moreau
as the crisis broke.
He was always
in the laboratory...
working to pursue his dream
to create a perfect human race.
Nothing was said
of my attempted escape.
Montgomery. Who had once been
a brilliant neurosurgeon.
Was reduced to being
the beast people's jailer.
And now
he had become mine. Too.
It's turned
completely yellow.
It's almost opaque. See?
So. We'll simply
have to increase the dosage.
Would you get
the inoculation gun. M'Ling?
You bore me.
Go. Go.
Good girl. Good girl.
Hi. Sweetie.
What are you
giving them exactly?
It's a combination
of endorphins and hormones.
Keeps them from retrogressing.
Retrogressing into what?
Well. It isn't pretty.
It seems
to improve their mood.
That's my contribution.
I add a little methamphetamine.
'Shrooms and other shit.
Keeps them mellow...
keeps them
coming back for more.
It hasn't brought him back.
- What?
- There.
Come! Come!
It's okay.
Come get your shot.
Come on.
Look at my hands.
Look. Okay? It's okay.
We won't hurt you.
That's right. That's right.
Come on.
Hyena. Come.
That's right. Come on.
What's th... What?
no more.
What are you doing?!
What's going on?
- Christ. He pulled it out.
- What?
He pulled out his implant.
They have implants so we
can shock them into submission.
We must find him.
Dart him. And get him
back to the compound.
A hunt. Master. Hunt.
Yeah. Hunt.
Azazello likes a good hunt.
Get him! Get him!
This is bio station Helix.
Calling on all channels.
Is anybody receiving me?
Are you sure
you know how to use this?
Yes. I make many calls
for the doctor.
I read the books and learn.
I make it work.
Not without this you don't.
Who do you think you'll call?
What'll you say when you get
somebody on the horn?
"Mayday. Mayday. I'm being held
captive by a pig lady"?
You'll sell Aissa to the circus?
You know. She's not like... us.
She's very delicate.
They all are.
But she needs her shots. Too.
And she's not going to get them
off this island.
There's so much
you don't understand.
Why don't you smoke this?
Maybe you'll start.
There's no way off the island.
You must face the fact.
Why was I brought here?
I was brought here. Wasn't I?
I can't find the Hyena-Swine.
I think we should. Before
the others get the same idea.
Oh. My word.
You startled me.
How are you?
How are you?
I think I'm just simply going
to perish from this heat.
I cannot bear it.
The longer that I'm here.
The worse it gets.
And I... I mean.
This damn Montgomery...
won't fix anything.
And I... I'm dying of heat.
I think that... yes.
My caloric converter is empty.
Would you fill it. Please?
Yes. That's much better.
God. Yes. Oh. Yes. God!
Oh. Please.
Forcefully. Forcefully.
My God!
Not so strong!
You have no idea
how strong you can be.
You must be very careful.
Father. I must talk to you.
Of course.
I'm changing.
There's nothing
to be frightened of. Darling.
Now. Let me see.
Yes. There are a few changes.
Let me have a look.
Your ears are developing.
I'm hideous.
No. Darling. How can you
say that?
You're an absolute angel.
You're beautiful inside.
You're beautiful outside.
an extraordinary creature.
Help me.
These small things...
are just a question
of chemical imbalances.
That's all.
No. No. Don't be upset.
I want to be like you.
Will I never be like you?
Well. I hope not!
I mean. How would you look
if you were like me?
You see?
I've made you smile.
What a surprise.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I thought I heard someone
stirring about down here.
And I thought I'd come look.
You know. I did hear you.
It's rather late. You see.
I heard...
Would you like a biscuit?
I was listening to this music.
It was interesting...
Did you. Were you playing?
Well. Perhaps it was you.
Well. In any event. You see.
It reminded me
of a man named Schoenberg...
this sort of music...
I'd like to
demonstrate something...
which might interest you.
No. You can all
just. Just relax and. And...
Well. You see...
there is a sort of music
called twelve-tone music.
And it sounds...
sort of like that. You see?
But there is
another kind of music.
And there is a man
named George Gershwin...
who played this.
I know. My son.
I must ask a question.
What am I?
We call you Father.
Yet we are not like you.
What are we?
You are...
you are my children.
You are all my children.
You see?
Now. I think perhaps it might
be helpful...
if we could go over there.
Then we could discuss this.
And I could explain
to you exactly...
Now. Be calm. Please.
I want to tell you
something very important.
Just everyone be calm.
And just relax and be seated
if you would. Please...
you see. One of
the things that...
Tell me...
why you make the pain...
if we are your children?
You see.
You are my children.
But law is necessary.
If there is no more pain...
then. Is there no more law?
There is always law.
- Pain no more.
- Good God.
What are you doing?
To walk on all fours.
