Ism (2016) Movie Script

It's raining.
The houses that have been built fall apart
Children, women are dying.
Your wife and children?
Then why are you worried?
Go and sleep
Broken houses
Ranging from substandard cement
The houses that the contractor built
It fell from the ground
lives died
Listen to me. Not want
A computer was taken
He do not sleep eithim
Whenever I look, it's easy
What are you doing, son?
You do not have to write back on paper, Dad
Write on the computer
I'm writing your phone
This can be a fireman.
You can communicate
Letters without letters
What do you study with the old man?
Tell yourself. Learn the media
I do not study. The media is good
I do not really learn anything
Hey journalist. I took the money
He did injustice to people
But you do not know what I write
Were you going to print?
And the othim was telling the truth
What do you get?
you idiot
Why do you think so?
What are you arrogant?
That was the media teachim who earned money at that time
I do not like the pride of your eyes
Eyes that look angry
You have to scare
Dad .....
Who is he?
Let's do a good job
Write his name
There's nothing to worry about
This is my name
i will kill your son
I do not know who he is
I did not see
Shall i go
Because the door is closed
Are you joking?
Open the door
Who opened the door.
Open the door
Open the door
Who is it?
.... Who?
Who is it?
If the contractor is killed, the problem
This little one thought it would be solved
But that's the problem
The contractor's not him
Crimes should be committed
His idea is
It can not be eliminated
Every day, crimes in our country
It looks like a rupee
It's new in the way
Technology has changed over time
Tlphone - Cellphone
Computer super computers
The Internet changed our whole life
Massage, Chatting
Skype, hacking
If you have a small cell phone
You can join the whole world
With this technology
The crimes were renewed
Thieves mafia
The mafia has been updated
It was taken to the corporate level
Javed Ibrahim
br 00:09:11,770 -- 00:09:23,870
My dad
happy Birthday
For the first time in India
Cricket scam revealed
The Grand Leuke Company is in contact with this secret
Come on, just step back
What happened?
We got our scrambled up
What scam?
Cricket Cricket Summary
Buckwheat, players
If it's Sera, it's about to come out
Betting is one bucky
Someone was arrested
According to the police, cricket is known
Player Deep Shing also connects to this scam
Tomorrow, the police
Test the player
Your name's coming out, too, brothim
The name's out of the question
Everyone knows that
If the Minister's name comes out,
It can not be done
What's him name?
Deep Ding Xing
Finish it
You bet somebody?
I do not have a habit
br 00:11:00,140 -- 00:11:03,240
Oh. Bail
The game is going great
You give it
Whatever this is
Our Sultan is coming
Who is Sultan?
Sultan is a warrior
No fighters. Only gear

What do you think?
Whom to bet?
I think he's strong
This guy is very strong
he looks a little awesome
We're doing too much
I do not like his behavior
500 euros for him
Let's bet
- To that
My one
You see?
Those who have courage
That's how big
What's your name?
What's your name?
Why is his name now?
You stay
The girl is great
That '
from you
What's your name?
I lost 500 Euros for you
Although. For me
To lose him
I like
For a 6-inch name
6 feet tall
Because of you, you've been very heavily beaten
Are you?
You have too many problems with women
Anyone with a brain
There's faraway
Every man who eats shavings
There are women out there
It does not really work out
He's not a man, man
From now on
That girl is eating my brain
You see that girl, too
Who did it?
he looks like a girl
Who knows who he is?
Whoever he is, what about us?
What about us?
Excuse me, Mr. Purir
Check it out
he looks like a girl
You do not
That girl.
is it?
br 00:15:41,120 -- 00:15:41,970
No problem
Is it ok
Slice some syrup somewhat
Will he get it?
Not getting
Why not reduce if not received?
Why reduce?
Is the end of the naming?
Name is over
Talk to his daughter
It's a little hurry
Give me the phone
Tell your daughter talking
Billions of rupees work
What's your daughter?
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm from javed
Giving attention to your daughter's attention
More than 2,000 million
Got it?
br 00:16:31,840 -- 00:16:32,340
As a parent, I have a responsibility
Do you love anyone?
No, Dad
- why?
I did not touch him till now
Should I search someone?
It's your will
What kind of person do you want?
Say why you laugh
What kind of person do you want? Jai and Bai
India is scared by the name
What kind of person do I need to say?
Just to name his name Jabed-bai
My dad's getting a load of urine
He's heard his name
Hey chuto
- come here
Yes, brothim
- You know what my daughter said?
What is your daughter?
That's why I asked
What did you ask for bye?
His husband says
I'm looking for a guy in Jawad
India's biggest budget
In java, bye
What crime is India?
It's the reason why it is in Jamaica
Death of Deep Sung
The reason for that is in Jama too
Cricket betting
There's a bit of information for me
IP address
Some call from Dubai
Some call Karachchi (a city in pakistan)
Since then,
These cricket betting is the ultimate responsibility
Javed reports that he is Israel
You and Javeed Ebrahim are the same
He studied in college
br 00:17:58,870 -- 00:18:00,580
Is it only college?
What college?
Nizam College
br 00:18:01,800 -- 00:18:04,110
Nizam college
He's anothim badge. I'm anothim
Sir, you two are in the same badge
br 00:18:06,400 -- 00:18:08,640
With the Fairview picture you both have
br 00:18:08,740 -- 00:18:10,480
Are there guys who were in the photo?
There are many people in the picture with Mahesh Babu
Everyone is Mashbaba's friends?
Take pictures with NTR
Are they friends?
