It Comes at Night (2017) Movie Script

Can you hear me?
Dad, can you hear me?
You don't need to fight it.
You can just let it all go.
Everything's okay.
I love you, dad.
I do.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, god...
Come on, son.
Okay now...
Can lay you back for me, bud?
I'm gonna...
I'm just gonna
lay you back, okay?
You wanna say anything?
Bye, grandpa.
I love you.
I'm sorry, bud.
You done?
He has to be involved...
In everything from now on...
If he's not, then
we're doing him a disservice.
I don't care, Paul...
He's 17.
He shouldn't have been there.
He shouldn't have seen that.
I couldn't have done it
all on my own, Sarah.
I should've been there.
I should've been there instead.
Nobody's gonna
blame you for that.
He's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You don't honestly believe that?
Do you?
Sarah, I'm just trying...
I'm trying to do everything
I can to protect you guys.
It's been a really long day.
Can we get some rest...
Hey, Stanley.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna take care of you.
- Wake up.
- What's going on?
- There's somebody in the house.
- What?
There's somebody in the house!
Take Stanley.
Let's go!
Wait. Stay back.
Paul! Wait!
- Hey, hey!
- Get down!
Hey, hey, hey!
Put the gun down now!
Put the gun down,
or I'll drop you right now!
Okay, okay.
- Down!
- It was an accident.
No one needs to get hurt.
All right, hands in the air!
Lie down.
Roll over.
Roll over!
Are you sick?
No, sir.
Open your eyes!
- Is anybody else with you?
- No.
If I go outside, there's
nobody out there waiting for me?
- All right, close your eyes.
- Please!
Wait! Wait!
Come now.
Come on.
- Take this. It's loaded.
- What's going on?
There's a guy in there,
i need you to watch him.
Come on.
Let's go!
- I want you to keep quiet!
- Quiet.
Did you kill him?
He's just unconscious.
Are you two okay?
I'm gonna need you to get
some rope and some duct tape.
C'mon, Stanley, come on!
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
If he comes to...
Just call out.
I'll be right back.
It's me.
It's me! Open up.
I think it's just him.
Push him against the tree.
You know what
a foot and a half is?
- Sorry
- it's about that long.
- Sorry.
- That's all right.
Do it again. It's okay.
Now put it around his face.
He still has to be able
to breathe, dad.
Put it around.
He can breathe out his nose.
Okay, put it up.
Get up!
Get on your feet now.
You see this?
I don't want to have to use
this, but I will if I have to.
I just wanna talk.
And I want honest answers.
If you give me honest answers,
then this is yours.
Why'd you break into my house?
I promise...
I promise you, I...
I didn't think anyone was in it.
There's no lights,
and things boarded up.
It looked abandoned
from the outside.
- What were you looking for?
- Water...
Supplies, anything.
My family...
I have a family...
My wife and our boy
in the woods.
An abandoned house,
about 50 miles from here.
- Why'd you leave them?
- We're running out of water.
I left them with the rest
of the food and water,
- I thought it'd be safer that
way. - Are they sick?
- Is that why you left them?
- No, sir, they are not sick.
I don't even have to shoot you,
i could just leave you out here.
- You want this water?
- Yeah.
You make me believe you.
I'm telling you the truth.
I don't know
how much time they have.
How long have you been living
in this abandoned house?
About a week, tops.
How'd you get there?
My truck broke down, it's the
first place that we found.
- Where were you before?
- My brother's.
About 80 or so miles from here.
Why'd you leave?
Lost our water supply.
- So your brother's out there,
too? - No.
- Where did he go?
- He's dead.
So it's just your wife
and your son? And nobody else?
Just them.
And do you have any idea
what's going on out there?
As soon as people in the city
started getting sick,
got out,
got as far away as possible.
If there's a grid left, I don't
even know how to be on it.
So you're out there
driving 80 miles,
- and you didn't see anything?
- No.
We didn't see
anything or anyone.
We drove at night.
Our truck broke down,
I'd been running it without oil.
When I was by myself,
i just stuck to the woods
and I saw nothing.
Look, look at my eyes.
I'm telling you the truth.
I never would've
broken in like that
if I thought the house
was occupied,
but I was desperate.
I got no hard feelings at you.
You did what you had to,
you had to protect your family.
But if you can spare some water
for my family,
i can trade for it.
Got food.
How much?
Got plenty to trade for.
I'm asking how much?
Two goats, six chickens,
some canned food as well.
Are the animals healthy?
Yes, sir.
I promise you,
if you need food, I have it.
My family is all
that matters to me.
I know you can understand that.
You're a good person.
