It (2017) Movie Script

Sure I will not
get into trouble, Bill?
Don't be a wu-wu-wuss.
I'd come with you
if I weren't... dying.
You're not dying!
You didn't see the v-v-vomit
coming out of my nose this morning?
That's disgusting.
Ok, go get the wax.
In the cellar?
You want to fl-fl-float, dont' you?
Hurry up.
Ok, don't worry.
Where is the wax?
There it is.
What was that?
What is that?
There you go.
Sh-sh-she's all ready, captain.
You always call a b-boat, she.
Thanks, Billy.
See you later.
Be careful.
Bill's gonna kill me.
Hiya Georgie.
What a nice boat...
Do you want it back?
Yes please.
You look like a nice boy.
I bet you have a lot of friends.
but my brother is the bestest.
Where's he?
In bed... sick.
I bet I could cheer him up.
I'll give him a balloon.
Do you want a
balloon too Georgie?
I'm not supposed to take
stuff from strangers.
Oh well, I'm Pennywised,
dancing clown.
Pennywise yes meet Georgie.
Georgie meet Pennywise.
Now we are not strangers,
are we?
What are you doing in the sewer?
A storm blew me away.
Blew the whole circus away.
Can you smell the circus,
There are peanuts,
cotton candy...
Hot dogs...
Is that your favorite?
- Uh huh.
- Mine too!
Because they pop.
Pop, pop, pop.
Pop, pop, pop.
I should get going now.
Without your boat?
You don't want to lose it Georgie.
Bill's gonna kill you.
Take it.
Take it, Georgie.
Pull it, Mike.
Go on now, pull it.
Here, reload it.
You need to start takin' more
responsibility around here, Mike.
Your dad was younger
than you when...
I'm not my dad, okay?
Look at me, son.
Look at me!
There are two places you
can be in this world.
You can be here like us
or you can be there...
Like them.
If you waste your time
hemming and hawing,
then someone else is gonna
make that choice for you.
Except you wont know it until
you feel that bolt between your eyes.
There is a church full of Jews.
And Stan has to take
the super Jew-y test.
But how does it work?
They slice the tip of his dick off.
But then you'll have nothing left!
- It is true.
- Wait, you guys!
Hey, Stan, what happens at
the mitzvah anyways?
Ed says you slice the
tip of the d-d-d-dick off.
Yes, Rabbi's gonna
pull down your pants.
And he will tell the crowd:
"Where's the beef?".
At he bar mitzvah,
I read from the Torah...
and then I make a speech,
and suddenly I become a man.
There's more funner
ways to become a man.
"More fun ways", you mean.
Do you think they'll
sign my yearbook?
"Dear Richie...
sorry for taking a hot, steaming
dump in your backpack last month.
"Have a good summer".
Are you in there by
yourself, Beaver-ly.
Or do you have half the guys in
the school with you, huh slut?
I know you're in there,
you little shit, I can smell you.
No wonder you don't
have any friends.
Which is it, Greta?
Am I a slut or a little shit.
Make up your mind.
You're trash.
We just wanted to remind you.
Such a loser.
At least now you'll smell better.
Oh Gross.
Let's go girls.
Have a nice summer,
The best feeling ever.
Try tickling your pickle
for the first time.
What do you guys
wanna do tomorrow?
I start my training.
- What training?
- Street Fighter.
Is that how you want to spend
your summer, stuck in an arcade.
Better than inside your mother.
What if we go the the quarry?
Guys, we can g-go to the barrens.
Betty Ripsom's mom.
Does she really expect to see
her coming out of the school?
I don't know.
As if Betty Ripsom's been hiding
in HomeEc for the last few weeks.
Do you think they'll actually find her?
In a ditch. All decomposed, covered
in worms and maggots, smelling...
like Eddie's mom's underwear.
Shut up!
She's not dead.
She m-m-m-missing.
Sorry Bill, she's missing.
You know the barrens
aren't that bad.
Who doesn't love splashing
around in shitty water.
Nice frisbee, flamer.
Give it back.
Fuckin' losers.
You s-s-s-suck, Bowers.
Shut up, Bill.
Did you s-s-s-say
something, B-b-b-b-Billy.
You got a free ride this year
cuz of your little brother.
Ride's over, Denbrough.
This summer its gonna be a hurt-train,
for you and your faggot friends.
I wish he'd go missing.
