iSmart Shankar (2019) Movie Script

Our brains are remarkable and miracles.
Even what they can do everything
all is we give them high technology.
Hipo Compass is the gateway of memories.
Short term memories are stored in the proformed cortex.
But eventually they have to be transferred to the long term memory.
And that's where the hippocampus comes in.
From one snail to another snail
through injection of RMA
scientists had transferred memory.
Not just restoring memories, even on other matters
through cellular messenger, RMA
plays an important role.
Memories are stored in the nucleus of neurons.
Through RMA
Scientists believe that these memories
can be restored.
At present, in many labs in the world
research is continued on the memrory transfer.
Now we welcome the young Nero scientist, Sarah.
WBE, Whole Brain Emolution.
This is also called mind upload, brain upload or mind copying.
There are 86 billion nerve cells in human brain.
Every neuron connects with another neuron
through dendrites and axons.
This is a cute rat.
If you are able to take the mice and access electrical signals
processing through it's Hipo Compass
and record them and shock these memories back into it's Hipo Compass
the mouse remembers the task.
Let me show you my cute rat. Rat.
Come here, come here...
Guys, please help me find her. Oh, no.
Check there. Check under the chair.
Where is it? - May be there.
Where is it?
Hey! - Where?
Hello. Yes, Arun, tell me.
Why are you tensed?
My rat went missing, Arun. - What?
The rat, on which I am trying memory transfer.
I don't understand how to catch him.
Sarah, what if you feel tensed for just a rat?
A top criminal escaped from jail.
The whole department is tensed about it.
Who's that guy?
The guy who's accused in Kasi Viswanadh's murder.
What's his name? - Shankar.
Sir, that Shankar broke my teeth
and got into the Bollaram factory, sir.
I need backup, sir.
Do you spoil our department's dignity?
He is like a crow bar.
Police uncle...
Hey, I will shoot you down.
If you fight with me
it's like tying a Ram in front of Pochamma temple.
I escaped from the jail, not for eating Paradise biryani.
It's for cutting the hunt.
I have been roaming since an year with disturbed mind.
Don't try to irritate me.
Shankar, you can't escape.
Surrender yourself.
Listen why I am asking you.
Don't advise me. - Kill him.
I know what to do and how to do.
Everyone here is talented.
Hey! Hey!
Uncle! Don't just shout.
You also have families
go home silently and sleep with your wife.
Don't try to sleep with me
you will not have sleep and the sun will not rise outside.
Catch him.
Hey you, stop.
Arrest him in the hand-cuffs.
I beat you very less by giving respect to the uniform.
I will not, anymore.
Hey! - No uniform, no respect you...
[religious chants continue]
Deva, Shankar escaped from the jail.
When? - It's been an hour.
Call DGP.
Hello, sir. - Mr. Devandra is on the line.
Talk to him. DGP.
DGP. - Greetings, sir.
It's been one year
that my father expired.
I am doing ceremony here for his soul to rest in peace.
If I get to know, at this time, that my father's killer escaped
how do you think we'll feel?
How did he escape from central jail?
Did anyone co-operate?
Or else is it your inability?
Catch that Shankar urgently and keep him back in jail.
Not in jail
ask them to shoot and kill him. - Sister!
Cool down.
Son, where are you coming from?
Where are you going?
To Lashkar.
Are you going on work or for girl?
Why do you look so sad?
Why do you look worried?
Tell me about your story.
I think there is a girl in your story.
Tell me her name at least.
Chandini. - Chandini?
Where did you meet her?
Tell me, where did you meet her.
'Go straight and hit. I will see who comes.'
'What? That's it. Go, go. Hit.'
What do you think of Shankar? - You idiot.
Can't you see? We are working here.
Don't you have common sense? Are you mad or what?
What is it, brother?
English is flowing. In which school are you born?
First, you speak properly. Okay?
And, behave yourself.
Where is your owner? - Why?
Why? Why do you want my owner? Talk to me.
I came here to give your owner something.
Then give it to me.
Give it.
I have dozen more. Shall I give?
Sir, my owner is in sixth floor.
When there's clash in language
slap him. - Yes.
If communication is spoiled
pull the ear. - Yes, brother.
They will become normal.
There is the lift, man.
Complete all this work. - Okay, sir.
Is it okay? - Okay.
Why did you come here, Shankar?
I came to get my daughter married to you. Will you do?
Why are you not answering my call? - Shankar, actually...
When you had problem with the site, didn't I and uncle help you?
You did it.
Didn't you construct building happily?
I did it. - Then?
Are you trying to cheat the one who gave you food?
What do you want now?
I want this flat.
Shankar, this is 3000sqft.
Close that piece and make it balcony.
I don't want this wall. Remove it.
Sir, that is pillar. The building will collapse.
Remove it.
Do you know how much this costs?
If I keep a projector here, the image should fall there.
I will give you the balance amount, Shankar.
Hey, what is this? Kitchen?
I don't want a kitchen.
Shankar and cooking?
Shankar, I'll pay you 1 million extra.
I need a tub in the centre of the hall.
I have to sit in it, have two pegs with legs spread
and watch movie.
What movie shall we watch?
What is that recent movie released? Tom Cruise's?
Shankar, you are asking too much.
Are you playing dramas? You idiot.
Who are you, man?
You don't have quarter kilo of meat on your chest.
Are you a goon?