A friend?
Do not you say?
Why should he become my friend?
That means Jawaddy in Pakistan?
Jared, my class
My neighbor's home is Javeed
Is this why you stay togethim?
This is the cricket squash
Related media meeting
Ask questions like this
Do not you have a brain?
What is this nonsense?
Tell Javed
br 00:18:42,430 -- 00:18:43,930
Is that a bun?
what are you doing?
At the media meeting
Hardly escaped
You better be with me
Whatever India is
All of you throw on it
We are very comforting
Do I do it in my name?
br 00:18:57,160 -- 00:18:59,750
Brothim Akira
Who we are and who you are
Why did he have a call?
You know
Sai Baba is my friend
Do not talk to me
Your one does not give you a phone
br 00:19:08,330 -- 00:19:11,590
Brothim, he has some money
Do something
That's right
I need some help
br 00:19:14,020 -- 00:19:16,340
Tell me what
We got to college
Karame Beedi
br 00:19:18,540 -- 00:19:20,840
Brothim started our journey
The effects are boiling
br 00:19:21,860 -- 00:19:24,690
I'm fond of the days
Send 4 sets
br 00:19:24,890 -- 00:19:26,900
Just hang on
Who are you? What's your situation?
br 00:19:27,260 -- 00:19:30,670
Take your Quber cigarette
They're useless
Looks like this girl
Send 4 sets
- Send it?
Goodbye Bey Hyderabad
You do not drink autobiography. Do not be funny
- See you later
You have me (a Duc - translation name)
Want to hit?
do you know?
I'm a good fighter
I'll hit you.
I'm hitting him too
I'm hitting everyone
What's Duck saying?
Did Duck think you were duck?
Take it
br 00:20:54,360 -- 00:20:57,380
I'll get it all
I'll shoot naked
How much effort was my parcel ...
he came again to see him
Wait, wait
will come
My parcel
Are you trying to steal?
I'll get your package
Give the parcel
What's your post?
- will come
Let's go, let's go
What's your name?
- Alia Khan
If you find it again
Are you dating?
I do not even ask about getting married
Thaillas roast
Do not show up
Where is he?
No, he's not crazy
Firefighter Yoko ..........
Lavenavada ........?
Can .........?
I want to meet Baie in Jawah
Who are you?
I'm a broker
Name Bosco
Don Bosco
What are you, Don?
Jared Bai Don
You are basque
- Just imagine
- Go
A broker said.
Why do you need guns, knives
I did some wrong wedding
I have a thief
For my protection
- Can you go?
There's an iron inside
do not be afraid
on hand
You can not
- Going
Hi, javi. Bye
Don Bosco
Outside say.
Forgotten. This
Don-donated. You like it
Or I'll get Bismuth
Where is it?
I am a broker for brokers
br 00:26:34,800 -- 00:26:36,990
If you get a deal, you get a tune
Salman Khan, sir
He's RGV, is not he?
I do not like the wedding
And my good friend
he came to him daughter's birthday
do not
Well then, sir. Let's cancel it
Virat Kohli
At least 100 is punched
br 00:27:05,900 -- 00:27:07,730
It's connected, right?
Do you want to? What do you want me to do?
Our daughter
That girlfriend has been removed
Stay here in your front
Do you even have a sandboxed hand?
Rahul Ganni
The only son
Do not disperse the dispatchims
What kind of sir?
br 00:27:32,200 -- 00:27:35,010
I should be afraid of his name in jail
Who are you afraid of?
I do not know
How do I know, sir?
Know it
Take a bite
Know it
Come with the knowledge
If you give a picture of our daughter ...
br 00:27:47,180 -- 00:27:47,790
Not giving
They can show if they ask
That's the daughter's picture
Do you decide on that?
I will not give a picture of my daughter
Do not show daughter
Do not show me.
Tell Babe's daughter in Jawah. All right, sir
Give me 15 days
It's over
Got it? You got it, sir
what is doing?
Pack up the laptop
There's your girlfriend one. Yes
Let me set it up for me
Set you up
I have no such ability
First, my path is clear
Let. Thanks
Beedi Beidmai
Beading? Karam BDD
Karate Bodi?
It's a story
From days to months
Give it, give it
How long will it be?
Came to God
It's awesome, is not it?
Me too
That's what's done with your pocket
You'll need some more
May I have a set?
We're also living in friendship
What's up?
What happened? Sorry, brothim
Not brought
That's not it
What are you doing, brothim?
On the beach, I have a shop
The bargain shop
It's mine
is it?
How much is that for you?
About 20
Very rich
Get down there and screw up
What are you doing here without?
br 00:29:44,440 -- 00:29:45,460
Follow Rajanathan
To what extent, however far
I like being in trouble
There was an ancient river in Bombay
Now, I'm here
I do not want to stay that way
But great here
what are you doing?
Fighting unlawfully
For the sake of quick money
I do not like suffering
What a sad affliction!
There must be good money
Tell me if you have an idea
Finding money is not easy
I gotta do a lot of things
Brothim, I have not had that much time
Tell me if there is a shortage of methods
There are already those who have good money
They have a daughter
Set him up
It's going to work
A dead idea
You're great
Let's follow it
Where have you ever seen you?
Like a well-trained person
What is your name, brothim?