That is the law.
To slurp up our drink.
That is the law.
We are not men.
To eat flesh and fish
That is the law!
Now I am the law.
None shall escape.
That is the law.
Is there still law?
There's still law. Yes.
How can there be law
without the Father?
He hasn't left us.
That is
what I'll tell the others.
That his spirit
is watching over us.
We must wait for a sign.
It's all right.
Were it not for you.
I should say that
your father had failed...
But you're not
the same as them.
Nor are you the same as me.
You are something far.
Far finer.
It's the process.
I'm changing.
There's a serum Montgomery
used to give me.
It's in the lab.
It can stop my regression.
Please... help me.
"Judge not.
That ye be not judged.
"For with
what judgment ye judge.
"Ye shall be judged:
"And with what measure
ye meet.
"It shall be measured
to you again.
"Why beholdest thou the mote
that is in thy brother's eye.
"But considerest not the beam
in thine own eye?
"Hypocrite! Cast out
the beam in thine own eye.
"Then thou shalt see clearly...
"to cast out the mote
of thy brother's eye.
"Neither cast ye your pearls
before swine.
"Lest they trample them
under their feet.
"And then. Give not that which
is holy unto the dogs. "
What does she need?
Animal or man?
- What am I looking for?
- You're angry.
"Neither cast... "
Listen. Listen.
Don't fuck around.
What do I need?
What do I need?
Tell me what I need.
Where is it? Shut up!
Shut up! Where is the serum?
- Where is the serum?
- Calm.
Who's the animal?
Who's the animal?
Be calm. Calm.
We've got to think and reason
this through together.
Tell me.
I destroyed the serum.
All of it.
Kill him!
I have the fire that kills.
I know where there's more.
Fire that kills.
I know where there's more.
Show us...
and we will let you join us.
I want no more pain.
Take it out.
Take it out.
We are not men.
That is the law.
That is the law.
Burn it.
None shall escape.
"And though I give
my body to be burned...
"and have not charity.
I am nothing. "
"And though I give all my gifts
to feed the poor...
"and though I give my body
to be burned.
"And have not charity.
I am nothing.
"Charity envieth not... "
You know. Sherlock Holmes
once asked Doctor Watson:
"Did you notice
the remarkable thing...
"about the dog barking?"
Doctor Watson said.
"I heard no dog barking. "
Sherlock said:
"That's the remarkable thing. "
Hello. Woofer.
Well. Things didn't work out.
Moreau wanted to turn
animals into humans...
and humans into gods.
But it's instinct and reason.
Instinct and reason.
What's instinct to a dog?
To hunt. To kill. Master.
To run with the pack.
I want to go to dog heaven.
Now we are men.
He said...
he was closer to his goal...
than I could possibly imagine.
Do you remember?
You see. I was led to believe...
he had saved my life...
when. In fact...
all the time...
he intended to take it.
He intended to...
use me.
He intended to use my DNA...
to stop your regression.
Well. Anyway...
He's dead...
and Montgomery is...
and has...
Well. He's destroyed
all the serum.
The guns.
How do you do. Sir?
I believe we've met.
Drip. Drap. Drip. Drap.
"Where are you going in
the woods today. Little girl?"
My little kitten.
Nicely now. Little kitten.
Or I'll hurt you.
how the master whipped me?
He never touched
your soft skin. Did he?
Tell them...
that I am the law.
Do not believe him.
He is not the law!
Good doggie.
Five Man.
Please tell them that
I am God.
You're right.
You are a god.
You are a god.
You're all gods.
Tell them...
to obey me like
they did the Father.
You all killed the Father.
You all ate his flesh.
So who is the new Father?
Who is God Number One?
Who should they obey?
Or him?
You see...
there must be
a God Number One.
You stay!
Douglas. You stay here.
You stay with us.
I'll be back. I'll be back.
I'll come back.
There must be people
who can...
Well. Doctors. Scientists...
who understand
what Moreau was trying to do.
They could develop
a serum. Stop the regression.
No more scientists.
No more laboratories. No more
I thought you'd understand that.
We have to be what we are...
not what the Father tried
to make us.
To go on two legs...
is very hard.
Perhaps four is better anyway.
This is a true record
of what I saw...
leaving out only the latitude
and longitude of the island...
as a warning to all who'd
follow in Moreau's footsteps.
Most times I keep the memory
far in the back of my mind.
A distant cloud.
But there are times when
the little cloud spreads...
until it obscures the sky.
At those times.
I look about at my fellow men.
And I'm reminded
of some likeness...
to the beast people.
I feel as though the animal
is surging up in them.
And they're neither
wholly animal nor wholly man.
But an unstable
combination of both.
As unstable as anything
Moreau created.
And I go... in fear.