It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did) (1936) Movie Script

I'm so sorry
did you see how important how the
producers here yet holding his collar
will be any longer take a look at the
rehearsal after rehearsal a catfight
what's the trouble anymore Beverly
surprise well I say yes honestly what
that woman is a good swift chicken
tender market do not walk that we have
other bobbin wires where are you
supposed Emily Jacob if she hadn't
married: Got a philosophic man if any
play you wrote needed name still man
official presentation though loud
speaking in the himself well better go
in the middle oh so well I may be
Sebastian - sister - Irwin back learning
all my besties but Beverly but nothing
I'm not going to be updating this you
die hand like Dennis all right I have
cables before another head it seems to
me you would give me a better director
than that me nervous Rick
after all I am your wife yeah yeah of
course but pups house you've been at the
children Senate no part in this play not
finest now make it so a Senate on me
well he'll okay wanting to volley at the
wife and I were just discussing bob.
Bennett yes I ever heard you I didn't
mean to be eavesdropping right who else
would you suggest for his car I think
then it's very good in its capable and
welcome oh I know why you saying that
you know what a hard time he said you
want to help him make a comeback no no I
thought we didn't argue but after all
the hood of the play comes first doesn't
it dear oh yeah it doesn't it.
I hope you don't find it necessary to
replace senator to holding the opener I
see that woman the better I like
hey mommy
laughter I brought her along with me
this time the brought along babe I've
been telling you about
so we delay and mrs. Carter how do you
Emmett Holden are going to put your name
right up in life baby I have not
addressed himself my partner yet but all
our consultants I'm a pretty good
consulting you know that don't you
so I've heard julia has and you've heard
how unlucky it is not to play ball with
the action come on pal
that's going to sell folder here you are
Edward please be a bit more careful I'm
you know why I really don't care who I
want to kill everyone that I love it
all right
come on I'm hearing it not because
you're either the papers just give me my
new sir
well I will stand for it up you just
leave this to me
what do you mean she isn't so tired I
mean we don't need a girl of her
characteristics I thought you're
producing a smart guy why you don't even
know a good number when you see one well
I do denies it mr. Lane has a certain
amount of charge take a good look at
this baby yeah grab a glim at those pins
one lovely tonsils yes and lengthen
looks like the only thing she's got
she's got brains
uh what's that stuff you've been greedy
huh tell us cute yeah that's that say
your to hear a speech Peter go on give
them an EF oh no no no no I I might put
Bennett and they catch the girl Road
company they're playing San Francisco no
here's such a beer
Beverly when are you gonna tell her what
about us I can't not now if you don't I
will please no man you must know I'm
telling you when very tonight possible I
can then I will tomorrow the sands
secretly telephone numbers how many part
tells us the chicken Phil nothing doing
I've had that run around food on me
before it's no brother wrong listen I
know I run around when I hear one
I guess is straight either your star
baby or I cut myself in on a piece of
your show and maybe piece of your throat
come on make up your mind I think we
better discuss this in the office then
yes later what time afternoon four
o'clock the date all right paper
places everybody I saw how you smiled at
I saw you touch them please you mustn't
I can't help it I just get curious women
all right we pick it up in line a man
can't be killed by matches
but a man can't be killed by magic it
wasn't messy
it was murder plan versus diabolically
clever - but how
remember he died here in this chair this
morning shortly before light I slipped
downstairs when I cut the upholstery
here and I found this I need don't touch
it it's poisonous but that this poison
know of all the story residue off a guy
with a needle in a chair haha well I'm a
writer not a murder expert you better
figure self one to tip you off I will
what would you suggest well I don't go
into giving guys myself but I hear
things now and then for example well
what's the matter with bragging that
the gag products both worked out they
rope off a guy so that he hangs himself
kinda hang down what I mean is a wait a
minute oh yeah hey give me a piece of
he's supposed to be knocked out he's my
these are unconscious when he rates are
precise and presently that holds the
noose tight around his neck and he
choked conducted a suicide ha ha ha
there's a new one on me they you know
pal I could be a big help to you hey you
dumb duck I threw the net stretch your
legs come on everybody please come on
come on you doing there
wait for me huh oh thank you good.
I do anything about yes the town fair
parking catch the girl have to leave a.
San Francisco the day after tomorrow.
