It Snows in Benidorm (2020) Movie Script

I have
very few certainties.
But there is something
I'm sure about.
Neither the weather nor people
can be trusted.
She, our daughter,
was working in a call centre,
and the company closed it down.
Relocation, they call it.
Now, if your refrigerator
breaks down,
you have to call someone
in Bangalore.
We came from Bangalore
all those years ago.
Her husband has been unemployed
for two years
and the three have moved in
with us.
The three.
The two of them
and their six-month-old baby.
If we are evicted,
you'll be leaving two families
on the street, Mr Riordan.
You don't know
how sorry I am, Mr...
We have been paying this
mortgage for the last 25 years.
- Yes.
- 25.
And how often have I not
paid an instalment?
-Not once.
-Not once.
We have gone without vacations,
we have not
squandered our money,
we have not lived
beyond our possibilities,
because paying a debt
is sacred for me.
And you, of all people,
you know that.
- You know that.
- I...I do.
Mr And Mrs Shah, I-I-I know
that, I'm well aware of that.
And that is why we've been
flexible, you see.
We understand
a few missed payments
in these times
that we're living in,
but, Mr and Mrs Shah,
it's been six months.
Six months in which we have
been living with 925.
Yes, Mrs Shah,
I-I understand that.
Mr Shah,
well, I understand that.
But your contract
clearly states...
But...but there
must be something...
There must be something
that you can do, Mr Riordan.
Whatever is necessary.
Please tell me, but we cannot go
out on the streets now, please.
I personally would
love to do so...
If I have to touch your feet,
I will do that.
- Mr Shah, no, no, please.
- Yes. No. No.
-No, Mr Shah.
-No, but don't evict us, please.
Don't do that.
Think of the baby.
- Please, no, no, look.
- No, no.
I'm asking you now,
please sit down, Mr Shah,
and we'll do some...we'll
reassess, we'll have a look.
-Mrs Shah, ask him, please.
-No, no. No, please. No.
A mortgage extension
for the Indians? Beautiful.
-They were on their knees.
And where is it written
that getting on your knees
grants you special
client privileges, Peter?
-They were desperate.
-Yeah? Who isn't?
What is the bank, a good
Samaritans' helpline now?
I'm sorry, but it was the
only solution I could think of.
The solution is eviction.
No, no, no,
refinancing the Shahs' debt
means that
they don't lose their home
and we are guaranteed
another 10 years' payments.
Yeah, payments that
they'll never be able to make.
Good thinking there, Peter.
No, they're just...
They're just going through
a bad patch.
They'll come through it.
The Shahs are decent,
conscientious people.
They've been exemplary customers
all the time I've been
at this branch.
Yes, well, no-one
is exemplary forever.
That is very obvious.
That will be all, Peter.
Alright. Thank you.
isn't a bad sort.
He likes teaching lessons
and overuses the word 'obvious'.
I suppose he can't understand
why unambitious people like me
continue working here,
a most unsuitable place for us.
Or that we continue
existing at all.
No, he's not a bad sort.
But he did tell me one day
that it's mathematically
that six million people died
in the Holocaust.
"Mathematically impossible"
said by a man
who can't even add
two simple figures together
without a calculator,
it sounds really convincing.
- Oh. Oh.
- You alright there?
I'm trying to be independent!
Alright. Sorry.
I started to get interested
in the weather
when I was very young.
I have no explanation.
My brother and I grew up
in a home with parents
who were too busy
destroying each other
to pay attention to
what we did in our free time.
I chose meteorological
phenomena as a hobby.
My brother didn't
really choose anything.
The winds,
generated out at sea,
sweep inland
across the continents.
The sun beating down
on tropical waters powers
the weather systems
of the globe.
Moisture evaporates from
the warming ocean and rises...
talking about the weather
is a kind of code
we've developed
to help us overcome
social inhibitions.
But for me,
the weather is a way to feel
that there's
something happening.
And if there isn't,
there's always a promise.
Uh, good morning, Mr Leuchars.
When you get a moment,
please tell me what you want...
-What? do with the credit line?
Um, later.
Peter, later. I'm busy.
Alright. Fair enough.
Prawn cracker.
But without any prior warning,
a letter firing me...
No, we're not letting you go.
It's early retirement.
"We"? I thought we were "we".
What? What?
