Island of Lost Souls (1932) Movie Script

Mr. Hogan. Mr. Hogan!
Derelict afloat with a man on board.
- Whereabouts?
- Off your port bow.
- Get ahold of him, boys?
- Ah, we've got him. We've got him.
- Want to salvage that boat?
- No.
Take him to my cabin.
Ruth! Ruth!
Easy, old man.
Easy, easy, easy.
What ship is this?
The Covena. Trading ship.
We picked you up adrift.
Oh, yeah. I remember.
- Where's she bound?
- Apia.
I'm in luck.
That's where -
where I was bound when -
when my ship went down.
- Yeah. The Lady Vain, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we picked up her S.O.S.
Then you - you got a wireless aboard?
Will you send a message for me?
Sure, sure.
But you'd better make it short.
You've got a lot of resting to do.
- I suppose it's to Ruth?
- How'd you know her name?
I've heard nothing else
for the last two hours.
She's my fiance.
We're going to be married in Apia.
- Miss Ruth, uh -
- Thomas. Continental Hotel.
What's the message?
Tell her I was picked up by this boat
and when we expect to arrive.
Also that I'm all right -
thanks to you, Doctor.
You are a doctor, aren't you?
At least I was...
once upon a time.
- What's up, old chap?
- Bulletin on the wreck - Lady Vain.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Say, let's go see this.
Good afternoon.
Be very careful.
I leave at dawn.
Miss Thomas! Miss Thomas!
Oh, right here.
- For me?
- Radiogram.
Thank you.
- How do you feel?
- How do I look?
- Better.
- That's the way I feel.
A little turn around the deck
will do you good.
Not a bad idea.
You know,
I thought I heard those things.
Say, what is this, a floating zoo?
Well, yes, in a way.
Morning, Captain.
- I want to thank you, Captain, for -
- Who are you?
Uh, Mr. Parker,
this is Captain Davies.
- How do you do -
- Parker? Parker?
Yeah, we picked him up
day before yesterday.
- Why wasn't I told about it?
- Well, we tried to wake you.
- Well, why didn't you?
- You had a slight list to port.
- What do you mean?
- You were drunk.
Drunk, was I?
Well, why wouldn't I be,
with a cargo like I got?
- Cargo is cargo.
- Yeah, I know.
But this boatload of filthy animals -
All the way from Mombasa
to where?
To some island. Which island?
You answer me that, Mr. Montgomery.
- You're well paid for it.
- Yeah.
An island without a name.
An island not on the chart.
Hey, you think I don't know
whose island that is, don't you?
- Well, I do, Mr. Sawbones Montgomery.
- Easy, Captain.
Well, it's Dr. Moreau's island.
Dr. Moreau's island, and it stinks
all over the whole South Seas!
Superstitious South Seas gossip!
Dr. Moreau is a brilliant man
and a great scientist.
Great scientist, huh?
Well, if you ask me, he's a black-handed,
grave-robbin' ghoul.
That's what he is.
Oh, what's the use?
You're drunk.
Hey, what'd you say?
- Nothing.
- Well, that's all right then.
Hey, what do you got there?
- Slop for dogs.
- Slop?
Ain't there enough slop
on this deck already?
M'ling, get out.
Yeah, before I -
Go on.
So I'm drunk, am I?
Only a drunken man
would do a thing like that.
That means trouble.
There now. You're all right.
Go forward and stay forward.
Say, who is that fella?
My servant. That's all.
Hey, look here, Parker. You'd better
get out of sight and stay out.
There'll be plenty of trouble
when he comes to.
Easy, Captain.
Get it off of there!
Overboard with
the whole spittin' mess of 'em.
Lower away!
Here it is!
- Hey, is that Moreau over there?
- Yeah.
Say, what is all this mystery
about, uh, Moreau and his island?
I don't know.
If I did know,
maybe I'd want to forget.
Mr. Hogan!
- Are we all free and clear?
- All clear, sir.
- All right. Cast off!
- Cast off!
- All right! Cast off!
- Get up there and clear that line off.
There you are, Dr. Moreau.
That's the last of 'em...
and this is the last time
I'll ever put in here...
Well, you're gettin' off here.
No, I'm getting off at Apia.
You're gettin' off here.
Cast off that line there.
Now hurry it up.
Now, what's happened?
