Isle of the Dead (2016) Movie Script

The place is on lockdown!
Wexler: What's the
containment level?
Captain: Containment?
There is no containment!
Wexler: What about the barracks?
-The armory?
-What about my lab?
Lab? That's how this
whole cluster started!
You and your experiments!
Dammit, I have to get
to the lab!
Now, Captain!
Yes, sir!
Security protocol.
Aidan Wexler.
Captain: We need an
evacuation plan.
Wexler: We are not
leaving this place.
We're fixing it.
Wexler: This facility was
entrusted to me. Everything I
have built is here.
I am not going to run away.
You can go down with the ship if
you want to, Colonel.
I didn't sign up to be one of
your guinea pigs.
Neither did my men.
As far as I'm concerned, you can
rot here with the rest of your
If you ask me nicely, maybe I'll
do you a favor and end you here.
You're pathetic.
If you were any kind of leader
you and your men would have held
this facility.
That was your job.
You failed.
Marshall: Help me!
Air's clean.
We're good.
Alright ladies and gentlemen,
we're in the green.
LZ is clear.
Just over that ridge,
turns into jungle fast.
Sat imagery didn't pick up any
heat signatures,
that doesn't mean the trees
aren't crawling with those skin
puppet bastards.
Eyes open all the time.
Sir! Yes, Sir!
Remember mission objectives.
One. Find and locate any
Alpha team survivors.
Two. Get the hell out alive.
And three, kill a ton
of deadies.
You think this is a video game,
Whatever's on this island took
Alpha team offline in less than
an hour.
They were a hell of a lot
tougher than you!
Our single advantage is
we have some idea of
what we're walking into.
This maybe the one day in your
life you get to be smarter than
someone, Pugh.
Try not to screw it up.
Sir. Yes, Sir.
That thing working?
One hundred percent.
Good. Set it for ten hours
on my mark.
What's that?
Safety net.
GPS beacon. Five hundred miles
east from here, there's an Ohio
class sub listening to that box.
We don't hit the snooze on that
sucker within 10 hours,
our friends under the sea will
surmise this island is beyond
reclamation and nuke the
almighty crap out of it.
So, assuming we get out of
here as planned,
one of us needs to
remember to turn the
lights out before we go.
You hear that, Gibson?
Loud and clear, sir.
This island holds significant
scientific importance.
You don't get to just
destroy it.
All due respect, Mademoiselle, I
don't know how the French
government works,
but the U.S. government
made this island.
They want to unmake it
that's their call.
We're on this godforsaken
island for exactly 10 hours.
When that chopper comes
back, I expect every one
of you to be on it.
You read me?
Sir! Yes, sir!
Make sure your personal
beacons are on.
Don't want anyone getting lost.
Duggan, you're on point.
-Copy that.
Doc, you're with me and Gibson.
Pugh, try not to trip on
your own dick.
Jerome, you got rear.
Sir, do you hear that?
I don't hear anything.
Gibson: We've been to a hundred
of these places,
they always sound like
a freakin' zoo.
I don't like it.
You and me both.
I mean what I said,
Gibson. We're all getting
off this island.
The facility is that way.
-Much obliged.
Right there.
One bogey.
Just as advertised.
I wonder how many
more around.
That thing moves half an inch
towards us it's toast.
There's more of them.
To the left.
Fall in!
Fall in!
Fall in!
Gibson: I got the six.
-Fall in! Fall in!
Move! Move! Move!
- Fall in!
- Fall in! Fall in!
- Go! Go! Go!
To the west!
To the west!
Did overall just do that?
Pugh, take care of Duggan.
Gibson: I think that's the
last of them...for now.
Gibson! Med kit!
Gibson: What happened?
-The whole island's swarming
with them!
Pugh: It's going to be okay.
Sir, you know what you
have to do.
-Not now, Doc.
She's one of my own.
You fix her up, best you can.
Yes, sir.
-We gotta keep moving. Eyes on
the prize.
Eyes on the prize?
I don't know what just happened
or what these things are.
But we are not prepared!
-You are a Navy SEAL, son.
You are prepared for anything
and everything.
You hear me?
Jerome. Gibson. Take the west
flank. I got the east.
I got you, alright?
I got you.
You know she's dead, right?
Gibson, over here!
Pugh: I fixed her up the
best I could.
Where is he, Pugh?
Where is he?
That way.
We gotta move.
Let's move! Let's move! Come on!
Let's go!
If you're going to insist on
bringing her, you might want to
shut her up.
It's gonna draw attention.