You're just trying
to protect your family.
But don't let mine die
cause of it.
Help me, and I can help you.
- Thank you.
- C'mon.
Did he mention the smoke?
The smoke from dad.
I don't know. Why?
That's probably how he found us.
I think if he does
have a family out there
that we should consider
bringing them back here.
That's a big jump.
Everything he said
could be a lie.
I know that.
I know that
you want to believe him.
Is that wrong?
We just gotta be smart about it,
we can't be emotional...
I'm not being emotional.
He knows where we live now.
We can't just let him go.
The more people we have here,
the better we can defend it.
He found us,
other people will too.
They could bring
the animals here.
We wouldn't have to
just trade for them.
It's the smartest option.
I'm not bringing anyone back
here until I know they're not
It took bud less than a day
to show signs.
I'll wait there three
to be certain.
- You be strong.
- Yeah.
Don't go outside
unless you absolutely have to.
And if I don't come back...
Don't come looking for me.
I'm going to try to help
you and your family.
Thank you.
But if you're lying to me...
I will kill you.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Have you ride in the back.
- Okay.
When we're out on the road...
Keep your eyes open
for anything.
All right.
Are we good?
We're good.
We're good.
- You give me directions.
- Yep.
Keep going straight!
Stay on this!
Oh fuck, fuck...
Get your hands down!
Get back!
Get back! Get up!
You didn't have to shoot him
right away!
What are you talking about?
They came after us!
Do you know this guy?
Do you know him?
You said you traveled 80 miles,
you didn't see a fucking thing!
And we barely get 10
and this fucking happens!
I've never seen this guy
before in my life!
I nearly killed him myself!
Why'd you tell me
not to shoot him?
Because we coulda got
information from him!
He coulda been part
of a bigger group nearby.
I ain't lying to you!
Ah, fuck.
- What's your name?
- Huh?
Your name?
What's your name?
Okay, will...
There's a mask and gloves
in the bag.
You better put them on.
And wash
your fucking hands, too.
Oh, fuck...
- Anything?
- No, nothing.
I gotta check the other guy.
We gotta be quick.
- Spare in the trunk?
- Yeah.
How you doin'?
Hey, Stanley?
How you doin', buddy?
- Mom!
- What?
Mom, it's dad!
It's dad, he's back, he's okay!
Slow down.
Come on, it's okay.
- Hello dad.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, we had a little trouble.
Talk to you about it later.
Sarah, Travis...
This is will...
His wife, Kim,
and their son, Andrew.
- Hello.
- Hi.
This is my wife, Sarah,
and my son, Travis.
- How you doin'?
- All right.
You doin' okay?
- Yeah.
- Good as can be.
All right, well...
Let's get everything unloaded,
and show you the house.
- Maybe have a wash-up.
- Yeah.
When we're inside the house,
the door to the back room
stays closed and locked,
the one you came through.
And the door leading
to the back room
also stays closed and locked,
all the time, the red door.
I have the keys,
the only set.
Or Sarah will have them.
It's the only way
in and out of the house.
Everything else you see
is all boarded up.
Most important thing,
we never go out at night,
unless it's
an absolute emergency.
Even when we do go out
during the day,
we like to stick
to groups of two
just for safety,
you know, collecting
wood or water, whatnot.
Same thing goes
for trips to the bathroom,
which is a ways from the house.
At nighttime, we use buckets
and empty them...
We can talk about that
another time.
We keep them
locked and squared away
in a safe in our room.
We'd like to do the same
with yours, just for now.
Thank you.
And meals we eat together,
twice a day,
just for the sake
of food rationing, I guess.
Everybody cleans
their own dishes,
and generally puts things away
where they belong.
It's just the way
we like to run things,
and we think it's important
to keep a routine and stay busy.
I'm sure
I'm forgetting a few things.
There's plenty of time
to work out all the details.
Well, just settle in and...
We'll get working
in the morning.
And welcome.
That's perfect.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Welcome, buddy.
He's hiding.
Why you hidin'?
...and he is tall and blond...
Ah yeah?
He's a...He's a surfer.
- He's a surfer?
- That's cute.
Shut up.
There's holes in this story.
(Sound of Andrew playing
with dinosaur toy]
(Kim laughing]
Terra keeps biting my foot.
Terra just bit my toe.
Son of a bitch.
Tell him to stop biting my toe.
Maybe you could...
Get in the bath.
Maybe you could get in the bath?
Do I smell?
Those subtle hints you drop,
Jesus Christ almighty.
You don't smell great yourself.
You smell like onion soup.
Like French onion soup.
That sounds so good.
You look pretty.
