It Only Takes a Night (2023) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(person laughing)
(clipboard slams)
(clock ticks)
[Interviewer] Okay, interview
commencing at 10:03 a.m.
Please state your name
- for the record.
- Wait, hang on.
Hang on.
How's my hair?
[Interviewer] Your name.
(sighs) Ruby Allen.
[Interviewer] Ruby,
do you understand
that you are being recorded
and anything
you say can be used as evidence?
I do now.
[Interviewer] Now remember,
I'll be talking toall your
So if your stories don't match
up, we'll have a big problem.
I know.
[Interviewer] Well,
let's begin.
(uptempo music)
Please tell me a bit
about your relationship.
My relationship
with who? (chuckles)
[Interviewer] Look,
let's not play games, Ruby.
You know who I'm talking about.
So tell me a bit about
how you guys met.
24/7 got you on my mind
Think about you all the time
My body wants
you night and day
But my head is
screaming go away
[Ruby] It was
about a month ago.
I had just finished work
and was rushing to meet
Angus for a special date
- I had planned.
- [Interviewer] Wait.
Who is Angus?
And what does he have
to do with anything?
God, I'm getting there!
Do you wanna hear
the story or not?
[Interviewer] Fine.
(sighs) My boyfriend, Angus,
was taking me out to dinner.
Now that I think about
it, it was a bit strange
'cause I hadn't heard
from him all day.
But I just thought
that was all part of
his big surprise for me.
[Interviewer] Big surprise?
I will marry you.
This is so unexpected.
No, too loud.
[whispers] Yes I will.
Yes, I will.
It was our three-year
and I thought he was
gonna propose, okay?
You're ready.
We're ready.
Tick tock tick tock
(serene music)
Sorry, miss.
I'm afraid if we
don't start soon,
we'll have to cancel
your appointment.
Would you like to get started
and your man can join
you when he arrives?
Yeah, I guess so.
(serene music)
(Ruby groans)
Good. Breathe in.
And let it out.
(Ruby groans)
(Ruby groans)
(Ruby groans)
So sorry I'm late.
I, um...
[Ruby] Happy anniversary.
What's that?
Happy anniversary.
Oh, of course.
Uh, thank you.
You really outdid
yourself with all this.
I know.
Amazing, right?
Join me.
Actually, I really need to
talk to you about something.
Are you gonna
ask me like this?
At least Let me get dressed.
Ask you?
Actually, it's a bit cute.
Go on then.
- No, Ruby, I don't-
- It's okay.
- Just ask me.
- No, Ruby,
I don't think you know
what's happening right now.
Oh, I know.
I don't think you do.
Ah, trust me, I
know. (chuckles)
So you know that I'm
breaking up with you then?
(laughs) Come on.
No, really, Ruby.
Angus, stop this.
It's not funny.
I'm not being funny.
Not intentionally. (chuckles)
I don't want to be
with you anymore.
No, don't say that!
Look, you're really great,
and you've done nothing wrong.
And honestly, it's not
even so much you as it is-
You better not be about to say
the it's not you, it's me line.
I'm just saying.
But I love you.
I know you do.
I'll stop by for my retainer.
That completes your
treatment for today.
(Ruby whimpers)
Please take all
the time you need.
(Ruby sobs)
(Ruby sobs)
(laid back music)
(laid back music continues)
[Emma] Hello?
Ruby, are you here?
[Ruby] No.
(laid back music)
(laid back music continues)
[Ruby] No!
I've brought,
oh, I cannot see shit in here.
[Ruby] Hey!
Rubes, I brought
some supplies, hmm?
I brought you some tea, and
I also got you some coffee.
[Ruby] I don't want coffee.
Would you please take
this hood off so I can see
- your beautiful face?
- No!
Oh my God!
(Ruby grunts)
I'm fine.
Don't touch me.
Do you want to talk about it?
How about a shower, hmm?
Nice and clean, hmm?
I said I'm fine.
Denial stage.
Got it.
Alright, well, you
know, if not a shower,
spray some air
freshener in here, yeah?
Don't be afraid to
use the whole can,
just all over the place.
(Emma sighs)
(Ruby scoffs)
I'll go then.
(knocking on door)
[Ruby] I'm in the bedroom!
(pensive music)
I made your favorite muffins.
(gasps) Yes.
(pensive music continues)
(pensive music continues)
Hey, Rubes.
What you doing?
(mystical chanting)
I'm clearing my apartment
of everything Angus.
Good, yeah.
A fire?
Did you maybe just wanna
throw this stuff out
instead of like
burning it inside?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
See, burning is better.
That way, his bad juju is
gone for good. (chuckles)
Yes, good, right.
It's just...
it's pretty dangerous having
a fire in your bedroom.
It's fine.
It's only a little fire.
Wait, what happens if
you get back together?
Oh, I just mean if you
ever got back together,
you would want some of
this stuff, wouldn't you?
(Ruby gasps)
Oh my God!
Oh my God, what have I done?
No, no, no, no.
Don't, don't touch
it, don't, don't.
Back, back, back, back.
Wait, wait.
He's on fire!
Don't take it away!
Don't take it away!
We can save him!
Oh God.
What have I done?
(pensive music)
I'm a mess.
Yeah, I know.
Good news, she's up and about.
Bad news, there was an
actual fire in her bedroom.
I've got this...
Ah, okay.
- (knocking on door)
- [Nina] Open the door, Ruby.
(dog barks)
(banging on door) I'll kick it
down if you don't open this door.
- So good to see you.
- Ruby, what are you wearing?
It's my Ravenclaw robe.
You're not even Ravenclaw.
Okay, I haven't done
laundry in a while.
Oh my God.
[Ruby] Come on in.
I brought wine.
[Ruby] Just what I needed.
You're not still
burning stuff then?
You heard about that, did you?
[Nina] Of course I did.
Well, you'll be happy
to know I stopped.
- Good.
- [Ruby] Hmm.
You didn't set
the fire alarm off?
No, caught it just in time.
[Nina] Oh my God.
It wasn't my finest moment.
- (gasps)
- You'll be okay.
Oh my god.
Oh, alright.
Alright, let's go.
- Hit me again.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
To, uh...
Damn, Ruby.
Maybe take it easy.
I don't need to.
You know why?
- [Nina] Why?
- 'Cause I am better.
- Really?
- Honestly.
I'm totally over
- You're totally over-
- Ha ha ha ah, stop.
Just don't say his name.
Whose name?
He who shall not be named.
The guy that, that you
spent three years with?
That didn't propose?
Nina, don't.
After all that time.
Do you wanna say it?
Should I say it?
(Ruby whimpers)
(upbeat music)
Why did you have
to say his name?
I don't want to think
about him anymore!
Your life is
not over, alright?
I know it sucks and he's an
absolute dick for dumping you,
but you will be okay!
But I love him.
You are awesome on your own.
And you will get through this.
He's blocked me on the 'Gram,
and he's removed me from
our Spotify account!
I mean, you...
Sorry, I was in flow.
Spotify, babe.
Taking you off Spotify
is brutal, alright?
I'm not gonna hit you again.
You're gonna be okay.
(sighs) You're
gonna be fine, babe.
(sighs) Yeah.
When's the last
time you showered?
I don't know. (chuckles)
Oh, you smelled so bad.
What do you even say
in an intervention?
You tell Ruby how her
behavior is affecting you.