Do you know, what kind of Pehelwans I saw?
Do you beat my owner? Are you such hero? Hey!
I am bigger goon than you.
First, fight with me.
I shook the boys in Warangal college.
Ask at Siddipet centre. They will tell you about Chandini.
If I snap my fingers
everyone from Tarnaka to Chaturnaka will stand.
That's why I don't snap my fingers.
Amberpet Yadav, Shadnagar Satti, Gouliguda Ganesh
call me sister and tie rakhi from me.
Did you understand?
Why are you staring like that? Hey!
Oh, God!
Do you know who I am?
Shankar! Ustaad iSmart Shankar.
Hey, doll!
If you say yes
I'll repair Golconda fort and keep it in your hands.
I will make you queen and let you sit in the palace.
What do you say?
Get lost, idiot.
I have seen a lot of guys like you.
What is he doing?
What happened, brother? Why are you like that?
That girl is troubling me, man.
Who, brother?
She is not allowing me to sleep at nights.
I am drinking two extra pegs because of her.
I saw her the other night getting wet in the rain.
Do you know how much I enjoyed?
Wow! Oh, God.
Her waist, her figure
she was like a Turkey hen.
You idiot.
Turkey hen? How does that look like?
Hey, the same that has more in front and back and thin in the middle.
I have to eat it's thigh piece. - Whose, brother?
The Turkey hen's.
Her naval is...
Is it Turkey hen's? - Idiot. Chandini's, man.
What an eyes she has.
When she looks with anger...
Wow! Wow! Wow!
She is more cute when she scolds, than when she smiles.
I fell for her scoldings.
Brother, please stop the vehicle.
"Any girl I see, my mind goes blank."
"I don't get sleep in spite of drinking alcohol."
"I am not a mad fellow to leave and go."
"I will elope her, leaving everything behind."
What, brother?
Nothing, brother. - Let's go.
Why did you stop? You start it, brother.
What are you planning to do, brother?
Nothing, man.
I will take a flat from that builder.
I will keep her there.
After marriage
I have to beat her at least once.
Beating wife is wrong, brother.
You keep quiet, man. Nothing will happen.
When she sees angrily, her face is...
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Do you know how cute it looks?
I am following her daily. - Okay.
I am trying to talk to her. - Yes.
She is not falling for me.
Brother, why do you try for her?
Throw money and see the fun.
Everything... - Hey!
Stop it. Stop the vehicle. - Sister, are you here?
Stop it. Stop the vehicle, you idiot.
I am stopping, sister.
Sister... Sorry sister. - Do you have mind?
Will you throw money?
He is cheap. - Forgive me.
But you are cheaper, idiot. - Sister...
Leave me, sister.
What is it? Why are you staring like that?
I got you in the night.
I will take you away. - Will you really take me away?
Yes? - Hey!
Take the vehicle. - I am taking it, brother.
Let's go. Hey!
Stop it.
Hey! Hey, stop.
Hey. - I will stab you. I will do it.
I will stab you.
Hey, if I break your box, you'll set straight.
Why... - What box, mam?
Oh, this one?
Where are you running?
Hey, my owner! House owner is there.
I got you.
I am telling you. No.
You are done today. Come.
Hey, it seems, rape is happening inside?
No rape, brother.
They're having lot of fun inside, brother.
Fun? Let's go and see. - Sir...
Please, stop, sir. - Move away. Let's watch fun.
Sir... - Let's see.
Why did you stop, man? Are you tired?
Not tired.
I never saw you so closely.
How cute are you? Angrily?
Look angrily! Come on, look angrily!
Beat again. Beat me hard.
If you ask me like that, I am unable to beat you.
Who is it? - Police.
Sir, I liked him. You leave now.
You are an interruption.
I have lot of work. Leave, sir.
I told you right? It's great fun, sir.
Come, sir. Let's go.
Now tell me.
Where are you from?
What is it, man?
Once you got the girl, you even forgot your uncle?
You are not coming home as well. Idiot!
Stop it, uncle. The hair style will spoil.
Is it?
I need to talk to you. Go.
What is this?
Check it.
So much money? Oh, God.
I never thought I will see so much money, uncle.
The whole amount is yours.
Don't joke, uncle.
You must be kidding.
This is just advance.
Once you finish work, you'll get more.
Do I have to kill someone, uncle?
A very big celebrity.
We can't kill normally.
But he has a second setup.
Every Wednesday, he goes there.
Security is also less there.
Can kill very easily.
Life will settle.
If life settles, then we can kill, uncle.
Kill him and stop worries.
What's his name, uncle?
Why do you need the name, man?
You will see him while killing.
Hey, is everyone ready at the meeting?
Though we have a very good name, the work will not happen.
If we have to come to power
we have to throw money at the people.
Take our people there and create chaos.
Their meeting should not happen.
Who are you?
Did Peddireddy send you?
Do you show gun at this Kasi Viswanadh?
Are you that dare enough?
Do you have the guts to shoot?
Sir! - Sir!
Sir! - Oh, no...
Kumar Shankar. - Sir!
Sir. - Oh, no.
Hey, catch him. - What happened?
Who was it?
Catch him. - Get up.
Sir! - Catch him.
Uncle. - What is it?
When I shot him, he smiled, uncle.
I became a fan of him.
He is a real man. - Nobody saw you there, right?
You take your girl and go underground.
