Isolation (2021) Movie Script

[tense music]
What defines this city
is the bustle and noise,
but now for the first time,
I hear only birds
in the streets,
and it's barely spring.
[radio in background]
[man on radio]
Social distancing guidelines.
[engine revving]
[narrator] It felt like
I was leaving my past behind.
Leaving the city where
I'd grown up
and gotten married
and raised a kid.
Leaving for a new reality.
I knew we had to get out
of town.
We were lucky to have
a place to go.
Sam and Karen,
they weren't ready to leave.
But I knew it was time.
20 seconds washing your hands.
Two weeks for quarantine.
Ten days to break a fever.
Who comes up with these numbers?
I went through it over
and over in my mind.
How did it catch me?
How'd I slip up?
Like a game of tag gone wrong.
I didn't wanna tell Karen
and Sam.
Felt like admitting defeat.
Admitting I'd screwed up.
Let it get me.
I felt so alone.
My world was getting smaller
and smaller.
Once it was the whole city,
and then the house.
Now the bedroom.
But mine was just one story
among many.
[breathing heavily]
In my isolation,
I thought about
the city struggling
to contain the outbreak.
How many individuals
were afflicted?
- Every one of us now alone.
- [siren]
It came on fast,
taking over my mind
like a malignant fog,
heating my body from the inside,
choking me and crushing me.
I was so weak,
I was like a child again.
[clock ticking]
Time lost its meaning.
Had it been days or weeks,
or only minutes?
[door creaking]
[chair scraping]
It seemed my whole life up
to this moment
had been a fleeting dream,
and now I was awake
in a nightmare.
[drink fizzing]
[chair scraping across floor]
[muffled breathing]
I had to stop them.
Maybe I wanted to protect them.
That's when I realized
what I had to do
to keep them
from getting infected.
- [glass breaking]
- [woman screaming]
- [man shouting]
- [dull thuds]
The whole world
turned upside down,
- turning in on itself.
- [sirens]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[narrator] Things fall apart.
The center cannot hold.
They say the darkest hour
is before the dawn,
and the fever took me there like
it brought a whole city
to its knees,
but if you're lucky,
you can find the light.
I've been mad
About the world
As long as I can remember
I've been sad
About the world
As long as I can say
- Don't pity me
- [heartbeats]
- [gasps]
- Don't pity me
I'll be gone before you know
What hit you
- [clanging]
- You will see
- [cheering]
- You will see
- [cacophony]
- I'll be gone
And you will hardly miss me
I've been mad
About the world
As long as I can remember
I've been sad
About the world...
Sometimes just a reminder
that you're not alone is enough,
and as for me,
I'll go out with a song.
And that's okay.
I'll be gone
But this world
Keeps moving on
[high-pitched ringing]
[exhales sharply]
This is day whatever
of quarantine,
"lockdown" going on.
Been on house arrest
for a while,
and thanks
to my new best friend here,
I can't even go 50 feet outside
my own front door anymore
without the Gestapo nailing
my ass.
Yeah, it's fucking
fascism, dude.
That's what it is.
I mean, it's not like they
can shut me up forever, though,
you know?
It's all out there.
People just gotta connect
the goddamn dots.
Yeah, I know, right?
Hey, listen.
While I've got you on the phone,
I was wondering if maybe
you could post my video.
I know that's a big ask,
but I just feel like right now
would be a good time
to get my side
of the story out there.
Give people an opportunity
to figure out the truth
for themselves, you know?
Come on, man.
Please do this for me.
I'm on house arrest.
Just put it on your page!
Why not?
Oh, dude, don't even give me
that bullshit.
If you're really so scared
of what other people think...
Never mind.
No, fuck you, too.
[phone clattering]
[Chad on video] Because of that,
I decided to actually write
a song about it.
[guitar strumming]
I have the truth
Shut up, asshole.
[reporter 1] As the death toll
in urban areas continues
to spike,
New York City has again become
a hotbed for the virus,
causing many citizens to flee
to their upstate homes.
You don't know shit.
And you wouldn't tell us
if you did.
[man on TV] 5G towers.
They're all over the Southland,
but should you be worried?
[reporter 2] The virus
has now mutated in Florida.
[preacher] God is striking back
at the sin.
[man on TV] The first casualty
of the pandemic was freedom.
[exhales sharply]
You're carrying the most
dangerous virus of all.
