Istanbul (1957) Movie Script

Look, Charlie, look. Istanbul!
What do you expect in Turkey?
Look, Charlie, it says: "Istanbul
is the threshold of Asia..."
"the colorful city of 444 mosques."
- Huh?
- 444 mosques.
You want to take me to them.
You? Who needs you?
Listen, I can go alone
anytime I want to and...
- Maybe not alone, you know?
- All right! All right!
I mean there's lots of interesting
people one can meet while traveling.
People interested in
culture and things.
Can I trouble you, Mr. Brennan?
No trouble, but no
smoking, it says there.
We're going down.
Oh, oh! Sure. Well, this is sort of
like coming home for you, isn't it?
Sort of like.
Scandinavian Airlines System,
Flight 100...
from Karachi, Tehran, Damascus and
Beirut, arriving at the gate five.
Welcome to Istanbul.
I am the guide.
You're the guide?
Istanbul is all right.
- Excuse me. Mr. Brennan?
- Right.
Would you step this way, please?
May I have my passport, please?
Thank you.
Ah most welcome, Brennan.
You are not exactly unexpected.
Nice to be remembered.
You have no idea what a pleasure
it is to see you again.
How often I have
wondered about you.
- May I?
- Please.
Five years is a long time
to stay away.
When one has a particular attachment.
The war had something
to do with that.
James Brennan,
Captain U.S. Air Force...
Devastation Swan Cico power plant...
Distinguished Service Cross.
Honorable discharge.
It's a very fine record, Brennan.
I congratulate you.
And now you've given up flying?
No, except it's a little difficult
without an airplane.
The one I had got lost.
Or would you remember that?
Perfectly. Your papers, please.
Thank you.
And the purpose of your visit?
Travel through here to Iran,
on business.
I heard the oil
companies need pilots.
You are passing through
Istanbul on your way to Iran.
Most interesting.
Inspector, you're such
a suspicious type.
You know that's the kind of thing
that breaks up old friendships.
Oh, I hope not.
But you know I must ask myself
why you have come back.
A sentimental journey perhaps?
Pilgrimage to the scene
of the former happiness?
But that would only
reopen an old wound.
So I must feel that it is not
sentiment that brought you back...
But diamonds.
I wish I could help you
to find them...
But I never did know what
you were talking about...
It's been delightful
chatting about old times.
There reminds for me to hope that
we all enjoy your stay in Istanbul.
And if there is anything that I can
do for you at all, inspector...
You'll be sure and let
me know, won't you?
I will be at the same hotel.
Have a pleasant visit.
- Mr. Brennan.
- Kazim, good to see you.
Good to see you.
It has been a long time.
Yep. I'd like my old room, eh?
Ah yes, I remember. 424.
I'm sorry, Mr. Brennan,
your 424 has already been taken.
An American couple, just arrived.
That wouldn't be Mr. and
Mrs. Boyle, would it?
- Yes, you know them?
- Mmm.
If you wish, I will move you in
when they check out.
In the meanwhile, I will put
you next door, room 422.
Take it up.
Bonjour, monsieur.
This way, please.
Do you wish anything, sir?
- Yeah, two vodka gimlets.
- Two?
Thanks for James Brennan.
Thank you, Istanbul,
thank you, beautiful night.
And thank you, whatever
you are called.
That sounds just a little
bit too much like goodbye.
I didn't mean it. Really I didn't.
What shall I say to
remove the spell?
Being In Turkish, it won't not work.
- Turkish?
- Yes.
That sounds like wonderful magic.
What does it mean?
The truth comes from the heart
not the tongue.
I like that.
Did you keep make it up?
Of course.
Know what we used to say in Munich...
when we feel the way I do now?
Tell me.
I love you.
When I fall in love
it will be forever.
Or I'll never.
Falling in love with me.
In a restless world like this
love ends before starting
many moonlight kisses.
They look cool
in the warmth of the sun.
When I give my heart
it will be completely.
Or I'll never give.
My Heart.
And the moment I can fell that
you feel that way too
is when I fall in love.
With you.
And the moment I can fell that
you feel that way too
is when I fall in love.
With you.
You old spell-binder.
If I could sing like that, man,
I wouldn't do anything else.
Come on. Sit down. Have a drink.
No Thank you. Like the cop
says "not when I'm on duty."
That's a good boy.
How is going with you, Miss Bauer?
Thank you. Danny.
What a lovely song.
You've never sang it
more beautifully.
You should know. You've heard it
every night for a solid week.