I will collect the remaining amount.
"Come, come. I am your love."
"Oh God! I am your rejection."
What is it, man? - Come out. Will go. Fast.
Where? - To honeymoon.
What honeymoon, even before marriage?
These days
first honeymoon is going on. - Is it?
Then, marriage might happen or may not.
The generation is like that.
What can we do? We just follow.
Hey! - Come. Let's go to the Baga beach.
What will you do at the Baga beach?
I will make you mad.
You will not come back.
Is it? - Yes.
Chandini. - Yes.
I used to look into your eyes daily.
There was something. I didn't know what.
I saw it deeply today.
I saw my house
in your eyes.
I saw 2-3 kids too.
Sir. - Yes, Dharam.
I got the address of Shankar.
Where is he? - In Goa.
Hey, give me a beer. - Okay, sir.
You go that side.
Hey! Hey, wait.
Hey! - Hey!
Hey,give me the magazine. - Here, Sir.
Guns down. Guns down.
Chandini. - This is Goa police.
Hold him. - Chandini.
Come on.
Sir, this is DCP. - Chandini.
Show us your passport.
Chandini. - Passport.
I'll tell you, sir. - Chandini.
He has kllled ex-minister's.
He fled and came here.
Please get up.
What happened, sir? - What happened, sir?
Don't worry, sir. We will take it.
Who are you, man?
What did my girl do?
Chandini! Chandini!
Chandini, look here. Chandini!
[indistinct chatter]
What son, why are you crying?
Don't cry.
Gachibowli has come. Get down now.
Hey, why did you come here? What if police sees you?
Police will not do anything, uncle.
If anyone has to do anything, that will be those I believed.
Son, you were caught in the jail.
Your girl is gone.
I felt very sad, son.
If you were so sad
you didn't even come once in the whole year.
Oh, no. Not that, son.
I was busy with work.
When you said, life will settle, I thought you mentioned ours.
But now I understood that it's only yours.
From childhood, I grew with you.
Whatever you told me, I did it blindly.
Uncle said and I should do it.
Is it true or not? - Not that, Shankar.
My girl is gone in the middle.
I didn't say anything to the police.
Did I ask you?
Then why are you saying it?
I will not even ask you for how much you sold me.
I will ask you only one thing.
Who is behind you? - Even I don't know, Shankar.
There are two or three of them. Even they contacted me on phone.
Did you get the money that you gave me
also through phone?
Hey, don't you understand what I'm saying?
There are big shots behind this.
If you try to touch them now
they will kill both you and me.
If I'm gone, then it's fine. What if you are gone?
Oh, God.
Hey, who are you?
Drive, dear. Go forward. - Who the hell are you, man?
No! No, Shankar.
Uncle, we are in public.
I don't have time at all. Tell me his name.
I will not tell.
Hey, silent. Search what's in his pocket.
Hello Sarah, tell me.
Arun! Where are you, Arun?
What happened?
Someone is shot dead in my car.
What? - Please! Please come fast.
Okay, I'm sending the cops. Be there.
'In a car accident today at Hi-tech city'
'the guy who died very suspiciously'
'the police recognised him as 'Hawala Prakash'.'
Take it.
He was the one, whom Shankar shot, sir.
What's his name? - He is called as Kaka.
What is the relation between him and Shankar?
He is the one who appointed Shankar.
You said, someone named Prakash died?
That is being handled by the CBI, sir.
Does he and that guy has any link?
I don't know, sir. - Try to know.
Let's find out. - Sure, sir.
Hey, Sarah. Listen to this.
Pinky, why are you crying?
If I think about that Shankar, I am really frightened.
He killed a man in front of me, Arun.
It's his profession.
And, he is in the frustration that his girlfriend is dead.
Shankar is a criminal.
But there are many who are more dangerous than him.
I need to pull them all out.
You are dealing with such persons.
I don't have anyone other than you, Arun.
If something happens to you, I can't bear it.
Even I don't know what happens when.
But this is my job.
My investigation is almost complete.
After that I will take leave.
Two months break. We will go abroad.
Feb 14th is our marriage.
'In the murder case of ex-chief minister, Kasi Viswanadh'
'Shankar escaped from jail.'
'The police is searching for him.'
'In this case'
'CBI investigation has not come to an end yet.'
'Who is the main culprits'
'is still a mystery.'
Not just that Shankar
that Peddireddy, his brothers, everyone should be in the jail.
I need the room key of Chandini.
My husband is not in the city.
I don't even know where he kept the keys.
Do you have a hammer?
For what? - I will break it.
How long it's been that I saw you!
I cried all these days because you were not there.
My heart was happy, once I saw you.
You are so cute with those rings.
It was me who took this photo.
Remember me as well. What do you say?
I enjoyed a lot that day in your village.
What was that festival? Bonalu?
Brother, I decoded the phone you gave me.
We got him. - What's his name?
Today morning, the Prime Minister asked again.
Yes, sir. - What's going on in the case?
Speed up the enquiry. - Yes, sir.
I need the results at the earliest. - Sure, sir. Okay.
Yes. Okay.
I don't understand what you're doing?
We are trying, sir.
I need to answer the Prime Minister.
Yes, sir. Yes.
I want result soon. - Okay.
Okay! Okay!
Hey, where is Arun?
Arun, centre is killing me.
Everything is dependent on your investigation.