The truth.
That's what you... [gags]
[exhales sharply]
- Oh.
- [phone chimes]
[exhales sharply]
I know that you can hear me.
Well, guess what?
Fuck you, Big Brother.
Fuck you!
[beeps and buzzes]
- [static hissing]
- Ow.
- [man] Chad.
- [groans]
What the fuck?
[man] Can you hear me?
Who's talking?
[man] Down here, Chad.
Down where?
[man] Here.
Who the fuck are you?
[man] Who I am isn't important,
but that you can hear me,
that could mean everything.
You disrupted the signal,
but I don't know
how much time we have.
They're beaming it at you
right now to infect you.
There's only one way
to make it stop.
Make it sto...
[chuckles nervously]
We've gone to great lengths
to make contact with you,
because you've been asking
the right questions.
Are you ready for the answers?
I must've hit my head
really bad.
[man] Chad. Chad.
I really wish you'd take this
more seriously.
Yeah, well, I would if I could,
but I can't,
because there's nobody there.
[man] Chad, listen to me.
Listen, Chad.
This is important.
I can't hear you,
because I'm not fucking crazy!
[man] Of course you're not.
Your pulse and temperature
are elevated, though.
Are you feeling all right, Chad?
I mean, yes.
No, I'm fine.
[man] Are you, though?
you're getting very sick,
exactly as they want you to.
I'm not getting sick.
It's not a fucking plague.
[man] That's what they want you
to believe.
You know what?
If you know so much about
what's really going on,
then why don't you just go ahead
and lay it on me?
Go ahead. Talk.
[man] Connect the dots, Chad.
What if there really
is a plague?
What if the 5G towers are frying
our DNA to produce the virus?
That's fucking insane.
Why would they even
wanna do that?
[man] Simple.
To weed out the weak
and crash the economy,
with everybody on lockdown
to make their cleanup easier.
And then like magic,
there's a vaccine,
and everyone's so happy
to get it,
they don't ask
what's really in it.
What's in it?
[man] The next stage of control.
Microchip receivers
to relay the 5G signal straight
to our brains and control
how we think,
what we say and do and buy.
Once all the other redundant,
useless bottom feeders
are gone...
people like you, Chad.
I'm not useless.
[man] That's right. You're not.
You can still save yourself.
That's it.
I'm over this.
[man] Chad!
I'm trying to help you, Chad.
I'm trying to help you
save people's lives.
[electric buzzing]
I don't know, man.
Maybe you're right.
I need a minute to think.
[man] You need to do this.
I tried.
But nobody cares.
Even if they did,
how do you get a bunch
of people to get off
of their asses
and actually do something?
[man] I'm not talking about
your YouTube channel.
I'm talking about you taking
direct action.
What can I do?
And how do you expect everybody
to just believe this shit?
[man] It doesn't matter what
you believe, Chad.
When you short circuited
the device,
it alerted
the people monitoring you.
They'll be here soon,
and they won't arrest you.
You know too much.
Any potential threat
to their plan
will be terminated
with extreme prejudice.
What the fuck?
I'm not a threat.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Why didn't you tell
me that before?
[man] I was afraid you wouldn't
be ready for this,
but I had to hope
that when you heard it,
you would do what
any reasonable man would do
to protect himself.
Just tell me how
to make it stop.
[man] The tower's how
they're controlling us, Chad,
culling the herd of the weak.
They made a big mistake when
they didn't lock you up
or kill you because
you know how to stop them.
You're the only one.
[engine cuts off]
Light it, Chad.
Light it, Chad.
Do it!
God! What am I doing?
Having second thoughts, Chad?
Stop thinking.
- [beep]
- [buzzing]
[man] Do something worthwhile
for a change.
[groans] Who are you?
[man] Someone who figured out
how to make people
get off their asses
and so something.
You're carrying
the most dangerous virus
of all, Chad: the truth.
I just want you to spread it.
What's the truth?
[radio static]
[woman whimpering]
[cat purring]
[inhales sharply]
[exhales sharply]
[distant piano playing]
[piano music stops]
[flames crackling]
[touch tones beeping]
[recording] Due to
the high volume of calls,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
[breathing heavily]
[breathing erratically]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
- [chair clattering]
- Fuck.
So are you gonna kill me now?
[old man] I dunno.
Am I?