What is it?
It's all right, old boy.
He fell overboard.
On deck!
On deck! Hey!
- You lost a man.
- Well, finders keepers.
Full speed ahead, Hogan!
What's that fool talking about?
- Pull up that ladder, men!
- Aye, aye.
Drop that ladder!
I've got to get to Apia!
You can swim, can't ya?
Davies, take this man with you!
You can't do this, Captain.
There's marine law.
This man is shipwrecked.
You've got to pick him up.
Well, I picked him up
and I dropped him in my first port of call.
That's all that's required of me!
I can't have this man!
I can't have him aboard.
Well, throw him overboard.
That's what I did.
- Davies!
- Hey, Davies, drop that ladder!
This is most unfortunate.
It is indeed.
I simply must get to Apia.
I don't see how. We sight a ship
about once in a 12-month.
Uh, Mr. Parker, Dr. Moreau.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Well, Mr. Parker, you may take
Montgomery and the schooner...
and leave for Apia in the morning.
That's very nice. Thank you.
Not at all.
I'm happy to be of service.
Montgomery's a fair sort of sailor.
And I can give you
enough of a crew.
Ouran! Gola!
Get away from those cages!
Come on now.
Let's unload this stuff.
The dogs first, then the monkeys
and then the cages.
Hurry it up.
I'll stay with Parker tonight
on the schooner.
No. I'm taking him up to the house.
Mr. Parker.
- Yes.
- You can't do that.
I've got something in mind.
Mr. Parker?
- Would you come with me, please?
- Surely.
You understand, Mr. Parker,
you are an uninvited guest.
You may perhaps find our domain
rather strange.
I shall have to rely upon your caution
while you're here...
and your silence when you're gone.
- You understand that?
- Of course, Doctor.
Limestone formation.
Curious, isn't it?
This was once the crater
of a volcano.
Extraordinarily fertile
this volcanic dust.
Seeds blown here by the wind
and brought here by birds.
See the result.
Don't be alarmed, Mr. Parker.
You're quite expert with that whip,
aren't you, Doctor?
It's a hobby of mine. I learned how
to handle one as a boy in Australia.
There's my house.
Strange-looking natives
you have here.
You'll be wanting a cold shower,
I take it, before dinner.
Oh, an excellent brandy, Montgomery.
I hope you brought plenty.
Then, of course, you did.
Montgomery is a man to trust,
Mr. Parker...
especially in the selection
and the ordering of your liquors.
M'ling, you may take everything.
You are a man of discretion,
Mr. Parker.
I hope so.
And now, if you'll excuse us,
there are cigarettes.
- M'ling, brandy for Mr. Parker.
- Nothing more, thank you.
That'll be all, M'ling.
You may go.
I, uh, should much prefer,
Mr. Parker...
that you don't leave this room.
Your wish, Doctor.
I had my reasons
for keeping you sober.
Go to the laboratory.
You'll see what's to be done.
You're not going?
- I'm taking her to Parker.
- Lota to Parker?
Why do you suppose
I brought him to the house?
He's seen too much already.
But she's never seen
anything like him.
- No?
- You and I don't count.
The only reactions we get from her
are fear and terror.
Hmm. That's understandable.
But how will she respond to Parker
where there's no cause for fear?
Will she be attracted?
Is she capable of being attracted?
Has she a woman's emotional impulses?
I'd scarcely hoped for a chance like this
short of London.
Lota. Lota.
Come here.
Lota. I've taught you many things.
- All that you know I've taught you.
- Yes.
I'm going to let you learn
something for yourself.
A man has come from the sea.
I will take you to him...
let you talk with him.
- Yes?
- Mmm.
I'm going to
leave you alone with him...
and you may talk with him
about anything you please...
about the world he comes from.
But you must say nothing about me...
nothing about the Law...
nothing about the House of Pain.
- Do you understand me?
- Yes.
Then come along with me.
Get out!
Get out, I said!
It's all right.
Go in, Lota.
- This is Mr. Parker, Lota.
- How do you do?
Don't be afraid.
How... do you do?
Mr. Parker has come to us
from over the sea.
She's a pure Polynesian...
the only woman
on the entire island.
Well, I'll leave you two young people
I've got work to do.
Won't you sit down?
- I thank you.
- You're welcome.
