Island Of The Dolls 2 (2024) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(switch clicks)
(lights click and hum)
- Oi.
Wake up.
(Lily moans)
(Julien grunts)
- Please!
I just wanna go home.
We, we have money.
- Money?
Don't fucking mention money to me.
(Lily whines)
(Julien chuckles)
- My boyfriend. He's
gonna be looking for me.
- Your boyfriend? (chuckles)
Your boyfriend's fucking useless.
(Lily grunts)
(Julien moans)
(Lily pants)
(Lily grunts)
- Please! (groans)
- Shut your mouth.
(Lily grunts)
(dark music)
(rope creaks)
Move in.
Sit. Sit.
Give me your arms.
(Lily whimpers)
It will hurt less, if you don't move.
All right? Yeah?
I really don't want to have to gag you.
So please stay quiet, yeah?
Look at me. Look at me.
You're doing really well. Yeah?
You are.
Good girl.
(Lily sobs)
- What the fuck?
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps approach)
(Lily sobs)
He was so brave, coming
to look for you, Lily.
(Lily sobs)
Huh? So brave.
(Lily sobs)
I'm sorry.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
But it's my daughter.
I have to save my daughter.
- Your daughter. Where is she?
We can help her.
We've got money.
- "Money!"
Money will not help you.
(Julien sighs)
(Lily sobs)
My daughter's... (sighs)
She died.
She drowned.
She's so lucky we found you, Lily.
It was fate.
- [Lily] How can we help?
- My daughter's soul needs a body.
And a sacrifice.
(Lily sobs)
(suspenseful music continues)
(Lily pants)
It's time.
(ominous music)
Lily, you and Santana must drink
the blood of the sacrifice.
So Santana's soul can breathe again.
(Lily pants)
I am sorry.
Look who it is.
- Lily.
- I'm sorry.
(Lily sobs)
Please, just stop.
(Lily sobs)
(tape tears)
(Lily sobs)
- Let blood be tasted
to take life's light.
The restless soul, restless no more.
(knife thuds)
- No! (sobs)
(Lily pants)
- Lily, no!
Santana, please!
There might not be another.
(Lily pants)
(hurried footsteps approach)
(Lily pants)
(Lily pants)
(intense eerie music)
(Lily screams)
I'm sorry.
You were so beautiful.
I'm sorry, I'm...
(dark music)
(TV static hisses)
(button clicks)
(music from TV)
- [Speaker On TV] I like to wear...
- [Reporter] Rescue teams in Indi...
- Many brave souls have entered,
only to be forever changed by the darkness
living in its walls.
With each step, we will
uncover its secrets,
once and for all.
Welcome to another
episode of "Laid to Rest".
- Oh, Santana.
I've found you.
(brooding piano music)
(brooding piano music continues)
- Whether it be on a clear
day or an unsettled night,
you can still feel the
presence of those doomed
civil war deserters, pleading
for forgiveness, possessed,
trapped here forever.
Until next time, I'm Jo Brooks,
and you were watching "Laid to Rest".
- And cut!
Hell yeah!
- That's a wrap, everybody.
Thank you so much!
Kisses all that stuff.
- Uh, mic's still on.
- Let 'em listen.
(Sadie chuckles)
- Barf.
- [Hughie] Veronica.
Help us load up the car?
- Your arms are full, are they?
(Sadie chuckles)
Is this the only reason why
you have me on set, Michael?
Shooting during the day,
so you can have your light
tech carry your shit?
- We appreciate it, Veronica.
- Oh, you love being here with us, V.
- [Hughie] She loves
being here with one of us.
- Shush, Hughie. You little troublemaker.
- I repeat.
- [Michael] Hey, Jo!
(Michael and Jo chuckle)
- Woo!
- Give me that face, please!
- Um, actually, Michael.
I wanted to speak to you about something.
- Yeah, sure. What's up?
Great job, yet again, by the way.
- Thanks. It's just another haunted field.
We've done like so many
episodes like that.
I want to do something
new. I want adventure.
(Michael chuckles)
- Well, let me know when you find it.
But we can't afford to traipse around
and hope we land on a gold mine, Jo.
You know that.
Besides, we have a good time, don't we?
(Jo sighs)
I love you guys.
It pays our bills.
Hughie and Sadie found each other, too.
(Jo chuckles)
(Michael chuckles)
- I know. I know.
I just want to uncover
something no one has before.
I want something transcendent.
- Mm.
Well, I know that's code
for "passion project".
(Jo chuckles)
We can't afford those.
We do this for the market.
Look, I wish it were
different. Believe me.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Michael] Look.
You're the best there is.
If anyone can find transcendent, it's you.
(Jo chuckles)
- Thanks.
- All right.
(Jo chuckles)
- (gasps) Tori! What did I say before?