What name? Get the beer tomorrow
See us here
Fucking brothim
Bye bye
Uncle from work
Everything is finihed
6000 remain for a day
That means six lakhs a year
We stopped this too
Sorry. Breakfast is good
It's okay for you
I will not work
What are you doing? Said get
That if you see again, you will be frying it
Come along
Come on Alia
Wait, wait
Wait a minute. game over
Wait where
Touch me
Hey, Allya
The job's done
Stay Alia
Nothing - nothing
Is not it?
Nothing for the ass
Do not follow it
You're going to kill him
Who will kill?
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my dad's name?
I'm from Jaei's Daughter
Who is in jail?
he's not here. Who knows who?
Javed Ibrahim. A big mafia don
If you find out, you and I will kill him
Are you playing with him?
He is, right?
- my goodness
Did you bring Jawad's daughter to my hands?
What kind of love do you have for me?
br 00:32:39,190 -- 00:32:40,750
Sweemy, you got it
I did not help him
Said get
He's crazy
Shut up
Talk to my fathim again
do not.
What is your dad doing?
What to do?
You stay
I'm calling my dad
Tell me you're here
Talk. You stay
Why are you scared?
Talk to me. Come on
Are you bothiming me?
Did Javey's daughter stand on the road?
Is he there?
Yes, dad
Tell him to stay
Will come from jawa
do not be afraid
Come on
There you are
He's a big Don. What's the story with him?
My mummies are coming. just wait
Coming? Or not?
Not coming. Do we need this one? Let's go
I'll send your friend
You go home. He's here
Let's see him later
I was hit. You go home now
You do not have anything?
I do not have anything
br 00:34:41,750 -- 00:34:43,160
I am fine
You go home
What's going on?
Your fathim's coming? Or not?
Or will I speak to my fathim's fathim?
Take care
br 00:35:00,350 -- 00:35:00,890
What happened?
Are you okay?
I do not have anything. Who's he?
Where did I find it?
I went to the legal battle at Legion
From that point on, wherever I go
It's coming, Dad
Today I have to bargain
Did you go fishing with frogs? Yes, dad
Where is he?
Shoot him and kill him
What are you here?
There's a weapon that's inferior, sir
There's a tutor for this
So. he's your daughter
I like to bargain
Whoever they like
They're coming
I'm not free
I gave a word
Who are you words?
Do not you want to ask me?
But if you do not say it now, they are
Come on, kill me, sir
If they come here, I'll kill you
I'll tell you when I think
Then call me
Daughter's life. You come up with a mood
Is there a connection in that, sir?
Are you true?
Today I will pay the bill
I'll pay.
No, I'll pay
I'm calling myself
I repeat, I pay
Do not accept it
I'm paying
that is all
Listen to me ...... Chick
Drink for you
I'll pay the bill
You look like a dustbin
An international problem
What is international?
Tell us, sir. Use us
And taking the arkes
he's bullshit. Use it
Do not you show your daughter? Not showing
Who wants to be the girl?
Do not give pictures?
But should you marry?
Who really are you?
The scanner's on
So, what kind of mood needs you to get?
Is not that enough for your daughter?
I saw
Alone on the street
For example, there is super
There's a girl
What is it? Dude, our girl
A girl?
It was because they went to talk
Our one piece
br 00:37:17,180 -- 00:37:19,750
That means your girlfriend is one.
R. Rahman?
I'm looking for relationships?
So close?
I do not like you from the first day
You're so haughty
Something is done for pride
I was angry and told my dad
If you see ...
Fathim will come and kill
I do not want you to die
is it?
I'm scared of you
he's bullshit. I showed you VitalkoIIy
Sander-in-Hand says
Then what is this?
So what do you do now?
Leave the village
Come on
Let's move your arrogance
There are everywhere
To get rid of that pride
Then love
br 00:38:05,840 -- 00:38:08,620
Let's race
- All right
br 00:38:17,710 -- 00:38:20,200
Huang Chang Chang
There was a tourist
Until then, I do not know
him grandson Takamimoto
You do not know that I and my friends are the ones
We do not need to know
Our one is Sultan
He's coming to attack you
Maybe if one of us sticks to one of you
br 00:38:35,890 -- 00:38:37,410
Can not be
- Is there a bet?
You tell me
If I lose, I leave this village
br 00:38:41,010 -- 00:38:44,070
If you win, you'll love me
Are you in love? Or not?
- All right
br 00:38:48,460 -- 00:38:48,960
Taki, son
If there is such a son, Thakshi
Please come here
br 00:39:13,640 -- 00:39:16,420
Come on, tell him
Son, Takashi
Come on
- Come on, come on
Right now, that's right
br 00:39:25,890 -- 00:39:26,940
Who is this?
- Nothing
Finish it
br 00:39:42,010 -- 00:39:43,890
Mr. Takshini, we welcome
Open the door
Leave your hand
Talk to a god you know
It's you
What are you joking right now?
He'll kill me
Use this
br 00:40:53,900 -- 00:40:55,180
Use this
get up
Hey, taki, you'll be terrible.
to fall
Now let me have a straightforward idea
Do not do it
You promised
I cheated
The latest scam laptop benefits
A company that advertises that lets give 2000
There are millions of people around the country
The money has been paid
Because of my daughter's education
They gave them tired of days
After all, it knows it's a fake company
Everyone will cheat
Do we want to live? Do you need to die?
Hey Alia. Come on
Can you stop telling me?
Why stop it
I have a bank account here
I have an ATM card here
Do you have a bank account here?
Do you know the bank?
Put a bank account here
You have to deposit at least Rs. 1,000 million
Rs 1000?
Do you have that much for the bitch?
What's up?
This is my bank
Paradise Bank is mine
Get out.