Yeah, like, "Ruby,
you're annoying me
and I want you to
get your shit together
so you stop annoying me."
No, not quite.
More like, "Ruby, you being
sad makes me feel sad,
and that's why I don't want
you to be sad anymore."
That's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
And yours is so much better?
[Ruby] I can
hear you, you know!
Your words are deceiving
[Sophie] Hi.
That's promising meaning
And I don't deserve
to be feeling this way
[Emma] Hmm.
[Ruby] What are you doing?
Nothing, just checking.
Checking for what?
Oh, you know,
smells, fires, drugs,
anything out of the ordinary.
Oh, well, don't
go into the bedroom.
I haven't taken down the
shrine yet. (chuckles)
I'm kidding!
Come on.
Seriously, I'm fine.
I mean I, you know, it
definitely hit me pretty hard,
but I'm over Angus.
In fact, I'm done
with guys completely.
Switching teams?
- Yes!
- Hmm,
- switching to no team.
- (Emma laughs)
Hang on.
So you're telling
me that you, Ruby,
the girl who's been
planning her wedding
for the last 10 years and has
never been without a boyfriend
for more than a month,
is now swearing off men.
That's correct.
- I don't believe you.
- You don't have to.
- Good, 'cause I don't.
- Good.
- Great!
- Fine.
Anyway, what are
we doing tonight?
Clubbing, dancing, I'm
literally down for anything.
I could dance.
- [Ruby] Yes.
- No.
You've only been a functioning
human for like five minutes.
We're not going out.
- Come on!
- No, no.
- Soph!
- Now, I
am celebrating.
- [Nina] Yes.
- Because I am free.
- Yes.
- We are going to party.
A night with the
galdems, them galdems!
I could ask my brother
if he has a table
at his restaurant.
Really, dinner?
I'm kinda keen
to go out, Soph.
Yeah, we can go out after.
Yes, dinner first.
We'll ease Rubes back
into society slowly.
Yeah, not to mention
Gav is one of the top
chefs in the city,
so it's impossible
to get a table there.
- (Ruby and Emma gag)
- We get it, Soph.
Stop bragging.
- I wasn't.
- 10 shut-ups.
- Oh, yeah, shut up now.
- No!
- Go.
- In the corner.
- Alright, so we'll do dinner.
- Yes.
But then party after, please!
Come on, Emma.
You know you
wanna dance with us.
You know you want
to dance with us.
You know you wanna
dance with us
You know you wanna
dance with us
Okay, fine, fine, fine.
We'll go party, Celibate Sally.
(Ruby squeals)
Wait, but I'm not
going out like this.
I could go out like this.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, no.
You do look like the sky.
- What?
- Is that a cloud shirt?
It's my happy shirt.
Okay, okay, fine, I'll change.
But just promise me that
tonight's gonna be epic
- because I need this.
- Yes.
That sounds dangerous.
- Yeah.
- Okay, cheers to that?
- Cheers to that!
- Cheers.
[Ruby] Whoo!
(upbeat music)
You know you wanna
dance with us
You know you wanna
dance with us
We only make boss moves
New whip, ride that
Going to the ties, burn up
Looking at the
sky nine to five
Yeah, I got the
glow in the dark
Why don't you guys go ahead?
I'll come in a second.
(Emma chuckles)
Oh, how's my super boy doing?
Oh, I know, it's
quite inconvenient,
but I'll be back later
for some fun, yeah?
Oh, you didn't.
You brought the costumes?
Oh, you're a creative boy,
aren't you? (chuckles)
Okay, I'll see you later
for a little bit of (roars).
Oh, you fucking prick!
I mean, um, I'll
call you back later.
(uptempo classical music)
Hi, Gav!
Hey, Emma.
Nice to see you.
The place looks amazing, Gav.
We're booked out for months.
And Ruby, I know it's
been tough for you lately,
so I hope you really
enjoy yourself tonight.
So Sophie told you
what happened then.
Yeah, she told me everything.
In detail.
I've been there before though,
and I want you to know
you will get through this.
Thanks, Gav, but
I'm through it so-
Sometimes not
getting what you want
is a wonderful stroke of luck.
His Holiness taught me that.
Well, thanks, Gav.
How about a few drinks?
Ladies, this is Sven.
He's our top waiter,
and he will be looking
after you tonight.
Anything you need, just ask.
- Sophie!
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Loose Lips Soph strikes again.
What secrets of
mine have you spilled?
Sounds like Gav went
through some shit.
Oh yeah. You thought Rubes was
having a breakdown?
Gavin's was way worse.
You think that I was
having a breakdown?
- Oh yeah.
- Yes.
- Absolutely.
- Okay!
First of all, welcome.
I'm your waiter, Sven.
Anything you need
tonight, just call out.
Now the chef has set
a menu for you tonight
so there is no need
for you to order.
I will be bringing out
your entree shortly,
but I think we are a
little bit thirstier.
It's like you
read my mind, Sven.
Would you like
something in particular?
Or would you like me to
(mouth pops) surprise you?
I think a surprise
is always good.
As long as there's a
surprising amount of alcohol in each drink.
Oh, so naughty.
I will be back in a moment.
By the way, I love this, love
this, love this, love this.
Ah! (laughs)
Let's go.
So naughty.
[Emma] Naughty Nina.
- Don't.
- That's a great naughty.
- Naughty Nina.
- Perfect!
No, I'm still mad at you.
I'm sorry.
Did I tell you I went
shopping with my sister
for bridesmaid dresses?
[Ruby] No.
How did that go?
Anything good?
Ugh, all hideous.
I swear, she's only
doing it on purpose
just so all the
attention's on her.
Well, she is the bride.
Oh, don't worry.
She's making
sure everyone knows that.
Such a bridezilla.
God, this place is busy.
Gavin must be making bank.
- No!
- Oh my God.
What's wrong?
Need to go
to the bathroom. (chuckles)
- Soph.
- Ah.
Can you come with me, please?
You should keep talking.
This way.
- God.
- Oh my God.
- Hello.
- Oh my God.
[Nina] Morning.
What was that about?
[Nina] Needs a hand to
hold while she pushes?
(Ruby laughs)
[Ruby] I don't know.
Are you alright? You seem like
you're somewhere else tonight.
- Whoa.
- Did you see who just came in?
In the toilet?
No, not the toilet!
The restaurant.
- Who?
- Angus.
(gasps) No way.
- Are you joking?
- And he's with a girl too.
- Bastard!
- Shit!
Are you sure it was him?
It didn't just look like him?
For God's sake, it's
barely been a month.
I still remember
what he looks like.
He's sitting near the front,
just him and some girl.
Oh, we have to tell Ruby.
Are you taking a piss?
Don't be a muppet!
(woman gasps)
[Sophie and Emma] Sorry.
Enjoy your evening.
A week ago, we couldn't
even mention his name
without her losing her mind.
Now you want me to tell her
that he's sitting in the same
restaurant with another girl?
- She says she's fine now.
- And you believe her?
Good point.
What do we do?
I don't know.
(gasps) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Can you get your
brother to move him on?
I don't think he can do that.
Oh, that's a shame.
I suppose I could ask him.
You get him the hell out of here
and I'll distract Ruby.
- Wait!
- What?
I need to pee.
- God, hurry up.
- It's this new diet I'm on.
You know you have to drink
four liters of water a day.
- Sophie!
- [Sophie] Sorry.