How far did it come? Where are you?
I am at the spot.
We almost cracked the case.
You'll be surprised to know who's behind this case.
Who? What's the name?
Sir, if I say it, it will be horrible.
Then tell me urgently.
Someone is coming.
Wait for a minute.
Shankar is also here.
Something mysterious.
I will call you back. - Damn it!
Are you here for Jamaal? - Yes.
Did you meet him before?
No. I am seeing him just now.
Do you know 'Hawala Prakash'?
Except my uncle, I don't know anyone else.
Then you came from that side
and I came from this side.
Then who killed him?
It's a trap.
Sir, our agent, he is on death bed.
He was the one who was investigating till now.
The complete information is with him.
I don't understand what do I do now?
You do anything, I need that information.
Or else the Prime Minister will kill me.
Yes, sir. Okay, sir.
Sarah, please calm down.
I need to talk to you.
Sarah, please listen.
Arun said that you are working on memory transfer.
I saw your Science meet regarding memory transfer in the TV once.
Can we do it over humans?
Sarah, I'm asking you. Can you do it on humans?
We didn't do it till now. But that's our idea.
I have a lot of pressure from Delhi.
I need Arun memory.
He has some confidential information.
I need to know what it is. It's very important.
Can you take Arun's memory
and put it to him?
We can try but he will die, sir.
Can you transfer it to him? - He will die, sir.
It's fine, even if he dies. He is a criminal.
Who cares whether he is dead or alive?
Sarah, we don't have time.
If we are success for just once
you will have Arun's memories.
Then it would be like Arun is still alive.
Please try.
I know it's illegal to do this.
But we have to do it. Remove his and keep it to him.
Please. - Okay, sir.
Where am I?
What is this pain?
Those idiots shot me in the chest.
Who are you?
Is he alive or dead?
Why are you giving current shock to him?
Hey, you...
Why are you staring at me like that?
Who put these handcuffs to me?
Did you? - No.
Who was it?
Hey, what's going on here?
What's that injection?
If you give me
I will come to your house and kill you.
You go ahead. Hey, catch him.
Hey, leave me. Leave.
Don't you know how to hold him? - What's going on?
Silent. Why are you so afraid of this small injection?
I am telling you no injection.
See, I will kill you. - Silent.
What are you giving me? - Silent.
No, don't.
I feel something's fishy.
If something happens to me
I will kill you, man.
Why can't I see him properly?
I am feeling sleepy very soon.
Did you drug me?
I will peel off each one of your skins.
Doctor! He is ready.
Sir operation is over.
Tell me one thing.
Now what will happen next?
All the strong memories are stored in the Hipo Compass.
Shankar's memories would be deleted.
Slowly, Arun's memories will occupy his brain.
But it will take some time. - Oh!
So slowly, Shankar will forget the past.
That's it?
Yes, sir.
'Hey, I will break your face, idiot.'
'Don't talk unnecessary things.'
'We are Hyderabad girls.'
'If you make friendship, we will give our life for you.'
'If you do enemity, we will take you away.'
'What will you do with me after kidnapping?'
'I will kill you and bury you.'
'Are you so angry on me?'
'Yes, idiot.'
'Is it? Shoot me if you are dare enough.'
'You don't know about me.'
'The bullet will go from the bottom to top.'
'Then shoot me from bottom to top.'
'Hey! - Shoot! Come on.'
'Hey! - Shoot!'
'Hey don't, idiot. - Shoot.'
'Chandini is fire. Don't play with fire.'
'Is it? Whom did you shoot?'
'You idiot.'
'I will shoot you for real. Don't enrage me.'
'What's the name of your mother?'
'What did my mother do? Why do you drag them into this?'
'I will cut your tongue, you idiot. You character less fellow.'
'Do you have the character?'
'I have it. - Then shoot me.'
'However bad I speak to you, you'll not shoot me.'
'Because you fell for me.'
'Your father, your mother'
'you will come for me leaving behind everyone.'
'I know it.'
'You girls do the same when you are in love.'
'I will not. What do you think? Why will I fall for you?'
'You fell for me.'
'You fell in my trap.'
'How do you know?'
'Ismart Shankar.'
'Special brain.'
Oh, God!
Hello? Can you hear me?
Can you listen to me?
Is it paining a lot?
What's your name?
What's your name?
You want to go to the toilet?
Yes. - Wait. I will open.
Be careful.
Slowly. - One minute.
Be careful.
You will not ask me any questions
I'll ask you.
What's your name? - Sarah.
Are you a doctor? - No. Nueroscientist.
Did you sell my kidneys?
Did you cut my liver? - No, no.
What is this pain?
Is it paining? I will just get a tablet.
What's the name of this hospital? - Not hospital, it's a lab.
You are not a doctor, this is not a hospital
you are certainly the batch who cuts livers.
No, no. You are in a safe zone.
This is highly restricted area.
That is Central Bureau of Investigation.
What? - CBI.
Is it police?
Hey, hey. - Don't move.
Don't move. - Throw away the scissors.
Don't do anything in hurry.
If you are with us, it's good for department
good for society, good for many.
Then what about me? - What?
Uncle, don't try to enlighten me.
Seeing cat as blind, the rat jumped a lot it seems.
I am not fool.
Shankar. Ustaad ismart Shankar.
Hey, catch him.
Hey, don't shoot.