Let her rest.
Sit her down.
There you go.
There you go.
Bite on this for me, okay?
- You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
- It's going to be okay.
You know what you have
to do, right?
- Pugh: It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
Any morphine?
The facility is that way.
Probably a mile or so.
We're going to have to
keep moving.
And you cannot
bring her with us.
You know that?
Jerome and Pugh can go
with you.
I need to stay here
and handle this.
What are you doing?
I'm going to stay here so I can
position the GPS so I can light
a fuse in this dump.
We have to find that
research facility.
"We"? You're not a member of
this team, Doctor.
You're a piece of carry-on
Listen, our primary mission
hasn't changed.
Yes it has.
The minute that that freak
took our Captain into the
jungle my mission became keeping
my men alive.
On your mission is to find
whatever's left of the
Alpha team.
That mission doesn't get tossed
aside just because you saw
something that scared you.
So, what's it gonna be,
Are you gonna do what
you came here to do?
Or are you going to run away?
Jerome. Pugh.
Are you ready to finish this?
Sir. Yes, sir.
- It's alright! It's alright!
-Look at me! Look at me!
Mikaela: She's turning!
She's turning!
She's turning!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Keep fighting!
Keep fighting!
Keep fighting!
- What the!
Jerome: You killed her!
Pugh: What was that?
Dispatching the problem
before it gets worse.
She was dead the moment that
thing bit her.
Mikaela: You all know that.
If anything you should be
thanking me.
That was not your call!
You are not the leader
of this team!
Neither are you! Or else you'd
act like it.
You know as well as I do what
was happening to her when she
was becoming.
You should have done what I did
the moment you saw it.
But instead you put all of our
lives in danger.
You raise your gun at
one of my men again,
and the next bullet's
going to go...
right there.
Are you done?
Hey, sir!
I think you're going to
want to see this.
Who's Murphy?
The leader of the Alpha Team.
Jerome: There's more here.
This must be as far
as they got.
Dug in and emptied the
whole thing.
It doesn't make any sense.
Search the area.
Sir, listen.
We're waiting time.
We have to get to the facility.
In this situation, anything we
can find right now matters.
Whatever Alpha Team had in
that box didn't help them.
What makes you think it's
going to help us?
I'm an optimist.
Davey Crockett?
Hey Gibson!
Davey Crockett!
Mikaela: What's that?
Gibson: It's a
nuclear-enabled RPG.
Sounds like an Hk-416.
-I think it's the facility.
Alright. We got move.
We gotta move now!
Where is everything?
Just thought there'd be more
What? Remains?
-Well it was protocol
to keep everything
as barren as possible
around the facility.
You know, less chance of getting
something contaminated, moved
around the island.
Or even worse, off of it.
So much good that did.
What the hell was that?
Let's keep moving.
It's locked!
Pugh: How do you get in?
Mikaela: The main
entrance to the north.
You sure know a lot for
being a doc.
Pugh: Hey guys, I see something.
We got incoming, boys!
We got incoming!
Pugh: Sir! Help me!
Get inside!
Henderson! Kurtis! Inside-
Everybody inside! Go!
Get in! Get in! Come on.
Come in!
Come on!
Come on!
Looked like you guys
could use a hand.
I'm Henderson, Alpha Team.
That's Kurtis.
Gibson. Bravo Team.
Nice to meet you.
That hole is the only way in or
out of this facility.
It's on a full recon.
Welcome to the freak show.
We need to get to the lab.
Alright, Henderson. Kurtis.
You guys cover us, alright?
Pugh. Jerome. Take the sixth!
Go! Let's go!
Let's go!
Who the hell put him in charge?
Gibson: Everyone alright?
Anyone get bit?
All good.
Mikaela: How long do we have
until the chopper comes back?
A little over eight hours.
Pugh, ping HQ.
At least we can let them know
we're still here.
Yes, sir.
We're good.
Gibson: Lets keep moving.
Henderson: Who are you, exactly?
Dr. Mikaela Usylvich.
Henderson: First Lieutenant
Phillip Henderson.
And your rank is?
Mikaela: CIA, Special Agent.
I deal mostly with virus and
Pugh: CIA, yeah figured as
I didn't think a doctor could
fight like that without a little
Hey Gibson, you're what, second
Gibson: First.
Ah, rescue and retrieval, huh?
That's right. After HQ lost you
guys, they sent us in to see
what the hell happened.
Well, what they failed to tell
you this is basically a
suicide mission.
With you guys disappearing, it
became clear that the island was
still a hot zone.