I'll miss you too
well goodbye young man it's been a
pleasure to vertical thanks good luck -
thank you
I'm not you God with all my heart I know
that's no good it's something awfully
good to me
stretch it out
got you my heart calls for you telling
you that I adore you it's just trouble
is a faceted character like that'll
probably say DQ none NASA doctors and it
would only up to her honor women are too
romantic they take what they can get
these days type it up
are you coming - ten minutes or so
don't leave us alone doesn't Holden
about heading up that contract of mine
yes I'm afraid he's gonna hold you to it
oh boy sorry that contract is the most
unfair thing I've ever seen why they
make another money from your place and
what do you get two passes for the
opening night if I were you I'd vote the
smartest chefs at or I could find
lawyers cost money right now I know what
darn good lawyers if I give you his name
I can't afford any long drawn-out legal
battles if you were free in the throat
of Hollywood quite motion picture the
tongue salad I've always wanted to go to
what well there's no law against the
right of choosing back in an hour before
you go to Toronto how do you live stick
around my foot I'll go over the post
don't be banging factory to the changes
about me yes I know
there goes buyer already me call that
loiter for go ahead
thousand eight five four four two Wow
disconnected you must be in deal again
I'll find the blade yeah well never mind
- never mind never mind go ahead finish
- this I-beam
I still don't think the style on times
of the action your does know yeah read
this part with me
at last we are alone
oh how I have longed for this moment
that's where he takes one zombie huh he
wouldn't have time to cross over to her
sure he would prove it it's a cinch
oh how I have longed for this moment
yeah the line is Tony Tony my beloved it
should be done ha ha ha ha ha go on I'm
getting a kick out of this he was just
trying out and you bit of business
there's nothing new about that business
oh I cut a bitch off I'm here with you
honey then obvious what oh I'm sure
they'll be back well I guess I'll going
to kill myself in fact yeah later
you don't happen to have a bulletproof
vest in your pocket.
Hosen call the production
oh hello mr. Bennett no mr. Carter
hasn't come in yet you're at home now
yes I'll tell them as soon as I see
hello this
say if you got those changes ready
they haven't been okayed yet I'm waiting
for Katherine Holden all right uh I'll
be back later and I've a good mind to go
why not I don't want to be definite
James against Donna Karan Holden all
right shall we ramaa the seen them from
where were you interrupted no I'm sorry
I have to finish my jewelry well when
you read it it's a cereal
the season already told it but I've been
waiting there suppose that's a new way
of saying thanks for waiting
I provide in there after night certainly
forgive my foot piece of my mind.
Oh what star you forgot them no but
listen here Thomas you cut that is the
linen fibers my last page that air
contract Oh No
down down up now are they back yet
yeah I'm not seeing any but they're too
hey Holden Miller come on what we handle
the other one it'll be a pleasure
hey honey Tunnel boys a couple of junkie
here to him I'm sure he'd be delighted
did he do
lady no guy with a hole like that was
ever talk back to an undertaker
all right boy get to work my busy no not
as the voice building that altitude come
oncome well everything you told me seems
to check it wasn't why I'm just a paid
policeman this hand you see I have to
prove things of course if I were a super
detective like mr. Stone right in his
place why I saw this entire crime by
noticing the way smiley passes eyebrows
and I'd make the police look like a lot
of monkeys while I did it I never tried
to belittle a police well you succeeded
quite well without time perhaps you can
tell me just what happened here and save
me all that trouble calls again Linda I
even the policeman should be able to get
the answer to this murder
you know I'm inclined to agree with you
trouble between us.
Holden cot cotton emptying the safe now
it's up to me to catch hold it what is
home can't we go along to help identify
Holden for you so long.
Oh wonderful publicity for mrs. Stone
noted also counts catchy tune
ah killer does this capture and shoots
noted author in the pan we're not afraid
oh all right come on get back you hey
you can't do that for me I know my right
bring mr. Clark in his rights down to
the station I list them both over later
hold on
whole another matter I'm certainly there
I saw him go up but I didn't think um
nothing to hear all right
looks like our first a quick getaway
bring to you why for him now he can get
out of the contract biggest hot seat
I matter a long-term contract to coddle
and hold and I wanted to break in.
Maywood but one of them did the other
disappeared you can make them any money
oh that's interesting oh don't be silly
you don't dude I definitely had a good
movie I did not and just somewhat of an
expert on Murder two like you mr. Stone
under dummy any good to murder Carter I
contract with an abominable you're only
a double killing they've done so many
my failure
you said only a double method help you
dry well there's the other half of it
get over that sit down you do sir I can
ask you some questions
doesn't he just love to play ask me
another why uh comedy.