But today was special.
Let's say the way you
heard it so special.
Get him. One month in Turkey and he's
already giving with the proverbs.
What's with you?
Flying dynamite to the island...
Or fertilizer to Italy?
I'll fly anything, anytime.
You know me.
However, I am temporarily retired.
And I feel temporarily
No, Danny, please.
Please, nothing.
I can't afford you two.
- What?
- Translation please.
Every time I come over here and
look into her love-laden eyes...
I start moping about
my girlfriend in New York.
Do you know how much it cost
to call New York from Turkey?
I got to go up with the fellows who
make the music. I'll see you later.
- Nice guy. First class.
- Mm-hmm.
It's my ship, eh?
Getting ready to sail.
No regrets?
It's going away.
I don't want to go.
Are you going home?
Home is not the place
where you were born...
It's where you are happy.
There she goes.
Two weeks ago, I stood on her
decks when she came in...
wondering whether
Istanbul would like me.
Where were you two weeks ago?
Flying in a load of
machinery from England.
Flying in. Flying out.
You like that, do you?
The Army taught me how.
I haven't found anything
I like to do better..
Besides, I've got my own plane.
It's a lot nice, not getting shot at.
Jim, did you say goodbye
to a girl in England?
A girl? Uh-hm.
Safety of numbers, I always figured.
The important thing though is that...
Up till now there has never been
a place I was sorry to leave.
When I think of the vacations
I have wasted elsewhere!
Italy last year.
And North Africa the year before.
Don't think of yesterday.
Today is the important thing.
3.30! And I've been
here since half past 2.
Where is he?
When I finally find
him, he's having lunch.
He said he'd be right over.
Hi, Florian. What's wrong?
Ali said it was urgent.
At 2:30, I came here to ask him to
take a load of machinery to Cairo.
It's already loaded in your plane.
Now it's most important.
Ali, that's all?
I should break your neck,
interrupting my lunch.
But Jim, I thought I
you wanted the business.
You mean to say
you're not interested?
- No, sorry.
- But it means a tidy sum.
Yeah, I know but I'm not
taking any jobs right now.
My firm has given you a
lot of business, Brennan.
Sure, I'm appreciate that but I'm
sticking around Istanbul awhile.
Of course, if your social life
means more to you than...
working with Florian & Temple,
we'll take our business elsewhere.
Jim, darling, I...
Oh... hi.
Good afternoon.
May I present Miss. Stephanie Bauer,
Inspector Nural.
- My pleasure, Miss. Bauer.
- How do you do?
- Everything legal, inspector?
- Perfectly.
I await the day when you
succumb to temptation.
Aw, darling. The inspector is what
you might call a customs cop.
He awaits the day when he figures
I'll come in loaded with contraband.
I do not think Mr. Florian
expected you to turn him down.
- Are you going out of business?
- No but ah...
we have so much to do
here in Istanbul.
It is a pleasure to have met the
lady who keeps Jim Brennan...
from making what I believe
is called a "fast buck."
- Good day, Miss Bauer.
- So long, Inspector.
Come on, darling.
Let's finish lunch.
Mr. Florian was very angry.
Yeah. Hot temper.
The trip to Cairo would
only take two or three days.
I'd still be here
when you get back.
You must be practical.
I hate that word,
even from you.
When you come back, I'll have
found a place to live and a job.
I'll try to break all the records
and make it back in two days.
That would be very nice.
Why we stop here?
I'll see Aziz for a moment.
See you tomorrow.
Give these cigarettes
to Inspector Nural.
Tell him I smuggled them in.
Ah Jim!
A most pleasant surprise!
It's good to see you too.
- Am I interrupting something?
- No no, I'm quite alone.
But tell me/ Where have you been?
How is your life?
My life? Never better.
I've been flying around Africa,
Made a few bucks here.
Lost a few there.
And I found a girl.
A girl? You must
tell me about you
I want to get something
special for her
because she is a
very special person.
And I... What's the matter?
A problem?
No, nothing at all.
Whatever you give her
will be highly special.
I assure you. Let's see.
- I think...
- No, nothing of that sort.
Must be a gift to make a memory.
Look, if I should need a favor...
Sure, anything you say.
Well ..
What is the trouble?
Please do not ask me now. But
if tomorrow or next week...
I should need your help...
You know where I am.
Same hotel. Glad to give it.
Thank you.
But we have forgotten your lady.
- And I know just the thing.
- Good.
- Zowie!
- It pleases you?
Sure, but this is out of my range.