I will shoot you. - Then shoot.
Sir, please catch him.
He needs medication. He is in danger.
He should be in observation. Please get him back.
Alright, fast. Catch him. Go.
What happened to me?
Sir! We are searching, sir. Over.
Hello, where?
What are you doing there?
Did you get him?
What a life! Take u-turn.
Catch that idiot immediately. Police shouldn't know it.
Memory transfer matter shouldn't come out.
Human rights problems will arise.
"Come, girl. Come, come..."
"Give me the lemon juice."
"I will come, dear."
"My Laddu like Palakova."
My Laddu like.. - Palakova.
My Laddu like.. - Palakova.
Who is she?
Brother, I am afraid to sleep alone these days.
That's why I brought a support.
Hey, you go. - Hey, wait.
Do you know who I am?
Yes, I know you.
You are the one who escaped from jail. Right?
They showed you on TV.
You are very smart in the photo.
You let her stay here.
What happened, brother?
Come here. See this.
You kept a hole there.
You also put something inside. What is it, brother?
I didn't keep it. - Then who kept it?
Police. - Police?
Brother, the police kept SIM card in your head.
SIM card in head? What are you saying?
Yes, brother. You go anywhere, you'll be caught.
Brother, let's tell this information to uncle.
Uncle is not there.
Uncle is not there? Where did he go?
I killed him.
You killed uncle? - Yes.
I need to kill one more. - Who, brother?
I don't know. But I have to kill him.
Brother, what happened?
I feel like some signals, man.
I told you, brother.
Tell me the number of that SIM card, brother.
If i give a missed call, everything will be set straight.
Hey you, half brain fellow. Leave.
Why am I remembering her? - Who, brother?
She is the one who made a hole.
Then, let's make a hole to her also. Come, brother.
There is the idol.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
You keep SIM card in my brain? Get on.
Help. Somebody please help me. - Hey!
Somebody. - Hey! I will kill you.
What did you do? My brain is revolving.
One second, one second.
What else do you feel?
I feel something like shock.
See, it's like getting shock.
Good. It's working. One second! One second!
What else do you feel? - I feel like killing you.
No, no. Please, we will go to my house.
Why? - You need treatment.
Listen to me. I need to do an injection urgently.
Tell me, what did you do?
Memory transfer.
Arun's memory was kept in your brain.
Arun means? The one who was dead the other day?
Yes. It was him.
He was investigating Kasi Viswanadh's murder case.
And CBI chief wants to know the truth.
So we did this operation.
That means, will I get his brain to me?
Yes. - Then what about mine?
Whatever happened in your life till now
will get deleted slowly.
Then what about my girl?
You will not remember her.
My love?
That also you will lose.
That means
the love for which I have been living all these days will be lost?
The rage with which I am living, will be gone from here?
Yes! Slowly you will become Arun.
Then why are you coming in my mind? - Am I coming?
That you are in some beach...
Anything else? - Why are you coming?
Because I am Arun's girl friend.
You don't come. I don't want you.
I want my Chandini.
Please. Stay here. I need to take care of you.
Before I forget everything.
I have to kill him. I will kill him.
Sir, I just met him. It's working.
Working means?
Our operation is success, sir. - Yes.
Slowly Arun's memories are coming into him.
Did he tell you any secret?
No, sir.
He left immediately.
He left? Where did he go?
Can you hear it?
Let's start it now.
So what happened, boss?
Are you a kid, idiot?
Play DJ.
What is this, man? Girls are one above another.
Oh, my. Something horrible is happening here.
[indistinct chatter continue]
You got caught very well.
You will be killed by me today.
I know that you will come here.
That's why I danced in public.
Forget dancing from today.
This was your last dance, idiot.
Hey, I don't have much time.
I don't have space in my brain.
Tell me his name fast. I will remember it.
Hey, don't leave him today.
I will also not leave.
If it is then Aithpur, or else it's Narayanpur.
Sir, we got Shankar in Dhaba.
Tell me the name. Who is my villain?
Tell me the name of that person who has sent you.
Beat him. Don't spare him.
It is little difficult to kill him, but we will kill him today.
Yes, sir.
He should not come to me.
Hey don't hit there. Don't beat on the head.
I will beat there only.
I will beat there, where there is defect.
I told you not to beat on the brain, right?
I will call you once the work is done.
Oh, God!
Hey idiot, you don't have gun in your hand.
Why are you making such sound?
You scared us...
What's this mind, man? It's like double SIM card phone.
Why like that?
Because I am one and one more inside.
Brother, police is coming.
Run! Run! Run!
Catch them.
His mind is not in place. He's not normal.
We have seen many mad people.
But he... he is like...
Half 'Bhojpuri film' villain.
Whatever it is...
See that he doesn't come to me.
My name shouldn't come out.
We will get ruined.
There will not be any political career.
Elections in six months. - Uncle.
Come we will have food.
Who are they?
Our guys. They came here on a work.
Brother, shall we go home?
Take left now.
Take right.
Go straight.
Stop here.
Is this the house?
Brother, this is not our house.
You go. I will come later. - Okay.
It's working.
It's his house.
I feel like I know everything.
Her photo.
I told it.
I pray you.
Everything is happening as you told.
You mixed mind and mind.
It's working.
Prakash! Jamal...
What is this?
'CBI Investigation.'
'Tell me Shankar, why did you kill?'
