It Started with Eve (1941) Movie Script

Watch it! Wet print! Copy.
Ain't it pretty?
Well, his inheritance tax oughta
make the country about even.
He was born too late. 200 years ago, he'd
have been a pirate. Captain Kidd himself.
Look at that stomach. I watched
him eat once at a banquet.
He didn't order a steak,
he ordered a cow.
You have to hand it to him.
He loved to live.
Have you gone crazy?
Let's go to press.!
We've only got 18 minutes
to catch the mail trains.!
I got the greatest first page here
since the Chicago fire!
Old man Reynolds is dyin' and I'm gonna
get the flash he's dead any minute!
Let him die in the next edition.!
And let the Herald beat us?
He's gonna die for me,
exclusive! He's mine!
But the mail trains...
He dies for me, not the Herald.
But the advertisers... Tell the
advertisers to go to the Herald.!
What are you standin' around
with your face hangin' out for?
Gimme two columns on Reynolds'
son flying in from Mexico. Right.
You know, lump-in-the-throat stuff.
"Only son flies to father's deathbed.
Will he make it? Won't he make it?"
Slobber all over the place,
but keep it classy!
And write it both ways,
if he makes it or if he doesn't.
As long as he has to go,
please have him go not later than 9:20.
That dirty Herald's
been gettin' all the breaks.
Yeah? What do you mean,
he isn't dead yet?
Frank, I gotta have some action!
What am I supposed to do,
hit him over the head?
I've been standing in a foot of water
and I caught a cold.
You've got a cold. Reynolds is dying!
At least he's doing it in a nice, warm bed.
I got something. Two ravens
from the national museum...
are inside the house
waiting to take his death mask.
Seems you gotta do it right away.
No, I didn't get their names.
Wait a minute.
Somebody's coming.
It's a car!
Must be Reynolds' son.
How do I know? 'Cause he came up
the wrong way on a one-way street!
Frank, I'm warnin' you, if Reynolds isn't
dead within a half hour, don't come back here!
Go ahead, threaten me!
I got pneumonia!
He's getting out of the car.
It's the Reynolds kid, all right!
He's goin'in the house.!
There he goes.
Hello, Roberts.
It's good you got here
in time, sir.
How is he, Doctor?
Not so good. There's
a chance, isn't there?
Isn't there?
He's had a rich, full life. A man
couldn't ask for more than he's been given.
No, I guess not.
He'll be glad to see you.
He's been asking for you
all the time.
Hello, Dad.
I leave town for a month
and find you in bed.
Out in the rain
without your rubbers, eh?
Well, you look fine, Dad.
Just fine.
You'll probably be
out ofhere in a week.
Say, the fishing in Mexico,
there's nothing like it.
It's not really fishing,
it's kind of big-game hunting.
They have fish
with teeth and horns.
Throwback to the buffalo.
You go out in a boat and
fish charge at you. And you...
And you just gotta catch 'em
in self-defense.
You and I
and two machine guns...
are going down there fishing
next month.
No more fishing for me,
What are you talking about?
Why, Dr. Harvey
You all right, Dad?
Tell me about her.
About her?
The girl you're going to marry. Oh.
Oh, she's wonderful.
I met her at the Williams'.
An old Boston family. Been
in Mexico a number of years.
We hit it off right away.
I wanted to marry her
the first week, but I...
I thought I'd let you see her first.
Why didn't you bring her? Well,
I... I dropped her at the hotel.
We brought
her mother along too.
I thought you'd be resting. The
excitement. I want to see her.
Yes, Dad.
First thing in the morning.
Bring her to me.
Just want to see her,
that's all.
You're going to get better, Dad.
Go and get her.
Go and get her.
Sure, Dad.
He looks awfully bad,
Better get the girl.
But hurry. It may be a
matter of minutes. Yes.
My hat and coat, Roberts. Yes, sir.
Miss Pennington, please. Miss
Gloria Pennington. Yes, sir.
Miss Gloria Pennington,
please. 1220, please.
Good evening, Mr. Duncan. Good evening.
Let me talk to her. Did
you order this weather?
It hasn't been ideal,
has it? Thank you. No.
I'm sorry, sir. Miss
Pennington doesn't answer.
She doesn't answer? When does the
Broadway Limited arrive, please?
Information desk can tell
you, madam. Thank you.
Maybe she's in her mother's room.
Would you try Mrs. Pennington?
Yes, of course. Mrs.
Pennington, please. Thank you.
Please send this and charge it to my
room. Straight wire or night letter?
Could you wait just a minute?
This call is awfully important.
This telegram is important too.
Send it straight wire. Thank you.
Yes? I see.
Is she in?
I'm sorry.
She doesn't answer either.
I don't understand it. I left them here
just a minute ago. Are their keys in the box?
No, but people sometimes
take them with them.
Would you like me to have Miss Pennington
paged? Oh, yes. Would you, please?
I've got to find her.
Yes, sir.
Page Miss Gloria Pennington.
Hurry, son, please.
Do you have Mr. John Simms registered
here? Maybe if you call her again?
Just a moment.
Paging Miss Pennington.!
Just have a chair. We'll do our
best to find Miss Pennington for you.
Thank you. I'm awfully sorry.
Miss Gloria Pennington.!
Paging Miss Pennington.!
Paging Miss Pennington.!
Miss Gloria Pennington.!
Paging Miss Pennington.!
Check your coat, sir?
Yes? What is it?
Well, your coat, sir.
Oh, no, no. I... I...
Don't you think I'm right?
'Course you're right.
Thirty-seven and 38.
Thirty-seven and 38.
What's the whole thing
amount to? $40,000.
Well, say it's $50,000.
For a measly $50,000, you'd expect me
to give up two weeks of my vacation?
The government gets half
of that anyway.
All you'd be getting
is $25,000...
and sitting in a hot office
for two weeks.
They must think
you're an idiot.
This must be a new
five-dollar coin.
Looks like the same old
dime to me, though.
How's business? They're
dime-ing us to death.
Still raining?
Ahh! Is your tongue
supposed to be white?
Everybody's wearing it
this season.
I just figured out why drug
stores have lunch counters.
They lose money on food, but they make
a big profit on bicarbonate of soda.
Pardon me.
Did you find her?
No, sir.
You didn't? Did you try
everywhere? The beauty shop too?
Yes, sir. Isn't there
someplace else you can look?
We'll do the best we can, sir.
I'll call you the moment I...
My dear, he's the handsomest doctor
I've ever had. How marvelous.!
He's simply priceless! He found
everything the matter with me!
How perfectly divine.!
I beg your pardon.
Could you do me a tremendous favor? Huh?
I'm in a bad spot.
Could you help me?
I've got to have something.
No, I don't mean that! Yes.
I've got to bring somebody home. I'll
give you $50 if you'll only come! What?
I know this is improper
to talk to you, but...
My father's dying.
Can you help me?
You don't understand. I work
here. I only have an hour off.
I'll have you back by then. I'll explain it to
you later. Please, come. I'll give you anything!
Just get in the car here.
I'll help you with the umbrella.
Here she is, Dad.
This is my father.
Can't see her.
Raise the lamp.
Take off your hat.
Sit here, child.
I had to see you.
I'd been worried
what kind of a girl he'd marry.
He's... He's had so many wrong 'uns,
but I believe...
he's picked the right one this time.
I think he'll make you happy.
My... MyJohnny's a good boy.
He's a little weak, but honest.
Never told me a lie.
I... I spoiled him, of course.
Don't you spoil him too.
Keep an eye on him for me.
Won't you?
You promise me?
We've had some beautiful women
in our family.
You should have seen his mother.
You're going to fit in just fine.
My, you're pretty.
Oh, don't cry, dear.
There's nothing to be sorry for.
I had a good life.
I didn't miss anything.