Oh my God, no.
Not gonna do it?
That's not happening.
Where's Soph?
Oh, she's just, she's
just gone to chat to Gav.
Oh, well, you are just
in time for the drinks.
What have you
got for us, Sven?
This is my signature drink,
ladies, the Salty Miami.
Its main ingredient, tequila.
Ooh, Emma's arch nemesis.
What do you mean?
(coughs) Loose.
What, no!
I can handle it. (chuckles)
It's Nina that can't handle it.
I can handle it
better than you.
Ooh! So feisty, I love it.
Have a taste and
see what you think.
Hmm, hello, beautiful.
- On the house, right, Sven?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's Gavin's treat.
- Keep these coming then.
- Oh!
You. (chuckles)
- (screams)
- Sorry.
(Sven screams)
All good, Soph?
Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
We should have our
food in a minute.
You should taste
one of these drinks.
Sven is a genius.
[Ruby] Really good.
Did you talk to your
brother about that thing?
Not exactly.
- (chuckles)
- What do you mean?
I mean,
at all.
What are you two on about?
- Um-
- Nothing.
- She-
- I said I was-
- And then she was like-
- Ya, Sven is back, ladies!
- [Sophie and Emma]
- Ah! (chuckles)
- How's the drinks?
- [Sophie] Oh, beautiful Sven,
- just like your service.
- Sophie.
I can see why Gavin
says you're the best.
Oh, you are too kind.
So these are entrees to share.
We have the dry-fried lamb ribs.
Oh ya, like the hot desert.
The spicy stir-fried
prawns and scallops,
like the Aquaman, nice and wet.
And then we finally have
the Parmesan-crumbed
chicken cutlets with
that olive salsa.
Oh, fuck me!
(customers gasp)
Is something the matter?
Is everything okay, Nina?
(gasps) You're not
a vegan, are you?
No, no.
I, I just, I...
I can't eat Parmesan!
(Sven sighs)
And I love chicken!
- [Sven] Yes!
- So fuck me!
(group laughs)
Why don't I see if I
can get some cutlets
without the Parmesan, yeah?
Thank you.
You're a legend.
(group laughs)
What the shit is going
on with you three, hmm?
(pensive music)
- Emma?
- Emma.
You are dead to me.
What's going on?
Okay, um...
I need you to promise me
you're not going to freak out.
Angus is here.
(soft classical music)
It's not a big deal.
You're right.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- (group chuckles)
- Phew!
- Wow.
- It's fine.
I mean, he's probably just
here with some friends.
- With friends.
- Oh, friends.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
And I just want this
night to be about us.
- [Emma] All about us, yes.
- Yeah.
I can't believe you were
so worried about it.
He's with a girl.
I'm gonna kill him!
No, Ruby, don't go over there!
I'm gonna film it.
Oh God, we're in my
brother's restaurant.
Oh, shit. Ruby, hi, what are
you doing here?
What the actual-
- Ruby, this is Elisha.
Elisha is-
- Elisha!
I'm Ruby, Angus's ex-girlfriend.
He dumped me, ooh, let's
see, only three weeks ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Ruby, before you
go on, I should-
- Oh, you're sorry to
hear that, are you?
What was it, Eliza?
- It's Elisha.
- (Ruby scoffs)
Ruby, you don't
know what's going on-
Fuck you, Angus!
(customers gasp)
You know what?
You can have him,
because if you
wanna be with a douche bag
who will dump you
on your anniversary
while you lay naked on a
massage table, go right ahead!
But you wouldn't care
about that, would you?
'Cause you're just a big,
filthy, stinking whore!
(Sophie gasps)
(Ruby chuckles)
Ruby, Elisha's my new manager.
We're out celebrating me
going to work for her.
Oh, new manager. Alright,
who's this guy? (chuckles)
That's correct.
Remember when I said I went
for that job a while back?
(sighs) I got it.
(Sophie gasps)
(Nina chuckles)
So yeah...
Oh, Elisha, it's
so nice to meet you.
Oh look, your food's here.
I'll take that, thank you.
Oh, yummy.
Look at this. That looks, do you
mind, is that chicken? Alright.
Oh my God.
Wait until you try this.
Oh, it's so yummy.
Mmm, what do they
put in this sauce?
Anyway, so you're
the new manager.
That is so great!
- Stop it, stop it.
- You know what?
He's a great worker, very.
He's always at work.
He was never really
around for me, that's for sure. (chuckles)
- But that's alright.
- Okay, you.
- Okay!
- Time to go.
Ladies, if you don't mind,
I'm going to have to
ask you to leave now.
Any chance we can get our food
to go?
Come on, Nina,
before my brother murders me.
I'm so sorry.
She drinks heavily, you know.
Sad, really.
This is why we eat before
we drink, yeah? (laughs)
(interviewer laughs)
Hang on a second.
So he wasn't cheating on
you with that girl?
No, he was not.
[Interviewer] And
you called her a whore
in front of the entire
restaurant. (laughs)
- That's what I said.
- [Interviewer] You didn't think to ask if they were on a date?
No, I didn't. I was a bit
upset, if that's okay with you.
(interviewer laughs)
[Interviewer] This is great.
I can't wait to
tell the boys this.
Anyway, I left the restaurant
and I was maybe
a tiny bit upset.
Oh my God, I am such an idiot!
Oh God!
I think I just broke my hand.
[Sophie] Yeah, we
really heard that.
- Shit!
- Let me just have a look.
What was I thinking?
- I don't know.
- You guys doing good?
- You didn't break anything.
- Oh thank you Dr. Nina!
- Breathe, breathe.
- You alright?
Yeah, we're fine.
We're good, we're good.
We heard some yelling
and wanted to make
sure you're all okay.
We're good, thank you so much.
Hey, mate, is
your hand alright?
Yes, Crocodile
Dundee, I'm fine!
I don't need your help,
so just leave me alone!
- Hey, okay, alright.
- (gasps) Ruby!
I'm sorry if we
have upset you.
You didn't upset
me, Mario Kart.
And now, you're actually
starting to annoy me.
Oh Mario.
I'm so sorry
for my friend, unless...
Is your name Mario?
Mario is Italian,
and I'm Spanish.
Oh, Francesco.
- Your hand looks fine.
- What a lovely name.
(Francesco speaks
in foreign language)
- Your name.
- Oh! (giggles)
I'm Sophie. (giggles)
Your name means wisdom.
and beautiful.
(Sophie giggles)
(clears throat)
Francesco, thank you so much
for checking in on us.
It was really very nice of you.
It was Andy here who
heard your friend screaming.
It sounded like a
fox being butchered.
- It must have been a mugging.
- (Ruby gasps)
- Yep, obviously not a mugging.
- That is so rude.
Sorry for
interrupting, ladies.
- You're all clearly fine.
- It's okay.
I'm not sure I'd
call her fine but, uh-
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Alright, let's get outta here.
We're going to
Muto's Nightclub.
Come find me.
(upbeat music)
[Andy] Alright,
mate, calm down.
[Francesco] Did you see her?
[Andy] Take it easy.
[Francesco] I
think I'm in love.
- Huh?
- [Nina] Remember us?
- Oh yeah.
- Do you want a mirror?
I... (sighs)
- Hi.
- We have a situation
- unfolding.
- [Sophie] Sorry.
So let's go home
because I think-
- What?
- No, no, no, no, no!
Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.
Sophie, hey.
What do you want to do?
Yeah, I could come out.
Oh, I bet you could.
Do you wanna check
out that Muto place?
Well, if you guys
really want to.
- Yes.
- Well,
if you guys really want to.
- What? What?
- (laughs) Come on.
Oh God. You know, you're
mental, but losing it at Angus
has got be one of the funniest
things I've ever seen.
- [Ruby] No, don't.
- Oh my God!
So funny.
Straight to TikTok.
- Delete that.
- So good.
So we are going to
that Muto's place then?
Yes-a, Sophie.
We can-a go see Francesco.
He's not Italian, Ruby.
- (Nina laughs)
- Oh, Sophie, calm down.
We're just joking around.
But he was a hot paella, ah.
(upbeat music)
[Group] Yeah!
Hey yeah
My boyfriend wants to talk
[Group] Eyes,
eyes, eyes, eyes.
My boyfriend talks too much
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
What are you talking about
He's just a repeat
of what I had before
He's just a repeat
It's a simple fact
Repeat of what I had before
He's just a repeat
Thank God!
I am so hungry.
Why am I so hungry?
We got kicked out of
my brother's restaurant
before eating, that's why.
That's right.
And I really wanted
to eat that food.
I'll never be able to
afford to go for real.
Was he mad?
Well, he's definitely
not happy with me.
He left me a voicemail.
What did it say?
Let's find out
together, shall we?
- Oh!
- Gav.
(laughs) Oh, well.
[Gavin] What the fuck
was that about tonight?
I try and do something nice
for you and your friends
and Ruby decides she's gonna
do a Denzel from Training Day
in the middle of my
fucking restaurant!
I just,
I don't know what to say,
but I'm def telling mom.
Oh. (laughs)
Such a dickhead.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
He's just being a baby.
- How are you?
- Steph, hey!
How are you?
You look great.
Oh, thanks.
You too.
- It's been too long.
- Yeah.
Everyone, this is Steph.
Steph, this is Emma,
Ruby, and Sophie.
[Group] Hi.
Hi, nice to meet you all.
I'm just gonna bring the rest
of your food to the table.
I'll come with you.
Well, well, well, well, well.
So Nina's new squeeze?
I suspected she was
seeing someone new.
No, I think it's an ex.
Yeah, well, could be a friend.
She's allowed to have
friends apart from us.
She is?
No. The hug, the kiss,
more than friends.
Do you have friends
outside of this group?
Oh, Sophie, relax.
Ruby, do you?
No, Soph, I don't, okay?
Just relax.
Are they like good friends?
Do you do girls' nights like
this with them?
- I...
- Ruby, do you?
Do you what?
- Who's the girl?
- We had a thing a while back.
- She's cool.
- I knew it!
Ruby, you haven't answered me.
What happened?
You two look pretty
into each other.
Well, I met someone else.
Do tell.
I haven't said anything
'cause I've actually never
felt like this before.
(phone beeps and vibrates)
And it's getting pretty serious.
It's getting serious and
we haven't met her yet?
- Why?
- She might come and meet us later tonight, okay?
That's so exciting, Nina.
(phone beeps and vibrates)
Oh, Nina, so exciting!
I can't wait to meet her.
Sophie, you gonna
say anything or-
- She's just peaking out
because we all have friends
outside of this group
and she does not.
I knew it!
Why? Why do you need friends
outside this group?
I mean, what's
the point of them?
Are they backup friends?
I really think you need
to let this one go, yeah?
Yeah. You know what you
need to do, Sophie?
You just need to like (moans)
with Francesco tonight.
- Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, you know what?
That might help you chill.
I am chill!
- So chill.
- (phone beeps and vibrates)
- Fuck, not again!
- Put it on speaker.
No, I don't want to.
- Do it!
- Go on.
- Put it on speaker.
- Do it.
- There's no shame here.
- Share with your friends.
[Gavin] Hey, dickhead!
I just got some great news.
This guy just came and
introduced himself to me
after Ruby's rampage.
He's a famous food
blogger from Europe
with 12 million
followers on Instagram.
12 million!
God, I hate you!
I'm sorry.
- I hate you too, Gavin!
- Fucker.
12 million.
- You're gonna be famous.
- Infamous.
- Yeah, that's the bad one.
- Yeah.
Delete that video.
Oh, good.
Waiting in line,
Well, it shouldn't
take too long.
You don't have a say.
You're not thinking clearly.
I am so.
Oh, she's thinking clearly,
just not with her brain.
- Yeah, Francesco!
- Oh my God, shut up!
Yeah, that's so good, wow!
(group laughs)
No, no, no.
Turn back around.
I mean it.
Thank you.
Taking this no
dude thing seriously.
- Hmm.
- [Ruby] Yes I am.
Soph, that's Enrique.
(gasps) Iglesias?
Stop fanny farting
and go get us in.
Oh, he must work here.
Should I go say hi?
- [Ruby and Nina] Yes.
- That's what Emma literally just said.
Only if you stop taking
the mickey out of his name.
What's wrong with
Enrique Iglesias?
So rude. (chuckles)
What are you...
I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
His name is Francesco.
do I look alright?
You look stunning.
Now hurry up, I'm freezing!
Hurry up!
- [Group] Go!
- Go, move.
Go, go, go!
(pensive music)
Go, get him.
(upbeat music)
(Sophie laughs)
She's gonna be coming in.
It's gonna be hot.
Oh, my heart.
(clears throat) I came!
You are here.
Is that alright?
You said where you were going,
so I thought you
wanted us to come.
Of course.
Come on in.
Come out of the cold.
Oh, I'm here with my friends.
Can they come in too?
My friend Ruby has calmed
down now, I promise.
Of course, of course.
Andy will be very happy.
I'll be sure she
behaves herself.
Yipee, whoop!
I got us in!
- Yes!
- Yeah!
Finally putting
this to good use.
- Good work, Soph.
- Oh, heads up, that Andy guy is here too.
I'm done with guys.
Even smoking hot Aussies?
- Yeah.
- Pfft. (Emma laughs)
Next joke.
Next joke.
Francesco, these are my
friends, Emma, Nina, and Ruby.
Hola, senoritas.
It's nice to see you all again.
Won't you come on in?
I'll show you around, huh?
(upbeat music)
Here we go, Saturday night
Here we go, Saturday night
Senoritas, follow me.
Come on!
You remember our
friends from earlier?
Is it alright if I can
steal you away for a minute?
- Sure.
- Oi.
I'll be watching you, Zorro.
- Oh, hello.
- [Andy] Hello.
Let's try this again.
I'm Emma.
This is Nina.
And that feisty lady is Ruby.
- Ruby!
- [Nina] Ruby!
It's you.
Hope you're doing
better than before, mate.
Wow! Crikey!
You know what would
make me feel better
is if I could just get a drink.
Is that alright with you, mate?
What the fuck was that?
Oh my God, did
you just have a fit?
It's my Australian accent.
- It was unique.
- You know what?
I don't need this.
I'm going, I'm going.
- No, you're not.
- Oh, come back!
For drinks!
I'm sorry.
I'm not normally like this.
Don't worry about it. I mean,
I was just trying to help, after all.
I know, I know.
Cause you know what if someone
actually was in trouble?
I get it.
Yeah, not that you were,
but just next time,
if someone is,
I'm worried I probably
won't do anything.