Yes, we, the company, we,
we want to reward you for your
loyalty and...and good work.
Well, this isn't a reward.
How can you say that?
I would love it.
You'll be getting
a most handsome pension.
But I can still work!
Who wants to work
when you can do what you want?
What I want?
Of course. Enjoy life, Peter.
That's what we all want.
What I want? Right.
What...what I want is this.
No farewell party, please.
A party?
No-one was thinking
of holding one.
Today, someone younger
will be sitting in my chair.
I'd like to have a quiet word
in his ear
and say, "One day,
"you might regret
having devoted your life
"to offering money to people
who don't need it
"and refusing it
to those who do."
I won't miss that.
Your call cannot be taken
at the moment,
so please leave your message
after the tone.
It seems... It seems like
I'm finally gonna see you.
Yeah. I'm gonna...
I'm gonna dig
those Spanish course tapes
that you...that you gave me.
Dig them out, yeah.
Um, actually, time has gone,
but I don't know where
I put them, I don't think.
Should be able to find them.
Actually, I'm a bit nervous. know, it's been
a long time since I travelled.
I'm... I don't know...
I don't know if I still know
how to do it, you know?
Packing bags, suitcases
and all that sort of stuff.
It mustn't be that difficult,
though, eh?
Oh, yeah, they even got wheels
on them nowadays. Ha ha! Huh.
Alright, then.
Well, look, um, yeah, I'll let
you know about, uh, flights
and arrivals
and all that, uh, stuff.
I want to see your ugly face,
No, I-I really do. Uh...
Alright. Ta-ra. Huh.
Departure of flight
Vueling Airlines 2612...
Hello, uh, Daniel, uh, it's me.
It's,'s Peter again.
Yeah, but, um...
Look, I've been...I've been
waiting over an hour now.
Um, did you get the date wrong
or something?
well, I'll, uh...
I'll stick around
for a bit longer,
then I'll probably make me...
..make me way to your place,
Call me, obviously, anyway,
uh, when you get this. 'Bye.
Hi, Daniel, uh, uh,
hello, uh, brother.
Um... Well, yeah.
I'm just wondering if you got
held up or something, you know.
Maybe you're out or range
or your phone's not working
or something like that.
I'm here.
I'm...I'm in by a big...
..waiting by a big sort of, uh,
indoor garden type of thing.
Obviously, give us a call
or text me
when you get this or something.
Let me know what you're doing.
Alright. Cheers...cheers, bro.
Fuckin' hell.
Hello. Your call
cannot be taken at the moment.
How much is that, please?
A...a...hundred, please.
- A hundred?
- Yes.
Sir. Here you are.
The ride from the airport
has a set price.
The taxi driver shouldn't have
charged you so much.
Oh, right.
Uh, uh, thank you.
That's very kind of you.
You are welcome. Enjoy Benidorm.
Uh, yes.
I-I don't speak Spanish.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. Um, my-my brother
has invited me.
Uh, his name is Daniel.
Daniel Riordan?
Yeah, well...well,
he knows I'm arriving today.
Uh, he arranged to meet me
at the airport,
but-but he didn't show up. you want to see some ID?
I've got my passport here.
It's OK. Um, give me a moment.
Um, your brother has gone away.
But he mentioned
that you were coming. Mm-hm.
Did he say when he'd be back?
No-one has seen him
since...Saturday, maybe.
But that's three days ago!
Well, Mr Riordan comes
and goes all the time.
I think he has business
in Africa.
S... Since when? Africa?
It's what Lucy says.
She cleans his apartment.
She knows him well.
But, um, he'd...he'd...
he'd have said...
You know, I don't...
It's very strange, this.
He'd have definitely
said something to me.
-Come with me.
No, he'd...he'd have said
something, though. I mean...
Follow me.
Yeah, yeah. Sure.
-Sir, this way.
Are you gonna stay
for a long time?
Uh, a...a couple of weeks,
I think.
Uh...thank you.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Daniel didn't like it.
By the way, you drool
when you sleep.
Has anyone ever told you?
Oh... Uh...
Do I? Uh...
Um, sorry.
How... How did you get in?
Where is Daniel?
I-I have no idea.
The, uh...the doorman said
that he's...he's...
..had business in Africa.
The whole continent?
Well, that's what he...
That's what he told me.
I don't know. Um...