And I've never been happier
than I am right now.
Please go now.
He seems such a
wonderful man. Yes, he is.
You go along for years
and take someone for granted.
It never hits you
that maybe someday...
You can only think that
if you had it to do over again,
how much closer
you could have been.
It's a feeling everyone has. No, I'm sure
I could have been a better son to him.
I'm so sorry.
There's a Miss Pennington
on the phone for you, sir.
Oh, excuse me.
- Hello, Gloria.
- Hello,John. Mother and I were out buying clothes.
I'm sorry we had to pick
just the time you called.
My father wanted to see you.
No, no, don't bother.
It's a little too late.
John, is he...
Oh, thank heaven!
Don't you want us to come?
No, you try and rest.
I'll call you in the morning.
All right, darling.
Be brave. Good-bye.
He's sinking.
Oh, yes.
I want to thank you
for what you did for me.
That's all right. I wish
I knew how to repay you.
I'm glad I was able to help.
I offered you money for this,
didn't I?
How much was it?
Well, you said $50.
You'll have to forgive me. I'm
not thinking very clearly tonight.
I really shouldn't
take money for this.
It just happens I can use it.
I've been wanting
to go back home.
I haven't seen my folks
for two years.
Most of the money I make
goes for my lessons, and...
This'll do it. I can get the
first train in the morning.
Where are you from?
Shelbyville, Ohio.
I see. It was a very nice thing
you did tonight.
I want to thank you again.
I... I appreciate this too.
Oh, that's all right.
Have you seen him?
What happened? How is he?
I'm from the New York Press. Is the old
man... I mean, Mr. Reynolds... dead yet?
I... I don't think so.
I don't know. I...
I'm hungry.
Why,Jonathan, how do you feel? Hungry.
Good morning, Dad.
Why, you look just fine.
I want my breakfast.
Uh, nurse! Nurse!
Make a nice, thin slice
of white toast.
Put it in a bowl with
two inches of lukewarm milk.
Are you feeding the cat
in here? Now,Jonathan.
I want a steak. And a cigar.
- Don't be hasty.
- Who's hasty? I'm hungry!
- But you're a very sick man.
- Now, you just lie back and rest.
In a minute, you're going to
have a bowl of nice, warm toastie.
I want some nice, hot steakie!
- You can have some heavier foodsie later.
- Quack.
Where's Gloria?
She's still at the hote...
I- I-I don't know...
where... where she...
Well, call her.
She can have breakfast with me.
No, I don't think so.
She's had a pretty long, uh,journey.
She's, uh, probably still in the ba...
Get her on the phone.
I'll talk to her.
No, that's not necessary. I'll...
I'll, uh, get her while you're eating.
Or maybe you'd rather
see her later.
I want to see her now.
Want to see her now. Yes.
Don't you think the strain
of having h...
Go and get her!
Jonathan! Too much excitement!
For heaven's sake, why don't you go?
Certainly. I'm going!
Don't get yourself upset, Dad.
Then get her.
I'll get her.
I knew it.
Why haven't you gone?
Where am I going to go?
To the hotel to get your fiance.
She's not my fiance. I never
saw her before in all my life.
You... You never saw her before?
I thought it was a matter of
minutes. I wanted him to be happy.
Oh, my.
What am I going to do?
I can't think. Let me see. What happened?
I gave her the $50, and she said...
What's a town in Ohio?
No, no. A small town! Small
town! Starts with... Shh!
Shelbyville! That's it! Thank you!
Does that mean you can find her?
There's a chance.
Roberts, get my hat and
coat, quick! Yes, sir.
Pardon me, sir.
How is the old gentleman?
Well, he's hungry.
He wants a steak. He's fine.
Board! All aboard!
Well, here goes.
Good-bye, darling.
Is these all yours? Uh-huh.
Where's the yellow one?
It's right here.
I couldn't forget that.
High yellow.
That's my favorite color!
I'll write you every week. Thanks
for the stationery from the hotel.
Anne, you can't just walk out on
yourself like this. She'll be back.
No, I won't. It's not so easy to meet
the Toscaninis and the Stokowskis.
I've been trying for two years.
Why, I couldn't even get to see
the second doorman at the Met.
It's going to be awfully dull
in Shelbyville.
There are eight million people in this city that
don't care whether I ever sing another note in my life.
In Shelbyville, there are only 2,000.
The opposition isn't quite so strong there.
You'd better come along now.
Them seats is gettin'filled up.
I'll be right in.
Good-bye,Jackie,Jennie. Board.!
Oh! Thank heavens!
I was afraid you'd be gone!
Where are your bags?
Give me the lady's bags!
What do you want? You can't do this!
Leave those bags there.
You've gotta go with me. It's my
father. He's better! Give me the bags!
Leave the bags there. I can't go! I'm going home!
I quit my job! This ain't no time to arbitrate!
I'll give you anything! Another
$50! Ple... I don't want anything!
Hey, wait! Don't go! Lady, I
can't. That's out of my compartment.
When the train goes, I
ditto. Now will you throw 'em?
Yes or no? Who's winnin'?
All right, throw 'em!
You is the most untravelin'est
traveler I ever did see!
Let me have 'em.
How many are there?
Uh, three. Three! Let me have 'em!
And the big black one! The
big black one! Throw the big...
Oh! Aah!
I've already sent a telegram home! Well,
come on. We'll send another one from my house!
He's been asking for you all morning.!
We'll have to hurry.!
Hey! What's going on here?
This is Mr. Reynolds. How do you do?
Come along. I'll give you another $50!
I didn't know where to find
you! I remembered Shelbyville...
Well, what do you know?
Don't worry,Jennie. It's platonic.
He wants her for his father.
His fa... fo...
Try not to talk.
That's the important thing.
If you don't say anything, you
can't get tripped up. Understand?
I won't speak unless I'm spoken to.
That's the ticket.
A Miss Pennington has telephoned
several times while you were out, sir.
Miss Penni...
Excuse me! Oh!
When she calls again,
tell her I'll call her as soon as I can.
Let's go over it once more. How long
have you lived in Mexico? Five years.
Parents? Just a mother. Left for Boston.
To see?
Remember, try not to talk. I
may have to answer something.
If he asks you a question you're
not sure of,just smile... like this.
You can smile your way
out of anything.
That's fine. Ready?
Oh. Yes, indeed.
My blessings to you both.
Well, thank you.
Hello, Bishop.
Good morning, son.
This is Bishop Maxwell.
And this is...
How do you do?
How do you do.
Have you had your breakfast?
Yes, she has.
Yes, thank you.
Wouldn't like a nice little
steak sent up here, would you?
- No, thank you.
- You could eat it when everyone's gone.
She said no. And she wouldn't
care for a nice cigar either...
which she could smoke
when everyone's gone.
It won't do,Jonathan.
Keep an eye on him, Bishop.
I'll be right back.
Wonder if that ol' witch doctor
has a medical diploma. I bet he hasn't.
How did you find Mexico?
Wonderful country, isn't
it? Yes. Yes, it is.
Yes, I was there quite a while myself.
Almost two years.
Charming language.
Se dice que los Espanoles
tienen un proverbio.
El idioma Aleman
es para los caballos,
el Frances para los hombres...
y el Espanol para los mujeres.
Yo digo ques los Espanoles
estan en lo cierto. No es asi?
Now, Bishop.
Excuse me, my dear.
That's what they say.
Gloria, I want you
to do something for me.
Go to those columns.
Yes? Ye... Oh. Yes.
Uh, do you see
those columns over there?
Go to them.
In the middle there. Underneath
the panel. What, this?
Yes. Press it with your fingers
as you push it in.
There's a little silver knob
in the middle there. This one?
Yes, with the numbers.
Turn it to the left to number 18.
Dad, this is...
Left to 18.
