It Chapter Two (2019) Movie Script

You will also float!
We saw everyone.
We were all there, as in the cistern.
But we were older. From the age of our parents.
Was he still so handsome as an adult?
- You had your grace. - What does that mean?
What about me?
You looked the same, only taller.
Let's swear ... Let's swear if he's not dead,
If he ever returns, we will return.
Memory is a strange thing.
People believe they are what they choose to remember.
Good memories.
The moments.
The places.
People close to us.
But sometimes ...
Sometimes, we are what we want to forget.
All right, kids. Get ready and go ahead!
The first to burst the balloon becomes a winner.
It could be anyone. We have one here that is getting bigger.
It is the tension of who will reach the leader?
Who will be the winner tonight? Yes!
- Win, win, roast chicken. - You made an impression.
So is.
Hey girl ... Do you want this one?
Thanks for letting me win.
What did you get, Vickie?
Well ... Here is your consolation prize.
Check it out. I have never been an admirer of The Beavers.
But look at this cap, great.
Thank you.
We need to talk about logistics.
- How romantic. - Romantic?
What is so fucking romantic?
Your mother didn't teach you to answer, when someone asked you something?
Come on, Adrian.
Do you have a problem, fag?
No, but Meg Ryan called.
He wants his wig back.
All right, come on, Adrian.
Because of these things, I want to get out of this hole. Limited minds.
- They have small penises. - I'm serious.
We belong to another place.
If New York does not work, we can always come back here.
I want to be with you. I don't care if it's in New York or in Derry.
Whatever it is, it is ...
- You have to say it. - I don't have to say anything.
- Take off that fucking cap. - Come on.
We do not want people to think that we are going to endure these fags here.
- He was born here, idiot. - Alright, let's go.
Do not you know that? I will take off this hat for you.
But why leave it there?
Anything else you would like me to take off for you, tonight?
Any requests, ladies?
- Moron. - Leave him alone!
- What is that? You do not need that. - Stop.
- Leave it alone! - Beat him.
He has asthma, idiot!
Come on. Fuck you!
- Come on, kick it. Come on! - Adrian!
Still, I hate your shitty hair.
Leave it alone!
Look what you did to his fucking face.
Hey, hear!
- Help me lift it. - Adrian!
Help me lift this fucking right now.
Give me the hat, Carny.
- It's mine, fuck. - Give me the damn hat!
Welcome to Derry, son of a bitch.
No, Adrian! Do not!
Do not!
Help me.
Somebody help me, fuck!
Do not!
You will also float!
The truth is that ...
sometimes what we want to forget ...
What we want to leave in the past ...
He won't stay there.
Units, go ahead. We have a report on
the finding of a dismembered corpse.
Repeat. A dismembered corpse?
Affirmative. It was found at the entrance of the Festival.
Understood. The vehicle is on its way.
Affirmative. The Sheriff said to block Derry's bridge.
Sometimes, come back for you.
Mr. Denbrough, they need it on set.
- All good? - Here we go.
- I will pass, I will pass. - What are you doing?
- Have you seen Indiana Jones? - Attention.
- You work here? - I am the screenwriter.
- Your husband is here. - Did you finish the pages?
Be careful.
My friend, the movie needs an end.
- You know that, right? - Yes.
You said you needed a day to finish the pages.
- We will film it tonight. - It's been 17 hours.
- Everyone calm down, okay? - I'm calm.
I want you to be happy with the movie.
Do you get it I am on your side.
That's great, because the end of my book ...
It's terrible.
Without offending, people love your book, but they hate that ending.
- You said you liked it. - I lied.
- We have to improve it, okay? - Yes.
Audra, you have my notes, could you?
So thank you very much. Take me to One, please.
Goodbye. Do you have your notes?
He is right.
- You don't like my endings? - Not everyone, but this ...
- In agreement. - Alone...
- Do you want me to lie to you, because I am ... - My wife?
No, but you gave me by my side, for eight years.
- I think I thought you were different. - I wasn't giving you by your side.
Everyone wants a happy ending. Everyone wants a close.
- But life doesn't work that way. - Peter wants it, not the Studio.
Study? Since when do you care about that? You're an artist.
Why can't it be as written? As I want it.
Why can't you be the woman, what do I want you to be?
Fuck you, Bill!
I mean in the movie. Not really you.
- Hi? - Bill Denbrough?
- Talk Mike. - What Mike?
Mike Hanlon of Derry.
You have to come home.
Eddie, I'm telling you not to scare me like that and you never listen to me.
- Myra, please, not now. - You shouldn't be out there.
Eddie, it's dangerous to drive on such slippery roads.
Honey, it stopped raining three hours ago. Everything will be fine.
- Idiot, you can get ahead! - What happens if you skate?
It's not going to happen.
I live as a risk analyst, so believe me when I tell you,
that from a statistical point of view, I would have more a traffic accident,
Because I'm talking to you on the phone.
It's okay? I have to go, we'll talk soon. Goodbye.
This is Edward Kaspbrak.
You didn't say, "Well, bye, I love you." As you always do.
I can't, I'll be late for ...
- a meeting. - Say you love me, Eddie.
Okay, I love you mom.
- That? - Myra, bye.
- Hello who's calling? - It's me. It's Mike.
What Mike?
- Eddie, are you alright? - Fairly good.
What the fuck! You were fine five seconds ago. Who called you?
Rich, talk to me. Its your turn in two minutes. You're good?
Because you don't look that way.
- I'm fine. - You're good? Agree.
And we walk and walk.
- 60 seconds. - Faster.
- Bring him a bottle of water. - Bourbon.
Sure. And a mint.
I can not do this. And that was fast.
It's okay. Rich, where are you going?
Here, good boy, okay.
- How I look? - Your hands are shaking, Rich.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Richie Trashmouth.
All right. How are you tonight
My girlfriend caught me
masturbating while watching her friend's Facebook.
And now I go to Masturbators Anonymous.
I stopped at the first meeting and said:
"My name is Richie Trashmouth."
Trashmouth ...
I forgot the joke.
You are gross!
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here today.
These buildings will provide more than 93,000 m2.
Commercial and residential space. Modern tower with offices.
However, I would like to know how we will place even more stores there.
- If we build walls up here ... - There will be no walls.