I'm sorry,
but, um, who-who are you?
Uh, I'm Peter. Oh.
Daniel has one just like that.
Oh, yeah! Uh, well, our father,
he...he...he gave us one each
just...just before he died.
It was like he knew
his time had come, you know.
Was he a watchmaker?
No, he just wasn't
very original.
I work in your brother's club.
-I'm the manager.
And he hasn't been by
in quite a few days
and people haven't been paid.
So...I just came by to see
if he's alright.
Daniel has a club?
Where the hell
have you come from?
Did he leave phone numbers?
Any kind of document?
Why would he leave
any documents? Uh...
If you speak to your brother,
you tell him
people are a little angry.
Yeah, I understand. Yeah.
Uh, wait a minute! Um...
..what...what's the name
of the club?
Benidorm, Club Benidorm.
Your brother was just as
original as your father.
What kind of man has a
neon sign with his name on it?
Whoo! Whoo!
Cocaine? Cocaine? Viagra?
-Uh, no, no, no, thanks.
Hello. Your call
cannot be taken at the moment.
So please leave your message
after the tone.
And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam
the streets at night
And he learns how to steal
and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto
Then one night in desperation
The young man breaks away
He buys a gun,
he steals a car
Tries to run,
but he don't get far
And his mama cries...
As a crowd gathers 'round
an angry young man
Face down on the street
with a gun in his hand
In the ghetto
And as her young man dies
On a cold and grey
Chicago mornin'
Another little baby child
is born
In the ghetto
And a young man dies
In the ghetto.
Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.
Excuse me.
Uh, do you speak English?
Is it, uh, possible to...
to visit the artists?
Yeah. The dressing rooms
are over there.
Right, it's allowed?
They won't be annoyed
or anything?
Go. Don't be shy.
Alright. Uh, thanks.
Sorry. Sorry, love.
Gigi, have you found my scarf?
I can't find my scarf!
No idea.
I put it here!
I can't find it!
Come in!
Hi, Peter.
Sorry. Uh...
-Do you want to get married?
Come on.
You'll be fine, darling.
Sorry. Uh,
do you have to do that now?
Uh, excuse me. Uh, excuse...
Hello. It's, uh, uh, Lucy,
is that right?
-Yeah, um...
So, it-it isn't necessary
to-to vacuum.
Um... English? English.
I've got a...
-Yeah. Hango... No.
No, no, hangover. No.
It's a headache.
Um, so, sorry,
if you...if you have to clean,
do that,
can you, uh, clean without...
T... Tea?
-Oh, cup of tea.
Yeah, oh, lovely. Yeah.
Well, thanks very much.
Oh, uh...
-Tea. Yeah, thanks.
Oh, uh, thank you. Uh...uh...
It's, uh...interesting.
Uh, is it a police station?
Yeah. Yes, it is.
-Is it OK to...
-Yeah, you can go.
Thank you.
Now, uh,
my brother's phone.
Oh, it's you! Hello.
Hello. Um...
Uh, have a seat, please.
Uh, thank you.
I...I didn't know you...'re a, you know...
-So, what can I do for you?
-Uh, well...
Who told you that
your brother had gone abroad?
Well, it was
the, uh, the doorman,
like a caretaker
at his building.
But it's very odd, you see,
that he...that he,
uh, didn't say anything
or...or leave a message.
And the fact that we...
we were meeting, you know,
we hadn't seen each other
for a long time,
well, it was ages,
in fact, you know,
it was like...a special event.
It's just not normal that he...
that he would disappear
without saying anything.
I understand your concern,
but that you found his phone
under the bed
isn't sufficient indication
that we're dealing
with a disappearance.
Maybe we should wait
a few more days
before sounding the alarms, hmm?
Yeah, uh,
they say, don't they,
that hundreds of people,
like, disappear every year Benidorm?
Well, you know, well,
I saw that on a documentary
on Channel 4 back home.
And do you believe everything
you see on television?
No. No.
Uh, let's see.
You say that you
and your brother
haven't seen each other
in a long time.
I mean, you're not very close.
Isn't it possible that
your brother changed his mind?
No! I...don't see why.
Look, we are close,
but, you know, the fact
we haven't seen each other
isn't anything to do with any,
like, falling-out we've had
or anything like that.
No, it's just...
Well, it's just life.