This is hardly the time.
I have 18.
Now 12 to the right.
Twelve to the right.
Dad, this is a family vault.
This is hardly the time
to tell the combination.
Don't be silly.
I'm sorry, I...
I have that.
Now take hold of the handle
and push it down.
Pull it open. Look inside. Dad.
- See a large black box?
- This one?
Now take it out.
Bring it to me.
Dad, I'm serious. I mean it.
I wouldn't do this if I were you.
The familyjewels.
They're so...
If it would put everyone at ease,
I could step outside.
What's the matter with you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean you.
I didn't mean you
either, Bishop.
That woman's been
with Dr. Harvey for years.
Well, you can't be
too careful.
Open it.
They were my mother's,
then my wife's.
Now they're yours.
Oh, they're beautiful.
I've never seen
anything like them.
You must hand them down
to your daughter or your son's wife.
Do you promise me?
May I take them out? No. We've all seen
them. Let's put them back in the safe.
What are you worried about?
Are you planning to wear them yourself?
Well, I must be going.
I'll be disappointed if I don't see you
in your pew for the Easter services.
I'll be there.
Johnny, see the bishop out.
Yes! Oh.
I hope you don't wait
for a June wedding.
Confidentially, I like to go camping
in June. Yes, she certainly is.
Doctor, would you mind keeping
an eye on Dad? Certainly.
There's nothing like
a nice spring wedding.
Marry in spring and the angels
sing. I always say that too.
- Well, good-bye, young lady.
- Good-bye, Bishop.
What do you want?
Open your mouth.
May I put it on?
Of course you can.
A most attractive young lady,John.
A most attractive young lady.
Yes, she is, isn't she? I've married
a lot of beautiful women in my day...
speaking professionally,
of course.
But I've never seen a bride as lovely
as she's going to be. Oh, thank you.
What dates have we open for the church,
Henry? Oh, there isn't any hurry.
There's the morning of the 1 Oth and the
afternoon of the 13th. Perhaps the 13th.
Are you superstitious, John?
Oh, yes, I certainly am.
Your fiance's on the phone again.
It's rather urgent, sir.
Oh. Tell Mr. Fiancee
I'll call him back in a little while.
You didn't understand, sir.
It's Miss Pennington, your fiance.
Uh, I'll... I'll be right there.
Very well, sir.
Oh. I can explain this.
Uh, I, uh... It's a long story, but...
You're not obliged
to explain your actions to anyone.
You don't understand.
You see, this isn't my girl. My girl is, uh...
You see, my father was...
Come along, Henry.
Please, Bishop,
I can explain this. I...
Son, I'm disappointed in you.
I wanted to call you back.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to explain.
I understand.
I should be with you at a time
like this. I'm coming right over.
No! No!
I mean, no.
There's no need.
It's very considerate,
but it'd be more convenient
if I come over to the hotel.
Yes, I'll... Right awa... Yes. Fine.
You might apologize
to the nurse.
I told her you were
a little overwrought.
A little overwrought? I'm going crazy. You know what
the bishop thinks? He's known me since I was a baby.
Any minute Gloria might pop in
with that girl up there with that necklace.
What happened to that necklace?
It was put back in the safe.
This is too much.
I can't stand it.
I'm gonna put a stop to it.
I'm gonna make a clean breast of it right now!
You'll do no such thing.
You want your father to live, don't you?
I don't know what's kept him going, but he's
not going to have a shock if I can help it.
Oh, I'm sorry. I... I'll think of
something to tell Gloria. I'll...
Tell her the truth.
What kind of a girl is she?
That's it. That's it.
I'll tell her the truth.
She's a fine girl!
That was seven. That was
eight. I can count just dandy.
Let's not argue about it.
I'll start all over again.
Oh, no you don't. We agreed on 10 puffs,
and 10 puffs are all you're going to get.
Are you calling me a liar for one puff?
Yes, I am. And take that cigar out
or I'll count it as a puff.
You've got two more puffs coming and you
better hurry up before the doctor gets back.
I'll make you a proposition.
Instead of the last two puffs,
I'll just keep the cigar
in my mouth.
Not interested.
I won't inhale.
Nope. Nothing doing.
Look, I...
Jonathan, these wires are touching,
and from such important people.
Everybody in the world seems
to be concerned about you.
They've been coming in like this all day.
Thirty-five in the last hour. Think of that.
I'll read them later. Oh, now you're
being modest. Not every invalid...
How do you do. Not every invalid
gets a wire from the White House.
You ought to have that framed.
Go have it framed, will you? Now!
Yes, I will. Here's one
from Walter Winchell, the journalist.
And Jascha Heifetz, the musician.
And here's one from...
I smell something.
Do you?
No, I don't think so.
I don't, either.
It's a very distinct odor.
Oh, yes. It's the oil furnace.
The fumes come up from the ventilator.
You should have that corrected.
Run down and tell them
to have it fixed, will you?
I most certainly will.
That's not good for you.
Here's a long wire
from Leopold Stokowski.
He'll be in town the day after tomorrow
and wants to visit. We'll see about that.
I wish you'd go out and have that
furnace fixed. The fumes are killing me.
Is it that bad?
Of course I will. I...
What's that? That's
steam. I've got hot feet.
Very peculiar symptom.
"Fumes from the oil furnace. "
How old are you, two years?
You behave like a baby.
No use trying to tell you to do anything.
Hey! That's a two-dollar cigar!
Where did you get it?
Don't look at me. I smoke a
pipe. Bishop gave it to me.
Very funny. Fine thing
for a two-dollar cigar.
Where are the rest of them?
I haven't got any. There aren't any more.
Trouble with being sick is
you've got to associate with doctors.
Thank you very much, my dear.
That fellow goes around behaving that way.
Stokowski's a friend of yours? Who?
Stokowski. Oh, I know him.
We don't agree on Brahms.
You talk to him?
Not about Brahms.
And he...
he really comes here?
Oh, yes. He eats here
when he's in town.
Two-dollar cigar.
He does?
I'd like to meet him
Do you suppose I could?
I've always admired him. My
dear, well, that's simple.
We must ask him here
to dinner some night.
Ask all my friends to dinner
if that cigar thief...
You won't be having anyone over.
You're still too weak.
If you don't start paying
attention to what I say...
Oh, go and smoke my cigars.
Could I sing for him?
Who, Stokowski? Oh, no.
Oh, but I've studied music.
I've no doubt you have, my dear,
but Stokowski comes here for pleasure.
It'd be a pleasure. You want me to
prove it? I'll take your word for it.
Have you a piano?
No. It needs tuning, anyway.
Where is it?
I don't remember.
Could you hear it from here?
It's much too far. It's downstairs.
Maybe if we leave the door open.
Uh, please. I am a sick man.
I... Please.
Now, don't get excited.
Leave these open, please.
Would you boys mind giving me a hand?
- I beg your pardon?
- I want to move this piano. It's for Mr. Reynolds.
He must be delirious.
Uh, straight ahead.
Right over there, please.
This isn't exactly
our field of endeavor.
I hope the union
doesn't get wind of this.
Just swing that end
around there, please.
I want to be sure
he can hear me.
Closer to the stairs.
Uh-huh. That's fine.
The bench is in there.
Would you mind, please?
Would you mind holding this
and this?
Fine. Then I can open the piano.
Are you going to play
something sad?
Oh, no, I'm going to
play something loud.
That's fine, boys.
Thank you.
If I can do anything for you...
Just go ahead with what you're doing.