I feel like you just say
that when I look the ugliest.
That's when you need it
the most.
Bud's property extends...
Another half mile this way.
I come down here because
i can see down into the valley,
and see if...
You know, every now and then,
if I see anything.
You wanna come down
with your legs.
It's gonna feel awkward,
but like you're sitting
on the shitter.
You just sit down on it.
No, measure it out first.
Make sure
you have your distance.
Then when you come over the top,
you bring it straight over,
like tomahawk style,
not over the shoulder.
- Straight down the middle.
- Yeah.
- Like that?
- Yeah.
You're good.
Can I show you a better form so
you don't throw your back out?
The solar I use cause
it gives us some power
to charge batteries and whatnot.
I guess the good news is
we're never going to run out
of firewood.
Such a good swimmer!
Cold water...
I know.
It's freezing!
How old is he?
You must have had him
when you were pretty young.
Yeah, I guess. How old's Travis?
We should play "buckets"
after this.
You guess who's who!
You gotta close your eyes!
Oh, my god!
I'm sorry.
- You scared me.
- Sorry.
Oh, that's okay.
What are you doing up?
Just can't sleep.
I always used to come
into the kitchen
and eat food
if I couldn't sleep.
What about you?
I dunno, I...
I haven't been able
to sleep for a while.
Just some bad dreams.
You can sit down if you want.
You don't have to just...
Stand there.
How long has that been going on?
Not being able to sleep?
Oh, I don't know.
Yeah, I don't know,
for a while I guess.
What are we having?
I'm having bread pudding.
And a red velvet cupcake.
And a cookies and cream cupcake.
And like 10 different kinds
of ice cream.
That sounds so awful.
- You don't like cupcakes?
- Nope.
- You don't like bread pudding?
- Un-huh.
Bread pudding?
- What's wrong with you?
- I know, it's weird...
I don't like cupcakes,
cookies, ice cream...
At my birthday parties,
my mom used to make me
rice krispy cakes,
instead of actual cakes.
I'm sorry, that's really sad!
I do like some kinds of pie...
- Oh, well, that's good.
- Yeah.
Well, great, I'll keep my...
Disgusting bread pudding
and cupcakes and ice cream
to myself over here.
Keep it over there, please.
Thank you.
How old are you, Travis?
I wasn't that much older than
you when I first met will.
I should just probably
go to bed.
- Good night, Kim.
- Good night.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah.
Yes, I'll see you then.
All right.
I'll take this pile down.
That's cool, huh?
Yeah, sure.
- Thanks, will.
- No problem.
Good people, huh?
I like them here.
Just keep it
in perspective, okay?
I don't need to tell you but...
You can't trust anyone
but family.
As good as they seem.
Just don't forget that, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's okay. Just go inside.
- You got your gun?
- Yeah.
What's he see?
Go inside and
I'll take care of Stanley.
- Hey, stop.
- What's he see?
I said go inside!
Hey, settle down!
- Travis!
- Right here!
What is it?
Stanley's barking just stopped,
and I heard something up there!
What are you doing?
What the hell are you thinking?
- His barking just stopped!
- I don't give a shit!
You don't go out
in the woods on your own!
I'm not losing you
over your grandpa's dog!
Travis said
that he heard something.
- There.
- You see anything, will?
All right...
Let's get back in the house,
come on, now!
- What about Stanley?
- He knows the woods!
He'll find his way home, hustle!
Come on, will.
Don't you ever fuckin'
do that again.
Hey, buddy...
Listen, I wouldn't worry, okay?
I think Stanley's definitely
gonna come home.
I was thinking,
in the meantime...
Maybe, you and I could
go looking at first light.
So get some rest.
- Thanks, dad.
- Sure thing.
Night, champ.
Hey, close the door.
This was bud's room.
I'll take a seat.
- Over here?
- Yeah.
- There's a light.
- Yeah.
- You got it?
- Got it.
I want to thank you again, Paul,
for letting us stay here.
It's really some house you got.
Well, thank you...
For the chickens.
Oh, shit...
No, Paul, you don't
gotta open that now.
Why? You don't?
- I do.
- Well...
Bud's stash.
It's like gold.
Oh, wow, thank you.
- Salud.
- Salud.
Oh, fuck...
That's smooth.
So what did you do, will...
Before all this shit?
What? For work?
Little bit of everything really,
construction, demolition and...
Then I was a mechanic
for a little bit.
What about you?
Was a teacher...
- Oh, yeah?
- History.
Get outta here.
Yeah, you want to know
all about the Roman empire?
- I'm your guy.
- Yeah, right.
Did you grow up in the city?