You'll have to pardon me because...
this is all very strange to me.
What island are you from? Tahiti?
I mean, where is your home?
This my home.
I know, but you're not
a native of this island.
I know
because I've seen some of them.
How does it happen that you're
the only woman on this island?
Did, uh, Dr. Moreau bring you here?
Pardon me
if I seem to be too inquisitive.
Quickly, please!
What now?
You come from the sea?
Well, rather.
Three days on an upturned lifeboat.
You go away?
Tomorrow morning.
I wish you would not go away.
Well, that's very nice of you, but...
I must.
You come back... again?
Well, I - I don't know.
- What's that?
- It's the House -
the House of Pain!
No! No!
It's nothing! It's nothing.
Somebody's being tortured.
Get out!
Get out!
They're vivisecting a human being.
They're cutting a living man to pieces.
Now I know about his natives.
They're his victims.
You and I may be next.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
Other gate!
We'll take Moreau's boat
and get away from here tonight - now.
Sea! Sea!
Man from sea! Man from sea!
- What? What?
- Man from sea.
- They are like us!
- They are like him.
One is not man.
What is the Law?
Not to run on all fours.
That is the Law.
Are we not men?
Are we not men?
What is the Law?
Not to eat meat.
That is the Law.
Are we not men?
Are we not men?
What is the Law?
Not to spill blood.
That is the Law.
Are we not men?
Are we not men?
His is the hand that makes.
His is the hand that makes.
His is the hand that heals!
His is the hand that heals.
His is the House of Pain!
His is the House of Pain.
I didn't think, after my warning,
you'd be idiotic enough to leave the house.
Now I can understand
why you and your island...
stink from one end of the South Seas
to the other.
What makes your natives
such monstrosities?
I saw you vivisecting a man.
My dear young fool,
you're entirely mistaken.
Well, you can't get away with it
in my case, Moreau.
Take it.
I'm now unarmed,
and you're fully protected.
It's quite evident, isn't it,
that I mean you no harm?
Would you be good enough
to come to the house?
Lota, go to your room.
I started with plant life
in London 20 years ago.
I took an orchid,
and upon it I performed a miracle.
I stripped a hundred thousand years
of slow evolution from it...
and I had no longer an orchid...
but what orchids will be
a hundred thousand years from now.
That's one there.
Yes, but how, Doctor?
By a slight change
in the single unit of a germ plasm.
It was as simple as that.
That's a common lily.
That's a chrysanthemum.
That's unfortunately
what happened to some asparagus.
I went on with this research
just as it led me.
I let my imagination run
fantastically ahead.
Why not experiment
with the more complex organisms?
Man is the present climax
of a long process of organic revolution.
All animal life is tending
toward the human form.
I was still in London when I
began this phase of my experiments.
One day a dog escaped
from my laboratory...
ran shrieking into the street.
And I left London, Mr. Parker...
the newspapers at my heels,
an aroused England crying for my blood.
I picked up Montgomery
and brought him along.
He was a medical student facing a prison term
for a professional indiscretion.
That was 11 long years ago.
Eleven long years
I've worked and I've worked.
With plastic surgery,
blood transfusions...
gland extracts, with ray baths.
With what
I have discovered in my own work...
among the cellular organisms.
My work, my discoveries.
Mine alone.
With these I have wiped out hundreds
of thousands of years of evolution.
From the lower animals,
I have made -
Well, see for yourself, Mr. Parker.
You're convinced that this thing
on the table isn't human.
Its cries are human.
- You know what it is that I began with?
- No.
- An animal.
- An animal?
- Mm-hmm.
- Like those in the cages outside?
Then those - those creatures
out in the jungle?
Are my creations.
- They were made from animals?
- Yes.
Was this thing,
this poor, tortured creature -
What does that matter?
Of all things vile!
Mr. Parker, spare me
these youthful horrors, please.
And those -
those poor things
out there in the jungle -
those animals -
They - They talk.
That was my first
great achievement -
articulate speech
controlled by the brain.
That was an achievement.
Oh, it takes a long time
and infinite patience...
to make them talk.
I'll create a woman, and it'll be easier.
Those are some
of my less successful experiments.
They supply the power
to create others...
more successful.
But with each experiment,
I improve upon the last.
I get nearer and nearer.
Mr. Parker.