- With all due respect, Mr. Hanscom. - Call me Ben and with all due respect to you ...
Just looking at this model makes me feel claustrophobic, doesn't it?
If they build more walls, it will look like a prison.
And people want to escape from a prison, right?
It should be a place where people meet.
Middle ground
A Club House
And when people are there ...
Sorry for a moment.
- Hi. - Ben, it's Mike Hanlon from Derry.
Do I have to book it?
- Are you sure you missed work? - It's summer, why not?
Alright, we're going to Buenos Aires.
It's Stanley Uris.
- Talk Mike. - Sorry?
Mike Hanlon of Derry.
Mike, yes, I'm sorry. Hi.
I don't know why I ...
- How much time has passed? - Much.
27 years.
That came back, right? Is that why you call me?
It has started again, Stan and terrible things are happening.
Did you call the others? What if they don't come?
We swear, remember? When can you come?
- I have to do some things. - Morning.
We don't have much time.
I will send you a message with what you should know.
See you soon, Stanley.
You swear?
I swear, Bill.
- You made a promise, Beverly. - I'm so sorry, Mike.
I do not really remember.
You didn't think why you don't remember things,
that people should, about where they are from, who they are.
Why do you have a scar on the palm of your hand?
The others don't remember it either. Eddie, Ben, Stan, Richie.
- Bill. - Bill?
You have to go back.
- All of you. - When?
You're good? What's going on?
Why do you pack in the middle of the night?
I did not want to wake you up. I know this week has been difficult.
An old friend of Derry called me.
I have to go back there.
- It's hard to explain why. - It's okay.
You don't have to explain anything to me. Just relax.
- I trust you. - Thank you.
I just don't understand why you are lying to me.
I heard you say the name Mike.
Yes my friend. We used to be a group back then
and as children we made a promise.
You know that trust is the basis of our relationship. It means everything to me.
- I know, it's not like ... - What? The last time?
- I didn't cheat you and ... - You're a damn liar, Bev.
You won't go anywhere, okay? I want you to stay here
and you will show me what you wanted to do with that Mike, okay?
You hurt me, honey.
No one will love you like me. You know that, right?
I'm sorry.
- Don't make it worse! - Do not do it.
You are nobody, without me! You know it, right?
Tell me I'm wrong!
Jesus Christ, guys!
You have balls coming back here. Don't go any further, Bowers.
- I have not finished! - On knees!
No, I have to kill them all!
I'll kill all of them! Stop! Fuck you!
Fuck everyone!
Henry Bowers, I arrest you for the murder of Oscar Bowers.
Do you understand, crap?
You have the right to a lawyer.
You have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say can and will be used against you, in a Court.
Calm down, fuck!
So, let's increase your dose today, right?
Stay in your damn room.
My knife
Be careful, over here.
So thank you very much.
- Mike, you look good. - Hello how are you?
I wasn't sure if after so long someone would come.
- But of course you came. - A promise is a promise.
The losers...
- They have to stay together, right? - The losers? You remember.
That is good. What else do you remember?
I'm allergic to soy, anything with egg, gluten
And if I eat pistachios, I could die.
With shit!
Do you need a password or something?
- Sorry? - Newcomer.
- Ben? - Yes.
- OMG! - OMG!
It has been so long.
Stay great, Ben the trustworthy.
- You too, Beverly. - Hold on, newcomer.
You two look amazing. What the hell happened with me?
- Hi, I'm Ben. - Richie.
Yes, and Ben.
- Hi. - Hi.
It's me or the Losers Club has officially started.
Look at these guys.
This is Ben
- Eddie, did you get married? - What's so funny, idiot?
- What, with a woman? - Fuck you brother.
- You fuck! - And you, Trashmouth? Are you married?
- There is no way! - No, I got married!
- Rich, I don't believe you. - When?
- Haven't you heard of that? - No.
- You do not know? - No.
Your mother and I are very happy now.
Terribly happy
- He totally caught it. - Fuck you!
She is so sweet. Sometimes we hug and whisper ...
We understand. My mom was a very fat person. Funny.
Terribly funny
Yes, it is a nice watch.
Let's talk about the obvious. About Ben
- What's up man? - Obviously I lost a little weight.
- Yes, like you lost weight. - You are sexy.
You are like all Brazilian soccer players in one.
- Stop, you're embarrassing him. - Okay, please.
Come on!
Will Stanley come or what?
- Stanley Uris. - Yes.
Stanley Urine No, it's a fucking fag, it won't come.
Why does Stanley have to save you, anyway?
I was the one who had surgery, when Bowers cut you.
- That's right. - And you didn't become a doctor?
No, I am a risk analyst.
Sounds interesting, what exactly do you do?
Yes. I work for a big insurance company ...
Fuck you, friend. Fuck you!
Is the work in the dictionary under the word boring?
That's not funny.
But it is.
- What the fuck are you laughing at? - I propose a toast.
For the losers.
Here it is. Thank you.
Are you the Director of Logan-Marsh? That is huge.
I own that line, with my husband Tom.
You are married.
- We watched your movie. - Seriously?
- It was very good and so scary. - But the end was disgusting?
- Yes, I'm sorry. - It's okay.
- That? - It's very weird.
All these memories and people who did not remember to forget.
It's weird, isn't it?
Everything has come back faster and more since we came back here.
- Yes. - When Mike called me, I threw up.
It is not weird? I got nervous, sick and vomited.
I'm fine now. Glad to be here with you guys.
- Why do they see me like this? - When Mike called, I crashed the car.
- Seriously? - Yes.
My heart was beating so hard.
- So, I wasn't the only one. - It felt like ...
The fear.
It was a feeling of fear.
Why do we all feel this way, Mike?
You remember something that we no longer, right, Mike?
Something happens to you when you leave this city.
The more you advance, the more you forget,
But I never left.
So, yes, I remember ...
I remember everything.
- That fucking clown. - Shit.
Pennywise ...
Mike, you said you needed help with something. With what?
Every 27 years, a kind of echo is repeated in Derry.
- What are you talking about? - Wait, listen.
We thought we stopped him, he finished.
- Mike. - A week ago...
Someone killed Adrian Mellon, Lisa Aubrich disappeared last night.
- They are not the only ones and there will be more. - You know what happened?