So, that's when I
came into play.
Well, now you found us.
So do you think you can get us
off this rock?
All we can do is ping HQ.
We're on our own for the
next 8 hours.
We might as well get
nice and comfy.
Gibson: What the hell
Henderson: You're looking at it.
Murphy got too cocky.
Sent us in unprepared.
We're ready.
Pugh: Guys, I think we're going
to have a problem.
Jerome: Yeah? What's that?
The GPS tracker.
Look, I may have lost it when
that undead bastard tackled me.
I'm pretty sure it's
still active.
Kurtis: So what are you saying?
That in eight hours, instead of
a rescue chopper, we get--
Can't we ping HQ, let them know
we're still here?
Zero tolerance.
If we don't disengage that GPS,
command is going to think we've
been compromised.
Government thinks the best way
to handle a problem is to
incinerate it.
If it's ash, problem solved.
See anything?
- Two.
On 3.
1, 2, 3!
Drop the gun!
Do your weapon right now!
-Down! Get down!
I'm Colonel Aidan Wexler!
This is my facility!
You are not in a secure
You need to come with me now.
My god.
You look just like her.
Doc, what the hell is going on?
He's my Dad.
Come with me, now!
Please, sit, sit.
Please, I haven't had visitors
in over a decade. Sit.
Don't, don't, don't worry.
They are all securely locked up.
There's nothing to worry about.
What are they?
My patients.
I found a cure.
Wexler: Cure. Cure. Yeah, that's
what I said, cure.
You should be eating.
Why are you not eating?
You must be hungry.
She was a brilliant
researcher, you know.
Your mother.
The work we did together
at the NIH, it was really
Did she talk about me?
Yes, at the end.
You know by then she
assumed that--
Right. Yeah, of course.
I, I want you to know that I did
ask her to come with me to the
facility. I did.
She said she just
If I had her help... the
I mean, if this is speculation.
Water under the bridge. You know
bridges burn.
You're here!
You're here!
This um...
This isn't a coincidence, is it?
It's not.
I thought this might be my only
chance to get to know your work.
I've never considered the
I know. I was alive.
Mikaela, I'm sorry.
Colonel, why didn't you contact
Let them know you're
still alive.
What's the point?
I mean ,
The estimated mortality rate
was totaled.
I was considered collateral
The minute the pathogen escaped
the lab...
They weren't coming for me.
They weren't coming for
any of us.
But , that is the point
of a ten year quarantine.
Isn't it, huh?
Yeah. You let the epidemic run
its course,
to kill a possible host.
Starve it to death.
That's why we picked this
island, in fact--
It's a natural limit to how far
it can spread.
Yeah, but what about, birds and
fish? And other stuff?
Has there been a case of an
outbreak in the mainland?
Then I guess that birds, fish,
and stuff are not a problem.
What exactly went wrong,
The order was to create a
weaponized strain of the Ebola
And you know, when the army
embarks on such an endeavor,
We split the work into two
Refining the pathogen to make
the bioweapon,
and synthesizing an anti-serum
to defeat it.
Why do you have the safety on
your gun, soldier?
So you don't kill yourself with
it accidentally.
What we saw out there in that
jungle, that wasn't Ebola.
No. Not anymore.
The head of my bioweapons teamis
also my second in-command,
Captain Marshall.
Marshall, he created some
mutated strains of the virus.
See, he was sloppy.
He didn't follow protocols.
Why have protocols if you're not
going to follow them!
So one of his strains was very
its effects were beyond
something that we could control.
And so when infected, then it
became what you saw out there in
the jungle.
Those dead, rotting,
flesh-hungry animals. Devoid
of any human characteristics.
What Marshall created...
just wiped the soul out of
everyone it infected.
I was overseeing the
anti-serum teams.
We were progressing on a cure.
A virus that would keep at
bay, but it was too slow.
This is why if I had your
mother. This is why it would
have been okay. This
was her forte.
And the minute that it left the
lab we were all caught
I was lucky to have survived.
Too bad you can't say the same
for your men.
How did the pathogen escape?
What are you implying, soldier?
I have been running this
facility by myself for ten
I have protocols. I don't need
your questions.
Okay. You don't have to answer
my questions,
but I don't think HQ is going
to be quite so patient.
Oh you think that you could...
Gibson: What's so funny?
I'm not going anywhere.
The work that I've been
doing here is far to
important to abandon.
Your "work" ended ten years ago.
My initial research, yes.
But what I have been working on
since the incident, Mikaela, it
is very interesting.