It's my gift to you and to your lady.
Oh no. This thing must
be worth a fortune.
Very well then. You may buy it.
The price is 50
American dollars.
You're lying in your teeth.
You can refuse my gifts but
don't tell me my business.
No point in arguing with you.
You know your business.
I wish you and your lady happiness.
Thanks. Oh and about that favor?
Yes, Jim, are you going
to stay here for awhile?
You bet your life I am.
Then perhaps you'll hear
from me in a few days.
Go ahead. Take care of yourself.
Yes, Mr. Brennan?
Oh my. Later.
Or I'll never fall in love.
In a restless world like this is.
Love is ended before it begins.
I wish it could just go on like this.
His eyes are sad, aren't they?
Seems to be looking outward
at a great distance...
Wondering what's ahead for him.
I used to do that.
After my father and mother died...
I used to go for miles out
of my way
to avoid the house where they
were caught in the bombing.
You had friends.
For God's sake, I don't
know which is sadder.
When I met you, it seemed
like an endless wait.
Does he understands
what we are saying?
- Who?
- Him.
Don't know if he understands
the language...
But 10 to 1, he gets the idea.
- Honey?
- Yes?
Will you marry me?
What a question!
You're serious!
"Will you marry me?"
You know I will, darling.
You're going to have
to leave without me.
Too many long nights alone.
Not even a date.
So I got a little too lonely,
And now you're a little too late.
You never would write.
You never would call.
While I had the blues,
you were havin' a ball.
You thought that I'd
be here to run to
I'm gonna do to you
what I've been done to.
Too bad about you, my friend,
It could've been great.
But I was a little too lonely.
And now you're a little too late.
Say, that was okay, fellas.
We'll put that in tonight.
And be on time for a change.
Hi, fellas. What's your problem?
They want me to do a benefit
in Anchora this Sunday.
And I thought if you happened to be
flying that way, I could hitchhike.
Oh gee, there's nothing
I'd like better, Danny.
But if did that, I'd be missing
my own honeymoon.
- You and Miss Bauer?
- This afternoon.
Well, congratulations, Jim.
Real good luck and everything.
Well, if you have a bride, what
are you standing around here for?
What for?
Give her my best.
Long distance, please.
New York.
I still say there should be a
that once you decide to be
married, you are married.
I should have known that after
filing there's a three weeks delay.
I have a little gift for you.
- Your engagement present.
- There's someone out there.
Look what I found.
Please don't tear my shirt.
The material is irreplaceable.
Oh I beg your pardon.
Your balcony has a
truly amazing view.
Yes. Be sure and drop in anytime.
Now let's talk about you.
You see before you Paul Renkov.
A miserable thief.
Most unskillful.
I'm always caught.
I have nothing to hide.
- Who sent you here?
- Who would send me?
Only a fool would
employ a man like me.
Oh those are lovely cufflinks.
- Hmm. What do you want?
- The diamonds.
Why shouldn't we do business?
You and I?
If you have diamonds, I have
contacts to dispose of them.
Nobody else involved.
So you beat me up, Mr. Brennan.
What do I care?
I'm always beaten up.
- But you won't kill me.
- Don't be so sure.
But just in case something
stuck to your fingers.
Come on. Let's have a look.
Now let me show you something.
You see that door?
If you ever come through it again,
I'll ram it right down your throat.
- Do you believe me?
- Oh yes. Completely. I do.
Why didn't you call the police?
Oh darling, they don't have
time to waste on a petty thief.
Jimmy spoke of diamonds.
Why does he come to you?
Haven't you heard?
Americans are fantastically rich.
And there's proof of it.
Here's your engagement present.
Like it?
More than anything
in my whole life.
Just something I stole
from an old friend.
- Oh we have to invite
him to the wedding?
- Mm-hm.
Forgive me.
- What's your problem?-
- Have you got a cigarette, please?
Gently. Gently.
What do you want?
Could you not
hazard a guess, sir?
My wallet's in my coat.
Pretty good going over.
10 or 12 bucks.
You take me for thief then?
You'll do.
Till one comes along.
Where are they, sir?
You tell me what,
I'll tell you where.
- The diamonds.
- What diamonds?
White, brilliant and most valuable.
Sorry, I'm fresh out.
I want those stones, sir.
I haven't got any.
You saw your friend Aziz
the other afternoon.
Sure I saw him.
He gave them to you then.
Very well, Mr. Brennan.
Until next time.
Now you told Officer Sarac here
you spent the entire evening...
- With Miss. Bauer.