He's probably the one doing it.
Will you let me go by?
Or is there a secret
password or something?
- Sorry.
- Sorry is not...
Henry and his goons are
over by the west entrance.
So you should be fine.
I wasn't...
Everyone knows he's
looking for you.
Whatchu listening to?
New Kids on the Block.
I don't even like them,
I was just.
Wait. You're the new kid, right?
Now I get it.
There's nothing to get.
I'm just messing with you.
I'm Beverly Marsh.
I know that because
we're in the same class.
Social Studies.
And you were...
I'm Ben. But almost
everyone calls me...
The new kid.
Well, Ben,
there are worse things to be called.
Let me sign this.
Stay cool,
Ben from Soc class.
You too, Beverly.
Hang tough,
new kid on the block.
"Please don't go girl."
That's the name of another
New Kids on the Block song.
He thrusts his fists
against the post.
He thrusts his fists against the...
Need some help?
I thought we agreed.
- Before you say anything...
- Bill.
Let me show you
something first.
The barrens.
It is the only place where
Georgie could have ended.
He's gone, Bill.
But if the storm swept Georgie in,
we should have gone...
He's dead!
There is nothing we can do! Nothing!
Now take this down before
your mother sees it.
Next time you want to take
something from my office...
I guess you get
your tunnels back.
Get in.
Oh, Jesus.
Hurry up, son!
I'm burning!
Stay the fuck out of my town!
Are you okay, son?
You're not studying, Stanley.
How's it gonna look...
The rabbi's son can't finish
his own Torah reading.
Take the book to my office.
Obviously you're not using it.
Take everything but the
delicious deals, guys.
My mom loves them.
Hey, first you said the barrens
and now you're saying the sewer.
I mean, if we get caught?
We won't, Eds.
The sewers are public works.
We are the public, aren't we?
Eddie, are these your
birth control pills?
Yes, I'm saving it for your sister.
This is private stuff.
Hello, welcome to The
Children's Hour Derry.
Eddie, dear,
where you boys off to in such a rush?
Our word of the day is "clown".
They know what it means!
Uhm, just m-m-my backyard,
Mrs. K.
I got a new...
A new croquet set.
Jeez spit it out blubber Bill.
Oh and sweetie,
don't go rolling around in the grass,
especially if it's just been cut.
You know how bad your
allergies can get.
Yes mom.
Come on.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Water surrounds us.
Even it is upon us.
They do not believe me?
Try it at home.
Whenever you are outside...
Do you want
one from me too, Mrs. K?
Sorry mom.
"Your hair is winter fire,
January embers...
"My heart burns there too."
Hi-yo Silver awaaay!
Let's move on!
Your old lady bike's too fast for us.
Found it.
Isn't it summer vacation?
I'd think you'd be ready to
take a break from the books.
I like it in here.
A boy should be spending his
summer outside with his friends.
Don't you have any friends?
Can I have the book now?
Egg boy!
What on Earth are you doing?
Where you off to, Tits?
Got ya!
- Hold him.
- Leave me alone!
- Hit him.
- You will not escape.
Hold him!
- Hold him, Hockstetter.
- Grab him, Belch.
- Leave me alone.
- Look all that blubber.
I'm gonna light his hair
like Michael Jackson.
Hold him.
Get off me, get off me.
Okay, new kid.
This is why us locals call
this the kissing bridge.
It's for two things: Sucking face...
and cutting names.
Henry, please.
Stop! Henry!
Shut up!
I'm gonna carve my whole
name into his cottage cheese.
I'm gonna cut your fucking tits off.
I swear to god!
Get him!
Come on!
Get him!
You can't run!
- No.
- We must find the fatso.
My knife.
My old man will kill me!
- You two, get him!
- Come on!
Move your fucking ass!
Go that way.
He's down there.
I don't know.
I guess.
That's poison ivy.
And that's poison ivy.
And that's poison ivy.
Where's the poison ivy?
No where, not every fucking
plant is poison ivy, Stanley.
Ok well I'm starting to get itchy now
and I'm pretty sure
this is not good for me.
Do you use the same
bathroom as your mother?
Sometimes, yeah.
Then you probably have crabs.
That's so NOT funny.
Aren't you guys coming in?
Uhuh that's gray water.
What the hell is gray water?
It's basically piss and shit.
So I'm just telling you...