- "A large cappuccino, oat
milk, no whipped cream.
Lots of chocolate"?
- About sneaking up on me.
- Oh. "We film the scares,
we don't make the scares."
- Exactly. But the cappuccino sounds good.
- Uh, I'm so sorry.
I just got all this fan email
and I was trying to work out
when to give it to you because
you always look so busy, and,
and great, by the way.
I think this will cheer you up,
because you also sometimes
look all depressed and...
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Thanks, thanks.
(car door slams)
(car door slams)
(Jo sighs)
(Jo sighs)
(Jo breathes deeply)
(Jo sighs)
(Jo moans)
(gentle music)
- [Julien] Dear Ms. Brooks.
I am a great admirer of your work
and would like to invite you and your crew
to my private island, Isla de las Munecas,
to film a documentary.
I feel its story would be
of great interest to you.
People are afraid to visit here.
They say the island is cursed,
but I know the truth is
much deeper than that.
I would like you to be
the one to do it justice.
I promise you, it is like
nowhere you have visited before.
(Jo sighs)
Please get in touch at
your earliest convenience
to make the arrangements,
if indeed you are ready.
Warmest regards, Julien.
- Michael!
Michael, I've got our next adventure.
- Hey.
(Lily gasps)
It's all right.
It's okay.
(Lily gasps)
It's okay.
I found another one.
She's coming here.
Her name is Jo.
She's everything I hoped she would be.
She's confident.
She's smart.
She's well respected.
She's perfect. (chuckles)
- Can I...
Can I go home?
I won't...
I won't tell anyone.
Can you just like, you know... (sobs)
- Hey.
(suspenseful music)
I'm gonna let you go.
You're free.
(Lily pants)
There's nothing to be scared of anymore.
(Lily sniffles)
Up you get, up you get, up you get.
(suspenseful music continues)
(Julien sighs)
(neck snaps)
(somber music)
- [Al] I want double.
- We've already paid.
I've got the receipt here.
- I know.
- We've got a contract
to film on the island.
You were specifically
recommended to get us there.
- Trust me. I will get you there.
For double.
- We'll find someone else.
- You won't find anyone
else to take you there.
They all know about the island,
and all about the man that lives there.
He comes back here sometimes,
to claw through rubbish.
He takes old dolls with him!
A man, alone on an
island, collecting dolls?
What does he do with 'em? (scoffs)
Actually, I don't wanna know.
- Production will never go for this.
Fine. I guess I don't have a choice.
Supposed to be our best production ever.
- Thank you very much.
(somber music)
(ropes creak)
You can get up to the that way.
And good luck to ya.
I'll be back here, on the shore,
tomorrow at noon, to collect ya.
But know this.
If you're not there, I'm gone.
By the way, I need payment
for tomorrow's journey.
- I already paid you for a return journey.
- Correct. (scoffs)
Rate's just gone up again.
I remembered just how
much I hate this place.
- This is ridiculous!
- Bank transfer's fine.
You've got my details.
- Do you know what? Fine.
- Pleasure doing business with ya.
- Yes.
We appreciate your...
Your help.
- Intense fella.
- Hm.
- How can you be that wired,
when you literally own your own boat?
(Jo chuckles)
- This place is so weird.
(Jo sighs)
- I'd call it "transcendent".
(Michael chuckles)
- All right, Hughie. You should
start getting some shots.
Sadie, Veronica, we'll
unpack in the clearing.
Set things up for an intro. Yep?
- Mm-hm.
- All right, let's go.
(eerie music)
(faint giggling)
- Fucking hate this place.
(eerie music intensifies)
(faint giggling)
(faint giggling)
(faint giggling)
It's okay.
I'm leaving now.
And I won't be back.
- [Santana] But I want you to stay!
- Oh, fuck off!
- [Santana] I'm gonna ripe your face off.
(intense music)
- The history of Isla de las
Munecas, "The Island of Dolls",
has fascinated many for years.
His daughter's death
has sparked the island sole inhabitants.
Julien places his daughter's doll
near the site of her death.
His heart aches, willing to
do anything to get her back.
As the years have gone by,
he's placed more and more
dolls by the site of her death,
hoping against hopelessness
that one day, she will return.
But what of the curse they
speak of, of the island?
For the first time, cameras
have been given exclusive access
onto the island to find out more.
- And...
All right, perfect.
All right, let's get
some shots of the doll.
- Sure.
- When you're ready.
(leaves rustle)
Hughie, what's up?
(eerie music)
(faint giggling)
That's a good tape and we need the shot.
What's going on?
- Babe, are you okay?
- I saw something move behind Jo.
(eerie music continues)
- I've been feeling a breeze behind me.
It was probably just that.
Look, relax. (sighs)
Hughie, we need to get these
shots while its daytime.