"So many people
are shut up tight
"inside themselves like boxes,
"yet they could open up,
"unfolding quite wonderfully,
"if only you were
interested in them."
Uh, very nice. Yeah. Uh...
Uh, can we get back
to my brother?
Oh, yes.
Let's get back to your brother.
Um, when was the last time
you saw him?
It was about, uh,
10, 12 years ago.
Uff! People change.
-I don't.
-But maybe your brother does.
Officer, my brother
would never stand me up.
If you don't expect anything
from anybody,
you'll never be disappointed.
- That's what you say.
- No.
I don't say it.
It's by Sylvia Plath.
Oh, well, alright, well, look,
we're not close in
a conventional sense, you know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um...Mr...?
-Riordan, yeah.
-Yeah, that was it.
-OK, Mr Riordan.
Yeah, yeah.
I want to make you see that
before you presume the worst
you should discount
what seems impossible.
Who the hell said that, then?
Sherlock Holmes?
I've just said it. Right now.
I would like to report
the disappearance
of my brother, please.
Very well.
Um, your brother's full name?
- This will do you good.
- Thank you.
Oh, yeah, fruit salts,
yeah, I know,
I've...I've had this in England.
No, this is Spanish.
Three times a day.
-And you'll be fine.
I told you
not to call me again!
Go fuck yourself,
you son of a bitch!
Uh, hello? Yeah, this is, um,
Daniel Riordan's brother...
Uh, no. Uh, no,
this is his brother, uh, Peter.
Well, Daniel's disappeared.
You don't know anything
about him, do you?
I'm sorry, but I haven't
seen him in months.
I was planning
to see him like...
Uh, no, no, this is, uh, Peter,
his...his brother.
Forgive me for...
- What is that?
- Never.
..has disappeared.
Who is it?
Oh, hi. Hello. I'm...
This is, uh, this is
Daniel Riordan's brother.
Um, I'm...I'm looking for him.
Uh, sorry.
Did you hear me?
It is, uh,
Daniel Riordan's brother.
- Daniel?
- Alex?
No, no, no. It's Peter. Sorry...
Sorry for the shock. No. Yeah.
No, I found Daniel's phone.
It was under his bed,
like...on buzzing, you know.
And so I've just been going
through the...
through the numbers.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, that's alright. Yeah.
I've just had a long day.
-Oh, right.
-Are you hungry?
Uh, yeah.
But my stomach's been
playing up a bit today.
That's because you don't
know where to eat.
Can I have a smoke first?
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, you've got...
..something on your...
Uh, no, no. You're right.
What...what is this?
Black rice.
It's made with squid ink.
Oh, right. It's alright!
This isn't the first time
Daniel's disappeared,
but it's never been
for this long.
Do you know if he's ever had
any problems with the law?
He's never had any problems
paying the club's debts.
I don't know about
his other businesses.
But what? What, uh...
What other businesses?
Daniel and I didn't
talk much about anything.
Even though we were partners
in the club.
Right, yeah. I understand. Yeah.
I don't think
you do understand.
I worry too much.
And the day you least expect it,
Daniel's just gonna
walk through the door
with a suitcase
full of souvenirs
and a bottle of tequila
under his arm.
Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
Maybe so. Yeah.
I, uh, I don't...
I don't think I told you,
did I?
But, um...
..I really...
..I really liked your show.
No, you didn't tell me.
-Didn't I?
Yeah. It's, like...
It's..., poetic.
Thank you.
I just do it for fun
from time to time
when one of the girls
is away or sick,
just to not
get out of practice.
But why Pearl?
Oh! F... I mean...
-Yeah, I know it, like...
-I know.
Pfft! Sorry. Ha ha.
No, but it's not only that.
I like white things.
Well, you live
in the ideal place.
The only white thing
in la Costa Blanca is its name.
I mean,
the other things seem white.
They're not.
Like, however pure they seem,
there's always something
a little dirty in them.
And that doesn't...that doesn't
happen with pearls, then.
Pearls are the whitest, most
beautiful thing that exists.
Like snow.
But, unfortunately,
it doesn't snow in Benidorm.
Ah. But it's not impossible.
In suitable conditions,
with a storm from the east
and the emergence of cold air
of polar origin, for example,
solid precipitation
would not be impossible
in more southerly latitudes.
Are you a scientist?