Do you know what it means
to feel like God?
I'm talking too much, aren't I?
- Good night, Mr. Parker.
- Good night.
- You know the way to your room?
- Yes, thanks.
I hope you sleep well.
Good night.
Did you see that, Montgomery?
She was tender, like a woman.
How that little scene spurs
the scientific imagination onward.
I wonder how much of Lota's
animal origin is still alive...
how nearly a perfect woman she is.
It's possible I may find out...
with the aid of Mr. Parker.
You won't have much time
if he leaves for Apia in the morning.
Wouldn't it be a great loss to science
if he left for Apia in the morning?
Four with a fair wind.
- I want to thank you, Doctor, for -
- Not at all.
I'm only too happy
to have been of service to you.
Yes, but I do appreciate
what you're doing for -
Oh! Oh, this is most distressing.
I - I don't know what to say about it.
I can't account for it.
Unless, of course, the natives.
They were a bit out of hand last night.
- ... good time!
- You said it, mate!
- Come on, you guys.
- Hello! Welcome home!
- Hello, darlin'! How you been?
- Hello, baby!
- Did you miss me?
- Did I miss ya?
Pardon me. Excuse me, please.
Didn't you have a Mr. Parker on board?
- Parker?
- Yes.
Oh. You better talk to the skipper.
Let's go.
Now, men, stay sober.
Any drinking to be done,
I'll do it myself.
Okay, Captain!
And if you get in a fight,
send for me.
- Oh, Captain.
- Hello there, baby.
Captain, didn't you have
a Mr. Parker on board?
- Parker?
- Yes.
But won't I do?
Didn't you rescue him
from the Lady Vain?
He sent me a wireless from your ship.
Oh, yes. He got off
at my first port of call.
At what port?
That's my business.
Maybe the American consul
will make it his business.
Well, give the consul my regards.
You knew this man wanted
to come to Apia, didn't you?
Well, I rescued him at sea
and dropped him off at my first port of call.
- That's all that's required of me, sir.
- What port?
- Well, it was an island, sir.
- What island?
Latitude 15 degrees south
and longitude 170 west, sir.
1-5 south, 1-7-0 west.
It's very small, sir.
You won't find it on the charts.
Then it isn't a port.
Well, it's an island, sir.
I dropped some cargo there.
Oh, I see.
That'll be all for the present.
Yes, sir.
If I find any irregularity in this,
I'll have your license revoked.
Yes, sir.
You wouldn't like that, would you?
- No, sir.
- I didn't think you would.
Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir!
- How are you, Captain?
Miss Thomas, this is Captain Donahue.
- How do you do?
- How do you do, miss?
- When will you be ready to sail?
- I'm ready now, sir.
You'll find Donahue's boat perfectly safe,
but not very comfortable.
I've worked it all over.
Are you clear on the position?
Yes - 15 south and 170 west.
- Well, good luck.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Not at all.
Very glad to be of service to you.
You startled me.
You're a strange child.
Talk to me.
Not now.
Talk to me.
Lota, do you know what this is?
- Book.
- Yes. Book.
From Dr. Moreau's library.
About electricity -
wireless telegraphy, radio...
how to build a shortwave transmitter.
Of course, you haven't the faintest idea
what I'm talking about, have you?
Talk to me more.
All right.
I'll tell you something
you will understand.
Lota, I must get away from this island.
Book... take you away?
Maybe book take me away.
Why did you do that?
Book take you away.
I'm in love with someone else.
I should've told you.
- Moreau, you don't deserve to live!
- I beg your pardon?
Those creatures out there in the jungle
were horrible enough.
But to have created a thing
as tragic as that girl.
Yes. Lota.
An animal with a woman's emotions -
a woman's heartbreak, a woman's suffering.
Oh, it's criminal!
Hmm. You're an amazingly
unscientific young man.
I could've overlooked those others.
I could've shown you
that much consideration.
But not now.
Now I'll expose you to the world
for what you really are, Moreau.
When are you leaving?
I think you'd better sit down
and make yourself comfortable.
- Would you care for a cup of tea?
- No, thank you.
Well, we may as well discuss this frankly
now that you know the facts.
Lota is my most nearly perfect creation.
I was thinking of taking her with me
as Exhibit "A"...
on a triumphal return to London.