[labored breathing]
[distant explosions]
[distant gunfire]
[distant shouting]
[distant sirens]
[tense music]
[reporter] These vigilante
groups were cited storming up
the Hollywood Hills
with several reports
of gunfire
and multiple fatalities.
With states releasing
a third wave of prisoners,
crime is at an all-time high,
and in a turn for the worse,
we now have confirmation
that the virus
has become more lethal.
After being the first
U.S. territory affected
almost nine months ago,
the Pacific Northwest
has now become
the birthplace
of this new strain,
leaving thousands of victims
in its wake,
which now also includes
the animal kingdom.
It has become more resistant,
and it no longer attacks
only the elderly, but has reared
its head in young adults,
some as young as 12.
We can only pray
it does not grow stronger
and set its sights on children.
This is Channel 5 News
signing off.
[door creaking]
[girl] Stay out of this room!
[boy] No, I won't! She's mom!
Sammy, could I watch
Daddy's movie?
[Dad] Hey, sweetie.
Don't show the kids this, okay?
I gotta wait till nightfall
to do it.
But with that bridge gone,
there's no way in, no way out.
You guys are gonna be safer.
Everyone's gonna be safer.
If you hear those sirens go off,
you gotta grab the kids.
There's rumors
of this secret ship
coming through the city to help,
but I don't know.
You're just gonna have
to take your chances,
take our boat, the kids,
and get onboard.
You gotta get to Seattle
and you gotta stay in the water.
I'm gonna make it back.
Just tell the kids I love 'em
and I love you.
[girl] I heard on the news
police are letting bad guys out
of jail.
So we have to hide.
If we hear the sirens,
we have to do what Daddy says
and get on the boat.
I'll pretend the virus
is not happening for you.
Well, Dada and Momma will be...
just like normal again.
Dad will be back and Mom
will be back to life again.
One day she saw a trapped seal.
She boost her horn
to bust out of the ice.
She was mother and his sister
and brother and his family.
Brody, look.
That means Dad is coming home.
[Brody] Now?
We'll follow the rainbow,
and then we'll find Dada,
and then we'll bring him back,
and then he'll kiss Mother
and then she'll wake up again.
[Brody] Do you have a crab?
- Nope.
- Go fish.
Do you have a angler fish?
[door opening]
[Brody] That Dada outside?
[Sammy] Lock the door.
[crickets chirping]
[Sammy screams]
Brody, let me in!
Please let me in!
Let me in, Brody!
[Brody] I can't reach it!
- [Sammy whimpers]
- I'm trying! I'm trying!
Dada. Dada.
[distant sirens]
Brody, come on. Let's go.
Grab your jacket.
Come on. We have to go now.
[door creaking]
[bell ringing]
[door creaks]
Brody, come on. Let's go.
We gotta go the secret way.
[Brody grunts]
[Sammy] Brody, hurry. This way.
Are you okay?
[breathing heavily]
[bird cawing]
[tense music]
[engine turning over]
[engine revving]
[Sammy screams]
[tires squealing]
It's not turning on!
Let's go!
[boat engine turning over]
[dad] There's rumors
of a secret ship coming
to the city to help,
but I don't know.
You're just gonna have
to take your chances,
take our boat, the kids,
and get onboard.
[microwave beeps]
[Adam] And last year
I'd have called you crazy,
but as we all know,
the world is upside down
right now.
Do you have any idea what
is happening in El Paso?
[woman] In a word, no.
As you know,
El Paso saw an exodus
from the city over
the last several weeks.
With hospitals full to the brim,
morgues overwhelmed,
bodies piling up,
many citizens including
city officials decided
to pack up and leave,
but that doesn't explain
the communication blackout.
[Adam] Have you been able
to make any sense of it?
[woman] Unfortunately, that's
just about impossible right now.
- [distant sirens]
- [woman] Social media is awash
with theories.
Without any official reports,
it's hard to say what's credible
and what isn't.
Some people are saying
the government forced people
to leave.
Others claim that the entirety
of civil leadership
is in a bunker or dead
or deliberately sabotaging
the city.
[Adam] We have
no indication whatsoever...
[tense music]
[music blaring
through headphones]
[breathing heavily]
[drawers opening and shutting]
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
[phone beeps]
[dial tone]
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
- We apologize for the inconven...
- [phone beeps]
[dial tone]
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
- We apologize...
- [phone beeps]
[phone dialing]
[breathing deeply]
[door creaks]
Oh, fuck.