You guys are splashing around in
millions of gallons of Derry pee.
Are, are you serious?
Doesn't smell like caca to me, Senor.
O-o-okay I can smell it from here.
It's probably just your breath
wafting back into your face.
Have you ever heard
of a staph infection?
I'll show you a "staff" infection.
That's so unsanitary.
you guys are like swimming
in a toilet bowl right now.
Have you ever
heard of listeria?
Are you retarded?
You're the reason we're
in this situation.
Don't tell me that's...
Georgie was wearing galoshes.
Who's sneaker is it?
It's Betty Ripsoms.
Shit, oh god, oh fuck
I don't like this.
How do you think Betty feels...
Going around these tunnels
with only one fucking shoe.
What if she's still here?
Eddie, come on!
My mom will have an aneurysm if she
finds out we were playing down here.
I'm serious.
If I were Betty Ripsom,
I would want us to find me.
Georgie too.
What if I don't want to find them?
I mean, no offense, Bill,
but I do not want to end up like...
I don't want to go missing either.
- He has a point.
- You too?
It's summer...
We're supposed
to be having fun.
This isn't funny.
This is scary and disgusting.
Holy shit,
what happened to you?
I hear you, tits.
Don't think you can stay
down here all damn day.
You found us, Patrick.
You found us, Patrick
I think it's great that
we're helping the new kid
but we also need to think
about our own safety.
I mean, he's bleeding all over
and you guys know there's an AIDS
epidemic happening right now as we speak
I mean my mom's friend
in New York City
got it just by touching a
dirty pole in the subway
and she got AIDS blood into her
system through a hangnail, a hangnail!
And they can amputate legs and arms.
But how do you amputate waist?
You know that there are alleys full
of AIDS infected needles, right?
You. Know that.
Richie, wait here.
Come on.
Glad I got to meet
you before you died.
Can we afford all that?
It's all we got.
You kidding me?
Wait, you have an
account here don't you?
If my mom finds out I bought
all this stuff for myself,
I'll spend the whole rest of
the week in the emergency room.
See you later, dad.
See ya, Greta.
You okay?
I'm fine,
what's wrong with you?
None of your business.
New kid outside looks
like someone killed him.
We need some s-s-s-supplies
but we don't have
enough money.
I like your glasses, Mr. Keene.
You look just like Clark Kent.
I don't know about that.
Can I try them on?
What do you think?
Well how about that,
you look just like Lois Lane.
Well, here you go.
Shoot, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Just suck the wound.
I need to focus right now.
You need to focus?
Yeah, can you go
get me something?
Oh, what do you need?
Go get my bifocals,
they're in my second fanny pack.
Why do you have two fanny pack?
I need to focus right now,
it's a long story.
I don't want to hear it.
Uhmm, th-th-thanks.
Even Steven.
Oh god, he's bleeding.
Ben from Soc?
You have to suck the wound
before you apply the bandage.
It's basic.
You dont know what
you're talking about?
Are you okay,
that looks like it hurts.
No, I'm good.
I just fell.
Yeah, right into Henry Bowers.
Shut it, R-R-Richie!
It's the truth.
You sure they got
"The Right Stuff" to fix you up?
You know w-w-w-w-we'll
take care of him.
Thanks again, Beverly.
maybe I'll see you around.
Yeah, we were maybe thinking about
going to the q-q-q-quarry tomorrow,
if you wanna...
Good to Know.
Nice going,
bringing up Bowers in front of her.
did you hear what she did?
What'd she do?
More what could she do...
I heard that the list
is longer than my wang.
That's not saying much.
They're j-j-just rumors.
Anyway, Bill had her
back in third grade.
They kissed in the school play.
The reviews said that you can't
fake that kind of passion.
Now, pip pip and tally-ho
my good fellows,
I do believe this chap
requires our utmost attention.
Now get in there Dr. K and fix him up!
Why don't you shut the fuck up,
Einstein, because I know what I'm doing
and I don't want you
doing the British guy.
Suck the wound. Get in there.
Toilet and tub water travels
down drains into sewers.
Culverts are fun to play
with all your friends.
Just keep the water into
drains and sewers reach.
When you are there with friends,
you can have fun like a clown!
That's right, it is
the word of the day.
Hi daddy.
Hey Bevvie.
What you got there?
Just some things.
Like what?
Tell me you're still my little girl.
Yes daddy.