- Correct.
The men that beat you up, Have
you never seen any of them before?
- Nope.
- And how do you account for it?
If I ever meet them again,
I'll make a point to inquire.
And when was the last time you
saw your friend Aziz Rachim?
Aziz? He's got nothing
to do with it.
Since we are all so
mystified, how can we be sure?
As a matter of fact, you saw
him just a few days ago.
- Then why ask?
- Policeman's habit.
Rachim has disappeared,
Mr. Brennan.
Not only from his
shop and apartment.
We've searched the city.
Not impossible, Mr. Brennan.
Merely an arresting coincidence.
I must tell you another?
One day you're low in funds.
The next, you plan to marry
this charming lady.
I do not think that you
would undertake such a step
if you were to
remain a poor man.
At the same time, we
are informed that
$200,000 worth of
stolen diamonds...
have been stuck smuggled into
Istanbul from Cairo.
In such a bracelet as yours, Miss.
It is yours, for the moment.
It would be a pity to
lock it up in a vault..
Wouldn't it? It is very beautiful.
Well, if we can't help you any
further, can we leave now?
Very well unless Officer Sarac
has further questions.
One moment, please.
Thank you. This will interest you.
The merchant Rachim has been found.
He was discovered
in the harbor area,
dead of knife wounds.
You're free go.
You were wonderful. Perfect.
How did it happen? Why did those men
beat you up, Jim?
I think I have a line
on some diamonds.
- You haven't?
- I didn't steal them.
- I know you didn't but...
- Trust me.
Tell me something. How would you
like to be married in Paris?
I think Paris would
be very suitable.
In go upstairs and pack. Fast.
All right.
Jim, the diamonds. You're going to
give them back, aren't you?
Back? Back to whom? Aziz Or
the thugs who killed him?
The police?
The police? The police didn't
take a beating for them. I did.
Those diamonds only belong to the
man who's got them.
Now go on. Get ready for that
$200,000 honeymoon.
I see you in an hour.
Good day, Miss Bauer.
That's okay, Mac., I live here.
Come in. Brennan, come in.
You must forgive us. Another hour
and all would've been as it was.
Oh that's all right. Coming back to
an empty room wouldn't be the same.
Now if you'll get
your bloodhounds out of here
I'd like to start packing.
- You're leaving us?
- Yes. With deep regret.
But why the sudden decision?
Miss Bauer and I are flying to Paris.
We're going to be married.
We didn't want to wake up and
find you underneath the bed.
You'll permit me. Personal search.
Of course. Feel free.
You still looking for those diamonds
or what?
A policeman's preoccupation.
Still refuse to help us, eh?
Eh what if I could?
If you know the whereabouts
of the diamonds...
- Turkish authorities...
- Could get off the hook, eh?
What about Aziz?
I'm sorry. That is not my
And diamonds aren't
my department.
Now if you don't mind, I'd like to
Oh I don't mind.
In fact, I insist.
You are to be deported
from Turkey, Mr. Brennan.
Deported? On what grounds?
You're an undesirable alien.
Under suspicion by the police
and the custom authorities.
Leave me. I can have
your visa revoked and
put you on a Paris
plane Within an hour.
- I'll fly my own plane.
- That won't be possible, I'm afraid.
Pending the
clarification of certain
technicalities, your aircraft
has been impounded.
I see. Well, that would be a good
deal, presuming I had the diamonds.
Those diamonds will never
leave Turkey, Mr. Brennan.
Till the time of boarding the
plane, you will be in my custody.
You will allow me?
Certainly. Make a reservation
for Miss. Bauer.
SAS, flight reservations, please.
What is the problem?
There's a fire in the
Lido apartments.
- Lido. Stephanie.
- Hold it.
Miss Bauer. Did you
see Miss Bauer?
Miss. Bauer, have you seen her?
I saw her.
- Where she is? Where'd she go?
- No one came out of the building.
Brennan! Brennan, come here!
Brennan! Brennan!
Stephanie! Stephanie!
No years. She's beyond recognition.
The fire seems to have started in
that part of the the building.
It's very old.
What can I say?
Mr. Brennan? Mr. Brennan?
It's pleasant to see you again.
Is it? I've already been here 2 min.
What kept you?
It's nice that you haven't
forgotten Paul Renkov.
May I buy you a drink?
Oh no, save your money. You're
the kind who will die broke.
Thank you.
You know, Mr. Brennan,
I'm badly paid.
I make up for it
with treachery.
You wouldn't care to buy
a little information?