- Can you hear me?
- No.!

How was that?
Go ahead.!
Break every chandelier
in the house.!
When I sing
The cares of the day are far away
My heart seems
As light as the song I hear
from some happy nightingale
When I sing
My world is a place
that's bright and gay
Rain turns to sunshine
December to may

Life is divine
When I sing

My gray days are gay days
When I tra-la-la for a while
There's laughter in music
And each little note is a smile

The music is part
of the joy in my heart

When I sing
The cares of the day are far away
My heart seems
As light as the song I hear
from some happy nightingale
When I sing
My world is a place
that's bright and gay
Rain turns to sunshine
December to may
Who are they?
- When I sing...
- They're from the national museum.
What did they want?
They came to make
the death mask.
The old man's.
... Bright as the song
I hear...
Jonathan! What are you
do... How did you get... Shh!
You... You get right back to bed!
You can't do this to me.
I'm not a young man!
You made her stop.
You get back to bed! Where
are the nurses? Any nurse.
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean...
I'm sorry, my dear. I apologize.
You can sing to anybody, and you will
just as soon as I'm up and about. Yes.
Mr. Reynolds! How did he get
out? Look what he's doing.
Leave me alone!
Get him back to bed.
If I ever live through this case,
I'm going to retire. I swear I will.
But who is the girl?
You must know something about her.
I don't even know her name.
I tell you, I found her on the street.
On the street?
And your father thinks that's Gloria?
Please understand, this is just
temporary... only for a few days.
Suppose he doesn't die
in a few days?
Well, I wasn't thinking about that.
We'll have to wait
until he's stronger.
And when it won't be too much of
a shock, we'll let him meet Gloria.
Shock? You can hardly
call Gloria a shock!
Oh, of c... I didn...
I wasn't, uh...
Mother, please.
Johnny's doing everything he can.
What's that?
Your mourning clothes, madam.
I hope they're not too late. Oh, please,
take them away. We don't want them.
No one ever wants them.
Fate forces them upon us.
Please take them away. I'll send
you a check. We don't need them now.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I mean I'm happy to hear that.
- Take them away! We don't want them.
- Certainly.
Confusing, isn't it?
Yes, very.
You have our phone number
in case, uh...
You see, as soon as father's up and around,
you'll come over, get acquainted, and we'll...
I refuse to let Gloria set foot in your house
until that girl is gone.
Don't worry about that.
I'll get rid of her.
I'll figure out something.
Of course you will.
You're a real darling.
A honey lamb darling.
I've been tampered with.
Look at this.
Used to have
the finest waistline in town.
Biggest, anyway.
I've been robbed.
A few steaks will soon fix this up.
A few steaks, medium rare.
Like lamb chops too.
Can't do this to me.
Ha! That's incredible!
Anybody here?
Nobody here. It's just
the clock. It scared me.
Silly. It was nothing.
Mr. Reynolds!
Sir,you're downstairs? Don't
scare me like that, Roberts.
Where's the doctor? He wasn't feeling
well, sir. A touch of nervous indigestion.
I believe he stopped off
at the doctor's. Good.
He'll be here any minute.
If I were you, I'd...
what are you doing here?
How did you get downstairs?
I slid down the bannisters.
You know you shouldn't do...
Where's your nurse?
I've been looking for her all over the place.
Where were you?
I had to stop by. I've been
having a little trouble.
Trouble? I haven't been feeling so...
What's this?
What's what?
That's Roberts, my butler.
What's that he's got in his mouth?
Why, if it isn't a cigar.
What do you mean,
smoking in my presence?
How dare you! Cut it out! You know he's
not smoking that cigar of his own free will.
Isn't he?
Oh, I'm sorry, Roberts.
I forgot. I asked him to smoke.
I like the, uh, aroma.
He smokes 'em, I smell 'em.
Any objections? No, but...
You can go now, Roberts, and remember,
whenever I'm around, you're to smoke.
Very good, sir.
Here you are! This isn't exactly
where you told me you were going.
He kept me waiting up there
20 minutes...
before I discovered the
bathroom had another door.
Why, Dad, it's great to see
you up. Come along now,Jonathan.
Quit shoving!
Where's Gloria?
Uh, Gloria? I'm gonna pick
her up in a few minutes, Dad.
I've never seen anybody so excited
about anything in all my life.
E- E-Excited?
What's she excited about?
I'm giving her a party.
You're giving Gloria
a pa... a party?
She wants to meet all my
musical friends and sing for 'em.
She's going to,
Saturday night.
You must go back to your room now.
Not yet. I've got to make a phone call.
That's what you said the last time.
Don't you think Saturday night's
a little too soon? Yes. Don't you?
Can't call it off. Everything's
been started. It's too late.
Besides, I want New York
to meet the girl you're going to marry.
Wonder where I can
get hold of Heifetz?
This time I'm going with you!
Leave me alone!
Enough's enough.
Too much.
He's seen that girl for the last time. By Saturday
she'll be back in Iowa or wherever she comes from.
What's the difference?
I'll pay her off right now.
What are you going to tell him?
You figure out something.
You're in this as much as I am.
But I'm a sick man.
I'm a very sick man.