- Take it easy. - Let me explain.
The echo, we might change it.
How it changed us, but we didn't stop it.
Because that is back.
We took an oath.
That's why I called them here. That's why they are here.
To finish it, forever.
That shit darkened fast. Thanks, Mike.
My fortune cookie says "could."
They probably don't know how fortune cookies work.
Mine says "I guess."
Pass it here.
What do you got, Mike?
What is it?
- It seems he couldn't. - It's a message.
It seems he couldn't. That makes no sense.
- What does that mean? - I don't know what that means.
- You can't guess. - I couldn't guess.
That means that. Are you talking about him?
- It means that. - Mike, where is this going?
That is what I meant.
I do not know.
Did you alter fortune cookies, Mike?
- Let him talk. - Was not me. This is what...
- That did it. - Where is my inhaler? What's wrong?
Why are you messing with us? Not funny, but not at all.
Why is Stanley's name there? Answer me someone else!
What is that?
- What the fuck is that, man? - OMG!
Hey, hear!
The fortune cookie is looking at me!
I do not want to be here. I want to go home. I do not care.
I do not want to be here. With shit!
It's not real!
It's not real!
It's not real!
All good?
Yes, can you tell us?
Pennywise always plays with us. Stanley is probably fine.
- Mike, do you have his number? - Yes.
How do you know my name?
The fun has just begun, right?
- What did he say? - Do you think it's fun?
Do you think this is a game?
- Fuck you! - Be careful, Rich.
Fuck you! I am not afraid of you!
The fun has just begun. That's what you say in your act, friend.
- I'm your fan. - They are your parents?
- Do you want a picture? - Are you okay, Dean?
- That's fine. - In agreement. Good boy.
Jesus, Richie. Don't you remember a line of your shows?
I do not write my jokes.
I knew it, fuck!
Hi Mrs. Uris. I'm Beverly Marsh
I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm an old friend of your husband.
You lied to us. This is not OK.
You should have said, "Don't you want to come to Derry to be killed?"
- We would have said no. - Boys.
It was a trap.
He passed away.
- When did this happen? - Yesterday.
He died in a terrible way.
- He cut his veins in the bathtub. - In the bath.
Sorry, I have to go.
- We are very sorry. - Thank you.
- Pennywise knew this, before us. - We have to stop it.
- I have a plan. - I have a plan to get out of Derry,
Before ending badly. Who will join?
- We made a promise. - Then, we'll cancel it.
Richie, more people will die.
People die every day, we don't owe anything to this city.
And I remembered growing up here just about two hours ago.
I'm leaving then. Fuck with this.
I'm sorry, I agree with Richie.
- Guys, please. - We stay and die. That's it?
I go to the pension, I pack and go home.
- Sorry, good luck. - Eddie, please. Wait!
You're good?
- I'm going to the pension. You will join? - Yes.
- You should have said it, Mikey. - Bill.
Please, I beg you, please. Listen to me, man.
What are you going to tell me?
What can you say make a difference?
Everyone left.
Let me show you something.
One thing.
And if you want to leave, you can do it.
But you have to see this first, please.
Rap Stew! What kind of name is that
- My mom plays better. - Stop.
He doesn't know the game. You are terrible!
- Mom, when are we going home? - Victoria, we came to see the game,
and then we will see it.
Come on, Derry, let's go!
Hi Vickie.
Don't your friends call you that, Vickie?
How do i know I guess I'm your friend too.
If you are my friend, why do you hide in the dark?
You are not my friend. You're scary.
Why are you crying?
People always make fun of how I look.
I thought if you didn't see my face,
Maybe you would like to be my friend.
No matter.
Stupid Pennywise, you'll never find friends.
- People laugh at me too. - Seriously?
For this.
It's not dumb?
For that little thing.
I could remove it right away.
- You can? - Yes, a pouf and it won't be anymore.
But you have to get close to see my face.
I don't know, Vickie.
I won't laugh at you, it's fine. I promise.
Promised, promised?
So come closer and you will go to the count of three.
You must say three.
What's up, fuck?
Fuck, yes!
Hey, Hockstetter. Come on!
- Let's get things out and let's get away. - Did you leave your stuff here?
No, my things are in the car.
- Tell me. - What thing?
What are you afraid to tell me, right now?
Bev, when you called Stanley's wife ...
She told you that she found him in the bathtub,
but I saw you and heard you said it first.
Quickly finish the conversation, we have to go.
- Eduardo, come on, let's go! - You're not telling us something.
You knew how Stanley died.
- Wait to? - I can not do this.
Did she know how Stanley would die? Listen well?
You cannot ignore it. How did you know where he killed himself?
Tell me. Let's talk as we used to.
How did you know?
Because I saw it.
We saw all of us die.
A cosmetic bag is still missing and we can leave.
What did I miss?
Wasn't it bigger here?
Mike, where did you get?
- Mike, do you live here? - Yes, get comfortable.
- Do you want water? - Sure.
The memory is ...
It is the key to everything.
If he wants us back,
Wouldn't it be better if we left?
No, that wanted us to come back.
Of course, but That doesn't know what I know.
- What do you know? - How to kill him!
I read all the books
And I talked to everyone in this damn city.
With everyone who wanted to talk to me and there weren't many.
But I didn't know how it started.
How that started.
And it started ...
- What am I seeing, Mike? - It's an artifact.
- Early 18th century, Shakopee. - Where did you get it?
I found it. They did not give it to me.
- I stole it. - Did you steal it?
- Native Americans? - It's complicated.
- It is. - They helped me on my trip.
- Its beautiful. - They showed me things, a vision.
I feel strange. I feel hot
- I'm sweating? - You have to see what they showed me, Bill.
They lived well beyond Derry. Out of reach.
They went there many years ago.
His holy man, holy among the saints ...
I accept each other.
I drank your sacred potion.
And I began to react.
All living beings must follow the laws of the body,
They inhabit.
When I looked in the Valley, I could see That coming.
I knew that one day I would have to show them all.
Did you put something in my drink?
- It's the root. - Your?
- Did you drug me? - No, it's the root.
It's a micro dose of what the Shakopee gave me.
Why did you do that?
- To open your eyes. - I do not feel well.
I need you ... Look.