Nothing, nothing
My piece has a lot of money
That's for me
Leaving. We're building our lives
Do you have it?
That girl cheated me again
What is he stopping me?
My bodyguard. Send now
You're an asshole
Why Bodyguard?
You say. That's good
he went after the money. But why?
Wade does not work
What did you do?
Followed, I called
Fighting, singing, I danced with it
What more can you do? And this is money
Girls are too big
What is his fathim doing?
What did our dad do with us?
he has plenty of money
Tell me what to do
Money with money does not fit into money
Because they have money
I know it
That's what
Saying love, saying the kennel was after
You had to do a little job
That's why brothim
Money is for girls
It's a substandard thing
Girls whenever they want to
They do not even know
Suddenly settled in a shade
Or set a little poet
Just say one
Soul requires life
It takes hope to live
This is life and hope
You need a smile
I do not care
I'll bet on that laugh
Or someone else's
Decline is dead
Stop the idiot
Brothim does not catch up with this
How to fix it
I know
I'll fix it in my own way
Hey, swindling
I want to talk to you
Come once. I'm not coming
If you do not come
I'm coming to your house
If they have courage come
I have it
Is not it, brothim?
I have it, right?
What is it?
His daughter
If you say, kill
he came home right now?
I'm sorry, I'll be right back
Where is the daughter?
Why, why are you going upstairs?
It's possible to talk
What do you want?
That's it
Prince came
Talk to your daughter .....
You want to talk to your daughter
Or not
Who are you?
All right, sir. You have to leave
Talking about marriage
L love your boyfriend
br 00:46:15,900 -- 00:46:16,770
This is not normal
Feeling me here
Are you dating?
My wish
I love you. Do you not understand?
Look at my eyes
Are you coming?
Not coming
Come on time when you come
If my fathim find out
Kill you
To kill if you kill
I'm ready to die for you
Talk to my dad
I did not come back then
Now you're home
Come on
I'll be right here
Come on
Go tell dad
I'll be right here
He's going to see him daughter
That came to him house
That monastery
The scoundrel. where are you?
I need to see one
You go inside
Nothing, Sofia
br 00:48:12,500 -- 00:48:14,390
I'll see it once
Go with me
He is, right?
He's Interpol's brothim
We've been beaten before
There's one of them
This is a friend
Tell the brothim
That roommate
Let's send the guys home
First, stop them coming here
Or you're over
Actually, we are Ro
The agency is not the same to us
Let's get rid of it
What's crying?
That guy died
No matter how much they said
Who died
- That crazy thing
What's he dead to?
He saw him a while ago
where is?
The gym
You have not died yet
You stopped for yourself
What's going on?
- What did I do?
What's the matter
A billion of cells in the heart were driven
Everything is running
Get a little bit of this
If he did not even killing you
My heart stops
I'll give a kiss
If I take love
It's impossible to endure
If you have a strong balance
- Not right?
The soul is life's life
It takes hope to live
This is the soul, the hopes
Your smile is uncomfortable
For that smile
Give me a break
Or somebody's gonna kill you
I ran away from my early childhood
Since then, I have not gone home
How are you, Mom and Dad?
I do not know
Even if he's forgotten
Remember only mom
What is your mothim's name?
What did your mom have?
I do not remember it
Mom's name is Rasia
My mothim was with me until 8
Not after that
Since then, I have been a fathim
My fathim
- I love him
How much?
You say how much you are
What's the name?
Don Bosco
You stay
That's the name of the bank
You write, sir
How much of it?
If you show this
But you get a crore
Your job is fine
Thank you, sir. Dad
I do not have that connection
That's why he likes it
I'm asking you not
I do not like Dad
What's that? Because of you
He liked this
br 00:54:22,010 -- 00:54:22,640
What happened now?
What's him name, daughter?
Kalyan Ram
what is doing
Speak here
Which village?
Where have I come from?
I do not care about his background
He likes you
The good news
The soul is
br 00:54:42,700 -- 00:54:44,790
It takes hope to live
This is life and hope
You need a smile
I'm putting that smile into it
Or someone's hitting you
This is
I do not care
What in the middle?
How do you know this poem?
He's a big liar
I'll give him that poem
Get a girl with money
I told you
How do I know that I will use my account?
If he loves me
What's your problem?
It's not love
Take me with him
I'll show you in front of you
br 00:55:17,900 -- 00:55:18,270
I did not name the call before
Who do you know? Javed Ibrahim
where is?
Where's Aru
Kalyan Ram
That's Kalyyan Ram
- Nothing
Do not shoot him, Dad
Bro! Let's get the TV out soon
I've been running away for so long
The perpetrator wanted in India
Javed Ibrahim
Some people say they're in Dubai
Some Karachchi (a city in pakistan)
Saying there
But really, Jared is
Tenerife Island
Which is close to Morocco
On this island
Secretly living
This is Jared's right hand
The right hand
- Chato
This is Jared's house
Our Jvad is on the beach alone
There is a habit
Javed gives the parties a day's birth
His daughter is talking to marry the princes
We have not known Jevad until now
The government has told 100 witnesses
Now I have everything
I'm PM and RAW
Ask the chief
Sir, it's your job
He's bringing justice
Anothim thing is Hyderabad
Karim Beedi is
I'm very fond of you
Jevad Ayya
Interpol can be surrounded at any time
Hurry up all over here
Got it?
Now understand what he is
A big swindler
No, Dad
he really loved me
You do not talk to me
Gunfight started
Your fault
Are you still there, daughter?
br 01:01:04,900 -- 01:01:06,230
What did you see on TV?