She sings like a thrush.
From Ireland.
Stop already.!
All night long I am pushing the wagon!
Peanuts! Popcorn!
All day long I'm hearing:
Shut up! Is this a free
country? Then I got to sleep!
If I lay my hands on you, you'll
sleep for a month! Stop yellin'!
Who's yelling?
Who's yelling?
Everybody she's yelling!
Is anything the matter?
No, dearie, nothing at all.
It's just Mr. Popalardi.
He's drunk again.
Drunk? I'm drunk?
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Go back to your practicing. Remember,
Saturday's only the day after tomorrow.
You wouldn't want those important people
to be disappointed in your singin'.
Go on with ya now.
All right.
I'll be sendin' ya up a nice hot
cup of coffee in a minute, dearie.
Thank you.
It's wonderful the way
those people are pulling for me.
They want you to kill 'em
Saturday night, honey.
And you will too. Just wait 'til
they see you in that new gown.
You won't even have to sing good.
When do you get it? Tomorrow morning.
I'll bet he'll like it too. Who?
He isn't exactly blind. I used to
go steady with an engaged fellow.
It was very romantic. He was
awfully nice to both of us.
What are you talking about? I was just
telling you about the fellow I used to go with.
Turned out he was fickle.
He married his fiance.
Are you out of your mind?
He's engaged. I know.!
So was this guy. That's what
all the trouble was about!
Now, look,Jackie...
You don't have to...
Come in.
Oh, hello. I wasn't expecting you.
You rememberJackie, don't you?
- Of course.
- The station.
Oh, yes, yes, certainly.
Ah, if you'll excuse me,
I'll, uh...
Won't you sit down? Oh, yes, yes,
I can only stay for just a minute.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I meant that chair.
Here, let me help you.
I'll get it. Don't worry.
No,just stand still.
I'm sorry. You got it.
Just a second now.
I'll get it.
Pull, don't...
You sat in our gymnasium.
Your gymnasium?
I read somewhere that a disadvantage is
nothing but an opportunity for improvement.
And this place is just full of
opportunities. You have a very nice room.
It's, uh... It's different. Uh-huh.
On a clear day you can see
all the way across it.
I'd better get ready now. The chauffeur
usually picks me up a little later.
I can be dressed in just two
minutes. That's not necessary.
I mean, to get dressed. No?
No, that's why I'm here. You don't
have to come to the house anymore.
You're free to go home. Today,
if you like. I brought your check.
You can look it over if you want to.
I think it's all there, though.
I could stay on another few days,
until the end of the week maybe?
That's not necessary. Father's
gonna be all right, thanks to you.
I hope this repays you a little.
This going away is so sudden.
The shock for your father. I mean,
aren't you afraid... I thought of that.
I have a solution. I'm gonna tell him
that you and I quarreled.
You broke our engagement.
I'll tell him tonight.
Then I'll introduce Gloria to him
as a friend of Dr. Harvey's.
He'll get to know her and in time
it'll become more or less, you see...
I see.
Well, I want you to know
how grateful I am and, uh,
thanks again.
H- He was giving me a party Saturday night
so some people could hear me sing.
Would you let me come to that? How?
Couldn't you ask Gloria
to wait just a few more days?
And introduce you to our friends
Saturday night as my fiance?
You don't really think
that could happen.
They could think I was an entertainer.
I've been planning so much on this party.
I'd really do anything... Now,
now, let's be more practical.
I'm sure you can get people with
musical connections to hear you sing.
That's not as easy as you think. I don't
know anybody with musical connections.
I know a few. I could write some
letters if you can really sing.
I can sing, all right, but they don't... If I could
hear you sometime, I might be able to do all I can.
You can hear me now,
if you want to.
Yes, all right.
Is there anything you like especially?
Ah, no,just whatever
you have there is all right.
Well, here's a little Spanish song.
It's nice... very, very short.

Holy mackerel!
It's almost noon and I promised to
take Gloria and her mother to lunch.!
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll, uh, write you.
We'll get something done. Thank
you very much again. Good-bye.
It's hard to believe. It was
hard for me to believe too.
I thought she was crazy
about me. What a temper! Wow!
She seemed such a nice girl,
so mild and gentle.
Mild and gentle!
See this mark?
That's where she hit me with
her handbag and for nothing too.
I'm all broken up, Dad.
All broken up.
I guess it's all for the best.
I'm young.
I'll fall in love again.
Sooner than I think.
Then this will only be
a bitter memory. That's life.
- I say, that's life.
- What?
Oh, yes.
I wonder why she didn't call me up
before she left. I thought she liked me.
Dad, you were so anxious
to like a fiance of mine,
that you gave yourself
the wrong impression.
She liked me.
Dad, I didn't want to tell you this,
but do you know what she called you?
What? You won't think too badly of her?
What did she call me? A
pompous, self-indulgent,
overbearing imitation
of a dictator.
Did she say that? And
she said I took after you.
She did?
Pompous, overbearing.
Tch, tch, tch.
Oh, this must be Dr. Harvey.
He's bringing along two friends.
Mother and daughter, old friends.
Wonderful people.
I don't want to meet any people. But
these people are charming, he says.
Oh, forgive me,Johnny,
if you can.
I'm such a silly girl.
I'm spoiled. It's my temper.
I don't deserve any happiness.
You shouldn't take me back.
- There's no need for tears.
- It'll never happen again.
I was just upset. I picked a quarrel
and he acted like a lamb, a perfect lamb.
Oh,Johnny, please say
you'll forgive me. Please!
Well, say something.
All right, I will.
I'll say something. This girl...
This girl is not...
For heaven's sake,
say you'll forgive her!
Mr. Reynolds!
Your condition!
Dad, don't get excited!
Say it!
All right! I forgive her!
That's better.
Dad, you all right?
Yes! Yes, yes, yes.
Don't you think you'd
better lie down? Go away!
I like a girl with spirit. To tell you
the truth, I thought you were wishy-washy.
Yes, I did.
To have the courage to ask for
forgiveness is a great quali...
What was it you called me?
Pompous? Self-indulgent?
"Imitation of a dictator. "
It's true. It's me all over.
And you'll do well to correct
those faults in yourself, me boy!
If you don't watch out,
you'll grow up to bejust like me.
Been meaning to warn you
about that for years.
Go on, make it up with him.
Kiss him.
Kiss him? Of course, you know
why lovers quarrel, don't you?
Fun of making it up.
Aaah.! Aah.!
Ow, my... Aaah!
Let me up. Let me go. Aah!
Now,Johnny, let me up. Now,
please... Johnny! Ha-ha.
Please, don't do that,Johnny.
Do what? This?
Aah! Stop it!
Let me up,Johnny! Please let
me go! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Don't!
Johnny let me go.! Stop it.!
Johnny.! Please.!
Please, let me go.!
Stop it.!
Stop it.!
I'll help you find one.
Don't bother, dear.
It's no bother at all.
He said, " Don't bother, dear. "
Going around pinching people,
at your age.
When I get about three seconds older,
I'm gonna start punching people.
You dirty little... Come here! Hey!
Come here.!
Say.! Hey.! Oh.!
Are you hurt?
Let me go!
Oh, no, you don't!
Hey, come here.
I told you I wanted to sing
Saturday night and I'm going to.
Over my dead body.
I'll tell your father
the truth after Saturday night.
I'd tell him right now if I wasn't
afraid the shock would kill him.
After the party I'll disappear, I promise
and then you can have Gloria for good.
That'll be great after you've been
introduced to half of New York as my fiance.
All I want
is this one chance.
If I could only get my hands on...
You hear something snap, don't
turn around. It'll be your neck.
You have to
catch me first.