A high ball to the left.
His last batting.
He brushed the post.
Wade Booggs, of course,
leads the league in such long shots.
This is what you did. This is what...
Do it!
Oh my god!
- Piece of cake.
- Poor tree.
So easy!
Oh my god, that was terrible. I win.
You won?
You see my loogie, it
went the farthest.
It's about distance. It's mass.
What is mass?
It doesn't matter how far it goes.
It's how cool it looks,
and it's green or it's white.
Who's first?
I'll go.
What the fuck?
Ahhh, holy shit,
we just got shown off by a girl.
We have to do that now?
Come on!
Oh shit!
I already won! Already we won!
They fell! Yes!
Oh, shit! W-w-w-wait, wait, wait.
- Ah fuck! What was that?
- It just touched my foot.
Does that work?
- Where?
- Here.
It's a turtle.
News flash, Ben,
School's out for summa.
Oh that, that's not school stuff.
- Who sent you this?
- No one.
No one.
What's with the history project?
Oh well, when I first moved here,
I really didn't have anyone to hang out with
so I just started spending
time in the library.
You went to the library?
On purpose?
I wanna see.
What's the Black Spot?
The Black Spot was a nightclub
that was burned down years ago by
that racist cult.
The what?
Don't you watch Geraldo?
Y-y-y-y-your hair...
Your hair looks beautiful. Beverly.
Oh, hey thanks.
Here, pass.
Why's it all murders and missing kids?
Derry's not like any town
I've ever been in before.
They did a study once...
it turns out people die or disappear
six times the national average.
You read that?
Not just grown-ups.
Kids are like worse
way, way worse.
I've got more stuff,
if you want to see it.
Do not freak out, just tell us.
Yes. I heard he has a roller
coaster and a chimpanzee...
and the bones of an old man. Yes.
Woah, woah, woah, wow!
Cool, huh?
No, nothing cool.
There's nothing cool.
Well this is cool, wait, no it's not.
What's that?
That? That's the charter
for Derry Township.
Nerd alert.
Actually, it's really interesting.
Derry started as a
beaver trapping camp.
Still is, am I right, boys?
Ninety-one people signed
the charter that made Derry.
But later that winter,
they all disappeared without a trace.
The entire camp?
There were rumors of Indians...
but no sign of an attack.
Everyone thought it was
a plague or something.
But it's like...
one day everybody just
woke up and left.
The only clue was a trail of
clothes leading to the well-house.
Jesus, we can go on
"Unsolved Mysteries".
- Let's do it. You are brilliant.
- Maybe.
I don't know.
Maybe he's just trying to make friends,
Where was the well house?
I don't know, somewhere
in town, I guess.
Nobody knows the trouble I've
seen no one knows my pain
What are you looking for?
Fuck. My mom will kill me.
Do you think this will help me, Eddie?
Where are you going, Eds?
If you lived here, you'd
be home right now.
Come join the clown, Eds.
You'll float down here.
We all float down here,
yes we do.
"Your hair is winter fire...
"January embers..."
"My heart burns there too."
Help me.
Please help me.
We all want to meet you, Beverly.
All we float down here.
Hello? Who you are?
- I'm Veronica.
- Betty Rapsom.
Patrick Hockstetter.
Come closer.
- You want to see?
- We float.
We changed.
What the hell's goin' on?
The sink...
There's blood, it's...
What blood?
The sink, you don't see it?
There was blood.
You worry me, Bevvie.
You worry me a lot.
But you don't see?
Why'd you do this to your hair?
Makes you look like a boy.
I lost it, Billy. Don't be mad.
I'm not mad at you.
Just floated off.
But, Bill, if you come with me...
You'll float too.
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
You'll float too!
I-I need to show you something.
What is it?
More than we saw at the quarry?
Shut up! Just shut up, Richie.
My dad will kill me if he finds out
that I had boys in the apartment.
W-w-w-w-we'll leave a lookout.
Now Richie, just stay here.
Woah, woah, woah,
what if her dad comes back?
Do what you always do.
Start talking.
It is a gift.
In there...
What is it?
You'll see.
Great, bringing us to the bathroom.
You know that 89% of
the worse accidents
occur in the bathroom and kitchen.
And that's where all the
bacteria and fungi are...
and it is not a hygienic place...
I knew it!
Do you see it?
What happened in here?
My dad couldn't see it,
I thought that I might be crazy.