No, I...
I went there for Kim.
I chased her there.
Big family?
No, it was just me
and my dad...
My dad was a mechanic,
and then I was an only child.
- You're an only child?
- Yeah.
I thought...
Didn't you say that ya'll
were living with your brother?
Yeah, I mean,
it's technically her brother,
but he felt like my brother,
my brother-in-law, you know?
I think...
I'm gonna...
Hit the hay.
Andrew, wake up, buddy.
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
- Where am I?
- Just in another room, buddy.
It's okay, come on,
let's get you back to bed.
Come on.
Take my hand.
All right?
You're okay.
C'mon, go to bed.
Someone's in the house!
Someone's in the house!
- Where?
- Downstairs!
- Where's your mask and gloves?
- In my room.
Go get 'em now!
Oh, fuck...
Oh, shit!
Stay back.
I don't see anything.
What's going on?
- You wait here?
- Yeah, okay.
Let's go talk
in the living room.
What's going on?
Just wait.
It's Stanley, and he's sick.
Take Travis
and get Andrew and Kim...
Wait in the living room,
I'm gonna...
Will and I are gonna handle it.
I wanna see him.
Well, you can't.
How do you even know he's sick?
I wanna see him.
No, just stop.
- This is bullshit!
- Hey! Hey!
Do you want me to be
the bad guy?
I will be the bad guy!
You're not going
in the room, all right?
He is fuckin' sick!
Now go to the living room!
Honey, go, take him
to the living room.
I am very sorry, Travis.
Go, please, please.
I think...
Will and I should
be the only ones
who go outside for a while.
We don't know what made
Stanley sick, it coulda been
an animal, another person,
You didn't go inside the room
before we got there, correct?
You just opened the door,
you didn't go in?
I didn't touch the door.
It was already open.
The door was open
when you got there?
- Then who opened the door?
- Yeah.
I don't know, I mean...
- Maybe Andrew?
- What?
Andrew was asleep in our room.
No, he wasn't,
he was in grandpa's...
What are you talking about?
I put him in there
before you both woke up.
Travis, why are we only
hearing about this now?
I don't know.
- When was I supposed to...?
- Back up.
Tell us everything
that happened.
Andrew was in grandpa's room.
He was having a nightmare,
so I woke him up,
and I brought him to your room.
Then I went to the back hallway,
saw the door open,
heard something,
and then I woke everyone up.
Andrew was in the other room?
Is that true, baby?
I can't remember.
Did you see Stanley last night?
- I can't remember...
- Andrew...
Think real hard and tell mommy
what you remember.
I can't remember.
How can you not remember?
- Does he sleepwalk?
- No, he doesn't sleepwalk.
This doesn't make any sense,
cause Andrew is barely tall
enough to reach those locks.
You're positive
that the door was already open?
How can you be positive?
It was the middle of the night.
You coulda been half-asleep.
- He said he was sure.
- I was wide awake.
I'm positive.
Look, I'm not saying
you're lying, Travis.
It was the middle of the night,
maybe you're not
remembering correctly...
I know what I saw.
I'm sorry, but the door
was open before I got there.
I'm not gonna jump
to any conclusions, but...
Just to be safe, I think that...
We all shouldn't interact
for a day or so.
Dad, I'm sure it's fine.
I'm just taking
proper precautions, okay?
How's that sound?
Does it sound fair to everybody?
All right, will, Kim,
get enough food and water...
Take Andrew and go...
Go to your room and stay there
for a while, okay?
I'm really sorry,
but I just think that
we can't take
any risks right now.
Sarah, Travis,
we're gonna do the same.
- I'll get everything that we...
- I just think that...
- Just please...
- We should probably...
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
I think it's better if we stay
apart for a couple of days.
I'm sure everything's
gonna be fine.
Come here.
I just want you
to look me in the eye
and tell me that you're...
Telling the truth.
You didn't touch the door?
Okay, did you touch him?
Did you touch him?
Yeah, I mean...
I held his hand and I...
And I brought him to his room.
And you weren't wearing
gloves and mask, right?
I mean, dad...
Why would I wear them
inside the house, you know?
Okay, we're...
We're all going to wash up,
and then we're not leaving
this room.
It's okay.
Buddy, you
gotta try to be quiet.
Look at me, just stay quiet.
- We need to leave.
- - I know.
I know.
They're going to hear him.
I know.
What's going on?
It's Andrew.
- I think he might be sick.
- What?
What are you talking about?
He was crying and
i was listening in the attic.
- They said they need to leave.
- What?
Andrew was crying and Kim said
they needed to leave.
Do you hear anything?