He showed us all in our house
Oh, shut up
Everything's in the street
This is all because of him
Do you not understand?
What is this connection?
Oh, crazy
You were approaching home
I gave in to me
He did not come for you
For me
He's Grand Leo
The owner of the company
What do you know?
It's a web site
No one knows who that's doing it
What does he know?
In India, accidents, corruption, crimes
Everything will be uncovered
Early cricket schedules
This is what put it
The ChipFunds of Bengal
Gala Indians in Kerala
One? Two?
It's all over
I'm a congealist
He's a covered journalist
If you catch me, you will be arrested
If he hears it, kill him
No one knows what he looks like
You and me
Those are crazy media
It was taken to a separate place
What's him name?
I do not know
Not Kalyyan Ram
Where's my laptop?
where is?
If he takes my laptop
It's all over
Did he take my laptop?
Or not?
The Grand Ledge's work
Fearen Javed Ibrahim
Just a while ago
There have been many enemies of my life
Police, thugs,
Knives brought bugs
he settles in here
Dala swore at me
He phoned to me from behind
I helped with that
My dad
I know your daughter
How much grief
How terrible you were?
He's both our enemies
br 01:03:12,330 -- 01:03:14,240
We both togethim
Kill him. Right
Alia runs away
Why are you looking at it?
Can you? Or not?
Mom, I'm sorry. Where did you go?
Do not attack. Where did you go?
Mothim. Mothim
If you stay here for so many days
What about us?
Say sorry
Why come now?
Why is your son coming to my mothim?
It's hungry
Divide the food
Available, available
It's so hungry
Once a day, you can eat and eat
You do not change
Those who protect the land are ours
A faction does not give up
Just be careful
Whenever the threat comes in
No one knows
My daughter escaped coming from India
Where to get there
Why come?
For a chariot
Tell me where you are
Let's kill him
He knows Jared Bhai's daughter?
And who did we do?
We take our batons
Is he uncle?
From farmers in this country
Do not listen to me, boy
How is your son?
Government's money
End up
Do not we eat?
I do not understand what I do
he's ashamed to live like this
But they're not looking at the farmer who gives Eve
Newspapers are always farmers
I've seen him die
Farmers are lonely
It's my baby
It's those who have the courage
Poison is dead
But people like us are alive, son
That's what our men said to us
Do not do this well
But he is
- He's ...
What is that education?
- The media
It's learned
That's why somebody can get better ....
You do not know
I do not know, son
Jawed about
Not over yet
There are many more to unveil
It's sad for the cricket squash
He looked for it
I found out
Cricket scramble is not anything
It's bigger than that
Every one is betrayed by the ass
He's in touch with him
They're all their black money
There, there's the bank
Who knows who owns it?
Javed Ibrahim
This is Jared's private lap
To enter this one
It needs information from a bank accountant
That's why his daughter Alia
Information was taken
That girl's account is hacked
We can go to that account
Bank server can go
And .....
Our archways are so vast
I can tell you
Are you ready?
Shall we try once? Yes
Let's go
That's the girl's account
Check it out
A lot of people are short
Only 536 billion is available
Now log on to the bank server
Where is your daughter?
What happened?
Someone is your daughter
Entered into the account
Now they're on our server
Attempting to enter
Where is it from?
Somewhere in the hydra.
Where is CycladGooda?
I'll send you the GPS
Hey jibal
Where are you from?
How long will it be?
Anothim 10 minutes
You do the same thing
To eat?
Mothim asks
- What is the menu?
There's anothim special thing
It's delicious
Who does the door?
Who knocks on the door. see
Who's dad right now?
Who is a girl?
- A girl?
Ask who
- Who's to see me, daughter?
br 01:16:33,750 -- 01:16:35,690
Your son needs it
- It's okay
What's your name?
Name, name
Alia Khan
Alia Khanu
- Alia Khan
Dad, you and I have no contact
Send him out quickly
It was not our house
What's he coming up with?
Where is your son?
A friend's house goes to comming mode
10 years pass
I did not bring my notebook back
Talk to him
Why is this daughter?
Are you a 10 year old boy?
Yes, please
He is a 10 year old boy
Your son cheated on me
He left me
Talk to your son in a good mood
We do not know where he is
Give the phone
Will ya be him?
Sent, right?
Are you okay?
Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave?
- game over
Coming out. A loving girl
How are you leaving?
I do not love you
It's here to tell my eyes
So this is how
Have anything to eat?
What's the daughter?
Have anything to eat?
What do you want, daughter?
What's the menu?
What's the menu?
There is something special
It's a secret
Get the Grand Plains quickly
If this whole thing is coming out
The government is over
Not only the private sector
Even the state systems are hacking
Is this a big crime?
Come on, come on
br 01:18:27,000 -- 01:18:30,020
The list of Paradise Bank came
From today, tomorrow will be dying
If so, our death
Why so much money was added?
That party, this party is not
It's all there
Everybody has a place
br 01:18:43,760 -- 01:18:47,200
Fake all togethim
He has put a big thief in it
If you have a Paradise Bank account
Deadly world
Do you think so?
It's fake
Everybody counts billions of dollars
Whose fathim is the earner
You think that?
You're skinny for everyone
The work started
Paradise Bank
The island of Tenerife?
The owner is in India
One of the most desperate criminals
Javed Ibrahim
br 01:19:13,530 -- 01:19:19,120
And the entire dispensers are running
All by peers
Now I'm on the list
Thieves .....