I'll be too scared
they'll react like you.
(scoffs) You know what?
I just punched a wall.
Shit! Look.
[Emma] Aw.
I reckon you'll be alright.
You reckon, do ya?
(scoffs) Is this guy for real?
Looks real to me.
- No.
- Hey, Ruby, come on, come on.
I'm just, I'm stirring you.
Let me get you a drink. In fact,
all three of you, on the house.
What do you want?
- Sweet!
- Lemon lime bitters.
- Tequila.
- Alcohol.
[Andy] Tequila it is.
- [Emma] Okay, just-
- Yeah, right.
Stop. Stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop!
Just a little, oh, golly.
Not too much.
Thank you.
[Ruby] Thank you.
[Group] Cheers!
- Eyes, eyes, eyes.
- Eyes.
I have a little
surprise for you.
Watch your step.
Can we go in there?
Of course.
I know the owner.
Do you do this all
the time with girls?
Not at all.
You look so,
so beautiful.
I'm gonna show you the
best seat in the house.
[Sophie] This is amazing.
(upbeat music)
- [Nina] Cheers.
- [Emma] Cheers.
How're you traveling, ladies?
Feeling good?
More alcohol, please,
mister bartender sir.
You're gonna
get me in trouble.
We a bit quieter
than before, Ruby.
It's so I don't
say anything stupid.
Ah, that's a fun
way to live your life.
[Emma] Mine.
Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
Thank you.
- [Nina and Ruby] Cheers.
- [Emma] Cheers.
You are no much for me, Emma.
What, no.
I'm taking it easy 'cause
I don't want to get
too drunk tonight.
Why, you got plans after this?
What? No.
I don't have any plans.
I'm plan-less.
I see you looking at your
phone every two minutes.
- Who's the guy?
- He's no one.
I mean... (gags)
Oh, I feel a bit sick.
(gags) No, I'm good.
I'm fantastic, I'm good.
[Nina and Ruby] Oh God.
I knew it.
Thank you, tequila.
No, you stay here
with your mans.
Silly bitch.
That should teach me
to give drinks away.
Rookie mistake.
So what brought on your
little episode earlier?
Do I have to?
You don't have to.
I'm happy to just
continue thinking
you're an aggressive person
who likes punching
things for no reason.
Good point. Um,
I saw my ex-boyfriend
for the first time since he
dumped me.
- Is that it?
- No, that's not it.
He was with a girl.
You talk to him?
You could say that.
It's coming!
It's coming!
Okay, I'm good.
Yeah, okay.
I'm good.
- I'm good. (chuckles)
- Are you sure?
Don't do that!
[Nina] Oh, babe.
Can I not just do this in peace?
Oh, you stink.
- Oh, we can go now.
- Alright.
I'm gonna tell you something
important right now.
Oh, so serious.
You know how I've been
seeing someone new, right?
[Emma] Yeah.
I think she's the one.
I'm gonna propose to her.
- Emma?
- Huh?
Did you hear what I just said?
- Yes, sounds good.
- [Nina] Emma!
Sorry, it's work stuff!
You know what?
Just forget it.
Obviously, whoever you
keep secretly texting
is way more important
to you than me!
Wait, Nina!
Not done yet.
(upbeat music)
[Owner] Francesco,
are you there?
Sorry, my beauty.
[Owner] Francesco, you got me?
Hey, Francesco here.
[Owner] Yeah, mate, just a
little situation out front.
I have my hands a
little full at the moment.
- Can you call Andy?
- [Owner] Bruv, he's serving at the upstairs
bar at the moment.
(sighs) Okay, what
seems to be the problem?
[Owner] Yeah, a couple
of unsavory fellas
trying to make their
way inside, you know?
Okay, I'll be
there in a minute.
Do you wanna come with
me while I sort this out?
I don't think you
should go out just yet.
Trust me, I don't
want to but I have to.
No, it's not that.
It's that.
I'm sorry.
Don't be, it's a compliment.
I'm gonna turn around and
not look at you if that's okay.
Alright. That's fine.
[breathing heavily]
Curtains. Car.
No, no, no, no, no!
Please? No!
No, down!
Come on, little guy!
He's not little, by the way.
I'll be the judge.
How's your friend?
He's, uh,
he's a little worked
up at the moment.
I'm really worked up too.
(upbeat music)
Wait, so let me
get this right.
You saw them.
[Ruby] Mm-hmm.
And then you just, you
just started hurling abuse.
Yes, I did.
Oh boy. Oh no.
And then I think I
panic-ate some of her chicken.
You didn't.
(chuckles) That's so bad.
What happened next?
They made us leave the
restaurant. (chuckles)
No wonder you didn't
wanna talk to me.
I'm done with guys.
- No offense.
- No, none taken.
I mean, it's good to
be alone sometimes.
You should enjoy it.
So I take it
you're single then.
Not that I'm interested,
because I'm not,
but you know, I'm just,
I'm, you know, I'm interested.
Yeah, I'm single. Yeah, I've
been for a couple years.
Is that on purpose? Or are you
just a really shitty boyfriend?
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, shocking.
The worst, actually.
You should ask my ex.
No, no, it's because-
They're calling you, boss.
You know they
can call Francesco.
They did, but now
he won't answer.
This is on your friend.
Oh, you're kidding.
Alright, alright, yep,
I'll be out in a sec.
Can you keep an eye
on this for a second?
- No problem.
- Cheers.
I've gotta sort
something outside.
Can I come?
I think my friends
have ditched me
and I could really
use the fresh air.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Come on then, we
kinda got to hurry.
[Ruby] Oh.
Come on, mate.
You can't be serious, eh?
Hey, I come here all the
time and all of a sudden,
now you have a problem
with how I dress.
You're not coming in, mate.
Ah, there he fucking is.
Alright, Andy, will you
tell this
little idiot that we're alright?
No, Scott, I won't
'cause I told you the
last time you were here
not to come back again.
You weren't serious.
I got this.
Actually, I was.
Yeah, I was dead serious.
Just remember who you're
talking to, mate, yeah?
I bring a lot of
business to your club.
No, no, what you
bring is a fat headache.
So why don't you get these two
and please just get outta here.
Right, be careful how
you speak to me, yeah?
Just let us in, we'll do our
thing, and then we'll leave.
Have you forgotten, Scott,
that the shit that you
brought in here last time
caused a fucking overdose?
That slip your mind, huh?
You fried your own
little brain on it too.
Let me tell you politely.
Fuck off, yeah?
And don't come back ever.
Yeah, we'll go.
But just watch yourself,
you little prick,
- 'cause we ain't done here.
- (upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
That looked intense.
Yeah. Well, it's just
a bunch of idiots
who have too much spare time.
How come you had
to handle that?
Look at me.
Look at these guns.
(Ruby chuckles)
After you.
[Interviewer] Do you
remember around what time
the encounter between
Andy and Scott was?
about one a.m.
[Interviewer] And
did Andy mention to you
what kind of drugs
Scott was selling?
[Interviewer] Okay.
One more thing.
You don't have to go
into such graphic detail
about who kisses whom
and who touches whom.
It's not really what
we're after here.
Hmm, I'm sorry, I thought I
was the one telling the story,
and I happen to think
that's very relevant.
[Interviewer] Alright.
If you must.
[Ruby] We told Sophie
she needed to chill,
so she was off doing that.
(DJ clears her throat)
Oh my God.
