Isolados (2014) Movie Script

Is anybody there?
Do you have any batteries?
- Here you go.
- Batteries.
I said "batteries",
not "booze".
Oh, batteries...
I'm sorry, sir,
I'm not feeling well today.
I don't know what
will happen to us around here...
- What are you referring to?
- Haven't you heard?
Mrs. Cleuza's granddaughter
was found in the woods.
Eleven years old.
It wasn't even recognizable.
They killed her
with a knife and a stick.
And the worst is,
they "touched" her body.
They did things you only do
with the living.
- I don't follow...
- They killed first,
then they "touched"
the girl, understand?
They abused her.
And she wasn't the first.
my girlfriend is delicate,
she's coming over,
don't tell her any of this.
- Fine.
- All set.
Now I just need
to show you this map
and maybe ask
for your help.
- But this is close by...
- Yes, close by.
- But, will you stay even...?
- We know it might rain,
but we'll just
cozy up inside.
You can keep the change, OK?
It's weird, there was supposed
to be an entrance on the left.
Get the other map...
Wow... It's bigger
than I thought.
All these directions,
for dirt roads.
Only you, to find
a house like this...
Kiva, quiet!
Come here.
I'm sorry.
Wow, I thought
the Mr. and Mrs. weren't coming.
- Because of the rumors about...
- "You".
You can call us "you".
I had already closed
everything back.
The whole house
is like this.
Glasses on the door,
Even in the bathroom
there are these little blocks.
You can see everything
the other's doing inside.
That's why it's better
not having people around.
So they don't get
in the way, right?
So many suitcases, huh?
No, no...
There's no need.
I usually help people
by taking the suitcases...
It really isn't necessary.
That's OK, I have to get going,
it's a long way back.
- I'll be going, then.
- What's your name?
- Luzia.
- Luzia...
What a nosy woman...
I'm glad she's leaving
just as we're arriving.
And the house?
Did you like it?
It's a house with a past.
Do the owners
come here a lot?
They only lend it
to friends.
Or friends' acquaintances.
That would be us.
Lucky us.
I didn't even bring a cellphone,
can you believe it?
I can.
Why would you need
a cellphone?
I'm here.
Funny boy...
Aren't you going to unpack?
Where are you going?
Just for a walk.
- Alone?
- Yeah.
I won't go far.
Over there.
Do you see anything
down there?
No, sir.
Found it!
They didn't kill
that girl far from here.
They're around here.
Lauro, do we have
Parmesan cheese?
Hi. Can you help me?
Just a second...
Let me get my things.
I burned my finger...
Does it hurt?
It burns a little.
Let me see it.
A kiss will make it better.
- Are you working?
- No.
Just organizing my files.
Where did you find her?
On the street.
She thinks she's dead.
She wants to leave because
she says there's no oxygen here.
And she also took a pen
from the nurse
and tried to cut
her own wrist.
She wanted to prove
she had no more blood.
It's all in my report.
Do you want to talk to her?
I do.
Good afternoon, Fernanda.
How are you?
- Can you tell me what happened?
- No.
Why did you run away
from the clinic?
Why are you
doing this to me?
It's all rotten in here,
I can't feel anything.
End this already.
Bury me, please.
This is the 5th Cotard
Syndrome case I found,
but it's the 1st one
I have full access.
I would like to increase
her dosage.
Years of practice
and I still get surprised
with what the mind can create.
- Are those her drawings?
- Yes.
- May I?
- Please.
Many people draw houses.
The house is where
the traumas begin.
Yes... It's true.
What about that soup?
What flavor is it?
It looks great...
Let's go
to the living room? Come.
This one's horrible.
Renata, put that down
and come to the living room.
You know you get impressed.
Come here.
The soup will
get cold, come.
I always feared
not healing completely.
I think...
fearing the fear
is the worst of it.
Do you trust me?
So don't go down
that road, Renata.
You're great.
But I still feel
very insecure.
You put too much pressure
on yourself, that's all.
Come here.
Lauro, I'm not in the mood.
I'm sorry, I can't.
What happened?
Is anybody there?
She was beaten alive.
What killed her was the cut.
From the stomach
to the lungs.
Curve blade,
probably a sickle.
This is farm people's work.
- Ever seen anything like it?
- Never.
I found semen again.
Same thing:
She was already dead
when it happened.
When did she kick the bucket?
When she arrived,
the body wasn't stiff...
Over 36 hours after death.
These are easy
people to surrender:
old people, children...
They're not stopping.
It will only get worse.