Well if you're crazy,
then we're all crazy.
We c-c-c-can't leave it like this.
You never went to the
Summer Fair Derry?
No, I think not.
That I know.
I go every year...
but once I went with Richie and
I won because I hit the target.
But there were so many prizes I
didn't know which one to choose.
It's not true, you know...
What they say about me.
I was only ever kissed by one guy.
It was a long time ago.
But it was a nice kiss though.
"January embers."
W-w-w-w-was that in the play?
No, the poem.
Oh, I really don't
read much p-p-poetry.
Oh I just,
never mind.
Oh, just so you know,
I never believed any of the rumors.
None of us losers do.
We like hanging with you.
You should not thank us too much
hanging out with us
makes you a loser too.
I can take that.
No, I love being your personal doorman.
Really could you idiots
have taken any longer?
- Shut up, Richie.
- Yeah, shut up, Richie.
Oh okay, trash the
trash-mouth, I get it.
Hey I wasn't the one
scrubbing the bathroom floor
imagining that her sink went all
Eddie's mom's vagina on halloween.
She didn't imagine.
I also saw something too.
You saw blood, too?
Not blood,
I saw G-g-Georgie.
It seemed so real,
I mean it seemed like
him but there was this...
A clown.
Yeah, I saw him too.
Wait, can only virgins see this stuff?
Is that why I'm not. Seeing this shit?
Oh shit, that's Belch Huggins car.
We, we should
probably get outta here.
Wait isn't that the home
schooled kids bike?
Yeah, that's Mikes.
We have to help him.
We should?
Come on.
Take that!
- Take that, bitch!
- Damn fool!
- Bitch!
- Motherfucker!
Take that bitch!
What are you going to do?
Get up!
Raise that ass!
Fucking idiot!
Come on, Henry, do it harder!
- Nice throw.
- Thanks.
You losers are trying too hard.
She'll do you,
You just gotta ask nicely
like I did.
The fuck?
Come on, get him!
- Give them hard!
- Watch out!
Drop dead, you fuckers.
Get out of here!
Come on guys!
Go to the hell, losers!
Thanks guys,
but you shouldn't have done that,
he'll be after you guys too now.
Ah, now Bowers, he's always after us.
I guess that's one th-th-thing
we all have in common.
Yes son, welcome to the loser's club.
They said they found part of his hand
all chewed up near the standpipe.
He asked to borrow a pencil once.
It's like she's been f-f-f-forgotten
because Corcoran's missing.
Is it ever gonna end?
What the fuck, dude?
What are you guys talking about?
What they always talk about.
I actually think it will end,
for a little while, at least.
What do you mean?
So I was going over all
of my data research
and I charted out all
of the big events.
The Ironworks explosion in 1908.
The Bradley Gang in '35
and The Black Spot in '62.
And now the kids being...
I realized that this
stuff seems to happen
every 27 years.
Ok so let me get this straight.
IT comes out from wherever
to eat kids for like a year
and then what?
IT just goes into hibernation?
Maybe it's like... What do you call it?
You know, the bugs that come
out once every 17 years.
My grandfather thinks
this town is cursed.
He says
that all the bad things
that happened in this town
are because of one thing.
An evil thing that feeds
off the people of Derry.
But it can't be one thing.
We all saw something different.
Or maybe IT knows what scares
us most and that's what we see.
I-I saw a leper.
He was like a walking infection.
But you didn't.
Because IT isn't real.
None of this is.
Not Eddie's leper
or Bill seeing Georgie
or the woman I keep seeing.
Is she hot?
No. Richie.
She's not hot.
Her face is all messed up.
None of this makes any sense.
They're all like bad dreams.
I don't think so, I know the difference
between a bad dream and real life, okay?
What did you see? You
saw something too?
You guys know that burnt
down house on Harris Avenue?
I was inside when it burned down.
Before I rescued...
my mom and dad were trapped
in the next room over from me.
They were pushing and
pounding on the door
trying to get to me.
Hurry up, son!
I'm burning!
But it was too hot.
When firefighters found them
the skin on their hands
melted down to the bone.
We're all afraid of something.
Got that right.
Why Rich? What are you afraid of?
Storm drain.
That's were Georgie disappeared,
there's the Ironworks,
and the Black Spot.
Everywhere IT happens it's-it's
all connected by the sewers
and they all meet up at the
the well-house.