- It's not the wind.
It's its head.
It's like it's watching me.
- (chuckles) What?
(Veronica chuckles)
- (chuckles) Look at him!
He's terrified! (snickers)
- All right, look, Hughie.
You really need to pull
yourself together, mate.
Are you ready to go again?
- I have a phobia of dolls.
- Sorry?
- I have a phobia of dolls, okay?
It's called pediophobia.
- "Pedo"?
- No, not "Pedo."
It's legit. I...
They freak me out.
Oh, God, I can't be here. I've gotta go.
- Babe, why didn't you tell me?
- Because it's so fuckin' funny.
So what's the story, then, Hughie?
Where did Action Man touch you?
- V.
(Jo sighs)
- Look, Hughie, you're one
of the best cameramen I know.
Think about all the haunted
fields we've been to.
We're all together. We'll be fine.
They're just dolls.
They're just ornaments!
- Haunted ornaments.
- All right!
(Veronica giggles)
Look, let's just...
Let's take a moment, shall we?
It's been a long day
already. We'll just...
We'll put ourselves together,
get the opening shot,
and then find this Julien character, yeah?
- Yep. Yep, you good, Hughie?
- Let's take a walk.
- I think we should...
(faint giggling)
(dark music)
- Hughie's right, you know.
I think I saw it move, too.
But don't worry.
I'll protect ya.
You stick with me, okay?
- Okay.
Looks like there's a clearing up ahead.
I'm gonna check it out.
Getting a little bit
claustrophobic around here.
- Cool. I'll come with you.
(dark music continues)
Oh, boy.
I didn't think anyone
would actually be here.
- Why wouldn't there be?
- Who would wanna live here?
- Well, that Julien guy, I guess
- The doll man.
Can't wait to meet the fella.
- He wrote to Jo. He sounded kinda nice.
- Jo has kind of
intense fans.
So I'm glad she didn't
try and come here alone.
She can be quite naive.
Creepy old house, right here!
- (chuckles) Whoa.
- [Veronica] Right?
- I think it looks kinda cute.
- This
is gold.
(fingers click)
Okay. Change of plan.
Get ready for the next shot, Jo.
We'll get you right up to the door.
- So, the guy who sent
the letter, lives here?
I'm sure he's normal.
- Hughie?
Our viewers don't want normal.
(Michael chuckles)
(door creaks)
- Absolutely not.
- Whoa.
- Hughie?
- Get your camera going, right now.
- I knew you were gonna say that.
- You want your comfort dolly, Hughie?
- Shut up, V.
(Jo sighs)
- Hello?
It's Jo. I'm here with the camera crew.
Michael, this, this is
giving me really bad vibes.
- Perfect. Use it.
Imagine how the viewers are gonna feel.
(Jo sighs)
(suspenseful music)
(door creaks)
- Okay?
(eerie tones)
Oh, God! Gross!
If this guy offers to feed
us too, I don't want it.
- Give the guy a break.
I doubt he has many visitors, you know?
- Not willing ones, anyways.
Proper murderer vibes.
- It's...
- Perfect.
Remind me of that first haunted
house doc we did. (chuckles)
- (chuckles) Oh, is that
the one where Hughie
screamed at his own reflection?
- Yeah. I screamed 'cause
I thought it was you.
- You wish.
- All right, guys, please.
- How many haunted houses have you done?
- We did eight in season one,
but now we keep it to two every season.
You know, otherwise, it gets a bit samey.
- So, to answer your question, Tori, none.
None of them have been actually haunted.
- Uh, they were.
I've recorded so much weird breathing.
- Because Hughie had to walk
up so many flights of stairs.
- What about the orbs?
- Oh, you mean the
out-of-focus dust particles?
- Guys, please. Come on.
- Yeah, Michael, I think I'm
ready to go. Should we go?
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- You good, Hughie?
- Sure.
- You get the take. We move on, right?
- Okay, yeah, yeah.
- Right.
- Okay.
Everyone set?
- Sadie?
- [Hughie] Sure.
- And...
- I'm Jo Brooks and we are "Laid to Rest",
standing here in the
island, Isla de las Munecas.
There is an atmosphere here of loss,
and what might have been.
Julien, living here in
the island's only house,
surrounded by memories of his daughter,
and in the hope that,
one day, she will return.
Julien has given us exclusive
access to the island,
and I cannot wait to
find out what happened
on that fateful day,
and why this island elicits so much fear.
- [Michael] Hughie. We need this.
Your job is on the line here, mate.
- [Veronica] Sick.
(Jo clears her throat)
- [Jo] Should we, um, should we continue?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hm, yep.
- Everyone set?
(tarp rustles)
(Sadie screams)
- You made it!
(ominous music)
Welcome to Isla de las Munecas!
(fire crackles)
I hope you all brought lighters with you.