So you've been continuing your
We're scientists.
Wouldn't you?
I said, I discovered a cure.
For what?
For death.
Do you want to see?
This is patient 9166.
She had been infected
nearly seven years by the
time I found her.
With the pathogen having
affected nearly every organism
on the island.
Coupled with a mortality rate of
nearly one hundred percent,
finding a cure for the virus was
I had to find a way to reverse
the effects of the virus. At
least to slow its progression.
And it was during my lab,
Myopia, we call it.
I discovered it had an
amazing effect on human death.
You can see, the effects are
just fascinating.
You're experimenting on
your own people.
No, no, no, no. Not people,
Lieutenant. They are cadavers.
They're just a little more
So after all the tests and all
the death, your research hasn't
yielded any progress.
There are many ways to
gauge progress, Lieutenant.
And, my theory is that I have
made remarkable strides in
modern medicine.
And fortunately, I had no
shortage of raw material
to work with.
Sans, of course, healthy
How do you get away with
them not attacking you?
Lots of time.
I have lived with them.
I have worked with them.
And, I understand them.
You can almost say I've, uh,
domesticated them.
Oh my god!
Do not touch it!
They are not toys.
This one is nearly healed.
How can you call this medicine?
All is I see is a horror show.
Wexler: That's because you're
looking at it through laymen's
What good does this do?
Well aside from the myriad of
gene therapies, each one of
these individuals--
...victims... would have
suffered an agonizing death,
only to rise up again.
I saved them from that.
I gave them, I gave them a gift.
And what's that?
What we all want.
A second chance.
I'd rather be dead than some
mindless pet.
They're not mindless.
Henderson: What?
See? They're interacting.
That's correct.
You're a perceptive as
your mother.
They have formed rudimentary
social structure.
They're actually highly
I realized that if I focused on
the cortex thickness,
that I can actually alter--
Would you like to meet
a miracle?
Come here.
How's my favorite patient today?
Feeling great.
When can I leave?
I want to go home to my family.
I know, I know, and you will.
You need to rest first, but
your day will come soon.
Good evening.
Good evening.
How are you?
Feeling a lot better than
Doctor Wexler is a genius.
Yes. Yes, he is.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Okay, okay, Cheryl...
Thank you.
Then why is the jungle full
of monsters?
Why not just do that for
Because you can't cure it.
You can only suppress it.
That's it, isn't it?
That's exactly it.
There is no true way to reverse
the effects of the virus.
But you can keep it in check.
If you catch it on time,
there's an eighty-six-point-five
percent chance of arresting the
virus spread.
Of the thirteen and a half
percent left, most will succumb
to the virus
and then you just dispose of
them by destroying the
Wexler: What?
You just "most" of the thirteen
whatever remaining can be
destroyed by ripping
out the hypothalamus.
I'm not a scientist but if
most can be killed that way,
what's left?
Wexler: Any population
exposed to a virus,
a certain percentage is going to
display an anomalous reaction.
This is why some people get the
flu even though they've had
their flu shots.
It's very simple.
Gibson: This isn't the flu,
is it, Colonel?
This is a super-mutated
weaponized strain of Ebola.
So forgive me if I'm a little
curious as to what
that "anomalous reaction"
might look like.
The anomalies.
There's much more than I could
possibly-- But it doesn't--
Um, there are accommodations on
the level below, if you'd like
to spend the night.
Uh, the building is 100% secure.
Sure you will be safe.
-Henderson: Sure...right.
Thank you, Colonel.
We have a slight problem.
We lost our GPS beacon
in the melee outside.
Unless we can relocate that
beacon and check in.
They're going to be lighting
this whole island up like the
4th of July.
Oh okay.
What's the time frame?
About 5 hours.
Okay, uh...
I will help you locate the
beacon. But then I think it's
best to all leave.
I will guide you to the beach
through a path in the jungle
that I use that is.
generally clear.
Thank you, Colonel.
In the mean time, Jerome, Pugh,
will pack up your things.
As I said...
I'm not going anywhere.
You're coming with us.
No, I was very clear about this.
I am not going to leave my
research. We went over this.
My orders from HQ--
- I don't care what your
orders are!
Mikaela: Dad!
Please, just don't.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
No one is going to steal my work
and pervert it.
No you. Not the government.
Especially, not him.
You can either come with us
willingly, Colonel.
Or we can take you by force.
Come on. It's like
birds and fish--
Contain him!
Contain it!
Pugh: He's turning!
He's turning!