All of you are God Manish Shinde
1.67 million crores
Our Siddharth Malhotra
br 01:19:32,330 -- 01:19:34,140
90,300 million
Business icon
Nayan Shastri
Rs. 1250000 million
Similarly, it is our big and big minister
Mr. Cotillingell
Rs. 32000000 million
It's all one bank
There are more banks like this
Sir, are you worth millions? not
true? true?
You're not yours
Can You Proof?
I offer my names
If you do not offer me, then?
People's leader
- To prove it
Do you have a Finance issue?
I'll tell you that. Do you prove it?
The Grand Ledge
Century Arts India
The word of the dispersalists was lost
Without sleep, without speech
Everyone has become clammy
Did he did this so dude?
That's the Grand LeChred
I want to hit someone
Shown on TV
What can this mean?
From our home
It's the house to see
Oh yes
Bye, you're now India
If he goes, he will be arrested
Who arrest me?
For the last few years, India has gone 8 times
From Pancanhan from the road
Gelsa Wagala came
India is my place
Let's go
Then I tried to mislead him and tried to mislead him
Now look what's happening
Sorry, bye
What is this? Trust you
Everyone puts money. What happened?
I'm telling everyone
Everyone asks me
Because what's troubling
If you say your name,
If you ask a question
You stay calm
If you ask the bank, they are
Tells you do not have an account
First find out where my daughter is
The Great Lekah Fighter
Crazy criminals
Your son is a big thief
Big poet said
Your son
You have a smile
I will survive for the rest of my life
Telling such things
What girl is caught
And I'm a girlfriend without Mom
Play with me
How did he react?
Why did he do it?
Is not there any difference?
Stop cutting the Bangkad
You're just like that
Where are you going?
You do not know about me
I am Alia Khan
- Go to sleep
Not even a picture at home
Are you safe?
Are you there?
No one knows what he looks like
You did not send him a picture
CBI put it on the task board
All of the Cyber Teams
He goes after
And a special officer for him
Someone sent for me
That day
Why not?
If you get him
Just get the daughter
br 01:23:18,100 -- 01:23:22,880
Hambaunot .........
Jevad's daughter, yako
He looks crazy on the road
To see him pleasure in him pacemaker
100 have been killed
If anything happens to him ...
Bombarding hybrids
br 01:23:34,670 -- 01:23:37,850
Are you taking Jade Bae's daughter?
Do not give up
How did you find him?
Because of you
- Because of me? Because of you
You said Karate Betty
- You did not send
he caught me
To ruin me
From the hunger they taught
It's your dad
he does not have much of this
I could not afford to eat
Why do you know now?
That's about the government for that death
Because you can live by giving money
10 to eat
Unworthy education
What education?
What he says is true
Education that can not be eaten by 10 people
What education?
It's not working for that education
Let's eat it all
What is Abeba Mass Media?
Getting the truth out of the way?
Those who destroy the land
To show?
What are we doing?
We left out the matter
It's just two days
Funny news
Then it will be forgotten by the state
People also forget
From now on we're not showing
I want to see
Mike is not playing
The country has stolen money
They borrowed in the banks
Who asked me is not mine
Not mine
That's not the case
What's the deal?
of our
Let's get our money back
Files and mailed them so far
Now, do it the same way
Let's get our money back
Our money is there
But there are locks
This should be done a lot
If you want to hit it, you should not have the lowest hackers in the 5 hierarchy
At the end, Paradise
There is not a bank there to be
br 01:27:01,800 -- 01:27:04,110
Bank security from you
Who are working on the systems?
You need to guiding othims
This is a war
Our money is back to war
Are you with me?
And in the same way
On the 12th
At 12.00
Tenerife is 6 hours behind
At 6:00 am
Everybody is tired
Systems are running
Server servers all over again
br 01:27:43,400 -- 01:27:45,000
It's time
Are you with me?
Son of a girl
Hold the gun
I am afraid
I count 100
Before then, you should be in front of me
Or the vine leaves
I'm Jade Bai's daughter
My fathim is palling
What are you hitting?
- Wait on your mom
You did not even play much
My mind does not change
br 01:29:00,120 -- 01:29:03,130
You said it
- Your eyes are watching
br 01:29:04,170 -- 01:29:08,050
I do not love you
I made magic. Cheating
br 01:29:08,730 -- 01:29:09,560
It makes me sad
br 01:29:11,210 -- 01:29:12,100
It's not working for that education
Let's eat it all
What is Abeba Mass Media?
Getting the truth out of the way?
Those who destroy the land
To show?
What are we doing?
We left out the matter
It's just two days
Funny news
Then it will be forgotten by the state
People also forget
From now on we're not showing
I want to see
Mike is not playing
The country has stolen money
They borrowed in the banks
Who asked me is not mine
Not mine
That's not the case
What's the deal?
of our
Let's get our money back
Files and mailed them so far
Now, do it the same way
Let's get our money back
Our money is there
But there are locks
This should be done a lot
If you want to hit it, you should not have the lowest hackers in the 5 hierarchy
At the end, Paradise
There is not a bank there to be
br 01:27:01,800 -- 01:27:04,110
Bank security from you
Who are working on the systems?
You need to guiding othims
This is a war
Our money is back to war
Are you with me?
And in the same way
On the 12th
At 12.00
Tenerife is 6 hours behind
At 6:00 am
Everybody is tired
Systems are running
Server servers all over again
br 01:27:43,400 -- 01:27:45,000
It's time
Are you with me?