[inhales sharply]
[phone dialing]
[dial tone]
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at another time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you...
[shower running]
[dryer running]
[crickets chirping]
[music blaring over headphones]
[footsteps approaching]
[Adam] We've definitely seen
a shift, right?
I mean, friends of mine
who I frankly had to kidnap
to get in public
are now begging me
to schedule video chats.
So do introverts not exist,
or do we just
not understand wellness?
[man] Well, opportunities
for interaction are becoming
more scarce every day.
As we've talked about,
the social contact is just more
than casual. It's also...
[breathing heavily]
[music blaring over headphones]
[door opening]
[door closing]
[door opening]
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Fuck. Fuck.
[recording] Due to higher
than normal call volume,
we ask that you call back
at a later time.
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
[phone clicks]
[dial tone]
[phone buzzing]
[Adam] Before we begin,
how are you?
[woman] How am I?
Gosh, that used to be such
an innocuous question,
- didn't it?
- [coughing]
I'd say probably better
than most.
Worse than some, feeling lucky,
and I'm also desperately...
[coughing and hacking]
[Adam] Let's start
at the beginning.
You were working on this book
before the virus hit, right?
[woman] Yeah, it was
a very different world.
[Adam] How did
the pandemic change...
[radio faint in background]
- [water running]
- [distant radio playing]
[Adam] A bigger problem for us
is that this species provides
- next to no nutritional value.
- [groaning]
None at all.
Why is that the case?
Well, the scientific
explanation is long and boring,
but believe me when I tell you
they're just not good for you.
- [scoffs]
- The virus might be
a better place to get nutrients.
[Kyle] So this could be as bad
as the virus.
[Adam] Sorry, sorry.
I shouldn't be [unclear].
It's nothing to joke about.
It's not that bad.
But it wouldn't provide
enough nutrients
to make a meaningful part
of your diet.
With the virus already affecting
the local food supply,
it's the last thing you need.
[Kyle] Normally this is the spot
where I'd say thank you,
but I actually [unclear]
for this conversation.
[Adam] Don't shoot
the messenger.
Thanks, Kyle.
[Kyle] No problem, Adam.
Thanks for having me.
[upbeat music playing]
[Adam] We'll be right back.
[woman on radio] Feel like
you've been slipping?
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[Tom] Hi, I'm Tom Richards, NCU.
And I know it's a long road,
and believe me when I say
it's been tough for me, too.
In times of shared hardship,
it's more important than ever
that we come together
as a community.
That's why my friends
are offering 25% off
our standard subscription rate.
When the world is upside down,
you need a source you can trust
to help shoot you to
the right path.
Our team of world-renown
journalists works day and night
to bring you the news
that is relevant, interesting,
and most importantly...
[birds chirping]
[distant shouting]
[journalist] Riots broke out
at the London borough
of Woodgreen as locals who
were turned away after waiting
for hours
for the nearby supermarkets
to receive food deliveries
that never came.
This marks almost a full month
of daily violence
as the death toll
from the virus continues
to climb in the capital.
The government has called
for an immediate shutdown
of all London Underground
and tube services in an effort
to prevent further spread
and isolate outbreak areas.
However, there is confusion
over this plan,
as there has been no changes
to the buses
which are operating normally
throughout the city.
[keyboard clacking]
The capacity
of a double decker bus
is 18.75 times 4.95
times 2.55 meters.
At that size,
we could be looking
at anywhere between 70
and 100 barrels' worth
of chemical agent
traveling freely
among the population.
This is what's supplementing
the dosage
of the chem trails
and the water pollution.
The question is,
is this related
to the 5G towers,
or is this
a separate issue entirely?
What am I missing?
[indistinct whispering]
[inhales sharply]
[exhales sharply]
Who's sending the signals?
Is this a coordinated attack
with the organizations
dosing us with the virus?
How big is this?
[dog barking]
[exhales and inhales sharply]
Hey there, fellow truth-seekers.
Paige here, and welcome back
to my channel.
Now, I'm very excited
to be sharing
yet another breakthrough
with you.
I know that we keep
getting buried
by the B.S.
from the mainstream media.
However, we know for a fact
that the 5G signals
is what's causing the virus.
However, I think I may
have discovered
- yet another delivery sy...
- [beeps]
This delivery system is caused
by the exhaust of buses,
even more potent than
the chem tra...