Who's coming Saturday?
I said, who'll be here
Saturday night? Who'll be here?
Oh, everybody, everybody. Stokowski?
Oh,yes, yes, of course. Heifetz too?
There's a guest list in my desk in the
library if you'd care to look it over.
This is the song I'm going to sing.
Wanna hear it?
I'd love to.

Clavelitos a quien le doy claveles
Clavelitos para los churumbeles
Clavelitos que los doy
con los ojos cerraos
Y los traigo en el cesto
a precio modesto rojos y pintaos
Clavelitos de la tierra adorada
Clavelitos que vienen de Granada
Clavelitos que los traigo
yo aqui para ti
Yque tienen la esencia
presencia y potencia que tienen pa mi
Que los traigo bonitos
Pa mi novio los traigo
Porque tienen pa robar corazones
ole y ensenarles
Esencia presencia y potencia
que ya sabe usted, si tu me quieres
Mi nino, carino,yo te dare
un clavelito yo y veras que bien
Si estamos juntos en un rinconcito
si tu me quieres sera no del alma
Si te quiero mas a ti
y todos las clavelitos bonitos
Todos seran para ti
Todos son para ti
Para ti, para ti, para ti
Jonathan, I want you
to meet two old friends of mine,
Mrs. Smith and her daughter,
Miss Smith.
How do you do?
How do you do?
How do you do?
Won't you sit down, Mrs., uh...
Smith. Smith. Won't you sit down?
Uh, no, thank you, we just
stopped in to say hello. Hello.
Oh, well, oh, uh, um...
C- Can't you stay
for just a minute?
Oh, no. We're in
a dreadful hurry, really.
Oh, I... I beg your pardon.
This is Miss Gloria Pennington,
my son's fiance.
How do you do?
Oh, I'm sorry, we can't stay.
We're on our way to...
to, uh... To a horse show.
Horse show at this time of the year?
Yes. Uh... Dr. Harvey
hasn't told us. Where is it?
Huh? Oh, oh, it's a private
horse show at a friend's house.
Afraid I couldn't offer you
anything as entertaining as that.
My daughter simply
adores horses.
So nice to have seen all of
you. Come, Mother. Yes, dear.
We've had a nice visit.
At it again, huh? Good-bye.
Excuse me.
I'll see them to their car.
Gloria, I had nothing to do with this.
That girl forced me into it.
Have you a handkerchief?
Handkerchief? Yes.
But don't cry, dear.
I won't.
Well, good night, my dear.
Good night.
Good night.
Think I'll go to bed.
Good night,Johnny.
Good night, Dad.
Fine,just fine,
the way you handle things.
Your wrap, miss?
Hmm? Oh, please.
Yes, come in.
I... I wonder if I could talk to you
for a few minutes.
Of course, my dear.
What is it?
Well, I, uh... I'll ring for
you when I need you, Roberts.
Very well, sir. Excuse
me. Sit down, my dear.
Is anything troubling you?
Well, yes. You see...
I don't know how to begin.
Is it as difficult as that?
It's about...
Before you start, would you mind
getting me one of those pills?
On the table. Over there.
That's right, the little yellow bottle.
Yes. I'd better take one.
- Aren't you feeling well?
- Does bother me a little bit.
But I've got to expect it,
though, at my time of life.
Would you get me a glass
of water, dear? Water? Yes.
There's the pitcher.
Must have been those friends
of Dr. Harvey's.
I expect he'd have friends
like that. Thank you.
Oh, oh, yes.
I'm quite all right.
Nothing to worry...
It's only the fire.
Huh? Oh, oh.
The least excitement
brings it on.
I'm always afraid they'll put me back
in that overstuffed straight jacket.
You'll be all right,
I'm sure.
Few more days with you
and I will be.
What are you going to wear
for the party? The party?
Have you got your dress?
Yes, but...
What color is it? Black. I
think I'd better be going.
We'd be the handsomest couple there
if I hadn't lost my waistline.
This is ridiculous.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, my dear.
It is my firm conviction Mrs.
Pennington is a medical freak.
I was watching her, and no normal person can
talk as long as she does without taking a breath.
For a second I thought you
weren't going to calm them down.
You were almost an ex-fiance.
Yeah, it was pretty close...
Where have you been? You might
go up. He could be feeling better.
You don't mean...
What have you been up to? I
haven't been up to anything.
You did something up there.
I tried, but I couldn't.
What did you try to do? I...
I tried to tell him the truth.
But I didn't have the heart.
Must be some other way.
You do admit you put me
in a terrible spot.
Oh, yes. Yes, I do.
If I had my life to live over,
I wouldn't have been so selfish.
Oh, I can understand
what prompted you.
Is, uh... Is everything all right now
between you and Miss Pennington?
Yes, she finally forgave me.
She's acting wonderfully.
She is...
It's been tough on her.
I don't blame her... much.
It's her mother.
Do you think there's anything
to heredity?
I... I wouldn't know
about that.
Dr. Harvey says her mother
is a medical freak. I believe him.
They haven't been able to prove definitely
that people inherit traits from their parents.
They have with horses. Yes,
I know about the horses.
Oh. Marvelous the way
they do that. Yes, it is.
This surely has been funny.
I bring you here by accident
and my father likes you so much.
We can't tell him
the truth.
He'd have liked anybody you brought.
Oh, no, he wouldn't.
You should have seen the looks
he gave some I brought home.
Did... Did you bring home a great many?
I mean,just as friends, you know.
He certainly does like you.
I like him too.
Well, we better think up a plan to
get me out of the party. Oh, yes.
Now, let me see.
Let's see, uh...

- Bad.
- Pardon?
Needs more bounce.
Bubbles. Ever listen to champagne?
You see?
I see.