'I didn't kill.'
'Who's behind you?'
'Even I want to know it.'
'Who is behind this?'
'Shankar. if you co-operate that will be good for you.'
'Tell me, what happened?'
'You tell me what happened?'
'How do the police know that I am there?'
'Why did they open fire on me?'
'Did I have any weapons?'
'Why did you call my girl?'
'Mr. Dharam, I'm asking you. Who called you?'
'It was an anonymous call. - Where did you get it from?'
'Sir. - What is the area?'
'Can you please tell me about it?'
Why did we take Arun's brain and fix it to him?
To see if he tells us any secrets.
He is already a criminal.
What if he misuses Arun's brain?
Everyone will be in trouble.
Sir, this is Arun speaking.
He is talking like Arun.
Sir, I need some urgent information.
20 million was transferred to 'Hawala Prakash's' account.
Can you please trace and tell me
from where this amount was transferred?
This information is really crucial for this case, sir.
By the way, where are you now?
Why, sir?
I need to talk to you urgently about this case.
Tell me, where are you? We will all be there.
Sir! - What's happening?
A lot happened, sir.
Suspect one is 'Hawala Prakash'.
He is the one who called the police.
He withdrew money
and gave it to Suspect two, Jamal.
But unfortunately, before I went there they killed him.
What we could conclude in the further investigation was
all this money is drawn from a company called
All India Entertainments.
You need to trace who's behind that company's hub
and this bag is the proof.
How did you get this bag?
How did you get this bag?
This? Jamal has given this to uncle.
Uncle gave me this. I kept it in that girl's house.
Arun, what are you talking?
Hey Arun, what are you talking?
He didn't come completely yet.
You are the one who spoiled my brain, right?
Who are you, man? Idiot! - Wait...
Sir! - Hey!
If you point the gun he will object you.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot. - I told you, right?
Uncle! 'Sakuni uncle!'
You are dead today.
Let us beat you, man. CBI?
Stop it, Shankar. Don't shoot.
I will make a hole for each one of you.
Hey! Don't shoot. - Please, don't shoot!
I'll celebrate 11th day ceremony for all.
Hey, you come. Get on the vehicle. I have some work with you.
Get on. - Shankar...
Damn it!
Hello. - Hey!
Why is he talking like Shankar, again?
Sir, no, no. It's a memory recall.
That means, retrieving information from past.
There would be three kinds of recalls.
Pre-recall! Queue-recall!
And Serial-recall! - Hey, quiet.
Damn it!
Who are you talking to? - Sir, please don't follow us.
I will take care of him. Trust me. - Here.
I will kill you, if you are talking to that idiot.
Damn it!
Where are you taking me?
The mind is full of her videos.
Hey, get up.
Why did I bring you? Not to take care of me?
Yes. - Then look at me.
I am getting current shocks in the middle.
If I hit something, you will also die.
She is sleeping happily.
In how many days will it be deleted?
For rats, it will complete in 2-3 days.
Rats? What rats?
Actually what I did on rats
for the first time, I did on humans. So I don't know how much
time it wil take. - So, am I the first one?
Now if my brain get's deleted, will you be given an award?
You buried me for this award.
You should have kept this hole to that CBI chief.
Why did you keep it to me?
What is his name? - Parameswaran.
First I need to bury him.
If you don't mind, I'll ask you one thing.
Why did you become a criminal? - What?
Why did you become a criminal?
What does your 'Kaka' do?
'Kaka' means?
Oh! He's a professor at Oxford University.
Do you know who my 'Kaka' is?
He's a 420.
You were brought up in house, I was brought up in dirt.
Mother! Daddy's born again.
I see your father's smile in his face, dear.
Should I be happy that he is born or
should I be sad that your father's murderer
is roaming freely?
Hey, promise me that you will kill your father's murderer.
Mother, I promise on dad.
I will bring the murderer
who is the reason for dad's death in front of you
and will stab him and cut him to pieces.
'Hey, idiot. What are you doing in that beach?'
I made a hole in the fish
sticked a stick in it and fire in the bottom.
Apply spices to it, fry it hot
then eat it in cool breeze.
Why did you beat me?
It's my habit to beat before doing anything wrong.
What did I do now?
I know what's in your mind.
Okay. What's in my mind?
Eat this fish, drink that alcohol
get me wet in sea, put this fire down
you thought of doing something in this moonlight. Right?
Oh my God. I thought the same.
How do you know?
Did you scan my mind?
When everything can be seen on face why do I need to scan, man?
Here, don't plan such things. Okay?
If anything happens it happens, or it will not.
Whatever happens
it should be like accident. That's it.
Then we'll plan accident itself.
Do you think I am a fool?
To bring you this far and wait for accident?
If we wait for the accident
who knows which vehicle comes
and hits which vehicle?
See I am telling you, listen.
We are friends. We should hit each other.
How were you born?
Don't you have any shame? - No.
Hey, I am telling you.
Remove such stupid thoughts from your mind.
Remove. Did you understand?
'Remove. Did you understand?'
Do you remember Arun?
What will you do, if you remember him?
I will cry.
How many times did you cry?
I have been crying daily.
Because his memories are safe with you.
But, my Chandini is evaporating daily.
I will cry for her today, tomorrow
I don't know if I will cry day-after-tomorrow or not.
If I remember that thing, I feel like crying.
In our life, love gives us happiness.