- And you will. - I don't feel really good.
They showed me the past.
They showed me the way that was revealed to them.
They showed me the pain.
They showed me how to stop it.
You're good.
Did you see the ritual?
- A Chd ritual. - I knew it. I knew you would see.
- I saw it all, Mike. - This is how we will kill him.
How do we do it? Everyone has already refused.
They will listen to you.
It will only work with everyone.
What do you mean you saw us all die?
Yes, because being honest, such a fucking thing, someone is not thrown away.
Every night since I left Derry ...
I have nightmares.
People with pain, dying.
So, you have nightmares. I have them too. Everyone has them.
But that does not mean that your visions are true.
I saw each of us, this week ...
What did you see of each one of us?
We will end up like Stanley.
And then, we will die.
Why can't we see that shit? Why is she so special?
The lights of death.
Only she was caught in the death lights, that day.
That was all for us. It has changed us.
Deep down it's like an infection or virus.
Virus, do you understand? It spreads slowly ...
The virus has been for 27 years, spreading slowly.
- First he caught Stan, because ... - Because he was the weakest.
- Jesus Christ, Rich. - I just say what everyone thinks, man.
Come on Rich.
What Beverly saw will finally happen.
If we don't stop it, we will all die.
How do we do it?
The Indian Chd ritual.
The Shakopee
They fought with That first. They have a saying:
"All living beings must obey the laws of the body they inhabit."
A tribal ritual?
Are you kidding, man?
There must be another way. Does this thing come back every 27 years?
- Let's put it aside and let's do it then. - Then we'll be 70 years old, idiot.
This is not how it works.
None of us will live for another 20 years.
If the vision comes true.
So, if we don't kill him in this cycle ...
We die
In a horrible way.
- You don't have to mention that. - She said it, not me.
Well guys, look. I saw the ritual.
And it's true. It is the only way.
- For the ritual to work ... - We must remember.
Remember that?
It is better if I teach them.
We are running out of time.
This cycle will end soon.
- And when I'm done ... - We'll be screwed.
- Highland, desolate. - Here we came ...
- After the fight with rocks. - The Club House.
- You built it for us. - The hatch will be here somewhere.
I remember.
You're good?
- That? - Any.
You have not changed at all, and that is good.
I think the hatch was ...
I found her.
I'm fine, get off!
What is this? How did you build it?
- When did you build it? - In my spare time.
The hole had already been dug. I just reinforced the walls
And I made a wooden door. And that's it.
Good for my first attempt, right?
That is a great twist.
What happens if you touch another pillar, Professor?
That is why there are safety regulations and authorizations.
This place is deadly, do you understand?
- It's a work in progress, Eddie. - You will be responsible.
- What is this? Did you go to Iron Maiden? - It's a flashlight.
What is this? Obstacle for horses? Since when do you have horses down here?
- This is great. - It costs three dollars, be careful.
- I like this. Stanley, do you see it? - Stop.
Stop what? Wait.
Are you having fun with the magic ball?
Well done, you ruined it.
- I? - Yes, you broke it with your face.
- That? - I won't put my hand there.
- That's great. - OMG!
Why did none of us remember this place?
Hey, losers.
Everyone will float.
Fuck Richie.
- Friend! - Didn't he say that shit?
Maybe with a dance.
- Am I the only one who remembers it? - Will you behave like this all the time?
I try to lighten the atmosphere a bit and I'll go to hell.
It smells really bad.
This belonged to Stan.
For Losers use only.
What the fuck is this?
To keep spiders out of your hair down here.
Stanley, we are not afraid of fucking spiders.
- I withdraw. - It would be the first time.
- True. - Rich, your ten minutes are over.
- What are you talking about? - Everyone has ten minutes in the hammock.
- I don't see any sign. - Seriously? Do not!
Why would there be a sign, when we agreed?
- I didn't agree on anything. - We made a deal!
- I see your vagina. - Ten minutes for everyone.
- I fucked your mother. - You did not do it.
- Back phenomenon. - Fuck you!
- You're good at it, newcomer. - Seriously?
In Bar Harbor they have a summer course,
where they teach you all about architecture.
- I wanted to go. - I'll go to that.
I will go anywhere to get out of here.
- When I graduate, I will go to Florida. - What's up, Mike?
I don't know, I always wanted to go there.
Stan, you should go to Florida with Mike. You already act like 80,
You can spend it with all the grandmothers.
Do you think we will still be friends?
- When are we older? - That?
Why not?
Do your parents meet friends from Primary?
A lot can change then.
We can change.
We'll continue being friends.
This will not change, just because we are older.
Yes Stan, let's go!
Don't get so ...
- He got older ahead of time. - Yes.
- How would he grow up? - Apparently just as a child.
The best.
Okay, Mike, what are we doing here?
Performing a ritual requires a sacrifice.
I suggest we sacrifice Eddie.
- That? - You're small, you can fit on the grill.
I'm 1.75 tall. It is an average height, but it suits me.
It's not that kind of sacrifice, guys.
His past is buried.
But they will have to dig it. Piece by piece.
And these pieces, these artifacts ...
That's why we are here.
Those are the sacrifices. And since Stan can't be here to make his own,
We should find their artifact together.
I think Bill has already found it.
Mike, where can we find our artifacts?
I have to be honest, but without offending,
This is damn stupid, why do we need them?
We remember everything. Rescue Bev, defeat That.
- We remember it. - It is not all.
We fight, but what happened then?
In front of the house on Neiboltova street?
We don't remember, right?
Much more happened in that summer.
And those blank spaces, like pages torn from a book ...
They have to find that. We have to separate.
Everyone must find their artifacts alone.
That is the point, and when you find them, see me at the library tonight.
I should point out that from a statistical point of view ...
We have a better chance of survival as a group.
Yes, splitting up would be silly, man.
We should go together. We were together during that summer, right?
Do not.
Not all summer.
Get back!
They are just a bunch of fagots!
- Fuck you! - Enough!
We were together when we hurt That, that's why we're still alive.
Yes? We want to keep it that way.
I guess we'll be fine by tomorrow.
I doubt it.
If we want to stop it, we must do it.
Maybe Richie was right.
- Maybe we should leave it that way. - Don't listen to them.
Too late.
You should leave.