The bizarre women assassinations
still terrorize the population.
The people's expectation
is that the authorities
can detain the criminals
before a new tragedy happens.
The police recommendation
is for the women
not to walk alone
in deserted regions.
This was
our special edition...
Where are you going?
I need some air,
I'm going for a walk.
- Alone?
- What's the problem?
You don't know
the region, Renata.
Don't worry...
I won't go far.
But there's no one around,
something might happen.
Like what?
You said so yourself,
there's nothing around here.
Or are you hiding
something from me?
You always want
to control everything,
- all the time, isn't it?
- What is that supposed to mean?
That you think I might
break down at any moment, right?
I know you can
control yourself.
I just think
you shouldn't go out.
Fine, but I just want
to go for a walk, that's all!
You're not going.
Are you deaf?
I want to go out.
Did you hear,
I said I wanted to go out.
You can't do this to me!
- Renata.
- You can't!
- Let me go!
- Tomorrow you'll go.
Not today.
Tomorrow you'll go.
- You can't lock me in here.
- Hey, hey... Calm down.
- I want to go out!
- Tomorrow you may go.
Calm down, calm down!
Renata... Stop!
Renata, look at yourself.
- Look at you.
- I want to get out of here!
You don't know
what you're saying.
You think I'm handicapped.
But you're not
the boss of me!
Where are you getting at?
Let me do whatever I want.
Is that too much to ask?
Not today.
Are you OK?
I feel a little sick.
I'm scared of staying here.
If you want,
we can leave tomorrow.
It's that kids room.
It made me feel bad.
It all came back to me.
There's a doll there,
just like my old one.
My father had given it to me
days before he died.
You need to move on.
I know, but...
It happened a long time ago.
You were a child, you didn't
know your father was dead.
The crisis I had as an adult,
it was the same abysmal feeling
I had that day.
The lack of hope...
The yearning to die.
You don't yearn
to die anymore.
You yearn to live.
By my side.
I have no idea
how you got interested in me.
I like to bring work home.
I'd like to talk to Lauro.
Dr. Lauro is on
an appointment.
Tell him.
Tell him I'm here.
Look, it'll be faster
if I get another doctor.
I want to talk to Lauro!
Dr. Lauro?
Commissioner, I'm sure
it's those 2 brothers.
- We don't know...
- Have you seen their faces?
They're like ghosts...
They never talk to anyone,
they're always dirty
and stink like animals...
Of course it's them.
- What about there?
- Go on.
Anybody home?
Is anybody in there?
In here!
In here, help!
Help! In here!
I'm here, in here!
Help! Help!
Come, Kiva! Come!
Wait, Kiva!
Let me go! Help!
Help! Lauro!
Talk to me.
Talk to me, my love,
talk to me.
Renata, talk to me. Talk...
You can't do this to me.
Don't leave me, please.
Renata, don't do this to me.
You're alive.
You're alive!
I knew you'd come...
I love you. You're alive!
- I love you. I love you...
- My foot.
- I'll take care of you.
- My foot, it's...
Easy, easy...
- I need to make a tourniquet.
- No, no...
She spooked them off.
Hey, hey, talk to me.
- Talk to me.
- And say what, Lauro?
You hit your head,
I need to know if you're OK.
I'm terrible.
I've never been worse.
Good, then you're fine.
Think of good
things, Renata.
Of what? Good things?
What are you talking about?
You're alive!
You could've died.
But I may still die...
You will not die. Did you
hear me? I won't let you.
I'll take care of you.
Don't worry, I'll...
Shit. Shit...
Renata, talk to me.
Renata, don't do
this to me, Renata!
Wake up, my love.
Wake up...
That's it, that's it...
Work. Work, damn it.
Shit! Shit, shit...
I'm here, I'm here...
I'm here...
What is it?
- My leg. Turn on the lights.
- No, we can't.
- I want to see!
- We can't! Not now.
- Will I lose my leg?
- No, you won't.
But we need to keep silent.
Silent, understand?
The car's not in front
of the house,
so they don't know
we're here.
So, let's stay
in dark, silent.
Do you think
they may come here?
I don't know.
I don't know...
Who are they?
- They're hidden in the woods.
- How do you know that?
- The man at bar told me.
- What bar? What are you saying?
The bar we stopped
on the way over.
He told me,
but I didn't believe him.
That's why
I didn't tell you.
How are we going
to leave? Tell me!
They're going
to invade this house!
We're going to die!
We're going to...
Nobody's going to die.
The worst is over.
What we have to do now
is tend to your wound
and lock this house.