Meteorology is... Well,
it's like a hobby, you know.
I think you're in urgent need
of a new hobby.
Yes, still, Daniel and I
were really close as kids.
You know, our parents, well,
they drank a lot, you know,
both of them, actually,
and we always sort of
protected each other, yeah.
There's only a year between us.
Like, we did
everything together.
People used to ask us
if we were twins.
Were you and Daniel, like, um...
I don't wanna talk
about Daniel anymore.
How about you, then?
I mean...where are you from?
I can't make your accent out.
How did you...
I don't wanna talk
about my life either.
It was boring enough to live it.
And people come here
for so many reasons
and actually they're all
pretty predictable.
Oh, well, I'm sure
it's fascinating.
I mean...
Have you been thinking about me?
-What were you thinking?
Maybe I should have left
Manchester long before now.
Yes. Long before.
You're something Daniel wasn't.
What's that?
Well, thanks, uh...
Thanks for bringing me back.
You're welcome.
Do you want to come up?
That's alright. Yeah.
Another night.
At times, there are nights
when I feel
as if the world were ending
and I just need to know
I'm not the only survivor.
That, if I die, someone
will be there to close my eyes.
Maybe one of those nights.
One of those nights.
Goodnight, then.
Are those boots
comfortable to drive in?
No, of course not.
I didn't think so.
What are we doing here?
- This is Daniel's house.
- This is dead.
I didn't think
it would be in this state.
There are a lot of
abandoned sites around here.
You know, the crisis.
Brexit. The drought.
Laundered money.
The end of the world.
He bought this?
He built it. Ha.
Well, he didn't.
The company that he was
a partner or a representative
or whatever, they did.
They invested a lot of money
in this promotion.
Well, and they have lost it.
The company went bankrupt,
couldn't pay back their loans,
and the banks didn't want
to appropriate the real estate
'cause the value
had dropped too much.
They don't like to show assets
as losses
on their balance sheets.
You really talk like a banker.
Well, the bank decided to let
them try and sell the houses
through their own estate agency.
Who's gonna buy this?
Well, somebody did.
Some Russians, in fact.
There was a purchase agreement
in the strongbox
for one million euros.
Just one million euros?
Yeah. I don't think it would
have settled the debts,
but it certainly helped.
In one of the clauses,
Daniel earmarked this house
for himself.
If you like abandoned
places, I can show you one
that's a lot more fun.
What do you say?
I've got nothing
better to do.
It's funny, I was...
..never that keen on fun fairs
when I was a kid.
Why? Too much excitement?
Hmm. Maybe.
Uh... actually are gonna
go in there, then? Why?
You never do anything
just because?
Some things are more
beautiful when they're rusty,
don't you think?
Why did you
bring me in here?
I wanted to be alone with you
in a dark place.
At times the light in Benidorm,
it doesn't let you see.
I see you.
You do? What do you see?
The most beautiful woman
I've ever seen.
Wow, Peter Riordan,
you have hidden talents.
And the loneliest.
Well, you certainly stopped
to think about that.
That's my hidden talent.
All of us are all alone.
Some people just hide it
better than others.
Look, I'm not walking down
42 fucking flights of stairs.
I'll see you later.
Uh, do you speak English?
Yes. A little.
Oh. Uh, good.
Uh, this is the right address?
Oh, good. Um...
Are you the, uh, owner
of the butcher's?
Uh, could I get in touch
with him, please?
Uh, with, uh, Mr...
No. sorry. Uh...
Or, um, Mr Daniel Riordan?
Uh, idea.
I'm sorry.
-Right. Uh...
-Are you going to buy anything?
We have, uh, lamb chops.
No, I'm fine, thanks. Yeah.
So, the officer
said you were here.
Oh, it's you!
I've got these.
Ah, OK.
It's Daniel's files.
Daniel had
real estate businesses.
I haven't been able to find
any of his other partners,
apart from the butcher's.
Uh...I'm sure it won't be
difficult for you, though.
Maybe somebody there
will know his whereabouts.
I mean, it's...
it's all in here -
names, addresses,
pictures, everything.
Alright. Thank you.
-We'll see where this leads us.
And if you don't mind
giving us your brother's phone?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.
-Oh, thank you.
Uh, there.
So, uh, can I start
supposing the worst now?
Well, look at the positive side.