Before your father sees you.
- Yes? - Sorry.
I can help you?
- I thought Marsh said. - Marsh?
- Alvin Marsh? - My father, I grew up here.
I shouldn't tell you.
But, your father has already passed away.
I'm so sorry, didn't you know?
We hadn't talked to each other in a long time.
- I'll offer you something to drink. - Okay, I have to go.
That is the least I can do.
Sure. Agree.
- Is that how you remember it? - Cleaner.
Look around while I heat the water.
- It's okay. You do not have to. - Don't be so cut!
Today is your birthday.
I can still smell your perfume.
She would still be alive, if it wasn't for you.
Mom was sick.
That's why he did what he did.
She did what she did, because she was ashamed of being your mother!
You look like her.
But you are nothing like her.
Come here.
I said come here!
Close your eyes.
You know I would never hurt you.
You know that, right?
I'm sorry.
You will always be my little girl.
Your hair is winter fire, you call in January.
My heart burns too.
I'm sorry.
It gets hot here at this time of year.
- Nothing happens. - You feel, you could die.
But you know what they say about Derry.
No one who dies here really dies.
But tell me what it is like to be back in Derry?
- Well, something strange. - Strange?
God! Strange how?
I put cookies in the oven. Do not move.
- I do not want to bother her. - No, no, no, I insist.
- Mrs. Kersh, is this your family? - Yes darling.
My father came to this country with fourteen dollars in his pocket.
And he didn't ask the State for money, as people do today.
- Do you know what he did? - What, Mrs. Kersh?
He joined the Circus.
I've always been daddy's little girl.
What about you?
Are you still daddy's little girl, Beverly?
Are you?
Don't fool your father!
That? Help!
You have not changed anything.
You did not change your future.
You didn't save any of them.
- Close your eyes, Bev. - Fuck you!
If you don't believe ...
Then close them.
And you will.
Come on.
- Ken, you're a whore. - Yes!
- You're fucking good. - End of the game.
- I have to go. - Hears...
We play again? A little more?
Only if you want.
- Shut up. - Friend, why are you weird?
I'm not your damn boyfriend.
- I didn't mean ... - What's going on here?
You idiots didn't tell me that this city
It was full of little fags.
Did Richie talk to you? Then wait.
Do you want to fuck my cousin?
Get out of here, fag!
Move, fuck!
Do you want a kiss, Richie?
It's not real.
I think I screwed up my pants.
Marine Festival Great performance tonight.
I hope you come, handsome.
- Did you miss me, Richie? - Fuck!
Because I missed you.
Nobody wants to play with a clown anymore.
Play a game with me, will you?
How about Street Fighter? You like that one, right?
- Or maybe Truth or Challenge. - Jesus.
You don't want someone to choose the truth, right, Richie?
You don't want anyone to discover what you are hiding.
I know your secret
Your dirty secret ...
I know your secret
Your dirty secret!
- Should I tell you, Richie? - It's not real.
It is not real, nothing happens. It's not real.
I want a game!
Come play with the clown!
I'm sorry. Sorry.
- Friend. - I can help you?
Yes, I would like to ask about the ...
Baseball card?
A bowling ball?
The banjo?
- The Beaver? - The fucking bike.
If you are going to use that kind of language ...
- Take it to the street. - Sorry.
Can we start over and pretend that I just entered?
How can I help you?
Thank you, I would like to buy that bike.
- Aren't you the writer William Denbrough? - Yes that's me.
That bike? It used to belong to me.
Good. It is mine now.
But you are a famous author, so if you want it, you can afford it.
Well how much?
$ 300, you can afford it.
- I'll bring it. - Then, I'll take her.
- Do you want me to sign it? - No, I didn't like the ending.
- I've heard that before. - All yours.
I don't know how fast you will go. He stayed there for many years.
Well sir, it's fast enough to beat the Devil.
Come on!
I missed you too.
Silver, go ahead!
Hi, Billy.
I know you are there. I know you can hear me.
I have to know something.
Why did you choose Georgie from among all the children?
Say something!
Because the?!
Because you weren't there, Billy.
Billy, don't go.
I'm still here.
Help me.
Help me, Billy.
Take my hand.
- Take my hand, go friend. - It is coming.
- Take my hand. - Billy, it's coming.
- Take my hand. Come on, take my hand. - Billy!
I hate you!
I hate you...
Who are you talking to?
Go get out!
If you hear voices from that sewer, don't go there.
- Do you hear voices from the sewer? - No.
Just stay away from her.
I hear voices in the bathtub.
You know, from the drain.
- What kind of voices? - Children's.
- Sometimes it sounds like a ... - Clown?
Listen to me. You have to leave this city.
Tell your parents. Invent something. Lie to them. Whatever is.
Get out of the city and never come back, do you understand?
Get out of Derry and don't come back, do you understand?
- I have to go to the Festival. - Tell me you understand!
I have to go to the Festival. I have to go.
Be careful.
Let's get out of here.
Wake up fat.
Damn loser.
Calm down, it's just me.
What are you doing with your friends here?
- They are not my friends. - I mean your true friends.
Joey, Jonathan, Donny and Danny.
- Do you smoke at school? - Nobody will find out.
Do not tell anybody.
- Are you all right, newcomer? - If not. I'm fine.
I have fear only
When this is over, nothing will be the same.
If we continue to frequent ourselves, who cares?
Are you serious?
Of course, silly.
You and I.
I meant as friends.
Did you really think I'd like someone as fat and disgusting as you?
No matter how many stupid poems you write to me.
Your hair is winter fire,
You call in January.
My heart burns too.
It wasn't Beverly, she would never say any of that.
I would never say it.
Kiss me, fat boy.
Nobody wants to kiss the fat man.
- Leave me alone. - I will do it?
But you will always be alone.
That is not true. I have real friends.
Bill, Eddie, Mike, Stanley, Richie and Beverly.
They are my true friends!
Kiss me, as if it were the last time.
Look where you're going, kid.
- Boys? - Hi.
- What did you see out there? - Something I wish I hadn't done.
So what...
Do we kill him and forget everything again?
- I hope so, don't you? - I do not know.
I would like to remember the good, you know?
You will definitely want to remember something from the past.
- I remember how scared I was. - You are cold.