O'Neal Carly send a unit to the
Rochester and solve this for me oh so
you've got the answer already
why he worked it all out one you were
using for clues Holden killed Carter
came here and overcome by remorse
committed suicide why perfect except
that a man can't tie himself up that
isn't that just like a policeman always
put whatever you please be quiet it's
about for your genius the moment 2014 is
now where did you learn that tongue why
my tea cart
you know I bet he did it Linda
smiley party sugars back packing
Christmas morning rehearsal uh-huh
well I gotta olden know if it was my
girlfriend delayed and then Illinois.
Shaffer the director to play yes and
yourself now if you think you can send
this on mrs. Stone I'm not even
interested in mrs. Stone but I do have
to ask him questions you can take him
away with you right now
take them away oh you're afraid be safe
here if so you up well we're not gone
yes we if you drop into my office about
eight o'clock tonight I'll take a
we'll be there don't put us out with
mrs. Eddy I want to know if you ever
kill cold and know that he just kills
the carpet did he know what do you think
disappointing presence do you have a
perfectly good murder mystery dropped
right in your lap and what are you doing
I don't want any part of that murder
mystery wonderful publicity opportunity
in the world I don't want any publicity
but if we're gonna go to Hollywood they
want to go to Hollywood do you want and.
Here I am doing my best to help your
mother like doing your best put me on
the spot you mean why
telling a Leo that I had the thing old
child lucky for me they went in a
newspaper man around newspaper man hey
guy I gotta go to Panama
oh I'll be big getting home.
I want Charlie gentlemen yeah my god
tips on the holding Carter murder
well Melissa to see you better blow
wanna throw me good
I simply gonna happen face riveting
boyfriend of your total Neal that I had
told him if you don't know he didn't I
was little more like me so I know yeah.
Ivan and Rufus will have it for the
believe and a half every crust on and
murdered on me I'm gonna pay for that
clock by time to make O'Neill pay what
do you mean by really solving those
murders and showing him a first
and get it
oh sit down I want to talk business
I just can't move about the complicated
me working over trying to spend the
whole damn mirror on me and I'm going to
get away with it too oh oh you know why
they're not gonna get away with it yeah
cost oh you know we're going to catch
you oh hi - then pop the button I'm just
fixing up a deal here with my pal
killing oh really I just know he can do
it by cars or anything of the kind on
the right another pop show at a private
detective you tell me how much half the
cops will even fully won't help me
either time when a suspect who you are
anyway I figured you're the guy I want
right on the inside
while you give good copy what everything
is worth but what he hasn't thought
about is what I'll give him if he jump
along town don't forget I'll be counting
on you good night
that big black's infinity is commonly
known as a mate for exactly what you
have to do with all this whiny sister
whatever do you mean
we've got work to know you've got a
start to learning council meal we'll be
looking for an answer to yours
come on in welcome out to you I don't
like the idea of fouling around it I'm
gonna be late getting Romeo's office
now we've almost an hour come on
well how do we begin I'm the faintest
idea I told you I'm no detective I wanna
did sometimes I get so disgusted with
you I could well I almost we were in the
wrong place
anyway we know who killed Harper the
real mystery is who killed Holden
well we can practice looking for clues
here and go to the apartment later all
right you have my future all plan
doesn't you more than you think huh I
didn't hear a shot I don't know the size
of the wound Connor must have been shot
with a cannon and I'm not hard of
hearing oh well come along it's almost
7:30 you know Greg something wrong with
this murder
don't tell me you think that is wrong so
the way you would be behaving mom would
think it was just a pleasant way to
spend the dollar after noon
seriously though there's something about
a lot of key it doesn't fit in with the
rest I don't know what you're raving
about is all cut and dried
Holden came into the reception room laid
low net officer Toccata I came in here
then he came in through that door and
blurry blurry return to his office
coming out to the reception room that's
it he came into the reception room and
went off to the reception room yeah
that's exactly what the second room is
our fault but there's a door from.