Maybe your brother didn't
stand you up after all.
You've got a very strange
sense of humour, Officer.
That's what my husband says.
According to him,
reading a lot of poetry
can't be good.
Yeah, well, Sylvia Plath,
she was the one
that killed herself
by putting her head
in the gas oven.
-Wasn't she?
Yeah, well, maybe your husband's
got a point, then.
You can't reduce an artist
to the way in which they died.
In fact,
when she was here in Benidorm,
that's when she was happiest.
Hang on. Sylvia Plath
was...was here?
Yes. In 1956.
She rented a little fisherman's
house next to the sea,
when there wasn't a single
skyscraper in the city.
This is exactly the view
she had of a morning.
Her house was here.
And guess where I live now.
Every morning, I see the same
things she must have seen.
The fact is, Sylvia caused
a bit of a commotion in the city
because she wore a bikini,
something that had never
been seen here before.
My father was playing ball
on the beach.
He kicked it and the ball landed
just where she was lying.
My father went over
to pick it up.
Sylvia sat up, got the ball
and handed it to him.
He stood looking at her,
She smiled and said to him...
He says he had never seen
anything like it.
Do you happen to have
'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath?
Oh, uh, we had 'Ariel',
for sure, but let me check.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Alright, thanks. Oh!
Thank you.
You're welcome. Do you know
she lived here? Don't you?
So I'm told, yeah.
Flat rate for sangria!
All you can drink for 15 euros!
Hey, man, do you want
to watch the game?
A free pint for every goal.
Come on!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, live strippers
and live sex show
in Club Africa.
Do you want to try?
Just come here.
Sorry? What did you say?
Club Africa?
Club Africa! Yeah.
Go in, go in and enjoy.
Good club. Perfect for you.
Excuse me.
I wonder if you could help me.
I'm...I'm looking
for brother.
Uh, I have reason to think that
he...he came here regularly.
I can't help you.
Do you want to drink something?
Uh, well, yeah,
but I haven't even told you
what he looks like yet.
Everybody looks the same here.
Yeah, but, uh, maybe
if you, um, have a look.
Uh, it doesn't matter
how unfamiliar you think he is.
Um... I forgot...
Find them... Uh...
Yeah, look, yeah.
There he is.
His...his name is Daniel.
Daniel Riordan.
I'm sorry.
Well, maybe
if you can, you know,
show the photo to some of
your...some of your companions?
You want to drink something
or not?
Uh, yes, sure. Yeah.
Thank you.
-Octopus! Oh, right.
So, I've heard
of this Esteban Campos.
I didn't know that he and
Daniel were working together.
No, well, uh,
they didn't know anything
about him at Club Africa
or...or at the butcher's.
How much did you offer them?
Wait. What do you mean?, money? Huh?
Wow. A banker who doesn't know
that everything has a price?
You really are a weirdo.
-It's, like...
It's alive. It's good. Mmm.
It's alive?
No, I hope not.
Thank you.
Uh, prawn.
The head is the best part.
OK. I don't know whether I'll...
..I'll go for the head,
like, um...
A few years ago,
the banks were just
giving out loans like candy
for buying land, houses.
People had no idea
about investments.
The only thing
they knew was that
if you weren't
doing it,
you were stupid.
Well, you didn't do it, then.
Too much money,
too many problems.
Oh, it doesn't sound stupid
at all, to be honest.
Are you flattering me?
Well, I don't know.
Yeah. I might be.
-Hey, mate, alright.
Alright, OK, look, look,
here, here. That's it.
- Just don't hurt us, alright?
- OK. OK.
- Go on. Go, go, go.
- No!
No, no, you don't need it!
Just take it, please. No.
There's no need
for this, please.
Oh, shit. You alright?
Hey, you...
Did he take anything?
It hurts, but it's not broken.
-Yeah, but it's alright.
-That's nice.
Change my hand.
What is this place?
La Muralla Roja.
Come in.
Uh, is somebody else here?
Sit down.
-I'll get you some ice.
Alright. Thanks.
So does Lucy clean
everywhere, then?
Lucy's been cleaning
for me for some time.
I was the one who recommended
her for your building.
She, uh...
She makes me a bit nervous.
She, um...
She makes these, like,
uh, figures out of towels
and leaves them on...on my bed.
She's a sweetheart.