Taking him out!
Taking him out!
Mikaela: Shut up! Shut up!
Henderson: Shoot him! Gibson,
shoot him!
Gibson: Doc!
Talk to me!
Coat? Jacket?
Okay, coat pocket.
The serum's in his lab coat,
just wait!
You have 5 seconds, doc!
Henderson: Doc, whatever you're
going to do, do it now!
Got it!
-You have 5 seconds, doc!
-Gibson: 5!
Jesus Christ! He's turning!
Just shoot him!
Gibson: 4!
- I'm taking a shot!
- 2!
Shot him!
- Gibson: 1!
It's working.
It's working.
Well, this is plan B.
Get him up!
Kurtis: What are we
waiting for? Let's go!
Henderson: This is the window of
opportunity, I say we take it.
We're leaving.
No, no, no! I'm not going
anywhere without him!
He's a compromise--
Mikaela: he's my father!
He is a compromised asset!
We are leaving!
Henderson: He so much as
twitches, I'm going to put a
bullet on his brain.
You make one move towards him
and I'm cutting those off.
Try me.
Calm down.
Doc, we're leaving.
Listen, with this, I was able to
have control before.
Now that I know what to do, I
can do it again.
We take him on the chopper, he
compromises everyone.
You're the scientist.
You tell me what happens if we
introduce the pathogen
like that to the rest of
the civilization.
I just found him.
I'm sorry.
Well now that that's that,
what are we doing?
We're leaving.
-We have 5 hours before
We're leaving!
Let me get to my father's lab,
to see if there's any research I
can salvage.
You got one sweep.
Jerome. Pugh.
Come with us.
See if you can find radio.
Somehow we can contact command.
Keep an eye out on that
son of a bitch.
Yep! Roger that.
The main lab is one level down.
Stairs, this way.
Keep your heads down.
Watch your six.
We're going to head
downstairs, see if you
guys can find a radio.
You got it, Lieutenant.
One floor down, huh?
Doesn't look like anyone's been
down here for years.
We've got company.
I got this.
Give it a shot.
Jerome: Anything?
Like everything else
in this place.
I got to 10-1.
Pugh: Now?
Yeah! Now!
Jerome: What was that?
Get my things.
Jerome: You think this place can
get any weirder?
Honestly? Yeah.
Yeah. Me too.
Let's find Gibson.
Kurtis: Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Mikaela: Psst!
Gibson: Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'll take the main computer.
You take the filing cabinet.
Gibson: What filing cabinet?
That one.
What the hell am I looking for?
Anything XP573.
Gibson: Wait a minute.
Okay! Alright, It looks like
Wexler conducted his original
under the official military
project name, but at
some point he started
tracking it all under,
all under "Katya".
And I can't find any hard
copy after that.
Katya was my mother's name.
Mikaela: Here we go.
After the outbreak, my father
changed his approach.
Instead of working on the
pathogen itself,
he began using the infected to
test and refine the anti-serum.
The bastard was
searching for a cure.
No. He was using the
anti-serum, XP573,
to enhance them.
Without the natural
limitations of living tissue
to restrict him,
he was actually able to improve
their physical attributes.
Depending on their original
condition, of course.
So, if you're a zombie than you
kinda get to, stay a zombie.
But if the infection hasn't
spread too far,
he was actually able to increase
their size and strength well
beyond the human norm.
Beefed-up super-zombies.
What could possibly go wrong?
Well, considering one of the
side effects is increased
Wait a minute, Wait a minute.
You just said that the fresher
the victim the more effective
the serum is, right?
He didn't try to inject this
crap into a living person, did
There are references to tests
on uninfected tissue.
Yes, right here.
Patient one-one-three-eight was
given the anti-serum first.
Results, near catastrophic
collapse of all systems.
They actually had to use the
pathogen to balance the impact.
One won't work
without the other.
What the hell does that mean?
You gotta be freaking
kidding me.
Patient one-one-three-eight...
I am Colonel Aiden Wexler,
Patient 1138. I have been bitten
by patient 1136.
I am going to inject myself with
XP573. Which should halt the
virus at its current stage.
And with the increased rate of
DNA synthesis, should completely
rebuild my cellular structure.
Injecting now.
He infected himself.
What the hell did you just do?
Somebody tripped the alarm!
We have to move now.
-No! Just hold on.
Gibson: We have to move now!
-Hold on!
Gibson: We have to
move right now!
I'm going to have to bypass
security if the alarm is--
- Now!
- Wait! Hold on!
Doc! We're moving!