Holden's office leading into the
corridor so why should he pray pass the
smoke coming in past me going out well
what difference did it make
and another thing when they left the
office why does a dash out so suddenly I
know why Holden Lee did he went to
answer that telephone call
remember that accounts for Holden the
white is Carter scram first hmm oh oh he
probably had an uncontrollable desire
for a cannibal ice cream sundae that's
right yes cute just one on the verge of
a discovery come on is getting late I've
got it Carter heard that phone call -
over the extension his phone was off the
hook remember not fair mr. Evans not
now if we only knew what that phone call
collision pose related when you found
that out shall we
the speaking of uh New York if we don't
- get to with offices at the reserves
- outlet he bought us
We pull the piece and then grab me
alright sorry I have to do it
that's my stand there and let the
murderer scary come on in
Conway oh yes Tyson guarding out as he
told me when he found you snooping
around come on have a go hope I didn't
hurt you too much that you came at me so
quickly is it like a tiger I was pushed
you mind telling me just what you're
doing here I didn't want to come here
but she insisted on working out the
correct solution to this mystery in his
own way he came here looking for
evidence and clues you're kind of a big
boy to be playing cops and robbers
aren't you by the way yes what are you
doing here oh I'm paid for it
here waste of taxpayers money probably
so let's get out of the station before
we waste too much come on don't let five
jump ahead of police already I'll do
anything to help uh-huh Greg doesn't
need any help and mrs. Stone found out
- anything definite of course who do the
- thing
Well I I guess that's that thank you
very much mr. Stone I'm going out
I have course run along Thanks here's
the preliminary on holding all tank or
stone yeah
wait a minute will you I've missed and
miss crackling Sam what
and you got dog to you that wire how
you've each told me individually that
you saw Holden is approximately 440 when
he left the office after killing Carter
now is that correct right
where were you between two and thirty
five why I was in the reception office
dictating to me
smiley how about you a couple of guys
get smudged at four forty and we've got
to give out advice a two and three aisle
are you I was at a movie watching
Shirley Temple why was I get a bang out
of that kid and you're all convinced
that Holden kill car oh well that's the
first time I have inure corpse to commit
Oh what do you mean well here's the
coroner's preliminary report it is the
opinion of the examiner that the
deceased met death between 2:00 and 3:00
o'clock in the afternoon
if possible but we all saw him of course
we did and one of three things is true
either the coroner's mistaken all.
Holden's corpse killed Carter or else
- you're the three biggest liars listen to
- me I searched
Oh thanks for the lift and goodnight
oh wait a minute I'm coming with oh no
you're not oh but I want to help solve
this mystery
I'm fed up with our mystery I'm going to
bed yes it's a minute pal
are you throwing me down they'd be
reasonable William how can you expect me
to solve a mystery to has the entire
homicide squad biting its nail if they
can't crack it
now what has the police stop that you
haven't done everything a complete set
of reports on the whole case for example
you mean those papers O'Neill kept
looking at sure you had that stuff could
you work out the answers but I haven't
got a son already try oh so you just
gonna sit back a little Neal have always.
Lori exactly but Greg can you get this
through your head I'm going upstairs I'm
gonna have a nice hot bath I'm gonna get
into bed I'm going to sleep I'm not
gonna wake up until O'Neill has his
whole thing solved so goodnight and
Oh party TR did you hear the music's
going wrong they shall rock you Oh
hashey I wish you'd rather quit trying
to sing or get yourself tuned getting
tuned haha very - good joke agree to
start and what ha ha
70 not quite good oh hey hey hey what it
try to do I'll boil me no no you bet.
Oh mr. Song yes I'm to thinking you're
not cheating on me tonight someone maybe
not to me and why are you two thinking
that oh thank you hey hey wait a minute
wait a minute wait wait where are you
or through gee my government mr. Morita
watching me with kind permission tonight
ah she gave birth I promise I can help
with hoppy cake candles you have yet
this is yes I allow o-genki
Ashley Patrick
oh hello I'm very sorry because of the
very important
hey that axe isn't getting over with me
I know how little you care for your
husband no I'm not crying about Ellis.
Gregor you must tell me who killed
Norman Carter ah
so the morning golfer Carter is it dark
or tell me who was it a murder do I have
the vaguest eyes I know better than that
well it's a lot of nonsense but you are
trying to solve the case.
Linda said you were Linda is a one-woman
misinformation Bureau I might be able to
help you
I tell you I don't want help I'm not
interested in the murder mystery all I
want is a nice hot bath and get to bed
and there's always been terrible jealous
of me mrs. Holden I am not in the least
interested but yesterday he accused me
of having an affair with Lloyd Schaeffer.
Chifa yes will be utterly absurd to
anyone but Ellis after all safer knows
how powerful Ellis wasn't theatrical
circle well I hate to appear rude but if
I years ago I was playing up as a a
well-known actor Ellis crude jealous I'm
and smashed his whole career Schaefer
knows all about that may I suggest that
you tell all this to lieutenant O'Neil
and leave me alone please
did you don't hello oh hello no just in
time to take mrs. Holden home I just saw
this in children's column and I want to
do this anything about the murder
nothing doing don't at all if you put.