She's had a really hard life.
Really hard.
She learned in jail... make the figurines
with the towels.
You Brits don't trust anyone
who doesn't speak English.
That's not true. It's not true!
Do you want to sleep over?
I mean...just to sleep?
I mean, just stay
until I fall sleep.
Thank you.
Is it one of those nights
when you need to know that
there's a nuclear catastrophe,
that there's someone here to...
to close your eyes?
- Hey, my friend! my friend!
- Yeah? What? What?
- Hey.
- Yeah?
It's better if you come with us.
- What is it? Hang on.
- Huh?
What? What?
- Hello!
- OK?
Shh, shh, shh.
You, outside.
Yeah, hang on. Ohh!
Alright, alright.
-Yeah, alright. Alright.
- Sit.
- Yeah, alright.
Nice to meet you, Mr Riordan.
Ahh. How do you do?
My name is Esteban Campos.
My grandfather opened
this butcher's.
He was from Almera.
But in the early years
of tourism,
he left his home town,
his family
and the sheep they had reared
for generations,
and came to Benidorm.
It's a modest business,
but he was very proud of it.
And my father after him.
You know, I was just eight
when I cut up my first lamb.
My father congratulated me
and bought me an ice cream.
I remember that while I ate it,
my hands were still
smelling of blood.
I'm sorry.
Why are you telling me this?
The day I met your brother,
I told him the same story.
I wanted him to know
I'm not a businessman.
I'm just a simple town butcher.
Everything I've built,
I've done it with effort.
No-one has given me anything.
And that's why I won't let
anyone take it from me.
Alright. Well, I don't
understand what...
What do you know about Daniel?
What do I know? Uh, uh, nothing.
I don't...
You've been going around
asking about him for days.
You turned up here
and you went to my club.
Well, yeah, well, but that's
because I'm looking for him!
He's disappeared without
a trace, for God's sake. Um...
I don't...
But do you know
what's happened to him?
Your brother and I are partners.
We had a real estate project
along with my brother-in-law.
Yeah, well,
that's in Los Lirios, right?
- Yeah.
The business didn't take off,
but we were lucky enough
to find a buyer.
At first,
Daniel wasn't willing to sell.
He said the price was too low,
but it was the only way
to settle the debts.
And, uh, some guys from Moscow
were keen to buy.
Well, I saw the contracts.
What contracts?
They...they were in a, like,
strongbox in his apartment.
Do you have them?
I gave them to the police.
What you certainly don't know
is that
once the sale went through...
..your brother Daniel
transferred all the money
to an account overseas
and disappeared.
But, no, no, no.
That's... That's impossible.
No, he...
Daniel would never do
a thing like that.
-He just...
-And yet he did it.
I've tried a thousand ways
to find him.
And when I learned
that you were asking for him...
I'm sorry if my methods
were too expeditious,
but we are very angry.
Well, have you reported him?
The police aren't
going to do anything.
Daniel is just another evader.
One of so many in this country.
But who knows?
Nothing is impossible
in Benidorm.
My father saw that Sylvia Plath
in a bikini.
Did everybody here see
Sylvia Plath in a bikini?
No. Not everyone.
Just the father of the
policewoman you talked to.
He's my father too.
We are brother and sister.
As different
as Daniel and you, I guess.
Anyway, your brother will
contact you sooner or later.
And if he doesn't?
Maybe not today or tomorrow,
but one day you'll get
a message from him... Christmas,
on your birthday.
And I'm convinced that then
you will choose to do
the right thing.
I have patience.
It's one of my main virtues.
Of course. Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sorry about the kidnapping.
It isn't my style.
And you needn't tell my sister
about it.
I'm sure she knows already.
Oof. No.
Do you like lamb?
Baby lamb chops?
Uh, yeah.
They are delicious.
Walder will prepare some
for you.
It's on the house, of course.
Uh, excuse me. Uh, uh...
Can I go now?
Yeah, of course. 'Bye!
Don't forget the chops!
Yeah. Uh...
Uh, Alex, hi, hi.
It''s Peter. Um...
When you get this message,
could you call me straightaway,
It's... It's urgent.
Very urgent.
Oh! Oh.
He voted to leave Brexit.
I didn't understand that
because he said he wanted
all the Muslims to leave.
He obviously didn't realise
the Muslims don't come
from Luxembourg.