You mean the house on Neibolt Street.
You mean the creepy-ass house where all
the junkies and hobos like to sleep?
I hate that place.
Always feels like it's watching me.
That's where I saw IT.
There I saw a clown.
Tha-tha-tha-that's where IT lives.
I can't imagine anything
ever wanting to live there.
Can we stop talking about this?
I can barely breathe.
It's summer.
We're kids, I can barely breathe
having a fucking asthma attack
and fuck doing this.
What the hell! Put the map back!
What happened?
What's going on?
I don't know, look!
It's IT.
Turn it off!
Yes, Turn it off!
Run, Stanley!
What is that?
What's up?
Thanks, Ben.
IT saw us.
IT saw us and It knows where we are.
IT always knew.
Alright Stan, so let's go.
Go where?
That's where G-g-g-Georgie is.
After that?
Yeah, it's summer, we
should be outside...
If you say it's summer one
more f-f-f-fucking time.
"He t-t-t-thrusts his fists.
"Against the p-p-post"
"and still insists he
sees the g-g-g-ghost."
Bill, you can't go in there.
This is crazy.
Look, you don't have
to come in with me,
but what happens when
another Georgie goes missing,
or another Betty or another
Ed Corcoran or one of us?
Are you just going to pretend it didn't
happen like everyone else in this town?
Because I can't.
I go home and all I see is
that Georgie isn't there,
his clothes, his toys,
his stupid stuffed animals
but he isn't.
So walking into this house
for me...
it's easier that walking into my own.
He didn't stutter once.
Uhhh, shouldn't we have
some people keep watch,
just in case something bad happens?
Wh-wh-wh-who wants to stay out here?
I can't believe i
pulled the short straw
you guys are lucky you're
not measuring dicks.
Shut up, Richie.
I can smell that.
Don't breathe through your mouth.
Home come?
Cause then you're eating it.
It, it says I'm missing.
Y-y-y-you're not missing, Richie.
Then why's it say it there, it's my shirt,
that's my hair, that's my face...
Calm down, this isn't real.
That's my name, that's my age,
that's the date...
This isn't real, Richie.
What the fuck?
It says I'm missing.
- Am I missing? Will I disappear?
- Take it easy.
Look at me, Richie. Look at me.
This isn't real.
IT's playing tricks on you.
Help me please!
What are you looking for?
Guys, do you hear that?
She was just here,
where the fuck did she go?
- Guys!
- Eddie!
What the fuck!
Time to take your pill, Eddie.
- Eddie. Open the door!
- Richie.
Are you okay?
Eddie, what's going on?
Hiya Richie.
Where the fuck are you.
We're not playing hide
and seek, dipshit.
Bill, open the door.
It won't open.
- What's going on? Richie!
- I can't!
Open the door, Rich.
Oh shit.
Stupid clowns.
Oh fuck.
Beep-beep, Richie.
Let's get out of here.
You wanna play loogie?
Time to float.
Where's my shoe?
Where the fuck were her legs?
What about that?
This isn't real.
Remember the missing kid poster
that wasn't real, so this isn't real.
Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear.
Come on. Ready?
Oh thank fuck.
Where's Eddie?
Oh fuck.
This isn't real enough for you, Billy?
I'm not real enough for you?
Holy shit!
It was real enough for Georgie.
Get Eddie - Get Eddie.
Let's get outta here.
Go for Eddie. Come on!
Guys, watch out!
Don't - Eddie, look at me.
- I!
- I!
Let's get outta here!
Let's get outta here!
Bill, we have to help Eddie.
Nooooo, Nooooo!
- I put the arm in place.
- Don't fucking touch me!
- Well, one, two, three.
- Don't fucking touch me!
You, you did this.
You know how delicate he is.
We were attacked, Mrs. K.
No, don't, don't try to
blame anyone else...
Let me - Get back!
Oh, I've heard of you Miss Marsh...
and I don't want a dirty girl
like you touching my Eddie.
Ms. K, I...
No, you are all monsters, all of you,
Now Eddie's done with
you, you hear, done!
I saw the well.
W-w-w-w-we know where it is
and next time we'll be better prepared.
No next time, Bill.
You're insane.
Why? We all know nobody
else is going to do anything
Eddie was nearly killed and
look at this motherfucker,
he's leaking hamburger helper.