Like what?
Like the name of my employer.
Un-uh. No deal.
It's a pity. His name is Darius.
It is an old acquaintance of yours.
You met him once... in an alley.
He would like to see you.
No really. He would..
- I wonder what we would talk about.
- I rather suspect diamonds.
I might enjoy that.
This time, I can promise you
a most civilized meeting.
Good. Don't count on it.
How good of you to
come, Mr. Brennan.
Yes, of course you do remember me.
Like yesterday.
Naturally you have certain
ideas of violence and revenge.
I assure you they would be quite
ridiculous, given the circumstances.
Paul, you may leave us.
Fascinating room, isn't it, Mr.
One can retire from the
world of business...
To the world of beauty.
I was at one time in the importing
line, you know.
Yes. Aziz Rachim said you
were in business together.
No, Mr. Brennan.
A bad shot in the dark.
Five years ago, in line with
certain of my activities...
I had the opportunity
of buying in Cairo
$200,000 worth of the
most beautiful diamonds.
I paid somewhat less
for them of course.
I had been smuggled
into Istanbul.
Is not it beautiful?
Am I boring you, Mr. Brennan?
No no, sad stories are my favorite.
A foolish bookkeeper of mine
stole the diamonds and sold
them to Rachim Aziz.
A few days later, Aziz
learned that my bookkeeper...
met with a fatal accident.
He made arrangements
to leave the country.
- He didn't make it, did he?
- No. Unfortunately not.
And I never recovered my property.
Mr. Brennan.
This loss was a source of
considerable unhappiness for me.
It's one of the saddest
story I've ever heard.
Mr. Brennan, I feel those
diamonds are still in Istanbul.
I call upon you to
find them for me.
You will be handsomely paid.
- Like how much?
- Like $10,000.
No. Couldn't close
the deal for that.
I feel you owe it to
yourself to try, sir.
I don't think our friend
Aziz would approve.
- Got a cigarette?
- Of course. Do forgive me.
Just like old times, eh, professor?
In the back alleys.
You're pretty good talker.
Now let's talk more about Aziz.
Paul, you will take Mr. Brennan
back to his hotel.
As you say, sir.
It will now be the
technique of the old days.
There's a kid you've got here,
Get him to tell you
sometime how he tried
to make his own deal
for the diamonds.
Look Marge, I said
no and that's final.
I don't care what we
spent for the tickets.
Stop being a stubborn ox.
We are not going to see no Hamlet.
Especially in Turkish.
No need to raise your voice, Charles.
Come off it with that
Charles routine.
You're not that far from Brooklyn,
Marge O'Hare. You never will be.
It's times like this, I
know my mother was right.
You are a slob.
Having fun?
Mr. Brennan, how nice to see you.
It's a pleasure to see you.
Especially wearing
that beautiful gown.
- What is it, Becker, Dior?
- Balenciaga.
You see Charles,
there are man who can
tell a Paris gown
from a diving suit.
Diving suit! Have a drank,
Thanks, very much.
- Big evening planned?
- No. Not really.
We thought we might
go to the theater.
They're showing
Hamlet, you know.
In Turkish.
Now, I think we're going to
skip that for the night, Marge.
Oh, that would be a shame.
That would be some experience,
Hamlet in Turkish.
Oh, we won't skip it.
Mme Boyle, what a surprise!
How wonderful to find you here.
Monsieur Moret! Charles, you
remember Monsieur Moret!
- Sure.
- This is the M. Brennan.
May I have the pleasure
of dancing with you?
- Huh?
- Dance.
Oh. Oui. Oui-oui.
If Monsieur not does not mind.
Oh, he doesn't. If
you'll excuse us.
French business man
we met coming over.
Couldn't take his
eyes off Marge.
- Can't blame him.
- Waiter!
You can't tell me about Moret?
Is he... how can I tell
you what his business is?
Huh? What do you mean?
He is what you might call a...
Professional international charmers.
You know that type.
Great guy with the girls.
If he tries to get
cozy with Marge...
No no. He's not that obvious.
But when it comes to that smooth
technique, oh..
He's the guy that wrote the book.
But I'll say that for him, if
your wife likes culture...
Moret's certainly got it.
Wait till I get her home.
I'll break her cultured arm.
If you're gonna catch that show,
it's just about curtain time.
You're right.
Sorry to bust in. But we've
got a show to catch.
Remember, honey?
Look, dear. If you don't want
to go, it's perfectly all right.
Don't want to go? Me? What,
are you kidding? Sorry, Moret.