- I remember your white underpants. - Forget such a moment.
I remember this.
I remember the boy who wrote it for me.
It won't be much, but ...
How it made me feel.
A kiss.
I don't know, it's still blurry.
But the longer we are here, the clearer it is.
I see the moment more clearly. And I see ...
I believe.
I don't know, remember?
Bev ...
- Move. - What happens?
I'm going.
That? You can't leave, when we separate, we die.
I'll take the risk.
- We will die anyway. - Rich!
The Beaver wishes you good morning.
Today we have the last day of the Marine Festival.
- How can I help you? - I have a recipe for Kaspbrak.
- Kaspbrak. - Inhaler.
- Eddie Kaspbrak? - It's me.
- I remember you. - Yes.
- How is your mom? - She died a few years ago.
- Very sad. He died of liver cancer. - What is that?
- What thing? - That.
It's okay.
- Don't squeeze it, it's a mole. - It doesn't have to be cancer.
But it could be.
Wait here, I'll bring you something.
It's okay.
Did you come for your smelly breath pills?
No, my breath is fine.
My father doesn't think so.
He said you had a tumor.
In the penis
You don't take medication for that.
- What exactly did your father say? - Here you have.
I hope your penis recovers.
Thank you.
For the inhaler, not the insult with the penis.
Eddie Bear!
Eddie Bear!
Eddie, help me.
- Eddie! - Mommy?
Eddie helps, quickly help me.
- Mommy? - Eddie bear, you have to help me.
- Eddie? - What is he doing here?
- What is taking you so long? - What are you doing here?
It's coming, you have to get me out of here.
- Who is coming? - Eddie.
What the hell is that?
- Mommy. - Eddie, get me out of here. He will kill me.
Please help!
Eddie, it will infect me.
Help me.
Help me! It's coming, Eddie.
It will infect me, Eddie.
Oh my God!
I can not.
I'm sorry, I can't, mom.
Don't leave me here, Eddie.
Help me!
What would she do here? Why is that curtain still here?
Okay, here I go.
It is just a memory. Nothing will happen to you. Breath deeply.
Breath deeply.
I can do it.
Do not! With shit!
So is!
Fuck off!
What's up, fuck?
Let me out.
- That? - Push, don't pull them, idiot.
Thank you.
- My God, what happened to you? - Nothing, I'm ok.
I'm fine, everything is fine.
- Hello how are you? Where are everybody? - Richie wants to leave.
- Ben is trying to make him stay. - He's just scared.
I'm scared too, Bill, aren't you?
We are all afraid and that worries me.
Because that's what it wants.
We can do it, but we have to stay together.
- Shouldn't we run? - We're in Derry, I got used to it.
What does that mean?
- Shit, it's the boy. - That?
The child of the Chinese restaurant.
I met him on the way here. He lives in my old house.
He said he was going to the Festival.
He will go to the Festival, I have to help him.
Okay, we'll go together. I'll call Richie and Ben.
- And we'll go together. - There is no time.
- I can't let it happen again. - As before, it wasn't your fault.
- Nothing of that. - I wish that were true, Bev.
Bill! Bev!
What happened? Bill left?
I could not stop it. Everyone leaves.
It's okay, it's Bill, he'll be back.
At least I convinced Richie to stay.
And then the leper vomited on me.
Ed, how about you come back to Maine?
It's your time, Eddie.
Why did you do this?
- Because he says it's your time. - Who?
You know, Eddie. Now you know
It is time to float.
Where did you go?
Give me back my damn knife!
Thirty years have passed since you cut with that thing, man.
Jesus, Ed! What's wrong?
Bowers is in my room.
It looks bad?
I will cut my name on this pig.
One less. Fuck, yes!
Hey Kid! Boy!
Sorry. Hears!
Sorry. Hey hey!
Boy! Hey, neither ...
Boy? Hears!
Boy! Hey hey!
- Hi. - What are you doing here?
- I came to help you. - Stop following me!
I will get you out of here.
Do not.
I'm here now, so take me.
No, son of a bitch!
Do not!
I should come back.
I just left them. I should come back.
No, what the fuck are you doing? Shit Fuck with them.
I have performances in Reno, man.
Reflecting on what I just read,
the word "meshane" often appears,
which means "change / transform".
Which seems to make sense, because today I must become a man.
But it's funny.
Everyone has some memories
that makes them proud, more than others, right?
And maybe that's why the change is so scary.
For things we would like to leave behind.
- Good morning, Mike. - How are you?
The gossip we want to silence.
His parents set the house on fire.
The nightmares we want to wake up from.
Memories that we would like to change.
Secrets we must keep hidden.
This is forgotten more severely.
And those beautiful memories ...
They are the images that fade faster.
Those parts of you are the easiest to lose.
You may not want to forget.
Maybe ... If this is what it is about today ...
- To forget, right? - Thank you, Stanley.
Today I am becoming a man, but I don't feel different.
I know that I am a loser. And whatever happens,
I always will be, fuck.
Thanks for coming, Stanley.
Help! Mike, please help us!
- Mikey, please. - Call for help.
Mikey, help us!
You must have burned, Mike.
As your drug addicts parents.
Did they burn well?
Roasted and well fried.
It came after hours. You understand? Because we are in the library.
- You're good? - I'm not, I just killed the guy.
I meant Mike.
Where is Bill?
Bill, come to the library. We are all waiting for you here.
He killed the boy, right in front of me.
No, come here to the library. Let's think of something.
- I'm going to kill him. - Do not go alone.
- I don't want him to kill you too. - Bill!
- He will chase him alone. - That?
The ritual does not work without the whole group. It only works when we do it together.
Mike, did he tell you where he went?
If he wants to kill Pennywise, he will only go to one place.
To the same place where we have to perform a ritual.
We won't like this, right?
- Bill! - No.
No guys, no
I started it all. It is my fault that they are here.
Damn it is in all of you
It affected them when they went to the sewers with me.
Because I was only interested in finding Georgie.
I will go in there and I don't know what will happen, but I can't ask them
Whoever does this.
- We don't ask you either. - You weren't alone then, Bill.
- And you won't be now. - Losers stay together.
Will anyone say something?
- Richie said it best, last time. - Seriously?
- I don't want to die? - Not that.