We can't pretend it's going to go away
Ben, you said yourself it
comes back every 27 years.
Fine! I'll be 40 and
far away from here.
I thought you said you wanted
to get out of this town too.
Because I want to run towards something,
not away.
I'm sorry but who invited
Molly Ringwald into the group?
- Richie...
- I'm just saying, lets face facts
real world
Georgie is dead,
stop trying to get us killed too.
Georgie's not dead.
You couldn't save him but you
could still save yourself.
T-t-t-take it back,
you're scared and we all
are but take it back.
You're such a loser.
Richie, just.
You're a bunch of losers,
get us all killed...
- while trying to catch a clown.
- Stop!
This is what IT wants,
IT wants to divide us.
When we're all together, when we heard it,
that's why we're still alive.
- Thats why we are still alive.
- Yeah, well I plan to keep it that way.
- Mike...
- Guys...
I can't do this.
My granddad was right.
I'm an outsider, gotta stay that way.
Yeah, there we go.
Put the next target there.
Just hold it.
What the hells going on here?
Cleaning your gun, like you asked.
You're cleaning my gun, huh?
- Dad...
- Hey!
Look at him now, boys.
Ain't nothing like a little fear
that'll make a paper man crumble.
Here for the refills, Eddie?
You know it's all bullshit, right?
What is?
Your medication,
they're placebos.
What's "pa-cee-bo" mean?
Placebo means bullshit.
No friends, huh?
Your cast?
No signatures or anything?
So sad.
I don't want it to get dirty.
Oh, I'll sign it for ya.
You okay, Henry?
My most favorite part
of the afternoon is.
Learn all about many of you.
Is there anything you want to share?
What most they enjoyed today?
How about you?
I enjoyed seeing the clown.
Really? Would you like
to see the clown?
What about it anyway?
I liked the bubbles floating.
Really? Me too.
I love seeing things float.
All float.
We all float,
and you will too, Henry.
Make it a wonderful day.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Oh no, give him a big
round of applause.
Well done, Henry.
Kill them all.
Kill them all!
Kill them all!
Kill them all!
Where are you sneaking off to?
No-nowhere, Daddy.
You look prettied up.
I'm not prettied up, daddy.
I wear this almost every day.
Come here.
You know I worry about you Bevvie.
I know.
People in town have been saying
some things to me about you.
Sneaking around all summer
ling with a bunch of boy.
Only girl in the pack.
They're just friends, I swear.
I know what's in boys minds
when they look at you Bevvie.
I know it all too well.
My hand...
Are you doing womanly things down
in the woods with those boys?
N-n-n-nothing, you don't have to worry.
I promise.
What's this?
It's nothing, it's just a poem.
Just a poem?
That you were hiding in
your underwear drawer?
Why would you have to hide it there?
Are you still my girl?
What did you say?
I said no!
Get away, no!
No, get off!
Those boys, do they know that you're...
- Richie.
- What do you want?
You see that guy I'm hitting,
I'm pretending it's you.
IT got Beverly.
What are you talking about?
IT, Richie.
IT got Beverly.
I'll be there.
And just where do you
thing you're off to?
Out with my friends.
Sweetie, you can't go,
you're getting over your
sickness, remember?
My sickness?
Ok, what, what sickness, Mom?
Do you know what these are?
They're "gazebos".
They're bullshit!
They help you, Eddie.
I had to protect you.
Protect me?
By lying to me and keeping me
locked inside of this hell-hole?
I'm sorry but the only people
trying to protect me are my friends.
And you made me turn my back
when I really needed them.
So I'm going.
Eddie. No.
You get right back here.
- I'm going to see my friends.
- Eddie.
Don't do this to me, Eddie.
Guys, spikes.
Stan, we all have to go,
Bevvie was right.
If we split up like last time,
that clown will kill us, one by one,
but if we stick together,
all of us...
we'll win.
I promise.
Eddie, you got a quarter?
I wouldn't want to make a
wish in that fucking thing.
How are we supposed to get down there?
Alright lets go.
Alright buddy.
Guys, help?
- You're good?
- I'm fine.
Step right up, Beverly.
Step right up.
Come change, come cold,
You'll laugh, you'll cry,
you'll cheer, you'll die.
Introducing Pennywise
the dancing clown.
I'm not afraid of you.
You will be...
Help me!
Go dead!
- Mike!
- Mike!