Gets a bit chilly out here at night.
- I brought my onesie.
- We can't thank you
enough for this, Julien.
We're all honored to share your story.
- I'm delighted to have you here.
All of you.
(crow caws)
- Julien.
You've got an interesting place.
- You're welcome. (chuckles)
- The soup was incredible, though.
- Yeah. Well tasted. (chuckles)
- Julien, I just wondered if
I could ask some questions
with the camera?
- Of course. That's
why you're here, right?
(Jo chuckles)
- When I received your letter,
I was (sighs) thrilled.
I mean, we've all been waiting
for somewhere like this
for such a long time.
- Oh, there is nowhere like this.
- Correct.
- Shush.
(melancholy music)
When I first started collecting
the dolls for Santana,
I would get visitors
from the mainland often.
I think, to begin with,
it was out of sympathy.
But then after a while,
it felt like they were laughing at me.
So I stopped sanctioning their boats.
I felt like it was just
better to be on my own.
But now I think people
should know the truth.
- Um...
What is the truth?
I mean, we've heard rumors about a curse.
- If the island is cursed by
anything, it is cursed by love.
- Oh, my God. That's beautiful.
- Love for Santana?
We're all really sorry about
what happened to your daughter.
(sighs) It must be hard,
hearing what people say.
- Santana is not dead.
- She...
She's not?
- No.
Her spirit is here on the island.
- But not
her body?
- Santana's spirit is what matters.
Her body is gone,
but she still helps
give life to the island.
She knew this would
bring me great comfort.
- [Jo] And where is Santana now?
- The dolls were my tribute to her.
I left her favorite doll
near where she died and,
and over the years, I've just added more.
Now they are her vessels.
They are everywhere.
So she can watch.
She's watching us, right now.
(phone thuds)
- Sorry.
- Look. Do you have
everything you need for now?
'Cause I'm feeling a little bit tired.
Just reliving it all. It kinda
takes all of my energy away.
- Yes. Yes, of course.
That was perfect.
Thank you so much, Julien.
- Are you sure you're
okay camping out here?
I, I have some room inside.
- [Michael] No, that's kind.
I think, I think we're fine.
- Jo?
- Oh, uh...
(Jo chuckles)
Thank you, um, but I can't.
We've, we've got shots to
film around here tonight,
and whatnot and you know,
we'll be back in the morning.
Of course. (chuckles)
- As you wish.
Goodnight, everyone.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight!
(Michael breathes deeply)
- Oh, my God.
(Veronica chuckles)
That was perfect.
- He's a fucking creep! (chuckles)
- Aw, I actually, I
think he's quite broken.
And I really hope we can tell the story,
the way he'd like, guys.
- I think we know what he would like, hon.
(Jo chuckles)
- All right, look. We've got
some good footage today, guys.
Tomorrow's a big day.
We'll get the rest of
Julien's story in the morning.
We'll get a few more bits,
and we're back to the boat for noon.
Tonight, we need some creepy
shot from where the girl died,
and some decent sound from the forest.
- Santana.
- Sorry?
- Her name was Santana.
- Right.
Santana. Sorry.
Where Santana died.
- I thought she didn't die?
(ominous orchestral music)
- I'll record in the forest.
I love all the different
noises. (chuckles)
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
- Uh, no, Hughie. We
need you for these shots.
We can't be up here all
night. We've gotta rest up.
We're up at dawn.
- I can film where Santana died.
I want to be a cinematographer, one day.
I've got a good eye. I can do it.
- She's taken good
establishing shots for me.
- Okay, fine.
- I'll go with her.
She might get lost.
You know what she's like.
(ominous orchestral music)
- All right. Don't be too long, everyone.
Have you got time to go over the script?
- Yeah, sure.
(dark music)
- Are you scared, baby boy? (chuckles)
- It's a phobia. I can't help it.
- I'm sorry.
I wish you would've told
me. We wouldn't have come.
- How am I supposed to know
that de las Maracas meant dolls?
- Well, it doesn't.
"Maracas." (chuckles)
- That's cute.
You're cute.
Come on.
- Are you sure You don't
need me to protect you?
- They're just dolls.
- Aww.
Me hero. (giggles)
- Poor Santana.
This is where they last
saw her alive. It's so sad.
- Well, someone's done their research.
- I just wanna do a good job.
- Jo mentioned it was
one doll to begin with.
Reckon this is it.
- This is it.
- [Veronica] Hm.
It's in pretty good nick, though.
- It was Santana's. It
was very special to her.
I think it's really nice that
Julien left it here for her.
- Do you reckon that
guy even had a daughter?
He's a bit off, isn't he?
Makes a mean soup, though.
- Well, of course she was real.
You don't lie about something like that.
He's heartbroken. You can tell.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
- What's your story then, Tori?