See you, Brennan.
Charlie, this is ridiculous.
You are hurting me.
Nice meeting you.
The Boyles have just
left the hotel, sir.
All right. Wait a minute.
Thank you very much.
It was a beautiful evening.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Good night. It's been lovely.
- Goodbye, Vera.
- Good night.
I am afraid you
have made a mistake
I'm Jim.
Jim Brennan.
Mr. Brennan, I think you have
confused my wife with somebody else.
Her name is Karen, Karen Fielding
- I beg your pardon.
- That's all right.
Good night.
Yes, Mr. Brennan?
A couple who just left.
Fielding is the name I think.
Do you know them?
Mr. and Mrs. Fielding. Oh yes.
He is a construction engineer
from London.
The consul here can tell
you more about him.
All right.
He knows me, dear. He knows me.
He could have been wrong.
A mistake is not impossible.
He called me Stephanie.
Stephanie and says he knows me.
Mere suggestion he said.
His name, Brennan it
means something to you?
We knew this might
happen one day.
- Look at me. Are you happy?
- You know who I am.
Do I?
I think I know what
it must be like.
Always wondering, groping,
searching for memories...
That are never there.
And then I think of you
and all I am...
And all you have given me
and the past doesn't matter.
It could you know.
We have a very perfect life
together, you and I, Karen.
You open the past now,
it can shatter.
It's for you to decide, darling.
Question mark for the past...
Or one for the future.
Your choice.
I can plead my own
case quite simply.
- I love you very much.
- Douglas.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Is Mr. Fielding in, please?
- Are you expected, sir?
I'm an old friend.
The name is Brennan.
- Would you mind waiting here, sir?
- No. Oh...
Mr. and Mrs. Fielding
live here long?
No, sir. Mr Fielding only uses this
house during his visits in England.
Thank you.
Yes, Mr. Brennan?
Mr. Brennan? Me? Stephie?
What is this? What happened?
Last night, after five years...
The woman you saw last night
is not the woman you knew.
You mean to tell me that
you're not Stephanie Bauer?
Perhaps I'm not.
5 years ago,
I lost my memory...
As a result of what the
doctors call shock...
I was found wandering
the streets by the man...
Who is now my husband.
My life began with
Douglas Fielding and...
I'm quite content with that life.
What I was before
has no meaning to me.
Stephie. Listen to me the day
you disappeared in that fire...
Were going to fly to Paris...
Please, I have no
intention of hearing.
I'm telling you the truth!
I'm not interested in my past!
Nor in you, Mr. Brennan.
Sorry if I hurt you.
But there seems to be no other
way to make you understand.
Now if you'll please excuse me.
Mr. Brennan, I'm sorry. They
didn't tell me you were here.
- Have you seen my wife?
- Yes.
- Cigarette?
- No thanks.
Tell me, Brennan.
How well did you know Karen?
- I was in love with her.
- And she with you?
- Yes.
- I see.
And now you find her
well and happy
in a home and life
where she's loved.
And I may add, terribly needed.
You intend to change all that?
I don't intend to
let her spend the
rest of her life in
a state of amnesia.
For whose sake then?
Hers or yours?
Brennan, I ask you what could you do
that wouldn't be selfish and cruel?
I assure you Karen is happy.
How can she be happy
when she can't
remember the greater
part of her life?
Perhaps the best part.
What kind of happiness is this?
Let her know the truth.
Then we will know
where we stand.
My wife isn't a trophy in a contest
between you and me, Brennan!
I do not care where we stand.
Well, I do.
I think she ought to decide
which part of her life
she wants to remember.
And which part she's
going to forget.
We're leaving for England tonight.
- Is there anything else?
- No, not for the moment.
Very well. I think you better you go.
Mr. Fielding has called, madam.
He says he will pick up
the plane tickets on his return.
Thank you, Bruno.
Those are packed.
You can take them down.
- James.
- Yes, madam?
You called?
Tell Mr. Fielding I had to go out.
I shan't be very long.
Yes, madam.
This way, madam. This way.
Do you mind if I sit over there?
Not at all. Excuse me.
- Madame?
- Yes. Vodka gimlet, please.
Very well.
Mr. Brennan, I did not expect you
so soon. Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
- For you. Monsieur?
- Nothing right now. Thanks.
I see you still favor
vodka gimlets.
Okay, let's not
start that again.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yes.
The day Douglas found me,
I was holding this in my hand.
Your visit this morning
made me think of it.
I thought you might know why.