I wanted to prove
how completely she was a woman -
whether she was capable of loving,
mating and having children.
She was afraid of Montgomery and myself.
Then you came.
Well, she was very much
attracted to you.
You can see, of course, the possibilities
that presented themselves.
I'll tell you this, Moreau!
You'll make arrangements for me
to leave this island somehow...
and as quickly as possible.
Or this great scientific work
you've been doing will stop.
How did he find out?
What did you say to him?
What did you do to let him know?
What is it, Moreau?
The stubborn beast flesh creeping back.
Well, it's no use, Montgomery.
I may as well quit.
Day by day, it creeps back.
It creeps back.
You see this?
The first of them all to shed tears.
She is human!
I'm not beaten!
Get everything ready.
For what?
This time, I'll burn out
all the animal in her!
I'll make her completely human.
No, no.
No. No!
I'll keep Parker here.
He's already attracted.
Time and monotony will do the rest.
Gola! Gola!
- Huh?
- Boat come!
Man. One not man.
- One not man?
- One like Lota.
Hello in there!
I guess it's all right.
- You afraid?
- No. Of course not.
All right.
I just asked out of politeness.
You see some funny sights
in these islands.
That jungle don't look any too inviting.
We must go on.
We've got to find him.
All right.
But I'd just as soon leave it
for somebody else to do...
if there was anybody else here to do it.
You know, there's a bird in these jungles -
kind of a parrot, laughs like a man.
They call 'im a Laughing Jackass.
Funny name for a bird.
I don't know, when you figure out
he laughs like a man...
that's not such a funny name after all.
You're taking a very long time,
There's a short circuit here somewhere.
- They come on boat!
- Who?
- People.
- People?
Two. One like Lota.
Dr. Moreau!
Dr. Moreau! Doctor!
Dr. Moreau!
- Boat come. People.
- People?
- Man and one like Lota.
- What?
Parker sent a wireless to Apia
from Davies's ship.
Hello there.
We're looking for a man named Parker -
Edward Parker.
Oh, won't you come in?
Yeah. Thanks.
I'm Dr. Moreau.
This is my house. You're very welcome.
Oh, thank you, Doctor.
I'm Ruth Thomas.
- And this is Captain Donahue.
- How are ya, Doc?
- How do you do? Go right in.
- Thank you.
Nice little place you got here, Doc.
It serves its purpose.
All right, Ouran.
I may not need Parker.
This is Captain Donahue.
He was good enough to bring me here.
- How do you do, Captain?
- Fine, thanks. How are you?
So you found him.
You know, I - I'd imagined Edward
in some terrible place.
But this is charming.
I'll get my things,
and we'll be on our way.
It's getting late.
- You'll pardon me, Doctor?
- Not at all.
- Won't you come in and wait?
- Thank you.
What kind of a place
did you say this was, Doc?
- I didn't say.
- Oh.
It's an experimental station, of a sort,
for bio-anthropological research.
Oh, I see.
House of Pain.
No House of Pain.
I promise that.
There's no twilight in the tropics.
Night falls like a curtain.
Thank you, M'ling.
- Would you care for a highball, Miss Thomas?
- No, thank you.
- Captain Donahue, I suppose you'll -
- I'll take mine straight.
I thought so.
Whoa. That'll do. Thanks.
- Mr. Parker?
- No, thanks. We'll be going now.
Aren't you being a little rash,
Mr. Parker?
- Rash?
- Come on, Donahue.
You have a mile
to go through my jungle.
- Yes, I realize that.
- We're not afraid.
I can see, Captain Donahue,
that you would be afraid of nothing.
But Mr. Parker had one experience
at night in my jungle.
I have no wish to frighten you,
Miss Thomas...
but if Mr. Parker chooses to put you
in what he knows to be real danger...
it will be his responsibility.
Couldn't you send someone -
If you care to accept
the hospitality of my house...
you can leave in complete safety
in the morning.
Well, perhaps that would be better.
Captain Donahue,
you can share Mr. Parker's room.
Miss Thomas, you can have my room.
M'ling. Dinner will be for five.
No wine, Montgomery?
My regards, Captain Donahue.
Here's mud in your eye, Doc.
Doc, I see you're a vegetarian.
It's on account of the natives.
They've never tasted meat.
No long pig?
"Long pig"?
He means human flesh, Miss Thomas.