Have a good set!
That's gonna keep
happening, isn't it?
I think we should
go somewhere else.
Once, and that was
earlier tonight.
Well, it's a good
thing that you didn't.
Oh God!
Oh, fuck my life.
Oh God! Oh no!
Hey, hey, what's up?
It's my ex!
- Oh God, oh no.
- Hey, it's all good.
Just ignore him.
You're sweet.
Just dodge him.
Could you fly kick
him for me instead?
No, I'd rather not do that.
Hey, you got this.
Ruby! Hi.
What are you doing here?
Well, um, about earlier-
Oh, no, no, it's fine.
No, no, really,
I think we should
just forget about it
and just move on.
No, I should apologize.
That was out of line.
There you are, bae.
Oh, fuck.
I'm Kate.
- Kate.
- Kate, this is Ruby.
Ruby's an old school friend
- of mine.
- Oh!
Oh, nice to meet you!
Oh, what was Angus
like at school?
Oh, we don't need
to hear about that.
Oh, I bet he was
such a dork, was he?
Oh, he was a bit of a dork,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
(Kate laughs)
No, there was,
oh my God, he had
the best nickname.
What was it again?
What was it again?
It was something like,
oh, Angus Anus Face. (laughs)
Excuse me, guys, sorry. Ruby, I think
your friends are wondering where you are.
- Yes, oh.
- So we probably should
- take off.
- Okay, well,
we gotta go.
Yeah, nice to see you
again, school buddy.
(phone rings)
[Operator] Please leave
a message after the tone.
Nina, can you answer
your phone, please?
Look, I've just come to the
bar and I can't find you.
I know this voice!
- Sven?
- Ya!
What are you doing here?
Ya, this place
is my jam! (laughs)
- [Emma] Really?
- Oh my God.
How was everyone
after the dinner?
It was like, oh, so dramatic.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, I actually have
no idea where anyone is.
I need to find Nina.
She's not very happy with me at the moment.
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Take a seat. Sven will listen.
- Tell me your secrets.
- Okay.
Well, she said she wanted to
tell me something important,
but then she just stormed off.
Hmm, yeah.
What was so important?
I don't know.
I didn't hear her.
Hmm, you didn't hear her
or you weren't listening?
The farmer had a dog and
its name was bingo! (laughs)
I should go find her.
Oh, I come with you!
- Really?
- Ya!
I live for this stuff, ya?
- Let's go.
- Just one sec. One sec, ya?
Ya! The Sven is ready.
Let's kick this pig.
I hope you didn't
mind me butting in.
That didn't look like
a particularly fun conversation
to be in.
I knew it.
I'm guessing that wasn't
his boss from earlier.
What a wanker!
He's moved on already,
and we just broke up.
I mean, did those three
years mean nothing?
And I lost my shit
at the wrong person.
What is wrong with me?
Nothing's wrong with you.
I mean, he's got a
new job, a new girl,
and here I am, a bloody mess.
Look. If a girl I was with for
three years just dumped me suddenly
and then I saw her out
with some new guy so soon,
I really don't think I
could have held it together
as well as you just did.
You think I'm
holding it together?
Doesn't feel like it.
I'm gonna tell you something
that I've been trying
to forget, really,
for the last three years,
but this should make
you feel better.
When I was dumped,
I, (chuckles) I
could not handle it.
I, um,
I was so shattered
that I actually moved
15,000 kilometers
away from my ex.
You're just trying
to make me feel better.
I mean, yeah, I am,
but that did happen.
(chuckles) I'm not joking.
- [Ruby] What?
- [Andy] Hmm.
You moved all the
way from Australia
to get away from your ex?
That's excessive.
(chuckles) Thank you.
Why would you do
something so extreme?
Well, you were dumped
on your anniversary.
I was dumped during a proposal.
During a proposal?
Hmm, as in I was
down on one knee.
And instead of saying yes,
she said, "See you later."
(gasps) Shit.
Oh, the no dating thing makes sense now.
- (Andy chuckles)
So what, you just
moved to London?
That's what you
do, right? (chuckles)
That, or lose your
shit at your ex's boss.
Well, both seem
pretty reasonable to me.
See, hey?
Ah, you're not such
a mess after all.
You are.
I'm not convinced I should be alone with you.
- (Andy chuckles)
Oh, come on. It's not like
I've brought you into the creepy back room
of a nightclub that
only I know about.
(Ruby laughs)
(crowd cheers)
(upbeat music)
What are you doing? We're
supposed to be looking for Nina.
Ya, this is the
best place to look.
We can see everything from here.
Come have a little
dance with Svenny.
No, I don't want to.
Too bad!
Watch out, people.
This girl is dynamite.
- What, no!
- It's time for a dance-off!
- So let me tell you like this
- Whoo!
(crowd cheers)
Oh my God!
Five, six, seven, eight.
(crowd cheers)

I'ma make you get
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Bring it home, mama!
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Oh, you're doing that, yes!
- Oh yeah.
- Oh my God!
- Okay, okay, you go.
- (crowd cheers)
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Alright, ladies.
Let's tear his face off!
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Get hot, get lit, get
down, get wavey, get wavey
Like this
(crowd cheers)
- So let me tell you like this
- Ya, not bad, not bad.
I underestimated your moves.
I don't know where
that came from. (laughs)
This is where you say
something nice about my dancing.
You were amazing, of course.
You blew me off the dance floor.
Ah, stop it!
Oh, Sven, we're never
gonna find her in here.
There's so many people.
I didn't want to
say anything before,
but I saw her a few moments ago.
I wanted to dance.
Oh, she looks so
sad all by herself.
If that is sad,
then sign me up.
She looks preoccupied.
No, no, no, just
go talk to her, ya?
Well, can you come with me?
Do you even have
to ask? (chuckles)
Oh, Nina!
I got you!
[Sven] Naughty
Nina, my favorite.
- How are you?
- Hi, Sven.
Naughty Nina, I
forgot about that.
You don't get to call me that.
Oh, good to know you're
not angry with me anymore.
Look, I'm sorry about before.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Well, I do, okay?
I'm sorry for
being a dick, okay?
But just tell me now what
you wanted to tell me then.
Emma, this is my
girlfriend, Jasmine.
I was telling you
about her earlier.
Babe, this is Emma, and Sven.
He's our waiter from
earlier tonight.
Ya, this is true.
Nice to meet you.
So lovely to meet you.
It's so nice to
meet you finally.
Now I can see why Nina has
been keeping you from us.
Thank you, Emma.
Nina always talks about you.
Does she?
Who knew you were so
obsessed with me? (chuckles)
Oh, oh, I remember!
See, I remember
what you told me.
I am a good friend.
Can I talk to you
alone for a second?
Excuse us.
Have you lost your mind?
No, I don't think so.
Oh, shit!
Yes, the proposal.
Nina, I'm so happy for you.
I know, thanks.
I won't say
anything, I promise.
Can you shut up now?
[Emma] Okay.
What is up with you and the
secret text and calls anyway?
You think we don't notice?
It's just work. (chuckles)
You mean your boss.
How'd you know?
Because I pay
attention to my friends.
Late nights at the office?
Work meetings on weekends?
Isn't he like 50?
He's 49.
Please tell me
he's not married.
Oh, he's divorced.
I think.
Just be careful, okay?
I don't want you to
ruin all your hard work.
You work harder than anyone
I know, so don't fuck it up!