Simple. I gave it to you.
Because I was very
much in love with you.
We were to be married.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come here.
No. Please. Don't go.
Maybe I was just feeling a
little sorry for myself.
Why did you really come here?
I came because I am a coward.
I think one must be very brave
to want something desperately.
And to turn one back on it.
Earlier today, I tried
to be very strong.
And send away my only hope
of recovering the past.
But I am not strong enough.
I don't know what I mean to you.
But you mustn't make a mistake.
Whatever you're going to tell me it
won't change my life with my husband.
Your name is Stephanie Bauer.
Your home was in Munich.
You were a dress designer.
You lived alone.
Your parents were
killed in the war.
These things. Are you sure?
You came through here on a cruise.
1951. We met.
You were supposed to go home
but you didn't. You stayed here.
- Don't you remember anything?
- No nothing.
You must remember that bracelet.
I gave it to you.
It meant a lot to you.
And this place here. This table. Why
did you choose this particular table?
I will tell you why.
We sat here together.
I'm sorry.
My husband will be waiting.
We are leaving tonight.
Goodbye, Mr. Brennan.
Come in.
It's Charlie! Hey, honey, he's here!
I just want to say goodbye.
Well, leaving?
Yeah, me and old dollface are
moving out in the morning.
Six o'clock plane to Paris.
It's been delightful making your
acquaintance, Mr. Brennan.
Indeed it has.
Especially for me.
Don't you get a kick out of
those sunglasses? You know.
Come on, Charlie. We'll be late.
Well if I don't see you again...
You will. We're leaving
on the same plane.
We are?
Well. Maybe you can
show me Paris if Charlie.
- Is not busy...
- Come on, Sweetheart.
Good night, Brennan.
Is Mr. Brennan in?
- Yes, inspector. Should I announce?
- No no no.
It's a surprise visit.
His room is 422, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Why, Brennan.
Hi. I thought I missed you.
Yeah? No, I was just saying
goodbye to some friends.
May I ask whom?
Sure. Mr. And Mrs. Boyle.
Delightful people.
Americans, of course.
How about a drink?
Pity your friends weren't
here to receive your farewell.
- May I ask when they are leaving?
- Sure. Tomorrow.
You'd have liked her.
Delightful person.
Yes. I'm sure I would.
- Shall we go to your room?
- Yeah.
- Drink?
- No thanks. Not when I'm working.
That's a good boy.
I see you also plan
to leave Istanbul.
Yep. In the morning.
Big diamond search is still on?
Go ahead. Help yourself.
I really came to ask
about Mrs. Fielding.
I'm getting a little tired of
discussing my personal affairs.
- With the Turkish police.
- Customs department.
Ah, Customs.
Saw her in the hotel
bar this afternoon.
You'd be surprised
how legal it was.
- You tell her about your past?
- Tried to.
- How'd she take it?
- She didn't. Nothing registered.
You know one day I'm
going to pack a bag
without you getting
your nose in it.
- Tell me. When she left?
- 4 hours ago. Do you mind?
Was she upset
when she left here?
She was trying to
catch up with the past.
She went home to her husband.
How do you expect she'd feel?
Brennan. Mrs. Fielding
never returned home.
She disappeared.
- That was over four hours ago.
- Yes.
How did she leave here?
What I know? In a taxi, I guess.
I don't know.
Oh, if she should try to reach you
- let me know.
- Sure sure. Yeah, anything.
I'll be at police headquarters.
With Sarac.
Operator. Did you
just ring here?
Yes. It was a man
talking, wasn't it?
- Who is it?
- Telegram, Mr. Brennan.
Okay. Bring it in.
What's this? The idea?
- Mr. Darius would like to see you.
- Darius?
- I can't say it's exactly mutual.
- Stay where you are.
You shouldn't be so careless.
- Look, I'm warning you.
- You're not warning me now.
Go ahead.
Go on.
The woman? Is she
in the building?
Is she in the building?
You don't speak English, eh?
So, Mr. Brennan. You have
the game as you desired.
So long as you're calling
the ground rules,
why don't you get rid
of this pleasure date?
He makes me bashful.
You know of course that
we have Mrs. Fielding.
That might upset Mr. Fielding.
But I
don't see how it will
buy any diamonds.
I put it to you, sir.
That you are still
very much in love
with the woman you
presumed to be dead.
That you'll be happy
to make an exchange.
The diamonds in return for
Mrs. Fielding's release.
Alive and well.
The same way you released Aziz?
Aziz was a very stubborn man, sir.