I'll get us out of here.
Calm down, calm down...
You can turn
the lamp on now.
- I think the power's out.
- Shit.
I'll go downstairs
to grab a candle.
No, Lauro!
- Lauro, don't leave me here!
- Shut up, shut up!
- Promise me you won't leave me.
- I promise.
We'll be together
for the rest of our lives.
I'll give you a bath.
Do you feel any pain?
I just feel weak.
It's the medicine
I gave you.
I increased the dosage.
It'll work as an anesthetic.
- Soon you'll fall asleep.
- No...
I don't want to sleep.
What if they come in...?
It started a long time ago.
I lost track of how many
times I didn't want to...
I really didn't. I felt
disgusted by them. It hurt...
You were locked
inside the house.
I didn't know how to get help.
They'd hurt me even worse.
We'll hurt them worse.
What about your father?
He does to the boys...
what they do to me.
My father's always drunk,
doesn't even know his name.
What about your mother?
I heard she's a homeless
in Campo Grande.
Can you take me
to your brothers?
They're probably
in the woods.
They know
everything in there.
It was dad's punishment:
He'd toss them both
in the woods, for 3 days.
Let's go to the woods, then,
Not enough people for that.
- Will you let them escape?
- My aunt's also missing.
- We'll make a report.
- Here, look...
I'm going in alone.
If it's you against them,
you'll die.
Drink this.
That's it...
That's it...
- Lauro!
- Renata?
Renata, I'm here! Renata!
Are you OK?
Is anybody in here?
- No, calm down...
- Is anyone else in here?
No one's here. I woke up,
I was alone,
I got scared. That's all.
- Are you OK? Are you?
- Yeah...
What happened?
How long have I been in here?
You blacked out
for 36 hours.
Are you feeling better?
I am.
It's just that my leg...
It's hurting again.
Hold still.
I stitched it.
It'll be fine.
What smell is this?
It's the food
that's rotting.
We're out of power
for two days now.
It's time for your medicine.
I'm starving...
This medicine is like,
liquid happiness.
It's very different from what
you used to draw.
What I used to draw
was terrible.
I finally made
something good, right?
It's very realistic.
Is that good?
It is.
In terms of anatomy,
it's perfect.
I read once that Michelangelo
and Da Vinci
would dissect corpses
to study and then paint.
After that, I started looking
at their paintings differently.
As if all the people in them
were dead.
The method may have been
a bit extreme,
but it's beautiful.
And you?
Did you dissect
many corpses in college?
Only one.
But he lasted
the whole year.
He was chubby, around 50...
Kind of bald.
During that time, I'd draw.
It was the best way
to take notes. Drawing.
And then what?
Did they bury the guy?
I don't know...
I think so.
It's the least they could do,
after moving
the body everywhere...
Because the person dies,
but the body is still his.
We need to get out of here.
It's not working.
Go get the car.
I don't want
to leave you alone.
I won't be scared.
I won a second chance.
I'll get out of here alive,
no matter what.
I promise you,
I'll get us out of here.
I'll get you out of here.
Help me stand up.
I can walk,
but going down the stairs...
Help me.
Did you get the car keys?
You probably left it
in the ignition.
It makes sense.
I'm going, then.
Don't open the windows,
and be quiet.
I can't stand
what these guys did.
Look at them,
with knives, hoes...
- This won't go well.
- I called for backup.
The Special Police
will come tomorrow.
Are you OK?
Me? I'm great!
These vacations will be
unforgettable, honey.
You drank.
- Just a little.
- You can't drink, you know...
And you can't lie.
I heard the radio!
I know what
they do to the women!
Even so, you decided to stay
in this fucking house!
You son of a bitch!
I didn't know!
I didn't know...
I didn't...
Are you OK?
You need to get some sleep.
I need to guard the house.
The house is locked.
It's worse,
seeing in the dark.
Lauro, where are you going?
What are you doing?
Is someone else in there?
Get back here!
Found it!
I knew it was here.
You don't know
how to shoot.
Everybody knows
how to shoot.
You need to rest, Lauro.
Lie down.
You need to eat.
Won't anyone come
and find us?
I don't think so.
I need to get
some phone signal.
And that smell?
- Didn't you throw the food out?
- I did.
But it's outside,
by the door.
When I go out for signal
I'll throw it farther.
Will you be OK?
Of course.
Who's there?!
I've got a gun!
What happened?
My leg! My leg...
It's hurting so much! Help me.
- Why did you open the door?
- I didn't.
- Anyone in here? I'll go check.