Hang on.
I've been feeling an almost
unnatural presence
in the flat for some time now.
Like something's spying on me.
Now, in 1984,
the U.S. and Japanese
governments started working
with tech companies and some
of the top Hollywood directors.
They faked the moon landing,
and now they've started working
on these optical technologies
which basically mean
they can create invisible suits.
[exhales sharply] Yeah.
Invisible suits.
That's so...
[indistinct whispering]
These suits have been
predominantly used
for covert operations like
the planting of thermite
at the bottom
of the Twin Towers,
the high-profile
The technology uses screens
to create projections
around the wearer,
which means that they can blend
into their environment,
but that's the problem.
It can fool the naked eye,
but cameras don't process it
in the same way.
So if you actually look
at it through a camera lens,
it means that the suit
can occasionally glitch,
and that is exactly why
I have cameras
all throughout my flat.
Every single room.
You hear that?
Every single room.
I'm recording you live.
Don't think of doing anything,
or your whole cover
will be blown.
Don't think I don't know what
they do to operatives
who blow their cover.
[Paige breathes heavily]
- [distant knocking]
- [gasps]
[Paige] Oh, that's...
Okay. Okay.
I got you. I got you.
[exhales sharply]
- [beeps]
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[chuckles] I got you.
I fucking got you.
Everyone saw.
Everyone fucking saw.
"They're inside you."
Oh. Inside where?
The CIA.
The CIA put listening devices
in their operatives.
It can be disguised
as fillings in the molar teeth.
So it's not too much
of a stretch
to think that they could
use them
as a surveillance device.
You're listening right now,
aren't you?
Can you hear me?
Oh, you fuckers.
I'm so close.
I figured out your trick
with the buses,
and if you want to listen
to what I have to say,
then you are going to have
to watch my videos.
Show's over, assholes.
[beeps loudly]
[heart pounding]
[continuous beeping]
[Paige shouting]
- [slicing]
- [Paige grunts]
I control me.
I control me.
I can control...
[birds chirping]
[garage door closing]
[shower running]
[journalist] And in Seattle,
the record number
of orphan children continues
to grow
as more kids are found
either roaming the streets
or trapped at home
with their deceased parents.
The psychological implications
of these circumstances
is disturbing.
[child crying]
[child] Hey, Momma. Hugging cat.
[mom] Oh.
[child coughing]
[window rattling]
[toy train horn whistles]
[toy train horn whistles]
[toy train horn whistles]
[heavy wind]
[wind chimes clinking]
[shower running]
- [heavy wind]
- [window rattling]
[toy train horn]
[tense music]
[wind howling]
[wind chimes]
- [wind howling]
- [window rattling]
[toy train horn]
[toy train horn]
[heavy wind]
[news jingle]
Good evening.
The death toll continues
to rise throughout the U.S.
with thousands of new cases
being reported hourly.
In a new study done
by the Thompson Behavioral
Institute of Florida,
they have found there
to be a significant uptick
in conspiracy theories
being spread
across social platforms.
One such theory has led
to the death
of a London influencer
who live streamed herself
fatally removing
what she believed to be
tracking devices implanted
inside her by the government.
Now following up on our breaking
news story from last night,
it is confirmed that
a new mutation
of the virus has been discovered
here in Miami.
The National Guard has been
sent out by the government
in an attempt
to control any unrest,
as scientists are not releasing
any information
about the deadly new strain
at this time.
We will, of course,
keep you updated
as new details come in.
We urge you,
please stay at home.
Stay safe.
And God bless us all.
This is Cecilia Hernandez
Did you get me any good footage?
Well, hello to you, too.
Listen, nobody gives
a shit anymore
about empty streets.
I need something bigger.
I need shit that's gonna
make people cry, scare them.
Look, I don't know what
to tell ya.
I've been scoping out hospitals,
trying to get interviews,
but nobody's coming out.
Only going in.
Have you ever heard
of the Lanway family?
Yeah, sure. Why?
I just got a tip the other day
from one of their neighbors.
They said they see
the nurse come in and out
of the back frequently,
but they haven't seen
the family in weeks.
And you're
an investigative journalist.
Go investigate.
They're a really
well-known family
on the beach. If they're sick...
That's good TV.
[Ryan exhales sharply]
And if I do this for you?
You're on fucking retainer,
This is not me asking you.
Get your ass out there now
and start filming.