As far as I'm concerned,
Mrs. Fielding might be home
right now with her husband.
I never bluff, Mr. Brennan.
One is so indefensible
when it is called.
After you, sir.
What are they doing?
What do they want?
Okay, boys. You got her.
What next?
I wonder how much you
really value those stones.
I haven't gotten those diamonds.
But she has.
That is not only ungallant, sir.
But a lie.
Do you think I'd still
be hanging around
Istanbul if I could
lay my hands on them?
Sure. I came here to get them.
But she got them..
- Didn't you?
- No.
But you didn't even know
that she was still alive?
I saw her picture in a
London newspaper...
I traced her here.
Came back here to get those diamonds.
And she got them. Didn't she?
I came with my husband.
Do not know about any diamonds.
I can't remember.
A very convenient
case of amnesia.
You offered me a deal.
10,000 bucks to find them.
- Still hold?
- Still holds.
- Where are they, Stephanie?
- I do not know.
- Where are they?
- I don't know.
I gave them to you,
The day before the fire.
No. I can't remember.
You were going to smuggle
them out of Turkey.
And meet me in Paris.
I can't. I don't know.
Stephanie. Where are they?
Paul. Perhaps you can
persuade Mrs. Fielding.
Come on.
I find no physical damage.
The effects of fear on the human
mind are difficult to gauge.
Let her rest, Mrs. Fielding.
Now we can do no more.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll come by again
in the morning.
Brennan, I owe you an apology.
Save it. I've got a six
o'clock plane to catch.
That is, with the
inspector's permission.
Do you mind if I
use your phone?
When she comes out of it,
just tell her, goodbye.
She's got nothing to regret.
Brennan. Help me.
Pleas I don't know.
Jim. Wait for me!
Jim, I'm burning.
I can't! I can't!
Karen, you're all right.
My darling, you're safe now.
Karen. My darling,
can you hear me?
- Make it go away.
- Karen.
Please make it go away.
It's all over now, Karen.
It's all over.
- Douglas.
- Karen.
You should be resting.
Too much to think about.
Having it also clear again.
In the car the first
night we met Jim.
Do you remember what you said?
Very well. I said you
had a choice to make.
Come sit down.
I've made my choice. We go
back to England together.
I'll be well again. And I'll make
you happy more than before.
Now that you've decided, would
you mind telling me why?
I'm your wife
and I want our marriage.
You're my wife.
And I'm sure you care for me.
I'm very grateful.
You feel drawn to me by
every motion except love.
That's reserved for Jim Brennan.
My life is with you, Douglas.
I wonder how grateful you'd be
if I told you I've known who you.
Who you were the first month.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to lose you.
I knew about Jim Brennan too.
What happened to me
was not your fault.
Remember that young psychiatrist
who examined you in London?
I think his name was Evans.
He was under the impression
he could cure you. I sent him away.
Now what do you say?
I say, you're still my dearest
friend, whatever you have done.
I will try to prove it to you.
Flight to Paris, Vienna...
That's our flight.
Through to Paris.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You are Mr. Boyle?
- That's right.
Is this your complete baggage?
It better be. But
the way she packs.
A slight formality, monsieur. Your
baggage will be returned shortly.
- A mere technicality.
- If you will accompany us please.
- Now wait a minute.
- That's your trouble, Charlie...
Never understand technicalities.
Technicalities? You don't even
know what technicalities is!
Yes. Very shortly. Goodbye.
Please accept my apologies. I
have to examine your luggage.
May I have your keys, please?
- But why me?
- Because you're such a big shot.
Oh, so they're bothering you too?
No no. The inspector never bothers
me. We've got a deal.
I would want my friends
to miss their plane.
- Let me handle it.
- Just so we get out of here.
Man I have your keys?
Would you mind telling me
what this is all about?
It's about $200,000
worth of trouble.
But I think we can
take care of it.
Thank you, Mr. Brennan.
You see I told you.
"'You should have
listened to your mother."
Inspector, you're a success.
Is that a confession
or a declaration?
That's up to you.
Final call. ASA Flight 852.
All passengers please on board.
- Your plane?
- That's still up to you.
And Mr. and Ms. Boyle
are free to go.
We're almost at the airport.
Well. You're pretty good cop.
Oh yes. It's a pity you will
not be here to read my report.
You're quite a character.
So long, Brennan. Good flight.
So long, Nural.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
No reason to be nervous,
ladies and gentlemen
we've been ordered back. Please
fasten your seatbelts, again.