- No, no!
Help me...
My leg, it's hurting again.
- It can't be, I cleaned it.
- Something's wrong.
- There's nothing wrong.
- It hurts...
- Help me, it hurts...
- It doesn't make any sense...
What did you use
to draw this?
Fuck, my files!
You get too impressed,
I told you
not to look at my files!
What are you doing here?
I thought it was weird,
your car on the road.
- Who invaded the house?
- Let her go!
What happened?
Help me...
She got hurt.
- In the house?
- In the woods.
Was she attacked?
Inspector, we found
an abandoned car on the road.
Copy that.
I think
she's getting better.
It's the medicine
I gave her.
- No one's there.
- OK.
I'll go straight
to the police station.
But the road's terrible,
it'll take me two hours.
As soon as I get there,
I'll send them over.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Take good care of her.
You just had your medicine.
You can't drink.
What do you mean?
Let's make a toast.
We're saved, honey!
She'll bring the cops.
You can't drink.
Fuck off.
Let them be.
Pay attention to me.
You weren't like this.
I suffered too much
in this lifetime.
What are you doing?
Shut up.
I'll get it out.
Don't stop. Don't...
What is this?
I don't know.
I don't know...
No, Lauro, get back here.
Where are you going?!
No, no...
Not again.
They're coming in!
They're not coming in!
I think I got one of them.
Stay here...
Do something.
She can do it.
No, this isn't happening...
We have to get upstairs.
We have to, come.
I'll fix this.
No one will harm you.
- No one will harm you!
- They killed Kiva...
- She'll be fine.
- She won't be fine!
She's dead!
I'm not OK... I'm not OK...
Lauro, don't let them in!
For God's sake!
You know what they'll do!
Focus... Focus,
I'm here with you.
I don't want them
to come in!
Look at me!
I'll take care of you.
You trust me, don't you?
I'll work this out.
You haven't already, Lauro.
Come, come with me.
I'll take care of you.
Renata, look at me.
You need to get
a hold of yourself.
You need to get a hold
of yourself, do you understand?
It's you who
doesn't understand.
Touch me.
Can't you feel it?
I'm cold...
It's because it's cold in here.
It's cold, honey...
It's me. I'm cold,
ever since that day, Lauro.
We'll have to jump, OK?
We're fooling ourselves
for all this time.
You didn't save me.
Stop that!
Stop... Come.
We'll have to jump.
The wound went from my leg
to my belly.
I'm rotten.
Full of worms inside me.
You read my fucking report,
that's why you're like this.
You know I'm right.
I'm dead.
You're not dead!
Do you hear me?
You're not dead!
You're not dead...
Listen to me:
you're delusional.
It's all a delusion, honey.
Believe in me, please.
Honey, I'll have
to jump out the window.
I'll surprise them
from behind, OK?
- Will you be back?
- I will.
Game over.
Game over. Drop the knife,
hands on your head.
Police? Police!
My girlfriend...!
Just answer me:
Who are you?
I'm a doctor.
My name's Lauro.
My girlfriend, she needs help,
she was attacked!
Go check it out.
Ms. Luzia worked here, right?
She brought you here,
didn't she?
Yes, we're here
because of her.
You probably heard
of the brothers.
- They attacked us.
- We arrested one of them.
And the other?
The Special Police
killed him.
- Ms. Luzia was a victim.
- But she survived.
She survived,
she brought you here.
No, she didn't.
She was their aunt,
an easy victim.
When was the last time
you saw her?
- Yesterday.
- Yesterday?
Are you messing with us?
The body was found yesterday!
She's been dead for days!
Is that a joke?
That has to be a joke!
Look at me,
see if this is a joke.
- Wait, wait...
- Officer.
- There's a young woman in here.
- See? It's my girlfriend.
She needs help, I need
to get her to a hospital!
Hold him, hold him!
I'm a doctor,
I know she's alive!
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?! Huh?
Son of a bitch...
You're a doctor,
and you're using drugs?
Tell me, you son of a bitch!
Tell me!
Is that it?
- Is anyone else in the house?
- No, sir.
Come here, Augusto.
- Fuck...
- Look.
She's alive...
She's alive...
Talk to me,
don't do this to me.
You're alive. Alive...
You need to eat.
That's it...
"Making a movie takes time.
This week's premiere
was made last year. It's a fact.
But we, sitting in the dark
for your funeral,
will always resucitate you.
And when that happens,
what a beautiful eternity
it gives us
for the rest of the day!"
(Jose Wilker, In Memoriam)