South Oh will you both promise to get
out of here if I let you have your say
yes I thought I'd only want help or I
don't go ahead guys come along now let's
have it
well I I don't know whether this has
anything to do with the affair when she
forgave him I notice today he said don't
feel too bad about I'll be directing for
a new set of reducers before long and I
won't forget you and what is so
suspicious about that my Schaefer was
tied to both Catherine Holden under a
long-term contract the same as you are
oh and you think you committed murder to
break the contract
what not sure and you think that I
didn't I had the same motive I wouldn't
think of accusing you that's very sweet
of you but now they're getting very late
and I'm very tired so if you
good evening oh I'm so glad you glad to
see me rock your presence will go crazy
for one-way ticket template will you why
mrs. Gnomonic never be mark please say
good evening mr. Bennet after all the
things I don't be human sister you might
at least invite me to your party
coffee isn't it oh yes yes yes it's your
going-away party to go away when you're
all three of you isn't you witty I want
to fall off until I set this victory so
far come on oh isn't fast you look at
all the hoops fanny
how about misty you folks a dream got it
let me use yourself another time do
anything you want to buy all your
- friends over I'm gonna take a bath and
- get the magic
Hello stone say have you seen this in
the paper here yes I know I know I know
the papers all wrong
I'm not trying to solve any murder
another you interested in the bill good
night listen why don't you go to work on
this thing and try to figure it out
the police are quite able should no
they're not because the police don't
know the truth the facts have all been
twisted around but they even think that
I have something to do with O'Neill's a
capable man he's not going to see an
innocent person suffers no for hurt
something at the pnath day at Faro
between Holden who's white mr. Chamber
tell him the rest I didn't know you were
obviously so I'm telling why we were
quarreling July weather quarreling mrs.
Ellis accused me of having an affair
with this man that is true so true or
not true my lack of interested liquor
laughter so if you're all clear out how
did something else what when I was
checking the Pops after the rehearsal
that football for the forest used was
missing you mean their black garbage
pistol yes and a box of blanks now
listen Lord why don't you go home and
get this key you're all upset and if you
are not don't try to be funny stone I
don't know what connection a missing
blank cartridge of Alba could have with
a crime but I am interested in seeing
the men I captured why are you so
interested well because I'm under
suspicion thanks to you and your lying
you told O'Neill that I hated your
husband and you let Ellis believe I was
in love with you so he wouldn't suspect
either I'm not going to take the rap for
a double-crossing little song hey hey
hey hey hey this party's gettin awfully
dull how about playing a game of.
Monopoly attempt goodie goodie goodie
more company
oh come write it
they I don't understand it you know what
I want do you hand them over
do I have to find them and what you mean
by there all right all right if you want
to be dumb unwrite hole hit flourescent
haven't centimeter on down here right
away to such that woman hey you and.
Carrie take the men in the bedroom and
shake them down Tolleson you'd only tell
me exactly not a thing in tennis and you
found nothing on the mini no you want to
talk or do you want me to take this
place apart if I only knew what you were
looking for okay
get ready boys starting on this room
here all right boys bedroom neck
why mr. O'Neil if you believe Landis
when you get through playing there would
you mind handing me a dry towel
but don't forget that someday someday I
come on
want to make this an all-night party
called places of love says but all
thought it's good night good night
- I'm officer don't mention it don't
- mention it
catch what's this that's why I've been
sitting out for the last 45 minutes
sitting on why keep it under water
darling go on open it
hmm what's this that's Barney over
searching for the report on the two
murders where did you get the problem
I'm not he had troopers voice on for you
what you mean they stole these rifle
police report you said you needed them
so I sort of suggested the idea of
smiley and oh I wish I could trade you
in on a nightmare.
Oh Frankie I bet you say that to all the
girls Oh Neil you're not gonna have to
put me in jail for life if I'm lucky
hello Jimmy's pretty sick oh you're just
plain horrid and after all the trouble
I've gone to for your sake oh I'll come
along coming on come along that's not
gonna get you anything go ahead get your
clothes on and go home my clothes
they're all wet I saw that woman put
- them in the tub oh we're going it's your
- head Ryan hurry
Hey mother damn yeah hey you come along
bring them in here come on go ahead hang
them up there here you are here you are
here you are
discover anything well trying discover
anything just curious to see how these
reports we made out did they give us the
mention I seem to be suspect number one
you look at this is lipsti athlete set
down you bloodthirsty redhead carton
that room was made by a no ordinary
bullet must have been a dum-dum what
your top see says the fatal bullet pass
clear through the body but they couldn't
find a slug that is strange
maybe it got stuck in the wall or
something oh no didn't just looking at
this cross sketch and the note made by
the officer in charge q no mention of
any slug here Z oh they must have
overlooked it
oh no those boys don't miss anything
look at the details in these notes
cigarette ashes on the carpet not stains
on the rug dried ink on the floor oh I
thought that last week burnt matches in
the ashtray and half a cup of water on
holding death what's that hmm
fingerprints probably that is it look up
3737 mere sample at lab lad I inspector
lab report yes it did
3700 walk petrolatum with pigmentation
traces what subtle item soon find out
it is
three jetrel district assistants Tetro.
Latham a basic chemical compound
markedly oleaginous used extensively in
the manufacture of salves cosmetics
anointment obviously Hollen had just
shaken hands to the manufacturing
chemist holy couldn't had a grease on
his hand we saw him open other doors and
has no no taste of any grease marks on
there let's see what they've got on.
Holies matter let's find out if possible
what is according to this Holden was
killed by Carter I told you the police's
ball everything up unless you stepped in
it's ridiculous
yeah but Carter sneaker prints were all
over the place even on holding his
collar the autopsy shows fibers on.
Carter's ham fibers from the querque
cords of holding respect which and
here's that coroner's report stating
positively that Holden was killed before
three o'clock ah
the whole thing's screwy I'm getting so
mixed up I'm beginning to believe that
maybe I see me to the murders myself
Carter killed boldness 2:30
then the court gets up walks halfway
across town leaves grease marks without
any green juice Carter without any
bullet returns home without being seen
ties drove up in a way that he couldn't
have done and then waits for the police
- what do you make of that madhouse holy
- cats smoke
hashey yet what see your way over the
door with you I don't bomb by proud of
counsels on us mirth or love you know
are yourself huh
hiya pal well how's every little thing
well I'm not in jail yet Oh where's that
redheaded whirlwind
you mean that redheaded headache he's in
there getting dressed.
Oh Oh Patil go got burned up last night
by accident
Edison hash out earlier this morning to
get her a new outfit just waiting on
teeth what's beautiful gracious list of
female garments I got it
I'll wait are those people do you any
shut up most of not looking remover and
I'm in a worse model than before at any
suspect at the moment everybody that
motivations access and the temperament
to commit murder meaning lots of people
had access to holding the door of his
office and the back end is to his
apartment with those unlocked about half.
New York has sufficient motive you know
theatrical producers make many enemies
and then Holderman married were very
beautiful woman.
Jennifer may have ended in today we know
the Carter was in Nevada far as to
probably a score of others why only
yesterday he accused her of having an
affair with Shaffer boss afer denies it
didn't expect him to admit it did you
oddly well hmm oh well as Beverly has
helped I don't see how you okay wise guy
if you think I had anything to do with
that killing I don't know if you did or
if you did I just told you I didn't
yeah exactly everybody else kept me up
loose with a nice line to tell me the
same thing
how'd you happy I'm here stop talking
yes we are which come on downstairs run
what's leaking us mr. Travis Marley yeah
bring it up alright
I always let the boys know where I'm
going you know just in case
don't miss Tibet do you not me I had the
boys trail all the people mixed up in
this thing since last night now I
suggested that you very pretty me just
right spot novel prick oh thank you how
she and I owe it all to you I bend my
neck with three thanks to you no more
cracks you hurt his feelings
put it over here
open it up
what is this I don't know
boys pick them up a half an hour for
trying to climb Athene's Los Angeles
what's the meaning of this I demanded a
live-in manhandle like this I'll get the
police shirt off your back of this you
and your wildest eye for publicity you
shut up that's better go on tell us why
you were in such a hurry to scram out of
come on spit out while you've got a
chance okay boys put him in the trunk
and drop it in the river don't let him
do it does little I'll talk I'll talk
go ahead talk I wasn't trying to escape
I'm not giving honest I didn't kill
those men running away with her I was
going away with her you're going away
with who Beverly she phoned me last
night late last night she was crying she
said she couldn't stand the questioning
in the browbeating any longer and that
she wanted to get out of towns and was
all over she asked you to go with her
yes she told me to get a ticket and be
on the early plane for the West Coast
that she'd be on a to lying you kill
those two people no no I didn't do it I
was only trying to help her
I guess he's on the level
he hasn't been nerve to pump anybody off
you're gonna behave you know what's
gonna happen to you if you talk too much
or go on beat it
hey where you pick your boy how where
things are getting a little dull here
I'm going to the Putnam library library
that's right come back another neat
no I'm going to be there all day and I
don't want to be disturbed
hey what bet you got an idea
where you going home and give it at this
masquerade costume and then down to the
theater the see who shows up for
here's Miss and maybe she knows
something about it over wineries you
know and donate I use every jewelry
campaign for me losing my contrary buddy
quiet now I don't know whether the play
is going to open a close any more than
you do
is it true that mr. stone knows who
killed poor mr. Holden a mystic Artes
yes it is me mr. solo is keeping all his
information to himself he hasn't told
the police who mr. Spex
he hasn't even told me why hadn't they
told me because he wanted to make sure
certain facts I'm to meet him at the.
Putman library at 3 o'clock to help and
he really would have a Tarvin at 3:30
he will be in O'Neill's office giving
him the whole lowdown yes well my will
anybody go home now and I'll let you
know if we start rehearsals a game Oh
miss Ann yes what is it
may I see you a minute you're going to
see mr. Stone yes there's something I
want you to tell him it's about forest
last night he kept phoning me he wanted
me to leave town with him I wouldn't
occur of course this morning he came to
bring me here and I'm afraid he's losing
his mind and I'm terribly frightened you
will tell mr. Stone I most certainly
will think.
Ebury our pal Linda what kind of game
you think you're playing I'm disguised
pretty good hey what have you been
eating Limburger no garlic it's part of
the describe keeps people from getting
too close to me want to get you deported
hey I got some information for you yeah
well mail it to me
but listen break it to Bob Beverly yes I
know I know I know
she told you what only possible alibi
denied calling Forrest said that he'd
phoned her who told you nobody told me I
guess that would be a next move then you
think he murdered those two men it's not
certain about that but I knew she was a
motivating force hey take a look at that
what is it man to report of a suicide in
Hungary about a year ago man killed
himself with water town himself you
might bring it to your nose
let me didn't drown himself he shot
himself shot himself with water when
it's impossible
never that has it happened here the
history of the case what is more the
wound was identical with that of cotton
oh hey you remember in that peace report
about that half cup of water on holders
desk yeah
don't see yes just nod your head well
the murderer took the black cartridge
system both water down the battle then
press the muscle against Carter side
that's why you never had in the shop hey
laughing goofy wasn't guilty he's very
smart he knew that any bullet can be
traced to the gum from which it's fired
and he wanted the police to assume that
Carter had been shot at holding his gun
oh then you think with somebody other
than hold and it killed Carter right who
we saw hole you go in the office to come
out ah
did we of course we did yeah all right
read that that's blatant face use the
stage makeup just everything set
wasn't everything's set oh nothing
where's that man just a calf I happen to
know hey hey what have you got in that
bag a horseshoe of course not why should
I tell you
hoarsely my first of all the ridiculous
what's the cannon fault well now how
ever did that get in there Linda well
you must know I brought it along to help
protect you protect me but but but I'm
not in any danger
oh yes you are the murderer is about to
kill you any minute now
look kidding aren't you
you're not see I arranged it you were a
to have me murdered
oh no only to have the murderer try to
kill you but don't worry the police are
here we're everywhere
I got an idea I told a suspect that you
knew which one was guilty and it should
be here at 3 o'clock but you wouldn't
tell O'Neill who it was until 3:30 Oh
thereby giving the murderer and full
time to assassinate me before I get to
will kneel exactly then I arrange to go
me over have his men here but I made him
promise that when the murderer was
caught he'll give you all the credit
oh how sweet of you I suppose you'll
have it nicely engraved on my tombstone
oh please look boy listen do you think I
gotta stay here to be live bait but I'm
crazy get the others and surround the
Oh lieutenant
mr. Sun saved my life yes I didn't have
time to think one is either one of you
hurt I'm not no I thanks to mrs. Don't.
Elvis fans please well come on you're
too where we going headquarters I'm
going to lock you up why you'll be safe
why are you up me Perry in fraternity
what does this mean why is this officer
arresting me
I don't know of course not I was on my
way to meet you when he grabbed me meet
me well year one of your men told me a
half an hour ago and said you want to
see me here three o'clock big step
hey what kind of a gag is this anyway
what are you doing here
what am I doing here coming down to see
you like I was told I'll have your back
did you see
hurry oh yeah I suppose you all had a
telephone call telling you to meet me
here at 3 o'clock a well corner little
one here for this minute alright on what
do you make out of it it's obvious the
murder offenders before well had it been
successful in killing me anyone here
present could have been suspected I
believe that's it the killer's right
here in this function there's nothing we
can do about it all right boys frisk
them and if they're clean let them go
down fair before you wear groove in that
rug the final edge over a strong got me
into a den courts are my accomplice will
hear somebody would take a potshot at me
well it seemed like a good idea you get
off that spot anytime you want do you
know uh-huh yes simply catch the
murderer and your worries oh yeah
nothing to it oh no just a simple thing
like that from the way you talk to the
library I thought you knew who did it I
think I know how it was done but only
would never believe it
say the word and I'll have the boys make
him believe it huh anything you want
just name it clothes I could go to Lulu
and tell you what I know but he wouldn't
believe it it's too fantastic that's
just what the murderer counted on
what do you mean Oh say are you and your
boys came to take a long cast taking
plenty before okay come on enough we're
going to work what are you gonna do what
I'm gonna do I'm gonna light the script
for a real murder mystery and you're all
going to supply the cast and the
audience come on now there we open up
come on buddy
that toy hinges upstage hello lieutenant
so y'all trying this hard eh yeah in a
way well I don't want to surprise you
but they passed a law against kidnapping
why no but you see I'm trying to solve
some murders yeah where is everything
but a brass-band a yes now if you kind
of take a seat in the audience these
gentlemen will show you the way thank
you for coming long boys come on oh good
Oh what's the matter aren't you in this
show what did this outrage mean why they
brought us here no one will tell me a
thing you know as much about it I do it
alright the stone we're ready to go okay.
Jim the house all right Linda Linda come
on come on boys faces well looks like
the show is going to begin
I guess it's absurd it's not really
ridiculous no must be insane well maybe
we all are right down you have been
brought here to witness the reenactment
of what occurred yesterday afternoon I
reconstructed the happening started from
what I know and plaster from what I have
been able to deduce why boys
mr. Sherwood will take the bottom is to
hold it mr. Lonsdale will portray mr.
Carter and mr. Johnson the murderer but
this is a first
he can't authorship
and she says gods to hear my heart
calling telling you that I had dog nest
that go ahead type it up hello are the
changes coming they'll be ready in a few
don't leave once I look at that I want
to see them too
yes Alden speaking do you want the
lowdown on that wife of yours who are
you never mind that just meet me at your
apartment and I'll tell you enough about
her and our boyfriends to curl your hair
over there as soon as I can
no smarty clap it's time yes sir give it
the man who made that phone call had no
intention of meeting holder he merely
wanted to get him out of the office so
that he the murderer would kill Carter
but the ruse field because Casa /
hearses and rushed to the apartment to
get there first and silence the person
he thought was going to betray him what
happened at the apartment is obvious.
Carlton Holden met thought and Holden
was killed Carter affected victims to
throw the suspicion upon smiling then
you return to the office to take all the
valuables out of the state but the
murderer waiting for Carter got there
first to show you what happened after
that's a nice job of reconstruction
where to posture absolutely here we are
again I'm sick and tired of waiting
he'll be back soon poor mr. Holden about
those change later but I'll be waiting
yes mr. Ross what time we were getting
back those changes are ready and time
why it's impossible it's absolutely
impossible possible
but it happened but there's the one weak
link in your reasoning you knew Holden
and no man impersonating him could fool
nevertheless it is the man who did Oh a
man who was mad in love with Beverly.
Drake the man whose career Holden one
smashed the man whom she goaded into
killing kata in such a way that a
husband would be blamed thereby freeing
her from both men it isn't true
you're making it up all of it you know
you didn't do the other look look at
that stage Ellis no commander killer you
left it all out what didn't I get it
with his idea whose idea Dennis Dennis.
Hill Ennis lovely life
okay buddy
palek you deliberately planned
apparently off
thanks live herbally woody turn out the
light switches back of you I'm moving
out kill it there thank you
well everything's are given I have cause
I never really did suspect you you
didn't certainly not I figured if I
worried you enough you'd solve the whole
mystery save me the trouble
goodbye hahaha I'll put it here pal
you know I'm gonna back your next show
Donna you don't do me anything now
listen I doze on the line for anything
this little lady is interested in that
means your guests so long pal huh huh
hey do you realize that you saved my
you bet I do and you know that I owe you
something huh huh well about would you
lie you don't know after all the love
scenes you've written clubs.
Oh made you jump don't you understand
alive huh hey what's the idea
yeah yeah I know you want Oh