- [Tori] My story?
- Yeah.
You rock up as an intern,
you've got this whole
ditsy-but-in-control thing going on,
but I know nothing about you.
- I, I'm sorry. I'm really not interested.
- Excuse me?
- [Tori] I'm just here to do my job.
- (chuckles) Oh, yeah?
You suddenly wanna
become a cinematographer,
as soon as there was a chance to be alone?
- I do want to be a cinematographer.
(leaves rustle)
I'm not done here! Where are you going?
(ominous music)
(leaves rustle)
- What was that?
- Stop.
Normal rustling to be
found in any normal forest?
- [Sadie] No. No, it was something else.
(leaves rustle)
(distant giggling)
- Okay, I heard that.
- Hughie, I'm scared.
- Who's out there?
Stop being such a weird bitch.
(leaves rustle)
(distant giggling)
- I think we should go.
- No, no, no, no. We're
not going anywhere.
- Hughie!
- This cheesy giggling is just Veronica.
Even though I've never heard
her laugh, a day in my life!
The viewers will eat this shit up.
(distant giggling)
Yeah. Ha ha!
Okay, we know it's you, Veronica.
Just give us something,
so we can go back to camp.
It's chilly.
(distant giggling)
- Hughie, please.
- Oh, give it up, V. Just give
us a little lighting trick!
Whatever it is you're planning.
Is Michael there, too?
Was this all a setup?
Do you reckon this was all a setup?
- I reckon we should go.
- Okay, fine.
Gone quiet now, anyway. She gave up.
(ominous orchestral music)
- Were those here before?
- Yeah, um...
Okay, let's go.
(Sadie screams)
(intense ominous music)
- [Santana] You're so pretty.
(Sadie screams)
(fire crackles)
- Veronica! You scared me.
- And what?
- What's wrong with you, and where's Tori?
- How should I know?
- Okay.
- Michael!
If you're gonna snore, you're
sleeping in Julien's house,
with the creepy dolls!
(tent zips)
(Jo sighs)
- (gasps) Tori! What did I say before?
- I'm so sorry. "We film the scares"-
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm anxious with all this
work stuff, you know?
- Yeah, of course.
(Jo sighs)
- Um, anyway, did you get
what we needed out there?
- Sure did.
- Great, great.
- You know, I think it's really great.
It's very creepy over there
and we found Santana's
doll and everything.
- Oh, cool. Maybe we
can film that tomorrow.
- Yeah, cool.
- Great.
Ah, Hughie's camera.
You can just put that over
there with his things.
- Oh, they're not back yet?
- No.
- You know, I really admire you.
You make everything so accessible,
and whenever you speak to
anyone, you do it with dignity.
You're the reason I wanted
this internship so badly.
(Jo chuckles)
- Yeah, you've been a great
addition to the team, too.
Keep up a good work.
- Do you think Hughie would
let me take some more shots?
- (sighs) He's precious about his camera.
- Yeah. Maybe I'll just wait up for him.
- I wouldn't.
I dread to think what he's
even doing out there, and,
you know, um, maybe ask him tomorrow.
- Yeah.
So, should we just gang
out for a little bit?
(Jo sighs)
- You know, I really have to
get on with these notes, Tori.
(dark music)
(distant giggling)
(Jo pants)
- [Jo] Hello?
(Jo pants)
(Jo pants)
(dark music continues)
(distant giggling)
(distant giggling)
(Jo pants)
(distant giggling)
(Jo pants)
(Jo pants)
(dark music swells)
(doll clatters)
- Jo.
(Jo gasps)
Everything okay?
- Yeah. I'm so sorry
that your doll scared me.
- [Julien] Yeah, they have
a tendency to do that.
(Jo chuckles)
Do you wanna come in?
- I mean, sure.
I just, I'm not sure if
you'd rather be alone,
and I know we said we'd
come back in the morning.
- [Julien] It's no trouble.
I'll be glad of the company.
- Okay. (chuckles)
- [Julien] I can't remember the last time
I had someone here for tea.
- Well, I'm glad to be of service.
(Julien sighs)
- (sighs) Where did you find that?
- Oh, I just found it outside.
Is it your daughter's?
- Yeah.
- "Dear Lily, love Johnny"?
(Julien sighs)
- Oh, yeah. (chuckles)
I remember now.
It was Santana's friend, Lily's.
She must've dropped it,
the last time she was here.
They used to play outside
together, all the time.
- And Johnny?
- Yeah.
And Johnny.
Little Johnny.
(Jo chuckles)
He had such a crush on her.
- I know it's not the same
thing, but, I live alone too.
So, I know what it's like to be alone.
Actually, uh, I just throw
myself into work, you know?
I don't really have any family.
Well, no, the crew. (chuckles)
They're like my family, you know?