What's that?
The natives.
They have a curious ceremony.
Mr. Parker's witnessed it.
Tell us about it, Edward.
Oh, it's - it's nothing.
They are restless tonight.
What is it, dear?
Oh, uh, nothing.
Don't pay any attention to me.
A little more claret, Captain Donahue?
Eh, don't mind if I do.
M'ling, fill up Captain Donahue's glass.
Whoa, whoa. Whoa. That'll do.
- Well.
- Skoal!
- Good night, Doc. That sure was swell wine.
- Thank you.
- Good night, Dr. Moreau.
- Good night, Miss Thomas.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Say, it's a good thing I ain't a drinkin' man.
You did very well for yourself tonight.
Oh, you oughta see me when I'm real -
Yes, I - I have a rough idea.
I remember one night
down in Mombasa -
Captain, uh, that's our room over there.
Oh, sure.
- Good night, Miss Thomas.
- Good night.
Don't be frightened, dear.
I'll be just across the hall.
Oh, I'm all right.
What's there to be afraid of?
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Better lock your door.
- Now don't you worry. I'll be all right.
If you need me, call.
Good night.
Ruth! What is it?
You'd better get dressed, dear.
Ouran tried to break into her room -
Miss Thomas's room.
- But I suppose you know that.
- I heard a scream and some shots.
And that's all you know, is it?
You didn't want it to happen,
of course.
That isn't what you meant when you said
that you might not need Parker?
Will you mind your own business?
I know you too well
and too long, Moreau.
I've stood for anything.
I have stood for plenty.
But not this.
You're insane to even think of it,
and I'm through with you here and now.
Are you going back to England...
to prison?
I'd prefer it.
Same one that peeked out
through the bushes this afternoon?
Yes. It was horrible.
We're no safer here than in the jungle.
I'd advise the jungle.
I'm sure Miss Thomas
would be safer there.
I'm going to the ship and get my crew.
We'll stop this.
- Come with me a minute.
- I don't like your taking this risk.
I've been in tighter places than this,
and the old head is still on its hinges.
- Here. You may need this.
- No, no. I'm already heeled.
I'll take that lantern.
That might come in handy.
Here. Here's the key to the front gate.
Well, here goes nothin'.
I want you to follow him and put
your hands around his throat until -
- The Law.
- It's all right tonight.
Get back there!
Get back!
Thanks, Montgomery.
You must have a pretty good reason
for helping us.
I have.
I'm going with you.
Get back! Get back!
Ouran kill!
Ouran spill the blood!
What is the Law?
Not to spill blood!
Are we not men?
Are we not men?
You broke the Law.
Law no more.
Law no more?
You spill blood.
He tell me spill blood.
What is the Law?
Law no more!
What is the Law?
Law no more!
Moreau -
- Law no more!
- They're more than usually restless tonight.
Where's Captain Donahue?
He is man like him?
Man like him.
Man dead.
He can die?
He can die.
He can die!
He can die!
They're quite out of hand tonight.
He can die!
Dr. Moreau! Dr. Moreau!
They come! They come to kill!
- Where's Captain Donahue?
- Dead.
- Give me the whip.
- Don't be a fool, Moreau. Come on inside.
You afraid?
Lock the gates if you are.
I'm going to meet them.
M'ling. The faithful dog.
He can die!
What is the Law?
Law... no more.
What is the Law?
Not to spill blood.
He tell me spill blood.
What is the Law?
Law no more!
Law no more!
Law no more!
Law no more!
Come on, Montgomery.
Leave it open
in case he wants to run for it.
We'll try the back way.
Quick. They're coming.
- Lota.
- We can't leave her.
Wait here.
Have you forgotten
the House of Pain?
You! You made us in the House of Pain!
You made us... things!
Not men!
Not beasts!
Part man!
Part beast!
Things! Things!
- Part man!
- Part beast!
- Beasts!
- Part man!
Part man! Part beast!
Part man!
Stop, you - Fools!
This is the House of Pain!
Stop! Stop!
The House of Pain!
Pain! Pain!
What was that?
Where's Lota?
go back...
to sea.
She's done for.
- Come on.
- We'll take her to the sea.
It's better that we leave her here.
The fire will soon destroy
all of Moreau's work.
Hah! Little knives!
Don't look back.