-Just give me a second!
Let's go!
- I have to bypass security.
The alarm has kicked in some
kind of lockdown protocol.
We've got to move now.
Come on!
Got it.
Let's go!
Come on!
What are you doing?
What are you-- Hey!
- I have to find...
Gibson: You have to find what?
The fridge.
What are you--?
Come on!
What the hell is that?
My Dad's serum. XP573.
So they sent a virologist. How
serious is that shit?
Very. Give me your kit,
your med kit. I need it.
You'd better keep them safe.
We have to go.
Aw, shit.
-I think I just opened up the
whole security system.
Why would you open up the whole
security system?
- I don't know!
I just opened it!
I just opened it!
Keep your voice down!
We gotta go now!
Come on, Doc!
-Got it!
Let's go!
Henderson! Kurtis!
We gotta move--
Come on.
Let's go find them.
Where the hell are we?
Some sort of hellish
nightmare, man.
I just wish someone
would wake me up.
Let's keep going.
Gentlemen. Stand down!
Put'em down!
I said, now!
Tell me...what kind of trouble
did you get yourselves into?
Gibson: Pugh?
Mikaela: Is that Pugh?
Let's move.
Gibson: Pugh.
Gibson: Hey!
What happened?
Found you.
What's going on here, Colonel?
Just an average day on the
Isle of the Dead.
You're a disgusting human being,
you know that?
Mikaela, listen to me.
Do you know why we even named
you, Mikaela?
It's Dutch.
It means, like a God.
That's the work of scientists.
It's what we do.
It's what your mother and I
did together.
It's the work that you and I
can do together.
The right to be a god is yours.
If you want to work with me.
Father and daughter.
We're not family.
You're not my father.
Not anymore.
No, you need time to
think about this.
Time is something you
don't have, Colonel.
The GPS beacon outside it's
still ticking.
In a little less than two
hours, that's going to become a
welcome mat for enough
Trident missiles to turn this
whole island into a warm spot at
the bottom of the ocean.
Unless you let my men go, so we
can deactivate it and get to
the chopper on time.
So, you can either help us,
or we can all die together.
What's it gonna be, Colonel?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Where are the keys?
-The keys on the desk.
Oh, no, no, no. Wait, wait,
wait. I don't do that. No.
Why not?
What'd you do?
I'm sorry.
I can't help myself.
-You didn't. Please tell me
you didn't.
You son of a bitch.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm So--
The others?
-No. No.
He's turning.
Do you want me to?
Help the others.
Gibson: I'll do it.
I'm sorry, Pugh.
Sir. Yes, Sir.
Now let's just finish this,
Mikaela: Are you okay?
Gibson: Yeah.
You let them out?
That isn't good.
We got company.
What are we looking out for?
My mistakes.
Henderson: What do you mean?
Experiments with inferior
DNA that went on.
A little too far.
Kurtis: Realistically, what
are we talking about?
-Your worst nightmares.
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Move it!
We're surrounded!
They're coming!
Go! Go! Up the stairs and to
the left. I'll hold them off.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
I said, GO!
- GO! GO! GO!
It's been a long time.
Let's go! Go!
Come on!
-Jerome! Come on!
Come on! Jerome!
Jerome! Jerome! Come on!
Come on, buddy!
Come on! Look at me!
Look at me!
Okay. Okay.
Easy! Easy!
Jerome! Don't you do it.
I'm already dead!
Gibson: Come with us!
- Put it down! Put it down, man!
Don't do it!
Let's go.
Let's go!
Doc, come on!
Gibson: Doc!
Kurtis, find that GPS.
Deactivate it.
Yes, sir.
This island deserves to
get nuked.
Yeah, but not while we're on it.
Here. Take this.
Henderson, get her to the
rendezvous point.
Henderson: Yes, sir.
-Where are you going?
I'm going to find a little
party favor Henderson's
team left here for us.
The chopper's going to be
here in 90 minutes.
I'll see you there.
What are you waiting for?
Waiting to kill my master!
Where the hell are you?
There you are.
Keep your eyes open.
Hen - Henderson?
Do it.
Do it!
Do it!
It's Gibson.
I'm going to have to kill you,
I stopped the clock.
No one's coming for you.
Marshall: I'm going to kill you!
Gibson: Doc!
The chopper's here!
Come on! We gotta go!
Are you okay?
Mikaela: You know what
you have to do.
Maybe - Maybe if we can get
to the chopper and inject
the serum it can slow down
the process.
Marshall has activated the GPS.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do it!