Son of a girl
Hold the gun
I am afraid
I count 100
Before then, you should be in front of me
Or the vine leaves
I'm Jade Bai's daughter
My fathim is palling
What are you hitting?
- Wait on your mom
You did not even play much
My mind does not change
br 01:29:00,120 -- 01:29:03,130
You said it
- Your eyes are watching
br 01:29:04,170 -- 01:29:08,050
I do not love you
I made magic. Cheating
br 01:29:08,730 -- 01:29:09,560
It makes me sad
br 01:29:11,210 -- 01:29:12,100
You're grieving
Such feelings are weight loss
br 01:29:16,040 -- 01:29:17,850
Do you know how many of your dad's been killed?
You know how to play with a lot of lives?
Then go get involved with my dad
Why I played with me
What happened?
Let's go, your time is over
Let's go
I'm not leaving
- What are you doing without going?
Get out
- If my dad told you, he would do you a good job
Come on
I'll stay here
Tell me what to do
Mom, where is him bag?
Get out
Why did they come up?
This is the market
Not your house
My wish
What are you looking at?
Do not make me guilty
Why do you know?
You did wrong
It feels right
Let's go in, Mom
br 01:30:09,900 -- 01:30:11,720
My son
If you make a film with this
It's gonna be fine
Mothim, he lay down .....
You eat a daughter
Why should he go for something to eat?
From the top of the head
That's not it
How did we get our house?
You said
- What's your mothim's name?
What a big criminal
My mothim's name is not lying
Help card office went to the office
It typed it
The address came
It does not matter, anyway
br 01:31:06,330 -- 01:31:07,980
Go to your house
I'm here
What to do?
I do not love you
Say again
Do you not understand?
That's what you can not do
You can not fool
We did not make you like that
I do not know love, you silly idiots
He's here
You go out
Who is he? What are you doing in there?
Send out
Javeid is in town
We kidnapped our Haradish
Tune in Harish's phone right now
Tell me where he is?
Kill sir
Kill me
Calling to kill
Where did you find yours?
Do not ask me
Give your daughter your daughter
I came to take the friend
Hey, hey
Take my daughter's neck. I'm trying to make love
Not funny
It's like ghosts
Follow me
That I do not love
Do not ask
It's crazy. My daughter
Say crazy about crazy
Give your daughter
Give me my friend
Why is this for me?
- What's this for?
Give me my daughter
Hey, handsome
Alia, come on
Do not leave me behind
Do not kill the truth
What did you call you?
What's his name?
Full name
- Say
Give the phone
No, Dad
How long will it take?
It's a big database
Collect all
It's 2.3 days
That girl is
he's not there, Mom
Give it to his dad
Why did you do that?
A golden daughter
Do you know how much you like?
Mummy, he's not good enough to be here
If I go to jail
No bail
You need a lot outside
This mission is very important to us
12.00 pm on the 12th
Give him some food
It's coming in for a month
When will it ever come back?
Put the turret
Do not touch the thief
The villagers were caught to catch the thieves
From hiding for so long
The owner of Grand Leki will be caught
him name is TrueMartan
University of Osborn
Learned the media
Othim injustices
To expose
There was a secret wedding site
He's a high-ranking journalist
Mr. Dayaratne's son
Is this our son Diyasrath?
Telling about Sathya
A lot of people here are crazy
One journalist, a journalist, a newspaper,
The most likely is a TV channel
Media Media, known as TrueMattern
10 times more than the media
More than 1000 people work for him
All media students
In India, somewhere
They do the same job
Just working with him
How's Faithmarket?
They do not know
They are
The truth is, Martha does not know
Everyone works for Truthmarthan's ideas
All hackers.
Very clever people
Even the government
- Personal
What system is
As you can, it's easy to hack
Who will talk to anyone in India?
Whethim it's mobile, landline
An average of 10 million calls
Have they got my colts recorded?
When he's in PM's koll,
Why are not you, sir?
It's all right
The way he did it was wrong
This is about people's leaders
Trust is lost
What is he doing?
Throw in something
You're saying that terrorists are
Give the death sentence
The whole country supports him
All media outlets are on his side
Now if he's sentenced to death
The killer
The man who made the selections will kill him
Release the holy one
I've been in hiding for years
he's here
My Paradise Bank was horrified
Now I brought him to the street
He does not come out of prison
The prison will die
What are you crying about?
He made you too
He made me
I got a nap
Jared Bei's life is not scared
br 01:42:20,890 -- 01:42:22,080
That rifle ...
I asked for it, Dad
But I do not care if Jared Beau is scared
He and my husband
He said he wanted the way
If my dad violates the language
I'm going to overwhelm me
You know who I am
I'm Jade Bai's daughter
I'm jumping on this plane
I came to see you
All these days, we have a jar
We did not sleep
What are you getting, Raja?
Have fun
All my phones have been recorded
I'm talking to Javed
I'm talking to friends.
Give me a thing like that
Can you?
- Not right?
What's wrong with what?
I'm scared of seeing you
It looks like a terrorist
Test yourself
A special Commission was appointed
Do not talk crazy tomorrow
Make a mistake
That's not it
I'm only talking about live TV broadcasts
What's in live broadcast?
In the commission of the Commission itself
About me, my people
Talk about it
You know about me
Your friends are four
All of them were killed
Your fathim is also a journalist
Putting him off
Kill pieces and kill them
he's in jail
What is our plan now?
I do not know
Anyone know the code?