Crying for our loved ones also gives same happiness.
You made me lose that happiness.
If I did any mistake, my girl used to slap me hard.
Who will beat me, if I did something wrong?
You placed something here, right? Will you remove it?
It's paining, Sarah.
Not there.
What did you say?
Arun calls me like this.
I don't want. I am not your Arun.
Sarah, is he Shankar or Arun? I am not getting any clarity.
Because he is behaving different at different times.
He is asked me for an address.
I am sending it to you.
Give it to him.
Let's see how he will react. - Okay, sir.
It's just like original rape.
Hey! Who are you? Why did you come here?
I came to become a hero in movie.
This is All India Entertainments, right?
There is no company here. Get lost.
What not here, brother?
There is a board outside that audition is going on here.
I also came for audition.
I deliver dialogues very well.
You give me a character, brother. I look smart on screen.
Hey you are the one who killed me, right?
When did I kill you, man? What's this?
You are still alive.
Don't say stories, man. I have a brain inside my brain.
Now I am, Ustaad double ismart Shankar.
He should not go outside. Close him inside.
Will you close me?
I will make your 'Baingan Ka Bartha'.
Hey! - Up.
How is it? How is it?
'Panga Mein Pungi'.
Who gave you money?
Tell me. What's his name?
No, no. I will tell you.
Come on, man.
'Hey, look here man.'
Didn't the alcohol effect get down?
No, it didn't get down.
Seeing you, it's going up.
Don't say stupid things, you stupid.
I studied civil engineering
and why am I with you, drinking like this?
if my parents come to know about it, they will break my jaws.
Why will they? We will marry, right?
You? Me?
All stupid talks.
You will forget me and I know that.
Forget you?
Hey, to forget you
this Shankar has to leave his breath.
Today I am with you.
Maybe tomorrow, another girl might come.
You will forget me and I know that.
Hey, no way.
You will forget, man and that's for sure.
I know it.
I know that you will forget me.
'You will forget me, idiot.'
'For sure.'
Arun, what happened? Are you okay?
What's this blood? What happened?
Pinky, you are with me. Nothing will happen to me.
I love you.
Hey did he say my name, by any chance?
No, sir. He didn't.
Yes. Okay.
None of you should touch him.
I will send the department
and see that he is finished. - Okay, sir.
Remember this tune, Sarah?
I played this tune on your last birthday.
I think I know what happened.
Sarah, I have to tell you what's in my mind.
When the bullet went through my heart
I remembered only you.
I was falling on one side.
And I wanted to say something to you.
But you were not there.
My eyes were closing.
I was going into some unknown trans.
It was silence all of a sudden.
When my life was leaving and my breath was stopping
do you know what was my last memory?
It was this tune.
And you.
Hold your fire. This is Arun, CBI.
Sir, is that you?
Yes, Mr. Dharam. Task force, CBI, North zone.
Why are you here?
We got an information that there is a criminal here.
Who gave you that information?
Sir! Anonymous call, sir.
How many times will you say the same, that it's anonymous call?
Hey, move. Come on. - Hey!
He is not any CBI.
Shoot him.
Why are you looking at me standing here?
Kill him. - Yes, sir.
Hello, sir. Arun is back.
I don't believe it. - No, sir.
No. After sometime he will say he is Shankar
and will say Arun again. - Shankar is not there.
He is completely Arun.
What is he doing?
Sir, he is in action now.
Vyas! Vyas!
Hey, he is killing everybody.
Don't leave him.
Hey! - Guys, hold him.
What are you doing to me? - Sarah.
Get back! - What are you doing?
I don't want injection. I will tell you the name.
I don't want injection. - Sarah, do it. Just do it.
Hey, Arun. - Don't do this.
Sir, I'll give you complete information.
I'll tell you all details.
He is saying, he will tell the name. - Yes, sir.
I will give you complete information.
Tell me. Tell me. - Sir, not needed.
You give him, Sarah. Quick. - No.
No no. Please...
I will tell you.
Good job.
Guys, I want him down for next 48 hours. Okay?
If he gets up
give him the same injection and make him sleep.
Why did you make him sleep?
How will we know the information?
Are you Shankar or Arun?
Sir, this is Arun, your trusted Lieutenant.
2.5 meta batch memory has been transferred.
That includes the case details.
I know who's behind the murder of Kasi Viswanadh.
Who? Who?
It's Mr. Rammoorthy, sir. - What?
Rammoorthy? - Yes, sir.
Our DCP Dharam here, is Mr. Rammoorthy's pet.
Using him, Rammoorthy executed his plan.
It's carefully created a chain of people
and Shankar is the last leg.
He planned to kill Shankar and break the chain.
Exept personal revenge Shankar doesn't know
anything about this background game.
It's just like any other paid contract killer.
The real culprit here is Rammoorthy.
And we need to catch him.
He is CM's uncle. It's not so easy.
CM went to Varanasi, for the naming ceremony of his son.
Rammoorthy is also there. We can easily catch him there, sir.
I have a solid plan, sir. Trust me on this one.
Shankar will not come again, right? - He will not come, sir.
Are you sure? - Yes, sir.
Sir. Devender has swearing ceremony in three days.
If Rammoorthy becomes Home Minister
then we can't do anything. This is the right time, sir.
[religious chants continue]
Arun, talk like Shankar.
They should not get any doubt.