I wanna see something tonight.
[phone ringing]
[Jen] Hi, it's Jen.
Leave a message.
- [beeps]
- [Ryan] Hey, babe.
I'm just over
at the beach right now.
I gotta do this job.
Won't be late.
I'll meet you at home
and I'll make dinner.
Got one steak left
in the fridge.
I'd kill for a piece of meat.
Guess that's it.
All right, I'll see you soon.
Love you.
[brakes squeaking]
[exhales sharply] Okay.
[crickets chirping]
[door squeaking]
Ah, I'm gonna get
fucking arrested
for being here.
[door creaking]
[breathing heavily]
This is so fucking weird.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck. Fu...
[cat meows]
Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!
[distant shout]
[distant sobs]
[Ryan] Fuck.
[door creaks]
[filtered breathing]
[Ryan] Oh, God. Oh, shit!
[door closes]
[distant coughing]
[coughing continues]
[ventilated breathing]
[Ryan] Shit!
Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck.
[breathing heavily]
Oh, fuck.
[glass rattling]
- [door shuts]
- Oh, fuck!
[Ryan panting]
- [grunts]
- [door rattles]
[door creaks]
[door squeaks]
Oh, shit!
- [shouts]
- [clanging]
Pick up.
- [beeping]
- Fuck, Ryan.
Pick up!
- Lazy fucker.
- [beeping]
[dial tone beeps]
[soft buzzing]
[distant rattling]
[distant rattling]
[squealing and scraping]
Stay away from the walls!
Dont make them angry.
Can you hear me?
Who are you?
Whats going on?
Did they take your clothes, too?
Tell me, whats going on here?
I dont know.
Seems we are trapped.
Did they give you water
and food as well?
They want us to survive.
At least for a while.
They?" What do you know?
How long have you been here?
Woke up maybe just
an hour before you.
I can only guess.
What is the last thing
you remember?
Why should I tell you anything?
As far as I know,
you could be my kidnapper.
Or you mine.
Im afraid
we are in this together.
They broke in,
forced us down like terrorists.
What about your result?
I dont know.
After they tested us,
they injected me with some drug.
They took me with them.
He was left behind.
Then all went black.
Im sorry.
Feel your neck.
They burn a symbol
on the back of your neck
to mark you as virus
positive or negative.
I can feel the scab,
but cant make it out.
Neither can I.
All by ourselves,
none of us can tell.
[chains rattling]
What are those noises?
I dont want to know.
Why are we here?
If we were infected,
theyd leave us for good.
Have you heard
about the experiments?
Another conspiracy theory...
Not just a theory.
They use the infected
as human guinea pigs
to run tests on them.
They cant do that.
Just like they can't storm in,
take you and put you
in this crate?
They use the pandemic
to their advantage.
Do all kind
of tests on the infected.
For the big pharma,
the military,
even space science.
First they started abducting
only homeless people.
Seems they have expanded
their field.
Ben told me about a friend
who just disappeared.
When he came back he was only
a shadow of his former self.
A vegetable
like some walking dead.
You see!
We have to get out of here.
Get out? Theres no way out.
What is this?
Oh my God!
Whats happening? Talk to me!
The thing next to me
seems angry and big.
Really big!
Youre okay?
What the hell are those things?
Maybe this is hell.
I dont want
to end up like this.
Neither do I.
If we are positive
for the virus, we die anyway.
You mentioned a Ben before.
Do you know
what happened to him?
Hes gone.
How do you know?
I dont feel him anymore.
[chains rattling]
Then he might be
better off than us.
Wait! Do you hear that?
They are coming for us.
They won't get me.
[glass shattering]
Me neither.
Here, come here! I am here.
Sit down.
Let us sit down together!
I can feel you.
Whats your name?
[man laughs]
Then Im Adam.
Well meet at some better place.
[footsteps approaching]
[breathing heavily]
[glass shatters]
[door creaks]
Oh, my God!
No! Oh, no.
Oh, my God. No!
Help! I need help!
Help! Oh!
Fuck, no!
No, don't! Help!
[birds chirping]
[animal snarling]
[elephant trumpets]
[fog horn blows]
[chains rattling]
[loud thudding]
[Brody] What's that sound?
Someone's coming.
[Sammy] Brody, shh!
[banging and snarling]
Let us out!
[door creaking]
[various animal calls]
[suspenseful music]