Ms Sathya Muthan who was hiding has been hiding
In the Court of Arbitration
Let's go live
Tell Truth to Martha a few cases
It's been wronged
State property theft
Establishment of violence
Explanation of security information and othim matters
Why did you do this?
You have lots of cases
If you have something to say
Tell the Commission
Sir my fathim is a media professional
Name Dasrathram
I was an underhand incident
My favorite journalist
I do not like being scared
I felt sad
Then there was anger
That's the image
This is the Grand Leakey
Those who destroy our country are not the only ones
There are othims who love the land
Because of their support
I could do these things
I made 10 years to fix this
We got freedom, sir
The British people are holding us
They beat them up and dragged them
br 01:46:28,330 -- 01:46:29,390
But they are us
Made roads, rails
I made it, building it, and made dam
That's all for that? We are talking now
But after gaining independence, they are 100 times better than theirs
We are, we're lost
Today, let's learn our children
It's not about the past
About those who destroy us with us
Who is it?
- You are
To remove clothes like people like that
This is the Grand Leakey
Independent daily rupee price equates to $ 1
That rupee we all have
I'm very tired
It was brought to 65
This is the reason
Of frauds
Whatever it is, the people will not get it
Agricultural Skim, Medical Skills
Resen Skem
Do not
Loot the loot
Cricket schedules, golf scouts
ChipFund Scam
Attack each othim
If we attack everything, we will
Life is different
The shit did not change
The rotation process did not change
Because of hunger, farmers
The deaths did not change
We also plunder the farmers' food
Thimavada thieves
Put the barges he was looking for
The houses, the Almara are not enough
Tenerife, sir
Paradise backs up
It's not black money, sir
Our tiredness
- Our blood
Our media is in the country
Everything is taken out
But you did not do what you wanted to do
Not done
That's why
What you're supposed to do
I decided to do it
- do
My Sri Sri, Sri
br 01:48:44,330 -- 01:48:45,160
Exactly 2 minutes
Hacking accounts of our big ones
What is it?
- What's the hack?
Did you say to hack me?
Who said hack?
Hours, minutes
At the time of the bargain
Money flows to our India
For all the poor
For every farmer
Every house with a radio card
All those who have help cards
This is the money
For every account you have at a minimum
This is the money
Elderly homes
The Red Cross
Blue Cross
- Old people to get pension
Check your mobile check
All farmers who borrowed
Check your bank accounts
Tractor to buy water
If you do not have bank accounts
I'm not doing anything
If it were, your home
Lakshmi is coming
That's help card. Keep bank accounts.
No one knows which time
Thinking what's meant by it
I am sending hundreds of thousands
Without my place in my country
There are billions of dollars
A lot of a day does not have to eat
The bottom is dying
A lot of money for me today
I can not give it
But your money
10% of the time, OK, 20% is right
Do you have the heart given to the afflicted?
Are you with me?
You did not pay the money
If you think about holding up
This is because you are devastating this land
it's time
Your mobile and
Check the accounts
I did a mistake
It's illegal
Whatever punishment you are, I am ready
Even though he was imprisoned and sentenced to death
Whatever I'm saying here
Coltanga, my dad killed me
Something will happen to me sometime
You were scared
Something will do to you today
If I'm scared
What is the meaning?
Just (True)
He's dead for the land
He's dead for the land
What's bigger?
One is not one
The clubhouse
Do not give up on anybody's brothim
The realm of happiness is filled with the satisfaction of everyone
All over the country, Holly is celebrating
where is?
- Where are you taking?
Who are you?
The whole country is celebrating Holly
The whole of India is full of color
How many more will I kill?
How many, though
For my daughter
br 01:57:25,070 -- 01:57:26,500
Get rid of cuffs
Hey jibal
You escaped him
I found out
It's a cricket ball
He is our enemy
That Javed does not have a brain
If he asks for his word, he will be gone
We're all in the stomach
Everyone is togethim
Not one, not two
Rs. 100 million
Kill him
- Kill him
Whom did you call?
A minister gave me a fake wedding
By killing, he gave Rs. 100 crores
Because everybody is watching him
He's my son-in-law
Give 100 crores
Not even buddy, God even kill him
How do I know?
That I will come against my people
It's good for you
They're going to end today
Your phone will be gone
br 02:00:55,490 -- 02:00:55,990
br 02:00:57,080 -- 02:00:59,020
More than billionaires
My daughter is big for me
Do not go in there
I want to tell you
br 02:01:04,150 -- 02:01:06,010
Do you love him?
I do not know
br 02:01:08,210 -- 02:01:09,990
Tell them once more about love
br 02:01:10,300 -- 02:01:11,220
I'll leave
br 02:01:14,840 -- 02:01:15,520
Have you gotten it?
SHAKTIjeet / font
Do not confuse the police
br 02:01:49,710 -- 02:01:50,940
To live somewhere like me
br 02:01:53,800 -- 02:01:55,080
You are a person who wants the land
br 02:01:55,860 -- 02:01:57,040
The only ones out there are good
Then get us to cabbage
br 02:02:01,130 -- 02:02:02,580
where is
- Cabbage
br 02:02:03,450 -- 02:02:03,950
br 02:02:08,720 -- 02:02:10,250
That's true
br 02:02:10,460 -- 02:02:12,200
Go back to hiding
br 02:02:12,870 -- 02:02:14,260
He's one and that's just good
br 02:02:15,110 -- 02:02:16,160
What are you saying?
br 02:02:16,550 -- 02:02:19,580
What injustice is there anyway
No god tells us
That's it
Only a media sergeant