Are they lucky that we haven't measured the size of the penises?
Do not.
- Are we going to kill the damn clown? - Yes.
Let's kill the damn clown!
- I love what he did with the place. - Beep, beep, Richie.
There is a basement, right?
- Damn it, no! - Ben!
Ben, what's going on?
That can't be good, right?
Help! Hey!
It's Stan.
It can't be real.
Jesus Christ!
If it wasn't for you, I'd still be alive, Bill.
Do not.
Richie, what's up with me?
It must be a fucking joke!
Get out of me!
Eddie, are you alright?
So here it is.
Take it off!
Take it off!
I want to go home
Bring the knife!
- Damn it, Eddie, take the knife! - Take it off, please!
Eddie, bring the knife!
Everyone is fine?
You're good.
Man could die, you know, right?
Georgie is dead, the boy and Stanley.
Do you want Richie to die too?
- Do you want him to die too? - I do not...
Please don't be angry, Bill.
I was afraid
That is what he wants.
So don't make it easy for him.
Memories, right?
Pure bad.
Oh man!
Shit, we are here.
It happened here.
Do not.
Bev, what's up?
I thought I heard something.
- Bev! - Time to sink.
Ok guys, come on.
Hey guys? Guys come on, please ...
I don't want to get out of here alone.
- Thank you. - You're good?
- I think I will cry. - Mike, where are we going from here?
By hiding in the depths, we must find faith.
- It's okay? - At this point, that question is implicit.
- What's up there? - I don't know, nobody knows.
- Alright, see you there. - Mike!
- Let's stay together. - In agreement.
I can not.
I can't, they saw what happened above. I would let them die.
I froze. If I get down there, I will kill us all.
- Give it to me! - Richie, let go.
Let me...
- I have it. - Stop. Listen to me...
I'm fine, but who killed a crazy clown at thirteen?
Who stabbed Bowers with a knife that was pulled from his own face?
I also.
Who married a woman who is ten times more voluminous?
- I. - Yes.
- You're braver than you think. - I don't think so, Richie.
I'm sorry.
Here you go, take it. It will kill monsters.
- Seriously? - Yes, if you believe it.
Thanks, Bev.
- They are fine? - Yes.
- Do you fit there? - It is the only way. Here.
Here. This is tight, but we can pass.
Here it was hidden.
So this was under Derry ...
- Since ever? - No, not forever.
Only a few million years.
We can only attack it in its true form.
- The ritual will show it. - What is your true form?
I hope it's a puppy, Pomerano. I will keep quiet.
His light ...
It must be blocked by darkness.
Put your artifacts in the flames.
The past must burn with the present.
This is a little boat that I put together ...
with Georgie.
My inhaler
Come on, friend.
Something I wish I had saved.
This is a page of my yearbook. Only one person signed it.
I would have forgotten, but ...
But I could not. Because I kept it in my heart.
For 27 years.
- This is a game token. - A tab?
- It's what we had to bring. - Do you know how long it will take to burn?
- Also to your inhaler, friend. - Guys, come on.
Toxic and plastic fumes.
Look closely Bev. You see?
- You hit Bowers with this. - Battle with rocks.
- When our friendship began. - It won't burn either.
We forget Stan. Once again.
Well, hold your hands. Come on!
The ritual of the Chd is a battle of will.
The first step was our meeting.
The second was to gather the artifacts.
This is the last step.
But what?
What the hell is that? Do not look there!
- The death lights. - Don't look at them.
- In agreement. - Turn the light into darkness. Say it!
- That? - Say it!
Turn the light into darkness!
Turn the light into darkness!
Turn the light into darkness! Mike, what's going on, man?
Keep going!
Turn the light into darkness!
Turn the light into darkness!
Turn the light into darkness! Works. Did we succeed?
What is this?
- Mike, should this happen? - Keep going.
- That? - Keep going.
- Turn the light into darkness. - Come on, don't stop.
- Continue, it works. - What happens?
Hey, hear!
Out of the way.
- You're good? - I can not hear anything.
Agree. You're good?
- Where is Mike? - Mike!
- Mike! - Mike!
- I'm here. - Were we successful?
Did we succeed? We put the artifacts there.
That's fine, right? We did it, right?
- Shit! - Did it work, Mikey?
It worked?
Tell them why your stupid ritual didn't work out.
Tell them it's just ... How do you say it?
Pure tales.
- Mike, what are you talking about? - Mikey?
Mikey, you didn't show them the whole truth, right?
You didn't want them to know what really happened to those poor Shakopee.
- Fuck Mikey, did you lie to us again? - No.
They didn't think it would kill him. That's why it didn't work then.
Are you kidding, Mike? Fuck!
Fuck you, Mikey!
I needed something. We were supposed to remember, we were supposed to believe.
- Fuck! - Shit!
The lights of death. Do not look at them.
I dreamed about you for 27 years.
I yearned for them.
I missed you...
Mike, back off!
I waited for this very moment.
- Move, Mikey. - Sorry.
I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. - It's time to float.
- Shit! - Sorry.
Wake up, Mike. Lift it up.
Come on, come on, come on!
Go! Go! Go!
- Where is Bill? - Don't worry, you'll find a way out.
Shit, do you see us?
He sees us!
Oh shit!
- Run for your life! - Shit!
Shit, you're kidding.
VERY terrifying
- He is not here. - Where was he?
Do not!
Damn it, let's choose scary at all.
No, it will be the opposite. He is fucking us.
Are you sure?
- Trust me. - In agreement.
Where is my shoe?
You said I trust you!
Don't fuck with us, let's go terrifying at all.
Ok, let's go.
- I will not do this again. - That thing is a monster.
- Let's say you feel. - I know your movements, little whore.
- Richie, he left. - Yes, well, wait.
It's okay.
- Sit down! - Did.
- It's nice, good boy. - It is very cute.
Good Guy.
Shit, next time let's go to scary normal.
Next time?
I lost the little boat, Billy.
He went sailing.
I'm not angry.
It's your fault what happened, isn't it?
You weren't really sick that morning, right?
No, I just ...
I was just pretending because I didn't want to play with you.
I did not want to do it.
You lied and I died.
You lied and I died.
You lied and I died!
You died for me, Georgie.
No no no. It was...