But in my opinion,
he'd have been better off
doing a survey of bellybuttons.
Yes, I know.
After all, innies or outies,
we are a nation, in my opinion,
of outies.
And on that note, I'm going!
Because when all
is said and done,
who cares what goes on
as long as we're having fun!
Alright, I'm back again.
He had me kidnapped!
They put me in a refrigerator.
And his sister is the
policewoman who likes poetry!
And Benidorm is kinda cool
that way, right?
Yeah, but you don't seem
very worried.
Well, they sent you back
in one piece.
Yeah, but he kidnapped me!
Admit it, you never thought
you'd utter those words,
did you?
Uh, no.
Oh! Who's that?
Oh, hang on.
It's the police. Right.
Excuse me a minute.
Uh, hello?
Yes, this is...
Yeah, this is Peter,
Daniel Riordan's brother, yeah.
That was, um, Marta,
the Sylvia Plath policewoman.
Well, appears that the
police have found Daniel's name
on a passenger list for a flight
to Banjul the Gambia.
Banjul is hotter than Benidorm.
Yeah, but...
I mean, it's like he's... know, he's done
a runner, anyhow.
OK, sweetie.
See, he doesn't deserve you
worrying about him so much.
Yeah, but he's...
He's my brother!
You and Daniel share a surname
and two watches.
You really didn't like him
at all, did you?
Well, I... No. No.
We worked together
and we had fun sometimes,
but Daniel didn't respect
the people he worked with
and he treated the girls
in this club like shit,
the waiters, Lucy...
If you don't respect
those who clean your bathroom
and make your bed,
you're finished, for me.
Ah, it's... It's just so
disappointing, you know.
Do you want a tequila?
Yeah. Anything. Yeah.
I didn't...didn't know him.
To Banjul?
Banjul. I'd never heard of it.
The first time
I came here,
I didn't even think
I'd last a week.
I literally spent the whole time
trying to figure out
how to get out of here.
And then one morning,
I listened to them
and I understood something.
I just understood that
while you still want to sing,
or be silly or get lost
or make mistakes,
fall in love,
make mistakes
and fall in love...'re not finished.
Do you think it's too late
to take up singing lessons?
- Huh?
- Huh?
-"You are always there."
"Tremulous breath
at the end of my line
"Curve of water upleaping
"To my water rod..."
"..and grateful.
-"And sucking."
-And sucking! Ohhh!
After she had
electric shock therapy,
she felt like she'd been...
let out of a bell jar.
Often I can relate to that.
It's very funny
you talking about Sylvia Plath
with chocolate ice cream
on your face.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I know.
I've got a present
for you.
Thank you. Oh.
It's really nice.
Come with me.
What? Where? Manchester?
Yeah, look, there's still
no word from Daniel, is there?
I mean, God knows
when he's gonna call.
I mean, if you don't find
another partner, you...
-I'll get by. I always have.
-I'll take care of you, Alex.
I, uh...
The last thing
in the world I want
So you intend to spend the rest
of your life in nightclubs?
Pulling pearls out of my cunt?
Say it.
I'm good at numbers.
I'm a cool manager.
-I know how to deal with people.
-Yeah. Yeah.
I'll say what I say
to all men and women
who ask me that,
including your brother...
Maybe I don't want
to hear it now.
I could have had another life.
I had it and I didn't like it.
And maybe one day I'll leave.
I'll cook, I'll read,
I'll go for walks on the beach,
I'll get fat.
That will be enough for you?
I'll pick you up at 9:00.
OK. Goodnight. Goodnight.
You OK?
It looks like
I'll never get rid of you.
Oh. Hello.
I'm cold.
Shh! Don't talk.
Where... Where am I?
You fainted,
they brought you to the hospital
and they called me.
They called you?
- I don't want to be here.
- Don't move.
No. I want to go to the beach.
You don't know
what you're saying.
Just can you lie down, please?
No, no, it's just
a stomach-ache.
No-one faints because of that.
Fr... I'm...I'm really
freezing in here. Give me this.
I want to feel the sun
touching me.
..will you let me walk with you?
If you don't mind
being seen
with a woman with white hair
and a lot of extra pounds.
I won't mind.
I won't mind.
The weather
is a way to feel
there's always
something happening,
and if there isn't...
..there's always a promise.