How are you feeling?
Are you feeling okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What do you want to do?
We don't have many options.
What does that mean?
If they want to leave,
they're gonna want to take
our food and water.
No, why can't we give them
what's fair,
and take them back
to the house they were at.
Where do you think
they're going if they run out?
You haven't seen people
when they get desperate.
They wouldn't come back here
and put us at risk like that.
We don't know that.
- Come on!
- We don't know these people.
We don't know if any of
what they said is even true.
This is the man that tried
to break into our house.
Cause he was trying to get
food and water for his family.
Dad would've done
the same thing.
I don't think
we could take the chance.
I don't think we can risk it.
You don't get it.
If they're sick...
Then I am too.
No, we don't know that, okay?
No, we don't know that.
We'll be right back.
I want you to stay here though.
You wait here
until we get back, okay?
I love you.
- Mommy, my mommy!
- - Mommy's here.
It's okay.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, Andrew just had
a nightmare, that's all.
I'm sorry to wake you.
Mind if I come in
and check on him?
It's not a good time
right now, Paul.
You said it yourself,
we shouldn't see each other
right now.
I just want to make sure
that Andrew's okay.
I know, it's just
everything that's been going on.
It's been a lot.
Yeah, I understand,
but I'd feel a whole lot better
if I could just come in,
and take a look at him,
that's all.
Do you think I could do that?
C'mon, will, just...
Be reasonable, man,
this is my house...
I invited you here.
Will, open the fuckin' door,
man, c'mon!
Open the door!
Okay, all right...
All right.
I'm sorry...
Where's Travis and Sarah?
They're not...
No, take your hand
off the gun!
Take your hand
off of it right now!
- Take your hand off the gun.
- Okay.
Come in.
And shut the door.
- And go to the corner.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All the way to the corner, Paul,
all the way.
All the way.
Where did you get that gun?
Why's your mask on?
Nobody's sick here,
take it off!
Take it off!
Take the fuckin' mask off!
Andrew, keep your eyes
closed for me, buddy.
Listen, Paul, I'm sorry, okay?
We appreciate everything
that you've done,
but we want to leave.
We're all packed up.
I know how you are.
But if you go near my wife
or my kid,
I'll end your fuckin' life.
We just want what's fair.
We want enough food
and enough water,
then we're gonna go,
and you're never
gonna see us again.
Do you understand?
All right, baby, c'mon.
Keep your eyes
closed for me, buddy.
It's okay.
Will, if he's sick...
Shh, quiet.
Okay, all right...
Stay there.
All right, c'mon...
Just move slowly.
- All right
- walk...Don't!
Turn around.
Turn around.
Go to the stairs.
Okay, baby, be careful...
Hands up.
Just walk down.
- Yeah
- all right?
Give the gun to Paul.
We just wanna leave.
- Give the gun to Paul.
- I'm sorry, I can't do that.
- Will, what's going on?
- It's okay, baby.
Don't do this.
Look, Sarah,
we can work this out,
if we both lower our guns.
We just want to leave.
And we want what's fair,
enough for the both of us.
And you'll never see us again.
All right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
How about this?
I'm gonna count to three...
And we both
lower our guns, good?
Are we good, Sarah?
Are we good, Sarah?
I just wanna talk...
Kim, run!
Don't move!
- Where's Kim?
- I don't know!
- Where'd she go?
- I don't know!
See what you did?
You see what you did?
See what you made me do?
Stop! Don't!
Please stop!
Just get in the corner!
Move! Move!
Sit down!
Please just let us go!
I promise if you let us go,
you'll never see us...
Stay still!
Just don't move!
All right...
Give me your fuckin' hands!
- Oh my...!
- Stop movin'!
C'mon, get up!
- Oh, fuck!
- Open the door...
Open the door, Paul.
They're sick.
- Fuck you, Paul!
- Shut up!
- Hey!
- Fuck you.
- Get up, all of you!
- Fuck you!
Let him go, let him go!
Please just let us go!
Sarah, Sarah, he's coming to.
Will, get up.
- Will...?
- Shhh.
Just be quiet...
Will, get up!
Let 'em go!
C'mon, will...
Get up, now!
Don't fuck around, will.
Get on your feet now, c'mon!
You fuckin'...!
Fuck you!
Mom, dad!
Stop it!
Stop, please!
Stop it!
Fuck you!
I said stop!
My baby!
My baby!
You killed my baby!
You wanna kill me?
Kill me!
Oh, baby...
Oh, baby...
Oh, Travis...
Oh, Travis.
Travis, it's okay, sweetie.
You're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
You can let go.
You can let go.