That's better. Remember what you're
playing at 11:00. I won't forget.
The minute I make the
announcement, play something loud.
Yes, sir. A couple of my
guests may need reviving.
Here you are, sir.
Has Dr. Harvey hidden my
cigars from me? He has, sir.
Have you hidden them from
Dr. Harvey? I have, sir.
What is the matter?
Too much paprika.
Too much? This much.
I, Armand... Calmez vous, Armand,
quandje dis trop de paprika.
Monsieur Reynolds, insulter mon cuisine
c'est m'insulter moi, Armand.
What's that? Roast beef
Napoleon. Ah! Delicieux.!
Not bad.
I thought I'd find you here,
Jonathan. How do you feel, Dad?
How do I know? Ask him. I have
a very pleasant surprise for you.
How long will you be gone?
No, I mean I have some friends coming over.
Do you remember the two ladies you met?
No, I'm sorry, I don't. Why,Jonathan,
the two ladies you met...
Pardon,you're wanted on the
telephone. Can't be bothered.
It might be important, Dad. Who is it?
- Miss Pennington, sir.
- What does she want?
I don't know, sir.
Why don't you ask her?
Very dependable young lady. Very.
How are you,Jonathan? My, it's
nice to see you up and around again.
Johnny, how are you?
What's wrong?
I... I have a splitting headache.
It came on suddenly.
I'm... very sorry.
I can't come to the party.
You can't?
That's not very good news, you know.
The party will be no party without you.
I could send the car over. Perhaps in
a little while you'll be feeling better.
Dad, I wouldn't force her
if she, uh... I mean...
What's that? Well, I see.
Would you like me to come over
there? Oh, no, no, she doesn't.
Oh, no, no, don't do that.
It's not necessary.
I'd rather be alone, really.
It's only fair.
When I was ill you came to me.
It's the least I can do. Jonathan,
you know you can't leave this house.
Go away.
That was that doctor.
You're at the St. Charles? What's
your room number? She doesn't...
My room num...
Oh, I'm not at the hotel.
I'm with some friends.
They'll see that I'm all right.
Where do they live? Dad, really,
you shouldn't. Please, let me...
Let me alone.
I can be there in 15 minutes.
Jonathan, I forbid it. Dad, you're
having a party. The guests are here.
Go away. Get out!
What's that address, dear?
I can be there in five minutes.
Or don't you want to see me?
No, I don't. I don't wanna see you. I don't
ever wanna see you again, you understand?
I don't ever wanna see you again!
That's all!
Dad, I'm sure she didn't
mean to be rude. It...
It's just that she isn't feeling well
and she's probably...
probably more or less a little nervous.
Why,you're the picture ofhealth,
Awfully nice to see you around
again. How are you, Mr. Reynolds?
Positively streamlined. I wish I
knew how you did it. Look at me!
Yes, look at him!
How are you,John?
How are you?
Penny, how are you?
How are you, dear?
Darling, how are you?
Oh, Myra. Fine, thank you.
Awfully glad to see you.
Oh, excuse me just a moment.
Hello,John. Hello, Gloria. Hello.
Good evening. It's all set. She
just phoned. She isn't coming.
Good. At last I can be Mrs. Pennington.
Where's the rest of the family?
He's right in there somewhere.
Well, shall we go in? Of course, heaven
knows we waited long enough for this.
You haven't said a word about
how I look. Oh, you look fine.
Just beautiful. New
dress, huh? Well, shall we?
At first,just talk to him.
Warm him up.
Hello,Johnny. Hello there.
Remember the music... Brahms.
He hates it. There's only one
thing I want to discuss with him.
Where's Dad? In the
living room, I think.
Good evening, Doctor. Don't
forget, we're no longer the Smiths.
Where's your father,
John? Isn't he in there?
No, I just came from there.
Excuse me. I'll get him.
Looking for someone, Johnny?
Yes, I was looking for Dad.
Looking for him myself. Understand
he's lost 60 pounds. Yes, he has.
How does he feel? Oh, he feels
fine. Excuse me just a moment.
Oh, I'll get him. Just a minute.
What's wrong?
I can't find him.
Why, I distinctly saw him go into
the living room. Maybe he's upstairs.
Is Mr. Reynolds up there,
Simmons? No, sir, haven't seen him.
You haven't seen him. He was in
full view not five minutes ago.
Where's your father, Johnny? Roberts!
I can't find my father. Where
is he? I have no idea, sir.
Cocktails, madam?
No, thank you.
Uh, this way?
Yes, sir.
The first door to your left.
Come in.
Set it down anywhere and
dust it off. Give it to me.
- Dust what off?
- I thought you were the...
We asked a man downstairs
to bring the trunk up.
May I sit down?
Yes, of course.
Oh! No!
Not there. That chair bites.
That's our gymnasium. You can sit
here. This is very comfortable.
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm Jonathan Reynolds.
I'm Jackie Donovan.
How do you do? How do you do? Oh!
Jonathan Reynolds?
Well, I have to go to work now.
I'll see ya at the station, Anne...
unless he can talk
some sense into you!
So you never want
to see me again, hmm?
Why did you come?
I was afraid you meant
what you said on the phone.
It seems I was right.
Are you leaving?
Tonight, 11:30.
Well, it isn't a very nice way...
for old friends to part, is it?
We are old friends, aren't we?
But you were gonna go away
without even saying good-bye.
They'll be missing you at the party.
Don't you think you should go back?
I'm terribly fond of you, you know.
Terribly fond.
You don't mind my saying that,
do you?
When you're as old as I am, you
haven't got much time left to waste...
and you just say things
right out.
Anne Terry.
That is your name,
isn't it?
Anne Terry, Anne Terry.
I like it better.
How long have you known?
Oh, a few days,
but that's not important now.
Without even saying good-bye.