You lied and I died!
Little shit, I smell you!
You smell like Lois Lane.
Here is Johnny ...
All that success. All that money.
But inside you you are still a pathetic fat loser.
You always knew you would die alone.
Do not!
- Whore! - Help!
Bevy, just open the door for me. Agree?
- Beverly, can you hear me? - No!
- Come with Daddy. - Bev, don't listen to him!
- Bev! - Are you still my little girl, Bevy?
- Beverly, I love you! - Ben?
Are you still my little girl, Bevy?
No longer!
Your hair is winter fire,
You call in January.
- My heart ... - Ben!
- My heart ... - Ben!
- You call in January. - My heart burns too.
That was you.
- You deserve to die. - No.
You were the best big brother in the world.
Do not! We kill our little brother!
He loved you.
And just because you didn't want to play in the rain ...
Just once...
It is not our fault.
it was...
our fault.
Did you miss me?
I know what you are, that's why I'm not afraid of you.
I also know what you are.
A crazy.
Hey, crap!
Do you want to play Truth or Challenge? Here you have the truth.
You are a careless whore. Yes, that is correct.
Let's Dance! Yipi-ka-yei, son of a bitch ...
This kills monsters.
If you believe it.
If you believe it.
If you believe it!
Eat this, motherfucker!
With shit.
Rich! Do not! Rich!
Rich, wake up. Hears!
Yes, here he is, friend.
Richie, I think I caught him, man.
I think I killed him. I think I really killed him!
Do not!
Richie ...
- Richie ... - No!
Do not!
It hurt.
- Eddie! - It hurt.
- It hurt. - Come on man.
Careful, careful.
Go out and play, losers!
He is seriously injured, we have to get him out of here.
And how are we going to do that, Richie?
I almost killed the leper.
I strangled him.
I could feel that he was drowning. I made it small.
I was very weak.
The Shakopee
All living beings must follow the laws of the body they inhabit.
Guys, I found a passage here.
The tunnel, Pennywise would have to reduce its size,
to pass through the cave entrance.
And if we take it there, it will have to be enraged.
We will shrink it and we can kill it.
I can smell the stench of his fear.
- Come on. - Here, it's narrow. Watch out.
I just have to rest a little.
- Richie, I have something to tell you. - What friend thing?
I fucked your mother.
Get out!
Come on!
- I got them! - No!
- No! - Dirty little children.
- Plan B. What are we going to do now? - You will die, you will do that.
We can dwarf it in other ways.
- Make him believe it is. - That?
- Make him believe it is. - Little Me?
- I am the world eater. - Not for us.
You are just a clown.
You are a weak old woman.
- Devourer of worlds! - A headless bully.
You are an imitator! An imitator!
You are a damn bully!
- You're just a damn clown! - A damn clown!
- Cheater! - Clown!
A damn stupid mummy!
You're a clown!
You're a clown!
Stupid clown
- You're just a fraud, son of a bitch. - Devourer of worlds.
- You're just a clown. - I am a world eater.
Stupid clown!
A clown whose heart beats quickly in fear.
Look at you
All grown up already.
Ed, we beat Pennywise, man.
- Richie. - It is gone.
It's nothing, he's just hurt, we have to get him out of here.
He's hurt, Ben.
No, all right, we have to get him out of here, Bev.
Richie ...
- That? - I think he's dead.
- We have to go, Richie. - We have to go.
Come on man. Let's go.
We have to go.
Wait guys. We can still help you!
- Take it. - Guys, we can still help you!
No, Eddie! Eddie!
Come on!
Move, move!
We have to help him, he's still there!
You know what? Eddie would not like this.
- That? Clean ourselves in dirty water? - Yes.
He would say we bathe in bacteria.
- Yes. And we would laugh at him. - Yes.
He will be watching us. He always did.
Am I right, Richie?
Thank you.
I don't know where my glasses are, so I don't know who they are, but thanks.
- I really don't know where they are. - Seriously?
- Glasses? - They were here somewhere.
- I do not see them. - They are there.
- Where? - Look, you just have to ...
Does anyone see them?
Guys ... Look.
Nothing lasts forever.
I can't go home like this, my mother will kill me.
You have not been home for 24 hours.
Your face will already be in a milk carton.
And that vomit smells worse than your mother's slippers.
Shut up, Richie.
My mother's slippers smell like potpourri, idiot.
No, it is not like that.
- Yes, that's how they smell and how do you know? - Could you shut up now?
They are in my bathroom.
Potpourri is a French term for a rotten pot.
Maybe there are no good or bad friends. Just friends.
The people who are by your side when you suffer.
There are no good or bad friends.
Only the people you want to be with.
- Mike? - Hi.
I thought about checking how you were.
And see if you finally finished a book.
I just wrote the first chapter.
And I think now I know how to finish it.
- That's fine. - Can I ask you something?
Why have we not forgotten, like last time?
Maybe because that's dead.
Or because we want more to remember,
- to forget it. - I like that.
Have you already decided what you will do? Will you leave Derry?
I've been stuck here for 27 years. If so, I would have done it.
But it's time to go to the world, for a change.
Go and do it Mike.
- Did you get a letter? - What letter?
You will recognize her.
- Wait, I'll check the mail. - We all receive one.
- Patricia Uris? - Just ... Read it.
- In agreement. - And call me, whenever.
- Come on. - Bill.
- I love you man. - I love you too.
Okay, see you.
Dear losers,
I know how it should look, but this is not a suicide note.
They probably wonder why I did what I did.
I did it because I was afraid to come back.
If we weren't together,
if all alive, we did not join ...
Then, we would all die.
Then, I took the logical step.
I removed myself from the board.
Did it work?
When you read this, you will know the answer.
I've lived my whole life with fear.
I was scared of what would happen.
I was afraid of what I left behind.
Don't do it.
Be who you want to be.
And be proud of it.
- Did you sleep well? - Yes.
I had a beautiful dream.
And when they find someone who loves them ...
Never let them go.
Follow your own path.
Wherever I take them.
Take this letter, as a promise.
A promise I ask you to make ... To me.
Each other.
An oath.
They know, when you're a loser,
you have nothing to lose anymore.
So ...
Be honest.
Be brave.
And never forget it ...
We are losers.
And we always will be ...