Okay, I won't.
[Nina] Good.
He's actually
really nice, you know.
He's really quite the gentleman.
But he does want to do
like a little bit of
role play in the bedroom.
Have you done that before?
We like to role play Batman
with like the cape
and everything.
- Who's Batman?
- I am.
But he's Catwoman, you know,
with the mask and
his skintight suit.
Thanks for sharing that.
Yeah, you should really
see the scratches on my back.
No, definitely
keep that a secret.
Oh, okay.
But you don't need to keep
your mans a secret from us.
Okay, just the
other part, I got it.
- [Nina] Please.
- Okay.
Come here.
Oh my God!
Are you asking
her tonight, here?
No, not tonight, idiot!
Just don't say anything.
You're the worst liar
I've ever met in my life.
- What did I even tell you?
- Oh.

Where is everyone?
We have been gone
for a little while.
Hasn't been that long, has it?
Like three hours.
It didn't feel like it.
Have you seen Andy?
Hmm, not in a while.
He went off to deal
with some stuff
but that was a
couple of hours ago.
He was with your friend.
My friend?
Which one?
- (Andy and Ruby laugh)
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, that's alright.
- Okay.
Alright, you have to tell
me the rest of the story.
You'd hired out the
entire restaurant,
and you had her family
waiting out the back.
And they could hear
everything by the way.
I also uh,
you're not gonna believe this.
I had a band
(Ruby and Andy laugh)
on standby hidden
behind a curtain,
ready to play her favorite song.
Can you stop laughing
at my pain, please?
I'm sorry.
Okay, continue.
So I get down on one knee
and I had this big
10-minute speech ready to go
about how she's
the love of my life
and I couldn't see myself
living without her.
Anyway, I got out about three
words and she just says,
"I need to stop you."
Ah, not the reaction you want.
No, not at all.
So she goes on to tell me
that she'd fallen
out of love with me
quite some time ago,
apparently, and she walked out.
Yes, please.
And then I got stuck
there for a good hour
with her family, my family,
and the fucking band. (laughs)
I sold the ring,
booked a flight
to London two weeks later,
and yeah, that all happened
like three years ago.
You know, I still think
my breakup story is worse.
But look on the
bright side, right?
If she'd said yes,
you wouldn't be here with me.
That's right.
[Francesco] Thunder
from down under, come in.
Thunder from down under.
Thunder from down under?
Why do they call you that?
Wouldn't you like to know?
(Ruby chuckles)
What do you want?
[Francesco] I'm just wondering
where you have been all night.
Are you kidding me?
Do you even work here anymore?
[Francesco] We're back
at the upstairs bar.
- Where are you?
- Ooh, they're a we already.
We're on our way.
The real world calls.
Let's do this.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
Right, yeah, yeah.
[Andy] Sure, there you go.
Well, um...
- Yeah, no, you...
- No, you...
- (upbeat music)
- I felt like Bastian,
and you were like Falco,
and we were riding off
into this Never
Ending Story together!
Ya, you know this!
[Emma] I do, I do.
- [Sven] Ya.
- When I looked into your eyes, it was amazing.
It looked like you
were floating, right?
Oh, I was floating somewhere,
I'll tell you this much, ya?
It's crazy.
- It's Angus.
- What?
Oh my God!
Is he stalking us?
Ya, that is the
guy from the bar
but this is a different girl.
- [Jasmine] What's going on?
- That is Ruby's very recent ex.
Oh, wow.
And he's engaged already.
- No, they're not.
- [Emma] What?
Yeah, she's wearing a ring.
What a prick!
He broke up with Ruby
like five minutes ago.
Ya, he moves so fast.
Happy anniversary, my love.
What an amazing year.
Yes, indeed,
my little shnookums,
my spicy little quiche.
- [Kate] Absolutely.
- After you.
So based on what
I witnessed tonight,
I feel as though Ruby will
probably kill him, ya?
- Ya.
- [Emma] Ya.
- Ya.
- We have to find Ruby.
Alright, let's go, come on.
Thank you, by the way.
For what?
Listening, talking, laughing.
It was nice.
(chuckles) Yeah,
it was, wasn't it?
You sound surprised.
It's just that
sitting and talking
isn't always that
easy, you know?
It just feels like
I felt, it felt,
I don't know, I guess
it's just been a while,
I'm not, I'm not-
Making any sense?
I'm not making
any sense, am I?
- (Ruby chuckles)
- I know.
- What I mean to say is that-
- [Nina] Ruby!
Oh, finally, my friends.
Ruby, we've got to
tell you something.
Sven, you're here?
Ya, of course!
We are connected now.
Oh, I love it.
Did you bring any food
from the restaurant?
Damn it.
That's okay.
Hi, we haven't met.
- No.
- Ruby, this is my girlfriend, Jasmine.
Babe, this is Ruby.
Jasmine, it is so nice
to finally meet you.
It's nice to
finally meet you too.
Nina, why have you kept
her away from us for so long?
You've been mental.
(chuckles) That's fair.
I have.
What's this?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
- We saw Angus.
- (Sven gasps)
Ugh, so did I.
And you're all cool with that?
I don't know. It just doesn't
seem all that important anymore.
that was unexpected.
It's for the best, you know.
No one wants to share.
What do you mean?
Did you see the other girl?
Oh, with Angus? Yeah.
He's moved on.
So what?
You know the the thing-
- So-
- [Emma] The thing about that-
- They're here celebrating
their one-year anniversary.
And we think they're engaged.
Where is he?
- [Emma] Ruby.
- [Nina] Ruby.
- Ruby!
- That's alright.
I'll go and chat with her.
(upbeat music)
Hey, hey.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
I'm going.
Is he really worth it, Ruby?
(upbeat music)
(crowd cheers)
(upbeat music continues)
Yeah, cut it.
(music fades)
I need a mic or something.
Thank you.
[Partygoer] What is happening?
Oh, hi. (chuckles)
- Very in at the moment.
- Shh shh shh.
[Ruby] Oh, Christ.
Oh my God.
Sorry for the
interruption, everybody.
My name's Ruby,
and I'm looking for a guy.
He's the sort of guy who's,
well, a bit of an
arse, actually.
He's the sort of guy that
you should have realized
wasn't right for you years ago.
I mean, so many signs.
I mean, he didn't say I
love you first, you know.
He was really, really
average in bed.
And he had a longer
skincare routine than me.
He never did anything
special for my birthday.
He never held my hand in public,
certainly never
kissed me in public.
I put my whole self
into our relationship
and it was like he
didn't care, you know,
like I wasn't worth it.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Keep going.
Keep going.
I can't.
Keep going, yeah?
You're all good.
But you know what?
I am worth it.
I'm worth every bit.
And that guy, Angus,
you're not worth it.
You're not worth a single
second of my time anymore.
Now I'm only
looking for this guy
because I need to tell
his girlfriend something.
He's here somewhere.
He's wearing a
wanky dress shirt.
And he's got dirty blonde
hair, face you wanna slap.
(crowd laughs)
He's probably trying
to hide right now,
so if you could
find him quickly.
- Angus.
- I think we should probably just go.
Is that him?
[Partygoer] Nice
shirt, wanker!
Yes, that's him!
Thank you!
Hi, Kate.
I needed to tell you that
I'm not his old school friend.
I'm his ex-girlfriend
of three years
and we only broke
up three weeks ago.
