It Is in Us All (2022) Movie Script

He's bloody confirmation he always seems to go
Ruff T667UB uniform.
Ah, here we are.
Hamish Considine.
That's a nice name.
Sounds like a saint.
Or a viking, even.
So, your booking is for something in group
We have an ID A3 or the BMW
Automatic both.
It's a BMW.
What's over there?
I've never been.
It's way beautiful up there.
Views and all.
You golfing?
A family.
A house.
Oh, right, right.
Dunno them.
What are you doing?
Could I please have the keys for the
Thank you.
I'll just get me coat.
It's a bit chilly.
No, no, no.
Stay, please.
I'll find it.
Thank you for your help, Elaine.
Ray, how's it going, buddy?
Yeah, good, mate, good.
I've tried you a few times today, actually.
Keep drifting in and out of coverage.
I'm driving at the moment.
Yeah, have you seen the house yet?
I wish my auntie left me a house.
Mate, it's probably a teardown.
Should give it a look, though.
Didn't even know the woman.
Listen, your old man's been on.
He wants to see the contract before we
set sail.
You're cutting out.
I can't hear you.
Look, delay Amazon till I get my father,
Good evening.
Consider Entertainment.
Can I help you?
Oh, sorry.
I thought I was calling my father's direct
It's Hamish Considine here.
I'm so sorry, but your father is travelling
His call are diverted until the morning.
Has everything at the London office?
Yeah, yeah.
Great, thanks.
Very busy.
Do you want to leave a message?
If you could connect me, that would be
Dad, Rafe said you wanted to talk.
Bad Amazon deal.
It's all ready to go.
Wouldn't interest you.
Anyway, I'm in Donegal.
Sign off on Tara's house.
Just, um...
Just wanted to visit the place, I suppose.
Maybe visit her grave.
Mum would have liked that, so...
Do you know
where you are?
Great, you're in Leicester County Hospital.
You've been in a car crash.
You're a very lucky man, Mr Considine.
Can you tell me what day it is?
I got here Friday.
Eh, well, it's Saturday now.
You got here on Friday night.
You have a fracture to your right radius.
A subluxation, which is a partial dislocation of
your shoulder.
You have two minor rib fractures on the
right-hand side with some deep bruising.
And you've had a nasty knock to the
There's a wee laceration there.
The scar should heal nicely, but this is
my main concern.
So I'd like to do a few scans,
keep you in for a week or so.
You here visiting family?
My aunt.
Will she be coming by as a nurse
No, she's, um...
She's dead.
Well, you are a very lucky man, Mr
You said that.
Could have been a lot worse.
Get some rest.
Were there any other injuries in the other
Well, eh, unfortunately, there was a fatality.
Head-on collision involving two vehicles at 7
.30 Friday evening.
The driver of the vehicle was pronounced dead
at the scene.
Named as 15-year-old local schoolboy Callum
Passenger, 17-year-old youth Evan Hewson, was
Service for Callum Daly will be held Monday
at Chapel of Ease.
Terrible shame.
He was only young.
I'd just got here.
I don't remember hitting them.
I saw his face, the boy, but not...
That's not him.
Of course I bought you flowers, you prick.
How did you know where I was?
Phoned Avis, mate.
Oh, the rental company.
Of course.
No, I guess Donegal was pretty small.
Nice one smashing out the Beamer, by the
They were thrilled about that.
Listen, Rafe, would you be able to...
Would you be able to cover me for
a few more days?
I'm thinking about getting out of here today,
if I can.
OK, are you sure that's sensible?
No, two days in a year is more
than enough.
It sounds like it was a pretty terrible
No, don't be so dramatic.
It's just a small...
small fracture.
May the love of God and the peace
of our Lord Jesus Christ bless us, console
us, and gently wipe the tears from our
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
That was a lovely service.
I tried to do my best.
Is that all day today?
I was wondering...
Do you know...
Is there a Tara Coulter buried here?
Ah, lovely Tara.
She is indeed.
It's a very sad business, too.
A blast of cancer hit her hard.
She passed not so long ago, are you...
Her nephew.
Wasn't able to attend the service.
Never actually met her before.
She had a lovely sense of humour.
You'll find her on the far left.
It's a family plot.
I didn't want to worry you.
What the fuck?
It really is nothing.
It's just a small fracture.
Hamish, I saw it on the news.
It's not nothing.
I mean, I could have come.
I'm leaving here tomorrow anyway.