You okay, Mike?
Mike. Fuck.
- Mike!
- Where is?
We're next.
Grab it, get the rope.
Leave him alone!
You didn't listen to
what I told ya did ya?
You should've stayed out of Derry.
Your parents didn't'
and look what happened to them.
I still get sad every time
I pass that pile of ashes,
that I couldn't have done it myself.
Run, Mike!
I sh-sh-sh-should get up there.
Are you insane? With what?
Holy shit!
- God...
- Mike!
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Is that you?
Come on, guys, where's Stan?
Oh shit, gray water.
- Stan!
- Wow! Stanley!
- Now come on, man!
- Here we go! Quiet.
- Stan?
- Stanley! Stan!
Your flashlight!
What the fuck is that thing?
Oh shit!
Holy shit!
- Stan!
- Stanley.
It's okay.
You left me,
you aren't my friends.
You made me go, you made me go!
I'm sorry.
You made me go to Neibolt.
This is your fault.
We would never let anything
happen to you. We're here.
You know I wouldn't do that. Come on.
I'll come back for you. Bev.
Come on, get out of there Ed,
That's gray water.
W-w-w-wait, where's my
fucking flashlight?
Let's get the fuck outta here, come on.
Bev? Bev?
Oh shit.
How is she in the air?
are those...
the missing kids,
Just let me grab her.
I'm slipping.
Why isn't she waking up?
What's wrong with her?
Beverly, please! Come on!
Woah, woah, woah...
"January embers?"
"My heart burns there too."
Jesus, fuck...
oh, god.
Where is Bill?
What took you so long?
I was looking for you this whole time.
I couldn't find my way outta here.
He saidl could have
my boat back, Billy.
Was she fast?
I couldn't keep up with it.
"she" Georgie.
They call boats, She.
Take me home, Billy.
I wanna go home.
I miss you, I wanna
be with mom and dad.
I want more than anything
for you to be home,
With Mom and Dad.
I miss you so much.
I love you, Billy.
I love you too,
But you're not Georgie.
Kill him now, Billy! Kill him!
Kill him, Bill.
Kill him, Bill.
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill IT!
It's not loaded.
Do it, Bill! Kill him!
Hey, it's not loaded!
Bill, watch out!
Leave him alone!
Beverly, no!
Help him!
No, don't let him go!
Let him go.
I'll take him.
I'll take all of you.
And I'll feast on your flesh
as I feed on your fear...
you'll just leave us be
I'm taking him, only him.
And then I'll have my long rest
and you will all live to grow old
and drive and lead happy lives
until old age takes you
back to the weeds.
I'm the one who dragged
you all into this
I'm s-s-s-s-, I'm s-s-sorry.
Guys, we can't.
Sorry, Bill.
I told you, Bill.
I fucking told you,
I don't want to die...
It's your fault.
You punched me in the face,
you made me walk through shitty water,
you brought me to a
fucking crackhead-house.
And now...
I'm gonna have to kill
this fucking clown!
Welcome to the losers club, asshole!
Mike - Mike
Stan, look out!
Kill him
I'm gonna kill you.
Hey Bevvie, are you
still my little girl?
Holy shit!
That's why you didn't kill Beverly,
Cause s-s-s-s-she wasn't afraid
and we aren't either
not anymore.
Now you're the one that's afraid,
because you're gonna starve.
"He thrusts his hands
against the post...
"and still insists he sees the ghost.
"He thrusts his hands
against the p-p-p-p-post."
I know what I'm doing for
my summer experience essay.
Hey guys.
The kids are floating down.
I only remember parts, but...
I thought i was dead.
That's what it felt like.
I saw us, saw us together,
back in the cistern,
but we were older...
I mean our parents ages.
W-w-w-what were we all doing there?
I just remembered how we felt,
how scared we were,
I don't think I can ever forget that.
if IT isn't dead,
if IT ever comes back,
we'll come back too.
I gotta go...
I hate you.
I'll see you later.
Goodbye, Stan.
Good bye guys.
Goodbye, Mike.
See you later, loser.
See you, Bill.
See you, Rich.
See you later.
Goodbye, Ben.
You all packed for Portland?
Yeah pretty much.
I'm going tomorrow morning.
How long will you be gone?
My aunt she says I can stay
for as long as I want.
Just so you know,
I never felt like a loser
when I was with all of you.
See you around.