I heard that you've been
with him for quite some time.
And there's no judgment.
I just wanted to make
you aware of the overlap.
Is this true, is it?
No, it's not.
- She drinks-
- Oh!
Oh my God!
I guess she doesn't think
you're worth it either. (chuckles)
(Angus whimpers)
Excuse me.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yeah, no.
Oh God.
I'm sorry. Uh...
I'm gonna go.
Have a great night!
I'm out.
(mic buzzes)
Oh my God!
Love makes the
world go round
(crowd cheers)
La la la la la la
La la la
Love makes the world
Oh my God. Oh my God!
Did I just do that?
- Oh my God.
- Hey.
- Oh, wow.
- Come here.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I hijacked your club.
- No, no, no.
Honestly, that was the
most exciting thing
that's happened here.
That was amazing.
Oh my God!
You know, I feel amazing.
Yeah, you should.
Wow, it's day.
Where has that night gone?
- (phone beeps)
- You know, I almost feel sorry for him.
Oh, I wouldn't feel
too sorry for him.
He's about to be famous.
Look what Francesco
just sent me.
This isn't the time,
little shnookums.
- Ah!
- (Andy and Ruby laugh)
You got him!
- Oh, that's brutal.
- Oh, good for him.
You're a savage.
Throwing loose change
Hoping I'll catch
up to my mess
Making mistakes
Take it as part
of the process
Change the routine up
Plenty to clean up
My head, it says I
should take it slow
But where's the fun
feeling in control
We don't have much,
but all we have is love
Big night, eh?
It wasn't quite
what I expected but it turned out alright.
To think it all began
with you yelling at me.
I know, but friends now, yeah?
It only takes a night
We're friends.
Well, we are.
I mean, think about it.
So we had a fight, we
shared breakup stories,
and we got drunk together.
That makes us friends.
Ah, it's just, you know,
I don't usually wanna
kiss my friends.
You don't?
Shouldn't we have a date first?
Oh, what, tonight
doesn't count as a date?
Dates usually end
with a kiss, so.
Usually, yeah.
Oi, Australia!
(ominous music)
I need to talk to ya.
One second.
What do you want?
Well, first, I want
you to apologize,
and then you're gonna let me
back into your club tomorrow night.
It's not gonna happen.
It is not going to happen.
I warned ya, yeah?
You don't know who
you're messing with.
Ah, just stop.
You're not a gangster, Scott.
You're a smalltime dealer
with a couple of
dodgy looking mates.
Why don't you call your mum?
Give her a hug.
(suspenseful music)
Have a go!
(gunshot blasts)
Oh my God!
(soft piano music)
Close your eyes
And picture this
Bedroom ours
Well, the good thing
is they caught up
with Scott quickly.
He's behind bars.
Day is here
There's no agenda
[Interviewer] Can you
tell me what happened next?
But to stay here with you
[Ruby] I called Emma on
the way to the hospital.
We can lay in bed
In between the sheets,
we rest our head
In and out of sleep
with a lifetime ahead
One day, we'll be home
With no distance to show
And wherever we go, I know
That till death do us part
And the alignment of stars
Comprised of two
hearts, I'm home
Wherever with you, I'm home
Why won't they
tell us how he is?
I'm sure he's okay.
It's been too long.
That till death do us part
And the alignment of stars
Comprised of two
hearts, I'm home
Wherever with you, I'm home
Was that Andy?
I couldn't see.
Well, it looked like him.
- I think it was someone else.
- Are you sure?
- I don't know.
- Are you...
I'm so scared.
[Emma] We don't know.
We didn't see anything.
(Ruby sobs)
- Hey, guys, what's going on?
- (dramatic music)
You guys all good?
Oh, I'm sorry!
- [Andy] That's alright.
- I'm sorry.
[Andy] That's alright.
- [Ruby] Sorry.
- Yeah.
You're okay.
Well, apart from
being shot, yeah.
Hey, check this out.
Pretty gangster.
- What took them so long?
- Well, you know, they stitched me up,
and then I had to tell the
police what had happened,
and then they discovered this
little glitch in my visa.
What's the problem?
Just that it's lapsed.
- Wait, what does that mean?
- Oh, nothing, nothing.
I just,
well, I have to fly
back to Australia
as soon as I'm
well enough to fly.
I go to jail.
[Sven] Ya!
Hey, guys.
I'm still alive. (chuckles)
Yes, you are.
I heard sirens in my head
From the first
time that we met
Thought it was a false alarm
Yeah, we started as a spark
Didn't think we'd
come this far
But here we are, oh
I'll dance in the flames
I'll dance in the flames
Ain't scared of the blaze
Don't rescue me
And now I'm burning
in your arms
Endless fire in my heart
No, it's not a false alarm
And then we made out for
about 10 to 15 minutes.
No, it's not a false alarm
[Interviewer] The length
of time you kissed for
is irrelevant.
And even with the gunshot
he was really-
- Again, not important
to know that.
(uptempo music)
(pen clicks)
(clock ticks)
(pen clicks)
(pen clicks)
is that everything?
I think so, yeah.
- Yes.
- What, not long enough for you?
That's the whole night.
Yeah, that's everything, mate.
Yes, that's it.
So have we all passed the test?
Can we stay?
Well, first off,
Ruby, I have to say,
But the fact of the matter is,
you only met this
guy a week ago,
and now you and
six of your friends
want entry into
Australia to be with him.
So you have to understand,
from my point of view,
that's bloody ridiculous.
However, after speaking with you
and Andy and all your mates,
I formed the personal opinion
that it's all very genuine.
(Ruby gasps)
I think you have the
makings of a great couple.
[upbeat music]
Oh my God, thank you so much!
[Interviewer] Best of luck.
[Ruby] Can I hug you?
That would be inappropriate.
(interviewer sighs)
No, it's not a false alarm
You see?
Being deported isn't so bad.
You know, I think that
I could stay here forever.
You know, I think
that could be arranged.
What will we do
with the kids though?
(Andy laughs)
- Hey!
- Hey, guys!
- Throw it here!
- Over here!
[indistinct yelling]
No, it's not a false alarm
- Ah!
- Ya, it's good!
No, it's not a false alarm
- [Andy] Oi, oi, oi!
- No
No, it's not a false alarm
There's something
about you I like
but I can't quite
put my finger on it.
(mouth pops)
It's only been a night
Oh, it seems so right
Well, now it's
something real
If we go with how we feel
I want you here
It's not too soon
'Cause nothing makes me
feel the way I feel with you
I want you near
You know it's true
I just wanna break the rules
I'm gonna show you how
Let me show you how
I can show you
Bodies moving in
the dark, moonlight
Discover one another,
what do you like
Don't make it last more
than just one night
It's only been a night
Oh, it seems so right
You'll know it's something
real if we go with how we feel
I want you here
It's not too soon
'Cause nothing makes me
feel the way I feel with you
I want you near
You know it's true
I just wanna break the rules
I'm gonna show you how
Let me show you how
I can show you
Let me show you how
I can show you how
Let me show you how
I can show you
Let me show you how
I can show you how
I want you here
It's not too soon
'Cause nothing makes me
feel the way I feel with you
I want you near
You know it's true
I just wanna break the rules
I'm gonna show you how
Let me show you how
I can show you
Let me show you how
I can show you how
I can show you love
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
Ha ha ha
Ha Ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha