It Remains (2023) Movie Script

No BP, no Pulse
The restaurant is really busy today
I was so busy that I completely forgot about time.
I don't blame you
But today is our fifth anniversary
How can you make your girlfriend wait for you for an hour?
I won't break the appointment
Are you still there? I'll come over as soon as I get off work
Dr. Cen invites you to the emergency room
Gallo, Gallo
Wake up sir, you can't go in.
Just answer me. Jialu, please go out. You can't go in.
Don't hinder the doctor's work Gallo
Just let me in
Sir, you can't go in.
You answer me
You can't go in. Don't hinder the doctor's work.
Jialu, please wake up and the doctor will give her first aid
You go out first and wait here
This baby is very cute. How big will it be?
three months
Do you have any children?
No, no
Go and change clothes
Haven't you checked it?
full of blood
Where are you?
I'm here
come over here
This way
come over
come over here
New goods to
red jade ice
Drink when you are happy, drink when you are unhappy
it's your turn
OK, I'll drink
What are you doing
How can I take you out when you are so drunk?
What an obsession
I won't leave
Let me out...
I am so busy
eye for eye
wake up...
Wake up!
Don't rely on this thing when you come to a place like this
Can't you enjoy it?
Take it back first
No, let me keep it for you first
Jiahao! Zijie! You follow me!
Hello! it's here!
Let's go
This island looks big
But enter the village from here
Just a ten-minute walk away
That's right, Zijie
Come in, relax and take a breather
Hey Goddess, I also brought a board game card
Don't let him drink again. It's a board game card.
Didn't you lose enough last week?
That kid drinks again. I will definitely win this time.
Then bet money
This arrangement is very good
But I have a suggestion for you
Just a suggestion
If you do these tours next time
Choose places where you can receive phone calls
And there is a car to reach the place
If the company calls me and asks me to go back
I really can't
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid
We are counting on you these three days and two nights.
Hello! Take pictures
Turns out there was no photo paper
No, there is another one
I expect you to be sure if I dropped something?
Let's go, let's go
It's heavy, let me take it
It's okay with me. I can carry you on my back.
Where do you put the wine bottles?
you've had enough
Hey, be careful
no road
In front
So many decorations?
Not for decoration
Hey, what's up?
It's the wine
There is wine here
Hey, havent you arrived yet?
Haotian, if you are too tired, dont force yourself
i really can
Right here?
This is not what I saw online before
There were a lot of people, and some people held banquets
Didn't you come in?
You just checked online
See the scenery is good
Just call us in
Ha ha
I proposed
We turn back the way we came.
Go out and find a hotel for a short stay of two days.
eat and drink
Alright alright
There won't be a boat until two days later
What are you doing?
There won't be a boat until two days later
Ha ha
Lat Tsai
Forget it, forget it
It doesn't matter
Let's look around and see what else
do not be afraid
Take a look around
Maybe other places are beautiful
Come on, that's the only thing, right?
not like this
No need to explain anymore, thats it
Eat again and again.
Hey, hey, hold it, hold it
Come on, come on, sit down first
Take it easy
Dont force yourself if you know you cant stay in the sun for too long.
take it
Mommy mommy
You finally came
You guys take a rest first
I'm looking for a place to stay
Be careful
Can't drink anymore
Do you want eye drops? Yes. Yes.
where to put
on top
You go to sleep first
Take a rest and calm down first
Real kids
Hey, eye drops
Do you want some water?
it's here
Help you
Go find the goddess and watch her carefully.
Don't go away
Don't be too depressed to come and go.
Let me help you
You said you would help me
hurry up
This village does not welcome outsiders
You have to leave before dark
hurry up!
That's crazy
where exactly
Be obedient and save your breath with me
Have a good rest, okay?
Hello, Zijie
Smell the house with sage
Does Goddess have cigarette paper?
You have hands and feet and you dont know how to get down on your own?
hurry up
Hey, what are you doing in this village?
Brewed by myself
give it a try
Thank you, Brother Hua
Hua brother
There is a little sediment residue in the wine
Very interesting, where did it come from?
Yubingyaki is stuffed with meat
I dont know Chikans wine
What are you here for?
We are traveling for three days and two nights.
Hua brother
There are many festive things on the island
Did your village just hold a wedding banquet?
Hua brother
You live alone
Where is the family?
This wine has dregs only if it's not brewed well, silly boy.
If you didn't tell me earlier
Go crazy at the sight of wine
Hua brother
Is your wine made from this meat?
rat meat
vole meat
Ha ha
Brother Hua is so funny
Yes, there is so much wine here
You brewed it all by yourself?
We just entered the village
I saw a lot of wine pots along the road
Is it all yours?
Where have all the people in the village gone?
The room belongs to my daughter!
Sorry, Brother Hua
Excuse me
Are there any injuries?
Brother Hua, we still wont bother you.
Let's go first
Hua brother
Kill us...
Children are not spared either
Why do you want to kill us?
I want revenge!
Kill and fill your life!
I won't be afraid of you
Kill this bad guy!
I'm not afraid of you!
Let him accept his punishment!
You die, I die
You die, you die...
I'm not afraid of you
You die or I die
You die or I die
You die or I die
come on!
bring it on!
Was that madman part of your plan?
Stop arguing
So what do we do now, should we continue?
Let's go back and have something to eat
Think about what to do
Go back to the big house?
Go back and wait for that lunatic to come find you?
I can not
If you want to go back, go back by yourself
I won't go back
Don't you think it's a little strange here?
I think
I received it on the phone
answer the phone
Answer the phone. Why don't you answer the phone?
Really answer it?
Whose call?
no one speaks
Did someone else use Gallo's phone?
how? Received
no signal
Today Jialu's hairpin suddenly appeared in my pocket
What do you think
Will she have a chance here?
Is Jialu here?
Jialu is here?
Did you see Jialu when you were searching online?
I came to this place
The first thing I saw was Jialu
Then there are hairpins
Then there was her call
have no idea
I'll try to find her for you
But let me make it clear first that the person who responds to us may not necessarily be Jialu.
Why don't we do it tomorrow morning?
No, I dont want to miss it again
If Jialu is really here
She will do it before the pentagram burns out
give us instructions
Will she call again?
Did you kill us?
Kill and fill your life!
You must avenge us!
Awu will definitely kill you!
Drink it!
I shouldn't give you false hope
You don't want it either
but i don't understand
She must have something to say to you
Otherwise why would I call you?
What do you think she wanted to say to me?
In my words
Just want to tell you
Don't drink anymore
This wine bottle was given to me by her
Does the wine need to be so strong?
If you dont understand, dont drink it
Even if you dont want to hear it, I have to say it.
It's not that I don't want to
It's because I really can't forgive myself
I didn't mean to say this
What do you want to say again?
I want to say
In fact, in my heart
I envy you
at least
You have a hairpin and a wine flask
but me
I don't have anything
I have nothing to prove...
My daughter really existed
nothing happened
I destroyed her
I shouldn't have terminated my pregnancy
So, the memories between you
It depends on what meaning you give it
I see
Jialu calls you
Just want me to say this to you
Thank you Galu
three plans
The first plan, plan A
It's the house we're afraid of
We walked to the pier
We are fully equipped
Then put the tent here
Surround us with camping lights
I cant believe that no ship can pass through such a big sea.
If it's a big ship, you should understand it.
We use a flashlight to play Morse code
If it's a boat
They may not understand
We shouted for help
Then they'll stop, right?
I have some doubts about this too
I noted the wolf smoke
But don't laugh first
Because of the wolf smoke...
Forget it and ignore it
Plan B
Actually, I thought this was the best.
if you are still afraid
I'll chat with you
We kept chatting all night
Sleep until dawn
But there is one drawback
I need to re-plan any games
You are only anxious now
Is it useful?
Let's give you a chance to make the decision
Look at the mess you've made now
You want me to believe in your plans A, B, and C?
Admit it
You need someone to take care of you
You have albinism, you have amblyopia
But you are not brainless
Be more mature, okay?
What are you stirring up?
Hello, sorry
Come here!
don't want!
Let go!
Lets go!
don't want!
Escape there!
Mom, let's play hide and seek together
Is she a goddess?
Haotian Haotian
Mom, he looks weird
I don't want to play with him
What are you writing? Can your eyes see it?
Does anyone want to read what you write?
How could it be so white?
Positive garbage
make a mess
We still consider you a friend, which is not bad
go to hell
Look at how white he is, who wants to care about him?
You don't have to have someone take care of you all day long.
You are too different from others
I don't want to either
Sorry son
come on
Mom loves you very much
come on
why don't you want me
Do not you love me?
So my daughter is like this
Mom will take you to a better place
what reason?
why leave
really miss you
Let's play hide and seek together
Three, two, one
where did you go
I see you, I see you
Don't go
i see you
Where are you?
I see you, I see you
I caught you
Don't go, don't go...
You finally answered my call
The restaurant is really busy today
I was so busy that I completely forgot about time.
I don't blame you
But today is our fifth anniversary
How can you make your girlfriend wait for you for an hour?
I'm late, but I won't miss my appointment
Are you still there? I'll come over as soon as I get off work
Why can't you understand me even now?
Okay, okay, I'll come now, okay?
I don't want you to show up immediately
Its just that you do this every time, without even a single apology
Hello, Zijie
What's going on over there? Wait a minute. It'll be soon.
Hang up the phone and come over right away
It turns out you weren't listening
Forget it, you dont have to come
I go by myself
You listen to me first
Hit someone!
where have you been?
Do you know that I have been looking for you for a long time?
do not go
Let me out
I'm working very hard
help me
Let me out
help me
Did the goddess come back last night?
Where is Jiahao?
Hey, hey
How about taking a break?
You seem to have a bit of a sunburn
No, I'm fine, I'm fine
Now is not the time to be strong. Let's take a rest.
I can, let's go
Just think that I need to take a break
stay with me
let it go
Let's go
Goddess, go away
Let's go
where did you go last night
Let's go
hurry up
If you don't leave me, I will kill you all.
I'll kill you all
Walk! hurry up!
what happen?
Where did you go last night?
Let's go
we have to go
If we don't leave, one of us will die.
I saw my daughter last night
Your daughter?
We also meet dead people
It's a ghost
let's go
The ghost is here, let's go
How to go?
How to go without a boat or a road?
Where to go?
Didn't you write some plans yesterday?
What's the plan?
Where do you put it?
Come up with your plan
Don't mess around
Don't look any further
What time will the boat arrive tomorrow? o'clock
In short, we must not get lost now
Let's get back to the place where we boarded the ship as soon as possible
Hello! Where to go?
Thank you!
Zijie's way is the way out and you walked out on your own again.
What are you doing What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing, Zijie?
what happen?
Are you OK?
never mind
It's's okay...
Can you still bear it?
Jialu called you just because you missed me
Say this to you
Do you think she really doesn't blame me?
I don't want you to blame yourself either
What's more, Jialu?
It's all you!
What are you doing, stop?
Are you crazy?
Are you alright?
I'm fine
It's okay, I'm okay
Are you crazy?
do not go
Come back
Arrive at the pier soon
Let's go back together
Let's go back together
I shouldn't have brought you here
Come in together and go back together
Come in together...go back together...
Come in together...go back together...
What do you want?
Don't bother with their ideas
I know you are afraid of me
But at first I just wanted to drive you away
Your friend was killed by Awu
It has nothing to do with my father
Killed by Awu?
No matter what I say, you wont understand
twenty years ago
There is a man named Awu on this island
His father is the head of Chikan Village
Let go! ah!
Come here! Eight wives!
Stop making noise!
Want to die?
Stop making noise!
Stop making noise!
what are you doing! Let go! help!
help! help
Daughter, open the door
Just tell your father and he will solve it for you.
daughter, daughter
I was very scared at that time
Don't know what to do
Even hard to say
Unexpectedly, he relied on his status as a village son
He even brought a group of villagers to the door to force him into a marriage.
You chose suicide rather than marry me
Xiaoqing, Xiaoqing
Daughter! daughter
you killed my daughter
you killed my daughter
Congratulations to the village chief
Wine and vegetables
Poor greeting, drink cup, drink cup
drink cup drink cup
drink cup drink cup
Todays Awus marriage
Each of you is a matchmaker
I will remember it well
drink cup drink cup
Brother Hua, have a drink
Hua brother
good drinking cup
Come, sit down, sit down
Finally, Abba takes revenge on the villagers
Poison everyone in the village with poisonous wine
And Awu...
Then he was cut into pieces by his father and brewed in a wine pot.
Want his soul...
Never reincarnate
not my words
Abba wouldnt have to be reduced to this
Your friends will not be killed by Awu
it's not your fault
No one wants to be like this
I know
But I still can't forgive myself
Me too
I can't forgive myself either
But it's just an excuse
We also dont dare to face it
the most important is
We can't stay in the past
Maybe something brought me to this place
You just want me to tell you this
Hao Zai
Let me out...
What happened to him?
I captured you just for your safety
trust me
I've looked for your other friends
But I still cant find it
It's night now
Don't go out again
Things about our village
It's not something I can make you understand in just a few words.
That "I'm sorry" was what your daughter said to you.
What did you say?
She has never let you know she exists
Because of
She can't forgive herself
are u there?
Come out
Come out
Dad is really stupid
I can't find you after all these years
Dad feels really sorry for me
Abba feels guilty
if you are really still there
Just answer me
One sound is enough
Daughter's father
I'm here
where are you
answer me
answer me
Do you still remember the memories of my childhood?
she told me
She has also been fond of grasshoppers since she was a child.
Once she caught a grasshopper
The grasshopper flew away secretly
she cried all night
burst into tears
So tired that I fell asleep on the bed
Who knows, as soon as I open my eyes early in the morning
The whole bed was also made of grasshoppers by you.
You said you didn't want to see me cry
Don't want me to be sad
I remember
I remember
Silly daughter
It's your father who feels sorry for you
Abba didnt protect you well
It doesn't matter
I am very happy to be your daughter in this life
If you really love Xis father
Just dont remember me anymore
don't stay here
Dad, take care
Our village is a water station that supplies water from the north to the south.
There is a person who is hiding secrets among the water stations.
He taught me how to use the wolfsbane flower and the human bone flute
The soul of Awu
Sealed in the wine I brewed
so many years
Awu's soul is also biting me and won't let go
i stay here
Just watching over him
We can't let him see the light of day
What if he comes out
don't know what will happen
save me
save me
you come here
I'll let you face your own knots again
Now it's your turn to help me
Where are you going? It's dangerous outside.
Jiahao is still outside
I must find him
You hide first, hide
Jiahao, Jiahao
Is anything wrong?
Is anything wrong?
Let's go...
Are you scared?
These young people died in front of you
What does that count for?
Our whole village
I'll kill you
I also learn from you
I'll follow you...
no difference
What do you want?
if i die
Can you let him go?
don't want!
You've killed all my friends
What else do you want?
I want
his life