I don't think they realize
just how much they mean to me.
- Family is important.
And you know, the best thing about family
is that you can always make your own.
They don't have to be blood. (chuckles)
You know, there is a difference
between being alone and feeling lonely.
I don't feel lonely.
I feel Santana's spirit
all around me, every day.
I feel her warmth.
- [Jo] That's... (chuckles)
That's nice.
- Look, I know you'd rather
stay outside with your friends,
but I have some extra blankets
you can take, if you like.
- That'd be lovely. Thank you.
(clock ticks rhythmically)
(footsteps approach)
(Jo chuckles)
- We used to sit outside and
wrap ourselves in this blanket.
It was Santana's favorite.
It's lovely and warm.
(Jo chuckles)
(chair creaks)
(Jo exhales sharply)
- Um, I wouldn't, without your
permission, of course, but,
I just wondered if you
had any photos of Santana.
You know, it brings this
story sort of more to life,
seeing there's a face.
You know?
- Mm.
- I have many.
I used to look at them, every day.
But it was too painful to see her face.
- Yeah, I understand. (chuckles)
- I have some locked away.
It's getting easier to think
about looking at them again.
- You, you mentioned before that Santana,
you know, sees through dolls.
- What do you want to know?
- Um...
What's she looking for?
- Not what.
- She's looking for someone?
(gentle music)
- Santana was a very curious girl.
She liked to sit in the forest and watch,
when we would have visitors.
(both chuckle)
She used to sit there for
hours, and just stare.
Her and her sister would
stay out there for hours.
- Her sister?
Wait. (chuckles)
Is she alive?
Does she live here?
How old is she?
- Enough!
(plates clang)
(suspenseful music)
(clock ticks rhythmically)
I'm sorry, Jo.
This is all very emotional.
- It's okay, um, I should get going,
because we have a really early
start in the morning and-
- You know I'd never hurt you, Jo.
(Jo chuckles)
- Thanks for tea, Julien. (chuckles)
- Don't forget this.
(Jo chuckles)
- Goodnight.
- Sweet dreams.
(distant giggling)
(suspenseful music continues)
(distant giggling)
(distant giggling)
(distant giggling)
(intense ominous music)
- Santana?
(Jo pants)
- Will you be my doll, Jo?
(Jo gasps)
- [Veronica] You all right, Michael?
What's that face for?
Are you grumpy?
(Michael sighs)
- [Michael] I'm the
director. I have to be grumpy
- [Jo] Morning, guys.
- We need to be getting
those shots up at the house,
right now.
Boat is coming in two
hours. I can't believe this.
- Hughie and Sadie are
still sleeping, or...
- They didn't come back in last night.
- [Jo] What?
- You didn't see them, either?
- No, I was writing some notes
and I went straight to bed.
- I knew it was a bad idea
to keep hiring them both.
Ever since they got together,
they've been wandering off,
every five minutes, canoodling.
- No, this isn't like them. We
should go and look for them.
- No, no. We're not wasting any more time.
Tori, you've got the camera there, right?
- Yeah.
- [Michael] And how do you
feel about taking over?
- I'd love it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- All right.
- What about sound?
I know I torture Hughie and
Sadie, but they are the best.
- (sighs) And they could be in trouble.
- Maybe Action Man came back for Hughie?
- (sighs) We don't know what's out there.
- Please, they'll be fine.
They probably got busy in the woods
and then fall asleep or something.
I mean, Hughie definitely
has, but poor Sadie-
- Okay!
Look, me and Tori are
going up at the house,
to speak to Julien.
You two find those other
idiots and meet us there.
- If those two are having
tea with Julien right now,
I swear, I'll kill them both.
- Tea with Julien?
- Yeah, sorry. It's a bit too normal.
- [Michael] Go.
- Don't get paid enough for this.
- I think I should get paid a little more,
taking on these extra responsibilities.
- This counts as ad hoc.
(eerie music)
- Soon, my child.
(eerie music continues)
(knocks on door)
- We did say we'd be back
to him this morning, right?
- Yeah.
(knocks on door)
(suspenseful music)
- Fuck this.
(door squeaks)
It's Michael, the director. I'm coming in.
(door creaks)
(door creaks)
(door slams)
What the fuck?
(ominous orchestral music)
(Tori screams)
(wood thuds)
(Tori grunts wildly)
(wood thuds rapidly)
(Tori pants)
(wood clatters)
(Tori pants)
(Tori chuckles)
- "Ad hoc."
Fucking cheap skate.
(Tori pants)
(ominous music)
(Tori chuckles)
- Hey.
- Did I do good, Dad?
- We're proud of you.
You've done so much for your sister.
(Julien chuckles)
- Hughie!
- You better be decent
by the time I find you!
- What if something's happened to them?
What if an animal got to them?
- An animal?
- Yeah. Well, something's not right.
Something's happened.
- Relax. They'll be fine.
They're cringe little idiots
and they love each other.
They're probably trying to sneak past us,
while pulling on their
clothes on right now.
- Hughie!
- That was us, once.
- (sighs) What?
- Cringe little idiots who love?
- Veronica, this isn't the time. Come on.
- I'm just saying.
Try and remember how great it was.
- Well, the way I remember
it, it wasn't great fun.
- I don't understand the
fucking nothing reasoning
why you ended it, though.
But it's cool. Don't worry about it.
I don't wonder what was going
on in your head anymore.
I'm over it now.
- Well, if you didn't know,
then that says it all, doesn't it?
- Keep going home alone
and telling yourself that.
- (sighs) Don't, you!
(distant giggling)
(suspenseful music)
- [Santana] Hi, Jo.
I can't wait for you to be my doll.
You should come with me.
- Uh... (chuckles)
Is she for real?
- That's Santana. I saw her last night.
(distant giggling)
- Santana?
Think fast.
(Santana growls)
(Veronica chuckles)
It's just a fucking dolly.
I'll slice that open, like I
did to mine when I was a kid.
(Veronica giggles)
- [Santana] You don't sound very nice.
- Oh.
I'm not.
- I think we should go.
- [Santana] You should come with me, Jo.
- She's not going anywhere with you.
- [Santana] She is mine!
(tense music)
(indistinct yelling)
(distant giggling)
(Jo pants)
(tense music continues)
(Jo pants)
(distant giggling)
(Jo pants)
(Jo pants)
- Michael?
(Jo sighs)
(dark orchestral music)
(Jo sobs)
(Jo pants)
(ominous tones)
(Jo pants)
(Jo whimpers)
(muffled rattling)
(door closes)
(Veronica pants)
(Veronica pants)
(Veronica pants)
(suspenseful music)
(Veronica pants)
(Veronica grunts)
(Veronica screams)
- Sadie!
Sadie! (sobs)
(Veronica sobs hysterically)
(ominous music)
(Veronica gasps)
- Who are you?
- Just a fucking dolly.
(Veronica gasps)
(high-pitched tone rings)
(suspenseful music)
(chair creaks)
(Jo pants)
(chair creaks)
- Veronica. (pants)
Veronica, can you hear me?
(Veronica groans)
Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- I feel like shit.
(Veronica groans)
(Jo pants)
- I think they killed Michael.
- Hughie and Sadie, too.
- [Jo] I'm gonna get out of here, okay?
We just have to find Tori and-
- Oh, hi!
(ominous music)
- Oh, I'm hearing things.
- Nope!
Hi, Veronica!
Mm. Sorry about this, Jo.
"We film the scares, we
don't make the scares."
I tried to make sure
I didn't frighten you.
- You're Julien's other daughter.
- I knew you'd work it out!
You're so smart, Jo!
- What's going on there?
What other daughter?
- [Tori] Surprise!
- He had two daughters.
You brought us here.
- Well, you brought us here.
So desperate for your big story.
My dad found you, though.
Your series is okay, by the way.
I think I could do better.
But you look so much like our Santana.
That's me and Dad!
Oh, my God. Do you know
what could be amazing?
If we could turn this into a documentary.
I mean, we wouldn't be able to
show it to anyone, of course,
but it would be amazing, wouldn't it?
Then me and Santana could look back at it.
- [Jo] You're fucking insane!
- We're so happy to have you here, Jo.
We've been looking for a body
for Santana for a long time.
She's quite picky, but she
really seems to like you.
- You brought us here,
leading us to our deaths.
How could you?
- Not your death, Jo.
We could never hurt you.
But yeah, what about everyone else?
We don't need 'em, do
we? We have each other!
- Tori, you fucking bitch!
Bring your stuffed sister here
and I'm gonna fuck her up!
And then it'll be your turn!
- You're so angry, Veronica.
Do you know how much I fantasized
about breaking your neck?
(Veronica gasps)
(suspenseful music continues)
(Tori giggles)
- Tori.
It's me you want, isn't it?
So just let her go.
- You untie me, I'm
gonna slice that bitch-
- Veronica!
It's me you want, okay?
You don't need her. So
just let her go, please.
- No.
Actually, we need her.
You see, for Santana to take her new body,
we need a sacrifice.
Guess who that is? (chuckles)
I think that will be my favorite part.
(Tori giggles)
(suspenseful music continues)
- No!
- Tori, that's enough!
(suspenseful music continues)
I'm sorry I had to do all of this, girls.
I thought I could just take
two lives and it'd all be over.
But I've had to kill, and kill again!
We have needed Santana's blessing,
and that has been difficult.
(Veronica yelps)
Her spirit has grown very
powerful and very unsettled.
It's taken a lot of work to
find someone she approves of.
You should be honored, Jo.
- You're fucking crazy!
- Silent, or I cover your nose, too!
(muffled screams)
(Julien laughs)
- Why me?
- Santana went missing one morning.
The last time I saw her,
she was playing happily
in her favorite spot.
The next thing I know, I find
her drowned in the river.
It fucking destroyed me!
(Veronica yelps)
I didn't protect her.
I failed as a father.
The years passed and
my pain only got worse!
I couldn't be the father to
Tori that I wanted to be,
because of it.
(muffled grunts)
But I needed to do something.
(Jo yelps)
(Julien chuckles)
(Jo sobs)
The pain.
The grief. The sorrow.
All of that cursed Santana's soul.
It was my fault!
(Jo screams)
I made her a temporary body,
and now all I can do is free her.
She is trapped, and she will stay trapped,
until she finds the perfect host.
And she does have to be perfect.
(Jo sobs)
(Veronica grunts)
(Veronica screams)
Shut up!
(Veronica screams)
Tori was looking for her sister, too.
We'd almost given up, until I found you.
As soon as I heard your voice,
before I ever saw your face, I just knew.
You were everything I
imagined Santana to be.
If she had lived.
Santana knew, too.
(intense ominous tones)
(suspenseful music continues)
Now we can begin.
(Veronica screams)
- Please let us go! Just please, Julien.
(Jo yelps)
(Jo whimpers)
(Julien chuckles)
Please! Please just let us go!
(Jo screams)
(Veronica screams)
(Veronica grunts)
(Julien chuckles)
(Veronica grunts)
(clock ticks rhythmically)
(knife thuds)
(Veronica screams)
(Veronica splutters)
(Veronica gasps)
(Veronica splutters)
(Veronica chokes)
(Veronica splutters)
- [Julien] It is with blood
running the trapped souls
find a crack to escape.
Tori, focus!
(flesh crunches)
(Tori screams)
(Tori pants)
- [Tori] Fucking bitch!
(Tori pants)
- What have you done?
You spoiled the blood of the sacrifice.
- No, I didn't. They can
drink from the same cup.
- They cannot drink the
mixed blood, you fool!
- Forgive me.
(Tori pants)
(suspenseful music continues)
- We finish this, we will
have our Santana back.
(Tori pants)
(head thuds)
(Tori groans)
(Tori moans)
(Tori moans)
(hurried footsteps approach)
(Jo pants)
(ominous music)
(Jo pants)
The longer you hide, it'll
only get worse for you!
Where the hell is she?
(Jo pants)
(ominous music continues)
I'm not gonna hurt you!
I need you fit and well!
I am everywhere!
Jo, I love a chase.
Jo, come out!
Come out, Jo!
Know you're in here,
and I'm coming for you.
(Jo pants)
(ominous music continues)
(pitchfork thuds)
(Jo pants)
(Jo grunts)
(pitchfork thuds)
(Jo pants)
(dark music)
(Julien groans)
(Julien splutters)
(somber orchestral music)
(Julien splutters)
(Julien groans)
(pitchfork clatters)
(Tori pants)
- What have you done?
You killed my dad.
- He wasn't well, Tori! How
many people did he kill?
- He did what he had to!
All he wanted was for
us to be a family again!
- Look. I'm gonna get out of here.
You can come, too. You're a good girl.
And this can just be-
- You're not going anywhere.
(tense music)
You know what? I used to
think you were so amazing.
I couldn't wait for us to be sisters,
to get my Santana back, but
you're not worthy of her.
- She must have been so
special for you to go to-
- She was my best friend!
I didn't mean for her to die.
(distant giggling)
- You killed her?
- It was an accident.
She fell and I couldn't save her.
But she fell because of me,
so I have to do this for her.
- Tori, look. You're not bad sister, okay?
You're not. You're a good kid, okay?
We can get out of here.
We can go start fresh.
We can start new, we... (chuckles)
- I killed Michael, too.
I meant that one.
(eerie tones)
(suspenseful music continues)
(Jo grunts)
(Jo grunts wildly)
(bones crack)
(Jo pants)
(Jo screams)
(Jo pants)
(intense ominous tones)
- I'm sorry for your dad and
your sister, but it's over.
- [Santana] Then you are not necessary.
(intense ominous tones)
(Jo chokes)
You're so pretty, Jo.
I can't wait for you to be my doll.
(Jo gasps and chokes)
(eerie music)
(distant giggling)
(distant giggling)
(distant giggling)
(Jo hums cheerfully)
(Jo hums cheerfully)
(Jo hums cheerfully)
(Jo breathes deeply)
- You're so pretty.
Thanks for being my doll.
(ominous music)
(Jo hums cheerfully)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music continues)