Yes, Dharam, tell me.
It's not Dharam, it's hot.
Who? - Shankar.
Did you think, I will die if you plan to kil me?
I have all the proofs.
I need money. - I am not in the city.
I will meet you once I am back. - Hey, you.
With the intention of not troubling you, I came here.
Not up, look back.
Uncle! Jamaal! Hawala Prakash!
Dharam! You!
This is the movie.
How much do you want?
Ten billion! - Ten billion?
If the murder was planned by you
I would have asked you only a 1 billion.
But it was CM, right? Should I ask ten billion or not?
What is the proof?
'Hey Dharam. - Sir!'
'Hey! - Sir!'
'I don't know what you will do.'
'I can't allow Shankar to stay alive.'
'Kasi Viswanadh's murder shouldn't come out.'
'My dear one is going to be the next CM with this sympathy.'
'If the news that Shankar is still alive comes out'
'then the CM will kill us both.'
'Did you understand?'
This is Dharam's phone.
He kept it in auto call recording.
Not just this.
All your conversations are in this.
Go and tell him that his enemy is here.
Shankar! You are dead now.
Stop. Let me talk to him.
What is it?
When a tall man beats a short man
that tall man is beaten by Pochamma, it seems.
If I am interrupted, I will not leave even Pochama.
That's why you killed your father.
You became CM, gave birth to a son
for your father not to feel bad, you gave his name to your son.
I killed my own father for the seat.
What are you?
Are you giving me warning?
I am CM.
One person left after shouting a lot
and the other one who cooked also left.
See, nothing is permanent here.
What if you are CM or PM?
Will you give me money or not?
On first note, will you go out?
I will go very relaxedly.
Do you think I am a fool?
I kept uncle outside.
Gun in the pocket and camera on my body.
What else do you want?
Is it recording?
Is it recording?
It is. I already told you. - Show me.
There is audio, video
and whatever you said is also in the video.
Hwy, how many are there? How many?
How much each of you want? - Madam!
Uncle, ask them how much they need.
He asked so much. - Whatever he asked for.
Just settle it with him.
Hey, when the murderer of your father is standing in front of you
what settlement without killing him?
Mother, we all together killed
your husband.
Is it to be settled or not?
Hey, what did you do?
What did you do to my husband?
What did you do to your father? - Mother...
Sister... - Tell me.
For giving you birth, you killed your own father?
Mother, please be quiet. - Get lost!
Hey! - Sister...
In spite of being my own brother - Mother, mother...
you kill my husband? - Mother, mother...
Hey, are you humans? - Mother, mother...
You are sinners. - Mother, mother...
Oh, no. - Mother, mother...
Oh, no.
You are bad, born from my womb. - Please...
Hey, Shankar.
If what you said is true.
Kill him also.
There is no need to kill him, mother.
All this is being telecasted live in all the channels.
Mr. Devender, it's over.
Better surrender. This is Arun, CBI.
Kill him.
Hey, this is CBI. Arrest them.
Get back! Get back! Come on.
Deva, I don't know whether it is recorded or not.
I can't trust these CBI guys.
Not even government security.
Just take our people and go away from here.
Go away.
Hey, do you know who I am? You can't arrest me.
We have proof. We have orders. - Who are you trying to follow?
Go, go...
Jump. Fast.
[relgious chants continue]
You are trying to take away my seat?
Get up.
Beat him!
"Everyone is Lord Shiva."
"Everyone is Lord Shiva." - 'Shankara.'
"Everyone is Lord Shiva."
Ustaad Ismart Shankar.
[religious chants continue]
Where am I?
What's going on here? - Shankar?
Hey, who beat me, man?
Why are you beating me? - Shankar.
Don't leave him.
He is the reason for your Chandini's death.
Are you my villain? - Yes. You idiot.
I am the villain.
Hey! It's been very long.
I promised in Peddamma temple. It's been very long.
I promised on mother that you are my hunt.
You are my ram.
[relgious chants continue]
[relgious chants continue]
I applied 'Kumkum'.
[relgious chants continue]
Beat me, idiot.
[relgious chants continue]
I want my ram.
Come on.
[relgious chants continue]
ISmart Shankar.
[relgious chants continue]
"Everyone is Lord Shiva."
'Congrats Sarah. Your memory transfer worked out.'
'Arun won and Shankar took his revenge.'
'I can't tell the world now, about your achievement.'
'There will be many complications.'
'For few days, you both go underground.'
This is amazing.
Sarah. - Yes?
Today is Feb 14th.
Do you remember
I told you that I will marry you today.
'Feb 14th is our marriage.'
Sarah, I know I am your soulmate.
But body is not mine.
Are you still ready to marry me? - I am ready.
But I have only one problem.
Arun, I can't trust your Hipo Compass.
Shankar memories are still in you.
They are not deleted so easily.
After marriage, what if Shankar comes?
What about me?
Keep quiet. Don't spoil your mind.
Life is not in our hands.
Whatever has been decided will happen.
Remember one thing.
Kill him and stop worries.
Hey, what are you saying?
Did you think Shankar is back?
I got frightened. Do you know that?
No. But seriously, will you marry me?
Hey, doll!
If you say yes
I'll repair Golconda fort and keep it in your hands.
I will make you queen and let you sit in the palace.
What do you say?
Get lost, idiot.
I have seen a lot of guys like you.