But I suppose there's no need now.
I mean, you're all doing there anyway.
Wanted to visit the place, really.
You know, it seemed right.
Yeah, it's OK.
Well, I hope it was worth it.
Listen, I'm sorry, but I'm upset.
I know that your mother was from there,
I went to Aunt Tara's grave.
Mum grew up here.
Why did she never visit?
Are you coming back to London?
Probably in a day or two.
I have to give a statement to the
Do you need a lawyer?
I heard that some kid was killed in
the accident.
No, it's fine.
The boy was speeding.
They're not holding me accountable.
It is pretty awful, though.
Listen, I have to get on.
So can you just send me your flight
times and let me know if I should
jump in with the estate agent?
No, I've got it.
Bye, Papa.
Take care.
Not too late, is it?
Sorry for walking.
I can come back another time.
What is the time?
About 9.30. I'm Evan, by the way.
I saw you at the service.
You were in the other car.
Look, I heard you were staying here, and
I just thought I'd see if you needed
anything from the shop.
You know, milk or bread.
I might have something.
Give me a sec.
Thank you.
No bother.
Here's a...
Let you get back to sleep.
If you need anything, just let me know.
It's a long walk to the shop.
Unless you're up through the forest.
Do you have any light bulbs?
That's a 30-, 40-watt screw-in, I
And some super glue.
Super glue?
Super glue.
And I have these, if you want them.
Take your pick.
It's all that's left.
It's blue.
It is.
Also, do you have any taxi numbers?
Where do you want to go?
Not too far, really.
Just over the hill.
I walked here.
A friend of mine said I could walk
here, but in a way, it almost killed
Tara Coulter's...
Good woman.
Comes in here every week for as long
as I've been working.
Your mother was Annie.
Great pals, them two sisters.
Like twins.
Haven't seen the other one, your mother.
And, oh...
Must be 30 years.
She didn't really make it back.
You knew my mother.
Ah, Christ.
No, yes, maybe.
You remember, Betts.
You know yourself.
Of course.
So you
found the shop, then?
Told you I'd get you something if you
I didn't know how to contact you.
Go for a drive?
Want to show you something?
It's so beautiful.
My great-grandfather and his father before him,
they were fishermen.
There's a fish just down there.
Did you get that checked?
You're bleeding.
It's fine, just a fracture.
You saw me at the funeral.
You recognised me.
I didn't.
Yes, you did.
You were driving.
You looked right at me.
The time to swerve.
But you didn't.
The boy...
He died.
I had to make it look like he
was driving.
Okay, Callum would have done the same if
it was me.
There's a moment when death is so near.
There is no real.
You know?
You know that feeling?
I guess so.
Yeah, you'll see.
Dad, it's me.
You back in London?
Well, don't tell me you're still in that
You said Mum never came back to Ireland.
Honestly, I can't remember.
There are photographs of her.
Well, then I suppose, yeah, she did, once.
I mean, some spat or other.
I mean, she'd do that, you know.
Take off, disappear.
Did she ever bring me with her?
Listen, honestly, I can't remember.
Does it even matter?
It matters.
Fine, okay.
So, yes, she went once.
To her sister, I presumed.
And to...
No, you know, maybe she was just homesick.
Did you come after her?
No, I let her be.
Let her try and remember why she left
in the first place.
Come to her senses, which she did.
You know, you sort of kept me from
knowing her.
Fuck, no, I didn't.
She did.
Even stay alive for her own child.
Why isn't she buried here?
Well, your mother didn't want to be buried...
No, I'm afraid I don't believe you.
Well, thanks very much for that, Mr. Considine.
It's mandatory for case filing.
Couldn't close without your statement, you understand.
I'm so sorry about the delay.
I just needed a day or two's rest,
not sleeping so well after the accident.
Suppose you'll be heading back to London tomorrow?
Just a few more things to finish with
the property.
He was afraid of the dark?
I didn't know the boy's mother was in
Cara Daly, Callum's mother.
Obviously, it's a very difficult time.
Do we have an understanding?
I don't want to upset anyone.
Would you have a taxi number?
I'll get one of the guys to call
you on.
Thank you very much.
Safe travels, Mr. Considine.
Cara Anne and Hamish, 1988.
That's your aunt?
And my mother.
Look at you.
That's sort of the front there, isn't it?
You know, I'd see your aunt around sometimes.
Nice hairdo.
Wish I'd known her.
She and your mum look so similar.
It could be me.
It could be you, even.
I mean, I have better clothes, though.
Last month.
I heard you went to the station today.
I had to give my statement.
What did you tell them?
It's what they know already.
What happened?
They like animals?
What sort of animals?
I suppose I've never...
Come on.
Wait till you see them.
They're gas.
Hey, grandad.
This is my friend, Hamish.
This is my grandad.
He doesn't talk too much.
You want
to pet her?
Come on.
She won't bite.
She's tied up.
I think she likes you.
I've never been so...
close to a cow before.
You're a natural.
Because you're from here.
Must be it.
What's that?
Over there.
That's the abattoir.
So they're all...
They're like, right?
The abattoir.
I help my grandad with the...
with the animals and stuff, but...
It's tough at school, you know.
What do you do?
I work at a production house.
A division of my father's company.
Sports travel documentaries.
You and your dad work together?
No, he lives in Hong Kong.
Our work is quite separate.
I'd love to travel.
It's a pretty incredible year, though.
There's a place to grow up.
Do you remember it here at all?
Your mum?
Not really, no.
She stick around?
Evan, does your grandad know about the accident?
Heard the tale.
Have you ever had a crash before?
Is this after you talked to those police?
What'd they tell you?
No one said anything.
Why'd you ask, then?
Lord knows you enjoyed it.
The crash.
You know, right before you die, your brain
releases this chemical called DMT.
Makes you feel as if you're going to
heaven, even before you're dead.
It stops you being scared.
I've heard that, yes.
Think our guys have it?
Won't be stupid.
The guys.
They just die.
Maybe Calum had it.
You know, he wanted me to keep driving.
Not pull away.
Just like you did.
You came out of nowhere.
Okay, I saw you.
You looked right at me.
You had time.
You didn't.
What are you doing?
You're supposed to meet.
You die.
Do you ever think that's what it is?
I mean, look at us.
Two in the same Adam.
We are Adam.
You coming in?
Or maybe you're Eve.
Devin, I can't see you.
The first sin was transmitted from Adam and
Eve to all their descendants as original sin.
God rest his soul.
It's too rough to swim.
Fishermen don't swim.
You're fucking around, Devin.
I don't care.
Do you have any idea how dangerous that
What the...
What the hell is wrong with you?
I come from a family of fishermen.
We don't swim.
I told you I don't care.
Yes, you fucking do!
Can't be messing around like that.
Is it bad?
Needs help.
What about your father?
Was he a fisherman too?
You get it from my mother's side.
He sits on my granddaddy's seat.
I think I take after my mother also.
More than welcome to sleep on the sofa.
It's a must.
It's your mom.
English guy.
It's not bad.
What are we doing here?
No respect to Colin.
How do you feel?
To be back at the same place where
you killed someone.
I didn't kill him.
Didn't you?
He's dead, isn't he?
Do you drive?
You're right.
You may take it too far.
Evan, come on.
It's too far.
He's always doing that.
Taking off on his own.
I suppose I'd better be getting off as
Let's head the road back.
Follow the road.
See you.
Do you have any...
Like, um...
Bar snacks?
Don't serve food.
Don't know what you see.
I'll have a club orange and some nuts,
2.90. You're the guy from the accident.
Relation of Tara Coulter?
She was my mother's sister.
A shocking accident.
You alright?
Fine, just...
You know, shocking.
About the boy, Callum.
Ann Coulter was your mother.
I knew her a bit.
When I was a boy.
Long time ago.
Well, you knew her.
I'd see her, like, around the time.
I was only a young fella.
She'd just left college.
She moved away soon after that.
Married some English businessman.
My father.
Of course.
She only came home once or twice after
Is that right?
Maybe, yes.
Well, I guess moving away changes people.
She came back one summer.
With a young son.
Must have been you.
No plan to live here.
Stay in the house.
Do you have the number of a local
taxi company?
And a phone, maybe.
Phone's by the toilet.
Taxi number's on the wall.
Thank you.
What's the address here?
Just tell them it's Gabriel's Bar.
Must have been difficult for her.
Raising a child in a different country.
No, that's fine.
Thank you very much.
I'll be waiting outside.
What are you still doing here?
Well, I called a taxi.
Why don't you leave us alone?
Let's go back to England.
I'll leave my cat.
He couldn't drive.
He didn't know how.
They say he was driving, but I know
that's a lie.
I'd have done anything for Evan.
They're inseparable.
What are you doing hanging around a child?
Can't you see how afraid he is?
Listen, I checked in.
He said he wasn't on the market yet.
Some obvious culture you fuck up.
Shall I jump in?
Listen, I should have been more sensitive with
everything you've been through.
Well, anyway, I heard you're back in London
Try me on Skype.
I'll be in the office.
Hey, Mesh.
My son.
Hello, can you hear me?
Why did she leave you?
Can I just have a moment, please?
Four minutes.
She didn't leave me, Hamish.
She came back to England of her own
With you.
She didn't even last a month there.
She was very impulsive.
This is Mum's home.
She wanted to be here with me.
Come on, she didn't know what she wanted.
Her living there with her sister and a
small child.
No money.
Was she happy living with you?
She was selfish and spoiled, Hamish.
That's what she was.
Why have we never spoken about her since
she died?
You just...
erased her.
Sign the fucking papers and stop banging on
about the past.
Better late than never, eh?
You go to church now?
Just visiting my aunt.
No many buried here?
It's nice.
It's family plot or...
No one in the family left.
Mother should be here.
Thanks for her sister.
Sorry I left last night.
No, it's fine.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm...
Your friends are nice.
You're a terrific dancer.
You okay?
Just pushing it a bit.
Too much fresh air.
I'm not used to it.
I was actually going to see if you
wanted to come to this techno place.
Maybe you're not up for it.
Sounds great.
I'm fine.
Pick up tonight, around 6.30. Champion.
Hey, slow down.
Hey, where are you going?
Sorry, I thought you...
What do you want?
I thought you were Evan.
Did you?
You want to talk to me?
So talk then.
He's 17.
Are you fucking him?
Look, I don't want to cause any...
Do you think about my Calum?
Does Evan tell you about him?
How close they were?
He was mine.
Now he's...
Now he's...
Now he's gone.
And you took him.
It hurts.
It hurts too much to understand that.
I didn't...
I didn't get to say goodbye.
I should have been able to tell him.
That everything will be alright.
Tell him goodbye.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's me.
I'm fine.
You were wrong.
She wasn't selfish.
She wanted to live here.
With me.
A notion that lasts two seconds.
You're being emotional and naive.
How huge must her pain have gotten?
If she felt it was better for me.
For her not to live.
A mother should be able to say goodbye
to her child.
Tell them that everything will be alright.
Anne took the easy way out.
No, dad.
I don't think it was easy for her.
I don't think it was easy for her
at all.
It's enough now.
Go back to London, Hamish.
I haven't seen you here.
I don't know.
About last night...
You know Callum and I used to come
sledding here.
Fly down.
I know he'd be scared.
So was I.
Neither of us would have admitted.
He's my best friend.
Ever since we were babies.
Callum was the best.
You know, he could never drive too well.
He was always scared for that alone.
We'd love to go for dives together.
When everything's bad, the feeling of just going
Nature around you.
Forget everything.
And there was you.
You was gone.
His mother never liked us hanging around each
other anyways.
Never mind.
It's some place that close, isn't it?
Come on, man.
Cheer up.
I'll give you a lift.
You drive.
I'll help you.
You sure you'll be around enough as it
You sure you're okay?
I'll do the gears.
You steer.
This is great, isn't it?
We're not going too fast, though.
Hamish, stop!
Hamish, stop!
Get out of the fucking car, Evan!
It's all right.
Nothing happened.
A boy died!
A fucking child!
Your friend, Callum!
Callum is dead!
You're right.
I saw you.
There was time I...
I didn't swerve.
He's dead!
And you could have been killed too!
You should have fucking pushed me, Evan!
I'm sorry.
I will hurt you.
I have to leave.
Get out of the car now!
I'm sorry.
What time is the next flight to London?
Could I please book that one?
Just one.
No, no, don't worry about the price.
Anything's fine.
Yes, please.
Email it to me, yes.
You have it.
What are you doing here?
I came to say goodbye.
I'm going back to London.
But you belong here.
Your mom wanted you to be here.
Evan, listen to me.
The best thing that I can do for
you now is to leave.
You can't go.
You should be better.
No, no.
No, Evan.
Please don't go.
This has been...
It's too much.
I don't know what's been happening with me.
It's in us all.
You found it.
That's why I have to leave.
Keys to the house.
Evan, please.
Hold on to them for me.
Fuck off!
Back to London, then!