Sing that for me.
I can't now.
Not even that?
What have I done to you?
Goin' home
I'm a-goin' home
Quiet like
Some still day
I'm just goin'home
It's not far
Just close by
Through an open
Work all done
Care laid by
Goin' to grieve
No more
Mother's there
Expectin' me
Father's waitin'...
Is this the dress?
And this little fur?
Well, that... that's not mine.
We borrowed it.
We were to be the handsomest
couple there, remember?
You could catch a train
in the morning.
Oh, no, I can't go to the party.
I promised.
Oh, no,
I didn't mean the party.
We two should go out together somewhere
and say good-bye properly, hmm?
People would recognize you
and that wouldn't be fair.
I know of a nice quiet place
where no one knows me.
Where no one knows you?
Good evening, Mr. Reynolds.
How are you, Mr. Reynolds?
Why,Jonathan Reynolds!
Lost a little weight, haven't you?
Yes, this is ridiculous,
isn't it?
Here's your check, Mr.
Reynolds. Thank you very much.
Nice quiet place where no one knows
you, hmm? I've never been here before.
Must have seen my picture in the
paper. Nice having you with us again.
Right this way, Mr.
Reynolds. Oh, I forgot.
Excuse me, please.
Yes, sir? I forgot to tell
my son where I was going.
Would you call him, please?
Certainly, sir.
And tell him I mightn't be here long in
case he wants to join me. Very good, sir.
This way, please.
I am so sorry.
I do apologize. I had to
see that man over there...
Good evening,Jonathan.
How do you do?
That's Jonathan Reynolds.
Is he still alive?
Here we are. Charles. Coming.
Your wrap?
No, thank you.
For Mr. Reynolds, a Reynolds Special.
For madam? Nothing, thank you.
We'll order dinner
later. Very good, sir.
We haven't seen you
in a long time, Mr. Reynolds.
How nice of you to save
one of those for me.
Thank you.
Won't you tell me
why you brought me here?
It's a nice place, music and
dancing. And everyone knows you.
Well, yes.
People see you here with me,
they tell other people.
It helps you out.
It helps what?
You want a career, don't you?
There are people here
who can open the doors for you.
Not if you go to them yourself,
of course.
But you're seen with me...
I support the opera.
Makes a difference.
Hold it, will ya, Mr. Reynolds?
Thank you.
Thank you.
That helps too, you know. Tomorrow
morning that will be in the papers...
I... I do wish you wouldn't
let him use that picture.
Why not?
It's not fair.
To whom? Well, to, uh...
Please try and stop him.
Don't let him use it. Tell him
to destroy it. I'll do what I can.
Oh, please try, won't you?
I... If you'll excuse me...
Oh, yes, Mr. Reynolds.
The young lady with me
is Miss Anne Terry, my son's fiance.
Thank you, Mr.
Reynolds. T- E-R-R-Y.
Thank you,
Mr. Reynolds.
Oh, Thomas?
Yes, sir?
Did you reach my son? Yes,
sir, he said he'd be right over.
He seemed rather upset, sir. Very good.
He's going to destroy the
picture. Oh, thank you.
Would you mind asking for the check
now, please? I don't understand you.
I thought you wanted a career.
This is the least I can do for you.
I know, but I... Would you
bring the check now, please?
Certainly, madam.
Thank you.
What's that?
It's a Reynolds Special.
But you shouldn't be dri...
What's in it?
Oh, it's,
uh, nothing but...
coconut milk
and vegetable juices.
Dr. Harvey orders it for me.
It's horrible.
Then why do you drink it?
Because it reminds me of Dr. Harvey
and it makes me hate him...
and when I hate him
I feel good.
There isn't any, um...
Oh, no, no, no.
Let me taste it.
Oh, that's awful.
Do you order this often?
Always. Have to.
It's warm in here, isn't it?
I think I'd better take this off.
It's so warm.
Isn't it silly?
It makes my eyes water.
Now, now, now, now.
What's this?
You are in love with my son,
aren't you?
Sorry. May I have
a handkerchief, please?
Yes, of course.
That's... That's a lamb chop
I stole at the party.
Stop laughing at me.
Let me see.
Your check, sir.
You've forgotten
to charge for the lamb chop.
Pardon me, sir?
The lamb chop.
I brought you this?
You don't suppose I brought it myself,
do you? Oh, no, no, Mr. Reynolds.
But I wouldn't serve
a lamb chop in an ashtray.
I was a little surprised myself.
But I assure you...
Now look here,
I intend to pay for everything I get.
So will you please put this on the
bill? Yes, sir. Yes, Mr. Reynolds.
Shall we... Shall we dance
before the check comes?
All right.

What's this?
Oh, the conga.
It's very simple.
Two, three, kick.
One, two, three, kick.
Come on, try it.
Kick, one,
two, three, kick.
One, two, three, kick.
One, two, three, kick.
Come on. Wonderful.
One, two, three, kick.
One, two, three, kick.
Oh, look at the old man!

And three weeks ago
they gave him up for dead!
Ooo! Ooo!
Ooo! Ooo!
Ooo! Ooo!
Where is he, Tom?
Well, he, uh...
Dad! Dad!
Dad, stop!
For heaven sake! Jonathan,
you can't do this to me.
I'm not a young man. This is terrible.
Leave me alone. It's wonderful.
How did you get here?
Come on!
Hey! Where are you going?
Don't go! Jonathan,
you're going with me.
I'm going to put you to
bed. Oh, go to bed yourself.
Jonathan. Jonathan!
I just want to make sure you don't do anything
else for me. You've done enough already.
I beg your pardon. You talk
my father into coming here,
then you get him out there
acting like a 10-year-old, hmm?
Then you have somebody phone
me to break up the party.
All after you promised to fix things up!
You fixed them up all right! Get out...
You come home with me.!
I'm going to put you to
bed! Where did she go?
What did you let her go for?
Jonathan, come along.
Excuse me.
All aboard.!
Where's the little yellow one?
Hey, wait!
Anne, listen to me! You
can't go! Give me those bags.
Who says I can't go?
Leave those bags there.
Haven't you caused enough
trouble? It's Father!
It's probably the end this time.
Please, you've got to come. He needs you!
Give me the bags!
Give them to him.
Last night was too much
for him. I know it's...
Oh! The little yellow
one! The little yellow one!
Hurry up, get the little yellow
one. Is that all? Which one?
The black one!
Lady, the next time you ain't goin'
no place, why don't you try a plane?
How is he, nurse?
He's very low.
There is a chance, isn't there?
We've given him an injection.
He may pull through. We'd
better go right on up.
Don't you want to see your
father first? My father?
Who's up there?
Why, Dr. Harvey.
- Where's Mr. Reynolds?
- I'm here.
We make a very handsome couple. Who?
You and I. Why, you
old... Do you know what...
You should have seen the doctor
when he found out I was faking.
He fluttered to the floor
like an autumn leaf. Wonderful.
You told me
you'd have this picture destroyed.
Destroyed? If I'd done that,
they'd never have seen it!
Oh, you know, those women.
Those bead-twirlers.
They called just before they left.
They've gone...
I mean, they've gone?
They saw that picture
in the paper.
They said they were taking the
first train back to Mexico City.
I advised them to take a plane.
It's quicker.
What... What are you trying to
do, marry us off? Good heavens, no.
You don't even care
for each other, do you?
Certainly not!
Of course not!
I didn't think so.
Any girl who throws drinks in people's
faces in nightclubs... fine thing.
You deserved it.
I deserved it?
Yes, you deserved it
and you got it.
What about all those insults
you were handing out last night?
Insults? What about the night
you came in here with all that...
"Forgive me,Johnny'"stuff?
I had to do that
because I wanted to sing.
What about you pinching girls in front
of your own father? I was forced into it.
I never pinch girls in front of my
own father, unless I'm forced into it.
I don't care why you did it,
it hurt.
What do you want me to do about
it? Well,you can say you're sorry.
What about the drink?
Well, I'm sorry about that.
All right, I'm sorry
I pinched you then.
Never do it again?